The Panama American


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The Panama American
Portion of title:
Weekend American
Physical Description:
Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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& reply to Looking Up Mall Box May 13):
SJ a man aosun uk s. aimpiony muaic is can nearly
.tn .- ughlng and screeching o playing children c
ld wht s harder on the ears than sirenA, whether
lfce. or air raie warnings.
6 you lropose tO do away with all these?
Coke Is disturoing only won one ailo-e8 it to be.
Ihe sound of military' airerart n any area the true
security the security Uncle Sam is giving us just
t it of him. but do not always appreciate when we ge
Sto you believe the men who fly these planes are i
rtaininR themselves with so many hours flying, as one
a model pianeO
our sense of humor runs to speaking of strewn bodies
easily located in populated areas. I m afraid I can
ate it. How do you suppose It makes the families of
formally I consider an anonymous letter not deservir
r of a reply. Anyone unwilling to sign his own state
have auite a guilty conscience about what he has sal
tter of yours is so out of reason thit I couldn't sl
Realize that beliefs can and do differ.
happens to by my belief that only God can make a
d only God can shift the winds.
borothy Kunki

i: A calm and serene period. in the midst of man's bewli
8earch for peace and security, was in ected into the lives o
hlrtv-flvc people who attended the recent Retreat at St. i
to me who have known depression and war thev were
So*Wed and precious moments of serenity.
This brief respite from the world and its entanglement
Made more enjoyable by the kind., narlfish efforts of
S I*els of inerev, the Nuns of St. Mary's. Their tireless
nAovide mevls that were worthy of the Waldorf Astoris
SJWonderfdl e-rvole of Christlnitvy In action.
or such service at the Waldorf Astoria one would have
16 tOay deaajv but here the pay was only appreciation a
Theirtabe teen-age assistants, who labored at the m
At ,must also be commended for their long end patient
1 t w hour wben adolescents long to be doing bther thing
Idea eerleal P w after someone ele's dinn er.
7n- nonl*xs a man% labor is lost If he can not sell It
-i' ma ll *s Af l amourit of labor rentied of the many (
V)es who frilid to enjov the opportunity of meditation
4$ tment which this Retreat offered.
A Grateful Christian


Ue "alfleer crews wo are experienced and trained
The ret of us have pur pro"ertv handled by some cont,
i IB outfit who prObIaLy found their experienced packers a
s ago in a field with a iabehete in their hands.
Aren't a seMeant's wegessions as valuable as a colonel'i
No mars nor Bara


In reasrd to "LookinK Up" and "Looking Down." I
sfrald that 1.Wl have to tide with 'Looking PUp."
To you "Looking Down," it appears that you failed to
ft dangerous situation that prevPis dav and night In Ma
SVit, and how slmnly It could be corrected.
Instead. 'Lookine Up" happened to hit on a sore spo
S urs and that ws all you aot out of it and started ca
I m wondering just what you so called "Bird Men" (n
f i doubt fits size of yovr brain) would do if a sub ata
11lotngI tmdsailes from off the c t. Would you fellows be.
OSU yr d froe flying ing in C es all day so ou could
k, u a 1 ocate0 the sub?
f athppned about a mloah ad a half ago when
9 t6eatitlfied aircraft slipped in sand wa't discovered till it
SOf year quaint Utopia? Nothing!
Just the sirens blew and whme were you?
Local YTokel.


L the past wieks Tom has had his just share of pat
outblder through the Mail Box, with everybody rooting
Sto be wanted an extension to continue working.
WB so. Tom has five more months to continue work
1at"Mest that there will be sufficient time for the Ba
_J!_to to Viv a realistic touch to their humane feeling
to himo an enve8lo9 on the day of his retirement, t
siblv help out with the $28 a month that he exp
STom is afraid of the days to come.
eb ltes to think of tone home broke after years of t
*want to* become a charge to the Panamanlin peO
Be will o b ble to seelve not even hospital me
sI te1 sod future to ask for an extenuion.
get's uk It a real Amerian imture with some
em .,

..Your Wife?

wis-d ft takke
114-0urw your wIet


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L. .-.w fo. m.

I ..=-,

S Imported
Coanned Hoes

" an
r9 T1


I.. Huttlty Robbed I

... By St agerm

oj Soviet ti $ |
T r 6o04 moSSAt

A new United Nations s&rve '
of aon d eeonom e and social i
cInMil.iLU lbdirtct.y serves to
r la magni'.jude of Comn-
* Amer- LiunitikU a ime against men of
0Il Cen- ,n1s &ke.
Waiue te _U0 y found that
ma th a thair or the ljae's total po-
puiatlon Was V iAking signiti-
cant s&xldes towrd higher liv-
1ig standards, it included that
opiueM ihe osher two-0lrds is fighting
a &osiag battle taalnst hungtt,
poor ousloag, Ilorance a n u ,
generall poverty;
LomMuinism, if you recall the,
advertisements from the Krem- I
"un and amortez branch oiflces,..
Strive A supposed to cure for all.
d me anments of modern-day hu-
Dan be "' ". tiUi'tR0am is Su4PpO- r
ea tQ be e 'p06 e's friend.
police. No one voA pftend tnat if
there were 0O Mpeow-directed
communism all te Ills of thel
worlo would thereby be solved
sound and upwards as we pie wou b ,be goyt high'
et it. 6 andard 6 vi. .
merely Yet 'ft a d trmal fact
would that the United ttes asd
man y other free Isatlons are
.being pouring billions of dollars
I Lap- annumatl into armaments,
these using up steel and other
'e suostsnces and comman-
ni the deering the skills of millions
e Buts of men.
d. But id An these materials and
. I all thee talents could ob-
vlou* be put to far better
a tree pur= Opro the lot |
of Aftwf_ fm, of Europeans,
e. fndedV 4f tU mankind.
We a6d the zmeet the West
are not In the mark- _
ed -by the UN Aa AM los-
Ing battle wit poverty.
But our tech2ial knowledge.
Idered our machinery, out chemicals
of the and fertfllers and other ma-
lar'a termdr oould be at Work right
Shal- now on a considerable scale
s combing the handicaps of the
lose a unfortunate two-thirds. WA
labor The UN discovered there ,Penn
Swas is today per cent le food ean
i had in the world that before Usltb
t the World War 11, even though Th
Sthe there are millions more j
ienial mouths to feed. lhe
labor Supplies haw declined have
r be- "most sharply in areas where nman h
they are most needed--as Pat 1
each in the Par East when
If you could ask the Sen
woung Chinese under CMfmmunit fer V
i and rule. what would they say r aps a
of the blessings 'brought by I an A
I. "benevolent" communism? The
of the
The housing problem ia ni. o fthe
versa], but It Is naturally much elpthi
worse ina umder-developed re- In 1
and "ins. GOeorgi
', by In these, an estimated 150 due to
b "y million families need n e w San
ract- homes; In more advanced areas, tion
Ifew the figure Is 30 million. Tled
A study of 17 European na-. The
9? tons showed .that the p
. construction rates W*re d Io -
it would take aM a*rage ofB sll
.ve s to meet housing n lt
Ot nowhere are such vetl"
nf possible. .: 8 6
That they are not ls ril
am great part to Communls ricSl
Se :s ed *it
see Our prime task today s bal be
*rg- not to advance ourselves lPart
and the world along the Oraner
it of road of human betterme. chlefti
uing but to prevent the pains w a
iame have already made from o#eer
rgf, being destroyed. We wI
"e ~ ,*nd ourselves ao .g. Rus
d as ~pam of eowauest w Na Gal
MsVuerade as sa r 4.I "".s
an of the people. 9 wh
S", T. hli
1Even in backward holdain
gass will be re.)SSClan N
ethe Kremlin's .l.. .
.how much more
done If we were free to toeo b
our energies on bulldhn 1ew
-eace Instead of for piable
f on vesry tank built by the free
,fr nations*, eery gun. every p ane
i san evidencep th.t the HBS
bo sia're blsckma'lna hunter' A
boy itv. suc'inu out substance tat bi. A
th.t should be thrown into the ,flq,
eats for the upraSIn+ f men's .
Solvert for human ills Jq' .topes theurp
tol:Detpte the greatest 'frad i
the tM
Not Funny to Cope ment"
teal, ul *vali
hMe couldn't see the humor W It
Sthe situation when a young w I -. i aIch
In and her mal. compantra UB ton
minted stealing sa cntal I st
q712 "Just for a joke."' o r as
eaulght the "Jnketerp" when
the safe protruding 'rom th be
trunk of the couple's car.
E. *nr's

*I 1
*k Hill

* ~.

r wo ,.

- a ."


fy N and
SINGTflt. James P. tStanery, the
;Yvlaa rd e the Preuldt has chosen to
out cortik i the pver'ent, has
cmfM Attonem e of the
S Ise ur a to be another
Speellma" the MMry record
npot y the Chair-
of ta a1 9, Sen.
tiVe more liOs efidlec iiengven.h

. McCarrea go

mnerican .A4w
* young ThR
a, sul agUe
Ia, RNa fte
brief. In th ,m
e and Quan
Svisit this eo
Russwll. eoun 3
of assaswMam
Clan Na Oae

of the money was tra
ry by James Mcarrity
in of the Clan Na Os
d to McOranerv direct bI
. James Brlaie.
ell left the otry, and
el began to S for Its
Jthouh th u was m 1I
ot"asM Ad was
removed thl putebw
t the 0.000 61 ft
Ra Gael grew more w

By Crony

Stownt MtP

No bew thian V= law ers applied, at dif-
ferent thnes, to McOtete .
One ot them M. j. Visard, testified
that .In 1S45 MeGraiw offered him a ttAl

* U .rEqEa7.,m-a .- .*.. .+.<
Pau.uu'st1" r- "1W "-I

t read them neWs

A s rate enough t *e of the Mie, bt iaH
tatpLot tt and Sawyer warned t It.
ThMy argued that it wajs td tie a stae and; it pW,
an rty general might ntn to ruth

uMenwhlie, mnore dt.-s _camne over
turnout that the mI uohmese
ft t e mgtt AbO h
and on. So Presfden man
nfo" efthe e flmtecat
of Detenie uus's'eiiue

'~., ~p: ~

aWIM DO T We a a nyat ptU m 1 t ..
*d mVIbld0X I-=l of $05,-to Me

064%;=Vamm Renoeethe eoStto ,k ri-
omrd amery. to. e $5.000 to th M a e ,
ClaMnloss 00 h The aetinlg at trw S..,r'
caau4 Ao nave iftM t obtaining ueu'ssl' -
IS b testimony btle Senate Judiciary
Connmale, Dilwoh th who CIO dent P e h
busem as a "shabby at pprop Jhl.
azy hardly to answer DaI- ,n
mon, except to point l Dwerth was a o: .
VMaber of America=s ta1 Me Action. Ofdtf a e the MevoUa was vM up s
eral of lis collea es w je .
Sa obe o. 1 was where tn thugh with t at-
e.n s 4 trike of tht nation el msail .1. PIe Muts y
erauae and as AAttoealnoate, tthis utd rw, orig a l. .te1.
0 laaple enough. -t i
Wimi Ben. and Mrs. ,tams t e to Bach tome etm*Med fide thi tfe OM4 It f
; .1and .*a
oer Tuman croy. Mueftlt tmoofthis"

O W... New TeoB &. ) i i

Europn Defense

rabliio, peace meaty
Ia Defense Ior as One of
t with _t .maw i
* aet bA

Groupment .w wem r .v

a s ~me rsas" ** m
man^ Q Germ" MIM
b aSaaabre io
o~~~~our~~~4 00,*' NMNiyg ai5 A.
*w~~~~~~~~~~ theiIIIMN~K^~-IDMuW mN
*m~ S"a^^l^ia32

P 3.~iuieI





dTAr4R T4 NWR4Pwm
are effevg a






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'ea t a

I n
at intS
I to v

O wl"n a,
All #an." Aad

hi a



t* t a for.'l u

the ttstle usIifld ,
prestat dy d ..

union wal e tAt6 1 ffti
ai-uem L ei :
l-a E *Bgainlr llkI th


kt r f l

fc9I tIV. Itre

f etrom her n atliar*

VFW 1ncaman
STo On June IS
PU' heS been
the L -Vetl r ot-ers

the ...
i June 1 ," ,,
ga6 t Moltno, o
mbinLUt dtaaufu. ih>.^M & J

a trb.

Y e

k* ;t X4I,L
S. s. i

mt a
the v

...- o



ft 4
a '
'lea S
~a4',j~ a.~4 ~47

Amltteu Cm bed

h. *~ I 4I~, m

at i ts best...,


/m ..

DwiV thR mE ftOtAle


, -: v
: a. ,

PB !a *^*.*'if^ -. ,, i,. F
,A ^ ;*.** ....^' ,"- ,.^ .''
o, ikr-? "<*j P* c< j .. ji^i' >
,,- .TC I' M tt'ff -
e L Q vIS B r

in Tf
c k i'' o^
talkld sass 66Mgft^
Lenb'Al'tavf^ .


' ICnt Aia

*-*..$IFSD a -4j ttr1z
w^'-r. .-e" .*. -," "of,'* 'v" .- '
.**.*.,t,. "* ". 'M, < f'..

1. ,. 0 .
t'^'! *- "
it ). | *- .,

rI -
-:t *
- 't* .

-a. ..



U. :4/Jufla.. a

- .. U
* a~,.
~ ~
-a v-..
* -.a-,.~. ~ f~


S. A,


.' I ..- S .
2 $a&** *

i-,,.' ; -*, .: ^ ".. .L-- ^

*~k Tel

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'. o f
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or CA'



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'". ,,.'. : ,*'s
-" os11 y -
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..,........... -
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ok P #Ova
**, -. -


-~ .-~

Cargo and Fre t-Ships and Planes-Arrivals

UItA ~ -.-- __________

t 30o s ns MCORY ON
1 Waema. flnnin JACOBY ON RIDGE

Great *iteI


i I New EOrease Service
-Western Union was reported Written for NA Servic 1 SE L
today to have offered a wage SS. d
increase to 30.000 striking AIL ..............
union workers provided the gov- ........... ...........
ernment approves in increases *st '-- lI! *ot*- ."um1u tuemue CM c h
in telegraph rates d n 9d m Cd 91 A .,
Informed sources said the of- md 9 1g "Id -
fer was five cents sa hour for' i d C "e 9 i
workers on the 40-hour work V W W1 l ons New Vork Sw e e
week and a 20 per cent boost for inA tno1-qloN
those on a longer work week, .. ............................
T h e Interstate Commecee .. 1o S.S. a
Commission reported It had not V .........
received a rate Increase request c sMV ,$v9 ... .... ..
from the company. (6) HXAl(O h
A spokesman for the AFL 0I .. ao .................... .. ,,..
Commercial Telegraphers Union z0tlft IX wee Wenp a ST to New Yrk. ibM
Alm noted that the company's offer 860tti r tA Aan Pralimpl. ..--r m
would not become effective un- 'ooN9 9 e9L9I t tw fwgH Miusu rtu .
tili-he rate increase had been L igy g USMZi Ceind A"e e
a Proved by the commission. He WXV* .
NaV it thus was an "iffy" pro- wtVl tlAb to Nw Ofiem via
f pawtion with "no money settle- CO bA t
m=tt at this time." toir9 Tbela Hn '" Cg9
Western Union said in a state-
m ient it had offered to "continue ON .................................
th' terms of the old contract 8.L. ........................ .........
with respect to the work week 8, ...................... .. ......
and the methods of payment Pssener ervie O
until approval can be obtained" "There must be a way to make (Passener Service Only)
for a rate increase. But it said six spades with this band,' writes TULEP ONUBi
it will still insist on ending the a Pittsburgh correspondent. "If OBlBTOBAL S121 PANAMA N 8-&= OLOM
union shop in its system. there Is a way, however, it has
The company claims it will managed to hide from us.
go bankrupt if it grants ashy
wage Increase at the present "When the hand was actually
rat( scale. played, West led the ten of clubs.
se South won in dummy with the
OPS OkOyS Price king of clubs and led a trump to
the ace, discovering the bad
Boosts On Nine news. E cept for the bad trump
break, he could have drawn
Conned Vegetables trumps and still have ruffed his
last heart in dummy.
WASHINGTON. May 21 (UP) "South drew the rest of the
-The government issued a re- trumps and then led the nine of
gulatlon today that may add diamionda and let It ride around P A8m vmmUu 'r :SVamy AsI
one to two cents a can to retail to East. This lost to the ten of EA U"mteD Number TH AND emmIN
prices of nine canned vegetables diamonds, and. East returned a N-*
and fruits at independent gro- club.
caries. TO w.sO :
The Office of Price Stabiliza- "South now play.?d for some M.S. Wyomain ........................................... M.y
tlon order, effective tomorrow, sort of aee or for the heart.
tsslihtircreasesinwhole-sortOfS break. ehe only heart that sss 3nOMeWUAz Noa
so m akupt on canned peas, break. Th .... heart that .............. ......32
Sbeasu corn. tomatoes, to- broke was his own, and no
Juide. f r u t cocktail, squ developed. TO CENTRAL AXnBCA a WEST COAST U.S.A.:
markeups on canned peas "Isn't there some way to MS. Chil........... ...... .............................. May 21
Se offielals said the order squee the telfth trick out of
Aot akfect retail chain this hand?" PASS kNsM aCE tbo NEW TOK to PM.LYTNOJM & t RAT9:
Since they buy directly There's a faIly simple way to "
In cancers. Independent make twelve tricks, but queeg PASSENGImB 3lE from CARTAGENA to EU3M :
., however, may add their has n.t todo with it. It'the
age mat~up to any in- sett of hihnd that hits most py- '" ........ ........... ....... '-"'.... "
d4 whu!-rale pries Price erg in blind spot, so 0S0"abeChbak I N P o M 3- A 1n13
'aid these increases at 'll have wfun .... U .... N, M- o S I t *M
be W% Il. two cents Ior l__n rM nmr a- D;n ob
u sed cal. -

have "sufferedL a dec ne. df *hl g tW lw ', d leads a small trump to the
e aIeLIon is the firstto re- pgamt good defense. Then he leads a diamond to
Swfrom an OPS "qiukkle" sur- dummy's ace, discards a dia- M AU
of earnings of both whole- South e m Sbunt tdl r .use nond on the ace of clubs, ruffs a ri *A A U yL
rand retail pocers. hearts a dh miand, and tW .ltbs, club with the king of spades, and
Is still in the process of a total of sx tricks lat.-e side leads his remaining low dia-
edering ceiling price in- suits. He Oeed ix trump tricks mond.
aes for retail groee on to make t lain. i
15 food classfleations, in- The nortal'way'tb wtlnlig sx A defender can win this die- ;nu R Ei
bng ftoen food, cheese, trump tricks Is to get one ruff in mond trick and return a heart -
ied bef, and some canned dumWnt aad then make Ib five ,roekt defense). Dummy wtis '
table fruits and fish. trumps in the South hand. 'Tht with the queen of hearts and re- -
IG :FATU pl n sI doomed when It In reveal. turns the Jack of diamrnlA for
GT ATA that West has all the trmps. south to ruff with the 4)Wn of
South must therefore plan to get padres. Now South lea low-
I ,10 or Toe Dalmaian doge, two ruffs In his own hand and trump and draws the res4~t 4he
I qpned himself when his collar then make the four trumps In trumps with dummy's jack, ten
mIt on a water faucet and the dummy. and nine. South wins the last CAN FILL YOUR NEEDS
ed the water on trying to Declarer wins the first trick in two tricks with the ace and king
S himself dummy with the king of clubs of hearts, making the slam.




.,9 I



Q ^W1.1.W1 W W f
I %LS^9. I-f1rrl

.1 -1 aft IL Iw
11% i^B '**lk^


g&^Ewigsai ..

On w-sR. Fibso

Whbe Maok Stalls



.m ,,- O *









4MN, A
7 NW/%

* 'I !1w -\

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.5,, -

Big Shay

'~ '~R '~I~

S. '.~

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A tift fo Mr B ady



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~AO^i MIB' eaw_ 'u

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ime-* ._

* W -- Nw. o *w. wa
I VVeer
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Dunfor W I..

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wlth, Grable ou d e W

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, 4 oW r


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Oft i@ toda- y and make arrangempnto *tNf
ivory, color ud model of w ofI


Tab. 2- f

)~S. Pidlyd
hu.~ *h~4i 4

k.t M -a n
,?1 .t Li, ,m ,v ~ib ;. .,
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ao LDUUd
mus an
wd my x

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-a warn

dom crimtl
*," the play
atar In p*
WSs ex-wif
Atuold. li

iF a lp&
*Aaom .M-L


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1lt-v --Il 3MM


'deb^ i Mk 9 u^cih

o OtOm .ATM

i w IMll rl .W7 -
m m0-'0.-bNdow

I ilrm w .

1- iii .. a sMti> *



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... 4
.. ,: ,' i -

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I You Sell 'e

I reae your Ad wit]

Lew~is Service

wM...When You Tell 'em thru jPA

h one

If J *-,

of our Agents or our (Iffles lu No. 57 "W1
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Colon ,

Sal6n de Belleza Americano


".: / t.i'

1 .0 mi

.t4 Tivoll Ave -Phone 2-2281. and #55 west 2th Streetf ---- ---- *

Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-9441 #3 Lottery Plaza -- Phone 3 "re. eh additialr 12 words. Muh nl
Pho6Sc. each additionalword. Mts .

... .. rqtcc CIlINAI Househohl Automohiles, Iii.i Oceanside cottages, ,Santa
FOR SALE:-25 cycle Re- Service Personnel and Civihan 461 -L Panam.i 3-1877, Cristobal 3-1673. P of ModernO Mn
...E T.D YOU SO ierte, 65.00. Aaiable Governn Emplo CARVEDo TUe 5iN nd me pny Casino Santa Clara. Dance music by true until J 0.
S And -now T B. Govennment Employes Finan'e Co. gh-. deipr anid gnf.g Aces. No redrvations he-" O(C wO WInO 1 a lCM
S READERS DIGEST FOR SALE--Easy washer, automa- .011 o1 eW .t o.K SCscess May 24th and 31st. wel knownfO a ovoI
hat wonderfulrr. Wende lal ni. 140Fosters furnshed cottages, half mile those n M t
'Tells you ht a wonderful Sell ar $25.00. Tel 3 216 ANCY DLINGER s a e K'tnd beyond Santo Clara. Gas refriger r in 10 l
Insecticide CHLORDANE is i P --- _"-_ NM.. 43 Avi af le Row J Stree ,.-' t 2-.34 2Day r "ators. ranges, Special rates week- talte ot New batnA s. pdc rtae s wek *Isf
In the April issue. FOR SALE -Child's trrccle, maho Phone 3-4984 3-4935 NIgh7 aME e ly or monthly, private road to the New Bcho r t lScal ne1 t
I the Killer in Real ii gav desk, large and small tables, t auto beach For information aisit Dag- search in New
s th Kllr n Ral Kll ch.on.ers, chairs. Tel. 2558, Bal- For sellng or buying your nexta outo- ALE b e.or i nfo.o n. A stanchoni a
^uy It in the aprlcilural boa.see: Agencios Cosmos. on Auto- mar, Ti'olI Aenue No. 6, or phone A distinction usllikly bestowed
? ruy it in the arlmcFltural bAE. mobile Row 29. We also sell "'Panama 2-0170. by the Mexdn -,arul .nv!
grade for vour farm FOR SALE -Servel electric refriger- GUARANTEED Used Tires and EttlB Visit HOTEL PANAMIRICANO- after the hnor tan's rtst
S or garden i ar-on13 cu. ft 25 or 60 cycle or Tubes. Tel: Panama 2-4721, Sn- FR SALL-n r two pes- BEAUTIFUL COOL El VIne. immediately ftter death. n
gas, ,ry good COndIOn. Howe turdays. open all day, 'U -O- 'ds
gsO. F Og ry good condiUn. Hae turdas. open all day. ___ senget. .limene. 75 Continental Gromichs Santo Clara beach-
279Cen aOV Tel. 3-014 0 -A. N, e4 Cristobol, Phone 3- FOR SALE:-1951 Koiser, 4 door, Engine e tt0lAiht condition, well collages. Electric ice boxes, I t aI
9rentral Ave. Tel. 3-0140 1794 ofter 4 30 p. m. duty paid, excellent condition scored foer, now located at thi Pal- stoves, moderate rates. Telephone i RUO
F OCR SALE: Refrigerator, High Bargain, leaving to States. Empire tillo Alrpqrt. Panama City,, Re- 6-441 Gamboa. ToAM .mu o te"
Cha.r. Linoleum, d suble and single St. 826-A, Balboa. public w eirea Wili a wThs'e-~;b- C e t.d M
SFOR SALE: Sacrifi 1951 Ford, ; ^ buyers Terms. W^ dm< 1 0 aNo B oS "
Xharr ectr loc I Victoria. Must sell. See coar o s diby prespat t e b s T s Rockgos ranges. Balboa 2-3050. UNfTED NATIONB, NY., M"y ort 6ouh I
VENHIAN TROPIC TOPICS.Have youd 0r St, Ancon. United Sione 1ltrlrt Can, $u _N__Su_ RooN4s Bbo [.I",., Cor el2
VENETIAN _TROC TOPICS. Hove you dnrve4 0428-A, Frongipan St. Ancon. sale will be m ade on Mdy 6-, at- 21 (USBI Millions of children i
BLINDSthe best le car on market FORSALE:-948 Packard De Luxe four o'c kin D h f. FOR RENT are being aided I health and0M t o
SBLINDS SINqGER ROADSTER on display it Sedan, equipped with electroma- House 5024-4), Dioblo fIMlea ts. Ho s nutr hlron by the UN Inteynraduti am pug.
Immediate opo Motors I c clutch, overdrive, radio a nd Phone 2-25 .' ui oue3I bChildrens Eme tuenhat Fiud eS t .
Delivery. FOR SALE -Beout.ful .et of ce other extras. Best offer over $1.-" HOUSE FOR RENT:-Splenid local eventually extend to 72 nat Will ei
p.ece and condlet.cks from Ca 075 00 accepted. 24 months to rOStl Ton t Gol -p Heghts. All comfort and terrtores. I
Tel 3--1713 musso, Per6. All 925 S.ler. Price pay. Tra~de in accepted. Coall Ft -- Cl 3-493. From 8 a. m. to 4 I an d outline of lhese prwtS _.
t. *r22 E 29.h St $S15 Wtil sacrifice $110. No 56 Kobbe 2186. Responstblo6li keeper or acent- p.m. made public Bunday the orgas
__________ 43rd Street Telephone 3-0696 PNAMA-CANAL COMPANY- ant for 1 wanh ted ly- aton noted that they are be-
FOR SALE" Bedroom furr, ; OFFERSDRU and MEDICAL _Box om. FOR RENT ng carried out by the Govern-
PANAMA BROKERS, INC. table and chores, tour reed cho, s SUPPLIES FOR SALE Wf$NTED:-;-Perts stock Man. Pon- inentp of th Indvlda p arim .3
Hotel El PanamA and reed table. 172 Sobanas Rd. Sealed bids, for opening in public omusice, s. A., No. 4, Calls Mon- ApartmeMnts wlt at p ph ldrens e nd eauipmf lt *
SELLING: Panami Cement Vista Hermosa. .wil be received until 10.30 A. M/ testern. ALHAMIRA APATMoNTS o other led United a
Fuerza v Luz (preferred) F SALE Frigidore. 25 cycle. 7 May 27, 1952, for Drugs and Me-W ALHAMBRA APAu MENT .t tt alP
and F-Frigiedaire.o2t.cn5.-- o,00dical Supplies looted at the o clbo, WANTED Modern furnished unfthihe Ie Nat ons agencies, the Worl al
Snd Forestal Products. cu. ft Good condton u50 00. se. Excess Slo Circular No clients Maid service optional. n. Health Organization and the1
BUTING: Coca Cola. House 107-B. Pedro Miguel. Tel. ou. f.mSthe rf- office 86 iooSC 10th d and Agri ulture Oran -, H
re. 3-471_ ._-1B60 -- __ ____ of Superintendent of Storehouses, n Amirisn ltUNIeF in its program to help ,itahio f.1
"* FOR SALE.-6 wood porch screens. Balboa. telephone 2-2777. Young merih e ouse.desitesc. FOR RENT children in many partof the t l11elaa111 gat
MODEKN FURNITURE 7mahgae nght- oble, work table DANCE Sept. 1. CO 13-1697, from o7:30 tnted tate ha long a
Lu.IKi BUll1 misc. articles cheap Phone 83- to th smooth music of m. from 1:30 to 5 p. m. iomI supported the efforts of these Thuse'
lipeuve, Reunholster) 2244, Curundu Heights. AL MARTIN'S WANTED TO BUY: Refrigerator FQR RENT.-Furhished roora with three international organizations athis artlS
VII o onwon -_ AMERICANA ORCHESTRA with 3 or. 5 doors. Oven, mixer. kitchen and phorte. 45th St. No with funds and cooperatston. The / thuis ws
AMibete lS, FOR SALE- Refrigerator 4 years call now Call 3-4230, Panoma. after p. 84. Phone 3-4625. Mutual Security Progral now tIt is Wit
l a 4A01 n (Auitemollblet!W old, washing machine, Easy Spindry, Tel. Panama 3-4598 Mom. FOR RN.ue-FOR;R-A before the U1Rt8 Conitrtbu.o n of 2e Drerent ,:it
L ases Ptekup velern 25 cycle. Piano uprngh House Special Attraction Floor Show -FOR RENT.-Abl June 1st; nicely ftr US Contriba n Of 21 IffU- repreV it
m rer 2m y560e. Quarantine Area, Corozal. WANTED:-To buy Panama Indians furnisred, large clean roai; all lton dollars to the hlldren'a dd Howeler, varlel
m .FOR SALE-1950 Mercury Convert- color slides, 35 M/M. Phot El modern conveniece;..good neigh- the next year. edb
,i- _LUS If&r FOUND ible overdrive, whiteside wall ires, Halcon. Phone 3-1179. borhood. To respefobie married e Fund otlin te th
ot Baxter. S. A. 06radio, 4 1,80. Co a3 couple. Peru Atenu io, 65. Low- pro ects has been ifpptroMd In
oLOST:----One wire haired Terrier, Cu- 0644 between 8 9 0, m. er left. Apr 1 for aiding children iNaM a
1Iipping, moving, storage. rundu Area, Canal Zone. by the FOR SALE URGENT:-1949 Oldsmo- M tons and tatitrIN AOr t AT
ack and crate or2mv name Peter." Call P. A.D.424 76, 4-door sedan; with hydra- Asia, the Eastern Medltetraneake
'Phon 2-2461,. REWARDmatic drive, super De Luxe rodeo, im aL-ti I "
eO.L'PYarn28E are Euope tnd LarAd
Stores, .with spre. Car driven 28,-' CmIlliCAoQ U LUf).-.D pro rndute snte n
S Real E0ate 0oo miles, majority in U. S. On AlbertoQatas e of The first annual Eplorer hge ldtSI h t S bgieoa
v TGPANAMA MAL MV Isthmus only 17 months. in very the expoprlated newspaper 1 Rendezvous of the y Seta of The. (4 estimated that f Th t
SOFFERSSTRUCTURE M SAM good condition. Original owner. Prei wa ell upmo AMeilne America, which was h oduled t to one-half of these Aills for
H For sle to the highest bid der Build- going to Statores Monday next Price newsapaPer today to help estab- for this weekend as accnated e
For sle to he highest bidder Build- $1465.00. Can arrane terms lish and pi d freedom of the ned, it was annoced t il rotn would be VaccinLated il This real
USEHOLD EXCHANGE I o. 801 ,i Empire Street, iv Coil 2-3712, or see car at 0595 press int out th wor. "h w oweverth d a n dldbr u Mm 8i. A
theboffieaedbodf i received In Midi Street, Ancon. Gainza Paz spoke as the In- .i- honor scheduko for Gatur- ted2
For the best values in both the office of Superintendent of _land DailyPress Association, an ill will be hel, ball, which dro be examined for ert iVs111
w and reconditioned far- Storehouses at Batbo until 10:38 FOR SALE-Leaving. Chevrolet dump oreanlzation of Midwestern this year by Chagres pie in diseases and treat art outt
ure. A. M May 28, 1952, when they truck, l 1-2 ton in perfect cond,- newspaper, paid him tribute tor r Pest 6, The American Le- T i n. DDT spraying to thS ela s
WE BUT AND SELL wA- be opened in public. Form fd tion. Con be seen Friday 23rd. 7:- retfuabg to bow to the ArgentAne will be for al El lorers, r world w mre 20mil- Iren t vea i
proposal with full perticulrs may be 00 I. m. to 6:00 p. m. facing government that took over his t parentss and treinds l where 20fund ell- creative tenam
41 Automobile Row secured in the offices of Superin- Panama American, Panama. publication. te ntermssion, the ll iO 1 renlive, the fund eml- cause lD i Am
STel. 3-4911 tendent of aehoes nd heHouts- Family ees Coumt a "duty" to foster freedom of! The, Bride-of-Honor tton for whooping aimhr a tsDA
ing Manager at Balboa Heghts._ .ARLINGTON. Man. (lP) the press much as the nation has ioequvalent of the col ". dp0hthe0 being Riveli
Ie It tute THOMAS REAL ESTATE AG4NCES Mrs. Mary F. Cronin, 54, is the a duty to fulfill its role as a Court of Honor. At glt ha in0,000.t art h ieniri n
as s titte FOR SALE'-House In Pueblo Nue- widowed mother of 17 children, world politleal leader, th time all explorer advance- ieT that -about 3.5 activity
vo, $3.500. Chalet in Bella Vista.115 of whom are alive. Eleven of Gainza Paz participated in a mea earned in the past threenm mothers are T"e
Stu y OWn$,,,awarddCentralAve.theo15ahaveeservedeinMhaneltdiscussionoheldtatanIn-ol *Iobeawarded.hdeelandcareAthrgh.hours
S2t.00el.l3w1069. f Central Ave.1tea 5 ha served i ed [nd e tn nheubjeto action be held at th e2.0ta-W Asia, La- trans
2fet t the Inter-American Press As- Oam10b6 S Civic Center from 7 totin A J7t-e euatern Me- At
Wor 's N sociation, a group composed of ILit Ma .
WS, Scroll, J nalism Awanewspers in North and South '
Floyd J. Miller, president and
PARISI May 21 (USISI. The ented At"Panakeet"ero heRy
International Press ins. t u e Presented At "Parrakeet" Bane enera T n e r e
plans tree research projects the views of North American
durinR the coming year to study o publishers.
the flow of news among nations Miller said he believed the
of the world. The Fern Room of the Hotel Galloway. editor: Kay"e. Vit- Tnter-American Association is
As the institute ended its Tivoli was the scene of the Para- ton-associate editor; Jon.Baron, "the most powerful existing
three-day general assembly over keet banquet on Monday with Hellana Filos, Virginia SMy. force, fighting against restric- ..
the weekend. the attending edit- Raymond Davidson as chairman Dfick. Dillman, Bob Wentpbhel, tons on freedom of the press n in
rs from all arts nf the free and Miss Anna Galloway as M.C. Ray Davidson. the Western hemisphere."
world approve pro ects to study Gainza Paz said hp realized in
of the United Statnes. between During the banquet, Miss Ma- 'E. W. Hatehett. financial ad- Imposed the firstapressy -u t"
Germany and Western Europe.,ry Brigham, Parakeet advisor, visor for the Parakeet. stL Ieo- stins in Arsentina. that the
and between the Indian subcon- was presented with a gift fromi commended Murray alk, who press of the Western hemisphere i
tneat and the Western World. the staff as a token of thkr ap- has been business manAger for is interdependent.
Also approved were resolutions predation for her help and iuid- the staff this year. He also was
recommending: Ianr In preparing the school pa- granted a Quill and Scroll a-
1. That IPI members do what- per. Miss Brigham also was fa- ward. HAPFY BIRTHDAY
'ver possible to promote better vored with a letter of commen-
imw of news between Latintdation from Dr Johnson for her Judges of the Natonal che- FORT WORTH Tex (UP). -
America and the rest of the work which has helped to pro- plastic Press Association of the Earl Logan's llth birthday gt .
world. duce a well-rounded high school University of Minnesota 6Mtowed off to a bad starbut became .
2. That the executive board newspsperA the Star'award for .z,,p.,ma,, better as tiu e pro esye-.. Pk, '
hel toA n nress o unfreop- Anothr hghligh-t of the even--and Sharon e a. t he skn f r indt -rs nr' m iraA...b ut ..

That members assist one an-1In, was tl'- presentation of jour- 'Journeyman Award for mfltor- teat and received a new bcle. '- .-
other as much as pDossible during nalism awards. National futges lous work was awarded to Rome-
wtt. from one country to an of the Quill and Scroll Society of mazy Hollander.
dier. Northwestern University examin- -- --- i- I aa .aaa' "W -' taothpis. made wfl dslK oplw9 -
Lester Markel, Sunday editoried the writing of the Parakeet rnla d t.__ I'iI nuItsana in aB plabIS
the New York Times. was re- qtaff membra and awarded theai- t ils t WM131 S ''-cm ialsan d
rtd chairman of the executive Qull and Scroll honors to Anna TO Ab Vm il shait. I iw I
The next general assembly will .I sp it perfomrmsu a mwire bIr w'
s held next May In England. Mavflwer Dance COLON. May 20 Rev. *aI w-. Cletsd nt doaein't just cover op ti r
METERS HIS O ert J. Peterson, rector tof as m it l -sttig ty M- .mi In,
IISETEuR E S d DOG At 'Y' --urChurch by-the-d Se ha a- d tection.By t

and whtte dog t' a parking The 71st Army Bmand will fata Fe .. st. ... At Ase csm, timee, faii.m ub de 't Sl Ps
s atar, tied thedot leash to the nl.h the music for dancing at Thursdyof tt w5 Ath am tim Ci Sie be*.
erp, put a coin in the slot and the annual Mayfl r ,dance neBhTh e. n ammn.e or.l .-
E o .... ..l lg art^ w a: dl-l be]!1( 6 -
Special features are achedu.dalbd ur h Aris.T mhi r ill .eieoatM say drug EUi tL,,
-t EU I f IaTbere will be a prize for anyone Friday morning tudatrimt *p
whose ancestors went to the U.S. Following the f'letak service a-'-
.. ._ lif m* in the famous Mayflower. there wUill be the WoIut Ani- i I II
i Dancing is from =,'Iary7 analo auetday. "My Inner Wic -s1 the $1 l lS .
i W U H = I ancng la from B to 11 p.m. UI~f Witht 0.4." will be the *mMni ? -
_|Mn. Abble Lnare charge heewh te rectr de&errtg -h mn t} tt

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F Senate Confirms

McGranery As


WASHINGTON, May 21 ,UP1. "Let the people know the st gth ad
The Senate yesterday over-i l i
rode strong Republicans protests 'WrNTY-SEVENTB TEAR PANM A R. P..
and confirmed President Trma
man's nomination of Federal
Judge James P. McGranery as
the new attorney general after
seven weeks delay.
Tvne appointment of Mc-
Granery, a former Democratic 1 5 V ..I .
congressman and Justice Depart-I
tent official, was approved byi
a lopsided 52 to 18 vote after 3 B
chairman Pat McCarran ID.,
Nbv.i of the Senate Judiciary M iIio
committee made an impassion-
ea plea In his behalf 'o
MeCarran answered criticism
of McGranery by Republican WASHINGTON, May 21 (UP)-iexcise taxes on whisky $9 to $10.. ayve
Sens. Homer Ferguson (?Mich.) Bootleggers, enjoying Lneir big-;50 a gallon last Nov. 1, the mooni- WPef
and Arthur V. Watkins (Utah), gest year in a aecaoe, will turn shiner's profit margin is bigger If"
who denounced the nominee's out an estimated 30,000,000 gal- today thar at any time since re- '
,Ipehavior as a Judge and ques- lions of moonshine in the fiscal peol ad
ioned his knowledge of the year ending June 30 because of Coused wfth state tax es end I
lhw. nigh taxes and friction between
Federal and state officials.. .r .
Sen. Herman Welker iR., Ida.) Federal agents seized about 8,- '
1l1o came to McGranery's de- 000 stills In the nine months end-
tense several times in question-ing March 31, r a n g in g from
tIg Ferguson and other anti-,"ground hog" stills operating in
McGranerV Republicans Ibackwoods areas to 1,000-gallon rI
4epubDcans cast all 18 votes outfits n e a r big metropolitan I.
kigainst McGranery Fourteen Re-centers .. .. ......
publicans joined with 38 De- Their combined capacity was
mocrats in voting for hh im. l well over 300.000 gallons daily, or
McGraner.. who left his.Phila-an average of 40 gallons a still.
delphia judgeship to take the ;nThe liqor indu ry re ortld
cabinet post said he will hav e liquor industry reported
c s -s-ai....dt""the -wnllhavelthat state and local authorities
no statement on the Senate ac- raided an equal number of ii-
tion or on his future plans for
the Justice Department untilheilegal stils., bringing total seizures
Is sworn-Into n'tcce'-'tomorrow to about 16,000.
or Friday at earliest "Since the seizure rmte has tets
McGranery. 56,was nominated been cmb neg steadily sinh(, .
to the cabinet post early in April March 1. it is expected that
lifter Mr. Truman fired former Federal-state-local seizures for -
attorney general J. Howard Me- the fiscal year will reach a 10-
Grath. year high of more than 20,000
Shortly before, McGrath had still with a daily capacity of
oasted Newbold Morris as the more than 800,000 gallons.
administration's "clean-up" dl-, The Treasury Department es-
Iactor. timates that each still operates
McGranery will be Mr. Tru- for an average of 37 days before
oan's fourth attorney general. It is located and raided. osJ n the~ ir ke
He said he gave up his Ife- Thus the known moonshine 0E 'SFi=0t t
e pMt as a judge because production for this fiscal year O te d q'ehtclubho,
0 f heltfe could be of service should run about 30,000,000 gal- dthOriates ue Infomed Joseph
tdenthn by. saInformer M as ast
.MCarran told the Senate that With Federal excise taxes at B rlnki r OwDin also &ts
VWranery's life demonstrated $10.50 a gallon, that represents a OI l h e 0 -OW1
ot "greatness can come up potential $315,000,000 loss to the;
'fren obscurity." Treasury. In addition, industry
"I lav before you the rate of experts claim only one moon-
afmes P. McOranery." McCarran shiner In six gets caltght..
ItSI. Since Congress raised Federal
"If you reject him, you send
back to the Federal bench U U -
a broken h rt. fye con- m
him, you wu be confirm- .. "H
Inf an honest. God fearing, fair- IL. ML..-
mded individual." II 1w
We predicted "a great career"
i MceGranery as attorney gen-
McCarran's committee approv-
4 McGOranery's appointment last
Week on an 8 to 4 ote.W MPA, Ala., May 21--
Perguson and Watktns, who Sheriff L. Holley said today that
were among the four Repub- the head nurse of 'Wettimpka
bieas voting against the judge, General Hospital has confessed
lmaed a minority report Men- that she poisoned her small
41y Ia which they mid that niece after Insuring her Ie foar
tes "hsterty, abliltty and $6,000.
erselty" awe "most question- Holley says 42-year-old Mrs.
able." Earll Dennlson told him and
Fegson renewed the fight in state toxicologist C. J. Rehllng
Ssix hours debate tha pre- that she slipped arsenic In a
4oded the Senate vote. carbonated orange drink she
He charged that McGranery bought, for two-year-old Shirley
stce blocked a grand jury in- Dianne Deldon during a visit at
a1gJastion of tht U. 8. attorney's the Weldon home.
sfice In New York.t
Perguson and Watkins also de- Holley says Mrs. Dennison
PndmedMcGranery's role in the denied poisoning three-year-old
3 Aerasia stolen secrets cane. Polly Ann Weldon, who died
Stwo years ago. but admitted she
had accidentally left some ar-
S_ senic' in the Weldon 'home at
that time.
Mrs. Dennison was charged
S-' with murder after Shirley Dian- *"
ne's body was exhumed and
found to contain traces of ar- VICTIM'S WIFE MM. l. tb. O'Bri
senic. The father of the olhid wick home with attorney 1i McGowan
had charged her with morder. found shot to _imn front




rAuthorities afterwards exnumed
bodies of Polly Ann and Lemuel
Dennison, Mrs. Dennison's hus-
band, who died last fall.
Holly says the verbal, con-
fession was obtained from Mrs.
Dennison after the body of her
late husband was exhumed and
found free of arsenic. Holley
says there will be no further
The sheriff says Mrs. Denni-
son said the arsenic she left
accidentally at the Weldon farm
home was in a salt shaker which
she Intended to use around her
own home as rat poison.

SlIdJudg goRP

on Sudy U|M
Now that entries have closed
'or the "Miss Panaman contest.
'otl El PanamAi ha planned an
'.tractive program Sor the first
ay of judging which bsobedfl-
d for 8 p.m. thiMs Fmny 'T the
:ella Vista Room of taie hotel.
Apart from the parade and
ludgBing of the cointeetants In
Sll. poath evenlng v own and swimn
eftimlaongto suitss, here will be a floor show
br di lady who and general dancing.
-4e0mdames While this show Is taking place
mu to ri* at the hotel, similar contests will
Sbe held throughout the other
provinces of PanamA. The fin-
sts from all the provtwces wi1
pM.eMA hWu. meet for the seini conU et the
@e6n of Modes following Sunday at M Panama.
SIna a t l tw be1w an.
oMsuq mseNk e ".ut at the hotel to
a-r a ,tmuINela. TI.kets for .
lBatest are now fewag Ir
.*9 at tbhefafido*i

, -" '-
..-r. 1 .'. .
'.j+ ,+.. ,W -.


ne. Year

1l ibogotleg traffic under control in
short order with more agent$--
the Internal Revenue Bureau n0M
Ias 855 alcohol tax investlgatom '
-and the full cooperation of the
te states.
Bureau spokesmen Inist thea
'are prepared to cooperate wrt
avy state or local govrenment
that asks for Federal help.
out they coipplain that many
state and county on1lfeerst i
Army areas aree mote lateested
Ish collecting revetnW thnB ha
prohibition enforceWie t.
States authorities report that
the Federal tax hike )th Only eut
down their 'own reventlas but wa
an open invitation to the sale
and consumption of bootleg
liquor. Maryland has asked Ooh-
gress to rescind the tax boost
1Muose grounds.
Sometimes cooperatten between
Several and state offluiat h
SAlice in -Wondtand ch,
as in Mississippil. o o of te W
dry states in the Unlon.
Mississippi has a Nhwlft
law, but italso has a uft -t1b n-
posing a 10 per cent "ack ntu .
ilit tax" on &l whisbq whipped iz
Dealers in Louisina tpect
m about 30.000 pgaioia !t whisky to

en leaves her Wes t -
n after her hushat wa
Sof the hou.e.

'.4', .'. ..
I'. 4

Its tax from the buyer, Ud the
whisky goes Mn t6 trgty Wadsla-

The M lsispl feature has
.uthq1red '-aIulu reterandumn
1P 01rohIbltti law next
!e 7sJItte gs futoeii, ach-
Uty t the atet Wi be per-
'mttWd toIe e ett wwe-
MeI V%13 ibe wet or ary "lo-
6M 1optilt".- I
If te drys win i the eereen-
(1dl. the lawmatetM sld they
I consider themselves morafv
ted to repeal the black
t t~a on wht y imports.

LON 0W, May 21 (UP).- Se-
va t d men ambushed a
it 74 truck in Central Lon-
g'MaH -overpowered the pos-
ta1 e .ai esuped with re-
Sma was ,00ed just0.
ao al=taford Street while the
ao en route from Pad-
do to the Central
PO&til ert1n Otflce.
14 t.VAowq were used or car-
riV either the seven stick-
g e or the three-man post
wBuaked men waited In
t iTr tie truck to make
te tl ff Oxford Street, and
0b*U wiched it between two
"Mtod"t wt their fists and
Meipdlts drag-
d oerew out of their
ok ver the wheel and
a f, coaveyed by two

#.LSo st Suggests
MyW*Me Deal:
1' N IOC, No Coin'
S3MMoI. May 21 (UP) -A
le ,-womanU. floctallst called
f rthe end of alimony
jog-Ir wM chdweu 0ior"ed
Sft e Arn their own
r. inige-.L3Vd White, 43. who
e narrfM= and ahidless herself.
O*N thie t 1oo j0ustication"
*ftr s g woanan hould be
A ie.I AAmply because

the fla person
M.1 be

Mrm..I f m -

prsonmient was ant suic
ipnWlatent for "himan be
guilty of sex crUnes and
;lttAffBm Xlas Comm"
ndeed exists in Mexi0, but O L
murderers who utlize It.,

AFCE Meeting
Thie regular monthly meeti
o$ ha Anterilcan Federajlza;
Mtient Employeas LdU4.
ace tght at 7:
at Bala Clubuse.
F uauon of delegates w
IW.Abt to the National Conver
t Washington will be d)
Thursday. May 2t
3:0 a.m. 8: 1 a
S143 p.. 9:. .j

* 14',

. '.

. 4. 1


'4 .~m

coadig toasted i n. Jut ur
oa the milk or amul twath
the whole fanUb p ftr tti
Mmoner" of a uW cerean



I ,1.r

* 'I.

' '* ,-'* *:'! *
"'* Ii i ^

< .- -





' 'K

~- 9




*'- t





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