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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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RL. IN, June 4 (UP) The East Gurms
iunsf blocked or guardedoalt swte Iel ft
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dy, std lege to Radlo M
* BSvm l enclave is the ci
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als of the mL
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o ^S ^ ra eoo- t *ade raw
S" fro, m Iw sued. It It, afi
"1 .on'n e .a .,o-- m.e..d?-B^ _. to rdin to an otfle
S W nt Revenue Act ISLAND, J 41 sa4et MS n" are Se a he before the The "f lilr
I B 1 t~ n 0, e .o United Statp tr tie-tati f. e t WaDM m.aoete de ftalM In n -" was
s- urassato u up Western nd Patton tanks nd MtbOE awtim DeNni by h.n 10
amas tt e photr trade .e tioliao S imof their- bayont', *spd tln oenuslete pt averr se- A- last ngtht the Britsh back to'u S
:fW fl Bt XeZ mpt i. This Oteo three prisoner of war m.- poteto Wi pwmr e i. guarTda maltailned their vigfl i A- -
I. i s t mulatini tty are today nd wiped The Red ae taors today tll ollee and sen4tri o le
Sr ex divisions lM*t symbol of Comam- were al d a of names of .oats Guards D atra. ub a
or sHu y h Colona's, w fiioance en this sUtte-torn 91 attd tor Uni t e d ovf y& beed wire nat re1
Ioe- s, o additional benefit no _M. f. -,- states and Brlt4.h Common- nl nts tota- the mRaltsT edii M ,
port-eppo a duties and a ai 11 r1p'wealth soldiers, which brought station. and
r, ere eient distributBt e a pro- the total in this category to a- Rus protested bitterly last w u
a f. 1 fhe rich Latin A er the bout lOW. night afgtat the blockading tiogn aWM .
A Oadfnanian who seemI U to cor L *a wha been A UN. spolraean said the and hinted it was ready to ne- BrieM
haVe nine lives walkQ4 away s.-. t "compoUNsIM rt- names were obtake from Cam- gotiate a the lifting of the Snmagi
froa nie car yesterday lUafter it (alsC ( A ljae i*8 17.,J uA ti- t munt radio bfadteasts. Red siege. enforce
krbJ. on a Road- R ad VO S ts W CaOCmeunt vicitin*t of PW publications. pri1p1rs letters The chief of the Soviet Con- The taai
tura completely over. '' courts and confidential oies. trol. ommt. A. Denin Germant
The anger in the car U i6Ie IaI M about was fir& 8a. Cofiirdr5L
'driven by Darnley Rupert Taitn U ri. Gen. Haydns L. fstater, Bdouard aa
was cut on the t@mpl, andA w0 ,r-b-tookconmnantof-UmlandBth
,given twstitches. w Voes o Balboa Theater Jammed -wo
But Tait himself, a $-year- tVWee weeks ago, n di- e a" e
old auto salesman of Panma, eted the clean or- Indefinitel
escaped ps'onal injury. IWe cbntest for the maforaltv dore from the op f. a e- s the UnI rlt -
SSeveral years ago Taitt aur- of Paumit City apparently had gun guard tower. F .au, ls aJd.eLII a Il ectrlm-
vived a fire in which nine per- na wd down to a two-man Comat prisonef ae a service l
-sona perished next dopr to the reesy with 75 of the city's s atteoat to u the weapPas -- b Wut
offices of The Panats A Ame lt eActs accounted for. .y had rew .r a show A st every Ithe Bal- the fact that a number of mom-
can. A week after that his huse m ent candidate Miguel batt boafleater was take last Sight bers ra outstanding leader easts
S d A.who umed intothehadutfor mm me rlss and that many othrs e outthe 1. assy .& wide marl oi ngof,. .uiBeiaClboaHigh 60 hoo. stibding folloWers. both both ecs Wot e
Taitt came out unscathed b +-slts of precinct No. 24 k -t -withr -cka N -garnered T rhonor graS] es were sup for a democracy, C6e
eac thi e majority of PanamA sp.arlike long poles*. speakers. the-f-ret
Tetsera police report, hl t. voted. saw hi lead cut The troop wor asamasksohon commented also n for weals
o184ff thlue s ,d, ,%e -- lao1em'ndent candidate Hel- H oowed a ight barrage of The clm pAildent. Raw Da- the oultstanding work of a num- Interfarat All
"oI te ho w--a, oft e onA e itwo. b tear ga nto one compound. a vidson and the honor graduates bet of Panamanian studexta in on theM Il eta
soft ihouider of the rod nej *.Ihowever has been ti thls compound. lfl were seated on *e stage with the graduation e5la.. IDl a irl Iin
Rousseau between oci t.- tead on Ordotes as it ether two, Communists who two clergymen, at John western
Naodmanl and tue ....
Rodman and turned Si*s deposited In the more had shouted thei*dotmination Rutledie and Rav. a w, While the meat of the audience amaun aInd
down. S ulated areas of the to "tight to the death meekly and with the scIoSPWi sl., stood, the iratuate. arhed lw of
S .ed-Marafdn. Call- watched the United States sol- T. F. Hotz. and Suerntea tnt ou to the traditonal *atatnq of We
Both o wants were taken to ition Grounds, etc. diers chop down flagpoles, Tr of Schools Lawroae~ce. Pomp andl Cicumstance. -
the oaptal .but only the pMs- from the 75 precincts away f and banners td The radla 5 ld "--nd
enger elsco tvers, 3 noted gave Ordofesto,- cage Ioeapound build gowns. eatero tp to-
year-id saamnan was tlreaat-deri l Patiflo 10.i86, mee l teers of the rebi&- the Marhe Remei p
d, Mpl Idlate Manuel B6Cs -I- ooe us .I high iowi. rol
.T accident occurred at Ba..i 'wd Independent-COn- Seventeen anti Commutt is.n. dhigh school er .
:tiut 4:20 .m. and police an Angel Vega Mindes POWs were found ilside a tent,...... dn to.wo.-
Inuin'..their investigation. bo'tmd at the wrists. front center of ,1 Nh,_
Thetroop s l-yf7ro nt cente ,t..ef r of
Spi WN eormres rettvyirlas
Robinson' Ship ho e. .Ut gir*ls
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over -t-which t~,t house with m. any- hq the
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T.L'o_ ov"r the loss. pound sad wp t"eir -a t-e Ta !W .Z
a, I" amrZ' caalptain and his ^ 1. e, wort. uthe subject
Mas f ,f -ownL the, ,. oasih raials-. Taft's wWftefst wtaf,

The yabfl. steward

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Stressed that wh s MI
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Virginia Sftl;r. t w

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-- ilLIIII ,M.F .. 1" 1

"""r ,nae AND uELIreND IV V uamaN M ISMAN* pages. INC
y M NTIu P 0 "1 18 PANAMA, ft. e p
lOnIn. ,n AI ovs a I70 o
'I r MNWT., IN ADVAN a N 0 0
'et rea m. IN ADVANC-- 2401


.pWalter Winchell

g In New York

aVflrginis Gilmore, the star of "Walk East On Beacon" walk-"
West on 44th.. Marliene Dietrich cashing her winners at a
Dftl t 110 window Dara Andrews (of Hollywood) in the
Cibrooin, one of the Beau Brummels whose suits look like those
in the ads.. Marion Brano sniffing the melons at the
And 6th Grlstede's Dinah Shore greeting song-p lugger
ftM(like long-lout brothers) during luncheon at Lindy's...
P 'tte Goddard and her gems dazzling Eddie Condon ring-
sids..Hit Parade thrush Eileen Wilson getting drenched in
O!Cunnor toying with the Embers drums for a 22 minute solo...
SyTW Sidney, who wears her many wedding rings on a brace-

Sallies In Our Alley: Some of us were discussing the hit
shovs... "What," asked someone, "is the Big Moment In 'The
King and 1'?"..Q'The moment,' was the reply. 'the curtain goes
up".. .Showman Max Gordon says he Isn't producing any be-
cause going to the races Is cheaper.

S B'way DeMaupassant: Paul Valentine, rehearsing with Josh
Logan's soon-due musical comedy, "Wish You Were Here," has
two ovely gals waiting for him at the stage door almost every
night....Some.of the cast's eyebrows are Away Up To Here-
S wonderingg. The two charmers (who are devoted friends) hap-
r n to be his wives...His first and second...The Ex is Strip
Star Lill St. Cyr. -

Memos of a Midnighter: John Garfield was considering the
dramatization of the novel "Murder One" for a Fall play. The
irny: The plot concerns a blonde model who wakes up In the
morning to find a dead man in her apt...Russell Nype is quot-
as saying Theo Mander is just a dear friend and to discount
iergser talk Singer Alarr'Dale was one of the Roxy acts only
a few months ago. He is back as the headliner..."Of Thee I
SIng" reports It is not closing...Thyra Samter Winslow, the au-
taor, has recovered after an emergency operation... A songplug-
per named Donald Coleman allegedly Inherited six million dol-
lars...Lady Iris Mountbatten and Tony Bari, the canary at the
Park Ave., are a duet .Joan Crawford is fighting a virus at-
tack...lorla Swanson's Mexican pursuer is Olando Torrenzio, a
leading lawyer.

Midtown Vignette: When the Queen Elizabeth sailed the
other day the newspapermen covering the event had a Huge
nowl... What with the Duke and Duchess of Windsor pushing
Bronugh the erowd of well-wishers and Gregbry Peck and his
odalmost mobbed-and movie star Anna Neagle losing her
Insery (over the gang-way), a pleasant-looking gray haired
SWas being ushered quietly aboard by a lieutenant of the
rJT. Police Dept... "Who dat?" queried the press... That,.
obised the M rror's Jerry delberg, "Is the mother of Harry
Ofre., the boqle making so many cops miserable."
T- imes ,.t.ieer olraCoimbia Pictures, which will film "Pal
r pi ', won't use a dancer for the male love interest as in the
i.o He'll be an oriole named Burt Lancaster...His spon-
may take Perry Como tp NBC fro CB .. The strain is_
non Frank Costello's fae-waitingI t& e couur 4-n
..In recent months the Highest Court reversed seven colin tpt
itlons tin a rowi based on the same questions of law os-
t11o's Is-the Vth Amendment...Ed Plynn the Bronx Democrats
oef, has had a rough time of it but is a little improved. Still
atSt. Luke's...Are the E. M. Loews reconcUling? Just adopted
a baby...Iles Brody's book on the Duke and Duchess will be
iblished in the Fall. The title: "Gone With the Windsors."

Manhattan Mural: The other blustery afternoon Marian
en D n (of the Penguin in Greenwich Village) saw an old lady
Z distress... Weighted with bundles and exhausted by the buf-
4t*s uof the wind The Poor Thing had sunk to the curb shiv-
cebit and holding a phir of spectacles she had broken... "Let me
Syou," soai aran, "are. on goinS far?"..The battered
'uuimother pointed down the street...' IIl take you," said The
od & Samaritan guiding her with great care... Several blocks
.i and far past Marian's destination the old lady stopped and
S qidnted at a building.. "Here?" Marian asked...The location
SBi.dingrsailoon.. ."Haven't you made a mistake without your
1ag?5" said Marian.. ."What's the matta" rasped the old gal,
e~t he bums open yet?"


" j The Mil B11 I h uan pe torum i ** reedem ot The Pansam AAmer-
e, ~enls" aem received esefullyp and are headed is a wholly se'
I y"aou tiblest a litter don't be Impatient H It doesn't appear rhe
4as ade Lean, l ra apubihed in the orde remevs.
Plese t*.'ue the letn limited to ons page length.
Msatfh rster writers is bhld In streatelt eontiteace.
T i wsppe U M a mes nos epsimbilltb er srtatuemsa or opiilem
4sMmdi 9 in NMa fm lOe indes.
Iinome people are never satisfied, Discontented (Mail Box,
Suppose your husband worked the hours that locks em-
gi work, then you would have something to gripe about.
SU2y husband work from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. one week, from 8
i-_ to 11 p.m. the next week. and from 11 p.m to 7 a.m. the
i'lowing week. How would you like these hours?
-And not only that, my husband works Sundays and holl-
too, if his schedule falls out that way.
Sto matter what's taking place we can't plan on anything,
i the schedule may be changed at any time.
hsse~ same working hours apply to policemen and to em-
of the marcite division, and possibly other Canal organ-
*don't know what you are griping about, seeing your hus-
.aasl regular working hours, and Sundays and holidays off.
W, because of your selfishness, you want the Commissary
.rt about the employes who work till 4:15? How are they
to do their shopping in 15 minutes?
certainly are a ver Insonsiderate person. TO hell with
B tse guy just so your husband can be home for lunch the
ISe as your kids get home from school, so you won't have
hi s lunch warm.
l, hn't that too bad. My husband gets no lunch hour,
I^ i to take sadwiches with him to eat when he gt the
rMu think you'll get ulcers from eating warmed-over food,
o4Mot these men who never even have regular meals?
ought to be glad you have a husband to keep lunch
H llk ,and glad that he has a job, especially at a time Se
n are dying in battle to keep our country free for
I you to sit around feeling sorry for yourselves.
'ught to be ashamed of yourself for writing such aI
for people to read.
tAdMl my husband has a job, and I'm willing and glad
m y kids quiet when be Is trying to sleep after working

to bur ly yorhead like an ostrich, you should be
for writing such trash.
lshaout nmethlnu why don't you
A carg, and not
I II fto-matut1winSet Imn U r

* ".'-" ..... .

- ATE 1Alt


Don't Count

Truman Out

A great many Republican lead-
ers acknowledge tat it is no
cinch to break into a winning
Democratic coalition and capture
the presidency.
But every four years there are
always some *ho slip very easily
Into a mood of complacency.
Row It is possible to be smug
about victory prospects after
five straight defeats in nation-
al elections Is something the
dlIinterested onlooker could not
readily explain. One would Im-
agine that complacency was an
attitude to be anticipated only
after a string of successes.
The year 1952 is no exception.
There are those who feel that
corruption in government, high
prices, high taxes and assorted
oth.,r matters are enough by
themselves to produce a Repub-
lican triumph.
But the party hard-heads know
They're aware that despite all
the symptoms of disintegration,
there Is no proof yet that the
Democratic coalition is going to
fall apart.
They know that any Democra-
tic candidate who can avoid se-
rious defections in the southern
wing of the party is automatical-
Iv tough to beat. He needs only
112 electoral votes in the reqt of
the country to win.
A Republican must get all the
necessary 266 outside the South
in most instances.
Moreover, It Is almost axio-
matic In polities that a party
riding the crest of a prosperity
wave. as thp Democrats are to-
day. Is a stiff adversary.
This time, Ia addition to all
these difflculties, the Republi-
eans have to face not only an
opposition nominee, but a
rough and tumble campaign-
er who will be standiln be-
side bhim throwing his best
punches. The name: Harry 8.
The President's recent plat-
form appearances leave no doubt
he will be swinging from the
floor this year.
If anybody thinks his blows
don't hurt, he ought to recall
Mr. Truman has a gift for tell-
ing catch-words. for biting
phras that register with the
voters and get under the oppos-
ition's skin. This.knack is still
with him.
When he ascends the plat-
form,-he very conveniently a-
volfla.the 'ni.s emharrasRtng
(101tb What politician does
not? But it should not be
thought, therefore, that he ls
destrotng his effectiveness. All
the evidence suggests the con-
Republicans who are not a-
fraid to add up the sum of
their obstacles had best Include
Mr. Truman In the list. He is
plenty tough to combat, as the
record plainly shows In various
November dating back to 1934.
If they wRnt to deal with him.
they veir likplv will have to do
more than hlirhllght the elnbar-
rassing matters he skims over.
They'll have to drum up some
good answers to the charres he
delivers with those damaging
You can't lnore tlrl blows-that
hurt and still expect to win in a

Dog lUp Tree
MISSOULA M o n t. (UP) It
might not be news when firemen
rescue a cat that's stranded in a
tree but when the animal victim
happens to be an 80-pound "La-
brador It is Loral firemen said
the doe nnpareutlv had been car-
ried to a tree house 20 feet In the. W
air hv some noys who built the anu
perch. Carl
in I1


read this

if you're

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ri h county'
ia gram
You wouldn't be counsel
BeI s
Interested have to
man or
BUT If you're a wide-awake gent an
eulneumaa concerned with greatest
the advertising and ale pro- fellow t
motion of your psgresivW In sp
business., you'll want 10 know pnilnia
time at
that our CLASfSIFIED consin
COLUMNS offer you the fast. than on
At. most economical, mout Wher
convenient way to reach OW, hibtm
tomersl to some
In tber
*vmw month.. *e* -b
., eveqy day-TIlM PA# fiA 'd


I- 1-41 t- -Mso

!)~' ..~

can girl.-- w en, she'stli ttl* g

hap' f P t s suat ie calls to her. At right, forlorn anMdfOroK i he he
friend, a pnk wocly la. Prances, daughter of Keith and Jane Macky, dIdn't know he mothe
was taking these pictures._..

Theft In Texas

By Joseph and Stewart Alsop

MINERAL WMLJA, Tex.-With the on-the-spot
approval of =en. Robert A. Taft's personal re-
presentatives, the Texas delegation to the Re-
publican National Convention has been stolen
for the Ohio Senator.
And this steal has been accomplished by a
system of rging as grossly dishonest, as naked-
ly anti-democrtilo, as arrogantly careless of
majority rule, as can be found in the long and
sordid annals of American politics.
The simplest approach is to take the typical
case of H rrI County, which contains the city
of Houston and has 144 votes in the Republican
State Convention.
In Harris, as In- all other counties, State law
provided that "qualified voters" should gather
in precinct meetings, to name representatives
to a Harris County Convention; and further
provided that this county convention should
name the 144 delegates to the state convention.
The Republican State Convention ruled that
"qualified voters" meant any persons willing to
siRn a short pledge of Republican allegiance.
Hence the precinct meetings were plainly
open, to all Independenis or former Democrats
aesiring to become Republicans and ready to
sign the "pledge.
This was strongly emphasized by the chief
Taft leader in Texas, National Committeeman
Henry Zwelfel. Only a week or so before the
precinct meetings were held on May 3, Zweifel
Lisued a public statement urging all Democrats
r dependents desiro0 o, ec ming Repvub-
an r o' attend the Repbl elu nt meet-
gs and 'Vte lor the cahdidiath etr choice.
Zwelfel, who has run the 'Republican Party
here like a small, exclusive but pretty nasty
club, reckoned without the tremendous surge of
Texas sentiment for Gen. Dwight D. Eisen-
The result, in precinct after precinct, was de-
feat for the astonished and appalled pro-Taft
leaders of the Republican Old Guard, and the
election, under the law and rules, of pro-ilsen-
hower precinct representatives to the Harris
County Republican Convention In a certain
number of precincts.
The pro-Taft Old Guardsmen then organized
walkouts and rump precinct meetings.
In Harris County Precinct 38, for example,
with 340 persons attending, the vote went al-
most two-to-one for Elsenhower.
More than 100 of the pro-Taft voters accept-
ed the majority verdict, but a walkout of six
persons was led by a hangeron of Zwelfers, Pat

This six man walk-out made Precinct 38 the
subject of a contest.
Other typicAl contests westin Precinct 176
where 470 persons attended the precinct meet-
ing and four walked out'; and in Precinct 70
where 269 voters' attended and the Taft rump
was a cozy group composed of two married cou-
In the home precinct of the Zwelfql National
CommitteeWoman, Mrs. Carl G. Stearns, 171
voters were present, and Mrf. Stearns and her
husband rallied A. rump of only 27.
The Harris County pu can Chairman, Joe
Ingraham, is a strong Taft enthusiast but a
fair-minded man. When the returns were cer-
tified from the precincts, he appointed a cofmt
mittee of five, composed of three pro-Taft Re-
publicans and two pro-Elsenhower men, to con-
sider all contests.
This committee found that 140 pro-Elsenhow-
er representatives had been duly elected to the
County Convention without any contest what-
ever; that 19 pro-Taft representatives had also
been duly elected without contest; but that 69
places were in dispute.
In these circumstances, the convention wad
held on May 6.
When the County Convention opened, County
Chairman Ingraham indicated that he propos-
ed to accept the majority verdict, much as hq
disliked It.
Almost all the elected representatives to the
convention, pro-Elsenhower and pro-Taft, rume
or legal, Joined with Ingraham in lega
a iraeleenhower 4Oigation to h
Oonveftito. !
But Mrs. Stearns and her husband led a walk&
This groUD then chose a pro-Taft slate Vo
Harris County delegates without the slightest
reference to the law, the rules, or anything els
except the orders of the state leadership to
keep Texas In the Taft column by, any mean
anl at al4 costs.
Next day, the hand-picked Convention Cre-
dentials Committee confirmed the Executive
Committee, and by an unparalleled open fraud
the members of Mrs. Steaans' fake delegation
were allowed to vote for themselves on the con-
vention floor.
This Is the sort of thing, remember, that oc-
curred all over Texas, and this is the sort of
thing that Taft managers David Sinton Ingalls
and Brazilla Carroll Recme warmly encouraged
and approved.
(Copyright, 1952, New York btratt fV e lac.:

McCa rthy Challenger

4y P"t Edsob
it e Ia

HINOTON, (NEA).-Henry Reuss of Mfl-
- candidate for Wisconsin Sen. Joe Mc-
s seat in the -November election --was
hington recently, attending the Amerl-
r Democratic Action meeting.
is 40. McCarthy Is 42. so this political
le in which there is more national in-
han any senatorial contest in the coun-
trictly a young man's affair.
is a tall, broad-shouldered, square-jaw-
r-complexioned type of guy. He wean
n-rimmed glasses typical of the college
which he obviously Is a graduate of Cor-
d Harvard law.
world War II he enlisted as a private and
the rank of major, winning the Bronze
r gallantry at the Rhine crossing. Later
in military government in Germany on
I Elsenhower's staff.
the War Reuss served as Milwaukee
s assistant corporation counsel and ran
d jury investigation of corruption and
He lost an election for state attorney
and then became assistant general
for the Marshall Plan In Paris.
married to a good-looking gal and they
ur fine children. His family is of Ger-
igin and well to do. Obviously intelll-
nd clean-cut with a lot of savvy, Reuss's
t handicap may be that he is too nice a
o get mixed up in a political brawL
ite of this, Henry Reuse has been caMn-
g actively for six months. working full
it. He has already been In n ery Wis-
county at least once, moot of them more
i he finds that people never heard of
fore. he goes back and concentrates.
g fluent German, Rhuse is able to talk
of the older settlers in the rural' areas
r native tongue.
Is more or lne the type of gren rota

IAm and signing It "Joe.
I lip 66 pS anl daw p -916

vote for him. He beat LaFollette in the primary
207,000 to 202,000 and went on to victory in No-
vember, 620,000 to 378,000.
That's a tough margin to overcome, but Hen-
ry Reuss cites figures to show that since the
end of the old LaFollette Progressive Party, the
trend in Wisconsin has been generally Demo-
Only 7 per cent of the voters there eat
straight party tickets. Reuss la counting on
not only Democratic votes, but also Pogrestve
support, Elsenhower support and even some
Taft-following support.
HIs evidence of this is a series of newspaper
ads which have been appearing I Wisconbsin
dailies, endorsing the Reuss ca d 'dacy.
A typical ad in the Efu Claire Telegram was
signed by 150 leading citizen. It included
names of the president of State College and 30
of hisb faculty, three Protestant ministers, a Jew
and a Catholic priest.
Evr since Senator McCarthy advocated an
advertising boycott of publications critical of
he activities, Reuss says he has been getting a
more friendly preso -
R*uss has pulled the old political trick of
challenging his opponent to come out and de-
bate him.

So far Senator MoCarthy hant as epted. But
John Chapple of Ashland an oinal Mac-
Arthurbacker who has now wug around to
supporting Taft, with MtArthur is vie pei-
ent -- debated Reuss at a overflow meeting
I the American Legion hal at NeCarthy
home town of Appleton.
Rews says he Is devotUg e. adt les time
In the campaign to theo a oe U eof thlm
and he isn't trying to outdo te Menator In in-
ative. Instead, Reusm aj' he a talgtf a lot
about Inflation, farm policy, dlenes, Geormany
Other foreign issues which MD rthy doesn't
sasys be p t eat Snator
a voting record on seah Imsl su fe
am Ugas bill, Uthe Wideu ad cMap
sanslon and soil oomnmato.
a e ays that Senator Maty a1e-t
csmnie= home as much s in sa to Miy, Mr,5S i,.t
*i4". A. ..l A S$r

5 3 *-

0W % Pergon says: Tru notlk 1e I l
tido1edis oil issue; Lot Awe
Smn. Taft's housing act
liconts taught in own sitn
WAS INOTON. Presidenttruman was biot- J .1V g
to Ite11listc when he received a Califttia dtlej
'A MY I General Pat Brown who cate on the 1r
Vbngiing his mind on tidelands oil.
"You heard my speech," the Pd t
oroury. "How can you expect me to t t .M v
at?" t """ "M, "m"
Brown reminded him that Oalifomrtlns ta w c b I.
talk to him in 1048 at which time tie had refused to ,
stand because tidelands o as the oibelfte tee upreme 0arte t .
"s, and the Supreme Court h now ded f
the 45 fates," Mr. Truman interrupted n a.S
ownr, he agreed to study a memo t he ~, l .
awyr promised to prepare for him, thu
that It probably wouldn't change his
ing Story:
g" nt me of an old t Judge ut 1. m d.
"e told~ "e court: 'Bring the ma In.Wh U t t l ..
trial and hto g TaR him.' .

The 0e det ais enjoyed talkw to Is, W rNO &
actler t Sen o ,tes Kefauver in CalLioUa, tMUt tho
Prlm eotger candidates. o
tris t on. Richard tusseli of he a ja"t he
"re p Rights he might the les
AveU- ao an r he d0 ribed r as o lobby
, but I sole a WL Street bank being

SUn. bob Taft, author oft s l the At .
he 12 quit* proud, would not flattered .TIhe g li, r .
written Moths Los Angeles rea hete thob lw isM

Of courts "oolltistie is an easy epithet to hurl th a
and Senaee ThIthas used it himself at tuel ..
Hoem r, te a s column has jst unamthed l .o
After written the alo n pe lobby in it Ie tohd|i .
alum clbnea-houilpig program in Los AnIle,. to 5i t
undir T1t housIng law. -
S Te letter pute bite on te bit on the Los Angeles t
House AidsUon a en Meyer chairman, to the tuna of V .
as part of an 1000 slush fund the real estat lebby i-.
Ing to defeat Los Angeles housing. .... .
Real estate and housing groups all over the nation arMe
watching the Los Angeles battle, where the .lty g6-v6p
had already signed a contract with the Federal Cver? nt 16
proceed with the housing program, when suddenly two tir
councillten mysteriously change their minds.
i After that the California Supreme Cort ruled that
city must continue with Its housing contract, r of & ..
two councilmen.
But the real estate lobby iN continuIng the battle Jut 1%4
same. -
in case Senator Tift Is tintertd In whatthe
SAngeles realtors think of hisa 'oelaikUi", Ie j. We
signed by "Oeorgfet finance b.
against soelalitle nhoumn"lft

"The va owu OWMUon-iatebrega ins nn w.-
building of oes Ls have formed the
aguait soualist housinr
"W an te 0 it will take a fund o6f t0got t
on the campan .N M organlMtionas hae a" nl li
amount that they w rie through their msmberjl .
"In the campIn on proposition 10, the clearing H0 tm -
soelation subscribed7,500. Thecot of that eampalgWI W ,-
"00.We therefore are asking the Clearing NMoe AssoalItion to
subscribe $15,000 towards th campaign.
"The public house have started their ampaan a
now holding meetings In vloius parts of Los Angele. We
telpate that they will have unlimited funds at thir diL
"We will appreciate any assistance that you can giv0 -
in this matter."
Michigan Republicans e now stuck in their own eleetion-
loophole, orIginally devised to trip up the Democrats.
Several years ao they split the ballot In order to keep t4.
state ticket from being submerged by FDR'S quadrennial ld-
,slides. .
The voters were thus given a chance to vote for FtR of ne
ballot and for local COP candidates on the other,
But with the prospects of an Elienhower laddalide this No
member, the tables are reversed..
In other states, an Eisenhower victory would probably'
sweep the GOP candidates for senator and governor into office -
along with himt -.. .
But In Michigan, the split ballot will give the voters a
chance to consider the state candidates separately. ,
What worries the Michigan Republicans is the tremendous. -a
popularity of Democratic Sen. Blair Moody., who has made -a
amazing record during his one year in the Senate.
SThe private poll. show Moody and Democratic Ot "Soa* "
Williams ahead with Michigan voters.
A the OOP strategists, ironically, are trying to figure some
way to tie their state candidates 'to the atn ticket Una -
ticipatlon of an Be sweep.
Paratroop and airborne warfare -is being vastly improved
by the development of h new parachutes to ar u
They are 100 feet in. diameter and, when used In clusters, A
carry a load of 18,000 pounds. Experts. predict that in the
near future our planes will be able to parachute light ttans to
troops on the ground.

Congresaan Jackaes of Washington state arrived at
Democratic convention in Spokane with a pgeh In his
pralslig Kefauver. But Democratic bosses who hate the Too-
nessee senator warned him that If he Igave the speech the
would withdraw their financial su rt h own campaign
for the senator. So Jcso kept I Ketauver speech in h



The Pentaon is genuldy jttery over the poal the
Com. unl.ct, tn".S, in m

m ui 0SMIBMtted.

prm IsA, boum-m.fW
BMut, ma we sar l been plmaned, b
0od are hot ma h ir ..aM_ o-r

-or re trl -g

--YV0 and la t
i e a smMaa

- f?.'-

-. .

,,-.. t




- *;-^

* ~ .-~ 1...-~.'-' ..-,-.. -. -
-I *. ~ I
-, ,.-*~&.-. 11l~.*.
~ -~ ~. -.

S strike -w .&.-lWQ tf. -' i min ,.N %"PS!

wa ha ltritH d idled ar h bted the con.-
WEo other workers. dider ls rsewafU today M
additional 1,000 are due aMn iLt w e s actix on/
to.' laid otf 1'is r a1" e1 l .
ujet lfij0 Byh en ort 4 uthe SlFheMS /
ot o aldofI workersk M M1a tphfB- s
..mIpl captive .aal t .tw ._ t..
Siron or mine CouM ruf
a r einp to. I sated u
tetl adsers thae t ere
0 F1 i mret titew te
i.dins the %or&- _.. ...........t
-otike bti n Rob- l h Shot
~,t,,-,f,,it-, We I e i satW a-/
i'niit ta (1MB it the watthtinm what ae-
of i'" it" Tlaw o other R Mr. MtiAS aMtu take.
?r If"tt told a repotte, however,
A Sp e tional that h dos pa r. that Con-
". t"' the Br-a. eaU""-i--" to paa any
I s off .me nay M bt until the
V_ It -e V'of t e'5 s t l a eesa
elIthe p M e
,l&. l.ea.n ,nt t'- me-et -w Itan tattIt autitrity." While
lso "n. S a io Taft did not mSttion Taft-
ew t my.s e COp artletha t obvilily tWas what
MtS-by- Frida-y. h -fe ate. Democratic con-
-iburgh -- ferenc committee also discuss-
UMlesft the merles- i t the steel atrtike at Its meet-
uae o t e oati Defelse in today but took no action.
Pd ttAdalgistat .fl e- The seel indutry meeting
ry rowlau sid output of New York a bUled officially
some sent military items will as ise rEgulr monthly meeting
be hkt f the walk et Iats of the exeutive board of the
re ~ "four or fiv dae." AmeorleA Mo And Steel In-
BHe st a. aed Hspoeal tk e itltte. But 1f0rmahtsaid It
4and si-^ rnfeeefa actually will be held to chart
"land'Wnsti basis. the Industry's future strategy.
Taft's e atespent followed the
diemoles harman Burnet The bead tInelades top offl-
R. M (D-, C.) that the asal of 11 ateq mpluies, In-
staffr IM Senate Banking etdi. the .8W. The ear-
Committee t .Working on an rent ntte wil eat steel pro-
amendment to the Defense Pro- dueteon by an eltaated 1,-I
duetlon (eoQttolp) Act to "clarify 59009,0 net tons this week.
the steel attlke and the horrible
situation we find ouselvds in to- Last furnaces of the defense-
day;" vital steel plants were bankedI
While Maybank refused to today am plokets marched before
borate, abotlhr committee the gates of most og the na-
menmberr" BIS' the amendment tion's steel mills.
was expected to give the Presi- CIO President Philip Murray
dent 'power to protect the ip- called the strike immediately
teoB ts o6 the country mn an after the High Court nullified
8emr en the Presagent's April 8 seizure
S Md Mbi he did pot know of the mills.
whete salsre was olved. While the walkout may not
A$ r ai. meeting otf ltSenate bite deeply into supplies of au-
l oaan policy group, Taft tos and other cjivilan U forI
Sweus.its effeo) on 4ited n-
dustries .U@Al&im 'lmos-

S te _an its iSy lS naatsla.s
am _n .theSitrols law. agaisUteMstrl s whi -
shO es up today. for de- gw the nmatlmal h t ad
bate. safiWet. Mr. ra s has i
He said.the rules under which he is loath to ase the aet m
.It will be considered limit de- the steel dispute became the
bate on each.amendment to one union delayed the strike
hour. beyond the U-day lamit dV-
l "The members (of the policy la negotiations and while
group) were pretty well opposed the W ae Stabilisation Beard
to any emergency legislation be- considered the dispute.
fore the PrWideint has exhausted
the remedioe under existing Many officials believe that
law" -1ae an asserted. Mr. Truman will call for renew-
Aa hlf th wa any re- ed unop-company wage nego-
imd/eMs.U .de TUft-Iahtle tiatUons soon, under WAIte House
['lit sepe4 that Preldent sponsorship, regardless of what
Trumman eould seie one or two other moves he might make.
fmill to produce steel strictly Both sides have .said they are
for dMense purposes under the rilllbg to reopen negotiationss.
cntilas law, or. the Selective But they have shown no willing-
Sekle oAt. ness to budge from their pOel-
The Administration itself was tioeens.
said to.. b oonsldering plain The union wants the 2e8ent
dfens orders with specific steel wage hike recommended by the
flr im d then setiing them Wage Stabilization Board. The
mder the draft law. This wduld steel Industry has offered. an
tend fo pupresure on plants 18-cent hourly Increase minus
Which remained idle to settle the union shop proposed by the
with Muray.. WS8.
. Sen. iHubert H. Humphrey (D- Chairman Graham A. Barden
Minn.) tried to force a resolu- (D-N.C.) of the HoEuse Labor
through the Senate yester- Committee' told a reported that
da y rgn the competes and no group should be permitted
the ulon to make a1"IlatNrtm to bring the ountry .tots
aponMem to resume produc- knhes" and said Mr. Truman
tion ending a final settlement should act at once Wider, the
of their dispute. Taft-Hartley .act to get steel
mpphrey's request for un- production rolling aga),..

I : -V- n ^

By Golbraitlr


left tortht, Kirk, Ctturall' FM
fevwe, Ch irma. ef the Panamianla
Wlliam O. Arey, Jr., Publio At

Buddhist Fumral

For Jp Crewman;

Ship DryiWb
Buddhist services were to be
held at 2 p. m. today for the
Japanese third engineer who
perished on the freighter Asa-
kasan Maru when fire swept
the englneroom following an
explosion while the ship was
betthed at ier 6-C in Cristobal.
The funeil rites for 33-year-
old Tatsuya Kntani will be held
at the Colon Hospltal morgue
where his body will be cremated.
The 6,157-ton Jap ship is be-
ing taken into drydock today,
And will be cleaned out in an
effort to determine the cause of
the three-and-one-half hour
fire, as well as the extent of the

Another crewmeimber, Ichita
Hirate 28-year-old operator of
the ship's donkey engine las still
on the seriously Ill list, his con-
dition unchaged.
Two additional crew mem-
bers were hospitalized when
they suffered burns on the ship
The ftelgIter Wa taking fuel
loil WII ,and fire
oeeifq l^SfimR.S Mon'*

Wilford and McKay, local
agents for tie .shIp, estimated
that it wlg take from four days
to one week to repair the vesel.
The ship Is en route to Yoko-
hams, Japan, from New York.

Albrook Air hBase

Host To 14 USAF

Msson Chiefs
For the past two days officers
and airmen of Caribbean Air
Command Headquarters. Albrook
Air Forces Base, have been hosts
to United States Air Force Mis-
slon chiefs from 14 Latin Amer-
ican countries.
The chiefs came to Albrook
early this week for their semnd-
a n n u a I conference held each
June and December concurrently
with the graduation exercises of
the USAF School for Latin Amer-
One hundred and seventy eight
students from 12 Latin American
countries will be graduate tomor-
row at Albrook.
The purpose of the mission
chiefs gathering is to discuss
their mutual problems and the
problems pertaining to their host
|utry with the Commanding
General and members of his
Monday and Tuesday this
week were set aside for formal
conterces with depa r t m e n t
ihedso f the various functions at
Qtlriean Air Command head-
auters. Today was devote to
Discussions with staff


.- ~- ca




Salo Toms hcr

To Leave or U On

Fellowship Award
-. The Information'Center of the
U.S. Embassy annmomcsd tofa
that the W .. Keollo M4da-
tion of Battle Creea, Michigan
In cooperation with the Aer-
lean Hospital Assultiortn O
Washington D.C., ha awarded
Dr. Ramdn Arango Carbone a fel
lowship in hospital adminnistra-
tion effective ept. 1. 102. ,
Dr. Arango Carbone wil go or
leave of absence from Santo To.
mis Hospital shortly, and after
a brief period of consultatlon
with Dr. Dallas 0. Sutton. Dtree.
tor of Study. American Hospita
Association, Washington, D.O., h
will attend a course in Hqspital
Administration at Columbft Uni.
versity. New York, for one se.
master, obtain practical expert.
ence in a hospital for one year
as an Administrative Assistant
and then return to Columbia
University for another semester
of study.



Dr. Arango's fellowship covers
Il mxpeaes plus a flor
I akaiaeand n lnnsu *
he will be In the United StatO ,
wlth the possibility of renewing
the fellowship after the second
year. Fellowships of this tyve are
awarded by the W. K. Kellogg
Foundation with the dooveration
of the U.S. Embassy which pro-
cesses the applications and
makes recommendations to the
Foundation, The Kellogg Foun-
dation was established In 1930
and actively supports medicine.
e d u c at ion. dentistry, nursing,
public health and hospital ad-
Dr. Arango graduated from the
Saint Bartholomew's Hos v It a I
Medical College, University of
London Faculty of Medicine.

Ex-Labor Foreign

Secretary WouM Let

Red China Into UN
British Foreign Secretary under
the Labor Government. Herbert
Morribon, said here today that if
the Labor Party is returned to
power in Britain It will press for
the admission of Communist
China to the United Nations.
Morrison said: "Of course as
long as the Korean war goes on
the whole matter will have to be

"But I believe It would be wise
to allow the Mao Tse-tunR gov-
ernment to represent China in
the United Nations, for so long
as the Chinese Communist gov-
ernment is not accepted in the
United Nations it will be more
difficult for this government to
! o perrate with the Western

A, S. A.




F. 4

". isA If tsr et UwostI
_._..^ '_ .-tson and elM.
mtd.t MI n resentmMt
K4 Vethods, i
S v7$ o fan eSr Soviet ltf

Glees P J9 A efthWYedl y M ntArv iews with
*fi 3| 9 gMawg1 made pub e
R94 IsI yJE _|h. the Depart-
UsIt eAQSIO87 5 h the Informg-
S Pas t ea'io Nen of bSovst at-
Noun" "D) tabs .T marl aeo referred
.AIA ato rdWM owfler Interviews
AJ5 w i I o-ther e osapeel.
he lar d rsh r ,Ilanterviewed repre-
ev Wfaeen d "gt range of Edueation
d 'mol m aand I tusl in the Soviet
1 s- *a r -.n o m o. ad been In the fo-
ad n m '" three were of peasant
pan Pa nt= 1sixl of bourgeois back-
-,Opaiienr,._ hu.
iA gmumary of their views, re-
lated to ta 10 previously ques-
Mr. Brown dutifully opened toi-n; tadiceated that a major-
the nine of clubs from the West It3r o61 the Sovit population is
hand. When this held the trick, P1oEM to theo Communist re-
he continued, and South rut-1 Iaflre. e aewed, however, that
fed the !P e was held together by
Declarer led the king of poli e stato6B0ttroal firm enough
hearts, and Mrs. Brown took to jo,-dftn.egration unlikey.
the ace of hearts and went back T r.e eSt stated that it was
to clubs In order to'make de- di-iu tojudie how accuRr-
clarer ruff gain, South nextite the yiews of 10 defectre
led a second round of trumni r l 'd d0..ion. of theSoi
and entered dummy with te I.NfI.*bole. .t was
king of spades in .order to ft in- n o ,*. vr,,that thel views
esse queen of diamonds. Oid cdrmation f r o m-
Mr. Brown made the key play e in a S dvcon-
of the harM d by dropping the ... ....t Un.1 .
four of diamonds Instead of

Aie E





winning with the king. What's
more, he made the play with
great nonchalance as though
he had never heard of a king
of diamonsts. tiatts
Let me recommend this type ar L
of play to your very care
attention. When declarer takes
a finesse that he will surely
have to repeat, don't bother
to win the first trick. Let him
repeat the finesse, and maybe
he'll find a way to tie him-
self in knots.
In this case it was very easy
for South to go wrong. He "
went to dummy with the aoe
of spades to repeat the dia-
mond finesse. This time Mr.
Brown took the king of dia-
THE 3i
And now he could. lead. a
third round of spades, to moke
south ruff a third time. This
ruff set up the nine of heats
as the setting trick for a well-
earned top score. A!I
South would have made h '
ftcon veryl a ,'. .,, .

clsrer .win any m'return,
draw the ,'at trump, and run
the good diamonds.

TB Aftri*y Here
To IMp Orgaze FOR TOMO

Local Hosptal

Dr. Hastings Walker, Internal
tlonal authority on tuberololoate I" 1 '.
and hospital admintrat C ol n IOnly
rived In Panama yesterday to as- y
sist in the organization f. tBe
new tuberculosis hospital being
built by the Panamanian ov-
ernment In Chorrera.
Dr. Walker came to Panama as -
the result of an Invitatlon ex- i3'
tended by Dr. Alberto Calvo, di- pI,
rector general of the Puc .
Health Department, mWnsatig ,
the Panamanian Goverm -m I I
will remain in this country mr- | i
ly six weeks.
During his visit, Dr. Waker
will study with the ad luIbm ra"
Iton and organlsaita of at .w
hospital Paammanis -
thortsel and Point alv
specialIsts before MU ,7 BiS \\
recommendations to the .. i'
Dr. Walker s the DIeter of u
the famous Leahl Hospithl for BAN
tuberculoses patients In ou-
lu. Hawaii. He haq b ec-
tor of this Insttution for 8 ,
years and he developed It from
a small hospital to M.e present
1000-bed organlzati. -
Under Dr. Walker's supervision
two Panamanian nurses are spe-
cializing in the care of tubercu-
loss patients in Honolulu. They
will be in charge of the nurse I
department at the m e
upon their return to Pauama.

Deh Cad I .

KeeOvim In
8YD MT. Jane 4 (WOT.-Wa-
teride workers at a a=Ms Meet-
ing heM hers today deemlt to
continue the Ausall- I ban
on wodtig overtl e ma Iod e
of an Artrautist Coart M nl l
affectig Ul,0 wharf Mu "
in 53 ports. I
The ban wON ImpMd 4HtI
we *d M I .

day nae iU ia I-e

da tileia ,lthei



- .--'we

* -


Any apd all 78 rpm Albums going for

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I. .-= 1 -~-


't" .. .. ; C :. '^ f ,*

abaudots end diplomatic f cU
petaoMnel of all the pou .nt 3,Pa
mPreiezutd have been Invd to
thfr eremon ee. FrWet
The bright dre unifors of .
cadets will blend with the uni- 1
forms of men of nine armies and .. is '
the fla. displays of all nations ,
of the Ameicas to form a cot- ss,?
orful dtiplay. i ...
Brlgadter General Francise A. lrE
March, Chief of Staff. United Sm SleU
States Army Caribbean ma ie,.-
puty Comander, United hites ^,. S..
Armv ftes. Pax Tami. wfA Iltl area- udI




11W g31 u-wamuan MCI==uu-
lent, from asvyn different P1
eourwseat the Fort Gulick the- WllIU1 pW :.
Lieutwnant Colonel Wyron D. and Chief' s O 01
Smlth. Commandant. The USAR- Clo .. .....
CARIB School. will make the In- The 76 graduate of,
troductlon to the ceremoniea ed States Ara,7..UF M,
rhe raduation address will then who haye com _e flamw0j
he delivered by Colonel Robert MUi I t1n5sL, mms
f. DOu Casom dn4inAlx Offi- IStn l n- w ":,.
or, Ord Infantry Reglment, t. er'c lem
Robbe. The opening Invocation
mand the closing benediction will -A "
will be offered by Chaplain WAR M n CTIC
(Oapt In) alPh C.wlon -
h:Ya Atiantic Stor.Unit- Many la. Int c:.
id Etatuu rmy Caribbean. tal Arctic lvi
The oeremonles will conclude per&_ur above ..
With the national anthems of all shiade,aCo ritd .M w;
the countries represented at the pedl ritannleA. .



.* .. *5'- '.
.... -- .;. ,..
. '--" *" .' .. .. "'" .

* N"~ ~*J'I~

HI Aft S OUR ,

Cargo and Freight-Ships and Planes- Arrivals s

Great White Fleet

L 1 New Orleans Service Cristet
T: L vffers i e ...... ...................... :ie
"1.S. Chirlqui ............................. a
SI ST F AST rrseai m rCSa *S.S. Quirigun .......... ..... ..............
* (A Lalted Number of Pm er eths) anChillededg

j TroEUtoR: L:New York Servicf t mrrxips ANC
M.S. Winnipeg ......................................... June 14 ------ ECKLES AND
..* ----- -_ ----- _------- 8.8. Veragua ...... ...........................J e 1
ro COLOMBIA. ECUADOR, PERU & CLE* '.8. CaSpe Cumberland ...................
S.S. Pant Levequ'e ...............I................ ......... June 20 8 Fra Berlanga ........................... J. ft N W# rCeSL AA
S.S. P----eu--unS.S. Cape Ann ...................I.......... .. B
M.S. Washington ....................................... July 2 .B. Junior ................... ........... .. | LET ET OUT
Weekly) Salinp Io New York, Moilert i.Charlton. Loe Angele
Liberty .................. ..................... June 11ig ailing re We Co
iPeqneat rrelsht sllinps Ium Crtatiobel t Wen Cows'
D Grass.. ................................................ June 20 Cristibal to New Orleans via Sailsfrom
Critnbaail ME' NCH LINL. .Io) doa M.ol. tle .-24716 11,
pmnmh i.iNfo i Ma,,RO A Rno 'IIXD Tela, Honduras CristMal
I s.s. Quiri g s .................................June i
S.S. Chirlqu .................. .........i..... e 1
S.S. Quir iua .................:...............J..I e M

Shipping & AirLine News ,eriO
Schoolteacher's Special Jacobs; Katherine E. Jessup; -- ALLEY OO
Sailing Friady Laurabelle 0. Johns; Walter K.
The "Schoolteachers' Special" Johnson; Bernard A. Kelleher;
of the Panama Line is sailing to- Miss Charlotte L. Kilbey; Betty 'O EA
day for New York with 174 L. Kizer; Brig. General and Mrs. E 1.7.A T TTI A-BAKED YAPW
S passengers aboard, according to Emil C. Kiel; Mr. and Mrs. Ken- YVTRhIN' TO KJL.
the advance list received Tues- neth C. Krogh; Mr. and Mrs. V ..L eOMEBODY? LOOK
; day, at Balboa Heights. This Paul R. Kuyoth and daughter: WHATCHA DONE
year's special is the SS Ancon. Gertrude K. Lampert; Florenece Accepting passengers for 'TOWM HAT/
The 'advance passenger list A. Lamson; Mr. and WJrs. George
follows: 0. Lee; and Bess M. Liter; LOS ANGELES
Adamary Anderson; Dova D. Robert E. McCullough; Grace a
i Antill; Lilian P. Baird; Vanita Mary McDonald; Mildred A. by
M. Baldwin; Doris L. Barfield McMahon; J. Stuart McNair;
i and three children; Kathleen T. Patricia Ann Maedl; Richard C.
Baxter; Habie Beavers; Mr. and Maguire; Joseph E. Moore; Cor- MS. CTr IA mI ARINA" fm
Mrs. Stanley H. Biber and two nelia Malmberg; Hazel P. Mat- U *
children; Jane H. Bohlig; Mr. thews; Mary Mehl; Mr. and Mrs.
and Mrs. J. Henry Bourke; Mary Roger D. Cichel and three chil- Sailing June 10th
S. Brigham, Jeanne Brown; Mrs. dren; H. Eloise Monroe; Dor-
Susan Brown and Clarice Bryan; othy B, Moody; Mr. and Mrs. (De-luxe suites and single cabins available
Dolores Chaput; Mr. and Mrs.[Walter H. Morton and three (De-luxe suites and single cabins available
Shepard S. Clark and two chil- children; Mr. and Mrs. DeWitt &
dren; Frances G. Clary; Mrs. E. Myers and child; Ethel C. C. B. FENTON & CO INC. OOS AN
Maxine Cleugh; Mr. and Mrs. Myers; Mr. and Mrs. Frank D.
W. E. Colclasure and three chil- Maughton; Elizabeth W. Ogden; C i bo.a 10,o
dren; Miss Kathryn Colclasure; and John F. Oster; Tel.: Cristobal 1781 Balboa 1065 .
Mrs. Eunice M. Cope; Samuel L. Grace J. Rider; Mildred San- ft% O R
Craig and daughter; Ruth E. drone; Dorothy Sandrone; Veva 11 i6t I otS -
Creasy; 'Agnes Crecelius and Sasse; Elizabeth L. Schlunt; _
daughter; Mr. and Mrs. Ray- Mildred H. Slater; Dorothy H.
lnond E. Crftnmel and daughter; Smith; Horace L. Smith; Mr. s
Elizabetht H Datvison and daugh- and Mrs. J. Weston Seaquist;
ter; IMrs. Marian N. DeFoy and Lenora Smith; Mr. and Mrs.
two children; Alida Drew; and pavid A. Speir and two chil- *** W f
Mrs. Betty Duncan; dren; and Mr. and Mrs. Clar.
Mr. an rs. Charles M. Ellis ence'R. Vos]htirgh and two chil- Iew Io did take
and son;| and Mrs. Raymond dren; "1 4. ol
S. RuP'.t jghter; Monica John J. Wall; Mr. and 1Il. '. ui t l..fe;:
Fa BeN .' Farley; Mr. Allen B. Ward and two children; u to UtR4 'We
a tIlw affW. Fears; Ethel Odell L. Waters; Catherine H. 4
V. irguso0;. Mr. and Mrs. Wal- Wells and daughter; Florence
terM,'O. FPischer and daughter; A. Whiteslde; Margaret V. Whit- ,9
Lucille M. Flennikin and daugh- man; Mary J. Wiesen; Ardis M. It'S the same with advertising
ter; Beatrice S. Gardner; Dorcas Willoughby; Pauline Wlinder.
Gregory and daughter; Thelma weedle; Mae Wold; and Mr. and Vou 'can't win customers with
R. Godwin; and Georgia J. Mrs. G. C. Wright. P'AIN T
Mrs. Robert Lyon Hackett and One ad...y-ou've got to "call
udghter; 'PhlllpHadarlt ; Ber- Old Friend No Friend On'em" over a period of time. .. T H l
A~rdine U. Hanna; Agnes Hea- un WIT)
-nS and son; Mr. and Mrs. John DAYTON, 0. (UP) When anO i DY
..fenderson Jr., and two stepchll- old friend showed up at the TOATLL ME
'rne. Evelyn and Herbert home of Mr. and Mrs. Sylvan WAT TALON .
*P@urdtg; Dorothy K. Henry; Clair Seaman and asked to stay for Consistent adDrising in The Panmo M
IR. HIgglns; Elaine M. Holland;I the night, the Seamans said sure. 1 l.
Edith K. 'Houghton; Mary A. The next morning Seaman awoke
Huddleston; Mr. and Mrs. Bart and found the old friend had I American wins customers for you!
L. Humble and son; gone. So had Mrs. Seaman's bill-
William Jackson; Florence I. fold, containing $56. __

L1T M wwsTo~na...


Dow AF4 Aaar
D__ esmfat
/VI1&.LARD!1 A
or- 1EREj Nt

hE TWIwr.r~if.ri.


*. w, -

-was That the Word?


ST ?.itaP"


FPo Sure

r uSr OC.0 r3 a sWWn
tWTKVtK 09 3\\ t^AV i-
S~TEBS lC 't40. ^v- {
^^SlT^T **<

ww sM\ MISS a

Co.1 w.. l w b .. DNA
Coo. I1 1 h> -- -

On Seea Th ought

AN HNo6. 5UT rI.

, \ S WAN, '1

5TMV. WHW1 41


B? IO Low ~ wN

L"- a. EI..EL



M etNOAIIN1,41

A Job for Mack


Shadowing Focus

>l'\ S WEARc7P f A O sami A COLAP OF M 4 BOcH
MWBKSEr LAWYER. W Wvw langNW agfwAraw
PeaBBEPvocim WO~ No7r *&U MItMACalUK



,;.! O:


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O14500 ISN'T


11H*6 aLS6 AMS HiDe rr,
9 STRA'Pe PuIRes OR.
6iaE2RAL Ofil A
.t MEi1T- -
L_-t wL IVE g ym

Still Pitchin'




LIY ON A 946 IM-



.7 P -.
- F



-....,... ...,.


" .- -- -4

I i T 1 i i II i i I


, 's~'A.

k. j il. ,L




tMir~,*. -A- Wa i

as I. & Wmnalas


fI ... ,, ,+ ,.
i i ^ f.

Pae'r' w.. ;1.- ..

r T.A, e
be arW. Nd.- Sal amoi NI M

a d M. i .i totar or that you must "v
S. 11 on Friday, June I l. M welt norSense. Ia
---0: W I.i0 at r t dobe omBy r fins hon Orm you to loe bpa
trbbe are for NSA Bervies

,eash instona Ans children from Panadit O iW. ? i k d am not poea at you with a list of ex-
The-.l*C tI Ct- wo the CAl Zone It., In faetl, a budget diet. _
-iklibb il t e H0o s i 0iter for the Sum- Yr gfli '1 1 ht like to make use of some dis-. ls
actfe .6tte wy a on er, In athe Aneon Play- 61 t f was In California that I plkd I
a ute a n,00a.m.. to 11:00 .1 u Ed r with a smAll, green salad.
D, str rhort ; m.P. a t h0 .hen you're on pinee green, re
.ot.... IokMe bulk e and take the edge frt yot ,Ratte Walter Henshell M at te la Important, too. In show batea 4M
Clt e ndn thit ,t but 'rve worked out a system that'a]w P
... in me0 ntI f u eJ a nd all of them at regulate times. the A
uIl .a ral- W.OsIumS b f H reaknfast and lunch when I get up, fg3An
,. BSa of tn Bra- "w. o. PeV"d" '" a i a mall dinner before I go to the .heater e
ne d aw o t 4 m the Iw over, I have my third meal of the
AY. 7,June 4 the U
1111111 wIo HusbandT k't point in connection with your mdals tllB
Sruce Carpenter .. )t*heh to eat. No hurried meals, no gulp- theo
e i t ip of i friends PROVIDenCE, R. I., June 4 3:2--MiW iWednesday Ioseusons that are upsettin I eapat
S *r athelr resl-Atr hakn hand 4:00- ,swher t P art, Philip V. shur leff, Favorite ** mn
yIn ht o 34, chaC led ha mind today nd L:00- si Love (l F4' Ol t l R8 T BY ANN WILLIAMS-HELLER "T
ter, ChIef nO killed the prospective bride- aAlf*O, -A.) .man
1 J nnd Classfifatio0 D1- groom with two short un blasts. i-. 1 ln ere gf2 julce of % lemon In small glass of bot Water. ad
nof the Panama canai Joseph Donahu e, 42, a a i 7:1 ttO (30BBC) f Ju o lon n a l ot r '
vil t' -will be a sent romconversion worker,whoformerly IN3 N Ot "Breakfast1 nA
lmuA from Jed untu lived in U per Darby, Pa., was IR1
8 Ser e oite cut down on the street shortly 7:4I-- .irn the Air (RDP) Ileed Banana (% medium) o
9 age A 8io da. He la /l mora-i ater he aeorted Miss MArion 8:00-Nw ad Qm.
Antontilda. Untls BMaR&lrb 28, to herl om., m0enelwY Wy Raymond Corn Flakes(( e. mixed with one tablespoon bran) t
TluattAt Ohio State thvK O- Polle said Donahue and Miss 8wl*g (VOA) Qgtag Choee Ball (2 tablespoons) quartberof the Dotoo athe ber were approached last 8:lS-j 1amalon (VOA) Coffee Toea Skim Milk (1 cup)
yr quarter of the Dcal01 night at a Providence night spot 8:80 -.Te rican D6oksheff the
ih ory Mrs. Lra by Slhurtleff who had been dat- (VOA)l ... Leneibe o
W Cleveland0. in Miss Barber for two years o:45-Commentator's DI e t of th
Wat Q InCleveland, until she met Donahue whom (VA) Tomato, oup (1, e
blerHonrs she wa to marry later this aW a (BBp ) .' erwurat hole whet br : 2 l e, 2c3%x% i
Dinner Honers month. .yVW
Ma rs. onor Aucoding olice, shurtleff 0 Hour iSytHur: lr.% inhesedilm., V inch thick
gllce, 19b '-*- up Z2IW ay o **)large les)'
ll to Colonel and asked MI Bar erto ve up rarut (% dettmye: ffee OSkim '
Pt of COroasl,who are] Donahue an return to him. l Graefei c
"Ot im; thil month for Wbe.hahl used, police quot- 11I' Nest 104

day Mr. obert Rice, Mil u Barber said Bhurtleff 0 TheA lar 1 rib.' % ) Yellow T Stea (m Hup) /.
iTexbsr ie Mis Barbersaidfurtlef t III The A (1 r
lthe dinner were Ma- then appahntly calmed down _, COllS Yellow ncup /
jor O-Igtt and Mrs. George and after tile thee shook hands, :n sar Potator T rre id ic(Drled)n Pruno
o'IgoeCA d Mrt. Chiffort h hurteiff walked out. y."600,,4- & (2 -4eAuIm1a 1 (,prunes, 30 slxl r)
3 egg rMrs 1M.r- ob ftapol.e traced Sahurtleff' M a&s PstYeldfo iT' e iim (o 1 cpiC
'dth ,Mresd .rwM. -tho- vernt'i tthe Carver, Mase., r Preo n M uimNg pay: t aMpo ebmd-veUt elor cul)
S.ta M, Wlam Bl't par ent where h H.EART 10o. equivalent) with one (2Vsxl% inches Whole WheatCaker.
atenedM s shoot some edee"ASk

M a was we rn' I m.
few m'm v e and wasderar e r,-

Mas:-'. Do- lo ice Welter tae to tuhr lep. l
ger adon of Akron. Colorado, said dShu tw ll be charge i night .-. n h o c
are ein Aa wee ot tth It with i mtrde tdi t Parad t by the rw-n byea n th t thi gsar
mu, an are ,uTts at Hotel--l iy-ir3 1 S IJOy P mark, fot the family had .done by .givi them tl ad-
panama. Capt. Prl Ed srHBR
o.f a ^ the Course At Fm Esti s o u. eSt as.fw
The Woman's Alliance of the |M"yut Meloies e l-a'.l m -, -'ho*p a of l teem laz.
U 8ewill mteetM hth soRr",-l the lIf day to yout. You ca give them the feel-
Unitarian Society will mebt in the tORT USTIe, Va., June 4.- Daetf the Badsthe matter afew mo- hagthahs own sa w
SJMra7r o Jewish Welfare Capt. Lemuel I. Presley, so of Ss--Atoean Debut IlJtt -thtt w wrld
.O~nte' On La Boca Road Mr. and Mrs. Lemuel 8. Prly, 3l:5-The Ittle Show t serious thou ht,the lit- is "rtiht," only by relaxing
airtf .JOrt 0 at 8:00 p.m. Rodman, recently complete the 3:;--upe for Thu3ay tl* : SEau al day1 t: a t n
*-OT h~wtobe coniidereda t tr Mportatlon officer advanced Foserd 4;VotPsea and Fouhldhsl (lftft It all da 1n3- hIuie tO se lt n
t g. Is Women cous a tthe ry' s4-- and Fhho Patta eemed so smi.11 help when your help Is asked
Orglantilons of the Canal Zone courses at the Army's TUss- 4:-What's Your Favorite et t- a isUM a h It n.
Have Aided the Point Four Pro- The 38-week course is de- 6: E-Llnda's First Love-Cia. mae t fo eira l w~aW a-
g .' Npresentatives of Worn- algned to prepare officers tor AIaro. S.A. 01W the own-pi wi a
eaC. ,ve'ben adkedto as- duty as commanders and statt *:16--jening Salon twlUWoM, to kep t .t.....
attlskthidleOi.., officers of transportation unlts, Tr.()0-Make Believe B ll r.Q#m C' of home "smle*- gg *Ifcryf
Al.Wbnien, who are Interested, and for special staff duty with (VOA) h "e leagsters.
ge lted by the Society to be the Army and Air Force. 7I--BLUE RIBBON .POtlt We don't have to ind6le TMI
pr.9an1. Capt. Presley is a graduate of REVIEW eidaofn'try whiato or knock
kimblm Club to Meet Balboa Hih School, and attend 7:T-Ja Session it tl o koc *I b
.: e. i Emblem Club. No. ed Canal Zone College. : ;0-News. Sports ad Ol { for teu all the m
4 on 1ridav at 7:80 p.m. at the Swing (VO) ouht.' ottiew WITfoA *
Wu dae Memorial, 80 o Balboa BEATEN TO GUN 3:lS5-Arts and Letters (VOA) c next door ha t t
arg PHOENItX, Arlz.,. (UP).-Me- 1:45-C aommoen tator's t About allTwe have to doat
Bridge Wnner ohers of the rural fire depart- (VOA) At make the days pleasant
The Ancon,'Balboa Duplicate ment, are sUll hot- under the 9:00.-TheReith Leatuesm (U happy for our hrntend
Brldguocleatlon held its week- collar. They spent a whole day 9:20-Take it from Here (BC) Make them contented w
ly tournament, which Is open to building sa aback which was to 10:00--Dance Msle thing as they are, is to .
the .publhl in the card room of be set on fire a a part of 10:15-Musical Interlude .relaxed and pleasant ot ll
the Hotel Tiwo on Monday their training Diueram. Prank- 0:0-Moonllglit Mood and to have time to treat .
night. Five tables were saet up in asters couldn't wat. They set 11:00--The Owl's Nest like human beilegs n
the Howell'Movemaent. cit on fire that hiht. d 12:00-Sign1 Off alyn urdering themou .
Sw i .. e I. esa achw d erithe sou l.l

SREFRESCOa, S. A.' -.s. LttlS.
The abovr"mentoned meeting, originally bohe-. *t its best ..
duled for June 2, 1952 at 10:00 o'cloa k in the fore. BY' PROFESSIONALS .p o Ih D & BARTON
noon at the offices of the Company, Avenida Central
No. 33, PanamA City, R. de P., has been postponed |i her'm i a/ t i for
until July 1, 1952, at the same time and -at the same j~ iher Yweddm ... a bu aueiul
place. 'o 'a solid silver Marriage Cup
Im -dB g DCtIaed by Reed a t Batold
5 m CDEI'-oI d750oC IwClg a somanri, old

ametm uc

Weekday Mornings-9:00 to 11:30
SJune 9 to 20'
calarms woeass ,


If ij r~~j^ nnr .. ,! --- *i 't .'ii, A-


...wh inadquate fu
.n.cwta fin ih tdM o
Oguarante.-wbam real y
,:&so a lI. iia ite ewo
,ip = ..m"j t be t l

?. the French, the
S will seal their
toe ia wu- 6o00 this
Ir ,rimr. Th. en
mi. m it in the fimmily


^ s-a m


f n __

R A T'" ,_S_..H'oP,. i

.and had
ithe Polltburo A i
A of the party's eondt
1. Pauker the hig*t M
WaO a official in a o
8 country, still hle the
foreign minister.
otti., the official 06m-
st Party newspaper, pub-
d a full page statement on
against Mrs. Paouker.
her with the activity
*raaer finance Mladter
U LMca, who with flterlor
ter Georgel eorgesou had
timoved from all party and
rnment poets.
e central committee severely
lied Mrs. Pauker, warned
and decided not to re-elect
to the Politburo and the
tariat of the central corn-
e, the statement said,
said the committee moves
d "create brawls In the
a of\the imperialists and
American and English war-
;ers," because imperialists
a great interest ht any
tions which could weaken
nlity of the party.
it the, measures taken by
central committee prove its
gity to vanquish and liqul-
any dIviations and con-
cry attitudes," the state-
Wey also prove that the Ro-
an Workers (CommunisOt
SI the base for the force
.ron discipline of all Ro-
countering the deviations,
lomanlan workers party did
consider the past merits of
d who became great and
i personalities, and who
dered themselves free of
obligations they were sup-
d to fulfill to the decisions
,e party and the govern-
bourne, Australia, has been
4n as the summer games site
he 1956 Olympics. It will be
first time in history that the
pic ames will be held be-
the equator.

Pinllys f\aoone

Beauty cosumlw.t from

Miss Rabone will be delighted to expln to y
you can use the Yaedley Beauty po dif
advantages for your particular type of n. .

Con,,sldns ad ad.,e ae uul# y .
Swithbout iargM. "

', "> I.
Miss Rabone will be at e MbIa Stan w S-
Thursday, Friday thru aturdwy .
9 a.m. to 12 noon and from 2:3 p.m. to I

Main Store M clim Aolows 5



Puffe Wheat with a honey favored
coatiWg toaeted on. ust pam
on the milk of trem... and watch
do whole family go for thie
'oM*'y" of a new cereal t


i-. .
Perfect fr 'tml gm a
Good for kids, tp '
the speelal h otegpsmn a er
for Savor, piki i lia llg
t *' ,..



It's fm to eat right out
ie package. And you'll keep
on ~bbiag and nibbling.
Put hst's Sugar Crisp
oa youmtrocery Ust now!

suMR cmN
SA nI .....


,a ., -.



: ,^- ... ..




mimnm rMNN

You Se 'em...When You- TeN e'i thru P.A.

.I Pave your Ad with oae of our Agents or our IIffIes ito No. 57 "H" St r8t Pa
No 12.17Q Central Ave. -a- Colue

Lewis Service
x4 Tivoli Ave.-Phone 2-2 1. and
Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441

Salon de Belleza Amuriaso Cariton Dru Stort
*55 West 12th Street 10.069 Melaides As-Phone / 1 O- l"
Agencia Intermacional de P utioiiW Propaganda, S.Aq
#3 Lotterv Plaza Phone 4 *A "N" Street comti lmit ntst.
Phones 2-2214 a1nd W

' 5

MIaimma ftr 12 words.
Ick. eA *ftMol worl.

1i. .I.. ..... .. .. IEE .. .. --'I Ir -- -- .... ..E I 1
HueholM AdAtuimobiles m I- -"b W*IN.b problem? 5HR n ANMSI PROFESSIONAL
FOR SALE:-Mohogony dresser clo- Servie Personnel and Civilian ili sw A| l. Tailored to fit YOUR hdlvidual W t
set; carved dresser wardrobe; 4- Govarnment Employes l. wms (lnd tiW I)senLa
pc. bamboo set; console combine- Insist on ALE imming pool, playhouse rte, And nW
tion phono-radio with records; as- Government Employes Finan.e Co. tc. Phone 4-557 doay, 4-230 n READER8 DI
sorted rugs; cupboard; boy's tri-- When you finance your new MR ings. .or C.ndu 526 3 oavnyt l DS, Iont l
cycle; child's car; doll carriage: or used car. -o---. -- ings. or Cunatdu5261 lA- tla yot whata WOndarim
Eicyclopedia set, cheap; B oo k AGENCY DEHLINGER FOR SALE: Conplete garage, Hotel PAN- IlCANO n cool El
trails set; boy's bicycle 26" cheap. lNe. 41 Autom.bile Row equipment In good condition. 4 7 Valle offers low rates for summer IMlCticde CHLORDANE Is
2-1520 or 0803 corner Plank St. Phms e 34984 3-4985 week days, oil day Saturday. Apt. Vacations. In the Auril lI e.
and Goviloan Rd. FOR SALE: Beautiful blue Ford 5753-C, Dioblo. C. Z. Fomter's futm od coftges, hal milg (It' the Killer In Real Kill)
FOR SALE:-General Electric Refri- Victoria '51 with radio, W & W FOR SALE:---G. E. Refrigerator 25 beyond Santo Clara. Gas t r By It In the agrleltuWal
gerator 8 cu. ft. "like new" con- tire. House 0428-A, Frangiponi Cy. All porcelain. Six mahogany ators. ranges. Special rates rgrade for your fur
edition. Agencies Diaz, No. 8, 37th St. Ancon. Phone 2-4263. diningroom 'ihelrs. One small ma- ly or monthly, private Mo4 Vi or gardea.
East St., Panama. Will sacrifice equity in 1948 Hudson hogany table One steamer one beach. For Information visit 0ba-
FOR SALE: 9 cu. ft. Refrigerator like new, 5 new tires, low mileage, rdrobe 25 60 Cy. Hoover vaccum Panor. Tioi A2-0170nue No. 6r GEO. F. NOVEY INC.
"Frigidaire" 2 cycle in excellent Can 'be financed. Call 87-7195 cleaner 25- 0 dCycles. Lampsc, 2-01"0.h W etrlAve. S- TCaILSaeMch
condition, $1 0.00. 5447-F, Dia. daily. 84-4290 evenings. After ler a s i Gra I tSantaC c abeacs
blo Hgts. Anytime. ___ 6:00 p. "*_____m. low. 1502-A. vilon Rood, B- stoves, moderate rates. Telephone
FOR SALE:-Westinghoast refriger- Fo SALE.-Like new, 1950 Buick, boo. 6s441 Gov rtes p X
tor. alil porcelain, nine-foot, good Riviera, Dynaflow, R/H 4 U. S. U OUE Wlms' Sato Clara each C.
condition, ,1.00. House. 1514- Royal Masters. Albrook Qtrs. 62B. "UM ANAGERS. WiBiosC ro' .Clra Feh Cot*
Akee St, telephone Balboa Going to' best price quoted. Call fixtures t W rwo es Flbod m F VENETIAN
6372. plg" 86-fi3)45 for information. yor pl ures Rockos rnis. Balboa 2= .
.. .....* lotr price. BLINDS
FOR SALE:- ger sewing foot mO- FOR SALE:-1950 Ford Fordor De We guarantee prompt, neat work. Phillips. Oceanside cottages, BLIND
chinet model) Piono (Up-. Luxe. Excellent condition. House COMPARIA ISTMRA DE PLtAOE- Clara. Box 435. Balboa. Phone Immedate
right grondt, Simmons couch, liv. 5455, Diablo. Tel. 2-4300. RIA, S. A. Phone 3-3350. Justo Panami 3-1877, Cristobl 3-167. Delery,
ingroom set, baby crib, stroller. FOR SALE:--1948 Pontiac, Hydra- Arosemenr Ave. and 29th St. East. FOR RENT Tl .11
Phone 916, Colon. matic, Tudor Sedon. Excellent AQUARISTS:-Lots of new trOpical FI2N .N. Ith 1 ,.
condition. Call 84-6124, after 5 fishes and aquatic plants, supplies, 9Mt-
p. m. ACUARIO TROPICAL, 11 Via Es- -
FOR SALE: 1947 Plymouth De po o, opposite Juan Franco Slobles, FOR RENT: Furnished house t AN MA iRn I
Luxe, 7 passenger Station Wagon, Phone 3-4132. Golf Heights, 3 bedrooms. Call te- PANAMA BROKERS. INC
duty paid, new paint, tires etc. FOR SALE:-28 inch bicycle. 364-B, lephone 3-1890 after 4.30 p. M. Hotel El Panami
perfect condition, $800.00. Phone Ancon Blvd. Tel. 2-3222, after 4 FOR RENT: Chalet 3 bedrooms, MIMlNG:
6-I98 efter 4.00 p. m. House 171 p. m, two bathrooms, swimming pool, : Rli Coca Cola & Cement.
A. Good for passenger service in maid's quarter, old Golf Club en-
the Interior. PANAMAO NE: rMPANG trance. Tel. 3-2972 or 2-0693. BUm NG: Cops.
FOR SALE--1950 Chevrolet De Luxe FOR ,LI OR RENT Tel. 8-4719 3-i0
S2-deer Sedon, fully equipped with Sealed bids will be received until 10: RENT
Sextras, 2-speaker radio, plastic 30 A. M., June 9. 1952, for 5,000 |u
seat covers, undercooted. $1,250. sheets of Corrugated Roofing located ______-,, ODEN FURNITURE
00. Excellent condition. House 84- at Section "1," Balboa Storehouse. AlMAMMiA PARTMENTS DEN FURNITURE
B, 6th St. Coco Solito, phone Navy For Information and inspection con- ,Modern urnId dn ise spa^e
8592. tact Foreman, telephone 2-2720. Bid nenas. M qle.. m 1g W I. i n
FOR SALE:-1949 cream, Chevrolet forms may be obtained from the act d#el61, I-ta sWeet. Noew W Oai sm m
convertible. Good condition, can & above source, or from office of Su- Crlsbabel, glmhese U6W Colon. d. I e 1 u .n n ew
seen at 549th. M. P. Co. Ft. Clay- perintendeAt of Storehouses, fiblboo, FOR RN -- Nw.b go&h ( Mo em nt..
ton, or 5454-J, Dioblo Hgts. telephone 2-2777. FORRENT:--New bungalow, wnth i. -'a ,'t e.m. t 5
--- ~ screen, bedroom, ivingr and dinn 1-1w
FOR SALE:-1949 Buick Sedanette, FOR SALE: Piano, upright, good room. Also apottment with 2 1-2
Roodmoster with radio. W I L L condition, dresser, steel, house 560, bedroom. Tel.,3-1773. 9 ., a
TAKE $500.00 down. Balance in Corozol quarantine area. portes Bxte, S. A.
S eaMy payments. s.ell mme- R SAE:-Stewar arner rTfri- n, vn, ra.
lets After 4 p. m.'Call 25-3760. Chef stov wth 4 burners and _O___ _oack and _rae or om_
1 t p leclal fR 'SALE:-1949 PQ w Tudor o _$25.00, I bood condition.OR RN m fr At g. Phne 2
t s Sedon, excellent conditiq., only JAerr B. SDiV 22'Apt. 12 POND'R with k:t3he f riv 2 V. PPeuim5L
l111.111 20,000 (twenty thousands miles. 'FOR SALE:-Oak desk, typewriter, 43rd Street o. 430t, art .
SCan be financed. Duty paid. House waShing machine, 25 cycle mot ORRENT e fur
s 1550-C, Gavilan Road. 2 HP, I HP, 3 HP, 7 man rubber FO RENT:-ClE furnished room.
iW m FOR SALE:-Dump Truck 4 cu. yds. boot. Buick sedan. House 785-8B, priIres dti atret N.13it Ben
used only one year. Price $1,000. T"vrilla St. Balboa. Phone 2- Vista.
Iege De00. Cost new $3,000.00. Located_1365- X
1160 Nh111 wu 3-0706 Mr. Ehrmarr. W M I
T Pia m FOR SALE:- eouftiful 1940 Cadillac Help Wanted MiPAceAO "
T -- Ii S convertible. Duty paid, must sell, iWA-ED:-ssocaNe-W-V-&-- r61111110.-1 a 1--- D J1_1 r N Ma d
Slaving thm ". Tel. 7-3202. Exer nced nursemaid. American WANTE r artner
fit St, No. 12, apartment 4. of expanding succoful business in 4 1
290 siia LES-SONS -. .":'0' "'
19 W Onduot- Ie E 0 Vtio 2 a t 4. San Jose, Costa RICO, Box 395, 4-11
^- rs om Pro N WANTED:- Reliable maid to ive AnconC 7
a. 1 Learn Spanish with a rapid system. in, help with care of children. RTe- -. owc vitLni,
1O9 StUdebakers Mrs. Romero Conversational Span- ferences required. House 404-B 1
1%tub o rds isA. Estudiante St. 77-A, No. 2. Tivli Ave. Ancon. U AIiail rI M.Aul- An a. eia ,.MWV a l ..,..


Spanish for children summer vacation IAWc 0 1 deW ftCU I61in UmW16landl,
at Mrs. Romero, mornings or Of. CJLL IA Iaf-I.l A fralc, aM ftOWU d, s ev-o
ternoons. Estudiante St. 77-A, No. Edith Marcel Dies; AVaMlb e i healthy yo u~ ou
2. D ies; Tln rN m1 healthyear Iss.m1b
SF rol Tomorrow one roe at
,alW L Ia ndCeII a toarel a r. bmse, at
FOR SALE" Ith Georgine Marcel of No. 8 3. aVAN pa 1s WA v to h ar-
Sof January Street. died at- r t the Pan-
Real Etate 1*5Qanto Tomas Hosottal Mon- tDr. Cornelius B. Briscoe of the arm ..oIllo-:- lwner for
d~" evenlnv at 6:45 In the ad- Panama Hospital, governor of the .Amiib of Physi-
FOR SALE:-At sacrifice price, tWO office of the M the American College of Phyal- clani, he i ie final re-
adjoining beat front lots at Co ro- r i l nsi'or ad Canal Zone nd the coausadl ti tm Pnama and
ado Beach all Mrs. Coulrvil, A ftomer Rainbow 1tyv emd- 17ulblic of Panama, amunced the Canal SoM .
Bolboo 3287 before 4 p. m. or dent, she was 33 years old sid oay that a limited number of
write Box 1807, Balboa. had worked for the PanamA Cii- .owahips in Mledlcae i wn be A lliaatio must be submit-
FOR SALE OR RENT AT A nl Clubhouse Division. valuable from July 1, 1943 to tddup SM be returned
FOR SALE OR RENT AT A 30, 105 for quaUtled mhyl- te I fWi October 1.
SA hectre form 10000 pinCE p l uneral services will be h dlans throughoutt te Isthmus. 1965. AnIkagmnt of awards
5 hector. 'farm, 10.000 pIneples", at 4 p.m tomorrow at St. Via- fellowships are des_ ed Wi be "m. d e s o t -1952.
fruit trees, good water supply. Cam- pent Church In Rainbow Ot de W s i r opport ity r t e-m r 195
pletely mechanized. Houe, wll wiltake place at Mt- H arh training eith er e b -
cleir title in restricted area. Will ee4 1met. trmedicalsclen ot at h tCh-
immediately for 50 cts. on dollar or f410 1metn .oftheme scenc toh
rent for $30 monthly. Box 789, Batl She Is survived by three i dI n of thei e cien. e to -iLai
boo. ter: Mrs L. Downer, uth mJ S lvst.gato. Th. a"_ _
Antonia and two brothers, Franft- te bneit of phsla0lans who
PERSONALS rd E vatsto Marcel. a = In the* rly stages Of ~ KS
SSOnA lS bar of the Col6n __Police Force. nation t or a teaching md.
ttlpm ive Care w I in :Itereal
Competent America....n wo...uld likeo. ed n.I, clude a stiPe d
sition as housekeeper andca co of $r 0 00 ato $3,500.
children. Excellent references. E. Anyone i n the Canal Zone orIIs
B. General Delivery, Balboao C Z. pbc of Panama whot S
Position> Offered|i .Meets Thuwry. SOL et d should request appl- S t anid
OSition Offered :3 .m. on form from The American
Gill S3rd Ploor Masnle Templ CoUlepe of Physicians. 4200 Pine 4 Jm -Av.
Gill Service Company needs expri- (Critibal. C..) llSreet, PhiladelphIa 4, Pennsyl-
enced chauffeurs. Decent salary. Members & Visitor Wlems. nia.
E Apply at Tivoli U. S.O. Thbe forms should be filled out


F *




:to 48)



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- .,. I

F ~-~-iVW




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^k^ii l tf i "' l"




uIm. IriTber.' ..
.*;- o ,1 + ,* + .e
-+ .. p :," .
This sensational offer
EE 0


.28 Q"i Av. 71 Cmtrl Ave. Opp. RR. Sttaie
El Pautti 86

I .






-du. CARS



CIV A;:0d

Your Pontioc-C


. .'.

A'1950 -p W ..'.

1949 BUa pg1a

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., .' r=~^' -^f^ af^^ .a

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To reas ...d
Hrfi'i'!Tl*g -1
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ol wbshlfrt old
frn ol tbhat
04 sheet GeLs
aOsh a6 ferAI4 m
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J*'VrAw a asda nan

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-qb .; lii ..Y "q
...- .. .....aid
>,mflM Ay". sew"-, '. -'
i :'^-t f --- '-. .. ,-, i -

..-,,fi l buy hr; "w

V7 r *j .' -
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04~~1 the 3dl, .,1Ma

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. a

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n imawi aLum we.
ti at iSthe f AM Derby

f- atIt. s-i s .d
t" '- -Waft"
Patn oldywa emnkid ht






Balboa Heights, C2.

JAm 9 to 20 9:00 to 11:00 eah. day

-? W/at?-.
Hand Work Bible Stories -. pp Singing Came
Itfreshmentso Newspaper Fun

A MN of 40 men and w-r
l departments AMU boy

3h iry, Jane 9W

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utobr 4to 17.
pa. n U .. ,r
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aMss rr W LEA LOT L.


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: -. ,- ...',.-... ". ,*
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M., I-v

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- r-~---~ --- -'--

Bosox Give 5

-o a

Dropo, Pesky, Lenhardt

For Kell, Evers, Trout

United Press Sports Writer
BOSTON, June 4.-In baseball's biggest trad
of the year, the Boston Red Sox gave up five play
ers, including heavy hitters Walt Dropo and Do
Lenhardt, for a Detroit quartet that include their
baseman George Kell and outfielder Walt (Hoot
The deal, consumated by a with four yoars out for war ser
telephone call only a few hours ice. Drooo, 29, was the star roo
after L'nhardt hit a grand slam le when he came up to the R
home run that put the Red Sox Sox from Louisville in 1950, b
at the top of t he American last year was sent to the Paci
League, saw: Coast League for seasoning b
First baseman Walt Dropo, cause he failed to hit. He w
outfielder Lenhardt. infielders back before the season end
Johnny Pesky and Fred Hatfield and is currently hitting .265.
and pitcher Bill Wight traded for! "I was surprised," he said. "B
Kell, Evers infielder Johnny Li- anything can happen and I fi
pon and pitcher Paul (Dizzy) ured with all the talk I miight
Trout. in some deal."
"I agreed to the deal, but it In Philadelphia, Rolfe sal
was tough to decide on," said the trade was made "to sna
Manager Lou Boudreau. Details us out." The Tigers are in
of the trade had been ironed out losing streak which finds their
during the evening by General at the bottom of the league.
Managers Joe Cronin of Boston "It looks like I, got what
and Charlie Gehringer of De- needed-a solid man at third,
troit. fast hard-hitting outfielder
It was the biggest Red Sqx Evers, and Lipon, who can fill
deal inadt, in 15 years; and anywhere we need a man," sa
probably the most important Boudreau
on baseball since the Boston In addition, Boudreau recall
Braves gave up Eddie Stanky first baseman Dick Gernert fro
and Alvin D a r k to the New Louisville to play regularly f
York Giants in exchange for the Red Sox. Although he has
four players. thumb injury and may not pl
Penn3nt-seeking Boudreau ap- immediately Boudreau hop(
Seared olpased once he had made the rookie might be usable in la
is decision. But the departing night's game. Both the 29-yea
Red Sox were far from delight- old Kell, a Tiger for 13 yeal
ed as they straggled in to pick and Evers. 30, were due to be
up their possessions before flying the Boston lineup.
to join the Tigers at Philadel-
In telephone calls from Cronin off series T Be
they had been told to board a 5To- I V
p.m. plane and report to Man-f .
ager Red Rolfe of the Tigers!arf In n
ready to take the field last might. SlOe I I i I
The Detroit players were to .
arrive at Boston last night andIn Panama Americai
be in the lineup for the opening II l ll m AIm ItuI
of a !ruclal three-game -series
with Cleveland. Tomorrow the golfing serlel
First of the ex-Red Box to| "Good fGolfs Easy" will be
stroll into the looker room was started in THE PANAMA A-
Hatfield, 2P. who has been play- MERICAN. The series, written
ing third base regularly for the by Jackie Burke, will be rtb
last week since Pesky was bench- daily in this paper
ed with an injured leg. I The series features all phas-
"I just bought $20 worth of, es of the ame and should be
roceries." he said glumly. "I get of greit help to all golfers.
home iind my t ife tells me to __
call Cronin and he tells me I'm
in the trade. They don't remem- '
beu.what you did the day before. .' .. .,
Hatfield raid the trade was .h.' i "
"entirely expected" and that '-
he "knew tMere was some deal '
going on.,Out I didn't figure I .
was in it ,- ".
Anlhour later Lenhardt saunt-
ered in, hi. face indicating he j
was far from pleased. He had [ "-..v "
started major league baseball *.'-"
with the St. Louis Browns in :. 4_ .=!'
4 .0, was traded to Chicago and i.' ,
then was bought by the Rea Box
and assumed he nad clinched the
left field berth left vacant by
Ted WUlliams' recall to the Ma- .
Lenhardt let in a tie-break-
ing run Monday with a tenth- q
Inning error, then hit his se-
ond grand slam homer of the '
year to give Boston a win over
c hlago.
noon." he said. Thats the first
I knew of it Who else Is inuthe
irade. he didn't tell me. I guess h
voki hay to be ready for any-
thin baseball Good for my
wife in her condition, she's ex-
cTIng our first baby in Octo-
aNo -e~rcts." sang out Pesky
as he and Dropo came In a half-
hour later 'No regrets. Cronin's
fine. Yawk.ys (owner Tom Yaw- m I..,,,_BE ,,c
k tlflae Everybody's fine. Base: lljis dwarfdb
balhu strange ways. When you the record 1025.po..d bl
run out u .f gas nobody wants marlin he caught off Cabo.
You."br Blanco Peru, one of the pals.
At 1, Pesky has been a mem- catches of the year. (NEA)
ber of the Red &ox since 1942


For This New






- 7t bar OOL.OI 40


Fr 4

V I -' *

Pacific Basketbafl Yankees S

Le agueMeeting Set gh G

For Friday Night 0__ight Game
Friday nght at the BalbdA
Gym will be the "do-or-die"
eselon of t'hb Pailfic Basketball" .-
League AH league officials.
team manager, and those de- "
e siring to enter teams should at- *
,. tend this mReeting without fall. ; ." .i, .
Final plans will be made for
in the opening qf the league on
d June 19 'ald any other ,pharss
of organization will Ie settled
) during this all Important
Time of the meeting is 7:so
rv p.m. at tihe Balboa Gym It Is
rv hoped that tthe Pacific Leimage
ked wil, open as an eight-team cr-
cult. To date there are some-
fut where betweeA five and nine
fic teams that have indicated a
w- desire to be league members.
ias Any of these not represented
Friday night will n all rob--
3ut ability find it timpossib to
g- a the league this summer.
"ig- A ",' .

,a PL t j. WOUNT?-.- itXberly Mine woiks out at Yonkers
in R, Ypoint for the $90.000 Hambletonian stake at
in Gohen, IN. Y. Aug. 6. Miller, who won the 1950 Hambletonian
id a witheague t ong, Ma, t over the three-year-old filly for the
ed National league race. (NEA)
)m -----
or TEAMS- Won Lost Pet.
SN.... ..8 1Y .688 2S i ltar To C ash.
ed Chicago.. .... .. 24 .51
t Cincinnati ..... 21 22 .488
r St. Lts ....... 41 23" .477
r Philadelphia .... 18 22 .450 .
B oston ........ 16 23 .410
Pittsburgh ...... 11 35 .239 e A
The Atlatic Basketball Leakuell3-Nvl Station vs. Flashbacki
TOAV'S GAMES will get into swing MondgV i4ght Gibraltar vs. Studebaker.
Boston at St. Louts (N). when tMe two-time eham4igins 15-Gib:altar vs. Naval Station;
Brooklyn at Pittsburgh (N). Podvelts five take on the 'Ofal- Stuoebaker vs. Flashbacks.
New York at Chicago. tar Life Insurance team In the 18-Jr. Varsity vs. Fastfit Pow-
Philadelphia at Cincinnati (N)' lld-Tif.r ells vs. Naval station.
S..----- The r0ibraltar Life quintet -did 20-Powell, vs. Fldhibacks; StM-
YESTERDAY'S RESULTS not play ander those colors dur- deunker vs. Fasron.
n (Night Game) ing the4 1 season but thby "are 22-Jr. Varolty vs. VIalhbaeks.
Brooklyn 212001001-6 7 1 the runTera-up and figure to be NOTE-DeadliNte fr nhtg ofr
SPittsburgh 000001003-4 8 1 strong contenders for the .1952 new players, July S IS.
Branva t3-21, Black (9), Ruth- crown and the coveted Uliver- -- -- _.. -
Serford (9d (9) and Walker; Munger sal ort Trophy.
' HR-Robinmon 4th, Furillo 2nd, loop of iers the Stu4ebaker team: Lef

Cincinnp.ti 010000 10x--2 7 1 Gold Coast basketball fanascmyU By UE'
Roberts and Buress; B look forward to plenty of t
welStrbck and, thrills thronsgh August 22 g o ,'a ve I & Wn

t( tat Game) .Admirslu prices are 25 cen I or
Philardelitaaa01d.100000fits0f-1 c1
L-"ui ** ** *. children titl, bout atht
St. LouIs .. .. .. ... The complete schedule fol- Charles worked four rounds
New York 201 860 200-17 17 1 lis with two sparmates and looked
Chicago 0 000 0040-4 9 0 GolE d fastb f .despite the. extra- weight he
arn (5-1 and Westru 9-Po r Gibraltar: Stu-carried at oda
Yvars" Hatten (3-3, Kllppatein, draker v .Varsity.o;.. saination. Four rounds of box-
Schult, Hacker and Atwell. h-srlls h.gNaval tion;2 i brought Charlesm total to 101
..Flathb acks vs.Gibraltar. for the fourth meeting between
13-Jr. Varstty vs. Nava Station; the two fighters.
S|Powells vs. Fasron. Promoter Jim Norris of the In-
ficlan Le w 16-Powells vs. Studebaker; Jr. ternaUonal Boxing Club watch-c
____ T Vahsitc vs. Gibraltar, ed Charles train at Pleasant-d
TEAM-- Won Lost Pet. 18-Fasron Va. Flashbacks. Na- vIe, tew Jersey, then switched
Cleveland 18 .59 al on v Studebaker to Atlantic City to see Walcott
Wash Yon .... 1 .41 23--Nv. 9t4Ltion vs. Flashbacks; with Pee Nelson of tlontire
Chicao 22 Is$.-N lStudebacker vs.-Gibraltar., fand two more with Billy Oak-
Philadelphia 1 s .25-Studeaker vs, Flashacks: and. Both sparmateslhit the
St. Lou. 21 25 .451 Gibraltar Vs. Naval Station. Champ often, and Walcott miss-r
Detroit 13 28: I .317 27-Powellt vs. Naval Station; ed rep0atcaly with his right
.* or. va ity vs. Fasron. hand. After the workout. Walcott
.DAYS GAMES 30--Powels vs. 'lashac's; Stu- expressed on fidencethwath
Chicago at New York. debaker vs. Front. win Thrsday night.
tEAMs- W o Ls e(N). -Fasn vs. Fl ashbacks; a- o, We eare thenr withaned

S T..... h 16-Naval Station vs. Studebak tion.
HR-East(Nig. me) 9Flas ks-. arity rs. Powe ibraltarl Jr NY une 4
Casinvetond ..2 n1 8 gibraltar vs. Naval ('UP-Ye oe wredn Rawlson
aw phia r 0k 7 0 17 0 2-7tv andHgI a Flashbaltar; wtlf saireono at citd
rca....3 utc .rt ( S -PoSells vs. i S tudebakero. dFas- r w ore awit oet an
ndroat .r. a tetki. lata vs.rk. St 78n a

( Night G ame 1) Inlhgs 1 28-8 -bretrPvsl. Fasron:Na; Jr. eo X Rlallfo I
Detroit 000 000 001St .. .. Vaity vs. Flashbacks. record oe Zhara herlne
New ork .. 30-Studebaker v. Jr. ralt yearha dal
Detroi at phia de1 a .) nrPowelta vs. ibralStatr. l;uerti tr toe kintaseock h

(Night Game 17 innln-) StudebakGer vs r Jr t hdf -ea.seo u e Te

t.(LoNis .. .. .. .. .. Gm 1-Flashbacks va. Gibraltar; shot afle the front nne
Trucle- 012-- 14 salty vs Naval Station. 10 stroee.butas Jamesonn who
i- an M- r. Varsity vs.s Gibraltar; had a 79 t-d," -also cracked the ]
%r -KA a i Powell vs. Studebaker. old record by finishing with 00.
8 1 --6-Naval Station vs Studebak- Loulae Bugs of Carrollton,; Jr. l Vson vs. Flashbacks. Georgia posted a final round 75
(NghGm/e) 11-Glbraltar vs. Fasron; Jr. to take third place with 602
2 r Varsity vs. Powells. strokes. tr Lak




Now... -- sa~

." -
-" '~'s- "'-"'.':
- ,: ; *SiL'.^J






tr ip and three db es Whit-
eyW man ut -to M batting
mak to .148 to the tague.
Theubs' Hank td
three singles to Ind
Lockian with .. Jim
SHeorn .wo m
against one lons.


U WnA*ityof Pennsylvania is
dr p al) but one of Its yy
LOague p.nents from the 1M
tchedtT e to play big-time oppo-
nents. Penn announced yester-
day that the 1953 schedule in-
cludei games with Notre Dame"
MiAohlgan. Ohio State. California
Army, Navy, Vanderbilt, Penn
State And one Ivy League school

PIT 1BURGH-The Pittsburgh
Pirates have optioned right-
hander.-on Carlsen and out-
fielder Brandly Davis to farm
clubs under 24-hour recall. Carl-
sen (0-1) gfs to NeW Orleans
and Davis will play with Waco
Texas of the Big State League.
GOLF Set-ootin golfers
have -filled m ath I earth
In next at
Dallas. the = T w drt
way Mno _ta '26e yegton-.
al quaiLfv ti I .. e
Twelve mols U! mcome
from the New Tur trials which
were 0K Q UinUd, util to-
aMy To.ft T. e Am;lO.
a 133. wlnas ;Mea t M LOS,
NEW Y OORK-Welterweyght
Chuck DavEy u Back In the un-
defeated ranis bWt hI Manaddi-
tional draws i o n re d. D mey
lost a spat .toCS,
Basillo laWt tw
changed the to tadraw
Monday becse "ta1 .PPal-
mer submitted &a-aio plete
card. 1ai Iv h. 3 w33 ns and
two draw.
MILWAliOUB- The Amlfeuen
BowUing ConMre t MUwaUMee,
which wiuds up Saturday after
in g5-day unl is Iatming the
Masters n-Invitswl Tomurney.
us' oeieM t o _waukee
rolled Ma aeM "t to'zsnm it
sere. anO to dt ite*1 iar.-
ve# Brad tfe OSUo. Wisconsin.
NEW T*Osl,.,Wewte=welht
Bobby 0*0j M r'I
ictbry t?.thpt-e

m to "n.

FainT. URo.

grow- A
to V
_______ter I'm -lamab~t-
i ..' *--. .' ,
-y-,.te. ,. ,,. :^ .-S -- .:;o ,. ,.. :
a e .:. r;-, .. # ;,. ., o-.L ; ,* _"K _:

' 1.

S,. s

Mkcll th tube J~jnr''><'j8

Yeastrday's O.
were ark
17 IhmIAndWu
bing the White 18 A
Aged N fat ;0%
who Is bei t
than 50l
bhit the BrowN to
Ithe 176th .lird atri
pleted five a wei
n oBM of
The Yanket-t e n
test was a we Iatle OttjrB
hits-12 for eg side. Ptel t-
ter Johnny kith broke UI th
game with a single in the th
with the bases leaded. Lefiy ily
Pierce, who had pitched a score-
less three-hitter from the third
through the 13th, suffered a
heartbreaking defeat.
In other American' ea
ames, the Indians topp he
ed Box P-0 on Mike Garciat
seven-hitter to regain first Dplae
and the Athletics downed the
Tigers 3-1 as Alex Kellner pitch-
ed a six-hitter to beat Virgil
In the National League, thp
Dodgers stayed a game ahead of
the Giants by beating the P4-
rates 6-4 (iter the Giants pum-
meled the Cubs 17-4 in aft after-
noon game.. The Reds edged the
Phillies 2-1 and the Braves cool-
ed off the Cardinals 3-2.
Ralph Branca, with relief
t the ninth after holding
sheii to ope run uali then.
Mac d hti third wiN aeetu
to0 defeat for the Delgwm
J4kle Robinson, Gil iEge*
0h4 Carl Furillo aided with
Smith took over fro
S g'lackWeU in te eorthi
hurled six score lt X ings
credit for th id4 win.
Rbft&tt, was the Mk,

!RUM, wIgtwwe
he had e

10 t h

auto bow he t
who Iaw it b h
ahftt-elCanamaf -I N Rbcai"h

; S ki, at.r

N.C.AA. PhlmTo Pt

NEW YOM, June 4 (IP) -- l RA dWal tU k the 'gt
The television dommlttee 9f the s sadtlo
NCAA has work a p toa
getting what. It cali a '"te ra
sion m oopaoi" on football i elsaS T

This lan provides for nation- LA
wide tolevin .of o~ly .one cl-
mlege am. each at-rday and e. ...
further state that no school can St L B
appear on TV more than once

..La. .m 4 M

y Thu %day albes v. &Ci d .l

Warst ath n et ml... I L
tra-- C (4:


-. .. ..
* t ; 6 -- ....

it, ...... .

lb.. .. .. t .

' w .....
f'* ** ';:: :

3 2
31 0
4* S


41 041



.' lp

r *i

*-., .?'. *.



; -. ..... .

-.. --- -

way A hl.

Chald not surprising hae ,
myself kn toute fifth und

WleMtt fok to the, a tfrInt
whfnsh the sort-pken ne -t.

nto et up, but llm,
weight wasn't t berlbe.
"For some rmon I wAT tl.k"
could not relax," Charlem AlA
eatnestly. -
"t began to feel more "tHe
myself in the fifth round mtA
wis quite all right in the alxth,
but didn't knw wfthaktrait Ie i
when he nt aile Witi kthe
left hook to the. aft in vS

I got up, but el a
iatinctively reaching ftr J rope'
that wvAn't there. I
"The referee was TIght in
stopping It. I WU finished."

* ~1

I' lWh"



at wys




aQ Guostocks

I -

"as -gum ip. tT- At.hane* .' .--.
wsff'Miniltoo b the LBO of ore11 1ot Useruaenn Is
S. Jlm ... Jim b-ist
II vain. An due oer"
Wr W It Wa W a- teh1 in ne of hite "5re TE
SOaylao a yd i dab it We-t h
to IL ce ma h bhen Y

eqita not dead in otptrle" Cha le e fe T at

r haerL ^,-
.I u luut normal .h
Ul:: ::40::: ..t b e taln port
6 ,-W bi"& t. U." Gott,"ad.'s".21',,,U:W- 1.

a mor-f eR .... .. i WrIl.I. .. Be IW.ha t Cr oE .l ^. t
1.u....... nbna ...... 9 m0i

Oop at... iS .. .. U aa Oi i
WDepAXr, 0et3el- e M e;r
ImMons, Jeffries, Dempi y. .mnel u ola ad ab argeevot
Ing and Lou S, Man b---f.,
... hqiaeader uh a bl e ato m.. b 3 ilU
L ar sCth r t atrf aBine eaet nan l -r i..rO e wit ha a 1g d Bm l t Ta S
utin eo4 5o btIa. ras So a fffws.
18, but ou n~w 'i 9 e it i l i r
oleTeoWS caena g#Weun
i ts wap raiaysto d aauwhen te is as Agrl
Trd a the outorn s 'or
hit mound_. w iot water M alsaao hpoenld, a t.... ms Cl e 1

w* wod s1 i as misme mn
,ahdfIs"I F M S S Wd e f fy" o1to go ov .o ca.
JSai hadahadr-1

o@-am Ia. e- o h,
he'. AS tree In"W the .r&-.Moab It vO.-,du,.. so



fIcMM- 'l
.t ayCfinyams

ntHA "


a- mm-I ti.m
dwmcUK' l




'-' -k--

*--' .,


~winw~inm w

"Let the people know the truth and the oftONy I


An A-Bomb Striking In Zole.

Would Kill 3 6,000 In RP
An estunated total of 9,861 liv- on Quarry Heights. damage to, '"Fro point zero for a di- co Orphiris' Hospice, N-
ing quarters would be complete-'Panama City would be more or tance of 1600 meters. including Lional Ata. um, the l ,M onal'
ly destroyed and 36 341 Panama less the fohowing: South Aienue the Star and Her- 8rewer' .MWa pnk t uP ,to
City residents wouid be killed "Destruction of buildings aid butiig, independence Pla- the Crunma River, Me- mai'S
outrigln if an atomic bomb were and inhabitants would be total sa, Cathd&al Churc h, the would be moderate w *uries
dropped on Quarry Heights, ac- in a rkdlus of 800 meters from wharfs in tile market area, a part and hlit burns to =Sst,
cording to Lus C Endara. Pana- oint zero In Quarry Heights. of. the Marafth6n district along "At A distance of 308 meters
ma's Civil Defense Commission- iThis would include the Na- 12th of bctober and 15th of Feb- from poit zero, incl Via-
er. tional Institute, the Savings ruary Streets, to Central Avenue ta del Mar, part of BD6 Vstta.
Endaza uaid further that ap- Bank building the Banco Na- up to P Street and dow to a- La OrIpt, the Univerlty, the
proximptel 21,396 more housing1 clonaL and up West 16th Street tonal Avenue, damage would be Nati6fal Brewery warehouse,
units would be partially destroy- to Barraa Beach, Including partial, with huge fi in th and the lay prolucts- f etory
ed by last and fire and 45,162 the gas plant, the National area and a iarge quant- of .per- damages and Injuries wold be
persons would suffer wounds, Gym, the Cared Modelo and sons injared with severe second light.
fractures and second degree the central police headquar- degree br'ni, some of them fa- "ThKu, wili the ft M I
burns if pn enemy dropped an terms. tal. meter .of the radtus from
A-bomb on the area which hous- "The Central Fire Station, "For son.e 2.40 meri from Lpofnt a Whwlch wlB MSit1e 1
es the henacquarters of the Ca- since It is located in front of point uero. reaching l tar as the oQ"t of ChorrftOl, frt
ribbean Command. Plaza Amador Guerrero, in an Santo a intsda Hospital, icludinR of te BIata Ana dltibt,
Endara declared: open spot. also would be com- the Pa i=mA Hospital, the Ex'po- With attl of 9881
"If an atomic bomb should fallpletely destroyed. sition Tire station, the Don Bos- and a ttal of 35,341 -
--. ....----, -_-- -- V- tants, destruction'wo kl he
S "" "At 1000 meters from- pint
4. zero a potl on of the Saphta Aea
N'. and San Felipe districts a l a c
portion of the Maraflon dlatrict, o
S' D l with an approximate total of c
21,388 units, would be partially J
., r... destroyed and the 45,162 real- o
dents of these sectors woold re- S
ceive fractures and second Mge- n
agree blws'"

Wanded In Iorea I
Pfc. Richard C. Harris 'who
has been on duty in Korea wth
the Marine Corps was worunoe'dI|
ing to an offiikl cable recelvi
yesterday by.'his parents. Cal.
tainandMALA. J. Harris olCu- (1
I The cable IM not describe the h4
extent dfyoung Harris' Injuries, T
but gave his hospital address. j
His parents have sought the c
aid of local ted Cross officials a
who are chewing with the Red
CroSs in Korea for detalla on
Pfc. Harris' condition.
A year ago this we~ik, Richard pt
Harris was graduated from Bal- h
boa High Sc l, where he was v
active in RO h(
After several months in the di
States he enolited last August In ~
the Marine Corps and was given D
basic training.
Last Christmas he visited the w
Isthmus on pre-embarkation ni
leave and sailed from California ti
for Korea service early this
year. p
ROWdled ugsler "

May Have leen lOn

Church Jewel Theft
"NEW YORK, June 4 (UPI- f
The body of Ralph (Bucki Em- w
minor, 38. ex-convict known as a liif
Jewel thief today was found rid- w
died with bullets In a Brooklyn
gutter, and police said he may if
have played a part in the thief at
of the two gem-studded crowns ve
1 v from the Catholic shrine. tl
When Capt. Alfred '. ~uW, The crowns, valued at $100,000 re
C ip Pi veteran 'kpper is fln y -Jar wer stolen from the Regina
C lpperaPilot's SonsP American W_ Pacr Votive Shrine last Friday A
through Panami he plu ni ht.
huge four-en ine Clipp l~t Emmino had been taken for a
whenOBhe's fying.with il,. I.- ride in gangland fashion. police
1h011y. he takes a batIk ao to said, and dumped from a car In
his sons, who alrea are a the gutter of an isolated street.
perienced pilots. Te He was shot twice in the chest
-0o photo s h o w s Drayers and once-in the head. Police said
goodbye to his son, 3dbuW. he had a record of eight arrests
-When Pan American Worl&d day-Dec. 27, 1950-and'his com- The lower picture shows p" sice 1033.
sCapt. Alfred P. Dreyer mercial license a year later. He taking an unaeeustomeod e
a leisure hop nowadays, now has logged 500 hours, but -the back one-- as the p iThey were investigating the W
h11 sits in the back seat. that's only a fraction of his Dad's and sons prepare for a possible gangland feud over the
At the controls of the four- 17,500 hours. serial jaunt aboard Johamay' division of the shrine loot.
lace Cessna Is his IB-year-old Johnny has put in so much little Cessna. I
an, John, with another son, time on Link trainers that in his U
ibaimy, 13, riding as "co-pilot." Ispare time he serves as an 6-- y
SI* veteran Clipper pilot (wellistructor on that device for the made several flights as far as Mi- L s
1 a In Panama) feels In safle Civil Air Patrol, of which haIs aami on anti-submarine patrol.
~5ftda. To prove his confidence m.mber. After the war, Dreyar opened i
.kibbons' ability, he permitted To round out his flying educa- a garage in IndianapoJi India- a
e "to-make a 2,000-mile crosa-,tlon, oJhnny Is taking an air-na but the lure of aviatterm was V
eultitry tour of the United States craft and engine np bans too strong. He become T bsf- complete une 4 (re tPns -Nearlt y to
unaccompanied by any grown-I course at Miami Technical I i stormer-abott the only 'fl day that independent candidate mt
Cahto Drl er heni a seniatj ter i thos dp anh old .Jos6 Maria Velasco Ibarra ham d
1When Johnny got tied of home in S aml intrhis Louter l- .an sap lo._lt A1 been elected President in lun-
l ng the control, 'y i meeoro wijo as mdg,, i s ead.hLits. l A aya- general election bthe !,
p take ,over, although offLi- He also takes frequent "' ehak Dreyer returned the ogru lar-est vote -u Gor'sermotere y. 'e
ie Ii too young to mett a II- rides" in the Oemna. '|once more to work. t.. .. e.a.- rtnnernup, Oruervatdve Ro- ,
He also aided in naviga- "Johnny can handle that p jv tonal Harvester. a swi -ed rto eed ed t. :t
by helping spot check-points better than I can." grinned the to the service department of a test reatu V l-
mbont'. veteran. "It's too light for ma." automobile 5 t h w 1 O Latest rtbuarr p showed velas- N
W ) was natural for the Capt. Dspr fea assent leans before ri l aio .arrc.pled 3375e voet,
m get the aviation bug.I h--e a the ___ for good. For thiat year. he was
bklisg a fly- out of toa .Pums a__ the U-Drive-t e. governments s"rveb tuow-
not from Dad. He had themee io Los Augele i ad i. He made hgovcL when ed only abo -tp16s0 votes io-
i .going to a hops' The veteran sigppsr aily he joined PKa wheul d11. ronlnedy un 00d vo- teO" fe

u ,=p ~ l 0. .m I-.

REPRESENTATIVES of the Republic of Panama, the 8ta Odti
of the Army were all press nt last week in the office of secr*e
Jr., when Secretary Pace ad.nistered the oath of office to 3=i
new Governor of the Canal Zone. Left to right are: Secretars
Panama Ambassador to the United States; Governor Seybold; 1
retarv of the Army and Chairman of the Board of the Panam-
Miller, Assistant Secretary of State.

Seybold Pledges To Continue i

Cordial Relations With RP

,- 0 -

The importance of maintaining
lose relations with the Republic
f Panama was stressed by Se-
retary of the Army Frank Pace,
r. when he administered the
ath of office to Brig. Gen. John
. Seybold as Governor of the Ca.
al Zone on May 27.
Gov. Seybold, who is arriving
ere next Monday, took the oath
n the Pentagon building office

ke, Taft RiNig

:lose In Sic Doa;

eflaumer ts Up

of .the Secretary of the Army in
the presence of Roberto Neurte-
matte, Ambassador from Pana-
mn to the United States, Edward
Milir, assistant Secretary of
State, and Karl R. Bendesen, Un-
der Secretary of Tar and chair-
man of the board of the Panami
Canal Company.
After swearing in SeybBld, Se-
cre1tary Pace pointed oat tlht the
ppt the new Governor wa2 as-
smauing was one of transeendtnt
Importance not only to the Army
but to the United States.
A transcription of the, cere-
*te will be broadm st over
S HOG today immediate.
ly after the 5:30 p.m. as*wst.
In answer, the nw (overnor

name him "A a pn.
short itto A it a.

T *' "'* *
,.tk ...

i't feel keenly the reaposibilli-
PIERRE, 5out Dakota-,'une 4 ties of the position You liae en-
uP) an. RobeA..hft (R- trusted to me. am in full accord
hlmo) and Gen. 6in ht l isen- with your comments in regaW eto
ower were runr nfign and the relationship that exfitbbe-
eklb the South De aRepub- tween the operation'of thea i presidential primary vote and the advancement and 0i6M
t today, with Taft holding tenanee of close and cotdil r-
slim but faltering lead. lotions with our sister Republic
South Dakota and California of Panama.
primaries were heldyesterday.
In the California Republican "The very presence here today
rimaries Gov. Earl Warren, who of tle Ambassador of the Repub-
ad the backing of a group of lieJ~ PanamA to the United
volunteers working for Eisen- States and of assistant Secretary
power, beat an unpledged slate of of tilte Miller is further evid-
rlegates which openly admitted ence of the fine relationship ex-
avoring either Ta f t or Gen. Istig between our two countries
.ouglas MacArthur. and of the importance both na.
Sen. Ktes Kefauver D-Tenn ) taons attach to this relationship.
as the victor in both Califor- "I approach the performance
la and South Dakota Democra- of the duties of this office in all
.c primaries. humility but with a determina-
In South Dakota. Kefauver ap- ton to bring to the task all the
eared to have picked up all understanding and vigor at my
igt delegates to the Democratic command. The expression of
ational convention. and in Call- y"our confidence and support Is
Kfauernowcom"man ds 21i st gratefully received and is a
Kefauver now commands 251 source of reassurance to me. I
onventlon votes.He needs 616 to salel d6 e ythin In my power
4n the Democratic nomination., .sat.lome r..rothine-onfim per
His triumph in the California o ere to conidenc
yelled trouble for the Adminis- you express.
atban Democrats who have held __
power ih the state since the era
SFraklin D. Roosevelt.
Neither Eisenhower nor Taft
ere entered directly in the Ca- I
founla Republican primary, and W
rite in votes did not count.
Warren strategists hope that f*
Elisenhower and Taft deadlock
t the Republican national con-
i6tion in Chicago next month
he delegates will turn to War-
n as a compromise choice.

tachdi Vessel '

Sned As Owner

The motor launch. "Dick"
hieh wa attached in Balboa
arbor last moth to satisfy a
ON admiralty suit filed in US
Istrlct Couat was released by
8 Marshat John E. Hushing
sterda feeuMWtg posting of
claim -bMi and a stipulation
a ceo a .
Attorney Charles E. Ramirez
appeared as poctor for Jennie
an Ben, ~a claims to be
Ie bins t d le owner of
he WMsil tt in the ad-
ratdy a _ffed by Mariscos
e Pana W.M y .for a $100 "
.papmd m 44 diesel engine
_mL-o d to the Dick
a as informed
be su tl name of the r atrd-sM
U ell k, bt suit, i- t
rt~ the boat is,

l* .edn

: '*ff0

*wc ~**



J i -


,, .. -,, .14 > \', ,
.-t ". <. ".- g .
*" ""' --

. .,

k '

, "3

r, understand that WNW

wr extra rsol- tw.d-

.,=,-" ', l-S

*- .,. "

|k i***


^ t *



. .

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