The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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345 MAnION AVE NrY YORKg 117N N ia
-" 11 130 203 0 "
LPH10AN5AMA4 2 7 0S 1 IK0I
V + onllm i -. ^.in L 17 IINRAL ho .1 wh o o A erT1P

C rN CaanL so so Let's get it out In thbe. .
oAu --P :- There are those who are lu
sit was#he anti-CommonlY.
p ORUM OWN COLUMhounoae movie tough gulJO
Garfield to death.
There are those hit-and-run
THE MAIL BOX ptcai propagan w
ull Ugo, is anopenrum readers" OTheP ama'ma leave the impression that anti-
d.: y en h onuseiod eeffub end ere handled is a wholly ron- Communism Is synonymous with
ol i .received un e fuli nd a h with unfeeling illiberalilm.
I manner o buton tte dfntt be ptlntif it deersm a PePem the All right. They want to play-
"at Lettersen peplighed In the order receivedrough. Let's see Who lynches
~~etaot I eep the M l htere mith tor ca le, e- n gth. libei alian and" desecrated the

plywood "apparat."
r in lte from readers. Here are names, dates a n d
,I. e o 0 places. You, the people, judge.
Leaders of the AFL's Screeni
Bir: Actors' Guild will vouch for the
Wouldn't like to ask the powers that be at Fort Kobbe If it the turbulent pro-Communist
would' be possible to vsit the beautiful beach at Cameron with- film studio strike, a group to
out pass. pro-Stalinits borrowed the lush
It is my opinion that a great many more people would take e hom eof a famous oman star.
advantage of the excellent swimming, the free coconuts and the I leave her name out here, for,
beautiful flowers it this barrier were lifted. I have no wish to disturb her
SNature Lover. private life or her ability to
produce and profit from her
motion pictures.
26TH MOVE The leftists needed the spot
26TH MOVE Ito concentrate their movie peo-
Sir: ple In a safe and respectable
Today my household effects were packed by the contractors home to plan a most vital stra-
whol,4re working under Mr. Rudeshelm. tagem. via
ao have moved .26 times in the past, 11 years, and never be- The violent movie strike
fore t-ave I seen men who were more capable, efficient or was cracking despite its sup-
courtbous. port by Harry Bridges' strong
They worked fast yet each item, from crystal to toys, was arm men, sent into the film ::.
packed with the utmost care. colony from California's portA L
T Wish to express my sincere appreciation to each of these cities. The pro-Commies new
men'for a Job extremely well done. that uness thef could swing e
Mrs. Charles Beal the support of the militantly ..W
Fort Kobbe. anti-Communist Screen Ac- ut
tore' Union, the stoppage
ANIMAL LOVER SEEK INFORMATION radic fst fights. So they call-
fttO', home. Soteen Actors' presi-
Usti. Box ld nt, gonoaw e Oagi, was tip-
r: would like to know if Panama does not have laws regard- h Wil liam HOds n, rashed
Sing animals? me tting.. OB UAK
SEver since I caue here I have seen sick animals that should onnle trled several times to ed thr e
be kicked u, treated, or disposed of if to far gone t cure. ge the floor nly to be eer-eruc in
I know that the men that have horses and carriages for ed and booed into .angered t- NEW YOR. fersoally, It a touch the eshou be -slugged mntu iabon, aiu wise.
hire must make their living by them, but some of them whip 1 e. f stuff, because ehan gld I sc=d r thin day.Iargue tft ltlesareIn man
their.horses and keep them at a trot even when the carriage is mnaly from one corner of and besides It makes you feel so bad to feel so ways the real necesitI of sweating your way
Sthe crowd, An raged actor bad as a resillt of having spent ouh. Like through this midirelae rat maze of bure. -
i atmaIs a woanderfulQounetry5 and I sthinkIt Is one of the ned up and with the skill of somebody said, you get sicek and % af getting cratc strife, and tMt the are times whenS
,.oss beautiful places on earth. But being an animal lover I a und screen haracterza- up sick and tired and buted, to bt.slug hoch or a dig tt apetty-nlay el
ha to see a on e thing helpless being tar bu sed. ton s, pleaded reasoningly for I am referring to a plaintive bulletin from the is more important than the grim business of

tiine swou s h gr a e othfr t aoshowl Ofdecency to their ; government, h says that the tn ewed tax- ren a "l airt

Srealtoizeit is done a in ever coungry, but hou. aho woie when ator ate shotw of 0t g to thtei wov en ment, w b sakys t oht the wc reans dat-, re ta b dread.ym
ea ftirf fns woud In stho al ateo i t i ep the h union president. The actor es on happy-ld w e lai o cut the revenue from It- Man a't live en on what is h expected of
oe st caf ots? asked that Reagan be heard auor sales im tead Qf incr aa ng It.-. him, accord to the k. He needs a little
SwasJulie Garfield. Thegovernment figured that when they drove lift to keep from itoin nu aas a woman occa-
u~he to* on l'i to $10,50 a fallon con- siu rein from her husband me-
,%miteeal ug a the Commies op 1:30 oe t the y betrs l surptiont would o3p, but the added revenue, ly, by buying a nd w hat.n
Jn ulie de andedou d e l ld' make u e for the per eapita reduction Ien Wh ehy d am nwl o re the masses, be-

I ma d slA o T S nWIFE W n But another actor leaped to his n It antt, Indcatoi c t from the Ua teu of r mch abt it,
uthera al or aed s trl Revenue ae that they ar* gotg to be iune ,dUSt be im portane, r many peo-
weet and almost dragged Jie about 150 million short of their estimated in- pie w eqdst smoke.
a o aut hsnto a corner tc me, and 50e mio bucks buy Sa lt of neet. A whe ha rabt a or te Ieaaoy t ca atw tew
an eof exa"tn e oe H~rT 'That actol wh, answers -eer hi what It's bouo h o o e-, i ot tamn de the eo o

Atn evonte Oele 4 teu ife hs |o acowr a o answershtowoe ortheey tou Kee a on tensldoing it n mte a' Rs- aner ttrou to vte d wer
oA^ eves y w ont e e re sing their gripe none iway or now to Iron 1a1t W e nlsehata noo tle t bwlIeen g te a uemautra e
IMPko d a, entlly sanctioned grog.
bin t fhaerd ontwo hotoun ed hyo. 4 of the lefties)i T The' wQur ren d k eport iu, e -off cial, so ti-, ttot. we not tga a nt
feme t's ridiculous ,to kee the workers until 12:30, 'then t0 tg a across the r Roo- l bigger aa t ain of u et

toenkilltime. an2: -0Lob sadt 4 p1 m the w a e if A wh dana erl e.opo g isav ige and better business rto ban dmomItax.
h ra eero oe oa time tot3 e .auing th e AwifegeW Va H 's h iwas wheel every bao ayrd housed a nitli an Whto Is b aamusement that it
fooedto ill tim beesid the se wer hotg uo Ionut be taxed Out em pglgM by a bunch of
ready for her broodIn school, and 'ying to keep the food boh hads ath the if the Feds waere shoong hu nnocent ohdr trel Mate and oetu tte af tbhb and l -
eat for the poor husband who comes strolling in about Julie's shirt and heard him and blindness accompanied every tpar to waste gt and scu hd l eves andntl-

hmtc ih aphs ulas? W (^ Sheaded globa sar6Wei
etoulbe o or t ador tat orthe U LpM W. .
[r QTtitiW Eo tubini the iRVS.~i ^way out of a closet?
ydon't they. make their hours so it will make more peo- ani..Communist line o ti Fine, I say, just fine. Look a t tiemd a Wt ha v utOat tv oflbe am e on
e the e opn ti ut wo suckers, at What happens when the e toput up with th
eping the Commies open until 12:30, just who are they In the days before Julie died mental penchant for foundering dtiny, and eyre un thin right
? not the housewife, neither the workers. he told me of scores of such reaches infinity. out of reach of the a runthing rig
ars ago the Commies opened at 8 a.m., closed at 12 noon, Persecuting moments Some months bM, when the new tt o have aeen the paen ury work in
at 2 p.m. and -losed at' ant not remember Whenever he'd: back h whisky went into effect, we wrote ta bl ft-I a great many countries e ro.w t, and it as
going hungry either and l et's see sha pl a, or the anti-Na t e piece ab i otPutti yourself out of buil never accomplished an ime t to create a
ie n borrow your husbands' teNnd e wth s -Berlina u carry the tax o luxuries too f. great sullenness on prt 4* IpulatM1 and
ne done ane out such ungodly hours.- o wondhc er we pact, or attempt to Support withteed to me to keynote the u whole wro foster greater political And even-
c n It.elsg wiedst oo w uich es lad during the Sovetia th he way we run our show out of Whg- tally destroy the eirn e reedy were
os wand etc., eating warmed ovmer food hic es one hi nd drion, gtsome commissar Ira- tun. Keep on penalizing it, no matter what it graspingeat
wnn ofitele th is c oa k t w lhe s hgoIe osa eu is. and people will eventually either sato s p I am about to say bye~. .nes can
e ant todth unhaes e nail hi m and hammer the can- It, or thev will find a substitute for it, or a figure out to rig up a t a a and
el sure if the Commies d wo uld open at 1:30 a.m., se t sed actor int o believing this to duck It. borl ig ay own. g
l open at e o p.m. and lose at 4:30 p.m., that is a de- WaS the betrayal of liberanip. We have adopted an arbitrary approafb to And oi imgierthna deaMis
t*hour, and every one would be on time to buy their Alae who is daSllva? He's the frinolities, which ii to say that the govesauwiAt so o thagine, arey
A d e o ld ben StaeM Rore s m ile s a nd less Tfrow n sBand .m erriv li t ie s, w h iac h Io n s to sa y th a t t pe a r o e r f oft h er lux u r 1 t'oth er
r ad eer otme (uy the-ma mixed up with a theatralea is that anything which cannot be coalk ued sarie Antoinette, are about p o 0lat te r
e. And there would be more smiles and less frowns, and ~OU which recently laoaO an an absolute necessity I per se ewron, U4 tam carrots."
together folks let bTear what you thing about the sub- -e*u Catholics and oblasppm.-
'rWhy make so much unhappiness, when It is useless? We s ta rdi em noteie.
ves would be on our toes, and don't worry, Mr. Whoe-
,we would be there on time, and wouldn't go hungry. e's thea man who nua h ser a t
Discontented. in the ilast New York Com-A ct
munist May Day Parade
NUZ11heUXPOseinas the final tough -f Alsop
0 Ude of pro-Aovnetisi a t~

I I He Moved near the Anhhapynmtoons.lm
Safer rec ord kepti bi a e to the e pusli~m
getting certain furthlrw. He tok 01 e lead t e oMpai lm hardly resat
commiitments in the S*di. rel a prejudiUe Qnt won this tate Sar Wr pJSp who have Alut o
SAndm the Church bn5au m W i oo10r on the Vl& oMoaNIon p by signing
,One of ollywodi ab h blican.. ag. Tcie
bCr of ours. Bis nohidM hi s a u

d rgarten. We have m allig p m 1b y A
S- to peak."
ra u Waldo Salt,. did w 4, t *d,*8 kma. *11
church people was 11,
fu ed to affirm o8m. L c=

mm his. Or tha e
amefts ma.,era-"-nting wi ITs' ..
who.weian1"t m b *.8

seeing be ar licked retreated.
If a majority o1 28 members bacned the pMUtL

on it. M
-*When Rankin plfbered another mei B" n I
biOw uw .Misidpplan mde Wkett n' thel, M.

wtrrotto; a o n e it"
to steal fo tror TUt t1,t@ b ulm JuNNl

ag victory

Meilgore who f al. .e a asw

race. Instead, Kilgc ]olre .P p.. m 4t Tthe t ..

p aftah' j the ma
any other In Agmerlan blmtiq in banning eptaid lypeof hIP
eigners, uunat are *pUal over the ae rt e .?.
nay general to chek ot the marital fidefldo tf cs._
'"Do I undamstand that, undlr thei ,tgagl.of Is bill, the at.
torney general is to have mnethin t bot lwh or
a m re at ondhp has been led rSea. e b
p Mhnmeat Democrat. du the debate. "Tath
*sac sof something new In ,isa
"It certainly amacks o meth lIagree, 4 n. alr Moody,
Michlan Democrat.
"The bhl provide tl t if a bride and bridomurefoiiA
marital agreement to. the sUtcsetnt of nthea wttoadfey4eHlf.
"I do not beli ierrupted 'hat
ought to p the ena u the o general to h

whether a Asmriage heofcla isuatinsftetory e hsd bo(as .
perly coneummated.
T heathorn a tneral Is wolen thoe pbr telow unmd ath.
fft. No only hIs nin b ers
not to be la on. t

land Democrat. "thMe Maera .ill may become theai

pory..,repe ,,
K Seigort Nevwoata, kho uealleft-l
asiteedM offthe o t f
rc d n o .ed ..... .-......... .ths a t Co

S1 fl certainly zIgC ao Eort of feoncn-ion.S MOW,

UVA, A. .

immiU q

W- TL -il

V, -4MA


M O. ..= .. -/

~~1~ 4'
41t ,..
*rt La.

,,y4 P -*
.** .-? -iC ;. -fs fc "' ... -

It *1 lR,#'.-& .-- :K ^ *Att**'' k*ft a. 4;;
i",^ t yi-n tn y r r -.
Ia.4,,.-,;, atII L

t.a .. .^ >',. rs -.-.
;-,. o
,q ,4 ,; -' *' a' '
t .' : .., ,-
* a ,. .; .. .ty .? .
" ..' *. .. -" -^ .re%; -- :t ", ; -- s^.
*,^ ."^.A^-. ..Aite^ ^ Laf

* Ril P. .

* .... a.. b~ -~ _t., L "1' : d 4_ l k".'- :
] ;. .',_'-. r .. ^ ; *'-1 "*.- ; -' **"" ,,i_ .

"IF v -,

..~~~ .0.-6+--,. ,.
I4%iy? '
.* ," ; -Uo." .
.. .-:.' -'', ,-', .,. .","" *c ,


* .'**', '*
. .,,, ,.,
' "> .
*- ..",. *.,.
': "

* ,, a a.
. '* : .' .: .... ..:
-W, "- I '." ^ -1
, -; &' l". .. ,'
., h,_ ] ,

.., S5. $ w :. "

.! '. ". " ^. t

-.:..,,< .. .7 tt,.,..., ,' ... .. ,* .:i .., ..'^ l ^ N t .7, ,M ,* "
.A -,, .. ,

:q. 31' 4 'a k

V .., .. i t 4-'.

';n LI "".:,I *M't"To.,, a .. .. a""..... r,


a.t4-E'RE a.iftNOW %A0 '

.00 -NOW $00 NO#$1o- rq.$Asl o flW 'as 'S;,..
a i ^-.:" .. .. -, .a :: .... ) ..,.- *, .q' -.

*'NOW pN.O$&l 8 0 JE nw$wTO r7tt .;:

A 4A-a.
a l~ 'a 'a ., ...'" .'"- ] ', :4 ,' 1 ", a

'Nt' ,

.,..... ... A MA, s .a ,. .
, ':" ". ,, "" -i. 1- 1W W in., '04 -" -I" ",I
'..ta.-,,ht*5* *- .E E- -W -:. l i ,. .a j a a -" 9 .
'.,"'r : 'w"'. ..u'-win v ,'r.'" : 'w .'"':".iuni "- a* "-4 ....'a '
r. ,~ '. .'.,arav-
L ,. .,..- ;

.4 *0'.
.4 5
S a.

,.';, .-^ ^i-.
4, 4,i1-'
a -a- [% '

-w -f +,.- 't' '-.w.^.aR1.'? *w"i
'( 't .." "* .*
,.* ,*, *i.$ .'. .,

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, ,: .,, *v .,fwl A% iv.' .,-,..* .... *i;,ti '. ". i ,, ,...t ,'*

Vflft .. ann-i; "w -rIfw S lw*M
iPlg A .... ;
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a. ,.
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.... lie
_.A. ; Y.W ..... .
.1 -


'A7 ~NOW 1.54
-, NOW 2.00
S.. -; '- .
' -~- ', ''.t.. .

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EtSra Heavy QuAu y
In Colon
S44. ... 75
$6l s 28...... r* .95


. ".A.-
NOWl -

w' Na -1,

* ^^ t~~lli~KP *



-... .. "-" .

. ....". -.

B B t r.. 3 .5 .

MkIS SHORTS. ... .50
From. 10.50 to 22.50
a wNOW. 4.0 to 14.50
Befoe 2.50 NOW 1.00,

'.OW:..... 1. "e.-' ..

At 1.00

a ^*"'
a- a..
a .. a.!.
..-'.t.:-.a,^^'":' .


, t r-


.. "" '. ". t -i'

..........t '"' .. ........ .. ..-..: .-.-,
....2 Nrw....2M t

'BOYS so's p" ".' '
Before... .-.. .7S D frei lA:
NOW. ..... 16$0 t 5.0 6B
GIR$2 3T3$ 7. .
Before. ... ..n We IS M U US-N W ,
NOw. .. 1. 7.80 CASES. .....

i-s IV Ma fl flOf

0 '71 *', -FIAT
I L i. .4 &

P t : ,"" 'J*t,
.. .. ,.' ;- .. -. t',' & % ", '.'* ., Sr

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r.-i...v.,- :..I" k" *. *


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Li: ..

, 'A h. ,

:t A' l ,-- .


". 1

V "' ,


BROLLYWOOD, (NBA) Ix- name of Helen Lefla t dead. i
uv. ely Yours: "Bure I was the Pretty Terry. who c fl6\
kht-eqHb Idd. 4t' 18's In the airI, now 4fil a w i
op;n and no% to pan her c m clal oeit.
r adotK M o -- 0m"
Sorgeoue Margueri Cte man, tp a l / |
making a 14-karat mov4 o0mO- This will mae Wei -e
iack at Fox. leveling about her scream! Ormona o e the tric
lamor-queen days at Columbia Ambler suspense thriller, "Jear- r
bhen the fan magazines dubbed ney Into Fear," for ItKO In 194E
Ver the "Sunset Strip Butterfly." with Dolores del ito and Joseph
"The publicity was horrible- Cotten. Now a writer at RKO has
nd so undeserved," cried Mar- reworked the mytery yarn into : .'
erite, who's Scott Brady's co- a slapdash comefy and It will be /V'*" .,'7'\
itar in "Bloodhounds of Broad- remade as an Aan Young star-
way," her first Hollywood movie rer.
in two years. -
"I was making 12 1' pletureal .- w
year and then I moved up to Barbara Rush, who bowed out
he 'A's' and had time on myof Paramount's 'Golden Circle,|
hands. Really, I just wanted to will move her mault-up boK to
earn a little about life and have; MOM after the birth of the heir
eome fun. I had a different date she's presenting to hubby Jeffrey /
very night-and every Monday Hunter.... Ella ftlines' four- .'
hesrnnug I was on the carpet at month-old Christina Eldlse nap-
khe studio. But I did nothing ped through a recent Hollywood
troag and I'm not sorry about parade, but she had the bonnet
)aything." for it-a John Frederics original I
John Howard's the man In decorated with pearls and se-
Marguerite's life now-"and we quins yet!
never go to night clubs"-but ashe
ducks the $64 marriage question
Overheard at the Mocambo:
lawyerss for Zsa Zsa Gabor and "Getting acquainted with her Is
I 'rge Sanders have started the like running to a fire-you go q.-8
property settlement talks. It'sIwith the crowd." T." ILP.o m0e.
expected that Zsa Zsa will ask --- ow.. "eM yA u m. ..
tor a California free-me action
before leaving for Europe to co-I There's a parallel in the careers "Ora tion ho
ptar with Jose Ferr.r in "Moulin of Betty Grable and Marilyn t it oh
9ouge." Monrc.' that's eseped. mention. o
4 'he perfect TV vehicle fo..sp- Both were dropped by 'ox, then
by Zsa Zsa, by the way, has been signdcLawalt andwhized to atae-
found by CBS executives Harry dom.... Terry Moore's penciled
Ackerman and Bill Br.!nnan. In for the role of the refined
deo version of Arlene Francis' ty.".. Ne'l Rankin, the Met's
famous "*Blind Date" show this Alabama-born mezzo who looks TH E S
fall Ilike aJne Russell. Is 1eiln, screen
abe lum. n tested by Fox In New York. Institution
Babe Blum. Marn Livingsatne's
gravel-voiced sister on Jack Ben-
ay's radio program (and for real, "r .- .-- Payl 2% Wt ei
oo will wed Broadway Producer r
John Wildberg in Europe this I IT

Stuart Randall, a Clark Ga- I
blelshnewcomer who played the1 .- W llw ake loans
Yole of the general in "Fixed;
bayonets." will to Gloria Swan-i
Son's leading man In Albert Zug-
imlth's production of "Cross- .. I
town." Gloria's salary for the
movie, by the way will be $80,000., L.
The stork again is hovering
on Rosenberg. a former USC
-Anmerican football star....
time files: Alan Dinehart l
117 son of the famous actor. Is deposits an
18 years old, six feet tall and
I enter West Point after his,
Pgh school graduation.

war still aloft over the way dooum
original story. "Models, Inc.,
o Itn rtoea-ereen tansia- OF ofIM PAl

Howard the role tended earmr of "uI I

i Joan Pennett and Howard
reads the heroine's lines. No
gov has ever had such swttch-

-"Anna," the new Italian movie
lt-starring Sylvana ("Bitter
BJee") Mangano and Vittorio
I human. has been given a "C"
Ilng by the Legion of Decency.
When Sylvana plys nun,
Pie censors pounce on her.
i The reason it's escaped Holly-
mod that T.?rry Moore IL an. a -
plished airplane ullot, with
than 150 hours of solo flying
e to her credit. Is that her'
nee was issued under her real

ItE(*KLE g AND BI gftlwNt
1 -oA

'! ?~


u'd be thmofurI .lt ap -ow W
urn--oprs yIa;" oeunli
aftfr v~il- -4. _::A"
ALLEY 00 .

m Guaat time Stee
rest Ann fllt i ih AccoMSu


with guaranty tOR ffrot morta g
or other *ecurltis.


c. $ULMd $5.O0

e accepted ftru a period
of 48 weeks.

Ity deposit boxes, for Jewelry and
nents, In 4 different elzm.


0. R. Be ROUX

RIDING HIGH-Sandy, the Al-
satian perched on the back of I
Cpl. Caoli 'Garner. RAF. is a
Royal Air Force police dog, so
high-altitude riding should be
routine for him. He and his
handler are practicing in Neth-
erevon. England, for the annual
Royal Tournament in June.


O- l
ftbrfeetif' Chear
_____ "s- '^ l L

* % -"

THS Cwff9 vw abWo9 OH | .BY vmyt NO AM
rj 6 WSNC, INrb t tm 'O v**.

,. *"j '
, i '-.7-!^^^^'^~

St. at Wimw.
et TIh S.

k .Ma-nw.

Prme 80 a.m to 1;80 p.n
SATURDATS: from *:00 am to IM:e p.m.


* L..U.~' -. :~-*
.~ ~ .*E

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.'... : ..l i *, .*. **.-if '1 .
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IIM-S 61 CAP1 !AW4=
-Ahai Ulf I e^-

14EA4. JqW, TO
. 'Z' LIVED l-*tNK YOU'D
Ii^G tN $D E35,000
.'.' ,. T F M 6 I

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.--.--.- ------, p. 4 -, ,. .w ,N ,-;

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.~t~S-. ..A4' -.

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....--; .. ..: -!- .,**


You Sdel 'm...When You Tel 'em. thru P.A

I eave vour Ad with one of our Agets or our <(fftslla No. 57 -" '
No. 12179 Central Ae. Colon

l,. %A's Service
t4 Tivoli Ave.-Phone 2-2291, and

Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441

i Household
FOR SALE Entire household for
ssle Notive mahogany with French
S Finish Diningroom and bedroom
setr--Bed 6'9"i. bookcases, child's
4 chest, rug 12 x 14 Biege Studio
S Couch, k-tchen equipment, Frigi-
daire, Bendix washing machine
Must see to appreciate 365-A.
France Field.
FOR SALE.--Livingroom set, Philip-
pine Rattan, $100. For further
K particulars please call 3-2090
Panama from 8.00 to 12 noon.
F d SALE:-Easy washing machine
end livingrom rug, perfect condi-
tion. 6th Avenue No. 16. Coco del
Mar. Tel. Panama 3-4398.
FOR SALE:-.--,mmons crib and mat-
tress, like new. 476-C, Cocolh.
Phone 4-228.
OF& SALE:-7 cu. ft. Frigldaoire 21,'z
yrs. old, 60 cycle, $150 00. Also
high chair, excellent condition, $5.-
00. Fort Gulick 88-236.
FOR SALE: Three piece room set,
bad and tables. See at Apartment
S 44th St. No. 34 between I and
p. m. dailv
f R SALE -G. E. table model radio.
A- d condition. Phone Cristobal
I" Z5 8.

A'P'TrED: Working couple, no,
Children, no pets, desires vacation
Quarters for three or four months
Call 25-2343.

_"M D )TO BUY*-Machine for
frozen suckers or pieces
oflf lB. Send offer to Box 1045
Senpnla. Tel. 3-0471.

rn to play bridge In six ilssonm
nuihaI tOught. Telophere
a ppointmntt, ipartmer)t 334,
I Tivai.l

-elp Wanted
r FD:-Maid. Must live In. Ap-
r.lCrefold, Ne. W 8, /$fSt."Rn-

F,< -



e 6 mm Special

US harle
,lEV ttslsab

1n Deog"o
44M DwNte
I-A Batks
Mw Cliewrolets

VI PallckBa

MIT StuebMakW
iB Pafckards
4UKB aib'u
^au Buicks
*46K Pastiame
:;JW1 Nash's
SM Wll'. Ste. WI
..'qtkl Fati**mal

SaiM do Belie Aflrice Cariton.
*a5 Wot Sth Street 0.0 U -

Agect lteradoaMl de PuWicoNem P r s adt*Me
# m LottW Pla Phae 5 ,410Phoneet a ,, c mi1 weo.
.a .1 t.-

Service Personnel and Civilian
Government Employe
Insist on
Government Employes Finance ,Co.
When you finance your new
or used car.
Ne. 43 Automeblle Raw
Phone 5-4984 3-4985
For selling or buying your next auto
Ssee Agendclas Cosmos, on Auto-
mobile Row 29. We also sell
GUARANTEED Used Tires and
Tubes. Tel: Panama 2-4721, Si-
turdoys open all day.
FOR SALE: 1940 Hudson Coupe
$225. 9-13F Rousseau. Phone 3-
FOR SALE:-1952 Buick sedan, Rir
view. No Dynaflow, low mileage,
for Information coil 2-4437, Bal-
FOR SALE:-1951 Nash Super. Bar-
gain, must sell. Call Balboa 6314
or write Box 152, Ancen.
FOR SALE: 1941 Packard. Duty
Free. $300. Can be seen at Elias
Garage. Juan B. Sosa St. Telephone
2-1995, Panama.

100 x 15 black 4 ply
830 x 15 block 4 ply
Sultele for Codlloes. Oldmoblile,
Bucks, Packards and Lincolne.
25 % Discount 25 %
Peanama Tel. 2-0870

FOR SALE,-1951 Lincoln Sedan,
black, $800.00 discount. Will ac-
cept trade in. Phone Albrook 4191
office 6207 Qtrs.
Will sacrifice equity in 1948 Hudson
like new, 5 new tires, low mileage.
can be financed. Call 87-4290
evenings, after 6:00 p. m.
FOR SALE: Beautiful blue Ford
Victoria '51 with radio. W & W
tires House 0428-A. Frangipani
St. Ancon. Phone 2-4263.
FOR SALE: 0s".dApor,
cedWie'six 4' rols.T-exceflent con-
dition, duty paid two new tim,
$400.00. Federico Boyd No. I.
Phone 3-1516.

ReI Estate

FOR SAL :-Country'Home in Chor-
rera. For Information telephone 2-
2814. Ponoam, 9a. mr. to 12 neon
and 2 p. m. to 7 p. m.
FOR SALE: Two choice lots No.
498 and No. 499 at reasonable
price, in Las Cumbres Party leao-
Ing for States. Phone Balboa 2-
FOR SALE. Modern apartment
house. Good location for business,
modern fixtures. Also large Bakery.
For Information 9th Street No.
'2612, Rio Abaolo
FOR SALE: Gorgona Property.
Beautifully landscaped. Ocean view,
17.500 meters, cleared and fen,
ced. 2 houses, I single story com-
pletely furnished with garage; 1
double story with garage. Work
shop 20 x 40 can be made into
house. 2 K. W. light plant bat-
teries, steel tower, 1,000 gol, wafer
tank. Good well plenty of water
year round, concrete driveway.
fruit trees Cash sale Bill Sudron,

FOR SALE:-33 hectares farm .and
cattle land, Code Rep. of Pan-
ama. Bargain. Leaving country. L
Davis. Phone Criltobl 3-2934.


- -Mi-M -.
'r aI^ Oshm..a -es as em A,,d
Matea eNEl
^ion 4=00 heft

s .,

"s "a hovee*hadk!hPW =Xebh
Dfl T-Iv MtAnr-mahnr %S
W hl AkWW Jfa A L & ftt
20| ". its"


FOR SALE:-Very cheap. Large elec-
tric incubator, Tel. 2-2814. Pan-
ama, 9 a. m. to 12 noon lnd 2
p. m. to 7 p. m.
POR SALE:-Alto saxophone, slide
trombone, trumpet. Tel. Balboa

FOR SALE: Bolex Movie Camera,
16 mm. Has 3 lenses. Also Ciro-
Flex 2 1-4 x 2 1-4 3:5 lense.
Complete dark mom equipment. All.
above like new, mandolin
with 12" heed. .5714 Shounts St.
Apt. 0, Dlble Heights, in road op-
posite Dioblo Camera Club.
FOR SALE:--German police puppies
' at house No. 10, 7th St. Smith fa-
mnily, Coco del Mar..
FOR SALE:-l_ 9 Ford Station Wa-
caon; 1949 Harley Davidson Mo-
tercycle; maple furniture, clothes
hamper; 25 cycle motor for wash-
ing machine; ladies coat, size 18.
361-A, Kobbe.

FOR SALE:-Electric Train. Remote
controlftd, all perts secured to
table. Very cheo Phone 2.1694.
House 5157 -- lackburn Place.
Diablo Heights.
EOR SALE:-American bike one yr.
old, new tires. See Mrs. Bennett.
7th. 4th July Avinue..
FOR SALE: RoAyo portable type-
writer, like new. Tel. Balboa 1695.
FOR SALE:-German police puppies.
6 weeks old, $20.00 each. "Ur-
banizici6n Miraflores" 188.

FOR SALE: Pedigreed Dachshund
Puppies. Phong 3-4850.
FOR SALE-Several pieces good klug-
gage .on, Webater 3 ipeed re-
cord player, used only throe weeks.
House 2321-3, Curundu. Phone
PAD 3285.'.
FO* SALE: J right pliso, gobd
condition. German make. Can be
seen -t Qrrs. 5433-L, Diablo, all
day Friday and Saturiay.
FOR SALE r-New Martin Outboard
motor, 7 1-2 horsepower. New
6:70-1 5 tire and tube. National
173 Radio. Purvis, 8029-C, Mar-
FOR SALE:-3 Fish aquarium, 1 Bet-
to Breeder aquarium with tropical
fIsh. Diningroom table, buffet,
chiffonier, radio and record play-
er, metal library desk, buffet tub
cover, typewriter, orange juicer,
Misc. household items. J'tjSe
754-A, Balboa Road, Balboa.

Humen Engineering---Corrective Ad-
lustment Of The Body Structure.
George D. Flarb Jr. No. 11, '7th
St. Tel. 2-3833. 8 a. m. 8 p.
n. By appointment.

Private instructions ip practical and
popular piano playing given. Zq
Bennett. Tel. 2.1282, Juan 9.
ose No. 9.

Position Offered

WANTED:---One cashir, I;;'=
era, salesmen, application, min vt
accompanied by small ph '*W11
references. Write to 86 035
Crisfebal, C. 2. ,
WANTED:-Young lady with know.
ledge of English-Spanish stey-
graphy. Apply "Casa Central." Ib.
9126 Bolivar, facing Post Office,

Atlantic Society...
ISIOllW d vista hi 0m'P
and to Job Wilkmrson for therer
partlclpation in the pnrgam. *
9ewneAe of t Speech"
bJt uBanday Topic
Iti Rev. J. William L. ; Grab
of the Oatun Union MCuhurh *
conduct the regular
morning broadcast over a n
zadio station at 9 ,a. --f-n
Behool will be held -297- M
the Morning Worabi m Se l
11. ,"
Mnie of bee -ftohal
9 W Powple'; croqp wpawu
fI~b. 4 *

1 Trin p a.r- "' ,i ,'t A lN"*
low MIteL C Panama 2.4

ramlich' -. Santa Clara beaM
cottoges. lisirkc Ice boxes 1
stoves, ma*mrote rates. T htt

PhiHIp. :cht cotWages, St.
Clara. In* 45, Betbie. Pr
Ponami 3. 77, Cristobal 3-167

FOR RENT: -n ence in Panama,S
bedrooms. Tetaphone 285 Gamboo.
Northameertcn family preferred,
FOR RENT-khee bedroom con-
crte bungoleMw rler, diningroolae
porch, wanS om. wash-room,
thure awlse, werge, hot aterf
Well located. Apply Sobanoa 810,
telephone S-3041.

yr.' r ,- -

; -" ^ t 1. ;, ^

a. i a .
?*~a.B^^t~-flww~i' .'**



hr Pawtetct

tOa thie Ki l I ANM te-
'I m ts KU so I

e nrdem.


aream Oca Ceola & Camett.
ibtkiNG: Cops.
TIy 3-4719 I3.3

lipcovr Rbpltelusri
vOWr 00par imWMi
LeaN ms:
AAeCSob4qam .mst
NG: eom&

aAM a NtIP t-i



Modern umkfthlfmw(nhed aparI
Mnt. Maid O Fuce Eptionel. Con..
4*.t emk 8061. 10th Street. New
Crlstal, bote-ephei 186M Colon.
FOR RENT:-PumrF led apartment, I
bedroom, with garden. Bella Vis-
ta, Tel. 3-3105.
FOR RENT:-Purnllhed 2 bedroeon
apartment, all modern convenien-
ces, $125. Tel Panama 3-0932,
Sunday. 2-3012 Panama, during
w4*klmng hours. I

FOR RENT: Furnished room for
bachelor: balcony, telephone, pri-
vate entrance, best location. Tel.
Panama 3-1648.
FOR tENT-2 nice furnished rooms,
government. Inspected, 4th of July
Avenue No. 21, Apt. 3, facing
Roosevelt Hotel.

DUTROIT, Mich., (TP).- Har-
old Lorton began l liag silver
dollars whenever ran across
them. He present bl collec-
Won of 334 trhis Wife on their
silVer Wadding a =W ,ry.



"45 s ca esa

MIMue reuf.

na1o or luqagpsML.


tmwtu $asa. S. L
'I pptng, movif, storagN
'W pack and crate or mwae
Mnythtng. 'Phone 2-.441,
.25S62. Panami.


-g "=

' IZ
ta43. m. f


a ditaw qqu-
t.n Itry to r t
T tom
EDti i^t~aiatw~ M
jkaHC^Wiikl^ iBiit1( W


fly rma
isom smr
I Ft


lonicle by
1. Off.

by7, June 1

... ..... .. *

tojto tfleodM
tpo of Jwg

Ion to L ntI'
Ion to Leemb

2 SO.i

1lt Lake TaberaAblt
Chtir ..
ThE Jo Statfrtl Stow
rae Ohralet'

(f.) Chicago
WWWe" of the
i' Include
ni~ii~i? 'ti io.

cagO.. N
Itrmps p
sore -w

i*Mb be.
for par.
m aof W-
on3. snm
iMd gen.
pleAw i.


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2.r 's~i-

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w and frgi

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" ... Me C P LDafoga a SM stA

: .1- k m l l, m -.d V .-- .
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I IsmleavSh ga gi et ilr

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swi-mm : "
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S.,:. 1. -'
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7TWpw4w-wwl` ;, .. 4 I

- '.~ -"a' -
':-,- *-.

Chicago Teams Swe

'ilirloso Clouts 3 iloers Army Sports Rt

'.To Star For White Sox ..rTKOBB e.ra ole
S.all the n .waentu l Head-
clilsv- asmm-p It e .,


' ..


,U itrdtn10Mi NEW YORK, May 31.-(UP)---t was greatt S fa y nht, Ma ..;.. ,
1ay for Chicagd tnd three-fourths great for Phila- opening arfe of the SA lI WIn-, ,' Lt: INiA
idelphia in the Majors as the Cubs and White Sox ao try en b ebaWS
swept doubleheaders on Memorial I)ay, Reimenurt al eAd rt
otoIipaced by Corporal Narol P 7, Id,
The Athletics also took two missed a shutout when Mickey with 16 points, an Private FirCht
4nd the Phillies gained a split ivantie got a oneap third inning olas Jame s rout and Private
-with the G:ants. homer. | Matthew Stankewich with .
Things aiso looked bright in Hooper scored his first win Private Vincent Hines led the .i --
])rooklyn were the Dodgers against four defeats and was losers with 12 points. A of haft Anderson, Patrick Qunfan1Kn- St3
,moved oack to within a half j backed by a inr.e-ht attack. in G Company entered the 33d -' e apro neth Joseph
'ae of first place by double1 which Eddie Joost homered once fantry playfts by nosing out I Tr a 100 'Meters. Ive, '
king L,he Braves 5-4 and 11-2 and singled twice while batting Company, 65-54 in an strk t at tSL ha Calvin Hall, Joseph
at -ojets rfiela. Tney picked up in two runs. playoff battle, for the 2nd t- to p Winston Smith, WlI'sItoni A
: I '-r.i on the Giants whole tallon title. Saturday May 24. 0 th a1s wt o Glad at 6 ne Brow,.
:bst 3-0 then won 4-2 at Ph a- Eddie Yost's threeI-ru and H Companies finished the e and Wai Myrle, Frank Wtiiats,
*.ta. homer m the ninth gave the 2nd Battanon season tied at 3 na t n ley '
Senators their first game trt- arid 1; H Company hating tak- ma -Mt o -. i 200 Myoters, Men, "" plm" 1
The Cuo. took a firmer hold umph at Boston and reliever en a regular season game frol Tn ano f- Frank Williams. Anti l- .
on third )'ace by drubbinglghe Tom Ferrick was credited with 0 Company. In overtime. b the have -a 4Wuchedul-el cobt Fred'rick Myrl, rlaclo On
Reds 7-b and 11-0 at Chicago the win., The Senators' Jackil Identical .core, 55-54. Private a.m tday, me I Archer, Calvin Hall. T. Pethlt, lOA.
while in the other National Jensen and the Red Sox' Don Hines again led 0 Company In La Wall Pa k. Gladstone Brown, Winston Jor- f lt I tsl
Je wie g in w llls, the Cardinals c....inut hm.mered earlier. copping the 2nd Battalion dco own a abyl orelanlat dan1 k to h V 1
w-edged the pirates 3-2 then lost The Red Sox won the second Saturday. ant to ee sprint crw ns 100 Meters, Men "A*
a4-t at httisourgh in a freak sec- a lout-run rally in the As expected, Headquarters Bat- Repaublc. proved an Oliver 8vaby Oscar Jones Al- nt t
:ond game in which all the runs fourth. Lenhardt hit another tery copped the 504th Field Ar- ed miader by ou fredo Riphards, rAster SarT!i"
w. ee scored in the ninth innings. nomer as Mel Parnell won his tiller Battllon title, and will strol in b the fi BMao lono
The W edfourth decision. enter the USARCARIB company N arnette Seymvuur Lashleyv. erA y FT r G one.
The White Sox .pulled ahead The Tigers iinallv won this level hoop tournament, next efor"A" men. 50 "Mters, e, "" -,
Sof -the Yankees, moving into year in St. Louis but needed 12 week, at Port Clayton. osead- Gr .t second alvi Daniel
:fourth place. in the American nrnngs in the second ga.e, to1 qurtera finished the 504 season hRi. thi'd. Thye "v Nsla M or les, Dlk j
4. League as they set back the iIs I L),tn Koi way's two-run' Ith a ,-0 record. 22.7. -, Joycelyn Gooden, Mylvla
league Indians 7-.and bases loaded single was the big Company clinched the slt Th2 oti athletes ster, Maria Sobers, Enid Hard
3-1 at Cleveland. .. .-ran Inning. atotaoa. 33 Infantry, cham- forst, M ri Sto ers, d, o.
At 'he Yankee Stadium, the Kolloway dove in four runs. Thepshi -an the right to meet i B r. Maria Sobirs JoycelP-ta' *
World Champs embarrassed Browns' Bob Nkeman and Jimn J matal Headquarters and G Ed Sl 1l'Ea Oscar. Sylvia e e by dropping a 2-1 y erd. p, who lost the ny for the 33d Infantry mar, loyston. res Baker. Sylvia Daitle i1dMm!
Shanzts ad going scoreless until game in relief, was ine .ir- ond party. 4B-29, Friday. May 23 Ramet---....- .verey. Pollrd, Reid. 'i.Iret~ihe i
the ninth against Bob Hooper ,amnie winner also In relief. The Fort Kobbe.- Corporal Clifford be 52 Mlt it l
befo e piOftlirg over two runs for ......i> uia.m ihi ou L in ime McClain led the winners with 11 t-I tas.
a 4-2 losp. opener as Joe DeMa ,ri n 01 o'u points while Sergesnt Walter : /
S'--Gx stayed in second home the winning run for teed got 1C for B Company. D gft **ato .1 r IIMt
t place, a g--me out of the lead, .. .....I .. .. n h. Company flinished the 1st Bat- aam. Be palled tlatea ta
..,A tie hIru place The Cubs Bob Rush pitched a talon carr.aign unbeaten. to refuel nd sa dI
Senators at Boston The Ben- two-hiter suppUILed u' Ly .- aPO,_ _i
actors w.i tr.h opener 5-2 and the, uc uaing t:iree by Bob RamaB- Final 1st Battilion 33d In- aruttmnd 6
Rea Sox took the second game zotti, two each by Hank Sauer, fantry. Standings: Wlsea fl t en cal ty. ti
5 -3. Dee i'ohay anc Bruce Edwards in Won Lost several fIremendei th
'he Brne.,ns topped the Tigers the second game. mauer spared D Company .. .. .... 4 0 ii.
3-2 then lost 8-5 at St. Louis. the opening victory with a bases A compatv .. .... ..3 1 tii L American Let the hl
Cuban Orestes Mifioso. baci In loadta ingie in the ninth. !B Company .. .. .. 1 3 i e e atlea.
3 h. ,ite fox .meup after be-' ; aiWI Lea u. A ican Le *.tt-ld dier frim
Sng out for 12 days with injuries, I Hodges bought the Dodgers Other4st Battallon results saw e, New braght
SIomered three times. winning from behind in the opener by 1 Conwmoany trounce C Company -- -- eMO f t 1 f0 Ota, eIt o^ t,
... : r.i. with a thre.-run ,ll ,lng nis first three-Lun homer 57.33, Satusdaiy, May 24. as Cor- hae q3p at the -
homer In the seventh and the *n nme elgnLn. In the second he poral Donald Bundrock scored Teams- Won Lost Pet Teams- Won Lost Pet, Skhadlerkept th ear uaeWe
jspecond hie hit two both with batted-.,. ilve runs, three more, 14 for Lhe new winners. But Cor- New York 27 10 .730 Cleveland 25 17 .59 trel and finished the res. On
4the bases empty ; ,with his thibd homer in two days poral Jerry Shepard of C Corn- Brooklyn 26 10 .722 Boston 22 10 .579 fthe 13 ears to' datl .t'ot fs
Pilly, Ftrc,- pitched a five- and twp with a sinmge. any was game high scorer with Chioago 23 16 .00O Washington 21 17 .55 toe .was that of Almihf A~e
.." to win his fifth game in Relievers Carl Erskine. In the l points Cincinnati 19 20 .487 Chcago .2 MI .525;tlo Ehmeap ch
he opener. Joe Dobson yielded second, and Clepa Labine, in the A Company also downed- 1st PhiladelphilL 17 190 .411NewYork 18 17 .514 tl Ae tit jts for his seventh tri- opener, were the victors. ata Hedquarters Oim- St. Louis 18 22 .450 St. Louis .20 34 .455 .
iumnph In rI.c second game, mis- Paul Burris, who made both y Friday Ma 3, with Boston 13 22 ,371 Philadelphia 15 19 .441
sing a tgitPtt on Hairy .Ibnp- of the Braves' second-game hftR, le Bern- Pittsburgh 23 .14 Detroit 12 25 .324
.aone eoBtsr. arove in broth aUms with ap.tne ,Ii eO als 'ohn P ur .---
"he rs -ants worVheis, ehth and his first malor league TODAS GAME TO GAME
a .'d serve tia ro by' homer. Chicago at. B
imcthea closest CW in a at e Chicago. t. oull at delphia (N).
.W WIl 'rve h p .r- a C ead- Pfllad/ya a',Pittabi Cleveland at NeYork.. .
,home the Winning rn Irhe thehe ftas he -iy, Mayn No ot am sbehedul. Deroett at WmbbhgWm (N). .
24th. He stick out eleven and, the Giants' Larry Jensen s- Comrey of .
was high sOor TLSTERDAY'I8 tti.TS
h while Pr vate IESTE RDAS RESULTS "' 1 Game
ast Clasp ShuMl Fltz Maurice Wash. 000 000 014-5 12 0
led the wMIra with 13 points. First Game Bwston 000 002 000-2 4 0
_-_-_-_ _B_- --_.--_ Boston 000 102 001-4 9 1 Sha, Consuegra, Perrick (2-0),! BOaque No"
|sHU ..... five-Mtt in Brooklyn 000 010 04x-6- 0 BIaynes, Newsom and Grasso.
lttie Mna e" o to erIn Wilson (2-4), Jones and Coop-" tr (3-2) and White. 16 "4_
Mwk l d Roe, Labine (2-1), Rutherford Seond Game
INA Ce ThPhil. made | VQ:ieler and Walker. W iltsh. 000 101 .01-S 0- 9 bankifg group .
ori in the Wseventh of Sc- aeuBos 000 410 00x--5 9 2 ASM0iations i Franc
roonr kWilly 4o n M eo dG a me--2'2-4 1, a &o Johnson, New- U tited KIhg
doubled" t 3P.0 r Brooklyn 030 03 41x-11 15 0 44-3), Delock and Wil-
t o0ledB tD Donovan (0-1), Jones, Cole and be. Co
eine tdo nd m en Scnhmitz, Erskine (3-1) and FirstGame AN I
got three his .to paROS ts, Walker. F. .. -"M NI ii
Joe Garagiola bit a @ rn ON 100 000 01-2 12 .1
n Lh X THEATRE n oher ..l t ,. New York 00 000 000o-0 2 1 40ONew 000 000 0n-i 9 1 '9I .1 EtisD
.-_-->..... --M t (-S) Blnteean Wafter the Pirates ot-tie run Phl. O O ftOx--. 7 Shbita (4-1) and Astroth. .
Hi order n ere to kJi. imn...t the "n w and had enched nla. (1-3), Spencer and West M a. McDonald and Berra
ny .. IClovd Boyhr. trum.
"THE MOB" The Ca, Anals. r ~bhlr Meyer (2-6) and Burgess. m ona GameB l .. .
The amazIng story that lived with death...I d three and thnre enYhor 001a n ----- 120 Ite.r (o1-0) 1000-4b 9 0 -
lek Rallya Richard singles. I New ork 008 001 00w--4 12 _0 R s 0r (1-4), 8celib and Tip-.
AlPO!D -- BUBLER -- KILEY In the opener, Hal Rfis spa.k- Phila. 0-0 000 020--2 5 2 ton.
a triple and two single. Johnny Robert I7-2, I lnttzenan, KusvM, MeDlniUd and Benr. i
SLLA VISTA ;.:.. TROPC L Yuhas. Sided b the r ble-ee- Hansen and Busges.
g : .-- S MUL "tANE0.U$L lerhui- e !er Ail reale l* sobist 'Gam e.25s
SIMULTANEO.USLY second victory. First Gime IChai O 01 000 411-7 14 2
...._..,, Cincinnati 010 120 021--4 9 0 Cle "ad 110 000--2 5 1
The smashing atory oa the baotle- a~hbal NW ag 200 220 001-7'14 0 -- (%4) and Holan.
Teah herd'loundeae N Blackwel, (1-71 andHowell. M =(4)and Hogan I
s.hout heard 'round Lown (2-2), Hacker and At-

FRANK LOVEJOY wjokinsecogd ane -...0-......
:%-Pit.Cincinnati .6...N2o.-....1',: z'a-3 (-2)ad Sheely.
RICARD CAR N | With Stanky Cica 510 112 lO.x- 15 0 ft ." a
ANITA LOUISE, in erly '.-11, Nuball and Ho- g
ST LOUIS May I a ush "(7-2 dEdwards.
tnrSt. Loish (7) Edwrd000-3s10 0 St 0T, 001
bathe most colorful rs Pittsbura.C1 010 001 000---2 8 0 j .tf .1 (0-2), Trout
C.EmNTRALmanager got up to g rFriend (3- -1)5and5Coad
W JoanFONTtAINE -John IUND fwas expected to imAurt sone
humorous tales. b e -

MPROMn OLCaKA. PA"u cge 'll anty i sap- Ke aan 1anCulough Courtne ..

CEC ILIA THEATRE thing funny about basebalL"
h hd-. -_lf T

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Atfflated i .
w pour, it C r.

Iwvard des ltallnan, Prais (e) Frape.
naintalis mre then 1200 mr'nltstqiu, A s4
D, the Frewmh .~ t," AfrW4jt :..
dom. Un.rugay, Bt a Far E. a.t. ..
. ..p e.Bm. w .. ... : ....


'PAT CO ,, ...... 4

.6:5$ (M Ol -

QIJt ~

I a n, One thing left In lte... Their bodie f
And they used them to obtain Frede.... I
Valenifth Saiimoe l.
9- .,NI
.In Tyrone Power Ann
and in Blyth. In
S"11 InOK" "I'l Never Forget You"
Ri. c hard- Also: .
M Richard Basehart, in

r*cA n
410T0 t

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re ~4. alefts 4%0&wth
Sht Club)
m a. M: lW MM SM.

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4U MiIdub r t.

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R S,

PRESTWICK, Scotland, May
I (UP)-Harvle Ward of the
S. today won his first major
International golf champion-
ship when he scored an easy
-6 and 5 victory over Ms fellow
countryman Frank Stranahan
S in the finals of the British
' Amateur Tournament.
Ward, a slim 36-year-old
former intercollegiate cham-
pion, shook off an attack of
first round putting and driv-
ing jitters to hand muscular
Stranahan one of the worst
defeats of his career. Re also
'crushed Stranahan's bid to
S become the first American
ever to win the coveted crown
three times.

Senate GrouD





"Let the people know thq truth and the cElk* 7" MgW katham Lincoln.
--. -


PANAMA, R. P., SATflDAW, MAl I1, f19

Desperate Convicts At Large

Kills Attack On After Break From Ohio Pen !
' COLUMBUS. Ohio May 31 across a four foot passageway to were serving life terms fe ntr parently stolen from the hoeptt-
SUP Four desperate escaped the roof of the records building during police officers, al where some of them worked.
'Unused Leave convicts "who m I g ht do any- and sliding 15 feet down a drain- Othr sonviets unboWi All available police were thrown -
thing" were believed hiding in pipe to freedom. blee -ffgard and into the search for the aeape..
central Ohio today after taking Three of the four men still at to fot the alarm w Wi. Roadbloeks were set up, and (xel ..
Legislation that would force part in a nine-man break last large were serving long terms for nute after the break. freight trains passing ne ar by -ad
civilian employes to use up the night from historic Ohio pene- armed robbery, and the fourth The guard said the *ktcdets were searched. A x
leave earned this calendar year tentiary. which houses 4680 men. was serving a life sentence for jumped up frbm a card gpe 'to Air VrW Baae'Jfx. $_i .d a
by June 30. 1953. or lose that Five of the convicts were re- robbing a local bank three years bind hti as he made htis nular aa wa.
captured shortly after their es- ago. oibn of the room.
leave. was rejected this week by bY tpe rorm. *th1 Ana PMmA nliSFA ^'l-1- r *. H tiF
the Senate Sub-Commi&aee on ca arden Ralph Alvis rushed to .......descapeesTeadhesivei wnn r roar
Appropriations. the prison in his holiday clothes .A Led Pad W
Word about this action on the to direct a night-long search for T. Pa nama
Toma ,Riderowasrceivedfro oVan Fleet: Reds Not Foolish AtLast Parm WT Fght T InPanama
Washington by Rufus Lovelady. break In the prison's history. m
president of the American Fede- The convicts, all of whom had
ration of Government Employes earned model prisoner's ratings, e
Lodge No. 14. stormed their way out by bind- LONDON, May 31 (uP)---rs. project agreemeIt nursing eduttlo
Ing a guard with adhesive tape. L u U Ttart OusI v Ana Pauker, once one of the tf sa well equipped. N rses, stul. tt
Lovelady said that the AFGE sawing their way through the most powerful Communists out. nurstni educt ret
in Washington worked against iron latticework of their second- o side Russia, ha fallen at leat combat tubter u in e.a
the Thomas Riderz's passage. It floor dormitory window. Jumping SEOUL, May 31 (UPI -Eighth ted Nations forces rolled with the part way from gaoe in the l to be carried o i to
was introduced by Representa- Army commander Gen. James A. Initial bench. St shakeup of the Romanias eo Cooperativ a I other health
ttve Albert Thomas, of Texas, ., W. m u L van Fleet said here today that he Meanfthle the 'United Natons Communist hierarchy atmce it lde Salad Publics ( .
and passed the House of Repre- Wife Finds HusDanuS does not believe the 1.000.000 man air forest last week atoned for gained power, the Buohat tt bnn approved by the t I
sentatives. Not Communist army in Korea is the preMlot week's i goe, in radio disclosed tonight. iafnistry of Labor, .-.p
However, in the House it was Are NOt Safe Alone foolish enough to start a major which the Migs for the first nd Public Health, t Itt01
amended so that it would not offensive, but that If It does his came d0t -ot top (five kill t she has been dropped froSm tO
have applied to employes outside BAYTOWN. Tex. 'TJ.P.)-Mrs. 8th Army will defeat It decisively, four) In-dofight results,. the Romanian Politburu an .-th program will be ten ea te -t to
of the United Statesf. W. F. Whitten has decided a Van Fleet's statement followed Thi ueek ited Statet Ba- he secretariatof he patty, t the cof f olano H t a l a
The Senate Appropriations woman's place is In the home- threats by the Communist truce bres shdt down six Migsa without broadcast revealed. culoste but will also
Ckonmittee then threw out the definitely. delegation at Panmunjom to loss. An official announcement of facilities availbl
RBler completely. turn the Red "forces loose in re- But three Invader light bomb- sweeping changes 11 the Ro- t and Diagn htW m.1 yt5
The legislation will now have When she returned from work tallation for alleged massacres of ers dlpppeared on operatong, manian government and GOam- is Ward at the San tIAsln ws
to go back to conference and one evening here is what she Communist prisoners of war in while- a T-6 artillery spotter munist leadership in the ltst tal, in te .Tubereu_ tt .... -
pass the full Senate. found: Koje Island prison camps. plane was brought down by Red few days did not criticize MsI,' ry and in the Publ '
Her husband, sick abed, hadflak. Pauker.Departmentof
tried to start dinner and put a Van Fleet said the Commun- flak
chicken on to cook. Ist forces presently in Korea have Neither did it lit her In the .
Smoke began to fill the house sufficient strength for a limited U at t newly elected and reorgaized will
and choke him as he lay in bed. campaign. w *W Politburo and secretariat of the material
He called a neighbor, Pat Cor- But any such campaign would party. 4y communist practice at o tI
bett. Corbett began searching be easier for the 8th Army to aem mission t th name of hainl S
for the fire. He went into the contain not than *tre the R d of. member of a b11 IlItical body
attic, then fell through the drives the ~priftg of 1051 which STANFORD, Calif. (UP) A from an offtciallt means that
ceiling without flndig a firp. wdre throtaacok after the Uni- new kind of "map" of the hu- member has been dropped
msan body *wh ak shows the an- quietly.
atomy In color and in three di-
mensions Is ow being publsh- Beare the', sAkeup in The
Sed. P party Iaderdhip, lMrs. Pauker,
Poure oaes -on the nereu5s 59, wVa one of the secretariat O
system have been prepared and the central co~afts of the
are belhg used with remamrk Itrty and a member of the
able result by medical students Poiu ro, the most powerful
at Stanford University. ta e committee of the party.
They contain 23 transpa- The rugged, old guard woman
rent color pletures. When view- A munist also was Foreign
ed through a stereoscope, the ster of Romania--one of the J"
pictures appear to have depth, ew women in the world to hold
The four books were five years u oh an office, if hot the only f
in preparation by Dr. David L. Obre. g
Bassett, Stanford anatomy pro-
lessor. Eventually 1assett in- Close followers of Romanian 114 W
tends to include every part of afgair believed that since she
the body in the set. Was sot attacked directly, as
Physicians who have seen the were Vies Premiers Vasle Luca ,: m, ,
new color drawings have call- and Tsohari Georgescu, she $. .ma4
ed them remarkable and pre- presumably still held the post
dicted the new "atlas of anato- Of "elign Minister.
my" will revolutionize medical i r stoh e
education. 8dme observers thought her
appuatmt demotion was, accord-
ing to Communist practice, the
Sets ooda Pace first toward total disgrace.
SMODERN STATUE-aman- T heynoted the similarity of her
Ndre Dumas, visitor to the Salon OBERLIN, 0. (U.P.) An- posat i to that of Rudolf Slan-
-of Independent Artis, in Paris, drew Fenn, champion walker sy, 'ormwr secretary of the
imuses oV er 10-foot-high sculp- (NA Telephoto) in these parts, is back in his Cxec e.C munist Party, last
TEIR CHUM WAS MT Two unidentified boys look anicustomary hiking garb of tee- fall, First he was removed from
t ent while Dr. Ralph P. Craig (center' administers first aid to their shirt and shorts for his dally

wooden statu.. Richard B. Cameron, holds his head. es like everyone ls but now
that spring is here he sheds the
cumbersome garments of cold
weather,ograbshits walking stick
and out into the sunshine.
Basing his experience gained
from his 32 years and more
Stop unpleasant Penn said, "walking is the ideal ed the -mi4Vel
exercise. There's no strain. It's Chelsea, Mum11 siAw "f t:.
a natural buildup and the -ex.scamoao
ercise is evenly distributed." pay-boeft q
His wife, Mrs. Edna Penn, who the reflat, g amo
was reared in the gentle.south, w"" eag
u o r w does: follow her husband's vig lsOa an better than

bdghten your teeth! "I -

Economisls See Business$
A Ocean breath one day, a sainued breath cth i. Ipunts esiensing fesm helps remalems g.
aMt day-it can happen ao anybody. So ga nd metei inlewd particles and stlky sofgl
against dhis hard-mi-forgive fault by brushing whidhb- heilnd bftvih.
= moeth with 1paaftrwvery meal 2.'l B tsnleano-I General N531K
Y 10M means a swetear, cleanerbreath "st* "Ogle swe,,,s brooak m 1 W .
bsmmeksug pa r o slantly ~~. ~WASHINOTON, May 31 (UPtv)l.O. o0.S s, former members a.. ,
b itsn RXum ps uapsant mouth Twor Government analysts said to Wbl A Trumasn's Council of t
ways, uih while its cle ing your a At dthe -me time, Ipaa gets uV a ap day the nation's economy may UiunSa .Attgr. tt
c*m and M briwg So for a swesnar rbialasa start sagging In a few places gA iflia seme in At- thtu ua
b________* sbri.g a s-,g '" when the defense pr o veam that t bthus i- pq 1
__________________atubeof____ off next year,.bu t do nisiond ill have to make e hn
foresee a general business rces.aeastmen next

or reogulr, has been proved beretr will be "geod" ones, according 6 -. .k
theaIPANd/ these ee@Ets. They "td o
letdown l afrt of the econ. *a .mCn

sent defele wm cl lor -


,.r.k d


$ .

f .A." -. : |
^ .*, ., *- ,,
%- -..'.?

. 'a- 1'.
A, F^ ^

',y K

. -* ..

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