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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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On Bigssues Of US hi T

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, Italy. June 4 ()
waterd of Cong;
ced Itoday that I
t.-year-old CarLa A.
rideeroom oi r a
Splace al ched d

7eTjwz were:
best mpn was
y of the ca
S bridegroomlD's p
the bride to her
pand bra lt a BU

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t'eN left
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Ad the ame-

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hinge to a lare. G oo a
succesfU he Is as I
la recruiting th^e of M
blocs of now 1mm dlms-
gates from nchit M abll.


6 (UP) GL Matthew B.
Ridwa. wameom.wimader.
of the new Jblm i aua In
Ezurope re today to thej
nce%.&al and
ruined vIH = 4 9 0ltM
yearn aMo A o ,m launcb-
ed the Invasim of the Atlantic
wall in the hepm ot teaching
the would-be a~urear a final
R'dway made a l1n-r and
windUnt pginmgw frm Can.
whmer BrtUi Smuwnadian
troow were the ftwM e ich
Germa armeor MMt low. to
the wooellia here
the drop-
ped frIm the i. hour
before E-bour ..toIem the
first United to
land In Ititr'a "'I Mla-
rope" (uroepeak WmiA.
Benef it Coaft


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ts s .3 essglaO w astr to
donhawho gbeen v
on thu. "j "3t anl00e1 Iion walNls
The fert cumly of the am row. It was
that sFa t h t -
while WeO Me berthW at
Pier 6-C Ja w the
third eee. tsuy en t the Canalaf
Uuddto~i fninua ulrylMwthat building and wit haj
had origiafy been scheduled for aJ. Admmeg i ung
today wn pot=oned Main to- llled to a.
mnrrow e to the death of the We r"uhem fts.
second member et the Mew. via -
Leat nio the. MasWN Ll se ltar wf
agent ew Yor. GObs M M *L
%aItke. = Iwin Pmay to at O nimes of bMisd
tend the luvetpatlon of the aellaity in. tdae
shi's. damae wMIRbe _
The Amsasa uMaru wllpro. Isg C .
baby be- dso here twe Tke a .ubml
three and four wee e en the larm f to. bne lq
route to Japan. an xaaB B

Chiva Jockey Gets 30

For Wild Chose With Cop i
c f. _i..

A chirve oslver who fInd ntot Mad. It almost
Pnamn wBen he was psmted b 6 i ti twam
a Canal now traffl i, war and erowdai e.I
senteaied to eermf awam lb AN w aate
and fhi-d nS on a lm Road grids
driving change ,dt wmra- daotA.
Ing's semeIo on tkhe 3 su ma-
gistrate' COWrt. The h'N iA law
The crlvor aa IdemAid" as but a qhert
Victor M VEBII4 h b *1 tMaf1" .Bm b
was drivIm 1 :111, 11M.. do 0 h-J
wante"a ..a ra e. a ,'td wiU
vious r e over to iyjslr
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Ma anI I esopm n rma te" t edmo-Thede see.,Am
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yese i m un-et deem be inpupeubm 1 s sesem I
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"41 is "VA "*de

0 -

4Me United States Supreme Court declared unconstit'ition
Pident Trumanl$ saisure of the. steel Industry. Th court
deo~in was by a 6-3 majority.
WDat yonder in. Korea, mothers, your sons are fighting, ar
are dying, as a result of an order President Truman gav
t lv h lhe called It police action.
f he had the right and none have disputed this tim
bete, the High Court to order your sons into, a police at
to* he has the right to see by every means possible that the
warbacked by guns and other supplies.
VBlx old men said he did not have the Constitutional rig]
to 4elze steel, but a higher law is being broken the mor
oblfation to back up these men in Korea.
", for one, want to go on record as being with Presider
Tritean in the seizure.
"omne 2000 years ago an innocent Man stood before a hil
triRnal. "
Thousands cried that He was guilty of breaking the law, bt
to4dy millions know that He was right.
:That- Man said: Render unto Caesar that Which belongs
C&ar, and unto God that which belongs to God."
Moral rights and obligations are God's- laws, and His cou
o hhighest of 'tribunals.
the men .in Korea are fighting for His laws and have eve;
2r to be backed up in whatever manner necessary to suppo
Uth in their police action.
s am not satisfied with the United States Supreme Court
e on, mother. Are you? r ,
Pedro Miguel.


t Is bad enough to be overcharged by the commissary ft
e, but to have the officials of that institution publish
in telling us how lucky we are to have the privilege
overcharged is too much.
the recent edition of the commissary bulletin they ha'
to comparee favorably" the 19 cent price here in tt
h the US national average (excluding state and feder
of 20 cents a gallon.
making this comparison the commissary convenient
to mention that we are situated, in an ideal spot f
&aoline, with a major source of the worlds supply loce
gasoline reaches here not by expensive rail transport
or truck trailers but by economical tankers.
oMs gasolk tn te itaft meo f* include th t m
1 on of gasoline btt quite a number of other services.
36 cents includes state and federal property and i
M taxes, rest rooms, road maps, clean windshields, battle
,l checks, ter1ifflng two grades of gasoline, convenie
of service, no long waiting lines, sales without privile
and above all, courteous service.
Row many of these things does the commissary include
gallon of gasoline?
I understand that there is a move afoot to close the gas
stations all together and sell gasoline by the jug and ca
t e grocery section of the comimssary.
This would effect a great economy in the long hours t;
os must stay open now and would put the gasoline on
service basis.
SThe price is to be 20 cents a gallon jug (plus deposit on t9
and for the economy minded motorist there will be t)
gallon can selling at $1.00 (plus deposit on the can,.
a. I. Octane.


I Congratulations to Contefted Housewife (Mall Box June 4
SI bad been racking my brains for an answer to Disconten
Ai' j(ail Box. May 31, and suddenly Contented Housewife pr
4 the answer for me.
8Oew selfish Discontented is.
3M husband has from 12:30 to 2 p.m. for lunch and ra
Swat does mine have? 15 minutes any time he can grp
Sgobble his lunch.
olet wise to yourself, Discontented. It isn't your husbaL
are thinking about, but yourself.
Bave to stay home most of the day, don't you? Tough, Ki
tough. Contented meNsewife II.

On the evening of June 4 it was announced from the NI
: V ginn. of "the AFRB that after the finish of the f
wdubs then shift to the ball game between 'ho ew Ye
ia*d The Chicago White x._x
we are sitting .around waiting for the ball game to co
.t, t what il h s?
p a, this AnW station in the Canal Zone says it knco
'm t i and boy. would mUch rather hear recordingS so It t
we got records Instead of baseball for 20 minutes.
Sthey put on a speech made by the new governor
h i !nama Canal.
'ow will you please tell me how many men and women
i .enrvieCs in the Panama area, with the exception of t
a_, are interested in what the new governor is going to do
.They are always announcing on the radio how the AFRS
benefit of the men and women in the services. MayI
2ki- re. but not in Panama.
*at fellow who wrote in the Mail Box about a month a|
i aW ld something when he sadd all they do down here
$aseball Fan.


'; j j a guest the other night in a well known orfaniatim

e I happened to read a code or set of principal prI
e wall. A few questions brought out that tMe
So ppoed .to be me of the U s auxli.. 66dmf
on cm tb ae fa it Wft uWtutaily ItBe rat w
sm that a al group have set themselves up i
the bat= f =M6e. to dtem4ne whe the first an
,1w- mtbmbes shall be. A hough this reason Is ke
M a look at the history of the organiatlon brimn

svaO ese m i s t i"I
low bmad WINof -the cemganrlie.- !AtWO Smltd
ma5 "Fae. butwON ig Sheel nt.Oe as"the
61 ws Sastyre6m a. 3m ai ibm Iath
.Io w -iT by Tu f t mu m oft no"

S wa m I wio be sUMe tI get a n te

awMn. a e e lr t m ead i M e
si m g a m tes is qd is -I

* I''1-

~'-.,.f,. --

Labor News I

And I

America's policies and psi
are being shrdede and istort-
ed by the CtO's European head-
quarters operated across the M1
continent by Victor Reuther
in Paris, It is being charged
in labor circles todAy
This came as the sizzling
differences between the AFL
and the CIO on ways of win- )!M
ning the respet of Europe's i
working millions finally broke li ",1
into the open after dittrlbu- i
Wo tion of a r*ebt edition of the
010 News ian edition, a
four-page monthly tabloid. i
This ediffto asserted that ...
Ameriea's hans were "red" ,jio U. a e cm
-that the 17. H. was guilty WORST ARO. t si t e~ci
of suipoltft OGetoralfsfmo AL16i O UWP
Pranco'* Spanish goovern- s N. er CardO W te0l @fy thr of tie
al int to w s MtWit"ar tribu- .. .- ... .. i -
t's nsl recently teuted five
labor leaders. rhe ame eo-
d py spoke *earOI fti of Amer-
** tcan buitnes. I .
When copies reached the D 1 JO E1
ue 8., it stirred considerable an-
c- ger in high AFL circles, most V
ey blistering of which came from B -
the man who directs the day-
ht to-day fight against Soviet in- EW ORLAN S.- n. Robert A. Taft's man in stead
al filtration on world front Jathis state Is Natinal Committeeman is John E. ardsl
nt oveaton, scrtary of the AFL Jackson, a srtie suave and prosp 'UP lawyer An
et reoade, Union Cortar nith ee who hasM rW t taMes f .t r 1 lba Re- crypi
Free Trade Unon Committee. publican partly Itjust short wpty years. suct
S uch headlines appearing A visit J 1 a nd a short ekt John E.'s for s
"Such headlines appearing record, are hi. lyInstructiv eeperiences.. .
ut in Europe portrays an Innate At the momeht National CoaStteln Jack- If
desire to play to the gallery son is a bit pricky and de-de le, his of- numi
to of the demagogues and the tice walie, portraits of such Rublian states- place
people in Europe already pre- men as Sen. Bricker and John D. M. Hamilton read)
rt judiced' against America, Love- smile tehasosutne to him. No
stone angrily told his AFL col- All, they to say to him will bell at Chi- two-I
ry league, saying he was willing cago. But all i not been well t1n Lon lana. he so
rt to be quoted, in brief. Minor Wisadom, aWhr New "sub
'Furthermore, such head- Orleans lawr with important -0eetions, a Bu
t's lines implying that there is comfortable tun and an enee t olejf lot for Johnt
blood on our hands give a dis- a genuine btwoSarty system ae bth, went highly
torted picture of the U. to work ip tle Louiiana RepIblIti party some RHU
"And the oimer sections con- years A. .that
centrate on points of our short- Ab*tWe 6fteonths ago, the magio of the back
comings instead of selling our name of Oe t.hI D. isenhOwea brought WIs- Reptu
achievements." dom a ,sd4fn thnlux of supporters and co-work- 8um
ers. but 1i
Loestone alo revealed With John LJackson fighting a bitter rear- if a
thatovese blast reealcate ard action I.the way, Wasdh lrstcaptured with
Dr tiuet negotiations e our e New OIHet organtzatiln in. a lutal primary TV
a governometand betien r in January. halying got hblqtf this New son o
f oermeted a nt saving p di' Orleans toeh SWlIdom m ert ly intervene. Natia
Ored at avng it e liveS o/ ed this sprIMg hi tha seieaosio I delegates to way,
other Span sv labor leaders. the Republican National Convention. comic
ve O May 27, he received a let- Worse still, the Wisdomites voted down the publl
he ter from Jesus De Galindes, Jsaksonites by heavy majorities In six of the E. wi
al head of the Basque delegation elght Louiiana congressional districts. That gave friend
in eile. The Mote revealed Ger. Eisenhower nil of LouisAlana's 11 district consi
ly that Franco's oineanment had delegates. At pmsed to give Elsenhower the Th
or eased up on some of the im- four delegates 4tV to be named by the state illa i
t- prisoner union leaders after convention.. .. want
o.W government, working with It was a ebaw John Jackson. tsons
a the AFL, had intervened. Jackson r 06'4 the brave fellow he is. hoth
I quote tIa mote p : He used his IBe.ol of the state Re- Guar
t I tn ha t6 po a hn ".e Io ican comm las ma .
that the 16 people under trial e inored_-. thie pro- u ndaubte raei
my at Victoria (SpaId) because the Wdomites. thter undoubnY t cravi
try general str )of bMWyew e victories. And the state convwtbm by Ip
nt ser eating his Tuntead of the Wisad diffe
e were in jail since then, it majority,. d'pro-Taft delegation WI
bave been released in some kind to Chicago p T e mWr
in OT provisory freedom (mere or to Chcag al
on ball. callI
less on bal). No im t1iNoI l ',ve r here doubts that this son!
0o- pro-Taft deegation is a simple pro. Lo
an hOfcourse the trial will be duct of Joh Ji s force or character. giste
held, but we estimate this step ven John hinselt does not really bother to Texa
he as a very good sympton cor- argue that he. "ad the majority of Republitan dom'
a rect) and the direct consequece voters on his .lt. very
of our complain (correct) before ,"There are all lnde of majorities." he explains Bu
he the U N. and the help of or- rather portentmou "There are force mU e, tern
he ganisations like yours in the which attempt to force action by others. Tire l
outside world. are lawful majorities, which are peaceable and in a
"We need still this help for go od. mJ
the coming trial. It may be the "You wouldn't count the heads of a mbw ltte may
precedent for other people ar. you were about to be attacked. You wouldn't Jost mas
rest correcti for the same rae- '1I give up, I surrender' because there wes a S
sons. Thank you sincerely." lot of people in the mob. You wouldn't do that,. enr
would you?" soutl
4). The editorial. signed by vie John E.'s definition of a mob appears tbe y t
t- tor Reuther and headlined Our considerable number of Republicans not ed ly ly
tr Reuther. and headlined "Our Jackson. Sour
0- 1h a st rome Red." whiah arou In this state, up to 180,000 1 pl vote r the f
reanh labors deep side A Republican party in national elections. But the on t
t, or n rt- number of reristered Republicans, which -mesas amo
b The same day that ublican" -ith any say in the party tffaIs ever
ab "he same day that Sews
and me out of Wshington tht
d the U.S.9 is ready to egotiate
Id fr military bases with Spa n,
ld. the report came out o Bar- i.w y N
olona that five of the 11
members of the non-Commug- | w 1,
it NatGonal Confederation of
Labor, condemned by Franco's
mlitaytrfbuna0, had to dis.
ew A ere executed WA8HINOTO -(JLA) The eadt qutto

twarn the a ons0 s&t al a ag
A me rean onse ence must ad. l ". iA
S The ret of te fo awu scramble t extra etat the t1 .m
il Tahert oal ithe ffrn hag nat onal party convitbtin hait be un fa" ft14
ed~torial Said, In effect, that ait ordary eitiaens who Wolmd ilk @0t -e-i t Mpa- *1)10
A meriea, and named Presldest tal ahows live. instead of by radio aa T. t su
of ruiman anrd Gen. E-nenhowar P iladelphia in 104l other en-06 g a -t
ot he r, "m Bur t dteuI the Iiago there will b only of a
fTn M'ny ut o cum s t heepublicans have changed their system ofhe'
he st o h othIer columns dmlsdon to spread the tickets as far as possible. Th
? attack U. 8. heavy industry. One ticket used to be good for all day, or A boot ,W
is was gRood for the whole convention. Ali
b The reaction in AFL crcles This time there will be a separate ticket for 1_7.2
Was that there Is no purpose In mrding sessions, another for afternoon or night ot
1o deprecating the if. e In this sesions each day so as to have more to pa *M e
ia moment of International crisis aound
when the good wil of Europe T
may be the balance of Dower i Now is the time when the words of polite clans diebi
the struggle between the Mast have to be checked with extreme care. GOP Na- ".
and West good will for whlh tionasl Committee Chairman Guy Oabrieison a ma
the U. is sending billions Th speech reoebtly. was bemoaonag the fct
dollars annually, that hih taxes eaued many Amefican young ^
me to poMstpoae marre e.T
t's Apparently there mow is such 9 a young mam crosss thi hurdle a
i-a naproamen k a t Affeec in take a job. sai Mr. Okabreleson, "he finds that A
4k tBtdoaIeyIT L 5 *n anth-ae of t1 per cent fhis pay must go ti
5 S~2L fH-010* b-P..t federal uovrumsnt in taxughS

is h bm M U22 -- EDU Two garagraph ilr. Mr. Obrel said that
soMM bn lerB t man art- $ a, wok. Married ad

Pt AX mu be i, t, t the tam.
u n= utn an uIn-a uttundaserIast
. dMta5t. n ana ehan of To pay 11 per aft., of h Ioono a
tecties ean be fachedwil th taxes, the younm* amWould ha to be w
O and the rt of wo mere than $SM A ymr, whsh any -In in
Slabor which soft in iti a W IUM bAe wbeaH to Mr eWen M
f preach to the Soviets. .,'tease
8 wSU aringft hav w bI nisnoues a ot

aeuM m bf m do. -m is-
a". .. ..u n Ave Mo ..-a

t. t ir

Wt e for Ketauver, fui

plane re* sh i m s m
SW53 .. ..btS -_ --


lily declined under the astute Jackson stem
ihip to the ridieutlot ani time low of 1,500.
to Repubca to ttd .Rep.a s,
as the npminftle ofthu Uhean canlfdat
state office, 1A itMong daltpoved by Jim
the crypto-R dblld registered in large
bers, mobs wo frt ing all over te
i. Wisdom's efforts have produced mobs al-
Done, of court, morethighl of t
rrty s tm ktm1-It- Jackson. Althou
Iy noA o ean- aMle about t wit With
ltantill money 4H latantial patronage.
t the fact is, the oa rty system hU MaOe
3. w it he is t1t norihing him n a
eal Loublan' republican party Is one
can be ednven tly assembled in a small
room, fop the slt purpose of choosing 18
iblican delegates= f ur ears.
eh a party my not wvin Totes in Louisiana
t will win rewfrf th Washington. when and
Republican res lt has been nominated
the help o LouIsia's 1,.
o further fact complete the John K. Jack-
stry. A oousle of yaIn ago the Republican
onal Comittee. In wonderfully humorous
nanlid none other than Jphn E. to head a
mittie to promote a powerful, popular Re-
lean pa4, in the South. A little later. John
is replaced in this chairmanship by his great
d and fentor. Sen. Taft's So'uherh pro-
il Mo. silla Carroll Reece.
e mconuntUon Is symbolic. The worthy Brae-
s the most active of the old guardsmu who
the Southern Republican party oVgnia-.
a to go on being rotten boroughs, producing
ing but phony convention delegates for Old
rd use. -
.John Jack, b to1.s first plate among
uthemrn leaders he satisfy this Old Guard
'one respect. the Loaiana pattern sharply
rs from the Texas pattern.
whereas it T xas there, was a strong popular
e for 4Ca. lasenhoWj u ne could possibly
the movement that defeated John 1. Jack-
In Louisiana a truly popular movement.
uisanlans are Just net emdy, as yet, to re.-
r as Republicans In large numbers th t
ans did. Jackson's tens Wre defeated by WIs-
's hundreds. The whole thing was on a very
small scale.
t In two other resMpot, the Louisiana pat-
resembles the TexM a frn.
rst, Jackson's pro-Th Ilation was named
arrogant defiance of the true Republican
0 hlty here: and however emaUl the majority
be, political honesty demands tht the
rity shall rule.
eond, John Jackson vt toutllana. like
&y Zwelfel of Texas, tyis the bizarre
rhem leadership which t iblicans must
out, if they want their last
ara of losses in the gort gains in the
Ih that they could s ealy .
Or these t48asos, t for If the decision
these Southern delegattio 4t will be
Mg the most serious the lRdpubeaA prty has
had to Make. .,


Oaeral tiseh ower duck the issue t
6 bread state ent on how he bm
M f ftoeech, Wi6Bin vta"INt I
t io n the most eotan
other OP leaders art b
.Rbert A. Tft's headq aout
a t fztotha estate r vf. uu
: father, Pesident e m
netted to Con in los.
Svious Ierene Is thath4l t is
age son ob wills ntO d
been in the White HouMe aop
e opening sentence of Father
'"The financial condition of .
is very satisfactory. There U a awpau ot
54.377.10." .
other highilhts of Prestidt t o 5 *M-
: "The deht of there U p
here was a surlus ofr ota l OMVoe
zrAementq for the firs t time0 Yom .
n the Treasury Depart t
* for the elimination f
he NMvy builrdine o flan a y M.,
blatas two battleships.
h re s now before Oonnage 4 ts t erhe
effletency and deerase the w tssioe&
cnclgnvdw sentence ia l 3ti snteme-nt

-we a .ve in the r'tht Wig-. e
p. seefr Mef ,,-r "' f

r oft h at

like this rii. Wa I ttI .
id up by thi a- polwiw

swn ewau". .;-n.
F .l *.
Atm Wet Saton Age La.. Ro to g ,

found J it the only Tft man,

SFemftt In Calilornia-There I eu% *!
Democratic leaders a result of the Ifauer
Some time ago a imlt-edge list of top
as delegates for Truman. .'. ;.
Kefauver, who came In late. eo@td et no eaelmh 'Mi
port him. As a result, he fell back on younmter ard ret
nonentities with plenty of enthusiasm but little polla t
Later, when the President took himself out of the reo, t.
pulled the rug out from under both fhe own delegates at f
Democratic Party bussese \
Left high and dry they persuaded 41lt attsI ey kw
Brown to become the serlfical stalking horse. .- -.. J%
Ajualty at Brown has no moredesire to beoo l
than Shirley T'mil'e.and the real fact is that d th
iols-Z99lty 4: rglohfttil.

'n to as -Jacko0CPhI Is
the A.1. of L., an Al morlnna
In Ohio. the p bo es had mated prsnurate toWD Mgl-
fauv*r delera6e offt eket e
This only added fuel to the resentment of the vters, ad
some of Ohio's old-line leaders find themselvea out the oa .
with a bunch of brash Kefauver you~Igtera part way in LE
Flormda surprie-Old-line leaders also took a mona| lk,
in the Florida primary, where the governor, the two a t
every member of Congress campaigned vigotously for
Virtually every sherittf in the state was mobilltd by Gov. lTO
ler Warren to defeat Keauver..
And while Kfaiuvir went Under by a narrow nitglh. a I.'tip
of new leaders in Southera and Central niOt"Ia ir up tr.
mdndous political enthusiasm, now have the bit t &e teeth
agtnat the Old Guard. .
The aenusmlvaaa stor--For weeks before tlgr.enylv
oriary, the big City democratic boues had d w
that they wanted no write-in ballots: they wan
de and sell the votes of the Pennsy.lvania dega m O ag
to the hlhest bidder as they usually have In
However, a groun of young Demoera. led by t sentott
Gannett Neff and William Laeh, quietly idede It' w time fo

Without the bosses real It. thy printed Mt.ek~. wrod
letters, revitalieod comatoe Pdensylvania voters. Tt vwas Ot U
noon of April 3. primary day that the big city bsw to
what was happlnin. Then it was too late.
So expert had the political amateurs operated that the stoe
of Pennsylvania roiled up C000 write-in votes for Kefg veO.
trtestet write-In total ever received by a Democrat i PaPIsyl-
vania history. .
That's a brief ero.tolo f the new polU1 i
this country, perhaps the political u

lo g ------.


ad .seetutfIrddsu
ev' Ih miwi

ig rw, fwW.

Two Itu f

- MHMWit


- ...- ,s,3!
*>'.: '--':*"':,
j,", i. ;" ,'. ^
* L .:.-.*

b. rU.O, '-va. j Rid;
* a ;dd^^ iL

. .. .:' -' '^ ^ *. -. *** '*
".. .. *,&
:;F" 5

*,..'_. '1

PA, Kntf .

.,r ; i ,-
t#Rm a


.om of.'*yS f'SS~
ratot tsr
for a .0e0r. 1 v -
,the' lt~f bee ^^^^^

A, clag'e #I Mouaew.
a m5:wa s:e
Swa a ones a
f .mt.. U --

Mary'. l vitor in the Cant.n
faron one the uUouEs "prUis-
mentaro"rpudlob tasietea a
ho* talw s.-saptke" '.
ve* e "Ift AGO
known Is ,, aw es.ur
lWM know ON

w, like iowde
left"nm before
bf eeo



. ,

We are unpacking

.er "e e e ." !
M obtr............... ,
.r t e carit, die .b
N ... ...

Auminu.m brollerette 2.60

'AlA N d ..-... B
..%....e....:. 110 B

'i ,i

* u *; :,' .I.-. :
_ :_ L, A soP .


mn 'Wf what they bed
Thy id tilpited aml- ti
ono .._p number Com- k
rder-it-V In hoInpe of yet p

t held In h
re, atefo e loI, M ls w aUt
meeat with u eS
6 vtet lever uatta

jBuab (I
m b Di.3..U S--'

, e r .1, .,. ,.


Sthat he
fo talk to
I" aiadg"
d = im


-o *RESStS I
iit i t s O
_ a DUT ? l.. a tS. ,

" for an "'osa d"j&.it

wh.te. s. IsW ok. .


I2 C-ueri Aveem PseLd. -

Row See &,.tof OurYuS
;: ;: 4 -I

,. tHI 19 5S

(ge, m esepq .ld Qi-S in every continent h
at m.* t a r : Nutm Oo" Airyteas as mth
btthd -ar ofr out-i .
e aAJf4the first Amaridm -w

M'z a frmeimsncow Spwleo-

A. .- .
, j -.. .J ,: .

rr a
tv ''' '




,. .. _'." :A.'" .^ { -"

i :"- ti'" ..1 "
r te

E. 21f.

#~'~* 51


on$r A

o*f I"

w" p

* vetems lacked in
ad vgor their fired-
tg or atln iu u
it. dtrt tgwrbut
L g7 army.
nd, fragile a old
-didni't attend the
swa)I occaalona aru
ift for him, and *
* be would traIt
w..fe explained
V *o old" ioldler ad
Sa bisquet and prnads
M&rh wy m go to
where ThwoSaJ es-
oar m, his armlXJ'
utber If It w* a but
st"-'In-. the blood
bpflt the Contenyruc

Aa ll

"r sWrest and

. v ;.i ...,.,, .... w l. v. a ..;[ .... h,,..,.. :* ; S-,:s.'.1. ,
', ^^ ** t';,; i ;<* ,:** *;*; i-*jz^ '^ -



Jf ne 151/l



WhAn All f You Are Imit

4 us At a Cocktail Party

In Honr Of



- .. --. .

- .I t ;,' "
.:'-x '


o r

'/ '



usni.Hakstsfre fr -Trtt.f

t'lle love/ at--

first sight...

. whop yea -osee o



t IridIMim

*Iwroa Pre Silk
* 3mer sat

Ca.r wasNes Tua
-41M paJ W1

^-- *l- A-- ieem M.a'i

,w o ol .k et



U., dh lase teeS "en... hop

.4 an T.. of w ... .e.k

* MmheSc^e0n CAa ow CntaAJ
'.4,w 06
^..- '* A'^ *'S*'
'J~~owfv~r foSO... ~ IW
C ^tirRDAOD >

t... C-
*t. *3.

* pf

- WL-- -



, Er





I .

-~ ~ ~

U- -# ~

(NWA) x- Fred told me, is that his show
jhFat 1Ihra, will be filmed and edited down
'0's, to plan- to 30 minutes to "salvage the
ebt un come-back. test of it."
a bft ind the mo- Fred shrugged his shoulders
b dren-the eld- about his zero score on TV to
iaid: date, saying:
iady now to try acting "They insisted that I do a show
er j in movies or on TV In the Milton Berle vein and
has to be just ,the right that's a varicose vein as far as
wmr ame. I have a couple of I'm concerned. I was panned.
on some ideas. But then only 10 per cent of the
ob ht now, though, people In this country do the
gp believe I'm a work. The other 90 per cent el-
i' aan d not a tMe ir4l." their pan you or tax you!"
the wife of wealthy Tex-
SBill Moss, menaced It's happened. Jane Wyman Is
9 T ple *,In several films no longer on speaking terms with
arsitn In her own mov- Travis Kleefeld, who had hoped
wUre as great deal of they could go on being palsywal-
P aitealng and off-stage sy despite wedding bells that did
between the Withers and not toll.
families but now Jane's
ayrng Lena Horne's Nichols Canyon
fte r we grew up, Shirley and home in Hollywood is for sale.
maly get together and now She and hubby Lennie Hayden
g od fiends. All tast kid are plarming to live in Paris....
malNe has been forgotten." Cal Perry, the movies' crack
a grapevine's twisting with stunt man. makes his film debut
_report that Poph!e Tnrcker's In UI's "The Lawless Breed."....
story has finally been sold tojAdd daffy song titles: Harry Ru-
iramount as a BettWv Hutton ,b's "If I Had Your Mor.,y and
starrer. Sophie her..If I hear, You Had Mv Wife, What a Won-
was given the information last derful World This Would Be."
"w.k., } Terry Hatfield. last of the fa-
r r mous feudin' Hatfields. has writ-
'Jan Arthur. who fled from re- ten a film play based on the fa-
porters in Hollywood while she! mous feud with the McCovs. She
was making "Shane," Is having will peddle thl. script to the stu-
Interview lunclpons all over dios this summer ... Willard
London with British newsmen Waterman 'radio's Gildersleeve '
and telling all Even about tak- says that when summer rolls a-
ing4courses in marital relation round a bathing beauty is a sight
antthe mysteries of the human for shore eyes.
b v at USC -

wtw4dle Cantor's casting drearr
ft- "The Eddie Cantor Sorv" in-
mts Ethel Barrvmore as his
totcmothe- pnd Anne Baxter
Ir"**- role of Ida But the final
'on is Uo to WRrner Bros.
kilng of Ethel- Those salty
4 ds which ehbn over the fifth
graet of tl'. Riviera golf course
are'from the fPmo1,, ladv's
throat. Her home adjoins thp
course and she's a warblin
ba'k'vard gardener.
Dean Martin an4 .Terrv Lewi.
Sre Invading the kidhlie record
flel4 with an alhum titled. "Th-
Iov Easter." It's fn-pokhir at
Weiebers of the pabln'n set who
dwlit their soup Bine Probhv
igI eufln 'in npls that hi. 1Ft-
year-old son. Jihdsay, will study
Sfor the priesthood.
Aln Ladr's mPdlrns have p".-
TerIbed a four-month rest for
after he comprltec 1is np':t
St TTI So-'0il nnte: Pits
north was Kirk Do'il"s',
"re+t at his home the,
nitht. .Diana Lvnn's
.. he- most chal.ririn!
assignment-the rolp of
leecent Sputhere girl In
-stook toAr of "The
her of the Wedding."
rot Medina. acensed by tI."i
2.y34xh Iress of deserting Fng -
7feh filM, gave London newsmen
;hHMtn to geuln over before
jU'rue ?eti'rM"n4 to UnNwoorn Told
- 'enm. did Pet. theb st- hasn't
Slhd en", offers to wor!: In Brit-
t bh 'lilms.

Tt won't he a olz show. but a
bi TV Dartcipatlion "amp" with
Sn audience and mammoth priz-
as that will return Fred Allen to
te home yfn-eens next fAll (Re-
WJtmber. h. remember. Fred's
Ws"-wks about "Ptnn The Mu-
The only resemblance to Grou-
dho Marx's "You Bet Your Life." m

Sufferers fronrm .lo of vigour. nerv-
ousness, weak body. Impure blood.
railing memory, and who are old and
worn-out before their time will be de-
lighted to learn of a new gland dlo-
cvery by an American Doctor.
Thi new discovery mak-s It pos-
"lble tb quickly and espily restore
V'iour to sour glands and body, to
build rich. pure binod. to strengthen
%*our mind and memory and feel like a
new man In fact. IhiP discovery I
which. is a. home medicine in pleasant, I
easy-to-take tablet form. qdue away
with gland operations sand quickly be-
gin, to build new vigour and energy,
yet t Is absolutely harmless and nat-
iral In action.
The succesR of this amEazing discov- I
cry, called VI.Tabs, has been so great
that It la now being distributed by all
ehemilat here. In other words, VI.
Tabs makes you feel full of vigour
and energy and yeap younger. A
special bottle of 48 VI.Tabs costs little.
vitTab ,v,.ab
VIfrTabs ?om your
chemist today.
e*fteres Mnhkeed and Vitality

When you


get gentle,
speedy relief
(usually within
2 hours)

,';-u m
*_ ^- Ki~




E. b I ai
,r. I2 h MUn 5 uRA IM.I .

"She is charging mental cruelty, but It kind of hard fW
me to understand how he got that blk *yel" --


Its proved value in checking infections,
illness, severe colds and sore throat make
LISTERINE Anrisepric "a Trusted Friend of
the Family"I

LISTHRINE Andsepuic Is ain-
alumble edamiag n t mad

TIONS ... Soothins, healing,
LI3TMBIN A 4d mek i won-
derful frelief-ect fatl

WARS Oan COts..-I MM
over 12.-year ~4lo, Wce.
day users of Lfltha And.
septc had fe w uadl

ular garglis wAth LTERINI
Antieptic keep ymou of a
owm.f itb bi ...d
mouth ab 7606mw=ic

if VF

*"Nva su
LL-. -7/*
'AlE dP)UI

S m .1 .

S. 1


,A ET 00P

They're last nlMr,

HER But)pl

a? t~3A~u~




Everybody ws Class$fed

41 RIS WELKIN. Pleasea r

Mystery of the Skies


AND R /fTRM~, 1

V -1 ".
VIC Wt 11.

t- '*: 0"" *
Th Woos Move In

I*Ifiall IN2 t ANWDI
i...r andk sh miju* afur n aB wJ I

b.00 ~

First Crush

Ot .

with IA M OOL OUT Or WA -

-/ -




3~ ~AU~.QIIAU*~

fts wan coallw

of J..


Ez I
64a "

A FiYI I6 -
"E. R

. -7M. -=


IwleMT OvA



F, .NAtAwM fc^ *^
*** Jk NOP^ ^P

f -*;

M momm"



t ,- -. a "

N. J.. ,Jule S ert H. Swackhainer. So he licked of
o[yaedla -bt ttuli by @reat0ig his own Ihan- iUl
erl ,A out o f a rug.

P --4Ad taia a living. '
. .. n

IN.wyI, '*
Mne* (tTP)-A
faster who re-
une visit from Si in
" th v d 4
Oton LeuiJR,
in asld trt-
ve of tlb
h, set off
f *'

'earlier that i'-
d mOre "stench in
Ihe stoehyirds.

The big ideg that made'tt o.
a lU Ab 3elious li4%fi.
that tf 1a U through i f-
tol cnM process A nil fgK
giH 1 6 otpletely conees1 th0
l e the braid and iwaults id
a rut t lat ooksthe same ooh
both sides.
LOng days and weeks of sea-
ration from his pretty wife, Kay
anld dadlttef; Debble, wbfte he
wus a regonA sales mssanaer fo
WA gyeraft teu, anBhanrted
Swie amner's :eag to fdrm.
husband-wift that cdul
spend thv 4aed a ethatepi

a '.

C' Am, wh
a leisurely
later, whoe
b f us to
w a aper

A mW-I

CIVII 'GV. '. '"
-VI ...A D E- ME




IIgoes ov
i~l, '' t a.e ou,-
] Tr,, .mem6e, 4 r,
P esri*tor Ore

,wr. Sli
urfan hoc
an hou

. .o 1extIrq datyl
writthh poal.. ThFs "'xtra so
rv' pws Js own' salary, by

to rate a flick of W
gnepIerding, Re- l
beplctic d~Ic holds over
our's dtofatln '- 28 type- A ..
Ne. na U t Steet aat
.4 '*


t Oand alt 7 rpm Albums going for

.;. i.i?




C Cmtr*..Ave. near "J St.

Mu Fffi ow -


FMsk -M

... I.

*.-flDu. fill!


"" '" UA:NS'""ik.,
.,, .F ,.
"; .. '" -. "' ,: .:
."' ''.; .' '

;. CA*,,g-,I. I .
,. .,..- .,. .

'It I
~ 'A''

or the

.-, f'



... 1W ite I (D) U


a a r analco correpon
Nor41nhouth vul.

P p ad-- !

"What Is a holdup play?" ads
"I see t hi phrase used from
Utime to tEne i your column, but
am not Wure what ft meaa. Can
you glve a simple example and a
dol explanatnon for a simple
brid- player?" ,
*a Today's hand shw a
matup play in Its basic form.
The piy makes It possible for
Soun to fitW nine tricks at no-
West leads a spade, East puts
up the king, and South play*
MW pjztF Instead of wlinnI
isM ape. In other words. he
"lhd iUp his ace of spades.
continues with the jaCt
of d and South continues
*he holdup play by refusing thil
trick lso. Spades are continued
and South has to win the third
Now declarer takes the dia-
mond finesse. When East takes
the king oof diamonds, he has
so way of getting to the Wesrt
d for the established spades.
ast does his best, by leading
a club, but South hops right up
with the ace of clubs to run all
of his tricks. South makes his
tante with one spade, three
h t four diamonds and one

There would be a different
story to tell If South won the
first or second spade. This would
leave East with one or two
spades in his hand. Whenever
fdit got the lead with the king
of diamonds he could resume
the spades and West would set
the .o'tract with the rest of the

~FT~ ~


Use on m'
Vm OMI",
Z I .

NA po 01 O W
NOW"s" o
:- t-es d
sei n WF

yw~~.A *6,

Odbm- ief^c

9:30 a..--Sible Sdor i ctaM. for ewry age.
10:45 a.m.-'T Piy of Mae.eiev. Chrnfi1ao"
8tpeial Mustc
Presentati ot,' Summ Worben--
CHauILmSB CHAPML Age 5 11.
Bre. N.L Warm-Speaklmn.

r..a* W. I
v' m


7:30 p.m.-"TIlw Most DDapMrw s MsM I The W ..
Special Mus Insprming os ,
IL eby-S-peaking. bu e.
". ** '. *' >. I

- U
~.. 6)~

"ROLDING 0oW 1 8 or, rIzw

Wonderfully Cool... Chamingly

Fashioned... and Low in Price!

firm 3.95 "' 23
; ~I- .r IM &


SF4'* .

; *****..

.V. *,-


._s.. -, "

i -

l 'lS When You T ell 'em thru P.A.

I ve ur AdJ

g save your Ad

w II** e.. ww ~-'~ ---- ".

with onn of our Agents or our offices iu No. 57 "H" Strelt s
No 12.179 Central Ave. Colu

Carltoo Drug S We
10.059 Melerndes A&tw-i0taw SM CalOt

Lewis Service
*4 TivoU Ave.-Phone 2-2291. and

Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441

Sal6n de Belleza Amricano
#55 Weast 1th street

Agencia Internacional de Pubicaciones Propaganda, S.A.
v3 Lottery Plaza Phone rl3N *H" tree t r ometo t
Phones 2-2214 adn

MIaltti for 12 word.
Sosob .iBdhonal word.

SSALE:-Refrigerator Westing-
h se 9 3 cu. Ir excellent cond,-
t. $250.00 I st floor right No
1 47th St.
*0R1 SALE --Colon-combination gas
Sa ve-refrigerator, 60 cycle. Gen-
l." Practically new $250.00
os it Call 635-J or Crstcbol
2 35. after 1 p. m.
'7SALE OR TRADE-60 cycle ol-
* mnt new electrical equipment, re-
Sfrerator, washing machine, dish-
Swsher, roaster, radio. 1412-B.
SL# Cruces. Balboa. Tel. 2538.
FORSALE:--8 cu. ft. Freezer. $225.
00. Trombone $35.00. Two twin
inberspring mattresses and springs,
$15 00. Qtrs Ill Albrook 86-
FOR; SALE- Livngroom furn,tgre
* set. Real bargain Justo Aroseme-
na Avenue No. 88.
FOR SALE:-W.cker chairs, tables.
cleap, suitable for basement, 25
cycle Kenmore washer $20 00.
large wood porch swing $5.00.
Houre 889 Morgan Avenue. Bal-
FOR! SALE.-Kelvinator 9.3 retriger-
et4r 25 cycle. $125.00. 8060-A
SStreet. Morgarita.


1 -- .-a.k4m lfAa e I i"

Service Personnel and Civilian
Government Employes
Insist on
Government Employes Finance Ca.
Wheor you finance your new
or used cat.
No. 43 Auvesmeblle Re,
Phone -1494 3-45
FOR SALE!-1949 cream, Chevrolet
convertible. Good condition, con be
seen at 549th. M. P. Co. Ft. Clay-
ton. or 5454-J. Diablo Hgts.
FOR SALE:-Dump Truick 4 cu. yds.
used only one year. Price $1,000.
00. Cost new $3,000 00. Located
at 41 St. towards the beach. Phone
3-0706 Mr. Ehrman.
FO RSALE: 1948 Dodge. 4 door
sedan, best offer. Phone 1433 or
3703, Balboa.
FOR SALE: 1941 Mercury Sedan.
$250.00. Pedro Obarrno St. No.
12. Tel. 2-3027.

FOR SALE:-Plymouth Club Coupe
Excellent condition, must sell, leov-
ing. Building 5753-1, Diablo Hgts
FOR SALE: 1951 Nash Rambler
Convertible with radio, weather
eye, direction lights, white wall
tires, complete accessories. excel-
lent condition only '3,000 miles
Will accept best offer over $1.700
Can be financed, con be seen at
5658 Apt. K, Magoon Street, Dia-
blo Heights. ofter 4:00 p. m. For

MieelanePn information call 82-5222 between
7:00a m. 4:00 p. m.
WAITED: Associate or partner e
wh money to invest for reason For your car-Leatherette Celluloid
of expanding succe ssful business ace vehicle registration card hold-
Si Jose. Costa, Box 395. ers COLON MOTORS, Inc. (Dodge-
A -on C. Z DeSoto, Panama Colon.
icoan couple dens FOR SALE:-1950 Ford V8 De Luxe.
,she I or 2 bedroom prt- Excellent condition. 5437-C, Dia-
-nt in Bella Vista area from- --I________
J ea 15. Coll 3-3496 FOR SALE:-1951 Packard 4-door
W TED.-A-w sshaesf'Cemen- "sedan. Equipped with ultromatic
.to nama T e 3-2h6e fer re transmission, radio. leather interior,
p. am hiie side wall tires, and many
.T'. .. ....- other accessories. Call 83-6241
between 6 p. m. and 8 p. m. for
I P'- ONALS appointment.
FOR SALE; V2 tort Stoke-body
in Engmineer o- rerhive- Ad- truck C~evrolet 1t94, good con-
Of The Body Structure. edition. Apply 6037 Apt. "I" Roin-
SStrge D. Barb Jr. No. 11. 7th bow City.
s. .-. 8 3 3. 8 a. m. 8 p. FOR SAL -
Sppointment. FOR SALE


I 1951 Chevrolets
1951 Balek Special
U 1951Framer
M 161 tudebxker

M, liymemths


2M* O298 i
I is


Rel Esiate
TAKE IT OR LIAVE IT. Formerly $7,
650. now reduced to $5,900.
cash and lqick, concrete 2 bed-
room chalet on 11.865 Ms lot.
Transisthmian road, deep water
well ,all year stream, hydraulic
ram. Wolff & Co., 5th street No.
22. Yel. 2-2388.

Position Offered

Gill Service Company needs experi-
enced chauffeurs. Decent salary.
Apply at Tivoli U. S. 0.
lish speaking young girl with
knowledge of bookkeeping and ste-
nography to assist in office. Phone
1386, Colon.
FOUND: Fine dog. (Female). in-
formation at phones 3-2887 end
2-1136. Inarmo City.

II Pacific, Five
Atlantic Scouts
Register For Camp

The Pacific District ts leading
the Atlantic District 11 to 5 ti
the Annual Camp El Volcan ree-
gistration contest.
The deadline for camp regis-
trations Is June 15.
The camp will or,.n on July 14
and will operate for four weeks.
It is the Canal Zone Council
summer camp and Is located in
El Volcan in the Province of
Scouts from the Atlantic Dis-
trict who have registered for
th., 1952 camp season are Rich-
ard Phillips of Troop 1. Malta-
'rita; Barry Davison. Brian O5x
and Joseph Whitaker of roop
Cristobal; and Thomas oksonI
of Troop 18. Coco Solo.
Joe Galloway of Troop 3, Bal-
boa: William Sears, Robert
Roche and Jack Flowers of Troop
4, Diablo; Tinmmy Greene. Vic-
tor Carter. Albert lchwalm. Je-
ry Curtis and David Geimner of
i Troop 7. Curuadu; William Pow-
ell of Troop 15. Albrook and

oD you have & Ainag prnblemd
write Al leebk Ameemeuie l9e
201o Ame, C. Z.
Dr. Wendehake Medical Clinic, 1401
Estudionte Street. Between K and
J Street. Panami. 2-3479, Day and
Night Service.
Jut received: Trepleel fish, Geldfhh,
weaterpleant, food for fish and ac-
cessories for aquariums. Jerdih Le
lnmmculde, "B" Avenue No. 58

FOR SALE: Complete garage,
equipment In good condition. 4 7
week days, oiall day Saturday. Apt
5753-C, Dioblo. C. Z.
WE REPAIR plumbing fixtures at
your place.
We guarantee prompt, neat work.
RIA, S. A. Phone 3-3350. Justo
Arosemena Ave. and 29th St. East
AQUARISTS:-Lots of new tropical.
fishes and aquatic plants. supplies.
poAa, opposite Juan Franco Stables,
Phone 3-4132.

Casino eniqt C a. bDnce rusia by
Casino Ace. NQ reservations S-
cessary. Saturday p; Sunday.
Foster's funilshed itwagew. half M^
beyond Santo Ctfere. Gos rfr *i
ators. ranM. rSpetial r ot l
ly or m nthly, prive roof 1
beach. Fr Infaormtion visit 0
mar. Tiveo Avene No. 6. or pHMwi
Panoma 2.0170.
Gromlich's Umnta Clara beth*
cottages. El tric Ice boxes, 011
stove., mnWevate ratos. TelephonO

PhlliN I. Oceanside cottages St ft
Clara. Box 435. Balboa. PhFn,
Panami 3-1877, Cristobal 3-1l13.
Hotel PAN-AMERICANO in coo El
Voile offers low rates for sunHmlf


FOR RENT: Chalet 3 bedroom.
two bathrooms, swimming poel,
maid's quarters, lid Golf Club en-
trance. Tel. 3-2972 or 2-06913.

Apismf _

FOR SALE.-25 cycle motors 2 H. ALIMAIMA ANaTMINTS
P. 1 HP. 3 HP, 7 man rubber boot. Modem -- W- 16, t.
House 785- Toavernilla St Bal- mea,- Mal 0" NnL.
boa. phone 2-1365. 90 0 @9 94W 0Ol Sw"t% N"W
Mother your child wants com- Cristobal, v elui M6 Calt1.
portable shoes. You want shoes that FOR RENT:--New bungalow, with
will wear! and Senior Jumping screen, bedroom. living aend dining-
Jocks give you both! If your child room. Also apartment with 2 1-2
is between three and ten, then bedroom. Tel. 3-1773.
buy him Senior J2umping Jack ... ---- -...........
all sizes, various widths. Call at FOR RENT: Screened furnished
BABYLANDIA for a perfect fit, apartment. Couple preferred. 7036
No. 40, 44th Street, -Bella Victao 4th St. Central and Melendez, Co-
Tel. 3-1259. Ion. -
FOR SALE: Electric plant, cheap FOR RENT; -- Furnished modem
three ice boxes. Phone 2-4448, oil apartment, two bedrooms, two both
good condition, rooms, telephone 3-3330 p. m. 2
FOR SALE: At cost price, new to 6 .- m.
bathroom set, three pieces, left FOR nir T
hand tub, blue enaomel. Coll 2- F MRENTI
0342 or write Drc*er R Ancon, C. Rnom
Z. or Ponoma,. opertaed 3407. .....O
FQR. SALE..- Ip. sewing FOR RENT.--Furrihed rbom for bo-
mrchmne. w $85 00. chelor ,r couptiwith wrivote both
Phone 2-''t457-C End entrance. Tel. 3-1648.
lbooa. FOR RENT: Furnished room for
FOR SALE-9 x 12 American Orien- gentleman or rrid couple, with
tel rug, maroon bockqround. $50. nW& 45 St No. 46, upstairs.
0.o 810-8, Cooe f. Phone 4-188./X U mn ... A
FOR SALE:-30 gallon gas hot we. r 0S l ViP
ter heater, 4 burner gas range end
Frigidaire, automatic washing -,mf.-
chine. All only two years old and in Canal l "ny
excellent condition. Call Motion, tour postio, aval-
46 St. No. 45, telephone 3-3376 able in the Panama, Canal or-
FOR SALE:-Baby Buggy, car b@4 ganization, aCcording to the re-
good condition. Tel. 2-3213. f gkar bulletin issued by the Pet-
AQUARIlS-for sale Angel fish' f onel Bureau. Thirteen of these
various sizes. 7.87-D. Tvern.t-. ,ue in the classified or related
Street, Balboa 2-3010. M up and 41 In the craft

Help Wanted
WANTED:- Reliable maid to live
in, help with care of children. Re-
ferences required. House 4044
Tivoli Ave. Ancon.
WANTED: Maid with references,
apply to building on comer ef Ri.
cordo Arias St. No. 51, Apt. No.
7. House of De Limo.
SE NECESITA:-Reliabte part-tMia
mold. References. Manuel Maril
Ycoza No. 3, Apt, No. 3.

SL Mary's Holy
Name Men To Take
Cuamunion Su'day
The Holy Name Society of
Saint Mary's Mission will re-
ceive Holy Communion on Sun-
Members will receive the Holy
Eucharist in a body at the
Masses appointed for that event
In their respective parish
After the Masses the members
are Invited by Father Louis B.
stars, C. M. Pastor of Saint
Mary's Mission. to partake of
a communion breakfast at Salat
Mary's Hall, Balboa, at I a. m.
The guest speaker n this oc-
casion will be ahmran c.
Brooks. constable sad clerk of
the Magistrate's Co0rt. CHsto-

2 WOmen's 3issMry
hOdMOCI Wrate
AMvcsariu Suay

aImMOs hi Or Tr U, 19,T a- The Waoien's Missionary So-
boa, are the Pacific d istridt Ciea of Bt. Joseph's and St.
Scouts who haveregitered. Anthony churchess will celeb-
r_ rrate eir annlversaries with a
p. Club To Hear A s misnary servi e on
Talk By Rev. LinkemaBB Sanday at 2:30 p. m. in the St.
Tab BAyamya' Chapel in Parque Le-
The Couples Club of the Crit- feYe.
tbal Unin Chrch will have A special program wE Include
:.ev. w. W. emIap, sere-. Rev. Samuel Brown as IIet
of t tme Amertaa Bible 8o- peakerI, Miss aomi
l y, as o pmbr Ja June 1. Maset solot and oaMe.
S-.. 7:31 p. m. n the Clame re, .
SThe rverend wi tell about Maga M gh Sdo
, | i recent trip through Cetral Etcy te gh
.W Am"wrin ad almo tbe prgee of evaW school in MIl.
1nipariy war in that aea. ta e cases on moam
at 1t-ga0 :

Clerical positions, one each,
are available in the Mainten-
ance, Motor Transportation, and
Blectrical Division and In the
Personnel Bureau.
The Industrial Bureau has
need of an engineering drafts-
man, the Engineering Division
an electrical engineer, and the
Locks Division an electrical or
mechanical engineer.
Other positions In this group
are" open for a policeman, a
fireman, a construction inSpec-
tor, a library assistant, a tabu-
lation planner and a meat'cut-
The crafts positions, which
Include such varied skills as
boatbullders. cablespli ers, car-
penters, marine and railroad
engineers, machinists, lock oper-
ators, plumbers, etc., a rt avail-
abe in the following dv1ions
or bureaus:
Zndustrial Bureau; Electrical,
Railroad, Maintenance, Commis-
sary, Dredging, Navigation, and
Locks Divisions and the Aids to
Navigation Branch.

l- hN *

And now
ktls'you what a wonderful
hiecticide CHLORDANE IW
hi the Aprilmu.
t'IU the Killer in Real Kill)
Buy It In'the agricultural
grade for vour farm
or garden.
COBtral Ave. Tel. 3.010

Im mediate
D elvery.
TeL 4-1713
*22 & IMt8t.

nilLING: ,
1=0amu Coa Cola & Cement.
Tel. 8-4719 *.1M


P. 8aIeseO Wsee
61 EA t

STwnsportes Bxte, S. A.
Shipping, m.v1ng. storage.
We pick and oratm or mve

2.2566, Panama.

Canal Zoe Dog Owerst
I e way "jaAtn* lte"I the I
Ue 1 bood kids Tset of
the tie, but if he takes a
nip ou* f one, you could be
stpek with ismeable doctor
hw rm, wae aWl, a law sult.
The Amerean Insurance Com-
pany, Caal Zoaa Aeney, has
a it ly S -,
pet-yer, py the doctor bill.
or court etltement. for in-
j urle ies by "your and
yoi u" I Balboa 3-W948
and y br S will be mail-
ed the same day. (See as,
also, for yH ecar insurance).

We deal O is bth New and
RoomadonUd Far nture.
41 Aul t E"IRow

Navy His Soumer

Jok For Vl1grads

vajl Dstrict announcement to-
day the Ditact Public Works
Department es tablishedM a
summer work program in the
S trcal a mechanical
&Mat Ue Dia-
tri Ist -ffice Head-

Ta each of the
these fields
-us ages S8! The
peNMMS W408-4
who has com-
of the to-
sein en-

hbould be sub-
S District Public

and =W J,

deportsUI Tht
lammw-As |

F ^^^^^^_,' ^^^^^^^ ^^^^__ J1
W T^ r **:i 1
****F' iiilutt iiiRkil I
fE1 *^^ ^^ I r-
r\. JL| i^i *



-..M Go&" -tf ~a.& 0" a A l

- "Sir Ultr Sa" 25
"313'Ultra 3L5)

Sir Presne


Haspel Suits need no introduction

.. but thru special arrangement

with the factory, the AMERICAN

BAZAAR, bring

tional offer



Choose TWO from our.t

.. .

Stock (sizes up to 48)



free as usual...




UtfiiiiiiS lif^ '

* .1

.i.- -4 "t y'i "- ",y
l.-.:- ^^ I. i .. m^ SI.SM
-L Ji. if,,.-: .-VJ, Je. ^n; ,^. .... :* ;1.

*, ^" ', *-*-i" *-''- i (t' i i ;"
t^S~f^! ''I '-*E'.F3


N *


, ,- : '* --







'-g "i "!I'B M I w ...





. 0

lk i r..



4 the t

*...fmi's^ -: duap a uM

.,j- efht oInd me- g e
ential acars.

ftt t. to a.%o them step
NOe Vacation Dance h, w l u.V,

Sa2 Studoy Nig tn be aretf,
.4 .onnes t At Cstianeul Y ,sadolet s W

-. Noi latn.', a dance In as .a o whol"tothwe.
t Sh 8 'W '? ."* vaotlon, will be hold a t, 6 1 gh8 teM
the stob YMCA-UYa on "er wnu as)MR.

Soo n t t vi d en ai OerO do "a thae that PO
the ; -:. o .. Wf.O 1 on aS
-etW minted. on the dance floor with la b up and be themselves?
"., program Has -- Y3OD FORUU
alo n 'g w. h the music o0rthe Wrtho Carolln'oMeat Imok
___- a atlby t Je safd 6th Arm? Band. l____, ewwnslS, wbihmo
Sir father. *ofd. O At Clock ment In the teen, I and deep Within my aOul t had n esuc and hardwood
road. a FCln en- O 1% "ddThnio Ii fia memb er of the Colomblan Re

in e and u t- dren were fl s.rve A an volunteered for --
t the ..-.p Ae 8:45a Out r was W ttenmng to the Colombn Battalion, an sac-
V r Br tOA) p-oached. Fbrc In Korea The battaOn, -
S Cod taAe t e I n IP ,

S-. n 'i''Te of tpr i s b mcovery of the bfllon-dollar |
d Be4r r'a the ldiameond ng earsthube.
1* shak-deO at thl thGth, b wtrrwver, i n

- ,'
_ .', r


St .... y.. -

BED5 (.si (os)
frsees -... r...

Chrome 4Kas
sets wiS 4 ',

mO.W H U.l'
Ra Is ,

AND...F Lg

Mstd neswm with Mirr.......- m. .


W RU1S, WARGWOMES, ., tsk.
1 Automobile Rw TeL .40f

-..Q AM., w




Balboa Heights, C. Z.

June 9 to 20 9 11:30 Daily

A etaff of over 40 men and women to tmsh,
Six departments Boys a# girls, 4 to 17.
Hand work Bible Drill Character Storles,
, Singing Newspaper. iS e Stori., '
Everyone invited Free tra s -oraties


ad %,_. be
II Iem p T.due d i .n*... ft i i sin..

lao t.-I -a6 Li5 n-is aumio. b-e

'".-S SE 9V U -E S


~oo& mu~


Whoe you ey Ab



"5" Vlmdg

$21.50 %''.*
doM L'i

aw C am *
* Plays owems may r4i
o or phemegraw
* MoIstPr. o"e CusWu



m uw "UMII ZEDi

...A. "... i r"IcW


~- -VA

.1 '*'

ThI labut bride who want
of e of aroeely, as&iBeom
W-h= by r 2"e hamon
WmedAmem. air M. heavy

$84.5so -
ReHIT & wA alleI ha
eaK.dive at ftT
.0rp u ***m* e i a

m. weas in plws"n magp
.).PS ll V ft lmk

mu.. II .w

.- .


sm", 110i

ft .



)- .


T-.. -

.. ,-,

M 242, Gat.u, Ah (;.i,.. 472

today. Ve will spend the sum-
Mrwth asiwaI mlsn

Mrs. Edwin Penning of rort Gulick entertained Wednes- the Isthmus early in August.
day morning with a coffee party which was given as a Don
Voyae after Mrs. Ernest Beck. Mrs. Beek will leave the Isth- Canal mema Past Matrons
rns during the month and will make her home in Virginia. Ass elata b Gathering
The refreshment table was centered with a decorated The Stimp party which was
birthday cake lighted by candles in silver holders. A large being S O id by members of
S ship the "S.S. Beckle" formed a background decoration., the Canal Zone Past Matron's
The guests embroidered tea Fern Leaf Chapter Visited aociSt Bazos Brook Sa
towels during the morning social Royal Palm itelypdoastonned
hour. Each towel was embroid- The officers of Fern Leaf I -
ered with the name of the hon- Chapter No. 4. Order of the Duplneate, ide Winners
oree and the name of the indl- Eastern Star at Pedro Miguel, -Dui tet buge Wn" e were
vidual who embroidered the tow- were the guests of Royal Painm a qt br ge games w-re
el and was presented to Mrs Chapter No. 2. on Monday even-payed t the Margarita Club-
Mr.Ge MrshI at e oh used Morti ty evening andStMr
Beck InR. A covered dish dinner pre- h. ...ennadt
Those present included Mrs.'ceded the meeting which was following winners are announc-
William Bell Mrs. Geo. Marsh, held at the Cristobal Masonic Ha'rrth andso." '-tr.n
SMrs. Owen Tolbert, Mrs. John Temple. .Harry,2n fTe*At 9 A.Mrs GE Bn;
Byrd, Mrs. Michael Kinnick, Mrs. Aurelia Hadarits, Worthy (2nd)Stkrea-M hd Mrs. E. B.
Mrs. Orlan Clary, Mrs. William Matron and Mr. Ernest L. S16 d-i ikison; ?) ,Mr. Sidney
Graham, Mrs. Dominick Platt, cum, Worthy Patron, of Royal P .eD. n Geort ke MiGe
SMrs. Harry Copare, Mrs. David Palm presided at the business Sge. i *t- ( 1st) Mrs.
Wolfert. Mrs. Roy Smith, Mrs. meeting and the visitors gave the d M r t Del
Carl Hess and Mrs. David Har- initiatory degrees. Visiting offi- Mr. o. rea.on. (3rd)
shaw. cers included the Worthy Ma- Mrs. Rosemaryieardon; (3rd)
tron, Mrs. Betty Crawford; Wor- T -Ds. T D 8. Slne and Mr. B.
t Boyles Have "Open House" thy Patron, John Mullr; Asso- Talen
t to Compliment Daughter ciate Matron, Mrs. Melba Fox; Mr Ba'lei and lhtdre
t Mr. and Mrs. G. J. Boyle of Associate Patron, Harry Shan- Mrs. Bae and Children
Cristobal were hosts Monday non; Secretary. Mrs. Clara God- r Lers Today arfeld of Ga-
evening for an "at home" for- by; Treasurer, Mrs. Marie Mrs "ro L.. airfield of a -
lowing the graduation exercises Curles; Conductress, Mrs. Char- tun .withhe. s ildren Sara, Su-
a*t Cristobal High School. The lotte Dailey; Associate Conduc- san and ke .sa d this morn-
.larty was. given .for their tress, Mrs. Ann Eckhoff; Adah apbol t I.d. A ho lefy
daughter, Miss Jacqueline Boyle, Mrs. Frances Hammond; Ruth, wio wnBarfeld who leftvac
who was graduated with the Mrs. Marjorie Bain; Esther, Mrs. two weeks ao and who is vacM -
cass of 952. A large number of Etta Fay Terrell; Martha, Mrs. tioningIn the Catskill Moun-
riends and classmates called Vida Hatchett; Electa, Mrs. Ma- tal .; Th. li 'w mt to at
during the evening. ry K. Underwood; Chaplain, tenda tohe tine Convention
The adult guests who called Mrs. Betty Muller; Marshal, Mrs. tend t he -, C nveni
Included Mr. and Mrs. Carl Nix, Irene May; Warder, Mrs. Eliza- which I sbeingh "eld there lAter
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Nix, Mr. beth Stahler; Sentinel, M. this month.
and Mrs. Paul Beck. Mr. and Compton; Organist and soloist, -
Mrs. Leslie Croft, Sr., Miss Ada- Mrs. Georgia Howard. Mrs. Ella
mary Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. D. Lombrola and Nolan Bisell,lF M IlII Red
1I. Giyer, Mr. and 'Mrs. Ned Worthy Matron knd Worthy Pa- P n
Flechner of Balboa with their tro nof Orchid Chapter of Ba-
daughter Pint, Captain and Mrs. boa were among those present
William 8. Parsdins; Jack .LeWIs as was the Worthy Matron of ,
of Brooklyn. New York, Mr. and Coral Chapter at Gatun, Mrs.
Mrs. Thdmas F. McQInn, Mr. William Badders.
4 Buddy Clark. Mr. Soto, Mrs. Lee --
Kariger, Mrs. Milford K. Bailey Captain and Mrs. Noll NEW DELHI,'June 6 (USIS)-
%nd:Mrs. Mlo Kissaim. Entertain at Hotel Washington Extensive documentation shows
--Captain and Mrs. Robert Noll that the Soviet Union's grand
of Fort Gulick gave a dinner strategy teinded capture of In-.
party at the Hotel Washington dia, according to a member of6
Tuesday evening. Their guests the Indian.Parliament who once
.--. were Major and Mrs. Harry was a Captain In the Soviet Ar-
OGardner and Major and Mrs. my.
Byron King.
These popular couples will be In a .speech to Parliament
L. having for the States during the Tuesday, Dr. 8. .Simha, referred 1
month of June. Major Gardner to documentaiy evidence In
and Major King will both attend charging that the Cominform
school at Fort Knox. Kentucky also pla.;te tAt WaBrrections
before reporting to their new in every part of the 'country."
.stations. Amid attempts by Communists
In the Parliament to shout him
Miss Mary Ronayne down. Si lha pointed out that
Will Leave Saturday Indian Commiunists today are
Miss. Mary T. Ronayne of still controlled from Moscow and
SommersvaHle, Massachu s e t t a, are guilty of treason to India.
who has been the guest of her He urged India to build an up-
brother and sister-in-law Lt. to-date armored div lion to de-
( g) 'and Mrs. William D. Ro- fend Itself from attack both
mayhb, will leave the Isthmus by from without anh"w7M t
plane early Saturday morning. Dr. Sinha, who. L r studied
Miss Ronayne has visited here under the Russian 3wat wlaxim
for a month. Gorl, weknt to the Soviet Union
In 1936 and became an offlar
Miss Gallo Entertained in the Red Army. He returned to

Deep-sea denizens will be
robbed of their priv ay when
this Boodlighting device. con-
taining a ftlevisiaon oah"Me, is
lowered into the odean. Devel-
oped by the British Admirsaty
fnr a Cambridge. .ngland. fBrm,
it will be able to "see" under-
water marvels for Buitish. TV

MEMPHIS, Tenn., (UP). -
"Treas don't Jump out and hit
you." attorney William Cavett,
an attorney. said in protesting
a plan to remove trees from a

street as a safety proposal.
The. next, day Cavett was
charged with reckless driving.
Hlls automobile hit one of the
tree he sought to save.

Before Departure India when country was granted
Mrs. Wallace E. Rushing of Its independence and was at-
Gatun was hostess for a bon tached to the Indian Legation In
voyage dinner party Tuesday Switzerland. He returned to In-
evening. The party was given at dia last year.
the Cristobal Gun Club to -com- Among the documents he cited
pliment Miss Stella Gallo. mem- Was one of an agreement con-
ber of th faculty at the Gatun eluded between the UBSR and
Elementary School. Miss Gallo Nazi Germany before World War
sailed today aboard the Baker II. Sinha read the following ex-
Line "Tamesls" en route to her cerpt from it;
home at Modesto. California. "The Soviet Union 4"alares
Other guests Included Mrs Vos- that the center of gravity of Its
tal Morris. Miss Mildred Hotry territorial aspirations ,lies tin e
and Mrs. Herman Keepers, south of said territory ,o .the
South Union. in the direction of
Miss Honw to Leave by Plane the Indian Ocean."
Miss Mildred Houy of Gatun The Indian Communii t Party
will leave the Isthmus by plane is working under dtreet, (nstruc-
via Braniff Saturday morning, tions from the ComisnfoM., Dr.
Sh,? will spend the summer Sinha said.
months visiting at her home In Producing more documents
Fredericksburg, Texas. and plans and maps as evidenm ,, he said
to return to Gatun in the fall. the Communist Inuwetton In
Miss Bouy Is a popular member the Indian state of Hyderabad
of the teachihe staff at Gatun was planned by Communist lead-
Elementary School. ers in Prague, Leipzig mad Mls-
Mrs. Rushing Left Today In fact. he added, the Imnsu-
Mrs. Wallace E. Rushing of rectionists maintained "direct
Gatun, principal of G a tu n radio communication with their
School, left the Isthmus by plane headquarters in Central Surope."

t ro o

G Avo DEs.s h T s

mase k sim f pi s c.a &4*r
saW ad ma ohor -m.i Pw,
amfyueubh Awom 4m iwta
for M nr s so homji..Om
,m wYdsyou' sew be wi dwi*.
Ae y AVOSiT %ft Ora&d
far softa esg m %a


m -, ,. ...

^ .he pxta ea k w e Di *rlehiete kftS
Vlit i W.a _~4 star of 5M Sa ait S"Guyu abdS
tea s w ith Ann W .st- .,and authority
duce.If&t hw you. hew t heinumer In nf-la
ly* Voed fashionn. WO UHefitb book, "Redu'SW
IVee 5sk publishedd y lfrd tk, In.), givei6 Mf
tls 8W Veelpes and *tsheuts for mit-watehers.

* .. .. .. ,1;
;-- ",.

*' :!

WrittUm e r NBA Setylee
Who a you can't plthturl your own hair? I've dong nine
for yeaa, ~td I promise you that with a little practice An
patience you will be able tos matea the technique of hair settlto.
And thinking of new and letter ways to wear your halt will
definitely lift your moral tituring the days of diet.
h the days when my thi~bs used to get in the way of the
hair pins. I decided to wsaeh the protesalonal beautician. I be-
gan to see %fat each stra of hair she worked with was never
wider than oef-half inch. A held the strand straight out from
my head..and th6n begat winding from the tip end in. When
she was all through, the Cuar was tight and compact, with no
loose bhirs sticking out.
The way you roll your p~ncutls determines the direction of
your wave, too. If you wanrt your hair up and off the face, wind
the curia away from your forehead. Just the opposite is true, if
you would like your hair to frame your face. '
I've expei'lMented with many different kinds of hair pint
and clips, and find I get the best results by first placing a hair-
pin throUtgh the curl for anchorage, and then using a plastic
If your hair is inclined to be unruly, or too thin and wispy,
you might find it helpful to use a hair set before you begin pin-
curling. Moisten each strand of hair as you get to it.
Of course, You can't except to solve all your hair-styling
problems with a well-placed pincurl. Make it a habit to visit
your hairdresser regularly for shaping and styling. Hair that is
allowed to grow haphazardly can't help but look Just that way.
When you remove the pins and clips from your hair, be care-
ful not to break the hair endb. Blip each clip away from the
hair gently.
Brush your hair to your heart's delight (don't be afraid
you'll brush out the waves), and arrange the curls and waves.
On windy or moist days, you can help keep them in place by
spraying a liquid hairnet over them.
Don't be discouraged if your hair doesn't seem to cooperate
in the beginning. With perseverance, you'll be doing a pro-
fessional set with the greatest of ease.

Before Breakfast: Juice of V. Lemon in small
Stewed Dried Apricots
(5 halves, no sugar)
One Egg
(soft-cooked or poached)
Two Rye Crackers
(l/sx3% inches)
Cottage Cheese
t tablbapoon)
Coffee or Tea
Skim Milk
(1 cup)

glass of hot water.

' I t

Tomato Julce Cocktail
I"a cup)
One Saltine Cracker (2 inches
One Frankfurter
Steamed Sauerkraut (1 cup)
(/ medium, 5 Inches diam.)
kin Milk (1 cup)
Coffee or Tea

Clear Consomme (1 cup)
Boiled Tongue
(8 alices, 3x2x% 'nches)
Two Broiled Bluefish (Steaks.
(3x234xl inches)
Broiled Tomates (2 halves)
Baked or Boiled Potato
(' medium. 3% inches long)
Rtd or Green Apple (1 small,
Coffee or Tea Skim Milk (1 cup)
Sometime D.ring Day: 1 teaspoon cod-liver oil (or capsule
equivalent) with one (2'2,x1% inches) Whole Wheat Cracker.

Platter Fm.s. You'll Welcome Our


F M aslittleas 00 or 2 00 We ly

ToN Gan be the proud owner of the late "hits"....
or what ever type o0 mumic you ufow moati

N l. 1IJi oIe sOe a
(Tlv u Cosaftg)

Cyrms Shop
NoB UlB AvAe
(Acron 6 MMa Playhsed)

A MA w24. ZLe- sr

f-MMS 0^-jt

~' ii,.. '~

how ft can be ad
conditioB, ,

Ferry Operttots
To Be Suspended
Next Tuesday Ne
Perry oppratlons 101 'be usuit.
pended froi 8 p. .r TUsg.
day night untiU 5, lowt
morning, June 11, uring re
pairs to theast alde y rath.
The iast trips of-the berries
on T7eadfly night will be at V
p. iM., TOI the east and west
aid. The-first trip on Wednea-
day morthig will be from the
east side at 5 o'clock.




Tras-hiM b Highway ...


In V titmse 8 w, tddoIm laJdce
of gareb h vegetablne-;net just
on& That' why V- has Ifyfrv e
and whol4ome gwdM no in
jui can match. Each Juic, adds i J
vwn tespltng favor plus vitamoni
A, A, C-calciua and itb. Yur'
family wiIfobve V-O.8Oitte. ...
Ewny lM :V4b.. e'ddhabir, -u d.
TomewM WCMy 0.eMs M0 co -Ps, t

.' & B



,* -- A* 'i *.*.
and d n o. h-t fhp
ofending undegaim udam utoij~qo estuia uu.

40 Od wa &1 4 sad y "

gtity ewea ,a openja. "-
No d odoaa cru"m iso ,hu a tB,

L 0 No. edBm nt cem Is ade.... a
4A.pO,RM. am .e
-f.ifH^Mu S. o f &
_- Loi~~

11. ... ... :..g, *..

I -PW iN ~
*. r -' ." -
: .. .. ... /



WP' %

..".i '

ac Society ****











ShavngMug After Shave

Men's Set
$I Set Atrrer Shave LutKon,
'fa r Shar Talcum

5'/- 1

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nmo mr I

, f '. .ca, r-"S.




, ,'._. T .. :



- i f ? 4
dedh~lmats* wii'i i tt

SUP *YWtPW 5 -
~ aL.

... ...... ...... .r .. .

*. ... "e 1. is P *

... .. .. I ...
^^Bt i^^H^ iv o ie o|g He ~. ~ mo
A<* ( .1 .. -'* _...M .

c /sa t

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i .

,,.blO I
S:batH..u ".

it, thA I MU.






*.- 4."
T" :., ". 1 .


Ti up'too much of a
time. It la only natural
tofain yommto rs#fa he pe.
n wlo dematde more of your
aw n ywo are wflinato give

Anl yM wortedl ia fght?
LauMih tt off. '.
An you c& ott yoer right?

-X U ;- '

-*1 I

.' ,

s Klngdo Via Contlastl Ports
M iTBI NU S 1i98

*2, I. L 1JII| 170
r Passapge Apply to

Pa* t qrtu Bldg. Masonic Temple
. 3Bhot flsM CrlsbtflUm
.. i





- ab


Accepting pasengen for

Sailing Junl 0th
(De-luxe suites and siIe eabins available)
Tel.: Clfstobal 171 Balboa 1065
..,-- "*J ,

E l - - - -- --

- I,

1. 4 .


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*u- wh mis '- .*'-B
---V -' w iet U it Ii
BJ f^ Boom Ir a*

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. *-0-0 W -4-

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W eil l lam ave for Cot.

b Unibd Staue.&

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.- .... -. ;* .:, .
":' Mu... .; At' ^r
...^ -... -. ,^r flA i ^ :

u-~r nil,


rt4 Lewis
,wmae hM vitob
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. k, r

-- FmIM --
- usess sMett -,

Jlaiffjt MA,~


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,K --.


Saves, Tigc

Dodgers Wi

Indians .Reg

the Cardinals 8-3 at St.
f hoped the Athletics 12
only i ajor League after
the Dodgers forged there
S g es ahead of the Giants in th
r NtIonal League as the Brook
lynites blanked the Pirates 2-0
a the Giants bowed to the
Ss 3-1. The Cubs moved to
Shin one-and-one-half 'game,
oflthe Giants.
!The Dodger cause was helped
by reokle pitcher Ben Wade, who
marked up his fifth victory while
,: .!Ielding only five hits and strik-
out six. ,
'The Dodgers collected 14 walks
gid made the most of six hits
arl Furillo singled home the
wthning run off rookie Ron Kline
IU. the seventh and Gil Hodges
iubled in the insurance rally
,.the ninth.
'ul Minner pitched a seven-
M6ter for the first victory of his
AtIeer after seven straight losses
t the Giants. It was Minner's
fifth win aga ist one defeat.

La Boca Senior

Softball League

TEAM- Won Lost Pet.
Qiftica Sesa. .. 5 4 $a
bo.4 ..... .8
'Vur Cola. ... ....3 2 Aft
Agenca Lam .... 2 4 .M8X
Claudlo Cedefio. .. 2 5 .286
"I1peeal Troops.. .. 1 4 .BM

'Saturday (4:30 p.m.)-Balboa
V Spnr Cola.
Monday-Optica Ssa vs. Bsl-
Tuesday-Special Troops vs.
.S ur Cola.
oednenday Claudio Cedefio
n: optia sosa.
': 'Although limited by J. Sobies-
tre to three hits, Balboa eked out
2-1 vle.ory over Claudio Cede-
o behind the five-it playitching

hawks had six .. .. wings of
of total blackout. With a 1-0
lead. Clauolo Cedefio dumped
the game in the fifth frame
when thr infield decided to play

ie box xOre:
ner. .. .. 3 0 0
es, c .......... 0 0
e ii 3 0 1 .. 3 0 0
,l ..r, c .........3 0 0
if 0 0 1
niu'ler 2b........ 3 0 0
e, rf ..... 2 1 I
........a. .. .. .... 25 2 3
iaudlo Cedefto- AB R H
l cott, Ib ......... 4 0 1
Parri. c ... .. .... 3 1
eld,2b .. ...... .. 3 0 1
rkin, as .... .. 2 0 1
aR l, rf .. .. 3 0 0
? rellUb ...........2 0 0
..Lynch If ........ 3 0 0
i nmall, 'f ......... 3 0 2
oblestre. p ........ 2 0 0
S r we .......... .. 1 0 0
l& ais ............ 26 1 5
Score By aaminp
SClaudio Cedefto 100 000 0-1-
,, 000 020 0-2
W: m

A .

-T 'w
r *&?

0- -- .

den NL Lead; Races

ain AL Roost Tomorrow.

6.-The Braves thumped 'l .- d
Louis and the Tigers wal- M t a u
.2 at Philadelphia in the 2-ta a v. Bu as lo
r dark contests last night. --Tap fr A. 126
e Giants' catcher Wes Westrum 85"-a_ fR.! uerr 1 O
e ruined Minner's shutout with a -i ern 10"IXz St
- homer. Eddie Miksis hit a two-
0 run Cub homer d I~ -- ,
el In the only other Natjonal Lea-
o'eue game, the Reds again topped ro:e DoC ble 11
s the Phillies 5-3. 1- emno) V. Ordolles 118
J In the American League, the, 2 -- S)e R. e S yews
I n d I a n s again regained first' &--T-J ) &. Aiu--e I0
,olace from the Red Box by shut- -" ,'
*ting them out E-0 on Early IdJM V. VA to.
Wynn's four-hitter as the Yan- _1 ?> Phil is 112
kees made it three in a row over ---VTl A f Irique 11 ..
s the White Box 8-4. -_v_ weW A. hrique lllx Ib t 1
SM, Ban. 1rto -'1Imapted-4% p4 1g 4 w
GUN CLUB 'Pa :5.0*- ,,"'Cloe,., Exhibition
NOTES -ulI to V. Rdrigue ax x i
7^ IOTES2-Troca A. Mena 115 A
,- V. Ordofite 115 AtPK fic
4_ ..a-o E. JuliAn 115
Perhaps due to the accelerated 5--Englad V. Castillo 115
;"terest in rifle shooting in anti- 6-8alcedo J. Phillips 115 TablermWa Antha
nation of next Rsturdav anld treated meantesa
.:nday events, there was a slight tr lesnt te "a
ackenin. of Interest in Sun- 4th Race '1-2' Imported-4% Fg. when the Albrook air
day's National Match at Far Fann Pare: *$75.01 Pool Closes 2:20 the Is Club were e
As anticipated, brother Rosa Quinielsa n an t t Peite
was right out among them Aasin. I-Lacrdco) H. VAsquez 112 ho at
taking thira place while Mike 2-. Chta) O. Castillo 118 D* 6W heavy rainfall.I a e
Wolchick and Sturdv Todd. two i3-_Jelfe e J. Rodriguz 116 u the mny pesy
veteran tlDtoleers took first and lr "V. Odi14 nott a ad:as aeUa rs
second. reavectIvely, in the scor-5--Cam Iaro J. Avila 120 was a9 therin in &tft
ing. Total scores were as fol- 6_ O"gb 0.Bravo 111 ance. er. did
lows Possible 7--ovelera V. Ortega 116 ent from the
M. Wolchick 265 300 Sth one C fiort ed-1 Mi le elders. players rell
pore.... 1.i s I *W reP.ak ^
S. Todd .........265 Pa:s Pool Closes 2:55s .
H. Ross .... .... 262 1-RodtMaster 0. Alfato 123 xiS
V. Brisson...... 262 2- athlin Ight 0. Bravo 11. le e f t
W.Lucas .... ..252-atn 2r-v Iat i 0. Brfavo hth
X--.eduBno B.Agulrrell-,8i0t
Crpt. Kennedy 248 4-Nptble) A. aAn 114o rA
achel Mllar .. 247 5-endftw) A. Mena 116 Clras Ikm W, Al
P. Anderson .. .. 243 singles _amp, ,H~l
L.Ryan ...... 238 uncanny style In r
A. Turner .... .. 2S4 th .Race Imed-, Fr really powerful smashes ond
C. Freer........232 Purse: 375.00---Pl Closes i5 opponent. Bartholomew e
nmmlins...... 229 First of the Double ented with several types of
K. Millard ...... 211 1-Porter's St-V. Ordofez 120 in am effort to overcome Itra
M. MUillad....... 202 2-Mosqueto 3t. V&aquez 110 stubborMd.WeMse.
Awards were based on the Lew- 3--aneDeourt G. 08nehez 115 Airman Donald Kissalng anI
io system to encourage 4-High Mount K, Flores 112 Wesley Jones, In strictly an ot-
patton by beginners, first, Unth 5-Levaura A. Unrlque 103x pensive 'aif, fedeacl other with
and ninth places dividing the 6-Vermont S. Garcia 107x crowd-ptmi g smashes during
loot. their match. Sam Mathis, ambf-
Balboa Gun Club members 7th Race Imported Fp. dextrous Aro ook player, and Ra-
please take note that a 45 Call- Purse: 150." Pool Closes 4:05 fael Armand also unfolded .ev-
.ber match will be held on June 6eco4d Race of the Doble eral thrilling plays. Maths'
29 with the .odman Marines- l-Pet:t Pois V. OroMez 108 switch of the racquet to his left
more ab.ut this later. 2-R. Alligator G. 8nchez 119 hand to ~mash was really a per-
el.-- .3-- 8-. rOh. R. 'ue m110 feet piece opreeMton work and
PV? FHa.. L L .- A-rnU p. Ah 114 was onstuz i admired by the
o .. 6-WlU--, ---. speitators.
D n .. ..... ..2.0'-.r. A r~r of na xher matches were
--- .a se ro Vp equally reieel w i t h powerful
rolered a surprise 72-51 vie Q w. plays. These otr matches fa-
tory over Fasron 105 In a Cris-. -D.D.T. hIMfS 117 turned; Richard tarnley Al-
tobal YMCA-USO Warm-Up Bas- 2--Prestiglo V. 0 brook vs. Pabln Valentine -
Getball League game. The vic- 3-Cra6leg Song K. Flores ill Isthmlan Club: Mike Sabal Al-
tory ena-bledthe 'Triple A's to 4--Calledear U. Motreno 112 brook vs. Edwin Letendre -
climb to their place t th -NiJay Jos dr t15 sthmlan Club; ul ikon -
their opponents. The Al o AecreV ,a. CS0 110 Albrook vs. WI. G..Hill -
shootn of Gonales and Tch- nc SNhe 109 Isthmian Club; Arthur Stone -
uk combined with theU tuet 8-Batt. Cloud B. Agirr 110 Albrook Vs. George Grannum
shots of Smith under the basket Isthmlan Chlub: 1 McVes --
,,-'e+ thn usually aggressive eas- 99th e q-e.' 1 2mpte.-4 F. Albrook --V. VSItla Bynoe -
ron team.ur. se:" sJ75.00 -1WoMl.m : Isthmlan C.l.b.
rasron-105- I B IT Ttl. One-Two Arthur Joseph, camplon of the
Nestle ........ 3 1 7 1--Betunn A lr kiue 118x Isthmian Chib, wa featured In
Raskell....... .. 2-G.- Tri'umph) V. I -111" a special exhIblBIii watch with
Paradise .. .. .. 4 11 3-Breeze Buund B. 14 Mr. Slater of Balol. former Iowa
SoderUn ......3 0 6 4-Ouraca V. l ils State College ehamao.
Dalton ... ....2 0 5--Interiude GO. 114 A return. ehibition between
Stemplen .. .... 0 1 1 6-Aletandro I these clubs Is eapeted shortly.
Swift ........ 0 7--Hechizo, V. 1 W l4 --r-e- L--
Resigno..... .. 5 1 --Trafalgar) JL ufi ld'i
Richardson..... 1 0 2 *-Migo 130s' JUaP ;'TC Tps
Totals.........21 9 '1 19th Race "C" N6a4ft P A1
764th AAA Sm. B Fl TM i -ijagual V. Z= li 1-Manoe lt' Puts
Cherry.. .. .. .. 2 2--Golden Tip X1 iallf Ki' --Juan a lDoulne (e)
Gonzales..... 6 1 a--Golden Tap A I.V. a -Ea da meTJo rU
Marin ..... 1 4-Eloima B, lite0 4--Cantaollmut Chmaa
Marchand...... 1 5 a ed1uino
Woods .......1 0 2 lth Race e7-2' tW- -fl, gh MMt e'16. te S,
Tischuk .... ..6 4 mPurse: W 7-4o1" fl Ait.r
Downard .. ....5 1 1 I-Cosa Linda A. f Ila a-BRttiln l-tagO8 Cf
T o t 2-La Snerte 0. 1iv -9-Bsaelhw*s, Alejandro
Totals ....... 2a7 1W o e-Brochaeto B. Wa D A l--Golafto e litoM
Referees: Tom and Woodcock. 4--Strike Two BV a ntm 11 lle-Brcbattte C Liand

o, .

dle and Ifhis

t.eam as
seriously for the w
rand is a very g0 tha
S nij will find newspaper
L o U erenz a little trouble
a few holes but should
0 y about 4 holes.

improving will be able t
Gene and with the or there
The Isthrictly a toss-u J i
,pon Jackie lammond wil
t on another Junior frold
a, Jeff Goodin. and I air
* Jackie has it. Al asrssoen
" tenla winner last year wil hi
have to make his watch last a
ear longerovwhile Bill Le able run
eis Sights on the beautiful 11
ven to the winner this year. Bill
detinitely one of the threats
t the tournament and It will
atakJ a good man to keep hin
the finals.

Their match Last week uil
t Mrs. Cherry and this week
haveMorris going to do his bewatch last
keep it In the family. nd he
hod be able to take Bus year. Bth
last couple of holes. f the younthreat
Sherry, Albert. wl not have it
easy against Bill Ifalvosa if
ao his game. Albertep has

een playing almost every day
his scores show he will be
erry have a family fued going

Sthe in a match play torna- week B
aent. One bad hole each round
e or hiss going to do high and
angou be abe to take Bus Trim-Joeln th
ast cohe are of holard es. The younger
so ICherry, will leave those two to luckit
BAo endsy Hagainstkle and Phil Whalvoa tney
Io extra holes with the Albest hasput-

enr playwinning almost every day
Gordon Dalton's piece about
dthe poorhi sportsmanship sow he will be at
Yummit In last years tourna-

meeps hs handicap higt a stir
aonge rous. The Trim-Joef
mitches are hard ones to pice
Pic h Bateder upseting Nellie
o I will the cua ons two to lucke
Saccordndy Hineg to Gnd Ph untrue n
th be 15th hole and secondly it
ty good sized one. And with the-
Goprizes being beautiful Juvenlaece about
wathe poor sportsmanship show at Sum-

Summit. An besides yewho wants thisourna-
toament has caused up like lastir
among the men members of Sum-

art. His tournatement about Gene
ocwith foud r women in Nellie
sem-f, accordinas. After all thrueis
two respects: Frt of all it w
the 15th hole and secondly It

was not a smarl snake but a pre t-
y good ize one. And with theaso
watches any thing gofie Bat Sum-
mit. Anldm besides who wants this-
tobe ament to end up like last :0.
yIt Irs upernatve that B allzo
Brook with four women ness ithes-
senm-fnal. After on t this Is a
Lmeo Meeting Set

nmetb* 1







4 u.

oa ,6 a

CPicag 0r1000

Koie lo (2-3) ad Wt;
Mnew York(-l and Pre-a.
Chicwo 010 00 Sx--" 1
Koso (2-S) aI SW"alt;
Minner (6-1) and Prvego

I Philadelphia a100020 000- 1
Cincinnati 221 0000 11
SDrews (2-5), ee,
I HetnteIthIAn, Konstanty iL
pata; Perkowski (5-2) a
a (Night Game)
; toston .. .... .... ....
i St. Louis ............ r

SAmerican League

TEA&t- Won Lost t.
SCleveld .. .... 27 19 ,7 T
SBoton .. .... .. 25 19 .9 the
New Tork ...... 22 17 .i4 m,
Washmftton. .... 23 1 .548
S .... .. 22 4 .478,b
hielpha .... 18 0 A4 74
!St. Louis 21 25 .47 8u
Detroit ........ 14 the
"eaPo at WaiinRton (N). bal
C leveland at ihiladelhial (N) Sgg
Detroit at Boton (N). to
St. Louis at New York. -

(Night Game) l
Detroit 002 505 000-12 14 2
Phil'delphi&000.001001--2 5 2 1
SStuart (2-2) and Oinbergi:;
RHope Or -41, Kueabtwer
Dropo. a
Chicao Olo00 000-4 1' -
New York 030a030 o00Xo I
SheWelyB Sam (5-2) and Berrm.
Cleveland 000 100 202-8 11
Boston 000000 000-0 4
Wynn (6-4) and Hean: Kin
der (4-3, Gumpert and White.
(Onidl Games Scheduled.)

Ref's Oration
Quieted Cage Fans
KANSAS CITY, Mo., June 9
(NA)- rmer major league
umpire ntie ley who shift-
ed hi soffiotat to the basket-
ball court dtfrkg the winter, had
one pet wiy of queuing partisan
One, f t wbe the fans Rot
out of and, lIm e blew his whis-
tle and W I R hand. But In-
stead of B -nia teft al foul,
he turned to bstads and o&a--
"Ladles and eA- lefin. I do
not expect d% W _uaWpI with aUll
my decastn;,bufttdI Mqiect You
to treat 'your a i1 s
guests. Thank .=u.""
The crowd beave wonder-
fully after that. -_-


Ot -1s Vileds h

.M Of

SttIM.were tO ',

ly ft t' t ie & sB it t. i .I -..I ,--
ied that the ]to t -A
Balbas cmu 0 be
nosgble to- t In tmMeta.

brfa ovr thir .. *.>>. ".~g* I~5 'I


ist, 2nd 6th, 7th RACES For the couveaence of
,- our patroms we are noO
N Ei TWO operaattng bah at the
3r and 9t RACES "SAVOY A


5th oce

"B & C" Importeds

Purse: $750.00

1 ROADMASTER------G. Alfro (1) 123

2 RATHLIN LIGHT ---0. Bravo (2) 110

3 DUINO-------........... Agai (3) 118

4 (NOTAILE---------A. kus"n (4) 114





1 Mifk

'-V I.

D" :~

~ .
S *..S P 5 0 U
I ~ d .su*


1 Mile

'* L '

H 2x
- us
. 112

l l--.". ._ -., A' ""-.

r' ,:-'.




*I 4th and 8th RACES

Pool Owesm: 2:55 p.m.

___A ____ Tt ActR r oCE


SRace "A" porteds 1 Mile 7th Roce
Panre: $1,000.00 Pea* oGsem: 2:55 p.m. Pamsea- 600.00
1 KEYHAVEN ......--- ..----------... J. iiips HI ( NADOR .
., (,II IDO Rl

2 PINARD ............ M.Ab 1A1 0 .p

3 DICTADOR ......1.....| j .4 U.
"" -- t '?--,-- I ,

4 4EWMINSTE' ...-.... l.- 7 t *WM kt*

.:: -I




.UZ--- AM (5) 14

is, r- -.


is- r7

1- .... s;-
C t ., ,,- C;
$- ".4 .. -o' B

17* p.,' "Nwtf yJal^fc j~
p aJ; 11h~hl



_ .

woo uV -.

..- !..-. -. -. -z- -: .;---: .
'" ,;. ._ .^ -. .I -.. 'M. : -





* wkg -



late r t st

S g. .on h.. R eo Stv.". nhz
Sk",. the Mceord Striht

had sndifi
M luWN

F Al

I & HUtt

%aft @AmThe
.. aa ,flo
t> ^^Mteo uzot

ti feW t r hiitsuuit x fook the Aafoo p

1 'Big0 League ibs ROw Patched,
of&J s ms.. U3 IL f th -
-Ursra Not Put Together, Says Honuby .
115, ,a.e
Iee& Cddy of the lkit 0,

SaT '.,.. ,i 3a. l ,

-..n P1o"n Th o. afteno iS 0 O t
Ai -Jar "a I a a ie d a '

_t. Wtoir t hU4. W. -LT .t ,S .-rr is SS
, 2 ^ S .. ^t .bt. s ... .... ... .
oke. A n u to me on mut s y ca .
St hano wArM ot o .a
O t U weo da y You asd -t aouhd. E. 2 I. i ui w
llwa yiS f t e ,.0s'h.-r... ". o It'a m"I rL
day as. ". U t ime aPlay e Mdntha ts t o ton.J tzdoity, ~p. W f!mIrim
ulstfortit IRA.fie lrrcawtior fM- ifte tvery pyt... SNT W
iey t n thini but the ust rrrw 1t- Ib

E&rs" to better ..ta..O

J/An ama


--I .. f O --


* su
In the a


weit butot )%

. .





.... r...LI
HT -r~tEQ~l

- p..
on... *. C

AdffReO Sie f
'Red. S

  • - .i. .
    7 na# m -kft



    . n ,f-t.'...

    i Lto0 u

    MIA-LO HTS. .S'0
    so a 11 "Lonb
    * p -a. aW

    .cocou gaap..g
    is!, *. swag
    -*-- MIGUEL '
    + pmas* kit~
    ABOA *

    ICfLIA 1ffA41W

    - -I-
    NTA -iS


    U Ja lin-Ia

    S.., F

    . !!-

    asl-XM l't






    awe -. pm ON"





    DM O
    0" of,
    I le cI
    keoft h


    Smmer Courses

    ,fr Teachers

    tart Monday

    Pan trud
    Ptes b S a n l & &A *_. s.1 F* .s. k a-

    S_.. f a. .

    summer institutes for teach- P, "r peop, eKnUw ee riwn mrt. heW owe uWry U eJ t S WAD Uam Lincoln.
    tr in the Canal Zone colored -
    wbools will start Monday with rWENTT-SEVENTH YEAR PANAMA, R. P., FRIDAY. IUt15 1952 FIVE CENTS
    I1 teachers attending. The
    JltM'W"r institutes, which are be-
    dheld at the La Boca and Sil- *

    e t ncoura See Strike Layoffs Spread
    I0srIi. wI I close July S. Sum-
    ,;sessions of this sort have
    been held since 1945.
    in Scotyea two new courses are
    clurid training In Boy and L i

    tonal Bo'nv Scouts. He had Lr ai
    special training in Scouting Ad- PITTSBURGH, June 6 (UP)- announced it would furlough steel industry were forced to house Steel association said ex-
    lnbstration at the Schiff Scout While CIO steelworkers watched 8000 men throughout its system. shut down completely. Listing steel stocks were over 437,-
    vation in Menham, New television in their picket shelters Other railroad companies are When the sprawling Oteat 000 tons below normal.
    wetoy. at some steel making centers to- planning similar moves. Northern docks at Superior, Wir- Manufacturers bel'.'ve there
    trs. Alda G. Hutchinson. who day, the five day old steel strike consin, are forced to close, 1906 are stocks enough to last from 30
    lixecutive of the International spread like creeping paralysis In United States coal mines workers will join the 600 ver to 60 days.
    &W Scouts in the Canal Zone, through the United States rail- 40,00 workers were above boat met'already given ind e -
    W teach "Youth Leadership, road, mining and shipping in- ground. most of them in west- lie layoffs, eW.. "..!Ul.g
    O6rl Scouts." She took her basic dustrles .ern Peannylvania and West
    and advanced rgoup leadership By early next week, unless Virginia. Meanwhile, In the steel indus- w Buildings
    c~irses at the Edith Mary Washington negotiators can At least 12 independent coal try itself, an assistant to the u
    Training School in Pleasantville, reach some sort of a settle- operators supplying tle basic president of the American Wane-.Al OH Corozal
    N.Y. and recently attended the meant, 100,000 workers may be .. H O F

    iibia In addition to the 450,000 CIO
    The courses which will be of- United Steelworkers automati-
    1ed at the summer institute call idled by union president In reply to questions today, a
    and the instructors are: Work- Philip Murray's strike decision, Caribbean Command spokesman
    sbOp in Industrial Arts, Carroal thousands of railroaders have told The Panamia American that
    P. Anderson, shop teacher at already been furloughed, with mapy months will elapse before
    as aHihg School; Workshop more scheduled to be laid off to- Construction work actually starts
    tdftniclal Science, Charles JR. day. on the new $310,000 headquarters
    Bowen, member of the faculty of The- Pennsylvania Railroad, building planned for the post of
    geb Canal Zone Junior College; which laid off 9000 workers yes- Quarry Heights.
    conducting Choral Groups, Emi- terday due to the strike, has An Army spokesman confirnr- 1 i
    liButcher. supervisor of music more layoffs scheduled. e d the same fact for the $1,800,-
    S e colored schools; Science The New York Central today eplac e obsolettype structures at
    Akgrounds Kenneth Vinton, place obsolete structures at
    he Cana Zone. Junior Col- Approzal early this week by .
    ; Phonics in the reading pro- the House Armed Services Corn- t
    ghari, ladys Elins, supervisor ttee of appropriations to cover
    e strton In the Canal Zone he cost is only one of the manyI
    entry schools; c tsEam Co ld steps necessary before the first t
    a th derYhip, Boy Scohts Livel of earth is turned for the
    RrOeorge; Youth Leadership, .w structures.
    S, rs. Hutchlnsou; u When the items come before m
    V oin Spanish, taer at e Hotuse, there is a possibility a
    j' High School; Testing ROME, June 6 (UP)- Italian don before the Defense Bill be pared
    stw. sts o Mower, housewives began cooking with cowneselaw. areD ben me
    Car's l Education Teacher for everything but _gasttoday aseTho ghe ffo
    t ,,. XSchoos Dv ion; Workshop ethoathd 15,0Ita 'workers to push the measure, a mopth or-S
    ,ubert Turbyfill, of throughout Italy went on a Wnore may elapse before the tnal
    College strike fur four days demanding botee ot f
    paani snior p raes andCotherobnefYOs. inOgitress.
    Workshop in Mathema- a etrike wich beganat Appropriatitenas for the head-
    e14d VafR, o ts Cris- midnight wa, called by both .... quarters building were requested
    HNigh School faculty; Art in Communist and non-Communist on the basis of needs etimated a
    eIlementary Vhools, Mrs. union following the collapse of (NEK ephot) on square-footage basis. The f
    Karch, supervisor of art i last minute company and union TRIKER'S HOMEWORK Idled by tle- n at lideeot amount approved by the comr
    lermntary schools and Mrs. negotiations at the Ministry in strike, this fnildentiled steelworker uses his free *. to mow. mutee was less than mha nd ee
    McDermitt of Gatun. Rome. e'the lawn as a. group of strikers watch frO Tt t h a asoh y aus the Comma.nd does not .
    By.. v midday, when ahetti.thlehaw a a uotrike* wt fom in

    Judges' Bench

    Panamanian driver who
    ihed his bus into a Diablo
    id, railroad crossing was fined
    this morning in Balboa Ma-
    rate's Court. There was only

    noodles and other tradillonal
    noon-time dishes should have
    been cooking, the ga In Rome,
    Milan, Naples and elsewhere was
    down 'to a whisper, and house-
    wives were making the best of it
    with charcoal stoves or electric
    Bologna. Salerno and a few
    other cities were more fortunate.
    Strictly local arrangements there
    kept the gas going. But else-
    where, bpth in private and'musl-
    pinallv owned plants, the work-

    Philip Murray after the Supreme Court decietlat govern-
    ment seizure of the steel mills was uncofistitutional.

    See Or Not TV,


    That Is The Question

    _ht damage done to the bus ers went out. WASHINGTON, June 6 (VP) they get, and how high are they
    t Henry Elisha Edwards, 40, -Rep. E..C. Gathings (D-Ark.) now?" he asked.
    driving., and there were no .n told a congressional committee Gathings hedged. Mixing his
    monal injuries, SiOUX Indian today there are too many "lewd anatomical measuring points
    Awards was charged with ull- and obscene" shows on television somewhat, he .said "the waist
    Into the road before failing War rarty and then staged an impromptu line now Is a ltUI higher." As
    2mtisfy himself that such "hootchy-kootchy to demon- to how high It should go, he
    rement could be made with JoinS Marines state his point., aid "reasonableness"should be
    Sty. The usually-solemn Gathings the guide.
    r alinvg to appear in court SIOUX CITY, I. D., June 6- Pt on his laugh-etching per- "It's hard to say just where
    wer petty larceny charge, Masler Sergeant Robert M. ordnance before a startled ..."Gathings began as Chair-
    d r bail todav na e defend Turnbull recruited an Indian House Commerce Subcommittee man Oren Harris (D-Ark.) rap-
    Rosa de Yea h wds found war party that will do its fight- considering his resolution aim- ped for order among the titter-
    of stealing a jar of bril- ing for the Marines. Thirty-one. ed at finding out whether con- ing spectators.
    e worth 55 cents, frm Sioux Indians from the fte gressional action is necessary to
    Ancn Commissary Ridge and Rosebud reservations, clean up radio and TV r*- Chenewoth said be welcomed
    o loiterers were each fined in South Dakota, have swapped grams. the Gathings investigation be-
    this morning. They were traditional war paint aSid The Arkansas Democrat sai cause "morals are at an all-time
    tmanians Jacinto Chac6n, 17 breech cloths for Marine greens. he abhored the Idea of ewagr- tow In this country." He asked
    Carlo.s unique Alvarado 20 sahip and conceded that tele- Gathings if he ever had been
    were bot found under Recruited as an all-Sin lx vision necklines are higher "Ombarrrassed' sitting at home
    ters 9825, Plank Street In platoon by Sgt. Turnbull in since the industry adopted its ith his family and watching
    Rapid City, the braves were so-called "purity code." But he television.
    Tr carrying too many pas- treated to a three-day farewell said Congress should see that At this point, Gathings de-
    tr in his bun, Gladstone ceremony on the reservations they don't slip down again. scrtbed what he called an "ob-
    ndor Stewart, 48. Barba- before they left. Buffalo feasts Rep. Arthur G. Klein (D- scene and lewd" act on a show
    ,was fined $5. and Indian rituals conducted N.Y.) observed dryly t h a t known as "Yon Asked For It."
    id another bus driver, Syd- by tribal chiefs in full regalia oue members who are e- He said his children were watch-
    Thomas Simmons, 21, Pan- launched the war party. barrassed by what Ut see ing and "I couldn't get it turned
    dun. who had no driver's None of the Sioutx would en- television have oagqptely off to save my life."
    mae, was fined $10. list alone, so Bgt. Turnbull per- overlooked the best soeltlem- He said there was a grass-
    suaded them to enlist together. "Turn the dawn tbla off." skirted young woman and a
    BI 01 a CThe roster in part. Includes Gathings said Klein bad a thinly-clad young man dancing
    Lloyd P. Walking Eagle, Wood- point, but that it is no more of the hootchy-kootchv and shak-
    row George Respect Nothing, a solution than telling people In the ahimmy together.
    ISaOJ Tw Adam Makes Room for Them not to buy a TV set. ,It ended up with the young
    and Them and Leroy M. KICis Rep. J. Edgar Chenoweth (R- lady shimmying all the way
    Enemy. Colo.P, who admitted he doesn't back to the floor, landing on
    S| --- --- see much TV, requested more her hands behind her, with the
    information on the plunging young man standing close by,"
    FOOD FOR YOUNG necklines. "Just how low did he reported.
    OINGTON. June 6 (UP- I Burying eeties derive their Gathis raised HM arm
    S or aid today that name from the habit of burying Navy Will Havee his head, book his
    nittld Staes will iign or their food. When they find a hands and wiggled his fingers
    in f ne. Italy, for wthen dead bird o, mouse. they dig M- Largest Floating a s rare, i h
    M of 1.2 corvttes withinder the aody until it settles down chair with a "bump" to de-
    ht few days. I into the around and. when deep f e
    S tract for mni- enough er it. th power Plant Soon en th ldo th s
    oeChenoweth said "It don't
    I.,ws-exected ,d.female digs down and deposits make any difference who the
    orn redesdined rihe eggs on the body and the ar- TJCKSONVILLE. Fla., June 6 advertisers are or how mudh
    Shflt ea purpose S and vae feed upon it. -The Navy Department has an- money is involved. Congress
    b t -Ooins, Msetaloone adI i nounced t at the largest float- the responsibility to protect 5r.
    s_. lin power plant In existence Gathings and his family fam
    Sw brn I e in service soon programs that are lewd aob-
    al S mtlo re dollars o1i The 7,000-ton MI Coastal scene."
    Mutual Beclty Agency /acer will be capable of supply- But Klein cautioned that I
    S to Italy. Ing 75 per cent of the power don't think the comauttet
    tractt win follow one needs of the largest naval ship- should go In .and tell anybody
    s.%r_ r gy 1 sJyardaduring emergencies It4.- they can't see such and such a
    _W am kilowatt caaeity win be al- program."
    m-- t twice the power of the U88 Rip. Joseph P. O'HIara (R-
    to Jaeaa, at the Mavy'a lmn. said freedom of the press
    E v ow" afloat. and the art does at license ob-
    S-Mttetitm.a M aU)e cuarrent-
    A good Ctisn Is a hfaWte 19101M law Mo Us Wn" W*54te pan 10*- are hlto
    -w- 3dbdI .-,a -.- ... ,ti. type o f



    ". .
    ANTO TOMAS HOSPITAL t actor tal a preat obnfereAe the rmi'
    ments with a new drug In the:ioattJn oeution H. (L. to r.) Dr. 'Atantt"rk l i
    Uerno Ehspino, representati* o Wt Products Inc.,. manufacturers of the ~g, .
    Adolfo Arias; Dr. Vicente AVendafloO i l.Dr, Joseph Herbert, .

    Soanto Tom

    Doctors of tln tuberculosis
    section of the Santo Tomas Hos-
    pItal today warned tuberculosis
    victims that under no circum-
    stances should they discontinue
    their regular treatment to de-
    pend entirely on the new drug
    laIown as "Dinacrin."
    The doctors issued the warn-
    ing after one -month of experi-
    ments with the drug on ten pa-
    They are continuing the egpekr
    meant with germ cultures to de-
    ermine the efficacy of the drug.
    Results of the 30-day experi-
    ment were made known this
    coming at a press conference
    tended by the hostel's tuber-
    uloslA staff, a repleaentftve t(
    Winthrop Laboratatrl nMu-
    acturers of the ding and oth-
    The doctors reported that pa"-
    lents treated with the drug
    1) Increased a petite, to seh
    n extent that the doctors weOW'
    reed to order Increased ratilbW
    or them.
    2) increased weight and bet-
    er morale.
    j1 Decreased sputum and It
    he.MAjforlty of cases laboratory
    O et of the sputum gave nega-
    4) The drug placed the pa-
    dit H' a better physical condi-
    to r surgery.
    Sof the doctors, Vicente A-

    yet know the size, type. or even
    the exact location for the new
    With the funds determined, en-
    giners' and architects will get
    to work on the actual design of
    structture within its budget re-
    quirements. After that. bids will
    probably be advertised, and con-
    tracts let.
    Coast Guard Has
    Reserve Aviation
    Training Program
    For the first time In Coast
    Guard history, an organized Re-
    serve Avition Training Program
    has been e s t a b I shed, Coast
    G u ar d headquarters has an-
    nomnced. ,
    Coast Ouard Reserve pilots, air
    crewmen and supporting ground
    personnel may now participate
    with Naval Air Reserve patrol
    lane asqadrona throughout the
    Transfers from the Naval and
    Marine Akt Reserve to the Coast
    Guard Organized Reserve are
    also being made, due to the re-
    cent expansion of Coast Guard

    S...... ..
    .2, s^ ^uw~n-m~

    ias Doctors Gua rd:dy

    About New T8
    iend I thatMat nw drug, usual
    is 4tiotaWom p- brml o tIt
    rasol mlIhg ttreW1; of tuber-sa fura rema
    culesta. b have amazingly be-
    Bef.etal However, .nw i
    hold outit P,
    However, the dtora Od tubercule ae
    that ft Wot a U*R* dr k boen approveS th-w
    althou, it Contrb1es at-w Dru1 C ost.
    treatment of tub euloa laI .I, drop -.
    not a specific and, 'cogoequft Ith l'nI
    patients should continue t, means, the Ml ..

    1 -.



    a- p.

    * 4b


    but two
    ips aJtler Oe h
    is aaat



    :: A




    He Just Got
    A For -Effort
    FIMMnMC, Italy, June 6
    (UP) Rf whqle life all 24
    v.aRn of it waS .I a rut. ama
    Giorgie PMer t was despobd-
    He deo i to tnd It all. So
    he took a m.letMI Of sleeplin
    pills, the lay idow n t*i
    ralreg t a t hae.&
    Ninek m h .S later,. triltf
    empleym ft li *. A whole
    timetable Sho 1 teas. hd
    maind, Incloding 0 expeMe
    to Rome. And theW taMe
    ri still sloeplg sPeoUlly--
    wtihout a ,4tah.
    Giorgle PFamr's ts .was till
    in a rut. Hil Maiy hl fiw e
    between the ura aftW he Ifel
    asleep, and the tUlas paw
    safely ever bIl


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