The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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PALMS, Jim 7 (UP) A I"hfo WA,
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the Im for. sernmmeat move to ulekwhe

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the Caommiies by dII rm einMtwl 1
therged proe Ibhte to the foth po*.
Co&u"tr espionage A*e to I
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on documents sealed during
week'. raldt om CommunUt ]0a d
hadfutarteis In tat ourt.

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tirisaIm0an of the sale o
D druf, Ianufactured by
O ducUts, Inc., wa
approval of It
w, the ii. S. by the Foo
It AdbMlnistration.
IM ve Its approve
1. who made the an
dlqtmtr, said he expected
I aetpre owners would
Mt with medical author
It. selling the drug onl
M -dogtor's prescription
doctors of the '1T
a SAto Tomla sHop
ted a ten-day expert
rtJ n the drug and report
Seld out promise fo
I8 Warned, however, tha
fto*bquld not rely entlrel
but should conti
VtW usala treatment a


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LUiGa Oea of .ohctd |aD *
Swith thousands of il49to0 q .

Jop Strikers Soy
ubversives 6a
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k'. e t of the damages o
* .board the Japane.
ItW n Cristobal earlier i
as. was estimated at $35,
S"e ~ft occurred on the Ass
Ikas itaru while it was tak
Slt0el oil.
wmen lost their live
as W t of Injuries austaing4
a uIi-, funeral services fa
the de Tatsuya Kontani, 2:
*nd Ihlta Hirata. 28, wer
chd to be held today a
I p. t the Colon Hospits
. oihrvIces will be attended
bF- g and crew member
of as well as by a re
p0 of the Matsul Lin
wieArCWbd Thursday fromN Me'
Sstrial Bureau gav
Wie Wwlary estimate of th
bUit to the ship's agent
wuir4a McKay.
Te Akasan Maru wil t
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p.34. yestetF. IM Mtaker wam SiThe am
rttfon taf the /'7 c ,tin ra
roe by e la the
esan ftriter at he tinmn t of the L'Ot
Accident. itroi

3opne in another ldoti TIe CabTmue mpi Wloted by
ou general t-UI aglt Capt. Arthur L. Logan and the
id C aOiSta.In" 'ilot for the $ N.-op freighter
0d personal ~ink I KWuld fKule wasu C Vernon White-
tr d troops theri' I'head. The CklbeaMa anred from
y enower sa'd. Cartageina.
I-* -- '- --- -- -

SCol. Hesnrer Ends 2nd

;Tour As Corozal Chief
it The annal ZoneI one spiratin to %and
y of its -t r fig- member ofI *
i- ua week W a i And tl.e proud
~* 4. toof- *of a reant pow. rary
ulenx ftwiLmcjmau wtUnm- membership th Pna A-
cademy of h PS i lad 8Or-
av- gery.
l plane JI 4 NOW Under deusnr I atilon.
ean en re to nw new methods tre care
hose in San Antonio and tMatment, the use
(Ban Antonio 1s i0 of a sec- of 1et letril aboek tapy. have
ond boiae to the Heners; they been irotitulted at Cormal. He
were married tlier and have has alo revved, to sme extent,
served tiere.) the oc:n.u$tUil thery pro-
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Althomhi aiut Iain
sow t m iu program
Does notb hav M sope of
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Sa succe. that i st mort than
a~_r ,. be.leves
Fa- tht it te ozatt U possible
therle-i for *l1gl ae.
es Bloae time ago, Mnemer had
d. this to av about oespatilonal
r lterapy:
is3, ,t beieB to malt a sbtrile
re pme ana"i.a~ t Ii he
al Meshot :I: M-=_P..

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bt dy Letfte are pubeisihed Os the ordor rec'i
Phsme try ** khe. e Won lmited to ane i
L o letter troil ero an e kMd in strictest
Iftwevhspewaum"" asresponsibillt" forg
;M 0- ---

Would someone please put straight abou
IBd Regulations here In the Canal Zone)
I have read the book on traffic, but peoi
*I mind to them.
I also do not see anything done about
e trn, right off way, or yellow flashing light
sien, people make their own laws down here.
A On coming down Gaillarl Highway from F
t Ught has turned red, and you make a right
w t off way? The car coming out of the pos
i e highway, or the car making the right turr
What lane do you take going over the ra
Okillard highway to go straight ahead into
SWhich lane for a left turn?
S I have been driving for nearly 18 years ar
ShIfghway laws but it seems that I don't know
I thought to make a left turn you pulled
tle road to make a left turn. Will someone pli
These things if I am wrong?
hAlso, why is the light at the crossing al
Tkat one section is the most dangerest place I
SIf there is any place that needs a light ru
w trw then the crossing I haven't seen it yet.
If l the light has to be turned out, why do
0 Nearly?
Most of our heavy traffic run from 6:30 a.
.1t the lights will turned off around 4:15 p.m
one thinks of turning it on In the mbrnin
Su bad.
EBveryone is trying to take the right of w
OIng'be done about the light?
SI don't mean any harm but I would like tc
to help me out. I like to go places too, 1
,fe or ten minutes to get onto the main hil
t turn without a light to help me out.


agree with Contented Housewife (Mail B
S should think Discontented would be glad
g:job where he can come home for his three l
I won't go into a song and dance about m:
| s I don't think anyone would be in the leas
:wilfl say neither the job or the hours are cho
Still we're happy, and would continue as
choice in the matter.
~ husband In a Naty man and goes whe
I S t0 d. and griping about it lb out of the q
How would you like to move from one er
the other and out of it, too, every two years
S teen months? This means taking your child
lnmd we have Tour of them).
How would you like to be paying Stateside
i You don't know how fortunate you are jus
aivinq a husband coming home for lunch, re
Ske he b gets there.
| I know because this is my husband's seco
yeirs and while he doesn't get home the s
i wul children, we're happy in just being toget
the most out of our two years here.
In six months our time is up and where
id when we'll see each other again is anybody's
How would you like the men In Korea to
Would it make what they're doing seem j
wtrth the price they are paying? No, I don't
S n'll just bet they're not worried about the
*Ad 0t.
04v a little more thought to people less fort
.11t. se the families who have men over ti
like you and me, and for the men the
iBsty a lot more concerned about their very
'gIliUms they work or what time they are goie
T l have plenty to be contented about. 1
mMIgd en'jov life while you can for who kn

Another Contente
S -Rodman
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Btmry farces Perfumes
BM I 7 Lowest point
- S Mineral rocks
overMer of I Mystic
I Mississipp ejaculetions
Oed 10 Igneeus rock
ss of II Girl's name
mrd 12 Pertaining to
19 Cheer
wl 23Donates
S .ie Musiesl Utime
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25 Visionari
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0 opposite
1 Arablec
34 plit-
SMexican did


Labor News



COLUMN No longer is It a question of
MMAN0006 saving steel it's a question of N ,
saving face, mostly Mr. Truman's.
v 3 That s how strike leader Philip .
Murary sees it.
A To ao just that, Murphy will
try to run a short strike. i
4 Thb Panama Amer" Even now he is meeting secret- I
led it whollV con- ly in ittsburgh with Big Steel's
-*Johnny" Stephena, whose old
it don't appeal the school tie and debonair de-
de. meaner camouflage the lact tnat
pegs kth. he once wore cap and overalls
confine. and earned his living as a steel-
stfemets ei sp o elae wotger in a Gary mil.
Phil Murray Is new slightly
weary of Mr. truman's Inter-
ference and the God and- i
Country speeches of price boas
Ellis Arnall, who coUid end the
crisis by prom not to whip
up political h yse r I a If the
it the traffic laws Wnite House grants the steel
industry another cents a ton
pie down here pay over the current .50M already -
it. Such as left Mr. Mi.,.ay knows that further /
its. What I have excitement oy his government "
friends will only complicate his
o w n private negotiations, and 4
ort Clayton, if the Lheir just isn time lor any new 1
turn who has the complications. That coulo hurt |
tof Corozal across the nation. ie l e
,I? .,ile veteran CIO chief, leader
railroad tracks into in a thousand coal and steel
Post of Corozal? crises, and now eager to end this
seyen-nionth seel travail, Knowse
rd thought I knew only tnat there s ample metal
Canal Laws m supply to keep our ammo, tank,3
d to the center of aircraft, gun and other defense
lease put me right production facilities running nor-
malhy for 21 days.
ways turned out? Thi:n there.ll be a nine day
I have ever seen. Stretch during which the Pen-
inlng at all times tagon w hi have to scratch for
steei, but will find it. After-a 30-
o they turn it out day strike, this country will have
run through its a ..
m. until 8:30 p.m., That'S not all. It will tak
. r 4:30 p.m. and week to get back into full pro-- -- --
ig when traffic is duction. Which means that a
iour-week strike would, for ex-j ?4
way. Can't some. ample, leave this country in- t .e s r
capable of mounting full defense 11
Shave these ques- production in the currently re-
but I hate to wait mote event of attack. Sy BOB K
ghway or make a It would consume several days Y BO
more to transport th fighting -
steel to the defense plants. We'd -
arefu Driver be stripped for almost 10 ay. NiW YORK. I am waiting eagerly to see see
are ver Mr. Murray is determined, for how Ike holds up under the punishment in litar
national security reasons, not to store for him. In
get to that peril point. Nor even His actions under heavy political fire will be with
approach it a better Index to the man who may be our next his
To get even near it would mean boss tha, possblPy, the size and strength of his reach
among other things, to create personal sentimbntt about running the world, seen
terrific pressure on Mr. Truman Eisenhower has been the perfect diplomat-in- dulg
ox June 1). right at the height of the pres- uniform, both. as Allied commander during the the
her husband has Idential nomination season last war and. as bo of the shapeless SHAPE I
meals. July 1. operation in Europe. som
. husband's hours It would cost Mr. Truman con- In obs like that most of 4,he eonahct is con- he
t interested. But siderable influence and prestige tainted in quiet infighting, off the record, and mon
icerested. in his own party. away from the public glance. Generals settle inte
are if we had Already, the pressure inside Oteir vendettas tabtly in private, With mutual acts
we are i we president's closest eirele is horror of attracting public attehldon., W
depressing and Irritatig Mrt. General Ike has not been fored to stand up andr
.a. e .d what .rumiam.nlBe baa beea ". d- and slug before th iptone In ote. fliesI
esd 'os what *in action o tle t rtth A discreet "no Went" 1a u d In most T
ud of the country the cabinet--and at least three instances, since even a. pol0U n in uniform the
d of the country members, Secretary Snyder, can hide behind the soldier suit, and even deek sens
and sometimes ho Secretary Sawyer an Secre- immunity from harsh criticism so long as he be t
dren out of shool tary Lovett, have rather emr- wears his country's military badges. He can bala
phatically told him to ratk duck the tough question and he can sidestep the
prices right now thedown on the steel nlwon with the burning issue. dida
prices right now? the Taft-HartleY law. ft
st being here and But Mr. Truman promised the In removing- himself from the government genie
regardless of what CIO he'd not revert to the statute payroll and slapping (n the telt fedora, tetr anol
nd .. .. uyin they fear so much. lenhower has finally removed himself from as
md shore duty In However, it was pointed out to all sanctity as Ike the general, and emerges Ike
same time as our the President that he must nOW completely vulnerable as Ike the man. W
other and are get- save face. And as Ike the politico, he steps into a hard- Ikes
Certainly the Supreme Court ball league that is somewhat rougher than an mon
we go from here decision did not whisk away the indoor hassel between genCrals or a public fist as s
s guess. emergency which Mr. Truman min- fight between civilians Politicians are not sup- agal
read your letter, sisted was so desperate that e m4 to be immune eath any brand of bare. Th
was forced to use inhe t" I ckle assault. wh-e
powers, thus creating a etmatle It would be my guess that Elsenhower wil pres
ust a little more constitutional crisis. 1*11 pretty well with the punches and, It bitten, M-
think so. If the emergency was there at will bite back. 10 bt
hours they work Sunday, just before the 8in e T e man has charm and, from what little 1 than
Court ruled, t is here today know of him, a sense ol humor. And I am bet- a nb
unate than your- cabinet advisers argued. More o. ting there is a streak of orneriness Inr.Ike tht teand
here fighting for since across the land the steel has long been sublimated to military necessity dan
emselves who are mills are silent and smokeless. nd that this streak will emerge. A
Lives than about Therefore, Mr. Truman need s.The varnish over his feud with Gen. MacAr- w
rg to have lunch. to .utify his position by definite thur was very thin. for Instance, and you could e ai
forget your petty and immediate action, his people
ows what tomor- told him In the hours after Me
12kh Court ruled. -* '
All this and one more pressure M I y
ed Housewife. was on Phil Murray after he, G eorg I U
1. colleague, Jim Thimmes. And his
-- pubi ltt left their luncheon table
to flash word for a nationwide V WJn
iatre was bound to be strongS 0*i
language in Congress and .trOl- ATLANTA.--ere to Georgia, in the year IBM, glai5
Sr demands for national a1n- the pattern Of Southern Rtpublican politics now 5.
strike legislation. Perhaps even a being eploted by the forces of Sen. Robert A. 'T
SalM for a new seizure law which Taft was ri y invented by another Ohioan, 1i &
would give the White House, un- Mark Hanna. WaS
der any president the power to That winter, with the fight for the RepubUl- how
iuatlaw future national s Itrikes. can nomination looming ahead, the great early maj
Murray. then told some of his master of the Ohio brand of Reptiblicantsnm = -
ddes that he expected a short obtrusively went to Thomasville, Ga., for his
et wh tp health m aT
Then, according to reports, he wfile Testoring his vast frame in Thomas- --e
Iteet with 8tephens of U.S.teel.|*,llieB s a lr, Han" a ao",1", ,"-d1-r. fo ta.-
Mainatl These l who should know olm Southern Republica- lea rs. Promises of jobs, beet
id i-- -ted that the empa-" combined with generous payments trom the t
7IDrl was redy t .o grant st o Hanna slush fund, npoaiuced a solid abloc o now
SModulated what te Wae .t.i.ii outhemrn delegates for William McKinley. And ter-
42 Unaspirated S*2? hd, re. .-mened. B-t the southern delegates gave McKinley the ht.- "Or.
48 Asterisk I --m m-^" "S minatlion in a very hard fight. ens
48 Animal doctor i ,iee. al-o- ,.w From Hanna's day until this mqrnling, te this
("ell.) -- m. kh In ade. f phonty official leaders of the Soutbher DepuB., ma
h 47 HMaren l l an, wtth their phony orgnlatlnas and hietr .d
to S"ts offer of sa -eeo- e.dieent herds of phony delegas, have ms wau!
a te Guard Wing. R
-- I Th mnion would appear to be In rtan caes, as in u they even
L-i-- ~- t a dttle sless.ted rtries maintained a sort of hereditary th t@1 i
I al wo i r to be na little the local Republican dynasty d ta .
[ L- -- i and about hal ofthe S _uch men as National Commlasl B]tBry
$5 l aten theyae a several 5welfel of Texas and John 1. d tof LOlOM- ap
-\ ellmnaxes back: and. Mr. TrUmq anIa are like the estate agentmd el1i- Ta
I Iwould be able to say he od to pullt g gate-keepers who used so a t it tMe
the inevitable. balots as their nobleman patruqe u nBno 2T
Which brings us baek tO where In the old English rotten borutlfw. fl1
- we were on Jan. 1. Exept for the And these Southern rotten 3W M e SmU
wJ I ood pressure. Republican Party (whose rotteluS im s dm
-- I ____I,__- to be seen to be believed) akit "5 t6 4
SI IL 81en. Taft. "r
- Wm i I Lst Lake Here in Georgia, however, tew aispuB6rre M

the first local revolt of -a linarti t a in
- Lake Bonnevill Is ri ame these rotten boroughs.
iv by ge*logist t a th Its prime organizer was aMe u ght Iw
S- -ter la k which eMed heams expected Atlanta lawyqc, *M
---- -- of ers S"a. wh t btv t his Republicmum Mb 4 J
I now Utahu1. 18 as f wentt work ia thn e i wa
-- Idahe ad Tt. wi earast when be get M .

..W""1M a MB vkv pM- evTh m"sA anCwah y .u
w.aaret, ta hny -S i b a9l,,1




the claws showing through even under mi-
ry protocol.
i Harry Truman we have had a President
a. horny hide to important criticism of
Administration, aind with such a prickly
tion to personal slight or sneer that It
is 'to me he has spent most of his time In-
ing in private feuds to the detriment of
am hoping, as a Vdter, that Ike wP$I OhmW
e *sigh of sensitivity to public opinion: that
ill ignore the personal reflections and de-
nstrale a willingness to sway to wldeapred,
lligent criticism of his utterances and his
hat I hope, too, is that he will completely
iujediately abandon the coyjness that typi-
the Ut4ly man.M4aMl elvUan ,.-
he tJ of Elien OftO % Kc b- ftr
Preasdecy wakl tItkl 'gIe liBe. prIze-fight
e, or coy, if you like rIawt word better. May-
this was necessary to Arike a nOncommital
nce while shaping u. SBE and plumbing
depths of public affeetoa for him as a can-
it we had reached hob .pt where Ike the
eral could not speak Ike the man, and
other point where he copd not speak freely
a general because ofqRe salmUltaneously
the candidate,
e have reached th l llwan of the two
, and the boys are loaded for him as de-
stfated by Bob Taft's MOtilate onslaught,
hown by Gen. MacAt li cenat revulaion
nst military men as ,.
his revulsion was not WiOMt four years ago
n Gen. MacArthur allowed himself to be
ented as a candidate.
slter Eisenhower has had o opportunity
ow to introduce himself to Aberica as other
na charm boy, a shrewd adA2mistrator, and
Nimble ducker of issues which might have
led to embarrass him either U gmeeral 6r
Sof today Ike will be going through the
igr. It will be interests M Is how he
Is out of it. .


lt delegates to Get. DwUlt D. SWM -*
i N tonal Committeeams, N Mat"y
Tat delegate and *atr ft -t
Semnmers takes the view *at the 111em-
r delegates were legita dM-M..
trity vote. and he will tight fit
Nd at Chicago.
eme is, of course, a ompetag t o- t
IVatn from Georgia, sponsored
of Wadley, but really mate mw
1 looal entrepreneur, Romo PFcetU Jr.
least one of these pro-Taft I siq .b
an the state payroll, and P ht agn t
nitd, was both a law ihool a f
flerman Talmadge and hMs Ale luMtai
i0cment under him. With MIXOa u
pe-'Taft group is de ert d aU -
e publicans."
a. Taft's Bouthern proconsul, 3NtIa Car-
Seeoe, has at best only oomvft O d
"T0lmadge Republicans.! b ., also
Nd National Committeeman Somam that
TrKt forces at Chicago wm meat ~1agagt
RI-Taft group In Georga
tat ON very 1east, the tWar* th is S gop
* Jn Georgia is likely to b 10 to WNvr
e at n l mInLouisaas asad Itsa.
I. dodje the Taft manageS aft e is oiy
Snr_-Taft Zwelel _43_Meat tfBt u.

ini during t1 II f
)4M. a year- 8 (lagR?
s the conrroean U ol nHie
We. the &nly eft that t at t _i
to potato scab, tobaso
Lima beans or froge y d Ise t Mi -
ng Tom Cqnnaln wll retire theft
i't Idst any of his ctan0,fton S "
a apetlal presentation to
k newsman and author of Ian'

Mid g0pW Olte onui Ibought in Gineva ld Ma ;r "
"Wt )' eyou get himn an AmeriCan h M i
_ra u eto t ler Mfsrshall of the t P ~
"1 haw1 te," shot back the iet M
beslti I tdo it to please you." .
,,Vwho weas being honored after 30 a -
e "t ,ftr s Just written a new book,

W S s eher husband will be
Mrs. OMy hitaey is tired of poiities, tired Of the t lftklD' J.
of having her auband be a senator.
Howee, ~ tWhhoney would be badly missed ia WahfhtiteA,
Is one of the iW st conaolentlous leaers on Capitol aill.
T e senate is taking a look at the appointment of0 Tn Me ,
Call to tre oatmaster of Lanaford. Pa.. due to the faet that bis
brother Pat lh in income-tax trouble. Both brothers have bfts
associated in the coal business. and Internal Revenue charges at
with being 80,000 short on his 1944 and 1945 taxes
Tom McCall 'Who wants to be postmaster, clalmA his brothff
owned the coal business: be was only superintendent.
If Oliver Bolteon r rel t .to Congres from Ohio, -eAs
ably will be, Weshineft %lse the first case of a
son serving in tigrea togetL.
His mother able Mrsu Frances Bolton of Cleveland t ,

e fat Wo on t9,l S AaO mon
only a h ia6l1 ofo& .. .a..

enator Mane of
cause bs assistant, Bent, t :iM
the Federal government on behalf- o t Oll-rb.
Whitehurst wanted $1,000 a mo'thl
government. In the end, Lo ah dit ..
khile his saaitnt was !ULT n a
Malone asked friendly of t
tative while they4W ft g before
But, after.r dida sforba
come quite empha bt keeping tdelandb
oral government and wy from Oalifornia.
Likewle h be thmmy with L. Cord, f i
of Cerd autO who hbd ivestd heavily ilk
Civil War scrip.
Veterans those two wa, given this serip,
acquire any uelaittd land in the Federal domaM
years, some people. Inclu Cord, have been
scrip in order to claim tidelds oil.
The Interior Department, however, has indlei IwL1
claims will not be honored.
Here sl ne t thet t Moscow radio will never carTy:
The first gWo delegation to a Democra ti Ufte In a
North Caredina Was amted recently a Now I u
Also, In Le4lt, N.C, S0 employee of the t Furntu
Couipany kth white and cOlord, pitched IAto ittmll tow
of INro presher, Rev. Ike Shade, wMhn ir e*o u w
In addition, the ernhardt tfirm donated ftukw -
p s put up ,1 and eirso1chooi hdten 4tes1,
establish Ro. Shade it his new hm, ,







, .A2lN

V '~-~


a Soup

> -t. '


r V \

4, 7"e



M .Mt 1

,OACh,.t rive in Oristobal
,on .. SSBed alboa rd:
W*dae ne i1mew tKPLd, member tf
Trt a th6 ar P mn"fU.S. En
W e.. LMe. .lm Lt. e1.
AbWard IVdoArm oL
the Pans. Misson uLnd n.
meaidsnW o, t sooburleta 0cU
iraom :. W, s ~ who travelling to
Saere, A le Can al i'o at Forte
oarh The Orace Line shtip
IVA"e Untd6ited to Now York.
tamite 1 oProgram1

"s ,W "1'" Roberto A &de n; o j
I andMrsd ..Attcl a 0 Adlw;
W A82AtmIMr. Gd.iOG 840

,'A'lia 4 Caso, n Jr100.000,t;o e
r ThAkel garterl Misi Pas isia..
e &B Mi sawll; Mi.i Evia A. CPspe- Presents
w .l'. I des; M.C& d Mrat Horacl arel..
.......A, 6n Cos be use -"" ...... 1 it "Jr. ad three children.
S&Mr. and Mrs. llranct W. Saturday, June 7
muam"l, s .(i yle Miss Anne
dra 'Miss Jeanne E. Daven. 3:S0-McLean's Program
Mr as t;alseph F. Dolan; Goo :41-Musleal Interlude
IrarD6'. Marcus Eddl Johen 4:0--Th O Seal who Saved the
(j Fa* ; Mrs. Evelyn 1euille; WOrld
16 11 A Mrs. A1 L. Fogarty and daukh- -Wl Your Favorite
^'- o..ter Jn. TT, Fogarty; ti:100-.lnu Star
M M r W N:B.-ItMarworks from Frano.
t-- .R u' s* Reseill L. Gallaher; Whitman1 .m-American Folk Songa
P.._tau.Professor Howard M :0-Gay Paris Music Hall
satNMI mks.o 014r ohn R. ddo l OGrur B-.jt Sessione
d s-- Gua o :00-M-Nreel OU.BS.A.
,11"'t ;Cnig Crosby Show
ea 4 ANDSI Mii"i' ^ I S-mment T" .Aai SamHarp- 9 :9-MOO Hi tParade
Sin, sa *4 umn. 3:. d 1aCde
t .. ... C. Heddaeu; Mr. and 1,:00-.ce Music
Mrs.111sl .Hemund andhn 0-Uh Last Chronicle by
S,.,, p E a..a.. ........ ~s c~ ldren; Edward J. Henrlques; 11:00-The Owl's Nes t
S"wI'veMt. and Mrs. Freder ick H. Hod 11:00 AM-Sign Off.Ne
-N.- "; ".. n JD oJ r '. u and Mrs. Lewis sJe So l
low' ..SHumphi es; Mr. and Mrs. TLhl S.d:ay.J-e
,. .d mis v. Xelly; Pc and Me..
....... f"; ....... Charles Lamenhdorf; Mr. n andh .
m,. ...,........... 9 Mrs. Hurbert N. Libbey; M :00-Sign On -Musica l Inter-
y00 11M Ordt p"rURAN4' Jean A. Libbey; Mr. and Ms. lude
m......e "' Patrlck.r. McDonnell; John F'. 8:-Hymns of ll Churches
060010b i ..... :5 b e dY cl i9:00-31BLE AUDITORIUM OF

.at tM mb Un.ionain ........... e:s MDowel:. Edwatrd Dr D.g M:0-.-nu Americn M O
%I agimeila Blws and and son; Miss Margaret MaPher- THE AMr
man a fi'., .s j.on;,Roger Maduro; Charles F. 3:15-Good Neighbors

*. ...l IaE fe L,'.. ",',,,,,,,,, -,- rs. Ncr M. June Fn.
'A.GM.uM;Mr. and Mrs. an- :30-.ondon Studio Melodies
Siner;A; Mr. 0and Mh Ll e :0 D (rm
,..,..s "Moore and o children s Tr 10:00- In the Tempo of Jai

As braear a j"* *i P .d ildren .mo ----'- i 1.1.1 -
.............'do Mrs Florence Noren; Gustay 10:30-Meet the Band
L0 S GL- O:a MrsDD. Caysor h. 1:0-NATIONAL LOTToVERY
.S r. ch-G o 2 :..... id. aldren; Mr. Mina 11:15-Thre $ Heart lPro
_..s" "d'Wa h .MAU PIl:alE.. It a00; Mrs. Florence Quirnn:w utram Arica
Uii:2 Millse W h Mary Z. RabteoGe Mr. and 8:00- por Rocan Mus
,W0145a Ad .1 1?r eRudolph A. Rathhelm:12:00-Invitation to Learning
A I" 1 R(VOA)
.. .. .. ............:............... t rao 3NE& 1:1-4 : 1:-a ItLakeTabernabi,
....1.,B A R B. L.IN E,
h1pManG Als 2e:20-Ret. AlbrtStewr
61and 2 children; Miss Saerle Hour
a. M. A ain; Mr. and Mrs. Remus 4:30-What's Your Favorite
Mrs. Daloe D. Tay.o and 2 dhi- 7:00-MumsicalN heook (VOA)
36 OL6VL %A IO ren; Frederick J. Wainio; Mr. 7:30-Thiru theS orts Glass
M9nroe Whyte* 0Gle T. Will- 8:00-Sports Roundup and News

Ch aaduh Cean tmris 178l1th a thoe westernmost f the A1eutTan
Uses9,,, ., b fr i lands, s greate than that

a from New York to Sa Francisco.

614- 1another I VtbLongdWa

,*,. .04O.da. Sm ll Rooms with private Bath e2la0.00

....:...ok....s o FENTON & CO.

am.atmu nra m ...

~ Usw~~im~lg~5U

Ieo a .bwm aas.% manEm any =en. m awan ou
CJL .S m" Am *OWN am af5m PSorthi@DA
n uva o- n k ; mn*2
.. .,...... a':s ~
imw l ,Ia im e.

*1.. .e3,e St. at ':':::" .~ "I.. P .E
Im........ ... j. w E. c a er .. ....
&A ..... ....IB M o btu, = ,

0,, "I Ids 10"W-1"

4.m SanE as armiomU a AJaUni
:0 ..., .. ... ... ... ..................... w
,.....: ,.....,...,......... -A -.. ........... ..,WW

~ hum CWASEUA to 91313S

-- ----------- s -------
iS-.._. *An.. ... 5.


tO o0i. teUADORt,

TO uri IXNafOM VIA CAR0 "1
M.V. "RINA = PAMWVICo' (18M .
S... .. ..
M.V. "DA IRDIYKI ... ......................
M.V. "DONG DY ,........................ ,,
M.V. "LOCH AVON" .............................

AU elibfs aubjeet te shangen vithelt ,
n cw mr. PA*AMA-A"e. Per M TeOL
POBg CO. INC. BALMOA-Term. BMg. Te L I-=

Accepting passenpgf for

* -a

Sailing June 10th
(De-luxe suites.and single eabims ra

Tel.: Crlstobal 1781 BHBaMl 10"

& A -

Exceptional Values in MODI
-7. mi4 1 ,-0;

Newly dgm
od wIAt4
coveo r


Spwfafly do-..
igned frame
mat, gIving a
iniuteMd armn
offeot. In" nub-
by" fabric.

u.;, ..

anow f .

High style, re.
comed back,.
with button
tufting and
French samend ..
back. Excep-
Op. To u 93 .

O' T,,


- p....

1 *UW

i'., :.


* "k,


'a ~ *AILI


XH=OaYWOOD, (NEA) ax- Linda Darnell and Robertl
clveylvy TYurs: Marilyn Monroe Cummings will be co-starred in
can start blushing again. Her Albert Zugamith's "Conquest
tuWSf nude photograph on a and Desire"-a color flicker a-
ca= -has been cut in a mo- bout the banishment of the
vie'_. a pin-up picture. In co- Moors from Spain in the lth
lot. ~' Century. They'll go to Spain for
The controversial photograph the film next year.
-t*enGors permitting will be -
setas for a br!e. flash on the An MGM contract is being
bulkhead of an aircraft carrier drawn up for Red Skelton's
cabii shalcd byv Sterling Hayden blonde stooges, Lucy Knoch, who1
and Richard Carlson in Mono- makes her big screen bow In
S graW's Cinecolor special, "Flat "Tribute to a Bad Man." Lucy's
Top under personal contract to Skel-
The story's about an aircraft'ton, by the way.
carrier in action off Korea.
a i oe I Farley Granger's burning over
John Ireland's ex-wife Is head- that fan magazine cover line-
ed for the courts to ask for more "Girls Ruin Romance," by Farley
support money. She'll c I a iGranger.
Joanne Dru has "hidden assets"
-the same tactics used against Mary Astor, whose critical ill-'
Virginia Mayo by Michael 0'- ness forced her to retire from


Shea's ex. pictures a few years back, has ,
licked the ailment that darkened
Fred Allen just snaged another her care.'r. She'll try for a movie
stlarrig role *t. Fox-in "The. comeback,
Rfsoim of Red Chief," one of
the four 0'Henry stories being Gary Cooper is huddling with
filed under, the title of "flag- lawyers to reactivate his inde-
dad w'm the Subway." It's the re- pendent film company for shoot- I
sut of his success in "We're Not Ing of an Ernest Hemingway
Married." yarn this fall. .... Peter Coe-he ,
S. is the star of "Hellgate"-and his I
Actress Pat Kirkland, daughter wife, former model Rosalee Cal-
of Nancy Carroll. and Don Bev- vert, have a date with the stork. '
an expect the stork in July.... T. M.3s.o.aPM.4.a
Veronica Lake. ready to divorce The Marx Brothers are plot-. w1" "A f.aai
Andre D.t Toth, has her noxtting a film reunion-in a come- "I'll bet that T
h .bby picked out-actor bt y to be ilmed In Hawaii.... hem
Quarrie. They'll co4-tar this ff Chandler is saying that I Su hwer
summer on the straw-hat circuit ,Ma c Lady" may be his last --

box-ofIce appeal. The Sunset strip of night club,
It's oi season on mad sonfame says Frank Veloz, is where InstituI
iti open seasonn idgon secret is'hushed from place to
titles. Dimitri Tiomkin Just wrote acflace
"Nocturne in Any Old Flat as pla. ys o 2% I
Long as You Have the Right Scott Brady is acting plumb
X0 '$and Danny Kay.! will sing cott Bd Is acting plumb I
ar on a Bee's Face surprised at being given an Errol IN I
SBuzzing Around aFrenchFly type of stint in UI's "Yan-INI
) on his next USO tour. kee Buccaneer.
S...... "W- -iihout Warn-II Hle can,ripple his muscles, all a make loa
eo .e. r sto Wofaasexar rl t, but protests "These kinds
"a lurid story.. haeosdlaer o roles go to guys who speak the
tf'st..t screen shocker .t was Kn Enge h pretty good and
ianeousl wrote a ser e of l bows I don't know whether
aBBf neousiv wrote a series dhos CHRI
o.- pu W B .......ill ..ic .i can get away with it. I may
l ar. TV! look like one of the East Side
ff or TV' kids with awcutlass." 25cs-
Bennett and Jeffreay The Lillian Fontaine who's
l re about to be signed as -playing in "Come Back. Littipe
Awarison'st kadini men in Shebs" with the little theater pOS S C
S" 4 ofthe telefilm me- group In Saratoga. Calif. Is the
ri hes making for Si.mel- maa o Joan Fontaine and Oi-
wetrvev Prodisctom In Mexico via de Havflland Oli
.TNd'- CanoVa and Tr-.l]lah
it, nPvls n.4 .?.-r Merrill Pank-rd re'n rrin in a individual sa
i.-: b n.__ hecrd Io ay play7 doc
atjifff rea It's an eyebrow life, but,
d !. W. O- D .".. ]Si they've been huddling t FFCE IN F
d5P i... -e W."ddea. A farce-comedy along the FICE IN
Taylor and Mipihael Wild-ilines of "My Friend Irma. 1o Central
In rt again denying the flock Alan Young's description of -orner of "I
of. ork rumors. So is LIzs mo- [his role in "Androeles and theft
thte. who talks to her once aLion : I R. De
wtel via trans-Atlantic phone.. "While I'm chewing the. sen- ..
e report that MGM has ei the l chew in e MIanag
IltXht Ruth hitting's life story is
e thne error side of the ledger at Silly' f the week: About the
tha,.moment. The true yarn is night club owner who booked F
lUder consideration, with the, Johnnl "Cr" Ray-and mopped ATURD
problem of obtaining clearances up evtfry night. SATURD
rom the people in Ruth's life _______.
holdlng up final discussions.
Mary Pickford and Buddy Ro-1 COMMON TO ALL
ers are denving their fabulous There Is not a ainele state In Plekfair estate is or sale., the Union where temperatures of
Built on a once-remote hilltop in 100 degreMe have not been rec- UI VJ
Beverlv Hills. the estate now is ordpd. Freeing temperatures. al- [ W Wy
surrounded by a real estate sub- so. have been recorded in every
dividton. state.



"- -. ;. -*' 'X

V quiz panel couldn't tell me where to look
for a pajama top with !Mttons on it!"


tion Guaranteed by the State
iterest Annually on Savings Accounts


ans with guarantees on first mortgages
or other securities.


50c. $1.00 and $5.00

ire accepted thru a period
of 48 weeks.

afety deposit boxes, for Jewelry and
uments, in 4 different sizes.

Ave. at
" Street.L


hroat St. at eomer
of 7th ft


Trom I:N a.m to 12:10 p.m
AYS: Irom 8:00 a m. to 12: p.m.

~na4. eJa~sipeJu





10-4 --,
., :\a t a
sag ma an : : :_.... .. ...- .. ,. :_ :_ ?
,. .





Tegh Luck, WMauta

FR 11



How's That Again



" ... A .L

*WhCJLLA'S POP Man and/or Mouse




Predude to Death

alcatx OlyMasWI
War.*-- N .. I

5ou OTr OW @t* t *
w aw f- -



Oh, lst anywhere



) <^



' .
Ul .,
; j 1.,^


A.. *





L ". "___oIL lK T-,


S R A M .


not disloe, de~AbO
"a Uttle man."


rn ~m

ptfpstra r

whi h were
Him WrIls,

wiqrwiifiEu .

Poo't worry bout t m
frit gray strand! Let it be
"blessing in disguise" -, s
signal to you to take ade"
and do something abour ob.
ilaing lovelier, natr a la
looltna new haircolor P
relax and let Rou aW
over! For Rous Oil ShamS'
p" Tint treats i4
vdr visible tand of dull
or ray hair, give sparklfti
h lights and lusre; adds
Fuabe, nwtlrnJoo g cohi
O at changes your worry 10


Caption use only as directed
%* go qlabeL

Iss ,

a hi g
1er1*,1t .7 ta
Maie haileot: redu
v,^a'v r' 9

tl I ay I always take time out for my
m t f n ratoke hair bruhlnm j I hope
r in an InvaluAble aid in helping to
Sbeau of your hair.
y irhalrd oarse while you
r hand a ily sweep yout
hdj supplempt the brushing with
a OW 1 of both hlods against the
them so that you can feel the acalp
i ae aly tired, brush your hair in a bead-'
down,~ A bristled brush Is beat for thorough
rm, lte or brush with softer bristles.
tin am o eto a polish.
Olni yl ,'t j brush properly, you may find
it 4doesa M yurhair na comb. I even
a a irae for mid-day ooming.
Ke, 4i.mmafldatly elan. I wiuh
mai6e af t a wo. I don't at aside any special
day fot y hair either. SotriNe O It gets wished
every single a. oNy determining factor is the need.
As fr als IQ Mi'ftued the shower is the Ideal place for
shamp Th prWstr of the water removes every last re-
mal nng bit of NAialfo am, and leave my hair "spanking"
clean. a
If ti are atid "with the health apd vibrancy of Your
hair, but ffilfliW flt i rotlW Ostand a bit of improving upon
when iti sto i'o 'ter time than now to try a
chan. lnto and dyes are more popular than they
have ev&r g
aYO .can e t the importance of your hair. More than
a s l of t .t your personal barometer of good health.
Before eteak asta Julce of % lemon in small glass of hot water.
SWoted Grapefruit ( medium) ,
One Poached AMl. with isp Bacon Strip (5 inches long)
Two Melba Toat MIalx'/ Incheesi) kim Milk (1 cup)
Watercress (1/ bunch) Two O lery Stalks Five Red Radishes
One m rabaer ( S%/4x14 Inches) with
II t1blMpoon cottage cheem
Roas Clakes 5or Roast Leg of I~nmb
(b breat) 1l lean slice, 3Vax4xo inches)
teamed Broccoli (1 cu)
Buttermilk Pea( Shl1rbet Demi-Tame Coffee
getable op (l cup).
Mixed Orn Salad Bo*l ( lt blseapoons
SWhite f enriched) Toast
onrobd 11od nleaon) Chcoken
-- .? 4 tablespoons.)
I wle i.ce" BSkim Milk
Cotfee or Tea (I Cup)
IiH af 1 taPooh eodr-liver oil (or caple
l (xl% Inches Whole Wheat Cr6Aer.
Reelpe for Butternilk Peach Sherbet
Peel 4 #resh peaches or drain 8 canned peach-halves: mix
,Ith Juice d rind of I lemon; mnash with fork until light and
o, >Ad. 1 Cuo buLtermilk and a pinch of salt., Put In
l tray of refrigerator: freeze. until almost solid. Whip
Ul rota-y egg beater until very light; put back in Icecube tray
Until met. Unmold and sprinkle with cinaamon;
e *-it oti BServes six.
(End of a Serle)



Big AMsortmnit -f
7 ix X,, ".
.. Mmii

-.<- 1;.-

'W *^Ji,*t
- U T a

was. lo4ey n her ii

And "0^,

a f e In her face fr

ioned sister o


tLr rCrolworewhite orl
wf tg whe efran t
nMol oanrla o e by or.
Moeenniken, solteros.
h (as feanoterd w de
a w stiwclia banning
t P t1,e atter of the
gr a man and the troo-
Ware W d. They all
erate w w M hite e1organdee
OfdAsh and the mothnes of the
.hTvVr colored taffeta
et teu. B~Carol wore whtea over
A waesidn M eptnia w Ov1er
W lxiat the hur oop whmtte ver
Cf earried bou of
a o08 and blue := as&
tied w ft tre hnyg rii. T e
won h-addiegses of flowers,
Mr. wobit there, attended wthe
a grmatur bride man and the db-
ars sered Mr l. Ariead

eneb als bY Miee Leivoevi
r u remember 1We aI-
a Aurape Of dinner dre sn the
John Lach and the mothDaer of the
AF6oU wag In -n a egt-
anellcrepe dm with blck vel-
vet twere Boh wore cof dgeoraof
A wMrs. Dung recepthoen a suiteld
at the churab Immediatel- fol-
= he ere The thre-
a miniature bride and groom,

nch bowL a was6
In charge of C.
dies A Of the hch an-
stided Mrs. enaliten and Mrs.
John Leach and Mrs. Dale beO-
kle were In charge of decora-
Mrs. Dunning chose a suit of

m or r awore
ailligi lbe ay tdy. B

.rs.W 1,,.

t.athe earl f!__ at h1rome pa

ranctrarknds I M R iod itenged
gbass.. o

S.I *,-
SWOan'A Club c a m. M. %|M
1(4ton Wat- with

i Mrs. Flo-

=0O bjarmn ai mrenen Voy-
e n tro "tr .net
~5n. Krftw, Mrs.
Mrfis Kappesth.
*, ,.M A. Ple-
u Mrs. F.
R, ltdia. Mrs. C. 0. E1li and
rs. O. as The tradition-
Sapia ns were given to
the e who had been with
e o more than a year.
Mrs. naminn Roll. predeht.
O. n to Mrs, BeA ett,
P.. .an ail, Mrs.
Oga rs.- lvsia nd Mrs.
itt of offloers was held
and th fellowS wereelected to
m~~ sore the o year: press.
kdMt, Mrs. It. V. mbury; vlc
predt. Har P. Green;r
metary.t ., Ms. 'r.
mnwe dthe o"t",ina officers
ei aI I Or ft s rah.-j
ead: MBnjatsMn RoB, M r
uoH. Wis sad Mrs. r, ,.,
SehS MrS. B enaon R"
ad Mro. imae BowmaawereWp
ol ID sere ot n the zxee-
tw6 new memfa weretntS s i
duced, Mr. Choarfs r, IW-,
ond Ware. _l_ t_ _. Mm. i i
W. D. Bale won the t do

tCorh a a o

leaving theIOue to attend
do0ege In nM m The
honored Mins i flou
who sofled M aboard the
Aneow to id Umm rltty .

II l[ .III* I .. I -, I-I- I 'Z.-



a. 't*':



Come watch the eamtin finals A I* gold d -SI
of the "iUW Pe eauty Contest
Sunday, hine 8, at 9r00 p.m. In *e ULLA( VISTA .OW
Music for dancing by Angelo Jaspe's orchestra.
Specialty numbers '
mLea Asrraga Ugsa Tho as. ElM 0M G em
MUhia 3 eute Veradau JueI1ta TM

Wbleb of these lovely girls .chosen last week by the fte-man bWd
of Judge, Will be the lucky winner of the beautiful wardrobe
by local merchants, a free trip to the States and
thrill of representing the Repubie at L Be&*D
California, In the world-wide beauty contest to choose
gi. ... ..

winerw ma also be the b
of on movie contract or
awaLded in the At W~
nlght iner in '
be to beto
-, the beaul e d
/,,,,- ,,r .J -U
(p,.omnebe ,shoo- f ,



rev ~ I







I *
L the
h.M I

. ,
Ip =" '

i .

* .;~UIkLi2j ~-;k

[ 6*C


-m -


'-, ,. ..- I .
g-i. "" "oM "AB-

I cave your Ad with one of

Lewis Service
#4 Tivoll Ave.-Phone 2-2291, and

Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441

Service Personnel and Civilian
Government Employes
Insist on
Government Employes Finan'e Co.
Where you finai.ce your new
or used car.
No. 43 Autemobile Rew
Phene 3-4984 3-4985
FOR SALE -Dump Truck 4 cu. yd'
used only one year. Price $1.000
00. new $3.000 00. Locoalec
at 41 St. towards the beach. Phone
3-0706 Mr. Ehrmon.
FOR SALE:-1950 Ford V8 De Luxe
Excellent condition. 5437-C, Dia-
FOR SALE: V2 ton Stake-body
truck Chevrolet 1948, good con-
dition. Apply 6037 Apt. "I" Rain-
bow City.
fOR SALE: 1951 Morris Minor,
block sedan. driven less than
1,500 miles. Reasonable price.
Box 2276, Cristobal.

FOR SALE: l'autiful blue Ford
Victoria '51 with radio, W & W

tires. House 0428-A. I-rangipaoi
St. Ancon. Phone 2-4263.
FOR SALE:-Ford '49 Eight 2 Door
Custom, radio, W/W tires, seat
covers, $1,150.00. 2153-8, Cu-
rundu. 83-5166.
FOR SALE:-1949 Custom Ford Se-
dan, overdrive, $1,100, will fin-
once. 1464-A Holden, Balboa 2-

Real Estate
.AKE IT OR LEAVE IT. Formerly $7,
650. now reduced to $5,900.
aes oand qaick, concrete 2 bed-
Sroom chalet on 11.865 Mg lot.
Tronsisthmian road, deep water
well ,all year .stream, hydraulic
ram. Wolff & Co., 5th street No.
22, Tel.' 2-2388.

PROPERTY for sale.. Bargain! See
Mill Sudron. Gorgona teach.
WOR SALE:-3,995 meters cleared
. BndI fenced wth ron .posts. V. M.
-Aitken, 27-3 5T93 or 2-3300..

1951 Chevrolets
1951 Buick Special
1951 Fraser
1951 Ferds
1951 Studebaker
1951 Mercury
1950 Chevrolets
195 Plymouths
1950 Fords
1950 Dodge
1950 De Soto
195g Mercurys
19 Ponti sa
190 Studebakers
1949 Buicks
1949 Chevrolets
19049 Plymouth. ea
4149 Oldsmobiles
1949 Pontiacs
194 Nash's
1949 Studebakers
1949 Fords
1940 Fords
1948 Chevrolets
N1945 Iaokards
19N1 Buicks
]7 Cbrvsler
w- Fords
,a947 Nash's
iM Wlivs Sta. Wgn.
166 Fords
1948 Hudmons
1441 Pontiac


W~ijras lic.
,ws y- c
uisteEt St--

.1- Ii-4MS --MM


our Agents or our Offices io No. S7 f" -- Phaean
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Col.n ,,

Sal6n de Belen. Americane
#5 West 12th Street

Agencia Internacional de PuMicaciones
#3 Lottery Plaza Phone -241"

FOR SALE--8 cu. ft. Freezer, $225.
00. Trombone $35 00. Two twin
innerspring mattresses and springs.
$1 5 00. Qtrs Ill Albrook 86-
FOR SALE: Liv.ngroom furniture
ser. Real bargain. Justo Aroseme-
na Avenue No. 88.
FOR SALE --Wcker chairs, tables,
cheap. suitable for basement, 25
S ccle Kenmore washer $20 00,
e large v'ood porch swing $5.00.
House 889 Morgan Avenue, Bal-
SFOR SALE:-Kelvinator 9.3 refriger-
ator 25 cycle. $125,00. 8060-A,
3rd. Street, Margarita.
' FOR SALE:-White portable sewing
machine, only 2 yrs. old, $85.00.
Phone 2-3352, house 1457'C,
FOR SALE:-One Kelvinotor Freezer
8 cu. ft. One G. E. 4 burner steve
De Luxe model. Both in good con-
dition. Phone Panama 3-2606.

FOR SALE:-"Frigidaire" 9 ft. '25
cycle, Automatic Defroster. $100.
00. House 104-B, Gambooa Phone
FOR SALE:-60 cycle Crosley Shel-
vrodor refrigerator, 7 cu. ft;, ex-
cellent condition, baby high chair
and many household articles. Houte
701-B Curundu. Phone 83-6135.
FOR SALE:-Beoutiful Persian rug,
antique clock, pictures, boy's bi-
cycle and other items. 46th Street
S8-A, upstairs.
FOR' SALE:-6 piece mahogany liv-
ingroom set. Perfect condition. Best
offer 'accepted. Also double bed:
with innerspring mattress, one short
wave. car radio. Telephone 84.-
FOR SALE: Got. leg table four
choirs, kitchen table, four chairs,
chest of drawers; twin bed, coffee
table. Phone 84-5121, Kobbe.
FOR SALE:-Westinghouse, refriger-
otor, 7 cu. ft. Excellent condition,
$150.00. 25-3524.
FOR SALE:-60 cycle floor. model
rodiR-cfdibinotion. $65.00. Crib,
$25.00. Naith hoir,$1Si'OO, raXi.
2153-B, Curundu, 83-5166.
FOR SALE:-I violin :$-25. 6 Ver#-
tlon mrtol blind*, never usd,r $7..
00 each, (gasoline.) washing ma-
chine. Singer sewio# machine,
(portable) with light $60.00. Suh-
beam mtxmaoster $20.00. V. M.
Aitken, 27-3 5193 or 2-3300.

Position Offered
lish speaking young girl with
knowledge of bookkeeping nd-lte-
nography to assist in office. Phone
1386, Colon.

Believe I can make your child erijoy
Arithmetic. Will coach fundamen-
lals and fractions individually or
class of ten. Children 3 1-2 to 10
years accepted in morning class.
Phone Mrs. Hoffman. Gamboa 333.
Modern Popular Piano Instruction,
for extremely busy people. Leaon
to play the music you want to play
after only a few lessons. Antiquat-
ed and boring finger drills are now
passed, in the new atornic age of
speed. Latest U. S. methods. Ben-
nett6's modern P.ano Studio No. 9,
Juan B. Sosa. Tel 2-1282.

American Couple desires completely
furnished I or 2 bedroom aport-

Caritot r ig StarA
10.000 Mu)edes A 0lo CaIrn.

PrmpagMad g
"HW" "StTot otVt tatei co
Phones a4*14 4Y636>
; ** '* '

D* ye hev e. ddbeking probesm
Write Akeholie Awomym s. *M.
2031 Ameon. C. Z.
Dr Wendehoke Medical Clinic, 140
Estudiante Street. Between K and
J Street, Panomi. 2-3479, Day and
Night Service.
Just received: Trepical fish. Gelktlft,
weterplents, food for fish and ac-
cessories for aquariums. Jerdin Le
Inmacullee, '"B" AveAue No. 58.

one way $85., round trip, $135 (15
day-lirit),j $)60. (good one yeto);
to LOS ANIKE, one way, $149.
15, round trip $252.35, (90 day-
limit) Pohoma Dispatch Service, op-
posite Ancon bus. stop, Tel. Panama
2 1655.

FMter's furiti~wd cottages, half mile
beyond Sahto Clara. Gos refriger.
atoms. I~gS Special orates Week-
ly-r ~~snthly, private rood to
bood. Far informaIn visit Dg-
iot. TWli Avenue No. aor ho
Panama 2-0170.
Grafitch's T- Santa Clara beach-
cotlage, iElectric Ice boIxsm gas
st6v.e, moderate rates. Telephone
6-441 pemboa,

Phillps, Oceanside cottages Santa
Clara. .Box 435, Balboa. Phone
Panormi :-1877, Cristobal 3-1673.
Hotri PAN-AMERICANO in cool El
Volle offrm law rates fWi tumywr
Coishr Son Clara. Dance music by
Casino Aces. No reservations ne-
elakbvt *iiurdan and SundaY.

i elasleoions"
OWNERS. HouSE OR EN: -- Choalet 3 bedroom.,
Wil RPAlplurribing fixtures at twabPoolrot l C l,
your placi: mod uarters. old Gorf Club etrr-
We guarantee prompt, leot. work. trance, iel. 3-2972 or 2-0693.
COMPAfttA ISTMiRA DE PLOME- FMOR NT- Furnished t'iou In
IA, 'S. A. Phone 3-3350. Just (Gol f't s, 3 bedrooms. Call te-
Arosemeha Aye. and 29th St. East. leph6r.h 3-1 g90 after 4:30 p, m.
AQUARISTS:-Lots of new tropical FOR .RENT
fishes and aquatic plants, supplies, REN
pon, opposIte Juan Franco Stables,
Phone 3-432. 1 ALNAUt4 APAR1tMtITS
FOR SALE: At cost price, new Modernm 'Wied-unfumlshed ap"!t.
bathroom set, three pieces, left nSf. Meod service optional. CAn-
hand tub, blue, enamel. Call 2- tact ooffe 8061. 10th Street. New
0342 or write Orower R Ancon, C. Crisfalal. @tejlhost 1386 Colon.
2. or Ponomi, -partado 3407. FOR RENT:--New bungalow, with
FOR SALE-9 x 12 American Orien- screen, bedroom, living and dining-
tol rg, maroon background. $50. room. Also apartment with 2 1-2.
00. 810-0, Ceeoli. Phone 4-188, bedroom, Tei. 3-1773.
FOR SAL:---30 allon gas hot Wa- FOR REiJT: Screened furnished
ter hitter, 4 burner gos range and op*rtrmeit. Couple preferred. 7036
.Frigidaire, automatic woshion ma- 4thSt.. Control and Mefendez, Co-
- chine. AJI only twO 'years old ande Ion.
excellent condition. -Call Motion, FOR -REN. -- Furnished modern
46 St. No. 45, telephone 4-3376. 6 pafrtnt, two bedrooms, two both
FOR SALE-:-B0. y 8uggy, car bed, re*ms,,telephone 3-3336 p. m. 2
abod condition. Tel. 2-3213. to 46 p. m.
AQUARlST-for sili Ad.el fish of FO ENT
various sizes. 787-D ,Torrlo FOR ENT
Street, Bolboao -3010. lOBr
FOR SA..E:---5 cyele Apex .wsihin R ET: Room, front L-
machine; miscellaneous furniture. O RENT: Room, front Lesops
0965 Bamboo St. Tel. 2-2332. Park, top of Boyd Brothers, office.
FOR SALE:--6 weeks old police pup'- r L Sh.No. 3. La' s floor.
pies, $20.00 each No. 18 Mira- FOR -RENT:-Furnished room with
flares. kitchen, telephone and gas, a so
B.. .C..c.r gu it, '*roaom-s with meals. Tel. 3-4625.,
FR SALE:---Cocer t uiata, $20.00, 45th St. No. 34.
perfect condition. Phone 2-3631 -
Sunday mOrrning. FOR RENT: In Et:lia Vista, large
nicey furnished room, kitchen ori-
FOR SALE: .- Goldfishes $1.25 pr., vzitefe. Mexico Ave. 69, near 43rd
'throwbacks 0.50 cent- lr. turles St. Phone- 3-0553.
0.10 cents each, we need Ipoce, e -- -
'come and get them. ACUARIO FOR RENT: Furnished rooms for
TROPICAL, OPs Juan.- FIn4o bachelors. Cafl 3-0494 43rd
Stables. on St.' No. 41 -A.
FOR SALE:-Boxer pup :AKC ,
istered wi thpe Sr e end Elder Dunn LeaYes
dam from U. S., with champion
backgrounds. Ft. C 'ton, -7- June 15 For Parley
IT'S A LITTLE PAR- T-tAvL In New York City
These Collhe pups I have for sal Elder David A. Dunn, super-
are worth traveling to see! They intendent of the U.S.D. Adven-
are 5 months old. Sable and White. tst Church of Panama will be
highly pedigreed, only Collie leaving on Sunday, June 15, to
pups in Panama. Can be seen Sat. attend the 20th General Adven-
& Sun. at 72 Chiva Chive Road, tist Conference in New York Cl-
Directons- Go 8 miles on Ith-. ty-
mian highway to Texaco gos tea-
lion. Turn left on Chivo-Chiva Rd During his absence Elder C
and drive 1,2 mile to gate 72. Mena and Elder L. E. Osborne
Folilo, to house on too of hill. will carry on the services In the
.- .----------- usual manner.
Members of the various Aux-
RP Students Get Ilfarles of the Church have
planned a send-off service on
ROTC Ranks In UShbehal on June 14.
'rT]TTVlUD r ,A Y -, ..

meant in Bello V sta -rea,-'from L. .. ..., e 7 U i-
ment in Bell- Vista area, from guel Broatella and Nmanor A.
June 15. Call 3-3496. Obarrio from Panama City, ast-
WANTED--A few shares of Camen- dents at Culver (Indiana) M3l-
to Panama. Tel. 3-2864 after 6 tary Academy, were honored at
p. m the close of Commencement
-ANpEm -9 --;------- Week activities here Wednesd*.
WANTED:-9- cu ft. refrigerator, by being appointed to the 3.0.
Olso washing machine, must be re- T.C. rank of first erft and
cent model, excellent condition, lance corporal, respectively, for
2 cycle Phone Balboa 2-4141. the next school year.
----- D BrosteUa and Obarrlo were re-
Help Wanted commended tfor their ppont-
Hel-Wanle-- ments by the gra duitiK cadet
WANTED:- Raioble mid to Uve commissioned offCersn their
on, help with care of children. Re- organlzatfoh, by the Academy
ferences required. Hou 404-4 ROTC promoionB~ ~ atd were
Tivoai Ave Ancon. unanimously confirmed by vote
of the faculty
WANTED: Maid with references, Brostel aistyh.e i
apply to building on corner of Ri- rostella Mata and Ofbarrl Is
cardo- Arias St. No. 51, Apt. No.the son of ll a Maa. and Obarrio.
7. House of De Lma.he son of Nicnor de Obarrio.
WANTED MAID--To live in, two Walked am U"glonk
adults only. House work and loun- Ancient ,gypttians palted the
dry. 239-B, Redro Miguel, phone figure of an enemy an the soles
4-337. of their sandal, n they could
WNTED --Maid insulthim fl a y bytedlfu him
SWANTED:-Mid l Congrelo unerf*o ,
area. Must sleep in. Must have're-
ferences. Telephone 3-4021.

Legion Auxiliary
Meeting Tonight I
A meting of the euU eS
committee of the American 1- .. *
,Ion Aiatry, Panama Cana .. e
Zone Department, wW be het ;i. .
at 6: 3 0 ted J. ..

vene. All department officers M
executive- equtalltwoe et r

. aw eml the-6 ai .. m.. i

MO smmlimedP po-derm andPe 6m
u. burning fei a Ammem aBIIr dm!l
Far Anml couim "flu,,aMMdki-
t) Medicamed i lle ( Medicm1 pw
6 Medicssd ur.e/js Sooaadimnd suOW e
"a. Promo.m hbshe by helpsai m I m
mder duo eam irm ion So *A. n c.
m usm chalimf. Aboarb ei.m mautm.
S sacram s- eM cam. ame ?ew pdm
*d. No luzun" -


Me the best values In both
mew Mad reconditioned fur-

Veilut Surgeon
hy i 1It Service j

62 DBgur Fv Tel -. 31-3

Iraiumi Officer

At Comel- U

B. 0. Maty,. assistant train-
cerm the Personnel u-
ma '. iw R by plane Sunday
b f Ca New York, it
s muni yesterday at Bal-
A l attend the one-
wBek Inslmtt of Training Spe-
cho v*s. A conducted by
t.fe-C.r K. Beach, head o
the Departiaclt of Industral
Educatlnn SchBo of Labor and
Iardmat.iil lsMem -of Conel
The propamR wil consist of
about d eaefumO M and work-
shoit vari M of indm,-
trltri trail, ljm by authori-
tiesn til B-L -

Mar of rIL C onsul-

Mount 8S s

Dome f l^ ^E


S : 'tM"

the naus
a "sOry
rearMtam t
about M lserieo
could get." He MMiAt s
is being obtained fro Mih

Atlantic Society .. 1iw
(Continued rom Pae FIVE) ..

Minimum for 12 words
3c. each additional word.


And now
tells you what a wonderful
Insecticide CHLORDANE is
In the April Issue.
(It's the Killer In Real Kill)
Buy It in the agricultural
grade for your farm
or garden.
27W Central Ave. Tel. 8-0140

Hotel El PanamA
Panam& Coca Cola & Cement.
TeL 8-4719 3-100

Slpeomf Reuapholde7
VsLt o m tbe"MM
Alberlo Sam
ido bt""0MM (Auf-Mo bRe
Tel. *.4N 8.I aJm. is

Transportes Baxter, S. A.
Shipping, moving, storage.
We pack and orate or move
anything. 'Phone 2-2451,
2-2562, Panaml.

Canal Zone Dog Owners!
Rover may "Just love" the
neighborhood kds most of
the time, but if he takes a
nip out Qf one, yo could be
stuck with a slmeab doctor
bill or, worse still, a law suit.
The Amerlean Iunm noe Com-
pany, Canal Zone Apney, has
a policy which, we ot ly $1-
per-year, pays the br il,
*r court attlent, lt* ian-
jartes eased by 'your and
yeurs." Phone Balboa 3-34a89
and your policy will be mail-
ed the same day. (See us,
mlso, for your car inserafee).


s m ta Dance ,Tonight
The n Cotillion Club
Is a "Huckleberry
Finn" a the ballroom of
the Hotel W~kinfton this even-
ing. VA&ak d'teis, fishing togs,
'and lo- iAki.will be the fea-
ture of the evening. Dancing
will begin at I p.m. and music
will be furaled by the Royal

Mr. Badde '
to Leave Menday
Mr. WilUlam 4dLder of Gatun
will leave the '1thmaus by plane
Monday morning. He is en route
to Miami, Florida, where he 'will
be met by his so William. They
will "visit a few day with the
3ames MauMin totmer Coco
Solo residents. Mrs. Badders will
join them next week. &ie and
Mr.. Badders plan to attend the
Shrine Convention at Miami.
Mr. a M. jxaMrs_
Visiting tWre ll elpli
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Springer
of Philadelphia. PeOylvania,.
arrived on the Inthmnt iy plane
June They are the gets of
Mrs. ,Bprkaprs bttw-in-law
and sister, Mr. SaA Ms. Prank
A. Dorgan of Clateu. Their
daughter, Ms MM SpWinger.
was a pegp itbIaau visitor
il 1950. The Springers plan to

door and the rst of the base
out-otoL worlin Girl Scout-
Tho who have-already con-
pitted toft-dor training eM
Aut teUs bi for the 1I-
sence, Nc ti meant to equi p
le6flert take care of a group
of scouts e to& overnight camp-
WQAPOVr Mobbe school has
been ted as a ip site
the 16cl Girl 8cout Oouncil. It t
Wll be qutdPd 1y the camp
commie or Jube 16 to July 20.
Reservations mat be made
th"g" h Mrs. W. N. Pebnce at 2

Confirmation Set 17w

For Tomorrow
At St. Peter's
Bishop RegRinld H. Goodtt
WHLoon rm a clasmetf candmtat
church, La oaes, tonmerow n
by the RvY. e uemd bi c
t In chr during the
rce of evensong.
Members of the Youth llow-
hld ,. ke..

Court Says

(Continuedfuem Page 1)
er for the purp 0 e of btonae,

'The Implied chag thaie u
Communist apparatus In France
Is working on behalfl.o the so-
viet Union may stren|[Bn thb
government's a e adint Jac-
ques D taol, the Oeaunu
nist letter pRt awflti
trial on ti et A f ag t-
ing against the In a curlty
of France.,

return to the d1ates aboard the
8.8. Ancon Os Junqe T.

Miss Dorothy Ellis f Norfolk,
Virginia, artred on their Isthmus
today via pltan. Sbo Is the
daughtertf Mr. and Mrs. A. B.

Mis Ellis
years ago

The RI

umielag Vg~4~ ~

t.. ..'
a.. -

You Sell 'em...When You T ell 'em thru P.A


Size MxI15 4 Black ....... N. .1
Slze-2x154 Wht. ....... W 24
*. 4 .

Sitable for Codi oc,

unks, Chryslers,



visit in New york with Mrs. Cub-*
ningham's btQtll1'-In-law aS4
sister. Mr. and Mrs. Pal OeWVU,
The Cowells are the proud B-
ents of a daughter boq Jnu .
Mrs. Cowell wasi the torfaer
Martha Farthing who made her
home in Gatun lot several year.
The Cunninghams will visit Mrs.
Cunningham's parents in Little
Rock, Arkansas and with rela-
tives In Missouri.
Thosa who attended the party
included Mrs. Leslie Croft, who
won high score prize for bridge,
Mrs. Allen Flinn who won sec-
ond prize, Mrs. Fred A. Newhard
who was awarded the consola-
tion prize, Mrs. George D. Poole,
Sr., Mrs. Thomas F, Gibson,
Mrs. Fred Schwartz. Mrs. R. B.
Ward, Mrs. G. G. Thomas, Mrs.
Hubert Hart, Mrs. Howard 'R.
Harris and Mrs. William S. Mc-
Laughlin, Jr. The host.'ss pre-
sented the honoree with a bon
voyage gift.

I =-.-

- I


. 1-/-1. \. -I ...k

S-. -
. .-.Im ,

... .. .- .

, c -

~( .
A ;

Children's Day To Be Observed
At Gatun Union Church
The observance of Children's
Day will be celebrated at the
Gatun nolon Church tomorrow
morning at a joint Sunday-
School and Church Worship Serh
vice which will begin at 10:30
a.m. All parents and friends of
the community are Invited to
httead this service which will
consist of program and songs by
chtdren In the different church
departments. The program was
arranged by the program thair-
man, Mrs. B. B. Gray and the
Acting Sunday Schbol Superin-
tendebt, Mr. Curtis H. George.
will preside.
Children in the Primary De-
partment who are On the pro-
gram are asked to meet with
Mrs. Npwhard at the church at
10 in the morning.
The Rev. J. William L. Gra-
ham, pastor will broadcast the
ma Min raio service from tht
C Broadn sting Statio 'e
Christian Endeavor Group
meet at the home of the presi-
dent, Miss Kathryn Argo at 7
W. and Mrs. Dixon Dantel ot
Ottam receiving the comgrf-
tulatLoIs of their friends on the
bIrth of their third grandchild-
their .A granduighter-which
VNA 1r May27., The baby is
th duM of their son-in-law
a ter, Mr. and Mrs. J.
F. B of Florence, s.C.,
and been named Karen Eliz-

1 .
* *- : '**^ H"| d~

.. U-.4 .- S-,-..-

A- ad .. + 1-- ;-,4 ,.



hi does."
Meyer figure Klier'a best
dhae top th's mrk cornea
;uP e .v"r *6tH ttof'.

"Like last bars t nat year,
hen the month of our
Shdule at home,"
eyer epIp. i n a we

t ,bito, U wmi up in ForN

' 1


4I5-6: :1.
4':5 .. 6 i0 8:I1



IwM St atm


American League

C -8)C TB

) t Btea (Bodes)..
Detroit 01 0 I8 1
y (44erg; Hen-
r (6.), (8) and Wilber.
r op 8th, Lenhardt 8th,
. Ago Shd.

S(lhaht Game)
0 -.T n), Judson (8) and
LoLuiV; ahe (3-1) and Graao.
lx(Nij1t Game)
eveland 5 0002-11 14 I
gd h is 100 120 000- 4 8
(S-5) ad H Byrd, o,). Zold (6), chelb ()
|t|{ a npton.
3 103"9113 1
. C l Harrist (1-4) d Court-
ne; Majoan (1-3). Ku,,6.
1k and eirx.1 HER-Dytk
aourtno it.___

. National League


a MB- W e- ut POT


i~r"PA R'S 5 8*5
(Migtht G4me)
T 0I0-s
Be .. N O

'"M 10 1
TOiW.X|-l) )


Iwusnag Wgpua u utat f
litti Im td m od Nt
mateR t id with a
over par m ,

teady l. 13ed a 4-up
VTntage t nM r6ing
On th lt i of the *
noon round, W Kirby reew-
ad p rt of l tme and the J.
team m ad shave the tlrt
lah marlt to -up. Mis Kf Y
and Mid flmosa won the IO
when their opoento drove the
r.s hbt flS Imst the *it to A

124h, I andlAtiW;
r0a1ifln& et jn tbSP hA the MA6t

i sea. ie sum e W thir stah wo i

Telh ioI. ,TI M s

&rtiis as elk"al

i- e- smtdbele oan e

I.4ope be ear em O W
Swhaeb a emost exast rou.
ut Olympie m-

ate l of the gam V"on --

oa l re alts will be tabi. aa *
S3o publiteda In th Unitn- .r,
f s Parma a of thes s 6 I

lit AM lfi35^k 1,. .09

iii um

u nrso, Un
the tomw b
a t~W~~r

i -


* I

Memorial Day
Marathon Wimers
Get Prizes Tomorrow

*fll be resolved W mat u
Snme to eea
tfo race.

e eO rto _A; (4) FlIaser
asr l (7)
Weeku, sad (10) Vteg d .

"_ W.. W

w e, .


bam faMO -NMk rTOnmI

fp T 4ML
Dn .. g1r
DNowa... M a.

A ,e, m men
fMaes SflaeMet..

'Reds Skins MnWsteo
(asfc ju hno.. ier^^


The Choan Aonal Bank

Total r omu Aer ew 6,J79r~,sn9

Gemi" Diabp


BW^te~lAl^ ^*^^^^ *

- ; 0 .





t. a masi... hMa mimt... a
"Tan B" "n
^r n>"'ss&imtTtft j^

raUe, a.
*-- 111 .

Nowtlltt "N o 1

We Sp.. hr".ja a~*-
W* i~rdiftf il*jI~jtJ^^'ftitfa ^ Xte41f

- p.

* I.


I 9i



Junior Olympic

Events To Be

Held On C.Z.



a DD3f 1W' tA'S ~g

-X -




':h; -- : 10 -


* .~ I

&ap.vdo 4 imm pw 0 0 104 AN 4 0-46p4w-


. r?

- .***-, .


.- A


U Faculty
AwTo ards Plae
To Patricia Kelly


"Let the people know the truth mad the coAry b Mie" Abraham Lincoln.

Korean GI Bill Of Rights Gets

Nod; Marine Hero Protests

: -
74 "i

IWASHINGTON, June 7 (UP) for the pltogram. It is not neces- the original 01GI bll, and Who -
-The House passed a new $1.- ary for them actually to have also became eligible -under the ,;' .. -.
Patricia Kell a member of 000,000,000-a-year- GI bill of served in Korea. new law, could take additional|| .
the 1952 graduating class of the rights for "Korean veterans" The measure carries no cut- training under the newolaw ex- U.s. JUU TIED UP BY STEEL STRIKE 'Ifn ore carrier of 't W
anal Zone Junio College, this yesterday over the lone opposi- off date ard sponsors said It cept that total training could a at their berth In the Milwaukee, Wl., harbor. This U We
week was named the college tion of a World War II Marine probably will remain in effect not exceed 48 months. To Ishmus, Bi S dock In the on-again, off-again steel strike. -
"honor plaque student." hero. for years. Chanl f course-One change ,
This honor is awarded annual- The measure revolving the pro- Although either the President of course would be be allowed.
ly to the student who is judged gram of free schooling, loan or Congress by concurrent re- Loan Guarantees-On homes, On For A Visit A U *
by the faculty to have contribut- guarantees and other benefits solution can terminate the bene- the government would guar-
ed most to the spiritual Intel- was approved by a vot eof 361 fits, an Administration witness antee up to 60 per cent with
ectual and extracurricular life to 1. said during committee hearings maximum of $7,500; on farms, The Hooorable John J. Park-
of the college. on the billthat the government 50 per cent with top of $4,000; er. Senior Judge of the Circuit
Miss Kelly's name will be the The dissenting ballot was viewed It as "semi-permanent." on business operations not in- Court of Appeals for the Fourth "
plaque which was presented by reux (R-Md.), one of the military strength of about 3,- up to $2,000. today for a brief visit to the Re- em ocrat
tv. first graduating class In 1935. heroes of Wake Island, who 500,000 mer, the bill will cost a- public of Panama
heisth fourteenth girl to be objected to the way the bill bout $1,000,000,000 annually once D e v er e ux contended 'he' publicThe Fourth JPanama.udicial Circuit inJune 7 (UP) his h r the nt OlfoitMlr
She ims the fouttehe FUrth uiat Cicuit WASHINGTON, June 7 (up) his h' ., a t h"
saoe honored. r orwas brought to the floor, the program gets into full monthly school PeateYmU O ist united Stats includes then t mer assistant U. S Dis-44 claimed wlih t hald a iend 'li t '.q teta -
The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. opera8on. a trt
Max R. Kelly of Call, Colombia However, eps. William L. Main provisions of the bill in- $150 for those with oneor ore and southern West Virginia, trt Attorney testified today once took h tvle
sheisa graduate el of CaliboaHigh Dawson (D-111.) andA d a m clde: dependents was not right. Ve t. eastern and western Virginia, that he wrote a false note last but that they never mad d- oth
school. During her e n Powell D-N..), the erans with -just one dependent eastern and western North Caro- year linking former Attorney necti i.
course, she mard in Libe ra egroes i n the house, voted cholng Shool c r e d I t should draw benefits some- lina, eastern and western South Geneal J. Howard Mcrath Clifford told a reporter that

cr she mo i Liberal. a ;ei a andformer De ct N11ion 301n p111cpi Peters, tbh poiga 'e hs D ooL d en12
Arts and has been active inpresent" on the roll call n pro- Would be granted at a rate of where between the two ex- Carolina. The Judge is making r Democratic National ose R ee, w ne.
sports and n eamatics as well test of a provision they cen- 1% days for each day of service. tremes, he said. an unofficial trip around south C ir e tand l a a tt h i 5B
as being an honor student. An- tend would put Negro veterans Maximum training 36 school He also objected'o prv- ai n lAmerica a rpnd s now re out h t ri t ane a a le choo lnt Iontes t at the
other of her outside activities, at a disadvantage, months. siton allowing tax-supported the United States. The note, written by George had er d the to r le vf h t
was as a cheerleader for the The legislation now goes to would get $110 monthly if sin- charge for residents to charge citen was born id Monrc, F. Peter of Detroit. was hand- under le terai tra i pro- n
Herplan forthefute athe Senater where sponsors gle, $150 monthly if with one or veterans up to $31 a month U North Carolina on Nov. 20, 1885.c o t Hte by d W aterS e Ca .r.
Her plans for the future ar Se committee by Walter Sprague, Clifford, a a I d he referrned' itt- -
somewhat uncertain but she ex- hope to clear it In time for more dependents. This would der the program. He received his Bachelor of Arts he f lei artner, 1.
pects to work for a year before the new veterans to start cover tuition and living costs. Dawson and Powel objected Degreeat isthe university of em of the General eter i lwh t the
continuing her college career, drawing an education allow- Proportionate a;lpwances would to the provision that private North Carolina in 1907, his Ba- Sprague also told the subcom- case until bhi death. said te
i fanee when school starts this be made for part-time training schools below college levelan r of In
fall On-the-oob and farm train- participate in the program t- cheltor of Law degree n 19, and mttee that Clark Clifford, one- was a "roue"M e ,a4a

Atomichis Doctor of Law degree e rin 1927. tide coune resident o hee 08
___ ontm ount r ra aabin Provision also would be ly If at least 25 per cent of their otudge Parker has been Circuit time counsel to President Tn.' he 'a-"'"
chssian A-Program Devereux said he objected made for these, with a lower enrollment Is non-veteran,,d cige for the Foprth Circuit f eea aboutd Ma20 i hen ctn go",I law
ae. consideration of such a costly scale of allowances, which Authors of the bill said this fee of about $25,000 in c hi rs l nt d i

DrHe m noted that th materials sah d O arri tobe th e weon s R- tie 'W ith the bte e sa-d Vetqratiinstaphn
ms measure under a "gag rule" would be subject to reduction would Weed out bogus dpes- warded the Amnie. Bar A. .- '5 .fraud' ase agasth b ett ftt tooa
d A p Ia which limited debate and barred as the training progresses. but Dawon aid t could aton medal or onspicuous three Detroit schools he
amendments. He also said that AIocat ena cournes Courses ate to the disadvantage cf many service in the cause of American t etromttschoshe ca ant4 o'a d xw(_ta hl "'
|pnd oom Pi iv Foregnnatory." would be barred, fits in the south where there u an alternate member ne sd he
AS at the Nuremberg n tenational U prague, but he sd statements Georg Ft0
Russia will overtake America in o service after the Korean War II, who took training under for them." Military Tribunal in 1945. e no t o
atomic weapons production only fighting began will be eligible 7l Judge is an honorary ye n exlanatiOn e h. a. gd t
If Congress refuses to appropri- prember of the hpdet Temple in w ht.h IAhaPOINitten .,tune Ia r' g
aie ftnds for the United t ates Leondon. He s a 1n ofm theR e note said that .Bernardl l
nAtomic program, according to American Bn ar _st et e the Baur, president of the Advai",t S '313, d whl-fheol-r -

Ro;epnomude nd s lift a Rpeaker Cotnccl I bana ne ar the mouf Detron the St.9B
Representative Carl T. Durham, Ahd Ite terican Law .no.mPreia neAdouD ro al Ihroseminteolrn
Vice-Chairman of the m lCon- od m f n appa, and nIs th e author with yle and McGratnh whhiin '
gresslonal Atomic Ene.rgy Com-h"r'ocracy In Government. trying to arrange a civil settle- M.higat
ttoklee. rwcosrbWhile in PalH hium va_..... settled
Durham said that after the l w stop aW tie Hotel Pl anam .Pagi..ha foim. Baur has xaa. Ad Vette4am .-ull_ TldHW *'.
Conilttee eet n, yes terday GENO June 7 (UPT-AIling ae r l stpel edtd of criminthe e Ehal charges b L ad dieors 14M "
this country is ian position to he- King Talal of Jordan passed th e ease. mie bealt the 11204 "i '0111ev-d
'ts atomic program and "it through here today en route to ni war himself denied that hope fr. '

=ed trs atmd morning b 1 train benie the h

I/ A-b bend. sRomev and possibly to return to (io ATa dMorowbhrhdrand fl oat t .' f.o
be endaJed his capent veal ofeks Aman nudmne WIS Am- Covelnor "le Mrs Moc T erneswe ever Int. wasdri SnW he 10107
-$1 Lrwim emphsio r.m He l Wtero dasd that he Is h cptloAmatohed ua- of Qu be KCtte r _u....L...lil .' 8:
"pu2'ally satisfied" with ther The 41-year-old monarch ar-"Cre d L hn 'm..... "!-...
rl ma de s far. H rived e'erly this morning by train W-- cura..d THin-er
that the "country would never undergoing treatment for men-
it"and for It" If Congress should tal illness THE 0l 0uebeo w"
Oh atomic program. Before ed POINT, Quoe.. O u n b eTHE I
Nres. Truman asked Congress reporters that he hoped he could ( 'Up) Th, Cunard lif ner B E y-
f $3.200,000,000 for the five- go on o Amman from e t
r atomic expansion program. The Jordn Cabinet this his collided with the collier Wa
Atomic expansion must depend I appo ntri aJ Reoencv Council to bana near the mouth of the St.
on the amount avaable of fDue-rm go al rr- illnsast.otPensAu Lawrence river Thursday se-
lonable materials Durham said. Ivran RLert Prince Abdula Ilh riously damaging the collier and
kHe noted that the material said rBaghdad that Jordan fjarrring the 60 persons on tahe k d .
stockpile has grown considerably Premle,- Ahdula Huda Pasha does passenpj ship.
since 1945 when the United not cor, older Talal capable of on r Te ad n wa s rinpped.
states had only a six-month shouldering the responsibilities The Wabana's side was ripped
supplyo tsheovrnenso f away and the Scythia was da m- T wAlile"
oncl*__Talalrs car sped between GNen-".. aged below the waterline but
LBO TID eva and Lausanne where he (NEA Telephoto) both ships remained afloat. ...
spent .iveral weeks last summer Ims SCORE MOUNTING Sen. Estes Kefauver of Tennessee The Seythta was one day out u aId
Sunday, June for treatment. He planned to proudly displays the a board in his Washington headquar- of Quebec City en route to Le
Low board a train in Lausnnne. for ters indicating his victory In the South Dakota and California Havre and Southampton when ,
:23 p.m ........... 9:46 p.m. IRome where it was believed he Democratic primaries. t osion occurred 30 miles
3h6 a.m ............. 10:14 at. would meet his wife Queen Zein. northwest of here. The liner -
--td onf carried a number of n o ay nm nuber ofInternstion- .,.
For egncM inistder M ally known personages. including
F orein Mrs. JohnLady BC.Wl toow .It, World Girl TH,,dML Mby--,Tp most moedim of Amadsn.
Or o-"Guide leader. Some of the pas- in a s amd *tp new Su Bffse ploIR CMm g^
B 1820- sengers were reported to have finen ar, mow Wpo nw Super e valve-Wn-head ei. ..: .,
To Welcome New Governor be, knocked of their feet by evnfOorp tsp dceir fli
sti lthe shock. witrkew fton dsup or.
Still gln 0 The Wobana sent an SO8
Fore n Minister Ignaco oll- dress b Governor Seybold. crack st shortly after the
Ilno has accepted an Invitation to He w b introduced by Cap- collision and three ships in the 4".
attend the welcoming ceremony tainm Robert M. Peacher, Acting area rushed to the scene.
Tdes conTl aWAd and Scythia ro-
S. Seyb)Jd Monday night at Bal- er, will be seLted on the speak- dioed ht ch wireless station TH STA
rboa Stadiumn her's platform. Dr. Lawrence here thatthe collier had set up
SThe F crelign MmIster and Mrs. Johns-en. Suoerlntendent of automatic pumps and an hour Tlewold'ai n
Molino will be seated on the Schools, will act as master of after the cofllsion the Wabana's car at elawuyool. ader ils price.
.t a t o g s peaker'i platform with other ceremonies at the function. the sh ad taken Aike the Ah l it
special ouess. who will include The icw Govermor is expect little water in Its hold.
High Unted States Government edto arive early Monday morn- Offis aboard the Scythia
ftl wi or officials, members of the Canal ing aboard the Panam& liner d they could not make an Im- Twin.l& Maw
Zone clepr.y, and representatives Panama. Notice of the exact ar- mediate damage report. Rckwn am .;-,
o emloe groups of the f mPana- rival time of the ship Is eapo ot- lt ships were expected to 23 'sa. .l]t p
mi Can=l CoEpart'-Caml Zone ed by radio Sunday. l0Rd -for Quebec or a shipyard
Government. Traveling one the saeme 'i near ther, for repairs but it was
The officials and othira who with Governor and Mrs. Seylgold thought the Wabana would have
have a-cepLed the invitation to are Ed%,rd D. McKim, a Diref- to be towed to port. "-
attend the ceremonies and will tor of the Panam. Canal Own- The Wabana owned by the"
Tbes e eatcd on the speaker's plat- party, and his son, Liurenc. Dominin and CoI Con---. .. ,
form include" United States Am- Govemnor and Mrs Seybold are pany, was bomud from Sydney, .. -, "
bassador and Mrs. John C. Wil- to be mat at shipside by Ac t N.g.. to u4ntral with a crgo'
.1_ sey; Lieutenant General and Mrs. Governor and Mrs. Peacher -- N.t.r.ha rg ..
#' .Horace McBride: Bishop andi ter Beds!ey, Special Consitattof coal.

er J. Radmond MaelatBh; Rabbi Ambas.,.,dor and Mrs. Wiley, and. iom a's... y "
Walter %V gner President of the The partv a froe the Pfflc WIc ,--
C e n t r a I La6or Union-Metal side wIll leave Balboa Heights

,, ...-T.h w illw he J e dd M rs. b o id a m '-. ..
., ; .= ... ,, ,P ,:

; : -- .









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