The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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SWalter Winchell

In New York
a ... .. --- --.
ADWA1 .../.:..'BEAT
C"leebs About Town: Psbert Taylor, who fUle his own plane,
.. li. -.. -...J ...:tn inius m niey.' He hops o.f again
tze l.rgin .:,a toniatt.. latee AMcDonald, the b.dath-taker,
j .lnaing the tops c-iorus...Beatrice Lflle aid E.ward Dar-
a ldo-.v'ng in the s... aark Zoo. As spectators, of course...
L.a & ..3ar pc:.'g for a mcg cover at Gogi's and quipping:
.e0 act sexv. ? i,, just lose husbano?"...Bashul Olivia de
IvlLini, ..--o a.. &, seeds a corner table at Sardl's so she won't
apear hanmmy...L;.nal:i O'Connor, the most refreshing of the
g ./wesd yotLn..::r:. t_-i teIev;ian tali3t is terrific...J. Dl-
.a-3 'y Clcb's seriously 1ll son taking the same plane to
as .- .".. na .. r hese next novel, "Giant," wil be
obb.4l-a'd in the tc 1. Advance repc: s cali It her greatest
L: :n nayes, the star of "dars. cTraing," waose performance Is
.1 Mc. .,a;cent.
"I flles In Our Alley: Last ni1hii a newcomer television per-
bine .y U. S cC .....ainsaig about "1%iose autograph pests"...
an rget Latinm to stop ou.nerAng me tor minc-' ne groaned...
r tLn,'" awnedd a critic, **just start wriLing sour own material ..
hie auout iop brass holuing down soiL joU.,
St ern.sth, a New xok'&,r to inquire about one f
Itnet. ",i,...s he oo0.1, 1n Waslnugiiun'" he asKed.. ."r ying a
kS't' was wme retort.
M Iftown Vignette: "lou Can't Beat the Irish" is the title of
fla at 'Aje & ark Avenue Theatre...This attractive movie was
cltoaga in sreianu anu ad the people lit it have an Irish brogue
'...A) yn t.Le bUl is "raihfal City,' wblch-is about lsrael.. An
iald jish couple came in as the Irish picture ws abbut half
V;r they came to see the one abodt Israel-and
laou1bt tMat this was the middle of it...After about.ten minutes
Ilk IriNh diaiecs the woman turned to the man and inquired:
-Thats tne way they speak in Palestine?"
;1.. -------
Memos of a Midnighter: 'ihe McCarran Comm. Is planning to
ubpoa-a aean nchesun... The John SunonA nave reconcile ...
A* i %.rrsaa a.. force action will be torrid. Her next husband
be a you,h.ul liahan actor. ..I n Bancroit MItchell (she
,_,onaire) are trying it again...Lester Lanmin has six kin
3to g in his band... xvunne ae Carlo Is touring Europe under
gBrreal name: Pgggy Miadleton. insidersrs expect some accused
1,n itLe uross ouukie scandalI to wind up In Federal goals. Via
eome tax,un... i's Only Money Dept: When Juav Garland
mtPpesra ax ain..r rilaS Pair ior 2- performances) her guarantee
LP t be $ bA8,Luu.
b New York Sideshow: It happened In the Main Room of the
ley b...u the other midnight. None of the Stork (tub
ecua.d recall seeing such a thing there...Ah attractive
Isk M and her escort were drinking their beer from the bottle
.1,Aeapapin went over and said: '"Please, don't drink from the
Mu nk from the glass!".. ."Why?" asked the woman...
i ef." she was told, "people are laughing. This Is the Stork I
".. ."Oh, my foot," sulked Our Heroine, "that's the way we
beer down home.".. As they left, she huff'd: "Damn Yan-
"...P. S.: That's the way Billingsley drinks It!
Times Sq. Tabletalk: RiLa Hayworth's father is mending af-
a hear,. at.ack.. .Oick Kalman, recendy in seventeenn, Is
S" and I" stage door nightly. She la dancer Corinne
,.Mf.3 o ,ery Clift's new heart is Arline Cunntngham
i. *lertt his back with Ben Tracy at LaCava's. helr
laetstid torch is: "You're Nobody 'Til Bomebody LDes.
.Ii "le star Inne Owyind's refusal to pose for bithing'
photos shocked the beachwear Industry. Her father manu-
as Catalina swimaults...Jack COasidy, the lead in the soon-
musical, "Wish You Were Here," was recruited from the "So.
chorus as we recently noted Three years ago he clerk'd In
Bitter's shop. Belore that he ran an elevator...Marilyti
a lovely looker and thrush In the new Latin Quarter show,
added cigars there,
h New York Novelette: Murray Krim, a college grad, is a waiter
toots Shor's.. .He married very young. .His ovely wife boreC
son The upalde down hours of a walter broke up the
|lB4.After thedvoree they found other M ....he .
11111a father hadn't seen esah other mueh until they met in
*my .PapS a an enlisted man...N so n as a captains...
-'a second wife died.. The stepfather aap "ared In a
ction Father and son met more often--A one day,
sr brought along his mother...He reintroduced her to his
i whe she hadn't seen n 81 years. They are re-marryl
other. .Perhaps today.
Broadway Ticker: Ehinda Malt Is an 18 year old Nepalese.
I rowntly appeared on am Kaye's show. A Voice of America
,who had been searching or someone who spoke ;hat lan-
,hired her. She now earn ,r.000 per year.. .Cosmdpoltan's
i-tor Is L. W. Olllenson. formerly with Look...Lis.aKirk.,I
at the Persian Room, says she is a direct descendant of Den.
OGraint. Hedy Lamarr' first tee vy appearance made town-
utiful, natural and professlbrnal..,Margaret Truman
d",,'tly showbiz on the J. Meltb program May 29. No
a Is Durante.. Putr Insders were "ure" the prize for
novsl would go to James JoneS' "Prom Here t ,o Eternity"...
ae the secret confabs about between Bonja eenie and2
SGarden e s'"c. BDette Denim lost more than8150.0001


M ae following tcim s uesinmess about Tn. the dispens Ams.

ltism ceo uiset SalSra, with edt -nhrestd ot iseem sm.
Sps esstere situation .suMs be Ipfven a great deal more pu-h
lu LO si -pubished m th e suds. OW OLU

I E g helped me a number O1 f 1 d 5 trog hpas ge1s,.

Isi i S ebs.t wssad he s.) te es suseas.
0 -

Sbeen following this business am bout d Tomina the dispensary
sntir situation shoul o given a great deal out pm t ub

*uuo~oIwe. ane an act stands out hen I~ke

the officials at tbtr polished desks refund to
SJ, amaa kep on wo n the white peop l I
t nbe Jud a by h standards.
sI r wmman -- admitteM j a .t A housewife -
meIteSS. t PibumM 5s1 Wd sartd something. And
eyl-sgm mage Wht women begoaa k-
l ht iws'dirm it the araiesft
a M e I wish the P and

'Alm 1 to a~m ma Ia

I ata". I

Labor News

* pp


* muusw




By Voter tNr
WASHINGTONi- i ecat n
be dis-Josed that an official
eoviet opimn trust operated
by an Oriental Lucky Luciano
name Ito Pa flaniced the
entire North Korean military
oriensive through te multi-
minlion doaih if" of dope
across the world.
LuLLie Ito PA hsW been Iden-
tified by mlitay ld Central
Intelligence, f tt e White
House, the PetaUgs and the
Treasury's i NrMtle policing di-
vision, as the mAn w0w training
4,000 special Aligtle agents to
disrupt, the Far East.
According to the military
inte llgence report given
absolute credeftw bt the
Presl'ent Oi C amnet
members tnoolv Ito Pa,
chief of Petin is Cefittal
Economic sa d isnandial
Committee, is fnanoiag this
trfrinffg and wndperrouind
cp-.a':on through the con-
tii .ed sale of vast guantities
of Red Chinese 'heroin.

These agents were among who
-.'voked May Day rioting in
o':yo, as a result of which the
Metropolitan Police Board ar-
rested 734 Nipponese .talinlsts. .
Ito's agets re being as-
signed to. the nfiltration and
capture of vital Oriental unions, __,
such as the power house work-
ers who can cut off electricity
and paraly7 A city at a given
Ito's money biao finances un-
derground OON6maulist activity
froin Habng g right Into *-
those AmerlcAA cities with large
Oriental communities.
At the same time, Itqo' mil-
lions are paying in cash P r es Tribed
for gasoline, truck tires and ml- t C
litary. supplies In Burma, much s 0ns
of which Is American made. yu DUB
Weird and monstrous though -
these Intelligence charges are. -
they have been corroborated ra
for our highest government EW YOR .--It f a rat o e, and we
leaders by such experts on opl-got a sw in .this t .of Hlarry
urn grove, Ing and dope smuggling Grossowho b' _Mne:dT ys .telling.
as Harry Analinger's Bureau of The ops g fired fo Ipllg comtner-
Narcotics. o ia hooky a boakie, and hard to hew-
Or up a slab ofmaty.
ha intelligence services fWhat makls t pretty and poetic is that the
hae learned Ito Pa works un- coppers- b. ce of captains, a aerteant and a
der direct orders from the Rus n- mn -lo tnhen ,vy axro -a ew days
an d c hatrolman-a t e vy Cehee a few days
ans conLrollIn Chinese pro- fore they it have retired to live, shall we
du:tlon and ndt Mao Tse-tung's say, sinfuly ofPtt r time In grade. tR killed their
government in Peiping. pensions and that Is a thing we have, needed for
man a oay.
As an "independent" ope- i on't care mumh fo this fat aug. rry Gross
rative in Sovateised Chinae, the bookie, a sort 6f Serge U e of the
however, Ito can call a n any gambling lt but hie --- d f tAe-
Chinese ComwunIst Part clause W pm We W
offlaial, .afty if man to or. .- '
ruAthisk d*Mity Be Is "Megln 0llt^ )0 the
cth %t Wit.ft Sa 'eoplewho K '
guard the attly increased and senter. ey re _tra-'
and subsidized poppy fela .sferren and e tla th, l
in Western Honan, Keos- The wait about police i aqt In
chow uas TEdY an. the past we have always, prp he by
-demoting them Or eliring them gdy ge
These Party leaders a r- the fingers in the glue or foul up on t Mport0M atit
among Mao's mopt trusted Ifm- job. 'I
enant a, ,mopt trusted iliens- We never fired them, really, and k6t eNor pun-
f dollars m wished them, really. We just made A wit gov-
f dol l Intears" ... /ernmental adjustment in their jo. .
rower IntelliMgence soirees This don't make no sense, hajly *-t tre
report that Mao's men have is not enough to lose to keep t' e py- =; s "-
bee cutting Inon %the take, honest in the prosecution of the-l Sfltted
Each week sees them depoelttg tasks.
thousands of dollars in ke- And the other thing, of allowing them tj.tire
name accounts In Hong Ko, when they get caught stealing, is a stupxir att
Macao, Singapore and 30*- of the world. Being allowed to muit is not ftS-
kok banks. leant penalty for being a malfeaser int ol .
This is their mad mone What the bum needs Il a clout, on the st IkVl
to fall back on if the K with the reprimand and a bot in the Oy f t
suddenly decides they know o the resignation.
much and must be lqu l .In past times the man who quit under fli .t
f they get out in time, ent off and led a Rev-type liyfe WiSwI .
now have enough to -v t abllc money, when in reality you hel ,t.
through several Chinese flmi- rn off his fingernails or something cedlam-
ties. t"wiy barbaric.
They have no difficulty. m-- -
fUg sales. unhappily for g. I* n '
There's sufficient evil her In t 1
the west to provide a htugs V- nStalin 's
derworld market as the St- *
TOpean and U. S. authoriti l f nupn- -l
watch that amateur In Itmay byBf JOw 4W
name of Luclano, who, IOl- ,h
side of Ito, Is a pushcart p-.
dier. c a WAt IOTON. For the first time A n
MIillons on mfuilons of ia Of wHwy waiting, the experts are
dollars worth of "Junk" -is Iuty that a major satellite r
being smuggled into the 1 bedt under the kremlin's thum. t *
i. va Hawaii, San Prin- afs a t of President Ilement Goftalat
Cisco and other bigV p I "h1uovkla.
radio sets ,eandW i nrI, The most striking facts are simply that coM -
radio sets and parts eerningthe composition of the O uttwg e .
commercial airplanes, a fa..lAt. The Czech Ptesident. w" o y x "bi
the hollow handles of golf known as a true 100 er
clubs, according to recently his own men, reporting zAD,*Aw in
returned Congressional ift- three key positions of his totalitarln state.
Vestigators. His son-in-law, Cepicka, is Minister of Dsefunt,
So successful is little Ito that a thus controls the armed forces.
he seeks new fields whaee app-
pies can grow. Recently he a His old eomrade-in-.arms,-W4mk, IsaMter of
the Pelping Trade Burema l. the Interior, controlling the a s fti e.
patch 35 specialists to supervise Like Gottwald himself. NI is gen rlly ne-
spring planting of this opluM 4arded as a "nationalist" Communist. lad he has
growin flower in ani aw. mmioated the grave Iadliscrt.'n; ea Sftw.ot-I
NailIrg ,Ei -chuen. 3 i 's standpoint of the .
cheng and other cuniW stad at Moscow.
Ito Pa decreai tht each e.- Im n ottwald has i s.lw
tor must row raise from, .i I anchma., a certain as.l.,
10,.0 W M.-".cret Police. The man who Us th s
A0 acres o p.. poe. of all ptm in t sae sppiafla ts
25 farmer n g fu r his absolute s ad
fertilizer or cash a ll wJlsh a to OottwahL
farmer moross the worM d -tl-'- t w L .
-.,an mortgage his pegy in 8 a gM a iooman ab o u i l r .
and obtan Petp t UgSm s wal. Pe his. wasssori W
appSication. To pveasot !lood- trW
age, special trom a k -,= wtIto Gott o to II


a ....


H-R;.'. .

" -

r,'-? "

moa orewr tfi '^ .^
the y he pert ed t S a
^SS~~tann 10* hbitjlq I?' pt app-#-l
bts a -la sn off&

Sbew h ow,
4h e OM wOW fl aWmKR theI UAG.--Mnor-IrHa Mlluk

the lesunut, -...... *., ..': .7- "
.Blv-SUwPOXTI NG ASa.I ........ ,

2e gentlemenm t CanfOlt ;=s th.. a_
do just the opposite when it coam to.
In 194, for toatancg the 2re*.Ot a 1111
ed th e Revenue rea ar o pt of .
eut hub never been restored
Thu, thou wonrepea raete
scEnolse the oL ado
b caon 6 0MNMe 2Stha hW'tM

b -. :.. ,

i It "Iu ils m a S" -"-d"
ateiu. V2 A n




They demoted WllVO "er when the town got
too hot for the tat r t1b mayoral pants. Tlay
made him AnabnsateV 1Ve lco.
I never really understood the system of demot-
ing them for punishment and upping them for
The two p whc o ut tl utton coldnIt
have found hbn wilt ah fshhook r ord y
olrenumtance, yet you tot to ifate toMotath
deal out of a optploe mainly *bSi an
sSlman t turd n .A trook nd the tW Ol*A y
dftoed to arntst him, thereby eventually gettIg
the tan soaloman killd.
Wen you bring a guy down from a ob j e
ordinarily, fl, that guy Ma got t be a s at
hi business m that nt he is

a agbM ter ^4the J D is t.
.. IMftfr Ih oet .M.t toIt.It.
him a touch th tm. -
Along the line of r Iana we have eminloYet
with the cops-in this tn 4hen that poqo, nice
Schuster boy got sacraMafti the untnviten mur-
derer for the sin of trt t tell the two cope
that a bank robber nM vlabie, we should re-
move the new rank rIt e two cops.
They got raised In it ftr colleetintr Wille
Sutntn on Sehuster's tie: sMhuatwr ot kill-
ed they ought to bunt t Thev didn't hpwv
much more to do with St te than they did
with the murder, which M O
*.4. th" notont T had thi WX Wa that i'M trilv
glad they canned the co Wa % carry Or0es, the
uneqvory' bookie, saueslld 'g.
The outlet avenue of ltlnoamt la not asffi.
client punishment for the as the 'ven1ie
'of promotion Is not the far the
efhedlent and lucky. -
The administration of 1te 3 ,- and
tott rous nroeoss. In the Sub W e wea ot
.elttfn MisN Amprica, nor W e t ed
to nwrthint but a just rte tI ft
of his sine.

Slmw t Alsop

bt ftet did his best to proteS
th e Krem lin's order to ,i .
lfter Trm f came through t
wn amoly removed fr t t iW,
ou quitlvplaced in a s il.
heahy. with .the i e
Kre lin, lasted that CM t it

li.Sl now beUeved that an
wWd warned Clementia of the-we.Wt
him C'l-meptf thereupon to 1. -
try, And ictujlIv came within m._
the Coch btrer before the eai't. .
him. Since ten, he has newr we to
Add to all Ji Gottwp d-s
AR fPr bck as the '0A. 5 M 1
in the a -"%1tP1in-TVotsly %rNte
errar which the KremHfthmWW
I1 977. 0twald aecented W9 i
welr without.oniultint Me 5 .n
taillv disetrllned him ferSM .
"'r-e tbeno hisr p u b--M 1.1ta
Ma1I1n'1 to atr'kai a inenite pi
"lt"' 1fis the note whi .:h 3g. a So

a .


lo' s of Czeehodou
gNISW Kremln the lo a
Iitr awwi. indeed the i
Xi fti YD oqenta in 4A
1O-1alId. Itt I
!- toe ag to agpA
an oo th ret
fl dcastr thmst.e4
MOZ j told he CI




tat '-3.-

'.. .. :t B fltflit*1-

ps A



".-" ^^e, '-..-L ..s ,ss;i. *|- ']
+ '. : .:-. '.% .' '--,
kf 11 H:elWB ^teaf^ ^^&jj h^


I ;*



I' -

. ". ;, .
"A .+ ., ..

t eidet f

S' '

I.. ...semi..;



W O N p .-.t. .It o .. ,r

McCorran Wants ilT on TV,

Radio, Photo From Probes
~~~.. "' m;'' *.-i- i. ".


aL .o

...'. -tmE
... M UTI...-U,

Of PiAgi. Citv

!r, K" r -
wiatsm ttfl. agMl. Thohket Heldsts for the
,ffle .M.MW b w., to ff a.d May m.ti thA.iIt
h 'nt M ,aw uiEFros Tht
SAU-it JULYfl.

Li.. :P.


.6*" m"
0i 4- -

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l no
f a .
r.l4. l

:ARA, ,
A S "

iALS '

MA AniilNe reatr of el-
sndi wf ma. at is w'tn
I tM how -. Al y11
i : 6. e i club Vick,
I aflut w*11
that^ tee q

l e,'mt. I tOw
.++i+.+ +. ,,

Ave. -t

4 A....' 'b* U' .
-- V


S .

)tflarest l rX A V a

Now Chbar. i the at lofam
trump uWt. 'IWbbAn w wi ib
held t Jem S r and e .wtl. b-. aB.t two
: .. j'; .. -


TA May 21st nthe 27th
,u tt +"
TimM ^"


I ori. t entered th*e obat.
of America ms afiub tout In

red to oy out Trop I n t
Clayton. t .
.. .....1.. .l ...u L..

S i.' c "" ".,


Sr Fo


Center on maiuraay.

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S"I *0~"'~v
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19 end 17 Jwwts, SMbBS.tvWM I u
.". ,.d wE"B"........ tpl

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.1 -'.4., F
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*" ,'* T ... .- ,- L* ,S.
n r -- -.
*^IWwcrnqec -''
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* .r*!*

o and Freight-Ships and Planes- Arrival


The other, day a clever wife The memo idea has served its HORI1ONTAL
told me she had finally nit upon,purpose, this wife maintains. It; IGuase
a subtle way of giving her hua- has opened her-husband's eyes to; Moran's sport
band an Inkling of the many the fact that a housewife daily 7 Bowiag t nt
and varied chores she did for the does countless small "extras" for 13 Intersti
family each day. her family and that in addition 14 Needer
It seems the husband was the. to her own job she is a sort of 15 Sliding
kind of a man who thought all a secretary at home to her hus- compartamet,
housewife had to do each day was band. 16i s lIra
to-make a few beds, flick a dust earned that her main w in
t table aonddo the dishes a- problem is not how to kill time! I Gaseous
table and o e s but how to find enough time in element
terwarcd each day to do all she has set 20 Catch (cal.)
Slack of Insight Into a house !herself to do. 21Shoslho nl
wift's working day made him Any wife whose husband thinks Indiana
ptMy Intolerant If anything he a housewife's job is a breeze is 234Siste
adeed to have done wasn't done welcome to the memo idea. 25Cheee dm
Itnnedlately. 27 Iceberg
Often when he came home In 28 Insect o
the evening he'd ask, wondering- UAU 1C 29Ches iVlee
: "What have you been doing NUW I1 s 0 Soame
all day?" As if his wife's biggest T, B T TU31BIJI (mu*C)
prtMlm was filling out a lot of E BEST TIME 32Coarse
leisure hours. TOn TRAVEL liny
Well, that was the situation hutnlg
and here is how his wife finally y Polo Y
convinced him that there is more 40 I abl
to running a houiv than doing ^ 40 dGlvelort
routine hold tasks. 41i G v ov.
She started writing herself me- 42 i- i-t was
mei 4t all the extra Jobs, er- ] I i i H -
rands, duties, etc. that she In- I 4 S Resi
tended to do each day. She would 461 A R l' t
lay the lPits on her dresser, 48 CHckberie
cognat on her husband's natur- o0 II lont"imb
al eurleaity to read it. iCI51 i i 5i
The lists were always long and I
always included such Items as
"'Go to the bank for Jim," "Take
Jim's mother to the doctor," and
"OGet food for Jim's poker club."
When Jim would casually ask
his wife to do this or that or re-
mind "him of something else, she
would ask him to add his request SPRING FESTIVALS IN mCOW
to her daily memo.
m-Ea0 iAdilv amPRIL 127 i

Mi Fat Away
Ift lIulu yuur ure or imake,
ouaort of bftath and ndanmier
o-r1itlb. yOu will find It eat)
to 14141 a hif pound a da5.i ith the
now Hl 1'wo,,d Mrh eau llti
FI'ORUODI;. No draiL"- dietng or
exzrOIse. Absolutely safe. Ask your
ohlemist frr PORMODE and stuar
dllmImlanf tomorrow.


I" ... V m an

't.eua ts M -hu a k

mIAIvvw II ,nrnlIb m1-1
The best Lima to visit Me.
xico's capital. and PAA or-
fers Ihe.only daily flights


Flk PA lo Los Angeles.
via Guatemala. Tor only
$380.80. combination fare
Chicago Is just half a day
away. vio Miami, with
DC-6 service all the way

Sm yomr Trmed -nt oru


Poew., L Sb6H No 5.
Tel -01670
Co enm S.le Sl g.. Tel 1097
x&.II. P


3 Tider
4 At this time
B5 olm oak
7 OI dub
8 Rat
*toag (Fr.)

11 Malayan city
12 aceof utter
19 Woody fruit
2 Legislative 1
4 Mfld I
27 Used In many 3

SSte Navigatm Cempl '

dMW Nals Lhs LA

M.. A A .................. ................ May 21st
8.8. "K' NDTA" .......................... ..... May 23r
M.V IINA BNL PACIFIOO" (18.000 tons).... .May

M.V. "LAND ER'........................,. A..

M.V. "DIEMERDYK" ............................May "9rd
M.V. "LOCH GARTH" ............................June 3rd
M.V. "DONGEDYK" ..............................M. May 28th
M.V. "LOCH AVON" .... .......................June 15th
All smflings stfsea Do change without aetiee.
FORD I. C-. "/- f rd 55 Tel. -I U /
FORD 0. INC. .. Bldx. TeL 2.I-N

Fighting for Time

p~sa. a.55ip.a,


...V FOops. 1
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CUP. mmm
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PS AND m- esuM

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The 01x

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.1 1.-~--*.


1 c Fmt

aMs ub Coming

3 9o l Na NO'.WWp ucAjtf
" wj^r"--

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m4a&a'u vow


T WIoN'T iAN 1U21S

By AL van


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meo ... wem .... NAm UBWsK 'Wl AM Way

IUVooApr~M oa A(iMati^
Ai Psu fam
g02.0 OF AL.PsPW CMil


,.^ ,- y1-+.'-:.. -' *, ** -? -.';,--., -", .r'.
... ,,.,' ..,'..,:.- =. +"- .:.lB ',i. ^ -, ', fc i t!..,..'-
?. : *';, '. r ..'. "' *. "


WiALIN, Pa.ntaer



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".1i-m r^a^m i *

Ml iath Iass ItflM

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^' iHBlB ---9' -wIt
lfw vtc A D totnlt
Wt ;.

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Omr to MKMelvNt*
out rn won idmw

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siUL of,& If I EiB
"o t W"

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-mm. an, .

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wVmm~ -~ uV ~



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awa onp. BO


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* ~ ~ *."~ tA T C 1 p
. .. ,-,-,* .,^,,,- ...,l,. ,,r.*T ._i- ..,-.. ,
*.*--; :;, ,. "

"":;:. 1*. .... .-.? > .- .I *
". ::;, .f ^ ,,$ .3 -. ,'. .- : ,

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ruha 6 anal

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d*o.OJ DAI
^^^^^^^^By B^B a 3m-v
IMkni~^^tepuwm.rM -l^W 1 f

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Ada- allBi
*d t s
Jb^b |,-^

' .' "I "



ale*t4r Jw Diem o
.bro Who Wa Im!.tau

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04 <10 Us t

A L. J!fA.


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I* (i~~~iii

tih~ bLAt?


- :r,-- :..*.. ...0
--fi~ l k'' ,* ,. ^ '

You Sell 'em.,.When You Tell 'em thru PA. C

I eave'your Ad %ith one of our Agents or our Offices lu No. 57 -- 81
No 12.179 Central Ave. Colon

Lewis Service
r4 Tivoll Ave.-Phone 2-2281 ind

Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-9441

Sal6n de Belleza AmericanO
#55 West 12th Street

Agencia Inlernacional de Publicaciones
#3 Lottery Plaza Pnone 2-319

Houm.-hold Anton hnt, ,-*,
FOR SALE--Venetian blinds, Red- Service Personnel and C,,laion
wood screens. cabinets for gro.n Government Employes
elevator. 12-B Margarita St. Crs- insist on
tobol 3-2384 Government Employes Finone Co.
O S cWhen you finance your new
FOR SALE--25 cycle Re- or used car
frigerator. $65 00 Available .rr- AGENCY DEHLII'GER
mediatolely. 5448-L. D.ob'c Hgts. No. 43 Automobile Row
FOR SALE -25 cycle wo' ma- Phone 3-4984 3-4985
chine, ceiling fan, 1-4 H. P. elec- For selling or buying your next ouI0
tric motor. 1 1-2 b.cycles. 2 wood see Agencoas Cosmos. on Aulo-!
venetion blinds 36" x 60' model mobile Row 29 We also sell,
A Ford. 625-A Cocol,. Phone 4.1 GUARANTEED Used T.res and
216 Tubes. Tel Panarra 2-4721. Sa-i
FO? SALE -Bargain. leaong I'th- turdays. open all do.
.l m h .. n. d in ,n n- ---- C A A,, 4 i .. .

Carton B -
10,050 Melfeden in

Propagada, S.A5 :
"H" Street corer
Phones 2-2214 and il
o .'.


Do you hove a drinking probtim? Willam f r each Co-
Write Aekoelies Anoeymoue. al tfoge. T e hdrM Otsi, FrIprim ,
2031 Ancem, C. Z. RockMn -- s. ah boe -0 .
WE OFFER the best and more rapid Philips. lf I c s .
refrigeration service Repairs on| Clara.. I45, 1b1 .1'he
any make of refrigerator Idome:-: Ponrr T. 7, Crilftobol w.3173.
tic and commercial. "Slen" Re- CASINO SANTA CLARA. i
frigerotion Service. No. 2 Eart musieby Ca *to Aces. No r4sw-
28th Street. Telephone 2-4547, tions ,tillssy May 2ft g and
Panama. 3 I st.
rRAVEL OPPORTUNITY: Enjoy Foter's fu d cottage, hd f mile
your vacation in cool Costa Rica. beyond a tea Clare. Glas lfriWr.
Fly LACSA, P.A affiliate, only ators, rngs. SpecIal rat week-,
$55 00 round trip. Inquire Pan-. ly or monthly, private road to
ama Dispatch, Tel. 2-1655, across beach. ir Information visit D0e
from Ancon bus-stop.____ mar. Tvil Avenue No. 6 or phone
We repair washing machine, retnfrer- Panarf l 2-0170.

mus. Du autiul .u...... ..-.yFRS< ,.a o iALE -1940 E u.c.. a. o r se-
room set. 4 piece Is.ngrom st dn in A-I condition. tires good stars idomeitic and commercial Visit NAMERIAW in
25 cycle record player. 25 cycle and tody good. radio. new up- or any kind or make of electrical A AV T O0L El Vale.
refrigerator. 3 linoleum 12 x 10 holktery. May be financed Call appliances. Telephone S.en' Re-
1-2. Other household articles Kobbe 84-5259 beTween 7 30 andi frigerotion Service, 2-1547, Pan- Gramlich's Santa Clara beech.
Like new. used only 6 months Sgt 4 o'clock. ama. No. 2 East 28th Street. cottOag, tectric Ice boxes, gas
Ramirez. House 5469-F. Diablo stoves, t'ldrate rates. Tellelheites
Heihti- Endscort St TROPIC TOPICS: Pr e your FOR SALE o44
S-- car for tropical rains seal your R '
FOR SALE -Easy wo.her. automa- wnd.hield glass and waterproof MiwefaneuIn FO3 RENT
tic. 60 cvc'e. ne. Co-t r275.00 your car by our experts Tropicol
5.11 for $225 00 Tel 3-1216. Motor. FOR SALE:--One Ercoupe, two pos- A"it
Ponoma. ,. senger 'Airplane 75 Continental -------. .
FOR SALE -Chld's tricycle, maho- gFOR LEphol u.cste P perfect Engine, excellent condition, well A APARTM&N
R A -.l and scemall thes-i god upholter n Pert7 Balboa cared for, now located at the Pai- Modern unfurnishdM p -
gOny ded. larbe and small to.tec. condi'ion. Phone '-37'. Balboa tilla Airport, Panama Ci'y, Re- mets. M grvice optlonei Con.
chiffoners. chairs Tel 25 B fille Airport. Pono28o Ciay, Re--nsntl. W Vtt Ok Cpn. L
chiffoner, chors Tel 2558, Bal- C. Z from 3 p m. to I I p. public of Panama where it may be tact offile 0 h
has D-oz ._ seen by prospective buyers. Terms. CristOWbl. lelplhone 1386 &oeh.
FOR SALE -Sersel electric refrcier- FOR SALE -1951 Koiaer. 4 door cash Safe to be confirmed by the
aton. I 3 cu ft 25 or 60 cycle or duty paid, excellent condition United States District Court. Such
13s very good co-a'-.ton. Hou-e Bargain. leaving to States. Empire sale will be made on Mayov 26, at LUIi
90-A. New Cr,.bol. Phone 3- St 826-A. Balboa four o'clock in the afternoon.
1794 nofe, 4 30 p. m i F -^ -94 Fo-Pe- D House 5824-D, Diablo Heights.
FOR SALE Refripnrator High livery Wagon. duty paid. motor.58 _____
Chair Lncleum. rduble and anol hod, point, excellent condition. FOR SALE:-25 Dal. hot water heat-i
bed hor.s. eertr.c clock. 1418-, $275 00. Ag ni'io Panamorore' er. Excellent condition. Fitted for iMM r Lm
D. Carr 9t Balboo. C.lle Q No 27. Telephone 2- bottled gas. but also has fitting for
..-- --- 4666. Panami city gas. $85.00. Call Panama
SI / .- I l D IFOR SALE: Sacrifice. 95 ord 2-3012, between 4-6 p m sills due the Panama Canale
F A9.51 Ford O -ALE--pciIwill not be Paid to Cashiers at
LOST---One wire haired Terrier. Cu- Vctoria. Must sell. See car at FOR SALE:--One brad new, special the various Housing offices at-
, rundu Area. Canal Z-ne by the 0428-A. Frangipon, St. Ancon. built, heavy duty 25 to 60 cycle ter May 28, it was announced
name Pter." Call P. A. D. 4249 Converter, I KW 60 cycle output. yesterday afternoon at Balboa
REWARD Position Off Prrt 1 Call Balboa 6315. Heights.
SReionsible bookkeeper or account- Help Wanted Until lao t July 1, bills for
FOR SALE ant for large concern wanted, apply quarters and land rentals and
Box 323. Panoma. WANTED:-Maid for housework and related charges were payable
IRpl i F IsPtP, laundry. Must sleep In. Campo only at the six Housing offices
SW ANTED Alegre. Calle Gerardo Ortega. Ca- and at the tM.eisurer's offices at
PANAMA CANAL COMPANY so Maraflores, apart. 3. Tel. 3- Balboa Rhegtt and CrIatobae, It
OFFIRS SrRUCTUWI POR SALE liTwer. 2739, Ponoma. was explained.
For sale to the highest bidder Build- After July 1, such bills could
ing No. 801-X, Empire Street. Pol-' Young American couple desires corr I a be paid to eeshlera in the cof-
boo. Sealed bids will be received inj pletely furnished house. June 5 to missaries, clubhouses and aly-
the office of Superintendent of I Seat I Call 3-1697. from 7:30 to where else a cashier was located,
Storehouses at Balboa until 10 30' 12 a. m from 1:30 to 5 p. m. T. W -j in addition to the Housing of-
A. M.. May 28. 1952. when they, fle......:ices.

Will be opened In pUblic. ForT anugm ofW : T U MM
proposal with full particulrs mFory be PolIC Training
-secured In the offices of uern- Films To Be Seen
tendent of StorrhoAiis and the Hous-
Ing Manager at Balboa Heights. Twenty-nine new full or prt
By Zone emploeswenty-nine new fu or part-
tie epnDloyes were added t.M

A ty FA VOeIT Pour police training films
rhave been received by the Ca-
nal Zone Polire Division from
I the Federal Bureau of Investi-
,. er catinn. it was reported Monday
S' i by Major George Herman, Chief
S 1 of the Police Division.
Titles of the four films are:
Arrest. Defensive Tactics -
M-EIAWMJ W IViWAIN Your Personal Weapons of De-
S IN ~rfrSTT ip f ense. Self Defense and Disar-
- ow a mament. an Techniques and
Thee lch bi nd ting of iwor rMlS. Merho nls of0 Arrest.
chafe, atil.lee' foot won'tI boher I The films Villl be shown Tues-
you-if- y.,u *prinkl oao Mouanuia! dd.r nd Wednfiejday of this week
ln2&econdmlwiedinciicingsclose ?t the Diablo Heights theater
to akin-given cool. re- for rriemoers of the force sta-
hef. Spe .l Amstlam b baseeaupr- tinnrd In the Bpeboa police dis-
nothini. Buy. use it tundily I trlt. In the Cristobal police dis-
trict. the films will be shown
Thursday and Friday at the
Crlstobal theater.
The four films are the first of
a sr'res of police training films
Go. a...,, r,, v'hlch will be shown here dur-
fto. -eru-ee, Me..... sin cr.m, i ng the next few months.

*.Ask your

,Mother to

Aahton & Parsons Infant.'
Powders are wonderfully
oofa at teething time.
T7% ensure regular emy
mdons, cool the blool mand
ame abeodetyo safe. Try them

y fr your tur y ~ e t i he in
~ f~ I.W ee

the rolls of the Canal eo apany-
government during the first two
weeks in May. according to a
report from the Persouel Bu-
Included in the list of tem-
porary new employes hired local-
ly are three student assistant,
employed for summer Jabs.
Two of the 29 new alployes
were hi.,ed In the United Sates.
One of them. Clifford F. Allen,
who is working as a ta mna en-
gineer in the Dredging DIvision
at Gamboa. formerly worked for
the Panama Canal. He *as em-
ployed from 1940 to 144 atid
again for a short tmi9 lb 1945
as a chief towboat operarOIt and
as an engineer by th eDrelging
The other new employes who
were hired In the United UiWtes,
their birthplaces and lht.- Jobs
on which they are working, are:
Locks-Division: Frank A. Brmn.
Jr., Hamilton County, Ohio,
Lock Operator Wireman at Oa-
tun: John W. Ensell. and Ituaell
E. EnselU, Senior, tley are
brothers from StubmFuvlle.
Ohio, both Lock Operator Wire-
men at Pedro Miguel;
Industrial Bureau: John L.
Harris. Brooklyn, New Yok, Xnd
John E. Sholund. Jr., Jackson,
Missouri, both Marine Machin-
ist.s in Cristobal;
Contracts and Inspection Dr-
Islon: Hartford W. 3f1t ,
Ellis, Texas, Construoti"e In-
spector, Cristobal;
Engineering Division: William
S. Neal. Millonociut, Mbine,
Mechanical Engineer, NalboM
Civil Intelligence: obart C.
Walker. Albany. Oeorgl;a-1let;
Dredging Division: r. Jftez,
who was born hI Dn W)WU.,
Rhode Island, and a=lrier
Watt, 'Glasgow, u .2a lulmk
Engineer at Gantmbf.

Scooter To Qw
Scouts To DiMN0
Pacific Ode tl#UL Sl
acoutg and 3 iS -
whopan to
nualdinner me
0Sol Officeer-'s, -_W
day evening a W*I %
use of a scooter
ralr Altad st M U

Since these facilities have
been available, there has been
such a marked reduction In the
number of payments made to
the Housing division cashiers
that continuance of the cashier-
ing service at the Housing Divi-
sion offices is no longer war-

Miss.C. Roveneou
Wins St. Therese
May Queen Contest
The final count of votes In the
May Queen contest of St. Ther-
ese Church at La Boca was held
last night with the following re-
Miss C. Raveneau, 5,510 votes;,
Miss M. Caesar, 5,365; Miss Pow-
ell, 4.294: Miss C. Campbell, 4.-
090 and Miss D. McClean, 3,325
The coronation of Miss Rave-
neau will hb held on Friday night
at the St. Thesese parish hall.

wprusentatlve of the -4711"
*wi]gnes and perfumas, arrived
Ip panama yesterday in the
=arse of a business trip to La-.
1 America. Fuesser is stop-
at Hotel MI Panama and
studying local market pro-
Swith the cooipMration of
Aras. Panmal agent,
the ',47' lime.




Minimum for 12 words.
3c. each kdditiomdl word.


And now
tells you what a wondetf
Insecticide CHLORDANE 1l
in the April Issue.
(It's the Killer in Real Kill)
Buy It in the agricultural-
grade for your farm
or garden.
279 Central Ave. Tel. 3-41M
U I0


lmenwlate -

Tel. 3-1718 th
*22 29th St. be
mi. a, Te
Beotel El Pans
SELLING: PanamA CelSeat, W
Fuerza y Lus (preferred) ~iI
and Forestal Prehcta. Ml2
BUYING: Coca OCs. 1t
re. 3-4719 8-1i60 *n

BSUpeove RtepheW fti
val cOU1 "OW-4WOI 5S
a. delo urns* a4e"hl w) w
TML 24M- MIL L ft I D AL
arpotes ted, S.
Shipping, moving, eorag*e.
We pack tand erats or mov ad

,anything. 'PhDon
2*266 Panarft.L



q deal tn both New and
uoudaitioned PFaiture.
41 A tomobile Row
Tel. 3-4#11,

At Its. Bestl
elboa 1 1or
write box 104
IarmU A DOwn
i -" -- --"

7::'-A L etDD N I
*l*' A L8E AINl

SMWM O Pute l M

Daures FenJ
wanderlust has control b u t e d
re to the .ship's popularity.
, (tsie, who Is a master of at
ust e languages (Including
- Eng iis I famous for
VS l "L 'Vet's See iN The World
U8 .ini," 'After You. Polum-
%.Mt' A d iapy others. A series
ftgi baoks covering
U*% trips are now be-
I.Ae. .1b Danish
R JMibis tb own drawings
l Mh, oten in a humor-

The Deaathea is partially Gov-
ernmeut financed. However,
Milo'ae claims "It is me exagger-
ation Mir say tai t 1te whole of
rCemaek 1 6utuw to its up-

"ak t i heavy

-. te hius mdmer setU

a*MNIR asar

*6toenatb eW
1,Ui tor attackihi|
Monroney, WI
:Wan for House
J toeratic nomir
.n'aw looks inevit
lie thought P
bloasom as a comp

' I,; ,

tlie Rayburn has discour-
Sthe Movement In his be-
it his ftlendp are convince
U -year-old Texan Is avail-
for the nomination in cau
t party's July convention
ads up In a stalemate.
hiey do nlot think he ever will
U WDnt to bean active candl-
Mr. Truman roused the ire of
il$ellana and some Demo-
It Saturday night with hL,
Idre before Americans for
ratc Action, a national
WirCoMmunist "liberal" or-
e' Republicans were in-
ed by Mr: Truman's swipe
the "isolationist" wing of the
hmblican Party.
a1 named six Senators who
said bad "Jeered" at Ben.
BXander Wiley (R-W4i.) for
makingg up for a bi-partisan
neDmocratic anger sprang
ft )Senators supporting the
4 alled tidelands oil bill, whieh"
6 President described as "rob-
in broad daylight."
Bn. Lyndon B. Johnson (D-
s.) and others described Mr.
IUman's statement as "reek-
I" and "intemperate."
%en. Herman Welker (R-
i), who was among the Re-
MleKans named by Mr. Tru-
an, accused the President of
libring a "complete falsehood."
said he did not Join in the,
bate when Sen. Harry P. Cain
t-Wash.) and others criticized
Walker, who said Bunday
at he would demand an "apb-
gy" from Mr. Truman, told the
nate he had written the Prt- .
Wnt asking him to retrat hiM
Ben. Bourkl B.' eHlkeniooper
-Ia.), another TItman target,
Id hq was not diatUrbed by
e President's remarks. S
Icribed the Preldmt'sa tatft-
0t1 as "oomp fet Wroftg.
The AIA convention here *
ded to the lead of Demoe .
t coumte chal
km He y, who, 4at
Meat tryi to narrow tohe,nI
WWorth uth mplit an u

ed na Panama's President. AlMl-
4tadfis Arosemena.
Later this afternoon a press
conference is planned aboard the
Tth oceanographic vessel sails
tomorrow for its home port min-
us ee of the original 106 crew
mvtSbef. Tragedy struck the
ship ea the night of May 17 when
the 0S-year-old Jan Olsen dis-
appfltl. IR was believed that
since r..jept on the deck, that
he U I w rboard in his sleep.
A W-S search failed to yield
any t e. 4 tfhe salsing man.

TUSCA~klLQA, "1a., (UP). -
A reeyf.te by John
Sellers W iMt, Ala., has
learned to turM deAr knobs with
his pas and W oes Into the
house to sleo nM~h the stove.

Nowl T I .- NW-

c n S x

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I test sunday. a
v we r" it lut ast* "
Uwn ArauIt
whee aiou
.. "-. % ... .r,

Lt. Prank P. Albro

preent .

W''~ 2
~ ~ :


Oe A I
S.. E ,; .., ... ., "1 1;<,:- -* .I .^

^^ S: -.<.: >; ; ** -** ; + -,-: ** *IV .,* +;. .,
"' "a -. -
' ..a ,.l -- .. &.+'* .*.. '-i
"?+" i .. .,i- -

,.-, .+ -






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IL:. ,. ..- Tv
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* U P
V. *i** **'*
*.~**.* ~.
1~az *

o'..r ... .. ,.
I. W j. Ub l ,:



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1 417 1ftO ald


See no 3Ue:-

MJr at le M .ft
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a ato.. ..r,,m an, B.. ..., .. ...I
a wal W-l ., M .. ., o.
aci" srii -p .. .4," d .., .
) ,,,, oti. t .*,.*,,.
sCt.R, h ... .. |a

as: a Staley S .. .. .... ..
-- Osm."' [e .. ** .o b

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"-"- --^M-- g
osU MI
U U .714 100

E r t fuM" Tiers -
."M.o o
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*JIJ-*~~ Fet~t
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B- -" .-..*,, ^ fl
. ,O, 0-:-1 B
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MMj ab





$ntudens Must

Tekoa 7 Steps

- ~11~

obr%'''"^ ^

For Deferments aAlI fl

Two steps which may be taken "Le' tfe peoplekneto tia h fth n thit o .
by students In Class I-A and
those who have I-8 and JI-S de- VENTT-SEVENTH VEAR PANAMA, R. P., T Y. FIV| CEW"
ferments who wish to be deferred -- -
over the summer and during the,
1958-53 school year were outlined

area: House Sidetracks 0 pension,
are: "h m
1. The registrant must send a
letter to his draft board request-
ing She deferment. The better '
should state that the student will
be a fitll-time student next year. i
The letter must bear the stud- I
ent's signature. '"
2.The student must request the
Office of the Register t send the WASHINGTON, May 20 (UP)- 'r-mocratic leaders bring the bill for i t a"rting he thought It wa
roper information about the The House In a surprise act on ,i)ore the house under regular senior t11 bt ht feature.
student's rank in class and pro- rejected a ,rush" till to increase procedure which would permit Ways "I think the
.res^ to his draft board. This Federal old age ins-irance pay- amendments bin_ Administration shouted. 't relations are seeing b
should be done Immediately. ments yesterday and Democratic forces were oool to the Idea. you are wa I under the bed," he s ld.S
tu.ds toeanter leader John W. McCormack sid McCormack said it is now dicine." bill has nothing to do with li
students whom wish to enter the legislation may be dead htr doubtful that it could be passed Reed. elauled medicine."
graduate school must makeou this year. byv both Housea and become law" a see But most of his GOP collesn
special form in the registrar's he measure xr defeated H-e said that "all anyone has to whlch W disagreed. Trriy demanded
office. by a roll call vote after Re- do is holler Socialism and there federal < Democratic leaders bring t1
Te rsonibiit fr s PublIcan critics branded it as is a lot of hysteria that should broad r l measure to the floor under o
The responsibility for seeing '"Po tical" and contended it not exist." Ing qB5u. ft ilar procedure which wou tI
thsi the necessary information would open the ,oor to social- Speaker Sam Rayburn of Tex- Ityem a chance to debate
gets to the draft board rest with! Ied medicine. supporters said as said the bill might come up right to p i amend the bill.
the student. Verbal requests are it was needed to relieve hard- in the regular way but 'not very i.lcan A Reed and assistant tepublt
not to be depended upon. ship among old people faced soon." The leader Charles A. Halleck (illM
Emergency situations or any with high prices. Chairman Robert L. Doughton Admin ared the GOP congVreamen
involving special arrangements Opponents said the measure of the House Ways and Means;who has rect what they alled 't
should be discussed with the was opposed by the American Committce, which considered the Congress evident poiticalbait" held forth by 3
clerks at the local boards. Medical Association and state bill, said he has no immediate man's Tor cobahemocrats.
medical groups. plans for bringing it before the Federal -tWR Ih aan Democratic leaders had .f
SiHouse again The A Mi edical .tpected the measure to
SDal PThere were. indications this Rep.e dnel A. Reed (R., N. Y.1, thon ad Va de a state ctI It would have
hostility played a large role in the fight against the groupsad oed th minimum old a t
the bill'sesurprise defeat. De-bill, said he did not object to visions. benefit .fro.m to aa
mocratic leaders had expected tthe benefit Increase which would Rep. G ge A. D f t. ., month while rang Wh easily, have cost an estimated $30000000,- Mich) re a letter from .t' mom payment trom
H" While the leelslation com- 000 a year on top of $2,000,000,000 Michiga te Medical he t .- ti$77.14
mOA nade Vd e a major ity, was con- alred belpa out. tion the bil a a0 The largest posfb$le yw
dered uner a suspension o But he sa the bill was a in the dt fton of 1a1010A to a family woul have
House rules which required a I"political" proposal which t--' medicine. creased from $1 to 1
ROME. Mayo 20 iUP).- The two-thirds majority. Democrats had rushed to tl Other members said the had month.
Communist newsoapei "L'Unita" The vote was 150 to 140 in ia- House floor in hopes of pickin .cceived 11milar objectiol.a It would not have called .
today repeated the charge that vor of the measure. 44 votes short up votes for their party in next, Rep. Robert Mean (W., L any increase n preent .wi
Roman Catholic priests and nuns of the mark. Voting for the bill November's election. i easumed reaoalt Bty ot :l holding from ft e'set .wl
%re being added illegally to elec- were 98 Democr-ts, 51 Republic- "Also, this bll opens the way section on altab fty pa IAh1dir'checks.
Wtilal lists and printed more than ans and one Independent t .... c.h---c.
SO names of alleged violators Frazier Reams of Ohio. Opposed
In Naples were 99 Republicans and 41 De- = A
lAJnlta said priests and nuns mocrats. A e i s d Ad
from the cities that voted last The measure would have in- ravel Agencies. ead Am azeS
iMr I -the first round admin- creased oM age and survivors
tive election in northern benefits by 12 s percent or $5
T ." have been registering in a minth wichever was high-
"CAN. RItome and other cities er. It would have effected 4.- a
ht will o to the polls next 0,00 persons immediately I A P oor T o u d
and would have addea &MO0,-
eently in their electoral cam- 000,00 to tire annual 5,500,- A. L. Simmons, founder of one ern of the American A6t1 Of "Most of the Vlnt re.
Min the Communists charged Oe,000 cost of the social Se- of the largest travel organizu-Travel Agents, "it.c.h he r qr
electoral violations were oc- nrtly program. tions in the world and president serves Ma prevtMent. A ,TA s ad V
trrlnt in_ Rome. Republicans demanded that of the AmerflanSoelesy of Travel some 2,0o60 5ia1bers frea ead
Agents, said today that he was Stata in the'Wafoted States la.
amazed to learn that whereas every colatry in the worldl*- re
over halfa milliontt ) leave cept those t nind the Iron Cut&r
the United States for Europe tainm.t o
each year, only 5,000 visit Lati In noting his surprise th-at wte obdtla IlA. t took
America. oinl one percent of thi tourisks ..e 4119ttt 9f con
The travel ge n t arrived in who leave the United Statesea& wo ad runninl
Panama over the week end on year visit Latin America, i to cle all of this mat
Braniff's "31 Conquistador." mons said: DOWal.
He,ls now completing a survey "I felt there must be a very d
of the South Amerioan tourist finite reason why so few tours "T give you an Idea of how
market for Braniff Airways, with come to Latin America co ed diftM R this can be compared t
a view to including more tourists to those going to Europe. I find, Xtegi', all that is required t
to visit "South of the border." unfortunately, that the U.S. tour. tHaval to all the countries i
Heretofore Simmons has sent ist has good reasons for his heal- Is a valid passport and
most of his tours to EuSrpe, but tancy to come to Latin America. v certiaflate. No visat
an his return to the states he Those reasons are the complicat. m calls to Consulate
Will set up a series of taer-pense ed and numerous regulations set aw
tours to Latin America, Descrip- up by the various Central aEn
tive folders will be distributed to South American countries, which *. has simplfled travel
agents all over the United states discourage the average traveler. for tour st onElyE because
and Canada. "To give you an idea of what it a Tourist Card.
Simmons anticipates t i at these complications are, this is '-PanamA Is only on
through his proven mt oed re the list of documents which I had of American Republic
travel promotion, msiy I.eth to have prepared in or d e r to thru the tourist may de
Americans will be make this current trip possible: site '
to visit Latin Amer, "*A 1. Valid passport. 2. Smallpox
the next year. e certificate. 3. Tourist cards, 4. "5 ure that the variou
The agent started his IGmUos General health certificate. 5. Let- a countries als
travel h o us e, now kHitlo w n ter of recommendation from the fdoUl Incom
throughout the world as ian- airline confirming my status as t u tourism
mona Tours, some 40 el 160ago, a borra fide tourist. 6. Certificate r, ver
and has built up a vast trgani s establishing my financial reaponm. e e toeMcourag
tion with offices in New York, sibllity, 7. Police certificate in-
hiladelphia, Chicago, Lee An- eluding fingerprints, (which all
gales, Bermuda and Pais.e- law-abiding eltizens resent). 8, W4oat.kerhc must b
(NRA Teaiph[W ) clalizing In all-eRWars. Twelve photographs, and 9. Vis- courgutor on
IMBE IN MOVIELAND Firemen battle a raging fire WlWftI both conducted and Independent. as.* es.a ~uas sur
broke out in one of the old sound stages on the back lot of He was also one of the undon
the Warner Brothers studio in Hollywood. Calif. Equipment w o ffect al
.and property valued at more than a million dollars were de- ESVERY
stroved. All of Burbank's firemen were called to help studio owU U opu, a wYi to the 2
'liremen fight the blaze as it ripped through "tinder dry" *t=h e, to de
sound stages. VIMies A A h lent to
Carries At _11-AmA n tour

I Rodeo Roundup, the seventh of t the Lati

W *M ah,.




Miss Peggy Sage brings you
direct from her Paris Salon...
a new. an infinitely better
nail polish-a different
method of colnr blending.
Now. crystal clear colors
make possible a vaMl arrMy
of routurier shades.
A finish of flawless
perfection that sparkles
like jewels. and lauta
and lasts. This is the
performance of Pqgy Saqe,
presented in the most bmuulfid
nail polih bottle in the w ld-Il
SFashion-wise womenses kniw W
smw martotch their PeW 5wp
4 s" ih thte .
Andev @l Pecy Sep dBil

USO Camp Show to arrive on
the Isthmus since last Septem-
ber for the entertainment of
troops, arrived at Albrook Air
Force Base today at 7 p. m. via
MATS aircraft from Brookly
Air Force Base. Ala.
The ten-cast USO troupe,
specializing in western routines.
includes Sam and Betty Tenner,
lariat experts the Corkrat ls-
ters, singers: the three Welles.
acrobats; Lanny Ford, guitarist
and vocalist: Smiley Aqgo, ac-
cordionist bass fiddler sma
R o d e o Roundup's opening
show takes place tonight at 4:18
p. m. at Fort Kobbe theater.
Tomorrow the troupe will enter-
t patients at Fort Chuton
Hospital at 3:30 p. m., fdolWad
by an 8,30 performances t tb
Fort Cot theater.
Two sow take ple In
Hangar Mo. 3 at Albrufk t Ar
Force Base on Thurday. t *90
and 8:30 p. m. O Car te
troupe will travel to e'
side for a how t up
1P9d pitilon at i. I a4
Waning perfornm cs aM t uA t
lmeuum at 8":3.
I tROMgY tb amw t "
aol w l wot o .5pImrlimW
at Coco Solo ^*.^4 ^w








- I

nm tV

ith Cash
, ,M .

a truckdO-
Sm~lff~iit~ffrrftntir eO-

tor-he A
ing iltuS
it was
here. 1%
been no
An -tto

rWMn. and for C
i, t4 decide
ot aad saiplfied
-**" r

wardA m it.1

T "-AVE LIVES-The 1v9 C
4sW Crusade, a Joint fundtralitl
4d educational drive, tfiiw
IM need for mmor' enser h mm*
ed&e. One feet of th Ateprigl'
Can 4r Society's eduoWstieal j'.
.m that can sve thoMWMie q.
lie annually is the bloetIM l..
Stmilnation project whM4ei
women to *Nemine thewlr m
4Wge a month t or emty saits
.s eer. Coaner., dteMstd
6d properly treatg, s em

mu aO
4 for I


: I.'., ..



r' ." .T 4
. -i .-. i '-.
-C .t" : '*^. u

~'-t- -

- T.- .- ; -.' -4
* 1i t


a .-


k~ r
T,.', ~

"" -... I1

tf. *

. ..* .**'

- .

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