The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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Labor News

ft6"PHOcmisPANAMA No, r
CA1. LI AlDmae PA e .

_______ rUIC -MBAR -S m~t~hkuM .IrSl ..**4fl SQ/^^ i^~S"^8S tt^d~f;
op ORe M TH1 -thre.Ave 3 e te a
FORSgaN tpthAIS Jo*I &pe ,I
$ Marsloek Av N"Va lft 110RIL late i
poll o0 w AI k 41v4180111By Viefter'*woo

BOU SQ ...UM employsR,. 0 m. lor liea raised to be a n et who w.u th

.adtfri i a Ido otS9Ibeg d e nd c*glas thendru jSob tis thlaobwwor move ryj .Sa V ^ ^@fthf' "-"J-- .. ... .f to sAN .^...^..
.onnbueelofs. ue b ~t'en ~ f .4 1i51 t & oval.tif*
H E M A IL Bbdro lipm
e o couldn't afford b d paira o u koes. haN

I long with te ?s Arm poe tnul dthe man iiorp to burlt the tann a fn g
gupv nesppe esee e spssblyfo ttmass glli T heo live lush. They're a new --
tha Mere ae sol eg ceans fou toerad ow ah. They i not only tdrrorize li y A
andwo They imprison. T have mov- d
G I0 R BA t retobeed comg ahe house oth labormn ov e o
GULICK DANo a keep their mlbao n em- nttiPs the l
g rgnseLethose civilians ebltllOu 1 poer o ffor o u esst purenaetdr n t M Or Ou ald tn i e, f at Y" ''l
ey tleould one ay t civ li vean cause a bad naiPkik far the The thing is nol f ksb e, r _ha i i St t
rest the Army LAv liS? '1here is a good reason~, wny the akpervadif. SoTyTihey' rea ut w

Arywmpoy civilians arui ntIu fort ore harlyrecogndizablreasn hrat tand otel ue wor takin* A .^|1^H -^ SK r"^ *HZ^o A SNUWE ^ AiMERtSiedd o f
and tereioie I do not b rudge said civilians their job. tilck those of t ny teho do rey.
Ialong with the tst o tne Army personnel, are thankful out becon.e accesora to the but t
that tere afe somte civilians u who boa down h jo th hs they eime. What cIfbo? CPio fe ort S
wo anik they are to be higly commended for so like that of the easteorid faord R M t o- Bi
need those civilians an we atre noy bm GuicCivilt n, e 10 leader who has lanst p brhased -ie
they ve, the pay they get, nllor the privl cu egs aabad 4efrt0 ah t isR Wad
I A r or one, am not v itter about clvfliana, 1 *lub t' r ua $20,000 heou t." fan M hitu-, ithM OA N
atal'er on e thing I am bitter about is the way ceitben di t vilios fou# I whso do dbrinb at i
Lwis ng withuth e aons ut either re hrsonlyare.og nishb l ouht bec ome acciessoriesto th 0 tr fa of ategs ne

Fth instance, tne ase about the poor, purge civilian who ore of his eight annual vtsietS C 4h0.hp ien
was a ed, tired, and ei c o eltaer t tg he peace." to .te $ e0-a-d florida goln" '-MA
complaint was not registe red any b sergeiso t tfered COOkt hotel -eofng by ar, thi Chies ha, r f-
tb sa lek 'A racy nor ae by toog i J^tty ----------- o-- count l l--- leader4t weho bsjt so P6uased
t tead it was a well fyundet complaint made by an AIdlAvi- u a f, ofo s. t b
dual h o objected to having to hear bad lnsanguage arnd woser a$2nl h obotedcanf ll thed It- w wl sup mtotl
for onh am s 0aed b0ny aoite wisah the true facts nt resi en .But when w a trop, s
of thase agreed thant wthe complaint was wele l 0uldnh anoT torl $ot1ew uhftpq o ntesS

selr aointe dto hise juIe dm umiringoted irset h t the nd trih. vl i't woodhe jaAtl labor.A lt. mu* rdABORtGcADES Ad .MA
bOrs auel ndt hunerusband tidh vumlganhar la r eognizabl the. riteswhoelwenit eio iecause'tAe iies
d istr ano f th e eacte fors wutch the ce.poo, spreenc ired, local D.Ao orefusl edgh t eaua eiitos$ofe high Pt
of o4ane, diregrandlcess offwered they sive or m ll p whattei tosp aly e orn cain-de ed t.oyet w
wan 4 h complaint was not fe gainteren uby eeted to lTanguage paintsmc o as tie s ionel jusg t aby0tat, It. u e e ..iJc" ns e m g u

r ha ase tha used byuti proverbmiale dirunen stio.Yte t rryacketN thestrydshould be dtold ca isPr a
tas icsy an individual and his wife, not at thesggeiton or Thg lyn't an otry against K bn thuh h wallet to ln
.or ooad not undesta wl ondewya complaint wasdee b nmade. ervhesl-s.3 ViIin'.M W A U'. AOR j3satXRADMR

prom ione of Dick Tracy or anyone else, but on the a own dree the honest labor leader who rntftently impressive. while the lEare lookli 6 l-
via ..ttd accoru.. runs a liquor store or has a NVEW YORC.-)*amebody willbs a 91wfale back No sooner does some queer-o come down with StaOddenly, to Kroll a surprise, she (ud o e~ bed(M
.iee are acts, not ophe inions an e. piece of soite factory.e ca that' I have always got the ok h vege'- an abo affection for ra turnip juleps and th labr er nappy balt ad a
e civiran was not rned or merely disturb the peace it's just to shout ganst the tarans, and prohbtontata g, t aslag filet of broccoli thak he feels con admiral."

but tie language he usef and permmmei.a n-t goon-guy who alup ih money aP e11a1l vegtRriana, and cornet traindto 0 go orth and plfapb the strained- It fatally dawned on the puttiedl the gurd n *s
Jlick Civulian, what about tne lnvesclg..5gtB. IseCA@, out of the employetland his t sem IA* uIk5,A pol- pnitch gospel tothe world.I Xhis eyes a meat- spotted >, ftd A Iy^ walet laped a Arins B
ma..y a disinterested agency? wl's. mte t b ioin members. That' %"ky-trooper witn n4 teris ilnaton bee.the d naming him HOs tt the lagip Fet.
a'eis investigations made by people whose bta It to tuff. Vegetarians b and t bu, mt be a out ere he rapt wor
sarie Impartial investigations dide not prove that the facts ro t e b andespeclyv tana The e is not cwne to o Ain anot cN CA1an
prlsauing ofDio therapy odri nogye etlebutr eo thenr own' thre t en he ho est lldetader WhoI lahen hi tm

distrb ane odhd e P acrwic he y werebn g tried.t alocalan r.o an n an ud rfnffosemdnla d 1oIrosslg-r lh er e
14 oee regactlssnot opin he lveorwonser ob piteexoftsome0factort.taionv awyCotme- k W5wevee n bo. fecinfo au~tripjlpsadtheubrn,1W

n a ivieo have he s ewirem wichid m erely isturb nge the to an el e t's fduustt0oMsho aUfogInst the tarian, tand o btm a ts n oe s t d ags, buta nd fillet lofb rocoith a u he feels an cadmial"nd IaI R kt, a

th barou antouat lse uStheco erialdrunenethilo r.e t t oond -y wh el sory the old bnce fromlAverGaie rtu1 s0 to be rred with lhilh er0 tm I meno the wrd meaind rth e: I -

Sacts ratilon, hisrw ifeand misiormed friends and reigh-nirostbytheoonabor onleead-tiee o rr sr
lickCivian wa t a bout t e m vsg. I IW ot o he eoph of/ erl and t h is "ptr seems run mm. a thei ,Vm s ed poalr spdryah a tnc ofwthe e w orld.Ihs eyles admerat-l pte d *
mob r c ould not'understan dc intaayou a de.oers themse olves.ot' IetIsnt .ib i nB ai c rrR.nUr-1-
the eI ab do a ddihterestdoxencye a.~ storm-troope proyttold et tbicaeaeIt's aA

ths in vestiatimonth masdenbcpope wnhoe visluan Ite 1i ha stuff. peetlie F eedotaan,buI o 31 ndiibet aands de bg,I mus boites rotaa otcrc he onip t~,ar4dnmnghm FagshiaFlet."

f^... ^...atsoever by her owners, in alrect, vioaton oa rs je- iMakdown de. for ,h So Iong as fc W herd lawtil are eUrd. ance to hapawcts of othe -iol's Ilving. ftssani iten Me~Incagp hht race for Demoerfth nea tfianr
ake this W p ar nvt athefionstsuchInst aanc -.'Thereare The ne medotm'WhDEo e

d.idulk Civlian, your aecye accuistnono are a bit InaIpid, r col nAkot evA S! O9
to s... t ~~nt poveehatthefacs ds U' qieral I ystemor belive W hat I d notw k abuo ut s ta h se not ~ Isno in to hians eliigehen to m l own h ui nessd as8nWE mtltt!imSanlriBWl

ocf c l sue n, what about u the sam ly living In the civilian tshapend inga nks dnd shootn people for fu son so wiv fol o r erg e. s pr do'fodi n d eof rtf.
a.e .fual sees to be narl of nearing? And tityDwstthe. e are frequent pay- loute stick within the local and national ordnanct It iru meat, and I Ite e and what I like In brief, the Democrake c Paa In Ctifornla Imoa a
r*ey have cara parses quite on with loud talk and a ments se quite a few of the laid down by oury t you e pret mach best Is my right to like If not masor cing and wi under tw
U4 uaer randit o as eaiure iaittractniens Only one troule bosses employers, that e your own outtil. Iemensorlobbiesors .eestpflarcDemoet-lS e
wprom pt radio I can' always undersand every word ays -have beet brutally beaten It not alway r even a A p
we- in am under dhe shower. and threstered woth easL e romE thy Ir| he palnys alt o Pe atl u
*Jp e loud talk and much louder radio goes on several nights doors" If thei o to the D.wg Th personal g ai ma s so ettista The greatest gift oflGod l freedom-freedom atatW LABOR ndW i
ta wt until long aaslter elu:0 p.m. wnen people who o nave sfellt of them WVore reasnlly tfo aerthe apartoenpt he irI an to4binetaedl Cwhart y our own courkn the it f Jer ea or awful e t fi
nob .at r esquire them to work want to sleep and rest, so tnat mcrod wahen coKf went to r on the commfinal tsm A 0a-ld be utm the individual t cobetrned. The next Senator T me further labor lelatln th
The f agug ieuedadpego-uy th offce slu the Mne"p ?er-rcially rondwasrzeteicomsadhlerig dy,' t~nofgowithereaod %maltte-a~raind-fetmale 0dane7obth r4;

mey ay ao an ellictent day ?worL Federal authorities Vlahipaatly. st gift Is privacy of .eNUBM e t. time wola. .Y^
I than i Rasi lor quiaruers in mnat area, nor did any other mbe's happening to t bts lab- Sl; wm aPp, ating of one's anl, Wgirhe said polittyu Iadnhitsalana Behin 4 powerfid National Aatolaflte If
At i tamiy.- an or bAdovement of oura thes t It ty be Permtele kerl certain -i i ee who wnnictkthit prtn Iadrn- Manufgiei5B-r afe la4 v it
Samount of rent we pay for those quarters In proportion rtfory can be ted tS ees but shanld not be diled i on the neat dued ft to I ke following
toe 'P by tnabue sivilans lor tne same h yi e quarter s l ou- antr sa td itrb itshb Te oieer, ando tiao I, ant te it ar-eed tove drive: a, d ate atere
ad .uing t we aon r complain too man became our favnwes the leadI qt'a to wgetarians iad ,, k who violates It emy baoyal ing 1) Ag intlteR rndustry-wld

ane'i oc donk e'o teslwas one ohatemb la general. llegnd for a bruly e. I e plett to hoose t
e be in a combat aone where our wives couldn't join Ifh ief d9nIt -am o i ke-d-- w Mt--Isntio tll o% hthfer te c adoer#
nfJ reisttd h PUr. yorha pup.that Presidet i asitd hwrorld beblith dI ieandorfrmub its etuelf iWco-theuintempl e. b.Nt 1 ikJfeitl hmwoMk

te ada more o tha n my share of combat, have you, aulck tutsmriy- ttilt rew lytanhooaa s4w a c o. -a ;doreis4wl nSwe
OarbIMealBard honu o1the day aon iughte omwn eryuring s the shores :. eowsdrn- u onUiteraofrt abpafamiydoTh"minreso
710" third memberro/rwho weitt ninonr4fts*Lu e
th of eis. at e little bhlack pu oheonis dno ihr Ieth e ft he ownerffomtscentcttht ln t e disa

eM. tru th s o fty iher owners, inc resv oa t ,io t fIL OM IilL eea oe lnshengreg. Slic toet oel h forI D s i

flian, t next ttne you decide to air your view hardlyonoted for ld*b lack of t h saima* i I that deviatess Bnt lobbthiyiSng ?'^ I
the N tfa cts straight beeorehanl. p apkeo per labor wcantelti*nhi dna .b -d f1 I dner ielwa M) A jwRt f g f wt

at Laik liane good American citizens. peae rundle wom f t ro b e0 whech the Ohlr sentr sedb ta nt w thbatio all delegates on the woratmary eWa
o o tlde n hcerald with oia tho r wonld be a moe enrati e wor the crudial vote on the convnon' pmaral. Aa.T T LAW t
n tornd o lon' s Ts delegation. n permanent rules are of busiese dalafigrrse toj *
u@ ra wha abot thafamiy liing ivilin dicoveed, a nkvosly and shooting peopl te fo hfn-ol u with ph ch oie g i nwivkues. folvino beea ge, supMort of old-lin Detocraag

e asM lways ben known that various AA ethese are ftp you selgtick tnd tou shean national S e ike mtmd tle dpowr who a I the tiehamlat Party Iaou8i falahO^e.
gle terp.;ruesAn regulations To sut thir %Sancy, bs?. stt in a bandl ne rep)ort on votetat they are Ste gflil, you en district deleats. h can^ ff As ^a lbW not~vife^
the~s t1, 11;""*100 flgrntma-ntrpttin fan rgusanuno deagacy ." control any conven fnOerth, Sority is to approve the gimmick..Tal until after the eectont he ha indicate^^ lie
~ywas thae manner u whieh the Arthy louda oa nd "actatorsi control feand cor- Thes la t way the Taft force now expect to ac th four out of ftie of It e Irnot mateain an andwi r-lol tnie aw ne1't Jatd
rc Kiu ra a tecptron are quietly toleratedOlon control the Republican. boties e "omncpne i demenas thus eated o lnder the g"ro todany wSep lD tbo -al

can't a veterans ta dismissed wduie he was -ven under the bert conditions Chicago. Two recent SYDe t p-Qb MIndon Is to hear tHe rema lcatapts tor Taft psS he ire.ogn
laudr aDing uhe cel oer had about oeson sof stel- nght than 10 per cent eUlareiy t peroant to be inored. e Aein ewgate-at-large. Ait Hanan wflBetat le d belonofedm-r
t bu ofre thi had no bearo the se. B nd unaw n meet and eOB the one hand the Ietrlled s b t ny delegate ady ted avrt-we
ta w *uilt his* own whims and weho. wh arna or commette oftlberg Ttht tlwryrt, Waater lrt-of Virila ; and so the phcout ebeIarB oo oa l tr iklABOR a aW

s jat r Pe plu i t appears thtt the toleea had st, M -so"When offlntreware alotedt a fworI Ie key Pom t uaf thtopulby obstean, d ivelf and gain full coae.xaA same f lrhev Sla laa B this
may ay otten that day are pubc aervan any otlar so vote Ktaken r* n Putting an avowed fed 1s sif t ch is the blueprivty >ehleh1 1t time ai
L^om holder ( in t aeano iday othe r at' hapenig to b- candidates inthe beSfiastigf judie'hB It as well be ported on Illt'e o- taperu NitltfTal taai^tjffi O
Wel tb farts felt thie *pplli l to n lll e a ot ~ on h a e P rd i. f' b S5ta BB
nt tAbe hherup. to n r o S lat gang In 1880. .nn Iin Buht n. What sen. Tatft' fatdeer did ethe mtoelstew ifie i

Samounatd o rentiwe are to be quarted po thi tver can beaked 'o not an overt supportfr -f SSw an s Pola frem vert to.hp up I. aaa til r t
i tSb ts e cival ian ths inierpreIate tcbyiv uar. si hor thee cmyeqartersIshout- .af sler rep f b s a'n M
Anylnenf's b m biletoan bl tory ilg l.u m~ e bR lnd.- ode Iatias

1m.iji we1 oon ll compl ailn toomuc bec-a Ou 1amum Ami -. Wf ..._ pour covnto ckl~< wtapce~ aharo violates itat my ackyard flkngltr mle 1A1 kvainwM ( Iuatry-wid ds~~ i ,
cos einacma zn hr ou w iive culn' Joi ion chiepft stoi tuhe fas Phf fornaaebruise ____________ i~~iiTifl^^ Wttiim -m~~r*i
Sh noethnmysrDf combat, ha y etoy ouilic On he other hand. otae Ttaradtepaer'tlt le -t o
"fIritution ontelnds whlh tlook Comm'itee r s evga now fe e ouelfk praikf eft honre y ra"ereoa the lof

55k We tired civy iat te O the C t Cl & 2 e
,& t wa ono te tnkdraftis* youihis duschrg 1m the Ta d I the Aue- a your ngohsba mongrel pu the On- t f the *y *T
IrCL-ike lihorsI ol he 'dayiandecide to airyourvies ardlystored btueor any lacank ofag hon ~a
M,---, --loan theii n ex lt tle b yok up1 nn p i- "irhn 3 bI t'Mla lym d aIs M
IL%~ %--as e factser wnestra ightbe recan violationtof fortlaqor this oi n efolk Y h anrasn-0 0
~oS~' prseuedaabr tmeao nbBSfSh~f~akeown prices for "laort lihe as t-at al ft system. tie
li.i onhr hr r e~ ~0' o N-t $1350 owd mthers, tec s n a~bweL'" iu 014, 1 hcan Natnavr vienuieowtnio oth st
toa dpusetone."eop'e's tm.hlves.hq-, bwcaueengnclearoy Mcsinhon.San able carthen
#ar"r Van aviia sM anr's re'l-- Mlij co si er th U iinOi It as te p rale i t e o Aiila a own u
was. .&L eearnt h e pa y, eep teari n osg? ba A eie to gt th m m N n ksai nal spoliticsnguteot le for tun- so tron g buusinesIn the enclien and fm
yhaec like ood Aier Qitea i en ith l ou d ier. UsAnd hseaerfeuetPe-do tikwihwithoclan atoalodt s h at aiceelngaies. otdor e theraempoasmy fIldliedimarts
elkandIL ent sice uit a ewow the olad dwnbey oeacuaeWod-tevicrudo"IalienatadIlke1 dhtIIk InbefheMorcPtynCl
Only oneteroube you -WeLAWS
M;;-&wiae rcaoasfetue dra4iwn"bsis" g poyerned thatlon son yodelgatown, N.P~tY ba sme onghtthconvsmlk'e II masses or wl
thatrndo-Ica' laysudrtvariousery wrdIt says,- thae branW al, th CL eeaeandyol enlerheIbsdeeameoetheors lobikeste *owr I tgoup fayOtlrDn
leadersnderhe shshow y results at Obviousalwy. 11youc W .pak.t6n allwt s tegmmc-uegvn acks1Wn"
lou dortlonav oteuth atoth eyraare g oes aouscvnral district 1delegath b.rT heecIe
w, util ongalrit110Uism.toenapproveh ootavedogl ifthiyrk o th A., I emaseessettn.T eBgtathe gitas CMnNdfcfdtefredWi
las t crewuirultesm t wrekuwantlo to suitpandh e stP so v bt Elat eso. ihna bralwn t e cnrltno wyth af je ows~ctt b ea four oto lownCUI.b tf aithed r wfulniwU tIlbrmaoylwnx
,ythe the manner inhwuld d the Ariyidual is eaftornecarThe untiafrte
the ta flagran t mlc -mnt d ya wrpe ba lon of any egt'fthlo uion emq rac I conven s---- ,T5.fli~f a
r~Wiapttn arecq ietry uaeraeed.cinttol thearepu licar did any other I n -at gifp t ith s pre ated ofnderA W Gppthe-I g e s u
r'wvuoigt~ pac. lehadabut 'yarsofseh- tin. t'hanp0pe enngto "regul -ly1 r f e rappl i o es Ignored. gieseof- aIt -air ge A Hlihswii h timeand behindw
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' NEW....So SMART...


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uwyfuMvy w nut bUWVuwa

MOmap to Canalk lo,N-VetM ~ a n 6 45B-4ay y
f bV:elng Repaired ft k ,w Y on Jan r
Three single conductor lines of 1, IS, e m-i.
11,000-volt submarine power vWel9s l -t -
vable that were damaged Tus- W EtI*ItMIb Vt
t Culebra Reh by an s- lah i- 0-
i 'W r W6m the Dultish freighter ny Medltewrau. From the
z lrlby, were being repaired to- tirst port ot f lU, MadWi the
y by the Electrical Division. Britannic will proceed to misa-
Dredging Division activities on blanca on the African mainland,
the West Bank meanwhile have then to Gibraltar, gateway tot
been greatly hand MuMped. the Medttr n rd on to
One of the three lines was torn Malaga, Aliers, Malta, Larnac,
d severed. The other two alifa, Alexandria, Rhodes. the
welt' aged only lightly.. Of- Dardanelles. Istanbul, Athens,
believe tha by tomorrow Venice, Palermo, Naples, Vile-
e cable SM be complete- franche, Pahna de Majorea. Lis-
bon. Cherbourg and Bouthamp-
accident odburred at 5:15 ton. Upon completion of the Itin-
-. '~;uesday whft the 6*,78-ton erary, passengers may disembark
r dropped anchor after at Cherbourg or Southampton
p developed a temporary for leisurely spring and summer
'q of the steering gear. The tours of-Britain and the Contin-
Sher caught on the cable and ent t.7fore returning to New
,vered it. IYork in any of 11 great Cunard-
*, Canal navigation lights were ers. Cruise fares, which begin at'
t affected. The Thirlby. which $1.275, include return transat-
transiting south, completed lantic passage.
sit the same day assisted by I
S Dredging Divison tug San
q Re-l "
frggest Air Force Inereases j
faw ftge Plane Rentols
WASHINGTON. June 19 (UP) "
-The government is losing al-
Most$ridoo,000 a year because of g arnm. v At. gRID
"ridiculously low" rentals on Air w-- _-
Force cargo planes. Rep. Sterling
W. Cole.R-NY said today. By 59OSW M- ACOBY
Cole, in a statement in the Written W"NE A Service
Congressional RecOrd, accused'
the Air Force of leasing its 38 C-' -
54 cargo planes for less than
one-third of the regular corn- 8
mercial rate. J 8 5 4
He quoted figures to show the 972
Air Force would receive $5,928,- Q 0
000 each year if the Air Force 48753
jacked up its rental rates to re- WEST .. EAST
gular commercial'rates. 4K 10" 6 2
V KKJ108$ VA8 5
Canard Liner Britane ic 5 4 4 AK 9 6 3
Set For All-Mediterranean 4Q94 46 K
Cruise Next Winter OUTH (D)'
The Cunard luxury liner Bri- A Q 8
tannic will make a nall-Mediter- 44 g64
rar.,an cruise next winter for *872
the fourth successive season, it *AJ62
was announced today by Harold North-South vut.
P. Borer, general manager of the I vNWae h -*
Cunard Line in the United I F'- M .& P
states. I N.. Pass ouble
I -ODena l ad-W

.-. .. I.!
AND I1 MWSiSM 'a" "-- .
r. ,'1-< ,.

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,TO ,,Wo: *..; *n$!
B.S. Port n semint .................................... *-
M .8 CW ..... ....... ..v............................
TO CLOMIA. C tJAt. & Catlrf
S.S. Ar entam ........ ..... ............................. a M
M.S. W. ..n. ..... 4
PrAPrFlWI" .mVICE twom. IOK l lo:a -z
ne Do ftM ......................... ,.,... ...... .| .
PrassEN msmvic ftrom CAhTAGMANA 6 '
C olom ble ............................................. JuIt

a-"Miii. LIM P a % ,& '
CTan. p IOm s 3IS O 1 e. 5 *A
-----..-------.~ T- -1J ll, y.


JUN 20th, mlo

T36tfoao 2-1258 TeMoM -W1


M J- .problem when North (unwisely, hopefully fined the queen
'----'-- in my opinion) decided to make spades, but West won wft th
t '. hand w l a shaded response. If East now king and led his remaining dia
When a in the ay ana S Sayed decided to enter the bidding, his mond. This gave East four di
SlS 9h tournamentUeoenin S tate strength would be very clear in- miond tricks, fter which &outi
uone curn at lament. n bft stead of doubtful. East and West mourrfully claimed the last" OS
on ct ibariabl sN thl- would therefore have no trouble tricks wit bi two black a0es.
most invariably passed this bidding a game if that seemed
opening bid. whereupon East re- their best course. At this table South won ent

The rest of the bidding ** tWas t' tits418tee c ty ie t* A -NK
S lulte difficult for East and West. cards. East collects 6fa more odds wereabot to 1 t gS
It usually is, in this situation, than the value of gahe by doub- and West would have played 0t
gflgtis leg agMgp j because when an opening bid is ling one no-trump. WeV t was de- hand below game.
passed the fourth player almost lighted to pass, and now South
Uu1y nre r deelelm T, always reopens the bidding. was firmly established In the
i EHnce the fourth pla y her's soup.
strength is not clearly marked, West opened the Jack of tG lTU STORY
Oad the. p ar t nership often hearts, and East won with the
abundeqrs. ace. A heart return enabled West ALTO, Mich. (UP)-When Mrs
I Rn -t case,-one pair reached to run the rest of the suit. East 3 o h n Brana's children
four harts the East-West discarded the deur and three of dchitytren want to check U.
'ards Ogl tw pairs reached aspades on the hearts, so West have to do is lk down allnd
I~grr Ir '-no--trmmp. The rest shifted to diamonds. low a 21-1 b rug
01 TIES SllWi AT RAN il 'played the hand at some part East decided that South was home. The fS aar-old ura
SIa in. I, 1"ie6 mMN. asore contract in hearts or in not solid in the black suits, m mother has w wn the ruig wit
om o-trualp. he let dummy hold TU lead wi dates and plokthe tpltictlng
The bMing presented no such the ten of diamonds. DecaIw history of nor falDy.


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-Io..:g.<-B,, the. jy w d notv
.r itica l patronage
It f "Deocatle
o(the ov"en.
e his weep defeat of to mea t dpIe t -
thie proposals, orl 1Z fe l AM of Sm "It Ina at-
01 b e Hoover o I Re- tie- k oa i B onl com-
W 6" he ade n pISc h We
in" wl the KW 0 .,t -th UmC. merbo 0 C0s V "

3I1idY.U114 p lan to brig Marnt4vN. e 80ru1 .Vgi4n D oha ston
.)ar-hals and e eom ee- (D-.c a ,e .-e recent "Job.
tora under cMvil served would seLind" UUan in Mi-alelppi
ffa Ml M4aIlot. of patronagee wlas evolved. general byppa_ the -adv@,,

o [ a t T t tough sled beuj a, resulted m po .uta
'-& 7-1r do'edn to become efet ive at 11:01o e apo1 tee 0h~sto dd-
-.-.wa, o ea,. om. Saturday onles ejeoteded.

SB. te ndI rom. st .m-. o. ,a debeneleh. the Hous e tor ea vte.
itdllI se enshmar 1 i las "ho,: The plan to aolsnhte he dbs
e sno r1dr B. d ..e .1 S wen. Walter G eorge thD-
-AI0all5 a to rado f i .I..n. .o fpowplc t heiGa.. isapd er o the G"Id Siervice plan

41 woul d h v purtm ra aed urennydn the p o vd y e o-
n smEe, retf1 dwhs beaB w wten 55 to 28. On the 6cu ter general "power to bu u T

t Heirs .it U pri op aosalt h rm wa s bre e a 1Iu
Bath,.ps.. hurnte ?an the moat corrupt machine te

.- t2 r n. a, .truel r- *h m ow d "aml e edmn are ~'oMIeed r can history.,
n ,o ar group ot her ztother ,Tr S oi t kd*Ye ho a uosdp.m

M'" ". aruce MotRt, tWho w BaT g f cont sh iot o e fi r t *N eU tlbl t.r Igl y *, tog overturn any of the
s .014-aft R-J ef om-

." o c f w n a ll rohn t trul. n stnt e w M Od Importamt to every-=n The Post Ofice pln, first e EtRl oi W
r hlnnt o anh t.1r orie of 'n -r 30th o 0 A 'h,000r thin oet totoee ou r hide r and wup. t thre to a vote, TW I

I&hose o Ro ^ ano w M ear h r of .orrd Tian ead CA oh tromge .8. o ma, (D-
".. t.ed -au .at- '.he A anne r y nf, M. .p.l-i, Dsage Bsoud, of o se, woul.)ad have abolished the pre-
v aierahiprte tt whobaersof n .t .eo inm.dit s Be tsy nIem hoe hav eng 21m
W.te at, secongrn ise to,
,Ani to ndat we S l Ves. f.nfs A t a llw n oo -d.Bute second land third cl w
Mto,'A A The fi of Teofywo 0n1 |hRtT e ee th ne od d ther pes m sters app lnted by the Br d
d s a e a g ti a lent and confirmed by the

p fruBsop .'I|Fll -.'I dam--- makef ly budget' with Tour hu- wee n vr- In-BaAasoa TmWEL
T..... .ti o ntb Y aor e ocfer w-ll einr. tre.i L lded h of the 56aks eS in e s
the ith hbdy l oma n ltt d a siges ct i a o n eed your mt lst" a r time tht te
". t r .. u a an t r t J a. wll f md ,t n e t x
-.4saldt hhw, V endntl mein s l ( t I, w hlajoIae sentuens .are Lixed up InR22( )
bereailt V Diner daenin g at Albert tnel t home oe wi have Detty Molder a I lts owAWM teroltTe ny yoaed. tAne Ty EL
IH eI Dintei u e s Al en t t a te ro tftyt f al llat bralyi.W Ia- wd to vyouho'sa "We can put o our finger
i..U Mrthe Tousee fe.Po s blowing child, ao ees e pa ft 0 'r both oa1
fa olha wi nedar 21 t ernMre ipoe .. s-agg. It w hs't parts i w b aound to ult outcome, p .o n old their local repre-T 0
fN iut tta- qtes, more thmD... re.. '. '"ateas wot y' m A emf, ay w ,zshep a e entiv ehv 2,
Sotnyonsleh e outnthe ,c -e-lr

r e ishfamt y-irSdlo ta o the M aAy a b, awaos IortsI n| .- "o rt lito au FELIX B. MAno Do
0 ele.nn9 W fethernSostmatersored rothatny thheermaappoint ents.
Ttoi e0 1. -f -- ltt ft Lod--e=1 t tho ved or the Mtode party

Hipok yan Fires r d d rbdin t fbs:r houe lmn nttan f t hesdstic _.- __ __ _
a wOman, v-dlychairman, are "a hangover

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t A f tr '- y t she wa io tte tl anm sbe

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***'*-_0* ai a IOtO ve @wetsa -w xe a l ow I
)Cat pt jM4pfto4 b s masters, U. Ap .I bt flhthh ey and

on" i af o than or rolu.d m nt"m the.E .C ot 7n eay rre Time. Mike r oney rD-
A,-Sing.t V SA p rt nto Wet- h a ve f ra BTheUp .. a cS tCLhe pI- can hl d t he iry n a the c ip n- -
of Si DoesOfimll from"ow seiou rohem^1es.a
t L a wo'man to tfl ae ings nor a gf ,060 cra yt
______n__ wos rkof ro pd -laatrrpwt c.s D. derleedfro i f thats a act at s
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a. n ..divisio-n1z of Art..he MPtr any ma",It'sw I ^ asoimp I dticr tse which hagvemmen. no e -
'l oa W -b nAt r, -that. ., t he rlcIig~ AO.f 1U3r4J.P.C '. reeorir -atl would put the
tMM.. e f thely aP gmens tu d turnea 1 sCp Ave.
-atItdousinvolvedafr the nttlatlur of a dd res -

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s ft. eb" it8aid that he and hiI d playing the liltMithe- reIeLPORD N. f. (13P)p- Have
to"N aria. 33, their daughter, Jct to the publa s tm u dughnu t es, Uaa ,a nd

've .months, were p~t~ a bdrhwl.,We t s usom -. oud c nWaf Eloe a low-

30 fee elow, .the five foms e Colons leaned out the heart of ute citywheaswhoy s u..
agaistttehfld as flames 1 Rockefeller c
-ra ed'-O to saety I" a netih- roared aro fhdo. Seum a d uplace whre"See uWlmr '
1' boia t-! bie .It ho L9, M- DoW. the eeet 'two doors ol and Ue i 5 VI ut- ". .1.,.
The-bodlN of two yo .ungddka a0,$ M 8cea,, 28, the Mar- cu.ld eaptmesouubeue

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tha i ala)ntoftnea the hy e w ndnt' sasuncooI tp. I. t'
th ecm l xi.Lte d trotM la .t on a pair of which aiu m-otd.t-
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OfILand Chill. an. st @, f theh
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f, o.. Of Fl5,dbeginning- at 7Z pm.MW I
legpohaWAchfte. Re.

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, ,, -- .

- n --.- ...c*tCI. .Z


You Sell 'em...When You Tell 'em .thru P.A. Classifiedst

fa our Ad

with one. of

our Agents or our Office. In No. 57 -' "N" Stree! Panama
No 12,179 Central Ave. Colmn


!~ WSY



Lei is Service Salon de BeMfena Amiricano Carltoo Drug Store 7n 1 I
t4 TiWAil A.e.-Phone 2-2291. and #55 West 13th Street, 10.050 Meletider Ave.-Ph ne 255 Col6t ^ -
Morrison's Agenci -Interfacional de Publicaciones Propaganda, S.A. r I w ..."..
Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441 #3 Lottery Plans Phone 2-319 "n tSreet corner Estudlaote St.

Ae Do you have a dring problem HelPAN-AERIANO n cool El POF SIONAL i A ao at d m ea c.d b i .*. i
OHbe d A ,iCiwl Write Alkohellcs Anonymous. Nos Valle offers low rates for summer
FOR SALE. Coon,ol h,- Service Personr.N~wl Civilian 201i Amn. C. Vacations. t- t eh t M. mi e tifl
ingroom. bedroom diningraoirn__ ___errment wEM'lo.esRuO Wl" 1
setsgrooa bedroom dgroo. Tel. Govrrment Employe "FOTOGRAFIA SOSA" PHILLIPS Oceanside Cottages. The f IT IS ALL OtIR .PALt two to e t d I f thw fl i-
S 8 -60b Government Employes Finalce Co. Will remain closed from June 28th or.k, court in Santa Clata with on It your dealer Is Out f
until September 3rd 1952, for re- Oceanv.ew from Sll cottages. Stps mtfot T -
in o Barby ncirm r o onew rmodeling. Any one having work to beach, Rock Gas, refrigeration, reak all .- m ao ahdho to

boo 175R aL er 4 30 p. m Houe FOR SALE.- 1949 Renault. tour door MANA1ERS beach. For informKtLon vis t Dog- wIn te the fact that .
w14th57 6 chApr. A. Enamel-tos Crukichens A AGENCY Eth r LIN. Good pending please call fr it before date barbecue and shuffle bNoard. P6, or Gn- EO. F. quatVEYINC y effort t

Bboa C $450 Te' Cundu 418. a o pfo.. phone Panama 2-0170. Dirut Avee-Pyle treet a nt ttecrtion tof a
frigeraor 5 C.onwashinroom be seen At tr 573 E Curundu g nee No 435 Balboa. wcol-rk owMwl.AeP treeCyNVIEW 7 eCentraldAO. TSt.e aMtt are dt bu ire ltt 1 n ".retono t
nset;4 Baby Crib with mattress, buff Hgh COMPAA A DE PLOM e furnshedttge t-oC ? ebreakaTIthaldnL, Freour,1m;,, Mo o
25 Cyl Zenith Ros -PMa honograph FOR SALE:-19547 Buck aiser new tre S. A. Phone 3-3350 Juto Ta.ed o t YOUR er nt t
Chbe, closer. Threo 9 2 Congo- Sradano. etc. House & H8-. Ft. UnderClay- roemen Ave. and 29th Sr. East. t Gas rs nrigerd BUDET!) Ch ildrenOs esre ordI With t y te M Any

5757-F. DbloT Heghts _. Gorge. Clon 95 00 Phone 5-169 house 12 oc- ages. Two bedrooms. Frigidaresw BLINDS Ae area oe- an t a te it- nt A
ScreensAL Baby LeTrcgcle. Call Ba.h-ng A au Ron. Telephone 8 7-2121.gas ranges. aTelephone Baslbs i es In of mpi r Hartley imi nt it today. t In e

achineecs He double bed. FORSALE I 2-300 Emoncthly, proposition aA Imediatl street and ues. Road who r ea u t t er as ous f
Bboa Io75 fter 430 .ng m ou-e FOR SALE.-1949 Renault four dor MANAGER s, st o q beach. For information visit Dog- H t to mbve b C L. In t
Abe oha .,,be C4, B50a- Tl c r 65000 Cu ownd A rePI color 3 v 5e A.50, 4 x 6t u.e Jut-ac.ober tes Ac the o P l CaV ...
1457 AtE .,r Los Cruces Ave sedan with radio. Good conduo. ititon. WE REPAIR pumg osr.TolAvenue, or GE F. NOVE, -IN "b, m apd innltt fa c!
Babor C .$40 Edce,, n oroo ,$8450 800 tul price. OFPAC aNyour place phune Panama 2-01 70.N Di-l ut.aintlu it apo vs tan wi' tli t .= (n
352 be seen at tiro, or 400 FOR SA GCrnd e work. mch's Sant Clr bech- AMA BROKERS. INC. a, .. oa Ida tStSi
S FOR SALE -nMahgaon,' di t0 .oningro gurntpromptl. SNAPEllS' bo Btelt 1eL3I hq .d b hGtISL eA ila n
set. Table.r eig ht chars, bffeth r eih-w COMPA0rIA ISTMERA E PLOME- ACCOMO ATIONS Sd ruW1 ty "a1teoy ati-

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1 co do'.boc$995 .00. Cocoli 35.39. FORSALE. Dalmatian PupDerez' C. Phne 4-5.57 days, 4,2.30 even-1u'4- ftrI llc.b llf-- -,ii n- : oACttht ee
F 0o. 2 babyL beI/d s. G oad' c aond iii n, F SALE"-PlLEmo uthrutilitye9 5 1., FO R S A L E.- P ortab le electric Singer N Al o nh

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bo Hiht 1.400 rDeles, $1,750.00. Pawells m machine, good condition. Price Whlims SantO Clara Beach Cot- tMoran
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S F OR SALE -- 2-300 AL E OR RENT mical proposirtonl r i medite r ve Theet and I Road who as Lewl aI offr asOu
le 10 Buck Supe Rra- plastic FOR SALE- Amercan flags, fast for renting q tottage during our DWy. est 'to mbvt ue c onmt I In the

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bargain. International Bazaar, No. 76 Ceo-un- iblc. Tel. 3-1712 thirnemththe n a ,0merL er t h i t ti teLewis, *hr It
bay'S,. .... .dtral Avenue, Panaoo -o aoto H _ooosIndustry .n th 37.

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SFOR A --' rghouserefrger 1947 Buick Special. 2 door's a buy e. oa t ri ec.,asino Santa Clara. Dance music by o o bdo e 'on Int lther G l ta
S i e Ell for $850 00 full price. PANAMA CANAL COMPANY Casino Aces No reservations ne

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Sc sion Cables Rdio Inc. BOFFERS. INSULAT ION. AND FUR- cessar w. Saturday and Sunday.p you new npln t he French- ion ry
c tn, lea' .nq Phone 25-t942 Buick Surer. two door a o NACE AND FOUNI SUPPLIESItSigns.cont
35Z4 of good tronsportatIon, for $400- FOR SAL I ESGramlch's Santa Clara beach- PANAMA BROKERS ,INC*1 n -i r a formidable grI

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S $125 C0 Baby crib and mattress SMOOT & PAREDES Circular No. 12 may be obtained FOITd). PARIn Jun I i(UP)-nance, ton.
.1000 Chinese chest of drawers.E i on clfromthe office of Superintendent of u m411 a ieterIttOmcHeaidafsureof.50
$100.00. Baby reu t Bcarrage.$10.00 FOR SALE: 9 hts. ,ncoln Fordor. St ngr rtmenoehouses boa, telephonetNo.2, ord habeenesed, but that ld by i tb
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Tel 2-4631 bench grinder isandstanel, lamps
and tables.c offee table, hand dII' 0111 I O1II 1 Notaly, omitted from the .,t .
Your Communit Station FOR SALE 1951 Chevrolet Con- tools, press camera, coffee table, FR E NSaTe m OL oFr denlAlc.'a n atom bon m

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Sean JoTurnal (VOA) Locks EnieerlE Police na Wdbringc telephone service.t'A-rooms a. An2-25t2, PaPit ., the country Swithin five yealt
FOR SALE:-NFOR little no-,qd-at Building No. 9-A, Instrument balcony at toesonble monthly tO the we Of 'ttImiC energy1 h
3.f-.-.jU for ThursayRSALE-Nice l farm, n po- a ShM, Balboa. For information rates. Hotel Roosevelt. Tel.. 2-
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-4: "tmc o' r Fridy Grdurs teves Cumay be obtained from the above rooms, livingrom, dn ingroom, and -1 1 0Cna' kilowatt weh
6 0-L: t and Fashions Loverd source, or from office of .Spirin. etc., Della Vista. Tel. 3-1773. 1Ire could destroy your fursrnre, many pr Pmode moe than 100o
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7:48-SCm mIn I Cables & Radio, Inc., Boalboa, C. 368. MieaneousA Nd W wae you. new fivee plan the French
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.1111: Dvigest WANTED:r6nimo delIsOssa 11, neat El Americam menace(;. motors, and.lo rnea trnot the
-- ,VO l -Spanish white accountant, office Telephone 2-1219. ducet w Po SS iftf tler( -3d a it
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10 Dance Music ... Mel upon request to R. E. v. Box 294 researching l"be WenKt-l. ,as..deco.rate L .ru 2.
MUMueiMAcosanal Zone.Fd19
0:C Musical Interlude Yr i W& .. KinsInberat oa
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1: Owl's f est iFty-elght positions In the nlpa MU nm, used In 'a i'q0 E tt leco.
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the ]atestttraOAEGra-vFicancy ul-S .,SUITEDe-ooTcook.PMPERS .i.aITS,. .'
.1% day, 31e 'Aletin Issued by go Pesclothes. Apply to "C" StreetoNo Swnmr'EroIu-p BLOUSteSKIRTStatom'c "le
alIreju at llboa!eigCts. !aMEulrfngl.,.apartment No. 2, Word haih neere doby Anna PaukerrnMaytS iuero E'

Otgn and Alarm Clock Forty-Wx of he 58vacant o- t-ha arbara Waltz,]aridue, Ho, e0 17c. 5*CBevuwnwn
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-lt er abned the idle W white S-x "n tf"e.... m'w .......wat. en-

trdwns Edge eBosx e inSoLalu..L. Tsfeague In..Win l -6
.4,EW YORK, June 1I9,-Frank OI hklt box s--" #u o s aat., a"n 1 a- l,)

eibacka 3-2 defeat, their fifth strait tl Je 0 k, Cola 4e a1- C o
T..h ,et enabled the idle Whit enpon, Sox te mev*tt Y~e t on :t0 8' .W t th 2. 0
thrd placee in the American League._. Speac Taoopb ... 1 1. or a : i ofplCet Wr1l 1w.
In other junior circuit am ikeld to top thes "t figure. Mu-. 1 7oth eitle, .. g C
thi Yankees outslugged the Tig- ial also added a single later tino BIG SIX 2 0 0'
rs 10h 6 while the Browns tu- ninmake 1.901. He paced the 15-ht AS ita Ave. 4 thto rna.
ed back the Red Sox again 4-3. Cardinal attack s little Joe ~ Griffth 0 .. 18 8 .444

ed bac st rhhn Je eAhh -eticn rwre also i l ia. foe ca h I vr, n th o n 0 C i [ i ls Coly iajorP,
The Athletics werel also idle I PresT o ptchnte a f or ive- h m i Ltt r 20 Wam. oI ..l .C )2 .41
Yankee home runs by Yozeh Robinson. not so devastating a elc ,i.,.""..1 7 .38r1 Ial p thed oLmaonr
rtd hB h e-Rarer Opa a ............... ... 400 e 10 o r at! considered the
Bera, Getre Woodlng and Billy hitter but perhaps .r ter al.- R ICmetedhin fC 21y e h 5ed dant -h 0 0
Martin Oflset circuit smashes by: around perfmew splrith d brnean pcea rre l "'h a i 1r .381 tVo t lder- ha failt Do n'
Walt Dropand Vic Wertz of the' afield and toon t lhe bases, "t leA. Farrell .CC.. ...m 29 11 .379 p er 30 1s
Tigers to give Johnny Sain his a 6-5 decision for the Dodgers inm ,1 fall.
seventh win of the season. Man- ten Innings. n c oeltt e In, 9. ,.AS
ager Marty Marion singled in the' ina t o EXT GAMES d.
winning run in the ninth inning He stoI three bases, the last tut whne. rabe
to give Duane Pillette his sixth in the t.enh when he walked, Friday: Spur Cola vs. Balboa. e s a re d 'nne Wi iba
suess. Earlier Jim Rivers had.' took second and went to third. MOtnday: Claudbt Cedefoo vsf t doM ttV l, ee ted-our 1e e
d.led in fthe fifth to tie up the' as Dutch Leonard struck out ur C dof ei at and Vi c *xas
f in Musial and Jackie Rob- first as theot ball e t ed catcher clal Troops.e pista s, l i of J
Who r ose to emin- Tobv Atwell. Robinson scored Wednesday: Balboa vs. Spur eot Of Austratl
super-stars when Joe the winning run on Gil Hodges' Cola-1 _ar M od i g! 4. Herbeat
hglo and Ted Williams fly. Fri aday: alboa vs. Agencia r .rte. f 0u1 4 ,
i from the pltia re, gave The e Giants stayed four gam. es'. : Lam.Loul. 1 r n rf. E i 0 s-.
tit B onal League new p re- behind the Dodgers by defeating tris et- Aat Doretsth of
^ yeata erday-and new hope wthe Pirates 5-2 whl e the Reds 8n s.t nnth: Oardner
S DMnthern victoryIn.the sn-0topped the Braves twice, 7-6 and Optics Sosa 8, Agenia Lam b4th B a 1
All-Star classic. e3-1. The optical& osa ,bali h awks tA ll haw.Ok- 0Gbet 1
a l, now established as' Bobby Thomson, off on a ter-acompleted their first half -season o Sl ainh a n-n-Of B. Batn
ba4l's greatest all-around rific hitting spree, drilled a pair, schedule va6ith an impressive 8-4 1 oat, l An-b. 11h:0n 2 B
r, passed another milestone i of homers and two singles while victory ovar atencl Lam. Pine1 Rudh'Patty.ofLos
he attained his-.l903th hit- batt ing in three runs to give him Sidney Tudor spun an eight- gel1.
e Cardinals drubbed the a total of 54 as he set Jm hitter for his fifth victory with- the .
es 7 d g Hearn's seventh victory for the out a setback. Archer was the. .do f le l.-. ga ed n d o yt"
pitcher. George Ravenea.. .. 3fiv Clu b, Sg nthJuwoy:a*seedr r Ac n h m
1 2 re the seasonlendhe in _-_nli`h e Bi BRO iEN ny R f OAn
Toesl s ... .He : .: in Maun;"+.+ has aollowe rpdebt ou n p er. 8 .. ,t..od eo, Calif., I second; 1hi rlh w .o i
The box score: A ye YPAnd eforto. ti, brother oftMhe a Red 3 Of l t, 0., third,- Lo ien-
an ear to from Casey Stengel be. Brou of Beverly Hills, Calif.,
A LmABI R fore taking betting practice at rsedinmT ah h o n6tt .2 2 3 0Todd of(La.
'enc in-- AB f r vrirt hooc r ikerfomMenphis was b ae World Chamionsm Jola6,11 Ca fifth; Je. n 1 WalkemtrNA#
2rothhas .. .2 1 for a 0,0%tsi rl e r Smith orf tI5tain sixth; Thela -
W elcshlb .. .1 h LOng of Aullotr lia, seventh. and B E .r .Av.r... .
SRoberts, I0T..........4 0 eA rtlet Rinkel of .ritn.i
ArlGin,rf.... 3 1sCunsleb ......
N ation, 2b ..3.. 0 o, Ciosi e2-
SJb"ones,dpo........... 0 01 ,- o -- osi n..... *p .: n o0h au4 "nth_ ,, s--
Archer, p...........3 0 2 We hopeth tall the anand handlcapyardagesstobead- CHICAGO_. ASR NPOA P19 16:49..,.,a g ..-.. .,3 i
Totals -hootes aftr their aix-week ated after eachSeries oTr6Phy Mliks, 2b-sa.. 5 0 0 1 4 0 h .. "
from p tritiounib traft& Jeffcoat, cf. 14 0 0 TO""aGA N
coTEpePlticp will bv e lnerewof do %All shooters are urged to clip Hermablski, rf
Optle --eem- AB R H knowing that a series of sthoots this article for pernaal refer- Sauer, If. 5 1 1 0 0
o ohmrwA. Derman6n, as.Bokn........1 1 0 for a trophy donated by thlb Ca- enr. lSerenLs, S. 50 0 1 0 1 nnn. ."
GriffLith, as ........1 1 0 nal sZone Trapshooting Alamstea- orde o. D Paul l .4 210 1o Cltn1ma4
M organ, c... .........2-h0--a0 tion will get u dt.way att henrs.aTo4alr 0 030 10
0 0_Balboa Oun Club Saturday ft- f Atwell, c... 0 1 0 2 0 1
G. Raveneau, lb.......3 2 2 ernoonJ 2. t o'clock, rainr Smalley, sc. 2L1 011 4
Joseph, 3b......... 2 1 0 or Shine, Mostly rain. Y themlD PSS b-Addlsl Plp0l0 1 41 0 0 6 ".
arquhoro rf.. .o3 0 0 The eeond shoot wil be. held ---N 0 02 a
mted a ""n.. c.. .. gh..3 atothe w. s u 4.300S- Oer cotland, Jmun&m 19Rusht4,..4 003 0 1 2 0
Cox 11r wd = & oo i o 2l 1o r r reg t re I rg) "n 19 o-aBroo n l. 10 0 1 -
rrranhisltc 1 in"'"". tUP-dme aTAmerim Apmthe.Le61enl q -. 0 0r1.0
v wn nh Anto~ .,TenWto l e ld a oAma te ur Oet, "
S1onhop hlmEsehr f b scheduled fr h boa ol Champtl haps fallen by th Totalsh ......40 l 119b.
.A.plop......3 0 1Club, AAturd t 1 ernuon, .ilry wayidea tenrre aching the seml-
-- -- 19, at 2 o'doc.a e final.. The Enf lish ace---Jean Bls-h BROOpLYN- A R H PO A rod a.
o'roht-als ...... 25 8 a Your committee, after cozosid- good--elimMated Mae Murray of .etoazSb. .. 5 11. 1 1 lld 0-, Muir, a fe
erable thought and effort, hasnRutlind, Vermont, 5 and 3, in Reese, as. .n... 5 0 0 2- 5 0 're (3-9u,;Mur, 911" a.1.
eFred 5ah Ready aeedon the bowig rUts o the semifinal match. Nine Oth- Robinson 2b..2 2 1 3 4 0.Mrullougho t ;,,.V(7-) .and e .
Fre o nnd Inure every Sbnt*r a fair and er Aloerican women golfers were Cam ntin, .W. 8 0 1 / 0 O Wu-brua. neL--
nequal chance and to make these eliminated in earlier rounds. Fur0lo, rf 200 .I
TohBfle ncomshoots truly sportif events: Sitr, sf 5d 112e2 20 0 C .(141I.l n... ....
ToBaffleIncomei1) The serees.ahoot will con- The Univer-sioty of Kentubcy H8td lb 4 0 0 12 00cl .
Tpxaloasinhh6rge alt of three fifty-d.w refstered will hold & four-day basketball Pa14o, If. A.Ion. 3 0 0 1 0 .,
o) Each shabot to consist of Lexington from Aug. 13 through a-re... 1 0 0 0i
Tsthree by eertg- a44t 3 r20hban-Cthe 16th. In charge-of Bootba-e 1lack, 2o 3 0 0 2 a e,
er C orozal T oop -H os i al. w hiNhDSdi a p a n d fi 'e P a ir o f d o u blues w ill be P IeeI B ry n t O f K eA n tuc k y, L aT.o ;L o, 0 0 2 00. 1M"-, C
W ...r.e p-oilet, ad e hthk inh y oIeD RES with an entry fee of $5.00 ($450 Lynn Waldort of California and ec-)a .. 0 0 0 0 0o )1 .f
t"MpwereFengniht lmefton, t noerheSthshells andrtargets and $0.50 reg- Michigan Atheetid.Director eritz d-Bregons 0 0 0.
Ation from home-grown Georgi Small at .Brooklyn's East lsa silern.Ce reait BBlot. Tt 0 0 0.
kws ren.Tho Frennch middleweight took command aitr his legal ig against ome- 3) All shooters _ofiVting must Lucky and Ray Meyer of DePaull "1"
Sa stow atxrt. yeA) t evasion charges this Friday. mbes of ATA and will ihandit the basketball talks. Totals......36 6 7 30 15 0 Rafenge -4).m e
be 'uSaighis chargedar thevsa di g-a-lrounoiaen InIcpla k;-. p o e T A o rd r n uyt.nck; -- s t tm,
d"'more than $47,000 In taxes on Sl- 4p The 16-yard event to be an Coach m sonju of Wiscon- -n outSrr Vanrd-
added bird event with the num sin sees y. Princeton and Car- b-it m
I eams Secore Sdco ot 00 uerepe in er of added .flrds determined nell as the moat serious threats .ie-Os
I=om the 1952 registered 16-yard to his defending champions in c-Walked for LaM&e In 9th. Preako(S24) ae..Alu
A Hw: '''d' oSaigh says that tax olal, eo oees for lRl mbootera With 300 the lnt.ollilate Rowing Re- d4an f r(34),1 -
ght Ind udoo Louu e mattr over 16-yard -ltered tar-gatta at LA" Oondaga, New x-'wo cutw"ng run
P 01 :. with him and that he never was The number k added birds York. this Bkturdty. The race is ms scored.
.:,..'.Wanted a conference. Saigh'sranyone with lows an- 300 16- over a three-mktI course. Chicao

Ioweabh and Lults with eight only a two-point margin at hall- .s a toe be lwi -2 A o
ao was high for Corosal with time, 21-19. j a boeant of to wte
followed by Nelson with nine The Hosoptal took.the lead in t lds tt
Forbes with eight. the third period and held on un- ttfe i dorg a
'lbrook. the defending Service til the final whistle. Harris pac-,OCe to io l tle Bai t w iM.-
pioBs. sed their height to ed the Hospital five with ten I" I t eb of the b
tage to defeat a game. but points, but once again the losing y o we r il A. t0 .JI Mir
anned 65th AAA Group team came up with the game's MY1 A -. Wa lR .A i
t 4 to 31. The 65th stayed top man as Stankewich tallied 13 Same... ''4 'u I U TA eBOOM 7"W Sh
game throughout the first for the Infantrymen. The B. A& 311 4 M h4e 4 to. -
ad 'trailed by only two; The 45th. after dropping their The PA. 14,1 T) a Ptsber ofJ i dll4 .
at intermission, 20-22.' opening game, came back with a L pjPai s
r, with only one man able bang to trounce Signal 59 tq 28 La Estrella SMAI S "AU
the helgt of the Fly-! as Appleby set the pace iIth 17 The Natio N~. L
M noit maintain the points. The 45th moved into the El P.-A. 1. 1 4 Bum
1 behind during the lead early and continued to pour La Hora s _i -.d1
od. ,_'it on throughout the contest. La Naci6n .
0 th ~ASR aced therThey led at halftime 26-10. ;
..Atuantic .&W V W

----- ---- --------------------------- ,, ...
,_- ;;O,. __ 0 --Alb.-.a =:

,f ,, '
The Poor UtIDa D I
IV b -..- *'

~s*,v... N& M-

i^iii WahE.
''^Wf^Mfv' Wp *-lW'-* '^KBJ10,
AGA* .. ..** .f *

WNW" T'"'.'

0 6asm

s* iC

uM V" UmIDU P""- I
th .AI & .. biad I .

U~s a

Hoop LhagM

e t*, to-se wbo

9* ~
a, ~.* ~nxw
*n .n en **
i.e .. B. *U
F. *. *

d *. T- I .4

Nw..... m k
S..,d.,.... -
myei -...... 0 4u
,,...... "",- II:

1 ( 110 ioo




w I-I




Wf! Ao~ iU~ .^M
wta iubnw ^^^'||U^^ .h

"SW Em4 BOh& t4wr ,

-i A ^^^^^^^- ^^^^^F^ LimbW.^B^'^^^^^~f^^^-



U-' Id ~

.M I

~ I E
e ~i@ 4.





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m ******.

A w1

*. ,- W ^. ....aaie- ...**;'. >
.. .L .'; .. t- ,'.^ .,, --- l
.'- A ^,i, : ." .,." s^^,'.,. -'.,' "d B I
:_^ ,- *^, fe. f-;
,mH_... .iK^ ,,E- ..- ^ ^
,r^"^^?^ ^* ^!! r' .. j^^

Stftt^ ^jffttlttt6


too" a
:rjak. '

LWi o




H nduran Says

'No Thank You'

To Peron Medal

ambaftdor of tay Hondura
has given sharp contrast to thn
military aide of thPr.esident o
the United States' by turning
down a decoration from Argenti
Whereas backalpping Maj
Gen. Harry Vaughan caused a
national furor by accepting a de-
coration from Dictator Peron
Ambassador Rafael Heliodor
VaI.! of Honduras has quietly
written a letter to Foreign Min-
ister Remerino of Argentina de-
clining the highest of all Argen-
tine awards.
General Vaughan was given
tlhe Order of Liberator for his al-
leged "constant and efficient ef-
forts in favor of close and friend-
ly elatlons."
Just what he did to cement
flendly relations while Peron
Js trying to upset them, is
04t known. But anyway the
ag dal was pinned on Harry's
b asmt during ceremonies at
tile Argentine Embassy, despite
te fact that Peron has been a
oer critic of the United
Sts and has beep organizing
,ae anti-U.S. bloe in various.
parts of Latin America.
Congress was so wrathy over
thbaward to Vaughan that it re-
fned to OK his acceptance, and
th.t medal is still reposing in a
State Department vault waiting
th time when he retires from
selve service.
contrast, Ambassador Valle
wi awarded the highest of all
rfntine decorate io n s, "The
t Cross," higher than that
glag to Vaughan.
announcementt of the award
w4 made In Buenos Aires with-
a glfasulting Valle or he would
hire saved Argentina some em-
".hig Honduras is a small
omntry and can't afford to an-
teonise one of the most pow-
oft, patrons In the Western
I here, nevertheless, the
MS of wretethe Argen-
e foreign minister that he
had previously worked for the
Argentine newspaper La Pren-
a .and therefore could not ac-
e" t aecorato! from a gov-
t .,
C Wrn Vaughan's Ar-
gtIllne medal came before a
enttee of Congress it was the
Sof so much caustic ques-
y Congremman Norblad
6Bnthat it Isn't likely to
WtLered to Congress again.

Rymond, Johns
1.3L mU_&LA




t. '' "




StL arence Seawy sucked

Ag yin; Caoacia May (A Alone

WASHINGTON, JTune 10 (UP) Truman sent an urgent warn- Tn a letter to chairman t toS and would wreck plans for
-The Senate, m.. g a last- in-'~lat the Senate would be ard B. Russell (D-Gr.) of Ia balanced" domestic power
ditch plea y PtlUt Tru- guilty of "one of the nations' Senate Armed Services CoInmmt- network.
man, voted ye. ay to slthd worst economic mistakes" if It tee, Mr. Truman said constrl- -
the cont trv St. Lawrence permitted the joint project to Uon of the seawai by CbangIa -The legislation would hki
Seaway Bi back to a P'reign fall "by default." would force U. S. users to t ta thorised the United States
Relations Conmittee pigeon- oin Canada In building ia
hole. I. amlle long chapel ot Ifet
The 43 to 40 roll call vote l linklag ti o lGreat Lasb
may kill all chance of U. S. W the present h6ad pf deep-
participation in the man- "-MtWer navigation Ia the St.
moth seewiy and power pro- Wne
jeet if Canada goes through a
with its asnlphced determi- ,. also would have included
nation to bauld the proJect 1 power develaa ntl at the
alone. national RapltUsection of
The balloting spilled across tih river.
political party lines as m ta y of Chaorman Tom Connally (D-e
the Senatora voted on the 20- Te.) of the 86natt Foreign Re-
year-old issue according to sec- lations-Committee led the fight
tional Interests. against the proposal. He said it
Backing the recommital mo- had been in his committee so
tion by Sen. Herbert R. O'Conor amany years It would be "lone-
(D-Md.) were 24 Republicans W It" If the Senate did not
and 19 Democrats. Twenty-tour adopt O'Conor's motion and
Democrats and 16 Republitcas send it back.
opposed the action. Two Presidential candidates
Sen. Blair. Moody (D-Mich.) -Bens. Robert A. Taft (R-O.)
promptly introduced a prpepal at HBates ICeftauver (D-Tenn.)
to allow Inberested- states to -oined the fight against re-
form a compact with Capada to om tal
build the seaway if the United......
States becomes a party to the .Taft said the flow of strategic
agreement.. iron ore through the new ship
The Moody proposal would channel wOuld make the seaway
allow any two or more tt "completely nelksidating."
in the Great Lakes-S. Lawrnce lKefauverl ad a e"oitaterd
basin to agree to the compact. --States could mak "no better
Canada or any province could (NM A Telephoto) investment" than to Join Canada
become awp toh the agree- S A ITO D senhower( center) the project.
ment. lt0eldsts hov. Dan -ofColorado Ight)o an4.L. ,
nate the afeengtieetd61ARONC ptV& .m d
eral Power Commission or other M 16an. Ailtua d lIM0 Awill = -and e
agency to study the proposed 'AtriM 11n1 terest. who teard
state project Ihd.recommend to itd uea lntO their kinlpifear

to the agreehiefet.. 14emo fe:5
Barely 30 minutes earlier, Mr. ft 'ruMI b
Mr rmn said In hlk letter

CZJC Offrs 4-Wod

OfRPNexdt My

noliIW llw U The Canal Zone Junior Col-
lege, in response to a demand
R via from a small group of indivi-
On eview Bo rd duals Interested in geology, will
offer a special four-week sum-
D. Raymond. E. W. Hatch- mer session course in the geo-
asnd Russell S. Johns have logv of Panama, Dean Roger C.
b elected ss employee repre- Hackett announced today.
e ties of the Classified and The course will begin next
Afinistrative Group for the Monday and will meet from 6:
P ance Board of Review, It to 8:30 p.m. each Monday and
WO-Ammounced today at Balboa Thursday for the four-week pe-
ghNi. riod. Registrations may be made
inymand will also serve as in the Junior College office on
Oratvance Advisory Committee June 23, or earlier.
spm sentatlve at large with Although it is intended dl-
Natahett as his alternate. marily as a no-credit caoue,
.* Abernates for the Pe-formance students Interested in obtain-
SUMld of Review are Charles S. Ing regular college credits may1
eeN.and Walter J. Allen. earn one semester hour by ass-
afloUng for the employes rep- ing the necessary examination.
eeantatives of the Classified and Kenneth Vinton, hekd of the
Admsaistrative Group employes science department In the cel-
Vw concluded June 11. The six lege. and well-known as a local
eaidldates nominated polled a explorer and archaeologist, will
,tWaiof 3,674 votes. Tbe the Instructor.

votes o 0 ix. I
total. I mrft
above the 4Wj
Shake a.a
6! 7 62,


Sligtly Improved
The Panama hm who fell Out
_ a tru ck adl ~afered a severe
0w140 9"tie bW seofis his--sku
uAMs still n the seriously I II


* -



6 They co to me oyo
redy to =g, Mo pgp1 -
*m grow P rod e. Get so&mm
Fegeured ia nerV

-cx -k~




t Rsuuti that eacluslO Cana-
(dan development of the seaway
M leatd to "unwW diver-
*m .f the power and wou~d
torce U. B. Bteelworkera to pay
tols o ore imports. This, he
sld, might cause dislocations
"In the dustry.
. "If Canada constructs the
water then no doubt tome
futur; administration will allow
New and uebec to obtain
all the. power," the Chief Exe-
cutive added. "This is one of the
worst things that could hap-
pen to he northeast section of
the c try.
"I've had hI mind a North-
east power pool, a Southeast
power pool, which is almost
completed, a Southwest power
pool aai, of course, we have a
great one la the Northwest and
One 4 1S t in the middle
of the eounry, o that eventual-
ly we will have a power net-
work that will ive the country
a balanced pr m fair to every

50 ew mporary,

Part f m Employes

JoI Canal
The empltopient of 50 part-
time or t.meary employes,
most of the matter student as-
sistants working during the
summer VaeamnA period, boost-
ed the total of new employee of
the CompaW-u veflment to 65
during the t. t two weeks in
June, C 6i t a report from
Only ,wemaployes, how-
ever, calte fron the United
States to Jggs the Canal force
as pueama nt employes. Two
e United States
'g srwork and
Me ew who casne
roam the States, their
irthptv 1- thfi t fobs, and the
iestumia whre i*aM are work-
*-Remi,, Tap, Jacksonville,
A wtta Mlsmn g, Cris-,

4 a

Young Ti)nes
aid ntr ab ytro
tIroNat, WU4uf HI oVw
tteAdtt by a dhancht and
. ich b t t h e j a z z Ah 'in x P PO o
UPON 1942's minister ate aellat

NEW YORK, June 10 (UP)-
Three yotMg men confessed
yeatesday they played hotel-
keepers for..three hours to trip
guests of ,500 in cash and
jewelry after a drinking bout to
build up, their courage.
. The three, along with a corn-
p0atoa, also admitted stickitg
up "sIx Ort-even" other hotels
iti forays that netted them cash
and Jewelry of an estimated to-
tal Value pf $10,000.
Deputy Chief Inspector ThO-
Uas Nielsen said the four men
Sold.' offered, they staged the
holdusp to' finance their taste
for fine whisky.
He said three of them readily
ad ltted the pre-dawr "cap-
tu0-i ld p" at the Hotel Emer-
son last Tnursday.
The trio rounded up guests,
robrlq them ind forced them
to. t. th flOV. ttet- strip-
pin trtohera from the men.
.A e tuinve they ran the
t L 4 a1 I ted the
Emerons switchbrd, e v e n
ZifliU ueats who ad left in-
*^ctR)^ to awyitef.
T h e i r brawriy, a*waggerng
hotel amploye* ware on the fMooe

Ppmi Aru 6 An

wosed Search,

ROue Coverage

Wth the establishment of a
Ree..e ipopfdinating Center
(RB ) t it Albrook Air Force
Base tardh and rescue cover-
age in the Panama Area has
been,Ia eased by placing the
emergenYe equipment and other
resource. olt ll Army, Navy and
Air Poiae unita on the Isthmus
under a sinde control.
Acting -n a directive from
Caribbean Cun upd on Quarry
Heights, B e General Emil
C. Kiel, C General Of
Caribbean A otmand, as-
signed the t k.tra staffing and
operating the .60 to Ist Air
Rescue Squadron.
All inlormatof relative to
Search and rescue, -itd other
emergencies w funnel .Into Lae
iUe RCC. Here, 41aerieunoed
1st Air ReaOue 'VWWW officer
carefully evaluateu the inciden,
and tlen asigsn It to the unit
or units. havi4g4t personnel
and equipment nW-!iary to ef-
fectively accomiPh the mis-
The Rescue Co" r. acoord-
log to the req u a of the
particular emergefty e4n call
upon the 16th NavaL District
and the 3rd Crash plee8m Boat
Squadron for suMftet Tease as-
slatance; If ian eslmd gund
operation is demeiZalWeeOarOy,
the 33rd InfaataVte gle Pla-
toon stands iSM I.MWI sea-
planes are re te Coc
BSoo Naval Air is 1 r-ady
on call; Albree .00th Air
Bas Group s .fn bfH Liaison
Squadron have a. varlty of air-
craft availabite. UAWch or
nMimm iltS, 'hil- li )t


"I- Want 'everybody to M o
that I UTAned and anglaserqt
these Job," police quoted Me-
Hugh. ~~4Want the credit for all
these stlkups."
Inspector ilelson said oflnts
found I flu 1laat,"tti
make .38 caliber automatic in
Mcugh'i room.
Others were identified as
Rijhard Red Keogh, 223WaI m
ptlier, a2, atnd his buraher, Ar-
thur, 24. aU of Manhattan.
Arthur D-Utou dfI not take
part in the Stherson robbery,
police said.
Nellson sa4 the four "re*
membered" holing u' t 114

T- *k .4.

Preparation for te sta
tion of officers on JOly 3 wiHbe


Friday, Jne
2:10 a. m.
2:20 p. m.

8:2 a. m.
8:13 p. m.

To.t t

nnnan of m
mint or il
Cnlig WwS
Hitter pura

property ma)
S If the owm
guilty of war i



-. a
.~ *1

smmur au
w atBai-

- a



mu.kthee ia 6


4 1




S .-.,' -- .., -* ..'::.



^#- f





i -

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