The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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kAtly re"lWt YOver the heads of
A Ithe White 1bRtMapb ttertits and
their labor t&ftm and has de-
M ea a w Iam ee dh., The NPm Af vbloped sch fNatastulc support -
one el dV pVuUa sand be. he. i a w ll =et- e the- tic Party
g ag adn the u onions that
IH a lo weNt be ImetwM 8 a 'Iep mpeas M r. Tru it baas decided on a
UtN m f inM o na rdr mn mIveM "Draft Stevenson" drive to stop
'o ai thep If Ihelm* e g o e. SBea. o ea. ver at e he nominat- .
,e t* .inate eoris bM o 4i Mtenq. ing convention.
in "m ne m eepenVil fr Mt1eggeiep w iI Helm e will have natIonal labor
In i lusetm IeM*. leaders' g u q
o This I ekn rom one of the,
COST CONSCIOUS DIK Prealdent's m 0o t intimflate
The draft to chill the
crime buster would have
litter i, to hi6 uthor of the 7 May MetO. nsr o ,un"ead now i Mr.
fet*r*nee to your recent reguautoni that tli drivers sand t* r arman a eage r
will wear the ciaM A uniform at all times giv c A.vrU o arr mana
so vern.mtnt vacle. m'e only peopa extueul are chses to ot hlhftsi a
% tacidal missions (It boay*s. good camspaigkb, cap ble
t da't ameg to attter as to what kind of a job you have or of aroroinsg strog labor
a nhve a aetall to do on some other post, or on the same support. But Lthe tonal
lr that matter, you wll wear khakis wnle riding m a ov- labor chfefts ae passing on
t vehicle, word that while they think
aru s uun't care about the time involved in changing to Harriman is a "good guy',"
Sto the work uniform, ana backs to khakls, then osca to they want Gov. Stevenson.
uniform. And HarryTruman I a with
il we re allowed Is $5.00 a month for chothing. You bay one them, regardless of what seems B,
oL trousers are one anirt a montn ait n a.Uu a set. like a pesldeatlal boom for
;ou do that sor live monns 1to g e your auiurazed allowance, Harrimarn. That'; positive.
if mete raci you were allowed n6.Uu lotr nat period anu Mr. Truman' appearance
0*1" don, matter. with HarrNiman. along with the *'
SOW using class A for a work uniform, which you don't country molt influential labor
Wo as us use as tney are deigned to be ulea, cnea won't chiefs, at the Americans For
LVmonMas. L(onsequentiy we saart ill over again. Democratic Action banquet here
M do we dur other clothes tnat we neea? Aubr all, the is absolutely pot to be taken a said b.uu was enough for a month to maintain as a pledge O6 support for h is
mraioDe. o ou teame how. nomination bid.
lJo a month or so ago tne Army had a big drive an Cost 'he White House-labor coall- %
0101nerst. tion had been trying to kid Ke- ,
aiaoorate displays, radio announcements, also newspaper fauver out of poitietl existence
* ano finally awards sor good econolimy suggestions. until reatl..
V believed n, ior a whie. Suddenly the combine reallu- ,- ... **..
15o you right now lave on a manpower program. The Army edthat the Senator had trunced *
. J, ulasb us asinSg u1iuse au avauaole manpower. the best tee Tiruirj labor I
ight now all drivers, wnna not aliviag, wai, around for campSlgnere could throw at H orse D ise? se
at rip. Seiore they used to fix flat, service their venicies, him cabinet, members, ex-
owning else tnat uney could be lae for. mayors, public officials, nation- RUARK
Sany more, because.,you doat ke the ooks of fatigues, mayporscal labor leaders and f U.
so you must lsgure we have enough manpower wtnout prominent attorneys high in the --
I" it any further.
,ae,, ho.janga un,,one wises up to the fact this Isn't a one social circles of each city. h= uppeu to thee a this isnt a These primary election re- NEW YORK. -- The Kentucky Derby passed oddly hborsy in '. 1r,6 hat. verywbre
uotay vse tupputeu 0to oe a n Korea are wearing suits startled and frightened me by, and I still do not know Wip ran In it I look aw ..
Uat very much I the ruc arivdrSin Korea are wearing the most e al and hard- or anything except who Won it and I think it Horse wr la a is, wh
woas>. wiue waiting tlor something to be aone abouL the ade yoifcal and h was a horse na Bill hale, or something like cannot be cured .. .
ll just al around in my khakis and Wait for another trip headed of a p stculary un- that. It c es uw d a madtiess,
SMay come next wekk. impressionable atum of this We have the Preaneu next agonth, is it? if yo thro are alt
ay come nexi wek. ~ Disgmted Citsen Soldier society of 4i We district And we have the eltont Stake a sort of ed and.bunce. l e
machine leaden. shindig that corapletes the squared eirole, or peole a w f slffl .h
the tippler'B brown. Or some kind of sporting TYa ca tell the M0aneMt victiuts from
CORBOAL PROJECT T'~qy were hit hIl bl a phrase like that. other falks, because after ..aleA pook
sudden .grim thought .'. the The reason your boy is so vague about these marked in the
r. people' oren dvqeloptg a vital portions of our life In this flte land Is Tl e1btMOer may remember a socIety

Whole dea of abandoning Pedro Miguel and construct- deU political ae.uto- that he o cured. a s wa
Shousingl in Lorozal might well be termed Project: waS machine ea4l~d s. You can quit it f you really w t to. You i
Gown to aewer" or how stpid Can We Get?". 4 people were bbim to Ret so you don't Ms It. Youdo not iluiver any a ad
LC ,rstplace Pedro MIul aIs all of the nede d muni- Ke te, as the il ift more at pT t time, and a daily elible or aas
water, lights, streets, shool, post office, t wit There, or a adi patriar means in .tt -i
ll e, movies, a club- nt o l e- e
gad sn good wpshae da "Vt-a
d ncubtor Row ,nnels could the drdPaUsPn=
town to the obdacent for the Loks does a errht ood ob in the b
n of a smtoll bridge conditihe Pedro Miguel Rver consulting orses and instance w he the t to

F.d orog Alley. rIn past quewn he ws a on a ally ig wr,
Woud be y possible to construct, now quartem, l ".thed o e .,
Ft it o building already demolished during the =al NW la l t tud taA 40 Wd .
aId there ample room for t w h ousing along WAo. i nc htor, ig. ta
ellomter of tift bSU'plrk. i=4 i po tifftm = 0400-oats rrajo y a O .
',Abo Incubator Row Kennel could be torn down in ote've e auver' c ten oq dlaers ant rern ona an.
a smallbridge orver the npecr Mio guathel -Ri ptr1153 b eruic uing t Men. r dir and. aclf-atanceeVi
w o-nt f inshed a nd d"- -d e u .. ..ea r.t d h-
do n w the a re adjacent to the fiddle Club now V lon oa it doe s a rdiht o job of Mr U wit te h
tlonof I C a ede over t edro Miguel .i* at ,o been.onsultng I"rstammer. o re hethe

$maenbrode ,howverte, nehnhbo Trumahn p T e Ws
0- Pi of f A Al ly. M .t. in the pa Wd s tb c ofS lnswsba a ealange ,t t
of our economy-minded Congressmen should be tod in h1 en 1pa lt n ownw ert hae si ft aad
saoaoo before thnin s os afaro asthey. did at- ,Summit .YS" m en rnP w eiw Iotea a nom b D l a th enSg and figured

S a h ie ocr lesed stup for ntheCto a dwellers In the a"" 'o fAd NILe, str o ntnrean st me I nhis ansi 4h U senwt to thtat an
Imaginetho:m M ,director of ,L te to 55k har b ,1 ,. seven ,ust

SBoot lA c omtil neote post of f leepopgaraeos as lnc tdsk nl in weIItI were inW M the
the m iddle of th e Zon e'sn. .r .Mthin g t h e tra fi- cc, im, .B b r [w that it l Am A aelt ,ii
netAndo om en a p oonst "gem, WIt olieasoIn k now-f0CIem. r Renick tell "V s m t
e Islands to th.e lft and right, barracks and the Ad the oonsknner's l.e all know of Cm M the phon

B,+-ma the ,o t. ,-o -,-he ...... ..... re at. nhe eominee. doa,, Ba lB-utpto,,, alta Is, mre ,, than ,M SB. r, a. nd
ylumion one side th d e Army stores and Abrook the energetic Phi Is that e w -eaBrsa ode b hat weleo 'orthe win l efh thaein-
0l dynamo behind the E hL m i +__ 1""1", .. na te t.y .ir i 'n.

-M on the other. "the m ma hn a he W g
Whiht a masterpie t of qplannint." owncr Witel machine. r L old5 oRl M anle ofa"t ls.t. M.. lfa g am. and hr
a.,i-_etdn. '1leplti th SW liTveing f yeW orves Really.

the Admin nations d P a seas whIlooked St a. Plco with the te
e anyway done Pl oate tsey the 'Arm wl t he aDemcretso In hal. I >, r ano o
ten theplace, 1 to the Navy Storkeel era eOrp -atieS n e s uort he1d -d f led. oe or, e Uor rd .. An yhir "
Coc-uiltorela x-in after A.rdrGU. days of re q F- aI means that Kroll and eif3 &r-

S.en.r eton ornati on"hal Con ve"ntion.'s

;Ir headquarented tgt $I t et lRieatthe Araby lolelal D',,
i0 hose. Oillel M thTh Isunusual for aTtmi The outics
0 mioi, l0Teltx ast0Mep rd heillB-edrut-n em ooran
of.g an., s..chrf Os f the hCIO's Political s,
iesCoerei.heo Panm a ls on whipmer chinow.f p ma
iORLiANoI S Influenced th voe-vi 4 e.o
O Hdm;ntl nominations and-"am.

oV-0.1nh ttee tana tuheDheeocratss are headen gw forRe1I4
e opinion that oners of commercial.vea v hqi1lanre a l
cnD rharged for vehicle Inspection at the corral. w miaprejudice In" the Mat eUblicsa.o
a vehicle is presented for Inspection. at fee Is is Unelrstandable, must nv e-. reason tis the 1Ahs
ifthe vehicle does not fill the st1PUlttead re-bem .aif the r dnta
o 1Canal Zeo, it isrejerted. pl a t Senaorst. asra the Arsum mer.n In t h e dwig.t. Dh
sueppat.ort rothe lb r0 Moreover. oh,8 :
""sure d dy IOOe -arl beingrflJ 0ytO hr
to thet Iuponthe use ofone lcense PMla crsew tth 'eWite FowraUtoy tnes=V& meh
.1muffi of motor Vead'W.both In theCIyPtho* &-e'i OUw apishuf inlysmdi
charges have been A Sd T y Old rt ha inte..: Americans for Democrtah
f'ar --a.- rges --Chit4 t bugbfer of all Southernmrs.a f.ll.
S IlsawU. which is a must, went up 25%. be"y. But the rnV viae Dbmocrats. In thuer OWL7.
al license uthfor 1.00 was introduced. ,tltUt o s ai e a-wFB d hated eof1
t twithoutbenefSm since the ADA r a-his
.a. ft.e rose, constantly. '" r e
e a eoaindin order to IM They don't quite know.11Ye rmangav ..
111ro0g support from the More convention in

Wirtblc pockets way o smA They also report that or conservatism.

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the follownl': e- u

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.didate in the field i I n t I i

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New didg igi"Pa'
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o and Freigt-Ships and Planems-Arrivals

-Wmiul ol

SIR LAURENCE and LADY OLIVIER, popular stage and screen
actor and actress, recently left Montego Bay, Jamaica, for
Lonc'rn. The famous couple spent a holiday in Jamaica after
theft season in America. --

Senators Will Try Curbing

, Furtive House Tax Let-Out
WABHINGTON. May 19 (UP,-' A member of the Appropria-
aS leaders, on an embarras-tilons Committee, -equesting ano-
rnhK pot, said today they will try nymity for the time being, said
Iit the ta-: rut voted quietly a deduction of $250 per month for
thp. fHouse for all members of each member of Congress might
SR. be "reasonable."
S John J Williams (R-Del i
the House action, and But chairman AUlln J. Ellender
"'I'm sure it will not slide iD-La., of the Appropriations
'through the Senate as it did the Subcommittee, which will make
g'. Some recommendation to the full
.Senate. has indicated he will go
8tA. Wayne Morse tR-Ore 1 along with the House rider.
aid 4orrc'-5 instead e. fosier-
g "'**'r'" :or'n' E hold lo-e Sen'" R- Tpublican leader'
orr-of t1* .- .ophnolc Pl"eadv S'vEles *= iN H ranking'
'n"" lv i;'c -'nc. a.': nd other iinor1t z.ember o0 the sub-'
i ,l .' :...* ;ommitLee. s1 understood to favor'
n t e some lImiItaion.
BI --1 -.....Morse said "every '4i'0*
ohe-ut was 6ted quietly. by runs for Congress does ab know-
e Thursday in an almost Ing his Washington expenSes are
noticed "rider" to another not deductible."
?e of legislation. .
The rider would make all Wash- Instead of Increasing tax eva-
-1ton expenses of Congressmen slons through deductions. Cona
ductlble for income tax pur- gress should vote to deny many
on the ground .that their of the evasions already allowed
mn hee here is "temporary" business and other groups," he
they are Just like any busi- said.
Ieamasln who spends expenses
lanoney here. Williams was one of the back-
Two Senate committees Fin- ers of a campaign last year In
cc and Appropriations in- which Congressmen finally voted
Stead of the customary one, are away, effective next Jan. 1, tax
g with the problem. exemption on $2,500 of their an-
*Chairman Walter F. George nual $15,000 a year salary and
*bD.4a.) of the Finance Commit- expense allowance.
eaid, "I think there must be The new H o u s e exemption
lmiutatioh on the amount of would take effect when that ex-
anes that can be deductible." pires.

*11 WELKIN. Planteer

il JT :v OEND-W


9a9 -
i *M!

1,4 Comedian
10 Enthusiastic
12 Interstice
18 Lariat
14 Father
18 New Guinea
17 Qualified
.18 Females
'20 Make a
21 Bampoolike
28 Naval air
station (ab.)
24 Fire (comb.
25 Messages
27 Fat
28 Oriental
20 Drink made
with malt '
30 War god
31 Courtesy title
82 Go
35 Rulned
30 English queen
40 Female saint
41 Go by afirraft
42 Standard (ab.)
43 Coat with
tin-lead alloy
45 Army medical
46 Hasten
47 Yellow bugle
48 Mp heard on
welluas me
on television
5b Hormsdisease
52 Arabian gul

DB Penetrate
54 Before
1 Retainer
2 Click beetle
8 Burmese wood
4 Bright-colored
5 Soviet
mountains 10 AI81
6 Communists 22tIMk l -'
7 Universal 24 _
8 Adduce S2 ew

18 Uncommon 32 Whip
1 Iroquolan 33 Lure
Indan 34 Lofty


Great White 1 '

New Orleans Service "t W
S.S. Quir mi ................................ 1
. e e Be d ..................... .
*S.& Q iri nga .......... ....... .... ..c. ..
BuadfHnt mwfrnowed Chilled emd nu o l Tg "

Ne -Vork Service _t
.. Jamaica ..........................
..S. Yaque .. ........ .............. .
S.8. Vpe Avinof ...............:.......... ;.I 1W 41I
I TXBmlo" ............ ,.............n.... a |
l.S. Sluan ............ .............. : .....
we"ikal tr IIj astm. LM Ami u
.we" uM agh ll aoWest Ceams

Crdstubl to New Otemm via.


.S. Ch ,irtu f ..................................M ay 0
SS.. quhIg ..................................wMay 27
B.S. Ch ril ...............................
8.8. Q a ........... .................Jne 10
(Psasengm Srvlce Only)

CR STOlAL 2121

- PgitMA **SM4




Q. & AL i mutt




Resistance Mt6a4


t I t -fBBfRa .I Al
6061%t AND HE SWf *

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a 9
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Wt Mtt ^fW ** ^.'
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, fil 'W ^pt^fT^ TT^S?

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rrt lnfital Ie e H
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1 a $4 m. .. *'..
o. m r =.. ha a b t b sm.
.--,:S -. A, a.- ""s .
lo *a a Mi Atfth d ow '

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r* ^ ik fle

You Sell 'em... When You Tel 'em thru PA.

f eave your Ad with our of

Lewis Service
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inner spring mattress, $25.00.
Ho lywood bed, book case head-
board, saddle ton, plastic cover.
rubber foam mattress, $125.00
Coll Balboa 2-3048.
COR SALE:-Venetich blinds, Red-
wood screens, 'cabinets for grain
elevator. 12-B Margarita St. Cris-
tobol 3-2384.
FOR SALE:-25 cycle Frigidaire.Re-
frigerator, $65.00. Available im-
_mediately. 5448"L, Diaoblo Hgts.
FOR SALE:-25 cycle washing ma-
chine, ceiling fan, 1-4 H. P. elec-
tric motor, 1 1-2 bicycles, 2 wood
venetian blinds 36" x 60", model
A Ford. 625-A Cocoh. Phone 4-
21 (6.
10 1 SALE:-Complete Rattan living-
room suite with extra set covers.
S$150.0P takes it. House No. 8,1
46th St. upstairs.
FOR SALE:-Bargoain, leaving Isth-
mus. Beautiful mahogany dining-
room set. 4 piece livingrom set.
25 cycle record player. 25 cycle
refrigerator. 3 linoleum 12 x 10
1 -2. Other household articles.
Like new, used only 6 tr-nths. SgtF
Ramirez. House 5469-1, Diablo
U_-- --L1- g" J, *.. f-.

our Agents or our Offices iu No. 51 "'l" StreM' Panama
No 12.179 Central Ave. Colon

Salon de Belleza Amerikno
#55 West 12th Street

CarltoS Drug Sa
10.059 Mleul!d Ave.-Phbne I otdie

Agencia Internacional de Publicaciones Propaganda, &.
*3 Lotterv Plaza Phone 2-3190 "H" Street orer t nte .
Phones 2-2214 s -S


Service Personnel and Civil.on
Government Employes
Insist on
Government Employes Finane Co.
When you finance your new
or usea car.
No. 43 Automobile Row
Phone 3-4984 3-4985
.'or selling or buying your next auto'
see: Agencias Cosmos, on Auto-
mobile Row 29. We also sell
GUARANTEED Used Tires andl
Tubes. Tel: Panama 2-4721, Sa-
turdays, open all day.
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Engine, excellent condition, well
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*tillo Airport, Panama Coy, Re-
public pf Panoma where ir may be
seen by prospective buyers. Terms.
cash. Sale to be confirmed by the
United States District Court Such
sole will be made on May 26. at
four o'clock in the afternoon,
House 5824-D, D.ablo Heighrs
Phone 2-2583.

Help Wanted

Gramlthl'l .&- Santa Clara beach-
cottages. electricc ice boxes g s
. stoves, Moderate raos.' Telephone
6-441 Gnboa, i
Williams' Satit Clara Beach Cot-
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Rockgas ranges. Balbd 2-3050
Foster's frnilshed cottages, half mile'
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ators, -ranges. Special rates week-I
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beach. For Information visit Dag-1
mar, Tivoli Avenue No. 6, or phone:
Panama 2-0170. i
BEAUTfP#L COOL El Valoile.
Ph1il. Oceftidt e cotages. mSanto
Clero. 9Of 435. Balbob. Phone
Panamoa -117. Cristobel l. 1673 (


matic, radio, etc. uuty paid, 5 new
tires, $1,500. Call Balboa 1723. WANTEb:-Moid for cooking and e 0oU e
.... .... ..... ..... ..- light housework, local references
TROPIC TOPICS-If your windrhie'1 required. Calle 52 Este No. 18.I FOR RENT:--Chalet in Lot Cumbres
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Position Offered 2-3012, between 4-6 p. m Modern fUMlnltd uhiurnished 'port-.
onfents.Mold___________________ Arvi ce optional. Con-
WANTED: Experienced executive FOR SALE tact offile O61. 10th Street. New
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respondence. References required._or _. FOR RENT-2 bedroom apartment
Apply between 2:00 to 4:30 p. FOR SALE:-Triumph Thunderbird beautifully furnished. available for
m. Agencies Glasgall, Justo Aro- 650 C.C. Vertical twin, good con-1 3 to6 months, reasonable rent, can
semena Avenue No. 73-A. Tel. 3- edition. Low mileage. $550 00. be seen after 6 p. m. and all day
4934 or 3-4935, PanamA. Gatun 195-A Tom Jordan 5-336 Sunday. Apartment 8, 3017 Me-
Responsible bookkeeper or account- ~lendez Avenue, Riviera Apartments
ant for large concern wanted, apply | L ia TIuLla I AA--s Colon, R. de P. Phone 731 Colon.

Minimum for 12 words.
3c. each additional word.

,. viM MtKLIAL f&

And now
fells you what a wonderful
Insecticide CHLORDANE is
in the April issue.
felt's the Killer in Real Kill)
Buv it in the agricultural
erade for your farm
or garden.
279 Central Ave. Tel. 3-0140

Tel. 3-1713

*2Z B. 29th St.

notel El Patami
SELLING: PanamA Ceent,
Fuerma v Luz (preferred)
and Fnr t skl VPjdn-

' .M

mise t:Ie ,AtAi an
ary' as running mi .

dent MbetaI#gAI"
President Roosevets Na
on proposals for a ceMph*iwean us s imS
Southern Democratic ift.
The organization closed 0out i jalrise" th e oti
fifth annual convention W out fight or 01
endorsing any specific candidate Irn wbleb to the Senwta
for either party nomination be- t- Ifecltn votes of rm l
cause of the "extremely fltid ern states in 1048 .
political situation.' It said it will It ialkd.neattemet-fta.j -
pick its candidate after it sees is encouraged by the iqu bar of
who the parties nominate. eatld who ar .'eetl,
But it made a series of foreign cSattde.k I*" -
policy recommendations it wants "tr 'is saut ae tl b
the next president to carry out, we have l6Wlilttto *t
including opposition to aid to -lesser eVil'," it a ld
Spain. "ADA's enidot'MBh it un s
It recognized Russia as the ver be regarded aas htm aSU1tka
principal enemy of world tic right of those Wh. gi
peace' but deplored "over-em- seryvie to lberalmtem.
phasis on mere anti-Commun- It s id thie suce- sBut datei
lam." tion.- between th
The ADA also touched on the apo l efits of ladr
corruption-in-government issue, tloria "must be continue aAnd !
declaring that any political can- tended."
didate it supports "must he corn- ('e group ortticised everl
mitted to the elimination of cor- phamsm of the Adminlutrationj
ruption in otr political life." t foltn polity.
It maid a candidate who doesn't "We regret the failure of
pledge to weed out wrong-doing United States to suppof lOt
would provide "neither the mor- citit movements for colonMil 't,
ale nor the public respect" re- dependence for fear of of
quired to put across the program i tg military allies among 10t
it recommends. great powers," the report said. 1T
Some members of the New
York delegation urged the eon-
venttfe to adont a resolution
demanding that former New
York mayor Wm. O'Dwyer be
recalled as ambassador to Mex-
Ido on grounds that he lacks
tha >"highest mnral inteirrity.."

I na I .. .,a. ..u.t .. .. I- -
BUYING: Coca Cola. This proposal was referred to
re.. 3-4719 S-1600 the executive board, which issued
a statement urping President
Truman to investigate the fit- ,
iMODE FURITUE ness of O'Dwver in the light of,
MODEKN FURNITURE "new and serious revelations of
S CUBsiOh., -nLi corruption" during his adminta-
Slipcover uenHaoltIery tratlon.
vmn OUB alowR.mOt The action was an outgrowth I
Albnit mR Jof statements by cony iet ed

neignrs. cnaaorr T. I box 3, P ^anama. i ilI uLR. Ld III ao i P. de ure seui- A e0,moew ) Brooklyn bookmaker Harry Gross1
Tel.r ArT Oela.. Is e... that he paid $1.000.000 a year for i
for ird a -U reU SALE police protection while O'Dwyer
T~t1^1nn redcle""wP asalEse na inayor.
idelian sl Vetonw ld Morris Transportjs S. In a policy statement on the
T FOR SALE sC bres (Gring1952 election, ADA stressed th
town) Chalet. 3 bedrooms, povlor Shipping, movin, storage. Importance of vice presidential
) kitchen, breakfast nook, enclosed WeM 1 p and nominees, and said their quaol-
kit~Stir* A n pochenmaid'sbreakfastndpack bnd l, Ort "love fixations "must be identical wit.
P ro m ise S tirs A n gNewbol Morris, ousted "clean- shed, two car prt. exr h lot anything. t 2-2451 those for the Presdeicy."
SUp" chlef, is headed for mot city light, Rockgas, hot wr. "-2562, Pantli It said itet anot ac i elpt ias l
"- i harsh criticismwhen SenatA- Ch down, $2,800 balare 4tt On which liberalism ned foe t
tV-W oGTO N, May 19 (UP)T "I was very glad to have Mr. yestigators make public a 1e- term monthly i es l ** e abined for '
,-Angry backers of the contro- Truman speak out on the issue," port on surplus tnker ideals, con. plyme rtif 'balance'x.- '
versial "tidelands" oil bill said Lehman said in discussing the it was learned today. An Tlepone 2-2587.Th. 4ttement seemed aimed:
today they have an even chance I Chief Executive's speech before The New York attorney, who at pronosals for a Demoeratle
of overriding President Tru- the Americans for Democratic lasted about two months as the lti Ucket headed either by Gov. Ad-
man's threatened veto ot the Action. government corruption hunter W alk pB g-lal Stevenson of Illinois. or Mu-
measure, but administration "It was wise for him to ex- is expected to be a main target HOUSEHOLD EXCHANGE tual Security A administrator W.
forces predicted they will be de-press his opinion to the people of the report by the Senate ere a ham Iv f rt M Lcr
heated. of the country who, In ,a great Permanent Investlgating Com- eaEw For the best values mIn both Averell Harriman with Sen.
Mr. Truman left no doubt in majority, will share his views mittee. The report may be re- and reconditioned fur- ichard B. Russell D-Ga.)In
aspech Saturday night that he Sen. Joseph C. OlMahoney (D- leased within two weeks. Fre. the vice presidentialslot.
wl reject the "corrupt" legis- Wyo.) said "I am glad to know Morris, fired by Attorney WE BUT AND SELL There is feeling in some Demo-
willrejeeththet"corrupt"utFo DueFriday
lation which he called "robbery that the President is going to General 3. Howard McGrath a cratic circles that such a ticket
in broad daylight-and on a veto the bill and I firmly believe few hours before President Tru- This morning 583 men and 41 Automobile Row woIid bridge the North-South
colossal scale." that his veto will be sustained." man ousted McGrath, spent two A omen of the Canal Zone had ____ Tel. 3-4911C_ Rhts split In Dartv ranks
But Sen. Russell Long (D-La.), O'Mahoney, whose 'own-tide- stormy days on the witness signed uD to give their blood and perhaps pave the way to
-a supporter of the measure to lands measure was sidetracked stand before the Senate coam- .hcnever they are asked. in the victory 'n November regardless
give the oil rich submerged for the "States Rights" bill mittee. future, to heip save lives If this A o00ok Pilot In of the Republican Presidential
lands' back to the states, ac- passed by both Houses, said the Despite critical quttetoning, area. nominee.
-cused Mr. Truman of "cornm- President confirmed "my deepest he defended his law firm's role They may be called on next Stevenson has said repeatedly
pletely misrepresenting the tide- hope" in speaking out against as counsel for a Chinese-fin- week, or around Christmas, or (0oatinued from Page 1) that he is 'not interested i *
jands situation as all Federal the proposal. anced firm. which obtained three ( Jen a year from now. In the making te rwce for the White
bureaucrats have done." The bill as passed, he 'said surplus tankers from I group of 2 ean time they ate going on the treat of death to Maness House btsome Democrats think
Long said "we have a chance' would "surrender the national Washington "insiders" and al-I .bout their work and play. and Crrera, to fly food and sup- he can be drafted.
.to override the veto. patrimony to a few coastal lowed two of them -to carry oil standing by until some day their plies in to the captors.
Sen. Richard M. Nixon (R- .states." to .Communist China ports In telephones ring for an emer- Se n. et A. Taft of Ohio
Calif.) called the President's 1949. agency. Mtler reportedly flew from 30 and Gen.WrAgt D. Elsenhower
speech "Intemperate" and-pre- Sens. Spessard L. Holland (D- That cal will be from a local to 3 parachutists from the of- now are batth. it out for the
dited ech t would help stir up a atela and -pre- en. peard Len lld (D- Morris also is president of a hospital, needing them to. help tfialI party, Indian guides and GO caSinkiten and one
paricted it would help stir up a l. and Allen Elledtir (D non-profit educational /founda- someone facing an operation, or igWs-' back to civilization seems likely-to get the n-d
party revolt among "a lot of La.) were more optimistic than tion which wa s given ntol ofwbrhought in from an automobilher cred cal d culties a nd may have to of a u e sdenta

and topuina" utdend the'possibiliy o verrgd-e s Washenf on anie m othry hin ao ne Honevert l p m an e hoddd.d ateg at s potdnt 'wh
good Democrats down in Texas oile of their allstate colleagues the tankers bughrt mcad ent, or perhaps many vic- heldn prse
boutthepoibiity of errid-se0,000 on small ca nvest ms a sudden explosion firemightle there s a renoompromise
However. he conceded that Ing the veto. arrangement wasunde........ ar. ,earthquake or other disaster.cpt
"It's very close" whetherthe Nixon said "t's going to de- s Th evening of danwocin aend t t railn newmen try-
ente would red pretty much on the ab- tcMrrsendhis hndlestandng by wi o give their blood r l now developed mechani- The h almost no talk
ena. Herboerrt H. e en t ustimon with a blt at is without thought of either credit a difficulties, and may have tno nof a Republ -vice presIdential
S- Lehman ofientee situation" whetherMr. critics eparat se mforeign a" money However they will be be grOG.ded. candidate at t oint.
Y. a proponent of Fedra Truman's veto s overrrdden.Washington an output that fetedat huge carnival-danlce ADA members voiced ers for whntich the
bwnershp of the tidelands, sad e noted that many senators helped kill his request forbroadhis on P y. at the American are now manning students t the re-

ble and resistin prices One exception to the general informed sources epeat the o a theotAcer rvrng of report- cital will Insl drea Oreblen,
I belevrchase e Senaterms Merll sdent of a tel c ampaigning this powers in the cleanup drive Legion Cub in Fort Amado. e steps to avoidmanspulou tof nht, Carine LaddTr
n the veto." untry n- o said n Chicago that h e committee held hearings The members' blood ak l ploitlng the inr them thatnd J New oris-
for several weeks on then tanker pledge cards will admit them to 'olfet Ar to thne Lpreju dice of US-Lug Car-
d Joseph E. C hsey (D- Usj and the Carnival-dance iNon-pled Cardon Students
eved t s too soon to ent lump n sales n others received more B tan 3,-ee ng persons ixCill be welcome at C r na rmn Linarents
000,000 on small cash invest.- each). 1 M M eter eis ter
t'i0LnsC 'LeLtftlrnenrits. The evening of dancingAandittnnachtflt
n ran o as Wenst ein ght tankers throu a maze ho. M-CAtlantic by Len Worcester o f disappeared in Poth Aeo Coc; a l and
Sthe moment the t al ac. the of 15 separate foreign monthand do- Rado Station HOG.
the nation smestic corporation. The sho cast will Include, e promised before starting Professor, Le C itd mla of thc
YORK. May 19 UP). Business and civernment an- Five ofthe ships wud up ,mong those ted previs tolI fes every day. so planes Panama CoMart of Music

broess omdamned Por" is scheduled to meet tomorrow carrier wa sharod off when it teM n of his exrince of fly- Professor aradapaa wfMu alsi
boom n nstment plan ts areed that busne still under Greek control and three of ashed Joan Forb des, Matroyer mine Walsh coild lot their rough press un will pr t pn the

s la buck lal' butcnom IneDstrote, small merchants Bill Gallimore Wo WSS V~o weeper HobsonI which sank i& a theirit--
Sstll to come despite trn fro the bun- under t h e Ch e- danced .nd Nancy Bateman. e fires have been sighted annual re at the Cistobal
eovs of overnment cr lnge after the Korean war company represent ed Mr- t a 1. nn DesChurc on Wednesday at
t trbs. a nation de survey ihen m ed d ny persons tacked tU Ki' law firm. d A30 p.m.hT T Te
today. Reserve expectation thhae supplies rA u ga t r eport': a N D Wsp- D Unre Bawmer t folr wt c Fort .
Stiol uto e shgulaton wa ted. ol the report winalte oul have kenour to per for which the
.onsi t are lt ohing. one d cr del wording still s undeto buld erminedw bow. ork are now A vear nning tuden tan the re-
lee and resisting prices One exce n wa to the generalany, eof st Lake epea th The job cosTi $errn rep it. ia ill ncl oea rbi

iota lump id: ra swim. a a- p ailed today t w aspri rr t' of r
l somewhat lerttal- ort was that of John S. Meck.icommi tee to al me of its le f rop. Erda Kuhr and archa Taga-
purchasing terms Mer- Iesident of a television chain. heaviest blows at C .a and his ropulous of ol Caine Ladd
N Os acros the country Len- Iosaid mi Chicago that hlIgroup and recommended that the Oi fle ft. trton. off rrofndJIllo NewCrim-
y'told the United Press that's ores in 16 cities showed a 25 Justice Department pd In- AiRe ord A-rTReet ueofi d o tnbal;, tairi G Lun=g.N Car-
believed it is too soon to recentn t lump In sales in thel ternal Revenue Dumfa see If a smrienced helicopter men Fabriga .rmeu Linare .
effsets of the removal 'of single week after removal of cre-'anv tax laws were Vihated. DAYONIjE. New Jersey. May1 I ts Dzeval T k f Fatima City;
lotion W. covering down'Iit controls. Both agencies fol0awd the (UP) --The Aircraft Carzier 'AnnaFh f Soco 5oCity;
Wasp, that was severely damaged', ItI" flown helicopters over Ga
Such ble department stores In' In aI'-a' a... ..c"' .iGenda ra~ eand M iler
01,n Francisco as Weinstein's 11 -1in a.mid-tintic coluloml ast W Cflutrl aRnr Pouth Ame-lof Coc*U; d- Daiwlm and
A t L i month, was refloated in "ry dock 4a-lr b Inter-American Geo- Jo AnnV K44 alts' Judith
ondn a the nation's merchants .iran s reported no appreciable ---- today after being repaired In thee ptic Survy. [Eaker of rflw fleWk ranch
that of one user' car dealer change in buying, and a spokes- The anniversary comftte o cord time of two weeks. ".Foaward ofMa. ale: and
"Chicago. who said:t man for Weinstein's said. "busi- Justice Ludge t 'i 2 oE The bow section of the huge 4en uelefted fnr thit u'nrk I hron Ga111o11'of FJt. Clayton
, press is damned poor I"s scheduled to met tmorrow carrier wa4 sheared off when it N.RVn.w- of h-is exrn'rience of fly-' Profesmsord.-sJ ~, wil wi l al1
o aome reason b eig uyIwho Llvenlng at 7:15tI 11,e home, of crashed Into the destroyer mine- M hel waotersaver rough Jun! appearr c4 Mimp mm.
a a buck Is"', buvin." In D:!trolt. small merchants Bill Gallnmoreg .M 12M, kio sweeper Hobson. which sank In a ,&S at -...
An AutmnobiUe AssociatIon of- ratably were advertising "no Abajo. few minutes tjs a t a mAlhrook-bweed he- Vo-,Ie lionw739
hal said tnrt auto mle's iump tLown payments" but still were Sixty-one men were rescued Sm flying i .
An the West Oust but ao- tr'in-! to get them. from acus- and 176 w'ent down with the 464for hi.- s.U 'y iR-azi.
the upswing as "normal." tmoer. Swimse Threhb ebs T-!-nTsetDieg fg
I that auto sales there.Robso. To save ti. the------i, 14es"tn uome
-e t on o' the Cprrder ot o t was
been down more than else- A check of 14 auto realerm in KALAMAZOO, i the .C.rreratortetws "ARe
S Reseve experts In-tI aipZLemate 20 LeroHartsell. 64, oU' 4.d a 28- "Wasp.'.to la lser a o a- ,9ai_ ---
national autoz sce .ult w twas year-old custom _'f winter ouldhavetakenlo"Dt v lar
'im edit reulathn., r. wh was tppeai ocefmy, In of 1 hkJ Job cost i.000. T .lUB
m9a a iump s.d: f arlt a a teja ap aied today to 4. .seiiThe
ad" md l e- or -.- -' *UUDMCFMon -
_. :e ..1411111.: '- '.#-0' --& dan --.n-..;,=

Square, tt
Richad R.- ,A da .,:
proudly show t ld

'v.' 'a.53s,'c 1'-.'

enney begins a manthe -
is believed to be the
publication. J. C. French, ighlht,
Houghton Mtfflin's River M Prwe,
portion of the matmiouth OW=li. d at
Wacq, Texas, beianemMan M ad A. OCper, .
is as yet untitled, is expectdei rut to 00

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*a faume b" un"h.i MNa"- u-AF W& 0o 0m as.

v.0d. b, 8. UIU b

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Vim rize

'eworta prize

Third Prize





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s., S. aielsi s in meW mu t la e ma I
at-. as sa us Sme lm urn meu same
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:eso .- ,m m.= Bef- noh ... mtawI
law. t. a 3m M o. a m u o = mu u.e ma'
hes m jUe m s a m m N o fsob .e. mm
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I,-W .-
:." llM |lLn f'r -^ J ,' ,' "* ** T

Oil Strike May

End As Local

Unions Settle


G*t* tih. e_-amf- La&1 a Am. aa..iL .a*Lj m

LJk ,-M..& I l_.l.

DENVER, May 19 (UP) -_ A LafI s.i pcupr aac ui c1ui u w stes -vi. g. ; "l' A-lNrEU u a mc wp.p
nation-wide settlement of the "
walkout of 90.000 oil workers ap- WENTY-SEVENTH TEAR PANAMA, R. P,, i. .lt .f.. .IVE CNt
peared in sight today as sporadic .... -.m hi-mir aj iiliM i l -
reports of contract settlements
kept coming in from across the

Sthe largest Involved in the r
walkout indic ated that it
would be some time before all
the plant by plant negolatlons
would be completed.
When asked If the strike was
copa. spokesman W hisk edA woy By Bos ton Cops
nearing an end, he said it de-
pends on the "attitude of the.
companies." ,.
commented today that a settle-sman BOSTON. May 19 (UP) A Providence county jail, Cranston, William E. Powers, Rhode IsL
ment is in sight, and has b burly Boston bartender identi- R.1, land attorney general, said he
ever since the Wage Stabilization fled by an underworld Informer Authorities would not reveal was "convinced that Gagnon's
Board ut the lid on." as' mastermind of the $1.2109,000 why he appeared to be willing to story as to the principals and
The lid was a 15-cent ceiling Brink's, Inc.. holdup was spirited talk about e Brink's robbery plans for the Brink's robbery are
which the board put on the wage away by detectives today after and Gagnon seemed to be down- to be believed." TANEIlil RB RNT rm
increase that oil workers could nearly four hours of questioning, cast and distressed over some- "We don't claim we cart place high o0tar vation
get. A spokesman said that one Joseph F. McGinnos. 48 ac- tng. this man at the scene of the steamsht l atyarba L
of the principal delaying factors companled by his lawyer, was The questioning of McGinnia Brink's robbery, but we seel cer- B o e e
in the final settlement was the whisked away frodI Bdton polf e came after Carlton M. OBrien, tain he can be convicted as an i o
company-sponsored move to II- headquarters by Massachusett 4D, a prohlbitlon-.era pal of the .accessory before the fact," Pow-
mit the reopening of contracts and Rhode Island authorities bartender's was shot down "at- ers said. Mh tW
for renegotiations for a year. who had hoped he would provide urday outside his West Warwick. Gagnon was reported to have
Most. 4he 22 unions involved the names of the gang of masked R.I. home. told detectives Thursday that e
demanded that the contract be bandits who staged the nation's Gagnon also had "fingered" planned the getaway from ,
subject to renegotiation after six largest cash holdup here Jan. 17. O'Brieh as a member of the Brink's garage counting room,
months. __________ 1950. Brink's gang brain-trust. and later helped sort some of a|g T6' A t..
'i Boston police would say only He sao that he. himself, had the loot in O'Brien's home. -g
ire Street's that McOGinnis was not under ar- been in on the planning but had He was quoted as saying be ,
rest. not participated in the actual would have participated In the .. "..... .
killing, robbery, but it was "pulled o' WAS!KINGTON 'May 1.(4.01
801-X Scheduled They refused to say whether After O'Brten's body was found, ahead of time" without him know- -"The Intenal aenue'
he was held under protective cus- Gagnon agreed to tell his story ledge. ts I to be charged wi
tody, whether he had supplied to a giund Jury. Police said he blamed he re0 9 o0,0o,000 bad gleas S
To Come D wn any information which might A police guard kept a 24-hour ceived $15.000 for. his work bad collection! ti n V
lead to arrests or where they wateh at the Williamsburg, Mass., ...-. then was robbed an afterward. mnth, it was revealedti .,4
Another old Canal Zone land- were taking him home of Gagnon's wife and eight __.Mo) OBren, once a susprte rtt. When taxes increase, dri 'Itte dm not l
mark building 801-X on Etn- MeOlnnis was "fingered" by children. The Informer demand- Atf 1 O runner but in recent years d eereased& ttn teei I I i iS
pire Street in Balboa Is sche- Alfred A. Gagnon. a 41-year-old ed protection before he promised no,04' being ltU eiad apparently respectable diaer 016 Dpespite the higher excise taI* L. tm. t tMra l
dule to fall soon under wreckers' former race track tout now a- to tell his story. RLW, 211a 0re- night club owner, was slan by a Imposed on distilled supri .R aml .
saws and crowbars. The building waiting trial on an old attempted Oagnon's statements and the -1 S0 l t.".* 6 killer who apparently waited for Congress last year, iquorat
Is being demolished to mak robbery -charge. He was held at killrig of 0'Bren were the most "a # .. -'t him to drive u* to his home t venues for fiscal li6hl r w '
room for new quarters which will- his expensive automobile. One 1 3ine 80 are la ing fat be
be built on Empire Street within doB ar 'of Brinks, toe., shotguncag. b ieda O te and yle
the near future. 5 lafit lent an d e apilArett lOdMO
Built In Las Cascadas in e1907W iI,.4lirandIn00 bdgetq the
9t a cost of 4.200. the building's uery rrluuwAlon startuiw. cea e. '.wsfiedit...ce..h.. I t atlimttail b ti th
early history is absent from its wo -. ryM A ld .I ilI Jls
1n 90 Iit wasmoved from Los Under Blue Sail To America Iw e" 'malb .ro .vUd_.e "! M r. up"I .
Cascadas into Balboa. to provide A o a nd ',a w
living quarters for bachelor worn-o Al g. late 's, wa
en and from then until Its occu- PLYMOUT May 19 (UFI-A PinFtsterre as the first landfall aMta for an a "mat e" a th te on"
pants were ordered to find other blue-eyed widbw carrying cosme- th the lonely voyage to Florida. aMtle sn incsre of m t $10.
quarters some time ago, it was fles and perfume in case she and the United States and ndae-n .,II glf laaollen to make up for rt'
the domain of single teachers, gets "lonely," headed bravely elected Madeira as the second. rbe'nols lit. Arthur "'. LUee, a -hode We e decrease in tconsM tin
clerks and other women workers seaward In a sloop last night In all goes well, the Fellcity A tld u )0 l B 5DAkelp v u pice ues farlly lose o i
When 80m e was first reaeet- an attempt to beo.e the first after taking on fresh ad&t cash o.t -- id .a .a 0 em i mark
n31 Street. u a t l a cot" woman to sail the Atlantic alone, will head for AntigI fmd 4t' out. sWh*t detest. officials
divided into individual rooms The 23-toot sloop "Felicity An- to some point along lin FeSa -- hjO omt : cothnine onst .
with a large reetion room on ny" bearing Mrs. Ann Davi- coastline. r l lcollectionsl
the first floor where the women son slipped past the giant The sloop carried 109 .aMl$owan UWo aa n'ut
residents might have parties and British Aircraft Carrier Eagle In of Dial oil for the -1-.-horse- 'tW l, ttit'5 ,11_ d Intl o labudget
entertain guests. Later this room Plymouth Sound to the echo of wer auxiliary engine to be tusedi 14 0. 0 C who .w'srt d to be' I t"reagetd, the tax Cl
was much reduced in size, to the cheering sailors, and swung into n an emergency. h c -lat oack e d averS
will be required to have the build- the English Channel on the first Aanh.Oeat Il
living there. leg of her great adventure. .Blue predominated' best.. -a... m. 1i e month for Art *1to1110 A tsy0 kM.
l i t e .l p eing h e o e e "is Egh "tae re. Ble. T inatdat. t

the Buperitent o Storehouses^ "'I am t"in them to boot up In tr dy. Whto tnd te anIe the f9rst sho W l oY th &eflat yea w1l >nrase ?go ? e n 5i mr il ng t B tow b er 0 Stheea ri moma o t m
iOldl b -X. having outlived of twwedItsp osl w re eatc e gthv lnear .e oers me -i to puth away4
l n th i away provisions of food h a and-e n his fc ft he former police of- an oe.r stocking
Ma -. Thesuess fulwbidde wanrde ecoumed fl al oneetly pub- saidleo arWas 7footsecebev.month.'el$1ed dur-
ed for a more mode. building, Mrs passed book called LaitVoyae." Several houf t after thI- B by -.joro f Gorge f are othe d -

S..,_ year-old dr_ ran, tt those Chief of the Police D. leM 3 trt
is now being offered for sl e to with drinking water of an effort to nSPEAloi P ing t wr- deadhmi tr. room. latd eo ws 0 th ih atr "eI ,
eig t de ed idry nev heart ttack that O Woburn, Massa- M
hn ds ro e s But her chief Interest seed lar attempt to oa AtIC.,tUP. I bed-ridden lst t. Mr Carr had served .at rn igao f ul bt l
wilda be Meseeved at the office of tInbeeIn p m ea d csm et S he rwas hau lead himfo an hour aheiwat chefjuan "Ib l os e, r eataler

D ci c Apparently alarmed at. ec g w- aregor smi an id f a e. witho the Army's e of- a Is teat the
the 8uperintent of Storehouses I am taermeking them to boost expanding pro- cuveforedy. Whenae H ors before he ov naS wl. average ,ll
at Balboas"nd will be opened at terday although laerite Cu-b

S0:30 u 'clocktn the morning of my morale Il f things get too bad a lone police ro gallon tS a
and I feel lonely" she said. as aboard there posted th gn on a newsa a rr a member of t

bedride laubutteOanotrhHarra bred srvd a;ois t haun e
recorded protests of the women she waved farewell ance, storms l shed a.e y- Gl eo w Al r.sPolice for i mor-u ab te

Ineid onetiieexapnndingoI'ehepo-cukd t er veosse rolna. came It hd a W the wNov f
ch bring you th of holh! anprnter aah Thomas ta usaeason about 19a0 untr that S
SAL HEPATICA Th the direct a to car as recent. cut 1

*--[eon HePy d eT onlocad lo"Btve. hep* bok published in 1883 Johnd top from to t a. sroreS by Ms wife. with gin l .ia, l- S
-att. ape tnewas "Mechancal xeres him for anc houe was p at e home in andalretalers

aA Ec complete with llustrations. of America. ht Lrttehle of a
SIwererecuntncrd arece ypu-ew received dur- heRVf ..
a ,fhedbook called "Last Vae.:I Several hour s- t/ U0 by Major George tok ."

ta x crime e vs ii rtomn er- In Ilcurt u and Orleans Pat_ of the Polic and then w 'nto
t o 'heart a ac-dowagat taw at .amb t y turn P san-d A pt t d with

x ~enjoy a~gram's V.O. |RNsin in New O (erlean a-y bed a-nrddnd t n e r t Cs.'rW.- ser tooved n -re- g Sihan.gI
n Whisky even more otly alat rmed S a nd m, a ov-" tsma th.t te heArmy' a, atcgap.AItheno x
edt fee hadasy mie ramehe sSout ydue o tReB bt Broam. tfrom eleZonelpoliceiAfromd$l1 ,

*our ev m itsrbulletin boardein frt Wthed alegaieau, tn tia s in*k|f'I. a li ceofr
p reie.SAL HEPATICAw a Oa ceInt g'heasteAI 'ws.
kan .inter BOOKIs a TmW Thma f ttheGa untl'"

or Stherocrine ofaHanor k'mothone Cianrcswond ts ha Cose hw ith, .

ned aulYraxdve.SOSi AiIIAdl. .. Crime Bogtusters Demand Crackt etown in D ep

.y relief.-SALre-U. S. crime investigators in- .In nbera sad Orleasadthesoo

time. utH 6 years old' Honoured evening" indignantly esdbded U hi8ideau, ewY Mad we havwer4,N '''
World over, C eanam's V.O. the gay ways of sein c arnItal olass'barocbe ia11:11rgeteim. ICU-"zg. m. w
etclastlish"We don't Ieed a potn to am "'se .x'if-rearl i. wtth 'in.and b

whaky you have ever enooredn hellustrineoi n In Mn rkr,. 'aanathe in Ci.rc as.n ..-

i ~i', aged on r.

a NIA CyNs, S. A.

l*qr.^'^^^^^1* w *F-I lil~iMsrl sR~o,

leans." sai cimba al D Quarter of the city.
"but it is a good aty and 's7 hS .e. TP at" ma
can be as bad or as pu aU. Ina i9" -1
you want." ,, i-aIes la n.2
A federal grand W lr Mtd a W e biWa
report on sin that er
Louisiana's "Crwn t wAs t a,
a center for the sf f.. (
tMon and a stroan it s alsUWd, but he sai *"
wide gambl atoM. tft had legalm5d
The pot., will nig- a tamiuR It.
thrme -o t o iturit- "B's the 1dtma .
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