The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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Molotov in a paM de tat,. the April 26 collision in the At-
ve IIstle,
~eInx h-Nazi Officers oaar told the story of the
?e anio ft t t oaMom of the Nob-
o O ise Russis bn a M a three-man court of
a00 11o UilH, May 10 (WP).4 c weha
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A-Bomb No War Winne
(NEA) It's ridiculous to think that one atomic bfmb
could win the war in Korea or even give UN forles there
S01 ,. more than a nmitHd tactical advantage.
riIll ll Ig OI Ver That is ne of the first conclusions of military ob-
0 servers who 1ad Just witnessed the detonation of a record-
o sized tomik bomb.
WASHINOTON, May 10 Ris. carved channels that once ran M ic ground tactics was the goal of
Ing water washing at the door wide an deep where dry valleys the Army's 1paMEelpation in the test.
steps of cities from Duluth to and great cities stand today, are It was the first time U.S. ttoeps attempted anything .'" -
Chicago. from Sault Ste. Marie to boundaries the lakes have filled .
Toronto, gives increasing evid- over a period of 35,000 years. beyond merely watching an explosion. .. ...
ence'of a Great Lakes mystery. Wind and storm slosh the wat- It show d just how much the Army has yet to learn '
America's five inland seas are era back and forth in their beds.
brimming over. Rain and drought are eons. before it can use A-bombs in actual combat.
Born of the melting Ice Age, tantly changing the levels of the. .. r T f im b i
the Great Lakes contain half the lakes. This was the f t problem They feel It mt be fitted
fresh water on earth, the Nation. Around the deep-cradled wat- raised by Lt. Gen. Joseph M. into the whole asttem of wea.
a] Geographle Society smys. er the earth's surface is gradu- Swing, lt Army o.mmahder, ons, and that it' not so rev. ;'-
-4whind the hard-rock sills of ally tilting a few mlnut s after he return- utionary that It WllU change
_Itra Falls and the "Soo," Over long centuries, north ed from beinonof the clos- entire. science ao wftrfarW.
ly in huge statepped bas anea thekesth e st willing human beings to an Military exp ert al agreed
e pe and eat of the lkes,t the la -bomb x lesion, that the tst wiped tt ny Co

It o teo h are t fo oet ShUr-tines of avthe lakeo <"T. ne iml in thh t. "s --, D I U S "
winr s no o wate r- roly s o in f.hole a little placency which t i DO HNT-BBAPED CLOD left by .
0.loare neetalnterStheds all Tfrm aur ds I en thdie ess then four miles from might have bar ofciata tbhe theryoldi for iles f
f k have be reepns ed a is It'e ra to the sp lot dimore tver- wena t A-bombs wonld t to point e the test completely nb
the Great Lakes crushing weigllht of the great- .aiithe t. hw i out a th e blatc O t
& rom year to year, monthum ic f ym bd r ste for the atttck- AA o l t. among.
to th, and dayto day. South and on e placef the lari kes in an nd reltly be s backed
e last year, the lakes have the earth s to a malr ow x-nd-ne h oopwho took p

normal. As andthe runoff of a ch. oe s that the o e can o in- h to five deep. te tet who had ao en ac "But.wt th h I o.
weaintar flows In from a I there are es In the Great ground maneuvers," he id. Other officialton by soldrea. fo andur ile way e bu

ON ewi only Oh matter of can bsthe bulgan he explaliw, SOLD1ERS UNHURT .row thikB thoB hilll I dhnt
square mile washed, illtLakes pulled by Moon and sun, ,Its gn take, a lot more vera went beyond that to point 10,Of the te8t completely unbuIT,:=h
e lahes ohi ver tl creeping but t re n small. Of far grear. "Oterw, o the val- t teLt. Jutu W. aromme of think -t'd kl man at the
S M hver oe r effect are low and high press ue of urpri. timum how 4 no ct prote Beach Cal., who led throp eatf k A t rtero g tH t
sure meaturee I, han e- -n sur t areas moving a c r s s the we- beth r nt and du tr of the roughest

hangesa basin of te St. Lawrence time to mowe In. and have to came out compl unhurt, fighting in Korea, hae a typ-cal G. the b.g td
_ed M n e nal.nt *horelnd a-t..l reervol. feedln. and go a long distance, the enemy ph ly or oally. reaction W the

h a neontrolng it relentle out- can recover thd move In Jut tang tatat ai could ..m n W s tS
8l e nvetigate; Cor. ts the lakmesuoh -ip ue a- d tes ANTEere Fednel e partlelpatinF tnthe WASTE OF MONEYr saw 4i tr m w
sarf asoeios Is pushedWANIED were Iour oferom1

down In one place, i cubc eet ofrises in an i an at In relatively This belh ie backe d up by
,. say that all the other. s uch oscillations are .call-d" We',- ,_o u_ a .. noe1d ..four, bon ate too mone too kat IA d ILLS
ma n on t Great hes. one so that th, men can gould only neutralie at deep. weapon inh Korea. n ac- "it. wv all the h alMs I e.
W4dkus-danis and canals dikes I nIthe end the Great Lakes to the ea ddsof t$e rst 6tototer," Vnion n Korea. eat and t way the feds buir
Srods -ehave aeeted Cowbe d a the bulging he explaM. SOLDI ERS UNHURT row e ro e h.r m donr
ICheS ver te lasc n e wester n tip of Lake another big boom ke ay other u atlon In Kore a or even what porarly stouned en

e eare it cng kes fromio they from the upper 'If you haive to wait a lon gi exla pecia po B l ea 0 Ia rtIoG

brook rivule and foret-bor- Europe In case of attack by the yeafD rTO MAf Y he rh &W
bs n Basi of the St. Lawrence time to move, and have to came out p unhth the Communipunhurt, fighting Korea, has a typic he a
ScustoSn ancient shorelines tral rervoirs feeding and go a long dltande, the enemy eal bukerlyor ally. reaction. ttes t l

M___tated aI ancunt min rk w r r rto r eh w K f thes ad rl isa.
,_fl/ the sea. ..aswoouns o n, and what veo been much hacloser eAnd e t such e ane
OverteimehshoneolpofNI-oveyouliwill b& for the next such test. l e ass eaneI,
B ia. n ow Trad n o urs ,0 on e p f of* Na hav yo ... This means that at n e ve convinced that It would wbe a
gwatera u second ubcJUST ANOTHER such an oversized atoic bomb wase ofp money to try su h.
SIt surges nto Lake Ontario. could oonly neutralize a nat ar Wea in Korea. ao

mI si rs. wlaIt er comes Into the another big boom ke any other ation In Korean oreven what porarily stunned.
Slakes from countless sitreams and losiv. could be expected I, n Amoat of Y NtJ
MA. e (UP).- Japan rriverst. Aonthe Is Completelydiffperent. hWitm

b usess with m one V he 0chn will b ed btCandn for more than rive yars theL
tat omeu- Between the two. source iandl .it th"e Commuistsdo Well ghlHet fh ,r
se th ie "lan d O a Iseles outflow, a balance iBUNKERSdugf fWihn Intrbunkers,sand with alla able rmeef rtdiatm I
0t cuo nstomer- wite the struck. haThis reporter recently re-thave to drop one f atnea nbombu tOf.i l natural derinms.
states, as an unwi ling When wet Y rs follow each turned from visits to the front right on top of a ptrol n the f rm the rise; in Vat t Haline in Korea.0i n to do muHch darmage ns whoutshiadrca

i s ed e I hn test t U EroU patrols behind whenemy" lines e .h datagoiet oi whooa drnc
aeewinde nu rep dor the eCommunists ha

S ae of Cto te ol eh be in thnken the y.. ol taek--e- o m way Ah
WONides of the ountantns T a andbicle otooueh of la job to groa i-- I

coahh epehg xeso cich nbotb. fobber and othe r
Saerakes too.its aeav tluo nt entha esarI no more th"Sn a yar,.soter on
nsmhe "h mb theardDrofhefcotee one effestta
t it tan o e a ag sver- l ei c nahnh detonaedO, evet under the ide ieltlo l comment, W, Aft
atBthtl.o. to theopetesfeet, could not .U"We all sed to t l ..1I
,"on the d the Unrry rideeife n ao mpr d o r ate bieak- how the Armyt should In the r e tto anC nsb-

egr unresrar trade wanr. rido t.heasChinese Koreenan the r 0, W ith an A-bomb. I- el"-wto

...- -. -.."--
inmo eal Canadd.May Sprea
er.. Po tg uec a sd toe solve problem S atmento av e I t
ao. bu some shire for atoeMi energy scian *ti sA----
i directly to Re Chined Bave the Chalk liver atom-
Sarrived here Tran Wnston ChruchlA l t andn
Sto Japan TAen en Indicaler the ideial-
t pan, but 600 W ases the McLellan Lab o orory at he lis fear ano their Korea" is
beled roWshe In wahity ofTrntot. mnh ', *Aa- shaping up in Indochi na where te
recently went on te the chine will be used b Canadian or morh thand ndoinesyers thve
State. a over ment scientie rho aend rIn the Chinese hdru narwt A
.d sourcesbmaid that in Madam I is one of a line Of maror againstgone, h ettn-r
hBe other direction Japanese electronic brainh 'hioh have 9,0 ted rblts.
tt produced for export Mby a1
man oery and tools Are e a sl-ond s Uncle our' un-
SRed China vlR a Maca. he F rby 40-ySarytold Pr f.
anI oneHe snaing a saver-i Freder iok CallandrWilliams .t do of m.ione of dollars
Sae-wr trade with land. i.thi f d Lt.-hy wheh is in act, A
n apasutr0ed. The latent brain produ hed by battle o save all of rich south-
.ulanell"en here beldIee the Manchester team can tge eeSt Apia for the free world.
tceay flow of Chinese 'GIod Save the Queen aThifr are ta iseAsi a rs"heb
ads ourcessaid thartinMh mechanioal ineatuoW Is are i t-and-run
diryoJapaine given a coded versi#woi t]w and the nations threatened are
t ro material, too. p e ptruct, the d exrty Ivaluaebl aw materls.
a nee iatnd Rwag es w h r -h ree rst atW LT G IN 10 1PM WIaN G rmsasmThef "Ko rea nothre ats
lasurge st. inT tes tbra ip rt e deMto gund man emv" e00,000 ed troou s
uhMcmase Asafoed.
commonwealth Land Spread """-"'- lndihenaios hratne a

indeive ,ar s.talematd schnimt
he_, i!ir Waresr For US Buyers war.- _______ -- '--"'I 'I ..

N. MAY 10 (IS) -
" Commonwealth of
lotce of 40 per cent
a's support is present-
a many of Its products
,tt Industries Part at
mid Umnlgham.
. Ueh opened May
WoMay l. is par

7 natalons and
WOO Os Oem-
we M sa their
* MR toi view
*t-M Trthl O.m.

! !wv~t h

gold, manganese, diamonds and weaving and embroidery, tol*h-
Iite. er with trepical fruia, digars
e Weat Indies Is showing ar.d rum.
wood carving and basket work. One of the most colorful fdi
---et plays is that of Palkistan i
Feature the country's ce
l M products, hand-spq and wov-

.mebil in the wul. ton. ip.andt. "es a
yea Mipped 3 as (pT7 psa a new indaimtry .-__
SS elw oago o lsts tedut la -w
A=uT.isw h'tl
^EJsb-i^f -* d SIs I I

waf t 7 E* m j

- .- .-w-tp

"" '

A. tralia Plans

To Exploit Antarctica

, 000 Inswsf et .

'Ies. to Ii

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are re tmB n l e
m t pI tt tt

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ield beI


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te begtauci
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Sa, an s. aite Inter" .

,eN amrofa B a Bno to B
tan on. Lt e n cofee andb

R S l bl. bdeil .S& 8.eth W. foray's application Jft'-tee
St m sb tlthe CaI ne .e only abenea
wi adero adA4p
W. D ., r urom tzie

inof e S. _96AC*q il of pteradmie siontthe

COtmasi er 't1ansL Jhta, tao p'0on 675-t ,egue r States.
"t"' s I Iand I[ ~ti -, ofthe Mrs. F. M Ggl@oway will atteid Forty-two states, Alaska.
atol ti nal t mh Puerto Rico, the a ate,

'L MaC .a- w ehyckel. Afi,,Sgwh t A 17-year-old seniot of nBal-
t. Cao 2t Cd.. adr .ll ba op More than tL adults attended people froa. tne Sp to Aag- boa High School, Miss Gallo-
ferMrB.s-te. h t ?*e th* way has served aste the ntt-tue
aemandr led t htn lement- Ed tor-InaChief of that.choo'
vea Lt. Uo snder and Ms. n nWe. a :of Fridany In the letter Of acceptance publication, the Parrakeet. She
H. E. itlith, Lt. aid Mrs. 3. F. etented and a beautiful door mni g in vance of Nation- fto Mr. Floyd O. Arpan, who ls a second year, student in
iarlow, Lt. and Mrs. flibn. Byon tEingt and Music We is the Director of the Journal- journalism.
roks, Lt. and Mrs. Prank i Hipote Fernande head am Division at the Institute,
Bug Me6T Rbdfiarft. And Ms. the s .ntlett ft thmI affair. Thqe btoram wa* Interesting he stated, "this 110honor nom s As a member of the Clas
L. ft. OWaSLW:3 a Mrs. L. ua the chfldran weD trained tun- a result of -yout oIo tt of '53, Miss Galloway has been
.* U adM Paul Pitch, rl' t heem der the leadertip of their prin- scholarship and exta-eurrlul- active in all BHS activities.
Lt aaf L, a,. Lw Ka ..g e lts a a ctvity record hich placed
Jri, I'aL M. eI. J. MEMKay, Mils Ann R Miami, F9li Vestal Morris, Mi Mildred Houy i the frot ank 8the h assisted- in the stage
S'' .L' i.ot .0b and Stills allo. Mrs. Y ou n the r n l work of several dramatic pro
*a e theWillia uR L. Graham acconpan- moat highlW cowpe.tlf shol- dctions and wat on severalt
y L. the children at the piano. ,arsbl gtup w hat evet had class dance cemltte,
L t... n- 1- It Isrio '14 la
tt''. d t h e SJ F -
Mrs. 1.Xi-'el hIttind"10*4 *-wasPeople-'02

tiozn. A sewX
r may load to
MM Oter bamboo fugrof
m a nsd antomb II

t as well T k
M to southern ABi
So bamboo 'h g o
s r0 teographle havdety.
grass growickly, dens
and along the At-h
ab far north as New
troplos bamboo growth
measured at 16 liob-
blr hours. In the temper e-

fliW e Th e roots are like
hitmnd beauty, peoples haut
is bamboo hedge or,
S nd have soon had toW
S tinually, to keep spread i
;iboo grows quickly, dene-
Scefully. The oughmarch in In-
Sastems resist even
SThe roots are like*
Thed stems. Unless tut
Sf nually, the spread to

S1 young shoots are dell*
nurtive as a Yege-
: eight before the branaes
leaves appear completing
the geometric pattern
dhtbtSlstic of the "tree."
A n.k-M bamboo's usefulness
ri al of the palm and the
white piea tree. A list of bam-
boo products can read like a
mall order catalogue.
It is possible, for instance, to
it on to a meal at which
shoots are the main
di' Ipd which bamboo, alone
Mt been tued to make the dish-
eS, the taleware, the table and
chairs, the cooking utensils and
fuel In. the stove, the walls, cell-
ing aSt.ftoor of the room in
fact the whole house and all
t*M furniture in it.
Many Asian farms are culti-
vated t bamboo tools and Ir-
rigated by pipes made of hol-
low bamboo poles fastened to-
gether. Water is brought to the
hote In bamboo buckets.


couple who defi
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fbom dsrped ham
Oraig'9 eldest M
hoitm f erdle aM

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sift for a boy to, pe*
a heo son.
"Tie came out and talked
to My and gave me a child
tno my son-a blond-head-
t. t fovand out t
boy had a brouh-
Sd 't want to ate
tlf, as took both ehidrqn.
t Wa py a few da later
that mreau told her they
"They begged me to take the
d Mrs. Cral have ben
ta ore of chdren from
the bureau for five years. The


This Is the flta
be held on the West
couple of extra f
a delegation from
the Forth ted
after e66h s flb '
served In the
There wVl be a
mort l Oervices mnd a

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NQW 3-


I.1 .
By GAILE DUGAS,M NA Woman's Editor.
PeW YORK (NEA) The The girl (left) who's playing
t V-teen of this year is a lucky teacher wears a broadcloth
M gi. For her, there are sleek dress in smoke gray that's band-
cottons as smartly styled as ed and trimmed in white pique.
those in her big sister's ward- The Pique stands of the boaice
robe. They're practical, too. are continued at right angles
taking easily to soap and wa- down the side of the full skirt.
ter. Her companion right) has a
sleeveless, sheath in apricot clo-
Colors for these cottons are que cotton. A clever left-side
as fresh and clear as a spring closing is fastened with shiny.
sky. There's apricot, smoke white buttons. White also bands
gray, green and pecan. Touches the armholes, collarless neck-
of sparkling white appear often line and the two left-hand
these Kate Greenaway de- patch pockets that are set above
signs., and below the self-belt.


by iname^Qo
A wesiAl sema of Aepplig !no.%%

tames and two flavors. Should be twice as tempting... try it
nd see!
-r this treat, you fill your pie shell first with a layer of choc-
r te. and then with one of butterscotch-the whole as creamy-
as a pastry chef's dream Yet It's so simple to make-
Ni s pie, In faet, For S' you eed cook is one package of
7 r butterscotch Pudding and Pie Filling. Takes only a few
-miumtes, and with this marvelous mix your filling is sure to turn
:aut smooth as cream. Get a package today. And while you're
At It why not try some of the other rich-tasting flavors also?
'VaDlla, chocolate, lemon and coconut cream are just as delicious
as butterscotch. They'll provide many tasty desserts for your
eamdly, and they're so economical. And do try this unusual recipe

1 package Jell-O Butterscotch
Pudding and Pie Filling
2 tablespoons brown sugar
8 cups milk
2 tablespoons butter
I square Baker's Unsweetened
Chocolate, grated
... 1 baked 8-inch pte shell
Combine Jell-O Butterscotch Pudding and Pie Filling with browdi
I ir In saucepan. Add milk gradually, blending well. Cook as
'dlr'eted on the package. Remove from heat and add butter. To
* the filling, add grated chocolate and blend. Turn into pie
Cool remaining filling slightly 'about 5 minutes', stirring
[nee or twice. Turn Into pie shell over chocolate layer. ChUil.
gfpread whipped cream on top, if desired Garnish with grated
*orange rind and cut maraschino cherries for a pretty party
Ito ch.
TWO-IN-ONE-SOME. flakes are just the right size.
time it's something to and-when served with milk or
and it's made with two cream-they retain some crisp-
*tt _inRg beverage-makers ness yei are 'not hard enough to
--ar'a Breakfast Cocoa and In- hurt tender gums. Moreover,
Posturm. Result: a truly your youngster will appreciate
citve blending of flavors in the delicious nut-like flavor of
lesome, nutritious drink. Post's Grape Nut Flakes as
any time you combine much as the older members of
S. trong flavors which are your family, so get a box today;
used separately. it is es- and lei everyone enjoy this pop-
to et the finest of each. ular cereal for breakfast mor-
S why Baker'sBreakfast row.
si so important here. No _
cocoa can compete with DIFFERENT B A K E D OOPDS
ts full. rich flavor and true KEQUIRE DIFFERENT FLOURS.
te goodness. Your family When you're baking bread, it's
M we drinks, puddings, and best to use flour milled from
goods made with this ex- hard wheat; for muffing -and
brand, so get a can to- pastries use all-purpose flour:
8'td let them enjoy these and for cakes you're most apt
-specially Cocoa-Postum to t urn out tender. dellca t
H IT AT! TIME. Everyone, beauties by using a fine, dell-
IT ANY TIM. Everyone, cate, soft wheat flour such as
year little ones. can enjoy Swans Down Cake Flour. Keep
Poetum. It's delicious as aa box on hand you'll be a-
beverage, or alp a mazed at the wonderful differ-
Aoupt ul just before re- once it can make. To tell you
g hot drink at bedtime more about this-and about ev-
thInstand because this erything connected with cake
with Instant Postum. it baking-we'd like to send you
affect your sleep. This the booklet "Learn to Bake."
unlikecoffee ayud
no caffesn. m h gestlons, instructions and won-
So-drink as much t ake derful-to-eat recipes. From se-
rBHe's how to make i5 ig the proper ingredients to
roSbtne .1 tabl fe-ostmg the finished cake, w'
Breakfastnd a .'d detail Is clearly explained. W
sugar, and it the help of this booklet you
Maein. rAddl he should find great joy In bakiZ,
= lw th; boHi ow ,so why don't you send for
A O d 4 enspoonstoday? It costs only 15c. a
Scupslma mkour coins with the couOlu -
-uewst. (DO l. ow, so we can send you your
ill serving. _m_ _
SARB W he hasema Barton

.wmafl l aoN r W 15ec. In coin.

ame .................

youngtera f ive /e4ume go0'd .f

iragan lemenmne of fflothe'6 D2!ay

T M i s iJ joer' my u mauru me 'u
S' a their o rt y how
how mneh fry love you. Of conw you'd e l
r.nd kiss, but it makes the youDptoe r feel I
to present a speelal gift. From all Indicatl B
tion seems to feel fragrance presets are
(uppe- left) In smi M the pefuMM be has sho
rprioed to end It has the true scent of deflc

aerem'3 eautl

Scedaule (l am


"" -


Viety ean be 6 WV
r yo learn to make e lIaiW at e
P, planu a spot In y u when w re you
can keftp cosmetics and ege t(upper left).
Make a q se for the r it _e I as cabi
.e or or ihelf above dlak. logr a m lt.
nr Inside the cabinet While ye are
Sliming your dinner, p .7Moils and
allow them to dry (le tft.Toean so em.
blue beauty and hod thss, itf yeao let
your appliances do yl ta=kM r you. T
wo I n c aadvantan of theS eppe o 2112 .1f
a recl in nlto a(e s' you wait
for your washer to aggl fit* laIsry.
The correct way to dN. W WW fth neem-
S ing done faster, and w I~yb e r
looking lovely. Do your l with
Ing and swinging mevteeus gbt). When
you dust low shelve epe oeor back
straight and bead l ue -

Housework has Its beauty ad- ache almost before you get start- Try to a eranpe for a beauty nect. Once
vantages. Regardless of how ed. corn In podr kitchen. It can body
muchle ou may have to do, there Since your hair Is at toWeSt be a .i e, se t-up consisting of h ou sewlk i
to atIltime for a personal uniddy looking, make Itakabit&.* Or A d some of the most exhausting .,
grooming ritual, without spemd- the first thing in the morning ne(os .beauty' aids. Ire
UMg extra minutes. to set it into rows of neat pin- Ts4Usa ti to have them han- Remember A
he secret lies in careful del- curls, and cover it with a pretty dy, aid to' use thea regularly objects or
ly planning. Don't let you r head-band. Then when the day A .wI k. Taking the time weah even
tasks fall where they my. Is Over, all you will have to do is to yr l and an pick up t
Schedule your work just M yo comb your hair into your fav- l actufly mike o di- deeply bent .
would in an office, and t on tmiteretyle. e itn your at ttude. You'll straight so e ..
you will see for yourself that it As nyou -work, never overlook work Smer letl, too. Strain.
s possible to include beauty. the importance of protect Conserve Tor
your hands. Use long-haned MAh every l.ute ount. ver you ta. e..
First, you will fell better, and brushes wherever possible, and M o Iu do, for instance for such
work better if you wear f r certainly wear hand m'tts. Be- w h yfo" waiting for your hoi
thing attractive and comfort- fore you put on the mitts, give aegizi to s id t, for you
able. There are rhany well-cut yr a beauty treatment cadtI akeor your washer you think SUt..
and colorful cotton house dress- v ng a protective coating and drr to c the lau dry9 cise yomr beLt
Sthat will help you to look of h cream. Tea could be polishing your And never
well-groomed on even the mst na tweEtin youru eyebo yr wor
hectic days. aCT ANS o minutes to re- n eat.
COMFORTABLE SOg wsh ig places demands .h. ys a beaus ityMask of day for
Wear comfortable, low-heled as n, too. Don't sub- trea* t on a wek-per or fllof
shoes. A s aling puimn may glee to the dryfg and ur du te oyour w i w r. eep a
= 00 tftoth ing an y- dim**ho 0 Sm mn try W ot is we,
your leg a perfectly be aul t effects o hot, gresy at and try n3 t 4"w1
tne, but it was never menot Wa.k ree a pair of rubber Ti7e ali, bendllg, y- cook.
to adorn your foot during ork-0 g~1ri your sink, and be ing 4 at1te ul.. pottyEach day pM
ing hours. Badly fitting Msd M( a them. Again, make in o1. o s of a -a
run-down shoes will tire you- itA point to apply hand IshoM h to hspyear Wa- and yowurS
and may cause a severe back- lg1 .0-1. line t i y r posture per- o outcomess p m

Use Paty 1k44 dpf Hit. r H .....

For En p O iCalrtaut m'rticles should be wall a rhouse- whlefo
Evenings r make-up. -nthe otalct in
ptmatk and t ago s In am el.rM phont iB

red our blue-urd ..tOr.. .. U
tYour ts pits h MO w 3 M
your make-up to l ia.las 4els' a -a S,,,

litto-you 'NW&k


SOMWNROG to talk about...
SFitatleh' sOth Annlveruary
(It's true that a secret la never
safe with a woman t bat' why
I'm telling you this tay.) Mr.
PAUeh told me yesterday about
the iMarvelous surprets bell
have starting this week thru the
d of the yea. ut, ease, this
ls confidenia, ho don tell It to
anyone elsee

*~ ~

SEW at home...It's fun...It's deLr,. chiI
S eay1The most efficient don't he W be-.
male alive till can learn some- from one place t i
thing new. With the aid- of there's a store where
Singer Sewing center, stwing everyTi e i
becomes a pleasure and a profit. I.A PAM insm ..f
Thev also mae belts, button- items at ey
holes and coV- buckles..."nd prices .

Swetbt y

/ *ma loo
BY GAYlOR MADDOX slice of ham. Wr*ah
bouquet mixture over
13 fod and Markets 1tlr swedtbreads aaf plneK
Wemled sweetbreads make a Place In pre-liNm
mdwerful muty dish.- They can compartment an_

* ..Tr*., -*-'- I-* ~


I'maew -
low 1=
ohm='^ MW-.'

.i ~.:.

La ~ -


4~ ..:--~, J--'

'. '- f" -"

io I mWorld.

O m .. ....

DrI n i i


-. .,k .

- "; "** t

- 4
* lai


- i- .. .'1- rv

it- ItI
at$ to

Ibe wha

bi mo
on of C
of mT

SBofS Salbo, and her o iaie, sergeant
SRiIl bard of t. O t..
Let -* M
b -ave an"

's .1:the .d at "igmt.

k in \oe alutel In Panau
of W.a m


blue w 7? .- w7--
W "for

.f the It
4 cittlesll
,w fae- tsea

e n U aWS wnoW m IUu BHWIkA l, :
every uelmrtm want to ha
lagin Ad Again.
,a Paul Mcsaul. .

s* .'/,... *

g; MU 4

i. Americans are far more afrtai

Mcaa thmU
11 ---"-"r nf I

rugh the voices of most
cnl fro Maine to
.,t 0 or 40o.-t
*Nattal Ge0-
Ilk Ni wih gvre

which govremed
6s- for more than
I fM--j A b uV

of Pago

I nw06iiW as eme a"'d
s Vb"tly N r Cupid st- d-

wheae heB hold way from aEt r
-_. i -- ..

lid Diver To Search Ak

For Treasure Of Civil

diveir"wUl search III
fmme, fsor V4
-ofn&stf kon Caym
r mid hel

el, W ( t

a wf
-s *

. ,

.........: 4r
* -i,:

I 'WMU C llltlttK TVtl$
^~~a .riim.ij--

a mm Am.m

fAC. l



* when
r, Walter F.
a malte he w
8.inlon buD
soln Mi Ilk
L situ ated
ants Metro

train followed It and stopped
ab ut 30 feet from it.
MVn to the bus. It
reaty badly snuahed. Th
dr i inside were *screall ."
SPittMano-.alid that he and
other r scuers finaUy got tUe
emaerncy door open aoed bean
li nnoul the girlo. _._gl
"ts were bleeding, crying.
-oreamnl,s" he aid.,
hut. one looked like-. ..W.
DuAd. Others seemed i of
Almost a m*ore of 9um"p laU
R nd uamoned to th IOSMi
0 tost*e thevictimt0 bafw
=d PltedMOt hOapitsL
Twinl Keep faae
During the ourret bad= of
,Nrthi t MUUluIuil m u.or
COle. i even lets of twIM .a
rowe0 In the fceshsp c0i
WltV!w members said UM. meo
tim a marked l ihlty I.
.ohoeUto stuandinglis bMtw
twinge of the sam pairs.
o,, ,-

n o, appaetly.

iii.. t .m h
of crime. I

amtto wanting are dishon-
1 g *-roam deal of ad-
1no ".h tow t proete your
Int. e may be break-
Into. a house uomewhere... t

0~ &14..

i al


.the kandso

Sh w i tp to ou

aiwod cme

Ag hatre

a .1-.b. I... oM

repo il't bet share
Sa eUp WAYV* o

Would you doellps Mr. go-
and-so uas 6 glisatured
and easy to e- wWit?
Do Mra fi. 04.4-m ohand
and chlldfe m -4 t eMA"tse
DoMe Mr. le-a d-w ae any
mutereUMt Mha _*.
Does V ,.4RM4 tall
"va m nrM and ,ntrobled
Does Mrs. so-ashmu look As
young as her actual y .Wh?
It' -mla5gw pu of teeM
guios whtS aSM "p S -
feat houseaee t r he to

m ._- -- i;... __- -- --
W..a ,w a ta
iiH fiig eas mailaer, water one Zjflihen a
amoe n los Mr" I w had ets rf.e!rob6 n
,i. *IA. at

Viaie swh a
"T hodn remeW ho aN dt.d

The watch that wasn' &Meta

for lazy people* ;':-| :
YouD, Bmrn Wpt vhs ied a R "a r-. b M.W
"- eg .....~- .--d-VW Wsuh uSWLN, -, .Om,
aas. 3 s. hwt s Cells h -

P aby "e
u I4'oU A m,-
N W to no. dimf". -h

i, I

I i -- --4 ,


Y 4 *''
.y ,* ,,

-.-" ..-, *.

.. i ">-,*.- **> 1.
.-' -V .**.* *'i- **
fl ,,";- *^
riflg.s*^'.^ itjg
4i? '1 )2 .


X 'a -

42.. L

. Ali

.w MAB

a. T
s two

- s I .


Sb. (US.)- -A



The Lost Two Days. Or CGrtW

ap SS


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Te'u- W



ga- fF ,

, p ;'. ",'-

'ii.. .-**.

g~ SIX

'-'I ~ ~ -
b'.. .J'j~
* _~i.A~6.l. ~

Street -- Penman .a

a ea we:.u Ad with.aie jpf bur Agents or oar 6f1Fces if No. 57 -- ,qp*
No 12,179 Central Ave. Colon



Salon de Belleza Americano
' #5 West 12th Street

Carlton Drug Store
10.059 Melebdez Ave.-Phone 255 C '.t ,

Agencia Interoacional de PMicaciones Propaganda, S.A.
*& -Lottery Plaza Phone 2-H31 "H" Street corner Estudlante St.
Phenes 2-2214 and 2-2798

Ill _______________________________

aumsemy, he attenda mom
rtatar School at Kelly A*
reWe Same. Texas from which
wm gradma"ed in 157. Freu
"t 11~, CAIMel Orl m was
Sof the Minnets.
.e't. ,e Is a .mgl-
klWh Alr* Wa* VeReg,
Mrlw frcv e urase, Alba--
IA ated pilot, he weas the
atl with one ak ela
Pon" 218 tb WNM .
vwium ff.m iL ,sa.o

'- _. .

Th----- e commission reported that
ePIa s-5 .. it had received cooperation from
Ai ,d anv, thi e Allied high commission for
h Western Germany. from the
Bonn government and from the
Western representatives on taL
Berlin Kommandatura.
It addressed leters to the Rup-
sian authorities on Feb. 22.
A i-N,

CAISLO LOPEZ R., (above) is
one of the 313 candidates for a
seat Ia thlb National sembly
ia tedsy'i deletim. it
famer efficilal of the ,H
of uber 1 was sereta
the ommlttee wbleh drmted
the Pasama Labor Cde.4 .


PRICE TODAY.... S152M.4.
To be reduced $5. dely mI0 sold.


-... ,.-
*r['S .-

ON I* BOUX amt)A. 34
b ie srt out- .r tit qiq
WethAia a-1d0"1_ 0

rs No Birthday;

6bol Is Mystery

) e t. John Bull, wia more ap,
- prtten colonial times.
t emblem nof the UntN
- ted astem the eagle, h f*
I- mot apeleIic beg!innn, thoud
- a slaWupicious one.

FO H Household Wi6, es t' W *- &loit .problem? Philips. a B. 9110OFESSIONA1
7 Ab. l. f Ar"- nymous. Box Clara. Baon 435 Sel b
FOR SALE.-7 cu. ft. West.nghouse i= Fe#itsertietl and Civilian w C, Z, Panama 3.187. Ctbet *I. W TOLD YOU SO !
refeor, 25 cvcle Perfect con- Governmrn-t Employes G -Pnm 3 'WE TO D OU So I '"
d-r-, -on. oveiaent "E lyes Finaw e Co. your veCatlon In cool Costo Rico. cottages. Electric ice boExes, G6
OR SALE Mahogany breakfast you- fnance your new ly LACSA. PAA affiliate, only stoves, moderate rates. Tll READER DIGET
g table and s ichoirs Mahogany or. ud car. $5500- ound trip. Inquire Pan- 6-441 or 4-567. leklSyou what a wonderful
dining table and eight choirs "H DEI gHLINGER ama Dispbtch Tel. 2-1655. across Foster's finished cottages, half.sAI eticide CHIORDANE
misc. household airles House A e Row 1ror A1on -1s-stop. beyond Santa Clara. Gas refriger-
1 7.-A. Empre St. Balboa. Phone -, 4he A-44 3-4985 Jarors, ranges. Special rates i ekj. In the April Issue.
S2-.m 1533ei_._i___ e ar sale FOR SALE or monthly, private road (It's the Killer in Real ill)
'PFOR SALE -2 aluminum VenetIan I "bi'pF Ps emb. All m es., at beach For information visit Oag- tuy it In the agricultural
'blinds 54 xT 62'. 8 porch shades, Milpeiir.& i mar, Tivoll Avenue No. 6, or phone grade for your farm 11' 1'1-" .1
S" pit bamboo 31. I2 oden porchve S O T PAREDES Pan.ora 2-0170. or garden.
etan bInds 31-6 ft 1-4 ft. Call Y.W sik, Chvelflt Dealere ECNOMICAL, NEALTHIUL thr
late shades^. ft ft. C O SALE:-'se Rattan liingroomth EO. F. NOVEY, INC. *91
Balboa 2106 or 571 316 Diablo Fr lrin or buyk your next auto.OR SALE o- e Routan Cng f and nteoinig urf et 2E ntra Ve -E EeIN.
S after 4 30 i WaAsmoS s, onAuto. and entertainnO).Ourcopt 2Central Ave. Te...01" m
FO l E._B; ftm ics ao refrigerator. 41 maroon PaniacI furnished ocean view Santa ClaraU n le Sam HoUT .E.
GUARANTEED Used Tires and good condo Sn Frncsc 13th beach home: 3 bedrooms, 2 b. ,- ,
r chairs, I table. Phone Balboa Tubes. Tel: Panama 2-4721, Sa-! f-t _Hoe 1 I rcoms, modern kitchen, children tfll
3173. turdoys, open all day. FOR SALE-Gerage equ.pmenr. tools, play ground, swimming pool, hon L U X l I
SALE --II ft Frigiaire. per and two rifles. .Apt. 2035.C. Cu- Ver, reasonable. During our .' ,
FR c5 :To,^d FOR SALE--1949 Ford Stor.on Wo- runu A th States. Phone SHRAD VENETIAN ,
fec condition. biggest bargain gon. 826A Empire St Balboa. runu. sence.n the Statesbo "Phone SNRA1' V
Al 44th Street phone 3- AL 1946- For FOR SALE: Sacrifice 1951 Noh BINtS T, MAY 0 (U.P
0602 'FOR SALE:- 1946 Hudon Fordor rarabler country club oerr dre ItFOR AALBe uth
i5x. overdrive, radio Turorne Blue.I less than 5000 mcles.u i o.:i'epl .r a
Help Wanted f,. Roadnno 650 00o. No 9 0 trade complete 2 3 1-4 Real Estate Immediat e b around
__13D__ SAmador Rood. B1lboo. _Speed Graphic, every needed De"T 0 yee bt hlst Iad
WANTED -Maid at -13-D Cocoli The biget use car sale in the for enlarging and deselop.r. w.ill COTTAGES, Santa Clara. Landscaped, Tel. 3-1 1 'I t ai ra.cte to Inl
j. C. Z Call oiler 4 p m history of Panama. All makes., all take35 mm or 8 mm oui hr in' furnished, two bedrooms, will fin- 22 2 0th tance ai Iaiy
medals, ell prices. trade I mahogany bar. 3 itols. once 826-A Empire St. Monday
WANTED SMOOT & PAREDSS 229-A Albrook. Tel 2125. once 826-A Empire St., Balboa. about every w1o
oY, Buik, h.vrolet Der FOR SALE:-Two female boxerpup PANAMA BROKE INC. n
Miteiellanen-li FOR SALE: 1951 Oldsmobile 8 brindle. Six weeks ol d Parqcue r-OR RENT PANAMA BROKE INC. rary of Congre t
Holiday tr;tone green, radio. hy- Lefevre. 4rh St. House 13 Mi. & aH o-o Selling PaU" In the exhibit are fIn
English couple reauire apartment, dramatic etc. excellent condition M's. G Box). Fuera y LuB (f d) B inning paintia while
furnloihed2or unfurnished Phone 2.400 Margarita 8055-D Phone FOR SALE-Pedigreed female pup- ALHAMSSA APARTMENTS Fuerzay Lu (esi ) at k idern Re lf f U
Balboa 1274lz"------ 3-2583. pies, red and blond. 7 weeks old. Modern turnished unfurnlshed alalr B l, Trust 0.6. ie Sa and eari rer ta
SWANTED--Small furnished apart- FOR SALE:-1950 Chevrolet 2-door Albrook 4273. ments Meld wllvte tionanol. Can- Buying: ro, thr
r"-'mnent in Bella Vista area for two Do Luxe Model Sedan. Excellent FOR SALE -Spinet bulr for tropict osol. 8061. t0l Street, N81w 1A a S Ce 8pm was firat heard 0
mren Call 3-2533 condition, complete with 2 speak- Excellent tone. Less than yeaorold Cor. ,'tabl. lph 1986 Col Tel. 3-4' the war of ilr8s
.'-AMERICAN Couple vwihes o rent r radio, plastic seat covers, extra CoIl Crestobol 3-19441. FOR RENT L wI.E t wo
unfurnished apartment or house accessories. $1,400 00. Phone Ca- MOOR RENT a smueppl y wow
I I vicinity CangrelO Or Campo Ale- ca Solo. 895-2. House 84-B MODEKN FUrNiRM E F uaenl Ww ehowa a
nre. Phone 3-0357. mpo Al The biggest used car sale in the PERSONALS Hnou !Uncle Sam" by his workane
ilANTED- m .attresses htory s lems. All makes, alt -FOR RENT:-Fbrmer rellsidence of Dr. V17rr OUl niCie WB ass1witched
and springs Mahogany bed toble models. ell places. HUMAN ENGINEERING Runyan. No. S2, 50 St. 3 Bed- a e ,e'. SWtmj, the rmnen
easy chairs Write Box 2107 Cris- SMOOT & PAREDES Corrective Adjustment of the rooms with baths, kitchen, dinln, j. ..e laUs. etW Witkera, t
eobal, C Z Your ukick. Chevrolet Dealer Body Structure room, large. reception com. Vmold's e- iS-oen. LU
FOR SALE-1942 Packard 4 door GEORGE D. BAR B. Jr, roo nd bath. Large garden. Va- L 8 .m.
WANTED BY AMERICAN FAMILY FOR SALE-1942 k Or No. 1 ,1. 7th. St. can after une 10th. Apply to M
;nfurnished houseer 3 or 4I bed- 6 cy nTel.-16 new. an r eoav- Tel. 2-3833 D. F. Reeder.nPanama .Hospital.-U ncle Sam's our."They lh
r Eoorr, preferably wrth spacious Ang. Tel. -1636 Panama. 8 A. M.- ? P. M. Phone: 3-0000 or residence 3- DR. B. L. STONE wlon in mind and not
S arden. Elvin Selbert, Americon FOR SALE:-1951 Buick Special De By Appointment 3104. government for which the let
'Embassy 3-0010. Luxe 4 door sedan, radio, healte. -Chirepracter te stood. Use Of the tera=
.'. ;.,'ANTED: Electric refrigerator 7.000 mile.. Nis. 169-C, Pedro Taid T ea G v U p oSly Itery noverei
S. ubl bed. complete. Small toble Migu"el. sU N Trying STONE CLINIC r the t.. heB 0st
a .,. and hix chairs. Livingroom set. Call Privately owned ForPICK.7P. new th t & JustlAreM a W '
2-2544 or 2-5206, Panamd. tires arid so forth, $750.t hone F r All.
Balboa 2820 or Inspect at house F r AAV& lCr tn n 1At1 f AYEPa a l n "not always be
,^st n Offered 150. 4e way street to- Quarry l' A -ena El ect io
Sj rN OusIuon Ofired Heights._ tra.i n
;WANTED: Experienced executive FOR SALE:,-1947 Chevrolet 4 door UNITED NATIONS, N. Y.. May March 1, March 28 and April e*a
secretary, English and Spanish cor- Perfect condition. Will accept 10 (UP1)-The United Nations but received replies to none. mf in, moving, '. '.W iba -
respondence. References required. trade 'for another. No. 27 East commission on German elec- them. n a hacrategor,
lly between 200 to 4:30 p 46th Street Apt. 12 tons reported last night that i pack and crate or mov e tB .
.: J Aglencies Glasgall. Just Aro- -Its efforts to inve-tigate pos- Meanwhile In Bonn a West thing. 'Phone 2-2451, the pine.
SmenoAvenue No. 73-A. Tel. 3- Just Dead Drunk sibilities for nationwide voting German government spokeamaq 2 P va 110 PM plant-
t 934 or 3-4935, PanamA. PORT WORTH, Tex. UP) in Germany have failed because said the Big Three note about .= 2 r anar -a
94 or 5, P *nam. The bIORT WORTH, Tex. two fun- of Russia's refusal to cooperate. to be sent to Russia would pro- i a Pants and
NTED:-Young lady with know- ebo was there bu antw oudn The commission was establish- pose that a committee of neu.- I iS 1ea- the
edge of English-Spanish steno- ral home attendants oudn't e by the General Assembly in trails supervise all-German elec- ... ward
S lsh-Iansh ar t N workont.w they d It on Paris last Dec. 20. lions. ptc 0 ..Jackson'o
'io r, ocinn Post "Office, Tur ary 11. dOar i spec- Brazil, Iceland. the Nether-. And Abra
Colon. tton revealed a alight scoring lands, Pakistan and Poland were Chancellor Konrad Adenauer ha tS be about
SC n noise andn odorofalcohol. he named to serve on it, but the informed his cabinet of the con-" utUS OLD EXCHANGE the S- .
"body" was taken toe Jll and Poles declined. tents o the note at a meeting er best values n beth A cter knowr
.boaed birdnmiennea. yesterday, the spokesman said. e m l resonditoned fur- asth r~vbW. a cittt k riowe
Its mandate was to "earry out He said it would be sent soon. new A. Unlereiditioned fur- as fm Areceded
'~ j *-a simultaneous investiglitlon in The spokesman said the n alt'WAAD. Unce. Th 1 olM Aleri,
the Federal Republic of Ger- would review Trevious western 'W m AND SELL ca.unger broth.
man9, in Berlin. and in the So- attempts to bring about Ger- 1 t e Row angr broth
E__Deus____ _____ 1viet zone of Germany In order man unltv and Russian efforts # A2?toiebHe Ro
fS. i^ |to determine whether existing to block it. TIl 2-4911
conditions there make it possible
to hold genuinely free elections An American proposal that
throughout these areas." the four hlrh commissioners ,
Although the U. N. ciOmis- meet in Berlin to discuss Ger- .The U .
s, ion reported failure, the pos- man elections has been dropped A h been. th
silbility of Germany-wide elec- for the time being. the spokes- Zone Libt .y me' 1
tons still was under considera- man said. adding that "the door N f -- W rtrs of new bWaure aIeas
tion by the Big Four Powers. to negotiations has not been & uf i ed for cr th t week.
SOLID SILVER The United States., Britain The me
and France were exect short- seventeen of
fr ly to send Russia a note reply- 13W. May 10 (UP) The new o
SIng Lifetime Sai to an earlier Soviet feeler 1 4d Senate foreign c
for nationwide elections under eommlttees have dI days, n I
Big Four supervision, instead ofe keep aL foreign aid pro- a in
under the U. N. P- -c permits the U. S. created Ii
A VThe commission's report, sip- aid persons be- ipea. ,
ed by AnLonio Mendes Viona .co r be Iron Curtain despite freos tm e
of Brazil. Kristjan Albertson of *itle RusiMan protests that it e S
Iceland. Max Kohnstamm of the I ntended to finance spies. asiM
.. Netherlands and All Halder Ab- e rov on, earmarJpg is re
INEL WIL i bas) of Pakistan, declared: $lor aidng Iron Cdr- a e
(aCOLONEL W) L ree. -ea who- A conpmot ro S a l"r ectedin per- are: 'r,
8(atbAlPoe e e~I r,~ t~-~A~etm~,Cr "Bearing in 'mind the infrue- sa= who are residing inRua-DT 11
ab =el1_ ecega l -p.attern of tuous efforts it has made on I ,or Commanist-dominated we "
o of four separate occasins to ap- 4 countries ofet Etirope, was tacked
.- et a i d bCmifclassical origin, peal to the Soviet Control Com- an to the forgn aid proraOfSk
Tot 1 .. Mission for Germanv to factl- I K
ahetYd for the tate it In the disc]harge*t#s a^i sources. t-.'. 3L
"tbb ehmo 1e0 10, hioa vi duties. the commission. to Its th 710tteu a- cses
I a th dla f 16. regret, is obliged to me Crmle );
to, sm ain' at a. dy. that at present there is little for the 195 foreign
S. prospect of itst being able to n bein. banntn Ju 1 pVsA.
pursue its task." i use ofnary U Pla I

, America.

I US City Planrnrs
To Assist India
I BSTON (U.P. A new e

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motid -

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Sgstin to persona "in" Between
Rawaikd ad ae denied that Nell Owy
sw-.afthe funds have gone to son;7"
B the Soviets came.

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T|uman O nOmny T I
*I Mah e r th f tau- gg. i
1*.APPw- ra VZOOS 'w'w


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Bitt- thia
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Lewis Service
#4 Tivoll Ave.-Phone 2-2281. and
Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-9441

n You Tl .A.Clas .

n You Tell em thru P.A. Classifidst.

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StMimlin for 12 words.
A. eA m Hitlona word.

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Yankees Slaughter



-, ,,-,,. ,:
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-~ 1.4.-v
''~'-. -1

Senators, Browns ain

On A.L. League Leaders Ro
By United Press .
NEW YORK, May 10 The Yankees broke -- ee
out with a rash of eleven runs in a nightmarish .bat
seventh inning today to wallop the Red Sox 18-3 W, --W L g ia-
at the Yankee Stadium. M -- Won L Pet (.Mar b e
r The Yankees faced five pitch- on succesave ngles by Bobby ork .. '15 5 .750 voon nlttS
era in the big seventh in nng Thomen Bob Elliott, Don Mue- innati 13 8 619 re
when they tallied eleven times ler and Alvin Dart Home runs t .. 13 S .619 a s
on nine hits, two bases on balls, by nd Mathews and Walker ae 1. .0 12 .45'
an error and a hit batsman er accounted for the only 14 364 ries l ae t-
Irv Noren by Randy Gumpert. B rums. The win was Hearns aadel pfilas 6 12 e33 Yank uSy
lank Bauer, who drove in six third without a los. r1 4 19 .174 club wag one f the
runs, pushed home the final two 1 the only otbhr Nationalt *o h games not included. the Inleb. fxe
*in the talinning with a double. eague afternoon contest the ereas gly
huer previously homered in the Cab. aged" the P rates 3-1 be- TODAY'S GAMES w fiint
and fifth innings. Boston baind Bob Rush's fosur-hit burl- pennant.
aI pitcher Mickey McDermott inl. Rush gave pp only one ataburh at Chicago. leagp with. i
drov in all three Red Sox runs e.ts base hit double by ttburgh at Chicago (2). was t MA Imn n
with a second intig homet.Clem aogherek In the seventh. York at Boston (2).. elgtiS
Tommny Byrne and Jim R"- Murry Dickson lost his third Ceinnati at St. Louis. Wla ik S
Tver teamed up to give the game of the senasn against one led. 1 e
Bmalwe win broke a five game winners with a homer and two tIw York 200 000 200--4 15 0 hi ne'd never me .
S whmiing streak for the In- sin gles. 010 100 000-l2 3 r: he e I
disa.r The Reds and Cardinals were eain (3-0) and Westrum. lae thought. tse t
Byrne gave up six hits In scheduled to play a St. Louis (1-3) Burdette (7) and uhs and 11t _an
notching his fourth success night game. er, St. daire (81. Home runs ing to make ith
against one loss. River homered d Clr (Braves), Mathews office make ant the
in the sixth Inning after scoring oar r B raves). cut he took this NAa ..n.
In She fourth on singles by Boo r ty e hl. Rosets, ung Man
ing and feordon Gosdsberry a l tsbzrgh 000 000 100-1 4 0 aWI with' none which
I ing a free pass. River also leago 010 001 01x-3 11 1 50 th heast bi
dr'it a singal. l DiaBrowns runason (1-5), Wilksh (7) and fetOW W' ron the
B s score. d single runs Jt t I aa Ru i a t V i run'M I a
h ti h of the final six innings. of he- pustl lepd proboeTe N.
The eond Brown run was the P | l .._ Hindley, captain et the bPhildelp 0at Brooklyn that P u i.brOben 11 O es
%t* fourth run came on Byrne's weft elation oveB a spe sad a eh ai-night doublebeayder). -ta I pla gn e 11ft
MG and Jim Delaing's single. S te -. "UIIUIII. trials near ni. (-night doubleheader) and hree t ll,
T20 fift w Ni hom Cinc innatl at St. Louis baseball
Indians got their first two (y V. ") 1.(Nght game'. I M V 1% I in-
on ree bases on balls plus The Brooklyni DoUdgers have C ru' a..?ln D v 1. the
r- o Avila. In the ninth the mannem, with umpres. ni .te_.t U31u,>League It t i wa n
q...ns threatened when they Manager harlie' Demen says ta, IA- I IIU & .- *n 0 o" __ ^w-
two more runs on a bs a note from National League nt Aon tst Pet. ntd. tt.t Ahen ar
buls to Dale Mitchell, SPresident Warren Gtles warns u Nwoue A Material T.M fo--n i st 8e.652d .aothwn the
ov Jim Fridley and Bob him It you and your coaches 0- o a4n .. 1 8 M I tU ances gave
ery's single. are unable o control "the puy- .... "v A t in 1 I I
era, the le to ctlth By HARRY GYSON "Stanky hita demonstrated, at t 12 10ee of -
.,-Yankee Jackie ensen The 1mar eme to a Sead NEA sports or le ast al player, : r the V 10 11 BV atl W t K d Ga i
with another former Tuesday night at Cincinnat.i/.- rat*tm ht v s. e Yor .*ft. ". l. 10 12
e Senators in the thick riding Plmak Dascol and Prank ments are freot as to just He has shoa* that he is utralph a 4 10 ils 1st e on (By U.P.)
early battle for the ave hris an Cuyk the thumb. hqw mcleh a baseball manager good teleber. oi, .n.r. Gt ES t w' thil. e ss tbigfon ti
Le ad. Jensen n his note, ls who s atontbt to hs team's sue- "Thei Can e bt that A-. S ,
with the bases loaded the game says he heard the cess. Alv1in Dark prolit greatly by "I hAid be n .the bt coter Chu
aleth topm h boneo two odoiert call Dascoll abusive As George 'toI rcera points out, Eddie's coaching, and, although t Detroit ( Keler 1.m .
d break a 1-1 tie. Shea names. Says Giles "Jacie there seems to ba tendency to Stank is not pitcher at least Cl oas at Clevtan' (2). our ste Dte Is
a meat six-hffter for his Robinson was particularly 'of- belittle his efforts. two Gant bu er Ia feet hi at Ceeeia our ott
M*n as many stars. fensive'" es Tocreer answers these with hel ing t em greatly while atiilad4eiphia fetW bas o
S. er spoiled Dressen sud tile Dodgers deny crtis by king a question: on the ting line. -at- 'New York. N6te l nkg, 2 -a-
.T a tout. It. Says Drssen "Jackie is a "Would the Yankees have won ., vae t N of thIb ,'tVP -
to names." top, A., -a-,--. i
sql e1good bench jo ey. but he three ih nnants or the ABLE TOvTSA H YE STe'S Sn do wIt 1Si 3 t

tr driu i r co ttn' Robb.Call namess" Wt on isor ARce YETM ATw j doI d D -eg t andubift"e
th e *Am ei wa n't pitch- a atw 1t hd been Ch o am the 0he-4 1r2 n*i Oll
be th hi a6-3 tri- Ing the Tueosday d me i n Cla n- 5 a4eda Bran"-fk i Influotnne hot t( 00.g 0 a in ftore thp h -a usr -a okI.

,th bit .e A Dascol" decision lIt "In reutal one might say "There are many inaes of to t (4).i
Art Eotenn I the Dger pennant 1re.g meal. There can e nolmedclt to t adom base ofgu _.0 0 ( !e ,. I tl, r
.Catcher Roy Cmmpanella was Oto on that point, tipa gven them by managers. N.y 6g ,e to a- reg. mobto Sts
tossed out ot a gant when Dam- ce inty a cellar team lent go- he ft of being pble to teach MCDSTSoQ (1-1 ,DoIckM n'erar-"Treadead unet-
fo.ague ruled a bBythe runner Ll bing to become a n 'ant-winner li all oo ram among baseiballt ( (7, Atkins (%) y I'e s at hb e t m-
!lBma.50i117 h' e home with rue run na .mere tOrou brilli EAnt iear-lmen." and i tame.- ""iorgan, "-an_'_ -.u -n__i
th oume h rve a 4- win. Brooyn shtp tt shold not be a The Cardinals n tll u already lud vas an.dle d f hfs t the st
ee outcome ne as heckling Dascol ever doubt that the difference be- they- have learned a lot of bae Home- S luer (2,, MC' mu eI ,d the ,ft4
Si inteD. teen and good d ance nball from Staro Der with ofw t1 .0a401a the nn 0 5 00i ,r
Cathe manella no dtes aon the laeag uetan unhap l with the tbs hiat te St. N- Yr 00 12 11 111-r8 11 h 1 h a ne co o
lNo W. o at the close of the wh Du rce from the DBstartC ... 10 0dt...... 6d1Aa andk-Thac at he d t
n toinE out at a m why or cer who lost his aont glwhen traded to the Dodgeras, Ien t he lnorse Td a
hvt a B le ktedr i s to sengo e bae ta l h eirsous hlae bare amonba sblls on a Me y r "n SMe w t -
060k .... at, om o wo t eInt-tere tionlg Le ue laneto the GiClants L 0 lf 0n ruo "e is a. 1arat
o rethe tomre ro e tkoance oaf the clever bmld dd S te r ards "Wash. (') an fr Spam ;:w
h .. of bl pl a yrs an even be- twoeeher as the bto o manager ID ia nllc. bll fo 6 runs. At ably o f e-T l
af fi.i ad. c a emaan aer of dheG Oe 53 I Aataining such a potion -, hands U t. *1
the Brorro -nsis ghrina 'Why- do the s.ue posetafrdti.g hluabe to the Cardinals, even 3 00 i bo Ti l T
n 'm SIBalboa Es flesp e f a d the salre without his bases on eballsta ba' deNii. otJe 5t Wo~
on UUen olub.g fo anrd Csitting. in the dCgeutr Q I1 ro GAPu.:O
ThLe e possible trip to the standing I the coachS h tndd t t he and ,lt. 1 aned I Aitt e ta sir
Ter matters of Importane Durocher $55,000 a year. JsMf-7 D t TaidL V.5' .. sysChkrleS-.-"Y can'trwiu
:will be aCuisemre. 1 rthy got $40,008 for inye g To run d TrocKmen Iica Se Ca*elB l i.
1 "a tl t-second decisions r I iv a o ejV *I. A : Wa -y tet .
8: H opm A 5 v e 0,000 for t maneuvrr.'la be q ) de M 10nCo h u s35*3 Blo I eaNbut, ,
S- Lea i York Americans. aRed IIi the Marquette track team rn Servicn [urOoa t
to rWi hs. far b ls ack as -u ment n Lana ers hes w pe b t Brve =pecia oops. hi 0
Wh with two wTl Mj37,00 for doing th tveo ad, the student rSm man no' and. ,cbz h..d rn5 i
odho r0edA r. a aPAiY
rkr'rr 0 iAndothe dollartwa L coeds applied. claimed a flVr,, -maim b o the ay: Ojew
ota..c Armed. Seedrvice elia y de tc e .
meck iortae ofiAB ttge lever E0
asball Leage scheduack pf therst tm sne Wealth e mf ko how. fie O 1 Walt3rTuesd
flr rondfe. Warm-Up te Log"mu" e whd seven years of eox- *a and o. ostMari uM r s. ..X *..
LT'S NEW !STe atating nittlex Tn e whatuthwort away from the f te e andw had- (0-0 4 lAsexnd. goa L- Oi. ma

Tuesday "A". League d.n.. 0.0,000. -----...... they m d (5e w an gr Vases ()efty
7:0 p ndmaComptroller vs.GSToporer T who Dlayed so m Ach "ur fiend suc a pt fm Trda 11W
: pN, di_... w.i, vs..h meig le
0 pm Rua ehond base for the Cardas I" s'. oe ,'tr,2 M In
Aresue. rp witll hik ree-ctd t oa" n '
vs. 15th Naval n- with d' 'ar te w the in Pb &
trict.. poAsibletript thestandinhi the oahc .
S pQ dored th pW Bor six atl t y'h.- OYOUMS
S'l.m. opl VS. AkeAr longer. who N t thre6
T Bb Aoied 4 ind threANY dtlla ... "rj b othe
Y. K:0o .C. a. C. A., W S at- -d

or bath, walls, b. These games alel to the f p g
AW&I pbi F Oven ..ay z nor OF Ya P 13ngerp *.. ., :...S 0 '1

"L Parini 3 M b -. r. I,......... -
oe ~JKN-~ E O A ? ae b.........i"" ""

r ...................... U :a m -a "

4 m TO WrS COAT r Ti AMERICA: Ri: "" e g -Stl
"moor (not cann Chnm pews) May 19 U. 23 u wt** -
... ...S -".. .
........ 20. .... -...............
.H/p **i "^ 1 '*^ ** **"**** '****-^ .:". :.;.i -^.e~ .jg."....".............. "........ .}K ^ ":
....................... ItsM ] 0 ) -. "

-~~ I0 I ;1 --
,. .. .- .. 4
....-.' ...'e-~-:c, -2 '- ..'C '.:' $
'--' : *' x ..
....-, -
-J........ '-,U A> 2. t* rf..iit* !t,.S S .tkh t.ei:-_S r





-- _.. .. -_ ,t ;,- ; '

Charateri Mil Smfth Goes


'- 'f 0^ e-

wir II. 1'

I aMeom bother to take 1t the tI w9
but t- um I W atarticular itrous.a
fiWO e ited 1Rd ade a very TIrRe
f r'a dreary .andav work had tc
at the wefilg-ln and phone me bow heI

lwas written all onn mm. Ift
S.! .wM ubd.ued an grf ra T
n ed in the alM less iatr
p4olnd : he war atralned
W ioet. I phoned uty i nW f m W
*n bet, that if Louis Bo eteeted e'
sthe frt und.


e ank

S'd 1 -, 'u,

ha : IT ffl ill I II
T a. w...

I N gOWl




30 tAA&.R *''

'.elWej n a I.m oua. w
IaFlng teMd the Ya-
Ma cking ethenmseref
fr not PIC up Marlon whe
fi i more than W m q_ i
," moans Fre
Georg., Welsa' astatant.
"They told me he wes 4
," cries Manager teao
to Save to contoe
Whovw e all in on e

ke s could make Bs lllUB
Infield styllst like
peelkIly as a backrtop If i
* Next to Hornaby J11
the Pw center filader.
rest look- up to Muo.
"He's a real ro,
0rooklyntbom .wra.
"Boirnby treats usn 4
In tasteid no -

-o.secin la l pri
mrad lea uzrt .
100 to_
g r f orna _n
Horsby, Spbut
and te Browns e

he contn a t
j' ]HMarion a NuAmbe

Poppy Guys
WE Ok..

- .


PIP, SBUS apsi andma
laflh1Itufln rq checked. T
e, tW J
N jWp. lazy wonderfi
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ott -a, in butidin for
tI0-. I _

them in aIW
fullback, JoPUMgIMACJAUIMfl
Cly. eB M*VL,4 in gIving
ghe ore t O
give 'it toatA ~ tte

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NOW-"0. 6,~
ebbing vainly to aC

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i reon yma
S. notated


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SNCW'AY-8WP M & wout S-t
A Aow .bi dlarul ,
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vfWtowo~ TmHA w

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I ~
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I' A
ant that ha

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wel9 rew u r -A U* '.*,*' ? '
when the B omber n d Mi. w Oth th

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ws Mgt A
p ag- W.

,_] ". W ^ ^ W I, .... .,

...i fr ':



.. *. *o .^.r "
IW xffdb





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kcen. Letters amr received grateful end are handled in wholly con-
fidential manner.
If you contribute a letter don't be Impeient N It de-a't appear the
*weat day. Lfersn are published in the order reeived.
Please try to keep the letters lisil' ted ie page length.
Identify of letter wrien Is he ild in s tictet confidence.
This newspaper anumes m responsibility for statmentsl o opinion
expressed in letters rom mdern.
(Several letters regarding Pacific Little League ac-
tivities, all aimed at the same situation, were received
by The Mail Box and not printed. Reason for with-
holding them was that the editors felt that their tim-
ing was most inopportune. Now, With playoffs, all-star
games, etc., out of the way, we publish two of the let-
ters which in general express the Idea of all. It is not
this paper's practice to suppress or Ignore views of our
readers. We did not in this ease. We merely tem-
porarily withheld publication in what we believed was
action in the best interests of the Little League, an
endeavour we feel is most worthy Ed.)
I know you think a lot of the Little League Program. The
space you devote to it backs up that statement.
Wnat I want you to print will hurt but unless certain things
are aired out publicly, the ultimate harm will be far greater. So
please do not throw this Into the waste basket but print it. Be-
lieve me. I think a lot of the Little League program and I want
to see it prosper. But right now it is "sick" and it has to be
cured so that It will grow and live. If this is rot printed and
brought to the attention of the public, the officials of the league
may not realize that they have a "sick baby" on their hands.
But coming out openly, the ofilcials will be forced to do some-
thing about It.
Now here are the facts: two teams are battling for the
title. One of them is playing the fourth place club on which
there is a league leading pitcher who has beaten this team
three times. But Mr. Manager of the fourth place club de-
liberately throws the ball game, by pitching the most Inexperi-
enced hurler on his squad. To make sure that his plans to lose
the ball game will not go amiss he orders his leading batters
to bunt the ball. In fact, the youngsters on his team have ex-
pressed that they were told not to win this ball game.
Now it is high time that something be done, when a man in
charge of boys of 8-12 years old teaches them to cheat. It is
an obligation in any sport whether it be baseball, football, or
even tiddlewinks to do his best. And It is the duty of a man-
ager or coach to put out the best team. Gaes are played to
be won and not to be lost deliberately. Anyone who fails is
upholding that trust should be punished. I
In my way of thinking, this Is worse in morals than the
Black Sock Scandal, because here' you are dealing with boys.
who should be trained to uphold the American tradition of
Clean, Honest wholesome Sportsmanship.

James Robinson
Box 123
Balboa, C.Z.
F' Dear Mr. Editor:
I would like to use your column to express my opinion in
regard to the sportsmanship that has been shown by several In-
dividuals connected with the Pacific Little League.
During the first half of the schedule, managers and coach-
es worked hard to teach the boys the fundamentals of baseball
and good sportsmanship. The result of their efforts was shown
by the large and enthusiastic crowds that attended all the
games. Fans at these games included people from Panama,
whom I heard remark, "what a wonderful thing these men are
doing for the boys."
At the start of the second half, all teams showed a decid-
ed improvement with anyone of them capable of winning the
bun ting.
It started out great. but ended as a farce.
There were a few protested games.' In one of these pro-
tested games, the winning team agreed to replay the game, not
wishing to accept a cheap victory. The other team manager in-
listed that his protest be upheld. It was. A comparison of the
manager's sportsmanship was Indlca'ed in these two cases. The
boys on the team that replayed the protested game could not
understand why they had to play theirs over when the other
protested game was not, Reme'mbering that the league deals
with children and not professionals, poor sportsmanship was
shown on someone's part.
: On April 23rd, the Polloe team engaged the Elks in a game
that had tremendous importanibe upon the 2nd half standings.
When the lineup for the Pollee team was posted, it became evi-
dent that the manager was not presenting his strongest com-
bination and It was only natural to assume that he was not
trying to win. His lineup Indicated boys who had never pland
all season, with the exception of a time or two as a pinch hft-
ter in the late Innings of a game. These boys are definitely
substitutes. Along with that, their star pitcher, (who incident-
ally is the ALL-STAR star pitcher played at shortstop.
In the top of the 4th inning with the score 9-0 against
them, two boys with batting averages of better than .400 were
Instructed to bunt.
It turned out to be a rout. Score: 13-0. This in my estima-
tion, is not good sportsmanship and is not in the best Interests
o- f Little League.
Little League baseball, as we all know. Is to teach boys In
their formative years to respect authority on and off the field.
It has been my displeasure to note the manager and the coach
Of a team showing disrespect to the umpires who are duly au-
flhorized to officiate. The boys on the team naturally follow
suit. In professional baseball there are arguments followIng
umpires' decisions, but Little League rules definitely prohibit
Mrguments. These grown ups are old time ball players and now
1 ace assuming the management of a Little League team, they
10 I attempt to run the game.
A Lover of Baseball.

Faster BOA C Comets To Span

1 Atlantic Ocean In Six Hours
SONDON, May 10 iBIS The Force and British Commonwealth
Havilland Comet which start-Paclfic Airlines- which is owned
t ad the world's first commercialjoinrly by the Governmehts of
jut-line service last week. is the United Kingdom. Australia
-%Mirald of bigger and faster Jet-land New Zealand.
jie e which Britain has in ac- The Comet I,. which made its
*ae preparation. I first flight on 27th July, 1949.
less than a year even more Havilland's airfield at
.7wurful Comets will be de- Hatfield, Hertfordshire, is a pres-
d to British Overseas Air- surized aircraft powered by four
W Corporation. "Ghost" engines and using ke-
Snore the end of 1952 ihey will rosene as its fuel.
a service on the Far East It can carry a full payload of
as far as Singapore 36 passengers over stags of 1,500
Year or two's time there to 1.750 miles.
.119 log-range Comet U air-
fltted with Rolls-Royce A- The Comet U wli erids re-
a se, which should enable their faster oa be sb N ap- on Atlantic routes rate stages of -
gat the New York-London miles with til # oMal 11-
in six or seven hours. of 44-48 p.a- egm "d iX
.;-a~ m e -79 m.p.h. On- luggage.
.- S. monl the drawing The later Comet vil Aery a
Se designers. radar device In tTle noe to wma
45, 45 Comets have been the pilot of approve tg erae
and more will almost clouds. The benAet o S C* er
6e sold abroad apparatus can aleo be tilted
f.elfi Airlines^ the downwards to mat a ap
outaide the U.K. to reader, showing omieMsa, tv-
eIr. will receive Its ers and even shtps.
I Uptoaranpgeef4m ,ll re-
of the Comet in- veals any "soWM" obj.agI the
"Union Aero- aircraft's path. sh a -the case
t M YTausport." Air of a thunderclogl, a ara l r,
i0a1 CMuadlan Atr another plLe.

Let the people know the 0a ltt auntry is sale" Abraham Linegln.

FWENTT-3E U TEAR r--* ., .
rwN y-sim YA A,.MAY, MAY 11, 1952 T

Navy Denies- AII Of S'ecret"

Paris-Published CI
PARIS, May 10 (UP) A Pa- It questlofs whether Unitid Mediterranean an
ris newspaper published today States policies might be sho=lcg will win. The Alli
what it said was a secret report Europe ihto an "utfntesrtry" sotw.
by Adm. Willam M. Fechteler, war. 2) Fechteler bel
U.S. Chief of Naval Operations, Le Monde saserted that ech'. cording to an esti
predicting an inevitable war by teler. who hsa ust- returned to Dwight D. Etsenh
1960. Washington aft a vitt to Eu- quarters of October
The Navy In Washington com- rope, made the eged report to Russian parachutist
pletely denied the story and It the American National Security easily cut off E
could not be confirmed in any Council Jan. 18. Scotland.
way in Paris. Some of thi mwre sensational 3) A European a
The newspaper, Le Monde, items in the lt iort, as visions would bea
quoted thl alleged report as published in Le Mnde, are: for only three da
saying that within three days Russian divisions.
after the start of a war Russia 1) Fechteler b11levs that fok an Allied armi
could overwhelm an allied ar- war is inevitab before 19fl slens in Europe b
my of the strength planned for and that whboevr beHl Gibrat 1952.) A recent iT
the North Atlantic Treaty fore- tar. the ites An thte rny study says
es in Europe at the end of *1952. Dardanelles uIWttbetitt the Force would be al
The Navy Department in
Washington denied the Le Mon-
de dispatch In Its entirety, say-
ing "Adm. Fethteler has not writ-
ten a letter or report to anyone
making such predictions or ex-
pressing the views reported "
Feehteler himself said that,
"efBtrary" to the published
story, "I have the greatest con-
fidence In the ability of our al-
lies, with one common and co-
ordinated effort, to defend
Western Europe. Our strength
grows dally."
Le Monde Is regarded generally
as a conservative newspaper.
However, for more than a year .
it has followed a "neutralist"
editorial policy.

Champs Elysees Sees

Undmerwd fi
PARIS. May 10 (UP).-A Cor-
sican plumber was shot dead anrd
another man gravely wounded
today when gang rivals opened
fire on their automobile In the
middle of the Champs Elysees
here. .
The dead Corithan was ean
Nikas Senikl, 24, and the woMd-
ed man was "industrialist"
Claude Birtrand.
Also in a car was a Moroccan
Emmanuel Meraml.
Their car was apparently at-
tacked by rivals in the under-
world circle that controls thi
prostitutes along the famous
Europe Military Aid
Reaches Million Toons
(UPi.- The millionth to0 Of U. canvas by
S. military aid material for wide exhib
L.drope arrived today aboard the months to
freighter American Skipper. The recover tr(
occasion was observed with a editorial, "
brief ceremony attended high
French and American offeera.

Warehouse Deals

In Washingtor

VO Repot

id Black Seas
es hold them
leves that ac-
mate of Gen.
ower's head-
r, 1951, 150,000
its could quite
England from
Lrmy of 52 di-
able to hold
ys before 115
(Plans call
iy of 50 divi-
by the end of
itelUgence a-
Russia's Air
ble to otcupy

K. C.-'-onmxemoraung me mKes City spirit," this
artist Norman Rockwell will tbon be sent on a nation-
lition tour. Inspiration for thi canvas, which took four
produce, was provided by the Missoiuri city's fight to
,m last year's floods, and prompted by a newspaper
You Can't Lick Kansas City." It was commissioned
by J. C. Hall, greeting card publisher.

Latest Disclosure

i-Style Buck-Making

WASHINGTON, May 10 (UP)1 Cowart's bank records also'
-A Government investigator showed transactions with Von
testified yesterday that former, E. Livingston, Campbell's law
assistant attorney general Alex partner, and checks from J.
Campbell handled $2,800'of $22.- Kenneth Edlin of Chicago, Bel-j
300 received by a former agri- lino said.
culture official from a Loutsia- He Identified Edlin as an "ex-I
na warehouse which landed convict" who was involved in
government business. the Frank Nathan, AbrahamI
Carmine Bellino, an accoun- Teitelbaum tax shakedown case
tant for the Senate agriculture Investigated last year by aI
committee staff, said Campbqll House committee.
admitted being a midd)ema'n Edlin vigorously denied any
in the transaction between the financial transactions with Co-I
Baton Rouge warehouse and Wart, Bellino said.
Jack Cowart. ousted official be- 'The $22,300 Cowart received
liclal of the Production and from the warehouse purportedly
I Marketing Administration. was 4or sale of stock held in the
Chief counsel Paul Cotter nMB-1of Cowart's mother-in-i
added that Campbell felt he law, rs. Z., Van Winkle, Bel-
"had been used.' tino aM.
"The question is whether he But hbb added that neither
was used knowingly and willing- CowMt u Mrs. Van WinkleI
gly," Sen. George D. Aiken (R- pahd anytf g for the stock.
Vt.) said. The o ht testified that
r ellino told the committee OtlWart deldep to handle the
that Cowart, recently convicted f 8 though "Cam pbel' be-
of taking a bribe in another cause he "needed legal pro-
case collected $17.000 of the mo- tMeetle."
ney from the warehouse through He pIvodauea phostated co-I
a check made to his mother-in- iS Of the chOleeks which showedI
liv -but alm deposited to Co- t O,.Ciiil endorsed some
wart's accoBt. of f IL 3 'agXit" and some
Relino said the other $2.000 as.- _taeey r f ."
dXM, not show up in Cowart's Tere no evidence "afo-
bank account cedu that Campbell kept &yV
Committee chairman Allen J. of the mwmey.
BElender (D-La.) denounced Co- The cheeks for DOOwrt were
wart, who was not present., draw b" stt s ofal -B-
"lust a common, ordinary te MWMe pfIemuse tsA f
crook a C enmtr, Tie., IMNA. -
The transactions were In 1951 A r ADf mw M --
after Campbell resigned as head Tim V*tw,.
of the Justieo Depertmoat's 4snt "q, UJni Waiver
criminal divion to 'gme nU- -ine %tW '
successfully Ben. srM I Cotter we"d At a a t=Mn b-
Capehart (R-Ind.). Campb ad 1-d-i.&sg tae -.
dow practices law m e .-naI ;
Wayne Ind. .
bellino id a i wc. ksanf, sn
"good friend" of OCM .,' .i i

IBaton Rouge) is hot politically.
We must bend to meet the
Wa lhousing administrator H.
Stanford Yohe said Cowart told
him that Ralph Trigg, then
Production and Marketing Ad-
ministrator, *wa interested in
the case. He said he did not
question Cowart because the
latter "Worked directly out of
Mr. Trigg's office."
Yohe said he later learned
that Trtgg had denied any in-
terest in the case.
Radtloff said be "reported
continually" to Trigg and Elmer
F. Kruse, a superior in the Pro-
duction and Marketing Admi-
nistration, about Cowart's un-
usual interest In the case.
The warehouse, which had
been purchased from the War
Asseta administration, obtain-
ed contracts to store Mexican
canned meat and cotton linters.
Agriculture De apartment
spokesmen said its storage re-
cord was good and that its
price for storing were much
lower than many other ware-

*j. --

the D la t

4) The Joint Chl-ft al
have set up "nets of
tional movement 1t It h
According to6t Mee.t
leged report was 04
ranean area, but li
moot a a Sweep. .,
In adit1o toh.t
land and sItAt
Alied o entries to tM Werk In
event Of war-Turi* against
beth the Russian Cautasus and
ul1garla, Greece against Bulga-
A=s0k0t alleged report Invite*
OWI which is not allied
1h stern Europe, to attack
both i sa and Hungary,

A4l PC Tolls

atmy Below

March Collections
13Is collected during the month
or April were slightly below those
fpr March but *ere well above
to11lls for A l p year ago. accbrd-
ding to t lhinthly statistical
from the anagefient Dl-
uri ng Ap'Il the "l cda-
,rctla ships pf 300 tons or tver
Wt h trasiteal t Pa~ a-
had paid a total of $2., 1tj
in tolls. In addition to the com-
mercial transits there were 86
ooean-going government vessels,
for which $409,328.24 was credit-
ed in tolls.
In'- April 1961 the 470 large
cotmem rLa vessels aid tol.
$2 W. lq. a .th tl w : ..-
errt6er were tr
.qed for.t prpooes and ",
tollsnwere gred ted *
pee t ear, 10 months of T e
present iisaal r, tolls paid by
large ocean e ships, of vtd h
5,M80 had ;mtted the Canal be-
tween Tu Aprilgo, S -
led $ During tis
same pert "2,30,2.38 was
credited for the turns of g-
ernment ve04' .
During the lSt 1 nofiths of
the previous' fiscal year 4,630
commercial. .%lsselt taiited the
Canal, pal a total ef 19,04,-
117.76 in tfolli n fea year 1i1,
however, :ee were nO credits
for transit. govetaZ ent ships.
1 t. i "

hers BuRiJ*
ig has eletd
om which. i-
sides of t-4
uilde the
the platform..

warm storAe
_pous a&d

. bea|t -to a dog but it did.
Mtte,' w is shopping in sjhisl
C-bm reikklog blizzard in Minre-
414lke. t e in the doghou.


* "'-A.,.




tWA~5'. 'N' .* --
~ r~''' ''p.
AI&2)&. tw ~. ,,:' AK'

.*.: : .:,e. -. .




-.- PN *fft.' -.

S- i I g o ; 1 ...

. **"; *

; i

L ....

r~ ''r-'-rDt4VYLT7-~ -
-..- a

1. .

'-r3 *m o *g. ..- -i olata

TWAS"a bO *W WB"W.t I El.- U

ow. I T. Ain alt A1 aaW --
onwa t:. i. e .tXae l l- s -- .---
MI Cw -.bAnry n um a

iW Asr1 SUUs liw ipasaiB


I .

Sd"ru ni, an t Une
or at mny opefla of t e border.

ri it .-&'
*i -r ," *



ciriem as a' sur, s-nmi un
ayoeua. 1.
Can you make U trip T

w I= one

capital Punishment inThis mta
J "W t va le AMUSN
&16 CAIa44 the
Sma to do aiw m. to w news -
to imve y lAtt thi er a del.
.ane .me smtw@a .t o ae

n I' eil tal b :L What do waoL .
A lf WAth tOUittiti Of ethe an OWlOder N.&
Sia oitW s w tai h s t ntol tr than giI

0 12 .101 1 so

'|WtND o.Imes atlMa fisWy eld of m'W#

" TAIC A YearS "lwo Virihb l i, c', floor o auto

"3 s o'r Color 'Visbility' "s

. V'* '"

A ti

one'M D lor this, of couves,
is haig viewed by Ws
At am aWide'oarlst of
I4.M tt ApAther reiHOn
s tiatt e h must work
6~.WM jt am there are oe-
tt ltW.'I diannot be
Mikn Ue di.n" table. the.
SN' *i deasa which have bee
laS thith eold purpose.

1 A Et v a e tablekn uv I
m i., twmieIla th e 0)6' .
Iet Is 's a OrN IeMo a mlob
a 1t~1M f to wak it peable
to6W of a ten with ise A
Sto lte The magician de" e

AN UNKKMSWN JasIu rotl thnu
a eubstltution eryptogaitl b 111 type
Orypt. of cour, is, tw5o him tb leEts
with t*he flglaal l et sE *I 9 t efl or the
poam to Its orIlIiSl anm.




*'It T Lost S P Via" qIm

Ship-twbore Aimna

I^^ iiI p'

p .1

*e be.
o *o





s voy : se i thte. i-
ti at to .
to l k aw

I tod ir d aWdin b&rbai
mi"t not -oGN *feth*fr
-nstm. Id" the promt m-f
bf dpW .by 1 ai m
rm e to aathn
-or toenwig1 Ido in toh
solution U se*whwer on thiU


line that does
not ross It-
self, but doe
oros, once, lR
the lines and
dots hi the
figure at left
and dissever a
oloal place
tor spirits to
be fomd. Bo-
luUon to else-
where on page.

What Anthem?
AMSM the question posed
S" te folpowlng veras and
I Su StMi Ml aleA to name the
aMSt stLam of which thlq
Is. w e.t
WI So di sy k m thiro
awb oeas d aeep,
Im" ke M e's "- ugy bet
ISt osMI repossI-
Who-to m we th bsresen
OeN eSWafg eap.
As ift mf tows. balf e-

As a furtIb test. it you
can reate the stansMa's reata-
Iag Ines.

' ew pam
q asauuq

4 1 MAR)

six li f* eBte l,0'
ag, =JO

DAre Straight i

SbyK few "on halgM inn a
Vrak ty*Nier mlMt
Make WK
f~~~n ~ IiaT*n M P AIR -1
MIX* 1"Q U, ""A r?


Simply Asim.'
DUGINNuwO wiLa certain
ntIMe, I' 'i toadoe
witl 7 fo.EIS U Pi a.
aem Cra es (a,
In W.; fle)Id
onor ara n3.&S Sd the
Deal 0595rl b I Wat 'me thea
orital ain Im f "d
ftw --1ftd "0 M
4.. A^^r"Mpom^aw^E

tapertal to a
~.t did aoer arise
BNo =B Pa r6 h=ad?


Co.l -

Spq.1. ma

,' -I-




Repeat tm
aoId rapidly.
without reor:
* @I soap

INN switehm

FPM the o wltsappe" dGo
* duce the mlI-ta digfto
cempte the following e
in multeptlipation:
4 x I

I x
x xx
S* xI I
x x xz x I

There are only two austeM
thm XX ca bea mbeulUed p
to ga th f4sitg memt-ern b*e
madaL. There la but -a now
rm -aft* x x can be a*
ap SN gs 1o x x t N
OWeS mOes eseI fa be shObS
P-e without too mnu M d
a youselsif a ups MaKtt Ki
aSm aIates
'-_ ,.' m m




K "




yntO W1



I~. ~.

I e -,



r T- .^B .-f *.*.. .-.,/ .,7^ -,-:.

w +, :+ m-:. .. .- .-e ~ .;, zl.?'-V -:.': '-
.. : -.. r .
3 ;inI

IN! .N c I

-. 'Lj~j~4Ptt.~..

S'-7 At ,T'.

* $


' V*~*

.: I.


WY. (~t

3 i.

..;'.'- +,

..- '44

4"V,. : .. -


tAUNDRY DAY arrives in Korea and United States Army soldiers hMurig ct their wash.

ICEBERGS, the hulking ter-
rors of the winter seas,
menace the shrps and men
who travel the lanes of the
North Atlantic. Back in April,
1912, the "unsinkable" Ti-
tanic sideswipedd an iceberg
and went down with 1,517-of
S 2,223 persons aboard. The
Titanic's sinking resulted in
the formation of the Interna-
oional Observation and Ice
Patrol Services, conducted by
the U. S. Coast Guard. The
S ie patrol, consisting of ships
fld long-range planes, spots
the bergs and field ice in the
Sipping lames and warns all
ftsels. The bergs, some a
e iy block long, break off the
, ugenland glaciers and drift
XPO miles to the Grand
ks and the heavily-trav-
4 Atlantic steamship lanes.
toce gunfire and explosives
1 break up the bergs, the
y safe course is to let na-
' 3t meltr them and switch
aos to the southern 'lanes.

.. I

~' *1


'6 A CAf"T'
Sa meal etti-l
Wis. ftIe to t


kA INT uifl~eft on ~ he island of Ocracoke, I. C.,
J ste9s on. lte pot where lft pirate Edward Teach, known
no"B'lackbeard," Was beheaded.. Lihthouse was built JA 1718.

"Nl-y 5*,r


iry'. ,

A* -.

,..'.'. ,


i t
:...*JJ ',:

^ **' V.
. A I

"G4 CH, THAT MURTS," says two-year-egold $MqtW'-A
against typhoid in one of three centers set up by -thae
Bluffs, la.. during the floods. Her mother, MI. o 'A.


TAKflN CARE of her niece Is Marret Sheehan, who has
been,crlppled most of her life and. -w directs the first
Sicpnsed baby-sitting agency in the Igj V Massachusetts.

watch over this Iep eqg drifting across the sew'nam.
A._:-. --,"

Oxford. &

.bat tstrw tassfraa4*-&~nwj
a .- _-*. a Mif.. .. -. .

1-- iM l ns O w se w ppmelbe*.a" -

S ad politis team up Is tsa hat worn by si ...-J.
rett *of Mmw Ak. 'Hr beunet consists of an "1 ,
Ike"'bmgraph met, ter bows aSd .ece of l Os l .-
.~* -- : .-* -:z ;_, :. _-'\ :-y ; : *.. ". -


* -

,., "


tMbut Guard cutter Tampa keeps

.'%,. .

4k -



"I 1- At

I t


t, i


nK K ,. ., -',, --.- -" '. r ..... "'-. .... ,--.,,- ,* ..:.,', ,...-* "- ..-
.' .k; "' "" "' "" ",'-- "' .,^- ,."" "" ,
ir ... ..-', :- ,... ; .:'. ... ... ,, '- ... "'To

S -.
** *-^ -- -

I. -=

- ':.. .. ,..- .. ._ .-- _"? :' ,*7 -, **. .;" .. ;, ,, -. ,,r-.,;.,.W ,

"' _' <** S .' 't "- : ^ ,.. .^ : |^^ ^^
.; ,. ,, .' .' '- .'-:' ^ ^ ** *, .., .-' -.. ..' ,..,-.:
"_ ..'; ,,; ., ,, ..< ; ', .. .. .. ... .- l' *; .. .*. -- ,
I .. ..' : ,' ;. -
pt, -' ... 4 ", '. rT, U: ..':,.... .-
Alil .


,e..~ ;~

f^ ".",
i- ./ -* |.ye *
', : .-' *i -- ^ *, '

-^.l' .... .. '
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TWe week tarted of with wltepR g O
regartdng a decision by ex-Presldent ii Arias'
Panamefdsta Party to Say away fro the polls dur-
in today's anl next Sunday's electiotS.
In a manlfesto read over a radio netwift Arias said
the party took that course because it f1reaw clashes
between the police and "peaceful citizens" and the
Panamefiltas wanted to avoid bloodshed.
The manifesto contained a bitter attack against the
government and the official candidate, Jos6 A. Re-
m6n whom he did not mention by hame.
Thie Panume61ista deoebat btiaght a mees of
devoepmebts wheh ended with the five-party
eoaitioq whiMh supports Rem6 gettbg a one
vote majority in the 14-man National 3leetoal
BRard by voting the Panamefilsta representative
off the board. *
Some of the Panameflista candidates, wlo had their
hearts set on running the race for Ashembly seats, re-
fused to adhere to the party's decision and. with the
help of a special concession by the Electoral Board.
will be up for election in tomorrow's voting.
These included Norberto Zurita. president of the
Party's directorate, who resigned following the party's
decision to stay away from the polls, and Francisco J.
Linares, Arnulfo's brother-in-law.
However, the action taken by the National Electoral
Board with regard to the Panameflista representative
has been challenged by the Civillsta Alliance which
supports opposition candidate Roberto F. Chlari for
President before the Court of Administrative Litiga-

i* TI

' .

of warbobha
In eorek, bh
he week the i

aeai cW men maage wnn ime u ,nmuait pnfuiam q.-
Dodd' safe tele e.
There as no suggestion that the ted
could p O.w, during the mlte time there
for a ot phiwa s, hv*drawn
wards their way to thinking. o
However, It was a Mir het that at least his fas e W
Thred other generUh emed to ave more de 4t
where they were going that did Dfd.
Dwight Nbenhoter was coming ak fro- m 1
to the US with the idea of going to the White
carrying the front doer kyW with h 't
Matt. Ridaway was moving from his desk at T&yo
to Ike's desk in'Paris.
And Mark Clark. presatably hapvn to be well oht
of the Vatican ambassadorship squabble, was on hand tw
in To yo to take over Rldg*ayts ob. A

o A couple of other generals, though Imsmobile, to
The Panameflista manifesto was followed two Ldys have a pretty good Idea of where they are golg W
afterwards by a gigantic demonstration for Chiari, of the time.
which was favorably compared with some of the big- These two are James Van Fleet, fields h"f
gest demonstrations Panama has ever seen. of the United Nations forces in KoreA. Sad
An estimated 25,000 Chiarl supporters paraded down Eurone-wise loni-tlne chief of staff to Ike, Ift
Central Ave. and stopped at Santa Ana Plaza for stooning on to do the same job for tidgway.
sperehes. r'hus it is that the two ton men, new to theirob
Speakers at the meeting all were confident of will each have a local boy of long experience to how
winning and warned that they would go to ex- him the trail.
homes to defend their victory if any attempt was This will ensure a continuity which has not alway
made to cheat them. attended the switching of high brass.
The demonstration was followed by the first pre- It also Indicated that the United*4tates has aft able
electoin clash between Remonistas and Civilistas when bunch of ton generals to counterbalance such le irtha-
the demonstrators were returning home past at Re- niring practitioners of the trade as Dodd, ant Orow,,.
monista center. One man was nicked by a bullet In the gent who contrived to *t his secret, *eW at-
the thigh and another was hit in the head with a tling diary stolen and published by the 2fAtus4
stone, but no serious injuries occurred. when his country was trying to convince
-- o ltm ur'wervinclv pepreful Intentlons. .
The restrictions on travel between districts Imposed Tn this endeavor. Washington sentiment i
by the PanamA government during the elections suweest, Grow's literary meditatl6hs were of p
caused most Zonlans to forego their regular weekend heln.
tri- to Santa Clara, Rio Mar and other places. o -
"here are no restrictions on travel between Canal strikes swept two of the key tndw4tries of the. Unit,
Zr- towns and the two terminal cities. ed States vital both to Wear* A peace lft at
However, at least SO Amerlcan residents, pro- week's end the reintry was titl-rUmitmngh long .1Ma
bably old timers, requested and got seeelal passes enough to normal.
-salvo cond4etos-- to traMtv out of PanamA City out of the millq s to UR industry.
Into the later dhing the voting. The urw. who sour the metal were.. for the time
Members of the American Legion and its Auxiliary be'ie, owerahdowed by the monn-hol plnr the words.
sluo got special ermissilon to use the Trans-lathmian Th. oil strike. first of Its extent in the history fat
Fi-hway to Col6n to attend a convention in Marga- the UR of' ldstr, wa heelaninng to pi eh as It en-
r'" tera- tfs I11th dae *vaterftday.
nama Railroad trains left out PanamA Citv aha Airlines were tinnipe ato t trhedules (tho"-h
CoI6n out of their regular trans-Isthmlen run during not through Paneam). and gas rationing wa" betff
the two election Sundays. And the V. a. embassy tlr'I""ht nf hi several states.
warned all U.S. citizens that voting in foreign elec- 11th strikes are over waves trincloallv.
tons would mean loss of-American citinaship. The workers wfet evklmtltvw slew to underu-tni
0e how it was th-t the Iant.l d l and otr fl'mke shfutl
High officials of the Army, Canal representatives, bo arotsive billiems Aww tohn ever before lt their
mnd men from Panaa. wer treated this week to a m .eteorle Uie. but wotwi be IhMovWellhd Iwt hpanffi
gant ekeriste tin eparedats-when "Opertlon Jack. ait a few more rf hbemHv In Individual pay ei*e-
pot" the Armed Plores olnt effort In eombattna lo-ts.
psuabte atomic k ttock. Over 3000 men and women
st r ed out of their everv-day roles and became or- The companies came ntn the Yryv armpe with iw.t-
gar --d damage control teems. In& aranta of such multinlicIft pnd variety that tlpv
'"e "p.uer" attack, whieh ak stroved" MiHs- mkiht well hipe been the fewdhe charts fom the
f-'es LeesW and n entire area of abot 14 of a lpre-st maternity bvwnttal In the lend.
m'*" asmrnd the Ma-*. was eemletely evelHled. An Nn one nrof*'aed themselves mweh the wlier or toh
estimated f9 were hurt and ISM were dead. The Intr.carv of the rnmieanles' exnianptoIns lepat of
Smwip wroblMe that t eed t e anel crew was myv tn learn whn w. blpmeworthv for the breakdown bf
t" the Inhes of the "eA itPIeWs." th-* I-rooft indurtr*e.
W'th children safe tm bchld care centers. the 17MlW 1- Sw" Teess liPked but lwl' wly 11 04
r'mdn. who for a period of over one year were steel o f r as oud4 bo een fnom thtis u '. the
tbDro, hiv fratned in what ana how to help, went Petblibens refl rdM their t bw*down *s. evid"e
th'ruvh their paces. that ever mv ew lr. Ttuwnn hd iml nde inee armh
pnPet-tors we- d'nly Imureosed. at ves of dItseWtpo had beon ldfsrefe .
wt th- ereollentlt oliPnned and executed oners- CIntrpr'w'e- th, fitNoerpt. 4*iPe Nit qf the. .y.
t- onlyv helped omni"baslae the bglIlsnents of Zone "PuIon ftht Pu-nhleanaM onli't detidstef iduast.1
r Pfn-mi civJPrins by eomnarison. Wherepa the hp'-mnv in -'.hhi.-,n.m ft.I' ot** alone-4 he tel
r'lt.sir were oro**sr*ej4 and nrewrePd for pn attP"', lr''itetrv. i
t-- iviHt'-r- rn b"*' *I-'. of the bordrwe 'pr" olyv T iq rt ovrrf-drn-mro-" nr'-'N"e ttt Rtn*nft'4"
r ,'-" rteA* e tp' what"a evcd'4tor thios Rtnref'- Court hands ftdown
--.~ --.I h., "-'.-4 pndroaea the earn- **Pn rn1 th mnt+fe will nt InftIYienS t.ese De **''te or
J r r** **p-u-r--,- .T-r-'--n' nhtrlh wouid nut themp R-t" iaM4-- 1.n-h* & fl *fh* aa sIllabhe.
f.'- ,.---.' I."wel ti'anrl Enrj 9''pq In fl-enrernaa. Pr-h I e1' +- rhr*4**"+w of 9t0t 1* 1*w "4"-
t'- r'-"'-n rwmnnhttv f 7- ('"m*hre. y oin .-- .. ---
pr-^ r'-- of t i-- rrnnr 09 2o show rnv reftlvv "- this week after be struck a parted trailer truck M10d-
t .-~-' r r.'*.. p- p t-pf I tha~- w"fd*",+ to ^ ,' ed with cement am the T'rans- l RI Iway. He
r*-- *ranipe from tmh *-'m-PAt iPe Priad head- was John Z.. anieley of Port CMdyton. Aavy foR
f' q r rra. and the fset that the truck w parted O the roUad
.- l begtninvn for a bl undartaklna. were eon*rfb.t tg factors in the acident.

Whilt P'nrm&A we' pttfndinM to her own pre-eepe- The possibility that an three shps of Uthe Panam
9 .enbles. an Amprien soldier.. and an us ren- Line would be.tanedfor service, was posted oat by
S civiliPn one -11M. th- qweeka hpld un La Walml- spo i kewaan o weok, 5 MaW On Ce
S t i f" .... '"......... t a. nd at Dh'.Sofw the Canl
"% hota's ewnir. GAr$4 M,. t 04th bs
I;1. A..*
... ...... .. .. ...
at in w eort 't.o Tmnwt iilb man., b. s Cana n* a bade fai to tl* ddth
to ti' ff,',r # he name of Dert nerg. F. eomer, w_


uf purbwsu
teMlder MU
Lien. The

its anrege had dropped trom
to L sar-tWd outfielder has only
. ^>nu &i 1v6ipon Rvera.Sys the
ma'otwe im sM ettle down. t
OfT to a s the bench."
Maftacr Jc ]e of the Buffal JKl
tdfbondiioh folo.

Valbeatft welt hiJ
Doie Wedsesday night a'b vt
deon vwe lassy ChiQ Vlj at; the. 0b1a

Sput Vejar on tte a
kadrohwmi Daeyr n uaw a
es, oftred ptedly w lon letta -thew fa
and -tamach

B~ w o U o il"~*1^W.

- ~nk
I.? bis mafl ThS~

ft ,iii- a- fa_ meoas ..a
*flw -ftb-ol we ro*=- -----tb .-- "
t W i tse IeT4pa fs t lsewI e
Auntie AP- te meld g **t the *F

Two more b&etbatahflis halte pleaded giUty
a New York court.
One Is a self-stvled real estate man from Att&tea,
IPenalwuis '&R h*eI tDuth" baoptA The other

8erota and IaOi*mt cleadd guity before TJdp a 7
It lt l general mesr oam "uSt to an aotet sa a
Pwt* hea mYVk ThatW Wi-Cotl sae mIn u
lst. 181. 'fluev wi t e atenced Mo y a th
U@uSnLud AWa h thouasaAt dolv balL ndW&
we'* thbek to the t h*ly of the DiNtrit AhO U

*'be v

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% ,, m

- j ~.'r'r~,'t

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. -' .*' .,-

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4 "f

'k. -

re,& liset yjtj iRetqldkea.-
pt.) B *o a drqase ch l'a ihemma
S wltb-gSA uavdS4b4heto a "ipare..

*.- -

Qdr ornCesCuitgBreak
'* '.5. *- "; -

.*. ,. M' a

W rstuflraAt at f Ii 1F ha-- analhveimrsimake. Ia

S A knt

ES~ flat.



1 tb-:


' i ^ A RAM -W 1

1-ftrag 4-MWaved 13-bter* 1--Roughen 5-Lobe
6-ftevor loag the twine U-Roater at the
Uta grod 94-Continued 3- tIndebted Imok .
I0 6-986h effs story 4-Oecldental of the
S' T2An S--L4ad 0--laft a-Hot and mouth
Inyevtr held In thatcut dry S--Male
6--cnotef absolute ethers --Pertain- voice
tis' .on H ., flde~end- 9-aleetions iag to 40---Osprlng
equiator. ee of a wall 610ee 41-Narrow
t-NnpMtt (Lai) IN-Allowance T-Havy Mare
2-Shrtlllsth. Si-Carpen* for waste erOeepiece 48--Dtlces
S y colored ter's tools 101--QuanUti" 8---Ilt 44-Positive
ah *-CoibeL of medicine *-*seeesh .electrode
"S3-weetsop *,TleMIed 102-Tatp a. 10-OCard 48-Dutch
24-Rest 62-Street bas ame ptater
an tfr lightly 11-Revern- 41-Murdered
Min 64-Sheltered 103-Upright Ula feaw' 4-Prlatae
i2-emsfte Inlet eeldmu fl-iOtewm. hunt
Sofpme 0i 107-Tak e it bark meet
iT- ?7A =matrtlsmny 1-8-Ors plnlg 53-Bldewaym
Pire .1 #-. Wtlary 108-Thev pecon S4-Hollowed-
JUsee 0oa U-70 tico 212--sport 14-Cooked out
S6-rrnt'd 71-Pradi toAranba 1y chambers
certain 78 Wil 113-UOcl 16-O-y S8i-Read1lg
be ... 4i ble s -l- peap (It.) dei
,--lll eotland. 1I-3Py u---Imitator a--Urge -
mite 1- --Projeclg 111-Cityl 17-lUtter the thbrwrd
84-aJWONee part ofa Pennyl. cry of an. 0-PF iter
pumi nagier sch-h *al elephant 61-Embers
37-Rtobte -lerb-Ycsb Il- af tI-Carrlagse 6-Anger
40-tPlesw 81-te up sithor I -Leaves 64--CatMke
48-C-qth. beat lSI A- T 75 CB-3Wm Idsnpound Uo-Comfort 66-Warp
48-Owu. 8S-lae-n 12 -trikes 68--howed
447= 84-e ll- 34---a e1--O=e
-' _...kof co-tr,, r ,y rearm,
p. lr- y2t '2a-P .er 1 .2-W ,le Mr "7-qbode
to-ft --rltO! Na"e through of the
1-Wy'an s-Prewpan 223-MamOS. the deao
ade* Arpub like 7l TI-tAles
reigIq a e Tta 3-Plstla-. alrriec
Avob U- dofsTa e 34-Vlbaits ta to eem
~ --Chid *i--Prqweh US-Wible n .- T^-.Otot
di- dheg capq u sTugasre mnist b g
Mww* 's m .. sal omi asauete- MesameN A lumensmaWmas



80-Lick up

of being
114-Article iof


ar.J TAA

.Am g to 60 fo

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4Ime a sek


owUmD Mw PuaLetaowit*
M rou" s"at .
COLON Orr.ct 12.17B CENTRAL. AVEMUE irETWCW 17" arCD 1STH 3I rrT?
'CR S"t MONT.b IN ADVANCE 9 O0 13 00

A Man's Work When I break bread the heav-
(From The Belnit Poetry Jour- ens oL His crumbs?
Ai Apple-Tree, a cedas. and an All things remind me;
oak All bones of angels.
G.ov by the stone house in the All fires of grass.
rocky field All ashes ol the sun
Where I write poems when my
hand's In luck. How can I forget the rays of .
The cedar I put in: the rest are light In the light,
-i't-- Or the roots in darkness, or
Wint' dropped them. Apples In thi dust, in the air, their
strew the autumn ground -ingling?
Wnn black, sweet-smelling pips. I forget nothing I am unseemly. "
The oak strews air 11 these distractions In the
Summers with shadow, winters loves of God.
with harsh sound. The action of these dreams be-
The cedar's silent with its fruit tween His Works,
to bear. Amuse God's livers in their
ARCHIBALD MacLEISH. love of God.
But how shall I alone put on
To a Small Plant of the High the cloud
Sierras And love Him not In works, His
1From RecurranceI works of love, SPRING? YOU BT IT
Flower too small to gather, But all unknowing love only HMs. but it's not foollin the Is wAR
Yet large In your estate being? sto Window h
Of mountain and vast weather,
'I am not worthy. All things re-
Green gem upon cold breast, mind nr.:
Of bare sublimity. All tombs of shells,
Scarcely have I pressed All clay of birth, .
All sorrow of green vines.
-Sweet infant, nursed on snow! P s
To where you Hle erent, Most heedful of His works, I am
And chasm faints below. least use.
Most careful of His loves, I am Drew Pearson says: Chinese Naionalsts trie to
All thought of you is blent most cold. obtain A-Bomb secrets; Esiplionae Strted lume-
With azure sunfght, granite. Most knowing of His craturs, dlately after iroehma and NageMkl bemibk : huge. clear firmament, I am lost. Secret Chinese instructions covered eery S U -
Great moss, great innocent at And yet I am unknowing-of try OTO teThee amanr.mOhiee Goe-
uments have just come to light on the wawk
Upon 3ierra's awful knee, epaof the NationaUt Chneee hn sh
What tenderness you lend to All things remind me: te t O asain ertCInt on I
these All si generous. Wayne Morse (R. Ore. inser In the O m-
Monuments and mysteries, e ^a r ars slonl so
onumentsand dThe beast that knows a little The three. new docneIts,
With delicate sod and bright k-as than I ed, ivermht te uoSe to. 1 in tesawI
What loving flourishes you add Clothes !n his little mist my na- nationalist uaent has burying to n the s
To hard works of the infinite, ked care category as in trn to o n e -
And, to much awe, delight. And being hid in the more reck- cret of the atomic bomb.
HILDEGARDE FLANNER. less bird uthermore, the Chinese t nfldnlt to obtaliitA-"
888 The bird in the most seemly te show a crets s tent attempt. to obta A
recklessness bomb secrets, beginning immedasa ely After h
St. Francis and the Cloud Is held, is hidden, in the crumb Hiroshima explosion n 1945 and extending
Forget all creatures that ever God of bread. through 184,-
ade.. with asey recea m o bree tWhile this kind of espionage Is to be expected
o heed of there ..As this cdmof nfr a satellite country, it Is a hly quon-
knowtug Is betwixt thee and thy God soAnd all things clouding, sky by able, It not unfenty, ItA ac On part of a
put S cd of fOreCtig betwixt thee deeper sky, nt i act on parof ab
nd a creatures The d Brother by worthier brother, I oe ent which has bh, materen a ond military
I may come m o n U.. h, aeris an mi
iFrom The Atlantic MonthlyTo all unknowing at is loving rt eret Chnee cable dated ept
With such unseemly caution MARIE DE L. WELCH 1 19. immediately after the iroshmana and
have I taken heed ngaaki explioltns. It read$.
Thai now, if I stane, if I run, "Prom: C e Ait force headquarters
If I 11' down, "To: r Attche, CIO Chinese Air Force
Awake in my speaking, asleep office in IL8, A. .
In my dreaming prayers, "Your cabe received. You are Instructed
I must remember. to continue search for Information In re-
gard to atomic bomb.
I kneel as the birds bend wing wo J. Chow."
C. J. Chow, who signed the cable, Is the com-
In my sleep the .amb in his au- manding general of the Nationallt Chinese Air
reole of wool, Voree ax one of the highest men in Chiang
The lion in the halo of his mane, Kal-Bek's councils.
Ramble together like God's M BIKINI SOBC TS BOUGHT
works, my dream. The second cable la dated Dec. L, 1 044, land
shows that even after a great deal of MM .
How can I not remember when in the United States over the leak ot a_ .c
I run secrete, Chiang's government was sU endeav-
The rapid wind, the spaces of oring to penetrate our security.
His voice: .The cable reads:
The .'ck, His deaths of sHence, | 'Frotn: Chinese Air Force headquarters
when I stand; "To: Air Attache, clo Chinese Air eorTee
in U.S.A.
Sunday Crossword"You are instructed to collect the n-
nday rowo Pule N. 4-elee Mar. S formation in regard to the report of the
results of the Bikini atomic bomb tests in
T]J yand send back lnummediat*ly for o
N i s ,."C. J. Chow."
The two above cable have come to light in
a manner somewhat ailar to the way in which
tKe Rastan rfatin Canada was exposed -
In"Jad the code clerk of the Rulalan em-
M=, ecleded tat hibe omun-
[- o not be =on the U.nited Stptes.
Wansnaton. p* Fa & .e aotaor of

semusm -d ibalam ib inr Wit-
ale. WL 4, pUMled ted..
' -'

- ChesW air mion, Ilae had n vlavings
t Chinese prying ltetbp secret of a gov-
.nment that was a andd

Another document, perhaps even more m-
ficant, Is a top-secret atruetdon sent "to a


"PoduetUton method of 3misle types oft
In detonators. and their eteents.
"7 tew InvenataMs and anUtatrera
mi.r to. 1

"3) thad MUM security cna
"3) W methoftls mg
amet e. -. i
-0.4 ) .tly employed jods of decoy
5) tlie of eoesd a couatsiuitoiae ad-
ecurity dai e
"IntaU0 u on military targets
k fIt 15 ,.t*
"2) Alr4M
*') Anels aq ad ir power plants.
'14) Steel plntan offlaerta.
"5) npoaf and air bkabs, apd equipment
and depots.
"1) system Mta k and bridges.
"7) sI U y system, cwoay bridges, por- -
ta a hltway hubs. ..
"8) ie lad waterway system and its con-
trol points.
m"B h arbor equipment, docks, piers and ware-
"ID) Military dept.
"I) Barbor defem.
"13) Distribution of antiaircraft batteries.
"14) Water suply, '
be much better if the ltormatlou described
above n be given ao With pbotlraphs of
the targets)." .


, "_. :".I "; k
,,.- .^. .ff ,i,- W > .! I .-._

: A, -*

I -- r.,( ,,,,.4

4 -1,
thm. o-f so -ateswn sm.

,..-acoas recently. Mtual friends "" t m
sl't'ly ig ih hrwase atfault andve thathaim Weehnt
way mble I of it by bpoua i t a awd ing lt
sea t Wineor and Arle Shaw, one. mao! ed
Sto r, will rmo have new beks h he
0-0.0vi.e of r.M 12 X 'uwA# vers." Shaw'as Is
.alo Maoi matewhoWArtYSbe W a bleir de' ilab-

Ia y A o* n OBe s SMvabia 2 it shve to d. .a- te a Mary Lsd Ha ha d the ee re of
911111.ll rguanbuitsI in n gaw ..Yf teh-A-Ptt-Lt-Aitnteg-AwIlcrowd. i'So
befr eit hit tewh.Unto t .c.m a.G Wro" did ...CraE abo tt ae

Sh t h "maw. lit dbH -o -us" ei Haunted with L t? e urL
Th etl .!P "1p Up b orror md put on h'M a3i0 top' fu6l.t ."l f .Amng ut fe ..tVrI ura_ .& "n l n. .
A .*ir yethb q. Watn's 19o y0. M -o tor. -in ",t.

--any A canPaiona .- t I uae to P.~r a,, nd Mary Lind H had th e who of
."I* @ Tell tonef qthai w l l e you l4l aet be re ieo he h al tn V la r

m* t e atM a~ al th a ad 110l7m arm d fo m 04'a T E bbenn na e t ar p
t, pgo eo..stm s ai -a by to i it- ,.In .. omiq ao ime .ane n. Ha. .hia
u iBt pmll n a ntt e i be pu n the ea mad hs AM er
TaUhy. .f eota a an .. thlGa r nP t hed plot amrel t h w w It I a

SthW to n l id n ri ri e e haa e ena net eat World
oar- .e tiMtw wth We Mauary rl,5Olhma If sucrla. boh m',_. 6arMlaOw.a t-tWe
r4 k yowbyiIe Co"uTd In t eais. o tei Iegmhi. H os h im

a1g t fup- etal e been eatae into an dar e a ar Truman conde laeu wtverest eth ts Ya
ae f l Cle" .. .. a" t Petro- dgea Plae-In-the-nec.. .A p.n a the S, w can a .resid, t ,a, mn a t when
Se eir t a u never ... A w
e e stpp byr thtr .. strike. s 4 e are tl&V taga t the fun- he ooted fe.h ete. ."Wy shouldn't I replied
t ladt ? lashing our major f In u n Lewis Mr. PrMaidet. "I leep He a by. I all
: t r tiat w e getu o, aiu.raft YO 1 l of The ah on baietmf .aLO ?. Mr. T.
Shat.. ow y get? man Just stared. Parau em e e.

lo .15em W
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Cubs WK o N

Hibernate In oe
(Photos and text by the 'Professor of Military Science the the
al7ph K. Skinner) and Tactics of the Canal Zone la Pack the
High Schools, Major Wayne are: Den ia. Ja .
Four leading ROTC cadet of- Bart, USA. are: Den 1, Mrs.
ficers from Balboa High School These photos in the SUNDAY and assistant Den
have set a high mark for un- AMERICAN were taken while John Turner and Mrs.
selilshness and personal service the Cub Scouts of Pack 3, Bal- McConaughey. Den 3 A
by their training of Pack 3 of boa, were preparing' for the' George Thibodeau n
the Canal Zone Cub Scouts. annual Camporee. are Mrs. George Zht
All volunteers, these cadet of- This pack has four Dens of Mrs. Richard Ln p .
ficers spent much of their Cub Scouts. Normally there aie Den 4 Is tuldied B
teaching these eight to eleven 10 youngsters in each Den. Ter- Christian Skele with Mrs. We
year old Cubs the fundamen- riflcally Important to each unit Hamant as assistant. Den 3 has
tals of Inspection and review is the Den Mother, who over- a different Den Mother -eaeh
And these busy students, ac- sees the activities of the group. month to pass the chore and
tive in sports and other school They aid in the instruction of joy around. During April, Mrs.'
Interests, were regular in their the Cubs in patriotism, safety. James Crane acted in this ctp..
attendance at the Cub training and all the things that help cit'.
se.sions. boys learn to be more depend- while these ladles are i It
They were Cadet Colonel Sam ent on themselves and less on to be the "mainstay" of Cuba
W. Maphis III, Cadet Maj. Ray others, and to be better citizens Scouting the da get fo hep,
Tucker, and Cadet Captains of the United States. too..
^ ichards Akbott and Jacob Pi- The Cubs have certain! There is Jack s. De titi
ce achievements to meet and the, asubmaster in ch* of
SA. ge-ncrous in. giving of cooperation of rhe parents with F'. Jack MrI, .N in N
Shis time to this endeavor was the Den Mothers is essential toI Chairman of the r OltfW tee inr
charge, anid ChrisLti'&bte, Br,.,
as Prgram Cha tn with
G Dunlap al-. lehard
La er helping .
Ptkt 3 works ~ a bils of

I trh wouldd 1U morea
able to Mel in
Slsme mothers a kto urn O
i'- Mathe, .and give .their time
V. tih betterment of the 'young
Some mothers claim they have
--* to work, but it was pointed out
to work, but it was pointed out
Den Mothers could also find
lucrative employment but have
preferred to put the children
' One man mentioned that .
Active in Ihe oib training vewe Mawss ole, marshall, De. some mother are working for t t htt
Vore, Cadet r" re-s Maphils, Pfet, Abbott and and ithe future education of their "
C pwes.. MIaor ot 1 leBatr. sons when the sons need theI.
I education right now! -



For the Best Fotos &. ,

..It's The Sunday i
*, .. ^ 1 .--' 'I ( l

,. -. -.
i...., .

; '; ..

2 .. N ."

~~base bKeir **a upt" lr a o artte ea
"t "

% el air agle to i
r Jp k betai pt-oar uf the aid of the arphmnge at M
Ot. when moment's 600.
tit the t 'aW Pat S1M Thle ptspeth of sulplpfyg the
a.tmas at the chlaren wt the Asie E a

rS werat~oV et "~"t .tat cer.
atta thatWmbtid =2 M I the,,,7,- they
,.And manmele .
w _s ,th bnOw l eve Blonee
tw t'dhyina ex- y asvotk n to 0e1
siatd 'coatnt on 'nhans.and them lub i trane-
faces. imed into an all-service kind
Ssdeldde to set aside ten In the evening, with atomaphm
the bar's monthly In- full of wholesome aook alBl,
ipale etlalvely for and ei gastealag "iaS a .WO-
anage. derft jp"lha, I 40plWU# '
iaue l have agntat era s e tt e am
Ialie "aroafe tmtlhiiie w *o

UonuOfti m eabura p t ILIhepa."
noIt I A15 da' wave soeryaw e.
out heign *00, if ra 11,1
-W oft
- -, ,-.. -; .".. V .
It...- i. wm "'W d .mb U @ ..'h .at
4 ~ WSJ1SI~. "IWasU e and teRS

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res". Oi

aw. na kB

''W-" go sIln -a be-W- "- a ..ehraknU "N"
t-e, .agewi ee e .a te ia ath iwast
whiet e* *th b as lit e -

-. ~

-.-- I.- -

" ,,' '*; -.. .- .. .. .. .

m -o .

I -.- I."- itmbe


. ..* .' ... ,*.. ,: .' ,;-.. ,,' ?!,. .,, ,i
,"T.__''" ",,t" "''',," 7,.
., '' .: ".' :'r ,: ,j,-" ,. -

A -.

**~~A 4.



* .9.
* .r: .
..~*-b. '~J -

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(~frA~ ~
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S* '- .
*. ,r *.* *- ^ ^:

... "-', '

: ,, ....-
.,.. .;-'- ". ., .-_ i
. .M ., ^ : > --:. -,. 4 ,\^ ,.^ .k ^ ^ .^*4^- '-t." f.
* ......,. .* .. _.:,*^ ^., *.....*J'-i-,^^ .l^ Si.-,



- ~ V.1. .~*p A j -

* -~

.'** 4. :^ '"

, .* ,

~k. ~

* a~. < ^'

',- ^ **

- 1.


~- m

.7 -





Ig. I -.





S r-

.. W -"* -.S. ..... -.

-a, wa-
*. '


.. I, -

S.-" *- "




.4 ~

...- ~
.2.* J-~*
-. ~j~.**-l.. *


te 1
* 1


* ''' r, l e *'-' *af *. ,. '

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!- "*
" ^^^^I^^^^^^^^^^HB^^^^^^

: '-^^^^^^^M^^j^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^BB^^^^^^NiBBBi^^^

[' 'I2 :iHH~iH ^^

- b .



. I,.-

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, I,

i.a.i ..1.^


mdl- -


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~'- -

I .7

"7 ... -,r

.~~ ..f^jB^^B^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

*yeai 1I^HB 1 HB

. Mr

J: 1


"..t. ....

^ '. ** .* ^ ^_,.* ^^ -:.'.

. '. 'r.- .- -' .

o '' :. >

^*'^f, -,.

:^ ; .. .

', ,, ,
f.."* ': f

' P




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40, ...j
' ....,S

S-WM ."i -**. =2 7' ,

*., -~ .5
.4 j~ .5

* .~. ?~I. *.'..,

(.-; L 68, I'VE ST'
6K'T TO HAi/e A








* -. '--.. -.--r---- ~ *.* -.



*/ /* *
*; -<

&.f ,

poww o.... "-

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