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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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Ali&r aor p** *
'CAULI AerP* *P a .*AmA
".. pt6 1 II <17 CaNywPa AveNi *twe n%'ha a*B 1S.tT STIrtT11
e et Keo fpmgoneer Im e 101IsuA fowfltb INC
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lt OCA v AILl
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,; Tm Mitel ea is e op.en Srum to,1 '@esit Tnheo 4 Alvo."-
. Letters are received gretelull e onere handled i we4) w *n-
taee menue.,
i fryo eaereblte a Htere den't be mpesie Mtt II 'deeS pp *w the
dy Letern are published en etle eder mved.-,
Ple a try to. keep the Nten Nmitud e eMt oA # u lith.
ln I eSt tof iertt writers held min itrnctet cgi,.vnct.
Thime ne .a-l.ueml eslGudm no IrespoMibil fee etl leeM d s. .l*.OM
su.oeeUeo in IeL.n trib reders.


Local rate employes are always complaining about discri-
M nation in the uanail oLone. iLet me ted you that tney nave
10O mona-r., on taiL. i Jsten to this:
nois is ascrlimmltion kka4nat L. S. citizens in the Canal
S one.
ror the purpose of this letter I shall call the Panama Ca-
3 al ernploats ,U,'LU,.hLtu ana Ime enmpiobes of oiner u. o. Gov-
.....iti t. -, -... 6 n,.uituna>es."
A ULL.,A.. .y o0.1 .eoi, aL the commissaries; unfortunates
4o noc enuy ..AoA privilege.
orLUIAhLes ao not niae to mhke a deposit to-get medical
attention at tLle Lom~as hospiai: ti..u.,inaies are required to
s hI-e a oepobn. somieianes iar in excess of services needed.
A..e uIuuiiaLe is nAIJie to (uit,L nAis jou unu taKe tne next
flai.e oa u t..e Linaiii .une. ver bii.plle, isn't it?
A. 'jhe foitunmatts pilority over mne uniortunates whien it
imnes to sccurinR transporLatlon ontne Panama (anal boats.
ast try to Ret IaausAoLation aunng the summer months and
ee how far \ou can Rce. *
'ne foi tunates have never lost the differential. Unfortun-
i tea naven L eiher, but tnev hhve gone without It for months
St a time.
I I uncersand there is a law protecting the fortunates; there
it no law protE~.. e the uLitortunates.
Fortunates oo not nave to pay cash on the line for auto-
imbile repairs. ui.o ..aJiaWes nave to, or else.
t ortunates enjoy longer -vacations and get paid for sick
Ave, whether they use it or not. It Is the other way around
*zth the unfortunates.
1 Now, this is tne No. 1 discrimination. Fortunates pay $50 00
iegle tuition: uniortunates have to pay $600.00. Why? Aren't
all U. 8. citizens ana tax payers. Whatever the reasons are,
"v should apply to everybody.
I could mention a few more discrimination, but it would
,' too much space In your column.
S The aforeRoinm discrimination would not be tolerated in
the United States Anv are thev tolerated here? is that it,
S]p.inonv with our democratic form of government?

Nearly 175 years ago on July 28,. 1775, the Continental Con-
of the American colonies named Benjamin Franklin as
first Postmaster General and instructed him to organize the
Sn the words of Clyde Kelly (U.S. Postal Pollcyj: "Almost
H'ya" before the adoption of the Declaration of Independence,
Friends of the nov.' nation brought forth an Institution de-
Urated to the oropusition that postal service should be built
k k the rock of public service."
From that day forward the goal of the postal system was
l' ml ined to be public service rather than a source of revenue.
,"-. Te ouote aga4 n A" O. Lit

-sm-ami etBW~~J''MN~oil~fc^~iR

oxinmately 10 R*W NWH^E belifivE ibri
'_ the Canal. The cities of Watnama on te Pacitfc sde an
t ulon on the Atlantic side are excluded.,
The latest census gives the civilian opulption of the Cana
I 42,077 which divides into 27.366 on the Pacific side and 14,71
1 the Atlantic side.
a A glance in the Canal Zone telephone directory will reveal
to' .1 'of 18 separate post offices on the Isthmus.
k. .SAeO list includes Balboa Heights. Bamoa, Anoon, Diabl
1ulobts. Cocoll, Pedro Miguel and Gamboa with post offices on
armbed-services posts of Port Amador. ftft Clayton. Coroza
Albrook. Fort Kobbe and Rodman.
On the Atlantic side are poet offices in Cristobal, Gatun
Davis and Fort Gulick.
The vos4al' services operate directly under the Canal Zon
ment administered by the Governor who reports direct
to e Semetarv of the Army with regard, to their function
it to the 1951 manual "Living and Working in the Ca
Zone" prepared by the Personnel Bureau of the Panama
*j al Company.
Under the US. Code, title 39 "The Governor of the Pa
Canal is authorized to establish new gost offices or dis
ne those Already eatsWished. To provI dqsuch rules an
as are necessary lor the operation of the service
Lppoint the personnel of the service. To prescribe the post
t s and other stamped paper which shall be used in th
"Thee expenses of operating the Canal Zone Postal Service
S be defrayed, so far as possible, from the revenue derive
: ufrom, the use of which for What purpose. is authorized. Th
.qwrnor may prescribe such additional, rules and regulation
ara necessary for the maintenance and operation of the Oa
: 1 Zone Postal Service."
1 D-n the States since U.S. osthl police is governed by pubto
orl flengce. the post offices are open for business during the
_a houra on weekdays and also for a half-day on Saturday.
FPurthermore, the mall is delivered from house to house do
I a o entrast to this system, we find that the numerous Ca
: ya Zone community nost offices are all closed during the lunch
and also on Saturdays.
R however. tae post offices on the military posts with the ex
Aptian of Curundu. do stay open through the noon hour dur
R he wbek although they are closed on Saturdays.
As .far as the outoingm mail is concerned, it is possible t
it. In1 Balboa aon weekends, so the fact that smaller offtces
It entirely until Monday is not too important.
S rent to the tune of a minimum of 4.00 a year mus
1 0Id f the individual does not wish his mail sent in am
ainp-al delivery.
S lidering this factor. it should not be making too muee
a as and specal deMlwry letters arriving late o
a Sumayu plaBdm the postal bases of al t
the courtesy is the keynote of postal window
attitude with a. few sh In ex*eaptios, -a W-
k M the Canal San.
have been numerous instances in which the money
and stamp windows are slammed dowp at the stroke of
in the face of anyone waiting In inUffe in the hopes o
Iunfrtunately. some of the clerks have the ImpreMslo tha
fte gra nt"o fpeCell favors in the mete carrying 6ut of
nutbe public duties& and at thimoe have exuressed thea*
-- with arcutie emphasis.
'Ml Wa of Benjamin anklin! What would be his opinim
l s Camal Zoe postal policy? y

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ka- ^^^g^ -u^^^^ ages ^


Labor News




First, this band of proi-'"-
vietebrs threw a guard in front
of its .Lilieao hotel room.
Then the seret session wua
called to order, a few days ag
by a man who has refused t%
deny charge s under oth that
he was for years usisLant to
Jay Peters, greatest of all the
master spies the Russianm have
planted here in the past 5
This man of many aliases,
now known Irving Charles
Velson, then told his comrades
that their passport mill had
been smashed and that the .,"
State Dept. was refusing to
grant his American propagan-
dists permission to fly into the 3
Soviet Union for briefing on fu-
ture pro-Soviet activities in the
U. 8.
Exposures in this coluiqn, and
a Senatorial investigation, were
responsible for the passport bsn.,
Now the strategy, outlined by
Velson and a pro-soviet fur
worker frequently a Com-
munist May Day parade mar-
shal-by name of Leon Strauss,
was to sue the State Depart-
Velon bitterly told his peo-
ple that he had fust arrang-
ed for a new batch of Ame-
rican citizens to fly to Paris,
Poland and Russia for indoc-
trination. But the State De-
partment, after the frequent
revelations in this column, re-
fused to isswe passports.
This, Velson explained, was a
very serious matter requiring .S
court action by the American -
pro-Communist apparatus, for
these junkets were given top I/
priority by the Russian propa-
ganda ministry.
And It's easy t6 tee why! The -
last batch, contesting of six
American unionists, members of
the Carpenters Brotherhood, the OR. h hr de of
Packinghouse Workersv the Hod NW YORK.-We have heard g, at deal of
Carriers and the Furniture nonsense in the last few mon lt airports
Workers. arrived n Russia with and airplanes and the danger ivn close by
Workers arrived In Russia wit the places where planes land aM taBe off.
copies of a map of Soviet slave The latest bultein I recall dealt Wth a recom-
labor camps prepared by my mendatlon that airports of the feature be planted
friends in the AFJL. far from homes,'as it most of d14 weren't far
With the utmost grace and enough already.
hospitality, the Soviet Army I, for Instance, am a fur piece 4 l a fram La-
rushed out one of Its air trans- Ouardia and Idlewild, in New T l bt the fly
ports for the fellow travellers boys zoom past d y front porch t enough to
and flew the mover the area wither the hedge and one day t Am Stre I will
where we charge there Is a con- find a Constellation nesting In t M vng room.
centration of concentration This, I figure, is a chance I got to 0.,
camps. On a mass basis, there is no way to itutIe an
And do you know what? The airfieldd or praf*ia Usage withO ?O dsn
Ameraicn pro-Commies didnt buildings wit a score of mils St i o" ucmn.
see a single slave labor camp, biIL hes tt e and ohmad U
O O our at 12,000 feet you ow te .c lor e s41
J.qn pick out- a concent.-ti--
qMw tVOW e ea an o flat e is frop
zn0urot '1 J


TO ths Wa treet ct
a.,.n tlK-.



unless modern "oonstrUetlon hits a point where
we can build a terminal over the top of every city.
I do not believe they will ever perfect a sys-
tem to gt bagage on and off an aircraft in less
than hlt an hour.
I do pno beflve t every take the airline
business lat p I Aosition of holding
the e a r p at alt Artlyfor the
opprattib th ae .
rd.l ot believe that e will ever breed a brand
of ground attendant who is not cross If you are
latIe and- doubly cross if yoea are oess because
the flight is late.
you re lar e it's your fault. ;f the flight ft
late t's also our fault
I recently watched a steward on Easterp wike
to every passenger in the pdaue on a fllht that

.- "U
n -Em."' t_ p.

The same band retur ay to offer l I laa ty the C s fr Beft I cafe r heavy ba fo
The same band return the ard by. It is an possible thing to whip. what seemed oi thuuh Idlewlld., because the
other week with promises from They are toing up a flee late t atlUonl boy at the dg*a m 4o.1y to proter the bag-
l the R saians that Moscow s alrwt halfway between Dallas a in the l-y.
1' ready to buy up to $500,000,000 Teas and. whie it is mighty pretty eta there, t And was spoken to ihiroly by the man at the
worth of American goods. is tooe darned far away frdmn both tm to be (rate for the er of wanting to board a
Il It's to give our proletariat a Convenient to either. But the liauty aci- plane on wed T s l owned a ticket for several
belpipg hand of course; they lent is the same for both. days in advance. I had caused him trouble. you
0 TOw us so much. see.1 "
SI, There is no real answer to the airport problem. I waited four hours for a late flight out of E
1, This half a billion dollars and no real answer to ratio of air accident. Ppeo. but was rebuked for arriving only sever
Velson's returning ba i TYou need space for the birds to Iht on. Tou minutes before departure time out of Odessa
' pointed out, would povde cannot find this space anywhere batut In the Texsa, by American Airlln I emiioyes.
e 50,000 lobs in our teSe,' pastures. I have missed a lane onf Birmlnnham be.
e machnery, garment, .?'n As soon as yo build an airport, rest S*t mtse .the dek hoyv wasto6 y to handle my
hner, armnnta value ?o up. and the cities start to vlo* _tW_ ticket bullnlse with timu to WarM .
er gods, machine toolm m eet the demand of airport-sponsored oamgrm. And the fobd thev serve I 1. still generally
erc-alPars 'ndut" Our Idlewild Is nine leagues awy hum 1- Ic-' e-cent on tho nversea Ilnts..
S It lst happens, ent l. b, where. but the owneinftS for cr*ehiin Be 't This Is why TI sv the af'ttiWtoblem Is large.
coincidence, of course, thMt ood neoole is tt st as rtpe as if the port wm Iv insoluble. Air travrnortatoBn l ton imperfec
. these goods a r e a l loetd in TiMpes Square. art from mublert to flaw. b. aeM It. and "
- what the Red Chinese arm- I do not ba-Uve we will ever lick the p P ***m we'll Jut h ve *to i jllth it O0 long aI
d fes now need badly on the of getting pe'e- *aseedfily to and from paPW P'a like me pr* in a hury.
a. Korean fronts. -- ---- i ---- r --
. The returning fellow It'- T Std
lara, who. it seems to me, hhu"S"
. be expelled from their uniamo rS 1
I falling to point out at thw.r
P Jress conferences that they > a
r not officially represent thi.
onions on these Soviet -Jumb s,
are touring the U. S. and speEa- WASHINGTON (NlA)-In the fmtr M o f two issues on whih Me,
tug at pro-Soviet rallies. Iis campaign for the Democra hit by Sen.
S it'S obvious why Tovaz4M- nasntion. Sen. Wtes Ketsauvl
Strauss, who himself led a sqad ted in 25 states entered 10
to scow not s ecret CMn g had been on radio or TV o r tewi rakly, Senator Kefauver, (bl a attlrne ,
had haen 17,46 hands.Or0 0= ulng on CivU Rights. ..
h meeting strategy for putting theg aumber.e Is oppose to Senate
heat on the tate Depa Anyway, slowly but steadily tihe tal vent a vot on the ssue.. I nl
- Paport DIvision seen has been building up a reord of u*b 1 sorted a state law to baan te
thrands on every single sue. m thinks thU oesoan
Three regional omaittem To Washington political writers this Is a PrU e can best be handldI
will be set up to scream far "al- what remarkable because they m r o uhll la the states.
Svl liberties." Qne will opeaf Mm wired for sound. ". the Democratic
ot ut of New York, asnothw ta Even when his Senate crime Is WWall As fotr a percent Ft. V
t some Pennsylvania city And a ng fall ttit, dra uingf.M nrt sy he'll stnoert i
third in a mid-west a.trteall, *a a always tough wasd steMt Intended to please both t an
Snot yet selected to the point of seeanow n .ai Sothi.
Smeetingsill r n interview. -o d *u .; .U-Rf e
who have been refused This hs caused some douai Wtor Refauverinsts lie is not rCUi
rts to get under the Ira of a prealdent he might mae. Ie a tald t Stret's "Union Now" idea. But % I
wti be ehbited aO 'slkW er no executive esperence. rp suoportInt a resolution t
S latforms. When congressional Vtes hamse beM euntd. dent call a meetUng of Atatli w as Wia
S ietaaver has usual beqn found on the ta4y what basis eamist for a aUllme.
Y DeeUations wi e..t th ee-pul for progasve aid mv a gBi Rmtor Kefaum hat qt ei m ar
f into Washlzragoto mn a rather than reaction.. ad oOa for a s. i foar q
t no e//ort to see Pr~ineo has not voted the straight t Iw Dne n U. S. In ume. p t re
Tshmya sad f s Aresot critic line. He has changed his tod sae Is- dat Truman'sl h K-e to
t rhun anhe 1si sues. Kefauver's opponeil tts is a hu n si b testbe Preifdent one better bomb
f BlateS Departast wenB His Uo sa'1y3iba t hurbn air ba
BfSt t Devtarmen sag the senator has gbni aef t t w .- 1ea., 'ChPW; doartl a =4
S 60 1e09 s" 6411%, M a" Of- Iath e It. b t un w
e pro*-<* J ohe e tai aa ntt waPs i g etjii OB Pote
ermatime 4 0 paill f i M
6 Ohe- FMAN 1W s ea
toeele arst mws us t sr ri U e" an a".
anmEdap g the. -rlorIha to
amidbaknh rea to ha"M. A 7 r tori- .e.1 i. diad .aAi
lw ea iwe4 0 i"Of Di- 6 an tUhe MW 1 12 ca1 1e6 e an 40to .
ide m e. r IBM1f t however. abs ma. '
UsE dM ^ b *i .. BB .. I

39 M e l W -W11

Pm Velma '.

YU9TI- -iB
IM **or two fv
so V -


k- 1


er whicie
port TM
have vui
been on*
tlkhd I

;0 buy I
ooker tol
boy. was
1% high-4sea
ary Marl
her town. BeUl
peace and inl
A bit bashe
floor and the r
at the tiny aut
sy. It wold 1
buildings don't
John COri
only youterster
The otio
RuNaa i.heiU
probably the
pie. A few yMi

,took 6ti

rave them two limousine in w
al-pet 40elY thatM a no
Lerp on 1 1 year o an
k avn To mtWAtt
ot-urina gtont, olo,, 0t w tt
t idei tWe stbi Mway
on. whe uhlep and a:0 iSt gn

13. told her ron I

tcagttl AWt a

_*tS he .;

cr~mtr -

* ,.-
.. l ,

. = w wae 1s r Uas E" 'aitel UAmm.qw,
atOrtIMoG. ft, 'so thrMed as HR r radI.
youpgteru dbrtng ag exldtl g trip throuwhtl





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^ V '... .. -*
__qc A ; -,, ** .... .. .. ,

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3) *.:.

e~ 7k
3. r' 3 J

4 ; f
-. 3 .. + .
.* -'-..-o., s

, .


''v.p. ,**.'-

1 '3"


This bwday we


n 0 Or

i m

9 1'
.9.. ..

4*9. 4

'3 *~ L

%to 50%


I' can tu ntitbyCW

rl- just led- AMWS

tM'rq Just aonved...

*i- -D t eo

4 .+mmm

i. ...': i
In our Whd evir r du. ?

liot.,J Ohftbray Cottnb.

., .

Low. MWn MA

SI Centrs A"i .

- .... .

F.. *: m .

*M .

O1lO C



11 Went he s 4 8 Pi : wmas a

h led, othe
leau d3 awVW t irmM

f I trump.-hbt ftst f
ll^?(^| kll|kl one atdtf& M trfek

s and then Q seW a
IayW, f





- .. '33'

ffflu bu Is

, .. *>*;



a wonderful tmrpIece Ar a

won derfu 4pd

&1ahe advantage of or sotA

- 44r3
D ~


Also Offered L ., 'Rl eductw. dosek, .old gld kMwe6b, a irwg '
da Sarlasg miwr, pfa. v.fter Ml..a. aw d #

in e *y

iv. -"I .

!lt. :

1.2I l.t Y'.

., <*.'.', ..
.,:.,.,+ ., v .

Curs! Am, ad "J" I
*' *p,


agttj/ck PettrIns"
C */*' ;* i "

dl .1

*9 ** 9
/ 1'...
- -~ .a.t .~,-. ilk



Ihy 21st :th 2ith

A!. S.

wvia A be open to as i
u^ e. '* ,. *.*< '-,

Ci.Sl Youth Gri

At'. mtfr Y:fl pai abl

Eib r:tst*,a.


.3'.'... *


*.. ,. +.' -+.:y i +

9. 4
* 2"'. it

. /an,-I I
and BDArTY



4. a .
; -mar ,

W! '-. '

SundsrflbpU -l r *pa







w o a w I '%
lhe ^_ffll k 15 p n Mi a
S f (a mUs fl
... .**t

,B-- --- ^ -..-
t'M r .. -'* : '*._'_*.. -

.I If L", ,.+ .,

Now K8tse & hoai' fil
a* C *' '' :%



.., :.'... .-

. .

| ,e '.
, -* ..' .* ,:"
- i

J *1

'~3I ~. -.

4J "

, ,.,. *p.


+,t+.,- ,., .M

,.-.., .



" ^j. r ,.} ,- .M
hfji-1t^^^^^ 1'^^
n~ P^

.~-- tt-*&k

go and ftait"-Ships and Plnes-Arri

Si pping & AirLine News

taros" Brings In iMr. Lillian H. Atel and two
PaMseu ers Today children; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur
the Shat. 8avill and Alblon A. -Albright -and son; Mr. and
ship ^'Mataroa" to s.hed.- Mt. Willard C. Alexander ad .
led to dock in Balboa at noon three children; Mrs. Elizabeth
ay with 300 passengers. The Babbidge; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ba-
S ritish ship, that is carrytpg re- doneky and two children; Mr.
; rated cargo, will remain in end Mrs. Paul W. Barenberg and
bee about 12 hours. Passen- two children; Mr. And Mrs. Paul
rs will be granted shore leave. M. Bell, 8r. and four children;
e Mataroa is en route to the Mr. and Mrs. Robert Blades and
t* ited Kingdom from Netv Zea- son; Mr. and Mrs. James A.
d. Andr.'ws and Company are Brennan and two children; Mrs.
al agents. Georgia Butler and daughter;
-- bWunzlo J. Capriotti; Dr. and
* 1una Clipper Arrives Mrs. Charles J. Cashman and
S. A tuna clipper, Sun Splepdor, son; Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Clarke
w longing to the Sun Pacifie Co |and 2 children; Mrs. Luis Felipe
f ( San Diego, California docked clement; Luis 'Fellpe Clement.
,* tear Pier 7 yesterday with a crew Jr.; Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Co-
W 'f 13 men. The Sun Sp'.;ndorhen; Mr. and Mrs. Horace E. I
S leaves today for the fishing Coleson and 3 children; Mr. and deain
grounds off Panama. Sullivan Mrs. Prentiss C, Combs and 2 old hand at Iaxi.loting
Agencies are the local agents. children; Mr. and Mrs. Albert, withIse i/ Gla, S
B. Cooper and 3 children; Mur- equwithl W a bullet-prot
New Jap Passenger ray Corrigan; Fred A. Cotton: has a iren kttache to the
$tlp Transits Canal Edith Cotton aid 3 children; Mr. f nal taioth, the dget-t
The Nichirei Maru. a modern and Mrs. Harry F. Cranfleld and .am with tear gas to i
Japar.cse passenger-ship. with 20'grandson, Harry Paul Cranfleld; I
passengers aboard, arrived in and Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L.
Cristobal yesterday and transited'crumpacker and daughter; Plala and 3 children: Miss Mel-
the Canal today bound for Ni-j Miss Mac.'y B. Edwards; Rob- PP., G. Raybourn; Mrs. Isabet
caragna. Ahdtewk and Co. are lo- err T. Ellis; Mrs. "Helen Flynn Reed; Mr. Mgaret A. Renale
cal agents. and daughter, Miq Julia Galin- a bd di John G. RDley,
sky; Mr. and Mrs. Waldo B. Gil MNt. A Mii. lifton W. Rytt
Two Preighters Collide ley and 3 children; Francis J. and ltn.; L
Off Rhode Island: Harrington; Mr. and Mrs. Albert Mr. and Mrs. Anders Sandlmrg;
Crewmen Not Injured I. Hermanny and 2 children; Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Seaaan
PROVIDENCE. R I. May 22 Miss Mary G. Higgins; Mr. and and 3 I;fltin; Edward 8. S~leg
(UPi Two freighters collided Mrs. James Hiscott; Mr. aMd and daughter; Miss Evely'u
in fog-bound waters off Block Is- Mrs. George R. Howard and Smith; Mrs. Jo-.7phine M.
land today but both vessels stay-'daughter; Mr. and Mrs. C. 8. Sprague; Dr. and Mrs. Irving J;-
ed afloat and none of the 98 HuestesT
crewmen aboard was injured. I Hayden B. Jor.,s: Mr and Mrs
TA'.' 6,G-.3 Victory Ship Michael James H. Jones and son; Mr.
Tr-qy arrived hrep under its own and Mrs. Charles R. Kemmel; THE N
power and the 7 807-ton freight- Mrs. Anona Kirkland and 2
er President Txnler continued to- children; W. N. Lawton;: Elmer
w rd New York. Lawton:,M r. and Mrs. Roland J.'
e Trac'sskpper. Cap't r-Lees and 2 children: Mrs. Ma-
The Traceys kopr. C.wport Hars.tilda Linares. Mr. and Mrs. John
Oid L. Acey of S'swport News. Matzen; Mr. and Mrs George
Va.. was quoted by Coast Guard Miller and 3 childr.'n: Mr. and
iComdr. Lester W. Raynes as say- 'Mrs. Louis Miller; Mrs. Ana Mo-
Mg he didn'tt dream she (the rales; Wilfred R. Morris; Mr.
Tyler I was going to cut across my nd Mrs. Elias Mos ; Mr. and.
b' "~ "" Mrs. Jasper L. Myers and son;
Poey declined further com-1 MPs. Glad3s E. Napoleon and
rn:nt pending a romp'ote Inves- son: Mrs. Gertrude B Onder-
tieAtion by the Coast Guard. Idonk: Mrs. Johanna Peders
The Coast Guard said the yes-and son; Mr and Mrs. James ..
sels collided about 10 miles south.
Of Block Island and that the
Tracy's hull suffered eittnstvel
damage, its forward compart-
~r,nts taking in about four feet
91 water. The ship also lost its
starboard anchor.
Damage to the Tyler's hull was
above the water line.
Three Coast Guard vessealiwre re
.aMt to .t e seen1 t I IL .



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Hw." Tr T the Ammerioan Prestmrt
S Xin&s, Ltd.
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Act iovresor erbat D.
-Vogel, Oft. Vel fId their
a" it W&ms i m g wtom rws
: N t York on W. SS Pana-
ma Tie 'northbound Mhip is car-
ving i ws1m senrs, most of
thn CompmyOovemmet em-
w C p their families, bound
: Nor Vfesmn; .
*"a eMrplete paStenger list

n Wa rN. a n

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ndktnth ri in -- .A P-"- -W



': OR ONLY $10.00 MONTHLY "War

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TH-su ... iS BOXER
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~9 |join the bond i dm r *v,
I new musical
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/73n. John NW.f

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400 ao P I inmir yourelftsel
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"is4.W! T w_ & a.i .!. p l iookkiWN
hamoW day with l, pge". ., :..,.e ts.' Titair Cqln.
S:ok, yocug q~,e *iec count
h I t' m "H. .t -hi ft-rst shaderl.
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S "I

ou Sell 'em...When You Tell 'em thru P .A.

No.,.2179 CeOnial Ave. Cohloa .I.
-ewis Service SaIe :is"- A u i o'"s' "-ao Caurles | ..:
Tivoli Ave.-Phone 2-11351. and Wim5 W tw .t .uet ".
A ourld A ttep e eciu de** *Pca*em p g "pA i No S7 fori1 S W" ONdL .
tb of July Ave.I, 944 e eu" -ile 20 1 Se e ca M.LD.
Pho 22ees1nd mr -214eWOWpi s s fu r iiltAud n ow M vw tid ftdy81he

ebe.- lave a IdulIma, pel.ese Casino U nto 1111. N L. wew. 5, me
wie A eer 0 .en ad ro wsad c aAerllsi"S D" Casino "Ace*.S ,-a d l
SALE: Bedroom furniture ir N C Y eGt fr1ger-Aion Srvn 2 No. 2 E .cessaryh. For i. .) K ". h SOs

S13ble cu ft. 25 or 60 creed chor v e t 28th r e best and mre 2.4547,p mo Tvoid leFoster's brrlshped Iy ya Ins
cu. e Good condition. House Insist an o y $85 nd $135 15 Grmch's C bde for our th
House 107-B Pdro Miouel. Tel GUARANTEED U d Tires and C ay-oreig "raions one R eair cottans. Eec a es or rden. e to

o-ri06. _aTub.. Te: Pnam 2-4721. S. SAL Refrtoyears tu or used cary. tic aond commercal25l9. 0 )i 6 GRe ormon F NOVEY, INC is t t M t
SALE: r meue rnire. O A NCYE KLINGER frigerati on Service No 2 Eat t beach. m ForWa .o .ch C rl Ave. Tel. 1lM '"1 1" i

cycle. P.ano uproht. House es pIod, Ebxc ellFnt conduit o 2-1655. h to g M. Two b rtnis. Fri" dal niO e ported D M a t
S Quoraned ch Ar our reed h. in. to StAe. Empire sm 28th Street. Telephone 2.4 547,t mar. Tivoli.bHAv X f t ". h11 ted o J
chipreed table. 12 o banas Rd. FR SALE 14 -41951 Fo Panama. k a cl Bx er rue. a told a

tfh Avenu, Coco del o. Tele- 0428.A Frngp n S. Ancon. f Sric,2 547. Pths.n- t e e n e Kl t al aS e -ditIrtsuaeTema.e-
V na Hermosag.-4398 F L -4 No. 2 E.t 2th Street. FOR RENT NS A" m t
ForelSALE Bdring or buying your next auO SPECIAL I CURIIOWr Visit HOTEL Killerin RealKill)itt"d ~ ha I e t 1

. C. Z.0 directional lights, heater, plastic M...HOUSE FOR RENTi-fplcnded loco. BDeliery. Ofto thi country. fS I S j00
S60 cycles, 3 monthsold tire, wih spre. Cosmosr drven Auto28,- FyOR ALE O ro Panaa to 4963. From 8 .MEXICO 4AUTIFL i n the u m e
cu 00. Tel. 82-4239,Good condition. rt50 00 mobile Rsw 29. We also sel one way $85., round tr iW nt$13l5 (15 p% Gramlich's -- S r ClW h h beeeL de for your farm a Es m

l 1dd Br. Pedro Isthmus only 17 months. In verY Engine, exceaet condition, well F O T J 1 te g
R SAL0 Pedro gu. Tel. GUARANTEED Used Tires and day-limit, $160. (waod one year); cottoSA. EIcI~ k eMA BROKERSNC. ucou dbrin
s t o v e s ', t o t hL-r5c y o eT elr ,6 1111rRytht h e-Lt o
Tubes. Tel: Panama 2-4721, So- to LOS AN LB one way. $149.!a sto es og P dlr' 'er- TS
bALE :- Refrigerator 4 years t 15, round trip $252.35, 190 day-' 6- 4 sWov ste.T.
-e tdy open all day. limit) Panama Dispatch eSrvi, cop1 6-44i Gmit, Fl e N OVEY, [NC. 1 16 m 6S 1 toe eu- W
washing machine. Easy SpindrN.- FOR SALE:-1951 Kesrol.e 4. door, posite Ancon bubs sop Tel. Panama WlAat C Swe .lt Pio prgt Ho1n1 h Cadfo My i P-Ag. pr'

ch yp e irect ond rtion. o uSure P d excellent coni0.00io, C. 2 5. tCog 4 & Wp000 C ro a. ti.5D rt R Ma e e il ner m tin I
orehou nd $ 0h.Hous- FOR SALE: Sacrifice 21951 For 8 8 aor write Box 12stic ommrcaln- Onoe 4 eH Ht Wtto

FOR SALE:-Brand new in T. 2-636 FO SALE- llieroffr X-28. B Clera. oxTel. 221. *- m ea1ttf w r thilnr wet. dM
...iroom rug t $25.00 No 16. Vic FO ria. Must sell. See *car NO A Spplianoes. 2l "iln" Re-, PaN e aO 3-1 r 187 31 73., V ENETIAN, to 3 6 bf the Sm ne: Judiar Co mO
t Avenue. C 3 de 9r. Tale- 0428-A. Frangipani St, Ancon. tfrigrot.on Service. 21547. Pan- N 8bdrttca ndsous-l .vemane- iiei

Pana --49r8 FOR9 rBI No. 2 uEasto28th -treet.FOR E tBe taf.
So 'SALE:i Bedroom set, dinil FOR SALE URGENT: wi949 Oldsmo- ai. No. 2 Eo 2sth Street.c t it
f ,mat.c drive, super De Luxe radio. fo Non. c 3-4106. Dftytof a fl of
.' "-- directional lights, heater, plastic HOUSE FOR RENT:-lSplendtd Ioca Delivery. Ot w.-I t itl country. 'B f& L I i e i1Uf &
a&LE:--General Electric refri- seat covers and undercoating. Good i u25 I hl' lmls tion at Golft- Heigh All comfort. eiiid-1a theL ,nmed sthe Lhman- w T 'WW s'h
plwogr, 60 cycles,. 3 onthaold. tires, with spare. Car driven 28. FO.R SALE:ie-Oi E trcoupe, two 2ll ..496t. Fro.l II a. t a. t" "8'. ha v "oe t' a
.: U25.00. Tel. 82-4239, Fort 000 miles, majority in U. S. On1 senger Airplrma 75 Continental p.M.T "mynS3
t o Isthmus only 17 months. In vo Engine. excellent condition, well A 1 i oem dlia eu sEXCH01' hih P roa s t
nc r edof orrn oWl o a te d sa l ; C o omFO RoEIgs.s u b s t i t u t e

mfi ^Sugood condit ion. WOriginalMusth ldN Ba lat -0 daifiia ewsa r reaent- i con R N.
O SL E egood1 condition. Original owner, cored for. now dlotd at the.Pa- orn en Lu CAMA BROKERS. INC. i ~aedIU tIt could only bring -
S7going to States Monday next. o lf blu tir fpo r evening and. Panama H Bach leave for the 41 City, le Row As Re-
$L.465.00. Can arrange terms, public of Panama where it may be! Apwtem mItaoEl lPaUma d iit his f l .2 b1y 22 (UP)a

be:sH the Measure htc-lei umn. wshed..Fort 1 b
S Real Estate Call 2-3712. or see car at 0595, sen by prospective n. Terms.- l G: PanUm CementS t t hat e _A e t

41e have highven ithe lodl- sedan lah ru sr d" s telephone Paonma 2-2895, Battalion since March CB gi a_ q ol wa, MI i h1 *el anEd3o (oU Ju n a s 3rUaB
o and aboe n U s POSterion Osp ev re r .e new 504th leader amil'ar- o2E5s f Met lso "A Terms.. w sod heah tr -i".-d
,d truth to overcome himself with the Battalon Driconuadition, .h eANGa n. A. Pnace Bh t n.t9 Elenhower' heqrtera In Uf4t9 r -1a

Shared, vl tuitve J9S Responiblbe bookkeeper or e *a lts Exrecutive Oficer snce Cola: th sS& Av. 803. reprinted In Mslt wiot labe of Paris announced hby wte turn titut e a pt
offIcd vicious oo for lr conce want h rrival at Kobbe Marchr 25. dnT A the Har '0 FBROEENn t ."
SOALSELE:-19neFORrolt4dooUnite o St1 1--C1.-SuchUModer nonnaNi

a.May 28. 1952. when Th.ey Wa goon 9.42 A .I condition x rado Antmie t r anrl d Rnnrnus cUorsll.k -- 'c mgze, djl,, to eu
Sopened n public Form of .throl Ne t upholstery. Session BVFO" Pe. rin c to the m-i ne. B. RCl M 2 wMt a2 t0ke eod
in the of i s o Es 'a 2034 new. Cash price $10.00. PhneD Warren enlisted In the An f une Ne.on ad atl tDrW. can-
fit.l l Strehe tueee ts a dm b Jrne __ icontin. e ton8 .6 757mete-r W ritela Brox1ed t79 AthneI teno Mn

HlA hts FOR SALE -1i942 Prckaord 4 door AT con. I R EN: Room, 4th u Julrhage cylinders, like new. O er lev- StI Avenue. Tel 2-2109- -a'

awledbidesw iossill be of0Tsd in EHo Csel 8-D230 a P legts, .411 3 p. r n to e thm Agricul-
lern prefabrcted house. Pho ________ O July 147. 11

N F waoRSAperintaePnd ent o ao cng.elon. 2--16 36 PF Oa o 10, n 2erc6 ow h f .BM A

at Balba utl 1 Civ3l0aton will be ofofrdd ati FO wit the 173d AU. Moi5towns the IMOWNe F UR lcan-NT Uh In g Ibr U
B.B m warning Iose.s as menac.ingt FOCRayton on MonSedays and e Atr t as a Field Artillery contr ar

2 renta as a forest fire Wedadays. gn story B14 Am-cnd 6Clwh And4_er th the New Jersey The Verm__z Republican. who PositWons ar H gae dmust
ethrdown upon a wooden can History, will also be held At N ll Oard. He also senate kiled crt
SFort .elarton on Tpuday rnd em. rnd 2 the 14th 0t.0 at the or women knit .an asn m-4 t

itent to wheo ich Coeommun- iTausays2 2- 2 oW ltry 2iA 4dron I.n Eurooe; as ne,- said .Ue "artI al" g rain related Wrou l i o a hghs .
2f1ave P n to 3-8BTON Ma 22 np)r tPtont3r a7 the id Ar- deeeaceat the NNers a latest transfer-S a t
Ahemifn6 and Geral PanTholow.Ry cla v-IFses wEN N-w eanddoterbaFort urm l O4 fro the ltaton sS
innstg thef eine be hpld *t Fort Clcyton Oe Manf. i9S0evo ;ceb ls or end with ith orTel Auwaim|a.telnl .e t h.. 2 at43part a t
ould be pressed p- days d Wednesday, and rt otered utl 10:30 A.M without its own waeeo at Fre .r2 S2 Pllon, plsoa 2-r, Pk l o f. D r.t t

e_ __t___of those wPoiypt ihlleltn Taiayand Thn* gE uate aTubing; Boiler Wa lL,; loo g a( Rdba
.3. L) _o__ days Cs _n nlsh _np_ urs school of P95tc2. f Ferrou aandNo cal a graduate of the 40 r h d sx B6 A f aAlar mfy P
N deOR nLEB st" FOR -ALE n et Atbr st: -- 25 Ta diosed totay StareIon ArtUtery Coute, Bat- d neeSe
n rfbicatd housi30 Cycle5110-220 V. 12-6 Amps. ho11 EiSeess Sale Circular No.Ourt, :ndithE Schtol in San- S Iobor A.

: That they ..Buc aan McNdoy mad S.ibo ofic atd e No. f.ewcers- course, and oft- ht the 0 tt. e
ho Man lvn -d like children. Houe No. 17 on FOR Ms-LE 2 lovely new doia Ee Monday when Lt. Col. I1 nt Se5. ly vited 1 cutela of.-
r a u .- 7'' Avenue, San "Fraonsco, Go ae blue strapless for eveningand William H. Bach loaves for the 41 I' iAsia in osA N # M e itle" pro- il d M .,
aa _ednadayswhi. La elo a y -cokt ldr.eesize 'malas|d e chool at Fort.11 bleonts fua he people ot shOW1
MRuS FO SALE:-Show cse. in0 odcon-i Sh ived a C anuth A Dr. the wellIV votes to win j.t
F of wF. di1oS "Salon Americana-do Belle-lic er of the lath Fueold At- ngoin& 9l W 3 Len2-t4051.

ndbeerllewthd untie0:30A.M. ithoutitselwnhwith e a lWmP cbo t I enhOWe-r't hU q i- a
ha1truth ttoo2er1ofe o r r -Executive Officer s e eoros nN St. &n Aclel 304. 6rep.tnted sn t Et mt of Par9 a 04 h1"Wtrn8.Wil
Om-Glmsn erar s aont for, lare 5concern wante thee brngts 19 years of Field Ar- magazine, d. oednm
c s 2lem2ntA of the Cah"xcusSaee Sumter Sesioenl BX3.23,InstituPanthR..In May and take commt noww ItW
4.55mAtmyto's Cibbeah Program wis, be- WarTED Wtren enU.ted In the Army r Mle testhtt ot W.-
ofywheremanyst ns. -o us.IaS* Tatel.nr2- WA EDA tak latgofratowigI PeJefo r K
toe communist an arg-AoS 21, a avnriod of eight ,7lat- Peid Artilery B a 1fshhise by himse7 to. lctDeIW I
.all, dn thTh ,at...... .......A.-;,D. e,,,. h-o i--- -111
a id be he at o-divu -p.s ietely furnished house. June 5 t1 ., s4u0 when raised to f cthve gZovernment .
CmA- woflikeehren .Hours per noonF o. ----,,--,,o ove y nep"-Onded to., lit LdwenLte-ln-I1SI NNW 14 -O"Of

ttoOne subj1.ft. taHtn Oe r 5 doors. sOve, mizeIr & mtiiii Jeil S 1942, to Fortms (wb Ifa *akm corn-
twee patience .m ,.,_ fo,
pe~leaof the free itoy 2, Hsto oof, Weter nE Warren' r lat pst wamitiea
CivPlsateon, will be offered asl f wit h the 17B AtU, Morristown,tc
warntng is as menacing Fort Cleyton oPe MOcd,3ot hM 1a m Pew Uiy, 5 a Field Artllery controlld j : .
hrgent as a forest fIre WoednReepn. History ke Amen...poraccount-aU ec uth the New Je=sey The Vrin0 i. r, whoe PisIn tos1 0n of "ai s -ummin i-hW t.
down upon a wooeafcalrstory, will also be heldat_ r ...... arival at urd. HebM &arso Wp. eli .oh ow &aenhekolled crvatLftu il. a i$ INIEuropean.M

d as edminatig", and Fort 8111, OkrS- o 1Wt. from the 4 j: 1 I"-

w ,.'se"te.-dyClasses.In Eigt' h-, essionxofami.r a du e-o' ..
'. deadly d nut wo l wm ee at A ~oo A=Ir a disclosed to4 .. auo Artialery Coul -, 3EDt- ....... .... i R 1 r t # it
__hWedn i .eSo whIle mr oug h" -Co'.. __ ._.
Sze- -.ft' A'il 0'9 7. dMs f_

~e rature classes will be held T A. avia, son of a Ply la -. N,
Raiad Thursdays at FPort e and the skllser of a cgto ven Ia..
Cl3p. te&h Sea island rUai M-s. Warren and thetm lav-G-, aore
Tottinhe ort be Army Eduea. Dr. Davis will nM.It -n ,Opected to eae iin
ton ITnter wl hold B ~ h New Zealand, wn hMs Pass ia June from th r-t wa.n of two to'be- "
a U* M nA NPWonomics on Mondaya and We- Wie, two young ad m a h Z o e at elw, Oklahoam. Wkr- w-.lh greeted ra mI ashe boat wW m*.
,wasIR ,bureau today 5esdays. Cla ses in Amanl Wte nmber. halls oiglly from Hae aOred before the opert
-S-, eP Es. -tvernmeCnfwill meet at AAtek When he reaches BaOton, be s le, Oklahoma. to defend hib b qpeamp gofp
aguth eo- Pea- l .hre0pm
form ch,,.hehh-AirymBSec .- At Pea Migue -,chTudayadl t m
'-an proeamtMw1fRiver and 31"I K

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dodgers Massacre

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" PAA AFFILIATE Companv ...2...... 2PATE pre re e a. me, ..-.-h -' ...
ra d Battalioan '2 fmo' la d"s 't.e ~
Headqarters........ 2 Jo4oCAWR.f', v
*ALY FLIGHTS 7 am. Wazo.Wipiy ..g, .a 4 CA R Mr
S .The 33d Infantrfl lt Bat-
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-may W atuam t eOM-
U tIM m "m : 1. "

- o Bu-at' -U

al---L --

rm WhledatM -A




-ti.'. *-

5 Runs In 1st Swamp Memorial.Day CA n ngster In U

fweris; Browns Triumph Track Meet Notes Peru. tanis Tourwnt'

NEW YORK, May 22.-(UP)-The Dodgers grand T le of the Ceanal Zone M
o:; over undisputed possession of first place in Track and FIeld Champion- "A1L

thd plarec .. sp. tino their dav ..IJ .. ... aELk .a.- um ...-le LlcSide andp t-one a thel Pacific t s 6U k
eiaa nilht i-o.joleneaOer with the anl'ees mane h t tour s.iignt Side. A squabble in the Abel 1 Ayla e 4-C, i3 8-fH a*nd dt)m
pr.rsrmais at the Polo Giounis e..1' me hnlie Sox, nownAng Bravo houaehold .resulted in and-2 e seat eatert aS ia r butt of mall
'kAie Carw.s won the day game tnem 5-1 at Llh.cago. The *ogefs such runners as Grent6n, Fer- l ad t,,hat &
;- but tie Giants came back ..un a lWo-1tErtiiomtl the Ath- gusonand-RodftioWnffiezlink- l" Ukr,(an II' Jahatti,.
ft t-'ke the nientcap 8-1. letics 5-1 at Detroit. Ing up with Clubt ormandy of r alIOW Le merican 'League t A I A'dfl't weo
In other National League night Ae u,.,A s imnaihacre of the Panama stty whde Swaby, Wal- tra an Vl aLti l "|h l .
rmes. thI Fhillies downed the Rus M live new Major ter Amedee and ric Waldron -- et eher, you
rates 7-3 at Philadelphia while eea gue records -- 1 rns enlited mentti at Wt t <.,B t play ..ta
the Ciub-Braves game at Boston acurtu in one innings 1 mnen ios h, Ct. an TeaAm w, W n W lml '- Won Lost Pet. e the
6-, rained cut. came to uaI in a smngl in,, Brookyn 20 7 nd 21 11 y w t '- l t him," Da
In the Ai can League, the 1 r one nn flashes re that har N 20 17 13 .57 atho .
Incuans Increased their first o nI.. Lu uon uase saety anu onc reon he C 1 13 e ltw York 18 13 .552 tanm y SehN Deto A1 1.- l7hrkt B Bbe 0 lefe $oatheg-d
sce lead to three [ull games b e sc al er two ere m e n th e Cincinnat 15 14 t 17 14 .548 d ly lrtri att a tt Msth "
dfatinD the nRedt ox. 5-1 at out. t. Louis ... 15 16 a ls .. 17 1B .51w In the eem set. Ie tt a i ha ent
Cleveland. ..a.erg hris Van Cuyk, whose Bravo, St. ose nd Philadelphia 13 1 o 14 17 .4512 t tames l te n ext t. t j h toh b
The Browns sou nakcd past the .R ... ,1.L u,.eais,.auuv.eo Luv S l t he u C a5 o1er1o ... 1 t emeAmeee4anW ad nl e B oItn -ige
rs a P,,d.p. d if.u will be piLted against the best P urgh. n l D etro lphia 1t8 m1 .b olng Ca snlyt ff to hlat Mont
n.un.c .ui. eot in al man s.,. that Club Niormandy, Club Metr- ply by uslg a sharp TO th.e outfield and Lock.
Boca Sports .i .uouiy ,e nu unsy ,nee curio, and Santa Cruz Athletic TODAT'- GAMES TODAY'S GAMES pausi sh ts ad 6am ese i the outtleld to first
IA,S 1 .1 n t t e xa&J Leaku i.e Club can present. lng. e Ay lsa"
aLes.. t. Lousla t New York. Boston at Cleveland. attack .at .the net, t I one eight In Bhor'n"
A--- iu..e Sider touched oil the In the CIO 4x Alfredo Cincinnati at Brooklyn. ew York at Chcago. Candy to defthns osite m rtildl. "Big Braanc
n theA i 'i a- th.e... LL ilii-i, O... IL,. Late a fs ore ea la tha t har- Newewotk 20"6B7 13 g. tc
A C SENIOR iOFTBALI h" '" Richards, Marco W Lster Pittaburgh at Philadelphia. Washington at St. Louis (N). the baek ef the cort. o'dl.e and says, "*"'
LA BOCA SENIOREOFTBAl .u-...a solA e twi Sobers and Seymour Lashley Chicaig at ton t21. Only games scheduled. De Ayala revedleld a great *v* l 'eno.'
LAG .e,c or ..... tun ca ,.u areeT hee eY ESTERDAYSRS batonULTS -lety of shots, beoth pityAig htti" qt iltei Hermanskl"DG-
tand.... r. .. ry ra to the Pacfc e. The Gold ESTRDAY'S RESULT ESTERDAY'S REULT elean games. O esi IOlt "He says
ra tob e n -d-1 I.001o ee GOliver SWaby, tAlfredo Aren- tou t Game sl 6a. 00 000 010-.-1 2 1 tvely tenee ad ow it toldM O.
S o e .. 750 .e Dodgers. got ten hits in ion,. Ocar Jones and Percy St. Louis 001 110 000-3 5 1 [troit 202 000 Olx-5 8 1 flexes 5t the net. I an. h.-a .h -'
S 1o.3, "1750 he ....., LeI a ,...w.1 1 -'olde. New York 000 000 000-0 4 ooper 0-31 Bvrd and Astroth. Offieals and prom men who 5 s L---be
lca dpr o- a. .i 2 .333 **. U ***."., e we ,1 oy, Chambers (4-2) and Rice. &I& fTmcks 12-21. Littlefield (8) and' rubbed to the central court when s M. he#' phi_ le."
To Brons. u k 50 h.....- uv.. a5u. The CIO 4 400 should be the sen 43-1),C Laner, Wllhele tnt Ginsberg. It was anaenoted that Ayti ea in,
l Ita n os 4 .200 I ....a ers held the Glans hriller of the day. Lined ua for Yvars. --- WTatiDa Catdy said tte .at i ftml d heeti hor 'fw
ArncSa Lam t .,I Aum 11 e I..... oi Lhe Pacific 1ide are Rudolph --- New York 000000a401-5 12 1 Cht a i kete ae t tha. .y "- 1i BltoMt tly t1t
aNnlT JrGAMES Wmil ou a.e uu -- j Robinson, Donaldo Prince, Sid- (Second Gane., Night) Oblcago DC-3 100 000--1 5 0 nit L de moth Amerilea as r t
Fra Ba. S 'cL i.. t t e i c .u, 1 .e ney Drydten and Marco Wilson. St. tLouis .. .. .. .. .. .. Reynolds (4-31 and Berra. de aor lear time. "t Now," he said, fllully.
lbo a n Sour Cola G E "-. A a I'he Atlantic Sle representa- New York .. .. .. .. .. .. Pierce a3-4. Judson and LoUlar. a ether seand round match- "Tiat r 6 w ne y who tild he
f-urdv *4.3 pm n-...L U o. ine LauI y Lives are Bric Ferguson, Rod- -- -- Jacques ten of BelgiumA t t wa t t. You know
..C Ced o vs' Spet Tirooos. '.. a e lauu. mwn Ntfties, Eric Waldron and (Nalght Game) beat Gerald Pilet of France -, p "
-Tondav" In the .t ht game, t he Car- Wa.lter Ansedee. ePittaburRhG ......... 3 (Night Game) -A, _8-3 and Micha_ Tranevlteh- ." n't -it oe sas h
ur Cola vs Claudio 0Cedeo 1 .l ,O F The CIO1 a l oRelayl or Class Philadelphiae .......... 7 Boston .. .. ..- .. .. I v i' downed Gilslewltes de u et
ednesday. 7 ;0 V D A s, ,., ,u A gi rls es Pbea four-corneredy i Cleveland ...... .. .... 5 1le soe eo France -81 6-1, l dg.s,, e ai...o
Ov~~xtica Sob .Il.Clu .S 3 o7. Lh tag ndy..San tua at. ade n lCincinnatie Y 0 1 eA Russell of ArleBtAtAealtae up while they're telipin pw
LEADING Cd ITTFRR"o .3 o C-A. C., and Club Mercurio. Brooklyn .... ...... 1- (Night Game) Lv defeated Leon Ntcorit e c i hWr' M h a.ayst

Willnwc a CC. Tr 'o "p *. 3, .2 ,* u Thener C i on4 tir wih Chicago at Boston Washingtonu ..n ... .. 1 Inrt Ia illet- o France bes t him believe Locwrt a f.i
FtM mle ,,iC,. ; CI A "6 'i':7 ,ea. i .u a ia sun hspeedstersa oeo tPotpned rtain. St. Lous .. ..s.. .... .. 2 .tl C-p.I o. South reo A buieoteln, thv el nI go o tonM
+' eei ,' s So 7 3 "Ca 42 "3i9i* AAILS t, b a~", E-a da re l t llt Lhr I el m Stew re JuS tonstance w ..Itl; .. J.. /-, e aen, wat.c w h
%kurd, 4 pm ,,l waj ,Lte Laus sau ., i vesWarner and Orsic ellBar1teau.then. Rod-111 so1e 91etes t of INGe $ It wla sIn 148 that er
d"i s S TwA1 0 .4 2: LAU ba, L lUaUn he. A 'm.ClubantNaCeuz Eric nWderInsand'rNgt Ganme) be erailofFrancs W
nL 3 a a.a h Ian Fg Tlaournevy YA tt s ee s iid .a
eth AL, o o "% -t:" inu~aI-- oownea Lhe rtea dox. Blake, Jeanette ;6 if ane, and fi ra ne. oy Swtteirtim / mibase and made hlm b leagt
SLEAsh (AL H t r a o nae In a i Prn G olf Cut l mste d Lof n Nowt gaI=- IlltarsI

be homered to right feld wn3 Mele nere., ,u. tu -ltSmn as trshey wndih twhe fh esme W offers an e sn.own. g all I oaflt& The one who uad been fitn-
Rthe bsls emi n -ru al ed asixand-i ta ci n a: tuEyenr. Al met.ey colaed k das on w Aerg rotu hdes oan tesr r int manned to theak in t en.utr

The box score: 1 vtr4 0rucai pwa ct aa aue. foesWaor prizes an d almostaeveri-toards. il'e -
-TiorIC AL 3w31AIkO Ka fc d he bo gi a pu tineteh hmeea Ticrnawatofyr aton toua- --Ar o- s E, o.aC mde t O~ lttleI

arson rT .A8 3 3 itun oS, bttroa ote piel Iaui nta Ctr Willdtd.e beat R.L MOUR bas.e. anD...
n v .i .H Acir a. s333t. for A s-winningte e ec m sO.T ko tite w.,-- he shor d ladle arl a i A ofl e rs soBd Shhewey bae o g oe r "heert .o...... n e. a-I hat .'
A.tenab. en o posted scores aretidAith ,,b stnr. .made bf a ai mh
:r ae, ALr ...... 6o 0 .a4 tn -3 e r e ArmyUAeturtitiAlb o enay'S d n d es on pt lr' .e t .ur Dd

Saomes. .. .... .3 0 1 atKta b la e night at Feora t KoSben the correct ilagur wtth Pro Ani-
t. oa if .A' bal Macarron Ieo7re starting 4When toIsdU -* ta l
t l r n. overcame the out lye r ay ener a double bogey count but
S er m er to add the hoop cr the fee be- some golfers e showing all The one who had ben
AL R basys emo. I d. Ar y hplng 50 cents. Al.oney collected kinds of wierd rounds on their

Tota GENCIA LAaMI AR 4H st n AL w+an with"a fier- ht Se ara e An j r AccAAAAEICAN-
T'hen bx..sce :4,m 3 I2 A i ra l R Eynos c dn fan try, -tadngs
kTthe oe:. ir al sr'gier ,rU oan so- p wr k-TOaes or prizes ad al.mos every- aardG o tpogintged ne sor ig too od o

en.a Lamw ...... 2 0 u -r e e rra W h- a t he eacu _______iver_____p_
.,c P ye rs. may 0 n henteas mar nyoo derv ecirtbUoyy Age1 t/askn pror o pr o pta bg0utut. a yetlr r* --ewl-r-ted
lrr .A.. .... .. b ll on top of hlbis Ter ne qu-tter rb getti p a ut the 14, h hole Te- han ulicapf oalltourena- r t i me t a tte
AVnnS. 2 S n h. tstint.4 iThe Athletics'oTX l3a 2, AEC.'.- hedheoul plk up a prize of some me, I based on a gafer's last,hinkla
s ........2 yItehoCk broke the spellInfantry Regimental HeadLuart ton ten correctly posted scores. Al CAN LL OURNEEDSrhesaid

aW. ru an ......... 02 02 a na ver. oser Comp any coppedthea The to17, ent c itt1e gu.. r by'e handicap board t. e ko.d e harid N l
Sn. b.......2 0 i ketball t has stressed tthatsta n1a a I vr ntofigureIt, tso there's a y
.....;*. lb .. .. ...290 1 31- 0 victory over second place1 hOuld carefully check t S re; no p tbem in Inarriving at the

ib lr 0........4a0 1r U nrnal h ie AeSi ecuriy A Regmental Hao play anrd post Ilyor' correct figur t ed.
Thom P. bi'IUIItttleoer Uni ted Inigh dtcat Fort Komba. the correct figure with Pro Ani-B

WCnxal ........ 0 0r o bal Ma, 15rron before startpoingted It. t w Body by Fih. e
Rave nA G..A....I ... .ntr.uted to. Man. ._ .. .... ..........., oLouus tIIai Ro
Tota..- 26 3 7 n Ahead ny only Iwo pomins e Pa Gol- Clu h- a
seA. FY 2h nc 01 r ers overcame the outma-ed

P .I...... La 1 0 0 0 1 1 cuIei net. nne na e scere wa pan 28; ak Cthe thn tu 1 tlyar t-Im Fa no td
TeamoclddnFigh FrCano

.Totals- 26t Seapuaraters 7-erto o t 140 P h ut- rre was n
'-" ny .sAn R N -UP .-TheMancheste r Uni nted Finalseparate Units, a MIn-IIW H
oc...dfantryoStadlngs: LOS ANGELES-Ramon Fuen- ow raeseewasdead andh
lb4 1 2 the Fall River AmrIan soccer Won Le te, 146 Los An eles, outpointed atee badly Injured this king Smrr R.
cf..........2 0 nud 11-1 9Atthep Fall River Regimental Headquarters Bobby Jones,1 7,OaklandCal.,m aFrance

vctor. bev G Company, 5-5, Stadim lt night. Company 7 1 -- r a
Suel S2almy 18. 2n01t7 ifrea Wy Company I Harper ,ee' lxIth
t.. Wallace. 1 0 0 champions Fall River's onlyogoalIOtet Uts r/,OaklandoCal.. tuna_, eview modgs to.. "ieye- .
2o,.tOtherSetdatei UtefR.W.medel lu.u

A 3 9iVA COSrTA RICA & CUoiA ayer was held, so the tem .a .a = -e I t
PrAo. Sb...... 1 20 07nr- k inkthe lft hair on acTrIn itst2nd 'Round; Reglmditu N WARK, N. J. Charlie W*i- "Wt l plled up b Tes the

son leFall River contributed to MColnnpa n ..

and mor or your tr dollars! In Sundawv's Mg wn over ei "Roket"E

SComoany Private First Cl-as .B .- .... :.'
M Martin tried to kick the ays e manyy
a R osel2 R2A A- AA30-TanksComa 1 6:SW-London outpointed RenatoTom-' oSee RdruezwhoridofOlsmobe's -is

11 3 0.T -3. !..;' eh aftim e score .ws5-1 -2 l=r re t d

| 'po S 8 3 28; n 'kw "m n' ,,th
d C y150.75 3 trie) d a on..d Inr. ,.mlCHICAGO Richard (DocIe kbest turning histr'
adnu 47-Service CoWtkins, 140rvl Pittsburgh. out- aT seOAine was hand-l
aany 35. 1)ointed eHaroldLLyons 1'39. Devc Weas*uerHelen B. b asuuaawp fl& ndneAOw "I

I 535. ...round'trip (90 days) a

Smarter Driving
- the "B"^ end
w styling of thms.
oy f the bigger,
mng powerr of
iIll. to the silken
6Oaly thenmwl *:
' way to g .
SW *

.. < .. .. -. ,


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,.' ., :'

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+1 10* 1

- y 3 ,. .

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30 StIll

aa ?rAOPICAt 75fil

; p < I p
f injt l^t a'
n, oag



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-m re am
, "e e e t r i v fr m a r
ap*n.. ^ W ..^...SSJ^

Pa .

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mao, a

6u r-We

a. ma
*i. .* a.
.i,* :: O

9^t ** *
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ItOd, his fi-ywr atr or-al

LA. t, qS,9
L Q A .. .. *..- -. :- ..- ... .
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1 Ir 9 1
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by U


-2. -Iw.s o d l t a ds ca.n-.-.
I. e W b.tore has a wepbMuutiuu.
4. ~ W it .-ar W owSa r modes e es.i
5. Bhave f C the Chepst Mes sad the tghet Qualy

If lag to the ASv Fomes or' If yeo have a ,
.)CO oear Store ad you em e oe. your town emsr
to b*ay m itW "




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. "A '' i'.A I

2S,.ct ."
", l" i .- '

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A J,. -
M -.

S he.
ot 4tBht I
ftood that (t."

fl -9

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- I n.



r-~ n"~




f. 1!


J,*. S *-.*,A .*\ '/


_ .

U tle Joe's

Church Becomes

: cus Of Feud

x)-Orphanage officials de-
dagf tomorrow whether the lit-
t" f church that grew out of a
, dytg boy's dream half a cen-
t tury ago will continue to serve
orim'an children.
. heated debate has resulted
flAn the decision of the board
of regents of Barium Springs
ftphanage to place the rellgl-
one education of its. children
directiv In the hands of the
Presbyterian institution.



A chapel at 'the orphanage
would be used for services in-
stead of Little Joe's Church.
One church has threatened to
withdraw its financial support
from the orphanage unless the
policy is changed and tomorrowI
the executive committee of the3
board of regents will meet to
c1~rity its .position.
The church, built in 1907. wasI
named for Little Joe Gilleland.
an orphan who was too sick to
walk to services in a nearby
oammunitv and wanted to build
for the institution a church1
with two porches."
Uttle Joe died in 1903 at the
age of nine and 45 pennies
found in his purse were used to
start a fund which drew support
from all over the State to build I
the church.
The board said the proposed
chapel would provide a religious
center better adapted to the
needs of the children and would r
have no affect on Little Joe's i
Church. E
However, the First Presbyte- 1
ria Church at Kannapolis con- m
tended that the move threaten- n
ed the "autonomy" and "even
the existence" of Little Joe's t
Board members, smarting un- c
der charges of "dictatorship." t
said they had no Intention of o
doaig away with the church and s
couldn't if they wanted since it i
ip inot under the jurisdiction of c
the orphanage. C
'The Kannpolls church, ex- a
revsIdng fear that the historic
31tle orphanage church might a
bt surVie the change. voted g
ti atop financial aid to the in- Z
atMbtion unless the board I
41Mhged its mind. a
'The board% executive comr- I
mittee promised to issue a clart- a
a a stateMent after' tomor- C
n r meeting.
me orphanage official said fi
IN favored the chapel "because Is
4 link Little Joe would have se
ft1ted It that way. He wanted
to build a church for the ch4- a'
dren." A
Vily, May 23 ti
High Low R
:H1 a.m. 9:28 a.m F
1:i p.m. 9:54 p.m.


AN 1


w b Le- the people knb N eA truth aa th, P., Th ,cut Wt -.

* ,

iii v Ioln.
HtvVt lN?

Actor Garfield Sufa.r FirstI

Heart Attafock Three Y*ors AgoB 1
A.b' st ,wd .
"fthaNried :
NEW YORK. May 22 (UP)- north of the sprawling, slum- night atte they d had bd h i Mis Whitney refused to let te, ae 1
John Garfield's heart attack ridden section where he was together. .. t. n m h'
which killed him while he slept born Jules Gartinkl.e, the son of' Detectives and city heat A* a. i'I dent' believe you're he
in an actress friend's apart- a por taller. therltles aidafter an lavt men," officers said she t i
ment yesterday morning was tion that them was nothblt "'tu're reporters and I
his second attack in three Police rushed to the apartment pleous a ut ar O eld'ttS want to talk to any retbf Id. a ane
years, it was revealed today of Iris Whitney. 36, actress and hi who l t. li i
by his doctor. nterpretive dancer, shortly after peered In .the rdway p 'he two detectives and t' .
after playing hine set o ten- Garfield 39. was declared dead tien, "Dart Ot The Mo a policemen threated to l
niate at about 10 a.m. Miss Whitney, nied any 'oIatc att do n the door. After a iff aS ,
nTh Lower East ide uenile who would not let officers in un- for Oartl who had beef with them for more tn ha an
delinquentwho became famous til they had threatened to break rated f"lm his wife foe e Miss Whitney it ''p
as a tough-talking stage and down the door, said Gartleld than af tI d n. They left at It; n .16',e Bu
screen actor died about a mile came to the apartment Tuesday "WO .justfrienS. .cni. g to talk to n du l
__ -~~ Whitneysid, an then beam l.At about noon, e i en tell tha e
cry. I Wbite nead, wife of b twoadwoilr A
iSam Maphis Receives Three Awar os. GarHel ad dhis blawife, th f i r Gdueeorege Whl police maid Jafttau
S m mNsapnus l Veeis = I I-we .MwarUD.. mr Rbert*. Mann, whoS k irVed to console Mi WtEb WaMMw after wift
-mJ = I ll I I Me = t marred. in I be h" l WM alo ter Whitehead arrivdt s they arrested
Trophy At BHS Awards Day Meet d d .t newsmen that M iehecliM
--- -w J Ml B"^ I^WIW WJ ni *Tey hAd a S, tad, Ix I WM from Pasadena. Oal., :IA = UfJ^ tt
ao daugh iet eb f quit show busam to Ww was wool. 'k,
S daughter, l nhtle, interior decorator. : [ ,ill aowes gl
Awards to students who have scholarship, in honor of a for- in 1945. l i
excelled in scholastic. extra-cur- mer oustanding Balboa High A friend of Mns. Oart Miss Whitney had An t k \O also told pplie the
ricular and sports activities School student, presented ly ported that she had a M "JBh Brown" In l h .is ..op tivve a
were presented to a number of John's father, E. M. McGinnas was give sedatiVea and pti malr in 1046 I and T Hqur an'.
Balboa High School students in to Sam Maphis; bed in h apartment. ong" in 1948 and .' tewo thet a ob"
the annual Awards Day As- The Junior Colege award for MISn Whtr that aroleld's last min 194 andn one o t
the annual A s. MissbWh ItiMs ltsaid that OPts" Garfield's lastro, Wia flInl' oe -
sembly held in the Balboa gym- the best senior actor, Including field& p oards at a Uns a Independent pr Iui one p Me
nasum Wednesday morning. the Delta Psi Omega scholar. tan HO all t Monday n All The Wa." Sh berge (that
The awards day was the 11th ship, presented by I Wendallt had ben up untli MonM Winters. He had AlbeTW t Is e fr tiA
o be held at the High School. Spreadbury to Michael Mc- bed dh UP eth : s: n Wdnters. Hepa i engm I .& e DIt fet hw ma i
'Irwin Frank, Student Asso- Nevin Tuesday. She sai shee ar d Lu t Yot preparing or Oiay9s, ed nytfis 0a
nation president, served as mas- Diamond masks for outstand- fieldam ddi Luch A ok theater to .r met him
er of ceremonies until the close Ing work in dramatics, an- famous German restaurantro he eloed a flifne-o* t BUlL1
Df the assembly when he in- bounced by Subert Turbyfil.l: Aluflted by irctU BkbOlt' .""Valeo foy i t W
tailed the officers for the com- Michael MbNevin, azel Grit- tAfter di7r they et ft ,i Boy"W0faW
ng year and turned the gavel fith, Murray PFak, Joe Fuller her In a
>ver to the new president, a Kenneth P tman brownstone Wasm Th
Charlie Smith. The igh School haard, equl- Oramercy bm MT
In order of presentation. talent to valedictorian Inri other p.m., she *a 6 1 larb
Awards were made as follows: schools, for the anler having Ing coffee, sh a wb p i
American Legion Post No. 1, the highest scholastic ranking, Id .iMi.t
ward for the most outstandIig presented by Mr. Hots to Car- Miss -
traduate, presented by Eulle men Man; doctor, but oneI ll=. .


~*-~ I."





W Sage

'5'. _h ^


Miss Peggy Sage, the internationally famous
', hand-beuty authority, brings you direct from her
Paris Salon ... a new, an nhnitely better nail polish-
a different method of color blending. Now gone
S forever is any trace of muddiness inmead
crystal clear coles tht make possible a vast
.A array of outbuier shades. A finish
a t sparkhls he aEmpss' Crown that
bass jeudlbe hwdndmss- which ats and
hsts. This in i perforumaes. of Peggy Sage,
presl at tib mnot beautial nail
polih hals in dthe world!

a eA't *Pw' Pq SW ad pA w she.
S m eII g eliA e *s"fg P rW a Vpsicks.

o.wanes -a T Mw Lemon

. igh school awards, also a*-
nounced by Mr. Hots, tr stft-
. dents who made a straight "A"
Average for the first fwive it-
Ing periods this year: .Xa
I Garrison and Mary Lou Ae ;
Itudent asisata awards In
chemistry, preseates W M.L
0. Flhcher to Sharon *Wa1 on,
Joyce Oollg., Mary Ja Ie 0i1-
veste, Donal ribe, Noble fi--
liday and William Kaska;
Usher awards, presented by
Irwin Frank to Jacque Rufth-
Ing s. Marie di Bella. dna Wart,
Peggy Lowe, Florence Orecelfus,
Donna Rossltto, Anne'te Bar-
nett, and Lucy Driscoll
Art awards, presented by
Beatrice S. Gardner, with the
announcement that BS ,ate-
dent Justin Wong hq4 W M h
South place in an Internationa
competition sponsor b tbhe
Latham Foundation: 4el4a
Tilley, Sadie Williams, $et"el
L6pez, Jeannette Gas, O lX
Suazo, Lynne Schults. B Oels
Pearon. Pat Peacher, MaW Oob
Music awards. presented tg'
Victor Herr and received n-be-
half of the group by _y
*Crooks. to Irwin Frank, e a
Fil6s. Murray Falk, 3 u,-t
champ, Beth Lockridge; W-
mond Boyd, Pred RaCy1eW ,
Joan Sharp. CesUilda CasUe 3l
Cola Goodin. Janet GIb=l t
Plores, Peggy .Lowe. Arbte
Matthews, Jean Harris, M' iqA
Toledano, Cynthia Kert =i.-
ley. Holland, Pat Fester, SnlM
G. Feller, Bob Carlin, Id -ft
neth Pitman.
Zonlan award, Quill and ScrB
(National Junior JoUeaigM.:
Society), presented by X. Alf
to Coila Goodin. a Jiittr-
man. Edith Beaucham$, ,eom
Hart. Barbara Shaw, paMa
Business awards, for wat tan
the "Zonian" "and the f"a-
keet." presented by I LW.2/
chett and received byW Twdl Lae
and Murray Falk on -iebaif tof
the group: Jape MaciM, '-.!
ley Karat, Ken Pitmm, rwimr
Frank, Carmen Nat it Jam
Harris, Richard tK, V*a/
Medina, Leo Roaim, MmaVl
Falk, Beverly Rosan, WMian
Bleakley, and Lucy 4 Alm
Parakeet award, ft pWnted
by Mary Brigham., Ql d
Scroll. Anna Galloway, ,Kay i
Vinton, Joan BMsM, 'kaa
Selby, Richard Dlae y
Davidson, HRelaa u 1M, f m,
Ienteehel, Marray aimk, ue
Garrison, aden Pge, m* ,
Rosemary U'io al r,
Track Tr"phy, wm .
T. McNeil on beba of tge o -
boa Gun Club amd n .e _
1a1i Maph*a. ar e fbn ta.i ,
track tam.
l k a OvtstuC AtMgue
award., uren gtd Ayfl
ZAerte to a. O.
/tr-a L/ter ama

would ;

ket under oriW 1 a .' ,
Mle W..31 0T sbt -
a UhVg e e
Yesterday morning. when WM*
got up and ma breakfast. she
said, Gartleld il seemed to be
asleep. She took a glass of orkng6
Juice to the bedside and shook
him. When he did not respond,
she called Dr. Charles W. Nam-
mack, who pronounced Garfield

Police said they found the or-
ange juice still on the bedside
A surgeon from the medical
examiner's offloe went to the a-
partment and reported he found
nothing sausp.ic .
When detectives-and patrol-
men arrived at the apartment,

Slo Whe I ke

CON WaKer Mn

Pays $75 N
An Army sergeant whose ear
broke a water maim on BruJa
RUad near the COoaEl Fire Sta-
te early Tuesday eano ,W. au
iMed '175 for resui dri'ng
today in the Balkboa agsMttoe'
The defendant. bOy Geotme
NUeMt, 46. of Port Ckkyus par-
tUlay demolished Tb l Btue-
.mde sedan. ntlured 7eAd
t eb and bte the watw
=.a a a result of rseeding
Sth on Bruja Rad. The car
g4"ded across the rood and
truck an embahment.
ft. Nesbit was t Mtd at Jt
Cqton Hospital fSr muor t-
M. He atmVe to '
alery of the 9t d AAA Bmt-

NM i 'Nwruwm

brew (detbit



i mh i

ve 6t SIX
and a si

s out. ot d
i idpaaea LMc o


mw fin won a saatse-wiG
tUaRt that led him to deide ti
00iB"- am actor.

t. V nr saw Garfield In
the .ytLost D'" and *ngaged r In -CowsM.elorAt t
W," starring Paul Muni. dar-
tSe h went on to fame and
,,. ooaring in UWatti
l" "Awake and Sing.
- ." and "HavingA

A I 1 Or3eI took a screen
test 0 4Wv~ed his first film 3:
re mr Dauhters." It sc
b,,uc shifrm and pats Ma
in F W at" "The Fallen ond
Spaf,* e Postman Alw~yvs
RI T.W,'" BSaturday's Chil- and :;
dreat, Id a number of other lrta

PC. mW oyes Get Ind
TijOff To Say -
Gote To Vogels a
V *n Cat S hO'.hool
Who, RiMtePaific cSidenot ai
=V "-w atvd the short G I

Wife Who Fed 4n $12.50

Finds $20 Best She Can Do

. -lad

Eta by
* hawe
its of d
he gene
and ta
a. aWNde

means 0

War. in the
AX 'ounda-
S ponsor-
hp teaching
MA winners
1. 8. and
Wi Heights
School, see-





6ennett to Coilsa oodin and
Michael McMewin, with .ionor-
ible mention going to Sam
Maphis, Leona Hart. Ray David-
Pon. Virginia Selby and Anni
The American Legion award
or proficiency in spoken Span-
sh, presented by Hans Peder-
en to David Mcrlhenny;
The United States history
ward. by the Daughters of the
merican Revolution, presented
y Mrs. M. B. Huff to Sharon
The Reserve Officers' Associa-
on Award for the outstanding
OTC cadet, presented by John
. Oster to Sam Maphis;
The John Mitchell McGinnis

: .
pea"a a 'Oo tawo
kaft street in the t
beinf derailed nla a ci
ager In the truck wer

.,." F'
A: S

I cant
iesM de-
st ansp.
5 t?.|m



-- .|




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