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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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Vlike Mrs. Herbert L. Phillips (Mail Box, 3iane'g) I e
a_ her.rty support to the decision rendered by t. six b-
af the United states Supreme Court that President Tfa-
Sctd unconstitutionally in seizing the steel industry.
regret is that the edurt's decision was not unanimous.
it fact that Prelident truman made one (ontly one) rnla-
oemaos not mean that we must accept all that be mat ts.
Purthermore, remember that the people of the United States
Wb himo to the high office after several mistakes had been
Ay~ unfortunate that then are being killed In fighting, but
l situation has been the lot of each generation, and as a
When fighting was needed there have been many men who
willing to do it without grieving over the losses,
is to be hoped that Americans Will always be '4 '
If the President's selire order had been permitted to o0wl,
n would soon have a condition that would not be Worth fight-
Sfor W.


"ihte-ago I landed on, the French beach V 0 fti dyh
a wlth artms ism. lotion there I don't believe thht it comes
r towhat stirs in thI Canal Zone and surrounding today.
I find that after reading everybody else's troubles for a
it here I've also got to throw in a Grand Granada too, just
Whom a sheep follower like the rest. .
first, a lot at all this petty jealousy about various govern-
iMt agencies located in the Zone.
Why do so many people worry about what this agency or
Wone is doing here?
After all, the Government did see purpose to have all of
HB established here. The Panama Canal Company people are
it they think that this little strip of land with a big
in it can successfully operate on their governMent alone.
Abample: I have.l: friend that wished to ratiA to the
to see his aged mother who was ailing.' HI n .em-
of the Civil Aeronautics Adm. which to a lot of Zonlans
him a cad right away.
fellow approached the Tranqportation Bureau .in Bal-
shipment of his car to New York plus a berth on one
PC ships.
i immediately was informed that in all probabilities he
i mr ent chance of going. It would cost 4hli 138 alto-
for himself and his car.
the payoff. The clerk of PC got dloWmto where
uOyment, ltWi of course the words Qlvi Aeronautics
iMino were submitted. At the sound 06 these ghastly
employee threw up his hands, turned sour and im-
,d that there was nothing he could do for him
ly a case of gross discriminat ;biWtOigl 'very
same. iThe cost of a $3.00 X-ray at Oorgas was
y Increased to $7.00 when the expression came out
USll itA, isn't it? Or is it?
6P88. Someday rabies are going.ton mke a bid
er wha tthe authorities say to tba, .y.
rat.W or some other nem.
I tidt kIdbe and brother when
o*o 0w wo describe a person that just lets his dog
a cQded lace at the Zone toWns,

*.' but with respect to my fellow man, I calnt see
I who will argue that a child Is worse than a dog are
i bores wno have forgotten that at oats time
ere small and more likely trogi4 eq r p
hers nearby. !." :1
to see that their present attitude to in no w
the human race, just the canine.
bCommissaries. I have met all types of clerks in the
bad and Indifierent. There is competition
stores and many items are cheaper tee.
,lWa'personal boycott of the commies it y aren't sat-;
Va shop in Panama where you can buy *Mnr brands
unlabled tins of Junk.
re are also some excellent car repair garage in the Re-
certainly a shame that the people who oaf property In
publicc don't try to do justice with their *aoperties and
G Oringo a break when he tries to rent or' .se instead
I ow much they can decrease nis bankroll.
(Jtapblic has not yet realized mat income taxes, in-
JBmy costs and other increases haV Wased the ex-
, that the Zone is a Gringo Paradise, as one Panamanian
he has not kept up his homework, as it most cer-
that now. A person with equivalent wales In the
better dif.
B nt squabble about comnile hours is stupid. Why
l mies stay open from 8 to 5:30 and stagger the
th their numerous employes., ay from 11:00 to
;l.shifts and stay ppen.
the commies off the funny page and make busl-
Cost conselousness. I belleve this belongs in the
as Bob Hope's jokes. The Army seems to be the
of all In this respect.
iln ble-bodied man Just because he is a major,
ne or general, lose his ability to drive an au-
attains such rank?
t e that to lose the ability to drive Is degrading
se supposed to be even more valuable after at-
thing more amusing than to see a high ranking
around In the local establishnenas by a sharp-
.1 know of instances where an Army ear has been
series, corages, laundry and ether items of
working hours, on Oovelgafent gasoline
tt thwheel. This is gross Misue of our tax
4i0r Force blows it share too. Armed Forces Day air
g.poIetically cancelled because of the gOI ster3 .e but
Ltow a shortage on the weekends W*ba &A.l )h of
g1at to whoop it up on some remote beach buy-
mm Mine distant country.
Illa D afftifrs they have for the vlJilh "or depart-
*m I n the first plaoe were trips neees-
se Mo.nd placee why can't they emone, do their busi-
,'9M1 without all the fanfare Wd baloney and expense.
K nt having tax money when a b ar-
niIent e114i all n etrt inx amva t mi~.nd
Y ehol way. .
rie. lv, the biggest Joke in the e.ut
at home anyway ecept to s11 the
on the ead is eves, noU61
t rfinly elovad lMke ,; Moo re-
alaed and ataely ot s haulmid tn'" way.
IOM M to kkp Itg t Ot v. o ,nany 'O*op

ll bi buttlt 1 don't kw -of anyone Itv in -the
Syou aie~'t MaulMid sthee an re and
We all w k far tbta age the UV .
% all thisto

Labor News


By ViOtor Riesel
The Bupreme Court may soon
discover it really didn't bury
Just a few hours after its
epochal slashing of the powers
ot the PreslaeiLt, Mr. Truman
was reconsidering new seizure
26 the sprawling steel mills un-
ir fitterent powers. These he
most certainly has.
As the ilrst flash from the
Hign Court was brought to
him, his assistant president
John, Steelman, and his military
advisers told him he could as-
sure the nation's defense fac-
tories enough steel by selective
seizure unaer Belective Service.
He could seite Just a few
of the big companies wnich
could turn out enough of the
ipeciflc metals needed by the
giant ammo. gun and fighting
craft installations.
At the same time, the rest
of the Industry and the union
could get Into a good old Amer-
Jean-asyle strike and settle their
differences 'without benefit of
i furthermore, the Pentagon
has its little list of the exact
plants it needs.
.Atd to my knowledge it has
had this list for exactly two
months ever since the begin-
ning of April When John SIeel-
man and President Truman
originally decided to seize in the
final hours of the night of
April 7 as reported first in
this column.
At that time, they had two
choices seize the entire
multi-billion dollar network
of privately owned mills or
pick 'p just a few under the
Selective Service lay. This
statute'has in it a iftfle known
clause which gives the Pre-
sident power to take over
any plant which has defense
orders but won't or can't
turn them out. x
Then, as the hours of the first
week in April rolled by, Mr.
Trtiuan began getting the con-
fused advice so typical of the
anonymousu" band of men
around him.
Shpy didn't. go to the labor
experts all over Washington.
They didn't go near Cy Ching's
Concillation Dept. or Maurice
Toull's Labor Dept.,
T yyJust advised President
that s ,Iibe moke
active for mrthy reMls to
seize the entire industry -: and
not use the Army., e' they had
in the railroad ort e
Mr. jruman 'M en the

d-Sf d

appreciation of all labor, he JAut
frightened them as much as he
did the Industrialists.
When the 'Supreme Court
d, the dialt of power.
.Aw public tnl
eibe Dept.'s es who
hod oioftnally boasted private-
ly that they could $utify any-
thing under the Preamble to
the gonstitetion. Mr. Tru-
man Eurned to Ah f ore pracq
tut advisers and asked how
h coulM get steel without
using the Taft-Hartley law.
They told him then what they
had ur'eI before the cocky
crowd of amateur labor ex-
had edged them out -
U e4letive Service.
What' r. Truman has decided
no oes 'knows at this writing.
But this much is certain.
A)-B he iS being given confus-
ed odvlee by hiso aueged expert.
ie doesn't know, for example,
thit o oe 4n hista various pro-
duetof aIgendles really can tell
him how much steel there is,
an d t where, and what industrial
tf will be shut.Iflt fAor lack
of f el metal. for
gis mobilisatonf office be-
lieves there is a three to four-
wek supply of metal around.
Yet, uast a ew af/ys before
the Supreme Court was to
hand down its ectsipn, when
everybody was betftl1 on a
new strike, one section of the
National Production' Authori-
ty actually released metal for
the eohstrcEtPm of drive-in
theatres and other entertain-
Smdft structures.
SYet In another section of the
Production Authority, bright
S researchers were telling
Sthe.irltii that a 10-day steel
strike Ould ripple some vital
deflia (luata: that a three-
We*al tp e would seriously
slowd* bfM the nation: and that
four wokk wouldd paralye moot
defiae production.
Futlherme, no one has told
Mr. an tht he laces or
rpthn th nAl JlaW e con-
asiderable 8 0i0Mehaos in the
evert of nMRang strnbe.
Thee we aM W O.O000 mes
on aut*e or W = the T ala-
out. Within t*wioSkft the au-
tomebai iut i > lay tof
sevsoW N t umafl meM.
A mos', a e OUid simpy
phut dn Oe *Btre autom-1
"' -VAN
sa n -- *-ff l.^^^

.~ ..

A M.

, ;. ... f
a awis i*

* A.

John Dewey

0 --


NEW YORK.--he Old Man, I guess you would cide rates, to psycl%0dt hint l e -- and b i-
call him the grandest old man, quit trying and ways innocently as It he had plotted vicious-
died the othWst.y 02. ly against the we.- "le
This was oH Dt~wey, one of the few great Because. l tog 1 if ,l iato
thinkers of the long time we call past and pre- and dependent on responsibilities, naturally got
sent, and you might say he soved more whirl- abused and soiled from aAlitg-by, the Inept.
winds than anybody else. The story Is ancient about his abrupt meet-
Dr. Dewey made one mistake. He presumed ing with a nursery school brawl Involving his
in innocent arrogance that the majority of his young son and anothTer moppet. Prtfeeor De-
fellow citizefis were partially as intelligent as wey was shoctied 'at htte idntlMe ma tem, and
be, and there he' made his mistake.. .,They w".toformned Ihat th* was 'etreste educa-
weren't. And aren't. And doubtless Wen't. be. tIon.r. UJbridled.,feeinv .of 'ooareeU impulse
John Dewey was the father of what is loose- was. not what he had in mind.
ly termed progressiveq education." It is ironic that the day after Dr. Dewey's
This is to say that he slew the Little Red death notices were printed -t4bt a tabloid ear-
Schoolhouse, assassinated Santa Claus, and ried a finely furbished about two little
placed an added., Inbden of maladj u pent 4 *nl who ad ernfull. WWtISMtaMa, flat-
S th- Mea tharesa', e6e-Little prme
McOuffey's Rea ndSn6 the to-a etate of
He introduced unfettered thought into the s mht be called .I evsm,
public domain, ahd ye gods, how i Ot t and mis- This m not what the alled a vim,
handled! not what fesorhad n
The Old Man was a fine old man, an .a Wind. .
11pnt thinker he was, too, and a% tp my p i [ely prv' tlhe dean
sopher, and a good 'praotcal paycol K td .antind M t le and ii-
a great educator, and, withal, he m i ra muiltaneotuly susceptible W i lbyof handling
trouble for us than Karl Marx. at a very exrly age. *
Because, principally, John Dewey made a I do not thirik that In lis academic purity
vogue of early self-determinism, and the Up he considered a high I et lazy parents,,
readers seized on his doctrines with gld, spoiled brats, and income candidate for'
coherent cries. W f-determination.
His idea was basically, if an idea is e There areso horm s anot beledto
basic. that the young It mind should be f W Water; there are some Who must be
to develop the richness or the moment, ratha: 'Seo ed.Into submission to mmaon Jaws
than to equip the fledllng with the standard of be"avir.
spare parts of educate for a problemaM al all as it may, we h&vq Mal ro-
future. ohsin the half-centu Ir ohn
He was of middle ge when he first pro, %'eys credo of ducai o":
pounded the idea that modern education shbiui. advanced (theni thf- inak-
e fitted to indlvidulJ needs and capacitlIe 6 .- Ingth ch hild h own 112eem to
stead of being assembly-ltaed along the simple smed the dear stat ency
lrecppts of his father. ,ult aberration, of &dd aA Oi
In very short, he uiereed the first largeleaP- d'WOgeferal unh Bane .
hole for mass irere bllty and lazitift f .. -be It was n0ole tt in. .

It Is not to lesentheha jfty of the ma fine-edged tool of John .
wy. to say that i, s b m th of thought han I, I fear. into clumsy-hands,-, W --sh
contributed as higbi-, +o divoree rtta, to sll- Fti blunted a...nat his w
to'- ... ...,n...... rznst hns origiw ker

Pentagon And Ike

-, --!
WASHINGTON, (NBA) .--wheMon in the omi-
tauon to the possibility atof General 31senhower
becoming President and 6MaliMander-ta-chlet of
Gil U. 8. forces ranges from Jke-wam enthu-
siasm to violent oppotlia ; .
Only In a few of the i e do you
find genuine support for 'I Caillmdy.
At first glance this GOMMs tratge. You'd
think that the brass would be detgoe4 sae
one of the starred bro hrlhd make "t and0
tie handed the military trbmns X. My
least you' expect is m amA F W
brasn. .
Thp fqt that theft-44 4llllfli'l l
Ike forPrildent laimW* g I a4
morals sem to boll IO A ID
iAnd It's got nothItng ,* 1 I Ii ,
it wU be the n a.

,thone ato b4 g"

= M m,5aa...... .. -s .ilsa
-P' a ik a


;:, -,

kOS l w

MI | to t..

14mt ,V i.w, s~m

NStneU bOW

ei a A m has u t titke u
et esdto u016
Ih Q iither 6ieiotf taway with t. w

t~id khad 40
ti t A y his bluff an d 6huster is s
world ti that's in th recent r with w
"vS ,as because the OGm*aSwit thfwt

headlines radown 'awte. brayfhigww
moemb n- the a 9e to .
But M all h blutt and bolster is a sordid Wory o an-
derworld ties that is only halt told.


4) Aner*O
office w a .t i
taking over
structiOnl wo
the te O
O ia y,
Actually, however, t
ed" Cobb $140,;60-.
Johnston hW
stock as secutit?
are John Rush
.16am Joe eamiC
'ren's campaign
D) Warren u
Crosby, who wa
helping Chicagq 1
Tony Accardo IMO
Warren al 1
sudden wealtl3f
sheriffs, who w
On top of aa
corrective actt u
tracks by not 1
Despite I
ehalantly in is

onum 9 V,

t at the ums*w tie wX
S. b le .- .'

tioh is owned by Oin gt .



*A" 5 -

evwy by k~
Id nilM,
hg hagimp^ h^
fti imo "a

IBB J fBr 0
aft -gr. if^j
*"^ .^ dWl"Ty


S .O N .. "
* .. -t

Is. has an-

.. I I




* ,.-K



I .AI, Id.
4/ .tni^w '. rV *A"*-z

,~~~~~~~ / o .r 9f..;* .*
m* a namm

'; ,, ,., ir .i fc '*
jV rprrr"'" I rm" ''
.T .. i k,,
-. *' re,-*'.:uizwa SgSUS-

* le


h6 engtageiant to
lnuge 'day.

ImADE nm 'Vout OLD .Alt

V.~eto Anrfcnnu,1vte
lM she thounit t"S
kit 'e amometiaa 40do with
.*,? Ie~y cat.
a aid. I Tbouht 11.
,. whi I go homo e oare
I t~ng and we mm a e."

HA$P 4O, S.A.
#1i Wi V topaRa
TUl. 3.30 Te. 3434K
Offle S9ervteot A sh
,: i. :.,

2.L-a-- ,-

a;* f*iJ

?okes At .U.. ""

i ,,tWi'u Il

r r nMA, ., un (TW-
_'Another = n atu in ttonrMUlp-
RA olm@nd Jan SDIi0'tows
eWcoad mttcnivt to mitbk the

try II


'. A -wtor WE, t a u a eon
Sm! eys .

1, -.. ,a a ..*
as hau ooiel a @ *'-

- p -


s x 5 to a

an ra ot 40.t
ot Of. l fut.i art
mod fro tmhl df
atie. ,.

be." ..I
mf 60" '' -
. .. .,,. .,B

I!WflWRN..-...%L '~TP~ ~%c 0
A ~ 'SI

:y :
(WB ..- ( ....
II fl '.''.) : rfl

sm*oke*s 1wvm

i ./
I .-..'^^

tNatig AuM.
ne t orl J ohn-
.on's ellI IU the three-
R. A. eotimer
'fot the ai e SAi n three
tefar Betla ,.M ol John-
t avraT E than 450
Miles per best four
TIt would ban- bMe almost
20 mph sthe of't W tford set
-a ,

rs ((in q.s)


.g. '- ,

'pltte eMale.J
vs rsigsr

i. .-. -.
* 'pi;


NE te' mn^

WK. ^

slZ m0S0 li.

Strdy r'-sculine deaig





K -

ia,.. -*



3-. mtefr $.. t .

,l .dr *



' -I--f

I": -fag
^" ^'N
* ^,11

,1 ., p

.9 Zw


-- ~-'----' -~ -r -


- .it
** M

* .4. -.

By a:t.MO0NE8

*11" (NEA) Ex- Edgar Ulrner. who 4ecteA
ovely Your.: Jai,: ;'Fman's "-....... in a .n.. u uI Europe. -
n in tie t.'.t of a speieal- pircTcuL.IS a I., ,ew .cmLr oC )
l "I H:eM Movietown" 1 x ...... ,e ,aLi 0 taa U. .an .:
,9T11ngingl howl of protest .lt .. -..iy uu 1.6 a coabEoyro. '
ollywood sLars, lInludlng:ior ju,.ia and ulmer saia. "h-
t. Even Jae' "If coinsLd IL lite co.noinaLAon u.
fuk is listening. I'm ..o.oy suaricand Oroucno Marx.
line. filokertown c-
aln. doesn't remo,. Paulette Goddard and dypsy j -
It Hollywood. tube Lee weae the eummaein Ae usaj. -
Holo-- odi me a....i and it's imer say-' t
luh Vallee's doctors, worried ing: "-ati ant.saizl how many
fekieeKui, have now assured him people wink ?aumette is difti-
t be will be aole to sing a- cul. I have nothing but the
b. following a throat opera- nighest praise for her. You coma
Wh. Dnot ask more of an actress." j ,

0"e. Raymond. who should come toae jinx tnuL ocogge ail I
c i. are denying printed re- ,naplin leading IaJ..s o.. -aa- I a -
Qf a marital rift. etAe. as now uymng tor a stage .
-- career on nroaowa.. iI
S fhy rice's family has been'' wr tJ
taHftng to Mitzi Green about re-, Terry Moore, uvno says "I'd do .f r' S IW
Viving the late star's famous it for notrnng." wal iaxe to tnt 0
Baby Sooks character for t le- summerr t ..-,aer circuit for the
viionR. Rights to the show were first time as the star or a re vi- <
Sowm d by Fannie. al of "Peg o' My Heart." Hei '.
percentage deal will pay Terry ,
The buzz Is getting louder.that more than her movie salary. -
Mete Oberon, who wasn't made ru n u Pat
a Hollywood movie since 1947. "Rashomon." filmed in Japan e. :, ~ ws ,b W o. %,.. _
will be the is-she-good-or-evil and distributed by RKO, Is up -
enctl rele s In Pox's "My Cous- for another award-the "best "If you can't give me a raise, how abtut wrtin d n
n el." directed" Guld. from the Screen that nice talk you gave me so I oan encourage the uther
| eue O'Connor, Donald's and grocer?"
Swlift Nll chasbe her name in a Jimmy Durante will toss his --
Slf t 'ry to v ereumme the hat into the presidential ring via
eap of being a famous book form next month. That's I-
Star's better half. Her emoting when "The Candidate," a book
On Donald's TV show-she'll be of photographs of Durants'e, ,h A OOP
a regular next fall-is big-time. honest face and comments on --o
Sthe White House race, will be off One of the most frequent com-! Choose a lne situation and'
i Dick Contino's induction the presses. plainiso wives hat their light.rl to ayBy tha'
ina lhe Army, the Contino fa-[ husbands never reany talk to!way, what dig t decle to d
tonsd in e A Man h uld ug aem. Sure, they'll Ien and'about such- -suc h?" Ask' 'nMADu Mo0
sister Josephine has joined her' when the wife talks about the questions that eanve to be an-
lhusband an Army private. in children or a household problem, swered.
Mrp. d, and MoV.and PopAs T and they'll listen politely while Then do 'other a witch. n-
c m aret tendin g n e Glen- she gossips about the neighbors. stead of gom I along about
dale, Calif. delicatessen. But what women mean when the butcher, the baker the chil-
u pn p SI they complain that their hus- dren and the neighbors tell him
Mary Anderson's brother Jim bands won't talk to them is that something you read on a subject
will play Jennifer Jones' brot tn r
will play J ennifer Jones by." Ironic NEW YORK. June 9 UP- the husbands show rno real In- you knew le'sInterested in. Ask
Sth 'aurby M ena.e Ironic, Perle Mesta, U S. ambassador to terest when their wives talkan him what e thinks about it so
In ov before the backers Luxemburg, told sore of the rarely talk enthusiast c ally that he'll have to think and ex-
dean d a big name sta. k nation's topies d ui ng men to-,themselves about the things that' press an idea.
day that th* a d t asrg tr% Inter.ystthem And as you 4 forget ye'
yltg to sell c as hard as It's frustration to thewives his wife. Titt -like agA est
the. try to sll soap and tele- They can't just demand that you want to dtw out and give a
Pp Mary Todd. wife of Dan&a An- w -r"their husbands talk to them. SO chance to shine., d
rw, w return o emotg what can they do? Tell a funny story If you've ROOTS AND MIM B DI"M
S summer stock production of The peace of the world could The one thing they can do is heard or read one during the
Tne Glass Menagerie" starring depend on it, Mrs. Mesta said. vary their own approach. To- day. That may remind him of
Eman E uropeans know a lot about night, for instance Instead of one he heard at lunch. H V t'S0o Sitim
i the automobiles, bathtubs and saying: "Did you have a good In short, get away from your C OPH.IL.
Pler Laurle's sizzling.She's. a telephones in the United States day?" or "Anything happen at usual wifely approaches to con-; Ov COSt'f.C
i dy songstress, rut UI hired because they "love" to read the office?" and getting the dis- servation-the ones you have
other to sing her one song in American advertising, she said, Interested answer you usualymade a habit. Don't be a wife
S Anbod n M but don't know much about our gettothose questions-try an- talking to a husband. Just be
eOrchestra leader Dick Stabile1 philosophy, other start. one person talking to another.
'explaining at Ciro's that he is ,
Supposed to hold the audience 'We Americans are shy about V E A
ftr three minutes while JoEph- talking about our deepest feel-
s Baker changes gowns: ings." she said. "We die for our
.I couldn't wish this spot on a' Ideals but we can't talk about VLI
S-. In a speech to the 48th an-
vhs rt at l nh ,Jk Webb Is nual cl rvuntlon of the. Adver-
,issio or din ne hr coanbtok edr -s e aA c ce pte n g p a ss e n g e r s ao r.
about timing Federation of -America.
N his se-to-be-announced plan Mrs. Mesta said advertisers .
o film "Dragnet" as a full- should do something about that. LOS ANGELES
uIoqlle madvie house production. She said the advertising in-
id o eash o a non the re- dustry shooW &'m Eropolg "the
ag a suiesesm otf ebb's su- meaning behind ll th ese cars
Mgr rime show. of ours, our bathtuhA, tele- CAPTAIN
phones, etc." M.. STELLA MARINA
A reconciliation in the offing? "It would be wonderful." she
f her-first night in town after said, dif yotu advertising people
Strip to England. Pat Medina could inspire American publish- Sailing June 10th
he kcid in at Richard Greene's ers to fill the bookstores of Eu-
mansion for a dinner cooked rope with books that present a (De-luxe sites and single cabins available)
lull view of American life."
With his rugged hands. She said this advertising of" EN
Robert '. Lewis t.-Ils of the American ideals would show the .O L FENTON Cop. I
profilee b~4r who said he'd go European people here- have a
through anything for a certain few concerns other than mak- Tel. : Cristobal 1781 Balboa 1065
L.uviel queen and did her six ing a lot of money and spend-. stoa- Balboa1065
l)bnk accounts. Ing it in "silly" ways.


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Earth Bombardment

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ap&'WV, Mg. FLWJT'
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cnmet w a'n=4


: 4IALp rop

The Build-Up

By AL waMm




Like This?
StW*N'T**N' NO I P PUj.
Caitmle WiITH w.ou I. 'n.
9|3PMn' PULL. QVOat I gj lOiU'j
Wr CUS.'/
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lip wond er fully pleasedwith Hi



MAWbu: *'

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wt children 1
.4 -

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Mr. A. N. Sasso, manger of Agenci SaM, Cia. Lt


..... ...
Vsbv no oe avekt '4w 4

my entire first shipment .f.lAMPAW A E

than ten days through spot advertising.


absolutely sold

on the se-likg power 4
w*wr A l"m i
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rmw oeeumm, d* w
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MA maen. a at -
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n ... ej tatowr*1

, -. '
-. at..; ."-u

Thanks again, fellows."



your I

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i ._ .'
L., a .e.+-

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,Lt J~%.
Sa~ to



"- i ; *2
- .
;1'. A:
f ?^J1 t-

do tIe,


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and 'the

- 4.'


Canal Zone.

by consulting *% e:

-Their specaly-tard

are guarajsed to
t ^-

. *-- .' + .. _
:L: a:-.'.-.'**a- :i -


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service to

the English

it a powerful

salean in Panama


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-.5'- *1'.

You sell out your stock

dS Panama 23(

tA se sales

- *1~~

5*. L .
.~ ~ ~~~~* ,- 1 :-...-.p

- ..- q
* 74

,t -.




You Sell 'em...When You Tel 'em tr, PA

I eave your Ad with one of our Agents or our Offices iu No. 5
No. 12,179 Central Ave. O mo,

Lewis Service Sal6n de Beleza Americano
#4 Tivoli Ave.-Phone 2-2291. and #55 West ItBb Street
Morrison's Agencia Internacional de Publicaconeo
Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441 #3 Lottery Plana Phone 24319

*~ ~ a^
* -in-.-i

Carftea Dq r W
10.080 Me1 ^bW*Bone inW,V. *o
Prapg0da tI tuNiL for 12 words.
'se .S m 8 Iii additional WV.

' .

W'"tme for

Hou.eiho Automlhle 0.. .h he ..min.g problem? WilHa ~' Cla c PQFESSIONAL. .*.
.......Write Aehullea AMeny.mWi. thi .o bedrooms, rI't. A I 1
FOR SALE: oate leg table four Service Personnel and CIvilian 2011 Amo.n, C. L k A S.. T OLD YOU A
chairs, kitchen table, four chairs. Government Employ-e. 1, T YOU 5 .
chest of drawers; twin bed, coffee Insist on SP4CIAL 4IXCRSIONShI Peil4. e onsde .3na And ow
table. Phone 84-5121, Kobbe Government Employes Finoan.e Co. FROM PANAMA TO MEXICO ClIe.. Box 435. Balboo. t het1
LEAVI_____G._9 Wee When you finance your new one way $85., round trip, $135 (15 Panom6 t-1877, Crlstobal 3-167&. READER8 DIGEST 3 1
LEAVING.-9 yt. porcelain Wesing or used ar. da-m $160. good one yrl; Gramlich's nto Clar M y WhIy u What a wonderful Q 10
house, 1 1-2 year guarantee, $150 AGENCY DEIHLINgR to LOS ANGELES. one way. $149.j *178i2l tIricfice -f1 | fidde 0LORDANE is46 2 X is a .o
Bendix washer, $13500; Quarter- No. 43 Automebil Row 15. round trip $252.35. 190 day- cte c Ice b ga ct cide C LORDAN is
master single bed and mattress. Phone 3-4984 3-4985 limitI Panama Dispatch Service, op- g1 In the April isue.
$5 00; baby scales, weights type.I posite Ancon bus stop, Tel. Panama (ta the Killer in Real Kill) QJ
o00 dresser, $5.00 electric FOR SALE:-1947 Prymouth Station 2-1655. REN Wuyt itJ -in Rea aiclrl) a
clocks lawn furniture. 2- I V49 Wagon. new point and tires. Car -_ _-- RNT n __ Rit
5865-B Dablo. in excellent condition. Price $800. SPARE TIME-Young energetic book- trade for Vour farm 4*AJT
OR SALE -Stwar Warner refi- Dut pad. Call Gambooa 198 or keeper, fast-accurate mathematics, ". oI e or garden. MNortS ut. vii. Hl ti if *
SFOR SALE-Stew.arsee at house 171-A, Gamboa, any- cOuntisng-wrappingQ currency, cables- O- F, d ho O. V I Force
gerator. 6 cu. ft. 60 cycle In good time. Correspondence sh English. r h
Scondition. Juan B. Soso No. a22. __----. ...r--- Baonking practice, ofher hi ser- 3oClHttl.3bedrooms.Coa. Co"O. WNOVEY, INC, P1 3b 2 PeaS New
Apto 12. Tel. 2-5206. FOR SALE.-1951 Plymouth utl, M vices. Telephone Balboa 2649. lepone-P890 oter 4:30 p. m' OCntralAy. Tel- *04l 4 PIN 4 Peass broadeato.
-FOR SALE _-- Ba crb .-.2 wagon, excellent condition. $1,800 PFOR RENT.P- -Small furnished chalet,
FOR SALE Baby crib, 122 0 00. Call Cristobal-8-1907 C FOR RENT Snll funihe rai.^ ,,* ==- Openinged-K } T]amt1l K
'L*igh chair $10.00. Curta.n. Misc., ..-.. FOR SALE 2 bedfrs. $125.00. Information Omthit RMMY st"
iLiovlng. 2153-B, Curundu, 83- FOR SALE:-1 Va ton stake body 45th"St. o 32. upstairs.nend
5166. truck Chevrolet. d condition MJeHi luOeaII LUX. ttacf. uwphivfe
Apply '60 7 Alit." Rain bow REN WheTn the average avrgbridge ex- to ,
City. nHOUSE owNus., HOUse VENETIAN pert thinks about a squeeze, he .'
pOS I0nOM Ao: dA-spon n vi:sualizes a l. ong trump .suitIntie rs Bo fi n$M
Position Offered FOR SALE.-Cleanest 1950 Ford Ce WE REPAIR plumbing fixtures at n BLINDS ow hand. He run that lonhn
POSITION Luxe Tudor, radio, low mileage, your place. AA A Mfidtrump sslt and the oppondi ts fcer R
S4lNh speaking young girl with new paint, excellent condition We guarantee prompt, neat work. Md il Im Aeneth find it Imn possible to discard% 7I0
,Lriowledge of bookkeeping and ste- 5437-C, Diablo 2-4293. COMPARIA IST'M A D kPLOt- 1 mA e DlLeIOy safelyi. P7 e
S 186. Colon. g__ __- 25- $21000 R-13F Rousseau. Phone Arosemena Ave. and 29th St. East. Cristobal. f'l3 1836 Colonl. Tel. t S1 about running dummy long i

dry.p 39-B. Pedro Miguel, phone FOR RENT: Furnished modern Ert makhS. trump suit. The dummy is er
adults only. House work and un 100. 2-153-B 83-5166. Curundu -i1y. Coca del Mar. bedroom. tel. 3-1773. Hotel 9I PaamA nrmi the averaArbridge ex- serlioni Nu the
4-37. ___M_ FOR SALE -25 cycle Apex washing apartment, two bedrooms, two beat* ELLING: e It Mr.ran
W"ANTED'-Maid in El Congrelo rMmachine; miscellaneous furniture, rooms, telephone 3-3363 p. m. 2 l1nama Coce Cola & Cement. l Jay Becker is not the aver- did, ,e A Ara has In
rMust sleep in. Must have re- 0965 Bamboo St. Tel. 2-2332. to 6 age expert, however, and he de- kno deW eit rlmn
rL s. Telephone 3-4021. PANAMA CANAL COMPANY FOR RENT: Furnished apartment. BUING: Copmostrated in the recent ast- built P1 Ini Kor for e" y
____-________.. ... ..._ ~ E..S......OCK. HOIST---- PARTra, 37th ~fmm. ern Tournament that he doesn't one u
CHAIN WIR OI For nforta 37th St. East, No.3-4719-fall into the kind of error just
CHAIN Wis s RIN OMLAND WIRE 26sqirserldOn the hand1 shW aS does n
WANTED RFR11id16.1s Roads ""nti "'" s m s ^h.h.o do no e
WATE RNDS bids, for ein in public. FOR SALE MODERN FURNITURE lyzpert who adopted the right use
Miscellaneous SPRINGFID, Ill., June 9- wiil be received uai 10:30 A. M. -i ne '0mber oft" tris Su

W, ormation .ED rsonalle Bop 1, t104. re'ed pek yeterd when e ne 2-2777. I Transsthm n rood deepiwt r I $lc the mad was pl a i o Y" i
S Ancon Z. "pe aired at our oa COTILLIONS.__ u... .. d i r well ,all year stream, hydraulic epilotiofalw fyn t1n1rnatfr everybody Ba ock,- Hos s b itt e.
I' hiss tene e t e oe et up a roa.along U. Excess Sale Circular No. I I may be 650. now reduc. t to rn hA. .. w n a. was oP
- LOST & FOUND motoritsddsfdet u,0. hette d s mfo. fr,.nd FOR Sd(ALE: ,c he io Sippi movin, s tora ge, trl'w n0.|d lo
biursine I t d inrotaed indlwhe kl o whes e d from the office of c an d qul k, concrete 2 bed:- d e M I then p l a r t12
first two years Profits in ten years The Phantom's wierd attacks nte ndnt of Storehouses alboa, room chalet on 11.65 M I t.1le tricks was ther sketc y
totalling five times the investment. reached a pe t k yesterday when lpone oL 2-2777. ons C1 h in id d: I t hea ad wk aed th a t-" 'h

35--- .offir tDo" prowl ptiilh St..l SALE er timeT began ge rtade la at. O ffitahe s1 of hea to ,
formation personally Box 104. he firen d atom eer -- ..rm ocMnr tw e I will be motori ,s re hydrtaoul m e"L r "r be ne e ver o a d im n-
-- .. lb or near Junior and SenioHigh Sch l trnd m. Wolff & Co.,i j 5th street No. Tr iraspot" Saat L. "r,-* ffelt -I tm ".g a m
State police set up a roadblock Studntel.2-2388. arfe a th e i m a meey

Studentsareu a o fore the '- EE trickslas oe ssibeOw l MJ
LOST ar~u~u mp cross the middle of the state A2ers. They make new friends FOR SALE: Nice chalet in San Shipping, Moving, storage. West ned the kikd ro The OL. mgt
&_FOUND cbrt the gunman slipped through and have wonderful fun under the Francisco de Ia Caleta, cornerda packtand mtot otr movel, dr tok hao m

BWis bloeEnle a l s nai i' Supervisiond of Lona Sarso Arthur rediidednti at d piorhoodestmentl0. b a metwdf two okt1 a lt lSt(
1a 'o Comern 0st0. f -- 23our at Mur ra atemsn sottre otoranal umpt N7 7' IT Irr. -1
Taylor.21o327. House a t h b rroe ySto ue o nt rtor a 't tL to ,he to k thop l ,
"852, biablo or Balboa Palice after alo saireSJtf 1the aicardiam a

by bAroaken windshield las swhe hon s begin 5June. Prmata. f uas atisv n to nd trsn fd & It 4t
late.the W ehanto rnf fired at h F oor information ca il Panama ab-ut lo si g a d m ust W in

State tpolince chief e ThomaasPANAMA :dNALn : s*n utlove G"then oheacestrckoeraet. Ae '

He saidhebu whi ad OS o s Ab1o Tel. 2-182.T Schoolr mndsppermst of hid 5. he o ker, he took the f" = TA "'
boOieSApers feannu summhed bhe 0OU L EH n rueSd yao v 1e eo u._etac fi d
FOR SALEwytiriclk th acesof Yeft

in sqb u ad t e tars inw searcha O f e Sealed bids wi-l The annual su m m er' V acation 101111t to VIEd tw o o 1f, You ut be
iun 8mdlansd a r I7 mebr of the Seal d iulln e6 Ire eeunt l Bible School at the First Baptist th ealeEt wn la two ro ti lBrounds of trumps anm

Join edd tahe rhdun t aederai o verho bia tionml anertrnd bd y at 9:o0a m.oaed rwill c nt -tiins rd hceiCaom- o A)
Pilo trs Dpoain oarner tac Ste leva today at 9:0ddam. anddr w rl cR BUI uAN sELL n led t Jack of hea W k *Wl '.IbM
S nio Plar an or Ma- tinue each weekdays until June Cm11Zone AecyIl a& 1 it B the sue dno earer d -

black roads in an effort to get a chine. Jointer Machine, Ford Edcan 20. BaDroen pide. tersdonltno bAlw Gn Md Ma
aeroz. d 342..e. 2eo.2n only
tbrndglimpse of the Phantom'so" blue and2AmbulancesloedrSec
Thed g2nmanb llAsta etP eading atd5atktw, Me$1.-the the sid ecrser

c arrP ieslog er ot to'thedr too ori t, F 'to bil l.
Thegumcart tontaton" Balboa.Storehouse and Dolt and The school will enro l children or0M ds etlO*ient fos n Na yI&. xasrhaed the he
Weste, doa frao 4aontRyondPipeT rea digahine and fo b "yu r anaenadd will f b woa kingh Ot mrld8 discardingve a Ibm eb
yeste rdaynhasaainsent Rayhodw lance located at Scrap Yard, Cr.iso- be divided intop.xdepartments.ard .n wi-B-bmal2- own lustuhlu .OUVmmy, led Out his

2887 P t upo | Tn for foganzateioing neanrd th Re atoraehouse For thie and im .s apenttwheirt lewllhona numOw znae ni a' mrued at1e- U i, RiA day. (See us, diamond wy. This left14 l

u onne na tinal d n neatoe dsecr tion of itts lc ald aerte n Bs- b serve wil l be iste. fo proadon a is e at him lad_ to mor e t )
lar atoryneal atoenCehico tion IT' contact Foreman, telephone Most communities east of the RIJR carunsluilIrObso

hof eathe window tof h meis er a s dditld w1o 11tendtsito ake Ter617. 29Cnr.,oArca h I

^ Ffl r^ds ^B loura t oryfn the hinctg a 2nd 2720 and afor tems lateod maftCp- Mrs. Te Utrto. M saefvoell, he yirid of B. At the Ate (S E 't fcare Ihft e
sadsonw somete ing ticing orh t tbeTh ree tatretkeepr, wenIatw aa slendaw Teda l.lhh Asde utot Iy theaIrd Iat n, Mllts was
approae bnunel uti1 dLdons t indr obtained from the above sourcent or elude Bible study, Scripture drill.n XA1hod win the $e wUaUI Ut 3

late.oste savid.e ap ndin th e Officea ilof Superieadrmno Msingingleandwork. crtebr ev i abilr SueUnits atfB
He said the bullets whizze Storehousesy hilrboae tele pone2-l .. sti sa nd nsape lst- *th usee and l ilr.
by o777. tnlephon 2- striesanCnanewsaperArMLJao 1ak. n. bst kept two 27Ver it -114 L&opma
Sa2777,lspecial feature published by the s rmEXCtAhGEhclubs tairie Tre31 elhm711111111er1411bo1 N (E&l

ovAr fore. Rnt.llevill e rl me s tfa rd l l be:be o. M e erfd mb5. m lf oas3i
of St. Louis, a hige mcmbe lnnerspAing couhldoubleIbedsizo ai, Superintend or-VW6M a Valuesndbthe fu ldr withg nd the BoiaMi.les oam) i

Ce.rolets teacher reported he heard. paA the nA end sra. den o- mres ate M artm .lb M, Th trnel o. ln,_tie wt he t "
1 1dshot and saw a flash fromr a B Cola b aes St.eBalba, gale- a n. Whi do. O e rWA S ELL
1951 Foras passing car early whith Ara.saM h__d__nth__r___lOtherwork-_SMAND0SELLtONtheknew____
1951Studerd authorities believed It was af ers In that department are Mrs. Mar-to ske

r951 Mercury 1 a N 11-1Rnth e m. L ea t lans, Mr le,

|"We hkoi a ve reo r o aJohnM irshanl. oM rudiEer I Ttorb-r 1 .. .a o.,
105rChevrolets edr.SMrs. Jtoeadonrt0S. Mrs.B Joe Chr, itopcr. TDe. tl-VAtut .e x .tt. N anOte
th 19Ia0s6tehar ,Pl. uthL ESSS CaresaM at l M SMloral 1
IO Fori -s-7 ns'iremr M oadent.. r Te' a--'T., Junior departmentJ willb hals .be,-
Mae dire1 -fO. Aner M PlayingIns-oheaded by Mrs. George Edging-42Rot o .

IeSat ouns obhinirng teeb e, ton as superintendent ad-hr AN Teni-,a.
M SoruloW n'tCA'NBbt e e to Play poey msic You went workers-arem Mrs. alp Sher-,,,- tt Whend 3#ee O Oei
Srcuys is Whth afternlyas Mrs. Leslie Evans, Mrs. T. 1C. *Nouhoiee & 40Geee
debkerB fI nennett's Studio. Member Interno Burrow. Mrs. W. H. Deeby, neoriat ies mm_ r

'de"sAmtn e national PianoiTeachers Association, C. B. Darden.,Mrs. FredDen-a t. en.ALT.a.
Chevrolets I vEWWW,.E Pa. Box 3142.- Tel. 2-1282.UO to.o mmaem c.e l-, --- --Fl-ed
MO Plymouth.'Ike ..i the blueA i & 3M dll-'5ve 4 Solar l "
r 139 Odm obile. CLEVELAND, o0aJuneg Pl.)N J.M- De!-"0. 06- t- e 1
Ie-The sun was shiningntoday-lay, "We don' "i"
5,W_ Naa abut the stars were harmonious _D s tratin.. r So- for anyone w. h-/
Fords, ADreucan Fedheration of Astr&61,Tensdas h,, .dtlatd egritos

-Wi s tu.fofD I.indl 0. L. ,(). "We don'tRD11.. o.. m '_-. -
IM lpentiecs In for lortune-telling. and Registrations for the unie- a-ws and their telephone nun- as"ofta
SChsvsk arte ag inst quarks that it A. Recreation Arts and Crafts.m r- beum ar A ltedM for anyone. wish- t. g ..w--. .t. m '-

evens." .. ad 0cn~ 7-idUuan

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dew d 0I


-n A

Amerian League ,, ,

pee) I~gt&BEllLTS Rifle Champbomu
n, a d V ..-NU..

1--DO I eaqaa aserd 4e
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15kJTcS- l uI

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M3 1 Way- hM w
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M" ikb "V taw&td
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--- .\ .i ,..-- -----

. .,* [... "-.I
S.** -. ... -- ^ 'r-r ... : ,

ing. 1'Wi hI ;" i

Sst$2N FrmdA
On US Ahlm ts 5.
DENVER, June 9 (UP) An n it
Air Force sergeant and a long-Pa le
haired Texan, who posed as his moi ing to look i
wife for four years, faced charges r th wi csl ia
illegally drawing $2,000 in allot-ip e. nowIe t a ft nlke the $WeM. atmno B
ments from the government. 0 rewal1 in

,wf.irP" George Molino SAnchez, c r o edn n IaorW 14
27. is held a t Corpus Christi. Tex. e r
The story of their -marriage" "Al tht lyte -adi ho Id
war revealed by the Denver FBI a approached theta et
division following a series of in- yigriy at 4 p,-a
vestigations which began at Den- yoffiersday t
very's Air Force finance center Avand In

and ranged there to Texas to fo tk pA c in 1 n aL
California. wor n e$ a in,-oTh .. i., T,.k
It started, theFBIT said, when bri. l gSAI Ot wt omaknobbeg up e n
Carpenter listed Sanchez as his was lowered mu dwIetet
wife at the finance center. tha menwe I th a*. E .
Sanchez, since November. 1950. IONION, June 9 (UP) The It purported to give details of bastion qof a et th h the reactor in which a the men, ba,
ha* drawn I8 $12750 allotment Sunday Chronicle reported to- an engine on which Harwell phy- in w ftn k -down, controlled taia W r"
checks made out to Mrs. Ronald day that British scientists had sicsts were working, norl i ," the h i Wnstirdn takes pce. Thie rarI -.I-flet I
M. Carpenter. taken a long stride toward build- paper endin hot air s exfhueted they b .l l tfro n
diee hothiro ts a Se zomal n a at T g a d rum ata ea
George C. Burton. special FBIling an atomic-powered jet plane. "In the atomic engine the re- "Air tO-et is h speed through a normal naa to Tabi w then t
agent in charge of the case. said The newspaper said metallur- actor takes the place of the com- tremU o by tabeing WltAei pna" ot ltt
Sanchez has admitted cashing, gists had developed an alloy mak-. The i t o e t
he checks and splitting the pro-:ing It, possible to construct a The agent W the bt
ceeds with Carpenter. compact reactor for atomic jet ArenRget..: Hgof flltohb and 0 'y"
Burton sa d Carpenter met' The Chronicle's aviation re. time of the rescue and toot the
marriage license. but the two put Britain far out In the le adim clothes, Wi to wer kn .- .
were never actually "married of a world race to build an ato-" ba he ckuB ikndioti
He ouoted Carpenter as saying' mic powered plane. ,Befoe he could find out rethv i
that SAnchez. wi th shoulder- The chief obstacle heretofore, laes, he said they ran out" '
length brunebte hair, was "very he said, has been the need to arefooted and boarded a us '
attractive." use shields of lead and concrete, t Panama City.
but the new alloy permits a com- The eanfeld. a Barber i (UP
"'She' wore pumps and hose paratively thin shield to ward off dhen, Line ship, taiabted loo -- s d ds i r.
aI d I didn't know for a week the radiation from an atomkl en- ,hel i thLC i boring trny P: r,1srea d r 4 Sil.
mtat she was a he." Burton said: gipe. M a t hsorningo enthe ute W0,
Carpenter told police. t "For six years an American t-kM larf from the Far.1Nh I .
One count each of fraud and aircraft company has been strug- MAt-'of" 0 i ev .,
cons iracy was filed against the glink with the problem of mak- -. iwtl. I
y the FBI before U.S. com- ing an airframe strong enough h d a5 At hr "e'slt
iasi.oner J oseph Neff. Ito carry this abnormal weight,"t2hea tlots UNn 0 tt
how they plead whether they will NOwit went on. the atomic re- Ts er
Eiwton said it will depeNd onith w C nle said. T re-
be brought to Denver to face actor has been "made practical ThU
charges. by British inyventors," and is naid Tl". ,
I they plead guilty.,h ,aId e v ; 'iryrsad
fthey pla guilty, he sa, That, together with a low
and the defendant and the U.S. weivbt arn fuel ME N"
district attorneys In Texas, Call- would permit the buildings a MNITNTOM .Tune 9 (UP) -
fornla and Colorado agree to it, very lghtWelght atomic la o
the men can be brought to Fe- I capable of flyei g anwho h
derail court in the states where the world with a full bo St -o e -
they are now jailed. load, the newspaper said. and
The maximum penalty on each The new alloy was devel oed deI
Of the charges if five years and at the Hirwell pn in'
-N40,000 fine. atomic' "''e

60 Tornapractical by British inventors. ... it I 9
according to the paper, was said .min suu:11) ,' maidet ,n
to be small enough to be mount- HATS OFF TO GRADUATION Midshipmainm caps fill the air as graduation e '.,
Ai d ed on a Ir-toot base. concluded at'the U. S. Naval AcadeMy in Anpa polls. Md. The traditi l tam t1a 'ot Raaddgearo
To thna an took place in D 3fIren Hall as 788 middlets esyed comminsoinas. k'b.

LONDON, June 9 (UP) -Eu- normal ma n tenm," tbeG.8 Nutt
Tope's frat four-engined jet Chrocle said. ono im-0--, p
fd r5,of a wing of American-I-of'o p e
b.hflH-45 Tornado bombers, be-
k d. U.S. air base last night. -- o to a that no prtsonersb ,OtEfti e
The jat bombingplanes will be wi t, a onagajin in bosles, "o
psagned to the North Atlantic Ai GIauvinb president
TreitvUrganization to strength- of the Canal Zone, has been ap- Crusade, in mpteof his late start l Ile back home, made satircl draw of the
est Europe's defenses to, pointed Latin Amrleap 'Chair- and other oltoes. Besides to .put into effect this an4 lt
S the threat of Soviet ag-. man of the Crusade'dT' r Fee- getting predteisIk uninimoga .saide had repeat- atled 'V
I*aeh doah, with responsdlillity for lead- participation froe Individuals dlte tost practc81l by a man i.
Ing tho organization's antiu-Com- and organizations, his success in lnd-I
Pourteen of the planes arrived munist drive In all Latin Ameri- raising funds supalsed that oa J ar- s observers here adt nad. woi
at the American base after a can nations. most chairmen intareas of com- poted that the l le
mass cross-Atlartic flight from The announcement of Gau- parable the United States. put forth by- tvln-..h I'd .
Lshnleyild, Virginia. It was vineoappoln b niom- atwe a" ge
he!ir mass ocean crossing by in' a In recogniti of hi secom- toheUnit a s t a A
eor sAdm. Harold "o. a l s n n r nfo- n owe
To rnadoes." retiredd) of alen plishmentsu e o fawardeoa
!Me ptnea are attached to the( re oetied)ot ati n o o... thateIA, may ,d- SI, -
Jad etlak Ilpade for Freedom. a .iamspecialqdoaltrterbpGs Luter
4athh bht J bombardment d dd itcntnr..T ,e
nlch will be attached to Gauvin was raeiarednaBrockton, clus D. Clay, Chairman of the Tahe i o e
-An FMass. He is a v eran of wird Crusade for lFreedom. oud.rtorreturntopilltotetamgiriadt
mhr tyesfohetb,-m-The success ds wos his work rooals o COMM- cha eo.
'7ht"arrived lan E nglalArmandes w a oAea o other aTh Un' .s have .d-
Tey arlved in Ewiantd after SFuldw Smand.ofte o..g ..10 csuhgtate atth erlntion of other dued sa d force the
-ovcri, at Westove3er Foield,! o rnd thte U8 hr- freedom lovIfg eopih ain etLatinoI-
S Meas, and Keflavik. Iceland, en I en .ine.d for or lr~ k
Auteir for 14 years. oeDwill asM'n oft his Amerilca who exargedthe wish r Ret si.tesmt oref -.
An Air Force spokesman said duties for the Crusade for rm- that Crushade anacould be T het lint l. .
S Other planes of the %%ig were dom in addition to his work ftr extended to cortemract Commu- therchief d noo-I,1
SI duled to arrive later. pthe Army. [ nist propaganda. A a result, the h, unned
-_ .Te wlng will be based at Scul- It was eftirely on OUvti Crusade will cover ill of LatinI W1iM he
fle, under the 3rd Air Force, owe n itabtC mie m do Americathisii s itGauvin .wanted t mn i
od and will add a "Sun-h of rAmiLs' ai .' A," CAI n -Ap- own Initlative111116t fo R1i1# 8we antma er vic es t o thel sta lTh e in ....te
to montin United Bro- -ed the CrusaweAd o r ltM *- heading to he Leezhametioa pag d the next.iv.
andah" to mounting United parently overjoyed with his net le L asf alh e.warh oldHe toln enbex
wirdpo wjetsInyurbpe.ab who has been named tota e picture dramatizing the wet of D ni-v w an m t wta
mtoe Tornado jets will a e ebenable 43rbentoidtohaatuio s
rpue aofn fmmFre eeom.wh sche hereaft. minles e
to carry larger bombs and carry charge of Britain's first test of the Cruaic'n fr Freedom,' which tGombD, Vt. ( )-A mar- 1n written that tfa
further than the Thunder- an atomic device. Test will take has a dua) Ppe-Of t ble tombstone ovar Ma. pveof soiothim f rW- -ein.wss
-J e in service here. place on Mone Bello Islands, off the Amertmvn 1peope I1oo lenJ.min Carpenter has a m- Ate .ntw de"
.-'ne the U.S. Air Force de- the coast of Australia, where n" about p Communism and obtanlng engthy Inscription Hllting hisW "ktaeRupfautel"
disclose the strength of atomic est station s being et up.n pr to o e many services to the state. The in A to S
tdcoite Istbelivet oto is ot Europe and Radio Free Alas, the i nscrbit'on conclads: "Left this te Am Alr tW yO-Ylnrg. ACtu t'
.k l-an hye* ,n privately ownd radio netw or world' arid 14f pe rops of lineal a t e q ie to the di n-
u. h which broadcasts though thpr osterity, March 3, 11-04, aged bed S 3 in w~k of ito whmub orj' ,-"
no 200. Death had ne rtrqr on e '...
Wi" LO r f lI O V NI d plans or .r i outae thea e" s h.. T o ..

uw wvbs.xuvu uwusuoUitedtStates

,oCnda wilyre o nw.; aa Zoe ovrn Acte.. film iile- bus u is.e.- =k i1, inlt llt ,,o,.i.. is-
that at' as6.o. old' HonoIured. -. sa racial

wiisy eve00APmrq I --G. or. pet" ___________
yoL rsLA.eto .helIe "
whbere wor "m BW= MM
WggeE a W--.s. ** a
alessmOn to te n a

- ". "'''. "'
,,-, .. ? ..'..

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