The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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flee of the old "toDe
ing and tried tA owk their way
In New York ut of the ste a e-- e
pact of which hM tot yet real-
y hit the Pd. A I 7
ALI TS nt thMat tM Wers trying
.: ThF Iandest can swall wed three =o01 ea to solve morat nre a tense I N
E9 a (tl,000 deficit,...A eth halt -18o-an strike problem.
8rrender befoen32lY ...5trangely As o toft Whit Rease lghts TV
(n e as the wYor k e rs)6 0r0_ o I were switched on la the F -
S. topped theprevious four... T reason for t, denm's office Mrook the alley, 0 A B ST
IN the et was traced to skyrocketidlg production costs.., where the steel iftdustry leadere-"WOW.
ny the survivors are study enough to bte the ro were waiting the big
"Point of No Return, it, will o on vacation room Mr. Trum had made
we soon and resume with the new season...But to available to them, th orenhun
n g ae Aaa theW hW M es ighaU.ah .. fled

authority at that theatre will bet you it will.. -Paint, across the street relseed they in the M t' has IMen t.M
CgtIon" intrigued by the bargain offer of "Of Thee I s ing had reached the peril point, the ultra h 5. a ride al comm nlemtlu s l ,
.. .re. thi week...kddle Dowling, always a .Tme uy, crisis climax-not in a light for i ad n Sttt will u tM t
t e the weary James Barton the lead."WiY u_ lO e more money for the attel work- .
i (whleh opens on the 25th) orstdy e 2n,o w last week rigor- ers, bet in the showdown fight ---- ----ov
.09 previews Instead of trying out in the provinces. Ab between all labor and all
ul es than 90 percent of the current howst..." Wish" tea- management. md
rau a real pool in which the Eves of the east swim...So thea Those fur men were Phil US
wa ad "If the show flops the backers can use it for Murray; Art Goldberg, e his coun-
arW...The top ticket cale at the brokers' are Amnusitali. Joey, rosa, ;the ever p1e-amokinz Da-ii
.," "Faces," "Guys"... What is to rareAs *A Play l ... vid MacDonald, HI Sffs ut:t 0I BOB RUARK
tem ader to the ticket specs: this is the time of year when erant, and the ealtant pre-
ieaHht has more magic than footlights. s, ent of the i ., hn oteel-
In the wing: At Sardi's after curtain-time last night some e rren. Nf W YORK. 0r -.uK or. the Pul OHe'l WiW k" V
of us ere trig to iure out why so many u;e.y and holy- ',Iaelr convention behind passing of I b 1 W le rI lady todly'lt thi, e lMt th!
000 SDepoole wereushing to ao Summer stoci this year..*very those bigclosed door made It .nmd Kay aih",WT wfW bartll time fevered tit
simple." explained a producer, "the Strawnao CircuI lan I cover- e lhent that the i was this: I never knew except at a dltae. The reminiscent fi Itlt,
l critcs".. Alexander Woollcott had a neat way of blush- Mor year now, labor had won This Katherine Brush, who Jat AOd, was jumbled together in a Worll
aD off amateur authors, wno sent him scripts..."l have read ea h of six wage rounds. For friends to my slightly older friend; 5 by call- dating back a oe n deo I an tell Yu
your play," the critics memo'ut "and much like iL." ears now, labor's demands had ed her Kay and so shall I. how it was and what t and aeed
S,,rown new technical phi cases, Kay Brush was the distaff county of the like.
Stairway to the Stars: Since Julie Harris left "I Am a Ca- c.dom before heard outside the 8cott Pitegerald writing school. I think the meta k s tith*b lfetlae d
ooprs" the hit has been doing so-so bi... Juhlle umped from ivy campuses, into .American the Kay Bmstesta m to Write abitrt
fpli"vin to a box office draw in only two seasons... ir'p o souts o argon, as it won "fringe be- She was in the fraternity, and ited, of t when they twere l they had a
Ca the coast and Teevy: Coloratura Virginia MacVratters (of neits," pensions, welfare funds the beautiful-and-damned group, wt 1 mag- chance to weth It aI UtNi bt
Mag osopera) plans to invade television, sthe cameras ouid and cost-of-living Increaes. nitted Its own triviality into what then The late ba WSl working on a book
ol a elaeeup of her opera-lengths--"I Love Lucy" would lose its Now Phil Murray wanted an old for Importance. most is h wAS called "Loeer Come n D h tshe died. I
gg perea in the ratlngs...Maurlee Evans will parent but not wf:nge, but new to the steel- IK volume caed "Young Man of ttan." haven't 0t the Drooft te Ad 1 know the sub-
a iar na bti next play, "Teahouse of the August Moon," a co- I :r.:ers-the union shop. It was a ratt ..badly written s c lt a J.t ti r, but I will lay i ibt i edth it Is the
sy... ,Inah Ehore's sensible quote in san interview: '"ou ean At that poit tftdusafy was drunken and irtponalble 1 A ir t who best 00 i&t tver Wrt.
x4m much better at night if you aren't Jealous of people"... saying it had bne as far as seemed to typi t town of NW at that
ul itse'a abassador to London was enthraed by aLahe Hep- it w~oud. The nuaos shop for drunken, ay th fateapOaible tima. We have n6t come guD WI with any au-
*ate playing in thaw's "Tne Millionairess".. .Salte Valen- Phil Murray'si Selworkers' I have read the book recently, mably for thors who t Io Igo to grave t the ytp of
fte: "bbe brings real dynamic acting, with force and electri- Union has now become a sym- the tenth time, In an effort to loot reward our time printed on the hfitone, because I
1/. She strides across the stage full of file, vitality and grace, bol, not so much of power for at a period that has largely escaped o ay under- think our time laIttle bit more difficult to
'ke a tornado"... Good, hun? each side, but of strength. standing. S c iamplify than the gleoand-whoopee era that
It this the end of the line? I' l fted the skit of the counterpagM on this some of our wrlterm immortale.
The Cinemagic: s"Diplomatic Courier," a cloak-and-dagger Have the unions gotten as book, in a sinew attempt to see l there was
pcheCi, h.b m ircn e Powc r playuig aren'. l(o r ... o'fUca a .l "dUch as they oll a this erna? more to it tth t I remembered froe* 61 years The reason is pretty easy. If you looked hurt
38 MNus earlilg..." ous an g uili inuic iA tli.t every clince can the government, through ao. There isn't. There wasn't then, dither. and drank too much In the old dayr, that made
ha been oa1iMed.. ".A bitisn tainler named ".iie trancise At- a hrendy president, get the And So we laubah into the thesis that the you a representative author Ierybody looks
"has the correct number of shrieks and gasps..."The Last unions more? t, get the go-to-hell-in-a-basket bunch of the allegedly hurt and drinks too much tedy, and there ain't
Sl-Lkeer" Is another stencil from Movietown's Mimeograph... Not ust more money, but Roaring Twenties was possibly the naivest flock enough room for that many historians.
S toom for the Groom" coo-stars Tony Curtis and Piper .ore o what the bor move- of rebels that ever busted loo0e from yester- Offhand, I would hazard that the writers of
laurie in a love-looney lark about luneyweds. Pretty Piper puts meant wants. andt lle es it day's apron string, the '20s and SOs got away with more. literary
rUsea honey In honeymoon...A feeble Italian impor't, "'Beni needs, to face t "oble The chroniclers of that time wrote wiftedness
ed Shuttersdeals with bores-and-bees--and achieves sonsce the sible The chroniclers of that time rote edne murder than any paid sri of l toy
lsmarkable feat of ma Sing Rex seem dull. Aute thsto shot of bootleg gin, and recant a such They at down an scribbled the y ordinary
a taiAbout all this th eca be no dull types A shiftle minor; wpMvrts Wit nto adillhe p tdboomendTheyeyratledtrivalT-l
tors : Talk about talent abuse. n e coming doubt. Its proved. the un- Admirable Cri s. The m s i a
to," Mrai Hopkins haslk a b iou t talent ab e. In h e upe taomi reported conversations in the Miss Brush's people would bate the toiductor iasm, and they made problems out of shall fln-
ast o t ne dolls now consdenied stm in Movie-ense hours before Mr. Truman of an ATony column tods gers and unwilling cuff links.
ofte dim ed o Is l e no ai-. Tr ee t cr Wcid red dramatically to go up I read _statabout everytKlng y BDi t wT,_he? mal htglh art out of hmangovers, a d

JAre Wteaker Than Ever..Parafleaps a lain The ben virtually complete atrmee- Seemed to me she w always just bg,,. bam fl7t 40... .. .d Ut -'a --a
*i (anti-Red) deserved a better fate...MariJyn Meoete wig- meant between the steel industry behind the pitcher j8 the books, and th d If I for ot*y- .pe,- we ..
l ghb "Clash by Night" la a rumpled old pair of bluejeans leaders and Phil Murray. For have shown better In the old Utbertw Ifot i a Ith "e troo-, ldp ed wrte mt
a 1 so gee-wnisy, you are remained of it two cnap days they had worked on this under the name of Ursula Parrot. T anwh ?o rt wora do somethnm
mt a nude and one ses: "Wait'lI you see oer with her In White House meetings. L r e m1t tL ay tusuh once wrote a
eiJ~ on.a".. .Marilyn has a pash for good reading. Her pet This agreement would have e.TLh t.. and bmiae stuff of the 1 ra of ito a moiekwth alow later ml de
aSStss are t reud and Proust...One assumes a good book enjoys Riven the union a package, a Mrtlth Itonfsense was not captured by t ft tht SIs with red hr _w bre ed on tial
g up with her-, handsome one. of Jult about noe -authors in the main, so* we anwsta And smewhereI woul dmtlenyo
I up wIth her. ,ta week wgae and benefit tid together biy the off-beat apeeitdalI Clara Sow oma l I woumd me0ti
T he T celebrities: "B roa n aa s iv.y B eat" Is a pretty good killo- increases. A although there had .. ....t e-... ..,n ... w ould d sm e ti" .
* r~a out crowned vlti ecnoes 0o preecess oo.... e mscaci-- been little discussion of price '
taug on "Lsancla Camera' hits a merry peak w..en a capuies Increases, the companies were A
e passersby giving deadpan answers to double talk (uerne certain now of a a ton ain- B e I Inv JnLlbthh wSeo I
...aBilet teevy commercial: rememberr, even the thrll of a cresse. U
hbNs may cause perspiration" (U, stoppeeCi,...Comeoians who Phil Murray, leader of 8,000,- A -.
t aetces are lirling with obscurity...Martin Block, a a- O CIO workers, then said: P h u St Al
TU e ise-Joel ey, feature lo minutes o songs by Dorothy Gol- "What about the union shop AI
!tns. no thrushes the commercials lor Luckies. The program This would mean that all 9501 S -
ns sponsored y Cliheerilelo...v.Zs new Monday m l nghter hands, a million of them, would WASHINOTON. re can be very m ve ee
sy l ert, irety o 0...datricda Morison obeautatkt Ce- e to jin the United Steel ibt that this a rinmo
eTheatre. Tne opua, however, was one of the trinlesl wore ro. n d e iled f rt de Is enter aogn
,f ywet aoue r i.s r.ein .dts.i m, nCl anaay the.n entonedM ,. d ,uerpl t .hee th0a0d-their Es Ge- Communite'-t ..- S I Korea now
..'t ureauedst e wath eidmoispoosalnd e.,,, in. sth ne w
.Swd a eteso p.. ie s ss oa mL s e M in .. under which the p ll- MI ohe e b lokde b tol before et a- a o e a s e..w.a..... .. r e ds
t o rcpeyematueatun ornledits T o viongsual s te worker oud *t ytaVrly of Dean 6.eeson left for PtuteoAnths 1,000 oich
nrey certhy ta thte hrigeino ia supreme i Theia m leomn at the end t h t eals l06 gve decison waste to an force, i 't ha aIe Jet or eo
owrat lage 39 of "WLevin had told Whimttakr Cho mber aI ter ond but once ia hmer m ,w o prevent Berlin from beinL blockaded e The Commun- ha ve nver t h r ..e
...agatouded teook t to Preident powesorelt. Afa thing tCe ouh"tosjooin d tt hPe. howeert sin o h ave t mortiefbe thec e I dnto e1inat-
.ut to wom er wth moduh ficatinfo. aton as ad in OA the ee A.e snd it almost erro i o tver, they Mi ha been daseole
was extremely u n welc ome... From time to time, Wnaroe n 'm would not o es., nlW y G en t heralLu Ac i midtus Ceusa t.dClay- inw.i

S '- reached me of what I ould enly rLe tn iThe meetn pu tarted to bredl tsaf a eMi blocka5eta ie mpo edg ummt l. w.l the Amerlcan fighters, srp d' S.i
o ae i TOU fnOM Te who ADIR ouN COLUMN .the l is bed a m n lmana wer t blo in. ma d by the Eat OJ an Commnst M seet the sfra i on better ts tt1

ba_ te hicd' Mr. iTruman on the pot, wnntte t Its oarmy which now b-ag o 0 P. Wlr
Sometime, the strule re hed a pebuk, an up to thww. Thus rhn bhaarmed convo saentf t
l took it to dent eelt out to talk to u union ho d hower, ind d n d i t io t force. Sa n or the eg Amserian t Ea
.. a nd the unn tsa red to b"rea that ao pe blockade, if imposed at a@, wl T eMin ..its eatwr n ol e

S- o a wreds the street. On d he other hand, during the hoping mother lb lt tranin of our piloted.
e vl WeM -- th ee erm OWNe, Oer UM l up. J hn Meeman, se t e h l uo i tsed by the ast Gemen o rn a .. omotott Of -
ci tfsuf. n se Mr. Trum an on the spot, me t r t honired Aths i now bened ar mas. Thiet fe a-r
dseep re eE mI Fo r er 611. thl1ately urgedthebiroe- dmapvtoeh. Thus armi convoiy.wnt#. 0 g M ta ve reoatly
H E M. A I L 8 0 mra to "Let me takee tt let ]in would have to fight UOSlOSa an ai AHene rcntht mericanm

out to talk to them." Steel- ,iuahl uits instead of Rusia fore nowmai r.lyen o Ste the
rl reache heundomenf. d meon and cieUts' Setthonlyoeabot ttotin eAftion cie wentI thstMsX t lan s
le of weeks ago someone complained in the Mal Ba i s tha e strf powernsde et. On the other hand during the enng threatening alteration e t to

th Coroal top gh ot working long engh. The next h Murra y said that lhm a te Kren cri hoeern andt terlbhae Wt

cotleed men adjusting the light, so evidently someone on mash a contract. It w" t and mre Important, a nur -t2 An Csuachill, Mv l-
hto (or in the Hollow) reads the Mall Box. tritad of the times. looMtf ta would c toe a frontal atta.r, r. ,AU 6B 5h ulpltnS pate
my complaints. ti ons had it. Iti r, th WOt.anmdwould positt* ig f
)' 'the Rainbow City stop light. Why does it have to be rrmore, he "a, AS a. t ee
barons a day? I have driven by there at 2 am. and had -oeha shwatrcble do" ft 5 f whtoh weet A a fmel am- nd s
for the iUght with nary a car in sight. h .iei Uno n' n waree f ht gSr e tht 5 5at acta n a a
not have it flash a yellow light between I p.m. and b eaw a tt d T. we"m asadtltte a l S nl 1
AlNo why not out off 2 feet of the curb so there won't g et fre ro o tP Iatote na ne
uh dangerW of getting hit by a truck? k en ff d; ."ftS WE"t t
tw shot tsng a book of trafle rules and Mreult- t ti 0,ss f dA tb i
SCo at! am oe? The last one wasiprit- before the e t, m *. A war. .
Shr, wre so many sntemet revsng and eane0llmg it we WW

t* a thaa -'-lawyerto to u-

tameahasSdoyngi u ;sJI obe r eas0le 2 we

m.a eal lemes ligtlle se. il lea, iggrara -t

Mt's~ -~9r* J1.v -

-. .. .. ".. ... ..-. ....,-
.' -- Y' -,X :-..-r;-: +--. '4t

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T.' -- Al "' '-' I rul' ''

On December0 0.W,0at1i I L, t
SDaily Nowk.PO IMIt l W,
bat on Mari a -- -:VlO.. s
SthrN e oe
0#1 at 2.... **:

b2as. e WpoB.te on uBe"* ,t- '-
'9an Am wu ble t meet a-e -hlte-:e_, .. ... -?
a didn't re9h sadL n2
vueX' ew to in
Terg.Hev tdt okIt a wfrht, .-,

mt On Maw qu, .Curmel sl aw JtAi.tI PAuE .

Pan Am bill. Kundteds of edite4IaL na UL wEt k30'
other kide., -., .
IwNuTrNCING TI' POgtuo$lAn l-
) The chairmDan tow 1 a19.O

Robert Croaser of Cleveland,: "
nedy-reselton bill.,"- -'o
e also has always buok the OllSt .
chine, headed by bosl Ray l ._,-:. -.-''-'--'_:" :'
But this year for the artd rot_. MUI "
Cnd anueaked through the Democatls j ZB i* yj ,"
vote victory. Just before .te Clm siIi.,IJ "
flew to Washington sad p wth
Am bill. bl
, This column telephone mer t 'J
politician should be to W. **
within a thouxend es....
"I don't talk tot.n *9rENrIt oC e -
the phone." barked "eMWOO leu
ing Oiven the eourtey
"You better be at , ..
loner. "RemeGber. thefe are ls.
On the final. Secret t iaL
ton voted soinst the PAn IL
of thi co~nittee.

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-ients .w u&* l
Ulft~k ft^^Jl 4 2* li^

Mrs. :o a I.

sle-stset% abb
a st he asma
tmd." b 040M a

11411e usO-ia i..16 au. u a .sisu, r. na n*. m m- rnie. M. e Ath
th nWe o Dat SW rooagoner fl Net. M. othit*wonN wa y
were MtaH~ffor mnw- T tw 6 lttS ~t d h- fl Balboa Duplicate t s e0rt* as. ten
weres f et t t r 3a lea at a tthe Hotel "e A- e tie will hold Its the n m b a, 4
*,Tivol. weekly tomnafent, which la Ndrth stated that outh had
M e lwar t Mrs. onr to the public in the card T 0%-i th a tNR" a
eSir It, Nm i;rt r. Preteint .t the luncheon wre of the jotel TIvoa t 1:0 not bid the has. tu ly
Mrs. iis I terine Hamilton of tt evenhin. AU bridge players al e land
MrsA A M Juy, May of Diablo t

Setp agUtte. en E r p. End. %rw cimtbr of Bal- to CaMA. Stat aS^:tSliS:.. ^oo
Calvin bteotft. s o .Z n -b.. rtn'e d Uy pC on ator- IAI*hf Sfntd BtmliM away whfa 1h laitd waa
of Mr.. and MrS One t t s a pending ntw we us aA b d -
_-Prea-----t--r---nan e Heao QGr U 8 i 'Og rto ei a ag m Rh ai d,
Senate Group Ends Pt9 "IN"-

m. n r nno The saimplmaNth right. north
.An. n 10er -f should ve h e tW
trutp when Slila MA two
C I meite Tl ab"boulIIodWplae o n uanr 10 milliaawa S whes f.howas
U W. PU S.
or -,eA ttabt 8: aiu for Moneday sotoh'ti had shmitae In ma-t
M cCarthy hem:a r roNoa m 16h a pepl
WAIINOTON, Gn r 16 (UP) the Sal Bankin and Our- 4;Ow-Fad d aion y wa e ddn opM the d-
-PreSelnt Truman laid t t eo rl|ttS Si in Ia yot- 4:30-What's your aw"rlts mr e to begin w Is. He d in't
Mccarty aiT had a hea eAlf: o M A. Ia, which woul be a w of
"tagged"hy aeea.e cit? ktrl g0s: aa bend tavettwas 2stwo noitrl
Mntaliy Htsrcrwhefn; gmlif se.idde
,ton, .) "fuosr whae he-a-n k to d uie e dt sbiyo (VOA)nd 0 e. dein'Or n oeSim gbidS
The Preeftdent st et weOp eI t last r:30S--Wiw I en int e j5m ltoil blde
is.64e sail hW-ias o ssi n witW wLos ter ne
y (t ,. ha bo 'ao tte e---o"yPa rht

t'ed" n. hV ft tuM tft .o dtrs o -6:1 "ntrBa u o w ish give and Wt o wa c ly
enl s eft I 1 ITH.Mt a a ILaT h is....
oct, evto n ot v ll lwhatbeU.n l"~~ his I .Onp dui e- Bti forl (VnAi m u ita riaul quin e a whin l

M.': 4attietr I to a au don ie t o wha t ..r ty wlthmo
tj j te enBSI(umatteuR Im retm ad his a-* *:ll-m8 n (VA M Ma rate'
which has eMMKete an a Mymt na s 8:08.. .Nes and le. age to w hr the. rather
Wahw h wla .r.pte by i rO r o use:l e V OA rt Progm H et s r ad ut paropnd
bS .ih ? n atm t ,nhu

s i, # Ta es a lM-ao tF f Ford Wa tft t k nfrim a i t,

"d'orumeot P Us to; phr"r. o
amo t t s d h ae k out of is
c e iatq', taet 'er t tlt-o -VA anla meCloc nega be a oher mucm
ta2-taal 6ifg. VW ror sobetter fllends don't
Min. aC 1- slm acarn watg sa y win h e thin
the thie A=Ite.e'Mnaites gsai tlail feel IS.t.a3 'A hSr b ri
miort is at ,ltoet .dr o ?t*t MiLA imU aud ,C sito bfSns rather
at le scas U i a S. i t ede
Carthy whoit was promptednb1 ygi:E4a rt4M A Program Her d- mae about a people
e.. *.. 9ALSOIto en SaWA fd sting. but
-In Itgtft.Record -nqr tt ee a s the e oi la nhidd
morpresident ixie Cte be leh lt ry p hrase.

"or, Utt h1-eRcroaan e nhuto at
1atencd A fa d.44t o Bn- .ot 3Op et l enot e Band she a llt wbe th ome s build S e
tohe tba t lMt e-In ad ote wB' t o ing' a:--4IMuit ha. s' he'll build he r en up
ih uana er An e na o:-- andR Coneat e a
S *d IwaM t. I, :eb-t$:h... tytParde or s(Oten teme ptaround.e ht
l tthat thisSmiN a-w's chirgso r-co:unter:2:00-A Call From LOSe Pau wi givear*abeeof clay.

coMl e native that un- o i aa opposing f 2: Atefor Dancing And will be the kind of
Sforeum-,n" u, Dirm ust sub- t2:0-4'p iit aof the VikI ngM) cate v mtIak that Inreme m-
anle IutTaeit te :t e pboi t e ets a-2:4-attle of the an d s bored lwg ter the opening
sIhengar s Iscton-m itbao tInM tUoiytThemeatea- :MOt-All star Concert Hall "bUi* upwgien SueaIs forgotten

' e "e"'eth at Mo t I eUfit."tos rMi i-a -O L ite Show l to saTe to Itbegn
be expelled.Vm tI4:0-fadandFasoea e arg sat

Hour..9 l0:a.-5 i dMu Fi rnstluoe -_c is m .
At teastloy before o* to Ivi, -e Owl' Nt wo--rbeon eri endr dvalon
a. Ci e. sc w .7 0 ..0..y Oe to se athatM ghieue5 0-
th,,,, e-.m Ie. .to,:b0-FAU.BB.ST E W .Uvt -wIn, -ron, as the y

10ooftet t t -Jam- Sesion LK E ri i Wther. ug aw u.e

ir f e -y S i -flA. M. oaDeat r s r" iar of nd o.d
ten6iW-Mucltl a'e-5"Stfert
csh e. ... .P rinf the could of

fl.-o'" fus mIon to ole Vas serng thee so.te-

;*' ft .a.n.. .w
Ifuftraeo b fd=lYItha nGuc
m M LANDC bal kf t-gar ii


V be hfapy to 36

Jor t, Aor comfort, for

a sweeteart of a gaigre!

* Life Girdles
* Lie Bras

Yoaull kow why more
women *ear Life by
F tal than any other

wet aSd most varied on 4 '
tie very modest to e to qmanie nc.. At e
pfice le you'llfind a large wvinrgofqseiffdr.
g.ta costing less tan in u-. J.

1. L. MADURO, Jr.
100 Central Avene


* -'3f


40.k f .A..



A9 r

"" Ro*"""U A,'om "







All the numbers presented by the
Well Known Master of Caremonies
Hmmberte Lewis
After semin the smw ma a viat to the
pepalar SANS SICOUCwth air wt Ndtlemg.


^ ^ t ,0
...- s
.- .- -

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~-sZA45~ "7

atk Mr

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fmrlniam o sas
bo Vare asi ebsi
rmviCoo K ow wo. do
IL vlim~ II nam irt
*0^ ^1' aqw, Won 1;
ifl litM~^ WON 9^







.~.,.-I .4
- %t~A~.

**?** f.t -* '





. .. ,. -.. ,,'
3.',; ., -
, *, .

id Freight-Ships and Planes s -

*. J ,hi t

When Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of England, accom-
pantied by the Duke of Edinburgh, visited the British Indus-
tries Fair in London she spent some time talking to Sir Miles
Thomas, chairman of BOAC, at the British Airways stand.
The Queen was greatly interested in a large model of the
de Havilland Comet jet airliner, which was on display, and
spoke about the aircraft to Thomas. who had just arrived in
London on the Comet service from South Africa. Only a lit-
tle over 24 hours earlier he was at Johannesburg.
Commenting on his fresh appearance despite a journey of
more than 6,700 miles in under 24 hours, the Queen remarked
that he wes a good advertisement for one of the features for
which the Comet is notable the absence of fatigue in pas-
PAA Will Modify DC-4s The governments of the Unl-
For Possible Military Use ted States and Honduras have
Detailed plans for the modifl- reached an agreement providing
Cation of DC-4 commercial air-; for establishment of a mission
lners to meet military transport of U.S. experts in Honduras to
S,.. eds have been drawn up by assist In developing a program of
.:.-?An American World Airways at civil aeronautics there.
.. $s Miami Overhaul Base as part
an over-all United States Air Mexico Forbids Airline Pilots
T orce mobillzs ton program de-I To Jo' Unions
I' dgned to make all commercial The Mexican Supreme Court
four-engine aircraft readily a- has ruled that airlines pilots may
available for military use in the, not join a pilots' union due to the
event of a emergency. fact that they are classified as
"confidential" employes. The
SI rulifig came on the pilots' re-
S RMexico Simplfles Documentation quest that their Pilots Associa-
P er In-Trait Pamenge rs tlon be registered as a union.
The Mexican government has
eliminated most of the documen- S1te Chose PFor New Airport
station required of air passengers At See Paulo, Brazil
traveling through Mexico City. A aite has been selected for a
this applies to passengers arriv- new International airport to
and departing on the same serve Sao Paulo, Bral, andl
tg-ht or making connections plans are now progresMag for
another flight without a acquisition of the land. The new
awver. Travelers stopping in airport wvtl be located at Banto
Udco still need passports or Angelo Meadows-the sae site
tourist eards, depending on their r*uommend4W several yeArs ago
patioaty. by a U.S. airport consplutat.
-- P. apas for improving Sao Paulos%
Alaamea Etends Routes presetn Congonhaa Airpdrt are
eo Frankfurt, Germany going forward in the meanUme.
Aerovias Naclonales de Oolom- When the new field is completed,
ba (Avianca) recently extended Congonhas Airport will be used
# Bogota Paris, service to exclusively for domestic flights.
rankfurt. Germany.
-ur. PAA Files Cotton Gin
Wfrtl's Highest Airport To Managua
N eses Completion at La Paz Pan American World Airways
The highest airport in the cargo Clippers flew a complete
world Is nearing completion at cotton gin, weig h 1 n g 20,000
La Paz, Bolivia. The new airport, pounds, from Dallas, Texas, to
at an altitude of 12,400 feet, will Managua. Nicaragua, to expand
also have one of the world's the facilities of a Managua tex-
longest runways-18,000 feet. tile factory, and a '7,000-pound
physics laboratory from Chicago
SAnd Readoras To Colaberate to Colombia for the Universldad
t)a Civil Aeronautics Program Nacional in Bogota.

''I' I




I.. -

T ..13 b -
r U. &.. P &. M.
., 1SZ by fA unim his.
"Your next door neighbor said you probably needed a
somrubbing brush"

Great White Fleet
New Orleas Service Crist6bal
S.S. Qu ig .................................June 22
S.S. Chirt ............................. .....June 29
S.S. Leves Bend ............................ July 6
"S.S. QuirtA ............................... July 6
Rmlus rleftiengmted Chilled aue OsMal Cargo.

New York Service


S.S. Talamanca ...............................June 21
S.S. Cape Avinot .............................June 23
S.S. Metan ................................ June 24
S.S. Veragsa .................................June 28
S.S. Esparts .................................. July 1
S.S. Cape Cod ................................. July I
Weekly Mis 10 o New Terk, Mobelh. Cha mst. Lee Angeles
Ban rmnerseo ad ltat"
FPiret mt hegt m Mspf tm Cllomel lo West Ce
Commntl Amrterm -r.

Crist6bal to New Orleans via

Tela. Iau

S.S. Chiriul
S.S. Cbirrlid
S.S. Quiritea


Sails from

k. __cCr kl

. ... .......... -..,,, 1.
................ ... ., J. m
..................... ...... ... ....July
............. ...... ........ July

7 msau
I udsl -A


A Big Oe





" 64



5~a~bo4 VpJ. ~g4J,

thS WLWMIN. P laeer Plae In the World my rtie -wwmman sa N.

Be Wilingr




vieC tW


N@U A'%5AF TJ Z z rri
cuW!AV.t w/Om


*~E~W~" U-

* aa~

(Paserem wvloe Only)


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- I : +.=

h.' l.M'8 lP
Mast.:.'1*68 POV

r -.-'*
i^ --



a to vaesr too .N0
WON16 920
A <2AWL. TTL\X\ -* /-







W B-.. ,- .S +.,- .: ..-- m .- jy du "'-" W 'A
oelmfne6"0i0uWe.t to Men. J4

o fn M r.
t with an after- n and May y,

dd----E Wh may- O'm

fm .i a -R S i6l
* :a ONM. MC
04 lod~v I ) I law


L4* ... A.-'

eftNi I%* AtbY Wthe


f i- l c~Ohurolf it
1 S, .t .
fagr ae andsat

la dloate bridle
lames W 2 e played at the Mar
rit CluboM thils evening at

B tsl Newel Ownby
My party for the
ao Louose, at the*1
I%' At Ct(oo Qolo Thateaty
afttdtp fi t three o'clock.
The ol ehemes for the af-
tleOM w.S ink, blue ando yl--
14. AIafh decorated birhflAdy
MSW uu It the enter of at
tb^WfhMnfMt table. Reeadlis
1 .lf, dutm t
noon ad' several Comi m la
were Ahown.
Iavors of birthday hata, bal-
Ido horn- blowers, pl a t
auot4 bubble gum and animal
anakMa OMis vthew thi ahldren.n

Fed, Do
rad antF r



to sohi i =

noa mat
agey -

buadies agedi
ing of cards will o

paft ldpe.. -.
Melh IS fl ,alt

sa ntm LW
tli- [*olunte
C V1 toola-
Hman.Lftan teiM

. OwWane WWWv-.jW Wa
Mui, M. tn that marriage will be u
IlWvee e ati- a t morous Uife d e Mov-
n t medial leI sd r mga* aos-the
lieo the neat, hdnDeti e, anttptie fami-.
* Mameh ly In the model kltelen.
SAdele T ling to the a ofth
,i o*n baSh i who pays his witWcm-
and pvn tmt* ywho bring hW1 "it
bigrakl and; ae san ad aMs, nho
a proUteea her from the lurs bMd
Le ai te h u outagi. wld ar
el te ett wo, ry m tday i Alove
a their betr L that she'a Ibathlll.
Shave on- Iflt't Wi VTi seI Ino,
at middle o t. dale o-,fl- &Me mal,
t iddlepy e he ao t be
,an women s pararlou s r6fidlt % 5leI-
an gs tB based On Sfh tdaU.
,r h o your e yo bt4, eba
I aI even- to of your ftI bal *
aged It will m ju ipoebI.
that a ck a change OMed ayin
to. at. but you mit anot In
S atyour yoath, acrlfice ymn right
played t to-te a human beli fa all of
MlO Road your yearwn on earth.
T at 7:30. Thug, the beat way, menally,
Invited to to yepre for middle age to
know wfat you went "d then
make yourself teady for It. Open-
ly and eourageously fac fe fact
night that aome day, you will be mi.-
mM dane- dle-asgd, Life cannot atay the
t Magrl-. same; dreumstanceU and people

he the youn lt o t~ti tht,
L1'g lar g5t4 a of it 't
8, sue o ltpael1!e
B r -..*'-. j >- --* ^-^-~- p -

subS eoataln
m ruisrd to votl~s.
fl 9* fr et" -S~ye IW ~ dWWiS|_l -Ktt f

tllowlag Cag a
remit of *"e eavown.
d-ftU A rh kk^ib~k fVAG.*^^w w^ W10^*V ti-w

sIob NuAm of Lind

Alabama e 4
bieoni 4 3
Ark"nu I n 33
C001for aa 213
Coeiado 16 I

M exinoel "
Kaew 18 12

Maaachuaetts 65 116

ibItana 11 10y
Nevada i 7
w Hampshire 2 0 32
New Jermey 57 It
new Mexico 16 21
New York 52l ai

maet delde wtat nd el mi-
le-age you want, whtt you've
moade y Ir tow er etlI, that
as t1e 7Heel.. ure sratlen.

Uional Uead1uurtevs S w
rt, w arned out y

-oUve w thtryl onote
u, with oni oootloam Of


Tfla bLeingpoo Set
san be yours for ONLY *JU)

a Circle of the Otmi
r Wil giveaia
W4-*,Ud !"*tag d

ahnrp. Jrp.nW
the "ic

'that an
talellG iven

Sarranged r
at their home fldap 'ua.

ently from a visit to tW
States. A late Hbuffe. Ws
salved and an evlenig t iong
The guests &-j".
M~oI. ,
tMaKfnea_ e .a"e
eant of Balboa, ~i frbat
ra rownI eMrs. Lo estK tMr .
ad Mrs aMIllMr. and

Whipple, t-ee 9 Joh

Card rarty e e p .eM

o. Tickets aMe avatilab MOft

ny member of tthe A Onmp
group and be b#

IBed M.
vidualb M eU
la Will be W 4
K e ve1nhW 1. *1'
^^S~C"?UNOW *C~oe
BBB o1<^ loMv

a* 1

I EAIt f%


m a _us m a


LOX .tlort
SThrough th
Huf afron Cur.
tati. ruhm a
'uluload of
1au0 .... .

strrweJ -.
-Iinrb mg-I


O.u -

.Aflhr a

s j-e Saj -- -

pt now wff be l impru | A ,
roRt to yof t3te B a f -
eat ). If yoU"st at for %

Temp*We aes ArtS. ueN
''** ^ '^*af*^' i frn4 fk If


. A Sbea.



1 WSf. YOU"


DOIS DAT a" DMO") 36MI0 t.

79u sitm rni

"In LA As
T Simo KLaiy

a. -. .. :'
"n -n- NW

7', )tUr


.L t r..W. m.l W ,lo

mod0 ~


-* L*

. ue ea1 tt +-

*. m .:..

K""~~~ ~ -**1!. ,* T't.'B I f*

-- 4%

bn. DA.
.' '..i !f'.'M i I "

Pb ~



- tf *

I -




;~ JKI

J .

When You Tell em tu P"iA. (

73 .;.

" eave your Ad with one of our Agents or our Offices io No. $7 II" Sreet -.Pasn"sI
No. 12,179 Central Ave. -. Colo

p,.. ^ ; ; -* i=~~*~ 7,*
* ',' %' w "' -'"u .. .*' + -;
.. '- a S. i -, it ,:i-a^*!

'A wis Service
Z#%4 Tivoli Ave.-Phone 2-2291. and

ifurth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441

SaWl de Belle:a Amricano
*# West 12th Street

Carit D Sto :
10M.06 Muetm Ave.-4M eta

Agenda Internacional dt Pubicacls PrpMa a S.A.
#3 Lottery Plasa Phone 24-313 k" Sri estwe Sr
a Phmn 2-221 t an d t-

AlWeam for 12 words
L.ti Mdtoa- word.

. FOR-SALE: 1949 Westinghous
Refrigerator, 9 cu. ft. 60L cycle
$200.00. New Cristobol. 360-A
6thvand Marietta St. Phone Cristo-
bat 3-2898.
LFOR 'SALE:-9 cu. ft. Westinghous
refipgerotor, venetian blinds, wash
Ing machine. Q. M furniture, mis-
cealobeous items. 5524-D.
St. Diablo. 2-1871.
REFRIGERATOR, Coldspot, 25 or 60
cycle, new enamel, unit excellent
condition, $85. Phone 6-322
FOR SALE: Table lamps, tables
coffee table, large electric clock
baby bath, bath scales, book-
case, knick-knack shelves, baby
crib, bicycle, mixmosrer. radio,
pictures, press camera, 35MM Ko-
dak, miscellaneous household
items. Church of Christ. down-
stairs, 0851, Balboa Road.
'FOR SALE: Livingroom furniture
set. Real bargain. Justo Aroseme-
no Avenue No. 88. Panam-.
FOR SALE:-Easy Sp'ndryer, 25 Cyl.
wo&Wng machine, excellent cond.-
Stion $12500. House 811-A. Co-
"FOR SALE:-Westinghouse Refriger-
ato, 25 Cyl. 9 cu. ft. all porcelain
2 f2" yr. guarantee, $15000.
Washing machine motor, Moytag
25 Cyl. $1000. 513-C. Cocoh.
Harnett and Dunn ore offering
their summer dance course $15.00
for 3 months. Every Saturday 9.30
a. m. Balboa YMCA.
SModern 'Popular Piano Playing Ins-
truction for extremely busy people
Begin to play the nusic you want
to ploy after only a few lessons
Bennett's Studio. Member Inferno-
tional Piano Teachers Association.
Panama. Box 3142-Tel. 2-1282.
SIReal Estate
' SALE:-One family house, In
a tObd cOndition. For further infr-
'ion call Tel. 6-54r.


1951 Chevrolets
1951 Buick Special
1951 Fraser
1951 Fords
1951 Studebaker
1351 Mercury
1950 Chevrolet.
1950 Plymouth,
1950 Fords
1950 Dodlxe
I SMDe Soto
1935 Mercurys
1950 Panties
1U3 Studebakers
14N Buicks
1349 Chevrolets
S.94 Phvmouths
; 4 OldsmobUles
19 Pontlaos
1M9 Nash's
S1MW Studebaker
19g4 Fords
W146 Pords
,I Chevrolets

194 Baikdson
S 1r Pontian
Wl Chrvsler
IM Fords

; t-6 Hadfons
Ia Pontlac

FOR SALE MISCELLANEOUS RbTtS .CO.MMERCIAL. &w s ** d. Wilams' S ur ch FESSIONAL L. o t .S pwed ,'
wre Alleehellms vm so tolps. Two fIdeome, rrigloneht te t Pdetl
e Service Personnel and Civilian 20il AMli... c Rockgos range t.a 2-3050n. ial n tha le lt
Government Employes--OChiefs ,t SLw should be fired...
. Govemensist onpl "OTOGRAIA WA" PHILLIPS Ome d Cot tages t tp %i ALL OUR FAULT tor l teMdtint i
SGovernment Employ. Finan'e Co. Will remain closed from'June 28th only court in 5iti Claot with on ( your dealer la out of ne eliWer'ls reDPons@ to swe a -i
Whtyou finance yournew until September 3rd 1952, for re- Oceanvlew tfrom H cottages. Se g s Taft's blt at the Joint Chiefs
or used car. modeling. Any one having work to beach, Rock Gas, refrieration, a s in Ig n" l" t tibute to en. can
e AGENCY DELINGER pendiag please call for it be#re date barbecue and shuffle board. P- L OmKIr traLdJ, it chairalb t n. L :a
N.. 41 Afsmteblle w mentioned. ama 3-1877, Margarita 3-1673, ow could we know B M th e t t
Phone -4934 3-4985 From Balboa through the PANAMA Box No. 45 IoL was c suddenly now of S thea td o tI o
s FOR SALE-1952 Buick Super. 2 CANAL by diesel launch, $10; to Gramlich's Santa Clar beach to break all pre- services who to to
door Riviera, no Dynaf low low San Blos and Portobtelo, 550 from cottages. Electric Ice btes. g vitbtt e sales records for Bradley -1 "ability And btdee vidwa have go to m I
m leave. For information call Bal- Cristobal. $40). Three big days, stoves, moderate rotes. Tel pl In ttlcides In PanamA? tion this tooat y." help tv
S boa, 2-4437. June 20, 21, 22. Cal Jungle Jim, 6-441 Gambo%, (A Alpment is due this week)enhower s e .
Hotel El Panamf, 3-1660. Eisenhower was askedIfth-
FOR SALE:-951 Ford V8 Vic -Hotel El Pnm, -6 Fosterls furnished halit E F. NOVEY INC. would appoit ian ambma r dor
ria Perfect condition. Radio. Excursion to Jamaica and Santo Do- beyond Santa CiTre. GOb refrigr- iriu to th 0 t D..if.-ia l 1
W/S/W tires. 0428-A, Frangpo- mgo. Boyd Brothers Inc. Mrs. A. atoar, ranges. S tclil rates week- Diitrlbuto e the dd lVetiande n t iL l
ni St. Ancon, 2-4263. Wilcox. J aomica to Santo Doman- ly or monthly, private rood to St el states should Over "close Itseld
--- go, 239.40. To Jma 5. beach. For nfo on visit Dog-off from ay advantageous con-
FOR SALE:-1951 Kaiser. new tires. 40. Limit 15 days. Mrs. G. West. mar. Tivoli Avehu No. 6, Or necton anywhere In the world" J J W y To aJ
radio, etc. House 338-3. Ft. Clay- Higinmo Durond. No. 16. Apt. 10 phone Panama 2-0110. but he said t wast a touchy pol-
ton. Telephone 87-2121. L U X itical lsue, on which Congrea s -
FOR SALE:-1941 Studebaker Corn- FORUK ALE FOR IN has dhagreed vigorously with
mander. Excellent condition, $325. VENETIAN Presldent Truman. MX*IS J, une compounds 6 genht m4
00. John R. Sullivan, Tivoli Hotel. MisCeu timRt1e o111 On the question of lowering 16 (? ) RsUe s i tib- 6
?6R SALE:-Nash 600. Fordor Se- HOUSE OWHNIS, HOUSE FOR RENT:-Furnphed house, three BLINDS the ot at0i from 1 to 11 are huar
don, radio, seat covers, low mi- MANAGRS, bedrooms. Altos del Golf, for on Imedate have sen 18 year olds on f as wa h
league, good tires, Tel. 2-1281. WE REPAIR plumbing fixtures at or two months. Coll Panama 2- Deliry, the field of battle do a very s lxe r, getting iI
Tavernillo St. 807 Balboa. Finan- your place. 0024. Tel -1713lgood Job and I believe that If t tte t t- l sup
cing available. We guarantee prOpt, neat work. Tel -11 man I old enoughto fight, he S I l. bOtasi Mati
COMPARIA ISTMERA OE PLOME- FOR RENT 22 *2 Sth a old enough to vote, and I be- hey saMtiWea han n IspOf t1
FOR SALE -1949 RenaultfoA. S. A. Phone 3-350. Just have also we have to encourage costnt o In ship- ed the
FOR ALE-1949Renoul. four door Arosemena Ave. nd 29th St. East M I young men to take Interest in nients w otuld eat Mooned without d
edn wth r nd FORSALE:Five drawer mahogany ALAMRAPANAMA BROKERS. INC. the politteal affairs of our coun- astoks bft i estate through a ord to
be seen or Qtrs. 573 E Curundu chest. Like new. $55.00. May be Modem o mfurmihd Ip .e Ibel te l ,amdi try. the Dp Ira en
Heights. seen at Building 826 Curundu. Tel. mia Maid 3l tanl. C- fWflfG: PanamA able Walr -pt In Brvcl here.
83-6294. 'ofiMeld it ,N11osri-1.aCon. I think whvni man Is able Walter n r
FOR SALE:-1950 Grey Special De FR SALE: By cmaitive bid. 0 ". ee CtsPanamA i s Uto gem Sat i eliv ner a gt chare of *rniilt for ellhaMcen i .
Luxe Plymouth. j-door sedan. FOR SrALE: By coCr leph Colon, eCo. and Fuex'geo f Foaore bat- er-al v id a3l k bretcil imed by- iP Io
leather upholstery and radio $1..- Resturant, Barber & Office equip- FOR RENT:---Smll Furnis oe thed apart-(commonand e-. ueheis otol itth- mutt actio If `y A1
45 34Craftsman ment. For further 3nf option call ments with C hotel-s rvice. t -171 a-miter tamoo sethat he aspoolI n reIto ne s n- dYe th O ptift ou l l
Join.ter-Planer $80.00 or $100.- at Na Exchange Office, build- hot and cold water, private bath, eannot exerdeto some judge toott au see or a-
Jointer-Planer $80.00 or $0. ing No. 24, Naval Stat io, Rod- en tut the s MM
00 with motor. Telephone Balboa Ing No. 24. e val Statio telephone service, 2 rooms and as st." ch g the alghti g aeeo fe '. o tety n,
FOR2591. SALEW ahe Tobi balcony at rem e monthly i LODERN FURNITURE T Eltenhower's unusual Sunday It eiOn-." .rodUtIl
Jg SALE 41 Odobie FOR SALE:- w blesw, rates. Hotel Rooevelt. Tel. 2- OppNg, m g cci t E
FOR SALE: 1951 Oldsmobile 98 Jigsaw, table sander wmnches 0700. Clvrt MLS morning press conference listed alilth ent of sevea t au seed
000De Luxe Holidauty freCoupe. under 4.- hindtols, mahog peemr Repbhte about 40 minutes and touched pars ot d ain seied WItalhT-la 1 ir
oma Lue, olduay Cre. Phned an- Gh r 0 shop accessoriessandsoneChurchNrnpart- t ,WOW l 0 on a wide range of foreign and lst week Iwer 0 t M InWSht v'IH i 4 th IN
ama 3-3477 during day 3-2672 shop accessOrit s, sandstone. Church ments, 3 bedrooms. Suitable for A sen domestic affair rs. Dr Ad. ofltwq i l i t
evenings.o 2 d rbo Road wnsls, 0851 a l- office or residence. No. 22, 34th e w dmn (AHie defended hos e eal of y due to a st5a t
eveSings, or Road.___Cvl__ street. Tel. Panama 3-1773. ife 4 ^ 0000,dO0 tex uet which has ssrels ta (eis l sen*a nds
FORSALn. cean. Churchroof Chrior FOR SALE: Young blue Samese FOR RENT :-Fumished one bedroom ,. been cha ll tthhi n i't h tNate anH rmet S oWt
0851 Balboa Road. Bargain fighting fish, afternoons and even- apartment. For two months. $90.- and' said ble nu dollman r ci$e Oa .e rt )ae t
01aloRoo. n ings. Tel. 3-1423, please bring 00 th. Coil Tel -0057. S Tum.p tt. S. thirty e nmibuot toS at I cers t l I t
AUTO ..............c.. containers. House 73-A Margorita RE NT r.A.7ther: to a 1 biion dolla =ta n1
FOR SLE St. New Cristobal. F OR REN rthe tyt billion| dol.l cutr finatncia t se n
1950 Studebaker 4 Door Sedn. FOR SALE:-Whe s an in, trg cutb t billion ct
green Very low mileage ood Four air conditioning machines a ll n We paok end orate or mlve naot e o Ito the thngl we gsi,
tires. A very clean car, $1,195.00. PHILCO for t.400.00, ORIGINAL FOR RENT:-dWARHeUSE SPACE *- e* d GT 1o hsal. Large sta cks 61 ti l
1948 Ctck Super 4 Door Sedan. cost 52.100. Tel. 20369. approximately 2,-00 suOre SPt -nthin P hne 2 nL in BpoIi
Dark. green white side wall tires, FOR SALE:-Daimatn Pupp0es at Conre wh "i" roof C "le oPn dollIr ft. T ig .4
radio. $ ".0O miles. The clean- 42 Vo Parvs, Dr. Per.' Clinic. rrlimo de lil.e o. Int El eW! ban 4$ta1 ali ..- ,.
est 48 Buick. in Panama. comeO .Rnchd to d See th, r I.- -W &kng 00
and drive it, see for yourself. PFTOR 1SALE in. 2-11I' 'vLa YLat the t a. hii t.r tao .-.
tires and paint. A real bargain for Bo &S M1teir FOR REdueios, we-thatnile to maketn i stats. "
only $995.00. FOR SLE.I brand new C er, o t I trere hiban merelytenBula t to i U i
1951 M.G. 2 Seater Sports Car, in 25 to 60 cycle. 1 KW output $200. ur airsworthi watarpeedthoweverapeil
1477-A Holden, Balboa, ofter FOR RENT:-fRoom furnished, with tk a ese d ee and 0t doen that tere. hole t hing a 'on- 511
perfect condition. $1,250.00. 5:30 p. m. bof lcony Prvaeenrac. rilhalwles I thewfon-M ls ta:oMtwith"me11n %
IMIIT. Duque Ave. No. 2, first floor. CAMe&ae itnre-gal- I
FOR SALE Beavers Club Sets aD Rg, f,. nAed about a Crevise state-
Motoryrli.-Dte-Fr t Awicr bsica C should not set ay "georaphical
Dates For Plays* .eMAW-A..a-._,in-oer.saidmhistIeai
FOR SALE: Clean 1946 Indianlmen ]K. U ISog lb t Ulath iitIe
Chief Motorcycle. -Sacrifice.J 0 .N&.1n 111flon-. ,,s was to "never send any more 1,4 mi' ak'
McGirnmsev. Coco Solo 422 or Bal- Te Atlantic Beave- Club
boo 3602. ye 3a3*in lESo N aIMounced today that the I p wani ieI!
34-e- I n, Na_,tiona u ateswo Its 12dm atac pr"I h 1
... .. .t L WrItten for NABatt15dramatic.. ... E n
a WI I. Wr .l JI- U an a u

square Dance CIubD .oow --0 l tW --"""" willoe +ul a, oni
*aeMU h:rown thbe. Atlantic side and July 10 SUITS 'OppgS LA BOCAE o M L STALL:
etssericans an .t te "Whtae The Pacific Clubhouse. LEAGUE ( D )
Sets Anniversaryninasmeh, Wite -Thm management of the Club BLOUSD e SKIRTS TAXWP...Pt.
Bas Fo0r S d' tropicall ,In Colon ,Is ar ra*ngirng. ,1
Boll For Saturday Joh ey, ei stage fitti s and SiDuques ..... 1 .714
.t rtaur inrowferrbte t the sound euipat to ac- a KLEMEN I7C. m. ..... .. 3 .11 i

Members of the Silver Star So- shastclubhadi the M rtri of "Aunt Bilen's Clubi e Dell. g 4 Af
fnal rer.- n wr.O "tPcii sieth dlu *K T Si i ... >. 4 i 71
cial and Dancing Cub of PmaAl- tu s beating Carl May s ? a iaritable ladies rnia,,o*o ma b clubha t m r o Aut es Clu La Deurocrac a ft ra .... I Ii
so for the club's second ant- LAMAT e sm e0 tOWfe aren distribut ing I N -
a1 q a re- dance enthusiasts I n a.w ,fro t A ug. 3, 131 Ntoa h titles ,of this year'sn pa-, I Ai- .M ND a

which will be held o 'Saturday r Wbn CapNotr sDme?7 I det a then oer el pisedstoo n. toUflfarI"At
A. bbh dshCape Amba tebe ri toem.Dep, rked p ro s o t
night in the auditorium of ttoeheemete C- hoinageWit at*legn ex week iIg
Paraiso Clubhouse. ~ ti lremn.asx eWtSt- O i"St Choir we em ,. u--
____________ SiS S S5n&te Methodist Choir t iHEedu* hthitd te U..S S -S i
-mn."* Notre o S C In- HOUSERL ExCHANOE ut a deret. whS clir .-
a nbFiv et O .- 32- St ages Classical B O EaXCMHA OFLa N the M.lcs
J1 r1.r O-, a a Concert Thursday I "Du... OS r:- = z "
The rst en- .Who were the big The Panama Method I s L S nA-RSi *rIIt gfWel," m s.. 11
thusism .- p che- for the .rves, M Church choir willresent cla.- a ASm. a Sincla, lb-cf ....:. 12 2
s am ar Tes s of 1914? icsal concert, Thuraday at T1l LttE F. ,Anderson, 0as ....* : I
back-yard gar-. AA: W .*Ol-hme We pm. J. Carter, 11 2 0 0
SmJ-h \~f I1...... _____ 1 l-- _____ ___....... 0_ _/ a
dens is begin- i H ee, O stmlla-ms wl" 9 .. .. .. .y 1 1

away Iand ca. ter Rw did DPfzz1y vae, the dams, OWrville '- t i ^ .A L .
ing It my gar- Vt Brook--lyn firebaer of M. A. Jon and Cleb7.3 Andeso Sbr
dept then rI O ml yes ack, quir JOB Lam rill.6 --appear as gue ta
beco, esou.d '.. l e li" = theu.,,, ,.. beam c ,,I. ,-. ..r

o. The women trt ebruta, o N depayabd eat whse do-r.
husan soiriln / ~S~,,ga me o m.t lwH d:Sg tI Wai n niB l or ..mpoitef ...... 0 0
t ev y V ". t R Prldor, 1b...... 3 2
se, diwgis m 13 M IP .e 3 flSek tao ont e A ne U D rw 1c4r ..... 30 0*
awa9y and,..lbo.. cal-Taf er i 16sf 15. I ng. -to rrion HgA = l van.m.l .- -,t-..
-ga It Imar gunst Broiol deba Ja an J ,Ja Jl sJ it'' L 3 b
bae omesa our "I UA *a han? a10s01- th uratrla ms inist recent p, musl",itfMo, 3 2-1
.a g __ -1F Qaaero. Cs*. 41s1

goLra, Ge"d ii u. ,--Gie I

OuileSMale ton (u .
t'1820aM PMt tonw
14 GIrl's Rm I Cmmls
su de 4WkM I
U e- dtab 5flhdbckS *
blanma 8bldM bearing
arU d T7Artifless I
s$ Doma I
kI ursi aBrI
MScottih river 9Cotton bundle
11 Bid's bene 10Rmu date I
sNMberalrok IIWalk I
gISoft o watrll Dnnkard I
InOnlIlt l Bwak of the
"Lan"a nocua
Lsf sarvte r 4

etta letter

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You Sell 'em...

1- -' i :t -


hanw am eSm i aIls.o
Ian r MW Mobgat Jg t
94 ~ ~ a voun am, setse .

,. -- .. 7. .... .


Finrt Place I Stake T ig

In Atlantic Basketball


.. .

,i d.;. i
r oA sI i ,l i
wer 0-r1iGrm. be (IN %
:~~ ~ "'-"r :Ta'IMM!I l l ,
.4 xroo P W
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/.19 cam

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': .3'1-90d
FM WIT.. z,.' :., '", ..,

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you" bet
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100 *.TMa I--e -a

-,MtnM = (T-A, .t.. a 1" foytve
L064 L "*
,PUMUs o 120 0. .... ,, t .1._to__los a..
Om O.NA. o",.. .. lo w ;
a m. a.. -r O .A .
,o .........- .. .d ..

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Oil 0: 6I sm4 MA gas
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Y- Whip Tribe T

To wrease AL 1
MmW Y kL1. iam is m1 -I Mtwnk r .-Umfa

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...1- bNowt ...
L.. _mul=n.


hi.-. 1





-Fat Divorcee

Inside Track n

I'Marrrie Stakes
ORT, Ind., June 16
ue- tW hu.ter Jesse L. "Le the people know the u amnd ti cob.y & HLincoln.
'ff_ itt said he has received 1.- .e -
N.Alpliea to his newspaper ad-
.Snment for a mate but an rWENTY-SEVENTH YEAR PANAMA., R. P.. 1 ONDAT, .1W DiO
napolLs divorcee has "the .. .. ... : -': _

SfiUSAF: Reds CouldHaveWorld
0" who was divorced recent-
nthe special charms of the
LUitnfapolis woman.
ASix Indiana women Interest- *
U" him the most, he said. with
State capital divorcee hold Superorn Two Years
Wayne woman also gained his
afttentlon because she lived on
a 0-acre farm. WASHINGTON. June 168 UPI the Air Force and the Navy of people as those Russians aret ,; adley, chairman of the Joint ..
Garrett brought his two sons, --TheAir Force has told Con-i this country have. rwtintng- mid. b ttefs of Staff, in urging that l' l
Jimmy. 10. and Jesse. Jr.. 11. wt thgress the Soviet Union will have', "And a ratio that bad certain- He told h. isbcommittee he egress provide funds to reach OfTRtY 1lGZZ
him on his wifehunting expedi- two to three times our present ly indicates air superiority to the as talking, t the numt tt i43 air wing goal of the Air wv to the orowd n,.,
tion. air strength by 1954 and mayside of the Russians, especially planes we Day,'e "in our man=i Ie as soon as nossible. bet f0OP convention delegation IVhim af,. =
He said he may find the wo- have world-wide air superiority when they are n the hands of units." Te military lea rs argued, in R. Duff. -
mHen he wants maytomorrowafnd itit was revealed today. such an aggressive and capable Twining. (a bd Gen. Omar I. leres pof hes, a,00ait
rsub::ommitsethyU8 M en.AUniUted States Has Handed Out' bgn s" Jl 1

hi nRsevenalweeesago n$40,000,000 Since VJ Day* ....:. r-,0f Om" N Ove r
rret The urthr account showed montt, a survey disclosed today. Ing 0,00A0ermoe. r Te Georgian" wat trarth T a-
e ran an advertisement th was made available to a reporter not yet eqght al- In add ongrss has au- at t an hour
Garretrt rewards himselfocrat. In a public statement. released thouhber of less modern planes t D. E Aed BURG, ,ntd, June
on the day of his testimony last -eserve. f10 ( (UP)- 19 cars of a a ee-
e says he reers a wif month Twining said ile tas hower aWASHINGTON,ther have h16 (UPt Secretary Robert A. Lovett said letter estimated that 7,50 i g C teago and Eastern
d-looking yeas old, definitely "not Sovie t betteruild-up o a than we are c -he Uted states will have all but about ,000 o t00 of the Ruan plane pengr train Jumped

fortune including a "fine house" n 1954." ended, or at least reduced Europe gotU.the lion's share of T he essaaIes were treated at.
SScott Depot. referabBy 1954 th e Russansge air pow given away or oaned an estim- will be comited by Jnne war a e nowd ets. Track Mterday in a "lucky" S,
He sad he panned to spend have two ande of there tims uate an4000-C000,000 or more in Thisn wouldth g They ought to have all 20,000 cident that inured only 1 l pet-

r couple o das Intervewnuse the tihatsv the force that both continues on ad hedule.n the biggest refelver. eoa officialss d t '
Indianapolways have d ivorcee, the Fort ore than aid by he90 nations aid up tohee to a stagger- icluodern jets in two years," the ses, nine of thheSoutherner.

Wayne farm woman, another In- coos have received military $21T102,000,000 In economic aid the crack
Garrett re yards himself as questioning that "qualitatively tough Gen, Dwight D. isen- thorized ao(th)er $6,431,249o7 n, at Ihmlar vers danPhour,

thuestioningm o n hi n none of the ca.s overturned aft
god catch becausetthe lls "not y (the Russians) will be as shower and others have held out In the new i!Hs l year a tn ere
tnlungan ine iebl 28.00 good, It not better than we are here that the program can be s July.t n
fortunew cl es uding a the Sum- se In1954." ended, or at leastreduced Europe got the lion's share of tempe for

|, ecreatoon program bw- legislative director, said: to vast. and pom la Culen has coafributed $*7,500 thc shared Mfl two castlalo T weenn.satd het ws am Kgli
e satD he planned to s.end "By 1954 the Russians will sharply In two or three years ie American ali after the war and Lan T -ltewere ,treated at O
a nped today by Marv D.have two and three times quan- he an-Coniunt buildup Britairyn, wthrd report to ,122,2 76,000,climbed to 10 I
roupleof days Interviewing the sum- punlah or timidate force that both contitnues on schedule. the clbiggest receiver. eM-8 Ho livai, Ind.. and relea e d. A

Iireaton program i n U.S.- unton members or labor unofficiialns ai eI ad 3 p Peen atlves. |M- -ens, Ahe -kept pra*0 eqt" ra her S ata
ommunoes. leaders o foreign birh evre than 0 nations a Ind The great mlstance includes becauld officials ald i t or the

diplle safety classes for all though they are naturalized throu__h las__Decebe____o- law to report their contributions over_" years at occupy_, _._ _.
Sgrouos womill be an a thdded ea- colonies have received military $21, 102,000,000 in economic aid urt y the cas remained upo
dinnpolfl woman, and thee i equipment, economic aid, lend- for post-War recovery programs OWJCAOO, June 16 (UP) right or it might have beW,
hoful women near Evansvilru nmuch se.
tu rett said the .500 letters a fact that much morlease supplies and a thoand and $3,400,,ses part w military A hwn an embankmentck humid blanket of uc
he received came from most of ed poweother items under the program help. tualyo statonary af hung oe r etod unrLgh t came ouns of n
e4r stad. a sIr law have been used r to strengthen the free world contests thn Inde easter two-thl of tohe broken axle on a dormtir art

t 8statesaonds for enhuo y i-la Ad- an 1 dah car-Ue d for Tsleeping qu art po. f.., wa.n th
an Ontarip.s da fr a way This huge iptwar program el United SMtates todanTl dea o amond qB a trt .
Hesaidhebrughtt samountst bostw amcutbverdeeperIn er by crew members-apparentl.y -'.;
alon and wll be heldo with meen Carran bllnotonll the nation's estimated total nd New Jers- of illionsWJune 1 () Evan te, b d., t o Chicago with
Just about everywhere.,iiunn iBi come this year and about half At lout 481U'0E diedi.ver The train broke fromn-tie 'ift
""They decided they didn't of the governmennt'spropos MacArthur iNled to winu a Sweeke md otm de toem eibot wh cn te aboau *
w asit a fat mother."' he said. "t WASHINGTON, June 16. -- budget for fiScald 19 whicb ortw aing ,im s A t try- down the rack, and was derail-.G

ta faether the classes will In- pres e t law fscch i e'r- IOngle deSegate in w hich am TV$-
dp't know why but I'm willing ,The CIO, expressing concern starts July 1. wee esca te th bi r$. ed ino nA .r of ciaders w and t Ior
tu along with them." that the measureI might be Its cost amounts to about the S broken tl rackgeM to
Sr used, as" a weapon against or- $25for each of the 1 ,000,000,- 16 to te md. S nufrette, a sailor -
Sganzed labor, today urged Pre- o0 I Americans, tol a tIlWeAa nPoid Iwcn wn aW.;a.. ',...-f
sorkdent Truman to veto the Mc- Britain had received more -- 1 OtJ le f Houston, o agiar m a s mitat Ga., said he Was walk-
n all. hr Carran Immigration bill. eaem00othan e6,0000l0,o00 i ail of Tes w eltablat e ll men, ai lay4 n X flninWl W t..wo cars wo
dePointing out In a letter thathrough 1. gave 0 t oost Gen. Don- Tmp r atus In the g iitWuhful of n tsw ae lbo
the bill creates "vast vocifnewus-ly of th e n52 ShrComers Ron a. gamtte of Nw -ties fying through th
% W P f" reviewable powers over t CNecholovakia and oan w e.: Nw. )se O CrC
lives of mncentrations of humanbe- cut in other $4,000.,00,000 e 4 e Hunter Aldy on hand tProac "" ''.

The classes will be held at the In the executive branch of the members, many of them abard (H. A an Oakley Hunter, (R- esea lied tOvn. 72ewa-.? eton by 35natio which wt for
new classes in the Sum- rgs," Nathan E. Cowan, CIO the Cold War grew hotter. knr, Otis.Clark,
ecreation program bi- legislative director, said: So vast and complicated Is Cullen has oomtributed $17,11M thb A was abmar W two tahoegalm,., said he VIA- 11.W 01 ,.Q Jew
t hool work shop from "A government. 53 spealration htile the program that re expected t s for Conr Commitaltee, t towns1 -- Im- l his -beret and e
3 .morkin. Mondn Balboa -nd Wedn ere to labor could easily use t before book th-keepe anunable to keep fights n eight 500 cross the _al a s oen the b k- thed ty the floor, m attreI s U. .

nesaed will start Juyb 7. and their possthon and are willing penial Council sesan gets to cs tho Repulan -dget and s dEr- ee Do't Although he. adiet UnVon m
willtoday b y e a registration fee of to v D. vastly expgr andedt t o minor officials tocountryn ull riding tonight with aa ce Committee Bolse rtO m y climbed to 109. an all."

for these classes. Further in- the Immigration Service and America of Ysteryear" exra BAr ReJohnJ Alen tlon, net* It nor any I
r, oordina the woodwork for the m- punish or intimidate labor st n mentsw gnz but they Oraid actual the clerk of the Ruse of Re- bMrs. Home Albright, blo wo The U. ld
reation program In U.S.- union members or labor union aid delivered from V pDay presentti, e TonemL, .4.he "kept prayft g auatArs here A n 4
re communities. leaders ol foreign births over the stadium. grvdstDecember 1ondchauirantrboruAns have any part ars o the ot ur

ler at classes-1412 or Mrs. J. ran- lives of millions of human be- The Orange Bowl fertile as report therd G. Aanbln projected under the Ur tc o r ht-
at -17grous will be an added fea- citizen This does not include runnf theygive to r thcampaigns inte), oi e dormitory car plunged ale to pay their way o1
tue of the summer arts and "It is a fact that much more ks display843400,000 which the Mutual or more states n Brewter art wly Cehownlon emban met, setreetcnar W .
proam n Gamboa. Mrs. limited powers under the pre- ncu en a rw r e. deigned to note t t d re
SBoulevard. eatorial campaigsent law have been used for aved the quetnre. Ret s-
iton for hese ca Throughouttha the purpose by anti -laborAdcontests IndianaTexas to cooperate house, waking the
be held Thursday from 2 to ministrat in the e tifyingon the Shrinesal 1953 o en, Ida Housto, Maine and h a f ond Beaver at
he bicycle classes will start "We trustees will holto the Mac- ad program May 3, Defense Dakota as well s to the e the United Naton d no
Sand wl be held between Carran bll e ss meet to consider a hur drive In w h is contribution ( DPEW O une 16 t(UP) Evanto concern d., to Chicago with --
gramof the many nrehabustce of thefor te MacArthur. He ailed to winas ILhk along str lat aIot violate "taal over-d.
ether. the classes will I resent law which it p-e i angle delegate in eight states. oun st had
S tn hours of actuaoranization'sl rac petuats, but even more besptaCuen's contributions were su m ue for h e00,0d gny.

cause otipemedny chldren. lise aold look over the various rll fe B f o Ui"h a head as por a week -S1h so,
oi and two hours of al cause of the matny new in l slated as follows: ud i sil further Ue-
tIN justices which ist adds. In the s New Hampshire for MacAr- s hs
ethen. Awards will be given at latter category are many loose- Oi sthur Committee h$460 nFeb. 26;n i fapl lyash
e'nd of the classes and there Angeles and another rec g ta nations
wi ,be no renjstration fee for p o Utah. uJ htenner (Sen. Wanhow3er. 4in, t drl l w the ofimil. a er
classesdan. Further nforma-e harsh pro vons for exu (R-Iene ented.) for Semdtor Commit- r an drill crews .

*i themselvess to fl-diy Hu n- fltal butLle should "please a S B however.- _*_' Supge CiNRL N ad En- Yo* -
ton a be obtained from Mrs ol deportation and denatur ypeaa- t, Inropical sd anapoliset ," t ,at httrains at te MD NAT New Yormer
J.,'Mawford. telephone 6-174. Stion. hMIAMI, Fla. June IE")- 4; James B. Patts Angleton, TJa m road" ufrre 1 (UM).-The UN Coain-s a
*sedworklnc Instruction will "We find It significant that (UP)-Bedfezzed frolickere-JO0,- Tex.. $3,000, Much 25, for cam- the T .A. road"leted their too vea Laboregins 1to0 1

11 *:: li I th elean p 'etal rmlthira." der s" M S **oaet *
b:;yen to all children on the the McCarran bill Is chieflyN 00 of them--flooded.ameW a wA against Rep. Clark W. runs. lpassenger train taIM testnofy on savelabor
Paeifir side ove- eight years old. supported by those who gener- terday to get inon the bofrd t hmpson (D- Tx.); McArthur to b ed wa the tw wosd.
SParker said. ally attack most vociferously of the 1952 Shrinera con .omiettee of New Jersey. $5,"- 5 a., and ew Areamd on han norma-
the concentration of authority Another 40,000 Maid 6, April 4: Oakley Huntere at m
t classes will be held at the in the executive branch of the members, many of them a d .rk-
Nalboa School work shop from I government. 53 special trains, are efed or Congreu Committee, trains 1" .w mel to betan l~y answered q0estiuns nput to
15 p~m. Monday and Wednesday. "Here they suddenly change before the annual Grand Im- resno, Cal., $506, A 28. ol the ba.- themU b the oommfte. P "
ames will start Ju]y 7. and their position and are willing penial Council session gets *t: Idaho Repub la 3ndget a t* d Altho
there will be a registration fee ofI to grant to minor officials in full swing tonight with an "Our Fnance Committee, Boise, S,- the rs_ 'e_ the taam asedotRipplyoma-
I1 for these clepses. Further in- the Immigration Service and Anerica of Yesteryear" exvtrat- April 28; Rep. John J. Allen, b$I.ofthv.o h, ntheSovr it bnor c wouyld

. :i
-.: .

9- ..,

..... h. Despite, warn. O E MS-.,- -- -- -.the
group of Miwd 2f =-t

,+ ,..-. .--++
S~iplA OMM LA dron.twa eprg@ts ,' ant h ro..
Join the local awl Von
ve O I~wmaw Into Shrine cotnpmm.
!%g? Offtclals branded II8Wroo
of chance a& both
'-' dighonest. 6
aAll In all, It loomed i_ .
gest whir -; dih a m U1
iUhave enjoyed WA*Fili
'Pec.acull c ... -No
+_ + ._"%,......., .t.o, '" -i .

"I *.

-~ '~ Si

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