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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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reporteddtodayooverotIedtl. Tual. Or sa hor hstooei a nd tMAa m 4w
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ga y at u MeseA It A mane th *old which watt adarce aftt the war. Nb made .
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POUNeBo I y NUL 0AON -U IN taes
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The Maill Box i an open forum for readers of The Penaem Amer-
nE. amre ceived gratefully and are handled Is e wholly con-
Ideatl manner.
"f yn contribute a leter don't be Impatient if t dom't appeal the
Sgat dty. Letters are published in the order received.
PlasM ly to keep the letters limited to one page hgl,.
tr M ull of letter writers i held In strctest confidence.
11i1 newpaper owsumes no responsibility for gatetneuds oi opinions
jiiSuld I letters from readers.

We, her neighbors, are backing up Irate Housewife (Mail
i.4Zbx, June 13' 100 per cent.
Let me add to the complaints in her letter the sleepless
jI hts we get from throat infections caused by the smouldering
Irate Housewife gets the dirt and smoke in her living room.
V e get in in our kitchen. Dishes have to be washed before and
Iater meals to remove the soot.
y One can see rats the size of a kitten around the garbage
e ,ns. or around a baby's play pen. They carry germs.
A petition that was signed must have been tossed in the
sket a few years back, so the dump still remains.
; 'A Reader.


r Last Thursday during the morning hour I visited the Kobbe
. sales commissary to make my usual weekly shopping. As I stood
N b4 the vegetable counter with my two small children I heard
asiouting of "God damn it," etc., etc., etc. Honestly it was some
tk311^ nib'1. .- .
M, T aes unable to find out really what caused the coimmeoton
SI nea~fdhd the Incident to some of the other ladles pre nt.whn
I in turh Informed me that the sales stores recently had undergone
veral] changes. and in so doing had lost that pleasant welcome
Uf*ll atmosphere it once had. ,
I' I later understood that the new management has beelt'inik.
iri thinks pretty hot for his employes, including milltar 'lst
ed personnel.
SA a mother of two sons in the Armed Forces,, and of two
young growing children, I would like to know what is 'becoming
of our Army, because I also heard that a couple of enlisted men
assigned to the sales commissary were detailed to clean and
earu the manager's quarters at Kobbe's civllflhn residential area
SL Id like to give my personal opinion (face to face) to
ir is responsible for giving these men their or@ers, as I am
of a lpdy to ask that such words as I have in store for
Ju should pass a printer's censorship.
As the wife of an Army officer who did not need an art of
iengre.s to make him a gentleman. I believe that my assertions
1ould be looked into, and the official informed of employee rela-
tnship in the sales commissary.
I do believe in little favors and the showing of appreciation
to r--"rs' who are deserving of them.
I 'ave' no re!'ntment in m- heart for anyone who is worthy
so4s-1-i' conirin-ration Ps we live In a very Vm1ll world. but In
humble opinion some people forfeit the right to conslrier, tion
I. M. Curious.

N 'umero"s arteleles havp bpen nrintad in the Mail Pox recently
proole who claim that they cannot support their wives (note
,le nlurpli and kids, due mainly I gather to the high rents of
S-'tVe PanamA Canal.
In the first nlace don't forest that Panama Canal Is wise
the 9dlitinnal APO 0 p her mnnth servicemen'. or at least most
0. them: receive for quarters allowance.
,As to the real point ore species of tool is anv person who
a something which he cannot properly support or take

the course of vnur life vou aconired. bv'-f reTtis or
fi a sthe of rapini horses, nRi then found taW that vm olt 'ld
n .~operlv support and care for them: every V1'woald correctly
i a "damn fool," and you certainly would be One.
YmnImparlson. due to your Inck of foresight lnd control.
"y 1flire by fair mrans or foul. more wives rid kinds than
mu f'pport and tke proper c're of votn Wut the blame on
Cni _.C'nn.i and Its hl.h rents. Tell me just how this differs
t inhltable of racing horses.
i [ 11 probably say it Is the correct thtna to do blolopical-
the Stone Age the answer would be vts. but times
p h Mi ed end you have to chance with them. Don't u~p the
rl nPal. Its not normal to create something which will be
'erid'and punished for the rest of its life.
s. will say such "crazy" ideas could ea ,.'he 'human
out. The hum-n race will never di ot; -
ally. the lower the intelligence ant phylcal fitness,
Ih 4 the birth rate.
re Sweden Switzerland, and Germany, with some
known hiah birth rate countries.
not blame Panama Canal for those things which the
sb alble for.
tlv put in a Mall Box article some years ago, "yvo
nd brought down here as a worker, not n breeder."
(Permanently. Happily. Wisely. and Financially)

for Tired of Looking (Mail Box, June 14) Sounds
as Tired of Living.
with him. I'm Looking Askance at tbte enldemic of
detracts from the dismltv of this letter column and.
,ill for a resurgence of the old tough policy.
't see how a Mall Box Fditor can be so dutmb as to ac-
publiratlon the Infantile trine "iibmitted bv the sopho-
Shen we have among us a verltahip F onswell, Mr. Tired of
a distinguished man of letters IAWOL'.
ever got Tolline. his capacity for mud sltnsine would
erreed that of " Cruces." But maybq he's lust a Dis-
Housewife in disguise
ltew Governor (a most cord'l1 welcnme to him and his
soonerr gets his feet in on the r'nsk thqn alone eomin
ing fire and brimstone or I' it Rourbon and would
our happy house of harmony into a dwelling of dis-
of the Zone has never been redolent with the She-
rtthv. the Chlanl of charity or the Obhrie'trrs eht
end now TOL would toes in Pnnther Itink-bomho
Mseann things he says about Lt. Koepke's flying

Sth vpayer, I should think he'd be delighted that they're
1r with second-hand sky Jalopies, so long as they stay in
v er Margarita.
_l T h imtle ret. Just Lookin. although he was
lp his place by TOL, should feel hbahlv omntimant-
Mantloned in the same paragraph with the great

for a world-wide apudar,,-.4wheren- tI, r
I be writes for th, 'hit-k-,t shed cli-nt-l- ,
mml d tm O L T .OZ






It's No Staigmte

In Korea For C*

On Casualty lists

Soon the Korean wff will be
two years old. Since the truce
talks began about two we&s
after the first -anniversary, it
is fair to say the second year
has largely added up to stale-
Yet there is something ter-
ribly cruel in such a view of
this strangest of all wars.
It seems to Imply that no-
thing is happening, that no
blood is being shed.
. Still we all know this is not
so, that casualty lists continue
to be issued, that the total of
men. killed or wounded rises
weekly by blocks of a -hundred
or more.
If you stop and think a mo-
ment, you realize that this war
Is no stalemate to the families
of men whose names appear on
those lists.
It is bitter combat, with the
full horror that surrounds any
other war we have ever fought.

Equality of sacrifice is real-
ly impossible of attainment in
war. No matter how noble the
man 'feels who gfves up a
soft office job and heads for
the plane factory or steel
mill, he is not in the same
category with the man who
is living in mud and spilling
his blood on the battlefield.
No manpower controls, no ex-
cess profits tax, no "conscript-
ion of capital" can hope to
equalize .home-front sacrifices
with battlefield suffering.
But unhappily, we have to
face the fact thatthe inevitable
inequality of sacrifice is vastly
greater in this present conflict
than in previous wars.
This is not nll-nut combahnt

.c *.

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.% '
'. ; .. ^ '-.
t .

S^ S~




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- -. -

Contrails; n Our Sl ky

SBy Joseph and Stewart Alsop
< =AO -".. N,' + '

in which every.tman has his WASHINGTON.- Another of those moments What has happened plainly indicates he grow-
appointed station and is ex- has come which most people in this country have ing size and power of the Soviet strategic air
pected to serve. hopefully believed never would come, even though lorce. It suggests that this Soviet air force if
This is all-out war for a few their coming was logically inevitable. :not a threat to us today, will almost surely be-
r -and booming peacetime, In brief, the active reconnaissance of this ton- come a very grave threat indeed before very long.
marred only by the nervous tinent by the Soviet strategic air force has now We probably have a little time left to put our
tensions of the Cold War, for begun. own air defenses in order. But this is the beg in-
the many. About six months ago, the Soviet equivalent of ning of an ending. And if we do not use this time
This is death and horror for a wing of TU-4s, or perhaps two wings, moved which we still have to the ltnit of our capacities,
some, and anh at allfor into new bases on amichatka, across the Bering the danger will be upon us before our defenses
some, and pan at all for Strait from Alaska. Since then, the air recen- are prepared.
mostothers* naissance has been going forward. Something of the poverty of out present de-
humnl y Four claimed contrails, which are the vapor fenses Is suggested by the fact that visual evi-
ibPerha ps it is humanly Impos- trails left by aircraft flying at altitude, have been dence has provided the main proof of the pres-
ible for people living in a state sighted in recent month. ence of Soviet aircraft.
of half war-half peace to ac- Of these claimed sightings, two have been dis- Even in the -Alaskan case, the sighting of the
quire a full conseiousne-s of the missed after careful Investigation as probably contrail was positive while the blip on the radar
gravity of the times unless the the result of special atmospheric 'conditions and screen was arguable. And in the Z atadlan case.
war strikes directly at them. cloud effects. mod as a probable, the .il nt napears
Most people do not easily But two others. on tmeno. A con t .to& 4 I found a big hole in theradar net.
conjure up the troubles of an- and one in northern Cailadi. are fMI to have Te radar warning system Is bei g Improved.
other. They are absorbed in been the genuine traces of Soviet air reconnais- of course, although the rate of Investment in
their own, however small they since missions. And the Alaskan sighting, at vitally necessary air-borne early warning equip-
tmay seem to the man who is least, is further held to have been confirmed by ment still leaves much to be desired.
fighUng for his life at the front. the evidence of the radar net. Still more important, the decision has not ev-
This development both is and is not a cause en been taken, as yet, to buy the real heart of a
Maybe we shill have to ack- for deep concern. modern air defense system-all the costly com-
nowlyege tht it Is too mch- To begin with the sedative arguments, this air plex of different types of guided missiles which
expect cit it is too much reconfiatance of our continent which the So- are just now b6ing perfected.
expect cti enjoying pros- viets have now started is only the equivalent of- And even the production ef night fighter-in-
perous conditions at home to what we have been domg for some time pat. terceptors Is being cruelly slowed by low prior-
worry unduh, over a war that Our long-range aircraft have been ying re- itles.
appears quite remote, wholly connaissance operations on the Siberian coast A previous series of reports in this space pres-
co0tusing, and without effect since before Korea; and they have gone in far enjed the details of this huge problem.
SdiaoMtly upon them. enough for interception to te attempted on more In brief, a spprt of progress with such guided
tA ltan one occasion. -' missiles as the Army's *Nike," has suddenly made
No one would pretend, Equally, there can be very little doubt that the it possible to build a truly effective American air
either. that it is ros, to en- Itavy Privateer shot down over the Baltic a defense.
dure the strains of the Cold couple of years ago was also on reconnaissance But even "Nike" has not yet been ordered in
War. duty. very great Quantities. And no effort is being
In the case of the bestceonfirmed Soviet ven- made to speed production of the other promising
Livino on what General f,W ture into our air- that in northern Alaska- missiles, Air Force-and-Navy-as well as Army-
senhorer calls a "high &kt. there is even some doubt about whether the des fted. which will also be needed.
ean */of tension" is a Asw 'L.': Russien four-motored bomber paaed the off- 'i ia tially. this is because an all-out effort to
perience lor most Afmeri~an4n dhore line where it had a tight to fl 'I lbi ltdtrulv effective American air defense will
and they can be forafte ft*. For the Soviet strategic air foree to occupy demand additional capital outlays of somewhere
adjusting to it slowly. bases in Kamehatka and to fly reconnaissance belleen $10 billion and $15 billion.
from them along our coasts is just as reasonable The. Congressional approach to the defense
Still. they ounht tf hame as for us to flyv reconnaissance from Alaskan and buvge4l*readv shows the clearest signs of elec-
:pnnl am p i ?h. b other forward bases. tteOn yar' madness; and no one wants to talk
ti"ld an itirrg of ," In short. even though Canadian territory was about lrge new programs which have not been
tnof ic ron ",i '.fr z th. t ," certainly violated if the second probable sighting, M y tested,
Otive~r r"n t vias genuine. there im nothlftg ftAedWately wariwi'-I tirouble is that if an all-out effort is delav-
lntht,ef, mild s-eriffer thA, l ike in this new devr'onment. l another year. the completion of the air de-
themselves must make. on the other hard the development Is a gra'i-4 el this country will also be delayed by a
wernint: and it I rr- -'le to be concerned be-.. y-. Ad t' "e contrails in our sky should be
You may not like vour t"' -.use the warnine I- ing acted on. psf eno- -' that any such delay Is intolerable
hill. but did you ever live in tI ~ -- --.** -
wTud for a year in all kind, *
of weather?
BVery home-front At"erliar BeanDN'M Bet
min'lht to thanlr his l'lr"? stars
thRt he has nothir" Trre pain- By Y &V .3A
ful to worry about than some
inconvenience Imnwo'i nr1 him .
to make things h-ttpr and WASHINGOT'." NF' Touts H. BPen, vwho 'lt will ie the political'effect at home of'
easier for hil fliqrting repre- %.ate 'Now to lir':. elections" in lt11u rnd an a&r?.-eWUce agreciaent-or Continued war in
sentatives in Korea. 'The Mid-Term battle' in 190, sass he isn't Korea?"
going to write a book this election year. Not ; ae eeral, it has been Dr. Bean's oblervatimo
At home a man's Tffe is rea- vet. anyway. that .ilgn policy issues tend to cancel out in
ownably secure. Dr. Bean Insists that he never makes predlc- tZher Influence on American election realts.
tops. Nevertheless, before the congressional GMOak of the Korean war in July, 1950, for
But I', Korea he mavy elections of 190r, he came up with facts which lfb had no appreciable effect on the No-
time -vpn in a stal-m-t,, led to the conclusion that .te Republicamns 1 H4 election results. I
-. _____. would gain from 25 to 30 seots in the House s. e people-aide one way in support of a
of Representatives. This statement was made WU ioliocy issue. Some side the other way.
IT'S ALL TN FN In April. In November the Republicans gaMnee d IX u T fluences offset each other.
27 seats, Which was pretty ldoe, even. I .- real depression were to hit the United
LTNW'O.N. Neb (UP) After wasn't a prediction. Witlq, however, it'ould affect both employers
an e'ti'-qtpd 400 mple satriets Louis Bean is a Department at j ltculture s t..emnployes. producers and consumers. It
at the University of Nebroska economist and statistician by prHo ion. Baut w~M have a tremendous political defeat. That
had raided the eirls' dormitnrv some years ago he became; teeFl d Min e what happened in 1932.
and carried away souvenir f-. study of election returns. He X*lw Ado .anaisue .wL ve to overcome those advantage In 1962.
"erie. a prankster inserted an them to see if they indloated Ma 1 ads6 oe 0-year political trend which statistician
advertisement in the student found they did. .- d is that roughly U per cent of the
rewspaver. The Daily Nebraskan The result was his first bood, "Bow to Predlet a1i'tae been voting pDeamOet, As per cent
The advertisement asked quick Flections." published before the Tram-n-De iy f 9t A tMe eointtes, it sl con-
return of a set of panties "nd race four years ago. In it he mreealed his sta- that a petocratc m e slath l cad*
bra. It was signed desperate. tistics to support the evideamc of A national De- "4 ,ufld be eleted,
-------- ._ s mocratic trend. If that taeMd t a De- 'D
mocratic president would e Or. I the twd is reversed taelw as the
Sean did not make the Win dtia that Tra- r*- d Is cone:. 1. Dr. Br n stialt e",'1aS
S man would be elected. But, as me wag observ- it -.h Ia that a Democratic ?-nate and a -
ed, "If he had read his n bookM he coal- s:; wn'c-"ttic House could be elee als i
have made that predlcUtUm a been Itg3t, k aprlJ la p trethat.. He sl clear
where everybody ee Ithat. He t
In this -c thath a 1age. .
ever, Dr. aft s :ame SAw Is 'a ivided SIfDegumiA 41
i derables to make any each les. Thirteen Dem o .aMs moft are
fJr :are too many can=doain 1 t r-eleolotn seven ia wMbi dx Is
Personalities are mo re.ight now
than issues, and there Ia mo g the laSe UMMI seats at Astae m B -101-- .

L swe t ges o I ohen r- ehw mueh of, a eISs D ^Me Ut8mcingWG
pensoegr dle a gtf er has goe rime and terapoing tI
thbigedigr~grser avmge gm e e chr;e3

~b Imbig


When the returned to Tnnsee to visit bet eO lth WWIIL.-- -
After youngit tUver abet her. he went to le utope
the romancee and finally persuaded Nanoy. to h M, ,
The other day.4Sntor Russell of GIefgh. -
hasn't been h e,'it, as well as Kefauver's lI l .
strong sense of hftum' = well as chivalry, wae di
sing campaign with fttlend. The subject came so to
Kefauver, ,- .
"YTe." .sighed. bachelor Russell, "I guess what I need is
Nancy. .
The only Federal Power Commissioner who had th6 coure6 ta
stand up and vote against the natural gas lobby may be ule.tly
axed by the lobby. o t
He is Tom Buchanan, who the President reappointed s ch a,*
man of the Fedbral* power Commission in May, but Is now t ~
victim of a quiet consoiracy by the gas lobbyist and Oerttinl e-ta
ators who have played Into their hands.
There is good reason why the gas lobby is trying to btor
Buchanan. ... .
There's also onid reason why housewives and alI tho :who
have to nay a gas bill at the end of tile month should be for ,1m.
Euc, h ean vlMo M[ V fought the lobby In Yelnig t' ratWe_
and lost. Had he won e .erice. of gas would not fact a 60 tO 10 -
per 'nt Iner ts.t doas today.
What haptneued fitt'Pt'esldent Truman vetoed the Fitr
bill. introduced by Beiftior ftetr of Oklahoma. which Wduld Wit
taken naturAt PONb t.t41ters out from under Federal regulatioIn.
But thonwh 'truht"l w*o this round against the ga- om
oanies, the Federal Power Commlssion then turned round a md
reversed his vete.
One of those. who led the reversal wans none other than the
President's old erony, ex-senrtor Mon WallTren of Washington.
And todav it U a eronv of ernn" Wollpien who is nlayTinlIte
the hand onf the BoS lobby hv holding un Buchanan's Aniolat-
ment as FPPhairman-namely, Senator Magnuson of Wabsint-
ton, Democrat. -
Burharnn's annointment wea tmnt to a subcommittee of whia.t,
Ma'r Vnn 1is I hairmnan-with O'Cpnor. Democrat, of MarvlBI,
ard Tobey, Republican, of New Hampshire, as the other tw
tnemheis. i -
For almost a month, however-this xuboomlitte has at d..
No meetings h ve been held and Buchanan's appointment haW
been left dan rln. .,
Tobev scVF'&onMr b
But MpTnnnon. ne i at of i-sW wa u rfmrt iwr 4
Strate'v of 'be .o* lobby is to delav until the e6nkta dO wad
for the convpe4ons Th a a ter a wcromted R"iUbilesan Srt.
in Novhi >jm$pp .
he morlb MA .
the gas lobby, would be out In th .
The average Ameria n rohablv doesn't realism the Lof
abroad of the court declsons In the steel trtke. Thovih the eP. -u
decree* may hKa caoasd econmflte ifteritnttv here. P f --
stre ti.hnert cc~d4fldp' ia AMrt*s, dinoe.rO.-,O'aSltak-
This write hM %#4d NtWCt1B fPmn Yartova tro.mwna niA
Latin Amerlfan b .tMBfl fret Intorost end at ,tfrBlRo tf
fact that a little-"Wfw U.M. -distrtit lultb. DavM A.if oi
step in and unnet the seizure aettin of the powerful a91t w
the TTtited Statpe. Ti_1q'wsa considered proot that we don't go in
for dI'tator fig the UAA.
"Your President ot only Italened to little Judrl Alt." -al .
one Latin Amer "but did e storm Court. We now bet-
ter nr ailtnU1 i .
Taft obserftrx mfdred M tiW that th te o~ oot-.
aider to arcomoaniT,1svit'ower on hil Abilene trin wt Tom eit_* *.
ens. a Dewvy men. 11 ,to woo tbhi with onti-Dewey Rtpi-
licar" to show whn'ti them d 1 r vt l behind Ik. -
Truth is that the man closest to Ike is probably Ofen. toLWit
In the past. mot m eMdal in this country have .one to the
But now Congressman Frauk Chelf of Kentucky has put a2su
a new type of medal-to be given young people for outtafnlti .
bravery and community service.
The first three medals will be pinned on by PresiAdt Mr .M
June 24. -
The winneN are: Margaret Galasl. 16. of 8WptwPld. ,
who rescued seven children from a burnin sbarn ntUK, iflt .-
Ill.; Peter Strat. 1., of Coral Oables, ., who saved a p.y 1-7M
girl from an alligator: and Stuart Oberg, 17.1 Mof lioetk.,tt.
who has promoted civil deteUe nd world peace among .
school students .
OOP inner heat, Is Ctfl more Intense. When Wn.3
Tankerslev. niece of -and. the
gave a party for Navad'ls A alne on b
the other day, she wre drhs with the letters
bro in either d ds or tinetone .
rcrats were r pmar in oatr at to *.MlW
Republicans at the. Tlkey py P W
There wmn't anhIn too l i to be Maid boutl&
Ike" rooters. In 4ontraS, De tborta e a*WA.' .on 0
When Taft arrived at lite IBte, gut4ts got on chairs, yel .e
and cheered.
C&gressmum A. 8. Herlong ofJi adeame to see Demo .
whip Pery oMeat of Tenneseee before _te cruclalvt; on '_W
Aid to Europe. twplalAed e btd made a commitment = ;.
which he had to keep; a1 Pa6d et to arrWMe a 'p11a with a1
Republican in order to offset hi absence. Priest did go.

'Mr. P.A. Wsat Xd lrwbe.b

*Wha tWinll
do" O

* ze

.-* "- .- -- *:.- ~..-_-f i' -" :_- J.,. .lf ,..--4-" "-*-'- "

5 --,-

., v

5 L

1. -

-o -^

.J .. I,;

;" f


~Irt~, ~,.,.*, I ~



,. d V;i

- I'. .... I
ka.'~..-*. *- I


S- ften t.

Mt ne o .the alite for teoho

.s e tate s eo~r -s
'fcol~jteae iit*

d6 an as rn vote of a n thom" when they ap-
to Lother mendmt which radio. license under
Wlidl lveon radio and ntdn.0poley. .
te right 'hat It the ICC fMIA to
lie ense, the owit tan
I U hih it Uh title tb the man
ubti the station to d.oed get the licenms at a
Sprie set, if necessary, by
raent b a at F.
qjn y e,.el'93) Stronger FCQ enforee-
e tentt Irt, Including fines of
V W e B & IJ Up to 00A day for failure to
2" aua .i obe! y Io regulaiin or cease-
d-i g dIdern.
ara matt uts staon 4 at ai sc must act
Iwboe"t er shd the twi t_ spe ltd time on radio
deep seot ai A application.
Re. i L Hoffmln (- ome turned down, by
webh.) Htl-Ue oe. a te h.,ment
SP. Ea a shppard )
Inez ^Itn O t. W Ithe provision
s .M ltt -Ioregrd to ewpaper pub-
o ffder and an18 him hino eppard said he thought the
cot provisionon Would prevent r0c
T 0 endment exeept. the frefni retina license to a
station Wli1 ati at ny ned pper publapher even 1
court, l. I, local[ I- Oues were granting the 1-
unles the 10K .-*ful1 casense would ereatie a news
ii or ,slAnirouI re- aep. r Priest (D-Tenn.)
mark. sponsor e newspaper or ro-
td io fralo eaderJotM vision d ,hoWevr that
W.RkotConok 0f Masshubi.under is provelon could reE
attsMaaUt tfhte aimt spooel- a lieseu on monopoly grounds.

3j,00 Shriners Gather

kMMrn4 Lpligoons

'IttAUD, Ilk., .tune 16 (UPV -^ mlalstratiand would v41ita
Thirteen ousand Bhriners sections of North America, Mex-
sitfl hrSug o to a tenet io.and HwinL
set up The ff -.i o who

lot .*loud, ed o tr te ir r -
e tl r L on C

to t .a the a various eat. n o" J
r "it t a ned *
a.,,g, WiolNew

S n e wintet W N, Al, June 18 -
tentte RbG. (Y)-A "fAntastI" new oil well
ton.hat sp produce a barrel a
U, o ld-Um movie lnute is expected to be brought
t, Announced the marchin near Brewton or Friday, t1e
un 8d colorful float as Othy Gulf Refining Co. reported to-
t S football stadi day.
with a blate o trumpet. ul, spokemen said that tests
teal Order of Teters met Inal ate the oil I of J gravity
4aip'i day but te real bus- may flow at the rate of
of the sobvention, the an- barrels a day, which would
S of see 800 em- e the well t b t pro
ef Imperialont ducer l the new AlaS" Aeld.
tial gf oil wotrkes will try
b en s wm w then to keepU I. blowing when
hear an (te p of the pssre ta ied.
nd's l they D n at the w l, known
and elevated as T. B. Miller 0. No. 1.,
oft St Louis as l o- reached oil sands lat week. At
t eeed W thatage state lo. Walter
tod uhe B. Jo said It =,tt S be a go.
a barrel producer. We
Sdwitg e's- A Gulf spokaa Je
r J Li--e---- was "too ov= (t.I aY fte
further t the ccppaMy. d4-
Vjgj k im ci1ded Jones ewa ttconerva-s.
W tiVe. Jones caed the new 1,440
barrel esmte "fantatlte" if
S Frl hBH r y Meanwhile, the Humble Oil
Co. announced Its nw well In
Richard onel, the chef of the Pollard PWIed can produce
the xut P wwl plan 1 barrels a day, much bettor
the a d Sper than rst reported. The Alean
for i Jim" a 1Moye No. 1 wert. the first an
S the lto- las .rts ne t- south .
,MMaS l .I the= lxmmr ma mld can prodane
iggh at"Peaocdora, planned for barrels U but beitang held
sEe wa d. ed "down to i00. f
T" bt ,guilded by The state Oil a oa a
nI Jwgult :. Pe will meet .iram I
ThiM launh will leae Pier 17,. day to fix the on Mats
Nalbe taJAlAwm I.. for the poild P ioraenrdw
Pasenem. w fan W Is no a ltm
i irasila. b ee Ilna si the In t.t
n~ef __ eu A-_W...i M .4._tM0 tGitda' iO,



S.- .-




"a i Ialile s**pt a l tb
Aunt M isaclig around aw

Pentagon Gives

For MacArthur

WASHWINOtN, June 18 (UP)
--en. aDqg MacArthur will
lnot be dsic pined for keynoting
the Republuan national conven-
tlon next lenth because he l
not covered by military reula-
tiorn gOsy nl poltioal actily0.
the Army anaouAaed yesterday.
Sit Sald J smelal statemeist
that MwArbulr i exempt froth
faIMned Iegst .0n o00-10 re-
h .%et g l po0wal activity by
ofwere ft -e duty beeur

fivre'lBt asa%, who Is cam-
ptW no for the OOP Prediden-
tal nomination. Elsenhower
voluntarily retird and gave
his Army pay When he retu |
frotn -X* *.

MacArthur, who Is support
Sen. Robert A. Taft of Ohio for
the Presidency, Is on active
duty act ha been drawing full
pay Mlense Premdent Truman
n "eat b bs of his Far Eastern
comnot nEarly 1951.
A spokesman said the Arm s
rulng presumably cleared the
way zO M4eArthur to address
the de)Optes In uniform If he
de There also was been
auo speoulationonn this pont,
TUI forces selected MsoAr-
thur as keynoter and- named
Walter 5. Hallanan of West Vir-
ginia as temporary chairman In
a move denounced by some
3isenhower backers as "steam-
roller" tactics.
The Army's formal announce-
ment did not mention MacAr-
thur by name, but It was meant
as an answer to numerous q-
rim on the general's status in
view of his political activities.
MacArthur has disavowed say
Presidential ambitions and has
urged his supporters to vote for
There are still those In the
Republican Party, however, who
hope he can be nominated In a
wave of popular convention -.
thuslesm in the unlikely eveol
of a Taft-Elsenhower deadly
The White Houe had no him
mediate comment a the Army's
statement but Preddht Tru-
man told his news. conferenee
[at Thursday that he was nom-
ly satisfled with the way
e Army was handln the
matter. He said he would In-
tervene If he were not.
, Regulation 400-10 permits Ar-
my officers on active duty to
accept nomination for public
of9fie provided "It is teaded
without direct or indirect so-
Ititation on their part." Officersm
who accept political jobas mut
resign their military commis.
The rleo specIfIcallyf
active duty officers to
pate "I any may In poltt
MAULmenK t or "a a-*
peRii" ilding et t.i
Amy said ther eifi-
ad p ouftea.
,M It satereil my

_-. -,- -- .---. .-...._.. .- .... -:- .
T' V ,' _. -- I._ -
** .- .,*~ -,; -' -. : ".,.-,.- = ,' ..-: --. C. 1, .. t* .. ,_
.- ,iA-'., '.'.! ....... .& :,=,.V4 .:o.; .. 'o -S < Wk ,? ___ I, a

A) JouhnaO m t pu: Vas, a-
el affairs adbe tot o
eusos i D eny- In1ve4oth
jff^fla :~~ff^mHA Mf

~up us ~t -



can be your fop ONLY ,i$ 5

.T~ Ukeo $Mfts sft-
ML-Ied the oeig toa
tttM dhedte a e 01

.....1. -. Mr .01S a d es.w T e
Sls2 and queen of a
il p l thithis J had hand w p dd.
hr ynea M years ago, t"e
---- ..-. --- 64.: we held by La apumn.
S T da Hesn la one of the best
d olt t!td t ame he had been
S-v ll- p hlaig th game for only a fe
o MWlna eL rre oAehbes It wasn't dt ifcu
i oIn ailtK n orr him to we that declarer was
Po initcnMg trying to tlive up a trump trlM
i f In ordeh to reach dummy.l 8
Basd refused to win the trick.
"They may remain on the ac- Declarer was still far from
thve lt indefinitely or they may beaten. A tlaid down the aGOet
retire voluntarily. clubs and followed with the king
"So tong as these officers re- of clubs. If 11fian ruffed, the do-
main on the active l.j hey may starer would be waShed uw9 De-
e a.ssn dutite, arer would win any return,
WhiMle S permaM MdUties captu thet jk of trumpet, W d
they are $k"e to be S.ub-- enter dummy with the nine of
JOCK to the reietkm of re- tIn
guatlon m90W10 to the taoe ex- S ew hiw .he wat. the
tent as other offtesiM on the ,i,-t.-e er. elter's

ipolitIcal a otiie" of he hald e to r If he
b r r drew ipm, West wouldd h endt-
sai *ad uin Old On WU otle-o tht bth opponents WDi udt
cAmr ml n admitted to o- surely.lock him If he made his
iWhenm e dresn't pay n pls rs clear. The right
to atee about theft and thre e t o wand tO w wme
ba tte from a eoar se lo. .'fi diamond ad amed O te he
hfiievealnd that leaking b lat e to Wethe a id two oIw elubs.

ili. ae ale was fined $ and eI then draw thm pa-f give
MS. up one club at mo dIf evan op-
Iodat. up one club at mofi. Itfmop-



The Plastic

Rubber FiA

Is Here

lu Te fit mplte flat,
omplly washU il-
Sfinish for wak, c l-
ifap ad woowwrk, eenw
Idtchena a d bethro

Mde ely by
Go"rPa,, P.

Dries inhaUa

witg. 72 ham
In wtk and 75

GM ct -odp

Comba.J dM

*"d B h B~FfR~ll


V.- :-?(tM ~pa |2^(_

f I" '' ^Jfla sk.iJ~^*flJ^.^^M^*m'J'~* S^S z N

* I.

ta"urr- UWU 'ufon floor man-
atr, w.l open the headquari
is% this heek.
The Dmocrats also announc-
ed that .they will hold public
hearlten at Chicago starting
1u Sdo help draft the party'&
19 et oul lgn platform.
MOwe Democratio leader John
W. MotormAck (Ma ) chalr-
m f the platform t and resolu-
tto emmfittee, aid all Inter-
eModpartes are welcome to
p I their vtews.
oberatic political Interest
cenferfd in the capital mean-
tilM as 8en. Esrtes Kefauver and
W. Averell Harrlman met lib t
primary contest for' the District
oi.Co tlMa'se a Democratic
T7e chief point of blittern
P thIe ReNublfaan Part stems
ra the 'Taft-EIenhower 4(s-
parte ever convention deleeatm
rom Texasu. Mk l aud
Louana. While the jsightag
already Is In the prelmnay
StgAM, the thow-otwn rob-
.Aly will not come- uVMl the
ITt r t d Sudary tt he

bhe fir or eecm!
SB has a sue enry so
dummy by means of the nine Of
Would Hat refuse to ruff the
second lub If the hand were
played this wav? He'd have to
be p mind reader to reject the
trick, so South would almost
suamny make d Illam.




Frost Ave. & & I ft
A roM., h a the Rated uMs,.


r r -IW W r --y -F M --A



I F. .$54o

-. -4.

- V~t?~- -.

T- -... ,-.e. .-
* .. >st* ,:- ,- :--.a

* L *,




RL -.-



"" ... ', i .: ,'. .".. "
..* .' .

** -



G~et Wh&* ~



New (Mim Service CriWstbsl

... ...................... ........ jm e 29
*5 "7. gJuly 6
M ...................... ........... July 6
*uadbe nsrrs chime- .a OMmi carg~
'" -

& AirLine Newi
i ifr -0 -
re" Robert H. Elmendorf and Ror
Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Ely and
-gris t n tuna boat children; James T. Ford; Mi
tretwed from the Marilyn A. Ford; Mrs. Dorothe
ground .ypterday and Forrest and daughter; Harold 3
,at Plt 7 for engine re- Fraserd and 2 children; Mr
tectedthat the Beatrice Franseen and daughter
would tabe about two Mr. and Mrs. Otto J. Fuchs: Mib
Anna K. Galloway; Mr. and Mr
ft for the fishing grounds Ernest S. Gibbs and 2 children
SS27 with a 12-man crew and Miss Martha Ann Graham
by Captain S. A. Bak- Miss Sadie B. Haigh: Lt. Col
man, Sn American. and Mrs. Jesse L Haire and
The Starerest belongs to the daughters; Basil Davis Harring
SVan Camp Sea Food Packing i ton; Miss Barbara L. Haskell
aepany and is being handW]d Mrs. He'.mn Haskell: Mr and Mrn
'"bally by Sullivan Agencies. Henry F Hartz and 3 children
Mr. and Mrs. Leonidas WI
*swsti'ar" To Transit Hearn. Jr. and son: Mr. and Mrs
Cimal Tomorrow William H. Hele and 3 children
, The freighter Portmar which Mrs. Lela Mae Holden; Miss Eve
was towed into Balboa early lyn Howard: Mr. and Mrs. Will
Monday morning due to engine lam W. E. Hoyle and 2 children
t.oiible, is expected to leave to-iCpl. Harold A. Hussey; Martir
morroww for Eastern coast ports. S. Ives. Mrs. Mar!.' Jacobs ant
Spare parts for its fractured cy- daughter: Elias Jalowski; an(
lender head were flown in from Miss Leslie Kruger.
the States air express and Mo- Mr and Mrs. Timothy D. Lad(
chanical Division officials be- and 2 children; Mr. and Mrs. Ja.
lieve repairs will be completed robo Lechman and son: Robert
tonight. B Lord: Ebdon S. MacSparran:
Miss Margaret I McCubbin:
Agents for the ship, the Pan- William S McKee and son; Ed-
ama Agencies, stated that the ward McKim: Laurence P. Mc-
Portnmar, which is bound for Kim; Mrs. Julle H. McNamara:
Baltimore, will proceed at reduc- Mr .and Mrs. Daniel D. Mack anc
ed speed. Ison: Mrs. Jeanr' C. Magnusor
-- !nd daughter; Mr .and Mrs. Fred
Tuna Boats Discharging Cargo W Moynihan; Miss Marjorit
Aboard "Dalerdyke" Noonan; and Mrs. P. Catherine
Two tuna boats, the Palomar Otterman
and the Astorian, were discharg- Mrs. Hazel P. Parry and 2 chil-
Ing a total of 130 tons of tuna -lren: Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd W.
fish last night at Pier 16 on tlr Peterson and 2 children: Mr. and
Holland-American Line ship Da- Mrs. George L. Radel and 3 chil-
-er 1 l s s- dren: G. Reardon; Mr.
The Palomar, which is fishing de n- M It.. .l R..eed an; Md
for Coast Fisheries of Wilming- son Mr. and Mrs Henry Ren-
ton, California, pulled alongsideton; Flord A. Reed: Mrs. Mary
of the Dalerdykae to load 80 tons !Ross: W"Ru the Lenore Ross:
of tuna. And the Astorian, Is I.Tullus R oss: Miss Marian Ry-
fishing for the Van Camp Sea MnIi. M udine sarraco: :Geo.
Food Company of California, put icully; ir. and Mrs. War-
g0 tons aboard tb' ship. reg G i gnd son.
The Astorian will resuiAe fish- uel Tayr' Cpl. Antoine M.
lg today. She is based in Bal- l ylor; C A oleindro
P.'rez and 2 ~bildren: Mr and
d Mel. ails Frida. Mrs. Jolhnm L. Weaver and
I _York on 'Cristobal' rdau.hter: Mr.iGeraldlne Whita-
w Tork on TCristobal' k. and ai^gen; Mrs Helen
WBward McKtim. a member ker .." liS'edaun: Mters. Mele
toe Board of Directors of the Pa- I ..w. wirm4 dauCharles J
ift insA Canal Company and his Anne E Wi..s,-' Charles J...
t.a u Canal Company and his Williams: Mr. and Mrs. Russel,
Laurence are sling Friday T Wise and daughter; Georg-?
for F.'w York aboard the SS Withers, Jr.; a nd Howard
Cristobal of the Panama Line. rh-" "
They arrived here June 9. Mrs-. "- ,Zeese- Mr.
Alsdsalling Friday on the Cris- and Mltmll Zeon: Mrs
tobal is Esbon 8. hacSparran, Marian R Arms t rong and
who is retiring as Superinten- d"htr;Mr. Mav
nt of the etins Divis daughter; Mrs. Mayis D. Comp-1
dent of the Terminals Diviasle ton and 3 children: Mr. and Mrs.
aiter over 42 ynars df service Leo Craig and 3 children: Mrs.
with the Panas Railroad and Madge Louise Hall: Albert W.
Panama Canal Company. Hart.r; John E Henshall; and
Thq comp dWeepas nn tra. Julla D. Joyner.
ger list for t flw rthboUd a s. JuliaD Joyner.
Ing follows:
Helen Patriola Adams: Mr. and
Mrs. Miguel Ahedo; Miss Hde-
ler,' Allen: Mr. and Mrs. Wesley
Anderson and two children; John .- \(
Albritton; Mr. and Mrs. William
F. Bartholomew and son: Mr.
and Mrs. Harold P. Bevington;
Miss Eva Block; Miss Marie V. i %,
Brauer; Miss Margaret Brenne-
man; Mrs. Elizabeth Brown and
three children; Mrs. Nora
1pown and son; David Btesh. I
,lles Thelma Carter; Raymond
Ckpet. Jr.: Mrs. Marie Curles'',t S m r
0n0 daughter; Mr. and Mrs. Jiur i s r ptup.s
Petd A. Dube and 2 children; fromusing it


S.8. Tala bMle ................. ...............une
5.S. Cape Aviof .............................June
8.8. MEWpM .................'..:............ June
S.8. Vergsp ..................................June
5.S. Esparts ....................................July
S.8. Cape Cod .................... ...........July
Weekb suilla to Nrw erk, Mobile. Chrwlwietn. Lot Angel.
san unmdhe mud SeUeo .
nPmestm trht miltunss tm Crlttoal to West Cost
Central Amerieas pork.

Crist6bal to New Orleans via

Tela. lHoMras


Sails from

8.8. Ch lI Jul .................................June 17
8.5. Qtarign ..............................J ney S4
S.8. Chirl ................................. .July 1
S.S. Quirigna .................................July 8

(Pauenier Service Only)





JUNE SOth, 1M2

Tlfone -IM Teldfoee 2-2161

Faltering Philip!

Philtp's Mfe s filled with braises.
Well-worn telps and rgi he es
Repairs would leave W borne ike new..
P A. Cluslifleds.a st He rirbt eluel


eft~~warE AND RIs tRMNIM


ALME 00?


I 60. A WCVEL VWt. O lOa
fACMiS Lft Co |
Wfew o et


MBet Ma.

Right Up There


3! SM

- ~ ~ -

. Pip. t out

tBlt WELEIN. Planted

Source of time Saucers




_ I S"-


-fl mNwN


Worklng the Angles

BI AL Vmm=,

Crunebh. Crunch!
Q W 6,._ 1


In the Clear?

U! ~

If ~

O113 OSM0MGO ao0s5 .. ... lAOR MoLu Out OCR WWA
r asI $ WiCa-.SAB, ALL91G4. .rF,'K wsu. j 7 ;
assBBmo1*-A rr LAfKenatc i.
Lo t ALL T W 5 AlLS Hm U 1 *t0ilDi A--

S TWsIM V OU4T 1 so
MU". W,1LL WA 4 lT d
AASRAPIN AM *104 .,OF P ig

Si U frbii!~mmu




A .. ,- .-. -. ., .
_ .. -.- -
; .^ .-

- -. -


and Freight-Ships and PIanee I
.- >.'.- ...-^Ai- ^"t.A.' .. '- ; >


i m Im i i i



,. .. 1.-;.

[*.,-Bl^ e ,-. ,, ,. .*

New York Srvic


law onucvio


" "-., .-"^
,'*" ,', *

"+,iiiti .1 .,

* *;



a A a f-foot long scale .. of W.
Nit Panama Lphe's a8 W041t
Vhas been presented toa the ,ean N
o ne Library-MuMen by Too&. 3r
Pnear, ,vepresidentan a a&gM..
to2 of the Pntama Canal Co. of
.. .New tork, it was announced ye- rManois PP Wte sh q char
Sda.. by b i .. arArM tee,. "sOPo d nWs d Ctryi

Pak-- e model, housed nhr a plAte a br- e the N y a.
gllam exhibit ease, is on dislay Gpd t s "ikeW
wowna6.tan2ble-hhstand n M to aioep It the

te 42 a to at6ethatcnte m o. i mounted so thatitSbe close port of gc
e f o Np o examined from all uides. forces.
the At boa most frl ingiThe modej lIspart of a group
n. : iis the p lee but it I the only one on din- our times," he said in an add
ofin o. bef .ag ,! play so far before the Southeastern lasti
w uo scared. oetivenesm Other items hwalting proper of Cohfmerclal Organizations
"t all Fk It $rings tt exhibit eases are: an oil painting wthther thin sav ng will t1w
N i oi rne n- .d. T O fscalled nAfth- entitled "Halfway House." show- one day in the protrate pos
h h. Mrs..V a .bamV1 el, Mng a scene on the trail ScroN of the France of 1940."
I to W n u noi d not meap the -the Isthmus in 1857; an oil
M e f Bthings. As for painting entitled "P n a a.
,,b '- Will-hy hangeM of"r ," and raveral packagD e of
-=manges. from
SlLatMa joint phulr: lfe oaa, and, from eild- ridioleea to eacy almd a maps and photographs. n cess *These will be displayed in theO
la supper Ihn. and on. e77 near future. U
1eW d ll u'is IOcan't as important to yourself and
to Prtan o ug rft y onMn- know much others at o0ats you are a dt 25. H
od ree e t mr nopause and Thus, you need not lose your at Club Dinner
S t, t g, wI fim how to e W than they did figure, you can dress becomingly
r .i.n MWinners wernd a.rd Mae- pe ut ne in your mla's day or even a Ltd smartly, you can be attrae- To Pedro Mrguel art mlub
Suryl and r. .. Or; tied b itn was conduct6d with deeade They will know merd tWely groomed. You shod not will hold its regular monthly
tr l Mw MIS a know how f remain, in appearance ex- free dinner and dance Saturday
IM -i asn a d r flhg S eed 124 N U thoe bast tr t sAtrough it w ltw %Ywhat you were at twenty. at 6:30 p.m.M
"ttm Mrs.' omhn 4C % f C9. 2O- edOpees-.i.for athehe'tk discomfoftwt 9" eSu see, every day, women DUR
nt tweek or e ~ M Ir W, ho; and te pd B t with- S d of safety. b have tried just this and, of. MARINE RED-FACED
t, adMr W. Kennedy. AH t O .tl don't led te old r .rld HAMPTON. Conn. (UP) --A
-verp ort h s MM "t' thia pe lod in y ee 'a wsithe 6 do6ll ft d to set- Mar e recruit Maurice Edwards.
Faor Huedam gLe AbfSllar To sV Pe which w I;was elt' ~ life. to s1 "I -- -flow- W miy life is "kid
orM Canadl-iUn.t lhtsaliva P l.
bl.. E. rm. .. A a C t dnl t of Xi a votweren t oe b ly logicats t a kin dof lafv hdtesI n He wrote is parents that
.adaunhier a n M P CanalgnAtX. I of p i tw. S t a e aj t hat can't be yourself to heavy black oxtor soon after induction he came
. rday abd oman who has sipeless black coate and streak- down with chicken pox and
A3tN Te 11 ( P) c din e tole te toTell, H, !i go fstial i t
insto as danc sa etoab enX a sound .M ed, faded hair. Amerlcan women mumps.
S te Amdo e ote s l friends in her have every possible beauty help
gthtdl ldg atle 1 ht uof tet Se-the rof ygt o. Wi strict w *W A.S frumpy
ht.O.f Jul-3y then fro*8:09 1 the ildren, has at their command. No, resigning
lid ift T hf brings on mid e-age tly unne-
TN= a iIvedTh byabe o r l e.e' le-ageth u hdeflu felyaunne- e e a
Sn arrive pd b be a dour only when wcesary and foolish from every
awn a tI"an ed m will s of w om point t of view .
IIIIS be aIch f10
ortt' w t bet lets ll be a.M gn,- '" W capable of
e a Frda de parson and can be obta n was10VdIth a mi r lives Tomorrow: A sense of seerity.
reill ent mpleete l er Funds .oed .wi lbe tw yO O 7t -' theoa year toward ap- ew, enlarged
4* year atelfaleyiv College. to wt CncarFMUnd.IWill
S ryear atl l tnamr can altunit ilklpearmag e that manytwo- CAPI "ILLI
MIA Shirley a. L.wtho whold.a food sale t the Otarundu WP RITmen e to a Point o at
sp... nt e m.mmer with T er Boeeats. NHours ro ma .. midde yearn e. E aApwso -u ,
been a N nrtet one it liybeeekourservice

I*m PU tRalroad fono r n..R .OMeDy
M r.o ad r- Mrs. Safety bIlcycln claims fore ll t edl ie tik 0 i "nunattractiveI .R nt-weAL wfa tures
lip -.Parents, Mrs, am- prI
".exces@7ewukTe hestheory that noteil
WiliaT ........L(UeLextra.]me O onf ideCShae
reure cated Tungsten Td Trheon \ arenbareInsha n IE t CREAM

'hWt '-.".dcarry
F traeeekers dayt as yesWthoon trget O hoU1- Aftean 9ant SPECI *7es

tr o0 ..ta. A allo ,Andgyu.. o. g m a aCIdLhoo
WAINseon lanre tungsn at- .,n 6talluea .o vedt Histoy eertin nd te soepin
wPragd mes ant cetenmdor,.-cl t,. _--r r L 'It -a u! HItTM!I ..a.-- can SPRIAL
triLecoirc.ciBedsounhCaol-ns Owtuuenaietanno
rhaI&t0 ulerhdfonra tPtes lhootelarag
ria. jr cl-Aue t 10ide threevie Osion mip ydTilndRShVdon f
Yom pr, the dtht. e T wil,.de'.o *.g n wtdf" r, R"'Wua5Eleuntf.lnHistoryng.n, an o.l -- .... thopping
P'th ohrCatt, h D n ostee w adlre p ogmll nrea t Vd home acorne-a pert on Pnma birds, wl give-lncauo

a tl S -t 4N, a tura D. ...sthSos

--b2tsgtr a "-ftto ravW- Iob
....beg" "j r -mbeen n it i ho nat teu t i y L K G

dn r no y o te d.-nerdl. yta feund. trnEoth ri

Isr ar Democrs nd states' baunbe 'al -u
ea, to- August 1943. y dtheenth .-w Ma y.Done G

Senatoest.Olin D. Jgmabank |- .i the work '
if dsupp o,.rt e the.nowa te aV Bingfim ndIT. e1 rbd i
t'. es. of. W, l uibne to te t ,oastre '
-S. r

At Lake CRIty, 8. C. Williams
sald it "Is- a great rivilee ad
q 4onsbl tQo a -.
Ida ,num-
e elline menwe n.wup for coa-
* 4d "f"e honoredla
axs *'m,s of the tf
du Dapastle *4d.
3r'Ita. Tha nwnd, who
bea tle l "Dzxiscrat' candl

-W -mwas et~n TrWu-
mtAlaspcagu _mmangr In tWe
,. firate B A"*af Iamo-
crafst 06 =IsN
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at T.W o

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+.++. ...... -,-+, ; :.- ;..+ + -*+ ,. ,.. +. w,.-~ r .....-

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100OUR 16th "


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,MEN& .

Very attactIve

E. L tY ORE -R
6 ve $ra. i
Sul .



Enjou oa

with real egg*

in adnul Shampo oha
make hair mre manageable. .
A e*** 'is bam**w .
Thmer's el g in bhis superb bwmap.#-e M #4
creek tDb iue Richard -HudauMr 4tl~ie
make haireasie rto do, more
hair into lusinous loveliness, reoi s napta4
e loan le m y! Ad a nne abr, r
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AkJM J" ''zbaJuqinli
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-. 5

Sell 'em...When You Tell 'em P.A. Of

F .r ve your Ad with one of our Agents or our Offices iu No. 57 "H" St I
:. ,-." No. 12.179 Central Ave. Colo ,

Service Sal6an de Belleza Americano Carlton Drug Sti"
I A Ave.-Phone 2-2291. and #55 Weat 12th Street. 10.050 Melendes Avt.-Pb- u M105
Agenda Internacional de Publicaciones Propaganda, S.A.
VsMurth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441 #3 Lottery Plaa Phone 2-3190 H" street corner t
~ ~~~Phones 2-221 al I41R


aI C6f

I- '.1

S.'. ~. -

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: ...* F pm f^Vr .

flvii tie tjAM&iillM'

Mini .o 2 words.
ac. ea.hd w *d.

,beellacneuais A ombhie Akelles Aegymeme. v es9
J, mUa Ows., HOUSI Service Personnel and Civilian 20i1 Amen. C. Z.
fit plumbing fixtures at government Emplo Finance Co. Will remain closed from June 28th
te. Government Employ n your new until September 3rd 1952, for re-
@aen prompt, neat work. Wher you finance your new
Snl It"A ISTMIA DE LOME- or, used car. modeling. Any one having work
S A ISTMIPhone A D3-3350. JutLOME- orAGENCY D LINER pending please call for it before date
m Ave. and-3 29th t50. Easto N 4Aut bile Row mentioned.
m Ave.and tn E t Phone 3.49E4 3-4985 From Balboa through the PANAMA
1R SALE.-Dalmation Puppies at CANAL by diesel launch, ?10; to
42 Va orras. Dr. Perez' Clinic. FOR SALE -1951 Kser. new trees CANAL by dies Portel launch, $10; to
radio. etc. House 338-1. Ft. Clay- rSan Biobas and Portobelo, $50 iaos
R SAL'E -Furniture an On ye ton Telephone 87-2121. June 20, 21, 22 Call Jungle Jim.
count of sudden trip. Phone 2. FOR SALE -1941 Studebaker Cam- Hoel El Ponomi, 3-1660.
i{ ;3 !46, from 4 to 6 p. m mander. Excellent condition, $325. ---
346, from 4 to 6 p. m0, John R. Sullvan, Tivoli Hotel. BUY.-Fuerza y Luz Shares Com-
S SALE: Air Compreso. m- 00. Jn Stock. Only lowest prices can
tor, spray gun. hose and new Ben- FOR SALE-1949 Renault, four door be considered. Apartado 676, Co-
S ' wrist watch. 796-B. Tavernlia sedan with radio. Good condition. on. R P
S fffr 5 p. $450. Tel. Curundu 4181. May SPECIAL IXCURSIONS5
t' S fSAL'-"Where s on be seen at Qtrs. 573 E Curundu FROM PANAMA TO MEXICO
SALE'.-"Where ,s on as ,s. Heghs one a,, $85.. round trip $135 (15F
S Four air conditioning machines one 85. round trip $135 115
PHILCO for B.40000. ORIGINAL FOR SALE"-- dal-limIl. $160, good one year
cost $2. 100 Tel 2-0369 1950 Studebaker 4 Door Sedan to LOS ANGELES, one way, $149.
cost 52.I00. --Po green Very low miieoge Good 15, rcund trip $252.35, 190 day-
SSALE:-Portable electric Snger tres. A very clean car, $1.19500.1 Imti Panama Dispatch Service, Op"
machine, good condition Price posite Ancon bus stop, Tel. PanamaI
95 00.o Fone 5 -.169. house 124- 1948 Esuj,ck Super 4 Door Sedan. ], I -

A. Gatun
;FR SALE:--Sewi,ng machine, cob,-
net model, 3C'0 00 Call No%,
i 231pB.
-SR SALE Amer.con flags. fast
color, 3 x I l1 50. 4 x 6. $2.00
j 'IntIrnat-onol Bazaar. No 76 Cen-
j troa Avenue. Panama
OR ALE ---The famous Sixtomat
light meter, rust and shock proof.
reduced to $24.50. Porras, Plaza
5 de Mayo, Panama

Help Wanted
A' D-- Immediately cook-house-
keeper. experienced References
Live out. 1536-A Mango Sr. Go-
vilan Area. Balbba.
ANTED:-Good cook Must wash
clothes, Apply to "C" Street No
53; 'B Cangreto, apartment No 2.
MldtUro family.


A1tTD TO PLACE :-Honest, re-
114t n-aod. age 36. in my employ
5 ers, won't ve in. 2-1549,
house 5865-1L Ciablo.

1 m

k1951 Chevrolet
BMl .Buick Sp
51 Fraser
SiS51 Fords
- Studebak
E UUI Chevrolet
IM Dodxe
liE De Sooe
0 BStadebak
!iM Chevrolel
I" lymeuth
4 *4 Oldamobi

S uNdebah

f as'
I%- M teka
5 Pntlaes

HM adbens
jIMl Peintee

Grarmnh' --rito Clara beach-
cottages. Eretric Ice boxes, g as
stoves, moderate rates. Telephone
6-441 Gamboo,
Foster'sr furnished cottages, half mile
beyond Santa Clara. Gas refriger-
ators, ranges. Special rates week-
ly or monthly, private road to
beach For information visit Dog-
mar. Tivoli Avenue No. 6, or
phone Panama 2-0170.
Tailored to fit YOUR individual
whims (and BUDGITI) Children's
swimming pool, playhouse, horses,
etc. Phone 4-557 days, 4-230 even-
ings. or Curundu 5261 anytime.

Williams' Santa Clara Beach Cot-
tages. Two bedrooms, Frigidaire,
Rockgas ranges. Balboa 2-3050.
PHILLIPS Oceanside Cottages. The
only court in Santa Clota with on
Oceanview from all cottages. Steps
to beach, Rock Gas, refrigeration,
barbecue and shuffle board. Pan-
ama 3-187 Margarita 3-1673,
Box No. 435 Balboa.

. ...RC

if -dealer is

R1 L.- K

I -

But h0w could v
REAWL-k L was a
goft to break
vilo 'dales reco
inseetlcfdes In P
IA 4hbi=ai't is due I
279 ObfS a t Ave.

IAL & hood.
TiA o Teir o*dbnat.o. will b du
Sor daed In e Iey
vine Lt l L
will be ordtaLed th dSts tD
FAULT ard 0. OGerot of e *-
out of o'e rdlined A 6f other
priests In the 8tety aslod
' I L L credited with th t isticOtin 01
ILL L l having oained moe 1 o
we know ,o the U.1.t hI; etarchy.
suddenly After or t the two
all ore- priests wl eomapet a fial ear
rds for of theological studIa at Be t.
Panama? LoUia.
this wek) .
Tel. 3-0144

in Dwmvt.

RICK SQWnO D DOWN on Mr. and 4Mr. o tiph-C. abtli
as they ltBtl. Aedwms Romaln CathoBlc t In-er
City. N.J.. follow0lt- their recent wedding. Mrs. bklW l the
former Margar4et abeth Ward, daughter of Ci id
Mrs. Willian H. Ward of Ganmboa, wh weho p t fI*
wedding ceremony and the reception ih f[llM.gM
young couple" wU make their home at 23' PearOll AVenue,
Jersey City.

Long Isl

. .. .. --- 1-n-..- 6- .. .
Dark green, white side wall ires. SALE RENT
rod.o. $17,000 miles, The cleon- F R FOR RENT TL 3-171
esd 48 Buick in Panama, come in FOR SALE *2 I G ets Rt
and it, see for yourself Household Houses
1949 Ford 8, two-door sedan. Good. FOR SALE -Eosv. Sp.ndryer, 25 Cvl FOR RENT.-Furnished house, three _A.A ROKll S I
tire, and paint. A real bargain for i mI bedrooms. Altos del Golf, for one AN RO SINC
only $99500. e. 00. House811-A Co- or two months. Call Panama 2- WN2u n uM mi NEW YORK, June 18 (
or.12500. House 811-A, Co-I 0 ml Pam eaal The Brotherhood of Locoi
1951 MG 2 Seater Sports Car. ,n ,.0,4 n-SZteL t Paua iA Sort. Elnglineers ended Its tw
perfect condition. $1,25000. I FOR SALE -Westinghouse Refriger- FOR RENT: Large Carnal Zone Faer trike against the Long
aror. 25 Cyl. 9 cu. ft. all porcelain house June 20 to Sept. I. 4 bed-. L (esimmon and pre- Railroad yesterday and I
SMOOT Y. PARIADS I2': r guaran ee. $150.00. oomrs, 2 baths, suitable for two t r ). to returnto WN limmo
FOR SALE--1947 Chevrolet, good Washing machine motor, Maylag couples. telephone BVIlboo 1639. 34719 -3-Mm c ar r yi t a 0,00 m Nw
condition No. 33, 46th Sireet. 25 Cyl. $10.00. 513-C, Cocol.. FOR RENT dal to nd, .
R SALE. 3-384 1 FOR SALE --25 cycle Westinghouse | MO StN FURNITURE p
F-OR SALE. 1951 Oldsmobile 98 refrigerator. 7 It. porcelain in and Apart ft MO EN FURNITURE
De Luxe Holiday Coupe. under 4 out. 3 year guarantee on unit. OM- a NIL land's regular 'JuMengers
000 miles. duty free Phone Pan- 1419-A Carr St Balboa. ALNAM RA '"MINTS SHlpeeer -* pho ltey ed clogg10 g ?Ie and
ama 3-3477 during day; 3-2672 R LE -6ush'on couch, w Mth Modern tumlrhed.un lrnlhed apart- OwU in.lOOW.m ways in the ctya" fourth
evening drapes. $25.00. 2 wcker chairs m"at. Maid lervmc plenal. Can. Abf-ts- Ijm R jam since the strike
FOR SALE -1947 Buick Roadmaster $500. 107-B, Pedro Miguel, Tel act office 6110 01thStreet, New tisNowwSCAMp hur CAMP of W
Secoanew e a R Cdio & Hevter. Under. -5Cl Cristobala elephs 16 Colonn. 3l.43 liM. brirSZ -fn AZUPffin- Rush hour crowds of w
Sedanete, Radio & Heater. Under 4-506 FOR RENT:-Small furnished apart. g- A am. s ions a Utnile and holds who normally ride on the
5995 00 Cocoli 3539. FOR SALE. Leaving Colonial liv- ments with complete hotel-serns ce, upatrep y-tme as big as he roa '11 )
ingrcom. bedroom. dinngroom hot and cold water, private bath. ias after baIbg 1 matches in bus -_
FOR SALE--1948 Ford 8. block 2- set cared ir, Mexico. Tel. Pan- telephone service. 2 rooms and r I day, tf rel0- m.
door Custom $79000 2c1549 amn 3-4860. telephone. service. 2 roams, and euaueets wresfSng tA.e smenl door Cu.tom 57900 2.1549 aia 3-4____ balcony at reasonable monthly '
House 5865-B. Smith Place, Bol- FOR S..LE -Baby crb and mattress mates. Hotel Roosevelt. Tel. 2- shipping, ImoVing Stora SHORTS
oo. a______nd10n. play pen. Lkie new. Ft Kobbe 0700. WeO pak and orate or moreS D
FOR SALE -Plymouth utility 2951, '204. FOR REN':-Furnished one bedroom rn .at 4PhW2.24 teor ie2e r r. Y
1,400 miles, $1.'7,0. Powells 'FOR SALE:--Q. M. Diningroom table apartment. Far two months. $90.- S"J 'P t 2-24t YRACV N; Y.--. >- -rustePe r
Garage. Colon. with 6 chairs. Enamel-top kitchen 00 a month. Call Tel. 3-0057. 2.2562, PanamA. Arnold M. Abrann learned the r announced the
FOR SALE: 1950 Pontiac 4.door table: 9 cu. ft. all-porcelain Re- FOR RENT -2 bedroom apartment wrestling d n't Abrann ettl
sedan, excellent condition. Cash frgertor 25 C. washing m- in front of the Panama Hqte erry wh d The -
Tel. 3-4885, from 7:00 o.-m. to chine; 4 Bob Crib with mattress, Preferred to responsible person ling match so Irked two other w eael a c!tau li
3:00 p.m. 25 Cyl. Zenith Radio-Phonograph who buys furniture. Phone 2-3346 1 ans hw they hit him on the ur negota ea4

FOR SALE: Screens; Baby Tricycle. Call Bal- from 4 to 6 p. n. s "u head, cutting his right ear.
1950 Buck S. r Slviet"h- pllfii boa 1755 ofter 4:30 p m. Hous R REo f N Firk could destroy your furniture.t --- M
seat covers, y W. A l boo 1755 after 4:30 p L House FOR Rclothing and other household effects 13411e. oat onRead
cove .1457 Apt. A, Los Cruces Ave., in a atter f dminuteI MEMPSM Tenn. (UP)-Carl
bargain. Balboa. C. Z. Rooms If you doubt you are worth much, Plant had to search the high-
1947 BuickSpecial. 2 door. it's a buy Overhaul repair. refinish bamboo take a p enall a p and oat down ways for a lost boat. Plant used
FOR RENT: Clean-cool nice fur- turchaseayMc-tandupresentvalu.num
for $850 00 full price Rattan furniture Free estimate. FOR RENT: total win uprse u to carry a 12-Ot aluminum
.... pick up. Also bu' used Rartan fur- nished rooms with running water, boat on the too f his jeep. It
1942 Buick Super. two door 6 lot nature. "HENRY' opposite Jardin commercial location. Very private purchased on ear for $15. was there when he left Egypt,
of good transport4Hfptia 1-fer Balboa diagonal Hotel Hotel Roose- Building 169. Plaza 5 de Mayo. or lo. Tenn., but when he arrived at
00, terms. ;, velt, and Lucky Strike 22. top floor. Telephone 2-4612. I Covington, T'en., the boat was
1940 Oldsmobile Coupe, plastic cov- FOR SALE: Venetian blinds 4 FOR R NT American race Co. msing./
ers. radio, good tire. A clean car, family quarters. 25 cycle G. E. FOR RENT M A-
$400 00 terms. refrigerator. $40 00. 25 cycle MisgellanepuP ee s.. .dl2-SMHis
.. AHoover cleaner with attachments. ---dla No. 11, w hsn
SMOOT & PAREDES 615-B, Cocol.. Telephone: 2-1062. FOR RENT.-WAREHOUSE SPACE ,
i approximately 2,500 square feet.
FOR SALE FOR SALE:-Easv washing machine. Concrete with zinc roof. Calle Je-
Rel D I.. ,perfect condition. $150.00. Large r6nimo de la Ossa No. 11, near El
Real Estate rug. 6th street. Coco del Mar. Tel. Rancho. See Agendas Steer, S. A. M S
FOR SALE:-Nce hle farm na- 3-4398. Telephone 2-1219. all ki ds
tonal land, fruit trees, cottage. FOR SALE -Mahogon,, diningroom PERSONA SUITS TOPPERS
45 minutes from terry. Call 2- set. *Table. e.ght chairs, buffet. A BLOUSS SKIRTS
e 1017. Balboa. .. china closet Mahogany telephone BLOUSES IRTS
eelohl -- table, chair. Two 9 x 12 Congo- ATTENTION TEENAGERS! Again Stateside PriceS
PO fiton Offere ,eum rugs 63-G, Sixth Street, Co- Harnett and Dunn are offering a1he SW who speeds His t
Position Offered-. co Soletheir summer dance course $15.00 t a
Per WANTED English and Spanish FOSAE- orcela. for 3 months. Every Saturday 9:90 KOTEX 38c. c i mb, rusoo
FOR SALE s g l arcelain. 25 cycle a. m. Balboa YMCA. 1n
ts speaking mole clerk. Panamanian Westinghouse refrigerator, three a
preferred Applv All Amernica years guarantee 5753-1, Diablo De OCoC
Cable. & Radio, Inc., Balboa, C. Heights. JUsicaie Elks Lodge A i L.De ocrcia D
FOR SALE:-l]Siudio Coach. $10.- a I Sw t (To to the
S00. 2 bby beds Good condition. Nominates, Elects H.. ib" Ohe
5757-F. Diablo Heights. _____________l______
er Army Relief Fund LEAVING: Baby scale, adjustable Officers Toniht
i*F aAr ,see. E weights type $7 00: 2 wood choirs O f e Ton fl
Lu lYjL LO8HIflrmlll ;$200-: long 3 cushion wicker Members of Justice. Lodgfe No. A. O i.LLAC JR ..l U
lis .I.U.In.. couch 57 00: 4 large green blinds 832, IBPOEW. will nominate and
Tles $.aI. tC ai 5600, 3 shades $1.50. single mat- elect officers for the July-De-
511 I4_44 tress $10.00 2-1549, house cember term at a regular meet-- Dr. E. ORIL.LAC. y
ers 5865-B Diablo Ing tonight In the La Boca Lodge
TheJoint fund campaign for eall. 'i you
ts Army Emergency Relief and the HOG To Broadcast o ts from the commHtteO
yRelif etyfinishdSi working on plans for theloe's Palmer Graduates
strong In the U.S. Army Carib- Swearing In OfL25th anniversaryinp August,,so
bean 'Panama Areal with con- U c LJ wi be read at the m"set gOffteaboors:
tributlona olleted to dateto eybold which Is scheduled to begin at -1. r ch
talin$44458.The "Voice of America" will 7:s15 p.m. Saturday: 2 b egn t I. 1
The 1952 drive was conducted broadcast a special program in This committee is scheduled to 15 Per' Ave. Tel. 3-108 Y | W l b
ta. Wgn. from May 26 to June 6. Captain English tomorrow at 8:15 a.m., meet with officers of the ISage (1 block frim LsZ Theatre
W. C. Orissom, Custodian of the featuring the ceremony that tomorrow night to discuss wr-
Panama Area AiR Fund an- took place in Washington re- their plans for the anmiverU q.
ounces yesterday that a rcot- cantly during which the new Tomorrow's meting will bXT reaWid a
tributes have not been report- Governor ofthe Panama Canal.'at 7:15pm. also Ina the hhm d t
ed to his office, so the total wll John 8. Seybold, took the oath George S son In Rio Abao. x
be even higher. at office from Secretary of the Gr SipoIaPAHthe l adverln d a SI0 5pro
i Captain Grilsom pointed out AJmy Frank Pace Jr Jo Lefe WoL EXHANGE n| o at sm .
that Army personnel who could This broadcast can be heard T1M i TORE Or | jla M, QW -at tO aoW
not contribute during the cam- ao the Isthmus on the 17.A0. 1s. Speak At Ro P ama PA A. .
paign may do so at any time 18.35 and 19.4 meter ban4 of a Iw As 6 ma t t orI0 s A" tata
throughout the year. e Voice of America service to Lunch Tomorrow .. CO oUM er a t-
Army Emergancy Relief is an Latin America. as -
orguilzatlon established in 1942 The broadcast will be retrans- The gul e e w
to provide emergency financial netted by Station HOG- of the Pna.try
assistance to members of the Ar- e_ _Et tmel ,
my or their dependents. The Ar- Panam" at 11:15 p.nm.
.I.... MY f BT An,,=. t flCM WANT TRAT h .8 --- ....
Sm Vole4 purp of M tino dy POS TLAND, I mnd. (UP)--Polee hoad M so da
widms- orphano of Army We S,, f..a msto .a.S .-- ---'--.-1 ft
at the One ot duty. Thinre of about one yed. Al...-.
,- ..-!0w-. -l the- aUM- -a -be* reported usM pnr 9 i ....
: gg t a ing es d wage test Ad ed2a,

Prank Dolan, Maf 6p<
officer-of the tilrf.d, ea

House Thii


rnd Railroad

ttling Again

UP'- parties had agreed ob the two
motive disputed points.
wo-day One involved a rule permitting
Island the company to order an en*
agreed gineer to work at a different
diately starting time than orligikily
muters was scheduled. The other per-
. York mitted the company to itch
qnglneerfr&n tbne tye ol Aer-
caehed vice to another.
hng Is- Sqh of.these rules.wUll be re-
start- wr tlOn, blae 3aM.
high- ThOaks J. tarkins, asslatant
traffic grand chief of the brotherhood,
began said the union was "very satia-
fied" with the strike-ending
workers agreement. '"
e rail- When the 300 engineers walk-
I ad r)a4e

asman b seasERTLr

WASH NOTON, June It1 MP) .rerma.n who O w -oihe reije-
--An election-conscious itouse ment roll later Als .would re-
reverseda A*t-o. On ve
yesterd a W to 12 boostA wou d be somOewhat
to increase Federal 'old age be- smaller In some cases than thoe
nefftu by.ab Ast S .;aKtb. Ifutbori' &W d temp I w en
The lop-sided vote by which the rolls.
the measure was sent to the
Senate for fn al Consgrnsatonal Despite the modlfioati in
ation. was 1 05 W a mire than the legslatUOn, srne Remibl-
the two thirds majority requir- Cana stUl were not atflfld.:
ed by the eualensaftl of the They. ce-terded the measure.
rules procedure undO which was just a "MOls" aO he
the measurewas considered. original which was defeated da
Voting for the bill were 194 MaY? I
Democrats, 165 Republicans and A two-thi-d.s majority was
one Independent. necessary for 2ioul approval
Voting alganst were 20 R because the DeatWoatc leader-
pubicans and two Democrat_. sbp ordered the* W1 onAdered
The two Demacrtas wbo under us u SiSo ..le
agAinst the bill were Rein. PraU ,aS.TtN.).
E. Smith (D-MWs.) and Clark Re E SS, the
W. ThompOn (D.Tex,). Ways aWd 'Meain (wltt.e,
An at Identa-b ilu w to.ldhis.,t be.
rejected last month when Re- "e c pubalicans qhaged that, a tovi.bill.
f to letthepderalSecurity said the leghlftio W d
*A A.t .dLtfr i r ak s lsian give ldeal B y.AdlFls-

dAllied medicine.

Arm Personnel To

W -r W- nt -

eollraGlg to

4~Ihdm ill
~ A~


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tat 'a

.w a fl. s. u. aF. we aa
py nielsen. introduced ion and Mrs. Peterson.
m M4eersr to. m .
wite ( 'the cf ibmnl a I
r of the Naval HRI op Tb. Wohe 'llas Bowling. League

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In tay styes and eotes.

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W' 0 Iti ad .BMwa Ave. Tel. 3M COLON

I .TR 0iC AL-.-

The ideal program for yogs ao eld *as! !
I CONTINUOUS SQ v,. h"es "


11 New ,' AmsIng:..
S, Featuring:.
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ti. Steep A{n ts.
A. Hillora were do-host esM
fot a rnons cofee *n& hand-
oerUnPef w OAt. the Mt yarft
howM'of 'WA IL 'on Aaj-w.

to, in M Welh .b
rettirl to a u ll M

Mr Irn Toy1Mthsell ne V t96 -
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Mdo iMber a e ad the pw
germ Ia aru on M
day. haaRBy ean jiS
tple theR dA. r

ed his fta yeat t tue
d7 of M at 9o1eWIPWkr
mer vIM w with their

J1r and anr HearfltSA
r The psti6ludd of the
araI rteAVm testrcB at

tor,- the Rev. Hery L. el. Af-
to e a-aMeting a sdaeal how
was i4f and was plHaoed ar
a farewell to two of their m b-
bary Marilyn and Henry Barte.
Thoa rent included the A3-
03j" ChMber. Diane Delaw
ne1 231,dk a fIogandarea, Louse


Mr. and Mrs. Bevlngton
to Vidt in States
Mr. and Mrs. Harold P. B]Y-
.'0ton of Margarita will sal ln
the return trip of the 8.8. Crts-
tob F friday morning. They I
be away for seven w=li ad
pan to visit with their son-it-
law and daughter, Mr. aMrs.
Martin Etienne of Frt IeL, New
ZJe sf and with Mrs. Bev ngtoa's
relatives in Rock Stream, New
Mr. and Mrs. Smth
Spent Weekend in Pd lIgwl
Mr. and Mrs. W.IlA Sith
of Gatun were the guets of their
son and daughter-in-law, Mr.
and Mrs. Spencer Smith of Pe-
dro Miguel during the week-end.
On Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Paul
Furr motored to the Pacific Side
and spent the day with the famt-
ly group.
Mr. and Mrs. sadel
Will Leave Friday
Mr. and Mrs. George Radel of
atun and their children, Ra-.
chel, Rosale and StephMen, wil
sail aboard the 8.5. C'istbbal on
Friday. They will visit In Penn-
sylvania and Virginia and will
travel through the tas t In
States. They wil'eturd earlf ia
lir. Ball to Visit
s.nJ.W.B. Hall of M.astufla
wil leave on the CrIatbal tr F
Mad will visit with Mr. B
tsIn Bosit, MaU eha
it n short time,
woian's Awua S P- IH Sip
110g 0fw Chu8eb OseN"
The member eof the Wma
listlary of the Church of Our
vlear In New C itbal
sums a social evena. af t agM
W as pasor, the 4e .lonu
Cn. ard gaVcesAvm
ea for thioe who idag
ScaWMs. A. UamnI of tV
hwra b v be4t Invited -
oan 451 oenales Phft
Ut7-F. #Dils e baib
I .bla f: .e.

... .B f"" m-. 11, '..
loadJM.:. MW A


111001Efr ftn mearve
Merino inam~ M!-'~w
.rlnse Dea^k mpstr, lhOC mE-
arUit Au i* franelsoe. They are
vt alligator Nakr I"g enough, to sep ie meout
a Imrine fune, iES tOWthe feature.

elf$., S~A

d'LiWOa ^) -- I a- : Bn and Dottle Lamour are
d the eyn Map- tih ough the Jungle when
Mia to e Eb unmps out from behind a
i t na hunter's outfit and car-
a big-game rifle.
Pu, f p" asks Bing&
to I "NOw," says Bing.
flg .- 1tkwn b points the gun into the
hs gIan MSialdi 'bM, a ir, firYsand immediately disap
af *i*olo" f ar to the Jungle, Xa n ex-
is l liffs to wide-eyed De r :
lw SftIA ae u"I always promirad him a shot
--f"a torig ne one of my pletu"reaij
Sd e ... in If Greta Garbo doesn't change
smoes lJ MI>fwn eaeh ier mind, she'll never against ap-
A t e have nhea uar on the screen. The famousI
Smtion will a M at ca p $Wed o tl, d G Dirb ctor Ge out wth:-

Plckstt, Va "I m utry. can't go tl w5 h
D ing O Me i gth2" Am win iLondon t have she wod beI
h in- o ppy to make her coveback .
se f for e C," an MOMG al l.t Cor w i edisa n-
video ap ate l m Arm o r- e of Jotudto Phillip touse, iw
boat noA FotArmyv &rt

eggs. ui esari s he Mhof the e a w Ins ae d. -
eetlon willhei te fot at CaMp b ter tor bac sd m l "On-
PIt's lkett, Va tha "I'm r. T can'ke go that
will make a quick pp r white llh ankhead t havets somei
wlhn brother ing the latest stern wordage about hoe."
Bob How O an 6*ht-hou, r, y t .se, who v tedto
Road" movie, but here's the exz5," ei dappointed r a-

tmount's Astoria Wad h ewood
tre teeamgei. entrt y onl cf er a tI hio hart met on the
vadeo s att e telar stm s ue, r onte bookJhn phlp Souse, wpht
himself nextern tar Clb ent tarrym Cfton Webb Jr, in "collab-
Hes rday Eveit action with William Proelig ."
SThe members of the Crstobal wrtng a susee r pay for

Eastern Mwa Club will mat at himself. Aunt d1l1 mnd Uncle
e side-C the business meetlpd t-
t soaln w will follow. The Movies are wondeilll Jean0 -
bu I d't .11M he w age a t iPact.
I up." -
It'ses foren the at nBob e The word's lonaked out that
will make a quick appearance jaQWlah Bankhead Spouts some
wiDoth brother Bngrsosky Mr tlaest teris wordag Pabout her
"Road" movie, but here's the. exn Misree" but movie a-
audiencets won't see ndMeywoodr
evening at the Msrgarlta Gym studio during the earty '30's in
for teenaglers. Twenty one bo ys er autobiography. "Tallulah,"
and Kiis attended the first las due son the bookstalls In eptem
oB Monday evening une 1: O er.
Quarters o Mr Star Clegg 532B at ohn Barrymore, Jr.,ed a sta collab-
ts Tuesday Evening. to with W ambecause prouerlle- Is
The members of the Critobal wrtn to hve screenplay reor
Basten SWa.-Club will Met at himself, Aunt 0M0l aad Uncle
Critobal Masonic Temple to- Lionel. waoungn wantmore' the
morrow at 7:30 p.m. Mrs. PLo)rey fhst of the famero elan to have
W acting noupresident, wil l pre- wordagebbling for hambleading man
rt thr business me t-4d ---
Smetors bl even g will follow. The Movies are wndearll t:ean
to 10 es for the prenig cost. tte was one Ofhad yr peedlei
MMs/Dorothy Barsosky. Mrs. Pa- ltarac.ters in P a bul.,.lmans
tOverte Cay and Mrs. now' faRoe t fhron five wees ew," .n't ive
Audiences won't se. Mee or alir
.nima fe Owfen of the farmo ts p t up and dmer's
to Meet screen version of tl.the bet-eller.
VOtt No. 3, Nathaniel J. Owen, ... ,
of the American Leilon Auxll- Gloria San a aget, Helen
Ty.will meettonISM at the Ahnaworth. rela RSthat lortal
quarters of Mrs. Gregg, 532-B at vtd a starri In "Cross-
Gulick Ntrhtts at 7:30. town because tle producer re-
-_____._ fued to have Ae screenplay re-
2 TMES AS MUCH writtenrrLalwanew wnted more,
XHABPWORD CrTy, Ind. (Up) emphasis on the rtnerok and
,-j_ ty officials announced they I wordage for heleading man.
;F crack down on park n Bmet-
er vkiotors by booing the re i Pnataldue, iad it:,
to 10 -times the previo u os "HI you".. hah .w poodle;
Overtime parkers now, face a eut for wea I Be- w-n't it,
laiN= fine of 50 cenU k ,O ad ttMe yu learnedIs Sit up and do
Ot a n.clr.' iMka?"


.. ..%-- r ,

s~s~ssL. ..fl~

ak N .-'
mw .. .. @ -.. u :.: tt s":. m




,i- -M -

7they wAa nth Aair (

fUsc Iw Wedned%
and, pa"M %ne

5:05.-News, parta add Co(n-
If00-Lndo'a, JNrUorio (CU.

mentary by Raymoad
Swing (VOA)
h4-JBam i enson (VOA)
8:*0-The Amerlesa Booabelf
8:45-Commentator's Digest
0:00-ae a 60e (BuC)
P 30-The Haunting Hour
10:00-The BB P-laay nouse
11: 00-Th Owl' Nest
MNdnight-Sign Off.

Thursday, June 19
6:3-8n on The Alarm
Clock Club
7:3S-Morning Salon
8:15-NMWS (TOA)
:f*-Crauy Qat
8:4-Jerry Seam Presents
9:30-As I Se It
I0:05-O the Record
11:06-Ott the Record (Contd)
11:0.-Meet the Band
132:0-Luncheo n Music
12:30-Popular Muslc
1:00-NEWS ,
l:l8-.Personalty Parade
2:00-Call from te Paul
2:15-Date for Dancing
3:45- attle of the.Sands
3: 0A--Am'kela Debut
2:15.-The Little Sfow
3:30-Music for Thuwdamy
4:00-ads and Faaons (Faith
S4:30-Wats TeW ktvifte

8:s 18-9eptng S a
7:30- g MOR, SPORTS
7:45-,-am Mieion
1:00-Nl Spet and Com-
mentary by Raymond
Swing (VOA)
8:15-Arts and Letters (VOA)
8:30-R ado Uivalrity (VOA
8:45-C a nL- e n tater'. DiAst
9.: 00-Thq Ret8 Lectures (BBC)
1:30-Twak iftm Maere (ilC)
10:00-Dane Muls'
10:15-Mualdol interlude
10:30-Menoflbt Mood
11:00--The Owl' Net
12:00-Sign Oft

ExplanatiumVn Wb
VOA-V ice.of aseis
BBC-Britlsa Broad sting
RDF-RadiOdlftuulok tancal e


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LGA Martano Carmen Sevgl
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The idL pro.
gram ftor theu
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"A New Fesi.l of
Cdr ConUSm"
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white Sox.

Wi Two To cb+e Isa eit a

-C --

ers Edge Yankees 7-6 Pacific Hoop gue O n

Eleven Inning Batle S Tomorrow Afibllom Gym
YORK, June 18.-The White Sox clo- nal League Joe Ridge Fin Secon
n the leaders in the American League with TEAMS- w test Pet _
*ad 2-1 victories over the Athletics as Eddie .New::y o::" 'X 4; 4 Ba tt At N me 4te
on's hitting featured both games in Chicago Chicago .. .. ... 22 ig .60 t ^^^^iH.m'-
ght. cincinnati ...2. .4."55
CBoston .. .. .. .n $ 31 .4261 NOTRE DAME, Ind., June 18
second game went ten In- In the National League, the ,niiaah .. 23 31 428 -Banging out nine hits in his h
-The two wins put Chicago Dodgers walloped the Cuba 9-1 Pittsburgh ...... 16 44 267 last 13 times at bat. Dick Collo-
I talf-game behind the In- In Eobets Field last night behind ton, sophomore second base-
S ho lost their fourth con- Preacher Roe's four-hitter to in-I TODAY'S GAMES man from Maton City, la., won Ik
S tve game 4-3 to the Sen- crease their league lead to four Chicago at Brooklyn. the 1952 Notre Dame team bat-
aali a Cleveland arc-light full games over the second place; St. Louis at Philkeplphia. ting title with a final average Canal s ne l nlet
Giants who lost 6-2 to the Pi-, Cincinnati at eoston (N). of .340. For the year. the b aoSed by D w
rates in the Polo Grounds in an- (Only Games Scheduled.) smooth-fielding second sacker
other junior circuit games, othernight game. had 33 hits in 97 trips to the bl eS
Tigr topped the Yankees YESTR4 8 ELTS plate. Included w e r e four
_in eleven inningsIn a Detroit Forrest Main's eight-hitter and FIRSTE(M.e T doubles and three triples ando ilk
p ark duel and the Browns, Gus Bell's grand slam home run St. Louis 0000006401-1 5 1 he was credited with 10-runs- I--, Wn. Sta& *--n,
the Red Box 3-1 bY sparked the Pirates triumph. Philadelphia 100000001-2 6 0 batted-in. Moon, ear ad i
hing three of their five hits At Philadelphia, Al Brazlel Mizell, Werle, Schmidt (2-4),, Jo .Ri t- uv an y,ag a -edo lt
sixth inning in a St. Louis hurled the Cardinals to a three- Brecheeth and fuaselman, Rice Joe Ridge, unor center- Jerry d t S
htgame. hit 4-0 victory over the Phillies Simmona (5-2) and Lopata. fielder who halls from Balboa ( *
in his first start after Bill Nich- (Panama, C. Z.), was next with .. s....
olson had won the first game 2-1 SECOND GAME a .323 average based on 32 hits .2261116d #9916 1,-
for the Phillies with a pinch sin- St. Louis 000 102 001-4 7 0 in 99 at bats. Jerry Ledwige, "-
8 a Senior le in the ninth. Philadelphia 000 0060 -0 4 2 senior right-fielder, was third rways wM
Brazle (4-1), Yuhas and Rice; highest with .314. Stan Kono- Ft
At Boston, Vern Bickford won Roberts (7-5), lelntselman and pa, junIor, who was a regular -" A-'.iei A
f l || alII L his first game for the Braves in Burgess. pitcher and also saw service as ed by W lto iI- nl 6F-- it, 1 I
a month 5-1 from the Reds after a reserve butftlelder and pinch- ebfrtle s.k 1 e2m9o nam I an lL
SaO aI|- LedaUg e which the second game was rain- FIRST GAME hitter, had a .304 mark, and M'j fir ay, Ray lllek- shAr, -d
A ed out. Cincinnati 000O00010-1 7 2 Dave Costigan, who alternated /t aMwiey, Rawrest 8tak y s at
T --- --- --... --- Boston 100T0S10x-5 9 1 between third and left field was s ., T
STANDINGS u l Hauk a S ick-ter, finishing with a .301 aver- l an e Hotel Fo
Wn Lt Pt lue Man es ford (2-7) andCooper. age. Ridge topped the team In d Mrk Dick
3 runs-batted-in, 15, followed by l Joe lJim weem' O BTETON
........ 5 2 .7738 .... SECOND GA.E (Night) Ledwidge and Harry Durkin, 1BUllV, eN litagerld I D" Editor
e.osa .....7 2 .77 V Cincinnati at'Boaton junior third baseman, each of aris Nomvit a- o- n
am 3 4 (Postponed.) whom had 14. Durkin batted ileagte lb offer eustlam" Endy Joma drove up to the
o o p n5 k Pittsburgh '010 00000-6 8 2 George Moresco. sophomore, an |1 *w 14e,-1Sf rOu O two i. 11 on.L", y lt wbk
.eu.l Troops. .... 1.. --- New York 002000000-2 8 0 and Ron Mottl. freshman, were *oaumen, It trBla-be difficult to
S" BOSTON, June 18 (UP) -Arth- Main (1-5) and McCullough; the leading pitchers of record, pick the fteritl at this time. I'd forgottht that he had
S LEADING BATBMEN ur Abbot's Blue Man lapped up Gregg (0-1) and WestrIm. the former winning two games Admil r' 25 dents choe to vacation off
another $50.000 stake yesterday without defeat and the latter a iudu aps dt Penta for ohil hNag's feHd r some channel
AB Hits Ave.' as easy as eating his owner's ice Chicago 0001e000"-1 40 one. .wl be charged. You are urJl basgs f i e hi e wife hand
G. Oriffith (OSI .. 17 8 471 cream. Brook yn 4000 OO-. 9 10 0 The workhorse of the mound |to tee out, 0eek your favorite, yotfhr w in hwe un
B. Williams (CC, .. 29 12 .414 Lown (3-3), Klippstelti, Kelly staff, however, were Tom Buj- and enjo thi fine entertain- allgso b 1 e they were ba
gox (S ..... 27 1l "407 Conn McCreary drove the and Edwards; Roe (8-0) and nowski (5-5), Jim Gibbons, I meat. and 1; 1i1t Is, all exce
SP'terkin ICC) .. 20 8 .400 crack three-year-old to a romp- Campanella. (3-3). Bujnowaki was a fresh- 53 ItIDO -I the te e 't-1eic
ft. NaBh tALI .... 18 7 .389 ing victory in the $50,000 Yan- man and Gibbons a junior. th--- I, t 1 j II
i. Campbell (SC).. 21 8 .381 kee Handicap at Suffolk Downs. A Hampered by bad weather GU CLU." .That'g qutea ohot ckin
4: Parrell (CC).... 29 11 .379 AI ICl early in the. eamon, which seri- It marked the i9th seas or ri but .wherea n ide eri
SWelch AL) ....16 7 .375 King Jolle was second at the h T usly interfered with their Coaoh Clarence (Jake) I. Knte NOTES bahre ao the ? ar eto Bw.h
Willim (ST) 2 8 .864 end of the mile and a quarter AM ---- LostPet. training Program, the Irish af- The Notre Dame coach can look theMI goodI.lo
Sl4 .CC 23 8 .347 and Royal Marvel got the shW ter a slow start, finished vey. forward to next season w Ith at "
STaht (DB.. .. ..18 6 .333 money. Armageddon, Risque Ne York ....2... 20 "j. fast winning nine of their least mild optimism. lie is es- Annual BI ore ile Match Oh he's e new dogel"
_"oTph OS).... 30 10 .333 Roundge ad Academy Awrdld, but th Cleela..." 55 12 gamds, the last live in soe, Ing on three monogram Ow over To N Coile get sagiI dithi nsc m -
ars, ;CCST.. .. 18 6 .333 rounded ous e but wl v stay Chi ... ...i 44 cession. This gve them an ner, widge, Jim Mutsehe For Far Fan 1ais Week Ehd attractive
ris (CC)S.... 19 6 316 all might just as welln have stay- Weshh .......a... BS .5 overall record against, collegiate who alternated in left fill, 'ida -e what I
skerf(ST)....523 7 .3041 St. L** 11 *a s 1 cOmpetition of 12 victories atld Bob ng, who shared the Once again--the local riflemen .J2!1
Noneer8T of them .had a cnde Phhade hia 22 28 440 eight 'defeats catchingg assignment. are-sharpening up their shooting i
one o. .em had a chane e ... 37 eyes for what mrikany of them e 'wt h W
S after Blue Man cut loose with aph mtroit 1 1. .. ... the toughest big bore match of ul d ,.
after l LD PIC S up-and-at-'eM loorse ionthe I L the year to bb Mid ilturd d d
NG Tua- e final turn that swbpt hIt to s TOBAWS G FVftmenUw Su.i ay tvta6ht Dtlbrftt RilWt I
Won Lost Pet. two and a half length vict Wad (N). he
or (08) 4 0 1. 000 tBoston at St. LNlds (N). Par tI". 'roth de -
Tudor ( 0 1.000 His time was two minutes, two h At short course of ft d- t
er B) !1r... 7 .and one-fifth seconds. .Te m MP T rOPb S Ali
o,.amer (0S) .. 3 2 .600 Blue+M ., carried'top weight oft rheg, Tt o thb, Be ey agII rmuda M tht-
(SC).- -3 2 .60 12I6 podsspotting ,ingjo e IDA SULTS Bermuda Command k Ie t long rn coetswith theigtak him fot the two w r
.llmtsM (CC). 6 2 1600 Irandthe show horses 4md0.|R., where t old and .1 yrdlR U aST r'aa hlo
Archer (AL) 2 4 .3 Butthewei' twahs und- iladelp's 000 6010 2 1 e reaUble but v5 t d't
r )" Blut eM an o t for 30" 1 411-434- 2 rangesarem still available, but -he rrupted h "I'sa t wr
S-s-ue MaWn _oMrne f a tker er (5-7), Wright, Kueab The 15th Naval District Ma- A e developed later NRA has nevertheless ucce ton more thn an inRltiat
NEXT GAMS to tdayke when aftereary asked then Astroth; Pierce (7-5) and rine Barracks rifle'team, led by in the revolve shoot during the in l It difficult at 100 and you 9t, thby fht talte tie,'dog'%
Spur Cola BS to take ovru after tra g in theMas. Lt. John. D. Counsehman, USM, individual went. Counselman. 200 ya.lU in setting up this comr- t hture foeem to
: pr C laudo Cee Balboa. early running, there .wa. no ed it-- brought home the bacon In the Morgan of the USMC iBermuda). parativeiy new course of fire. bbhlIthy they, wle him a bath
J .y: Claudio Cedeo va. questt. BlWue Man, turned it on SECOND GAME form of fotr trophy, Including Coms, fSouthwell of the they ex ne hia- elde"
y i L m r and vetly wore down his rivals. (Night-Ten Innings) the Challenge Tr y, front the H.M.S. Sheffield, all had perfect By uittiln the smallbore tar- T.h te Ha "iaO
Heaa Agenda Lam va. Spe- Philadelp'a 010 000 000 0-- 7 2 1952 Bermuda O mand Rifle scores of t Morgan of rmda get, and ghtly speeding up the. u t tlal
Y: eBalboav v. w ue U Chio 000001000 1-2 12- 0 Meet held at gWiWIc1 Bermu- won firs tlace while Counsel.- rapid fire s 1t match has trou .
an: Balboa vs. purcrowd $.20. 0, 2.4 Zoldak (0-3) and Tipton; Grs- da, on June 12 snd 13. man and Combstied for seco been ma te fbofaerably more o a tae 31% v.
Balboa Va. Agenda d$2.20. |som (4-3) and Lollar, M 0t (8). Theewinning team- consistedof The t plate competition rugged thfte 9 dard DCM A blood Ao t
rY Bal a t s, Par- A en '. ... "Counselman, M-h.T. o -bert-A.u went to thed5th Naval Distrhictcourse fre h The 100e-yard S i .M I.I '
S'NIGHT MNewton, Sgt. eorge Tucker, Cp iMarinerW Mt off in the fin- stages will b fired Saturday, has a t t I t
1 Sp --ial Tps 2 !Boston' 100 000000"-i 4 1 Prixon-C. Thainalts, F Charles ILagainst #eWCa(Bermuda) starting lat 10 &. I oe s ighter I nig heartwora k Ihe .
l ,. ud Cedef o moved up a l St. Louis 000 003 8O-3 5 0 Nemec, Jr., and net J team. In thirst shoots for this wilboe lowed. n, Courses of the tutandas
hi fl the s handing de feat-I lT M cD erm ott (4-4), B rodow ski C om bs. T hey had a score'o f 0 event,o t0I. ..M ri e f w. ll t en b .shots slow t h;ey take th ink ".
.ck .nocked... .... eCIa... t of the b deele set r 100-yard during the noti-nl W! ." _ela _;ed a *
S.., be- ... 6.), Scarborugh (8) andp ites; points. kno IdM the irplates. In sitting tart td ui by A1t
si itch Tr 8 gofCi 2 Ci 3) and Johnson. The Canal Zone Marines beatthe finals against the Guanta- smailbore tai ve, ed by 10 tY1 A*
S .. l l __ outtheU. S. MarineCorps teamnao Mari, the runner-up shots standig, m.Gshots rap- he's kept 0
S I G oT GAME (11 Innings)e from Guantanamo Bay Cuba, ad two p1ie lleft. d sitting, Usi tlo U 0 200-yard ntet
!.7he Ciaudio Cedef. o lads po- I Le New York.e 6 last year's winners who rroppeo T othwher tw9 thphies won by smaore taget t t4c 100-yard Tis lU i' purtotoeratri
I off Zan NATION LEAGU Detroit.............. 7 to second place this year wit 7 the Canal lone Marines, beside distance. The iatoaseveralvery 'N
o,. 3d R ohiso n tsn l essthan th e r o t Chaelpirophy nds, aforPets omithe for 10sh oter, wit h a froM w l egj boartijg bem els over
outthte losing. etmE.. Par- --ihnts less than the Can d Zonethe Chaeano i_' w 1th
-bomered for The victors, AU.H. 4INIGerT GAM lteam.r winCanadaesthOweredtheoeuckstanding start nflj"Vdift re" th -iMotu- 443
Ssall, stnre vcrss. .. 205 d ReWashington 102 010 0 the indvdual hoot ofthe and the 8nMp4oatng Trophies. loading om m4lltl inoto gt their oe-I T
l CedfBbsont_ _oi_ _..__ 2th 67n. or mnheI theindiviblshotthe1
Lc bo .. .r okman. ew Yorkt. .S leveland 200e0001 on-- r1- r open events Lt. Counselman ttook| _t_ 1 h .. .. -f, t tofth .T

5 d.2b.2 0 ...... 2 0 0; Aadamd u, Cincinnati ttwNoll. 2rdn3a (-5 rd p S bB w ae aw e tW t C ille-
ra ....... t 0 2,Clnp 1e 4 r ohedr t BritishtServicewcham i1, o a.m.. s arp w r
r. 3 0 2 ol a n B osok l yn 163 Po rters o onfield 5 o lan d a strp lac wih 1wps enietd H For those 'oto tnb l2 i tb diBatheYaSpo nteaicoaneaWillstbr
,s t..... ... 3 1 0 ; ,Siaughter,oS ..c i .o. 1 40 4 -It --- J In t he 1 senofCaut AsENhf, o tph eerv O ht dSoeola tV. t -
4f0 22man! -t. oues UNteam1made a h cteanswee tierason,:t heewllbi-
s., C o .. .. o of the board in all events except a. g isai30-yar d

? .......... 0 B13 Then .i ..... 21 MaletoVrnsBeot balnger Turner, U&w Torhr Iil 4f
K... 2, Pittcbirh .... .... Ale in an exciting finish 14-13. c iisrd (tob 1elafirpsA Sn t
.......4 0 1 wrey, Bs. ton. ... ..I E. SaInten scored three fReld ~share .rsoon, ae wed te -
pd..... r, .. 3 0e1o nrghee, t l 5 04_ -e-
ST 2 (Ai n Lae) is.athler at 548 points. By. the time s lte rt a

.....M. e, Cleveland .. .. .. .. 11 Grant who had tre feld goaln ines were t.ed wit th ttts e a15, e ut L o& rots bow ,.
.. .. ...T l h r0' 0ht. .Is Pl n r al or oh. inwano,- ,

,lb.. .... n ar......1 eri 0Plansy Th ts league i e being spon- the rf 'C 'f ,or the e : .I.
a ..k-em1a9ta3rbecauR of Brrra, New eat .i.o.n...... B r townd oParestRn dTanch, Dvsoan- costingh M rinfe a Tek w 10.. ,. 1 tiorw .-tk.
t nal ns poor how25g in his Joot, Phaelphia ...... 00.. of Schools, an her S ue m ourfn pons Thsvm rond B IY AS5 New1&. 5. K, Gc T wS-.SS
ffh, N Niemo nS LoTT 1r his ritsh rines weare invied aodemetc the .

EhSS overR.y......-... s-r. Rbn -.,sr egbyPysialat.on and "
-'snu.u n ean (National Leageureatoan ral ,l D sia of- l
._ to the head tSamer, ChIcage o .. ........ hools.
gsuu4o drop. 'homnNNw
rhtn apa.. Now lark-------)
Pa. chasm,- eM--g"M e a- ,.. .......6 Teot_ -a at. thd is a dW -
a e e nWATERTOWN, .y .W ()- of Atnories A m
eQp(A e League T Waae)s aD *6 ,o.,,_ m .. .. ... .. U.P the lowa, as te _a
iDe otwet 4 public 1; Wise 'T7 ed, o the
I .. .- rofofP. ..... The The .-buu ding, s.e -, -ow
-.,"'4 .. t 4per glig l weater- .
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L~hIR' a b~.
ii!" Iuhau~s4

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I & toethey b*"d no

i^ ^^ f ti ,ael I i g. o too
t it._...n -ii h a.g...t a rde t a s -% -
'ff? t ASlilldaN t Me go ois oit. S f t l&S a fe o thl '?S 88 h It
f tg 7A d t was taer" anan &a wi d
SDrro not Luroplodatookin bikto ke

,-a l .r '- I, o ther r 6 .ee Upd (,.. zW t t ut .i^
heh roXRe Mor, ts o tesr ."' oSEob o ,,,et o C hety Gn

li tha," yo catnuttoed. so me rMo t o e gv l'u1 b t5 r &e Da .i
.meas.nngtape"o hve to e w llputncedA wA n O ,= 9o NO Iv

n w PlM toi t h is tite he ,.
i n -a oaswa te t.goB- 5-
16ra a sett hab b W ae.d l eti .511W where e aaa -g 01 1 d ff *
S. a I a. gat"M-*isClaear .i, A" .. .,

a rw Pd. A11e hon.e o p A1 ja oht.

Dustrr-&.h0 omu Del .sp24e"~"no f',.igh

owlot"nnghime410,"tsS .Whis on- r I"u qu .vo tow lbl

S-" ,*li.-,- ar .f --
'redo un r pmnted Wth. w ser Wadr

e e ee Mbet a ll e theh* Uise, wlIin.Iawu
315*7-S ._ ,,.,._,,.0""' h"e-ded lat .lii r
^9B isy I" y o hsi Idi oner e 1 a _
I ill _iiishort om paRedtIIo tor60e $78eas- a newu, iI foer the he o"a au.

iii the Isg the tBte bet 1i^' e Hubstede and tuds 3 SMS thiar vs 3
hardlyonou ti ie u o ,utr
on oP, ,,0, .asbabnlyath.eion ly:-other-. .....

se of th.Iilf- b d .t .g h. map.h aew e ki .l mid ru neto pu
be a goodqliuui"? .reir own Alld soth icfipatnown'hel"U0. ,,.AIN
roughil R Smp.h hr "t lngIII ftSwe S0,-up *af.s ,
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illto Ame rhm ]Moud Wgi..=awille w offlin
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m~iiner reaxd nd ur dt~A M n W.00 aam EN or
..-:. _l! IPM Of $, th...,e.. :M. -o -he m- 11i ....,. .

---r ao elm t---.=-now
P_ Toga JU, vi an-evr the-_de i"dl,-.e" -e o "ss.- a re"ord"-. his b: h.aave II..of. ,,,bl,..,.;.,n

Como ,. p. ... .. "m i
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~: ~~3AM& AOeg~SI ~ ~ c -~
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h.', .



f-. Mivaio

** ... i".-

I ..

r.. s.- .:--"


eoraia Sheriff

Feces Negro

Peonage'Charge ,R U

AMERICUS, Ga., Jun 18 UP, "Let the people knoew t#bi rw an! tfhe country afe" i
-Dooly County Sheriff John I .
'okes and a special deputy, Ed- rWENTY-SEVr*l Ta YEAR PANAt&A, R. P.. WEDNESDAY, SwlIS, S195f V C N
ward T. Chancey, denied in Fed- -. -. ,,, ........
eral court today that they ar-
rested two Negroes illegally and t
fbrcod them into involuntary
The two men took the stand in feel Strike Starts
their own behalf as the defense
A -ihird de .ndant. Frank B.,
Calhmun, made similar denials
of the peonage charges In testi-
The government accused the
three of conspiring to arrest
the Negroes. Theodls Blue and DETROIT. June 18 (UP-The been making iniona of 3.5- T .po Products Inc., Cleveland, &tr aircraft firnnmis not
A.G.Red Cross, onfalsecharg- steel strike threatened the na- inch bazooka su. will stop tomorrow. i immediate sahutgow*
Aes ad foremsg them to work tion's arms programs today as Oldsmobile a calling a halt to The company "scraped up ma- turned that aembly b
agiat their will on Calhoun's key defense plants began run- rocket production June 23, while trials" to keep its lines going R nes, bombers and trani-
a t eir w on ou ing out of vital metal. Ford said it expected to be able only another day. ships will be hft drasti-
far Producers of bazooka rock- to operate two days longer. Another threat to defense pro- *l It the strike conttinues a-
C4W g arguments in the eta, mortar shells and Army The third firm granted a rock- duction came from Cleveland, .0r two weeks.
peo e trial will be heard to- trucks announced that the na- et-building contract by the Ord- where Lincoln Electric announc- iVen if the strike Is settled
mor tionwide steel shutdown will nance Corps, Evans Products of ed t would start curtailing pro- r tly, a "hangover" reaction
F6 es denied there was any- force their booming assembly Plymouth, Mich., was expected to duction of electrodes next week. und to interrupt Army,
thing "Irregular" in his deputiz- lines to a standstill by next stay in production another 60 Electrodes are essential for vy and Air Force production
ing Chancey to go to Detroit to week. days. fabricatito of steel In hundredia 4eB4ules for many weeks, just
arresteBlueC for m Co paniesn ithbillionskof' production -ofmoartar shells at of wasplants, will affect outt of auto-
He saidBlue was wanted for ls icontrctsfo anks ia ..and other cvllap goods
ab -donr.'nt I guns and planes, also faced plant
e alo stated C ross was pro- osings If the 16-day-old strike Brewster
pert arrested forsa whisky viola- is not settled soon. n r

was Informed of his constitution- quarter ton troop and cargo car-
al rights by a judge at an extra- rylng truck June 25. idling 4,500
edition hearing in Detroit follow- at its Detroit Dodge plant be-.
ing his arrest and agreed to cause of a shortage of steel for
waive extradition. wheels.
Chance said Cross was ar- Ford Mot6r Co. and General 'TLAND, Me., June 18i-
rested and returned to Sheriff motors Oldsmobile division are -Republican Sen. Owen g
Fokes because the Negro was running dry on seamless t eel er, ardent Taft supporter t
wanted on a whisky charg-. tubing from which they have veteran of 30 years in po-
H said he found Cross cutting I office, last night philo-
woo on a farm and that the call accepted his efeatA
Negro "raised his ex" when told Jm b u Ilk renomination by Gov. Fre- 6
he was to be arrested. IMIhl.l 1 G0. Payne, an active Elsen-
Chancey said he hit the Negro backer.=
on thn head one time with his irfl uII f ep
pistol and that Calhoun and VV VU guess I'll be spending a lot
Calhoun's son Rodney, who will time tr natowuoe and conature's-
be tried later, then made the ar- From (016n Firms" said Brewster at his Dex- P
rest. Home 'where he learned he
Cross had testified earlier that been ousted from his Ben-
Chancey pistol-whipped him and Donations for the Atlantic seat I* Payhe, ati Army R
that he was I-eld by Fokes for Side celebration of the Fourth water's son. w
several days without being in- of July will be a-cepted only IL
formed of the charges against from "Americans and/or corn- With only ai iunsattered n
fomed ofmercial firms located In the
him. Canal Zone." the Atlantic Side pretcets uncounted in this n
He said he was then return- 4th of July Committee announ-statt's primly Monday Payne
ed to Calhoun's farm which he ced today had about a 3,000 vote n er
had previously left after quit- The committee said in the taterlh rand taunch sup- e
ting work there. last several weeks it has been o nd ota f fr C
Chancey also denied Cross' forced to send back voluntary Robert A. Taft for
testimony that Chancey and an- contributions from Panamanian Reibllcan presidential no- (
other of Calhoun's sons. Royce. business firms in Col6n with r
"k Cross Into a wooded area inregr ets. rtr
&1eemLmr. 1950 and threatened The committee said the policy t who variously har been Ao
to beat him, was decided upon by thq corn- manager, garage own-
m, ...... mittee as a matter of civic tr',accotmntant, mayor of Augusta, to
.. .pride. Ind an Army lieutenlant-colonel, ei
Col6n merchants have re- t2oeved 69,355 votes to Brew- e
sponded more than generously aster' 6' 12 from 619 of the m
l In every appeal for funds state's S62 precincts.b
throughout the year. the corn- "I feel much better now," B
mittee stated. It is felt that Payne said as he prepared to su
this year's Independence Day get mine sleep. a
celebr:1ton will be amply sup- Republion nomination is4
ported by th A merican public tantltmount to election in Maine
a on the Atlantic Side. where no Democrat has been
---- Families are asked to con- I elected to a major office in 18
Tribute S2. Tickets are available DR. LAWRENCE JOWNSOW, Superintendent t" Zone years.
V1 from all Canal division heads Schools, displaying an exerd le of polychrome lt'of the
ant dat every Canal Zone and Cocle Indian civilis-tion. 'Dr Johnson gave a .ft nthe The 'Urewster-Payne cam-
A looking gloss shows youri de-r Side.eAtlantc Codcle civilization at the Fort Clayton Army H C. Z., an one of the scrappiest over
fctstoyourself-owineoss re- Ticket sales are bein hand- lat night. held in Mlaine, started out when
veols them to everybody else, led by Jos. Smith, Tel. 3-2310. a A-& .- _.j- Br.-

a, nid the secret of her chum is Odo-Ro-No. Don't let
offending underarm odour spoil your natural freshness. Your
bath tempqmily washes away unpleasant perspiration odour,
but it will not give you the lasting protection you can rely on.
Odo-Ro-No safely stops perspiration and
odour for a full 24 hours.
0 Odo-Ro-No stays creamy longer-never gets
gritty even in open jar.
No deodorant cream so hanmlm to fabrics
as* Odo-Ro No.
No deodorant cream s gentler to en
Maustive kin, and it s so esy so use.
If prtf.r ek fW doam .
&k for Odo-R.-No L *iai


4'I" Si.mi. W .'7e "
I- II^J^BH* ^*h~klu *--U1




machetes, ete shown here celebra t
Bias, to Cero Azul, near the Toe i
Azul farm Of professor Max Aroselimt-
nama. An arrow pointe to the t* i b

San Bias Iw

From Mandl
A group of Ban Bias Indians Blai t
ua~ny mlght finished blazing a Tli'I
rail which will serve as a basis th)Ie
ot a projetted highway between fomred1
Mandinga In San Blas and Cerro the raw
tul in the bills of the province and mdr
f Panama. They I
Two groups tof Indians, which the legs
t'oa.ft;*aM4 dInga and Cet- -,_
o Azul blazed their way through
nake-infesta.d virgin forests
nd over mountains, met at a
point approximately halfway be-
ween the two points Sunday.
One gioup, led by Marcelino
Rodrigues, a San Blas Indian,
rhieh left Mandings on May 2,
rrivad st Crro Azul Sunday
eight In this group were nine
men from the different San Bias
The other group, which left
'erro Asul apprqxtmately the
name day was headed by BalMa
Indian chef) Pipl and Dr. Qul-
bibi with JosW Barranco and
ntonio Burgos as translators.
After the two groups met they |
ok time out to celebrate the
rent on a Cerro Azul farm own-
d by Professor Max Arosemena,
manager of the Panama Reha-
litfatton and Urbaniz a t ion
ank, who is one of the foremost
ippoters of the plan to build
road for traffic between Ban


Judges Bench .

An American doctor was plac-

ravur uo -urt o ru rBien, ann ed on one y baton an
Payne caime oat for Gen. Dwight given a un eence to-
:D Eisenhower, day during the a xag sessions
Brewste Whose political career at the iQbon L iiwate's Court
CZ Schools H d Gives T il began 'i 1017 when he was for parking v1an six in-
,' elected t the Maine legislature cheafrom the c e is Hom.
On Culture if Code Iedian "in-serLeve eos 26, who
-terested' n Republican politics, Is on the Gor spta taff.
Two tresupomo we found
"I naturally shall still be in- guiAplyt hi Wmn $.
o terested n Republican suc- and his companion. Mariu o Al
The early civilization' of one floods: two, a second group, not ea one Ia n hi eecomre berto Nufiers. 17,. wi, placed a i
oPn- srIng electios-which Ie are one year's pizabs'oba and his
of Panm's pre-histr'c groups uas skillful as the former, which tremendously important for the $10 fine war s s added. th
-the Coce Indians was the was also driven out; and, three, pro per nd peace of the Panare RsELA who20
topic of san illustrated lecture the most recent group, wbich worldd" bee. foun trePamlpass h i oteO
given last night by Dr. Law- was in the area when te Span.. h s found treaai, the Tivol
rence Johnson. Superintendent ish conquistadores descended on Am.Serm, .s-,. -n
of Canal Zone Schools, at the the Isthmus In the sixteenth Stn A bas *wrtv, .R _- 1
Fort Clayton Army Hospital, century. soi 'I
C. Z. Displaying pottery and jewel- The Socety tar the Preserva- aslitg acadt
This was the first of a ten- ry fashioned by thie Cole lIn- lion ad fcourwagement of Bar- soiowlMg
tative series of monthly lectures dians, Dr. Johnson emphasied ber .Mop Qartet Singing ing I on La Only
to familiarize members of the their amazing ability t-e work Ameria meet tonight at 8 ld ti olved.
Army with interesting aspects gold and copper.. at the aregi meetingg place. f almfuag fight of
of Panama. e said that although B9ttle TUe Z maethi will start with way. a -y.r cor-
Dr. Johnson, a -Cmana Zone w kno wn about the Coad6 re. borf e'Rwid all members peral -:MW td nd.
resident since I ,. was w U i n. I was probably based are urgd toi present. "e ju tea
qualifiedto talk on. the s on the elements: r:. -, n"" i, at y who
Ject since he soM some ttM w .ind, etc., much IO -hat of.r;l f-. drivlmangsaweon
with .scentlat a 1mmn arvu the Aztecs and the May. Girls For Ingrid earrler on-Disabt RGS wHB he
University's Peab fly Musem t 'e hour-lon s ecture, which f aied to yld Io co m-
who were making i cavations hI started at 7:30 pjn., closed after RBOM S.e IS (UP) Twin g inn f lao n Roosevlt fu.
dians. He ilnustrated the lecture -tience. man bere ta l. caed both 0 -,
with a film taken at the ex- .. : '.
cavation site. as wall as by dl- .
playing examples of pottery, lma- '
plements and jewelry lahlonad taJt --T
by the Indians. B eared Bols ev ks Secret ut*
After pointing out the a '
where the On Ortinated -
onw WS -Soviet Razor lades W p't Cut
norae, which In swnt 10 406I
west of Panami --Dr.-Job."
launched te nea with A HIN O lip .1 /d that ~m s could use t e1-
Shair-ra* t f te -For a country a of raser M toyes for their tWe M
burial *E E ilho touk being a workers 'paiBllV, children a lesar of their
place. at 1he death f tA Mbt la seems to be h,- a ban- elaf
He diesrl jow. m hen. the Al amount of .es u- At abat MI& the Soviet t .
Chies ldet-%l *11 wse f-des. aerm g er was m e
drunk with alcobehe l havg 'ag anotbr pipe..l
and how they wer Indlcatons. that We I n thei la'reeaiw
tw. Into thee t They wese _oviet a 'o. is v aRUf t, s aR H It b t MM ftW tR are -ew
then butled dive w ith tidr Maut. sLeWS ba d sW ta s- ai nn .A41 "1br quality and
dead husbands. ed R old 'be are W ftnu
Dr. Johnm W'd that the with increasing .I n the city o
earth strasU&a the Fi.tef reveaiIom C unnat a p am t". **h"s dlt R
thre disftec dc9 iamto: aole. nanazinest. dial... A~a .

heart sho .%ot

bt Indiana.

HTo Cerro A
eaC them a i meN
ek the eaj The grou

r es t-ow etra:

, -
-..A:' .- -. i

[- ., -. '1:'

4. -
"'' -


'.'~ ;

if- f *r
t. .

=1 UW-61m -VIEC I

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