The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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TIM Moil BDon an pen *evam toe ..,dadm e thi Ppentss Ame
1e4. :Lttorsn ore received e*rtulma end os e dlod I wholly co
Viael mtimannow.
I ytf cenibute a oM, del 1be mputelt i l at em'tup epol t
sea ftday Lietto ae pubIfthed ia 4k* d I to o s.
*t to hoop m wteo limi ted to ae peg. N
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$ Z e t lo lt e s orno m m od emd o

14 have been following with Interest the letters in your col-
mun bout Dispensary Tom.
Ris good to know that there are whites in the Canal Zone
who fpppreclated to such an extent the services rendered them
by coloredd man, that they went as far as to protest the re-
tiring of such a person.
,Although this gesture is a good one. I do not agree with
R.E..'s letter. published In your Mail Box of May 20, when he
refers to this as an example of "non-discrimination at a grass-
root level."
Ijet us keep In mind that these mothers did this out of ap-
pretition and svmpathv for Dispensary Tom. Sympathy be-
cause. as one mentioned. Tom would not be able to support
family on $25 00 a month.
I am sure that if an adequate income had been provided fo
Tom;upon his retiring, these mothers would not have been sc
selfish to desire that Tom continue working after he had la-
bore for so manv years, but would have been happy to know
that he was about to eniov his remaining days on earth auiet-
.E.G. sees it fit that some publicity should be' made about
this ?esture. but I feel he la making the act bigger than It
rba. tIs.
it these same women had Kfne further and had made
1- to the Canal Zone Government. in behalf of the future
lik Mnaarv Toms and all the faithful Dicks and Harrys, that
Sc.i arraneement be made for a decent retirement Income to
be a lable to these people after their many years of faithful
wrv e. then R.E G.'s argument about publicity would have been
oret Justified. and we would be able to say that there are some
whit i on the Canal Zone who have as much human feelings
for ie veoor unfortunates. as they have for their own.
sla not too late R.E.O. to have your desired publicity. but
1 Orat vn mist disprove what the Communist rabble rousers are
to sell the public that there 0l much discrimination
'prac ed in the Canal Zone.
A Poor Unfortunate.

ow thPt my time is up and I am Icaving this gosh-awful
$bac I-wmnL to nave my say about the people here.
1 r the talk in vour paper about the programs over our
forces Radio station makes me sick.
the station is for soldiers and sailors. We like sports,
B ut if the civilians think that we plain dogfaces have
gni to do with the programs they're crazy, too.
S're not a~i of us jackasses; and anybody who likes the
-talk. talk-talk-talk programs that the Armed Forces
station hk31ll day is lust a Jackass.
is for music. and yet all that Jackass station does all
Mi Bil nishkt i talk-talk-talk-talk.
remind me of the eductUoi an enlisted an can get
to 0 B1l1boa Junior CbHege one time. And thMi 1
Jgthlat I euid have to get a sMUnaMsnom i I VM't
course with the so-called "Approved" L.S.U. pramm -
f _uldn't kake it at Balboa Junmor ColleRe. Where I could
t which would be approved for transferrihtR to any
a oeage or university: that I would HAVE to take the
work which is good.
inly it's good at Loullsana, but who Is the H--I wants
| j!redlt at Louisiana???
no good anywhere else. and I can't want to go there.
'otes. don't blame the men of the armed services for nhe
..We want sport., yes, and with sports we want lota of
.'.. But we don't get it: it's tust like the education??? we
I rnoml-!d. ,And so we get nothing that will ever count anv-
P ise for college work, and we have to listen to talk-talk-
I E the radio
A Plain Dofface.

daderstand a big farewell review and parade is to be given
Kobl~e for the departing CO of the Facific Sector.
Uldition to t0e troops there will be hundreds of vehicles
ranging all the way from leeps to half-tracks and
similar shindig only proportionately larger was held
t ago for Lt. Gen. Wm. H. H. Morris, Jr., when he left
o ts the Army a lot of money to stage these needless
especially to your gasoline through all the heavy
moving at about 4 mph In low gear.
en the Arm" itself states Iuch displays of waste it beats
S ow they can expect anyone to take their Cost ConscioUs
:aam seriously.
I seems to be another caue of "Do as I say not as I Do."
Faybe the brass hats ran explain it by the use of such
as tralnine. precision. readiness. custom. etc. but to the
guy in the office, shot. warehouse, or field who is con-
louslv trying to be Cost Conscious it is a lot of dam fool-
and a waste of money.
jVs about time the so-called "leaders" set the example as
are supposed to do. and oult harpine at the workers for
while they 6o out ald nQuander it on pomp and cere-
t two month ago a form letter was sent to the shops
that inferior merchandise is belng sold in the commis-
eight out of 10 of commissary shoppers are women, and
e not be deceived bv a form letter.
bie iauestlon Is: Where are the small cans of vegetables
t that had the labels on them?
idtnag to an article In the June Reader's DIRest. the
lad Drugs Act Is very strict about unlabelled cans of any
why does the government. of all people, try to stick us
the Willow Wear dishes are they first auallty? There
two dishes the same shade of blue.
wot Income tax by writing to Washington and letting it
Swe existed, so let's write about foodstuffs and mer-
loan as we pay for garbage let's get together and we
to prahtthe t5.tmnt, together mad ^
gettin my letter. s wel as an unlabelled can, today.
b w y tot say. Jeg prblie _

= rrt.~cz

1 Smug!

ogw to "0wt ws on

01mA.m RANan.

Labor News


An BY vtr Memoi
It's not that the maharajah /
of tnt mines nsanieflowmea.rW'
just the internationally signifi-
cant fact that the iunon of the

giant outfits to ftel the easing
,, of the defense machine and the
slow return to "normalcy."
S Old King COt jI n6t a merry'
old soul today et &A tears offA
the tips of thoe aw1 ctgara and
stares Out of ig 1tng French
on. windows of hib toW Dor office.
And for once IS these many
years of hanglia on his every
sylla.,le, one must write of his
problems softly, even sympathe-
John Legis' fndwetry is sick
again. Mtines are closing.
e Thousands of coal diggers are
n working only t -o and three
I- days a week. 'onnage is slip-
ping off. Where exactly/ five
years ao his men were hack-
l ng 15,6 00 O tons out oI the
S pies. toda they're carting out.
only ,5 000 .-- little more
than hall. Prices are oil. And
a Mr. Lewis, now sitting behind
closed doors with his closest
r friends and lieutlenants, asks
o them how they feel about go-
- ng right through to Septem-
' ber without asking or a raise.
John L., a mighty man is he, '
doesn't forego hs crises easily. g
t Almost nostalgically he said
t the other day that he would
have defied the steel industry,
e the action and the Courts and
e tept the steelworkers out on a 0
st i~jae, waret bei their chief.0
hlen, readiatcally, he added. I -, i
S It's kind of nice to see some- B_.d, of .....
e one else on the hot seat for a
a change." The reference, of a t i
course, was to an old coal dig-"
ge. s leader by name of Philip Private Figh
I wa, Lewis will do, of course. y 08 RUARK
is unpemectaule, which is tne
utmy preuticaule tnig about r.y
t, L,, Me. in ile,t he aina his NEW YORK.- We have n dealt previously It Is not true of the 'ommy Manvilles an4 he
aIak.k a.i tw Lag aL ou.o wai0ing th the some ines sLartilltg d S ents ein the socialites who swap 'round and the Barbara
lo. ale butprce Court, uecisioa divorce case betWeen RWily Rose andteanor Holm Paybns and Ft'anclbt To nes.
on one she l selz. re, for a very simple reason: a wise man once said But the Rose-Holm Marriage was a sincere f-
,Utis, the ainsaers say, will there were tihaes in my buahnee when a man did fort that lasted 10 years, and I am not the 1
Scme o ts monday u c ,the not really have to write a piece. to passion the righl4 Ukd wron of t ho did a
-court spat wide open. t is I know that names make news, d that trou- to whom to Imake it Iat. The lln1eada
nmomwn tatwthere islfu wau ble in paradise is supposed to be |whiorthy, and with th en d me U
debate among tdeee spnicen- atthat the flagrant f tlticuffs between famous peo- ee h, don Itredte
thiees moment with the od s ple are meat antd drink to the readers, orso theypIee a very peli'tnt picture t 'le I
on a a edisTon against PreIt- h at ut my own Darticular tummy turns touch M1wofftheyatran outaInd Mt, rK auto
an 2'ruman a sbeeare. In that at the great devotion of space to the marital wadthe considerate hot.o hanor the cbarnit-
eve?,.. there It ve an immeal ae troubles of other. e.
sth bke. If there is oe riht wch should -be privsleed, the last hald all
Sac. me there'll be still It is a man or waftn's right to fight ath as I Mta i It 't f
re!c ppd i .ate the 10- spouse. an to.du r h ldis baid n ta 3 see cst `e
I .Zf ppuly now above ground- both desire, in ito a o
K I would have to strike for marital lute, J. ay oh t st Vltai- tRhool of m n Nyer at
two months be ore the country or the other way owowt s to Je lt i theIt pesoali do not is so important
Sweild begin .t black out. business and strwetly out the p lttch,. we halve nAtd It.
Ana Mr. Ltvisl realizes, ft I see by the 'grinn headqnea otle frttont Other peoDle's dirtm h In pretty .mueh ti
the iirst Lime in many years, pages that Billy and lnor are irll nto sate, as you read it do Ay. and unlessit be-A
that ne canno longer actually get down to basics and play it tou d comes so frequent an ant that it sets a
sbut of all coal mining Mr. Rose. the baby Barnum, is seek divorce trend of finals I doat~ to eavesdes It.
there are no so many non- I New York. This means the details di rty. Tnher aeaea eat t It and tetest-
e thbrearts. because w d aadultery Is the only ground / .dvorcelag things going on | theI tl and
It c s n New York. m any of them seem WOit rthy of headliHne
i lf n e 1 is no effort here to be dofon't to be around on s one. than Billy's Intent to l r In New York
e lkI ,'oyan,. jut dne i p a s s because I have knof both contestants alot wth all its lmDlicattons,
all this oay by as Just John of years. and am- sill fond of both, o be- just can't believe thapen m an't difference b
L.esi' headache. These are tMe cause both have br nce to me. with a parted wife is of S silent newasvalue tO
elins of things to come. It seems sad that both cannot settle tb ta'5o- displace other news. utnle o have beie so
Remember, we're half way bles in a dignified quiet, and thit the wMsor enchanted with the unosf 4at we tre aure it
through our defense spending. of their mutual diseeotfet must be dunCm Iud- vicariously.
'iheres some $50,000,000,w000 t daily nto the coffee caps of the country., This piece is In reality t iMsrt to r y let
to. be spent. Marriage. or the disbanding of same, ~ h a tora and more questions at Why I hadnt writ-
Of this bundle, $40,00o00000 ery personal rn" ; I think it lais 6 ten shvthing on the o.Ro bre. 4
is earmarked for hard S ~f the public's busleas. My answer is that ith .y bfelfes.
(flLhvtng stuff 4,000.000A This does not L... 'he clowns who olt'mre- and I don't think it's any A trt tak- 11
soft goods and over $6a,000 rind every- hour on the hour. as much pub- In sides in a marital cat d be-
000 for construe.lon. But ts lielty as for any other rtepon. In# clawed by both ebntea~.
will b# cutbacks.
Then what? Already tiNr's IS
too much coal. Sales to urope ~
B are off. ourt'Ne w Lo o k.'
There's a little extra steel here
and there. By io a Stewar Nel o k
And the maritime commlBgit -
I has put 300 frcigh.ers back ""
mothballs because we don't hav WASINOGTON. secretary of State D5 teract the Red "peace"
the cargoes to fill their holds. Aheson has just appointed an imressiWt1 die- ed the scientists' prodding d t
Soon the giant unions wEi t ,guisbed committee to take a fresh-e y e- "nw mont. The result was the new
fa:e the problems John L. and, look" at the problems of disarmament an T atomic ed Ig Acheaon. Appointment
his executive board are working akgy control.... en t broadens the scope
Over now in their closed parleys Dr. J. Robert OppenhelmertDr. yTaet tg egmaination of the atomic lprbem.
which have industry's Washi PresidemtJohn uickeyr of Dartmouth, sAd llte it on an official basis.
ton representatives so curious. 5 Dulles. of the Central Intell gnee Ad t W The stated ornoseo of the noe to
Lewis will need to devise new the men chosen to undertake ths grave pUI- mrpare fresh Amerlecan h Om s C
gimmicks. The last ment and atomic energy a3
sprung on the nation gave l It is hard to imagine a bigger jb, s o to adevYlt0
a welfare fund which now has Dhereeimponv committee. It is a hard In briefing the committee h I
ever $100.000,000 In it. His Uni- of any major development whiCh a boom greet- Dcarrtment th11ev makers rather
eve Work in t H ed with such blank disinterest. cated thet they did not h tar
ad Mine Workers' treasury Ire Por both reasons, this attempt at i new "new sults. but tho qght a try h a e.
to almost W0,000,000. Re's a look" symbolises one of the bIale du lmms of look of the thing abroad. The C a
go hape. our te. resnonded that they would do the III
But not no the other glotts Acfou'a decision to name the .m .ed with entirely onen minds. .
whd'pe lust begun to sa e somewhat diverse. origins. Tie committee hea now
ago the steelworke rs rt ists bqoame deeply odnoerned. a ,'OOd many notetary-fised worker; and the UZOat W I
in Philadelphia that th inoutls agh. bdease they though so "Uitgan hand.
10.000,000 in theb' nastjmal armaments race was Petting out of No one ean predict the mubooen,. be4 aertaim
kitty/. 'Ths scientists feregaw tMip SE* obv~"et fcts may at Iat bea'tt~.

covering long strikes and i.. They not unnstnrarl'v *hran Ibd ltU $W It is as thouvb a mum b a'
or depressions scan 5Iamn esoect of a world didbi tab e um- a .tier for o lone that he
cession, If you like), time gg uenmng power groupi gs. Toth igWedld- beast'. presence, even thono .
000,000 treasuries ~ be deetreinE weapons. in. bitter and humarler all t"
tied n a few mants, .fl them eel D i. G- ea o the atomic b ,.b

s a thou ito 'laun e a new loot '1 UN ait iP re b- w'ilte ir wnwer sm .

them days as twe at 1 IkaI t~ yot ofs e 'ietoa
watch labor and majonsa t ,0 rel
. l t outt. a e os l S, si
They're calling eh Manwhile. oa. other haU d. the AmereUI MW a d n teu of lthe r
same now. But theys really e re se in trouble t st B l lon f
tag on each other far bmel the UnitedN timr Nt c. to0m O-afPdOP
saugh. The trible r. wheT

lmmofinsg that a"sbsownlt B
aeot "lIa _." ,O It l.a $I

so"A s a e st lesh to the r.N
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S i ,si o .."kl .-f ewsi
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F a"" ; i I k n I I n

efrr Better Motcvihg

S March Edtion
for 19S2

jklem^fff 1 a

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sever h ,.w whIm
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SAuto vice, S.A. F i m Co
Auto t~sfr.

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up ",- Ji






S.PuMi qg- Co., Des Moie; I CUT-""T AND SA. | "PICK UP ."



A4omobile -Faectory Finish $ 1. -Goodfyear Tires & Tibes-

a -. ... '
3itk &C Decker Elect*f.c Victor Goskets ond See* -Weotherhewd tbe fittings
"". enr .tri.T 'sand'..
Wogner Electric Brokab fuWd

Sram Oil Filters Niehoff Ignition Poari Champion Spda ags

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i4E ment- Wiy on in Po or --We Do not iyr BondS

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iLLYWOOD, (NEA1 Mov-'Rogers, fb knitting tiny garments
without Pop. orn: Linda Dar- for her first st:rk date.
and Gary Merrill are the -
before tne camera in Fox's Director Bob Parrish is putting
lt Without Sleep, a sum- George Sanders and Marta To.
nae thriller about a composer ren through their pacea I" 'As-
belleves he has murdered his signment-Parl-" At ColumbiA.
Thanks to a track process shot
They play their scene under Marta and George are in a car
y Baker's direction In the shell racing tnrough t.te streets of Pa-
a limousine. dismantled except, ris, with George at the wheel.
rthe back seat and rear win- B.i, the director halt the scene
w. 1 notice that luscious Linda *IIl a make-up mfan put some
aws her mink coat about her'~ .'cns:q1int on George's hands"
ch time Bakei calls for "Cam- Ihe British actor balks at first.
a." It turns out that Linda has but finally extends his mitts.
ot bothered to p.I on the dre .
rovidcd by the studio. Instead, "He* always klekdng abort
She's hearingg her own black lacc make-up,"a crew member growls
Wnde' lip. behind me. "Who does he thhik
** You ju't can't tell what movie he iN that he doesn't need make-
t ens are wzarinr--or not wear- rp--his wife, Zea sa Gaber?"
a undin;eath their mink --
Wats in Iol ,,ood. Irene Dunne. vexed by money
**An arf.-ila! ocean has ben .cLb'.' is playing a domensic
Iteaced for UI's '*City Benecth ,C'.-n, with Ibepn Jagger as her
e Sea an a out a su.i. *i tr~~utre Difrc- t'-er In tie script Irene will dis-
r Budd L'..--. 'r is linirg tup *ve" t^at her backward trees
icn s:.;t Li \.:n.h .icb R..-,n hate sprout.,d $5 and $10 bills ?
d T ;.y Q.. -".I as c:etn-,ea
plu.ji*cd 1..' tCie'. As Trene and Dean discuss the
. a Er.'l1 br-- nt boat, Mal'a f;;rlly bL! r?t. I notice that there
stm n,. ..h t. "-.''l pboto raphs of their
W re-soe:;:-:P, i- t* Jon 1'( ,''1d, on the walls of the
NJ re's a realistic backdrop of ".-'aeare atuaj photo-
too, and I overheard a.grapsr borrowed from the par-
itor say: ents of Joan and Dee.
S 11y, It's so real I can almost when you see the
movie and you will ree gorgeous
fLancaster, his sunbleach- 4 I20Evans without a stitthi of
r gra-'d and plas.e. d oth11ing reclining on a bearskit
to his head, Shirle 'h ru But it's Joan at the age of
SOber and a swarm of ex- I three nonthsl
re attending a meeting of!
lies Anonymous on Hal
"Come Back, Little She-
t at Paramount.
n Director Daniel Mann Is 0 1 o t
satisfl.-d with the highly
tic sequence, another
g drama fragment takes
off-stage. The extras pas f t
an wearing dark glasses on a A C Pt
declines and fall to recog-
er. She is the producer's
brut in the days before
twept in, she 'was the
'A leading comedienne Her i
Louise Far.nda:' .
| and Ot'er Champion.
UlLewMs and newcomer
re PA work in a mi- r ic
cal, "Everything I Have Is
ours," at MGoM. u woauldn't be
It's the story of a dance team You wouldn'tI I
rho split up when ahl wife finds \ ,
hat she is expecting a baby. Interested
Eatge and Gower, who are mar-
or real. plavthe partner. BUT if youe a wide-awake
dthMarge is a e ing m u sman oocerneg with
a fal. ues pauide irsgin3 '
MaI strenuous Itabering-up ex- the advertising and sales re-
Heas out orf eamera ranie just motion of your progresve
sa studio policeman ushers a oton our
arty of tourists onto the sound business. you'll want to keow
hae. A few seconds later I hear that our CLA$88jPlt'D
V of 'the women in the group COLUMNS offer you the f(t-
est. most economical, most
"Dea1y, somebody should speak convenient way to reach cms.
0 that young woman. Does her
batetrician allow her to turn tomersi
nAtwheels in her condition?"Mt M
heels In r eryoudltion" month every week
It's a riddle-me-this scene .. every day-THE PANAMA
hat Jane Wyman and Will Ro- AMERICAN carries MNO
rgt, Jr., are playing against the
background of New York in 1918 WANT ADS than a1 ether
ir "The Story of Wull Rogers." dally papers la PanamA e
IBJr., Is playing the role of blnedi
is own famous father and has bed
ast discovered that Jane, as Mrs.

MIN WILKWN. Plabm er ..

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* ..

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"Y (Milherw sa*rs those "sl-of.,s
ouMir .toe o t.e whole tw ..

-- .. ... .. .. -' '


Institution Guaranteed by tbe' .'t -
Pay' 2% utmlt Annually on Sai ip Accouai'


We make loans with guarantees on f rt
or other m .titj* -


deposits are accepted thru a period
of 48 weeks.

Individual safety deposit ,box, for eweltry and
.' In 4*f" n-4nt .

In Obtral AM. at
eInr of -r' I ftN

0. D De ROUX

frot t. at Iemer
of 7th 8L

hb-Managel .

Froam 8:N a. to :30 p.m.
SATURDAYS: frm 8:0 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

fwy ........ ....

..vari el UFPO A
0 _',14m#ty.. MAIYag
cw; iwmucrn mul- k


The Politician



go amg'"u% 14WR aO~i
100 1. -m ONTL "ft IssJI
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Who's WatehmirlWho?

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ed a' long list of ble
on Sarm afmeMufs and

iAIst. '~
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52 i6.tiLGAtS .R.....


i$WSn-. All Cas Etnji t Stada rd
.C V '

*R MAMtl0N" .., ...... ......... :.
.TBK COMMA DoEK V-8"......,...... .-5
'333 3,3"9 ..-.,. ..' *- .agU*. |6.4

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lID .~

"- *' + 4 -i M I411 .l... ....: ...... .. .... *.. ...... ', ,
1,. ".StUEtER LAND CRUISERV-8 ............ 25.
6 K aer Deluxe ;.. .............................. 24.
7 I Cr nbroot ...... .......... ..... .. .
a. I n e a a r .... .......... ......... .... .. 3.. 2
S. .... ...... ... .. ...... .... .. 22

.4 -.. .... ....... .. ... ............. o..
S~ oSodore PASS. ..................... .... S3L

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t 6 S n .- .. ... ...... ............... ........*. 20

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A models on splay

Cruisers Starlight Cupe

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Open Today until


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F' F F i.. i. r
;.4.. .. as am.

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3.' -F: ..
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1-F- i++-



9 P.M.

All day Sunday May 25



* 4-F.
t 49


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1 ." *. "" '

.You Sel'am W.n YouTell 'em thru P.A.

ourth of July Ave.--Phpone 2-3441 #3 Lottery Pas' -- Phone S-31 "* street corner d .,B

FOR SALE FOR SALE MISCELLANEOUS MRCIAL So '* ouhol Autompohites D* 7** *eJsrs .u.. ^n ^OFEStibNA *g ke. s o
FQ SALE: Complete diningroom Secvice Personnel and Civiliaon 20 Ame., Z., N of iec TOLD VIJ l SO l sah fto 4.
,gay g e housed ut nl. I -overn.nt Fmploys Finanv.e Co. b.uty p roo r^n t t.rrra Tavo2lo 6 Er T, fro l
I SALE ru rr ior eAnu R eireBliAs Cocoli Beauty ShopVGENCY sEHLourEPOnesBis ool y Shp. Vist1e
K1 SALE: FuBeroure ,for enire Nd. likAeo ow 4-557. *uAuT'Wun CO0, El vOol. -C _lmtc__ CHLORDANE is_________ whot
*at in lcinrs. S ere. orCa P, e l. d-4 e%4 Pa 4nam We rlear wea hi n mO chine, refrierM u Grymich' a .h n sd.
4Tio v oli40 P, V A on.bTel-28 a nd r b r y ext aut Stors (demetfc ond commercial) c.oltael0 E l cl2e ( a the Killer in Reem Kill) e nne d lee0
r 0L0-14,.Te 2 or soe: s Coa ,r on Auto or any kid or ma ke of electric l stoves, mod.A.oi rates. fBuy it n the r E.- etltt*r& a dayt ag, the
u Fm-o bil- Row 29l. W 1st sel l appqico n s. fiphone "Sien" Res-8 6-441 )nt uernide ar your frl "
SALE:--Leovnre for Ster.s, must SGUARANTEED Ueokm d Toio n frCo rt tio:n AS.Mvc 2-1547, Pan- P 1h22R Oen Ris cotU itT or garden. n't e tof erl Ml
4 l 25 cycle 9 ft. Westlno hout. Tubes. Tel: Panama 2-4721, So. amr. No. 2 Eaot 28th StreetI Clara. B... 2 -T "el."3'- 4;-83
d1 porcelain refrigerator. 1 very .turd o g, dy. AQUARIUM FRIEND'S: An.- Panami )-1 rlatbb 1 S O. F. NOVEY. INC 1_. .n Al Mci
condition, lo 1550.00.74a-K .p. $ 0 boa2 Be aJ M, Principal... ii h
S conbi tLns Bealoo r 5ea FOR lA :-91942 oPakard 4 doer >els, a to fed. u30 Cts. each. Casino S nts"e0c Oi e tral Ava. -- Tm on01 y stt ea" t t
u SALE: Bedroom setr. dim-ng 6 /ndri ll nie w Onel n er leov- Ciall nnon 2-1268. CZsino Acs 10 061rvert1 1 1"" d eve lopme, ts 0 ,
,oh.e w six ch.irs. 717-. e- In. Tel. 2-1636, Peramn. Registrat(i now open for "M, Escue- cessary. MAy a4dh 31dht, ; h .5...- i f 1) B t economtats .- : r :_ ,e
SC Zo- FORnSALE-tgoyn.Mutollqck t." Kind Hours 8:00Aft l AMA BROKRS, INCt | th the t of Ilv- The i cl of Citol

5 cycles, monitor top, porcelain, vrtible adio.o Overdr occesor 9th St., No. 24. Tel. 3-4183. Mrs. .IN, t BG: PanUm tar #@w 5ll-tmem high. teaw^ h 0nt.
an xbedo 1eta lm ah 0 2 19 or 1442-l, OweBD Sr. u WE OFFER the blt eand more rapid FOR RENT e ch ad Forestal IPrOd tl f one per cent belowi I loto u .is
am bPhone 6-338 .o FOB SALE 19489 S p, Db rAfrJlOrIelMn Ilci. Respirs on2 El Valb (A M ). Mr JIG"n CDcvi CoIT. Ad te S .redTe n ewa
rmbe, p eh o 6. door. Excellent cod o nd rub- ay moe a rfrte rator (domes- 33 471 1o ilrl d near Jvtaa t Wl h e trt h*e
rin SALE:--6 cu. th. Freldnire $45. Whenyo fna c a Bo l tic and coSmmt eral. "Silen" Re- FOR RENT *-EoT m ,0 neprt h, "di e n'et tle ka t rm t he b fl
w Cri. ob al 355-B. al Em23ic, .o D a frigeatOn Service. No. 2 Eat en Yta hs11t
FORC. il oa r 196Cedroe-,t-. Ph oda. 28th street. Telephone 2-4547, u Al| M BN rwi Iuh td) Th e a government said it t11hla.
teSALE:-Rattan 0vigrtoam fur- !f oren0rCin-Hou 5500dPanama.W al .t a ric in. Ce rtbl o toore oo. 'gl
PhD"r e5-4984n-4co5 Wet282rear whin eo 12, An- Crmi's -bSatoClreIppn.the"Apri. ssue. ,the sec ondTRet

LER Gu lck g8-23 m. fur- SAL:9 dadaFoar information on pleae W' r..k! r ora, e or s;all r -U c o m in6u w ll t tl h il" of t'. e ei se
s ,o whol dmhnIro ao avo0 FOR SALEri 435 a sncotrt es."eat at heKid rhne feflet ofmp lt Sb
rand b hokas ye. Bay C, urundu C. Z. No_.. 4 entr_ v_ -_' ato away tram mhe cl'awti gan the ent i
rnwt ^ mttresB. Kitchen table FOR SLE:-.-1951 Pontiac Super De ",, h e FOR RENi I a ly to lapwee by of t bp illv. fi.
lh two choirs. Money other ms-. Luxe 8, Catalina. Two tone, Hy- -tr n.or aNecOtalil r, a to a r s -.
st. tms.. to, s di ho e FOR SALE:-,Onb StaRhA oncLE:,t 125 watts Ao h 4 'iS.l lt e 5iWmt, Gsl shta r- "
l 550-C, Gosvilan Rood l a. B ai- cr trad. S .Phone 25-3933, ofter rd o Amaeu trenumew it t 0an4raecwur ands ittsr h ra t ll At e a 1 nab Itd AKpn.." f lmL _rl _
for 5' Ro 29. 3:00 m.l ap Cycsl wth 20 o nd 40 l tse wUl G. 6o M 6 u
-I& yars do.6 cycnlefor SI alON FOR SALEA -194 Ford cardio. mater SanrServe practicallyPonbrwardl 4n.
2 yr.o. 60 cycle $150. Alo ~e rfect condition. Coll Bolboo Cq prc .00. Phone B P W e r .
choir, excellent condition, $5. 1298. 23,248e o worie Box 1289, An- flh0y1in. moviPg. V that avnrage wiolmi* wittt ife. ____ .... _, ,.. ,,
--Ft" Gul, 8-8236. FO_ SALE:--uick: 1949 Qidomo- es. w b l a wh a r cted ayt t fo
mba e id rt 5 46dor Mdan; with hydr- Weo ntwy qi Clipsan, FOR RENT:-2' niEished ro W pack aned slM t m it lrRd ter -Wt atnrinetrr wlU prenlftrumpt duet en- ar Exiit
SAE -O Bedroomatc dett, sunprL De Luxe rad Cll Pao, ,a 2 13 cu. ft., 6 ei. I o S. A. e parents o a tng -rwiw .thae welr cent nias M tes du e A x ib i
FurC i do fj4fdor ufnirPa-i dem d Inav t e l op c entsin0* lei.

W TdirecoobIl luts, heat plastic Y^ d. k. ment, No. 4, C al Ave-u P" the e e l t pri e a BSec C 8 clea ui t e r
modern prefobricted house miles, majority in U. S. On I sth- able misa c or u ble June St. Telephone 3-
bedroom and closets pace, ktch- mus only I months. In vry food S'*rh Activ young .erty ,_________ __Or___ an y 1Son, uOrtMttawft) we
-n. bathroom ond living dining I conditlor. Orilinol on er, o o th ^ nat'tie Chat o'. easy on OFO RErTre t w. o ZL Sa. W m ati. E:a t b
,- oom. $2,100. Phon 3-1899 be- Stite Monday next. Price 1 t. fR r'thos e hours of mp 1T i a o Tle S 2 cclta dn;t
tLe 9 O. m. Buyer must remove it' 00. Cn omrrang terms, Coal 2 rugged Pby. Go t the m Senior mp rONOUSEHOI EX H~ip r"" ice
president site 5ort712. or see c ar ot 0595 Mndi Jr T -een i rfet fit a t L b rs dt hi e nt erT tn su ch s rag l- l-im e nd Mr.e
n A od lotsran. Ancon o ci .. oT:-N built strict,. -l I"'a on.-I a o an ,, IL
s mid o h. 4 otiphonCe on ALES-939 Plymoutrh 1947Bmv aLEe olthat rln. St. ndeHtl;lhe eith O t Wn eb bl -
taonI1G a e stablo sh,-aede vrerdtie -sf. s0- m tomoedan ew ab id mn dd CoraFItsn'e ... W oe pr
2Ip xe. n Los Cumbres Party c lov-. Kiser Se D. Sehhetmyeer.6 5"10" wstho t. nh m c Genfl lel o i i
N Stoaes. Phon e Balboa 2- GulWck Heglhts to 6 P. m. 70,stare, offi oport agency. with omigl AaaalaP thnt thiy a t aqdge .
S o. y oinetfr FOk SALE:-1947 Buick Super, con- K aCen ot noertcall 3-4RepairsTo boErd cljleP :Cc deCollsp i ath tlly "to e cisdT heina r
In-:-Goo ...bish ,.. ..*J,..' w, ... FOR REWT hh A M, U...oa'.. ttt yjw." *wo.-. r'&5e, t .*
come producing buMlmes sl walls. Pehon Pamnma -.41.9. ATpl- ea ot cr I 'lj t .T T ire Dare 58 IW'e r -
agraned aend otetrest, idealN fo' O e c.R SALE: ehiroo:--Ie9a r s- m oa3i FoSm7r19d p,.9uC ~1be Dt omeodml M n
ad ce. wishing To sa f with radio. S1,%65.0. ee sli, r c ne ble4fe 50 NedntameIaGebytof ratS ee hro e pee
544. AnenC.Z WrAN TED: e casier_ bok Ptl a090 RoAboeo, p FORe RENT--2 ndce furnished rooms, aii Use. H air mad cfHt_ OV 1 1. .I,
r4, adAn4n, C. Z. P618i5 W-i a. UF movement inspected. 4th of July ele d r Ok t.i
Crist obal3"5....Cap ani s3-Epl-si c. nue No 21, Apt. 3, faclrng l..t Miari, a.t.t br ie M2arga FriRtaRE .SoiIf
FOs, PUF pCLE:--rl's aAt w ,I .Re.aoovsefn, A ltM ol nendet oF tnN eTrU b. Blanche Russ Bhan.g J, ultfle I
SAL E: roomfuFrinformatisui Gende cord plid eonkrle eritcaorU*h
0' FO IaDN" WAIen d r-entdc. tlHo us N ie in. Mus l s ze 0 eight aend like nre-w A 2 .Ec w .l ,el edE_ y tO l toh s & o 0 cto l e

of fe ch i e Hrouse oN e aut mai record .. ds rul d atanberd^ Un effre 4
els cninhg ne dn=i h o S pmEay7th Avonued, San Francisco Golf co r in d amwlhnew d, -t t
Keqrp tse money boout ple e Height. tye, fivemnts Wdoood rI. 7C| ael t re Bwe e. taw
wallet to C. Z. Police or nd ayA P.M. recr sH 1. i sdG osa ,

h-ter. A. ^a queson Positon O'g rer D.hrman s. BhobO. Sib Eriwir Tb, amne pubett to"nrl* Martha.' An
.A NT Re bi bookkep or abcaount- FOR SALE:-GFirl'SA bicyclE9, 1 ls d'
AtB 3cant for d targe foncrn wanted, app f ly r a rug 8 x 10 I piantor tIIn toW bersIhh" o l rlo 1r1- WI f d Th,
w o fcShai r s.orang Cootheray or Hamte h h t CHICAGOx May 24 wi(P) l-The an d S ay lns
__ifAL___m_ need n alD:-l-Pe, tuplsas board of the Intewma-
t; 7ED: to p soy bridg e i csix wIth perfect knowledge of r' 'o l 580-A, Balboa, C.,Z ^ Unen of Electrical Ra. -5
met m sthod tault. Tolphone pondnme. Shorthcnd, tA c nc FOR SALE: White tn l ar12 w atin e workers (CIO y LSat baei T wo S
3Sr topindment. snixt 33ir4, SPhM d fori. o e 1903,r t a e '' and a ores O a n, a n aI h11h H WI
o aotw T ,ivoln. R R.P. x 3 hdler. like new, other Itrasi,, i Investigation of General Elec- "esA E Zh veetta The
SAssociate or partner WANTED: Salesman far gnroi St offer to$175a00. iL2aw Ac corporation ^ft 1 .l P S R110
AI:-7 cud. f. r t gilarem RdF ird cars, radio B Aveue No. r| n ext tn paloal lT e boiaro'.d ca .l. IsdmGEua r- y in *.rvic
S expanding successful business mnrn speaki Engih. Apply o enemy of Democratic iEhdeals So ms eT a. TSL L 3U3fdlhtae. .et m Sta pri Mari e Welch. Al
San Jose. Costa Rico, Box 395. Ca nl Agencies, S. A. 7th St FOR SAE:- ffice choir dem ocatic unonm." i e lf l .
S*on C. Z. No. i1. SIte filing cobint. M t. ft cted "the isance by the m % wfi.' W .. -re a. t' .r
bib2---5 ,4 ,: g wt eihdeal 1090 Ri, 9aento Abr, phone a- ty ,f a public statement, ....a-e-."
ers, salesmen, application, -f- lt -a

PoeFt' sWANTED:--One cashi r, bokksN-- 1216. Ti o-lr attatcked. ant-C u-1na i -l ft e Tel'egrapWf t j
L1 .@ gco opa smell paor v an2s FOR SALE: -- Stainless steel tRe- a n e -a rm sCo muist ui 'o Softft WeIn ;

CAsOal. C. z. "S. Apt. 3 13 to 6 p.m.) di t a t he .e -ices p (Si-n o r/ -'
nrGa PoetLry lMa.- ing Offi Assistant with k FOR SALE-Pony bridle a s by nion tat Stal A nD t4t' pn u ap a ... ,
tb e d r .o,. ___ost Wao ktch_ __Y94 ad ecretary-treaur- cle, f lY S--OActive young
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treEe ees where It nx Prc i .l E'ri clocks. ChilXd' "underminIng the fahh of e.WSd t er .
f & r-e 9 a m B ud radio. Sigm l-s jm-it workers" In thar un- term s"". Cll 2edr .uont. acglftw t fn Se.i.r t_.. J iRlrAa. j 1p "gLwf *l .r ;: t .,
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RL5 Tg Canada'. herbert Va fw i The monthly dance at the-CIO -aterna uhe
IT. P ATM r Toting nh-J ArmedVas board as q terX er
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koga assponde t ee t*p e Hm ma fa f tatsd ns tdthe u. t3 No. I
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The an-?Service personnel madg t s' WV mon canlo the tal LM.
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)hjgq Uni Churches ,Churee of the mny tot
SciM es f Poaeme end Colon, Rep
k aheaell Prulerilant cu perate wIth' i elN t O men and women o
all I. amenliala. Ulberty In eme
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i.- lIHk A LANlllt SIUD AA e public service. the TI avendemins, am t notieN"HM of hoeur o4
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s1 'a ,0 Wnrhir .wervire enn Church-timn omly one or tWe CoL nreSfinm or
0 v*On liii V os i Senrvies." A special NIatiqs is il
"G.h.. Alf Force bases end Novel satit
nThe ,'ei wliam L t ranam Pat' Minister., church ecreterles
Phone 5-3L5
Soi V :ta' Mr..adcmai on toa HPSh the new desk by Wednesdly mo
t ea HUhN the tcmiln Seturday's church pa
S- .1.45 Sunal nul
11.0u Worshni Service
5- Chritlar Endeavor
te Reie nenr Belli tl ala
Sine 3Bi- hcinou, (LJIte Oiiu aie tne tnulti. Chuirle
.- -t0 .% Wnr'n'r ervi n and Church time n the Canal Zone na Ithoe ii. en ter
Ue, Imiall luin of Panama and Color, *nuo
3,. n..'r e-n..'hio ongrionrelrlO e prmrar tsrglish
4peatna Beeides theae. the Cathedral I,
Tilk PACIFIC SIDE Panama City. the Cathedral of the Im
BALBU ,% maculate Conception In ColOn. and num
SThe Rei .lk diiaer ki Sho. Pator erou parsh churches t both citiU. Wei
I I.bni Roa i, Sa, Pbolo $S1 -ora En'llsh 'peaking viitori, though
phone 2-.186 -Church Off'ce Z-:1236 the, conureatUons are orliarlty Span
S 30 Church Scnnnl Free ou' servicee "h-pekllna i
t10 30 I'nhip Ser Icr. Junior Cnurcri. nrT
;,..frimarv SlnrN Hour Church-lime Nur- a MAllei
SCar th. sno.eulor una y Msses b. :00. 10.00. 11:00
5* 6 'l h 'Ro-'PrHIor Hl F"h ellowhlp 12.00 am
.. t u1oA HI FellowShip Benediction Ob p.m
-' AeruvIe l Tnhe (Garnbfl Urlon Holy Day Masses 5:3 5:00. 11:10. 11:55
.l urcl. corner of Gaillard Hizhwa' an d mon'e ooni m
1 rin Avenue Cnn.e..nonh iuromy -330. 1.00 .m
a, The Fe rtqrnona A Gra Minier Fri 8:00 da m urdve fl irP
S Fhone6- Friday-7.00. p.m
S30 Sund Senoi .Vliraculour Meda. Novena Monday at
0'130 Sund.', S lnoonI 7:0 0pm
S.l10 IorrI LWor'hno ;Romarn every- evening at 1.00
Rev Raymond A Gra) as Stated Pat- AtMU.U HkART
or a Suipplyv schoolSunday Masse.. a:bb. i 30 1'-30 am
S 930 Simo. School Holy Days. 5.55, 7:30 m
-, 7 30 e'' CnnmfeRions Saturday-3 3U. 5.001 p
-- 7.00. 8.0U p.h.a Thuredav fayo lr.r
Luteran Friday-7 00, 800 p.m
Lutran Sacred Heari Devounn --Friday at 1:00
h-t.. k 9m1snn tD
,. 1bibt'MlH L.L iHI'iCAN t.lit Ht St r L,'BA
tj 4he Church o. Ihe I ulherar Hnur' CocoU
I ernin.r, -'tu, Sunday Mea. a 30.m
SSa3 Biu,. Ro.u BadlU Holy Day'v 6:00lI m
.S lda r itlhw 'dll( Boie,. e *,n. CUENDU C HAPEL
*u, urnipi .ercrt' iU L. u i "*Cnnif Pi u I Cur nidu
With i.S ai u ~ '. Wiin, D hee G.e A unday Main a 3') a.m
itnidl* cei tnleit alt% dI' ielrllor' v .iaHoly Days. 5 45 am
A "llo O ernn lf %unIdam @cr mnlr. Confamlone 91 30 5 O m Saturdays
t;S oam game ninht fourth Sunday A.LMIP' ON
13v. p ,i he. hervict Ce,-ie .,per w n Pedro MIguel
"taale through Sin(day extend; a cot S udlyz Man; 836 a.Lm
wVetrnrr 0, t p .r'ny'rlt Holy Days: 6:30 a.m.
S* ATh"ANTt SIDE CottlaeSns: Saturday-7:1h, 1 lS pm
'I3ervice and uoundi Scliuui at Marga ime0.11
rIta r Hopila building ever Sunday at ROMry Meanday Wednesdav and Satun
.%: pm with he Ret H T Bernthal ofca tI" 00i Sundy-10 30 L0:30
inharnerCaterhiur ClamewSunday -1030 11:20
"'fil Communion vill a I .eoraled the .mm
(6tn Subdav of every month i JOlPH'
a, he public i* cordial invited lOr JOa l ;Pr
%- fjndmy Man. l 00 m
Unitarian IIol by s :45 .*
U'nitarian Conralona Saturday 3$30. 400 D.m
Roary: Tuesday 700pm
CaitechIsim Cla,.e Sundayv 10-30 1130
a iH am.

ar ,,, tS asoctrri
S10 30 am
JWB Armed
eo'rc Service
Center Library
Balboa Cb
-tour invitalion
to liberal

S Baptist1
Nlljj. mA. Aib>, tL. UNKLHb
ifHtlaL Praye etn ung
l SMrvimcet. 390 anm. DIvivuSer.
V liM a*nd 3 SInvmiB Tho Lords
M M *l both Savce Sunday Schoom
cMya elaptic. La Boca. L -.. UIvumn
ervic 11.6 a m aind 7 U p.m Servinp
Ne Lord'l Sup aft'both Servies Sun.
dav Schobm at l00 Dn.m
New ope. Ch va-Chiva. t .Z.. nJivlmn
Service 11:0 a m' Sundav School ai

Sunday Mamas. 6-00 8.3b ,.m
Holy Days. s00, 8'30 a.m
Cnnfesalons. Saturdev 3 00 :00. 17*M.
8:00 P.m
Before Holy Days I00., 5:00
Ronan ever s venilng. 7:00 pal
Rio Abajo
Sunday Maxes. 6'30 S'-30 mn
Btnedirtlon. 4:00 pm
only Day Massew 5 45 am
C femlonsr Saturday-3I:0. 4: 3 .. -
-rliday ftr MIraculo Medali No.
Miraculous Medal Novena-Friday 1100
Ro nr Monday and Wednesday-7'M

Sunday Mass: 7:00 a ra. Holy Day Mam:
Sacre Heart Devotion: Friday 7:0
Sunday Mae .. ..... ... 7:4 a
Cbnfesaloun Jeturday-t-aO, SOL. IS.
S'00 p.m
Ronrv ever evening except Tuesday at
7-00 om

K:in n.m o.'O SOLUTO el.ATSHED
WouDn E. .. Divine Se vice at 11.. Ptt. 0C OUl) f'AYnCMH
ma and 7a0 D.m with Sunds Schon' Pastor Rev Wm J Finn CM
M& :01 1m sunSunda C School .... ... .. 6 m
e.v & treek. RUSIN= SJervc rThurday nights .. -740 6mo
Connfhinn. hef e Mae
* Boo Ab P Sunoaa eoom ai CW' 1-iROIP fH BOLt r PAILT
in MAIt-arita C!.CZ
CLUL I BAfrln CHUICHI. LR Wititami J Finn C M
Bulloisn dll Bruja Road Hnol Day Mass .. 6-00am
lv.i R G. Van Roym --
naug Uniu. -.6. 6.3 pm New Crhaobmi 41th &GS
Pr:chingevc730 10 Past Rev Vincent Ryan C.
rotheo 7.00 pm Mondays Sunda M a 10,0m
irnei % 'L eanexoav Weetkd. Mas.m 3 o m
Ne % b bru lnm. Mici UsiC2 St .8. aem
~iJUnMuiIU % osIIwI t.'HULNCH Holy Day Maq-as 600* a 06 U1.m
2Iu I Stree Confe onsn. Rrmarv nilhtlyv 7 ,0-pa
(1eitt the Nationa insttuteo Sunday School aflevi the a in aM
Box 1442 Panama City Mraculnin' Medal Novena cte0 -
Ren I e Pri,. Cliuere Pastolr n 5 M 0 & 7 00 m
SERVICEt Ul SPANISH It Sa Devoton even tIt St filer
Sunday, Service sMaw Ark o.Pon
Sunday Schtooi ol10.00 a m Boli a HIchwON y C SPiOtsN M
Preachmr Serv,-S .. im so m Blivar Highway Gtu. n
Wene. .rm... W mi,' Isu nrld r m Pator Rev Franci Lync1h 1.
Weekda.i Mace' Thu *610 aa
Sat 7:0 ai mn
Hot', Dn Moai I 00 a.m
MIraeulnu, Medal Novena ervyle -
Mon 7:15 pm
Im ridav Confession Contrtnunfler
Conreinna Sal 62i a 1100 oDA,
Uialun. Neat Lorkp -
Paistui Re Fitn-i- Lvnch CJ
FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Sunday Maq A m 45 a m
Balboa Heights C eekday' Mae.q Tuea Fri 6:00(a m
62 Ancon kloulevaroa Hnlh Do) Ma" *'00 i a
Drawer "B" Balboa Heligata Miraculom, Meda' Nnvene erW -
Phone Balboa 1727 -- Fr 7 15 pm'
"'our Church away from hone- CnnfireIlon Sal 1:15 a & (N. am
with" -w Ie e-jut ma; ". le. ly."" iqt R'a i evnlo'nt ovenlIti Cat aetr
William H Beeby. P ilar 11lIAMIL tIuC
Sunday school ...... ..- m Hi l 'AMIL LHU.C. a
eptist TrlnWong Union .. 0 pinm .aslui tevr aillam Plain M
"vanaelitlc Service 7.30 Dm Sunday i:m a P a1
Prayer Meeting Wednes. Hnlv Dan Ma n 00 am
daya ...... .... Miracuiou. Medal Nnven eaviec -
W.MS Bible Study Thurs. o min n B7 1 man
daya Bro hod* L .011 a.m Instruction' mm adult' Ft-ib4 an
iet'-Brothserhood : Confecclole Sal 4 n Sl00 &- s e to
Monday in month,.. 7 30 om 800 a
W'I JuJPhr'bi CMURLt
ATLANTIC BAPTIS1 CHURCH Colon. 10In o Broadway
Boiv-ar Ave am l'h Streei ation Rev J Raymono Mnhtle C N
Cristoaml. Canam Zone Assletant Ret Rober Vilrnia C IH
t redL. Jone. Miionry ator ISunda Masse b 45 IM'A e.m
ed Jn. Ma Weekdan Mms m'4 am
IFnay School. o .w...u MDayap* ns Baa m
i .h H ....... .10:45 lt Dn Mane mm' 41,& a M i m
N ristllnts Union ...... 3 uns I o at m
atnaer Worship .... Aer BaDi3Cnmmn Sun 4114a pm
S. ,uFradr g 7m S 30a Ndu ts se amow.
Wenoamay Prayer Service ....7.30 Mcilnu- MHe Nnvens coniWe -
Wed at If 5& ni o m
onveno nt ihR Sared Heart rin 1:15

rulk Ier. IHUUIi .IIUN I 0 r 1 f I. AT 00 DA
'brilltsh Cnferen. -Sundai., Sfhool J.0t pm o
Miumter Wimmmin H Armstinaronj Duitmoini Clob Voina met q Pa-ori
UM dunl Dornirn Provec 4.i' .ermnn Sun 3 0 m
*OU p.ii Sunay Schiool Inrltlinp foia adultsU ain an -w I
At. Men We t lede il the Calintll C.hurch Mn &
jj m Kevwnin Prayei *aiT -erinoi. Thmir* aml 7 I Dm
nUIm IEmloWe CUMLeML I" Bl t Devttoit. even lma San l after
Iflt Sw c"d Mealndr Avenue Mae
CNoron Epa
C44oR ip, 111 V.'ICEnT'S CHUcRi I
age Nrrmn Pratt Manlrlag 911Seile City C.z
928 mm -Merniu Sr Iand Holy- PostundRe Masye odLe54 & ws.
Umwnunion8 ..nd Mana 6a1045 am& IV 0 as
S:15 p.i Evening Service CGuet *0 .,ae..m '.,. : .a .--
-KerChplkin Ralph C. W illm of "ny Sh oo .0& .. M
llis MIlraulou Miae' Novena laratee -
Maamine Sa service. rue ol I p.m

Inr'urllmotem la Illn Rue 5 F
alma is held ech e .no
'MMi a Wark. Monday to Thau--

Milian 0*n cz rutd Nov% a L.'m bI oJl r
,, fm r--am ,*,1 wI, M hm .a .0


no **11;t.- 'ft -pa 5 s

in the Camel Ee, and the terminal
public f Plume, Mertnd a welcome
if thes arma uie, and to civilianem

'e Penam AAi etm 'llts below, by
f woMrsMp ial ethon fltar activities.
ime to te Da". moino inam having
o* lHted 1Nd1 "'ift, Churches And
ncdeued fl tMlvce oft Army psts.

end ckhplefiM ire caked to inform
on at the lefart of eny chanest fel

Jewtsh Wlatara uoara', %:dl i&Vt-A. La
doca Road. Salboa C.Z Rabol Nathar
'nitkin director&
Sertvies on rrtyea i m p,m.
(SMe al Poa lin n and Stawilon ic
Inder Paml1 1a00a and Stalona

.ildo Cuba ad 8Lh Strle. Bells Vista
Pnm Cit. abbI Harry A Merftld
,ryvtr ,m TrfMe n m

Salvation Army
Panama UIt lli 1t dQ reemero
Service mal I *ajn ad 1330 om iMa
*i Wilsoni. Sunday Schoo l i 3 p m
L BoEm s services at 11 am and 7.
oi Sunday SchODI 6t 3:30 p.m
Red Tank Service i 73:0 o m Sunda
School at S.10 D.M'
Servlte et ....... a im & 1.30Di
COlO. Nth -Streel
Sunday School at .. .. 00s i o
ColOn, 3rd Street
Service at ..... I1 m A m 3liI o
Silver City
Service at .......... .. 31, p
Sunday Sch ool t .. a n

rhe Rt RAe LHebei (uoden. Bishor
'he Very Rev aRay tondT Fern' Dea
7:30 a.m Holy Communion
93U am Caihdati School
10.46-Mornlng Prayer and sermon
Firam Sunde l of te month Holy C's
union *nd T 'o.')
7:00 A.--vbing Prayer and Se'.wno

i tA tewu G. N evy
R0 Milton A Cooluon Pasioi
Holy Commuma 7 0 a in
Church School 3:30 a.m
Momna Pryer-Sermon 11:U0 a m
iH.IC ilrt Sunday In the month '
roing Peoole', Va Service 6 3
Wedneaay Ho l U ommunior 8 3i,> o-
Choir Rehearal 7:10 *am.
A House of Prayer for all oeopla

Clburm of IL Adrft
trbe Rev Devid A Sbd
Holy Communionl Iw a.m
Sunday Scio i V:30 a.m.a
Public Worltip 10:46 amn
iH.C. firlt Sueday I thb month I
YounR Prople' Fllowahip 4:00 pm-
Clhoff reh1rl, WeadnEda, evening
4t 6:30 p.m
onomen's AuxllMar' Ind end 4th Tburs
la at7 7J0 p.m.
moue of Pray md Feliowship tfor a

r4 Vim. A, r. Nuihtenddo
.110 0a*%.Every Mty; MomlB Pry-
(B.C. Is. Side.

Rev. Lun h rley Prlet
Holy Coammunlo ......... 190 a
Sunday Schbool ............. 1.00 p.m
Youth Orahltions 5:00 A iSO Dpm
Evening Prayer & Bibble
Ad & 4 Sunday........... I7l pm
Woon'p Auxliar.......- M
bad and 41h Thu toa
at Peter Chbaeb
Rev Lemuel B Shirley Print
6 a m -Holy Communion
7 a.m.-Choral eucharist arlE r fi
10 a.m.-Mortng Prao an Cnurc
S m -Hoal .aptlnm&
Communion Tueday ad a
I a.m., Wedndavmv and Prida ,aa
Girls Friendly 6 and 7 pSlk y
p min rueaday. Vepers, n I ,b I
cept Saturdda Comnpllne T0 JA.

SL Margaret's C .
Mariala r a J
rhe Rev MA
Sundae School S a..r 3 r *.aye
00 ora
Church of The Holy Cefuf
The Ven A F. Ni. tni ilt
Every Mondap 830 a.m. Holy Coe.
Rev D. A Oaborae
6800 a m Holy Communion Ind SudaNWy
9 30 a m Sunday School.
.5.30 pm Evening Prayer' 850 and 8ti
Monday. I- 1:00 p m Youth lmeting
Wednesday 6-30 o m GIrl -' r iad
St James' Church
Rev D A. Osbornem an
Rev C A. Crmgwell

61 PAUL' C .HUS .L
A I Ntigntejaite NUU M.S-L
end rhe Rev Ritz Heginalo AtwaDl
Venerable Archtdeaseo
Oolon. R de P
(Opposite Hotel Wamblngltor
The Rev Malnert J Pelteran. ileeI
Silver City. C Z
Rev'd Arnold C Waldock.

Priest -In-charge.

Si Chriatopher'sa Churrh
a2 IN Patrwue Ilae(
lev. David A. OaevMe. Priet
Holt C'ommuninr 130 a.m
Sunday School. .... 100
BoDle IA to CB d & m th iin-
cvennTim Prayer- M8ie Study DJ
nt and 3rd Bunda
Woman'. Aumlllarm l ad 4 th Bundavs
0 DDm
Holy Communamin WISiswMa. 1 am

. ,

2ir. fl ~
It SWhrfltl 1
u** Tn ** lt4e

and Fre

ttens Offered
S hA asd, Hotels
t W York, whose smart shops,
iy night clubs, varied theater
[te. Imposing museums and
aenic countryside make it a
toca 'for tourists the wurld
is being wrapped into four
cost package tours by Pan
erican World Airways and the
l [ Hotel organization for the
IeL of budget-minded Latin
etrican visitors to the United
international airline and
te'well known hotel'chain are
Wiring tours ranging tromn
three to 14 days at prices start-
at $19 50.
iT e tours include hotel ac-
,Gmmodations, sightseel'g and
entertainment. They may be
Amrra.,K,,a n al noart nf the PAA

m .t-i pastr -- NUicO -IL--
Churcesa o v .de. A A transportation to the United
SOvM. Jamaica So.te' -H i States.
, Rio _AalI. 1 b ,e 'e",1710 Tourists may choose from four
6844 Ja4JNSad sio c
31 Meetings ny
Panama Spansis Cwrcha 4 le
it uon. Patlor: Calle Darldn.

Churches gls, BM BTOAhirLD 4 f
PaAtor lS lde

Written for NEA ServiceP
Crsoal S tal i. ird


Sunday Ncn .............. 14 4 42

Sunday Kcoel Hldl 164 e. *;gg 14 t
Mornms Ws^ 'it; W ......... n WIT"'
MOR 9 In .............. AK2 6A

FORT KOh Q76 9 I
Sunday. *** **..*............10 1 *QJ107 *4542
Mornng' *******.............. 11 Q1072 49854
aMornn sr B.... S. 8OTr (D)
Bible ............... ... I o6KQ984 .
i, Mornlna AJor18p .............. 10.U A J 10
Youh rnin odp ... ............ 4:01 A a
Momlnia Wpot o .............. 46 A KJ
Pratesant .Scb4ooi ... Aorth-South vul.
15th NAVA 1. L w YmS oI1L"
Morning W'!1........... : Sith Wet NHeath Ea
PORT CLAYTO '44 Pass 4 3 Pan
DlIly Masis .......... ....... 1 6 Pass P
Sunday M % ...........:::......::: I0 4 e Pass Pn
U S. HOSPITAL Opening lead-# Q
Sunday fs .o....... ,.......... 1:S
Sunday Ma ................... 10:30 -
D lo y M r ........... 710
Stnd a S .... 8:00 and 3:00 Shed a tear for poor East in
DaU iM.. .. .............. j.. : the hand shown today. He made
Sunday MalMe .. 700. 7:45 nd 11:4 a very natural defensive ,-play,
FroRT CAYro & I and South very treacherously
Burday ... ... .. .......... 4 took advantage of him.
Sm...oo .. r.ORCE. BASE Wedst opened the queen of dia-
SFO .... ..... ....... monds and dummy won with the
Thursday .. ................I 7 king. South obviously had to lose
JWB. aibo.' "" .
Friday ............... ..... T a trump trick, so his tInuttie-
,.p n ed on Iuess843 Vwhldb oppo-1
*An4 V=DE*f llad th 0a Mbrts.
FOHT DAVr B south 4asy*e lppted to
Protestaunt W:rd an Service .... I. be Larceny Lou, who prefers a
Sunday Scnool ................. :00 sure thing to a guess. So he pro-
Morning Service ..........1.... e:00 ceeded to turn the play into a
COCO SOLO NAVAl STATION surething proposition.
SSunday Schoo ........... ..... rt0 O n
Protestan Wa i.nepvic ...... 11:15s' .M the second trick he simply
atmhoet ot1te jack of spades from the
Daily M .................. 4:15 dummy. This simple play had far
Sunday Mas .................... 10:00 rechng effects.
FORT l K s.................tulckly, but not too quick-
h Sundy MSA ................. 8MN ly, played his low spade. He

Sunday NAV STA ..... ........... et of spades as well as the
Naval Hital ............: .. : Mse 4 In whlch case declarer might
SFORT GLICK S rewIs .tet the jack of spades ride for a
Tue-dav .. ......... 7: losi esse.
Tud ... ......... Th w~%.ass a. fairly natural de-
Othe Churches os" play, but it backfired dis-
astrously. When the jack of
_J v spades we the second trick, Lar-
A Mr es ceny Lao led a diamond to dum-
MBASHA I U. NTM y'a ago, tufted a diamond in his
Apartment i Lux building 4th Strt hand, cebed the top clubs, and
Puqp i -nn-o14, 0m 1a m ruffoll-aSflub In dummy
Lhturer' ua mi Cast a oanet Oa Thig series Of plays stripped ,
Suin aMao"- S the diamonds and clubs out of 1
Serve y 10: S0 at m d.caer's hand and the dum-
At JWB Armed Fnres serv e Centesmy. Wow Lou led a second trump,
orm L Bnep Ronad
Eveniln Service at p.m *t pa plce glivt'Iat hjs ace.
of meeting announced at morning er Wbat could East do at this
ViA. pot? If he returned a heart.
uCHURu wOa get a free finesse. If I
05lHU HOed o CH returned anything but a
W Herlna oDilbeck. Cvanlloul druLfIM y w lds ruff While
TeleDhoneE2ICU Lsa2uperded a heart. either
Bible Clans a0oaS l a" .. o:. am way, connrke. declarer had the
Preaching and Communion .. 10 4 a in rest Of the tris.
Preaching and Communion.. 7n01B Ia t as had Stepped up with
MliOe study .... Wednsadm il.b pmas the se of spades at the second
Ladle Biblet Class Thurada 1:45 n.m trick, he uMld have exif.-d safely
.witl a diamond, a club. or his
CAJRCH o0 cM1BUT-Old Crit'atei reqUtaiig trump. Then South
SUNDAYS. weMd lhve had to gues the
We meet n the American Laeon Hal wold h maeae t
t front of the Clubhouse het Msuatimn for himself, and
Morning Worhjb p 10 a*m the wrong guess would have cost
Vhaitor. wilcoeme
Ldle' Bible Sudy at atual himt the slam.
Phone Getur 416 a rt Gullek Si ,_ __,_M_ -_n_ i
CUISUNI I raw1UN. n'c
Cho-Plin WlUliamVaC 882 Yea PiSS
Mknd S hool ...............
Moaina Wartht ........... ..I11 I i& [-. es m" al, Itching
Young Peo eurvie ......... :0S Por awtbrt tryin
gt. ?:T11111 ella de.
Wenn %eWbrl, .............. is "ilPBL .s tE
Prayer geduiB wt .......n7. 0 *W 'es~uaiw k
Chair Praolice. Wednhy at All
IM n-rn and Saturday 3W aJ ra SL7! jtu

-U. N*,-,,,sighal Tke Afhan,,, W-a
S3ih St 'Wm No i
fly B 'ltlcharint Suda t e a u s
TuS-vi Wedmndmuw end timre d ..

7J0 D.m 2
Mean 1Milb Mt ChalMI Checkh
Puat- ir P

Mon nai a..........Sm a m J
el m nias.......... DSa o

S. ......r m l 11...

eg ay M l Se..... B '.* "-' ;

-w X ." .. .'l 4 ..


-- o *1

I ,

r a t

I M. tdR:Mks*it
slgbt3eit g. and m enittd t
,Wg s' t, a $
cover t ree days aid t 4
in New Terk private i4t
bath and rla Io ticket to
die chow and .to the current
die ditL Music iall attracts t
and and ee 0of one of
salthisfv tours featuring
t atbM e Building, RocK-
1fc, 't! F and a boat trip to
HBede'I EiOMd, on which ,thl
Mtue of Liberty Is located,
S n addltlon1, tickets are pro-
vided fora Broadway play #
mum alI comedy, and tourists aM
taken to the Lktin Quarter, one
of the city's leading night clubs,
for dinner, dancing and a floor
A seven-day, six-nikht tour-
for $41.60.-includes all these
aentdtainment pleasures, plus a
3s4hmaeeing tour of either Chi-
inBtOwwn or the residential sec-
t tio o New York.
ft also offers tourists the
choice of a yacht trip around
Mathattan, a guided tour of
Rockefeller Center, or a trip up
the Huidson River to Bear Moun-
tain, Vopular weekend resort,
and West Point. where the .U.
8. MUltary Academy is situated,
Prospective vacatlonists may
obtain further information a-
biout the tours from travel
agents, Pan American ticket bf-
fices or PAA affiliates.

Agi Agahi Lays

Mle "On Ams

T*As To Soviet

May 24 (UdISi. Brazil's chief
delegate in the United Nittons,
Joao Carlos Mufllz, once more
condemned the Soviet Union for
impeding progress in T1. disar-
mamefit talks yesterday. '
The Brazilian took the Soviets
to, task as the UN diatr-
consider its first report to the
General Assembly. Dr. Mufiiz
called lit "a progress report
which shows no progress at 1.11
He said only the Soviet Union 10
reMp0O6ible for the atalemate.
Laiweek, Dr. MhWz b tid m
ati 4he oAviets
ih e t-aft twO -oWaiLtt
deti;, to consider either
prfinltk of disarmament A
vai by the UN Assembly t.
tbiMf made by the UniVtd

At yesterday's meeting, .So-
vlMq d4lqte Jacob Malik an-
roeced f*e will vote against the
pmOP report although It
does naot recommend any partl-
cimtr plan. He said he opposes
the 'eprt because It does noti
comtalabthe measures proposed
by Its entry.
Dn5.Mh6k noted'that the So-
vtea hirt refused to explain
their.UM .plan of armaments.
which ret*o vaguely to "Inspec-
tion onR I dstiaulng basis." He
expreasst *W that the Soviet
Union ft MblrItted to any form
of ineeti b"l. IInspection of
armaeMft *
Ares WAthe ro-

1stn WtA o et.

uQ at IBumegiiVBa

.knder. n. ti .

* 't
r ~ tfrt

r Or


*A tUiugth *Sa4i .r

r1 Aa A A -I-
S .. .... ........ .. ....,..;

PAft mulO SVtCR h, neMt' ut lunilSh*I'lt,
- L]urf ................. ........ o..,.....-......n ., .- B
PA U t S*U t.t f tAt-tAfl 4 t W e l. 4 "''
o NOhm sa. .. caseo.At nf.n...

P ,u. .. ... ..... ..



* "


MV: -"REWNA DtfAkflO" ( 1000 n"W)v.iAt

to u tItb KINOCo b T1

Mv. M YK ............... ... ...
V. H ART ...........
M .. W ... ,..h... '.. ..... .. ..... t '
.V. "LOCO AVO y. .......... ,.
AU eaiU~r-ft ^ ns0.04 ,ftie wo

7USD Aims

.a t-'

S- t

. ..w. .. .

m**,i* -'-'c..aa

n -, .., ^ .' .. ,
r .~ -. .

**A,1' ?-' .*'" '- f + -t :*i f-
^ -i .., ..-*^ r. a ,-
A*jj t *'7 -t^<^'

f t:, .
I.4- s ..,.. a,

a- : .. .

4 --..
,L' 4..25-&


-: .







*. L ."^

.. ...:


l% i;

id sma

- SAID t
MI ~E3.

.w n. .. e

W-d i

o b_

AN a

*UlL 8

l, I

hot" u tt haa reduce
Soa eta barrier by $5,
A in oae aida, by aa much
eI r anm. The negotlatfona
one. btne, 91 per cent of
parta i Iot country fmaed
"toma it 1at all in arm-
ptuitwm currently reported
eli-time Ih leveL NOW-

a -,rfrm te crx-of the l1


Z .el, eland, Ohio,
In 19 had per lawyer Jr
of ruler for her hqb"
a add ve iby rece
Sthe rule didn't age a
flage sad divorwe the
dg elalas broke them
1a t of course,
i tr by a "t of TuawtuW


Bas -u

bteiS thee aSit
eln ASCftUa J Ca
forc drasUtle aM
West rn NSarpiM-.

on the Meose fli

la ut pI .evU ai l


6 of sab lhleM CO I
B U pet Su np 1- V
e eeOp. stop
SAwrisa, where
kh rountxgea
a (4 ,O~~.elo goklo-
a about the same ma
id yr'm harvest.
m in .rilea, Autr-
Wi aind in eat- *-
.Oa,oee -oft V


niu dAgn any agrene-
Sait the tMIn-
t, o e cStt .m ,
',tMmxx Umulst be
duse do It
)jf With a oeati

rn axm

-s,. r ...- '

I am !wonetflly esaw

says Mr. A. N. SMo, .man f Aoqhu Sas, OC. Ltd..

"Using no other adverteng,.medium, I sold

my entire first shipment of CHAMPALE J

than fen days through spot advertising>"



"I a absolutely sold on the selling po*0

O G .'"A

Thanks again, fellows."

can do the same for you!

~wion HOG's -seven ywrs service to the English

pcin conununity mkes it a powerful salesman in Panm

by consulting cr& Ca Pamkc 236

.. '-.
nteed boo- -y. r. -sa '..
i. "--*..



.s *r
~ ~ .s: a

r'i ". '

am v
Le Tufil

i. I

W4 0 i Wsftr" lm





:.;..-. ,'


--0 -

Dodgers, Indians, Giants Memorial Day

Win; Maglie Cops Eighth Track Meet Notes
NEW YORK. Mav 24 (UP).-All of yesterday's Major League Many a crown will topple
action was after dark. The Dodgers wot their seventh in a row om the heads of defending
wffh a 5-1 victory over the Phillies at Philadelphia, the Giants champions of the Canal Zone
topped the Braves 5-3 at the Polo Grounds, the Pirates their Track and Fleld Championships
eight game losing streak by winning a 13-Inning victory 6-5 Extending the leap year
fraq the Cubs at Pittsburgh and the Reds nosed out the Car- courtesy to women, we throw
dpals 2-1 at Cincinnati in National League games. the spotlight on Esther Stewart.
: .In the only two American League contests, the Tigers down- last year's winner of the 50
ed.the White Sox 9-2 at Chicago and the Indians defeated the meters and 75 meters dashes for
Brwns 6-3 at St. Louis. !Class "A" girls. Miss Stewart is
about ready to abdicate grace-
RQV Campanrlla blasted two uon drove In five runs while Don fully or be dethroned by twol
homers, one with the bases load- Kolloway. who batted in three, powerful Invaders, Charlotte'
ed'. to account fri, ni five Dodger ruins. and Gerry Prlddy. with a Gooden and Dolores Worrell.
runs and give pitcher Ben Wade single, double, two walks and The giant POlip Malcolm'sl
a etushJon for his third victory, four runs scored, added to the fate is hanging In the balance
of ihr year a ail-t one loss. 14-hit attack. in the Knights of Columbus Cen-
Campanella shmmpn his first Bob Lemon saved Mike Gar- turyIn 1951 Malcol. m won byb
rnmdtripuer in the second In- clay's sixth victory In a reliefct'ury" in 1i Malcorm won by
nirng. In the third. Oil Hodges role. Garcia pitched a two-hit-inches over Oliver waby n
singled andt Bobby Morgan and, ter until the eighth when heiJl0.8 seconds but the 1952 wheel
Jariaie Robinson walked to pre- vielded two runs on a single by' of fortune seems bent on spin-
rede the second Campanella' Tom Wright. Earl Rapp's double'ning In a new titleholder. Willy
blant. The Dndeer' ent only six and an Infield out and three it be the consistent Oliver
hitch aeairnt raine onr the Phillies. straight waiks. Lemon came In Swaby, the stretch-burning Al-
h'be Giants made all their runs' and retired the side. Al Rosen fredo Grenlon, the vastly im-b
of'AIMatt Surkont in the fourth homered and Larry Doby tripled proved Alfredo Richards, th e
intrtIg which was climaxed by and doubled for the Indians. unpredictable Marco Wilson, or1
* ALWti Dark's two-run homer. Ma- 1 the mysterious Seymour Lashley
glie pitched a five-hitter until A "rLA who seems fully recovered from
the ninth when the Braves got AlOng IThe roirways a painful .knee injury and is
tle straight hits, including a staging a comeback after a six-
two-run homer by Ebba St. year lay-offt Take your pick.
TRl cellar dwelling Pirates sur- JUVENIA ,CLUB HANDICAP Oliver 8wAby switches from
p~ged the league by defeating CHAMPIONSHIP the offensive in the 100 to the
the Cubs. Gus Bell and Jacki defensive In the 200 Meters
Merson hit successive doubles tol The early Summit Hills Golf Agencia McBrnette Classic,
w he game. Reliever Ted Club andicap championship wen, as re n monarch in
WA,. who held the Cubs score- sponsored by Mercurio Jewelry, the furiou t i e will he call-
l1Igor the final five frames was distrlbuto s of the Juvenia ed upon to che the determin-
ictor watch, gets underway today and ed-assauft Of.. Alfredo'Richards,
yKen Raffensberger allow- tomorrow With the brawn of the whosade'month at
ed only five hits and teamed men pitted against the beauty of o hedeO hyp .la t mon, h at
with homers by Wally Post and the womh.' ntenn A, diim, Alfredo
McMillan off loser Harry The big change In this year's W1enn-..Ph Malcolm, Marco
Brecheen to down the Cardinals, handicap will be the allowing of Wila6n, estr Sobers, Sidney
In the American League, the 7/8 difference in handicap in- Dryden, Pdry 'orde, Valentine
wtges' lefty Ted Gray won his stead.of the 3/4 handicaps of DeSous ric Ferguson, and
game, by striking out seven and last year, The difference in Oscar Jones,
allowing seven hits. Johnny Li- handicap will give the high Two .
-handicae ds. mucih -ptor neaas may roil to theN
chsane of winning one or all an ment ch flRodma, n Nn ez i-
ti, the-ftve beautiful Juvenia watch- a d Matco Clion, co-cham- C
es that are offered as prizes. pion$ Who puff"e44o a 51.1 dead- P
AMA AMERICAN t year all five prizeswent heat last year, 'fate the deadly
to golfers with handicaps of se- attack of Rldolph Robinson,
ven or less. This year the medal- Coech Parchment'sa Interschol-
s 1ist prize will go to the low gross astic champion, anl lanky Std--
qualifier while the prizes for the ney Dryden, Coach Jose French's
i U A I match winners will be strictly claimant from the Home base of
,vimlaV .e with 7/8 handicaps. the Dredging. Divison fleet.
Prizes will be glven 'for the Jennings : Backett, whose e
.. ,'1 winner and runnerup and the brilliant track cateet has aim-
*...,m w ner and runnerup of the 'con- mered down 'to conpetitlon 1n
soiation flight composed of all the broad jump, is confident
losers of their first round 'of retaining his crown in the
matches. kan aroo event. Oscar Wallace.
if # woman golfers magaG God Coast broad 'jumping
to wlnene of the abovementloio- champion, ha p1~edicted a Dota-

t ?FILL YOUR N0EDS ed i1 fdr *-
Saglas o MacArthurlit br the
U IteFit wOURh w N-ED?06 yetea'n lackett.
Fill VOUR N .to -h'e woman !tr -both of these lads, may. 'lad
I- 'AY when. they match s eleap@S
mer. 8Wi Soboe,+ Calvin Hail, Prea,
T r. el, I ImiS, H actor Sinclair,
Joorris and a few daredevil new-




1 30 3:34 5:20 7:10 -9:5 p.m..
Out of the wrath and fury of the seven
r(as comes the story of the most fabulous,
Pirate Queen ..I
Jean Louis Debra

Gloria de Haven Eddie Bracken
In -

IM ) I u


1:0. 2:5M. 4!M5. :M 9:10 B..

Margaret Lelhton
In .




Four men and a woman
Also: The tricksl... Trialsl.. and flxm of the
anartest underworld lawyer I...


Leo Gorcey and
The Bowery Boys, In
Also: -
Phillip Grant Wanda.
Hendrix, in

* Clair Godby in the shot put
and Seabert Bockles in the pole
Vault are the only monarchs in
the other field events who will
sally forth In defense of thler
domain. A young sailor by the
name of Chris Fluellen has
serious designs on Clair Godby's
title. Beckles' one year reign
may succumb to the invasion of
Manning of Cristobal.
popular George "?Olddy" Wil-
Iams is listed among the com-
qpetitors in the Memorial Day
MKarathon. Giddy is billed as the
pandara bearer of Hotel Panas.
pa where he is employed.....
5i athletes are now entered in
ithe marathon.... 50 girts will
compete in the meet.... Includ-
lig the cyclist, a total of 305
athletes have been enrolled In
Luhe gigantic meet.... Last year,
La Boca had its Pinky Corbta,
who finished the marathon uh-
der the lights. This year the
sports loving town is boosting
Charlie Smart, for the seven-
mile trek... Including the heats
and cylcing events the meet
has 82 events.


A 22 caliber pistol match wM
be held at Far Fan Range, IS
a.m. tomorrow. The entry fee
will be 50.50 and the couese
will be twice over Camp Perry,
all 25 yards. Merchandise
awards will be based on the
Lewis system. ,Ist. 6th, and
llth places. Ist place may
choose a medal.

Clark Gable Maria
Elena Marquis. in
"AeroM the Wide Missmi"
(In Technlcolor -- Also:
Stewart Granger
Pier Angell, In

Go"W iaLP.oi
.- Alo: 1

'~ ~~IAd'i

Ron cd t Promotion

To Cla. rlington 9

BRISTOL, Vs. iTen.., May.l that Necclal has been optioned
(UP) -- Ron Nec0aal sd te t the Burlington-Graham club
hottest pltctg i will be on 24-hour recall by
Pittsburgh PiratjNe h ,ew Orleans Pelicans of the
sent to the cla&* Babn s'_- AA Southern Association.
N.C., farm cl yeltiertay % i"eccial Is the greatest pros-
Pirate Vicet-rwident tof the year and perhaps one
Rickey, Jr., sIl may be W~1~~ e greatest rookies Pittsburgh
the Bucs by Autgs. Wr own.?d," Ricky said. 'We
A week ago Rocket Ron, U
year-old beanpole righthaih plan to give him every opportun-
from Monoagahela, Pa., Ity to develop his ability and con.
the first pitcher In orgflbT rndence as we bring him along.
baseball to fan 27 batters in Wt feel that a gradual climb will
game.. He did it against be better for him than an imme-
Welch, W. V., miners in a OIMI Rte shoot into thle Majors. al-
D Appalachian League game. '* though he is definitely Major
Rickey announced yesteWS' Lague material."

t weu wue
w Md the

I a
(gUkr t.-

American League

Teams- Won
Cleveland .. 22
Washington .. 18
Sonton .. 18
Ne York .. 16
St. Louis 17
Chicago .. 14
Uadelphia I
Detroit 8

Lost I
12 .
13 .
18 .
18 .
16 .
12 .:

Philadelphia at Washington
New York at Boston.
Cleveland at St. Louis.
No other game scheduled.


Chicago ............... 2

S (nit Gtmee)
Cleveland ................ 6
t. Louis ................ 33
No other games scheduled.

Playground Sports
W iThe following girls received a
The following girls received a gold bill and a Certificate. They
certificate and a gold C for won the Znteracbolastic Softball
having earned the highest num- Championship.
ber of points, through partici- "A"
pating in all the after school' 1. Jackie Boyle.
sports, being members of win- 2. Joanae echia.
ning teams and officiating. 3. Nac# EKariger.
games., : Iradler.
1. Jeannlne Nix. 6. Mannigan.
2. Nellie Holgerson. 7. ig.
3. Mary Ann Hannigan. 8, DorsahWe
4. Joanne Reccla. a Ramey.
5. Joan Holgerson. 10 jeet McKeown.
6. Jackie Boyle. 11. Margaret Ridge.
7. Leneve Dough. 12. Arletqe Lim.
Nancy Kariger. Manager: Joan Holgerson.

9. joanne rarsons.
10. Arlene Lim.
The following girls received a
Certificate and a gold C for
having earned the highest num-
ber Of points, through participat-
ing In all the after school sports,
being members of winning teastn
and officiating games.

1. Ann Thomas.
2. Marie Fraser.
3. Mercedes Peterson.
4. Dianne Scheidegg.
5. Gine;L WameL
4. Carol Newhard.
7. Aurora Lim.
8. Helene Be Boyrle.
9. Mildred. Ma Lquard.
10. Mary rnandes.

Theme lgrlr received a silver
softball and a Certificate. They
won the Interscholastic B-League
Softball Championship.
1"B1 .
1. AnB Thomas.
2. MUldred Marquard.
3. Los Schbeidegg.
4. Alice Hannlgan.
5. anne Scheidegg.
6. Elsa Pernandez.
7. Nidia Oliver.
8. Betty Smith.
9. Le Edmoason.
11. Jwlkfta Iewis.
12. ChrOl Newhard.

L *** ?

B[ w ..__ .-

a lty to

I or.

b S, Joe DMagujm
Ie" bn a bat on dugout stem
and-Aftres out into an emp'
Yankee Stadium. The WorM'
Chawpio'' outfield has looker
as &uaI empty since he re-
tired to enter television. (NEA)

Certifeate and a megaphone.
1. Levene Dough.
2. lhrftr4a Peterson.
3. Na6Ty Ramsey.
4. NMMCV Rhriger.
5. J3acte Boyle.
6. Joanne 'eccfla.
The following gtils received a
Certificate for saetlce.
1. Karen Streop.
2. Barbata Wbkey.

idr the
onor the ts m A
Uim & .tough t
summitlup the pr tt bM
the eoniL M
sible for o We I a dgy

BOSTO u.( -p4"
Boaton's Mafiet o0M To.
Squadron haw iwtkM
wing five h woiitttle
flew with t. r omi tm ft Rns
and did not etut .AOt ether
things the nu hmNs Upa trust
fund to iy v ~b' O le educt-
tons for youngsters, all of
whom are under three yearn ol,.(.. ..

It's Mwom TONIGHT tPanama eang .tr w

-_,*i i i .. .. .

I i ... .

---A -

S. The foowiag gisb received a



L I.w. j ..
k __< J- aLk ^

L 4:35- 6 :40 A
Vk w+--'A

.t .


;. <
.,; '


Efjin E: Made To S6fe

Bas*%fj-1. blems-Frick I
-- ;_.i ; I -

National League

Teams- Won Lost 1%
Brooklyn 22 7 .70
New York 2. 22 8 .Tt
Chicago 17 15 .l
Cincinnati ... 16 15 .5K
Philadelpha 14 16 .4
It. Louis 1 18 .4
loston 12 17 .4J4
'ittsbufgh 6 28 .170
St. Louis at Cincinnati.
Chicago at Piturgh.
Brook yn a Pht adelphia (M).
Boston at New YOrk.

(Night Game)
St. Louis ................ 1
Cincina1ti .2.....,...... 2
(Nigt Game)
Pittsburgh ............. 6
(Night Game)
Brooklyn ........... 5
Philadelphia ............ I
(Night Game)
Boston .................. 3
New Yorc ................B

~.. .~'t
"14 ~. ~t.

,, .


1k:: __
A ....
.- ~ .4. ,r -'



., ..,.... .
M~~tto ,,ttx :nw~l~..v..v. ,t



L( A


jai bisaL& 1 .
* / ^ ...'.^ ^-^X -Sl-. IStfl


a.. wars SWi

1: : "

*. ; .,"-. *n"'
*r A.

S -.


, 4. ....
fly, e -'

"*.'- <,.




I lost N. ythn
teat emaon


N l *****? 4,

S. O p t M

I ..

a##;y i 4M 4. ,WO". .

Sol.'.'.'.. 4 16. ..
...*.... 1 5 7 ... .,..
e nt gauded 1211 ... .. 4 2 11 -
1 W t o. The eo- 2 2
Am C toe third d 7 0o 4 8
41 ad la tt qu0 r. *. g 1 8 i .. ..

+,,: '<^t ,.u *cmm, m, e to uojj __hod T 7
Si, tr. ranto, .t- ... ,,.
Sng t O A (44)............
S b.Mroket, ,pTT. ....o ....
d,, ,hird ..2.... ., .
o ., eus s ?w Scott and a, -... S 1 11 .... S.
_sV.jWJt Weat out by the f. It... ." 1 5 -.'
o V t4 esl.y 01aded .4 ;4 1ae .. .... 7 2 16
U .umm, who held hm t N O-

... .6 t wth 10, 9. 1.1 0 06 .'
S. mnBch \cored t \ask.
IN9f V I

a e ...54,

."A t *- ,

' -* 3* .^t ^ 'W:* 3W 'WW WU. W WEEU
""+ ~ "i "I ++T.." :+:-; -
*-. .+-" .. *** ^ *'- **;*..-- .. ". ,
4 .-t *- ,"'1.* -1

-. -,-*+ E'e r.- ;q-,+.. r r em -
.. ,'" ,. ^. ^ -.., 4' Ut 3 ;
41 ,l *. p i'4 .. -.. .,. ,
2.44 1" '' ....K '- .+:, ..

k..t- ...4 -~ K .* a ..
.. L A, 4.... -. 4 ,
;b. .trJ-5S +-.# ..~!- .. +m~ l ':& -
il .. ., + t .,. .. '. r -.+ .. ..
.., ,.4,3 A- --...a, .. ,,o + ,' ,
," ,,
L-4f PT'.-. tt31,

a- S 3

f ..g -' :. ;

a T/
4' 34 3" 't

tb in



a '*r f

WS cam

7 -
"v. .-.."*

I t;


/" ,

I -



1" S, *

-'" ". r ': '

.".. '. :

An easy way to

I ask for the best

v3 :

e.., .. ...k .-
Thm W m, ,,-. a.o f, ,.* .-t .a

of bm" wmbk MM*6 d.

adr Bs Scotb
'. r :. ...- -.. if -, *. -


' A
- S *

-.- A-


t ,1?

V&W- im- a
'U"' u I'
'ra. .
lUbk6 -At j*

m -: 'f.i *

,r --,.r -., .. -. -
t -. -, .. ,** -. & L *3'


,( '- -'". .' .-",T:^ "J.:.-t ;.m. .
^ "^f f r l" '^ ",. '-t' -S^ .;/,,;*1. ; ,;
,i"m 1' ": '.' + :. '"* i -* "' "B18 .'**
, ,t ~ ~ u f Z 'i-

. r ,

M ds/

. 4+-:-


Soviets List ,AM

latin Ameican

Red Spearheads(o

LONDON, May 24-The Soviet "Let thr people kew ik I" 4W 4 1 06
vrnment newspaper l"zves- A-
today published a list of TWKNT'-SZE VNTH TEAR P., y h
e of Latin America's "lead- *1e
g Personalities and public fig-
ures" taking part in the rena- L
S ratory work for the organiza- :h ,
peace conference In deiping.C.Om m un s S0W f
Quoting a New China"news faeu" -
agencv dispatch from Peiping.
Svestia said committees in 20 o d .k
that they will send representa- Kt M=
tlves to the conference. 'At n 9Md Aft| n
The countries mentioned in- J .LM 2view.4
elude Nicaragua. Colombia, Chi- KOJE ISLAND, Ms 24 UP)
le, Mexico and El Salvador. -Rebellious omm unit prison-
ers of war have begun knukling
1t said the Mexican prepara- under to Brig. Gen. Haydon L.
.It sold the Mexican prepara- Boatner, tough new comman-
4ory committee includes Diego dant of the oje Island prison MS
Rivera. painter. Dr. Eulalla camps. ro sa ro
Guzman: Cossio Villegas, scien- camTheReds today hauled down tue review p
tist: Gen. Heriberbo Jara, and their taunting flags and pro-
S' ~Panco Careno, "representative paganda banners in violence-
of the Supreme Court." ridden compound 76 and eight
In Chile it said preparatory other compounds, and a spokes- t-ogh f
works were In the hands of Jo- man for the prisoners assured t .fW
se Ventorell. Boatner that the captives were to
now "willing to obey orders."Col
In Guatemala the preparatory Several other compounds still apv wammandind offl
committee includes writers MI- flew the forbidden banners, but
.guel Angel Asturias and Luis they too were expected to fall depart Monday for
Oardosa, and former President into line. ent ,ith beadquar
Wf the National Assembly Ro- Port MUete
becto Alvarado Fuentes. The Communist backdown h 6 wHn t
came as Army Secretary 6."
w H ze FPrank Pace Jr. announced In
General Howze Washington that Bo te
two predecessors am K a Ju' U24W ll& gbIta
Mmhcommanda nt ad been ... d t ,
Leaving Monday -bmeka from brlpier general
to colonel for their handling
Brig Gen. R. L. Howze. Chief de mutinousd prtsone Brig
of Sta of Caribbean Command, Gena. rancis T. Dodd and k *'W.f_ W I0 .
VtHI leave the Isthmus Monday Charles F. .Colson, former Koje Itloored ]avis.
I r6o the USNS "Gibbins" for commanders, were reduced one f i eata.
4b United States. He has been grade ba rank for their handling e'1
assigned by the United States of the bloody riot by rebellious
A tn tto become Assistant Com- Communist prisoners., e ,
nt o7f the Army's Armor- He also advised chairman w ON o- -
ebool located at Fort Knox, Richard B. Russell (D-Ga.) of b1 tuT imnUR Or 0 .-* & It r 'bor 4 te h
: Pntcky the Sengte Armed Services uom- tCOe t l e ain-AMPla t e !: hV'I..00t
mfttee that Brig. en. hurl r. the R .at ltta, cTedsl .'onak de t
-Nowe arrived ini-Pan amac Imptted a ar hi onk det. p| We toaul ^S.IL4*I*4fI!
Pe 2o ,u arrived Panama Yot will be reprimanded. taartPreven oat ands .*ter 'zto?4. X' h-
Zander. Pacific Sector, United second logistics comm at ea Pentagone dticias have ftn- ly An dltad te n forcbly aeun- sAs l rep to r44~.t 4.ate
States Army Caribben; and be- Pusan, Korea. which included Ished studying It probably lpUt. anmaW. a ti 1- bwi at4 overlookwte o
Chief of Staff of Carib- the Koje Island 'prison camp. sometimee next week." 0ia. ,8o com9a6peI w eee 4 i .the .tat
SCoMnrand Feb. 26, 1951. Other Kolje developments in- ord aB S the comnttee sill tee, wVMh bI ne-Iar. no o VM1111h1
before his Coming 4o cluhded: r tondeterml ine its fouthr Ifg the o 1 .pg M*oalt dany It.
R elghts, served as 1) Koje ,Island headquarters i qury, whether htirt hltrr- tlDodd did -1 e fte prisoNOps.'. 'i
i Chief of l aff', Lited belatedl disclosed that fopr the Army chain of ao mrdMenitr aquhW 't at general" ., 'twithV" ;
te Army Caribbean. South Korean guards and 11 w"oe 1e!IIniblLe fhi hOd. 1 *# I A ,
Communist prisoners died 'Ap il at the ac p Pacd u0-km efa S'
S Th General will be succeeded 10 in a riot In Koje compound Sen. Wayne L. Morse (.-Ore.)ufa"of- lthue Un l
SCapt. A. P. Calvert, United said the three generals deird d abrd "hil'thittkf qe .ld 'ame in ta A
tes Navy, Acting Chief of One United States officer, asix what they got. -t6 d2WVM- 4r l .titee Vie
ff, who has served as Deputy South Korean soldiers and 57 S n. Lester 0. Hunt (D-Wyo.) U, I. l
Chief Staff, Caribbean Corn- prisoners were. wounded. a member of the Senate Corn- dw i's b1at hae a he wakee ap' to the Leuit
i Men d, since July 21, 1951. This brought the known nit;tee which lI Sh vtigtting easu ie d Ded proba del lk w w'the dbea-
dead in prison camp riots so 107, the riots, said he thought Dodd would have been kmed.
including one United Btates sol- was the "only gu t. l 'sd t
_4_ ... .dier. that Colson shot. hbvi But-' P oe lpdthat' C Army Secretary sai-da.ld
An Army spokesman said it been busted. In obtal .tedd's rel .' atedWtriblthd t a slt ua-
S "was possible that there had been Reps. George H. atgid '( D- without bloc.c "mde s-a deA thgh e rid lsnered his a' t eofO N
other deaths among the prison- Tex.) anti Lansdale 0. Sma1 r meuts in writhI to prisoners pt olon In an "ex- gh Comeadu
era which had not been recorded (D-Md.) approved the Alty's war which pAl ipled diatortiei ditfcult position" and
from inside the compounds. Rep. A. L M ;ler) proper handllaW *.prisonersndd-vilds propagan- R the Mfozzua Mosdu
2) Two companies from the questioned whether b" d the part .oat U. X. authority they could use to wiike. Catherim
British Commonwealth DWI1- Colson "didat ha which, In fact, d*l 'not ealHt." the. Korean trace Eit io 1, ghter.
sion, one company of the from the Pentagem to *i_ a e "t. ba s.b.,
and one of the R1yal the two men be loved when Coleon made "er ande" his disclosures in
g Canadian Regiment, anivei and made to te l haln reports" to him during which bad been re-
Us S L 6 on Koje to reinforce the U a the truth about wat h negotiations with the prlsonern, .-the Senate commit-*
paratroop regiment and ldam opened t
United States and Soluh So- Dodd. while comimuft of c~ 1' id othp mew-
wean units now guareda g im Koje Island, was ae1usd e W eg s l Sh theI t W,,o :45L,
:prison eompouuds. prisoners May 7, .I n h Pac esClons with the beisbut madeby 0' 5fu .12p
The Red prisoners began kaul- called a "premeditate l Colion's a re aM were i Ag1 rese a s a 4:51 pm .... :12 p.m
Iing down their flags 'after a Colson. who succeeded ~3610 a" M t 1 ." tin aid a '
mneetjng between Boatner and as commander, obtained lbeftiP evaluation of thEs asit b gi Ofr. a".in the
North Korean POW leader Col. release three days Miit by hite heaqwruu(x t) -
... .Lee Hak Koo in Boatner's head- granting the prlsonm a ce .id. Mmo. --the comcessiois
quarters. cessions" which impled tdhgthne For this reason Tount ap- Coma
The meeting was at lees re- United Nations had bee'at- palnlatlasblte weprt1m de as
quest. He later wrote Boat- ing Communist prisonerambmagp- Colmon was hel _Wholly res ras wae.
ner that the prisoners are Cbleo 10' thel f holetter tgw
now willing to obey orders. Bible for s h ich letter m r e ta "lw
Pace said the punitive action f als Red prisoners which "ocf t I N e that "law-
spagainst Dodd, Colson and Yount 'ofae implications of U. N, praor d re So
m W. Clark, who succeeded Gen. 1Pae said Coleon did not id- m nls ar
Matthew B. Rldgway as Par F'. Is" Yaunt of the content s of iBrid ipersa1
Eastern commander, and sec- t last letter.
onded by himself and Gin. J. tsod i Pan e sat d Yonte did of Cal- osands.
Lawton Collins, Army chief of Fi an ermediate draft of Cdl- ..U he cms.
iami. Houston o The Army secretary said he Army. Navy and Air Force din-
and CoUiln, as well ms the ster control officials agreed fa-
New Orleans. Only whole Army, were "deeply terday that the recent .~flprs
Shocked" by the mntire lacil tion "*Jackpot" showed Sudi,-
do "ent. nngly few problems that h .
Pace said the diciplinary o m- been forese.n when tM'pIolUG 1.r

Sen. Harry F. Byrd (D-Va.) Whitlock and Rear Adin. A. K.
announced after a two and one Bledsce presiding, that ree

half hour session with Pace andI "means for successful relief ip-
Io whenever you Collins that the Armed Bervkies, rations are well establish 4b4
t,, wisth... Only PAA group will continue its .lBusetl. tUshe Ud-S eni be-
il viceto nation of the Koj aiotudtion. The a Iogti i'
U d*,m t ~ ~ "We're going rther into it of tm -problwas wee I
3 Nslimo. with lauri. by getting the complete Clark brieth Wfsi tain re efu
report." Byrd aid. S Vlhe -ta provide ps f
r q SHe added that the committee worker s ftamflar Wlthsthe a-
i o. ~d'p -there. hopes to get the Seport as soop rea of 'the a MUerti aiuaw
S- Bat contwl parti twideoa ie numd a
.nr failure in ase edisrIntim Wudo-

unteer first aidw e w

Sdeed worthy

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."wed JAL

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