The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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When Margaret Yorba came to Dorothy Gray she brought
W1th her a heritage of beauty and a love of adventure and ac-
seemplishment which stems from what is probably the most
lihique background of any beauty consultant that has yet vis-
Sed Latin America.
Margaret was born on a ranch in California, which was a
part of a vast land grant from the King oi Spain to one of her
S0cestors. Jose Antonio Yorba, who was the founder of the State's
Is family. This ydung soldier, a native of Barcelona. Spain. was
t 21 years old when he set foot in this new land. His grant
pMsisted of 315,000 acres and extended from the maintains to
Me sek, It was here that he built his 10 room adobe, which
14used many servants and contained its own saddlery, silver- The silhMette tad the softnew of 8ptng nm b istaleted -a n navy ealf bag by Als (lower
iths, indoor and outdoor kitchens and spacious gardens. The these new audh Girl at left e e big ak patelt bag wt middle. Small, feminine bagn (l04
ly had its own church and burial grounds, both of which luggage handle, tab looon flap and red itayee Uml t's b blue suede poeh with base sad h
be still in use. Another black patent (bp r left center) is euteS bag b Wee te d and e egant, the emaItfei
that reverses to white calf or changes to black fathe ed s Iow, handbang aok fo srag.
Her maternal grandmother was also a noted beauty of Span- straw in cheekereard pattern (upper right enter) makes bag tI amhblness to harabb d s
fl qud Dutch ancestry. She was born in Lima, Peru, but came teams up perfectly with Spring bonnet. FIr sIlhouette appease i rge Morris, it's, In pprl e
*California at the age of 12
The spirit of adventure has always been very strong in By GAILE DUGAS, draping. These are in leather mushroom, 'taffy and benedic-
l eret and during World War II she sraw service lth the NEA Woman's Editor as well as fabric, to harmonize tine.
States Army as a WAC. Following this she visited witk the new soft look in ready- because blue h ashor
City where she studied designing and then started NEW YORK (NEA) -Long to-hear. this year, it's im ant ir
witrtee ane sofptiplo in ready- ha eue' be is hing fahlr
business career as a consultant and specialist in sales and flat, that's the new .hand- Sleek and sophisticated hand- handbags. 'But the urnishe
nn background bag silhouette for spring and bai have a deceptively flat gold and bronze tones ordinary
ST et theproper inning background f the cosmetic bus-summer. But if you don't feel loo and little or no ornaen-ly connect with fall, are im
l Mrgaret worked behind the counter selling cosmetics and that this Is the handbagfor you tation.Thentert here comes portant. Ad so are the subt
at o the l here bae it- n of p e are t e V) e
er he completed her apprenticeship here, she came to Doro- you needn't start to stow your from the line of the bag it- reds, Including a new coral-red
Ort y *rbere she underwent a thorough and intense course belongings in a paper shopping self. shade calle "paprika." The va
iwIn ski care and treatment and the art of make-up bag. There's something for For the spencer, the capelet, rations rda ot colbr a re many,
ga g= f coordination. everybody this spring. the walstilength coat, there are They may 'be clherry red with
As you see her in the picture above applying the latest of Though .the trend is to theert little handbags. These are patent or Vposaibly roak lipstick
'V.20hy Gray's fashion make-up to one of the thousands of long and shallow, the bi er bag small sat eWr narrow, law ed with navy blue calf.
meun who have consulted her -on her recent trips to Latin is here, too, and it's boxes withe dlesa that tad BenedictIne, burnished old
o, you see a person who has the correct combination of than ever. Last faH1, uthesew Isuight. deep, rich Inahogsany and all th
bakgrunds to be able to listen to your problem and recommend bags appeared for travel and Patent handbags, returning other spl, and russet shades
a solution for you. casual wear but this spring, each spring Ilke birds from the look best in the oversize bags. In
they're shown for business and south, are given freshness this the large, pouchy casual age
Margaret has already visited most countries of Lat n afternoon suits,as well, year through the addition of or the talored shoulder bags,
America as Dorothy Gray's Travelling Beauty Consultant and Generally, handbags ae soft- stitching or piping in white. there netr and glowing' color:
knows all of the problems that exist in each country because of er and more feminine.There's a This piping is carried over to s a. coral. gay fuschia, sky tut
the differences in climate, altitude, customs and mode of living, squashy look about then. There other leathers and colors, ap- quote, burnished gold, eggshell
With her original Spanish background and actual experience is much tucking, .pleating and pearing on bags in navy calf, blonde and violette.
In Latin America she adapts the most modern cosmetic tech-
piques that .ahe has been taught in New York to your own
problems in your own country. .r Ae
Margaret will be the first to admit that beauty isn't Ani --ru vay rennia -
skin deep. Having always been an active sportswoman, she
Knows the value of proper skin care.
Despite her active schedule she never misses a chance to
S or swim, but always finds the few necessary minutes af- nP/ O'fnt OVO ,an
terwards to erase the effects of too much sun or salt water.
Margaret Yorba's advice is, "play and work as much as you
rant to but never forget to care for your skin. Remember that
Beautiful gown or an attractive hairdo require the proper
nake-up and for make-up to really look Its best and do the
inost for you, you must have a clean and healthy skin under-
Margaret is due in Panama on Wednesday.
For one week, from May 21 through May 27, she will be
valuable at I, L. Madpro's Panama City store for free con-
i nations on beauty and make-up problems. Next she goes
4 o the I. L. Madaro store in Colon, where she will advise
on beauty prollTems from May 28 through June 4.

Pick. PiacicalFibers For Travel


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'an. through 19
ker's luggage a
aio crisp a
jr-7FOu 1- n

s In.

NEW YORK- NEA) The hipline through use of pintuck v
placc of prints in spring and pleats. 5
summer fashion is an Impor- Larger print leftt appears in
tant one. Though prints can al- a coat-and-dress ensemble from a
most be regarded as hardy per- this same house. Here, pure silk a
ennials, these for 1952 get a noew s printed in taupe, gray, black, c
handling that marks them as and white. Dress has short kl
very different from those of sleeves and square neckline s
other years.
Generally, the print is small,
neat and subdued. It'sa lady-
like pattern, a complement t
the monotone coat That tops it.
SBut, where a print does become
large, it is unrelated to the wild
prints of the pask and A is
Colors are coordinated, not S m uel Sm ug
resses, bridal satins with a clashed. Thu s, taupe, gray,
leaming lustre. black, and white may be com-
bined in a pattern that's fairly Samsl smag to smart. u a tie.
Among the newest of the large but that ets an harmo-
an-made fibers is orIon. Its nious effect. U oe were he. "a wes be tel
Pkers claim that in addition .
adapting itaalf to fashion. A pure silk shantg after- -m 5 3w1v5 fnN OWa uys.
'aximS "S nib corn- anon dres (ilgt) by hr en- u p Ste 1 o aisUs
Bed -with g wit, wrtn- ber bw ele b kacaand tu n

at one side. Skirt is

?'l taking advantage y
zfood ba ntin %It M M
i s.ianti3'" -o e jh
P^ you like a rambling tral 81' gives you r
rose... want to .roam here money. Add thiB to y
and there? then you must see tricks for "Rw to w at&v.
the Opel, the little brother of
i r tathe Ce* Cevrolet, "Easy on the ,yes -
etr eeter) th~ a's lidented at the Is the way to describe it," so -
ro tshtteenter) by DBrall IsavF ecotnltecal t miles per galon of
ib soky gunmetal patent Kln. gas antd btside... there's plenty
klem bli at right shows the of rom for hubby and all the
fewftoit s wte in she By children tool See the Opel at 2
Faernlue sfaeIhanashea. b Iasmo, SA.
i, a e asl-red shade.

- .T J -.T-
fashlonbd biscuit variety that there used to a&ale, r
with berries or peaches, heap t high with Whit Orna aratt "
and you've a dessert to appeal to the imaginaln --to "
thing of the appetite! When.. y Oo ..
For turning out a perfect batch-high and light every time-be poa ,nt,
sure to use Calumet Baking Powder. With the controlled tim- ed finm siree oamM
ing of this wonderful, double-acting baking powder, you can if she W agos to tit
depend on getting just the right amount of leavening action In new mo f
both the mixing bowl and the oven. This Is particularly Import- her tYp an ni
ant when your dough requires kneading, rolling and cutting as "Change a .pe lawva .o
here, for the lapse of time between mixing ao baking and the I don' n wat tpaI
necessary handling of the dough could release most of the am yet."
leavening gases before baking if your biking powder Is not In that, she is in the miase
"engineered" to prevent this. Calumet is ideal for everything boat with the average Wupa
you bake, so keep a can on hand. And now to make a long -who probably 'rarely fea
story short-let's make... stops to wonder what type she
2 cups sifted Swans Down Cake Flow Life makedsn a tha
2 1% teaspoons Calumet Baoing Powder, mands on a woman m s that
A4 teaspoon salt \ I she tries to meetwn o t
tablespoons sugar be the type.
5 tablespoons shortening Take Mrs. Brown for exampte.
1-3 up mclk In her dating days you M
Sift floor o measure, -add baking powder, salt and sugar, have called her the m
and sift a.s.. t in shorteng tm l cons tency of coarse iB'rtiMI
cornmeal, Li nd and stir un soft s formed. Tur bsy witt ty e w.
out on llihtlfr fl rd Rld lea .w Ro 14 inch ihe r on type wheiM l
thick anl cut ii fltureS iteut i cutcr. Place half of moth her l nd .ben

BUT SOMETIMUBS MO'RN wonderful buy: it comes in a TYPE VARIES WITH DUTT
WAYS ARE BST. And when revolutionary weat he r tight
there's a way to mae French package. Between the box and She is another when she is en-
fried potatoes without washing, sealed outer wrappinR of heavy training in her home.
paring, cutting, and bfytayuu waxed paper is a special mots. And still Waother t f when she
really ought to tI. T oasy turerproo layer of aluminum has h er yieve uogoM and i
since you're asre t et ithe lt- foul which really keeps out fSneahdl pl r P heore
tasting French tries ever: cria)b dampness and humidity. These k e r.
light, and oh, so t pirto They honey coated wheat kernels f
come already eaed when taste extra Roxd becse they're she itsande up _he- .Inro
you buy Birds ye -rosien extra fresh sad ertspy. Try or takes a Jaob in t hp -
French Fried Potatos. Al you them-you'll love ugar Crrisp And she is yet 1.
do is heat them upl You'll ne- as a breaIkfast real, snack or whAen shl ih isth
er want to go back to tedrls, candy. But do take time to close a mention to being a g o e mi
old-fashioned eto a u the package carefully after each p to he man she se
trc the easy Birds y, y o use. Tahe pra otrti e r ba .o while a girl may bea M"
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Fgetch Fpriakaedand t mouxtrah esadhy r she accepts the responabelitus
* Ia vorhatwthe catup eas abo a Post's thinks- verwy- h nsei
and fish Btu m g hh oeo er lot of difena mt
ow sou h.t ac f hn t hase

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very little ti WMe 5 B Stl th .*'b
cost! Far mfltg,-h0bt
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You Sell 'em...When You Tel 'em thru PA W W I

I eave yoer Ad w6 o"ae of our Agents or our (Offi&,s In No. 57 't1I' Stre
No, 12,179 Central Ave, Colon ..

U oa Se.rvice W de Belleza Americano Carton S 'oI u a
i' ti*of lAve-Phone 2-2281,"d *1MSWet 12th Street -O,5 wte At.4hAaoeia rWK.: -t- aI ^ v un _sfitWsa ,
Morrison's Agenda Internacional de Publicaolones Propaganda, S.A. j 12 woros. biatqwho aoba-1
Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-9441 #3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-3190 "H" Stre et ore y avs Nl w a
Phones_ 2-014 9" 1 word. 1beNProdetona irth Gar Ca

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SHuusehold Automobile Do you have a drinking probMemF PhkUW mna. '0u00 9 .. 1NAL the Samoan 1, Maeva, n th
.... .. ... -Write Alcoholics Anonymous. Bes Cier a 43S James (" o Pa f )
S "1 SALE.-Ser el electric refriger- Service Personnel and Civilian 2091 Aueem, C. z. Ptow it.T' YOUl! SO lner story has been nBg on o
S cir I3 cu i, 25 or 60 cycle or, Government Emploves TRAVEL OP!RNVLWUTY: Enrly ~WE T D YOU S I Rmot.s, with hrasbreden of anfat
A A rlc roi. Pone -' movement rmpyes Finon, Co. your vcafiao n cl Costa Ric beyonrid lan i' now ants tempted. Robert came tH.
%" 'nC.orufliPo, .3-Government ace or ne ly 'LACSA, eM o.fiate ,only atb, rfea.nge REA DIGEST lywdod after scoring In "The
y n-e ea Iak
F C SALE- end .Eon.m.. Wa.. o used car. $3- 0 n t 'q or .' ...OrIMiAyhly .tei1 a mM adwoman. of Ch a llot" on
FCR SALE-Bend. Economa Wah- AGENCY DEHLINGER amea Dispatch, Telh 2-1655, across beach. P6 ataW .IEI Bradway.
er t0 c' le No plumbing required No. 45 Automobile Row from Ancon bus-stop. emar. itivoh Awae NW. 6,4 isecticid CLUKO ANE is 8be ae d
60C 0 or. ,iII .ode for aur.omo. Phone 3-4984 3-4985 ,.|L .,10.. Apil t I .-se.,
SFor selling or buying your next ouoV (Its the er In Real Kill) weg within weel.. Theft remtaw
see Agenc as Cosmos, on Auto-' M!i5llai, ,. ub' T B It 1 the agriculturalI ha reached th ery Mgalft
S .-F .R SALE -60 cve Apex. washing mobile Row 29 We also sell' rad or your farm tag. ,
S. mahine excellent condition. Call GUARANTEED Used Tires and FOR SALE:--One Ercoupe, two pas- d o. rardenyor.. --- .1.
aort Gui ck 5 82 Tubes. Tel. Panama 2-4721. Sa- sanger Airplane 75 Continental r The Wallace teld, rs.. h e's
FOR SALE -9 cu. ft Westanghouse turdoys, open all day. Engine, excellent condition, well GEO. NOVEY, INC son of the afli to dol
rcrcr,2 1-2 ears guA FOR LE 190Chevroet cred forow located at the Pai FORENT s tr Ave. TeJ M-
St Blboo Tel214 radio Good condition, $1 .600 am nby o sphbue. ms grd 4 St e Avas-
"FCR SALE -Fr-gldoire refrigerator Phone 2-446 cash. Sale to be confirmed by the toArosemena .s he's going to sit In o6 Prank *
as new. Cuundu 70 Apt. D.I FOR SALE 1949 Me.cury 6 pac- United States Distriqt Court Such M207. Pa an52Ta n Blnatra's future prm- interest.
Tl 53-el IS senger sedan. Radio. direct signals. sale will be made on May 26, at -E TIAN What Interviews? J. .
FOR SALE -- Kenrmore Ironer., 251 seat covers. Excellent condition. four o'clock In the afternoon. FOR RENT:r. t InLos Cum rp VENETIA PI I'. T C as Vi
c rc..onoble r trade for desk Call Ft Kobbe 426 5824-D, Dblblo Heights. iGringotown) a .bedroomst, pmch; Dean Martin and .erry Le wis
or hinoa clonC- 1433-D. Phone -O S ----,- Ph 2-253. kitchen, breakfast "nook, maid'" BLINDS are editinA all the Uknes qbt of -- ". ..... ..'' ,
or c.n, clo I FOR SALE -1942 Packard 4 door, _room and both, play-room, car.- tht TV howiBr for theo I .f .
3274. clnders like new Owner leav- AQUARIS IFOR SALE Voung port, light, h 'ot water, Rac Imm ta Ctit in Korea.... If Donar Osr- jCo So O
FOR SALE -Refrigerator. Hot Wo- ,ng. Tel 2-1636. Panama Angel I g.'Cts. a piece. Bring unfurnished, $100 monthly. Deiwr. Cator- makes that Palace T ea-
ter Her. 4-urner Goa Ccoker FOR SALE Chevrole 2-donor De conto 7I -D, Tavern ila St 2036, Ancon. Telephone 22587. Tel 3-1713 ter date, his wife, wenn, will .
Cnl ion gurorscEd. Phone 3- Luxe Sedon, perfect condr on, 010-- _- -- OR RENT: Completely f#22 E. 2th St. tea up with him. ,16 first-place e
1 Iequipped with radio and cdxas. Mindi, Dtj t a limited number house in residential WApirm --o n rwawfr oTx-Wuanto last nigh.
FOR SALE One n Holl -d bed. I' $1.35000 Phone Na%, 92.. of.S a' Nolste.r,. heifer sot sr roudig's, frm. ue Q P .i Trwlrd's ex-husband, t lawardi s M w
cr-one dlciie che of House 84-B Coca Sci. rIom i. orniths on gp, ao September lat. Phone 30550. PANAK BROKERS. INC ia anion's leading mn in her si
S 4 rI after 4 p m L -0 .. I interested parties may inspect the FOR JR T N Ei rauame V Iliu to be shot In Mexico lh r a
Boyd tic. 4 Ar 1. otfer 4 p.m m be shot In mieo\111101
Mon.doE I-n igt g err,. ,I d C on rn animalsan and obtin n,in ne, a ory' SELL E PanmA Cement" City. Ar,,,who separ )' atat W0, 'ae L C.I
li .... ght c .r in track Con I Fr O re .. L ,1 o ._ Co,0 II -1w& ..e e -C. ,-
$fin nced House Albrn-C, Gral n ct o0ice 8061. t Str ormation by cont oc ng A h h p''entu A "t? saeb fo -- th
FOR SALE -Rolwa bed. ie Area, Baboa FOR SALE: Craftarmn m Producs.elephone 386 Coon F IT She.lley W r lmaa
to* I ', oi 0 N 40 freeze offic, 67rr LHAM U.- Ar -- th-e -a,,. A-BUYING 40d--- !nc "-la.edadrocl d*e en aoew mths a W a9Te. "o ',
S": d e 00e COR SALE---19497 FCodlla H TudFOR SALE-Enrinr sh FORst EleNTc-2. ncled r.471 n1 back, have now deided to write Ker Nigh O. .
SO rubber foam maprress. 100 F res .e00 C r tically new, $35 PBboon1723 Ch Ch. 3 to 6 monthsid reasonable rentt. cn I0-ear marrW.M i whe the eBt hdet rrd ...
S131 Ne Cisor2-l0 TROPIC TOPICS Hc o d. r c-.Ir b. seen aF 6 d m. 5ond o d ie er Hft ie O Ai
Sl Bbo3 ,financed House 5ioi.., Goriken t ..-- .. ..... act oE office 8061. 10th Seunday Ar tment 8. 3017 Me, NewU RT UE eg h.n. e t Carbbean ACoinan

Craf10-3'. Rfgeror Coldspm unt Trocal Moors at permnents, bleaches, co- ioon, R. de P. Phone 731 Colon maintains toMDand letters aWlt ; im
FOR SALE -Roll-awea bed. single Area. Balboa FOR SALE: -- C'raftsmant-tch.pri e136olon. M D WMi U ITnRIl1 li! slimi1 bey hmeM -.oi ia

requires repairs Wood ble or workl. Bo test indieirual hoerd, s R de P. n s et hom st.i i o. a w A. aat lt o. a
i- tal okitn eaxtessnon.k 2O Senld e.;- ffr ed l r pressor. Tworefrigerators o Bait-y SFOR RENT:-2 bedroom apartment. n ruu1car re Isa an" at her weight.. rits aralI a M- sm

HOticle1. Black floor'leI WANTED -Experienced execubve PANAMA CANAL COMPANY No 9. 26Shipptri moving, mtora. debendent producers are quarrel- and Cadet A.
S ie 38s newg ec. 4secrta,, English and Spanish cor- OFFER MICELLAN US beautifully furnishedavailable for e ver f t re t ed the t e,

oard. saddle-Plsic covered daven co espondence. References required. FOR SALE T-3 on We pa nd rate or m O title "Calendar Olrd." Iedto ,k'er.ttivl .
rt 70.00 four bed A between 2.00 to 4.30 p. Sealed bi Blbo 23 e 3 to- 6 months reasonable rentc anC ythin 'PhO 2-24oItnwhenthem1,. Is' d
rubber foam ma7.00 ress. $1 o mo- 0 m. Agenc.s GlasVall. Juso Aro- 130 A. M.. May 21s73 1952. for I- ob. serving the t. A

S$20 00. orch screens for flat type -it934 or 3-4935. Panama electric stock or sup pots, di- May 23rd thru Augut 31t, 192. T f designer Al tte "
'" et. the best lelephonetle car or market located at Section ." alboo St New Critobal. Teleph ri 3- S.B ..

'" "OR SALE: --VeneanD, -.ents- New- Books It"do SALE -no Xsi. -a., .,,
S25 Re.fTrigx! Cold lu SINGERROADSTERoonedisplayat rtit perentbeo7 d n FOR d nE i V-Ellen's agent i movingwetto adet L e

-mus3'c. furnigurao House 891 Mor- ---- orms maty be obtained from the I nOUSCOLD EXCHANRE brontas bo tobs n the den man- m *d
requires repairs Woo" r I saOtri l orr o o .o Rea-. Etato r ayr s. stC iM.oIf ". .o ""r

Sable kitchen extension. 2ed Bs-s istt HeyWanted .'Rchen,--2 bedrakfst nook.m apartmentclosed .teittre. ium another to ;tar In a re- University ofCaforn lbo
irte newl ETen r Neln e PANAMA-- AnconCANAL. TelepCOMPANY No9 hone 2-2587 m.N Charle athppfro whowantmovingtOstorayeardte ronth '

iz neaw.el.4-280on_ coinstoma registere dahertim produce* prevent them t om t gioCn too.
secretary, English and Spoanish car- OFFERS MISCELLANEOUS iTEMS F ..., RENT-Voc ton quarters, June We pa.and crate or move title o f"Calendar Girl"e.'-
R SALE--Plstic covered dave n- respondence. references required. FOR SALE 6, Sept.Ou Sign t.8-Dr loat aa, rig h pubg -

part $70.00. four beds with Apply between 2.00 to 4.30eap Sealed bids will be received until Crks Bank SPret N*** I '
tresses $5 00 each one vioin semen o Avenue No 73-A Tel. 3- office safe, n3 food warming ovens. 2 FORRENT: io 2s.-, ,. dnd-
$20.00 porchuscreens4 for flat type e934 or m 34935,.Q ters. AndrNnewe. Sistegrpe ruuaeu3s 1o u. t, .-.. .
SH15o .. l2C, H --- taphone and jeg sewing machine House 168 apartment, C',_ r*,, Am. at i n ewnt eo l
-; o Tele ode Balo Id02. t ae located at Sectn "I" Balboa St. New Cr tobal. Tel h i an, the ata
.4 ....".5b--. ..... .... R r- cu 1 rr advr ,--n--_i Storehouse. For information and 1 70 7.. -- .
S Atomru'c uc ncoTue. H rune 81 Mu" telephone2.- 0.p0 BidII BI ea ohbi takae at pair f 1t Years Wft ut M
SmAL OLD EXCHANGEturomeuseo8tor ot forms lay be obtained from the FO SALE P EXCHANN 8n ce ibnethlis On the den than- S

farm mAve, ya wt be on It o from thie ieU.They're Roy's first pair of RKELEY, Ca li. (UP) "Wi
-.- gn Aye, newb abi.nowent apl It read: DT ourceatoe SroeOFr from office of/ Rea
7f, A ,L a SCyEN ,S u "Te FORcowb oSyebotsaIM treitha i I 11'

SSALEt in-1952 e"Nore"s toa refrh. Is A iSuperintendent.fH Storehouses I .
tor. Real bargain. Have not presented Nomo odbuaph l eT T 2 77 HugheITSan mPA Acwo eboots It t re tehavt po n ro wi n utt have bee gro
used. $260. 'Need cash. charts "Themann: DGa mys ohurfc- B a.i BOSTON LU"e A S. weaI en ,i9 o9 Nwa i Mayo cworth'e screaming. Co- soil for the past 11 yearM alI |

St LONDON Ma 17 ty wde bslenre and mechaucs ther observer has three aiiones edFr doesluMMA wants her to star in a re- University of C.Ao I bO I
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ly m d up to the hh dust: exploring nlent North WAHINGTON, C. May 1 Thee are mvreret go. n

so" Chase; The ret days of Otla Arosemena de Tejetra of f ITl.S-2113 Atlt
light housework local references city light n the WestIndes W e aty the Un of When I' wrong no one for Aland It In a film version
SWoodburyi s book a story of required Cae 52 Este Noreen Cash downbury Impres$2800. balance longtn was honored by-ed n calltg the |

arster^h'micP expert Professoh few Orlears: diary and sletche University of Washingon --- 5ids hem, Cea 5 A2a Est -
r Panth peag t the Latrobe tiA week at a full day's program neton and Dr Marde 2.LEANI CharlesLtlton's, who wants to year the roots a t
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Me le. tno children, wsh Aont questionhequestons onpud Th cy ure n Panam Mrs. Teir l"vDrdoty '" tib- I rot amr hhly b '_f *o. l.d ,,
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on, ede i d"Thereat Days of PiracyinGul. onfr t e dr. en been a__anyt UV %p.Vt g w rui bmn l.-.

*'N D" Tod: The ttle of Tiet- 1r9v4.For e Theh bank president spread thet- wh4in imlnem |-
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S ANTEC:--One partne r, with 5 books Dut Into circulation were: |o'o g come in tosee us"tesaidi "owp-'cAme.k -d -L "
000 00 ofv with $10.000 eachi CHILD PSYCHOLOGY-
0A000n, C Z. ophic-study ofBalinese childhood, saying 'Keep Out.'" about it-jame %I i-fu.
IMead. promuptu.. .nA ,.. nit ttauancI$intScu dM"3.ta
A new sign wentu_.I t read:. Dennis at tb. S 6"ft-r-ho MWali ptrttbtbs bthe
SOCIAL SCIEWCES The "Please Use Other Door." and hour.sat ,O- Manor.. ap
k g/_L -_ Ia- mla-a ste A i oTwent tocollege;'the college erad-| U result. rd i te yo o _. WU- E dug"
P5 .. rnanw Oxford dictionary of e His Errors, Tse verdietatoaedh ardhOn$kwh m

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LONDON. May 17 (1 gui r and mechanics tvned on paper Inserted beneath -
-n1rtion by TtlIh scIon-1press Mcal"late glass rm his desk: dam by t^ist be fn!5*t D.

-nly mi:cd up to the hrlgh'ldust: exploring anelent North WA9HINGTON, "lC. Te rt17,,
2a w,;1w wIrert:?S Hibben: Dmly Dtclan-(Special Corresp, nee)- Mrs When I'm right no one remem- "1111 FT Jfewda..
,Chse: The great days of Otlla Aro8emena de Tejetra of f b---Td. -3 W2113 s now
I These exnoeriments were'erv in the f-aculty of the Unlvurlto, af when I'm wrong no -one wor.Dols

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t'I 4 ee' Co fr aoarle ihSw 06 cn N e-- s hs te aoe
SU om rlui.eshi -ld
bog. .. ....t-l.s .. d s hRumber drive-in 1 Ee oi. t
b en t wo M=a'. Concsbe urrin With e h ad Wi ntei. iam"shnentm a.- m reopeM.ta"
enone wao IS al tinotionte abi a b "n H'll i B^ M and htenom fm 2W t s toamp o m tllent"-"ar
ndlDin1Il" hicnb. a d rnr ig'role e Warner fir.a' 'ae- ale knos a prQdue-
m''y ger FoWi" u Not s ettledaenhec who wao lueky e uo*hPto
td-lefvereiiha0nliement "drdIt but If not needed in a rood l ot of televon nm on the
b l+ g UtftnsflVN c ete or ofo th oa rd andr but e r ohe LOUIrVILIm i hew(llP--oacrtresowrou nd loor..
"n rIV muicpa. u t-pectatoes h slirtaed, dor ropla
tv-is W Rock Comeupon onmphe with sori nesseicha
a__ teter of4l m n eMlers .eleottiolty MI'p dl R I p ion tral rra. imees ea yet of the aape d umstaR he niBnl- Whlde s d fobcey ,

am a- rwhe n: shle Rainhw
hand tirr crud- no t to9es t.up with d 5i in inbbtau e r te i ofaroen mrdn
ad i- m ade evn Frtnc ut a n- won'ttoalk aboud
mao t how.ebm. sow
cAnaIfcNA te feaeInthePasl ip ( "DavidondonaorV-,.,,
It In haloe" k '-B4 gouof .M. ,. a:t
the i t N1utIs 31 za" A af2 D0,"S .acked by.6"I'm

e t hein ,wel l 1 a0t0.o l fomeJ d the eovie based I"

-the to 4Othe:nwnl pr:d
Fj _sede Is Woody ..h...AOt H Gm'I EauO
muofof"Harlem 0 ,tue .- g 07,cu -- -- ,." fr_ O-ab l
with David Rose and his osebkg.' ,r C ehaboi fr MomAtell"sSa
'"' Y "n orchestra of' love. A k-Co i aon dottdb.

ablond "Honest and "
ON D .M-Danny Kay pair two Frenoh"
Sroe" and "You're for- le, M i" ... .. ..O

..,-- Ageomer ,N'V r". .. han. i... .
-We tUa D ay h theTom#-roeI-.n ..y.n.... .

.. ae Using that early.- o n, D tjh tt of DO'A On ...nthe.matter of platte

-..4s I~fo the h loice of

Flo Wt.w "courttehea to i".

R am --:-. .- -" .." -" Ing.. -.y

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." .: ,"t :. -., '* "r,.' ;.', "J-' *,-m ,", *'* a--r... fy. r _.. -' *... %

iI 4
.. "
q, '" ".
,. .J .,~~ tA_'). q l

Blue Man

Budweiser Cops


Yankees Share The I

And Senators Are Gi

Comes i

Curundu Bowlin

Carta Vieja 2n(

In .the fina t or l
play BudweiMe toftbly wr
HORNSBY, the league sttl from their
/N e MA.J R2 compeMtores i Vieja an
TM 14 MYEA4, me PaI. N Hova
* iOor NOAN Of wolke tr hian
A4NAeFtA4. cHoh h foVA

FM'T ed. / tat tlte0 ab! t k fornal

thad feJI the .oleneu ol
>.t /, *slaed by e eaat1 d.tferenc

oInt fa t5S t the A
iean Cl f thfl e*Ad is
ei the? ftol3Eh tha C

hd -- men to WIt lupitnouh pT
tor the Meia.. Dfta Studebi
Wealth s lrw'nMi*h "i ,athe
I" g son, to .ki' his teltm a shar
the prl onDey.

fateful ,n thei Talnig C
othe eight 'WW Post 382 sto
d ed. on Ut1dt Dry fqr t

By BARRY GRAYSOfN -_- P01oin TI vs. WBo nj
NEA Sports Editor bhan ,lk bd ian lmIuM
gW VORK, May 17. -The part of thne u mh
Nators .hadn't beaten a left- get their three poant
jplftober, which prpetically four b.wl. a. "Dn" ,
ndthey .saw. l- a't ht for thb
bae dYankes hadn't liced a ri oa isthe fith iL
=-hand vitche), which George 'H 'w .S%& .
.ad el didn't 7" to, no at
an y eng -te e ftheSodar
e club had what the other PllCceHat.-A gri
4 ed badly. ] RAL 8 8
r trying four of six players ,a?, S
C nter field, Mkqager Stengel;W -- -
4ed it was Imperative, that tai Jheaekle em 1. tfebwr ... 4
World .Champlbzn quMokly .- 4.
Jh someone who could oach .'- .... Acme Pawnts .. 5a s M
ball In cqnlr fliel. hn the 4. Amg ...... 1 5
,i ves you a rougb Idea of 0. .throw S.ardfor b .. 52
an outfit loses defensyely m erritek i more than ad- aaa
the departure af an atIlete Former Yak -tcher a Baequata e on ef
Joe DIMggo.ofto a splendid 4. Tommy k wIPoet 88=2 12 68
far back as August, 1048,i ... who couldn't it the
1 iJ York Amereca ns r a .msbT do aa fo barn the It.M A
UAw Irv Noren was notthe`Wt- whie Blm2ber, now* nd corners gme .Te.a GO
ud pull hitter. they si ned lLa thin dime. Duane PU.ett 1. MoCaragher, cv 751
inuhWEl outfield. ItLwas then that I! another whiner for the 2. olelchman CV ... 30
Brmch Rickey put the Pacific rowns. Karl Drews developed a S. Coftey. AC ...... 102
Coatt League's most-valuable sideaMl curve to be .reprieved 4. Colstor, Angelinl 92,
nBr onthe bl"k. the le ues and let the va =t- 5. Lane CD ....... 99
V5view of bbets Wield's friend- t Dodgrs rgdown with two, hits. l. Kelseyv ......i OB'
At-'fteld feice, there is M rank ._er istough to beat the K .ke- 1........ lo
*Uce In the Brooklyn organlza,-1 ens. 311 Wight and Ra.ndyl
W aor a left-hand batting fly- jumpert are useful to tht ed .-.LaVallee, AP .... 93
Sw?, whn pan't. null the ba l A. the latter as a fire fighter. M.Mcon.nell,.A.. .. go1

r b




o thie les in the right side. 3 w Burdette saves games for the lu. woran, v .....6 M.
.But Noren was the best left- I raves.
h btlng center fielder avall- Old Yankees never die. On Wednesday night, MiEp
&Wle and Clark Griffith was in They just blaze away. at p.m., the cash priem
pWilon to make the New York A C awards will be presented
,imeficans pay through the snoot, | the wInning teams and Indtd
othe keen delight of Stanley, 5 na LUAB mte* of this league at the
h amond Harris. rndu Clubhouse.
o All team sponsors are cordil
TWS ADVISABLE TO WAIT Balboa ArMed SrviMe A_- te-ted to attend.
NMLS EPT M BER U O arm-Up hSke Cash prizes are to be aware
80 Washington landed not only A Lague. to: the four teams who Sa
the one right-hand batter it| tte Wsonn Inthe first 411960
needed, buit two In Jackie Jensen Standing he teams who rolled the W
shd Archie Wilson, while dealing "A" LEAGU and second high games =aB
mway the left-hand swinging eati- Won Lost rime; the three bowlers with
Rescue .. .......1 0 averages for the season:; a 1
e -the same time. the Senators Air Base Group .. .. .. 1 0 top three Individual higher
ie t an entire new outfield 700th M. 8. .. .. 1 0 ad series. Prizes In the Ja
the acquitition of fleet Jim Air Police .. .. .. ....1 1 category will be awarde-
to pick up whatever fly- 504 A... .. .. ....0 1 basis the Individual's -
slack Is lTet 'b Jensen Comptroller ........0 2 -t the end of the seasu.. -
ingthe bargain sill bard-' "B" LEAGUE leuah awards are b .
r two pitcher Pank tNaval Distrfet .. 1 0 bowersmitt ro atleast
and his rehabilitated aMn to Harbor Defense .. .. .. 1 0 agies to qualify for a pe
I.*th his bit one. Bd Porter- Far Fan ...... .. 1 t only one individud. -.
a i swapped down-h fiver A. A. C. S .... .. .. 0 1 can be awarded to a baw
le Tnieso: Riospital ..........0 2 Prizes will be awarded as 1
die Tebbetts at the ZIM"dM % # lows:
hip opinion of the Yank- The second round of thD Bdl-
upward w th their weuqsl- ,oa YMCA Warm-Up 'A LEAGUE AWABS
4A! W. men, but, Jmn lies completed itsfirt .week o ,g 0 P L Champion Chev"=
U tremendous m.t. l,, W th some exciting and .toif h dvldual on thel a
got the bet he barter a being pJayed. _e eam aot e B"
even be le. In the "A Laue kea n rve "W .
S advisable to w mtU mt again when 504th F. A. Achievement Award toA
ber. meanwhile ~1- Oth M. & S. faced each o00 Ao VW as
that Noren is estab hed. for the first time this season. m or the greatest p1n
7-"' 5700hM 5. flally emrgeM IavemsO (20 pn)si ovea:ik-j
TANKEE PITCHER the victor by a nine point mait e t-te tart of the ai
B INIt Is very doubtful wheher TEAM CASE RZBS
Mn e now 8 tmener any team In the "A" Leagi m TA INthe
tn the majors, 23 of go undefeated as' all six tea=m ilan .om ,. .... udwi
the American sIA n o are very evenlym atches. Place5..... C4w Cafnt V&
t Ironx I 'I-T. " .ha. e ........
charged wtth not eral close ga with we 'W' aw. lace
wealth irinep vs. spit game betag the c ...
a _l.oh Spec Bhea looked outstanding. MnLrineu won over a
dld Iin 1l47 and Jensen scrappy apd hard wo*kkig See- .. w
sprayed hits all over pita team by 40-24 sie. "" ***ej*...........**
launching a wln- Amie PaiBts .. ............ I
w--i-duly-grateful. DoINB m .e* -"
,e'^ ,-y -r,' ^i ." Non e Be o te r T -. .a ...
.-" -' ----. I *Catua fW ......... ..... g
S1 e Cox-.Robinson Am ln Club.b......... Sm

JackR aobtnson claims allr C .
Ste most unde-rated .

o rI _n t h e Na t io n a l. ._" "- .

*.......... ** avr **


ig Jampe

ested ta th Kestu
arch w' the 7th
d Ac- Crbw b eOumt
hn P- fnema sts
rgy to W k
r Btd two-treL
Steve t o '
mat e e th at90
the of htwe .
"esed bett ~ofN "T
were JUif $12.r
the nILei^iw~iAtz1
it of

a at-

mn~~~ '.'-Hi^^'.* -

12nO.neCo htard

.3,000 Pinflie Rafet

, 17 (IUP) Ron, who third
Vy bobt" Go w ands B tbn
rhalbil of tmsebod Jewl e Ltwel e
m from the to un tlhe S1l3 (n)


Big Leduue Top

To-_ ddr'_ "_ I, n I

Spin triumph
'a Natinal Iramuk NEW i oR*t, May 17 (UP). -
:_ Nladlhrol eague) Th league leaders in both M
.'r o igo.e ue to unt ey today. _Wen
be- n- a di nt and Dodger
i"rd i Wad 9-8 an 12-7 wins eoer ta
TEAM- Won Ledt I. il ae and Pirates respectrveln
on New Yr .. .. 7 h thle In ans toe tsec
Ner Brooklyn 1 7 d lac So ors into a 9-
ntc Chicago 1 12 hd Bob Lemon's six-Bit aur
lub- Cincinnati 15 1a .5 ti rg.o
ace St. Louis 13 15 .4ft. e Giants had to come from
ker Philadelphia .. 12 14 .48 to ovhroome an 84 deflcil
, a Beton ..14 15 .4 Ith three and two-run ra llies l
"- Pittsburgh ... 5 25 16 .1 te seventh and eighth tinngs-
'the latter so.rked by Whftet
e or TODAY'S GAMES Loociman's gaIo1e-winnnlf homer
The Dodgers opened a 2-0 lea
S Cl"acinnati fBoston (2). over the Pirates then coasted
r of Chicago at Brooklyn. ome to An y victory as. .
mp- Pittsburgh at New York (,). Wade, who w.. t the ut, ease
Mree st. Louis at Mladelphia. ". The Pirats scored six run
Seen I. the seventh i and one in .s
tent YESTEMRWMA RESULTS inthtb Gus 1U hcnmered t"ow
tter So the losers.
i to R h 8 Thn A's-White Box game at
Iy IM Louis 03 .0 1 S doago and the Yanlees-Tig r.
ur B 001 000 3 8 1'ge at Detroit were rained out
rear Chambers (8-2) Braule 1) and It other e1es, the Cardtals
SD. Re. Wlson (22).) Jones (8) dged the ves 6-4. the eda
Sand Burris. na -ed h PhIes wtnnig
1.^ to 14MrtakV7-3 InThe.National LegUe
n by Chic t 210 118 000-8 11 nd the Brton soothed two runa
SNew Yrk 04 000 2x-9 1 1 the last of th ninth to nip
Mi br, e LMnard 7), K t.e Red Sox( 2-1 at Bt. Louis.
S(t-4) (7) and Pratiness, Atwe
). Kennedy, pencer (, W- .
ladolh (6) a t rgler (8) Lbl er
I (1-) Heat (9) C ad We-. w
16170 I r, ar t*t. --
SUurgh 6 i-7 91 I
m (0-4), rPalme (2). Carl-, -../
58 Ben (7) and arglla. Wade F RST RACE
(3-1)- and Caempanea. HR 4 a St33*2ih
SDuak, Castigl e BellU (2). i la& $,30,$2 .
g2 CIncootlI 100 801 101-7 14 0 3P o $2.6
_ Po l. 0t1 0o 0 0 20-3 7 0!N R Mmo,
_'= 111d ft-2) andW r H well. Fox a
d W i ndfrid .(4. 1Church 1 .(5)7 1 i. d
1 tostanty (B) and Lopata. HR-1 .5

i- A enr can League. 'I0ACE

S EAM-. LoWi o ot Pet. 3-rawt
Cleveland 19 10 .655 One-T tUbng Oslen)
NO Washlngton 15 11 .577 $4M .
I S BdSton 15 138 .536-
rid- ew York 13 1t .520 lRACE
Su-St. Louti 15 14 .517 3-MIThE .3o, $4.60.
Chiago 1 14 .483 : .. $20.20.
ly 1bMaelph1ia i 14 .418-
Detro t oi 7 19 .269 -ie 4uBwsan-El Me-
b .( 1-Montleto 36.40.
S Pblladelphli at Clevelang (2). -
Washington at Chlcago (2).
*b Boston at Detroit. AC
New York at St. Louts (2). l-DoeAa lelda $12.80, $6.20,
M1 TESTEBDAY' RESULT 2---0, 8&3 .
Mir "A-a$ Clo $3.20.1
Wwh. 000 010 001-2.6 0 RACE
Cleveland 400 U 0 0sx-9 16 1 3-Mai4m a f$W, 2.80, $2.60.
(2-21, Consuegra (1), 2-V8$ 4q S $4.60.
S A= (8 1 and Kluttz. Lemon S--WairtO
S2) and Began. HR Doby, sM g o6el.-

3este 000 000 010-1 2 0 MACE
S.St. Lou 000 000, 092.-2 7 1 1--481lrIf $4.60, $3.%,
PamrlU (2-3 i and Wiber. Oar- .20.
a, n (1-0) and Coutney. 2- $5.40, $3.30.
WI oeberry. 8 oil a Doino-
to Philauelphia at Chicago Miss) '.4U.
gI- (Pofpened. rain).
New Twi at Detroit 1-rPMb 26.20.


Dans Dif-afi

-ug 1

Wide Assortume
:;* t'V

- ... jW -. .
~,* ".' ,'"

ExBlig Lieaguefers, lNVy Braid

.7 ".'.tleCALLUt ':., .
-heai ~Te Exists In B
41W- Of i tte Les aI t M )

watched eueoa M M Jtu7m SofVtbal LO
Sa Uttle Leaguer walked Into .. o '
S. In hia uniform on what .. '
as n.errand fo. ..r lls _, .I ,Id 11,n4 ml d 2a .
-e 1old boy nudged"h i '
with awe and en- .
I the shortstop oe rt do 0
S ft later the teams 1 the at ls
M-tt ftbid rooter passed by an .:e W O-d three
bold tamer who Waik e.. ut u
ItI l to town for every Lit- ow to
tie League game. "Therh goes et 3A. rthe final out iMM
ou -S shortstop he drawled ad- 8t .f 0 4 N.8 olona with.I for I a
Sm~o y. "thef. t'oiTft
"'1int to the strange faM. f W*o horeW
tcinon grown-ups have for DeO in .. .
Sthia youth movement, Alva a- I"" "e .re ". LoelDu
nom seoaretar o the Rat v e
fond 14. J.. %t gue antd O DU 3S Vlut k h
Sta e In in hsat aad tsay -f fur,
is a u D or so lew 0
years, ad if a s t doemt't 6f, d fg,. C. K aL*

very much i life. mi'L "lf ," .r
"Evy parent shovid take *n W -
interest. Little Leage, s 's
the main topple of e=onerns-
tion in a boy's life, and if a
parent can talk the same l
gu he'll et Uto much mete
t aib ti'"he boy, M "
t cluag .crlcts a, 4p0.

Utte League is attracting
the doggonedest assortment of ...
ol league ball play. t. retmer 14j, sites '1 ri.a
Wwbr else 'would you get a atl ?ates boay ualesa 12- r sm .
New York Yankee and Olat hit a"1taht on the Rx L 'herlteO- Whe "-
working together?. Al Cuccinel- ing them telt rft eatft or .7to
lo, om T ant infeMer, and season 14 to 7. V. Cdlba, we 42 fr .t
marU .Us,, the old Yankee took over hin the t.n a .o lly, ut
tutoring ont, N.. J. enry ae te was T.oott
l., l eaguersa ... Out at tagged for 3 Ln' ,Gacmuee-ut of the git ot ftVe*oln
PA ,e., Comidr. Duck, hit b the restnI 'tj to M also warnd abowt his be-
GraysoMt. '4jeMn g his Navy get credit for the W'!. M U avl e r C the ourt. lA. ulette
braTid, eb ateam lnthewas the lostin wAl ae:Bet*
aon, tile Tft b ensr. Bostlk with 2I .
Comdr. '13t the brother sble for halt ot Sed In the second g t
SBobby. rd oetball 4y their team. t, t won O ta
A-Arniei, Smphw of Carter ha t the e Oelt ,
NEA aportiSitanry(rgay.-plate with i fo-
son. a lowed t l* -- -i-:
This ye U W etrd eug -*a e
att 7A been I 5I g luinttr e -f. ElaXg then
set for Ang. -104...... Flfum a ... t.ha_.1 B ..u'fs offe. Ias n team, mBlnj..

of _ordhMB-.__ game l. .aT 'r (en ) w .. ',-, ,,
Blocks of 632 t .

awaiting efor. ^ ...., .f.i .
be* rvien. ...........

Ing the LL r
t ....Buddy



vg -I

jI -.

" -:

"..,- -
;- :' .

A ..-
4 7 -. I
-a '~,,

-.7 ,
^2 ;1

s, ..- :, = -*= 'A. -
I< -;
7 7,. .. -_ ,' .. -- ../
., sF'.: _, .'[L o~ ~ ~.40 .". ."" .' ; .' .

AL .. .. %

2 1,:

,.pt "

.1 ir

.I.,- .. .. 1.



ald toI

.4.dlpw iid hiIah

* .1



.Ty q 4'

h bas
]a o Aa

CfGrid DP
bust Bs
West th

o ab

" "2 _""


WOO. w m** f.:"
M T z '
,,' ^ -'. P^ 1Z-



*1 I

-4* I~

Ul m


, .-. ** ".


At %




TEARL RIVER Y, May te. people 77
PI-A helicoptE ld a guard
ed truck convoy dV fear B S VN r rEAR PANAMA, P-iO A, Ma 1
pfketas today to ru al u a an A
lettuce to thousands 'a animals
facing starvation at the action's
largest pharma wbr
atoe "chow-lift" wa openseoun
aied after air mattresses aS
fresh food were flown by hell-
eopter and Piper Cob plane
yesterday to 45 scientists at
the strike-bound American
a Cyaamid Co m pany's Lderle
laoratories, whh produce '
the world supply of the "won-
der drug" aureomycin.
Aureomycin Is used to combat WASHIN N, May 17 (tUP) eteet's, 9g blers and others late Broa4way actor Iu*' M,
a number of infectious disaeaee. -House Inve ators today In- with quest Mle sources of in- Cohan, who listed aIs' B,
The chow lift was suplemented produced a Ing tax revi- come to ke books and records 'under thb genteraOt b0Z
today by a truck convoy narded sion bill to sal x ,se "fix- On ashelr* wof Income. entert- t :Mtpeae. D i`
by police Two trucks loa dedwith era and rbck Iwt on fat R s would require busf-. court ohan.
fonrd for experimental animals era" and qracknfat -mid reQVdfl bust-. court obhn.
fI f% epherimnal~ot rpoxpn o s emV itertainers8with 1 fatetoeal ath
chemical workers, and bad "loans" tiltuonal Mi tax ductfble "expense CommIs tg r wpvM has
c Dr. B. W. Carey, director of political committees. aeoawta' to keep similar re- potter to.ertacf dotbs ofo IW
the laboratories, said the greatest It also Would fate s tax- cor1 payer wis cwwrge 6ftw
cause of concern was the guinea payers as Henry W. Gru dlwald, t spays would be prohibit- hotel tutes, aifrplae rfeaP u.
pigs. The helicopter carried a Washington "mystery ma to ed rohm arging off as bad similar dbcommodatioss Ut
cargo of snails and lettuce for pinpoint sources of income n debts uncollected loans to poll- busafn es Wpense. Xmi:*r I
them today. demand and would proht tical committees. could forced to tw fa-
"They must have their snails Congresamen or any Feder Ben. iohnt J. Williams 1R- cities ase ntafilable t pm-
and lettuce or they'll starve. And official from accepting fees to 1pel. recently called attention ployee for business' use.
they are our most Importent re- representing any person before im Internal Revenge Bureau 3) Loany to political e s t-
search animals." Care said. to 'a federal agency. I .under which three Ie- fees could not be ehar*l ott
leave the labscieoratorists res n fueard to The bill was Introduced by es.ats were authorized to -as bad debts unless the loins
that thev would be unable to chairman Cecil R. King (D- e off for ax purposes big were mtWe by a bonan fide land
return through picket les to Callf.) on behalf of both De- loa to the Democratic nation- Ing IlaWftN m spch as a tiank.
continue their research mad mocratic and Republican mem- al lIttee. This wt overturn the fW .st-
feed the hundreds of expert- beys of the House Ways and ly disclosed Internal Ulfthie.
"- mental animals. Means subcommittee which has TWO then said they did Bureau re~lg in the 1W.. Tork
The strike began Wednesday, been 'Investigating nationwide not tak a vaftlage of the rul- case. '
7 when 2,800 members of bhe II- tax scandals. St. 41 Ti0 nature dnd sawre of
ternational Chemical Workers The measure's eight major Here summary of ohe gross Income, deduetlae asd
Union (AFLh walked out In a de-i prootonf would correct mqny C thi of the bill: credit would have to b6e hows
mand for a 14-cent hourly wage of m irregularities which the II en and others by the thamyer when thM re-te
increase. Thev now earn an subcommittee uncovered in Who NI lt e business and aue bureta called fe tae..
SA veragond management of-' tax cases involving idivi-' enterta niepenses would 7Th1i wa aimed at te tee
I' fict aetd meetnagemenan e- al taxpayers, business firms, 'i requli back up their ot Grpenwid. who listea lmae
fort to settle the dispute. rajtheer, Washington "lflu bis with A ate records. Amont. W iem the
"We have an agreement with' msoW eiddlers," memberSs t T prov 1m aimed at a headhat f '. "ter
union officials which allows us to 'ommP and officials of -. the .. eorwf the case of the com.rintsa." It alto 6 f-
Sfinish off batches of aureomycin ext.tdpf branch. .
1'. I and penicillin that are in pro-, The would provides a- At
M eeds." Carey said. "We've agreed imums aence of a year In fIm T ai
to start no new batches." and, a $10,00 fine for any 'i-
There was no food problem for nuence peddler" who recetA*i
aefoenttsta or dogs. cats, pigs, "atlthIfng of value" for "11 m -
librues and cows used in experi- ing" a.te. case -al ad foes q1104,.Aa,
Splant occupies 400 acres peitn apytr.p- y .r
Sh ts own cafeteria and The bill would requ a- --- '
M 3 wpply of canned goods.I Th bM would requfre raek- o

*t, f-t "-'
be'- Lj. <
.; .'

h; -' ....

n''r-hA-4 i
E. ,- tlllP


1Wr iv '
**i" o*
us b. men

-' I..
"C' 'E:' .* F'

The overwhelming roll cal,
vote of 2t to 32 sent the meas.
ure to afnferenee with the M
ate to irafl out differences
the milder W iure app
le app lttoer more.
PrB4sdeit Tuman once e
.be Marain Corps hoa a
ia madhre "almost equ
'a" and some 'Congressoi-,
M as predite he would n
to 2l t it reachehMrm
anytb tse present form.
Mr. sclee has mad

SUN VA.y ve n I o -. 11- is pea0 Wrc the corps, hoW
awepstakes lto ,
052 Mercury a y ta the House. t
cently when the Unil Vt- the b ol1 rwld ire the Defen*
-1952 Mobilgas llone u B sDep ntl mainmaltd the Ma.
swung into Sun Vi W ft wrine atss strength of t
*gruelling Y,413 mie ,-M from least map and about U2
Los Angeles. 000 offt
The annual race s t gownu as The s t s t e
the automobile "wead s tl."' have to in thr utt
At the wheel of the eoury strength Mar bat lv
was Bill Stoppe who also won and three full th i Marhl
the 1950 event. air wing s. s
Winner Isa a field of ti oul-
ists. the Mercury avena g, In day-long debate re re
7118 ton-miles per for final vote, opponents ae
7the course. the measure as a mafns
t Ink the Marines a "favored"
It averaged 25.40ft sulks pet sition in the military setup.
gallon of gasoline. They said it would nem
Second place in toza armed forces unitfietl m.
S* per-gallon judging, p t ag ordb-t a "private P ld
Mercury's closest ini army" to be used anywmeS
went to a 1952 .ncol'. the world without
nor Master Of Unifrue whose record showed consent.
'T5 s O U it w miles per gallon **ut fl3
miles per gallon. d year But supporters claimed te
Lincoln was the sws would assure the nation t

Vessels Makes Last Trip w- s ugh to deter aggbnelo.
The ton-mileage figures atI t said such a eorpleould
-a-- arrived at by addAt. the gruss off possible disaster antilThe'en
weight of the vehicle A M ftis's overall military treg
'When the 88 CmIRIQUI docks Coast passenger seriice which allowable lead (Mg.3 pa coui d bt e brought into aila.
Cristobal this morning its the T4lIted Prudt Company multiplying this by the li l Rouse Armed'Service
ter, t. George A. Mc- maintained,' until 197. Ian mileage and hig iu tee ahA rman Carl V1ines
Orlde, Commodore of the Great During World War 7I, Mc- by the number of gSAkm emf Ga.) said the Marines tien D
white 71eet, will have comn- tide was master of the as fuel consuumed., a powerfl striking form.
fted the southbound portion Pi tano and ar 8evera" year The Mobtigas Sn m He said the bill was not a m
Sbis last trip as senior master this vessel operated In both the Js the test of the year a. gi- at helpiot the arie crps
WI United Fruit Company vew- Atlantic and Pacific War zones laing run open to all cam of at making the Marines a"& et
S a career which began over In 144 he brought out lhen new every make and Is e t N tt of lp the nation In time of em .
I 'ywvas ago. apartRa which Is nae of the on-the-road perfor'maa. gle n-
ilh3ride, who is well known nine slater ships that aie aon- 7sMdu rhnes yM WSPS
the oCrisebal watertront a lred the finest banauMa cr- The run's course tats.t @ par- mn and officers.
rers in the world. With the tilcipLnts thugh nl f ,S year' s
In Harbourvlle, Novt raeumapUon of the pmenb urning dart 01J10" l eGAof f_ mn A0-012
Mthe. 12, 1i8e. There was rMeermeIn of 't, pa lg lrburning desert gg ia
El qe s 12. JUo. Ther e serv ce In 1947, M e n d. oi nede 1The run's co ar ne p hr- si aigw v.
WaeIth so h to thi the 8W Antius aza in d g dense city traffic g.: be- S .a n
tha. t he aM lot- Chiriqul. low szero te patu ng- Th M wu sld place
SO 'Rb.. 3, 1310, heit e mount m t w-u am ,4lm -m .
by the Tfd Fruit noting out is years' feet.m'Oftame 0
-L:ized as fti .ice. 30*g h2 10..

an 2a ,. -

10 boom I* msO rm f6 &.f

e, ,..=',- --:, ,. .,_.. ... "WN A sw .. M ..b,,...::, ...

- .... *
., ; ." : ._ .. '.
"., -. -r'_.." .....

->. .- II-- "'-
- -. .- .



l a irml
D -Alllir.a

. *- .] .. .'
i'- .' <*'
::,*, ''-'-,-* '- A'*

.1'' '-"

; N

It' :*' -.
eLM"'i~u .'l

' '. n



w y

; "' ]i *"- H -

attileneas~win.sf se s a-

f Wam weatherW, a -
awI lik in the RoariAg Iver

or fkes a she*t op hik -

41 a

er h


~1*-~ -
N%~,tA.*%.' 2

I '*,.
* 44



. ..

OUT OF THE TRUNK comes Donald Swank, 9, of Chicago, and he
Teddy, as his sister, Betty, 12, kneels alongside with the sledge
ture a hole in the trunk so Donald could breathe. Firemen 11

s pet dog,
Ito punc-
nk open.


'M t



* t

~*gL. 4
Mi"'. -4
3~t *''t


* ~4.*)





SHOw #tMET and R'It whs
momapt ila Detroit before w
the or load of steert gWr

F. i i ,; 7 1

Nafl.; SaAb
W~ The


~44 '.4.
4 4~444;; .'j

- 4-. -43w;
-. 4.,.)
~, ~Cd~4't
i~ -'IS)

Vgttg3*oflblrfl bi
nwkw 1ad dba blihe,

'' S'-'r^ *?""


". ... ....
.V '. *

, ^ .1.
, -.- ,

JONES SAtmtmN4; Trt -a.h43Ma1S is to Doroh Joes va
Richmond, Va.,' md the I hrAo ait ib walking on tretche
kimazh *0 thn wabiul i hetit av 30,1ics &-W. W. Pa

44.A. "
'4t U. -

W this I vs
wire. belts.

4' -
'4 4~?4A44


tong small try
*ttua, ransinrIsa*Se *i
$a western odtt. al ride r
co.nres and felds Weekly. A


, ,. 'r.'

MEISH PAINT goes on the miniature airplane rifle 1W. fic Pa I
,,as John Grainger helps ready the park for new seasoM. tteer -tt 4 t

k e. 4

i^ '. -1 --. ...- ..-- .. .
WY IA. Cmadr. tnga 'J. Kapalazyd-btote), a CathdTdra ght
Anm 4o 4o decks of Ameriuan figutAniR 'Wb0o h"bat have wid
"lm Au Aw 'US ,1ieowsim, he clmge baw hebeapfer ond taam

This untamed hoern doesn't latend to b liny


*'- ^*t-('-n-
4.. -.1A .4sM


I 1~.W'.us

- 4 -4~ ~.4* --
S -c

WT^t-; .^.

HtSK la


. .. ;. *. -. .



t~:~ *1

- b1.


".i" A

. -* *. ,r .

/,i ;

[< *,'\-. ,< ,'.j'"

i ri-. .- ..*' '* -g3

.,i. p


:".'; .i o,
If1 Pj

"4 : '

7:.. _-.:.4i."K.,

'I -S.

* ", .

S .- ,w.~ -

Uz~J~ jE~
4. ~
~i ~ sL.




. d' -

i .; ;.-, *


S.' ;

;... a^ :


T 79 W CWana t Dodd, with an
'org wold not have looked Well.
upo.n, .t t e ne6 capturedd by his own
3prios WB-t tcamp..
In s uterprise Dodd had it said of
him f a sda in the" No se ot Representatives by
,Jep. Olat Tegue (D-Tex.: "When any general got
,a'ulj 11 M. a 4d16tibous situation we should have
Totd t .0 sts tpceep him. That we didn't want
.bitaV .^ "" .
* Dodd tnelf iO n recordd as having once said he-
,dwon't usadetd Comnmun lts.
seeing that ddmbatants, from chAs players though
boxer to genletals, have since ancient times been ins-
tnu'-ted that stage one in out-thipkltg the enemy is
to knowvhomething of the way the enemy thinks, this
,t wot a.partlEclarly 'bright confession for a general
*bZ tire 't6ited States Army at a time when Commun-
arts constitute the only likely enemy.
No doubt professional soldier Dodd, for many years
-mzat, has lived according to a comfortable military code,
with a rule laid down for every ewtingency. and sur-
rounded by congenial fellow officers of like interests
aid with like values,
Maybe he excused himself from thinking too much
about the life and people outside the barrack gates,
on the grounds that It Is no business of a soldier to
Interest himself in politics.
"hat may well be so in the operation of the govern-
Sment of the United States, but when the primary
enemyy numbers pmong hbs wsapops politics, nation.
olisin, hfmget ." Lmbitibn, all the fra ltis and 'mvlsales.
.'ears and aspirations from which the,multi-patterned
tnbric of human nature is woven, it continues to be a
sc'dler's duty to know his enemy.
Sometimes men whose lifetime has been more or
less given over to marching In the same direction at
*the same temno in the spme' clothes SR squads of their
tellows have ftumnbled when faced with the need to
grasp the multiple combination punching of Com-
To the Communists there are no longer soldiers and
Communists are expected to fight as resolutely
towards their poal In uniform or out. In war or in
peace. Or in POW camp..
-o -
Another US general whose training anparentlv had
.not enabled him to grasp this eagential character of
his enemv was Brig. Gen. Frank Colson, who har-
gained with the Red prisoners in compound 76, Koje
Island, for Dodd's release.
Colson bargained reasonably solidly. according to
something which used to be called a military code of
But he was working to a set of rules stemming from
the days when field commanders met on horseback.
struck bargain. Pnd Ihe politicians never therd what
was going on till the message-pigeons arrived In the
Scnital maybe days later.
Unhappily Colson was in no such league. He was In
the same sramp at the Panmuninm truce talks. the
germ war iHe thpt Russia is shouting throughout the
land of Asia and Euroue. the war of ideas and wro-
]qNanda in which ever man In every town and village
everywhere is a combatant, whether he knows It or-
olson. by nromlisne it would not haoesn hi the
Pfture. admitted by "Implication that there had pre-
viously been h'ondshed and foroible screening of Red
pr'woners on Roie.
.'t pronwiandists. military and elvilian, round the
v'orld. made pronaurada "mince mwat ,what ,oleso
on his faraway is'ond bProid t olhliv ouraht o a. no
more than bargaining palaver of .e speca l signiftc-
S""oo Colmn 'probably barilry felhes to this day
what hit hhn.
omenean slnuld have teld .Iim earlier that the Cold
war. is hitkrieuPht With brains end tonRBue around
the world to much an with napalm and artillery in
S When itr was lborgtknS thbogh the baited wire
,t RtW he was not only m a deal for the releas
SofUDet but yening tmm nu fac f_ tI e .

.,cide wm of t.ef .pt W. ...
heeaw 7 *0am a VAwi
Niesvau"nme vS T MN.

2 wtd a with, bipl"We S I aiy one
down h ammunusMkW .b1 co in, .TatV es
started thretankie toauh o 3 j2
The i sue was the resWt oWf Western Oemi
a. step tat i*e Ms! ava beb a se p at PS
codta. .
great ywtab .4 06 4e ts

1 '^^S^'^figg *^M^ ^i Tr^* Infni

lat m were on the're-
ot seemR usually re-
M. fir owalI by top ser-
Maintbly doampetent enough
rtth a working knowledge of
a the time of Hannibal or

". -0 ,
t* A lt too ae polce beat. Only a 6

wme ftaAtwISP t asne sa th .O
a mOW
An Army private conteied that his accomiUlee in t s
a hPMleS bAr old-up wams h buddy from the same

41bA ," l t a .-and P t. Rober t
.-\. -..-:, ... g s_-
: ...."f .^r e, ...l-Sw +,

Their cnl adt "
c abn t

trets gave

presidential vots by
scheduled to bedgn on Oa i, at
supporters will be able t0o get a itttit4 0 Ii
charges of fraud, cberolic, armed 9t0v1tt8E and Iti--
midatton. .
A few clashes and uraids. .p .ti ee .w to,
ported in PanamA City, se s ..
one area, but no one w7as oher in

Coln. \
ThOne report published .t h

ever, tole of woman who ws a li 8fg
somewhat fiery elect! in a det Tort
Opposition candidate, ag ther .oe rnoter
BaEsuio Duff who Was for an Asembly rsft. old
reportedly were shablet at by government tte, but to the
no o f fraud, nju ered. ..Bt
t"on. ----, -

Today Pnamshesan an wre a n going to the 11s 4
to elect mayors and city councils. Like last n I a-
presidential elections, it mWght be 4 atr Tn'1
te re a~\a T-e ofc ally k o .. '

who lost some tt6e befre .Oct. 11
POne re pordt publishedelid ,to he oM ns -iiad

new legIslative ple I..s bound
The U.S. oll Otrike this week was o have
some effect on the local schedule of TA
Wopld Airways, which does a lot of a
the 'focumen anport, when wodm l
Ington lifting partial restrictions O teH blyE e f g'I-
line. ...1
TAA announced Friday ethat n Latinthe polls
flights would be canceled in order to reduce, s
line consumption. Five of these flights Were of
Tocumen. wia
But a change In the u cpply postlion r a
fuel yesterdt y brought the a nnou t be aM
nPA would continue operating its r agulat ,r..-
due from Tumhe local schedule.
A Panamys, Polwhic lieute a lont Was l4 il 't L
third tioume in aithree port, W hen t

Lt. Antono lifting par tial rest, wr i
door following hq aoe.W
flights woulved in be canceled in order to reduce iS

ncervfi to avoid hitting a si
' umentarly faced a hed-on. k
But a ch and finally soaepply potion t a
fuon thep avemen t of the tole anoet u
PAAe suffered continue op first erating idts eua *

dule gratuation from military ab t .
third tme In three ye ., ,
Lt. Antonio e atwreekf rezr.ars Zu a was tce'd- g .

swerveff to avod io a ty.
oAt eavems end t of the three umen*It to pro-

dae a sjo with"f sm latin ltie tmf '

Ah -_i weekfor Mr. 6a Mrs wafstopp lV

aama"Al a ge s....
AUpM week rs. a" "oped

c r& F* -i
baa. lh t 5ta
MakesintrnU utf
nkrdeSB". t *Bww *

wanl haws aII

- -
." 4-. ." *

Aa- orb ** 'lwf h ttia ae mtC I--WAr
,asnrt whleh tfe Rad~em smutasamem e gig V.Ar a N anle the pe s= mal amum. I
-lhp"tct have been alruaeftr. _wmW ortt U*S'fAA
Alteld ai't-Isthererwemw fioeus nmath bwwtufert =., ewrt"i
ca buRnd a Wt German force to match'- and per- Vay me in a wOrld eOss. makd mw t.

._ ,. .. .. .- '... J .; .

aM _,. .J
"--% sm-~

Sa '
1 '.


k '-

* r.
.. 1 7





COLON OFFTICt. '.4175 Ci", i ,
345 MADISON Ava r law Yom It, I. _
0 N1 YoCN ARw. %DVAN *


(From Canadi ty M tra
zine). And a. w to
Under what winter moon penyyte
were you wrought? AY
From what heart's cry
Were you wrung, HAfl
Tender of eye? (Froi, Poetry
On what far w April blown? The -e t t tt*agh the.
Your crown of loom i m ed gl
Wovei. by what half-r.eed Finds foreign space here the
On what -seasoned loom? plao was,
0 long ,an Adm rnn fl sinrs from th
O green and white and gold., o ed door
Out of what loving and so loved, Follow rn shred4 of ex=etd-
Hope self-sprung, or.
By the heart half told, Though the towel droops with
Out of what lght and laughter. 'ad sldalflcahQe
Living and longing, All else Isa goe; one aist review-
What shimmer of springs gone O n glan f,
bv One ma isplacingi Rnding of
Were you dreamed? the key,
Out of what heart'r cry? And the la2st teps .ch, &* d
MYRTLE ADAMS fade and e "
--- Then, wanderer, with a 1mh -
e iA V drld thlna to see to, .
PIONKI VALLEY m Soreso t waite 6 -
(From Yankee) ybur veto,
"'he countenance of this land, Or worse being made at ian
Loved for its beauty as a wo- -doam f IWYM
man is,So ekWL. I eftre ,,4
Wears an awareness of this
40"-.-. Mover utlWiWS, mw ea r
Part of its beauty, now, is this. cheese, this hout
To prowl at large around a,
Its people understand hardware store?
That tme green hill, the field, When yeo have purchased their,
the blue-dark wood super mo trench -- "
Wear something more t h a n You Wander s-til. and catch th
earth is fashioned of, late sun drcthe
Some human good. The brt-stalls, pavements
Something not land, not tree, iAll were Tnvisble' and sate ut
Something that they can near- pou
ly see, But In your mind's ear now re-
Something like love left here, if sounds the din
that could be. Of frienri p who've come to help Drw PMaS.. O.f
DAVID MORTON youb se ttlbe In, Dt. w -a a I .
--Aid your tos fumb a, s .
SCBAMWG On whet omeboy marked lStS
fat any wrf ter conference) I the batel we the
,Fronm The elolt Poetry Jour- glasses are. I f Wfsk i
Providinag the expected styled an bOtFS ve#"
answers OUR LADY OF LONLIAS have
And gladly running daily rout- Nuestra Semnora e la sie0I d -
Ine races, Gmasara Meitee p a
So dazzling, so exposed, our pub- (Prm the Winged Word. They
lie faces They were all stramt to, me, tudeoa in
Wear Mash extreme as those, those silent, Ibrd evft?
of Chinese dancers. Saints of carved atone raisedIn the
The maskic of poetry: heroic at- high aboe the ame. I,
titude-- O canl tflickerlng on each .
And under it a child, uncertain, altar-rnl.
rude; I turned away then all at and reach.
The mask of dogma: holy cer- once I camera 1 th
titud-- Before the Virgin, smillg sadly -lete
And under tt the quickened na- sweet, Wi theM ple
ted ditbt. Robed in black velvet. iat- ed e t.
Behind our masks we play the veled, with no q .w They saluld two
ue qastiln out. But her grave auty: humblyy Will raglla
We suffer childish rages, sweat t ber feet that th -e-
and weep, I tld my purple mirasules down. = o0 a0 to tal
And hate oselves before we g tender ay of i& SaS,@
-eabsMaest wintners to Is a ia
Look at these public faces, gen- Sintat tat hour, ever in any bu w ritse a a n
te .es. -.-- at I bear ..-... I re-I af
And tur r way before such The memory of your iWek, iua e. etah IL
crude disg e. I eyes that bles waW boer hier or b
Oh, we would a=t our eyes too;Wit strength slid peace, that lean way. o life Isa
if we could bid the spkrt wear 1 "lo. Tt YSmls y
And run asway, though mash ed.Its sotude llie tglor, and po- ftee
to private ljaies. I seas mreipu bell
For all we wish now Is to ask a'Thi ly soul In aerene andr b I wo
pardon patient" prayer. how i as

Herewith find BOUut tLo mnday Ot Pus- El i
sie No 424. pubitn ed toda. g

'-"' sr",w

r' r;y <.

2* *;-p

" f. s

h %Resew

es' k el th~t the Amts 1I
baeaseK^ the tlad at
es r not -" .: n ."
ue sthe .

r b s wa our or

a~nfrt. dtL


1',ICbIIfli Sq
I -


, .*




g4'1' A ,
;^9"- 'i

IMF- -
'- 'I. ?'**

,.: '* i ... .

os W

( .W .1 ... .i ..

T heq .lh yoere .bt reto- .,
lutlonat;: they not u.
SNyo, they were r etn

Them* woulde ti'e de-iit#
rives from l i l. t rahe f e fe .,
.. -desiable D ,u .,M the
homeland to '010 "t. wo '.

.. Yes, rom o rowd er
,Owpulated Neth lde rth lbt-
TIehane t ta young people
body, some 0 assengere wereo
S ei route to DowM n under to seek
ter e mg...t evel. a-
S. The stayed d ta what
th hy claimed ~ publd do. iOoas
. i .. e therm wold w the alerityd.
of their lives in the ew lMan- .
SThe ship we aw was the 88
ulddekreuls, of 763 tons and 489

ra.eable em
S Owned and operated by ,the
Suoyal Netherlands Qovernment,
. t was handled locally by C. B.

g enton and do.
S. An inspection aIndicate hat

4 these immigrants travelled n as-r
S tonlshin style. The pubtlcroom
^ were well-fitted, nd there as
t;.. A even a theater aboard. not to ..
.mention a barodnd a small-.goods
S-" tore.
SPnomde stateroom held t bamy
-~al o trl but most were *rf e tn
..' ..: ; t. t ve pers s. s ,. ;-, :
pA wsa~iboa whoae
e s e "- vats to ravble th eim

we'r'e we-e told, 9d th',s "as-
m' le to bnd p New ZEodhand with .BB
S.... Ottrable. desirable emigraent and "
edce the strain on the aot
1 ,0, l t,0eoe0 people crowded Into '
-. amanflolland.

S.-- ,utoh labo U offe t -o.i
.ppo0tlons for those. wM to

.. .- ...:B,- n p lisant Pi. de e a r -
-. hf e e r Au t goa, with

b Ua Nlw ris wtr u e tE 'r
.s.rabe. e astuehgm and

we..alpatn of le ilto
*any, thi. trip .o. Mew

;e. ...-; uple we ,board, who ae,-
e' to New Zealand.
.fr W.-"
-bus -then re:

"M ha. ti their b*
-"ei ranya, thwe trip to al
Z'blnd ohas matrimony as E'n
Cauf-- ,., -aboarId who bhom
41kand CeDa.ftit to enable them
..-e e 6 b to Ne tbe oland
.. 'n" aars terection an their

..A. ,l ah Sh n U e

li- 8,"Mp_,; m hirs looked lhke

-9M 4.M avor.l chm seves,-

.ntlmn off their eiM for ant .
was surp.tIsinw am d ..

r- A- *

ip -
N w--

.K1$cvStK. :K{';'
:^*'*^^* .^
-\ ,e' .


<* 4.


.. Force Do;.Pa tr

1.o spedCf.!
$ne vd tkudt.


* a^-

Pt t' *

* ~r2

* ..'
. .,;

.. ,.-- S.-. '-.. ; ,- ,; :. -.- -.. .., S : i ,t
.: .;t ".-, .- --_.

h .... -, -.. ,t

a l. ^ ',


44 1.- %-
^1 PU'. .i



.* --- ,... '






LW 2/66d

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