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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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SEOUL, May 10 (UP) e, f ,t eaat
was released *dy uAorn M d No&0"1
use pvtasrg ofsr w Ir W l% kW M&t)a

Gon. Jams A. Ven PlFl's A-S Anp
raueschng Dodd's re.-, f.t
100 had bMwmade to win mi frena.
1H k hdbeen hloM by the" Min t* m Im,

te" Ii" emsade ofO teprm te, but
ic5 he Vt Mwu#d atSs* e o do
to s l ura

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Wo ethat he was te woqtg
nE a. a gleam. -
on ..


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04 before acting on
fire-lntroed the
neaJu almost exactly t
snwif the senate. the t m
Monus would be deonte STa iad -h. "
dittn toi per pa t aue, d- --
ueh as tilt pay. I Uhl I.4 f
a Oo~ n l ead.s r u
dfbtad ths t both hou W Mlmn i
Md t ap val to thela t y a Violent A ManyY
o -Mle .sltt a four so r r. t
.v~wlbat Uvl. P nons, _sadn -a ,, i IdTm
t boaDt In alUowaoiM.t fo adequate to rins
f 1ttM,'f quartAm. ed rate of fIre "C
Sa Mw tle chance for vtolqnt eomlbat
on s lal) combat 7y, ores. Detn ft
Chairman Carl V A. Lovett ttM
ion s.) of the House Arm- American troop 1
e .Servlces Committee at. lie munition three tl
1 old hM earns "ater.- Kdrea MS during 1

0ay IMmjt-tma l. the
scept this MOfT the tUl'
lap5e. or there will be an
aerie .of "no progress"
question of febs .nit
rT It the mnsu.c tnle

pe that a
mat prin-

US Food Prices Going Up Shortly;

Overall vg Costs May Follow

6 (LBP)

I lo-

Arnall urged Congress to'result of a qult' Uey of
eaigae the Capehart provision of pSotj lit margias. A maat
Sontrols act "Immediately t study to I r way but
to prevent a "marked toerease" It wil take oma tme.
to theMe9tof living. The survey ambowed that anM-
He lammed his appeal In letters Ings of wiper assets and
to the oatrmen of the acate ehsa ha4v tfuen belto S
and h msBamkming Commlttee. go mermapt's erhlgpts nadud
Arna tn offeet asked angrw --main yardetik Tor spiirbngs
to ttualf a ruling of he U.S. price Imerese needs.
e f Court of, A that The standard- provd ta
ti ad wole aay prim me r may h
lt P.e Vicreae. mder on& o oana& e
jb__ _. -- A.Mwi '" P*^ ** ~1 t;-

couM e r~bend. '

Lo j rUP)--of-
fIctal Bla d today thot
Brtta miw lead a move to
tmfertth a tn, td

AXlmtu aou ctaiv Zemcd tat

tsale warfne.

Ofaft0m maM ortlclam hadut
coma frt'ommmWelath metm-
Irn, tse MM ,SUS. of the
u. a Miate a utoen d
of able of, tin Mde, par-
tkua*ry with revard to war

probable ft 3 would de-
aide to t w te -lead sea n
meeting 9 avw the talta re-
erred to the l lee ty COunelI
so ta ritUes could oair their


la the Then
Tsea!r-4 s

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slof lo mwalme"+h a a

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offlem o s aema 3m9a

seadfc why Oebte 1-

Polatma was wea
t. -t."- -uie.W
to un g lthy the sfn b
did notfelb 1a I sU.wteo r tOr pb

a seeMwd ea sttt. a us I w Sm e m bra -
Cee. a a
PDnnlg wta Mha ew 3.o*

canr to elrint owof e

YanW eet mai almastr i S
ties late ui hegmby -
Pnotatdk hwp weith d a a

said d oddi hims tl ww-
fkbt he woulh be fieed ao-
bWasmd.ON MOati ashad VA

t'w ? coJ.
Dodda ap l, uS M hudd te

mdad uSll sp ca mda S f i
ised If DaiSs taken pei' a -i

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Suae the CWiosarMm :


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Y qi.u4mge PAs&au No ot@ a4 ', L.Nhn'
"SLI Aao .Us PNA MII N. PAaI 1* Pa
top aWU ,mlhaTTIVmS .J* JOUA ftw .S INC
049 MAnhS* N ve N it Y tlAlH 91M N AL

an 1V".M ADVA as 840


1 &l%1l e 1. hlsOp.n- m -I !Ie aeem As

bu. t nLsew slm i esld oululw b lad are b 6dl1' i e whn s "a-

"g d in elmtn nd al he .A e
?' l games b ^ b I have a few ors to _b y
S d you ever stop to think whm at ARS lctuy means

i] red Forces Radio Service. Armed Forces, get it? And what
wr iswant they should have. Imttcfe.

We vilans are privileged to listen to the AFR8 broadcasts,

.-Ml should not accept them as our rightful due. g of daily
SLdo not wear a uniform, nor am I parts t cularly tereste
S id yol but I would not dream of griping because AFRS -
S beamed especial to the men and wmed Forc en in our armed

elects to devote two hours a day for four or five
&li";to America's "favorite pastime."
Let those graceless ingrates who find baseball boring tune
f mome other air wave during those two hours.
ST 4ere are plenty of them foremost of which is Panama 's
on. HOG.
And let's not hear any complaints about "not understanding
bi l1l"l or "disliking Latin music," because the broadcasts of
are all-English and offer a diversified field of entertain-
it for a variety of tastes.
Or if their particular delight it listening to a constant
haphony of be-boo, jive and so-called popular song, such
Come On To MyHouse,." "Cry" and "Ham Bone," let them
Sarecord player and a few of the more obnoxious pltters
lain them for themselves.
I hope. however, these characters don't turn out to be near-
hbos of mine. Satisfied Civilian.

The Commanding General, USARCARIB, ought to inspect
eoumstng conditions in the crummiest, sorriest housing area on
e Pacific Side. namely. Skunk Hollow. or Curundu.
These quarters, which are supposed to be adequate housing
most of the Pacific Side Department of the Army civilians,
little better in appearance than the Calidonia tenements.
They were built in 1941 as temporary low cost housing de-
ed for five years' use. and have sagged lower and lower
itl now, eleven years later. the old joke about the termites
ding hands to keep the buildings intact is no longer funny
almost a reality.
Quarters are being offered which are on a par with a pig
they haven't been repaired or painted for at least three
When an objection or request for painting is made, one is
the old run around about: "You take the place and we'll
at we can do."
a is supposedly some painting under way, but not
pgnha money is available to paint more than a few.
fly all are badly In need pf repairs. Stringers, studings,
Setc., are rotten and honeycombed by termites.
Yet there is such a shortage of housing that there sla a
II g list of from 50 to 75 families for nearly every type
rs in Curundu.
e list is on the bulletin board outside the housing office.
Take a lodk for yourself, and while you're about it, take a
at some of the crowded conditions, fire hazards in the un-
tted tenements available to Uncle Sugar's civilians.
Then take a drive through Albrook and Clayton and see
t he provides for his officers and first three graders.
I am not begrudging them their quarters the best is bare-
gcod enough for servicemen but is a civilian so much lower
a serviceman that he doesn't even rate a decent place to
The civilians do have Curundu Heights, a housing area com-
Sto Clayton and Albrook. but after an applicant qualifies
aMelies, it takes more than three years to work up through
Ist and get a set of Quarters, due to the small number of
With billions of dollars being spent for defense, how about
new homes for Curundu, or how about some paint, at
Low, about routing the next Congressional Investigating
m a a 4' h here, or billeting the next visiting Representative
T department of the Army pays good wages, but can you
n satisfied without a place to house his family?
1 Irtrtily agree with "R. H. Cab" and "Homeless Bachelor"
it 'to add further grounds for dissension in connection
(- H i proposed new bachelor apartments.
I i F of all, lust because we're bachelors does not mean we
Apartments, closets, etc.. in miniature.
W U to make our apartments into a "home" we can enjoy
Swhe we can entertain our friends and give a dinner once
while the same as "regular" families do.
You certainly cannot do that in these dinky places.
SWDre are a few of the objections.
The kitchen is too small to even turn around in and has
Sffielent ventilation.
2If gau e are windows opening up onto the hallway it is
Sfl to be very Inviting for those having to go up and
getting whiff, of cooking odors.
H' no partition between living room I guess it is sup-
te, be a living room) and bedroom. so that means meet
will have to provide a screen of some kind to close it
.f dry closets or should I say "match boxes" also
H-- t a tub in the bathroom some folks like one and
t db one use for a dining room?
As A or the terrace, what is It supposed to be?
Dos one dine out there and do guests set on the rails?
to be Just wasted space which could be nut to more ad-
t about those who have a collection of furniture? Are
B to dispose of it just to suit the apartment?
Also what does one use for a Rarage? Most bachelors have
r and they do not want them parked in the streets all the
4 mgl does not have to use much imagination about the rains
IMn With those projections as hown in the sketch the
*lace would be flooded In no time. 4Why not profit by
H^Himeein "Rainbow City" with the rains drowning every-
i ol t with the new "on the ground" houses and projections

the laundry whoever designed this certainly had no
wMth a group of maids working for bachelors.
you picture all 17 of them down in that one space -
and jabbering to who was gains to get their
.AP and where?
B the clothes have to be dried inside. there will be a lot
itged eople than there are now.
wiie w&o! want to live on the firit floor, what with
d-1Mt m -e- and athe wants to liv eon the Ard floor -
0te9 flllts of stairs ets to be mighty steaous la
the rent hate to think what that will bel
6lprtmeat now ued by bachelors have their
.baMt ae A ret eMl laritr. better and handier than theft
lsim e~t O t for a arage And laundry, and tam

Sief the omaMny would am
8***g h6us that it is now" Wl
welbd e ha p with app
SlEathe1 Samheler.

-. I -~
-I-. -

Labor News






I va

By Victor Resse
the big plant the magical elec-
tronic gadgets roll out gun di-
rectors for the Navy's big bat-
And right outside the plant
gate, in a reeking shack at T7
Woodlawn Ave., to be exact, two
pro-Communists have set up
shop to try to foment strikeS
which would paralyze those sen-
sitive instruments and keep
some of those big Navy bufters
from automatically finding their
Communist targets itn Kort.
Theme two are mysterious ope-
rators brought In from the mid-
*est by a dynamic pro-Sovilt
union, the United Electrical
All day long they write leaf-
lets, distribute them and hassle
the skilled men going into this
General Electric plant.
But here they have a hard
time of it, for the men are
members of Jim Carey's anti-
Communist CIO electronic work-
ers, the International t Ilon of
Electrical Workers, and they pay
no heed.
It's not so across the way In
Schenectady, electronic capital
of the world, center of highly
secret atomic research.
There, in the giant home
plant of the General Slec-
trie Co., built oX steel and
brick and concrete on beds
of Indian arrow heads, some
40,000 men make the huge
turbines and all the power-
ful electronic devices which
fly our planes, move our
warships and fire our lguns.
Yet some 19M of these
men are led by pro-Com-
munists who control them
so tightly the CIO just can't
get a toe-hold in that prime
of arsenal of ours.
Each morning at 6:30, pro-
Soviet agents are out at the
gates of GE and American Loco-
motive Co. plants passing out
pro-Russian "peace" literature.
And at night, something call-
ed the Peace Council shows the
notorious Communist-produced
fhim, expose in these columns.
called "Peace Will Win." This
Is distributed out of New York
by the official Soviet film agen-
cy, Artkino.
For months, the Sovleteers
have been showing this picture,
which glorifies North Korea
and features a Soviet labor
agent called Kuo Mo-Jo, winner
of a Stalin award. For months
this film, which blasts the U. 1.
and attacks our troops in Ko-
rea, has been reeled off before
the meg who make our secret
gadgets., .'-
o has me h et een a
to drf these forces frot,
t h e nation's electoral
centers. Bu it may soon
happen. It can now be re-
vealed that when this co-
nlumtnist was In Chicar o re-
cently, he learned that a
group of national CIO lead-
ers were meeting there, Ire-
paring war on the pro-Com-
dmutsts sin strategic war in-
dul tries.
In Chicago then were Walter
Reuther, head of the CIO's au-
tomobile workers, Allan lay-
wood, executive vice-president
and now operational head of
CIO. and Jim Carey.
After deciding to set up a
new joint headquarters tn Chi-
cago. they completed plans to
send flying squads cross Illi-
nois, Wiscnnsin. Indiana, Min-
nesota and Iowa into every
city and county where the pro-
Communist unions still have
power especially in war In-
After that they'll swing east
and attempt to wipe the leftists
out of such centers as s chenec-
This is the showdown. As
much mnney and manpower as
is needed will be poured into the
fight by these veteran leaders
who r)lve been through the
toughest unionization wars in
the coal, electronic and auto
Within a few weeks. some 45
special organizers will fan out.
They'd l pick a city, fight the
pro Communist crowd, beat
them and then move on to clean
up everything in sight.
This marks the first oo-
ordinated campaign to clean
up the electronics field,
radar factories, tank plants,
let engine factories and such
huge civilian prodietion fa-
cilities as the vast Interna-
tional Harvester Co.
Previously even the. CtO
unions feuded among them-
selves i these fields, thus
diving their energies.
But now the anti-Com-
munist war IS on.
It's long overdue not .mly
here, but On the West CbaMt
waterfrsat, In Alaska and Ha-
wall, In the eoppr mines, afd
the eastern eai and tole.
graphic mauileattes cena-
No Soviete'r sahmo be per-
mittd to lead a uuicm.


HOUSTON, Texas.-There seems to be a great It is a new kind of emotionalism. Billy does
outbreak of morality in the nation, as exempli- not encourage hosannahs or amens, and he
fled by the presence of the Rev. Will Graham frowns on the shouted respoftse. Too much noise
in this city. among the audience makes him nervous.
Mr. Graham, a disciple of the exhorting school He is no rookie at his business, but he still
of sinchasing, has opened offices here for a so- gnaws at his nails before he goes on, and he
lid month of driving out the devils, and his pre- drains himself of energy as he damns the wick-
sence is worthy of front-page coverage and a ed.
special series of articles in a leading newipa- The popularity of the Rev. Will in the hinter-
per. lands, as well as in the sophisticated cities,
Billy, if we may be so bold, is the hottest might augur something trendwise in the entire
thing In the evangelist business since Bill i8n- country.
day. They packed 9,000 in to see him the other It seems to be, we may have skipped too far
night, at his premiere, and it was a real hot away from the copy-book, and that cool and
night, more suitable to cold beer and a rocking limpid reason may have been partially respon-
chair on the front porch. sible for the mess we're in.
Billy Oraham's appeal over recent months The Saturday Evening Post, the other week,
and he had Congressmen passing the hat in had a most provocative cover, showing the pro-
Washington must be a revulsion against the press of parental control of kids from the hair-
times and a sudden updrive of dependency on brush penalty for tranagreston to the modern
the olnt The moment 4a.rIpa.tfo. sweet l l r~a mlng with the hit. .
f w against the J*m. Imact* a m to te Rv. wll "b
A headi1 h en ers. pgday d d towul e11bWlsL aotbO, 1awaM. Come;:
the tact that the Rev Graham was goInM t W tfu hoeing for the habrusah and the
film a movie whose subject was the emergency hilrshirt.
of right over wrong. Simple right, simple wrong, It has been a long, long time since I have
and no gray overtones or undertones of me. seen evangelism covered as a front-page news
Not since the dear dead days of Sankey- story.
Moody has anything along the lines of Graham The Houston press has been giving him more
been observed in the nation, and that covers a space than the pipers of New York devoted to
period of some 50 years. illie Sutton, a dramatically unSuccessful bank-
I faintIV recall attending a devil-driving meet- robber.
ing of Mr. Sunday some 0 years ago, and he Houston has devoted More sexy coverage from
was a pure piker alongside the magnetic box a human-interest standpoint to Will raham
office of the Rev. Will. than it generally lavishes on a full-seale rape
It is real hell-fire hot around here these daya, or murder or visiting movie star.
and the thirsty followers of Mr. Oraham's words It tells me finally that th -people are hungry
have exhausted the soft-drink machine aeroes for something they have nnt beea getting fr6m
the street in the firehouse. their leaders, and their embionalUsA is heading
But out they your. in droveS, and they are as toward the old-thney right.
thirsty for his condemnation of the wrong as Mr. Graham is stamping out sin, with both
'hey are thirsty for the drinks in the firehouse. feet and a fuller business than South Pacific.

Murderous Birds .

By Joseh and Stewart Alsop

WASHINOTON.-Historians are quite likely to
hold that this year's most significant military
advance, surpassing even the scheduled expisieonj
of the first hydrogen bomb. was the eobeure-at.-
Ing of an obscurely named guided mi .
The missile, called "Nike" for the Greek God-
deas of Victory. is a fully guided, supersonic rock-
et developed by the Army. In an impremsive nam.-
her of tests. it had achieved 100 per dtt-
tion of drone-operated flying Fofttss Ifl
at mafimiam speed at 35,000 feet. Because ot
triumphant showing, "Nike" has already been
ordered into quantity production.
When available in quantity. "Mike" Will give
our great cities apd critical Industriald a-
tions their first effective "point defense." which
is technician's language for close-in air defense.
But even this long forward step bIs only a frag-
ment. so to speak, of the truly revolutionary
meaning of the "Nike" tests.
In brief, the guided missile art consists In solv-
ing an interrelated group of hideously difficult
problems, Involved in building. propellUM stabI-
Uzing and guiding any missile in flight.
Each "family of birds." as the InitiateM can
the types of guided missiles, of course presents
its own family problems.
For all the families of birds, however, the real-
ly basic problems are similar or el y o OM r-
able. The "Nike" success therefore C,
bids of other families either have a l
shortly fly.
It can in fact be stated on highest athorit,.
that this Is the case. And from t
of America's air defense, this geral wrouw.9
our guided missile development Is
more important than the Isinge eu lU MBe."
This Is true. In turn. became aI W ea1 e
air defense now regulates e .aborate
system. including at least two gaWed
besides ." s WeUll as manda a a atMal
early warnmsg radar must 4atlry eveal the
enOmy'W ftrt areWh. ia -t6rate

- i
The air-to-air guided misle, needed to asSrUG
maximum kills by fighter-interp tr aircraft, is
not quite so well forward as 1 1i."
Neither is the larger, loner range DeIlssU
neede to transform the continental area ato
one huge hornet's nest.
Yet, Air Force and Navy efforts to build these
missiles glve the greatest promise. Ac~rdna to
responst le Informants. prototypes of all the il.
Lernt birds needed for air defan should be
stisfactorily tested before the year's end.
Furthermore, the other missing parts of a mod-
erm air defense system have been. are beMg. or
eft be provided.
The all-weather fighter tntercepter now ton
use, the F-96. is unsatisfactory, but there are
gret hopes for the newer F-0.
The continental radar warning net Is on Its
way to completion.
And for the really early warning which the'
continental net c~ nnot give, there la the combi-
nation of radar picket ships and, still more Im-
portant, airborne early warning.
Convair aircraft, equipped with warning de-
vies. designed to fly continuous patrol at the
exteme limit of the outer approaches, are n-
eluded in the Air Force budget which Caness is
currently hacking to death.
In theory, then. the Job of air dease against
atomic attack can now be done. although It will
take a long time to do It. To this. however. three
steM warnings must be added.
_ Kno single wonder-weapft will do the ski
"NWke, for Inastance. with its short "a, an-
not knock down bombers tiring giot-si!
guided nst their targe whih
e te of the fte.
And t Is ao unable whether *Malloi
hit smb smaller, far speefIt
air ell as It has It

MaClve-i New aestkie ae
*ili- ^*s^-injsi .i-tf~ as- al-- ek-1 mitt ksnofi ^^SS^


- :-:;:*


I q


Billy Graham


,' r ... "-" re .-Vt .0- ''+ .

to tpat the ehate or ia plit

& ha 1062W_ Z1T4: as w
6o down lfor violiti i lt A m

an a kiing WHO looi o. 9, %1
Senate t Timplies that itl,6Mori66lite

sin was an terate country bumpkin, flated to a M 6t1
bombast by the fact that the purely automatic procuseloi.ttoir..
Ity had hosted him to the diw helkht of, senloiptr etk a
member of the Foreign Relations committee,." mo q ina
Act ally this was not the language of the edia9 l.. was
Cain's own language.
HR got away with it, however, by sarcastically aft": OM
sterling charter of my colleague te senior senator f v
consin, shlne e frth.
"Are We to believe that having denounced Alger Rlf I Wtai
onin, he would come bak to Washington and tr t
Secretary of State who said he would never ttrn 6n
H1iss9 No a thoaInd times no,"
The Ws gton sehator then proeaedOd to rtad a 6f
WIley uoe fm Wisconsin papets-qot obviMlop iued
by McCarthy, largely from hil n4fme newS n.
"Are we to nae that the istlor m tr toeWWIo n
(Wiley) in hli eulalgn would beg, perhaps V d
from the junior senator from WIeG n oaty)
return to our nation's capital and grovel th1 crew S ]
attempted to destroy the Junior senator O WU a" ieSai
poured It on. ,'.. .
"Of course not; it is unthinkable; Mr. w Aidet, it p.
he wi 11nsred Cain's bar bt le it be knbwn 4* t
he will n h doing Mis own thinking 0 otei7 ,s!. :"
iTN Ti--MCarthly tried to ley
as ambassador to Norwfy before the ist eltetioaW-..W leil-
laterally, would have made McCarthy the senior 2:iA tr
Wlason ,n.
NO .---Caln also served as McCarthy's mouthpiece foently
to defend Jumpin' Joe's war record. Too many consatEnta wOre
asking why hie, McCarthy, quit the Marines in the middle ef the
Pacific fighting, and McCarthy needed someone to put up An
Charlie Taft brother of the senator who lsn't loved by ela.
lie Ohio Republicans now finds himself in the ualque OWNia=
of being lasped to old-line 00P boeoms.
When brother Charlie first announced for gove la Ohio,
there wre moans and groans from old-ard Repuia k.
Rnbulient Congatesma George Bender led Nle MaMi.
intimated. that Charlie was totally a l mioqrat, h te un-
der FDR during the war, should be shooed o1 the O k tit.
Other Om-guard Republican followed sult alnd -M.
Thoms J. Herbert was finally nduced to enter the lplmlitan
primary against Taft.
However, George Bender came to leading the parade i lahe
opposite direction.
Charle 'Tt. nder later said. 18 a fine man.
a Inthe Be = I

the rest of threat. .
The publIe, he felt, might not diffierntte b
Charlie running for governor of Ohio and brother I npmg
for President.
And the public should not get the idea that the name of
has lost any ltlcal appeal.
.NOT -Chtr. Tafi worked under Rooevelt dun the w
is mo vre r Uan b but hr always dti H
lican ticket.
Secretary Oscar Chapman, whoee Interior DepartmetJ
honest that It doeM't t into the hmadlnes, this week oelemtli
a government birthday
It was 19r ye ago this week that he becarne ilta
retard of the tlror. Wit. in itself establiHhes a .
For 19 years Is the 1on et period In American h tht
one man hase lerwdM a tMaWt secre ry7. undeereta""
Beeretag of a,veunt epadtment. .
tTnortunifatht Wthta ot th o option headlines is that
reflect indirecl y on thouMtd of other conesientlOs p h
The public Rets the idea everyone in Washington "
when actuallyhselngofials are easily the exception
Also the public doesn't raeltse that public demands for
no0y have cut thlTederal budget so low that in some cases t i
no greater than that of an Individual state.
Por thLmnca e ecretary? Chapman recently wept down
telak*. .. to de"1t a new state park and a nw otel ow
and eowated by te Uasee.
Much to his l he found that t se mta of KIe
hbd in Mw its "In $1,A000 t
which is imeet s an9h as the maue u rune ve1te"4the t
Departmat for all 10 of f at al an-alSa s
S urthe e the state of tloky operates It4 own k
hotel Insate*d of renting them out to private operaltire as e
the tonall rk services
This caused the Secretary of the Interior to do a lUMe t-
gratltrovy Mkddint when he spoke at Ientake:
"If some neoe ousee me of running the e6u dw the
rod to Bolmitma." Chasman maid. In onlelinin he bowed
to loa mov'.v by rentln hix hotels ont to nwivate ent going to tell them that you've already got It here in entucky."
All voUn have to do'Is look t the ais of some of the lesdtingt
Onritns in this cmfIt' rn to et the answer for orison riots.
One of the rtdeu in the nation is that whoe one of the fltt
riot. nlcmtrmI-tSh New .1eTey stit. vlwinn in rrentop. NJ.
It wow f'rst built 1in IYSn lon, after Oeorem Wpslitnle
_er.i the Delapwre. m4 wihne most of the wiesent ImtNwlis
aSliv d* back its bIg. at leot onet the original e be"S
mwmi.r-un for ew is th. Massaehusetts state urlss at
1,hns'lwnw. Main... built i, 1811. and in usM un to tAOe It4
thu""h It I yu hly, tmi.-"r by a new nioson. ..
here is the rolleall of other antediluvian lauls. all of hs
Maryland state priute. waltimore- S. Only partly m_ e8s1
I llio .at4t. wnie. Jollet-ISA. A new institution at SC
flin waned to 9*7T tn vreolse old plant but incretAed poRin pip.
uatB* hba ksnt lteSt la wee.
lxbmel stA gs9>,'Meord-J5N. tltll in use.
date riteg. Pwme'p-lWn i tftu me
am still od 1de. although additions vbee

* *- V
-. A

e"' "* -


','" ... *'^ "V/'* -;.- *?'-*'*
. "" M ; ,'i"..

Si~/ Spendr/ T h MTsh

Kauver & fIm Inqur

raL' oB WCWmeana "da"t. general adquarS.-

,..r g s ame tA en 8 ff alter Eqenrwer ca* net
an"o6s ,that lashes ul
So. I mm ,~~..M Asi *tis we m ead ed, .

S3B r deaderhf 4* 4tft said he 1v6e a bil iEon
S- ." .. .. .. W. 0 i dollar 'u be n e that r- I

S44,,. He -netNoeer.
ote.. laht woud bring thes outlay .. d.
3'.- .,. cbaietged xefauver to about six bl~ion dollars.," he 91}. s. .
the Amerleao people said.
SR he_ h uett nf all the me-. 5enhower. at a news con-
tMfpSoIwg nmerous ference 0 Norway, aid for c "has
g thit Is "Taft's opinion, moat eptltety in aps!"
de P .'s DMtAontl he A dqua- *Iw refer not to comment," he from people of

.' aOltfe 4 l It 1 states than Sen. fauver headquarters smaid money v t ffhonelwr tm e as
-f miheol@td in one dinner
wn be slaS I san y totne. Mod cm called onr at c
o Raft i S. s I-Sde l m o a ta nd letters of residential a. .. -
,,e,.e. that 1. eker dates to "accentuat, the poal- ly.e j In ldit yer a Vadndernd tie" and refrain Wfrom discredit-
.. nu o iam d ago. Ing rival candidates.
;" .*n. *'**No ,.'noun.gby

."1kUi n eka i f l a ech lu ore the Wash-
1186 e fegin a b lflgtoni Orade AshoNlatwon, yuadt
n us"s "n .... rt w deP~ "name-callIng, smears,
( .*.f ..l.... ........ ,e,.atft.vagant charges and co""-
.....TMempby gdt wn ducm- .
S. n. tg ._ draw the last trump. The hearts rbAWOu ua.n s s rs
'L .WA., tiDaltEad a elub w@ldthen be blocked, and there he mAdq uartt AN UtIid PAiIm 'ney
a t hr AIo 1g of lgple7 rr k ter wa ne o in th e retIA Linite mm of I s g [ .S
"s -w'rtt 4 f tbe seetspadus adM of the tricks.
.be.l.enIe ectanker patiently le eat
.. .. ...... s m y, up th e f thbe eand Jack of hmrt rem s.s. nam ...........s............................... .e.

.._ traps .e.. .eat w ould take this point West would tcc takt e the pod. ....... ..
maaa PNeWeI ssad a" sanAouqfesnof nsp&des and return a"-
SJ :. ..,.. s:w trumr to proven t from cIl Then the only way to get
m ,3 s..:::: v."*,. rufflug damond later ot. oneot dummy would btbj way raeuuoa suVI |in.a MEW TouW toI PLfIOUTY a _I.S1
."" jjt-a.eJ a'* '-" diamonds end rnffed a dismerld which would give West a trump
lam e. ..... .,, *.s' *, rse ................................................. ...r.
n "4 tis......t... eJ ",-t ...-. _' ,*e .~.t~.~.~oe f the ace 'of clubs i.c before leading I .
u- .... :te.. m. u S 4....3' meet carefu..l brMg players i n the nine of spades. But then ito.CflmSK Nl .',S CH LIHIk,.O no I I 5 im
U 'et pm.'v sloo*. If"h" #dtp t z r b S uit take im n, nodm nh ,m irm -
.. 3.... a.a. .:,f ....ipb ..... o trumo ps t woulMd take t ie clarea was bo und to regain the
et', t t e p.m. *' J e .... .a, of spades ndleadafo rth leuad In order to draw the last1
d.i,, 'a.." ] d 'trump And win the reat of the

7 .1- "':t-M P-ed tonrbfllanck Mt.^ Cmu y l'd, 'nh'


-_ .. .. .m.... ......... .. ........... h R E T
I *te trMN S fo.r..?....o uld.. take W, V.c Point.,owould.- pr ,eO ,, '

A.ftmo d leiS^ ; aSANTANDER and LA PALLICE
~, ... o R 3 VmfoEPAC lubO" Then0 tons) l..May tgst
.p W. tO aa"est.-.. UN...D KINODOM DECT "I

S.6. .. n.. 0 T a G b a t H PACIFIC PORTSwde wy ADoS fs
= .e l-......... .." .... ...... ,.............. ".......h

-S .... ,. M. ruf.. feda .wwlch wo2dgiveWest.. a t18
with t x. '. .. TO UK/CO1TINEST May 3th 122 o
a.,,.I ...... a lore, *... ... mi., t r .............................. .a t.
m'"-. a .M. t ..v. ..^....................^....... a y 28th
ol-' 0nigg e toJ h ,s fehoe t n es so e ld r 'ings -
p o N.Aawe.- m... at Mi teis Teul, 12.57/3 proud to wear!

S. aaB ...i' i p i rr. --r f I.f. / _.__ a. CA B A K H...* 1
]ON..- s .lu-- --. -if .erwhthe.n.prerd

1 -.--...... .. v..LA .... .....uim Gum.uIarutlead I er oe Oaot

tlr g wi tan arie In do
= wo l-haitIAL DEPOST $5.0
.sSeccn,. W... m iea.wtprse ot mflh

U"'.- .-s-IaWAR

OF. ***A@tl msItflluO &AE
ing,..., 4p t a e.acceptS,. o-..

'--.. .I .+ ,. ..I I. ;'7 + + -... .-
P : !"*-- -"' ,
-muII. ..- .Inc4 d @I=Same.

. *- -- ,.- -
1, All immGOLORS SMC~z

.110116t&we^to no swa
ep.. se..... s
I. -' .* .++ i f .. ": r:' .v" #f"
:', r, "'" "" '' 4'k'f

t~ PAfA~A

a #1 -
'5- t.~- '~



SLuLLYWOOD, ,NEA' Guys Marilyn on mixing glamo
,.u J.)oils- **'ll go oil making ilmd Drains.
.wisLIoucalers ior my own corn- "1 don't think men pref
I kry. but a n iny outside pictures, dumb girls But they're not lool
A \.tint to no 1Limngs tnat will nelp ing for Intellectuals, either."
l.... a~ .,a actor against tne tune' 6* *
\..'Fi nat. to0 ivc up all ItIis It's take it or leave it stul
ju 'i"i', a'rumnd. ut Petei Lind Hayes and Ma
Auni L-ancaster at 38 explain- Healy have decided not to I
i., ,is season ior biting oft a HolylywJoo or Broadway ev
t.. n n o sona drama in hal Wal- split them up again as a tean
' li- Lome Back Little Sheoa", If other husbands and wiv
*. Ct iincealing ints muscles un-'can work together, so can Pete
L.L olusinies-.' SuIL tur a enange.,and Mary. who are In doub
Anynow." he continued, "I hainess as the star of "The 5.04
do l unaerstana people who talk Fingers of Dr. T." and are alreac
fta. "ut a burt Luncaster of Ulkina about another co-starrin
I..,. urc. I've done a variety ot iilm mor Producer Stanley Kra
Si-.' s. i remember wnen I went to met
t..-.n.;ia witn 'fne Flame and' Peter on his flop in Ul's "Th
the Atrrou,. ine. weren't inter- Senator was Indiscreet' back 1
t-..-d an making sucn a film and 1947 playwright George S Kaul
tJni me the w anted a Lancaster man. William Powell and Nun
t '," ui pieturr like 'The Kill- nally Johnson flopped right alone
C. a ith Peter i
Si t, JIL4 agu. went back' "You get a tremendous build
tu o.uju:iila %itn fai idea lor a up as a comedy star in the eas' as ioy aoout parents and then Hollywood brings you out t
cni.aien. ine same executive play a straight role. I did nothing
lio en tinal me studio was onlyibnt open doors in the picture
interbste-a in a typical Lancaster People said, 'Hey anybody could
picture. 'Like what" I asked. have played that part,' and the
*Wany. a.istled the executive, llkewere right. The picture was good rlame and the Arro,' of;l thought, but it was badly timed
course'' 'Our government was no long
funny when it was released."
Nionicd Le,,vb, a new movie -
goddce,. whibpeied tie oaa news, ...
aoout ner career -- anc s losing rnSpital, Cemetery
pots ano pots of money as a' Close Together
i eer l-vey 0o Uose together
her show business pals &ot the
ie tLhat Moulcad as aoeing of MELBOURNE. Australia,. UPi
furecd t. Knox and BingLi osoy _S
ni'ey belt when Hollywood Pie- Someone slpped in picking
Pippred her right out of night' the sitefor a new 2.,00
club stardom But now a little '4.500000hospital at Sheppar-
oler a vear later Monica is con- ton. 110 miles north of Mel-
sinb omgiiournE.
-1 mnake a thiidol v hnt I used The proposed sieLe would
tu maK In night clubs alone, overlook the cemetery. which
''.i not counting wnalt I used might not be conducive to the
to get in rAcilo. iV ana record- patients' recovery" the city's
ing \rantea to oe a mnovi c ac- health committee decided
,tz'.-s, ,iiat Ill. I lia a ct hoo.',e
bcLweeiL iiaking bi, i loney ana Now they're looking for some-
doing v hat I love oest It a ihiroii on the other side of Shep-
an n-.lotional kind of decision .)arto'n
and I won't make any claims to,
being intelligent. All I know is, Fire Truck Flats Out
that it's emotionally satisfying " current chore. A nice role MINERAL WELLS. Tex iU p
it, MM's "Ever thiniig I Have' is It was the first time in 28
) rs' ,ears it harl havenecl. sL d
it s beei kept a secret that O a d
I .naA iaiev,,sisturninoverthe'Oddie Heath. a driver of the
$.uu Of! n, ." o g ing paid by, Col-' Mineral Wells Fire Dept The
umbia ,or i.ssignmei.t-Paris' to fire truck had a flat tire as it
Producer Sam Lpola"o n as the sped to a blaze.
price for his freedom from a
Goldwyn contract
But Dana slipped me the news|
and added I
"I'm reaching the age at which
I can't afford Lo make mediocre
mo0ics. You cant amlane a pro-' I I
,.o., :, oo.. The Ch
duc'r fo' vo.' a'nijg o etl an act,"I | C
f r at I- ;- .. il:i' B it it
b-.' loi l]. aI t o mle u I Ol t ll
tli' ". I f. l.', 'r undid rontrac't io
Guldwyn tao 12 :,ears I thing
that's a record [or a Goldwyn
star. We're parring good friends." ',1
As e sees his future: I have a re
enough money so that I don't
have to do a picture In order to
keep eating.f e I can't get top
grade movies, I don't do any.,
Hollywood's changing. Pot-boilers,
don't" boil the pot any more."
"O.K., so do me something." PANAMA BRANCH
sexv Marilyn Monroe shrugged.
"I'm a bookworm and proud oi COLON BRANCH
it '"
Marilyn adores Tolstoy and
Dostoyevsky, totes around a worn
copy of Rainer Maria Rike's "Let-
ters Te a Young Poet" and ad-
mitted on the "Darling, I Am
Growing Younger" set: Spe
o"ure. I'm a book girl. But I'm Speciali
OIt an intellectual and I'm not
Interested in being one I read be-
cause I wan' to expand as much
anid grow as much as I can."

S ;. .LIT*~~* .--..~"


''t%' \IA


"Imagine your relatives staying only two d told you
putting that lumpy mattress in the guest rom would
S. .......ipay offlI ,

Dog Tired Dave!

vid was a busy fellow
.Iopptnl never left bbhn meNow,
Worn out. weas., tired and brave
Wh% not read our Want Ads Dave?

iase National Bank

of the City of New Yorl

okCees over $5,446,879,93.7

General Banking



ne in Finnmcing Imports and Exports

CHRIS WELKIN. Planleer Ready To shoot mR uraa, MD ...

That Man Again

Nil-44 A
m^'- *** .

'AM ~R

RILtIM AlftD rJl niFW

L ~m
- ffe~v hu~

St M-



Please Stand By

'C .' .4. -v~.

4LLEY tOOP lEasy Boy!.

CP U s u.m.P On
r. ItHMi-x .-.-

S. ? .... :', .



* ^ I-

A* :- i A a5 l. .tr. as* -o Mr. R. t l, r, a o Oat e or it d tL.

a^ ar ....dtrtgtlr ---- B- tf _ep :. soor ; M".*a ".. "'yP '1e ".E." Po rode At

u Mrs. L Barsnett Wa t w sthrai frot te B d e8 M.. ate.. Mr,. W. a.. r Td r5. to
en t P. Ro T r, M l Ann boook the

ia w M ry; Mr. and Mr^.. Mr. L. Wl daughter of Lt. and Mn. T fo w i d l jt members a*

t0 ratlrirgeon E Mrs B. w. T4phnh I a Nnd PiWdWLoble -erary ch at16 *
Av & ad,, Mn lia CP wwoh, M" ,a,

So aa man oon have announced the birth of M rnan d her vr o h ts hm d andy s t ea t

TE .r,. M elen Rovic", Mnr Gla.ton Hoepttaaon Ma 3. lgh al pat the Wh- fpwts. These pre'bnt were Wly ., Mrs Dorate" Ee Wl wfMr
-Aalre a rbs Mrs. DH- Mr* Is ma her NSt YOR SKPMa i(lP n', e ady a a wltselm. te and Ead- ae nSortMu.yrt u D.ou eebe wholee et-
w. l Thather A ia, home In Panama Cita her 0-yereldthwrted lover Si Ven f ttmn a e Derethy and Late M. s1 Majorl Millr and MrF. 9:30 ISaS.L. en St :
Sa? Z 7 l m Mn An- hoband oa serving wia : the arm- 1ld 11 lrl rt Rthber who aea ad Oas 1t to trS wl aae m
St. Lah Daed forces In Korea.M ell a Ml On the CrStobal and h "en M y, Do.y ratt, t u ".
-g 0.1. -------- k- seas en rJ to New York. Blert re- o ny ana Jr Ston Al O C e to
win. 3b. f. be Nfxt Sutn-daf e e *-. M.e" "M... .. .er CM.. ..C Parade AtK.
I.. ola"'t egest t d MMlm !",. e e.a Tat he o cr e o. t31 pftereutfs *neri. .
oriof R, d is ttam ent wIll b e bba h a g se. M rtVRI wr uose W 'oete Soutq A tshe Therae
ba. "*r" "ra ,.
tT Alll WIM
.,s utirp w fl ;p ent twon a M o la tlou thiserenn.Wa hS Pea L
eAL alo b the pormiweee:thit ,b *MI .e a, htl deanher and .,. i.AA

at M. s-d a 3 -n--urv bothousualcand said ea-w0ldot
t.-siam. ptturho ro wtw b a-ward tha; t teUPtwlld Sr-, ijgng* D A t a e o ,"tbe wok. !
Imhe at -flthe Imnies t 8rs.W .: Cotm a r t tjpo- Lj1Krs?
baSS ppdse1od.ewabqabalgn thell n, gnsth a a!a.* corsetume. nd bhaO le W ian :Vch e hboodc. a ,s
,*1& ,, D. of h a frie ds a ,' aw oflbe ofl come ltt, -t o ? Swi. -Dtem 3. 3. T s r. GavlLm ECllteho See M .rs ed at oee In roliew I.

MU 1.b3.U both i art tr wnse shee
,asLN.tLWall.e. fL ad Mn s. Bar- oeno g oM -.

.-..Aoa on .4e .o atra. sn
wirth LnmeuueempD voaio hleell holda,

pita-. oni.f linflu rer, yew-r-S .yf- weHrA TSuda.
drcs I. sw ta e.m a del ys

pr ese nt h O e class tth es of willfe
.mha dt Re tspreu"
uV .3 0 N' 6 4 Mi Vt a n "W W

k t daused* y wssriasq corwnit dsot's NsOhWAmyr
Sforas b e a me ll e Id AN "y r .
IZ ( par hues tgift ar cup des, 0) put

e wwsasuuuaswiriwuea GW.t LJ6 Ti TO-WAIN CAPITOLQUWAM.
bouvswA ._sds s; .m~t. q GRASS.: ,,
,4. ..i lt.. < ... .. .... m A" "
-,..M. a ,-.n

.. .' .. ..

:s-t-~.--:~rt I'.


THE PANAMA A00.. ...A, "MW-AOT -A W.t-P- t

,n-e. .rr!~ -

You Sell 'em...When You Tell 'em thru P.A. Classified!

I leave vour Ad with one of our Agents or our Offices iu No. 57 "H" Street Panama
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Colon

u.n is Service
ir4 Tivoll Ave -Phone 2-2281. and

Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-9441

Salon de Belleza Americano
#55 West 12th Street

Carlton Drug Store
10.059 Meldiidez Ave.-Phone 355 Col6n

Agenda Internacional de Publicaciones Propaganda, S.A.
#3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-3199 H" Street corner Estudiante St.
Phones 2-2214 and 2-2798

Minimum for 12 words.
3c, tach additional word.

C.o es- O Fo

-. -r '/
v* *; *,,

WASHINGTON May 10.-(UP)--Sen. Alex-
ander Wiley, (R.Wis.) called yesterday for' GOP
support of the full $6,900,000,000 foreign aid pro-
gram and aemerted that nodt RepubiAan-'-"arei
not willing to sacrifice this Republic -to win aft
alaof;mn .. I -a Ii

FO-AL -- U de& the: appealtestimony fr9m seeretbryU f
F O- RWley madeSthe app on 'L State Deani Acheron and OOA,
FOR SALE FOR SALE M MISCELLANEOUS gR ESORTS M.IVIIMER IIAL senate speech that touched offt uOat N. Bradley chairman O1
l rAtnnhih-D y a dk Ppbmh___ __ P riFi0sOTS O AL O a caustic debate between him the Jmint Chiefs of t
Son P__)FF .M ONA1 and Sen. Harry P. Cain (R- ^ o t, 5Hk
H oll &utomob Do you hove a drinkin. problem? Phillipa. 3ceanslde cotange. t ntn (R'g pho tesendthe .
pet S L re-E ,-- Write Alcoholics Anonymous. lBo Clara. Bon 435 SBlboIa.o MN Wash.)ohee told b
FP SALE. -. I E% : r,.r Se,..ce Peonne and C.,,on 201 Ancoe. C. Z. Panama 13.8717. C il $.167 WE TOLD YOU SO Cain charged that the Admin- to peech nktoT
'r.t. .... r.RVL P O ....YCIerm t Emploee .-nhisspeech, W iley nd t t
S* c- b G rnt Eplos TRAVEL OPPORTUNITY: Enjoy Gromhch's Santa Clara beach- And now istration failed to consult the Re- some of his We C0olte tab
p-r ,ln:- r.' ., Government Elo Fin.n- Co. your vacation in cool Costa Rica. cottages. Electric ice boxes, gas publicans on foreign policy and attacked hl dbmandi torconti-
e "r Wh Govern n% m a nc e your new C Fiv LACSA, PAA affiliate, only stoves, moderate rates. Telephone READERS DIGEST precipitated the Itorean war. ued bl-partisa fateign Itay
Ol5, All T '- ; 1rI hen you dcar a5 00 round trip. Inquire Pan-1 6-441 or 4-567. tells you what a wonderful Wiley, ranking Republican on ever sine he frdt made then
FOr. .LE AGENCY DEHLINGER aa Dspatch, Tel 2-1655 across Foster's furnished cottages, half mile Insecticide CtheORDAN is enate Fconedg R ionf t mo n a pc befo
rF? ge'r .- ,... e r.- :, No. 43 Automobile ow from Ancon bus-stop. beyond Santa Clara. Gas refriger- Insecticle CLORDANE is committee conceded much of the A rican cety of ewa
., ". Phon 3-494 34985 o-e CFOR SALE ,otars. ranges. Special rates week- In the AprilU issue. what Caln.said. per dtors.titme, Cals e
ToL ,h"h biggest used car sale in the FOR SALE ly or monthly, praae rood to (It's the Killer in Real Kill) But he said the Republicans eAt that time. Cain mae
SFO SALE Mahc L The b_,ht uP.d c ar .l. mae thi beach For information i,sit Dag-j Buy it in the agricultural were consulted on Europe and what ea* considered tm as amf l
taie ,n.e ... ch. --.-,' history of Panama. All makes, all MiscelaneuS mar. Tivoli Avenue No. 6, or phone trade for your farm that approval of the full aid brat arete ene of
m,rsg tolne e.g., models all prices. E-The fmous Panama. program would be a 70.resounding Wll y agant news ape i'"mis-
r ,~P ..: .:... e SMOOT & PAREDES SOR SALE--The famous "Sixtomat Pn or garden demonstration of bipartisan for- interpretation" of Bl remarks.t
-.4 Er,, E-... P c.,,, Your Buick. Chevrolet Dealer ighr-meters. shockproof at Porros,' ECONOMICAL, HEALTHFUL threeeign policy." e ea s e oberv
1 I-or selling or buying your next auto Plaza 5 ce Moao. Panama. months vacation (or for holiday GEO. F. NOVEY, INC. In a tart reference to sen. Ro- to em~are Wsled tl the *tm
SALE:2 aluminum Veneti see: Agcncias Cosmos, on Auto- FOR SALE:-Deep Freeze 25 Cycle, and entertaining). Our completely 279CentralAve. Tel. 3-14B bert A. Taft (R-O.. Wiley said S Arthr H. Vbb,
biRds 5" x 62". 8 porch shade' mobile Row 29. We also sell about 2 cu. ft., stainless steel top, furnished ocean view Santo Clarai he specfically opposed rounding chief s ehitet of the bl-par-
spit bamboo, 3", 2 8 wooden ye- GUARANTEED Used Tires and Telephone Balboa 1588. beach, home: 3 bedrooms, 2 bath-- off the program at an even $6.- tisas foreor pelicy.
Wooden porch Tubes.TelPanama 2-4721, Sa- S -- rooms, modern kitchen, children's PANMA BROKERS INC 000,00000 because even numbers m d pe
natinblinds36".2turdaenor h Tubes nallmay2 2 Sa-F SALE:- Two25 cycle rotorss. ground, PANAMA BROKERS. INC. 000,000,000bsecauser.
slate shode, 1-6 ft.. 1 ft. Coll turdoys open ol day._____ 1-2 HP Craftsman; 1-3 Westing- Very reasonable. During our ab- Hotel El Panama Taft said Thursday that. such emph n'al~e the tl l
Balboa 2106 or 575. 316 Diabo FOR SALE:-1949 Ford Station Wo- house; one sunbeam mixmaster; 1 sence in the States. Phone SHRAP- e preferred ) a t said Thursdn no way" endait- o rIt thfri
-826A'Empire St., Balboa. Sunbeam waffle iron. Phone: For N Fuerza y 'Luz (preferred) a cut would "in no way" endau- Gen.- t MglutMacArthurtino
Safter4:30p.. gon.826AEmpire St., Balboa. Fan 360 after 4:30 NEL, Flboa 2820. Fuersa y Luz (common) ger national security. administration r atern po
FOR SALE: -Basement furniture. 4 FOR SALE: Dodge 1949, 4-Door an m. na Trust Co. Taft's remark was prompted by Coy in t ine betr Ese repub.
chairs, 1 table. Phone Balboai Sdan. Beautiful car in excellent FOR SALE-Gas hot woter heater, ABuyin aai T Ci Ger. kDwight D. E senhower, an erie bt eonualltepd u 9-
3173. condition. Duty paid. Owner leav- 20 gal., excellent condition. $45.- F SALE Aceite Urraca and Brewery rival for the GOP Presidential cvanl ,w re net consulted in d
FOR S-ALE-:-E-1 11 foot Frigidaire, per-I ing. All America Cables Building, 00. Call 3-3105. 'ti. 3-4719 S-660 nomination. Eisenhower said a
FOR SALE:--11 foot Frgtdaire, per- ng. obe.P3 -7 Real Estate ,000,000,0n00 cut already ordered
feet condition, biggest bargain i Old Cristobl. Phone 3-1713. FOR SALE:--One Ratan livingroomo nRealrEsta sI ,000.000e 00B ut already ordered
Apoly 44th Street or phone 3- FOR SALE: 1946 Hudson Fordor suite, one bed room suite, 7 cu. ft. COTTAGES, Santo Claro, Landscaped, ous I y fet" anm d that sharper ren-
0__02._ Six. overdrive, radio Tutone Blue. refrigerator, 41 maroon Pontiac, furnished, two bedrooms, will finf
0602financing, $65000 No. 0940, good condition, Son Francisco3th once. 826- Empire St. Monday M DEKN FURNITURE: ductions might Imperil European
Helo Wanted Amador Rood, alJboo. St. House 17. once. 826-A Empire St., Balboa. CUs 4 1.s1, L defense.
h ieFOR SALE: Revere 8 mro movie Slipe r Reunholstero Frankly criticising Cain and
WANTED:-Moid-c-ok, must have The biggest used cir sale in the FOR SALE: -n Revere 8 mo movie .OR RENT ,. o ow..oo., other Republican Senators who
reference-. Mst live in. Apply history of Panama. All makes, all camera with leather carrying case. R -,o 2 have attached his recent stand
610A Ancn dBlvd i models, aloil prices. Like new. $55.00. Phone 2-1235 A rm*B a. u.n (Autoeonso on fore t policy, Wlley said
60 A A. SMOOT & PAREDESFree Estimate Pictp & Dellver they speak only for a minority
C. Z. CallTED:-Mad t 13-D aftr 4 Your Buick, Chevrolet Dealer FOR SALE-Gorage equipment, tools, ALHAMIRA APA''MENTS Tel t..4S9 .00 a.. to .m within a minority and do not
S. :- 1Call 949 Mercury 6 pos- and two rifles. Apt. 2035-C, Cu- Modern furnished unfurnished oport, reflect Republiftan hinklig.
W ANTED sengers coupe. Radio, dir signals, rundu. ents. Maid svi optional Cn- "We are Americana first and
excellent condition. Cdll Ft. Kobbe FOR SALE:- Scrifice 195 1 tact Office 8061. 10th Street. New Republicans or Democrats see-
6.AL: crfce 1951 Nsh telone 186 Colon. DR. B. L. STONE ond," he asserted. "And we are
it -,t-l :-p--,. 4246. ,--_ rambler country club, over drive, not going to allow any donslder-
FOR SALE:-1949 Ford "6" coupe. less than 5000 miles, will accept FOR RENT Chiropractor aiIon as regards an election year,
English couple require apartment. EXCELLENT APPEARANCE. Very trade. 1 complete 2 1-4 x 3 1-4 or electioneering, to b
furnished or unfurnished.. Phone good tires and radio $1,075.00.. Speed Graphic, every thing needed Room STONE CLINIC eyes to our paramount responi-our
Bolboa 1274. For demonstration call Garcia. Tel. for enlarging and developing, will 7th St & Justo Arosemena blllty."
WANTED---Smoll furnished apart- 3-4716, Panama. take $5 mm or 8 mm out fit in FOR RENT:-Clean furnished room. & to Arile conceded that the na bil,-t
ment i Bella Vt area for two trade. mahogany bar, 3 stools. Best residential section. Moder Ave. Coln Tel. 457 900,000,000 figureded ts nohat the $cred.
ent in Bella Vi area for two 25FOR ALE:- 192 Super Sport 229-A Albrook. Tel. 2125. conveniences. No. 13, 43rd St.,ut he said t was "arrived a
men. Coil 3-2533. Roadster; just breaking it in, must FO SL E:Ai FO Bell o Viso r prolonged horse sense
AMEICAN Couplc wishes to rent sell. Call 4-339 4-7 P. M. FOR SALE-Air Conditioning Unit Bella Vista. careful, prolonged horse ense
unfurnished oportmnt h' with 1-2 H.P. motor, 25 cycle, reasoning, not by flipping a coin,
unfurnished oaprtment or hou e F- SALE: 1951 Olds mobile 88 $135. Phone: 2-1 l43, Soturda or Trm. tes xtm, S. A. not by arbitrary choice, but with
vicinity Careo or Campo Ae- Holiday tritone green, radio, hy- Sunday. House 595, near Balboa FOR RENT tor great care."
gre. Phone 3-0357. dramatic etc. excellent condition, Gas Station. cineShipping, oving, stora e be n a setfin figures
WANTED: Innerspring mottresbes i $2,400. Morgaiito 055-D. Phone We pack and cratehor move based on facts," he taid.
and springs. Mahogany bed table. 3-2583. FOR SALE:--.Poapaya plants, (Red- FOR-ENT: --Le ee a ing. h 2-2r.51, Meantime, chadrmaa R" hard -a aid
easy chairs. Write Box 2107 Cris-FORSALE-1950 Chro d meat) 15 tts. each or $1.50 prr FORRENT:-Locale for Agency, es- anything. 'Phone 2-2451 Meanl tD-Gairma) of the Senate The Armyrd
teasy chs. W SALE:-1950 Chevrolet 2-door, dozen. 2153-A Curundu. 83. toblishmertt company only, in B. Russell tD-Ga.) of the Senate The Army
tobl, C.Z. DeLue ModelSedn. Exelent 5294 bu ng recent c rted an Armed Services Com LIttee said ean$h M
WANTED BY AMERICAN FAMILY conditi, complete with 2 spek- trt Perry Hill No. 13.T hhe wants "more dfinit" a-
unfurnished house, 3 or 4 bed- er radio, plastic seat covers, extra SALE:-Two female boxer pups 3-406. wer frt o p Eenhower on whode- grealp comnaut
roorr. preferably with spacious' accessories. $1,400.00. Phone Co- brindle. Six weeks old, Parque ther the I6,900,000 Is ade service" In connect Gw
garden. Elvin Seibert. American co Solo, 8952. House 84-B. Lefere. 4h St. House 13 (Mr. & quate." He said the general fa- newspaper, the e -
Sbiggest car sae i Mrs. G. Box)e P t Offere dI A ed to answer the "big question" Sgt. Hatt founded the 65
E .,assy, .'-00. The biggest used car o in Coe "Rec OaS erei e and that he had asked for more tion in May 150 at the frequ
WANTED: Electric refrigerator. history of Panan. All make, all FOR SALE Spnet, built for tropics. WANTED USEOLD X AN complete replies." Voice" ha appard w
Double bed, complete. Small tb!e models, oall prices. Excellent tone. Less than year old. WANTED.- Experienced executive HOUSEHOLD EXHANE complete replies."o e has r l w
and six choirs. Livingroom set. Call SMOOT & PAREDES Coll Cristobol 3-1944. secretary, English and Spanish car- THE O NLY STOREN OF leted two dais of closed- pireasing amounts ually pow
2-4544 or 2-5206, Ponam. Your Buick, Chevrolet Dealer pres dence.Referencest equredND omplearngs eterofclosed-wrh easngth roup n p
FOR SA SALE 1942 a door P RSONALSAm.p encios G~lssoll, JustO Ara- We deal in both New and
LE 6 cylinders, like new. Owner leov- HUMAN ENGINEERING semneno Ave nue No 3-A. Te Reconditioned Furniture.
oats Motors ing. Tel. 2-1636 Panama. Corrective Adjustment of the 4934 or 3-4935, Panomi 41 Automobile Row
FOR SALE:-1951 TBkspecialr Body Structure Te 3-4911
FOR SALE:-Atkins Keel sloop, 18 Luxe 4 door sedon, radio, heater GEORGE 0. BARB, Jr THE W R N W[I
x5x3 *th cabin. Plywood construc- 7.000 miles. House 169-C, Pedre No. 11, 7th. St. 10r., 'C"" A -
tion, 3 years old. Complete. first- Miguel. Tel. 2-3833 A t
class condition, $300. S.e at r 8A M.-8 P.M. Be n A Oa Ballroom I 195J
Cristobal Yacht Club Kay Purvis.- Privately owned Ford PICK-UP, neow 8 A. M.-intM. AOB Dancinglro
8029 Morgoarita or Box 443, Mar-!. tires and so forth, $750. Phone D-n
gBalboa 2820 or inspect at house Missionpry services under the .At its Beet!
S50, one way street to Quarry auspices of the Evangelical Min- .S santM '.o
ORSALE-1-3 H. P. motor, $8 Heights. sters Council of Panama and the write box to
00. Phone 2-1413 Saturday or- H l Canal'Zone will be held at the Balboa
Sundov. House 595. near Balboao FOR SALE:-1947 Chevrolet 4 door. I Baptist church n Gambo from
ous e er I Perle:? cci Will accept Help Yo Ples Baptist church ane amboaifromll el ater&Delon
trade ta San.ano______r o. t Don't suffer from ainrul, Itching tomorrow night until Thursday. .
"itaelf Apot.e- No. 27 East Pile. another hour Without trying Elder Ernest L. Wllson. nsstor
FOR SAL.E ,6h ,,arl A 2 bd. Upon eppiaton Chl arod of the Christian Union Church in ALADOIN
IaoPe pain and Itching. 2. Help shrin Philladelphia. who is visiting the KOSFRNENI MIRN1.T LAMP
Montorcvele PER MeePing C. swollen ie, 5e l.i R tur thmi"s as a guest of the coun-1, on Gal mo
_ S I ,er"snaoils. Ask your DifMln for cl. will precaill ch at these services,
S SALE -Cushman motor .cr-oter Tht I jat Exalted Rulers Coun- "'narold today.* beginning 7:30 each night. S.S Lw 6et
$60.00, good cond.lor. H:,,,.e.cil 01 !'.Speranza Lodge No. 56, Distributors: WNaG CBANGO B. A.
21"1-C, Ro Grande Perirc Mig.jl, IBPUEW will hold its month colon: 9th St. & Balboa Ave. Te. 303.
Tel. 4-535 meetinu at the Sliver City Lodge Panam: i13 Central Ave.
F-ORA-LE: T-o C~,C mo-or:Hall tomorrow at 6 p.m. to dis-...... .
RcoRotes, A- Icor.dimor c, ma o ei- cuss matters of vital importance. i Answer to Previous Puzzle
hauled, new t.res. Caoll 2133 Plane Chartered
BaaHou es. ck 2 In SeSon CS Ialm~ial Plane Chartered THBAMMISADSOM -mI oa modem of Altrti's
Balbo, Houe r 7 s Rainfall Above 17 m fin ra camnm iwthmw Super JeSfire vs-Wi4n-hmad enine,
Balboa. 'Rainfall .. For Colomba Tri
I.Aio Cn,. m i T pv mm w th pw n dmaod ssor. Easto hanmd

Normal In April

W0'R On Atlantic Side
Altho.~h the rainy season did
lnot Dnpin odicialhv until April
l[ -1._7, *20. rarinall totals for the month
of April! were above normal over
the .Atlantic half of the Isthmus
and the Chagres and Pequenl
Rivert valleys. according to the
April report of the Meteorolo-
S giral and Hvdriographir Branch.
The rainfall total for the
month ranked from 58 Inches at
Rnlboa Hepj.hts to 9.01 inches at
On Ap;lil 7. the report con-
tinued, the extremely dry wea-
the th 'n continued until the
lat theo days of the month.
SfASFT AOn the Pacific side the weather;
.01Mas hotter than normal during
.. Powdrheihe montm: on the Atlantie side
it wa cooler Mean temperature
i"'.iai~l~. psWer can renare oui hun. for Anril was 83.6 degrees. 1.6
iMMaaiM as -a Amtiems Powder doae, dfererc above normal; mean
'rA nwmonte insubfansmousmedicnal .Itfterature at Cristobal was 80.83
:, i ga glo m J-uiu medaicird skin care oieg t os. 1 8 degrees below nor-
'tIl1 l wisi } l4Medscased pri mal Thie relative humidity was
. 4h.uat m/ia, Gorkans and comiIf,. slightly below normal at all sta-
'.i jPali h1sai by heipin o promei tons
d qAmsrniuareo Sooi.ncussb. During April the total runoff
iAbs orsbetrs aemo sture. from the Gatun Lake Basin wu
am gai Anmene Powdei one pei cent above the Aprit aver-
below"nW aiRze, but the total runoff mfrm.
the Madden Lake basin wasU 2
nr-reiunt belou the average fo
Lake elevations at midnitlt
,on thIe last day of the month
were 8355 feet for GatunI.a&W
And 220 U2 feet for Madden Lake.
and 21626 zeet, respectively, 9rw
iApril 30, 1948 when lake levala

I Usebalm 3 Branching
sawn 4 Town in
7 Fooutell Anatolia
rw5 Inectam
nAstrmn 1 Idafr ca

S18 Beam hon 34 Wian
15 French villageIB

20 Appropriate22 Revised 35 Female
U ssential S2portions relative (col
23 Snish 2Rainbow 36 Marked with
28Anger A m *
n Tropicalplants
xIGo astray
3 Larwns
tTroved air
a a -
40 8Aapiatel Ba \ W
a lt fler

oSmakisso r ri

a WON"

37 Click beetle
38 Restrains
40 Item of
43 Volcano in
44 Indian weights
47 Exist
40 Ship channel

By Camera Club
William C. Kengable, president
of the Diablo Camera Club. an-
nounced at a special meeting last
night that a Copa plane has been
chartered for a special flight for
camera club members and their
friends, to Cartagena, Colombia,
May 24 and 25.
The plane will leave Tocumen
Airport a. 7 a.m. Saturday morn-
ing and return Sunday evening,
May 25.
A carefully-planned tour for
those who make the trip will In-
clude a visit to the Cathedral,
the Palace of the Inquisition,
the Church of San Pedro Claver,
the Inner Walled City and the
Outer Walled City, the market
on the water front, the fortifica-
tions at Booa Chica which
guarded the entrance to the city,
and the ruins-of the La FPops
convent which guards the Image
of the patron sint of Cartagena.

ar Wth
than $1.SH

I ma".9
5th GreCI'
ast.f- t
n to pay

"ifS *


with new front uspenMion.

The world's largest, roomet
car at anywhere near its price.
Like the Ambssador. It
offers Automatic Owdrive,
Twin Beds AiraiMr
Reclining Seats. Over
25 miles to the U.S. galon
at average hilgawy pV"ed.

^ Chiu getftive bswtiAh

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Je .... -' I -- "- "If
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te teW"' tatt&'l
^&S^^^-f9 s^SM^S
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Bt Ai.I -t | saki, I a t

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a wb a* r1s (a eay u
aie 't i 0ern,
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ftita-yup*Sa vfl Si t^ U

Born 1820-

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with a strg



- kIhesobia
Jab. V.1w & km i*tmA W~ WiSe. ~st
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*Nwttl^peew n~d

Aimerkan League

A~~f t DttOM&
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I..a.. IFi1

tun~fctwmn naavt

an.r ON oo> .* 3^ i
ir (1-1% Bt adn as
to (2-1),BMOMue end BeRO.
(16 is fngI .... ....
o 110 a 000 010 S- 1

Mr** -n
'it's.. ....

Pained By.Sain
AW 3 IN TO A $
M 1inl In
4189 1 01$
lb 40 2122
rf 3 1 2 2 0
4 0 1 84
21 1 4
%- : 0 0 0 0
1 0 oa 0
1. 0 0 0 0
Totao.- Sfl0A44"A 5

b. 1 0
10 0

wetts- 537 01 14 5
t2rJarY ot r W.h
p ap for BrtiDaner In
uoton l001 010 -4
now n. .. ooas mo a-


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No Homre taoes
At ian Friheeo
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KT;p rAY
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*; : '^' W t.'*" ? \ $. '~~:; ~ *; -'*c-I*-
V U- ,. ; -U aT^-^. '

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m-I, -'r i 3* flW IbS.

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r\\u X

--. "'_--_'A I X4PI Pw. *. -", "

Vets' Pensions

Getting Hiked A

By $202 Million

WAhKINGTON, May 10 (1 P)-
The Wenate gave final Congres- TWENTY -SEV T YEAR m am
stonal a vroval yesterday to twoi

etween House and Senate ver-.

disalefomseviePPo- d Poor a,-Poo
causes would get a 15 per cent d Po M n i i ";n x*
increase in their compensation- NEW YORK. May 10 iUPI- elippwe of he* the geHim- 9 fvqln006 Si0 r1et-A. &So- itb Etr6ag tit 1
Those less than .50 per cent dib The sensational police graft meat has atre d the tax 6i*W rt.m w
abled would receive 5 per cent testimony by convicted bookie laws a-satoift to the 0b indyea
more- Harry Gross yesterday touched risen's us in m t M.,etee." ed to 12 years u
Pensions for veterans of World off an investigation into whi Orms waoaed Sid ZES ng.. D.r"e t' ,b -r
Wars I and II whose disabilities the $20,000,000-a-year gambler hour 'it We iahd yes- betr witi dd heid e to tel claims utr
are not connected with their ml- paid a "poor man's" income tax. terda at the ptmenal tri ea oat h I Mi g ht bda obtataltg ftde b b te
litary service would be raised It also provoked an Inquiry of fite Cff_ e chated With ae toldhe pd 11.reda t ettence. SQ
from $60 to $63 a month. Into the possibility of arging taking bdbue, F W
Veterans in this category who ito he os bly ot t .
are ast 65 or who have been former high police of fic la with The fira t oT the five defen- F reW .
toalre d e for 10o y e a r ~perjury. dants, Lt. Thomaa Evins, tve il
would be increase for 10 y$72r to The Internal Revenue Bureau took the stand and denied that e certain United at"t
$75would be month.creased from was reported looking into the Gross eyer dpV him any money. ,a h e Touchd
*Wh te disability Is so great finance othdeth bond b 8 hoonk dd gny ore o eve did Any t we
a full-time attendant is needed making czar, who said he paid With him. H a f/hwn "A us
the rate would go up from $120 t;o ,00,000 a year "protection" to
$1h monthly.eere"upho$1gt police. Ore s de arses 'a l Sea -ftdi !if nl n Ale at the railroad station, er,.
W$1d month chly drn s examinatila that he had tlde the Oanl ng-I tdst a orfta t t Metlsa and eaploy -of i l 8
W widows with children. whose =oe. ;d^ nd hlrl ,191 1A rS
husbands died from service-con- Washington, Sen. Jtdohbn 5, e a a the ~ y a ap Jent ter. M t. afyl-lrnIm.n trio t .d pur
nected causes, would get an in- Williamsr u revealed that despite&dr of Ud 1 0 ad! id tl .- om"say, s 1tP m .
operation, his lifetime report- medft 1.11.i.fiI*' h do' h i Ilkn to 3
Widows of veterans of World ed Income totaled about a25,- ee tothe. r. be
Wan I, II and K orea whose Mse and that he eyes got Ht bad Ilauded. on his bribe Oft otti
deaths were not connected with $391.21 tax refund in 1941 payroll 4e ames of former l alt o3 5
war service, would be increased The Delaware Republican said poliee eoUtMlrWtener WilamE. .WPX ,
hrm $42 a month to $48 with Gross filed only three Income O'Brte, orte chief laef sector : with those wato the are
.rgosponding increases for their tax returns before 1952 but that A tW. Mith a detective e enW o a dBtnce
Vffdren. the bureau took no action f T. Whaten_ a-t at can O -ltatar rae r
na of pre-World War I against him until he became In- n.eo^ three wwas among, S
e rainss would be increased 724 volved In the big city's graft 2W and $ 4co-con- I t 6w whe the ArIdr A i
'sr cent. scandaL isatra t a year ago bby11ded tel tot Car tor sror ,N M t
---In a surprise move, the pro- a 8&6111 1.111 County grand e
section rested its case yester- jlru, 1. bureauu Drec n te r ...
day afternoon without trying to u s Mse s 1'. Donald, the a "the Iut" of theov ft .'
M UM NIH e back up Gross' testimony of, Broklyn 1U attorney, said ve ad aitv f.e. ,
wholesale bribery. themere uning of a person .t i b .. ,
ff Victor Herwitz, the.tcity's as- by Gr-s d"d id t tbanditO e an
lsistant corporation counsel, said waaMIhb the grind Iary a im- :a t et: in.
A..- he planned to ottffer corrobora- Ing sqch *eraooBs in the Indlot- -A I &A t
Strive testimony at a second de- anSt.C, n a tl*a lein(B" ,, .....
*U A lWIN Omf partmental trial of 13 other of- eueM a ,h
flecers May 26 was aiMem tha t a bant 9411 -s.
WASIDIQT6N. May 10 (UP)- A vigorous cross-examination aoel ftast weltwt I esey a '
The Senate Jdicilary Committee by defense lawyers today failed h.
by avote of 8 to yesterday ap- to shake any of Gross' testi- _be-a, sh to
prp.d President 'rumat's no- maoU. St" irty a I '
ihttlon of Fdderal Judge James By far the mQht fascinating My..." "
P. Mreranery to succeed J. reverberation in the case was Y U M" Got WAW
ward McGrath as U.S. attorney that over the big time bookie's
RefTerring to Gross' testilo to all ottle w1h. -
Ben. Homer Ferguson ( that he grudgingly contrib ft i -
Mich.) identified himself as one j0,e00 to two gatcesgftl r ~ai '
of the femr committee members alty ca o a A "
voting against confirm onaon and O'5wye i said: -
said he exeetts to carry his f*ht "just bow ny 1xpMaer whoe,. Ia II l 11t1 '.
agaliat the controversial ap- iftime repera 1006om16 5-. Nt-
poatmente to the Senate floor- al egates- scareely $25,00 cas & e l
There was no indication when afford to contribute $28,000 to
th full Senate will act any campaign funid as well as ag
Chbeaian Pat McCarran (D- y the enormous bribes listd 3 A i t .i
*etk) rwaInd to say which mem his l tStmino s something who wag rt igth f. m .LO
against the Phladel- which mathematically canIpokl
cud 'ferhier Demb- be reconciled."
an from Penn (.4' 1esai be se anweall ilhail
Owtds' tax r "as aniber .
di tl uson, they we Repub-. toads elihf Ue V 5t-
ain Rens. William Jen ner ;So the wy.. A t the
flnd., -.Robert C. Hendrickson N A* o the ,
(N. and Arthur V. Watkln of
(wltah). M M a te o to l Poie
0 M. Alexander Wiley (R-Wis.) dM R r r P t fl by
or aant MoGranery, who was tIn Hospl .Jr.
ADVointed to the administration's *m .uwhpruui*u
tople-gl pot by Mr. Truman a" 'a ad Wa.. st V
few hours after the President Panama Police It. Antonio ft e 1er J.
flied McGrath last month. Gaspar Suarez suffered his third
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