The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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Nalter Winchell

In New York

rW, Who recently announced she yould never mar
Set8 to beesme Mrs. Allan Chase this summer..
SCeete Helm, who got her marttal freedom
aw_ K n picked out...Lindl noDarne's current diver
actor io Cerv.. .TaallIah Bankhead and Bett
tarted Intime at the Ethel Merman party....Gov
and a WAVE stationedd at Washingrto) are on
Ft Ft mother Ia unhappy abotat her choice. A
B lU, T Hendersons J ttr Lynnm is toin love. He i
i l tr t aonsen...Pter LaUwfor and bhar-
11 an out-glstng each other ..O.t'be
i li it *sMeeRa hes I "The IpN" ; Tame,
w __K._S %bV k's dahttr Joane weds GOn. Patton'

wa" a

*rtoo divorce charges are strictly for the head-
S sides, as we recently reported, haven't the
fijdietery. Mrs. Reynolds (Marianne O'Brien) Il
e, she says, "to keep It Clean".. .Johnny Meyer'i
breta Thysen is fading. Coasters suspect he wll
triciea Lydon, whom he married twice...Don Sim.
ist, weds French socialite Marcelle Reynaud. niece
trench Premier, in June.. Borden Stevenson and
ov. of Illinois, are tiffing. The lads wants to mar.
citing from Harvard.. .A famous Dallas merchant
lie fight, slashed his opponent with a pen knife
th sides are trying to keep It out of the gasettes.

ige lis, the war corre Odent, is back from bef
to resume mn the HeraM tb. fer teevy show on the
Ms n rte Plasm, the Wet r et a l, ad her 'haus
Debam tot-tot the ea 1mo" ...J P We ,
.The Foed Co. en d ate t reW ae Norma -
!yWe. c fk
.tt. who led t U Sf Iist of in $Ig (14-3-1)
hours gold o ver 30; ... itnerofTo 1 Cletver
(MIamI) married Ray "lS...TIMonly
Welln savaged from the 1*yone ryam Ring,' wa
I.. They are Inseparable.. A'be polite arrested the
a current Broadway show for thlttlag coins from Hotel
Lone boxes!



'mWe Me lmsea an ewoe. tem to meede's of The Pauee Ane
~. eise *seseelved **eully and are handled Is a wholly see
m MSe aeqvbe bts don't be ImpeelN ti deMsat eppea Ith
* y &v UN's a4 ilished in the ude esseived,
9tMM in lis e Itsa lisn limited is -No poe. o lNh.
tueu M Ie wri e le held in steit seafldnes.
se"ape1 eMiumes me sm penmkilllt foer oeMetmem a. eplel
I s gle feom ,mseda..s-
-0 -
S.lived on Rio Orande Street in Pedro Miguel over 20 years
Sand it was even then affectionately slle6 "Incubator
0o0ltlons were much the sanme at tht time a e are
Smaybe a few lets radios, but at least as matny Wldrell
nt lubir a plUt a large as ortimeo t tofp ...
It wlH*oMy but we were all in the sm bot .aw~ -all
St M- interests in common; namely our tIona fAm
them Inside and quiet in front of a TV 4 or
K= an Iy idea of a "miraols."
id iliator Row" has always been, is now, and may it e0r
Street full of happy, running and fighting kids, baking
IM and screaming birds.
Mr. "Peae Loving Resident" is the misfit... ndt the other
I of the inhabitants.
Old Old Timer.

NMot' Ow residing in Balboa I did not know Tom was being
MW voluntarily.
Dtu the years I lived in Balboa I got to learn what a
t m ni was and what a wonderful worker and 4is fine
011IgUg ld disposition was something you seldom find in a
w a better than some of the doctors we have had. That
is no reflection on the doctors but the only why In
.1I ean express how good Tom was at his work.
ilt because the Balboa Dispensary has been closed is no
for retiring him when he is still strong and efficient.
.* must be lots of places in Gorgas Hospital where he
1 1 placed and a man of his calibre they should all be
each other to get him in their Department.
I can say Is that the powers that be who are respqn-
retiring Tom are blind and stupid and Ahould be fir-
Ihaving the ability to know and keep good employee
have them.
-don't eome any better than Tom, in fact, you very
them like him and Tne ranama Canal Company
to hold on to him.
oAnother Mother.

it probably only 9ne of many letters in answer to Mr.
i n's letter in Thursday's paper. However, I feel he
he paswered publicly as long as he wrote that way.
thefiMat place,. the majority of members are at a loss to
why any president and secretary of any club would
B[ ib-dnes of the magnitude of that Incurred by the
Club ,eumulate.
AHlusms$ me the reason the presilden. ..nd secretary were
4 t o'-"p rare of such matters for the members; that
.they Md office and represent members of a club.
B' a- .. -.. iL.e uo1uil I could do when I at-
aeentags; the officers of the elub conducted the busl-
w*htl I felt the club was getting too deep in debt I
nmW eeignation a1 I did not approve of that way of
members did just that, also, but we have re-
m of "the'at" )ust a regular, members did.
I1te9tU wm implied In that the letter said "A mtemher
f the b t suit may be rouht bye
,' fm aonlif ito thousiv
^- -* '**q M dieot 'x41 to my flebk ,
Of of 1r 1 elub W6 belong tO have the rfIt tO
e- tnct ef ea beg point ao m

_t_ WE not ae this way ft busi a.

eag-a r the dlB net eaisage -

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auutrnic work'.s.
Oc .Oe night of MaW ,tbe
Cpm electrifcal leade- =
5 alym, C .plan, as
end aIcraft engnme ad MI
- eulpm=at w
IU the aorthwest, almost
t.W the rt et the

Utate laf stbad ert 4w
tn ix ve e eits.

aM@ ftims SIui
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Labor News


Sy egor Amtde
unhappy moendt t6r the "smil-
ing-eat man in Washington"
early last *wk for he al6ne
knew he had emactly 10 days
to keep his chief, Harry Tru-
man, and the rdst of the na-
tion out Of some grueling
. A gentle, drawling, self-ef-
facing chap, who doesn't smoke
ordrink, but collects paper
. wel htain odd moments, found
. or drink, but collects aper
: weights in odd moments, ound
y revealing that within these 10
. days the country's general food
a supply might be out of reach
a of millions of Americans, cer-
s tain trains would be paralyzed,
- millions of trucks would stop
s rolling, private ears and public
" buses would be lmmobili ed -
I and. in fact. one of the world's
biggest cities, Detroit, sjready
was moving at A slow walk.
For this was S eeretary of
e of the Interior Oscar Chap-
man, quiet, unpublcileed
S and one of the few prsl-
1 dentilal cabinet members no
one would dream of inves-
e I igating. He was too busy
1 keeping the nation in coal,
- electric-power, oil and na-
tural gas fust about
pumping life-blood into this
land of ours.
And he had to pump It into
our defense machine, too.
But now he had "Ilabor
trouble" strikes. And early
Z last week he knew the nation
Shad only a 10-day supply of oil
Before It went back to the
horse and buggy.
After writing a personal note
to CIO Oil strike lead, 0. A.
r (Jack) Knight, Chapman and a
promise that oil would f1ow
into our war transport And
9 fighting machines.
I But he had no promise that
it would flow Int theb machines
Which turn out the nation's
food, for example.
He knew from his people In
the field What the rest of an
Irritated nation didn't as it 1
worried about queuing up at
filling stations-that the strike
was hitting the farmers hard. I
It had rained brutally this
r. season. The nation's farmers- a
. especially in the Missouri Basin I
-had not planted early.
I Now they were ready to
trundle out the big tractors andM
diesels to rip up the bread-
basket fields. But they had no
M ftel.
.( h. never looked up unt

the country from Detroit, \
where everyone was walking, to
the commercial Airlines, which T
in 10 days would have difficulty V
So ft was too with other
presidential aides. Quietly t
they were writing letters
to fndustrialists and union h
chiefs. One White House b
official had fust gotten off
one saying that any minute
nowt a huge war craft iart* &
plant was going on strike. d
Another prOvidential adviaS t
er beseeched companies and
union to avoid a tie-up is. t
vital armament fields.
Everywhere the White ODN 0
was reaping its policy of lbet
relations through crisis.
The union chiefs. such as tht
slim, wiry Orne Albert (S11
Knlobt, had no alternative.
Their men wanted, and were 1
getting, the new brand of labor
relations creation of cr'--e to ,
force government seiture of ti,
trvefitlon. .
KnPiht was typical. An es
dite, though salf-eduern rld
who not too long ago was
Ing considered by President
Truman as a possible Assistant
teeretary of State in charge of
1Mtin America, Knight is ba-
lieally a labor leader, not a dl-
plomat, not a government offi-
clal, hlthnuah he is an assistant
administrator of the Natlonal
Production Administration.
When the time came for bet-
tie with the oil companies, the
4-year-old Knight. who mav
some day be ureoldeat of 028(
took an unofficial leave of te
non-salaIled post and hasn't
been beck for seven weeks.
The thing to remember het
it that it il Mr Tuman'smm
fiends and political colleague j
who find now that White Bou5 .
poIcy has fareel on them .a
policy of criis.
It means the end of f1- 9
feIoted collective bae-
g ,abl. For example, swfth
the oil mand steel crises Is -
the ir, the gotomrnant I
faces another desperate
threat to war production M
the nep few days pd-
hIeb of o.Geterl Sleetri U
f eorles moft 9


the power t* not ofl _M

IUQ AUdr~eimtn !

Slft, 4 hob Wllhoutt
* modt keeping as t
teyo.-th w ianolpasion
t doubt, a tar..h tual legality .
I of huntred of mIllions ofan
PremidentUJ poWer to 11 51A

w%. J.

Just as sure as you are sitting there, they
will take It away from uis soon, and every po-
tential house*lft WIU % Clare Boothe LWea
or a Margaret 8mlth.
You wifl mutter tender talk into the ear of
your beloved and she will answer with: "bah,
that's all very fine, but whtre do6 Ftt e an oft
the fPCV'"
The female influence on the omint elec
tons Is stre to be Mtl h9 S-
cause you know how eW%' w iwe.n
he, ea to something.
1aon-t know who wi ,t tbut
I knW tISe: the dames Jfl3., K'
pod to go out to theo a
6 <,60. or ttkyive
mIr u .tqp Mpel. -1,. ."
, Tn th t rather fleeh omp on onthe
whole olteal cture.
The IadiM Wan what thea 1 are I do ot veen
Bwis to eo'twiepfte 0at ft wil :Ona to eet
a men or W to orie to the lftrt.
Maybe t ll go for a t l of it,
on the cand te's hela k. 's euite
will get him In, or a b U_ 11 complex
will make capial or Mr. ft's t ate.
on that premise Wt would be a
esuch today.
We are dead sure, evet te o v f in t fr
a female eatdidate for tbWt W of t
land, And Icalt expert that M. e(4W.
'Per this i for sure: nb inant Will1
Over b9 el6ted. The etty SIrd ratch
out her personality and hot m t seum
tp.ballot time.
On the lane the other S&o taml
Sth1 t wardess, a venrS nUMlUlse re,
d hen I got off M you
this summer."
Tttnice," seizi. "Now e6rI
"Z am one of the Repiblieafnam i teshe
dq~ptIln." said sh,.
9 t ofom orrbw tilt
P iIt now/ s later.

Behind The Korean Crisis .

IV By and WtOmjttt Alsop
."*- .

20N. Behind the ntew rtliss t emanated from the Cesmaultt 11G I4MIBt-
=ir is a tragi-comic story. _. Mr confidence in the 0inM _.
meoths of hopeless heckli l., we !.did uv 1 f "
w u last convinced a4 S confidence.
the Communists Inuftne Ii the Commuis s
s -*d tbe fr hting in Korea. prisoners w
u t Ing disagreement q 0..
l"e ied, and then thej ust about e0da them t.I
In our hands 1n effet -IWM d 1 dis yto._o em
by an overwhelmIn VOagmain b
t or so ago whether eat pya-m sr Wu m*hsrmeg
there were only thri a
enda. These wn t ie M rity of the lohM e-
of the armistice the eo et e-quarters of the
Mi lelds in North Kor3a a2d i- b a s, chose to stay !.
B rg* t ztMtatean where face-ia n
-0h8iadW realism, our Ml M ton whger po faible. ,-,
that it did not matter m i t M t 6 retgn aspect of th
or the Soviet Union superVla tA t- vea cly. a eleproof
on te Communist side. to IOg the Korean
also concluded that It did not M I M Were not they ab
whether the Communists h A10 o Willing to end the _g
no more North Korean al oMrf at enormous le s
whd cheat If they could e WM MI Se a wrlla to do so At l.
S "e than 100,000 a men *,
t decided to offer th a filt tfl which is .
3e & dnt Truma n, e m amount to. mtUa
I tmaing te comunw M aquettonably
N'l nataation of auselaa s o to
'tjim =v'et MatAd to tamt

***Com A-M

ty was left thind. .- .' .,- .
the Rwreat Court voted to, -. .
a"somathe' thejap" ,
their mnods wmhen t d toMe..
~ is why grIsd wm I.WW
my. remarked at a tet meetlt -m
It's the tSuprem CmA :o. .
it's the PrIdent's job teo save Mi ."

A' I

- *vai t1


NM so a


- .~,.... = t.-. -,- .

9 MI
,a .P"

_ _


T. .. ".'


HOUSTON, Texas. One of the things the
politicos had better realise In a hurry Is that
his is no ordinary election year, nor is it an
electionn year remotely comparable to any other
hat I can recall.
Politics suddenly have become very fashion-
able, especially among the ladles out this way,
nd if Texas is eay mirror of the land, there
wiUl be a record vote this fall to surpass all
record votes.
You know, of course, that we are very style-
conscious in America, and if you set a cute lit-
le old trend everybody lea after it.
You know about fa and fashion, about yo-
yos and handles and the usit ga0 6Sown and
routd. This year -s. p este A "
Madame cons ie e ue she is so
oMHeal7y aware tat ou oat sc'ta It ttmuh
I Am so sick of makingparty talk aot fBob
raft and Dwight- DAvid Jisnhower Un Brother
Cefauver that I hope they all lose.
My new answer for "What do you thRink t
he Presidential prospect?" ti simply "'No t."
In the precinct conventions in TeKas t
.as been pandemonium. These
en going on for years, and if five
oelitiei showed up it was regarded .
ul. Now they are attended by the theYd
and people push people down hills, and .tlHe -
ies scratch and bite, and brother asaeu te a
An Elsenhower button can buy you a bel I .
he eye from your best friend if he is till h -
og out for Mr. Taft or Mr. KlCftter
IUlilsh boy, Dick Russell.
I always thought that most people wei oilr
polltlcs, but It's Suddenly caught an ae -
mes who don't know a cauub from a I-
lumsdmum corner you at the cocitil. ota tii
set you over the head with expert pl.
1 i much afraid of this distaff inMtM
SUse political geen@e.
M4000- -.%mmb 1

In The Ring


baen the Blue

117=1 0t

i: -V,- *



L- ..-. .- ,


* "
ety ol lt.t
Si 'i


ms A1l

I a
'*.. .';'

4^. f

4,, 5

SW araeJ tCf,.
t. Mary Jo aon-
opitates: M-. Mairy

- wman.iw .oAr; Mrs. Katherine brteTf r nwn nu M fn", p""

4 C h ft 'tot oi it e rale c h edud hog
wo"a aud .."to fail and
I.. po abbt. D jot ye.tho ttW le mini. t-'.nt ral thtidn Wa '
IY dN It'r SI .... t....u!es assst.S Ite pt

S.. 'ydia Patriek. who i Tto prIotoect theii o ff S rm
r etn tof a' f re&k t hut e unto glte try a "sd pt .. 'tapi1
V7100h. = at Ufto *i thse a0?? t is
ta tIonofolc m b coaductre mda de e the
S. p rthd Wpth Y Of tcthe ,rr g" e
SEi. _at ... su _, crps. -Were k to makelwer .bbi itt whIoh 1tifhfm an b. pingtolot

|ts wr. sit. b P01Wf t 1r Van td2.; A e 3ni mma 7ms gove6nment opera- lead c tr
srenai d a. L- ,-t j m a, S s w m ne" l I on the in>" man i B .a-i ti -u.

A t144 ifd 973 rtM'~'xM lw %a tisutrl went a s..,s
|rteo f Bthe. WOk-pin ioadci-t.ft at WIPesor .gI P 14Z a a 3 t.
. .."t-..... ... --W- te .. ..l w.o ke Ih Ib e rin.nopexra- lead u j" .in

itsit a t A ri lA l #a t I i% --"d i

IId a.dui jef vjA01 b41e'f o wod tetente- Mn
-m-m A, .qlaT u l i p O P/ o w i thIi n a.w e n tS ',

.,j.H- .w rn tr a t rk -

fi -w fgVt ad nr&ti n a a of t gmad r mey -.

To Isli $Oslo$ s rew ma pa e I
kft ^E" I''"' 'o, Mttl the Cor --OfK oo ttohettn a. o Ba

I EMO '. bred ro .
r-.." .w' ho ha tg p' hat to e ad.,wa '.
Pie .&pI hAe 2R$W\-atlearnt wateA t_. l :
t' i.h'. "., Mtmt ag 4a .. lao .uit.vo e bthl h.
Adabeeean o d tnthato th grnuplateo.

tean oudald ta3e 'uraen baTlWdd.-t Wd _
to AV s. tren he ath oely n 21 tr
tO ..4Op 6aar ReporiaOnei
of3n d. b tof o tomorrow t the ,

-.- ) ",. m tma n f' I A naet every alUe-bld Motana, her fora l .
S. ;." -. .. /" 111-.- -.,- :.-.' ,,,,,,,," ... .. ed ont'In k hb Ca "areb M S she had llved .h ,,.

w An .-r -- i f. _V" 1' d.n 1 -M .--.
i Bon da d + r3 .- ,. bee.... k t no. o. ..
lo w,- ...........-- -- "- -*. .J;.q. "h nd p. d o f i

vatd -tm, _s .o nL
Vn -4 uftrs 04 hOUus u .al e ror.sey '

d .41 6 A fw ider a 1 t '1:30in the Pafic Club-
." -..- th. ie me ng

S' for the ap

beld .hia eluberhipl.


... 0 r.r-ed
SS Vo-l, .ebi .. I.. -,..: ."..d- .- tmn
anof n rt----
,. .. ,?;- ..+-,+- .-' ,-LI+ ,: ,. .. _: --"t.h.e _q_-_ ___ .

a r. & F

a' u" .h
R,..L+ .

+ .:

Pm Imprv dW*ORUM In Chicago nemm .
, ,- TIMt M oppose Htold
oef".6 as *or Want virlm1!
I !Ijl ivMMuloA vote8 tnom w, on
6 t a field of four, hten '
flE W O a. arl Warren of Gas-
tb the Oregon pru "
tl~esfl.:tM!!^l~jT here Ire 1 eontmia
r Sto_ WnM of NefWaver, 3 Q
* covena u of Imlot
4n thizosl t:t,, Jutie WBMWi4
t at re entered In
J~fftniDammtooratic nng --'^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

sy .-ow' n12 convention "o A ..*
" *:', of 40 other GOP debi
ep'tm | at stake th.o weekt __I_ _
I jug=a~ o...t blim eanventftt ^ ^**^1
" wnfMiwa. W- a"
to usconvictbwI
1'. -,'_ .J(pO ~ l eo v t ti B IdB UA -- A *'
...a.North Dakota, Va- s M L
ae '.": Mnd DriW 1 .Se en.+ ,dd
Iwiol mcs convtenMeMO UBLf2n
at W IWiai IQ, MY Prot"

.-.+ h:,, .t. M ^iT M w i~m .' _11 "i'ii
):. .,cah i.ds\;"

r i '9 "' "r ; I "- '"- "I J"-1-"
;W a. ---- I q ^ v ^
W 'A SO. ..... ........; .^ .,j i tf ^ |& ^






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0 pein wigptiwiey!

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Dewey laid BiMhe. a.4 cope with the in- o
d; of the world asmI and kn ets a f
h' re the bodies are b~ the Pentagen taAj 1 t."- ,d
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about A-h, Em a S et 'An
-,ld o,.. ed toa
Wwh^V jitin .th w* th~is week to hopes. f In-
n -w tie their delegate strf
Is .Drv uYD unInewt
uhat ---
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OD NT D .- ,. I t-
.. ...,- l... T 4 ...l. .

Cargo and Freight-Ships and Planes- Arrivals ad

~V7' '~

r~'~q~ 7~'

ISipping & AirLine News FF'o
0-- | HORUONTAL 52 Outmod
S1.4 adlo'is "Our53 Conduc
8. 'United States of San Felipe: beautiful colonial B r
#eW Sold To architecture and buildings over 9 Art (Lt in)
.J States Lines 400 years old still in use. are 12 Rae CIekC bveh
WASHINGTON. May 12 UP parts of the Chamber of Com- 1ireur Travell
'j. secretaryy of Commerce Charles merce tour. 1isabtb Exceses
wer disclosed today that ne The schedule includes shop- 14 t olar ov
plmn to go ahead with the sale ping on Saturday. a visit to the o14lEncount e earcP
of e superliner S S United outer walled city and the central 15 Wingik part 4 Pwter
b ta to the United Stater public market; dancing in the l16SulY 'Tlhland
Lt u, despite objections by evening at the Hotel El Caribe 17DBefor' 5 Domain
Comptroller General Lindsay On Sunday. there Is to be swim- 18 vftetths 6a WIpes
h rten. h ming at the hotel's beach club o0 Southern 7Domesti
S .e liner, the largest ever and a tour of the city and envir- enldul 86 Seine
b' inffTn this country. is scheduled ons in the afternoon 21 JusUHcation 9 Absence
to Igin trial runs this week. Chartered planes leave Tocu- 22 Respecta itbsa
If she passes the test. the gov- men airport 8 a.m. Saturday. 24 Se has many 10Peruse a
Sernmentwill buy her and re-sell May 31: return to Tocumen 7 a on her II PIlfer
her-to the United States Lines at p.m Sunday. June 1 All expens-: radio program Colonize
a l.wer price. es are $45.00 25 Pauses 21 Ironse
S he vessel cost $70,330,000 For reservations and further 26 Mountain
build The steamship firm will information phone Fred Busch. nymphs I
iet der for $28h087.216. tour director Balboa 4394 or Co- 27 African a
I ion Chamber of Commerce. Colon 30 Abates
SCol* Chamber of Commerce 1436. C 31oo ne'
SToAtSc ed For May 1 i ... 34 Pertaining to
An all expense tour to Car- KUITH MILLEI Saystiu**
tagena. Colombia's ancient once, I1 3V at
labb tualy wealthy city. defend-: 3 Run
er f the Spanish main was an- A Saturday Evening Post ar- 42 Unc le.T I
nounced today. tile. -How to Get to Be Boss. 4" Uncle Tom's
I- qThe subterranean tunnels of has the following comment about' Mfri d tltu
. Its fortifications; the engineer- a certain type of eager beaver: -
SIn achievement of the fortress "S ome put too much faith in 43 Perches
Sthe virtue of hard work They get 44 R oaI n on
to work early, eat at their desks, mow
I Mu. U U au l work over-time, carry fat brief 45Cubic meter
W IP rit u U cases and complain. 'No one ap- 47 Trdeeman
preclate.s how hard I work!' But 48AlwaI
S .-..... J I A what they accomplish doesn't 4(contr.)
seem to amount to much.4.
f [ncovereW Al feeke w seem t A i
Junior executive has to learn to0 Her actions
Smeasuie his worth not by his ef-
BANOOR, Me.. May 12 fort but by the results he ob-.' mai
Inviatigators pressed their hunt tains.' a come nature
todav for the slayer of a 23-year- That criticism is just as true 51 Doctor of oly
-old 11angor gasoline station at- of a certain type of housewife Scriptur (ab.)
tendant In the second Mai n e as of a certain type of junior'
murder -to come to light this executive.
Weekend. She Is the housewife who takes
Richard Welch was found shot pride In how hard she works. In-
to death with two bullets in his stead of figuring out short-cuts
heat last night in the station on and organizing her work so as to
the outskirts of Bangor. His body be able to get it done as quickly
]sy sprawled behind a counter and easily as possible she seems
beneath an emptied cash drawer, to think that if she is busy every A. FLY to ne
Police could find no witnesses minute, slaving away for her
It the holdup-slaying though a family., he Is a superior sort of
gasolinee station across the street housewife.
*Was open at the time. Lest others will fall to notice I
how hard she works she usually
Meanwhile, authorities were does a lot of t:,Iking about it. |
,attempting to learn the identityAnd then usually to her corn-
of1 a woman whose badly decom-;Plete surprise she discovers that
Iosed ody was found in denserher family doesn't show any ap-
'Wod on an abandoned logingpreclation at all for how hardT MIAMI
road near Freenort yesterday .h works. They ust take t for. TO IAMI
Investigators believed the worn. granted. VIA CO
an, about 35-years-old. had been 4 COMPLISHMIENT VIACOS
dead from a month to six weeks RDSTICK FOR WORK
She was wearinE an expensivep Her' n take is in a.,nimlng Enjoy af
A.bwnnice rv r nodin st t It tis i ,r sh works, an t e more ft
'dionodl ring on hr i-.hat is important not how l" /
Much she accomplishes.
autopsy was ordered but What she needs to do is to re- Only S
VUu results were not expected to organize her thinking and ask
'in made known before tomorrow. herself a fqw questions. [ S
However, police believed the One. Have I simplified my daily '(
.rWoman had been slain and her routine as much as possible, cut-
body thrown into the woods .by tlng out unnecessary Jobs en-
the bIurderer. tirely and figuring out quick and
e ,wav oIdAo te others? VIA
TtW OUT FOXR VOWB Two. Do get a s m lseat satine-
tiop out o being able to com-
S0T1V HAVEN. Mich.. (UP)- plain at night that a 1hexhaust-
The chamber of commerce Is of- ed?
.We t. a ronze plague to the Three. Am I mailing s *honest
MIeaBz town that casts the effort to get other members of
mo=% FotL ver capital in the Nov- the family to take some respon-
m preidental election. "We sibUlty for the daily routine? MA Di
=a0ywn It ourselves." said the Four. Wouldn't It be better to AM A wIS
ehbalrl secretary. Dick Gram. take pride in how easily I can
"In he senatorial election two manage than to take pride in Tel 2-1655
-"am ago 80 percent of South how hard I slave to make my Panama
aY voters east ballots. We're family comfortable?
wZiR to lose If we can stir up (Al rights reserved, NEA Or see vy
Othop voters in the state." Service, Inc.) '

CAL .,
Ig bag
s of

d 28afRtw
24 (Mr.)
c slave 20Cbewm
of the 28 Worm
20 One key odly
new (ab.)
31 Went by
rs 32Rougme from

-p- :-


ar -by COSTA RKA

(S 25. one way}
15. round trip (90 days)


day tbime flIng
or -your travel dollars
S83. one way
50.75 round trip)





I a




Ancon Bus-stop.
fIw travel agent

1 .'

WELKIN, Planteer
Smmm m~r,

1 *'




'~e Oboojory

vic Law

BT ta AB

otL51A'S FrOP

The Plumber's Frienfl


A .Ono .. .... m U Toou a iw OwUB W
-__ L*. a J,,pnj i,




1 a

Big Sta "

el A"

-. ~ Vii ~, WAUIA

Rubber Legs

At Last?! i "fP



.'/~ I.A~


Tubbe on the Spot

* -T -f- .** .
^^a& A~d-J^ ^"^- 1*E- ~

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iotomw 'n
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,->! "W l l Oll!
Tire .^MA iata. j<-^

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_ ;-< t> *.

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alnd 100

MSf% ?lra a tteInM-weM 1161"1madi. H~r~t thO.
i, ., .' : .. O^ ^.lttit~tn
7are re-
Ch on tah
: '. .... ter. TS te .

M.M a oon ,n IaI na W"th .

hom antov To o -ol"ved
commnd r aUn PArh(, .. .. 'ert uld will be d; 4ia Hith e
o o Ar at i* *rAmetican Woman's oWere ,O t

Se mw M. Cristobal
Fre u vIe" "i g h l el t t

,hlet T .e t Ah t i n Oedrtdt stu .. ar 0, i .<
.aSld M. s ..ttora$.. ant t. pert

Morn ftfe te6 Br -- foct
ohmof the o f the Too"t
'A r NAO %v"t bald At* to j ME as e PrO thef. ln *ciw n

hyl Statoipeat b aa lo ttead raa be received I
momtg coUtf pariy too .The study a C ari be*l no1
oM f Th.. r t ,o 6 f %. ..tal
t a in, d&i

and iUrys^ -' V D. =A=fie
.o m. s.i
L l ,s '; s .Late.Ito, -

of ~ of e U.6offleersoMr41 fi v" ift b f ohi
6Ad Ana h pewsa f.# tDriv Za~t lub willClow leit T7
Mrs.h tRollin Mines, ot At Ro vi"ea t a Pr
"d~n 1. -60hoft.eta10.htheroft-r
t i-aslfl dtao 0 i tt' *" e .M IdangA0% f,. O

t an d f p 6 at 8:1 l-HaUeof Ir (VOA) TO
i nd, "< A" ( A Mo rn

Uv reea andamt. .clanlRadio "trsiamst
L60 a 8lmdt a atr a yon :0 ur ..te.l Friend "

whteh CaptinMS Bon Ataigrat 6^S th I~tt* HaM~aIll (VOA)
lke a S ot and 11 M aia ;
^^ ifiL f ~ S Afe-r3S rc, lnd ilU...flfc [ -,-,.v w, tee

.w1ich hi -b in-..." / W.9.i .... T,' .'.I
lorrests r "' '* n f' i""
Roy^ :g 8:o '~ ion AlNrm teek ^
Chpe e ft of -h- --. m o .teb : e ~ ti(oL -

masmsot -of Qs l salon
Ma MO%% .U. CK 30
tk A4

irr seam ft .1 6,-oa .s- s s rtPro.ram
be j. o w i .on ..'Wifm to- .e:AOI IM A r O

young r-o included RUya l oo* aer m ti at Cf fo "rof* 100-eW S
auth, Mrsi.S1'^^ Faras^E AO050 the Record g
ftth Tola.W v IKB r,, _nna. _~ Ato to. I llo0wwi

I assa, An e: a .* d "_ apok. lS. Qf.the Record IB
ate .ebi ir the Bandh
^^S~tesiBSS af^ ..L?15""* -ont as:oo-x*"w An
ItertalaWS a 6 = 11t -.-. :0:5-alofa Mufic (A ) I
I Cf :,. Itul* a] nd _;l41: op ar .- .l Muen S

which.. "s -aV for D A
I 1414 jtl ,&r ~- 60- o 2t- I k '

I __ r,*T '* **iij *' II ^S a I~ .d .' _

If of .o ,in i *,b ... v i. Y ou i. ad
who Is IM i11IiS ):eB *a y. iw
dre q r"h"a

it 800 0 ont Mall
Forresto 4PlnrheAar. 0

RI .lA Iar 4 W l T 1on

I:1-/.o s ar( ( ) -
I't Pn Am bm's^^^^^ ^ &14 100-W-.ASST Bthe Reor
I aG Ana 1 :I iL isfedo1:0l-..,f the Record

I/l :--U4 eo m e and 'A 'll
-Ox" 2:0-Nws Ar

Ann 3, 1 at M

*mt fellow inM anne the Ile tumieotsftn aI.
do betachMa heas The 7448th Ui bfTta Its per-
ag Mus me MbMto ta1eb- ty of the edwey and
4w at "WRAP
? $'- t-ft of 1wwl "gidge-tat^-yAd fls prtl.tolar part of th.

18w a cde1-#GTI
-*B a j H- gHBlBafla iB^H n BZ-H mHuB8i-H-PB~ j--
cOO~trw. tefte the temt JIM! of Silam
ths,~ UWAC Do=~fae of the Womenri AMnY CorW and
at GIR W daytc 'iIQt remember, wftt iprtd thear own
UM~a fI itit xitjtrto~r~r N1- )lvft~uvc put, ON W.

O (anamna Canal CM=44w'mi v


IT up an

BN> "I'

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ic me*t

wamen t t
n1fa fn1 ~

tits "lfiSector of
Ie. n a flar re-M
SI Warrant
|f |.- At t the Pa-

-qii htjobireqlur-
mild smurity .&of
N "pdUOabsi UuA
*7 tob which AoMe
Sh detachment
s eode mesages


--F ..-
so sm... wiAT~pC~n~oL

C E 0 '-9AA .11 ,, L A
wSES ..w ... e .

l l AI l


ad a haHi
aphic ex-
id her t

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Ira of U Womenm
to In G*0al zone
haned t r their as-
W Amy Sollnum la

para to r badeT-he
,dDC M Anip@*
as hsemesflat

S 40d fWAC per
Now m evd ta
Wovlta Leafue and

Ladenent ane found
Kre-a~n. Wood-
k=acl p od poo
wa Wn anand. Ma

imus Arkh
I med by WAC pot-
ivW Bam *M-Mft~
at- passm we

M"am ih. A tl

AIle* a__mN I l Il *

low' at,


. o "" .'r .' -' :


oHn-GiM di

WIDB*MHD AND HAP f eti t the 744th A&
(WAC) Peohment Wrftve at *l IJ^ 9 36 month
tour ofM duty here. They af t .tL. ); P vto .Ms
ClIa AMan Morrell, Prmvate Conner, cor-
poral Lus Chavez and Privi af t Joneos. cap-
tain BIde J. Chapman, ..M lnde, greeted te
m a* as B ,' (U.-.ArAmyphoto)

ps YOU ma in

ad: *I 3I
5 .1b^ eJ^ H^

THIIM 1.3 1e GT TB St.. f s

,-^ ^^ ^*^m ^^"' '3^ ^ ^^ 4w ,^!

~m wlWitems Jtae~


-. r f .-
', .

'. -.^ -..
V.] tT

nwuP4n~ --

You SG 'em... WhenYou Tell 'em thru P.A. C

I cave your Ad with one of our Agents or our Offices ii, N;. 57 -' "H Streel -sntema
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Colon



SalIn de Belleza Americano
#55 West 12th Street

Carlton Drug Ste*e
10.059 Mdettsdf Ave,.-Pb bl Oola 6

Agendcia Internacional de Publicaciones Propagandt, S.A.
#3 Lottery Plaza Phone 234199 "H" Street cormerd btt it t.
Phones 2-M14 and )4aW6

Minimqm for 12 words.
Sc. each additional word.

I -__,,__.... ..- *-,-i*t II '

Writ Albohoelics Aflonymous. Box Pimps.
H o,,i l,, ,,i u od A u .to un l.l..-D- hw v a. drinking problem?.. P R O F E S IO N A L s
FOR SALE --Completeribaomboo set. Service Personnel and Civilian 2031 -- Aen, C. Z. Clare. Be W T
perfect condition Cc-co del Mar, Government Employes panama *1 WE TOLD YOU SOI
6th Ave No. 8. Tel. 3-4398 Insist on TRAVEl. OPPORTUNITY. Enjoy And now
Government Employes Finanre Co. your vacation In cool Costa Rica.
Position Offered When you naonce your new Fly LACSA, PAA affiliare, only Gramlih's Santa Clara beach- READERS DIGEST
oSI 1 e or used car. $55 00 round trip. Inquire Pan. cottages. Electric Ice. boxes, gas tells you what a wonderful
WANTED Experienced eiecu..,e AGENCY DEHLINGER ama Dispatch, Tel. 2-1655. across stoves, moidraft rates. Telephone Insecticide CHLORDANE is
secrelar. English and Span.h cor- No. 43 Automobile Row from Ancon bus-stop. 6-441 or 4-567.
respondence. References requ-red Phone 3-4984 3-4985 fO AL In the April issue.
Apply between 0 to -4 33 0 The biggest used car sale in the r JS L Foster's furnished cottages, half mile (It's the Killer In Real Kill)
m. Agencos Goal Juro history of Panama. All makes, all Mieelln ius beyond Sdntoa Claro.'Gos refriger- Buy it in the agricultural
semeno Avenue No '3-A. Tel. 3- i models, all prices. a ltrs, ranges. Special rates week- grade for your farm
4934 or 3-4935, Panama. SMOOT & PAREDES FOR SALE---One Rattan i.,.ngroom ly or monthly, private road to or garden
- W ANTED Your Buick. Chevrolet Dealer suite, one bed room suite. 7 cu ft. beach. Fqri Information visit Dag- or garden.
WANTED ---- refrigerator, 41 motoor. Pontac. mar, Tivoli Avenue No. 6, or phone GEO. F. NOVEY, INC.
1 o For selling or bus,ng, your next auto good condition. Son Franc,sco 13th Panama 2-0170. 279 Central Ave Tel.3-0140
MiselaneOis see: Agencias Cosmos. on Auto- St. House 17. ECONOMICAL., HALTHFUL three .
AMEPRICAN Couple %.,hes to rent mobile Row 29. We also sell FOR SALE--Spinet. built for rop,cs. months vacation for for holiday
unfurnished apartment or house GUARANTEED Used Tres and Excellent tone. Less thor ,sear old. and entertihlrnl). Our completely
vcnts Cangrelo or Campo. Ale-' lTbes. Tel: Panama 2--1"21, Sa- Call Cristobal 3-1944. furnisheocean view Santa Clara LUX CAM
gre Phone 3-03. i -turdas, open all d-a. FOR SALE-Soltre ferzer Cam,- beach ho: 3 bedrooms, 2 bth-ldren' toAN
WANTED BY AMERICAN FAMILY The biggest used car sale in the lo Porras, Calle C. R. Codes. Tele- p rou, wimi po, hres VENEoTAN ,phot
unft.,r.ished house. 3 .:.r 4 bed. history of Panama. All makes, all phone 2-3097. Panama.. Very reasonable. During our ab- V|
roar r. preferably w;h spacious models, oal prices. BLINlD
garden. frbly Seibert. American SMOOT & PARED-S FOR SALE:-Cine-Kodok Eight Mo- sence In the States. Phone SHRAP-
garden. iv n Sb-00Your Buick, Chevrolet Dealer del 25 pre war .price. Phone 2- NEL, Balboe 2820. Immediate
Embasv 3-0010 1505, house 623 Ancon Boule- Delvery.
Priately owned Ford PICK-UP. new-yard FOR RENT
tires and so forth. 1750. Phone FOR SALE:- ] Conn irumprr. 3 F R2 R. Tth t .
Balboa 2820 or npect at hose 25 H. P. motors. Cushman motor #22 E. 29th A
I" 150, one oy street to Quarry scooter. Phone 2-4392. A ... 3. hA t
Heights FOR SALE:-Natve midget horse, At: PANAMA BROKERS, INC.
The biggest used car sale in the new saddle. Trained to rde n 4- ALNAMrA APAuTMNTi ANAMA BROKERS, INC.
history of Panama. All makes, all door Sedan Phone 3-1958, Mar- Modern furnish d aunfurnlshedopart-. Selling: victim
Models, prices, gart 8132-C. t off 061, t0th Se4New Fuerza y Lus (preferred) last T
.Y SMOOT & PAREDES FOR SALE:-Pockard Sedon 1937. Cristobal. tvC 136 CLFuerza v Luz (common) pot, y
,.. Your Buick. Chevrolet Dealer ires almost new, runs good. $125. Panama Trust Co. 50 per
*, ** |00. Also have 25 cycle refrger- FOR RENT-Furnished modern apart- Buying: by a
FOR SALE:-1942 Packard 4 door ator $7 5 and typewriter $15. ment, In Bella Vista, for respect- Aceite[UrracaandBrewery tion to
able ioupte Rented for' three Tel. 3-4119 3-1600:
6 cylinders, like new. Owner leas- House 41-B Goatun or call 5-565 able months, from June 15 on. All mr three Tel. 3-4719 -l Ordn
nng Tel. 2-1636 Panama. FOR SALE-2 pedigreed Daschund household den hous conveniences. Rea- of Arm:
FOR SALE-1949 Buick Super Conv. pups. male and female. Phone 3- sonable price. Call Mrs. Monzon MODERN FURNITURE Center
SL) Lightgray, red leather upholstery. 4850. Tel. 3-0765 or 2-3438, Panama. CUsroM MLMl "But
white side walls new. 18.565 miles. suie r-ReIlte
This car is like new. Priced low for I 811pcover Reapholate a su
quick sale. NITrr OUR nOW.aRoo plane
SMOOTf & PAREDES 1o lsmf hits tha
t f. dm t~u~ rr "Jk dlm~tl41m t .. -@ 1

w) es or iving rough it wui De en- o ne r nd .
rTHeBL a-da*s -- I"m .mt re.S. hanced in exact proportions to Every hId tWl B l the
Sthe good healthy blood you have Walking B
in your veins. And it is entirely out a free ltn ile
possible that part of it will be the himself, according to
4'DR. B. L STONE blood someone else has donated er Bennett. That to
C"" .'l"metor to save your life." what it means to
Operation Jackpot, Col. Klhtl to have their own
STONE CLINIC said, gave a true picture of what fl.i
'would happen when an actual anI
Sth StL & uto Areoemena attack came. And 50 per oeto credited to
Ave. Coln Tel. 457 the injured people within thefe- Walking eood Bank
vastated area, here, would owe Men at' iytU ttV- wt*a
their lives to available blood pledge cards faotthePUk
tWl f TS B,,i *.., L A transfusions. Or 50 per cent guests of honor at a Deono't-
e rr Tn ortgeS UlX1r, *, A. would be doomed to die after the nival at the Amr e -ta
Shipping, moving, storage. attack 'was all over because stf- Club in Forte AmadOr
Sg, moving, torag ficient quantities of blood were Pledge Cards also will a
./ ." We pack and crate or move not immediately available, bearers to the post that evening.

bers of an anti-Communist un-
derground group In East Ger-
many's Communist FDGB trade
union advocate passive resist-
ance to the Reds with stickers
bearing drawings of snails, and
emptioned with slogans urging a
slow-down to a snail's pace.
Captions read, above, "With as
much meat as a snail has, Ul-
bricht feeds his proleiarians."
Pnd below: "A snail on each wall
r es Grotewohl a hard time."

FOR SALE: 1952 Singer Sport
Roadster, just breaking it in, must
sell. Call 4-339 4 7 p. m
FOR SALE:-1949 Packard Sedan.
radio, white well tires, leather up-
holstery, 12,000 miles. This car
is like new.

FOR SALE:-1947 Chevrolet 4 door.
perfect condition. Will accept
trade for another. No. 27 East
46th Street Apt. 12.

FOR SALE:-1951 Morris Convert-
ible. A real bargain at $845.00.

FOR SALE -1950 Buick Super Ri-
viera. R/H Dynaflow, 4 US Royal
Masters. Call 86-3145. See at 62-
B'. Albrook.

I If

Ii .'..
j; "*K4{4


* -. "

t, 5 .. -h -.r .
IeRa u PII S q-AI I mAI I f Ala---,U- *11 a Hl &i

-IEA ITELLO ITALL ITAL.--p''nr YPIre yo-n eTP.- r-
n Monument mow comes in the convenient portable ais, .1'
Tony Curl is has been doing s6me tall growing. Actualr, .thb
ographer saw the possibility of an unusual camera angi,. *aid
produced this Illusion.

,ailable Blood Would Give

om Victims 50-50 Chance

you bad been one of the Canal Zone Amerflan Leglto
s of the atomic bomb In POst No. 1 6inmtmaet ,4le Behn-
hursday's Operation Jack- nett, points out that the lath-
ou would have stood just a mlan Walklhg Blood Bank Is le-
cent chance of being saved Ing set up for Just -uch emer-
blood transfusion, in addi- gencles.
o other medical care," ac- Because men and womeU all
g to Francis Kintz, Chief over the Isthmus are It
ny-Navy-Air Force Medical the supply of blood on the
n of the Disaster .Control mum will be scattered and what-
r. ever portion of the Qaqal tone
Sif an actual tuna boat or receives a "Jackpot" blow will
bmarine-transported air- leave the rest of the Isthmus an-
or a guided atomic mlisUe contaminated ait uninurtld,
e Canal Zone, your ehane- ready to donate lIfte-savng bloodd
inwp f3 i11 It bLAAUhoZisl-WAl b t thI PWbIf LSWS


. ,.

push ba

400. STRINGS ATTACHED-In Berlin, Karl Baesuler, a 37-year-
Sr lM radle engineer, demonstrates the new portable piano, which
ae Invented, to his wife. The instrument is played like a piano,
Sup to ive octaves. In place of strings, It has metal bars similar
.*o those of a mouth organ. The vibrations are picked up and
- I sui md into tunes in a magnetic system and amplified. The
..anqont.a"' weighs 25 pounds and Is 16 inches wide and 3
.. l._ ____ inches., ____,

5'- -,--,

ing Philip!

I'S l m rlren wlil imntea.
-aep, na rap bne fl.
if.ll wi bane ke mem .

"Ws, % 111

moves along at 'i
barrels, floating ofl

yfl.1 Train in flooded area of St.
ll!s pace, as trainmen in water (ar
upe pile at left, from submerged tr

(NEA Teleph
WINNER IN FLORIBA ften. Richard B. Russell of Geo
(left), asaisted by the enier Senator from his home st
Walter F. George, checks returns 6f the Florida preferef
primary in Wasb igtoh. The returns gave him a victory a
Sen. Estea Keauver of Tennessee n a see-saw battle.


PiKE WAy..-...$1520.o0.
To be reign $25. 4ily until sold.

Yaes a OiA oi.0sote Dealer

anything. 'Phone 2-2451, I P M s....
2-2B62, Panama. POlO Claims Missionary

And Child, Cripples Wife
SHi- X 0 -
HOUSEHOLD EXCHANGE BOSTOC, May 12 (UPI-A plans to return to- Arica and
THE ONLY STORE OF slight, brown-haired mission- continue her mtigdonary work.
WT' KIND XN PANAMA. ary woman, who watched help- "If it be -Oofs- wil, I will
We dal t both New and lessly as husband and carry on Wto. way the work
eetFeduti nrniture. daughter dieln an African among the ricans that Vie so
X b arnture ungle from ..~lf th t crippled dearly loved," she said.
41 Autombbile Row her and her thad lhr tfant on, --
4 Tel. -4911 was resting today With her
Syoungest boy afr an airplane Panama Vote
Slight trois tSoherR Rbedesla.
LEARN!! Mrs. Brl owo Masters, (Cotinued trail Page 1)
Paul, Ballroom 30, waved pluekly to a small
row) Dancing group of ftend and fellow said it had received two ballot-
~ack. H A It B 1 passengers a o4 Psn American boxes from the polloe who found
rack& At Its Best! Airways employee carried her them abandoned on the street.
Balboa '7' or down a ramp trOm the plane at One of the Panama City i
wrie box t Logan airport; here a1st night. turbances occurred at a pretlt
-an"b' She was followed by her one- in the Miraflores reaideuntal t--
sarnett & Dunn year-old son Michael in the rea, populated mostly by teaah
arms of a nurse who pared for ers. On Saturday the teacr
*ALA. *"*- the family, including two other were urged by their union tov
A. L A DO N sons, on the long Jourkey from for Chiari.
M NfTLE L.AMP Africa. One ballot box In w ith -at
y U n. s 14% air and "I know tawt I both shall had already been do
aft m% kerime walk agaip," gaOU Mrs- Muters, that area was reoe4
a ieattns Prtees who like tpa~ Is paralyzed police by the unal
saMie .W OWS CHA S Av from the wast d?. "I feel that Another ballot
Whi9hCtalbaAve.M303. we have inuch to be thankful ed butlater nth
Tel. S2-2 67 for tO Ood." precinct was- dra.fl. .ba ot '
w a pMrs. MatE m a native r9f pro "honlu,- "r awl hby,% r
l 1d t Kent, EnMlanad, a registered o "hd .sS U
nurse, wals ter husband Wesand chairs Jae O
Sli i il Dr. victor rMdAer at a small with the ballot box.
b-l tS Yo File Dr. ViConegatI tet hospital E e o r
I ur 1F30 miles froathe.neareast white Ernesto de J
O A yplsettlement in uthern Rhodesia president of the aNl .
ae hSt m when a puolo epedeie. struck personal ade
--- l M last Novembrl, action of other
r Mel Within alt lfdays the Mas- the raid.
ters' only datgbter Carolynt, 4, -. Bo '.
Application for the Civil Serv- died of te d Ballotisgh. d
ice examination to fill positions A few dlan ter Masters. a the country
as Tyl hW-2, for government Woild War itlai Army sur- Ing to the
agencla on thie Isthmus will not geon, swuuabS and Mrs. Mas- meant and Jt l :.
be acted after May 23. 1952 tern and Mehadl lay crippled In eptIon ofa ,
meoprd in to a announcement the little bN .ott L where the
oto) Ise S by. the Board of U.S. The crttbc* .l i tbher aand Unas,
iaO, Oi0 BMEnoes -laminers, Balboa son werigtl.-over~ Pumtiot ..
Itate. I jungle pasdlw t ae enta lgo-.
itlal is" D E n, i u' that the exam- ernment a Iin SIouthern The voting did -
Over Imatiam- be held within a few RhEIs r .r, u .
rus=to start e t g tr*iinto t In pSi
lTe Anaasantment of the ty- Wamed 1011*6. cener at
tA"len, ANo. CZ-1 .
Sa Dpesince Jan- er A"ltim set

listed, uderwill ret u4iwill W'I...."
o"^^bU nasts until urbanM LtMUS 6 I_


Lewis Service
c4 Tivoli Ave.-Phone 2-2281. pnd

Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-9441

4 .4

- .4 I



-.4..... ; -.
!!il ; : ii :^

.-',f,"; '. ; ., .i'. ..'.-'^
* i,. .:., -" '*'. .

I ...*-.. ..,* y
r,'.. ^
**tee6 *i *--.r~ssA

- -. .*

k .,F; ,.;r b "

I i .
'0" T,, S~ ;.
: ,, I N






.j r

.t Obvtwt

.s _-'.. .
'. =..-.. '-'

: ., 4.f. '
-* -.i'^ PSp
is. -ip



,-v:. -..

- '* *


S ., ... .,., .- .-
:-a-a ,.. ,,-. ,

Pyd In

pS-------. .



rlir ^i-riio~i

-r--- --e

01 .4. .

Balboa Hi SwIu* .Wirr ,, ....

Year's Pihrt School Meet ,:o Itrnh@j .u
..... 7 oM* h hle tI 8l^ were
-A Hi a" I- Tm : -0. ,We o a 11 .1 the Alib 1%
t f oe s a r i R C. *. rofa o t.rriL.Asie man, a2
SSBtBT Ora oae f th u le hta Jm

AL~~k B ool. ou- A
aa w i o anr
tas, t.u,- +, ." o* s e '

r o i1 ri.
6thoulg hVd i

i I
0 0 a. y
IMIamiaw....;6 1 i i

U tt,1i ... 53 82110

a. .2 1 .
IoteM, "al-- WA-M 2 1:,

w. Tv ftin byUs:

"-. saw

10* 0 1311i


, .- __..i.-o ld

Sh el +.a,., ,-I


towIST ia

.1o1o24ns fmte4

us tlua s
^^I 1^pf ^l^^ 1^^
I-'E E
Ak --ak gp;5 : ^^IJ
^A---'' ~ ~ ~ ~ as ^^^Af ^ kA^_
ml''~~~~~se iff~~f'^ij
'ft ~ ~ M SSS 3-

* ,~ -. ~1-

- I


, .; "- .
: !. l '^ .- .<-m
* +_L' : ... '--

:::tt I

< t.... aM mn

OWN on"O

L.frAW Il

SflAud4On O MWy

r:m d deasteate3
d d Pete Da-

estdd NaO
~en defeated Jimmy

I S efg a .
defeted Clyde
i. detested ls
defeated Dick

defeated Juat
defeate" Sb 0-
ted P rank epow-

defeated war-

i i heated Eubert


a* -, mit
* 41 II"

.. .- ..- *. ,+ ,
./:,. .:' 1 *.:; 'f ..' -.-

age at$
s.w sus room af
Is s .0s :
m. sm H .-C
wft.6 ni xp~i
m.ei sets
a. M .
SA.M ASs 3
mas ase ae

fleee gas
3mMI i-


UIss M
me ^I

"0W of ta ream

m.P ess
pas' Ws.

mua us e


S ne unlvMrity noset ft
or? A$ fm h" eduatseea
hRve LpM w Old IM M
ef te. Th aool hi LtoiE
a" prime purpomew to howe 1
I t has damrmd Its rPutlW
of the basketball aach.

is. neuman

* _. -.

Ite Ai "Ias cm
ia *Mle oarAl

rm -=a m

- -- ... ..

kAwb b 8Ogbuv kawbA
U ihuM ebsl he. 1045mM .v~ti I two Mtios'

FfstIeze S518

SN. 1731, Mobip Koyf It O2L
*A" 8 "V of 23 pi, eaha.


$ 44,M00XOa'

$ 13,20.0

$ 6
.f.- -4

*e In
= mm

ame was
im min


m fW PPw a

i t.. :M ,

; "-A"1 _

* I a

sit ait-
.qwp -g asl ais
t angs ee

jMk:5t meS^^^

- R- = '--a -..

;+ --? ... inrnwLu'uuc ru. m +__ C;- ...

0"90 m. atm,. f
a fl t as

_-_ ___" -
I" is mnam
-M- -M l -"
ItuM m liem 4Ia
nu eu sit sn js S

Ua &e.

- &'



. JI! .. ...... ..o.
S SW*SFrom rwi mu


a a b ~In m-SW.IMd bn umSnao a. aa. me b1as ae S) w
a m '-, -r m t. ,,- -'
S" m I I o a "*
flbbs a O n st." mW- ni w dalt: oA in Lob mant: Mcond mto pa e M
,w--.. s.e OW I O =N Ow* e r Sm:e: ,o 'e *


k '-,' ,



a ,.

1 6i

" by

'Second Prize

Third Prize


199 3

... r -

-Vqp 5. M sm

r W V W NWl W




., -

h--- 'I


*f .a

S lef t
... ..
ass as

sumW --
U&M I--

- :w

War Reporter

Ordained As

Catholic Priest

S)1-A former foreign corres-
et who survived a ship
aU i and a Japanese war
pruner camp yesterday made
A4-"final payment" on a "long
s g debt to God" for "my
-CyWkte miracle."
Ilfllam H. McDougall, Jr., 42.
tit fOrmer United Press Iqr-
ete correspondent ws ordain-



-1^ W Hiit1|l
"Let the people.= truth amJ



hamB tIBCOhi.
- -^-^' in .


Army Pulls Ch.dd... Under4A

ed-a Catholic priest In Balt Lake I
GIty's Cathedral of the Made-
lle. His first blessing on Mo-
thr' Day went to his own mo- 0 ns T
there. 4400, Sencameow
The "private mircale" came WASHINGTON. May 12 UP The presbn.t program relaxes Both the ArMy and Air 1rce
nmostthan 10 years ago-on -The Army reported yesterday physical Iequirements for cer- pointed 'that the at eotltb-
March 8. 1942- when the Dutch that 4,400 combat-fit men have tain types on-duty. d by Wresd- O' e number
ship Poleau Bras was sunk by been transferred from desk jobs It ha.1 adie it possible to re- of ctvlfln elieonpe l al y lally
Japanese war planes 200 miles to field duty since the beginning turn to 'full duty positions near- ply "
at seca while carrying 250 re- of Congressional attacks on the lv 2,000 World War II and Ko- Ak-O. 011e s-a to mIake
fuges from the south coast of "Army chair" corps. rean disabled Veterans who have I 0pe0 g ol'bt)ee It cdirbat
Java. Lt. Gen. A. C. McAulleffe. head been rehabilitated. Many of nhgt w1gow 1t1 w: gs a
McDoull tail lender of Army personnel, said In ex- thee ar amputees. wIt 6zt i.ldc_ se
r oall, all, slender and perimen n replacing able- This .phase of the program i n dI. .l n
eort, had refused to eva- bodied soldiers with civilians has bedh underway since 1946. sal. .
cuate Java earlier on Ameri- and WACS has proved success- ..
can planes, telling his New ful and soon will be expanded. in
York office he had to get "one The test program has been g
more story." conducted at Fort Knox, Ky..
When the Poleau Bras went since last July 1. h
down, many of those aboard p to last Feb. 1. McAuliffe st
were drowned or killed by said about 2.250 officers and
machine gun bullets. men had been replaced at this O
McDougall swam for hours, post alone. sh
eleuga, M sa or h ore than 1.000 of them have ro
reviewing, he said later, "my. been sent to Korea. ml
life until then." The "chalrborne" corps first o
,I'd done everything I wanted came under fire in Congress last bu
as a newspaperman but it don't June 10 In a report by the Sen-
seel. enough," he explained. "I ate Preparedness Subcommittee, an
resolved then if, by some mIr- which Is keeping an eye on all bli
acle, I survived, I'd do some- phases of the mobilization ef- ral
thig really worth while." fort. up
RHe did survive-because a The subcommittee said a sur- do
lifeboat turned to him and pull- vey of 16 military training er
ed him from the water. camps showed "the equivalent
He was the last person into of three to five divisions" of en,
the boat; other swimmers were combat-qualified men doing wi
passed up because the battered "chair-duty." Wa
c ft was filled to capacity. "In other words," the report the
When the survivors reached said, "sitting at desks, working A
shore, they were captured by In kitchens, carrying messages, hd
thq Japanese. Many died-Mc- driving automobiles, operating A M the
DOal almost did-in prison motion picture machines, run- O
,amps on Sumatra before the ning PX's and doing similar fa-y 4 e1. Ako those itb" 'dl
end -of World War II and libera- jobs are nearly enough men to Mee, .es.n fam-onthKo eft Waft e
ion of the prisoners fill our commitment in Europe.". ee, pe t o South aKore O ,A-Vtw
McAuliffe said the Army's r'e- -' n rof'theU. al
WieDeugall, after recovering placement figure since this re- ".. and
bom the W pvages of his Im- port was issued does not Include
ent, wrote two books the normal rotation of officers
_nqc-'e ees. One was and men from desk to field -
i. f ," s.l$ed positions and back.
q. .ra Of op aana's ri- Until late last year, the Army
Vbua b ihip operated on the theory that of-
..'I, oe, "y Est- fleers be assigned to them. F
WE IW," was of DrlSoI Fl

Be Was honored with a lIe- 1 Shot I Jailed -
V&1n fellowship at Harvard for And All For Love
ha Journalistic achievements And All For Love
and, returned to United Press as Of A Lad|
a member of the Washington A L y

S -But two years ago, McDougall
S renounced his career as a news-
mFn and began theological stu-
dies that were climaxed by yes-
trtayts ordination by the Most
11", Duane G. Hunt, Catholic-
bilop.of Salt Lake City.
'His first blessing on Mother's
Day went to his own mother,
Mrs. William H. McDougall Sr.
1Then the 42-year-old priest, a
life-long Catholic, gave h is
blessings to others of the 1100
persons who attended the rites.
.lis permanent, church assign-
" nint has not been determined
but will be in this area.
a. graduate of the Universlty
OfOyegdn. McDougall was on
staff of the Salt L bkp Tele-
, from 1934 to 1939 before
went to Asia.
S Jbe ined Unied Press in
srnhaI in 1941, was .interned
ity the Japanese there but eA-
o ped to resume his war cover-
1 In Java until he was re-
p red.

A fight over the affections
of a woman landed one Pa-
namanian in the hospital with
stomach and armn wounds, and
his assailant In the Chorrera
Early Sunday morning, Isa-
bel Flores a Panamanian resi-
dent of Mendoza, a district In
Chorrera, shot his rival, Too-
filo Palaclos, in the back with
a shotgun.
He then turned himself over
to the Police Chief of the little
town, that lies several miles
outside of Chorrera, near the
Gatun Lake area.
The wounded man was tak-
en to Santo Tomas hospital.

Tires Scraped
To Prevent Spread
Of Aftosa To NZ
Workers In Britain's automobile
factories were ordered today to
scrape all mud and dirt from
the tires of cars being exported
to New Zealand.
It Is to prevent the possible
spread of foot and mouth dis-
ease (aftosai, at present at
epidemic proportions In Britain,
to meat-producing New Zealand,
where the disease ia unknown.

Pacific Civic Council
To Meet Wednesday
The regular monthly meeting
of the Pacific Civic Council will
be held in the board room of the
Administration Building at 7:30 on Wednesday.
Civil defense will be one of the
questions discussed.
Interested persons are cordial-
ly invited to attend the meeting
of the Council.

- \ I- II- -
A ra peion inherits illin
dNINm, led n is t aotle
-LWPW .gUP1dr

Torndo *FsM Dixie Town;

Ligthning fl
ALAPAHA, Ga., May -
A delayed tornado, in1
eight Hours behind othw.
and wind storms that
In Dixie. roared throaU
tie town today injurlzu.
causing heavy propim
A school building ,
10 house destroyed
tyf water tank
after 7 a.m. EST) -tiDt _
funner whipped into the
hees of a driving a
Most of the city
were still asleep w
do struck, but W t-,
lice. only three peM tA-
{ured as the heaviet li
the 'nearly-deserted
buidiess section. -
Other tornadoes
through Arkansas yetray
causing thousands at l
worth of property amaiwatSV-
lent stormed killed
and Injured 20 i t
South and North.
winds were reported
to the Atlantic .
Georgia state i
men said that maat #t awh
downtown section wO
ed. They said'Od h-0iMsm A n
stroyed and 20 mmD9A s &
Police said tht
fled man wasu s ltltly lunt
when he was oru.ghAib r W

mmnicatl S was o-
m lines a ind nW "

* .9 -4 -. 4
.4' 2 :' : o, .:

Korf e e

:oeds Brandbh

BOSTON, May 12 (UP)--WIeld.
j high-heeled showe'# weM-
w, band of outraged
ris chased'a husky butglar
ielr dormitory early today
Surprised one of the O-Wi
epplag from her shower. -
Stephany Wagner, 20. -of 1
range, N.J., had JuPtt left tf
tower and was returning tcr,
om in the Emerson College ,i
itory on Boston's fashie
nmnmonwalth Avenue Whten Ae
mped Into the' intruder.
Stephany let out a screa aftdI
other student. Glor -
inco, SO. of Woodhaven,'I.,
lied the other co-eds on'the
per floors arid thOy charged
wn stairs vith 'afigry ertea af-.
* the scared burglat.
But the intruder had h e a rd
ough. He fled through '
ndow to a fire escape
agner's room and ew cped
- street.
A checkup diascleed that- 4a
d taken $60 in arhal es*A fbtrft
Srobins of a girlk
'he eo-eds to ei
oked like a c ee boy" aid
!cribed him s.. mi his. early
ntles. about S-re* 1. Odn
Sat ld hus y %toW d
A wearing a spot faMcket.

S Army Ctaptain
;s Five YMers
r PX Card Crime,

(V -P). '-- William'
ib'rl, DL, 1 as L orderedd 'd
iab ly disthaged Vfrvm tlt
L.y today and snteced
Sfor'five years for illeas
.Ossion of 12' Post achangs
Is was convicted by a
goMOal court martial.
4l1vfl court found his wiff
Son similar .clrges last
1m and fined her .$300. She
duled to return to the
3aatps soom.

K ..erwfOM 7),
e 7,
Mi S.ddeiy
' ckering. 71. a re-
employe of the
.ell dead this
St king with his
a Atudiante, near
ae to the Central
S.- ll B. Casco Diaz,
P~r. mosed the wcise
o'agl~y zuB~jplrv thromboso.
i^Bzei~dent of 20th
8a had been aling
,-M .. ui never, went
reaets alone, bis

s 2 Marines.
One(train was halted outonddthe
I tjhits until arews coml dear
the eacks.
Twd fishermen were tebwhed
te Douglas lake near pan,=e.
en., yesterday whezny -
wh*pped water swamped- e'fr
t.-. Jack Hamilton a'M-LNAX
Lford were drowned a
r 'nafitman, Harley
aged to swim to shore.
la .South Carolina. Cua.-ulke,
7,. was killed when tiltd 'arn
Kfvd 1o en a farm near S8yr-
g and In Span
0 .o Miller, 59, was d
a' tree fell on his car.
*'wo marines were kiHQd whem
were struck by lV6'spag
wIih picnicking near
Pn, .N. C. The Marina bef,
stationed at the Cherry Polat
,tation.'were identified -' fN
Raymond La Verne M &
at MIParland. Wis.. and Qpl. f-
eMal Sorrentino, 22, of Tfantf,
?rTeh twisters also strug y7-
terday in the storm-wer7y a Uth
era section of Arkanaa
iore than 200 were killed -ly ie
pi0*e ith March.
In El Dorado, Ark., :a t tT1
d a school, m~ay
and barns and
t communication.
Res"vy wind also lashe
3P. Ransas Ala'
tmi-"were damamoed ,M a
la na house, eOmton I.
I .e was blown
goIL alo ,damagred- i 4

'I. %. -

ain ,.urib fty as
eeby way of
.dAnd lte Dutch
firm, will lant t0
bteix taken into
' IWe'"Tlmes said

dhtiablae goods, or engMed
H faziloI drug traffic, but o0
.."rfe would certainly be Aim
.1,.ttavel would be easier i
ItAiUar would be infinitely
eeaultdd If these barriers in
lW% Iemispheric waters couvl
twertt or eliminated.
"ft would be admirable If
o ud all learn to regard ei
f@ttI as neighbors rather tl

itmft Rdmbr Sem

NMtes In Frotd
'-WASINGOTON. May 1t (UP)-
Te Navy'last night announced
developmentt of a new radar
that warns airplane ptita
In they are coming clost -to
wioittains. other' aircraft and

y' the day" is a e-
i h already haa
Sfit.a numibr of
knspotta, intelding
rumanW-'XiD-G, the
e parents a cona-
i of -everything up
In front of an str-

By Snokebite
YO May I12 (tup) -

wl e. 'to commit miclde
il Veil to 'a sideshow
tit syI ay, pulledd open
a, the' cige where
w irmer kpt his
Sw bi. Wafted mtMi the'
bitten him several
--i he.I :igt, to 'die my
owlN wi Miguel protested
whia 1a iwhed to a

W thigi-To Aushnia

7( CaNtberra jet
e tr ipr. t &lih n 19
hours, 13 = nearlyry two
hours tift4Wi ml )it re-
pord tor SttAnge. atorltes
said WOW.

- .- -

- eus my


SVatican Envoy tQ

I -.-0 -

other tt. ., "
ful ntealed WoISpo)


Some I
live the
wft the

h. o,


-qJ~" -'.. I

~ alt


* 3'

- 1
* I
* I


'7: .'



I- ro p-- zleo-

. "

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