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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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Th. MsftH os is te open te m to H roedls of Thef Penes Amer-
L. LuMe a.e reived gre.ult end are h bdled is whollv con-
Uen ctribu ta f t dant d o n ibpeft ia N dws n'* ppemp, the
f *t Lwen amr MPeAlWed ia i b* o r&#eives.
Plhong ry fe keasb lh Malu Umitedlt o e Pvas legth.
Ideaffm of1 @er witrsS 0MIdM in trtlt coitiCmece.
h mewmpper emeos ma e aspnaibllitv ie sttetments o opnsImI
tfMod In letters from moodem.

We made a special trip on the first of the month to in-
put the construction of the Falcon Dam across the Rio Gran-
IS miles south of Laredo, Texas.
It Is an international project shared equally by Mexico and
United States for the purpose of conserving the waters of
Rlio Grande for electric power and irrigation in both coun-
Work on the $44,000,000 project got under way in 1951, and
date is 67 per cent complete.
It is somewhat like the Gatun dam, but has two spillways
stead of one, with power plants on both sides of the river.
The concrete part of the dam reaches 150 feet above the
er bed. The earth part of the dam is near seven miles long
Each side of the concrete. These earth portions have a 1000
.base, a 45 ft. crown and will be used for an international
Three 10,800 kilowatt will be installed in each power plant.
ad the backwaters will reach almost to Laredo, covering the
pnsite of Zapata (pop. 3000) six feet under water.
Zapata will be moved, as is, four miles further north.
Water will be turned into the Mexican-side power plant in
November, then the slow rise of the water will begin in the
iSome flow must be maintained in the Rio Grande south of
e dain, so the lake will be filled with the flood waters that
BMallv come with the melting of the snow in Colorado and New
lco mountains, and may take two or three years to fill.
Before making the Falcon Dam trip we visited Brownsville,
bs, and Matamoris, Mexico, a town that In six short years
Jumped from a mud village of 20,000 people to an up-to-
city of 60.000. with modern business buildings and homes.
this has been done on cotton raising.
Following up the Rio Grande we went through the magic,
trigatod valley from which cotton, melons and vegetables move
ut in 'ralnoads, but we missed seeing thle citrus fruit*, Which
feg kJeb off by a freeze In January, 1951, and have not re-
Ued 'production. save In a few cases.
We saw little but cotton in the upper valley, towards La-
1o. \
Laredo fa overflowing with Mexico-bound tourist traffic. It
hard. to git accommodation, and they stick you the limit.
Wfr.tued from Laredo through the oil ad gas belt. It
iLImp to -describe the change slade I last saw this arqa.
I HTtay we paralleled-the track of the old T Wa's-
K y which I rode on whea it only ran one tijted
I a .pa lenger train daily between Corpus Cristi and
.-aOhd 'took 12 ours to Make the trip.
Sow they haul only freight, doing more business than ever
ire and covering the distance in half the time.
tJot a town of 1000 people on the line, but plenty of 10.000
_1ettcr, s.'llh nice. up-to-date homes, well paved streets, and
lBld SuoUles stacked high where only a few long horned
a few yenrs ago.
Sa ieIW ed dtops n most parts, and prospects for a
il, p worti v4ri better. .L.
,d. r W. J. "ep" Wright.

t a pleasure it has been the last two months to come
tio Locona from work and sit around smelling the fresh
Swings that blow over the burning Navy dump yard be-
mile one and mile two and a half.
milally at mealtimes that wonderful stink 'like a tan-
ry on fire) drifting over a steak dinner really makes
wonder.. bow long It.will last. Not that I care, because I
for quarters at Curundu last week, and luckily can move
aF e r d in a n d t h e B u ll.

r several months the newspapers have said and reiterat-
an Army officer may not participate actively In politics
oee was a General of the Army who had served his
so well on two occasions, that a great demand came
to be the candidate of the Republican Party for Presi-
the United States.,
g the laws of his country and the obligations of his
this general would do not a thing till he had separat-
i f from the Army and from the Government pay roll.
ath entered the campaign by making a speech, and be-
avowed candidate for the nomination by his party.
ie is another General of the Army, enjoying the rank.
and pay of such position.
name is found among those asking for the nomination.
uncement says he has been chosen to make the "Key-
I' .eech at the coming convention.
S Is not a case of an Army officer taking an active
politics. I do not know my English.
-WOuld seem that these conditions- may serve as a safe
by which to compare the character of the two men.


By Galbraith

more heartwarming -
ment to report?
It's a little rough he
there, but right now tit 1
of ours is a wonLerfl Ml
Into which to graduate.
Prosperity for O1W epai
babies may they never fl0k
Into an era such as tame dq
du wng Wkich they f at 04


By Victor Riesel

To steal a phrase from a
radio colleague, there's good
news In Washington today -
for a change.
Special surveys have just
been completed by those gov-
ernment experts who stay on,
decade after decade, regardless
of who is in the White House
and these anonymous ex-
perts find that there is no sign
of a depression or a recession
or even a dip in the bubbling
defense economy in the "fore-
seeable future."
Theyi are ready to predict
fobs for nearly everybody -
old jobs and new ones creat-
ed by an upsurge in scientific
plan:itng which projects sky
I platforms and space propul-
I sion. Suddenly the Depart-
iment of Labor is
thousand, of "earth scient-
ists" and "oceannographers"
for ocean bottom ezploratibn
to f/;/l needs in war and peace
until 1960.
No weird television fiction is
this. It reflects merely the
I corcs of relatIvely new occu-
patlon' open to the college grad,
class oi '52.
His bachelor's degree is
enough almost to guarantee
him up to $100 a week in dozens
of Hteiws, old and new, as long
as he h3s some specialty.
Inside the small circle of ex-
perts who watch these pheno-
mena. they see a steady, not
spectacular, permanent rise in
They report a new record set
in employment each month as
heavy industry is expanded first
for defense work( at least $18,-
000,000,000 will be spent in the
next few weeks by the military)
and later for vast civilian pro-
S'1temployment, which fright-
ened labor leaders and business
men in the concentrated fac-
tory centers such as Detroit, is
lower. And it will edge further
downward In coming months.
Much of this is due to the
fact that despite incidents
abroad and the "policing"
thing in Korea, tension has
eased among the government's
international policy n.wkers.
Whether this is justified or
desperate wishful thinking,
It for the moment not vital
here Point is that the gov-
ernment is proceeding as
though there were no urgen-
cy in the 'emergency."
Recently. for example, the
White House lifted out of a
guarded stockpile 22,000 ton f
copper, which has been th imoh t
sensitively scarce supply area
since the night of Juqe 251
1960. This tonnage was shippeI
into the industrial areas of
Connecticut where thousands
have been jobless for lack of
Now, the CIO and AFL unions
there expect their' mten to be
recalled, not only Tor produc-
tion of cartridge cases In the
Idle plants, but rods, radio
equipment and other civilian
The heavy unemployment In
Detroit, which caused Walter
Reuther to call a mobilization
of his regional leaders in Wash-
ington Just a few months ago,
has eased to such an extent
that the auto city Is now off
the government's "critical" list.
But this prosperity doesn't
just spring from the strange
byways of the war such as
standby camps, new rallheads,
building of access roads and es-
cape highways in preparation
for an atomic attack. The gov-
ernment reports wide openings
for the average working guy
and the white collar people.
There is, for example, a heavy
demand not only lor certified
public accountants, but qualified
bookkeepers and accountants as
well, because of the complex
tax systems, the growing need
for accounting servlce.t.-a gov-
ernment now spending billHone
each month, and the destam of
businessmen to maintain lenD"
tifie production control systems
needed to match the lephan-
t iasis resulting from k3Oge gov-
ernment orders.
The greatest number of s mh
I openings Is in the big industrial
centers such as New ork Mand
Chicago. This is true tAr ne
lawyers as well, ep .e
tax, patent and a,
I've seen lists of raquats for
men to fill immediate 2eed1
and was startled by the a(G03
absorptive capacity of t he
country in any field.
Physicians, dentists, wmras
physicteal therapists. S
tional therapists. meMdio-
oratory technician. l ir-
macists, public he gh Ur4
tionists, dietitians. usgwiSW
tana, physicists, obheSab, "-,
thematlcians, btoiaftaaj f
agricultural acienkm, "35.
logists. geophysiciflt tg,
graphers. meteoroloebi, s-
I cial workers, te Ufg LU
engineers they'll hg- 0
problem. What ouM he i

[L *r-

9. the one

b say athe tll

of the meam MaM 6
eMpublUcadu" eM -
the state DImme li
mmut watt* ak .
hcae at i

-... ,- .. .' .- .


*' i^i^"

The personal talk with Preaidhit Truman
Carver easter this mpopth pleasamt4t InOt
Kefauver told TOm Baa
ptate of the Dewoatic Party d the
talked for about 20 minutes on part matters w
aska g b u varioug .l. 1,
re~mark5M, I V1 -, i' L :
Ketauver then said he Mop6d the IrtMe i
part In the prenomlnatton fight, and nman
would not,. A

uAWl; !tT OW-mm n,.,'-* .',

to Be te

to Mn to check o Na'n mm

bSu ter s tfuro u h soo he)%tUsithI ^
tho.l eenay th diM't aW kA*to the to d P ,

around to IsA twh cinoSeU '.
him bounSe ofDefense LoveZ *ya'b

calling for 10 oup rOidrs. At a clad e
nemmren bt mo Ma, KImbam not mmi..
but said he hdn&t asked for enough -an.:y_
ber shouMlbeo6bled.00
Southern Delegates The raft .
deal recexUWy11admdn'tlget into the
In Birm am, Curtis Adklns, 1 __
man, for 2senhower. shook hands on a _TSj
Hotel ia nirmingham, to ofplt AI1WmlJl-i..
for Taft and two for Ike. '6

Kaje jasad Punishment ,- __ .... UH
Ke~e Isla Ld geea .... e:'m -

oftated to col e.g Th e ....
movee be tai Ko Island fisois Id

le, the -o-u --A lkaf Is at
aotoraenhaod U
40ir ONolMBA dt

^spt& daoMt the oCn
ad -form but teay

NEW YORK. It seems to me that one thing candidates for the most important Job In tM
should be made clear, this year, before person- world.
alities get Involved. That is a complete, public, The Presidency, as every man knows, Is a kill-
and honest physical check on the health of the lng task. When you elect a President, the man you
candidates involved for the Presidency, once really have to keep the eye oh Is hiss auessor.
they've been duly nominated. ;n some respects the Preqident 1 less Important
Franklin D. Roosevelt Twas a dying man whbn than the VIe-President, who Is the relief pitcher.
he assumed the obligation of running for office Nobody will tty that In their late years. John-
in 1944. It was generally known around the con- ny Murphy WU more important than Lefty Go-
vention that whoever stood with him for Vice- mB, because Orandma had to finish what the
President was a cinch to boss the nation ere very Goof started. I
long. There seems to have bean a reticence about
This, I believe, accounted for the Insistence on checking the pulse of promit4eslten ., and as
the removal of Henry Wallace. the Nature "oy of ttlhg called "bad taste" In stM g w Sat man
our time, and the substitution of Harry Truman. looks real sick when he does loo3 real sick. It Is
Truman was no great gift to the world, but he important to the public to hear thkt a man looks
was not such a guy as wou.d give us all away to weak and weary, if weak aZ.4 Wsa'y the man ap-.
the plans on dQm ,D4 sI,"P I ..
You -cskubuy youtsel. & 'of caieIh
sit back and think about oufcdfnon pign t had sibl help o9 3elU 4 in hthitffthecanOi
Brother Wallace, the hon'acticat visionary, In- dates In the IM kdctB I tiunIelvesa to
herited the scepter In the spring of 1945. a public phy examlmati M if We state of
The chances are we might today have been a their heart. thor digeotlon, tUt biml pressure,
suburb of Moscow. because Henry's capacity for their lang capacity be mad ki to the voter.
irresponsibility has been admitted, later even by .I would not suggest here Uhat tb .tame me l-
Henry ability has been admitted, later, even try medios be allowed m authorities In the
The thing I'm saying is this: Ike looks hale, .checkup.
and so does Bob Taft, and so do all the other From what I know of nat military medicos,
contestants, but yoq don't really know. they listen to what the man t s and report ac-
They just carved a cancer out of Gen. Hoyt cordingly. This, s bramss obeil ram.
Vandenberg. and Van looked as hearty as a man- it would seem to me WnUt sma t candidate
should like to look on his Nth birthday. *uld go to tine of the a eincs. oan the
Whem you buy a horse you check his teeth for eve of campaign, and IEt t.Id.woor 'the Hop.
age and your peer around for traces of the kings or the Lovelace boys tapthi reflexes and
glanders and spavin. listen to his ticker and Pr fWtedl Innards.
They make you pass a physical to be a prlva1e and then make the whole t.i c dMl, t
In the Army. i. We demand a lot of things ROm ear ckdldates
When you buy a slab of real estate you g .-.4hetir views on this, their 096gm ltV that.
special lawyers to check titles and preen over th up to now we have tSMn a .t insure
old landmarks. .lkeihOOd that the objects of or ptle* l af-
They slap a special brand on the steak you buy fmon are sound In wind Md Rob, which is a
and a special grade on the milk you drink, and. besto-precautits we would t e It et out to
by gelly. thi time I wash nb o gtential Invalids as' f cow.

The Ingalls Phony

By Joseph aM Stewart Aop

WASI .ON,. --avinkg steam rollered the vote In the state Democratic primary as re ly
huge pro-Etsenhower najortues in Texas and as n 50. So did P. P. Luse, the DUlas ambe eof
other other s the oamipagn strat-istsat the State Executive Committee. who hbld ,t
aSen. Roert A..Tft am' m r__ng to legti.time nullity the Elnihower majority, and rg tdo
this fet at CiaW o. _-_Inie. a Mgreat Outcry Texas state convention for Taft.
Is betow.11iG8sett the Sn9tbsi SiOS and wo- So did almost a son ore ot= iw
amen who taud r Oemal 4 the Army DW .Taft adherents who wt t
D. 0 h"wWoWere not' e L5 lputtlcan. Ipubcan" representat~lV of
Z.b ajw sting to bmuMt thetts for "seal rigged state conv n.i
RpamUNan e" P d ty Sea. Tat' national Thompson and theater t-W
,aWWO Imanaerg, DavMftt on Ingalls. Ingalls Cha.
nhaot red the TTuam steam-roller by produc- Affidavits show that U ,Nl
lIg an inm in the "Dals Tim tendencies of the Daulla!. ^ tF-
aUm m the epUfbcania precinct meetings cans" are typical of rI 5 ,
that wae tM Eenhaower people their Texan out Texas.
t .e'aft Worth. for e 07s 5'?
T a'dvertia ent Inviteid pro-Esenhower De- lCaI" seated in the
morta to attend the Republican precinct meet- tion. Of these, no letap
g eia tOhe pledge o loyal a PHcan alle- cryptos, who registered fr ]
S; and vote for their man. Ts wa, as It urinmares two years ag ,' l'i-the legal way of electing delL.tes to DOi did. .
ur20 oan county and state conventions in AM that the Taft ta
7r gsw asiputed t fet that the pro- Deorats to n t S
r ma arttfia intee county and state vo la thebt
were ho t amcordng toe the law aade o u em ittt uniA
lesg although te pro.wTn state or- edh tta ttvitMn Wp T i. -
iafranohlsed thei A~. -further that .-A
defense Wf this diframchlmntof were amlnmous in a .hi the pm *
In -0 a prrtn on a sun a the beu.dof wA de
a pathe t. A w aty m JtI a their st1te, until t e ft
ad ~ -pitlmt f .wk. bno fWg

ITaft pis ftf.t. Mb IE
in-theMr .: -I

9a9 Texas p W i -- u a

TI- :3 :iI-, .'.... .-

-6 b .-

-. ~-.-~: .

il .
.- -.. +. fi

t" ;*. sabor Nw

,t P 0n. P 0 *o, .s4 *ft.4A. -o And

Tp e 2 ,I N .LTwIy *12 .N I13 STRoETS
iLec~i* l



*- .4

k gM who wants
* lmd ta taetrip
gilllis e?. *

htam api. Th'uEin

~-', -
... ....... .... ..

Political Wind, And Limb

et V

-. .* -"w
S"i th il.

rfr inb s r e itf ,
ht Truma

t gaithen s o

Tt better of I i
M --

sI II 51 ur ne te mt mm'er erne sob .... -. :.

S. ate ~nawa~ ~.Mfry a end, r O Mat .Ge'en,
" sn fl!ie ed _rto geare ontho WON
a a eistr ect M n took SiM'

J. w -

. I


________________________ -~ -

'C. WC2

.lau. : .. o th bir Gal. -y tomorrow. D.rl ad F .air
Ot t P xr ew h wd- *e -erid teTrmea Tomde Itpt n w de Me

a sthtS-StM^Sna A %Si i~n. Utoh %MeI. wiU M.D. wardi comAmJn goal Cndwith Co-wi ""tnay tn bthe onl w hat he hs a hhe e reler fo ahet *
fS'r~eae ie* In Boulel aid h Pry.e f ull Me prsidentiae Ba epedrhed u e"
n .. A t h e ot_ f a toa0 heo mh ao e w oth e _e fwg pare .
Me alae ate f --00te ureMr. femesoldehim the lfa drb
-e eetfder-ona retdTe- e Tisaid athe President repliead
bld a1 o f* 910iA o1 f "Morg n th d, M tle fk 4 4 I1 !
UIoo+lenvon vMoe movedd 'Ph@ Praffest esM as "s. Canal

owith wt te acueorl. men dtnee I n 3 CIco del Ma retM f -ven m ana lMwd i na l ta
orchid o a. t and n ero them f their -runnlg Sen. ae wor he Thirty-

MIS. Iftbo wa graduated from friends. ,]T oritofn Lane of S hrhe 410 baa IdZa o w True, there ar ehlrn" ow uiltakee: mi you woM a to be
-h--or of 0O Stamt Si bou. MIS lates:b lt :United e aPress d ptabu- peees meoov se -
S# al.l tybold.i ve l. showedantetrwithofANthehe. x?
Ge/g .lo id -Keylm bAnbnl with
,.-, .ht- o.. t wr a aa --W arrian 0% nearly an While Hariman retuo oto' soa e

d re. pon In the 0Wtb a. froNe L Art.C con Ader this an andot Mn
atawt I W p.m.a lnaw asThed-c on ole- l Isexpre l t g eo hiscan ddacy by Mr. Tru- Pa-
n^ jt yfOnt ed a '' another 28 votes today man, the ald that, speaking e n-,
rotw te s a hSarlett 8 his frlUM waw ru tbr rat-stale's Dealar* tre)? for himself: In the three

d11t.v 1 w d osyn 1 d t acoention. y one who has tash A th
Aordaa BTee ut T lr ot an. "Me- A .yaia16rs. s" pps states Rights me ot fo rOn.allOfthe
l-ed "f~a t AAO Ai aft eernoon of*u*r l f aDmo toWill name 14 d- e es in u t of the Nwi
that an a Ifthbirtiday. --- -0 --8 .lgto by tomorrow. Dal sand Faireach at

SMr. Truman h made it plain d t

Mr.^ efteathf.HorgI4 lVing a audte i t oriumI eal asidthy9 e hasaighegrfo
M n.- I.q Ollber W Asing of n olf co hn or .in ts Ind el n w w ch to D Takers t a r1 1Whig t esa id h f te senthonC
a d r Meri. n1le e r, who are -eshll eheie' rt n id he told M, Harrmn and Xefaver nt
i 0gL i e.. r le.aas M r nt ited 8r atteis bis f arles dlnunde-swtnn g. Wr nt Walk out of theblecfpagn--ng oneofthe mocra tic cal da
brie r! a Inhto(Bu.s- A a .aenofIhu.Usk y .eharAS _it.did I on 190e New,, aplA here in a bid for th Dig- +
ran ty Ealb_ a shortyOUsitrWitheu anoeou ad01

her fl a gliAhetaM that. "wR hadh re- BM NoaomldWiPkln Wl Have Oilly Sp9rt0s fo15t | Fk A Dea p p A of l &T s i D ^
^tabl!hi neb Loufise MoCmth, pa nned a o tiday leaf l nort Smn torernvention ee se-^ I
e.8 ,-d tha abdee t of Mf. nd rJueh l d- 141e NaomI Wten, who aab only ow teles of theS l-
-fr -e iI- h|wh, was mhrestened. Her Camp Hood T a fo-.......
0 t be ar Mad ewosphaputei hwLardotis lr
ua ,,r votes. to w ear ties
ilon. i- ".+Aala t ,01sQtr. Atnorl of Mrs J ohn n D tenb, M w 1 i 40 .A-must"...k "-only. Nd wwhtI Sholdren are grows if tare.

bib Utu choose. CANVAS FOLDING CHAIRS ---. .-n- -fay
Stl Mrs. -LbI T. roois NewA MODrA AMeRCndAaA 3 PIECE RATTAN SET (Sofa n mknends with C
FoRfrTE DH.n h thi t underplays the |aint- sps, I in A IeS that. y r ad-
nfd in oft 4."in we re Mri s H r ldnFri endster 8 gt harid Mrs. Al b th Gi and h n t, y i a endfn bem s troIng on a frenship basis into he p r u
namr (t w" MO- yR ipAD NETdTE ET wS -erb .v son and ge t. Pledre er'N ompny eie stead, a really ture frendh.
taiut W s MSaMrs. Sath at their i rTMeass or bmfnder? LtA ns and Mrs. sal children aregl
cut ofw rd a -f o r n s.enIng Msiter fo l Mrs.Al berth01b-bn h a.heil de of ....w .nd... i, .,ill. hr r Ur own isItakesb n you We a
.p* M Mc rath at thoir resDt. Om a. Lt Evans an d r.4sb n .bilo anA l ..e s.Iyo a" nfitoef a-

possibilty.St-a sfalren .... o..eal... .ftparents they ,

,cid f r e r,-tlatives and nu meowu spo 4) O f rs Wives o1 div o rce to m -- l ... ...... -,r,,,-. ,
Mrs. tll wlgdda eover oIrn .fob held It. bO/ aMaeset& ..n"-"--". .... anywi y. T rue t teach r hmere 40 wrlis to u 1e h M a 11cl-
Mr o er L a ne of 8 to th Iwha at ahea" i-a. -i've whoA a, -I their-....-p.,,.,-+but .ii Ifeel Assured

Chiriqui Imam Olean spansry Vanp raoe ofthe t y t a m ,oh e -
ln mitt n Fro warren add the oy'other s 4 1 M r obrt a stedat 'a l W-o

an q .l.t il 5 S.. all active members and0t it ,

MI Ia fe oleO .-r00ed Cbc syen ce
+to .I y. with our
r a .. ottlla.t maYmO t I l A a yu a tteroon ast,

T'r t esi ing on lmudntorium..t
(up)o I lol dhthe"w ie. % holnIatslbose r e0tS fr r 'mahthmnA"p mawl linG FOR FoRNITURE-"

Ut" MiIi that n ..
he tn O- tight. 'twe had re- Miss NwomiWithi---- wm Have "D~ny S S ..
-n the a.itanae of allah- ha6 Na homp ittkiwho hasophomoe

paidh..IsMrs, arsiy.:a s om,, able DINING TABLES ..o....Yu" 2y.o

" Mo, III* ODD CHA.RS .from .,
'- ..- ae wTe"6" tSf ,whdb IO $2 haral A VaM

de nt,'t*mpresentemamgiftmby m g

W"* St..:.. "E.S'f"

Ad t.ohi somethaa it sapo- hso rmlwZ-- eds -,- .-

cljaw pts t hey- t ne a Mmelligrtsayl6 .Cam sdewso e res
A Pstrpralft wt6 antholp Cb~ eea en ab
.".. '.-t,,,-- AALS 0

Sa mand many other articles:

mus..1 .a a-A'ME
y.; ... .i
.. .... .!._ ; / -

: ~ r -; -+ -*L"- ". 4., &~ I -" -.+ .., ".]

~ PANA~I&LA~b1~Ak
~ ***.~*, -, -.-1t--~-* -- -~

Carqo and Freight-Ships and Planes- Arrivals

*jS, h' .Shipping M.

..,A r ir. Ne ws Moali v..Aj.
rAC Y O Itt -- 1 Useditopiy I=w.
Tuna Baof ... "Mvt alwlod aB

l.ritten fo Tr 'r i *r. ,

xua ointI ilal Ian
.Arrives Ssfelv in Port
A tuna boat that had been
ig in the Gulf of Pan'ima
due to engine troib'.' P-.turday.
.- towed into p:rL :- :ly yes-
Lerday evening by,the Quebran-
rha. of the Cemento Panama.'
S A. |
The disabled boat. th.? Magel-I
lan, left Balboa for fishing'
grounds on June 3 with a Japan-
ese-Amerclan master, Frank Ik-
'da and a crew of 10.
The 185-gross ton boat carried
enough food to last one month.'
Because the Panama Canal tug
Taboga *as helping rescue an-.
other disabled ship at the time
the Magellan's distress message
was received, the tunt boat re-
mained drifted until tlv. Qiue-
brancha, owned by Cemento Pa-
,Iama, S.A., could reach her.

Opening lead-V K j The fishing boat Is operated
S I "or the Franco-Italian Packing
SConmpany in San Pedro. Califor-
arr.cainly thought I was go- nia. She is being handled local-
Ing lo beat that hand," sighed ly by Sullivan Agencd.s.
Hard Luck Joe.
.Aiaybe he should have, and
maybe you can find his mistake. Rare Mackerel Shark
Joe opened to-.' king of hearts Boated In Panama Bay
from the West hand, and conti- By. Russell Meissner
nued with the ace of hearts.f One of the rarest fishes to l-,i
SSouth ruffed the second heart caught in Panama waters was
with the eight of spades and hooked and boated Sunday af-
cal .turned the nine of ternoon by Russel Meissner of
ap Pedro Miguel off Bona IsTand in
,;ought about playing a lhe Panama Bay.
Slc, .pade in the hope that his The fish mako shark.
par er could beat the nine, but eight feet long and weighing 188
h eventually saw through the pounds-was pulled into Meiss-
trap and won the trick with the near's boat after a relatively
qui.n of spades. Since dummy short battle of 36 minutes on a
w out of hearq .Ths Joe shifted to ti o3.__m--i.u. -a

.. .. .. .. .. ook tnat was baited with a bo-
S w won. nito for a marlin catch.
... y won with the ace of Along with Meissner when the
diar bonds. .and another low catch was made were Harold and
tmrump was ducked to Joe's king. Loui Kuner. Frank Molther,
Dummy Still had atfrump to st Dan Slater and D. Quade, Walter
the hearts, and I t didn 't make rTrasavage Aiugustus R KaNf S
any difference wf .ae r.Jtuern- n allsbury and A. D. Heinsel-
ed. Declarer could easily gain the man The fish was divided among
lead to draw iwo more rounmds ofthe six eompanlons.
trumps, and then the rest of the mpanon
tricks were his. __ -- -
Joe wasn't. unlucky, of course; .
hb pulled a boper. See if you can
sT~ t hit misfdke before you go U la

1 ,q correct for Joe to lead
Stwo rounds of heats and to win,
" the firet rjap h t.c'Ua UU ,
Sfe made mistake when he' & .
shifted to diamonds. He should
have kept l,-ading hearts at ev-
ery opportunity.
spades and leads a third
3rt. Dummy must ruff to let W g*"Mr -
uth keep his length in trumps. _
t now dummy has only one: Idk .IUS h
np out to give West the king .. i el lN
u-c'.'s. and now West can lead
arts foi the fourth time.
: trumps. and South is fore-
o ruff for the second time
leave; him with one trump 7th A2.
x than West. Hence West must *ts at. w
I *e one of hLs low trumps as; T m I T R CITV
- ell as his two high trumps. He: '
-utmp the contract with three | .'"on 'f '-R '-is* eI M
trump tricks and one heart.----

4 Low-pitched
8 Snare -
12 Mr Lincoln
13 Glacial ridges
14 Unuual
15- Angeles
16 Young birds
I Mibssives
20 South
American .1
mountain 1
21 Goddess at
the dawn 1
32 Chiaries Lamb's
pen name
24 Mahal is
In -
2 Ruelan ruler
30 Cater to
32 RHouehold
34 Aftraoon uifp
5 Revteis
36 Ahake a
ST7 One-spot

41 ThruA
42 Weralp
45 tiJpIag
49 Psters
51 R arimn orpa

54 ralae od
55 Blackthaorn
T57 urtive

a One Evin
wt ea tie
MUMiu ppi
4 Musical
5 6 layer
6SuatIhg voices
*8 J pan river
9 fbet

tirovied a
* 'Tkillal


*: ,.".,


1- -

s2 ttW& fAltho gbr

22 3 ptUw O Suitrmil color o 7 It ....
38 Noutm, t S oelf trm
2 f ,
3 _.~..a-_ Color Or T04 N ...

W l-a i I-

A Way Out?

.,,,~..- I *


3? 336* Uk~

5' -,


Ihe eMeah

* f- ..' *

urBaIs WEI KIN. P 3nteer

Enemy la Space


And Mother Knows Bet

~* C


MOWA06Lru MN'ON-'4


m~w guru.... ssm.... SPIKE OUT OV WA!


--4-~ ,~

The PKific NSe. Nvi M Cmpany


8.8. "CnZCO" ...................................June 18th
M.V. "'RIINA DUEL PACfPOO"* (18.000 tons) Angpst 23rd
M.V. "SANTi B *................. 0th
M.V. "LAGUNA" ..................................Une 20

M.V. 'LOCH AVON" .............................Ju e 18th

All Salings St iaeot to bChage Without Notiee.
FORD CO. INC, iPANAMA-Ave. Per6 s55. Tel. 3-tSi/
F.ALOA.--term. Bldg. Tel. ,a-U


.Ar u6C t


mBT A.

my J..

caM pi. t



rIm L^MSi A* *l *l~~
Mg~t AND t flfM


A mawatl, W=

" *



',, .-' ..:- m .
. .- .: l,. : *.. ,.. -

h~P, Dee IV

.ise BrtJ.TKf
Eii "' it

1m if^rf.&nMt


NW l*

;JIM 'IraT. Bart mn.tvMI&
fw son ho ins ,


Wl -J aslewsnt to I
fantry bhdel in Port I
oa., where he wll take

.C. ,,, : -

v *


" ..


r '
tS--" "7:,

m i


JOB CWrtaeor C oWft
Maw IM MW Aiid dry*.
rd N.OWeW M iU a

d.ed as wo o RwM
Meft: in thf pig"ifte IN -
naW btw to 1tn. a-
Am the Bcript I gsBMSW.

rn*ad-sA MI -dyn IG

Authores Dwr No U11arie1
in laTObed In the cumsle which
toaehed rof fw= NIeN t Cu*
Afnthdnagn Wfear.
JtoJ^^I ebedJ of D^^B^i&' to Ot ^^k>


'-; h

mt Awmm Mi w,

d. +

*I toe -fh 11l

ave waBte sl n
,he 5arlot t o, ib

a mi

PIW TomMa who .

PrOduce? Sa mm Pallr s
Atm Goee sum in "VErba em--
to be ftml s ia the
oeas of Goem y late Se
lStuw has a "Mat Itb$t a
country" twist.

J Ed..
44 To


w .' SW R WV W

im *****

{re wortf44ams m rn.e

* omaw




flS l.A.

Boyd Ave.





.5, .1i'~
- .

well for

1 *un's*onem e obes
"i nse.h a
L w'... .'l ..
-| -^. "..

--;ttt ,fpf .*...*.,*

r ea .- l.

Off. IA-, PLUMat ad flhjGihaid'





LW "w

yo 4Ae The Whmrco T ihe i Pure:

5.00 INCA
; ." '- IPLVU: -

A &AVOW"uBrUftl*Mal

g7. ; ml m Unc

m a

MWk C>.. JiW- i

S .. .,

ini i .. .. .
,**^ ...* -

i-o S

-.-.. -.T -. ..s.Y.,

Here And


.....s. 'lflm
J .. n
lut unpacked
-* .- ^- ,. A .. ..
. .....H -, ..B .

*.! :1'-
"..f -,


qs W-a
I ^L
:t-'. ts *E


SbI, hm : ..rn i... ...... ,3
".ON -WTB O :-
t | + l i+.

Ia o-o


" a o-B ;,''*
^.... .^" 7. -,t


AI "




aot ik


Al sus l.*M
PLA>T MW* aft
-.T. -,, rs-te It I

ree eaL trwf
.. J,-I ..
AM_ UO:l~t.FEd

aW P. IuM wmlr.l

CEcr frFAr A

SA i l

i ~(




S.* '-*

.w: ,.


U wI


W W,
:s'1" -

'. ,.






H Jame is

* .* ,

-. ;


. .. ..-; ... .
.4% -. '.

SSel m...Wen You Tell 'em thru P.A. Cfi s!

ve your Ad

with one of our Agents or our Offices iu No. 57 "H" Str ee Paenam
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Colon

6i. Service
Tli7 olt Ave.-Phone 2-2201. and

Sal6a de Bellez Americano
#M West 12th Street

CarItos Drag Store
10059 Seleisde Av.-Photae 10 Col06

"" 's Agenia aInternadooal de Publicaciones Propaganda, S.A.
.f t of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441 #3 Lottery PlaA Phone 2-31 "H" onee -coer t ne .

" Wetebhold
WWRATOR, Coldspot.-21 or
jnew 'enamel, unit excel
= $585. Pbhoe 6-322.
*l -Easy Spindryer. 25 C
Ag machine, excellent con
125.00o. Hoisee 8~11A, C

( SALE:-Weslinghouse Refrig
O*,e25 Cyl. 9 cu. ft. all porcel
tA. yr. guarantee. $150.-
mirthWng machine motor, May
5-Cyl. ST0.00. 513-C. Coco
SALE:,.-25 cycle Westingho
f rator. 7 ft. porcelain in o
r year guarantee on ur
I 94tA. Carr St. Balboa.
i6ALU:--6 cushion couch, w
Irow., $25.00; 2 wicker cha
.00. 107-B, Pedro Miguel. 1

R TAE: Co'onial I
lrirAboA. "bedroom. diningro
carvedd in Mexico Tel. PC
m -4860.

i College
To Visit
Next Week
_.rXlieth Tucker, preside
Otkibar Collere o' Jamal
I[. and chairman of t
of the Jamalct Bapt
will be a transient vilsi
laeignt week.
wi lbe the guest of the N
maptiat Convention a
E'1W k in three churches-.
servi e at Boyd Mem
ca On Tuesday. Ju
In the Panama Bapt
on Wednesday and In t
Baptist Church

nts from the Calal
on the Isthmus will
ppret Rev. Tocker at ea

Ni ?bort stay he w
mjIeW ;flUt of Rev. i
W. Crwbkof La Booi

0. g


h bwth




il. Wir.


Minimum for 12. wordL
3c. each additional word.

-- M.". I a.1-
-- ...hl A W -IMA 'a. a


Automobile t* y u e drinking ae Gromlh p re bch- PROFtSSIONALI u&ar
0 sirvics Personnel and Civilla s 2031 -Anne. C. Z. stoves, m ad.ate --fS. Telephore _1
ent Government Employee "OTOGRAFIA SOSA" 6-4141 Goarl*e. IT I O AIT -
Insist on IT .TI-.
Goernment Employe Finance Co. Will remain closed from June 28th PhMlp. Ocuaind e Sant If yoeI dtler to out of
vyl. G ve unm 'ontml your new until September 3rd 1952, for re- Clara. Box 435. alboo. Phone '-9 t '' .
di- or ed car. modeling. Any one having work Ponomns 3.1771. Crstobl 3-1673. RE AL- K ILL .
o- AIENCY DINLINGER pending please call for it before date Fo ter's furnished cottages, ,h le Ba on "D ft
S No. 4 Atmble hw men4tioned.___s beyond Schta Clara. Gas refriger- But, could we know *" "LhtdI At i wS hd h 3' 4
Phe e 3-434 -495 From Balboa through the PANAMA motors, ranges. Special rates week- KI tM A, was suddenly menti were hM M
er- FOR SALE:-1951 Kaiser new tires, CANAL by diesel launch, $10; to ly or nthly. private rood to in l break all pr- W. k f '
rein c. House 338-1F.Cly Sa Bias and Portobelo, 50 (from beach or lnformdtln visit Dog- OUales records forWli t
o. Telephone 8-121 Cristabal. $40). Three big days, mar. Tivoli Av No. 6, or na e in Panam? Rob K. an'
tag ton June 20. 21. 22 Call Jungle Jim, _phone Pornama t2O41. (A Alimn Is due thtl week) ani Margaret ce r
h. FOR SALE:-1941 Studebaker Cam- Hotel El Panam,.i, 3-1660. .HRAPHLS WIat)ndFC
- wander. Excellent condition, 5325.'Ho--- a- GEO. 1-. NOVEY, IN -3 a-m-
use 00John R. Sullvan, Tivoli Hotel. B -Furza yL Sh Tailored to fit Individul atletor* g ,: t C. L.
and FOR SALE:-1949 Renault. four door be considered. Apartodo 676. Co- whms tend Children's 33Ca" *Ave. Tel -01 Paddock, Jr., for "T Muca"; M ee-
nit. sedan with radio. Good condition. Ion. R P. swimming pool, 9pohuse, horses, O d and third to Margaret
5450. Tel. Curundu 4181. May -- etc. Phone 4-5 ?7 do y 4-230 even- cheibeler fte e' l ad
ith 'be seen at Qtrs. 573 E Curundu ings. or Curundu 5261 anytime. "Home Porte"
irs. Heights. FORSALE LUX _____ werheibeler t ow luceear"
rel FOR SALE:-1950 Grey Special De .toges. Two bedroorsh, Frigidaire, VENETIAN and "Do T'red": C. L. Pddock,
Luxe Plymouth. 4-door sedan, N l*tt"uhn'*iht Rockgas orangesfl. obe. 2-3050. VEETA foraLo"Nd CA Lth Winr"
leather upholstery and radio $1,- BLINDS J"Dry' Lnd" by t Kter" :A|
lyv- 475.00. Heavy duty Craftsman HOUSE OWNERS. HOUSE FOR RO IT Trpleale" by .U KaufertA
:om Jointer-Planer. $80 00 or 5100.-N MANAGERS. li .med and "Bltch'Lane" JX. '
an- 00 with motor Telephone Balboa WE REPAIR plumbing fixtures at ogile i Dliy. n J h L r.
259. you' place. FOR three rOnly oene pitur the color
F- R SALE: ..We guarantee prompt. neat work. oo. l*IGo n rel3-171 ro7p w asel"'. The award
1950 Studebaker 4 Door Sedan, COMPAIA ISTMEAA DE PLOME- bedrooms. Altos deCl Golf, for one22 th 8. to J. J. t Jr for "P6-
green Very low mileage. G ,od emena Ave. and 29thSt. Est. Winners b popular vte 0024.
tires. A very clean FOR SALE--Dalaron Puppies oat FORRENT:-New chat, "Altami- PANAMA BOKERS. INC. the Portrast ea were:
1948 &lick Super 4 Door Sedan. 42 Va Porras. Dr. Perez' Clinic ra"; llving-diningroom, bedroom, E A ford Valley, fft for "Dofia A
Dark green. white side wall tires., -- kitchen, $60.00. Telephone "Con- 1 4 1 Ia mMarM and an orble men- :"
rodo. $17.000 miles. The clean- FOR SALE:-Furniture and I year troleria." 2-0520. Miss Isabel. SELLING: PanamA Forestal tion for his "LUbda and Anita";
nt est 48 Buick in Panama, come in female bulldog fullblood. On ac- FOR RENT: Large anonl Zone Prod Panamd FueIna s ht u. Margaret thelbeler for
ra. and drive it. see for yourself. count of sudden trip. Phone 2- house June 20 to Sept. 1. 4 bed- Lua ( common and "Te Bin thse wtnitT awyer Most
h Ford. two-door sedan. Good 336. from 4 to 6 m. rooms, 2 baths. suitable for two foerre ). ameu a nWot-*'u Mtma
tor tires nd wait. A real bargain fr FOR SALE: Air Compressor, mo- couples. Telephone Iutlboo 1639. M. 3-4719 3-1680 ml d for at Pl tPle n.' c.-
only $995t00. tor, spray gun, hose and new Ben- P ao t. "-tE* end Pleasea" nC.
onRus wr$t watch. 796-8, Tovernillo QOR RENT L Paddolk Sr. fan Wl *etfti
1951 M.G. 2 Seater Sports Car. in St. after 5 p. m. MODERN FURNITURE receicd bu e aem tont or
nd perfect condition. $1,250.00. Ap oM iO.S ad "Sher" i pelely. Mak
A SMOOT Y PARIDM Hel) Wanted ALHAMUMA A N*s SMN ,.e,.m R- lt9
o- FOR SALE.-1947 Chevrolet, good -WotModern fumrnlhoe unfusthiuhd aport. Wm 50W-.ROOn i In the pictorial group, "Cor-
ne condition No. 33, 46th Street. tents. Ma m a e epfpenol. Con-. Smwe& need" by Mrgairet (chelbeLbto
"t Tel. 3-384.1. WANTED-Immediotely cook-house- ft offkie 8061. olch Stf61t. Nne R N)1" iN r0 toot0k /firt hoktWr: SeCOnd, 'ilWva
the T keeper, experienced. References. Cristobol. fotlhfl i36M Colon. tpl. mweoa a ,,a eS Rollers" by iOte KRAufer aM
on FOR" $ALE: 1951 Lincoln Fordor. Live out. 1536-A Mango St. Ga- FOR RENT:-Small furnished apart. thi "" rm* Ihrd, atteA*t LrSniha d tor
black. Hydra-motic, radio, heater vilan Area. Balboa. ment with complete hotel-servIce, Tarabl
undercooted, seatcovers. spotlights ------al wee. mentV with complex hotel-service, bt h. r.utt4"1a.a S hn. S._A."ati Nl, ...S
bat wintheld wasshers,bock upfigoht WANTED: Good laundress and telephone service, 2 r Ditch"; nbaMa t STbe- ,
be 700 mles. Dodge and DeSoto ironer. Two days week. Via balcony at reasonable monthly Shipping; mvinA, storage. Ia "tandueb amnt "Do
ich dlerit.Tivoli Crossing, Panama, Porros Na. 66. Telephone 3-2407. rates. Hotel Roosevelt. Tel. 2- We pg Ida m' .bypQoL.db o lu'in
?el.-0700. 6.. WS PW ar nra .
l WOR SALE FOR SALE FO RENT:-Furnished one bedroom
apartment. F two manths. $90. -2WA, .._Sai ..",
o .at & Mo1"st Real Estate 00 o months Call Tel. 3a-0057. K ao Wtl qge g
SFOR SALE:-! brand new Converter,. FOR RENT:-Z bedroom apartment abatative4nh
25 to 0 cycle, 1 IKW output $2600. FOR SALE:---One family house, In In front of the Paneama 4of l.. 'ron by l for "Ab" ..
1477-A Holden, Balboo, after good condition. For further infoer- Preferred to responsible person A Conm e "Tireat.! nd the wmet nal went to C. lt
5:30 p. m. motion call Tel. 6-547. who buys furniture. Phone 2-3346 re l your turn. L. Pad'ees h. tof "Winter's i
---------------- from 4 to 6 p. m. elothtt and tet^ ol aere. anwmth." 'ttottonal Jewel- .. .- ..: -
n a inatterof inflI era awardSd h bMiec)l ribbon for .'*

Long Island Railroad Strike FOR RENT takes .a..' .b`y ,To Oiental W. ins i t ,

Builds Biggest Traffic Jam RENT-R oom, pr.ivtet
rawr No.9.erac mlit lNaO L"aH. So- (U.P.) UflUSe n
aFOR E NTe. AFicr b,4rd coal Soe a O DW S Cm AK 10r i, r" 17... m* ..'
NEW YORK, June 17 (UP)-A the wort" auto jamsInO t l- FO RR ENT m ir pt. gis.T a'is-i-i --are lear ,t to Rett s t
nation's largest commuter rail-TI stymied commuters pack- ,lCellanneO ip n--,--- f,,-uant-d C I-e af'o a n dettattet t L- V -
rad hbas. rated one of the worst ed billn and subways. Auto FOR RENT-WAREHOUSE PACE tion of his haAd trk tlte- t w-fo. I- "--] h H mtj a31.
traffic Jams In New York City's ho b ld bumper-to-bumper on appro4imately 2.500 square festU ea1t in pu;li1law "Ittas'edof wbltrpegespS Neros toret rsu oREAi f ai w.a
History a n" d threatened to hihwAy and th vast network Concrete with zinc roof. Cli- ew ee o I'a, sep
.spread to 83 other railroads of boad parkways lacing the r6nimo de la Osso No. 11, near El lttutt thela t-litEM -furthti er hium-u MO' amm. .
across the country. metropolitan area and moved Rancho. See Agencias Steer, S. A.- tJsin w st oOb -on of b u S a-.a _. h .
The walkout by engineers on by nches. Telephone 2-1219. SUITS TQPPERS ciey of h~eea. son of one4l 0 more orISe
ed 300, commuters and threw Some 350 members of the UG le S At. sM--g f f or aruumnta:bloO. nponeo
out of gear the intricate trans- Brotherhood of Locomotive En- ....a-.. .. .. ... .. f.. vidlatlaIs ',1
p.e moe .. 0hnsl ey.s Sports Short s ,, ,tri o..i
pArt mechanim srvi1ngamil- Fwsemet offtheJ am by wai:- CHIEy A Ans rtM othfl tha 1
city changes. aTdo as a Te.
The National Mediation Board grand chief engineer of the un- d
the union to call'Off the Ls a o new woe sor that have ban t Long to e tessm hL tr trbee. ativOS ofm to W dtnnt Sn*
IsIkud strike and niot In motion reached contract se nights charge of drunknnefir agOWflarot l .e L have AT amd. trie y .
,for a S-day-fact-finding pe dl. rekobed recently In Washington tWdardrdMuanaeeCont1-la.
Commd the tears on and trafficIsand ith some 00railroa d la th e onl one red Manatee County." der proselyapts c 7iwSS owp rsi e
rro.1htin Atty. John F. VandarlperMh h aP.l ahaaWtA iri staa, of
and ty ani ther rh jam- s u ew woe for the bMankrha ptan tong to "determine whether or f ait H"res a-. O th .met cas. e t i *'
Stal. t andt whr. pr- a rt hesland ltrikne late Sunday night. charge of drunknnes Cab thf otr A
S Ae o New Lube. a trafi The railroad is the onlv one you is true.'" rhUnder e Olyimpk MOOI N taim tis at I 3Io z -a ." -.
York ard It "d transportationerv the heavilv-populated wee t o l W la W terms. However, uiter the oe N
kesmen aid the subway and suburban r ommunimtes -on 120- The governor urged "any pe-r. Ur ite s beoth the fleS R tid. Ithe Anr Te e ,st. at ..e
auto Jam was ,greater than t mile Long Island. ,luttin north-s on knowing any facts relevant l w .M.o o t a r natltrl. &T .DgL N Gtreen- 40 oaSu01' -N:

to th inhq esc ti on o t atH res 1 21 1 bm 11111111 1t I tha case.
SWorld's c, ie- eastward off Manhattan. to this quest to tti at
vio the i t' The strike paralyzed the 611 the 10 a. m. hearing in the w a thisae O .The other II reen

vioaly the c t ity 'siwwost.d= haam hourSM late. Palmetto
The utom le C, of New asener and 12 mail trains the inet board room here June iL. 1_.., v e wheno Wlink th he

1 or detlss one, o- Vande ripe w ll be thes emid '.. Me i ..9law'stem mwr.t i "at .'L
r r;e Lon Island emmuters county official brought bd _.i.n the bm iautem ua 1. s i -aw -m, "
tai'verhardenedbythemm the governor on charge ofsS sa.m, .
Si p dels that ae made drunkenness. e

tvanUuoruap. tratt ended Couinto n soIty
I' OOne raAdenst ,In H.iton L es ang. Mot'-a .m ti. ". .--

to et the amy. prosecutns attorney b, O1s-

....~~ ~~ ,.,-. ....A'....4 II m
r '" '* .... '. i

;"Y -: ..;.-,l ."
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htsi w I:-'" M'

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k_ ,. ., -,.. __'

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- *.

SI Du 01 I'1 WE Ui
. NS O third, re
o of the Ne* Tori -
St A O the
In tea taM;
o tep
le tbe tilnla
I. arry Berra of the yTA
eadg catchers.
Lktas., of a the
be National League i

for a ,ott. ank i uer of
Sago Cubs-top man km
vera& votln-ie tIn left
Itan Muafl of the It.
-lo in' otat and B
ray" Ikftteer of "I
in risht. R CiaUW am
* Dodge? Weds the s&loh-

Chicago White o nhate
td rthl te. ,'
t*go let pitcher- Kn 1o-
o(0-5) 1ts the St. LouIS

n anDelor : t%? tefr.
Il. lkomA won iS X with-

reg T beeusvl of rrs on.
re d*. t tlw Ar .

.1 WaMW, -Ar

ho T theiAnt

Sand Va maihlland
SeI*Anotad oUte pM-m

id la Ve. Inm bdoh the

. Gdor thot 0a

a a..
W antS vs n n .
mn vs.A& minUa er.

nt ve
r vorK'". _Chr M. h
M lers vs. W.t Wig.

( ioy ( machedule .)

i Anateur ;Awan .Leagn

- t- f l I "t N !i "n abut',-n. its o n r "
ao m a ... fU1 Wo ,or f as n My ffneadblast otB ( a

8[t 11 ..... n ,,,1 -a mo

UNr .'k p C S Y
't 0 1 t h e h a d n oBi n t o o w itL 8 p o L IA ., W 11 LS
Low8f S Thoma" a '* independent, bu3rtunl ss t e lotw theo inN t h e sc t o k. Vo

wr a st ,s 1 .. h6213e 10rseveu..u a
,,,. f w
Re ,6 s-**i em S-I M

I an ikit teL.r'm digC. is Ie a. o
Bla.Clands, a .r n .ea ..-l ..... -; .. .a., ul. ,
E lM y .. l ; 1a I }aae! spd c m bari rathuj| f w n fo .(tir otorot

o hl 3 1. m

tb C ,u ,. .
AM lltbet th 1d .m ade-ame ow.
B i-B o ut : l n [ ] m -, .d._0,,- o VnI ` ft. MM O N kS J M" m atb

S4 -rgolf

.. ore -. "" 8' 0 Ie as soeg r
I thiWO W-V ie b pa t. "
Sti y Glal sf 1 0 bu 0s b o^wns th e Joiw h e -- -c o A. r
nay woni bat ef. Wetlghi w a y Wal,
twnEDke h 1i. 3.tA
ud fltenn tt i7 o k aew s tdiy. ea vim.lml
.... 1 1, 'S?4 L. -e 1 YU Ihe y- 1
In b. ----..'
&be01-a t a ,, iU. haru w uwatm*, .toc

*S. !erJ--. It' 8.Ty Cot at he lti terar set un *de.

for .-+ io. wt a...-, s 2y. -k 'mlr u l l 1 le s the ol eo r geIdihidal oleale Inhis ad
1uIbe e mi We d" i e at et

= .to 0""0a0 a T brau t.. "
a2r t V -.4 a rm an
W~i|&^^ |arN Ot^ y~t~l^p A"*1! am__ be* 14. T
ffi~ t^JM LSS1' i SjAi ? i-M i~r *so w~ te Oout Horfte sa indteUeawy get.lfers.B

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th umaiyt duffel m all Wlla't
eU1* l i im thte, Mnd i tft "l*b h9 U
them ato" worry. ba y, amlW a
b Imwaio. re corn nut
3 should e uked this M I aOSV
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A toeof thea oaltM iW but
haebrd to A du"&r. NO VIII coh" I K ^


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k U Mr. ,,^^^j^^
r ftro ~-. P.^f~

as uer Ot C~.bC fla t p oa
tb =U bbMRtanae m u -brmuly p a t l

ti~lt l t t lad!'
B lbw t l l a eo
te o wf5 ,at,. w,,.., IM ..|M,,

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agl o sam a... .


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t in two)


S .. r*- I

- ... .

,* .



- I
14-Hour Skywatch

To Be Manned

By US Civilians

-Maj. Gen. Frederick H. Smith., *et t
vke commander of the Air De-
fense Command, announced to-
day that civilian volunteer air FLNI'-I .s E:'II I: '
observers will be put on 24-hour .




people know the truth and the

R PANAMA, R. P.. TUESDAY. 3U1iE T, flte
K E.P.


duty starting July 14.
Smith told reporters it was de-lf
b It'llBe Ike 1, Kelauver 2
attack against the United States
The decision was made at a
meeting of top defense officials.'
n. Nathan F. T InNoveer Look Magazine,
i acting AirForce "blet of staff.
said Russia is capable of
launching more than 400 me- NEW YORK. June 17 (UPI -1 "This poll reveals the a goniz- loyalties u be under way In Florida, Louisiana, Mississip,
dlum" bombers against the Look-magazine today predicted ing dilemma of the Republican the South. North Carolina, South Carolina,
United States. on the basis of a nationwide poll! working organization," the mag- "ew national political leader s Texas and Virginia."
i tese could 'ar of Republican and Democratic azine said. have yet sensed the full extent
He said these co arry, county chairmen that Gen. "It wants Taft badly 57 per of the trend reported by South- P
enough atomic and conventional Dwight Eisenhower will defeat: cent to Ike's32 per cent but fears ern Democratit county chair-or is
bombs to hit all major industrial Sen. Estes Kefauver to become he cannot win, and therefore men.
target areas in thiscountry he first Republican president In I concludes Eisenhower is the most' m rW

meet any attack. o hower," the mqasine maid. "A hitotr,: reversal of party "These states were Alabama, Amertoa in the armed services di ]
Smith said the operation 6uil Both camps, tle poll showed.' -."Am Governor John p. Beybold thisn nt mia n
Democrat or Repblican, states reported they believed cs- a i

He said to he observers wiid e nt en. Robert A. Taft- Hdden n the po's n eo urse of which he will see re-
cous extra minutes w togere te aro s : Among D the same: This Is a ous statistics Is at least a warn- leading Democrats on a national pre native units of practically

eptor planes nto the air oRepublican year cwith Esen- ngo asesr both partiesLoWeok eave o osaid. basis. ione to vo thenextam l ts
lew-lytig pnes. eause oa e s d AdlaA ito:- Stevenson f The of Illinois ". tates Alabama. crrerica d theot an btev.d o

the curvature of the earth, crie ou b the al r -o g n '
Smith sald the radar fence Democrats think "Kefauver iaton. **
bn st earlyd c etedbnuthee ,sill probably have the best- The purpose of the visits Is to
lls bervesarey neededbu to chance to win in the fall," and CHICAGO, June 17 (UP).-A end hot spell most of them familiarize the Governor with KOJE IBLAND, June 17 (UP) tempb u.t a" i
ll n the spots not covered ad have little doubt that either Ke- mas of hot, sticky air settled swimmers or boaters who died various operations in the Canal Brig. Gen:. Hydon L. Boat- thI ." f"t
nrately by radar. e fauver or Stevenson will et the over the Atlantic seaboard and trying to escape the heat. Zone, as well as with the pet- ner quickly and peacefuly
S uateiy dy raar tes nomination. Look report, ihe South today as a cold front Illinois reported 20 drownings sonnel operating them. cleaned out tour more priSOner kt .%oed o
to ase the burden on those pre- As to the GOP choices, the arched across the heat baked and Michigan and Massachu- The familiarization trip today of war eomiomnds on KoJe la- 1 uts In hn :' en'd
B saed e theo brntn the houre Dem'ocratic county chairmen Midwest and pushed tempera- setts 15 each. was to the Atlantic Side, where land todsy. bringing to more 14.
ed Ina he r were sure all their leading Lures downward there. The heat belt extended from the Governor was accompanied than M, the number of Co- Th$ i the hett
candidates "can beat Taft and The cool air moving east a- the Rockies to the Atlantic by L. B. Moore, Supply and 8er- munoft OW he has moved in fiv mOitha c
Can't beat Eisenhower." cross the Midlands brought gen- Coast, but the cool air from the vice Director. the operation of pacifying the
tl eral relief from the record- north was moving into the island a i' ..-. "i"
I The breaking heat wave that has Great Plains where it was need- They were to visit the cor- He is past the halfway mark.....
Annual July 4th blackened crops and tormented ed most. missary division, with stops in his efforts to gain Iron con-l
_T citizens. The Planshadzzled n 100. heduledat the cold and dry trol over al the once defiant
Sm S Ben c oundu To Be agree weather all last week. storage plants, the bakery, the prisoner '
SOb r a nRounduite d o Be Cooling breezes and scatter- Sunday not a single weather industrial Laboratory the print- At the Panmunomn truce tal ,
81 in thes sAt Golf Club ed showers from the cold front, station in Nebraka reported a ing plant and the Ma ndi datry. today the Ulited Nations hII- f
Which swept out of Canada into maximum temperature less thn Later the Governor was to see tlators broke off the stalled .
A'swo airmen of the 5700th Air f T, the central portion of the Unit- 100. the tank farm, the motor trans- rean trine ttalk for the cond -'
Se Squadron at Albrook were r annual Fourth of Jca y ed States, tumbled temperatures Ohio expected temperatures portatlon division, the store- time in 10 days and walked ut
brought u on three charges this roundup ob the Americanam from the 100 degree Fahrenheit above 90 all over the state and house and the Hotel Washing- on the guffawing Red negotta-
morningtBaoboawsmgg nohaIw.,,clety will begin at the Panama
morning n1 Batboa -~.........vGolf Club at 1 p.m. on U.S. In- mark where they had hovered Louisville. Ky., expected 100, ton. tors.
Crt. dependence day with 40 special or hotter than the 118 record of Fed ip with Communist ate
f guests from Panam an M than 100 persons were 9 for the date. rA tri through two comm- and refusal om
A totia of $15 fueweren mpos- Canal Zone dead as a result of the week- Highway officials in ltinois aaries was to conclude today's senOmi Offtes Natat l e
waredaoorstrtwtch outorrenansoleganetrh Ca)l onetthesM ,Qt.
Jr., 19n for driving with The roundup will be preceded warned motoriist to watch out toutr, legt, hte, St. "
S Jon. t arf ard wh-ay a dce scheduled oJly Virnfor pavements buckled by heat. Durig the remainder of this WSili .ti, a.
he was fined 510. And for at the Golf Club also. r ngs Some drivers reported laueked week, Governor Beybcld expects ly decl tw a three-day te_
b to di his headlights Buffet, drinks and games will Brn sections as five feet but officials to visit other installation on and st*~ G *u t o the e
Sasbe provided at the roundup for doubted they were that high. the Atlantic side, such as the once tentK, fBowed by th:. l "t
w tht car proac members ofi the soety andu their Its Own Rewa industrial bureau, locks, docks of the United Nations t t-
S .. Fred Ramsey. from the personal guests at 3 per ticket and piers, et.allatons on the n offered to meet
Hitting Roussin to drive his -$8750 Pacific s lTde wi be made a Reds again Saturday "or la1er
14-year-old Hungarian drew fa He c'ted after North Korean
-day jail sentence this morn-.ed PARIS. June 17 (UP) The "gD .std Natn it had denounced the
-a a charge of vagrancy. court ruled today that the Shpping Disrup e unil o in has muse ,i
SGrenak. the defendant. was al French magazine Crapoullwot i .n t o C therm he has u eod since
ked up loitering at Dock 7. a had libelled Marthe Richard, .. :.- .n u the previous recess ended June
u lboa i po t rinh sg t famed crusader against prostitu- D .... T 1. is
Stion, by questioning her virtue. ueC neS The O unists watched the
fr trespassing In the Tivoli d e UN aHdeluatrk follow Harrison,
gmmissary. Felix Roberto Ca- i Ju.dge Andre Beque fined edit- MEXOO CITY. June 17 (UP) then broke into laughter.
a, 22-year-old Panamanian or Jean Oaltler Boislee $8,750. -Tropital hurricanes buffeted A UN spokesman said: "It was
fined $10. / Madame Richard. a strawber- the Pactc Coast and Mexican apparently rehearsed laughter
.chiva driver. Oswald Sg- The fathers of our country ry blonde who led a successful Gulf waters yesterday disrupt- which was supposed to be
meond Burrows. 33. Panamanian, thought toxotion without repre- post-war campaign in Paris to ring shipping and causing minor laughter of detislen."
io caused a slight accident on sentotion was bad. They should padlock brothels, sued for $28,571 flood damage to several states. Evidence of the increasing
o llard Highway was fined $15 see it WITH representation! damages when the magazine On the bast Coast, the two-
following too closely. suggested that she once had ped- day old hurricane with 100
4-y, dled heroin charms forproft m.p.h. destc battered at shp- Aleiu Nl '
i Instead of for the patriotic moG- ping lines of lower California.
ties she claimed, 1 t Weather off ecals war a nedd t
S s t coa takl dve ssel a rd fishIng crafts el dI m
The magalit e was referring to et o rtake cover i ond the heavy Iri,
her own published story of her i .. weathered
StWorld War I action v ities as an Al-e De T ice h mu e wd
Sglied spy in Spain. She described
i in book and articles her liaison CONFESSES John M. Ma p T ripped Up
with German Baron von Korhn honey, 48. an ex-convict, ap- PERTH, Australhi, June 17
Jin Madrid. pears tired after telling police OKLAHOMA CITY, (UPI (UP) An aeountlaut and lay
ein Boston that he strangled Olahomea igwlWay patrolmen preacher, Alexander Edmeades
a While the judge ruled in her Mrs. Marian Garside Rtobbins, investlattng a fear-car collision entered a lion's ecae and t the
favor, he said that Madame R- the 52 year old Greenwich discovered that one driver, Ge. animal ma h to d h p-
chard, who plans to lecture inl Village widow. He claimed T. Newtee 5t didn't have I mparently beiasu he wpt -ed to
o the United States later this sum- conscience bothered him so driver's lmense. Newton, it turn-tbecome "mtenl y b the ica e
mer, had "invited criticism" byi much it drove him to the ed out, was a lieutenant on the reported- today
her own description of her spyo police station to confess the Oklahoma City police force, with "e mul body of El-
activities, murder, a record of 21 years In uniform. adc who w r fud
beside snarling Ion A r the
T$5 Hike In Old Age Pensionstea M
lg hing his employer ole ,Wsk's no-
DelayedISp By nGOP House heCritics .s Nb
in book adriehSin 15 mon ths e MCU
wt G a Last March. DeegZ a. e1- .
WASHINGTON, June 17 (UP) would put individual members-on floor. Democrats uaid Ewing had d wa u te..iecordin .Ae"
i B t The Ho us e darly pushed record, the att tedat pader other lawto he ete
c lreae Federal o d age benefit tsre final vote until tday sinceNstlse'llenaiw gr eed to con- e als ex- d bt the
Sf.payments ai a month but was the House already had agreed ic aider the bill a eond'etime aft- n"latln .ue ,,oA
forced to pOtpoane a final deci- would hold no roll calls yestar- er the old 1.3k back home bom- Ad
iarn until olatr today when a day because of the Micne elae- d iT.Net Ue didn' protests. a
Leaders of both parties pre- The Republicans arr ed thhaioreri' s w is crrent term in dy around caur ebeforedt
dicted the legiulttm will win ap- legislation was amed a aitntI- bsed "This is a JustaN
.proval at that time although Re- ing the votes of the eid folks ne t ad ainrS. Wal e would have mep tedt I. m
S- pubilean critic c in yes- November. leas reo thd I o2yarsiu.i..
terday's opening et that it theul al the end of Peswe 3aidd
is "purely political" and "fraud- Rep. Robert L. Dougihtoc toed tellils Wld ie wthe
ulent." N.C. sponsor of the bill, reog &iu that the l ult htlhsW.
This .In ...e .. -s+.ab 6 ae.o

way to soclalzedB month by a vot. of 1u0 to 16'g et w. i e amon e msad mdt- t, e
The meaHIre. NW s de- pen r h .ort of the efeaed-y tW- "di never
fin slightly 0M.Nem thirds.
-last month in the wese of slm- The Amerilca Medloal Atc., Iee e- -',
e m you're giving the 1net when you give ilar GOP attacks, was brought up elation charged that _a clause r son lI i now
ornle Hamilton lives up to uio the stand- again under a oeelwe sequir- ra lAw th
through a bil yesterdaytTeemed see-cy d tim e. in; a t 4forc aed ar i f r AP- toerOr't o -
caudaloaaeg bemnr ueutrenad for Hamihen the title, When Speaker Nam sayburn act M a
,. ~ of Texas asked for a voe vote, auons would lead toi m
the "Ayes" asnaded much l -od-' medicine. oar-4
..u* er than the "eays.D..o ft hlpA.. "

T he ,
eu, .u

;".-. ;'---.

7 "; i l' i" "
:- -... j ,: '^^w




ct~~ry W fe'" Abrahams Liaeolu.


San '

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