The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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US Citizens


Voting In RP

U. lbnbamy hereI
0 American eltizene q
Pe the forthcom7tp
d| piiertal andt u
to George L.
MM of the Ami
. cftan ctain e
26 of the Jrvmw
'm&gnllty Act *i
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181 ?ite In orea. 'the
l4 dead, however.,
Armed dervalo
Sas saidm to be pian-
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ftretce agreement o'-
a eoapromel o
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* United i
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*e*I" rena s Wur, m
lighted blps4 of a;rty# We
il et at ehiMWren."
sampleb ith the demand for a
a roteut, t Ce Communist
ai 1 M the pattern feWt
' ." Reds against the new 1%
i' AtIied Cooktmander. It wi
limpz of weeks of camp4t
Me t a rtd against the sucoom
6 I. t1hower.
OUn" | The Prefecture of Police
ie*oe," while remained confident
I legal .the French government. fN
. the projected street detos
idactUon tons, and its 18.000 ve"tsl
Ing hea busting force will cope
It 1W- with any attempt to diet"r
W 4lae Wlc order.

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by the m
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ment Ua emeMa MBMA
The trawl baax f eed
of the IOA .. A Clo

pstan da tbti in&e Psl S
the u lotrte ry drawt
All om meythe weept koand
and tweek. Bars will be at

estantismle aufte scheduled to Pana

The de h. lottery drawing
Iscedureidfqr eswdh warelu
herald Matdky fth wJee and
next week. Bas and afl liquor
eatabsdltunbt are scheduled to
be seeled bo noon Saturday
vnU t ai a MMnday on both elec-
Horm re WMOe are usually
run twto weekly at Juan Ftaa-
co wBil have enly Saturday r-
Ing for the rgat two week.


llA4W^ sRm* Ilf

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I Wa buon reprted stobeb, and fttgle (

th r em meaudc' oped.t!
lottery office has refutd where Pan uIm
ro the a Oaw 114Is rebtd.s "

Twlue to wne of the two
r certatl winner foastr l ota has and
aitte have bias for the S

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hm~ DWh*

leabeth B 1& U a taa e I
frock reclved 3 az*hm Wafit
and 18 inbtbers to oe Court oa
St. James today.
Tie Duke of dbinburxb stood
at her side during the W.-minUMt
The new ze 'm oi
diplomats ano the a in
their letteU of *i *
Ila machlie-to m .
Nash of the i
forward ton U boie, abotk
hands withp quen. hi
WWher his c iM d s e-m--
with the Sv saM i Oak*

A MUeMod a
the dhtb.g
governor of a
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fears&o aSi pU1IVig "o m4T 1 N01 e 1 oJ-_1. 1014.
97 e n P 4P6 ih l miMAr. P
4' TL.,l:dO PaPIMA Ni e .I 'L iMssI
I 01:Il aDgoIII PANAeI 491I1 PAN. .
17 O CPII 0 CIAt&Vguf ttMg11N P50n T H N6d IT"H1 S1i
S leal,@ ftPiN-IATivC JOaHU P we INO
N'a MN H IN ApvA aes1 I 70 I
'. *Isel MNTI7I. IN ADVANCeI l o I
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SThe Mell h las ain open rum ti, reeden ot The PesNem A
lee Letten see received Iefullhy ad rl helndled wholly
airr 2 ma nne.
it you en hfteht lotet doen be impe Htet Ift doWm* eppe
I dei LtNersn ci publtshedlM tdo t &d& e we _
Pase try to keep the better llmhd to e e pgS ength.
Identiht of letter wrtmr a held in strictest conference.
Thi newspaper assumes no mespnisibillty for itetements or opia
*e r. eo in levers hemr radeft.

*' tue to the eact that public gambling such as die and car
l::ying seem to be permitted around the Paralio area, I am
t.I. firm opinion that the police can at least stop these young
stE'S from using these loud and profane language around t
women's bachelor and married quarters.
Tise youngsters, who are always on their knees as if th
are praying are rolling these bone dice under the brightest lig
L ,een the women's bachelor and the married quarters situat
In .front of the Paraiso Clubhouse. (Sorry I am not capable
fgi tie what latitude, longtitude or altitude.)
I am still puzzle to know why the police, who at times a
parked direct opposite to this grand order of gamblers, do n
even try to run these boys, but instead sit at ease in their Gra;
LuKurious Cadillac, all unconcerned.
I suggest that the policeman who is about the size of 0
'11 h and fuite recently over powered a poor half helpless colo
ed-boy around the Pier 18 area be sent to Paralso.
I would like to know who runA Praiso? Is it the Housi
*ion, the Police or the Canal Company? Maybe tht Apa
T Peter Mike.

SBefore the Building Division's name was changed to t
Mal ance Division I had on several occasions gone there at
ben i"'ed ever so nicely by the employee.
SLast week I made my first visit stand last If what I hea
&M saw is the New Panama Canal Co. way of doing business
to:the new Maintenance Division.
As 1 drove up with my four year old daughter by my si
heard terrible shouting of "God damn this" and "God dan
-,*I I rave orders,"' etc., etc., etc. Honestly it was really terrible
then two men came out and rushed to an official car at
wih tires screeching drove toward the Cristobal Police Station
I At first, with the chances they were taking of a child ruy
Skas out In front of their car, I thought surely that somethir
S q"lous had happened.
However I found out later that the "God damning" was ti
W "chief" in action: and that it was a common occurrence
that on this particular day it was because a colored en
'ile had painted a "No parking" sign in the wrong place.
It seems to me that the wrong man is in charge.
I think te man with the smile the man who used to rn
Iduldklg Division should once again take charge.
ont they want the public to patronize the new con
I. M. Curious.

Apparently there will be a radical change on the Isthmi
iBsnama and the Canal Zone) after October 1 when the ne
V dent elect shall take over in the Presldencia of the Repul
Both presidential candidates have manifested publicly an
rkef'ullv their definite decisions to enforce the fulfillment
1936 US-Panama treaty in all its parts.
I Wll the Canal Zone authorities persist in their arbitrary
S What shall be the result? I wonder!
A Panama BuSinessman.

4 If we had more men In this world like Toin In the Balbe
Mbeneary and less like the pompous Jaekass that retired hin
would be a better world and certainly easier for the me
In Balboa.
Another Balboa Mother.
S Hear tell they are changing the name of Balboa Heights t
-Athering Heights.
S et it colonel?

Submitting these questions to be published in The Mail Beo
ai n. Will you please fill in the answers if available.
1. HOw security minded is the Panamanian Government?
t9. How much cooperation is to be expected from the Pans
Gtan government in the protection of the Army cdmnunica
I system in the Canal Zone?
g SgI. How soon will they elamp down on the fences for stole
ds including the lunk dealers accepting stolen Army comrn
tion cables Note They are liable to state that these
.os are in Panamanian territory. A check will prove other
4. Has the U.S. Ambassador made a formal Drotest concern
t this matter?
4 Do the cable thieves and junk dealers know that the
aidinh the Communists. Or are thev Communists?
TYours truly, .
Security Minded.



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Presidealal Tma aer

2.50 yw m &uys: CByoP t WAM
WASHINgTON- (HA)-- i n- O i... FA$ cbtt
trance of W. Averell Harriman M t 0
AS a full-fledged Deioert i ale g ti
candidate for the presidential
nomination at Chicago provides FWh
one of the more bizarre de-A -dtha il
velopments in thai crazy cam- for. At Io ahlfifg ad Qtu'rsI
palgn. 1 040 crils let loose a fletr I
As one Washington wag re- sa Murd
warks, Harriman at least hasu I was So hot that miren the a hni ttl l
m the novelty of being th on ly lod sm ont he thet u n t ata m
cn. ex-polo player among the can- .. 6ot n ta ber h t of h a.
didates." lag about retain
e He is not tho only millionaire. t o n dtros h".
Sen. Robert 8. Kerr t4 Okla- 'te h
hems shares that diitietion ha
with hieo. It o totul 6o Over tc q be- ta y g te I ,
Sen Robert A Taft of Ohio. O. 2oitAbolf
sometimes identified as the 41L V
candidate preferred by t he .
fralthy, It himtel considered
only moderately well-tO-do,
mfybe t millionaire, but not a or .' t
ds Just where Harriman is go- "ta the
of Ing with his ureildeatlltCan- .n'
g- didaw is ut regarded as a power
he political 9ssile. Few people 4 s any8
eon deny that he his the h ovornMe t, try tocontrl .
ability and the experience to r he
ey e lhite HouHe, we has
ht the looks-tall, slim aid with
ed a good head Of -har for a \ AF who left cant ai
to man of O. 156mebody oncC de- and.a to
I scribed him as the strong and rZ t
re silent Gary Cooper t* An-
ot other mve star, adellne
nd Carroll,. once put him in the ,nor It
list of 10 baet-itased men. tea. .... CIO never
1o- As a presidential candidates.
r- running for. i public offic-e, a --...- t a. 1 ........ ,,Q 4 ... lt
S wever, Halmn 'Mt handicap .4 steel Itt tl
siderablyv.hight tm h i e glht- f (junatio n .k o .r-w
goal rating *s' a ol player.d ;..Neu ",lt tt a -
He is pleasant in a small sA Good Country you have
up bu old And austere be- "A thousand h*IUAK

d ifficult to relax. he ha a ten- HO*UST 'Pi, 'tha tS turn a pret- for t dere are oi-t eets who will not corrupt h ad 1wit i be t t ee A8 FJW&6
dency to appear always tired gY excitab ottry there is l me room their land by a charegof the oil on it. had to dual with in quietha I'M be BmUrginig
fS) and over'butdened. In it tor ad. pa ddflx hiws tles. In the bgod-erast do there were people who price of steel.
nw heI just paeed in ol ae toe damed Mid- were still content to work the soil for what it It was Chsrley Wilson'a original idea that te wa btet fo
de When he concentrate on one land and Odessa, *b~rb the gold M to still on, would grow instead of what was hidden beneath steelworkers could be handled by giving the indusry a
- problem, his tind goes I' t hu and the citizens are caught up in as iuch excite- it. sating price increase, but he reconed without P lmb ab-
n iowni the track to the end of ment as the '49era felt. In the placl s where oil bubbles richly beneath istrator. -
Id the line and he resents any f- Midland and Odes are in theater of the the ground, we are shoving up brand-new cities Aernall has consistently rfued to budpnd hld tba-ieda
nd f de o det himetill i boom, It is dreary land, but tlwgfople palpi- which mhroom as rapidly as the shanty towns chief, Economic Stabilizer Putna, a manfaturtet, bts
he has exhausted the subject tosdb

rin- his own satisfaction. People There is probably mre money and more Wit the ies come modern advantages -N
ng don't talk to Harriman, H e talks money spent in Vta thae fired into schools. i cs, .even the curse of television. We Pentagon circles e t Lt. Gen. Edwin 0
to them. the breee i t days, are today, still betting a million, his fellow general, be W. Grow, the ormtt
re to mostnewspaper core. There i s t the rame senoe of Is erthaWoen te and I sheat.e on. in Mosoow, who left his diary lying loose 5i a n
he poendents he hf alwy bn --e thattrhe orely t e ,a et- t. aed aeal srrts of challe pnges for time to able to t.
e, something of an enjs a. TheM swpte the t-ple ttoohatl afies thaSt tackle, evernftbes you turn. 1ra8e yW esmonrnlld,%th e sWobtdit
m- like him. But th conce alwy ou ee o m wle slttld l haveolI er .td ofwhavasi den.eneahoee100,000 avasos InNew Mex- wthet a e Pal ing thet :
come away from a session coat- ad-du cy. .-. c.. coan t A pM 4. our kn~.eog deal.,, ts, 8 a~llia.
with him feeling es h Ifan ahi t iunoi ar e ing with the difficult. The oblem of the Navajo gr iI a b sc4 ti' wtht
un ae tro have tot te do f n ta 'I of has not changed, de p 11 o il br wbld, sophlstl- mo i tt -r
m- bwoy wod, ef i e ti til ta of no'
Show never adhmin traton Ie,- Mt i release ..andom* n are the re oriethe a e-old nomad-not enough running water, n Oa hse n sentr wold e to bue m'
m.onertanter p ordraty t ob WaoItn bige nd, tt to me of i suf ticentr. ovoerras ed astures fors tran s A i e t m ta lietay I at ael
It wris conceded that he must the de par that as as e pru e the afent heads. p we nven't even ouneitd it yet, to- oed in e a diary .
have mre on th all tin on pe head ines. ward a practical solution. The Turks are particularly sore r avervrn
hon taslk. o Harriman tan e In many e wats tle country Ios l unharmed. _There is an open-handed interdependence out tary attache was an irreplaceable n.
..... Wdat danlbalH about eo er herea many here that hasn* changed a whit sies the wild- NOTF,--Russia has qu-etl-y a it -i--l-te at yt
us t things tat grandpa didn't know abt have and-woolly days. back to Moscow from around th e. SMe.i
w Othei h o o been added. I know a country doctor who makes $100,000 a this is a tip-off that the Kreml iclann ithe Ne.
b- produced thes results he has i- We have the roads w~ere ran d bdt have ya If he needs a rare-blood pe, he can get POLITICAL -GOe
such complicated tEsk r any rads At all; we have the big Iron ids to On the local radio and ask for it, endg within an When Colonel McCormick of the Cti *%o
ad rrtiman report on the Ma'- caer, the spaces which grandpa fought kit- hour .00 candidates will show up with their arms Europe recently, 20 of his top editorial Im heh ll
Shall Plan, handlin thet' Mar- t wth a t he bared for the needle political oil

the North Atlatic Treaty cun- n did / efor Kefauver.
tries into agreement yt Lisbon. And there is still an aristocracy of accomi l W It ts-heartening country, and it is good cun- before Goa vernor Stevenon of iM bowed ital
the fil frontiers have et yet been 0 try, and, a from the meddle of few et dental race, he reeeAed an n ttr f
H harriman was the first OfA the I do not fully understand oil abt I knowtlt fit d te ty. oul oleep well 6n election nt ht tiahe knew that eeher
, ntoosevelt administration heli- it est an adventure. There are smira- And I do not think that al the van lous son or Eisenhower would be in the t oust e. -
archy to sizme up correctly the t n rom the as gt--rhird-gneration reh ksd stuIdstes of the people we chOOe to ide us A secret poll take, b Ike's headquarters SfW lu is _e.
a wor d threat of Russian n- t ih ladelphl are train their luck at in. ean k it, in this year or the nel 100years. gates for Eisenhower at e opening of the Chice6 otvenon.
, iattic Communism. In spite i8 $ There'o too much of it, with too many o lldpeO- The rest of Ike's delegate po Is 4e 1 for Taft, 74 for tM
*of this, Harriman is oftMe re- And the is s sc hrt tut~ M te ridtltn aid th tentr leter it. Warren, 2 for Stasden, two rot MaeArthur, 41 umdecied. Natural.
Soarded as t New Deler. a a a ,Taft di te on fieref s .
tr to his own eclas. t The Democratic national committee I
imrtnt. h on e of i ne tha aeneoat ovpgrzn expefoea. Except for ther Id! I., ft e.av W haw t Wlwa keu Iy c, to- ntay.;:[ _Ley ..da

something of a story. h ttethe Democrats a Only getting ta th d a trickle of the s tht se
hvo mowe on the bere rar ap111n for their big campaign f th lfall
1o/ to the P effertn-3acks t a P -- G ,. NEW A-a /a
aY dinner when Pr ie-ment ry U l o whe recent Abo rb e enn eNeva da was so apeemt u rly su-
a tatan scratched, Harrmon t ihe ImaW ihe a ih s 'c haen eful that sehana are unt eer Way -r a new series oft st tiis
never considered himself s sumltmer on Enlwetok oslad.
tprec dent ls material. That is. dy .. A fantastically powerful bomb c M to be tteid the qe..i na
out lou. dntrulve that our scientists have been afraid to set it off with.
Setwee thm n and Governssg, iie, a ry e.mb Add .m or aromes f $00r 0 tia Work c a tpoff thn atbo been mrvine o aat- f
b a- pr of peopdit e e e' the aIn We h f wvat t a of ehoo.n ad.h sucha rate thatwe proba test our first rtxdraIa *e n s a po lrin daa *bg ism as a ls
stut Samian that he nas et+h .Alay wer 0 get3 loms pte cae andait. t... oe sb om eM cCfe th o rI fall.
.Main repadrtote and larger. wfo as the e ot e mair yI thde, tects ao ur are will revoluttonl tho
i s"nMy ~eM is ibe the famous s lo ad tha notht wobeteswls enh atUpmee tonof hisor armed t oe, dI
- Pmaine uo than a mAr's hand on the ho U ds,.sin t the teenhwhlr letter, r 8flsl toRdevstewone-htprd of the 1 f I I
Sn.i t e ant th priests of Bal wh tta e and stasnt, aeout civil rights. b and defenses aga ist. .---
th Teprr ,hIaef So fr, w have m A.M .f Interpr iming tala -myne oE en
the Nothe sort of rIAn 0Ta. many wtheW ord ineasure rnt d' GDE LANCES ByGalbroith
we -'te at Lsaoetr o Ad h er sa s s dis easing a domeste policy ommItte for riconomit Development (o which-
wlan sep. ale ra t.h re On the otTe hand, replyi to a Ileter from the G6fne.,iower is a member), ftvoriag a ea-

t -Is mh n e nlvit rilts, the enerat lhlas wtn that hS es e pnm. A -
i man was military utes have not allowed te 0 CO flaW oward compulsory civil l i
y et Harriman was flatter- ch a onclusion on this e.. latn anId approval of state 0own r sw ."
ed when New York Democrati On the other hand, replgyin to -utfrondlcandW are what may e cooled nt 0rst e i
a,.. .P a cn Paul Fitzpatrick pro- it chiet 'rags. s reoe Poes the Gek- ra-wsng att1tufes to current Arete"a poll-
posed thim as favorite-son stalk- eal has written at "In princ f t, 8o too is the approval Of a sam et
ling horse. return of the Federally owned -aRsll e- voiced by Gen. Ulse oer's agolat altefsu ,_
h o ts eb c a e npot by the General himself.i
Bout when Governor Stevenson otDssenhor letter on the tidelids oil pr.t
struck his .colors, and President lean was earehul phrased. It a ted lit that And the great question about what Gem. imsea.
Truman gave his blessingg, Mar- he hd peoualy expteiu aP1a of state hoWer is goin to say when he hams may be
riman was convinced he ought o of the tid s "at sle d mie. realltlchlly rephrae: ft to the .
to run. WeWi--ln Tea and elewhlte." a lfe hmii lght is (en. Eisenhower soinng gI l
out th Federal gover p As tidelands case 0epws, b .-
Main headquarters ifor his "nda1trit Of ntul Sine Oft- may tend .o t he.
Sen. Herbet Lehman will be greaI*meaeani f read- .h 3* S d tepubicaer are very sumervativ
honorary chairman with Lep. reft t Snate wvote io pE e Iee.
Praein Dl Rooaserelt, Jr., as t whih would r Pto I, the General will be t1r able to
active chairman .i ..e osau tsO ce5tit uatv Isnhe af IoU. sbert A. TIt if he and
,,Itr....,w ,, onty.. sthe oouSieator seetm to agree o demse gol- -,Ir

"Marrll alluwaj lljRv) w wt
one thing srriman i leaas W
headquarstea 'nWadsbaglt b f ast ap
beenoen with r MM 5. vwawtSbo M Ter
LnanI an, fo m ly i aof .....
nm an sMuftual urity Aqa uHidyiftO M"
staff of brillli lYN" rumet, is1mo -mm

One tin Aarrst noa kerIsb ee sr s
IgUon.I ht10B f
for the governkftment M Se lpm JEW'
itrferowfth -
P smt" ai ueW. T, ..
W" lpto mpm .- ;
no JM L -t. -: -b w at -Sim no.

dWM On%
a -'*.



' (r .f-.
" f >

'if ..-* --

r "Ij5P;~gr' WV..
* ,~-.' at

*.B.j.5'. v;t%.'r,*

. .- .- .

i*- S : *
,, : ^
i' ...- ,,,; .. 4 '* '










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"r / ta
,t "

*, "4 P6
-I. U
-'I --
I I a
a ~
.7 4 *t' .AJ.,
* ~ ~?j~~' -'~' *4tt .L -.


- thbm, or Ifrof
had signed fef
wanted to get
,-They key fIgUr
terms were the bi
firmis and moiat'
they would still

hird down patymenti on car. t
At ft. ate i l f o
a pid it tpeated miUst baph and /
finance eNtopanlea to require JOO spaO ,
bW.t n tbu down, -but cx- a
p y7Sts to 34 motI4nths, ,,
e ftnairet Aim. ivwatm""
payments would remain thle
anme, with payteni .extended ii .
to 31 or 34 months.
4t Detroit, some credit Inatl- un m u
tutons said they would clats- ow .a
-nue one-third down payments. I I
while others diso seed the pos- For five hw
sibUlty of loWeing the require- I
meft to ES per cent for buyers
who "appear Bound.
It appeared that most fi(mna THAI
would go along with 34 months
to pay, but giant General Mo- I# I
tori AMeptance Corp. declined cabtil W0
to comment on whether it would .
to beyond 1b months. I 1 t i
Switebln_-om footb01 to dviE
weAn't dflfeiilt for W y al,.
star s oozore rigt
i, tci team. N ipWon -'
-jab -" qM--.-"-----

^ ------ .. .^.4------.

IIIo their

31 Central Avenue
French Perfumes
"Cason" eIW "Chane
"ho'u" "YiTlien" Sowt
Yaurdley G* Sea
Kern Plastic Cards
NewO Whie
Rosental China


lie-V111>t 96i i *1 b
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#A e l look

mun ethe engage-
y ttlsr spring vaei-
in aid thit a week
SN With Meflter
inlham, who
. lw Oa., failed
"t seoliron to .
RAoliter and MW
ai will be' tgduated
and eontinuin with
we said It has Mn
i force siee ant-
ra, to make no die-
E=g its students be-
eir race or religIon."
t. a tQuake r school.
different races live

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At h a 4 /p4
in nun ,nfnufhm .W
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nKS,4 eL In
moMe of Mt, 400
our announcement!




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's E0ay( Qifts

"V Emit..',
Opp. A'tc P.O. #, Aenue


FtFsdh EC/de-*n PoWery


i ,* *_ .
Calle a. tte, .
Call Bases del Tore, ,
cOane i i l..a'

Cel lo ,.
c 13 s mate
: Calbe fl -, lli' .

*ia- ,aw ii -t. diP.e.t' .
ClUe a-t"e, U"__.*
GCilt:M I
h h bll t. s'S s s

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Dnf aU V 117



the ',ol- of ti

ntavie in present

ttow rdsemi h In hO w
thlw noon on Mtl f .


U: '

Just What Sh6 HaMs Hen W lting for...
A Fashion I laC Dre-y and Sport
She's sre to be UeHgfIted wit!

Nothing Is mlre a'te a ng tur n a beautiful
blouse or a mfUrty ses.
Hats HNmes Shoes Coro"
In a e wn lem h a$ty ofseltyles...
Coye take a look et ear exeliting now colleetlon.
















tA ,

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' 10.00





12.50 1

2.75 '




C.9 A
-.98 ,
'I. '-t



5.00 A-U,



-.40 .:



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-.75 3



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"'r i"


#5.4 -

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'F- *
.5 -~*'~~fla' 'bAa. r-
.4,. a- 1. ~-vr'iV~ur' jar

w E r. A.'.-*,'-,^

I ,

onp Ie COXift 01.4

lIF '-t
r* ,



12 COMrfr Avenue Panami
J ~. .


. attan urniture (Chippendale)





- Wvit r t l # e y-y ,*-.- :* -* ._ .- -... :.-.i .
rvrw w rtw r "*
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if ld 'n x i i, "im 1.1 a 1 "i. "i InT-N

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I i

., .e\:

i*go and Frei-t- hips and Planes-- Arrivals a-

r__and Frer__"t- Ships and Planes- Arrivals and .

ripping & AirLine News- -

AhSFrance Manager IMrs. William HI. Grant: Miss ORIZONTAL VEITICAL
In Panama I Gladys Hollhi'g v .,. .h, Dr. Jos- 1 Andean IFewer
O aston Delaclaux. the general eph A. Johent,;o,. Mrs. Esther carrier Mothr of
oinager of Air Fiance was in Keselman; Mrs. Betty K Kuller sDeert carrier Apollo
5KmR yesterday. Delaclaux Isand son; Mrs. Dorothy F. Le- I r c Wofo
route to the IATA conference roux: Mrs. Ann Livingston: Mrs 11 Lamprey- 3 Wolfhound
hb R in Buenos Aires. During hisCarmen L. Matos; Mrs. Mildred I catchers 4 Coaleece
al he was the guest of Braniff Meyers, Mrs. Catherine B 13Philippic 5Part ofa circle
AirwMoele and two children; Mrs. 14 Complex 101 (Roman)
Alrys. i Edith Mason: carbohydrate 7 Provided with
Nbw French Atlantic Mrs. P. Catherine Otterman; 15Pointing weaponsof 23
Liner on Sea Trials Lester E. Phipps; Stephen Rizzo; 16 Melody combat
UNKIRK. France. May 9 iUP, Sgt and Mrs. Kenneth M. Run- 17 Short-napped 8 Post 24,
-he new pride of France'b nells and three children; Miss fabric 9Flminine 25(
tis-Atlantic fleet slipped out Claudine Sarraco; Mr. and Mrs. 19Notesin appellation
oort here today for her fulst William C Smith; Mrs Olga Guido's scale 10Hutfan 274
a trial Taylor; Mrs. Quintina C. Vig- 20 Turned carries 28:
'the Flandre is scheduled to giano and daughter: Pfe George outward 12 Fragments 29
rJ her maiden voyage to New C. Weingartner, Mrs. Kathryn 23 Wool carrier 13 Sampled 31;
from Le Havre July 23 J Whitmore and daughter; Rab- 26 Revoke 18Exist i
is sa major step in rebuild- bl and Mrs. Nathan Witkin; Miss 27 Obtain 21 Traveling bag 35
Lthe French merchant fleet.'Nora Wolf 80 Profit 32 Emanate 391
h was two-thirds destroyed -----------2 Imply
gthe war. 'Rare Books, A imal pof whod 1 2 3 14
Sj helacing 20,500 tons, the S, Acrrier
e contains accommoda-1 36 Equine 11
for 378 first-class passen- k he On D7 arr ,-
gPI'N and 274 cabin class SVekh s O n Diaf 37 Attempt
Today's trial will merely test 88 Beescarry a
the ship's sea legs Speed and LibraryMuseum
performance tests will come lat- Inl Library-i UsUm 41 Make lace-
er The Canal Zone Library-Mu- 4redging
The Flandre Is the largest ship "lm is pres entng two newr ex- 42pred
launched in France since the war hibits which will remain on dis- 44 Carries you in -
and will be the fourth largest olay during the month of May In a pokergame 31
fterchantship sailing under the *n,, lobby of the Civil Affairs 47 Rotlaxby -
trlcolor. Building. exposure
--- The first exhibit is a group 48 Chibchan
BUENOS AIRES, May 9 (UP)- of first editions and of unusual Indian
bix crewmen- were killed and a books interestingly bound. These 52 Flag are I I -
)umber of others injured In an i were a recent gift to the library carried Ina a -
qxplosion which ripped through from Mrs. Ida Ruth Fuller of
boiler room of the ArgentineiDiaolo. They had been in her 54 Click beetle
,.e tRio Santa Cruz while family for several generations. 56 -Exhibits
Cabo ... ...anco bw Prto wn The books include an early eoi
ff Cabo Blanco between Puerto edition of Mark Twain's "The emo tio
seado and Comodoro Rivada- Tnocents Abroad," a first edi- 57Iterate
la on the Patagonian coast. ac-ition of Cooper's "Mercedes of 58 Caterpillar
rding to reports reaching here Castillo' and a collection of Ci- hair (pl.)
yesterday. vll War portraits bound in con- 5 Depr e-ionm
a The reports said the ship was temporary gift binding. -
bnly slightly damaged and was This group is located for the
proceeding to port under her own exhibitionn period In the low
er lighted case in the entrance to
However it was said th e Civil Affairs Building. UNITED FRUIT
H.owe vr It w s weres In the other side of this case|
umber. gee a roup UNIof fve limiED FRUIted
e a d i n g t o w a r d R i o a n t, a C r uzt- I s a g r-- f.. .. .
offerwhat .wa neeieditio nwhichn are the property;
offer whatever aid was need-,of Mr. and Mrs. John V. Carter
id. A plane was also dispatched 'of Las Cumbres. They include a Greig Whiti
ith medical supplies for the in-ilimited edition of Walt Whit-
jured number of men !man's "Leaves of Grass," printed
.by Edwin and Robert Grabhorni
SI1Ancon Due 'and illustrated with woodcuts by New Orleans Service
.lltobali Monday !Valentin Angelo. Nw re s Service
"e normal slack southnound The second temporary exhibit *S.S. Quirigua...............
.ravel of this time of Near i. re- ,s. that of Mary L. Patton. Girl S.S. Inger sko *...........
j ,,,ed in the advance p n ,piwerSOIlt director. It is composed of "S.S. Chiriqui .
hich sailed Wednesda, "rOn ,luIn tapIr an anteater and *Handinug Kefrigerared Chill
t e-rh "il. ...e"-" v no 'agtiai. hieh are to be in-
ew Yrk and is due Moncdy In 'uded in her forthcoming book.j
riltohur I 'Mammals oi Central America."
Tou.,, travel nointillw de-
iines in April ani May and the -, Ne YVork Service ,_
61 Zore vacanon season is Fig "
beginning, with only a few n t .. HIIf s .......... ...
WulIng as yet from leave In S.S. Cape Cam berlaad .. ..
Ve United States. DSI.S.Cap e Ver umbea ...... .:C...
S Included In the 52 passengers ...............
tn the advance list are Rabbi wIeUlT INe I I t
iathan Witkin and Mrs. Wltkin WIuee tl a S new s aewk
f Balboa. Dr. and Mrs. William ll Van Yfl -Arm,
enry Grant of Diablo and Dr. w I u WS l p Frrequent freight sllap from
osewph A. Johengen of Gatun. I "you suffer harp. stabbing paine, Central America
h .ji f points are swollen it shows your bloodi
Th" advance passenger list fol- na obe8olsone.d trough faultyi )dnev I Cristobal to New Orleans via
action. Other .ymptoms of Klidney Din- -_ri8IOai W WW UnwaS VM
O orders are Burning. Itching raaeagfa. I
S.William C. Burweil: Mrs. tron. rCloudy urine. Getting Up Tela Honduras
13teila L. Carlson: Mr. and Mrs. Night. Backache&. Lumbago, Leg onuras
wrence W. Chambers; Mrs.I1 Pains, Nervolsness, Dizziness. Head-
awrene W. Chambersacies. Cola., Puffy Ankles. Circles un- S.S. Quiriia..................
felen B. Colin; Porter W. Craw- der Eves. Lack of Energy, Appetite, S.S. Chr i ..........
Ord; Cpl. Michael A. Drum: Mr etc. Cytex lights thens trouble b .................
helping the Kidneys in a waye: 1. Helps
ind Mrs. Edward E Eder: Mr. i lean out poisonous acids. 2. Combat (Pasenger Servi
end Mrs. John W. Ensell and grma in the urinary system. 3. Soothes
nd Mrs. Jonn Wd. E ll ad! and calm, Irritated tissues. Get C atea iT MON"
o children: Mr. and Mrs Rus- from any druggist. See how uclly E ON
H.EB Ensell and child: an I" ou on the road to enjoying e CRISTOBAL 2121 PANAM
Harry 0. Cranberry, Dr and gln. I STOBAL 211 PNA

Rough caert
on wetel'
Ocean carier,
Carrier of milk
Heating device
Symbol for
Looks fixedly
Fish .

5r'~' 'p-- .. --

.4 ... .4.. ~.' 44 1

& ~*mII .' r~ .~ ~-y--'-*--
-~ 'SAId ibiS



I a;-~
I -S
'ww '?


Arriv '
................. w ,.,

s .,, ..

CriWibl to West lmg
B petr.
Sails from
................ M ay 13
................. M ay 20
Ice Only)
A 2-2804 COLON 29

NO WO0E OA WM NT6 %."\.
w0atlm TH' vWK.c1 t644
'Got"6 to SO"1 i--
'-' Y OR ? rJ ...



On the Trall

S~ ~

TtI CAnTNSI0at s r



Up, You Bum?




Another Witness

SS 9 WELKIN. Planteer

|)~ ~ 1 I~~~a^



.' a!

S f.

A Job for Mack

IEA MT)...1



Domestic Problem





'&M makes lb :Mov
0 H*%IM I .,NAA* ...i

m sAn qSBM OwMa. ... sAl0

rA$L *ofE,. 10'atSTMrf 4U Yi MbT 1M V0M-
sm .TH a VCTOR|A. JLu PL ACE 6
260 CASH, Oft- PtACP- l Nt, 4 X. AtD 6BS i
-19,THAT 6b9- TOIN EFOR IlO. ,
MP40t)ED VIM 1 ii i 11 AMAlN I ,




' :-,' .*.. .'.' ', '.,^ -- '

4r. eli


I -.'UE -0D
_H *0MA IR




= -. .

, *

*- ,

* -. **

ru, ;= i !i .I' 7.






,-- t- -r- ;:, -'-rr
;. -'-', '. ''.* ._.*** :* ,. ''
~,:, W'- -- -'i. -t-t- ., H >,,'., ':,'T ., / ........ I -..,
.r iV i : i.. I. .

# '

m .e f. In W
.61 ..I .t Oe p Tni-
.tha ombll,

y ~0 telomsl-

oof Aosinted
S Ap l tot by a go of 61-
.A *t of deep shock or

ju W hd re-due n m ation of. the c

,ei t{ 'i& ^ B -i "t* ndk, Let to. dil st the anti- pe .tt
Uhd I. d .V. V. lents Inflieted with the
aas' her birt 4 wIeth their illa t haves not tied, the tearn
ea 4Ih prty1atp^_
8t 'tes dero nelme Psique 1$',th4 .anti-
be:Wo re o In tact a 47-year-old woan
.t. a ttvotl b t he waBts a peeled to l ea fve the ho
S-. At arts ase treatment was said

=boa AW. 0b tedtk"e d w ill cost has m-t b"

] b n ate he p m.With Stei R oll $elkeuret W ith Ste let
RAW k aII nN "u r&Fa,

et bl aA r m ma w orwowh "r :I MAW o 1In t P c to the present w e-mergen-

o! A the was t*rh l1 Ii te i he entpo wese ave of theho
TO e Vital "Y' a.'+

.n u m b I i ClU- Sor here ewLL ."-
lea.-l a- -,n te ii Abra..ha ,stdie m- .0.
" a ,_- p a. ..... s+T _ro *..a ,' g.el ,,o f.. r. m ar-= Ab

I,..e ui I -,the A ,i",o,"',,' nl ** 't""aln"a",a und er",o,, ti ret hen was.Siod s
cA jatat rrnhncighC1t7an

otIbmnIt u.iIm f edr tdlon .o Aemn. -p rw e l n

Banki.asu8.e I'A Uf:' "
UCSsn Hr. a -

RicaC' tt a6" aAvishe A P' .p r
-th t elgamff t O eld bsb fnt -o nemte e s I ta sfta T r T y. fi.n

boanor 5Swhich h aau, tO Bt 8.ob'wS N.a,4n
0:e1 7 DI tten d the tof
atio wt o o. B ilu' big0n D ,ih .d wA'tW Iplm., .. psi

the# rRoy. o Pretty OU 0D
daJ nAe w uT, ',.LiftUP)- i tah'ur, IIHgroItheSpresenthe artead

,l tad- 0- to-.. Ct 2 y. -.
isli Mr Stabs's fe -" -LL. .- .
de.ars O MU34I Iutd ,U M.Is0Uo6 = rf bnt and ent0I hbIeenot .a ug-m an y a.. i ,

Ohm. Ns P=60s slh .a'": no"":a esdbT&

t. ". Juf

II-. .o. fo

JgU A. MEDLNGR, (eft), of the Tahiti J.wery store, &receer a g
merit won by CYMA watches from $an & Ga et, who manamed f oammsw
awe contest sponsored recently by ft 8ppnish lrn-'ae slater or The PanutHl i
Medlinger, who received two other diplomas for jewelry sold In his stoe, Is a
by some of hia employee.




I *"

108 Central Avenue Tel. 2.3418


, .Ml ,8-r :, S* ,;: ..
Btas ..t. .' ..' ..
9:30 am.--fl Sw ..C--m for kadl ali. '
(otelej gjpts of hildien's departments).
10:45 a.m-"The WemaM Who Could Never FOrget"
Mothees Day Messae. ,
Saior Ohbet........ unieor Choir. 4
CHILDRKN'5 CEAPfL Ages 5 to 11,
BSo. Robert Snydur-Speaking. '.
7:30 p.m.-' He That is Spiritual"'.
O al. 6:1-10 .'i

Paster W. H. Beeby--Speaking.

Radio OUtlet-HOZO-7-

~ Complee A fl ei
V #A
...- ,, U .-wI..n 1"'&u...
............. .......,..
ri,,' ,^ ,' n -'-i .* -' -

. a '

"" .'' "i i -'*.
..*~ ~~~ ~~ t,'^- --- :** 4

uffocatlng "Hot Flashes" *d
or strlklngly reHlevld
2 'h 0',. sm indeom' I tor,
. '.: ,, ,. t ,,,.

r *.. ,
* '/ S *
t.' .
"" .I1'"s.'.. .




-) 1^

r~C~ 4t-~

--- -on

AA, -N



*'-- ~?YYM
- -- 5~
-* S

A' ':~s- -a- ~


I -1111-1 : .. mmku

swt I


Baptism errte

*.f \ '

? *to. ,

!You Sell 'em...When You Tell 'em thru P.A. CassisA lk

Save your Ad with one of our Agents or our Offices to No. 57 "H" Street P
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Colon

. ewis Service
*4 TIvolli Ave.-Phone 2-2281. and
Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-9441

Sal6n de Belleza Americano
*55 West 12th Street

Carlton Drug Store
10.059 Melndem Ave.-P-oi0t o 64 Coli

Agencia Internacional de Publicaciones Propaganda, S.A.
*3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-3199 "H" Street corner Estutdlae St.
Phones 2-2214 and 2-S279

. 5:,
*'* i

~, ..

7- u
PON" t

A 6im for 12 words.
te ultmOmal word.

Household Autonniiile De you h..ave u dkE probmONA AcI0iXblPrlmn-- AdIitiA of Rk.
Write AlcIholls Aeenymus. Box Cisro. Goi 4 mea I '" '-r'" IUs ,
S OR SALE -9 5 feetWestnao ^Service Personnel and Cislionf 201 Antn, C. Z. Paonom 3-11871.l I C de jt t Po
refrigerator,. orcelain 5100 0 Insor on TRAVEL OPPORTUNITY: Enjoy Gramlich's Sar t Clora beech.AdYo. S hlrged f i 9
Gembna 6415 Government Employes Finoane Co. our vacation in cool Costa Rica. cottage. Electric ice boexs, go And now thon $400 flowrQ th. il 7CMtI Louis .roirta
S E-B m. r r When you finance your new Fly LACSA. PAA affiliate, only stoves, moderate rotes. Telephone READERS DIGEST a five-ypearf lto. 8 and Otmmentar
n. 8 E used car. 55 00 round trip. Inquire Pon- 6-441 or 4.567. ti you what a wonderful td e ,t OA
Spie sr. Balboa 2815 AGENCY DINLINGER ama Dispatch, Tel. 2-1655. across Foster's furnished g half mile hde CLORDANE lent i-to pro i c (VO
Ne--43-------b. Rw .....An.on.bus-step. Beyond Santo Clara. Gas refriger- not meet a nk credit itand- *tory Tire
FO. SALE. -l Noroe trefr-roo' Phone 3-494 -45 tI t rors. ranges. Special rates week- In the April Issue. not At cet tnd f Btiy heat
iat e Hrnandez" Tel Albrook The biggest used car l in th. FOR SALE Iv or monthly, private rdad to (Int' the Killer In Real Kill) tudo o
H5 Ftrd:e-to. 5 30 p hist o f P.nema A.ll makes, all Mbeaelh Fornformoation visitDg, U ftad fory1ou11 gte ural m 'a oncer
FOR ALE -One new SILEX Coffe- SM T & PAREDES SOR SALE:-The famous "Sixtomat" Panama 2-0170. or garden. 10:d cAyAide of Amorlet
master Sugar, Creamer and Your Buick, Chevrolet Dealer light-meters, shockprof at Prros, C0 en-
atroy sd32r 00, honse 'e biggest u- ed c sole in M Plaz 5 de Mayo, Panoma r AL GEO. F. NOVEY, INC. l -: turN of P. c.
Saturday or Sunday. Gas Sttion. ouse history of Panama. All makes, all PANAMA CANAL COMPANY Ral itral AVe. Tel. 3-e 01
.. .......r Balb models, oli prices OFFERS SI'rtiC 'ItF R SALE A.. "-"' --11 Mgfaf
S FOR SALE-Servel Electric Refriger- SMOOT & PAREDES For sale to the highest bidder Buid- COTTAGES, Santo Claro, I.ndscaped, 11.. 1:00 f Orf
ator 10 cu ft. with freezer corn- Your Buick, Chevrolet Dealer ing No. 65, (Gomboo Clubhouse'. lurnished, two bedrooms, will fin- PANAMA BROKERS. INC, .l Dt i..MDlAr (1PD)--I4prd
partrrent. 5 months old. Could be iest ued car sle in the Gamboa. Sealed bids will be rece.- dance. 826-A Emprre St. Monday El PanamA of the oil Ste to Calir l y 10
u O r S A LE2 5 6 0 c y c le s O wri e r le v i o u... in P A ,. S M a 1 9 1 9 5,oh eitey f oR 8 n r t l, l E ll P a n a m po fe th e K o llk z I W e t ooPit o d
S in All America Cables Buildingr history of Panma. ll makes, all ed in the office of Superintendent of dance. 826-A Empeie st., Balboa. f : where coasM refneriesl upply- Alr
igOld CA verbal. Phone 3-1713. models, all prices. '. leCo y Lu, (preferred) the rKath ar front, loo 8 Al
Old Crba P 17. SMOOT PA ES M., May 19, 1952, when they RENTcommon) a a
yu2 5 5 A GT ru.T u b s e l :ban a a 2 7 2tS aeAe o-ened r t rr -. co:
FO SALE --60 :cle refrigerate r Your Buick, Chevrolet Dealer be opened in public. Form o pro- A Paam Trust Co. eon meant ao parked time anyd re- ? (.. .
*'$1l gar'ntee 419 Porto Bello.9 Ford n posal with full particulros malv be R 8 be a ty stritet t eHlttte Of RttlOn t I
SFor selling or buying your next auto secured in the offices of Sup er. r Aeite iUrraca and Brewery gasoline. l
t : -- -- see: Agencios Cosmos, on Auto- dent of Storehouses and Gamboa ALHAMBIA PATMENTS T 719 3-160 At ttb h, Cal., the CO b ta Out
FO SALE-' cu. ft. Westinghouse mobile Row 29. We also sell Clubhouse Manager. Modern turnsllhed unfurnfllhd prt. "-p r t.-- 4 O l w rker ternal. hltV Olln 9 :
difrigerao-. 25 cycle. Perfect con-, GUARANTEED Used Tires and -Ments., Mold sp"ia tla 1 Con- ,tt atAS tOntrhct wth
i House 255-A, Gatun. Tubes. Tel: Panama 2-4721, SALE:-Deep Freee2o fi t reet. N w -8 l a---t Con The aclot : (VOA)
turdays, open all day. about 2 cu. ft., stainless steel top. -Crtbtobalreflep trm rO 1 o Co.eTh, e un ion
.. Telephone B +S S M OO KN FURNITUBE deeboa cao o e rW.
H: elp Wonted FOR-FO SALE 49 Ford StaonV a- a c, FOR RENT: rT &es' ,'lpohi bleparty .Irlteowl unI tLilwa la At S
Help Wa t_ gon. 826A Empire St Balboa. FOR S mangle machine $40.00. Electric tn nonit bed i- room tl epholst admitted a ske vote had been 10: It l-ed
S *W -aED a.d-cDol mu.r havel FOR SALE- Dodge 1949. 4-Door fan $10.00. Venetian blends and poor kitent, with etin e fi- im ino e SHOW-Ioo ha been exeh d :-d (CMOte.)
Sfrence'. I,..e ,n Apply Sedon. Beautviul car in excellent bamboo shades $20.00. Holden gerator and la ove ous No: A o-r (Ameto m 1 te day old kt6ut 11:W.t- "a
lT A. Anc-n BId condition Duty paid Owner lea.- Street 1470, apartment "D,". Tel. 2. 1st. Street Perry Hill, AMp. Pltekup A M dUe to the need for petroleum 1t 8
ing. All Ameri.c Cables Building, 2-2635, Balboa. ___ No. 5. For B. O. aer month.- =0 m. to ve 7* O1Eta In 'Korea which are -
W Call after ma Old C- ob -o 3- i_ FOR SALE:-Two 25 cycle motors, Apply Quilano, 8th Street No. 15 -. .. .by c tal refineries. 1 *W he Title
FOR SALE:-1949 Mercury 6. pa.- 1-2 HP Craftsman; 1-3 Westing- FOR RENT:-One room apartment. w restricted by f he gasoline 11r
;' A enger coupe Radio. dr d i qr' .q, house; one sunbeam mixmaster; 1 House No.- 7, 1t Street Perryn l n an order prohibiting 1:-'ir nallt Prd
: WANTED ecellent, condition Coall F K,:,bbe Sunbeam waffle iron. Phone: For Hill, 6.35.00. Apply Quilajono. 8th DR. B. L. STONE It to re-,s:lers or oiv n 1:5._. do Fo
4Mi eanO -4246. Fan 3560 after 4:30 p. m. Street No. 15. t' iropractor consumers who have more than 2:00-S-ore Aboutte? Ble i)
_. y s llceeInlu FOR SALE --1949 Ford 6" coupe FOR SALE:--Air Conditioning Unit a three-day supply on hand.
4 '- EXCELLENT APPEARANCE. .eryl with 1-2 H.P. motor, 25 cycle, FOR RENT STONE CLINIC The walkoat of 92,000 oil 2:15--Date frt Dtneing
; A rlED: 25 ccle Automatic ood tires and rod.o $1.075.00. $135. Phone: 2-1413, Saturday or ae a worker& WM expected to be 2::10-Afternton Me0lodll
"l Wher with aoQtcror House 54 7 F,r demonstration coil Garc-a Tel. Sunday. House 395, near Balboa RO g 7th St. & Justo Aroadiena turned over to Pre. Trwpan 2:45-Sattle 3the hand
rtment 'Diablo 3--4716 PanamA Gas Station. FOR RENT--Two room, near An Ave. Col6n Tel. 457 momentarily and Wage Stabil- 3:00-Mu Sl tfr atUrd ty
I !R -I T--- --_-___ FR EpT.--w roos, near An iAtion chairman Nathan P. :0-
i" t couple require opartmer., FOR SALE 1952 ..nqcr SpoIt FOR SALE: Electric Fan, 6-inch con P. 0. $25.00 each one. Phone Feinainger said he favoltd Ob- tSi:ld-ds
Iuiflmished or unfurnished Phone Roadster. just baking ;t in, must, diameter, $4.00; 1-3 1 P. Mo- Balboo 2708. talking ah in mntiotln under the t-si S
*J0boa 1274 ell. Call 4-339 4.7 p M tor, $8.00; kitchen Cabinet, fits Taft-Hartley Law it the strike 4:0-Jfti oAt116(I )
w rED-SIurnished apanrt- FORSALE --95Oldn e88 s ve, $3.00; Metal Caob- FOR IaENT ." l"' e" xter, S-*. "B flt i wo rse." 0- a-tS
W- iED:--Smaln fOnet, 66" x 18", $2.00; Woodn hpon rtwMr. mn oweverhSlid the
insist in Bella Vl-,ta area ._.r I.o Holiday trtone green radio. h%- Cabinet. 66" x 40", $2.00. Shppig, ioa ..Tian ,he ve, ai 6:15-
S e. Call -2533. dromntc etc. eMargaricta 805D Phonen, Phone: 2-1413, Saturday or Sun- MiUe Cl8'AsguS We pack and crate or mowVe reached a paint were it is nte-
AA ANedCouple shes2.400 M3-258 rita 805 Phone House 395, near Balboa Gas FOR RENT:-Low fo' Agency, thing 'Phone 2.24 nce y to co der u Ps e
1rirnished wseton ho-se -Station. t"blig' 'nt corr gily -5 injunctive V ft-M t Tft- ll"
wi lNty Cangrelo or Campo Ale- FOR SALE --950 Chevrolet' -door FOR SALE:-Gas hot water heater building cently r 1 2 Panama. Hartley labor act. He mAde no
E,, Phore m.e Luxe Model Sedan Excellent- 20 gal., excellent condition..$45,. street Perry Hill No. 13. Telephone andly, he Wll take if the dispute
.W-AfED: Innerspr~ng 00. Call 3-3105. 3-4106..ds.u
B and:srngs Mahogany bed table. e radio, plstic eat covers, extro Isd put 1In hts tlmtdS. .W I
tsy ch irs Write Box 2107 Crs-' accessories $1400 00 Phone Co- FOR SALE:-One Rattan livingroom P .The Pittablwh termination 8 00-t w,0 and CON-
tebal. C. Z co Solo. 8952 House 84-B suite, one bed room suite, 7 cu ft sition re J noe, whih ved only the et IO SL -196HdoF- refrigerator, 41 maroon Pantiac. E E one plant, followed tie union's
EFOR SALE -- 1946 Hudson Fardr good condition San Francisco 13th operators. Perni inferves at HOUIOLD EXCHANOE reject O 15-et per hu 3:1-ng Co how (OA
SiFO SALE sx. overdive. radio Tulone Blue-- St. House 17. raise offer. The union wesilf- 8:-45-Reuort ,from Cogre
nancng. 650 00. No 09 FOR SAL0. Photo Service, Curundu, C. Z. p, r ti best values in both lived to be holding out for 18 (VOA
Boats & Motors Amador Road 9lboo FOR SALE:-2 1-2 HP outboard mo- WANTED: Salesman or saleslody, ew eae reconditioned ftw- cents 9:00-HOG Hit Parade
FOR s Ratan chair woodworking must speak Spanish and English, ltere. 9:0--VOA Hit Parade.-(VOA)
J PR SALE-Atkins Keel loop, 1O cycle radio phone, 25 cycle fan, if os. cr o a AN SELL A w I10:30--The Last hrOcle of
t5x3 with cabin Plywood construc- M2 lo5SALr60v5" PM' hnt, other andcomisnei s. Mut hve'Armyr'vitee
t hn. 3 years aid. Complete irt- Motorevele 2 cycle 4 RPM phAno, other references. Write detailed to opar- QAutomiobile tow r1t:0 he l's it)
l. ars old. Comply r- items. Quarters 413-A Ft. Cly- tod 1833 Pomi. -Tel. 3-4911 w ama11:00-The Owl's Nest
dbss condition. $300 See at FOR SALE:-Cushman motor scooter ton. Friday night Saturday morn- 1833 Ponami. :00 --a.m.--8 n Off
Cttobal Yachr Club. Kao, Porsi, $60 00 good condition House ing. WANTED: Experienced executive F IwI
?I29 Margarita or Box 443, Mar-, 2 I-C Ric, Grande. Pedro Miguel. FR SALE: Revere 8 mm movie secretary, English and Spanish cor- Shef Baffled xplanatlion S~mt y
Ir-a. Tel 4-535 camera with leather carrying case respondence. References required BROWNEL, Tex.'(U.P.)- VOA-Voice of AmerNi .
Like new. $55.00. Phone 2-1235 Apply between 2:00 to 4:30 p Sheriff 0. H. Murry reported BBC-Brith Stia atI n
or 2-3550 m. Agendas Glasglow, Justo Aro- only one c)pe It a safe burglary NEW YO1K, _Wa (UP).- C-- orp.
sernena Avenue No. 73-A. Tel. 3- scene. He found the tracks of U.S. Army Sec. fPratk Pace, Jr. RDF-RadlOdIffulett Pranclse
V 0 DCEFOR SALE--Garage equipment, tools, 4934 or 3-4935, Panama. tigo right shoes. said last night that the Army ________ _
and two rifles. Apt. 2035-C, Cu-" is replacing conventional wea-
FOR SALE: Sacrifice 1951 Noash atome harms. du
V LIAN and GOVERNMENTr mbler cou ,,l b ovir drive, Nato
E Ld ES Speed Graphic. celery th-nx3- atomic weaO W- give the 3iope Plus XI gtav a special au-
t- Speed Grade. ic mperyte in- ne.4 nadion "per fiance toa a
EI f*for enlarging and developing, will defense a o l a tmal t c t abea nand Ia
^tr fake.35r oal ones. U atbo a nd their |irits a,
trade. I mahogany bar. 3 stoolk.
229-A Albrok Tel. 2125. pass from 're, 0 Cftth .
we are ad l r-
I a qad T0 SAerial." 1" "
Pace said the panvntional-
OTweapons used by UJ.lPoo in
"' hft&#Korea have Do vet Umre
YOU N ED firepower than in '1dW
H ailNsCE IN l e sclied JT
A~NCIAL L... ~ In atomic oannoft. uai
STANCE MFM CzechilRas accurate a And oan
G RAT H T NETW ut NATIONS N tf I h a arget ieOu4W
H USED C A]R A) (UP).-In the flrst movera a knd A U.1B
M, Chicago attorney, petitioned t I able in warflie 1
United Nations for a writ ofable in war
loase of William N. Oatlh from
a Czechoslovakla prison.
Olttis, Prague correspondent
for thp Assoiated Pressm, la erv-
forWini his Conviction by thr
Czech government last year on'
what are claimed as false charges
of espionage.
I GoeRiresenttve. on the Human
S43 Automnobie Rosw ahs commissionn.
Phtone 3-494 Mrs. Roosevelt accepted tbm s at I3. puts the L.Fkim i i ltmo enr. mgson.
prone 3484ndocumenmt, but advised Kutmer btein modeled bi his sister. et E Square y'

MENT EMPLOYES FINANCE CO. ebervers spotted out th ad1 1 ------111141

~~~~govnicama -ates I+ iII"+" I






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1 i4 wI I .mIi n. AVI.. SbRE II P i -1. W7'I i ':.

-r.*. ~





and Mr n c ae .h ich o a re
low a^t^ Up

ts lie

SttL A Mhethato i 'fe and career A -.
.n i .. a..r.. con ct that definite, yet HA:
SI asa to S I ed up .
i .. 1 e0 d check for a a o a wort In
et TM b .lrean a Storey."
or mourfn, nlee torbe
CllOolVU aid ar mu r t
T tt. Am ,RAW,'Ny ma t sbesigts oa l

aothl th e'it Y 47tvIAgetor an yn 6, tofe r the u *aTrh n
Mrs. Ml. aon yA n Co- l l 's I at new ge w t apat S 3-
Uor3, 'at terona ti,, iin .ua e u the m l t ofor a week. th

tibia on a l ktbi i lS a nd **? *1 ytS.ya tor At w g
eColt td .l asci leu aM "'.

the atf IuagO hi r weT en- t ha MM tev
e tg*et t e mr t.- d d e la ti
Mrundotrwraakyl who off tot
Sr e we l e f ..o e bele- C t? much do yot pay spotlight was odel-
Shoit e r M elonCt giene1:FM to *o u' ? okay

ari tt tvdtasLaoper withered her *ih e !
^i On topforlhrAftw orme rLr 1uaga fla |
N_1 o r1 r e. a lto it6h b h e 8 y ouut h r i nd | in E I
Wa aren Plbte.r Ff Mt. &ndwas t n Y& ..14 O l Roos |d
Thee: wlmno ie id. abaoCvearddthe- AItokaya

p r s c d o. lm tandMMs o 46 k i i-A s gh n ,I ta -A
tednee an fftd oa Thbtetthe i l v a t l .tthrei a t loi$ bYrody -r.l
iht an ai ton.ew do r, M i d t Mio
rir. Who4I1 in et i anire. nur edi trgaing atWldr rm frte 's

teLse. fr the M i- the-l.; te i rs o m JohnIn. YW lo piBtfLt bld osA an ... ,
s hrt ndedB l ewiled aburthe adootI mpo-l T Air o i
Km d"M lexadRnO here M s planr to v.t.bc .etoo n .A a di Nce oi n zppe
repheinmeOert.adl M ite A ra Grd. faign aut011A-p pot sa-ewt O At$YI roaes.

aptinteadet of tha 5t UftVeSIf eAl- j jtei the.
.I w th, ifor two weeks before wa y
tendaneeInd off d good Tl @ they will visit thei "ao be Jb4.'.bepeb It
er. hn. h a nurse's training at Wll- C l. it a fIA 1m
afrh vsoui"" lspoWslend s en
A oNew York. Efir thet h e-svisit wtoit D eh.;eth eirisonrJo hni n t*h

n Thel hsee exhau aabeltaral-t1twhe e- jj
O rweiMr s t i l ei t h e e b78 df e .t u a t e d i r mWI t' s G o rd o n l v rX L
ilragMruhuuAteakrrei ro C r, si h, W o ngo ,,no d m St lw
Iile s Mrwlsl-b- -- '"ot4b 1 V*,0,-ie.,t

the ."I "deifoflfico to vis t Margarita 6AWIS0 Cl Mrs Ing-10011deaI,

an Tarr, Mrs. Rigas W land MrS. 0Waliowkll"re can-

9QTY tonbher ep la nsd t. visi-.rW.1te.7swatoftt I.
I Rie. ales ho h 0 several


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s juiOe can eOl
ewe^ at^l^tf^ SnkA

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Fm a Si.t as $ j0 .20 WtM.v

Tou can be t(e pr'*6 99 f 'W I A ateis *ft5 ..'
ot wia t O q s oi #Pa o I.toot/

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. A It n 3 ARE ING'

Suts NAT*.41M 0 taCMUWm
"With A Sa Is %-9lW
-i' w- w r

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ened U.S. Marbies. rpceivic ul ;
fare a Yuqca Plat, Nev ei
from their Toxholes. Second' atl
2,000 Marines Jdmped the "attack
7.000 yard theI',m






3M j i" =- A M
"M" (for murderer)
Meo victims... inmoset hII&Mll.. I
A D*



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r R O P I C Al I GoI AT auo-mas
MII om ONSpaean=!
w O O -. y v IAZIWT^. G

w" mAN wi LA IoEarem
Slk,9w~yek JOMH COtiMM
Ale : Nmanft and Coira If

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se a amt Amense

magg S as

- Bal Su a


'9~- -- *--'rr -




.fa_. :>' I

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-~ .'. *f.

.-~I., ,~...

Supreme C i

Disputants 2

"'FLEET" STEED FOR ORPHAN-Lieut.-Gen. James A. Van
Flees, commanding general of the Eighth Army in Korea, puts
aside stern duties for a moment as he plays "horse" for a Korean
prphan. General Van Fleet and other UN officials visited the
Comumbian Children's Home in Seoul to present S 1.000 worth of
Clothing to the orphanage. It was purchased by chaplains sta-
tionea in the Far East, with monf-y donated by members of the
Third Army.

Truman Backs Lift of Curbs

Gdn Consumer Goods Easy Terms
WASHINGTON, May 9 (UPi- generally would call for 24
president Truman held today months to pay ior television sets
th government did right in and 36 months for so-called
removing installment buying "white goods" or refrigerators.
curs on consumer goods. and stoves and other enamel fix-I
Feeral economists predicted tures. They believed 10 per cent
the action will have "little ef- down would be normal.
feet" on sales or prices. Automobile dealers expected
.owever. Mr. Truman added to receive the greatest benefit
tha he hoped Congress wW although most finance com-
ma itain the board's power to panics indicated they would
=m ose credit curbs if they continue to require one-third
sIhkid be needed in the future down. But new and used 1950,
on such items as automobiles, 1951 and 1962 cars were avail-
teol ision and radio sets ana able with 24 months to pay. Re-
\hot.lho,d appliances. payment on earlier models still
was luinied to 18 months as be-
A e Federal Reserve Board fore.
We iesday suspended regula- In Atlanta, buyers moved in
t1o4 "W" which controlled the on automobile dealers. A 1. ,a
doW~n payment and monthly dealer said he signed more or-
crelit terms for consumer dur- ders In the first few hours after
Mal goods. Merchants and cus- the restriction was taken off
to ners Immediately began ne- m an he could fill in the "fore-
Dgo1tting their own-and gen- seeable future."
eralv more lenient credit In San Francisco. the Bank of
ter#ts. America announced a new pol-
f his news conference, t,he icy of no down payment on ap-
P.: laen. said he had discu.-ed piances and up to 24 months
thaEac,.;on in advance with the to pay. The Uank se, a require-
board and lelt it was in line mert ol 30 per cent down and
With Feaeral policies calingI up to 30 months to pay on autos.
for'a Zl:-xoie approach to ero- Congressional leaders declined
, no*ic regulation. ,.o predict whether the House
Government economists said and Senate will go along with
the board's decision' was based the Rererve Board's request that
on The belief that consumers it be granted "standby author-
Vd. not go on a credit-buying it\" to reimpose the controls If
but will continue to pick necessary.
an1 choose a,. they have been Chairman Brent Sience (D-
'olll in the'fa'efof high prices Ky.i of the House banking comn-
aM4 plentiful supplies. They mtltee said only time can tell
looked forward to an upsurge whether the credit regulating
In ales on installment items auLhorlty will be left in the
because of the easier terms., le isolation now being draft:d to
barkinz' and credit circes extend economic controls for
.he felt new installment plans, one year beyond June 30.



We are unpacking

Plastic Wading Pools......... 10
Plastic Covered Dish Drainers 1J
Rubber Bottle Stoppers....... GM
Pint Varcuum Bottle Refill ... 1.35
Plastic Round Utility Mats... 0.35

Plastic Flower Pots .. 0.60

Sterkserews .

. 1.25

ChOrme Cocktail
a ers .......... 1.15
J.5OeA J lager Spoon 2.50
'r mm n lee Tone s.... 1.25

- 5.

Plastle What-Not Shelves ..... 2
Plastle Ornaments for Shelves 45
Stalaesm Steel Kitchen Knives
-from I."
('inbmrkable Plastc Tamble s0.30
1s tidl Bddroom Shides-from egJ



The Suoareme Court laid down
the ground rule yesterday for
hearing arguments which it will
consider n reauhng Its historic
decision on thUbl ty of Presi-
dent Traunan'a ature of the
steel industry .
The court a'nounted that gov-
ernment and Industry attorneys
will be given 2- hours each on
Monday to present their sides of
the unprecedeted taue.
The arguments probably will
extend Into Tubeday however,
since the court Will hand down
other opinions and usually ad-
journs at 4:30 p.n.
Other developments in the
steel situation yesterday Includ-
ed: I
11 Chairman Carl Vinson (D-
Ga.) of the House Armed Servic-
es Committee proposed several
changes in a new emergency an-
ti-strike bill after the CIO de-
nounced the measure as unfair
and "viciously anti-labor." The
labor organization said the bill,
an outgrowth of the steel and oil
disputes, was designed to "break
2 The government removed Its
ban on shipments of steel from
warehouses. The "freeze" was
applied last week when the CIC
United Stesiwarkers called a brief
strike whidh halted production
temporarily. .
3) Chairman, Nathan P. Feln-
singer of the Wage Stabilization
Board denied that his panel's
steel pay recommendation were
"shoved down the throats" of Its
Public members. He said "any

Noininations Open
Monday For -Rating,
Grievance Boards
Nominations wil open next
Monday f t S.-fate representa-
tives on the OoM.any-Oovern-
ment Performance Sating Board
of Review and the Grievance Ad-
visory Commltte, It was an-
nounced Thursay at aboa
Nominations for representa-
tives on the local-rate Qrievance
Advisory Committee will be an-
nounced later.
A total of 10 U.S.-rate repre-
sentatives will be elected for the
two bodies. Three will be prinei-
pals for the classified and ad-
ministrative group; three WIl be
principals for the wage eoad
group and each group WOil Iti
two alternates.
Nominating petitios,
must be signed by St iu '_
employes who are e i
the same group (Clfie d
Administrative or Wkge s& ard)
as the candidate, will be receive
through May 19. No petitio lt
be accepted if received or pat-
marked after midnight. Ma Si
The petitions are to be set oV
Trank D. Naughton, AditeW Uto
the Committees, plo et
aid Utillatton Division.
fice is Room 12 A, A iit blUN
Building, Balboa Heights.

Secretary Of PC
Company Resigns
The resignation of James C.
JRughes as secretary of the Pa-
nama Canal Company was an-
nounced yesterday a 1 Baiba
Nughes has joined the Atoede
Xnerw Commission as t e
area manager for the f
plant at Cincinnati, 0.
HuAhes, Assistant to the W
Pmsdent of the Panama CaWal
Company in New Tork, hal
been Secretary of the Comp-a
and of its predecessor, the e-
nama Railroad Company, aie
July 1949. He became
to the Vice President
New York Office In Febu

noton t*mt
'yep man' is
VhBe UB.'
wlnd Ujt
TueMay at
anonl -
pre for an ei
It was OP

also 1)
two me
in 'te


, ,
LaM ''~ 'ic,'
BttB0r I-.H
^^T-and a
^o~ons i

-Gen. DWI, 'it
warned to t t
aid would ha- *sow" ef
fects on a but
vious rsks of 1130014 aim,
a cable to C toA Cona
nally (D-Teu.) o i nat0
Foreign RetWetm Commue&O.
Congressional .UShlw hZav6
cut President T a' S O.-
000 K$ogra= to

'I I

Sto'alH oft a strike.
,'*Jr possible, however,
I speed up its
Sthe paramount
of the steel ilsure
as it does with Mr.
'ea of "inherent"
a ai W an emergency.
tat~bilke lU being con-
the bouse armed erv-
K was introduced by
W. smith (D-Va.) labor disputes which
bokpardsle the national
t l- I*PEi for 80-day injune-
strikes to be Xollow-
rY by court opera-
I bh ) union and industry
testified before the
Committee which Is
Ung his Wage Stabilia-
had -the panel's public
ft= had many diverse views
S.. steel case but "chewed
Oete" and resolved their differ-
,ftAehO that a "majority" decl-
&4O1ald be reached.
Mi lting the steel ban, Com-
'f retary Charles Sawyer,
* oW in charge of the
dutry for the govern-
od supplies of the vital
ave built up to where
restrictions could be re-
the freeze, warehouses
ed to fill only defense

s Fair TdeM'

Pb-flxno Laws
W"AMMUfOTON, May (up)-
Nrobse overwhelmulgly "b.p
a tody a bill to to-
dlt "kair trade" retAil ae-
JO a .on the 0OD0S 40
Sient it to w *
Sthte of tI
-.. _hod that,

thtewe;k Q1 M 1t u*lRI' P '
Committee for r ut eUdy A e- G ff m ketranao
sre Conanay' a y pote M a retail p
161Itat al bY -ha beef t at* would ban e-
proved by btis mRela t t t t ?m M-
group. they d4 not
Eisenhower told Connalr e 1 ement. That is the
assumed that he cost of te pr e lawed by the Su-
program was figured oorsrectly pra'mwrt.
and "on an auteraity bas." t tawe w exist in all
He said he AWls assumed it tte .t ea. Vernoftt, Mis-
was designed to meet a tempor- &uiaiLthe Dtt of Colum-
ary emergency in which this b -..
country's alles would do their r tWade advocates argued
fAll part. that the re fixing Is neces-
Any cut In the program, he ary to t maU ia, ndepen-
said, would tend to retard the deit' amm froai "preda-
buildup of North Atlantic Pact tory" pds WtWtt a bi de-
forces. chains.
"It is quite clear that In ternis MM Ode-
of impaot on our military pro- .e war,par-
grams, an aggregate reduction tiuli the N e w
of the order of a .000,00000 T Macys
Would be heavily and serloumly Pa ,,..
felt," Zisenhower sai l. ^u -
wedc Oats Out of LWk of tub tile11
SUV V (Up)i f, the
Oftily caot a tree and would have
m=1 m'e. down, it wnlidtP tems
IaDM the Richaiond tfire epart- t O w tmAt to ract
S..publicsafety thta. m lhtoe w Store. CeBer
Rbard IL P~foster, has Instrwec r. a "M U S &Itern-
_d I, Wi a nt alterna-
e fme 1tos forget sch o@ V t.1e tohtUcOu M nLb. Fatir
setlng a stray cat out of a trme id veostm have argued
Uts the city $50 to $1S aMN that "s ladersdm" were the
yWy sn si s c r4 the no -CuAW prob-o
*4 department, leser s id an.WS b. f-

-- ---;u


h IMY llth
Remember her with
a genuine


Il-_k UU. Ljuw
Miri|WA4 uippSii.Hii~

n, 8*,-* ';

Toree ine


mofog ia



ua oewL"
lii "Ratio

A me~ sat


for r others Day

I 0MWi...
Show. 11.

Wlte #Ws
.3 ksshinsa





Ladies Dresses .. .yl ............
Lae Kbes ........^ .., ......... ...,. -
Ladies PlROs ............. ,-

en en ................
L.adi ,., *5 .., ,O ..
Shower Cm ...... .......
Ra3-Pece dau e R ..............;..... ..
M,"en .inen d h ic .v. 0. ..._a,

Nyla Soc for Me ............ ........
Ladies Half-Slp .............. ....



'L" T DAY'


- ~E- -

*1 *'; -


Panama No 9* Ju- A Airemena Ave
,oor rreatments Corns. Cillouses Ingrown loe Nails
ArLh Supports.- REDIuCING rreatmen"t Massages.
qlenderljinl Machines. Turklhb iRth Mdale en d t nai v
Derators Por Information can: 5-2317 PanamA
SS-12 a.m.: --- n.m
^i iiiiiiiiiiii~HililiHIiliilI--

,~ -

~ hmnd-awod gU~ -.
0 ~
(The tab Is lb.

Wm m immmmm--"

^ *



F :~..r *a~* 'r 14
2r* 4*
~ ~ -. -

-.-2 K
, .** 'I

'i'- 't.
a-- *.

* .. 44* 3t

ex'. rj i ; is ,, -.i -**. *1- m 2' -
c mri?-

ttg a specd

2-.1' -
1ir1i .s

#t ;4rj\~

--., '.

V-. t!* '.- -

1, *- awl-IL
i* ai fthe wfMH



,tals. n 1.-..r I
t the imlai b ti

I ~ .~.


,. A
4. *1'

* ;' '*. "
"- .

4.. 4 ...

Sa be dnoi re

W _ul B. Dnaa- (D-ll.),
k t Ibacker, retorted that
-tneaate orime-hunter
a "remrlkabe
l Fortnda igalni the
X tical machine"

t 60,00 votn In Florida a
a I. onteh est." But h e-
ud he Still hopw to win
IrTy f the utate'i 4 0on-
oa dtflt who wil b
iulw W* iio6i e& 1onB

*~1 ~,




S kk up ..R

'52 FORD

, ia .any of so '

, : T '. .-.
f O ,, in.S.MI:


W lsnvr tryM a

sW wad


AlaM L4ann. a4, ,W.
fotm of tate
for l Ao f alrs to auese"

Bshl'I Study Group



from MOTTA'S

F. a -

*,**. .-- -.,. ,",.
.,,,,,,-..", :
o.. i

eqemne *Hem

le vuL
NfItkh le s th iWAst

69 Pawl) Pe PmF
Oponlag 1id-- SI

The annual V .
ToQuramunt, IaL
mot of th'e.
b players. In
Mot at thteetsu ab t
S"ut around by !
Inlrlct Nevere Ieor
aet domn wol kMnoa |
Mat of the *x play about
wsell". w thi.a, sr -
the --_,* el, ."


..9a S s
vffibor to easf

Got yea
mwr oft 91

S "WMi Pnomd" ihuty Chatt

"Mim U;r"#" hesty Peqw*t
at Loug Jaaes, CaUonrsa
June 29 to n
Local run-offs wo be."
in the Neld I Pmsmas
on thee sunday:
MAY 35 -
I es.u-_d. __A

bwoh me b .

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4' Mu

',fl- !':

e uaU:r mi,., -,.4 .,.-

fwised -awa tb

Me 4o, innsm
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I AS kr mbsefelSmb a *
.. s'u"men I ma nlitag.s M -
.,, )-n u" Whi, -
= IM",Ao-....,.,

b-d!d broeados
for Ocauns.

he loveliest new oSen

* Nylon HOSE
((t-i Pclkid)
-uful plantWl beou.

F n ..g

o.I .: ,
*>*> fcmi' :

* Lovely COMPACT .-
-ao LlPSTICK afts.



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F Two HUmX9N|M||L^

by gist DC f. Moapr Mluws

a. p(.-Pv-Ps Deba
Lhmbsw. ianMnw I *% ,p!

0* ofaM l u m a b a me
N 'tnd m na 'b "

rwarm- a

"^5w wo .y wb i w- *yo esru

mnet .m.n a -r sa.. na-n

L,, w,.o s n..*AEX

mw U5

Wqmrw ~ 5B





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1" ,

OII 8s V Pl o man Lt od 4am (omettt) .1 hc

sees*ttbt to pr ~t oo ny tr fr Om reportim tg wort.

*- !

*~GK T!1E "!T'

Giants Shutout

I.. -

National League American Leagu
National League American Leagu

Brooklyn .
New York .
Cincinnatl .
Chicago .
St. Louis .
Boston .
Philadelpnia .
Pittsbur:h .


Pittsb-irgh at Chiravo
.Cncinna'i at St. Louis 'N'.
No other games scheduled.

Boston 000 402 (.00--6 7 1
Chicago 1000 001 011-4 10 1
Wilson 12-11. Jones. Burdette
and St. Claire.
Lown 11-2), Schultz, Hacker.
pLeonard and Atwell

Boston .
Prt. Cleveland .
7F5 Washington .
.737 St Louis .
600 New York .
.600 Chicago
.476 Philadelphia .
.381 Detrot .

Von 'L
8 1
7 1

Chicapo at Detroit.
St Loii;s at Cleveland iNi
Washington at Philadelphi
Boon at New York.
Bo!.ion at New York.



Ilt Race "'F-2" Natives-7 Fgs.
Purse: S275.00-Pool Closes: 12:45
First ace of the Doubles
1-Embustero J. Baeza Jr. 110
e 2-Opex B Aguirre 110
e 3-Broehaelto B. Pulido Il
4-Politico V. Castillo 113
Pet. 5-Cafaveral G. Sanchez 120
700 6-Don Arcello A. Mena 118
.682 7-La Suerte A. Vasquez 107x
.611. 8-Con Valor II J. Parada 107x
.524i 9--~trike Two E. Julian 119
.400,2nd Race "F-2" Natives-7 F1p.
.389 Purse: $275.00-Pool Closes: 1:15
.222, Second Race of the Doubles
l-Romantlco V. Castillo 120
2-Volador R. Ycaza 108x
3-Redondita J. Bravo 117
4-Golden Girl B. Pulido 120
. 5-Golden Babe A. Mena 114
ia 6-Resorte C. Itlesias 114
7-Eclipse F Rose 114
8-Campesino A. Vasquez 117x

YESTERDAY'S RESULTS 3rd Race "G" Natives-4'. Fgs4
Purse: $250.00-Pool Closes: 1:45
R II E One-Two
Clevelan l111 030 006-12 14 I' 1-Filon O. Ordohez 109
Ne'A York 120 010 001-5 13 1' 2-Galon A Mena I111
Feller 13-1i, Lemon and Teb- 3-Kalsan J. del Rosario IlOx'.
betts. Hegan. 4-Libertino Jose Rodrig. 110 i|
Lopat .1-2'. Hogue Kuzava. 5-Calongo V. Ortega 116
Ostiowskl and Berra. 6-Escalerilla J. Phillips 108
-7-Enriqueta A. Enrique 104x
Detroit 020 000 020 00-4 11 1 --

c -taf' u .-D.av ie
Whtle Chi

yiy as aay 1
over th s(,ardA i .5
Wilard Marsbtll drove In four dd
rnf to fire the Bravesa_ 6- ton
ver the u at te
0 only other Natitonal
S. Wh ..
R^ A ^*cj*Ac-_ -^t^. rftr jr*lft
Efol in J~~(0rp -H~Q1 f8

Mta 1i a t
ibkweu 12- at


fr1--..While 300-pound Tonina Jackson, 'right, appears to be doing
assm inemulates a circus tumbler performing a daring flip during
wrestling is catching on in a big way south of the border.'(NEA)

Ql*""a Ihr Straight

W-.c -n. 000 OI Ill 0'11 -4 10 1 4th Race "F-l" Natives I Mile' k! fIe &i 77 -t,4I 7'r I I I t .... .. u .. .
New York 001 203 000-3 10 0 Stuart. Trout. Hoeft White and Purse: S275.00-Pool Closes: 2:30 Clevtland- AR H PO A E-4 t rAter. H
St. Louis 000000000-0 4 2 Bats. Quinlela l rm n, p 1b ..4 2 2 8 o0,1to wth--Al
Koslo (1-1) and Westium. Johnson. tonsuepra. Newom. 1-El Mono J. Baeza Jr. 115 t OI lt eH ar r ils.II S vtla, 2b 5 1 1 9 4 a1D iBll t.,
Staley (5-1), Boklemann and Ferrick and Grasso 2-Tulra B. Pulido 117 I Rosen, 3b 3 3 1 0 2 0Noulein
Rice. Game called to allow players; 3-Luck Ahead F Rose 120 Boone, as 5 1 2 0 3 0 th hrIes c to life i
to catch train. 4-Batan J. Avila 120 Mitchell, If 5 2 3 1 0 0 eonhf to- 21point
Philadelphia at Pittsburgh. I 5-Dlez de Mavo O. Ramos 10x (B U. P.) onl start. Alo In the Senator Fridy r 5 1 0 3 0 0 prea tahetr.h tly ftvao
(Postponed. rain). Chicago 000 200 20n--4 8 1. 6-Miranda V. Ordoniez 115 outfield i Jun Bubv, the ball K ed, ef 5 0 3 2 0 0 po.nts. Majuel arnd Hel
Boston 100 000 001-2 5 1l 7-Rio Mar R. Vasnuez 112 The manager of the World hawk WasrinJrTon got from the Tebbettl C 4 0 1 4 1 0 county 12 ponts each fo
Brooklyn and Cincinnati. Rogovin 2-1i and Mais I 8-Duoue C Ruiz 115 Champion New York Yankees Is Chicago White Sox. b-Relser 1 1 0 0 0 0 sailors to lead the scoring.
iNot Scheduledi. Scarborough '0-11, Deloik. At-i 9-B. Tardes J. Phillips 112 wearing a worried frown these Says Harris We've got plenty, C 0 0 0 0 0 0 The Meond game was a
-.----- kins and White. --- days. of room in our Washington start- Feller, p 2 0 0 0 0coring affair- wth VP-45 o
th Race "D" Imported 1 Mile casey Stengel says there is no ium for to cover so!Leon, p 1 1 1 0 0 0.long enof the flal score at
A I Purse: (.00.00-Pool Closes: 2:55 cause for panic. But it's obvious let 'em run, let 'ein run." 4 AAA Bn., Atlantic Seetor h
Alantic, Pacific St Louls 000 312 001-9 13 1 i-Pamphlet J. Bravo 117 he is annoyed over the club's Totals- 40 12 14A27 11 2T Ae flyer, mastered the
Phili 203 020 100-8 12 2 2-Newminster V. Ortepa 116 slow start. The Senators cut their roster ---- board in the first hilt and
| .1 l eague Stars Sleater, Fannin. Madison.I P-ie 3-Golden Mine, B Pull 114 Says Stengel "We're not hft- to the .asv 15 limits of 25 by p a point lead. The boy
WIN Lt a il-oi and Johnson. Coumtnev. 4-Supersticlosai A. Mena 106 ting with men on base and our farming out three players. Raul New York- AB R HPO A E R David pressed to reduce
L 1 Zoldak. Fowler, Scheb 2-l 5--Rocky C Lino 10S pitching Isn't anywhere near Sanchez vas shipped to Havana Woodln., If .5 3 3 0 0 0 ead in the second half but
rMU T6-rwilA U and Astioth. 6-Prince Hamlet E. Darlo 115 what it should be. Frankly. I'm while Bvn: Stm,,art and Harley Rizzuto, as 5 0 2 0 3 able only to redeem 7 of ft
ay TOmOroW A.M. disappointed." Grossman %.ill report to Chat- Noren, c 4 0 2 4 0 point deficit. Goetalez f
l th Race 1-1' Imported-61'" Fgs. Casev continues "Sure we tanooga. Berra, c 5 1 2 9 0 0 AAA Bn. led the eor4ngwi
THC RoTANb 01b o Purse: $375.00-Pool Closes: 3:35 miss Joe DIMaggio but that isn't Brown. Sb 4 0 2 0 2 0 points.
THE STANDING R JFirst Race of the Doubles the whole story. We also Miss The Pittsburgh Pirates drop- McDougald, 2b 4 0 1 2 1 0 Cristobal A-UBO
Ta o I 1-In Time B. Moreno 107 Gerry Coleman at second basn, ped to 28 players by releasing '-Mize 0 0 0 0 Warn-Up Leg e
.Teamo Am rian 2-B. Cloud B. Aguirre 120 Ndbody is httg the long ball outfielder Ted Beard outright to Collins lb 4 0 0 9 0 0
Pacific All Stars .. 3 0 Am 3Pepsol A. squz 04x Hollyood of the Pacific Coast Bauer, rf 4 0 1 3 0 0 3RD GUARD ET.
Atlantic All Stars .. I 2 4-Betun A. Enrioue 103x The Yankee manager a dits League. In another deal, the New Lopat, p 2 1 0 0 0 0 pp
Armed Forces All Stars 1 3 aff 5-Salcedo J. Phllips 108 some of the players re getting York Giants bought outfielderHoue, 1 0 0 0 0 0 Keoepple. .. .. 3
To mo rrofaUmpires 6-Doia Elelda V. Ordofsez 112 discouraged over their inmamty George Wilson from the Chicago a-Hopp 1 0 0 0 0 0 Condon ........ 1 0
Next Game 7-Curaca F. Rose 120 to hit in the clutch. White Box. Kuzava, p 0 0 0 0 0 0 Luclano ........ 0 1
Tomorrow 10 a.m. CHICAGO, May 9 UP, -Scotty 8---Gran Dla G. Sanchez 115 Says Stengel -- "Those guys Ostrowski, p 0 0 0 0 0 Mitchbll .... .. 1
Pacific Little League Ball .obb. who quit his Job as a Na- 9-Tamesis II E. Julian 115 won three straight pennat f nton .. ... 14
Fark. tional Leaeue umpire because he 10---Lujoso L. Bravo 114 They should be playng better Total- 40 5 13 27 6 0 Hudat .... 1 0
The Pacific Little League All felt a public rebuke undermined b-ll." GuTo2. .'. M. .. 1
8tar will be host to the Atlantic his authority on the playing field. .The pman who itnaged the Ia-Popped up for Hgue in 8th -
Stars tomorrow morning at was hired bv the rival American 7th Race "1T-" Imp0a'ted-7 FgP. lankeea to the 1l47 pennmat b-an for Tebbettsn 9th. .9 "
e Pacific Ltto L. g all League Wednesday in an unpre- Purse: 5375.00.-Pool Closes: 4:05 laughing up his sleeve in Was-. -Popped up for McDougald .
e aiinc tl e LeagueBa cedented switch. Second Race of the .Dnb. ungtn these days. e hat's Bu t, c p p .or M1300 NAVAL STA ,
Park nHg a.ame, 1-Scotch Chum A.Mena 118 5farrLs. His Senators are the talk B U r UWft cmlek t. NAA
time 10 a.m In the event o rain Amerln Leaue President 2-G. Triumph J. Bravo 120 of the American Leaue. Harris New York 120 010 001-5 Blair ..... 3 1
the game will be played at 2 pm 'Will Harridge announced simply 3-M. Foot) V. Ortega 112 is particularly happy over his Canlff .. .. ..
Manager Lou Glud announced rhat he learned from the Na- 4-Vermont S. Garcia 108x trade with the Yarikees last T ofth e o f the Physcal Di- RBI BoonMe 5, Kennedy 3, Majuel .. .. .. 0
today that he would send Herlleltional Leapue that Robb was a 5-Walrus B. Aguirre 114 week. In that one, Wpshington rpcto e of the La Boca play round Avila, Mitchell, Simpson Rizzuto 8 .. ......1 1
Sehneider to the mound for the; free agent, so he hired him. Robb 6-El Mago V. Ordofies 120 eave uo Irv Noren tA Tommy was flooded this week wth ean-Noren, Brown, McDougald Wood- IeUerud .. .. 5 4
Pacific All Stars with Bruce revealed, however, that three 7-Marlscalito B. Pulldo 120 Upton for Jackie Jenson, Archie fwho10 o hundreds of athletes ling. 2B- Kenned, 3B ood Zlggman .... 1 0
Bateman behind the plate. The American League friends, two of 8-Cafionaso A. Fernandez 120 Wilson, Frank Shia and Jerry who la to take part fien he Ca- ling. SB Avila. S. Smpson Belvy .. .. 4 2
Paclfics have already cinched the them umpires. tipped him off he Snyder. nl Zne track and field cha- Lemon. DP Boone, Avila and Shult........ 3 3
round robin tournament and would be hired if he approached Jensen and Wilson have been PI Sat the La Boca ball impson Collins nassew Yoste Kennedy .. 2 0
will be out to gain their fourth Harridge. 8th Race '" Imorted-1 Fgs. hitting hard and Shea won his k May 30. Left eveland 5ewKu a 2York 1
lPurse: 5400.0--Pool Closes: 4:40 11he Pa-BB Lemon 1. Lopat 1, Kuzava 26 13
hin without a defeat "When I got home from Cin- Quiniela Entries have come in from Pa- 1. SP Feller 4; Lopat 5. Hogue 2.
On completion of the game the rnnatl Tuesday night. I thought 1-Cipayo K. Flores 110 9-Pincel L. Bravo 114 n ma -City, Colon, Armed Forces Ostrowski 1. HO Feller 12 in 5 VJP.-4
o teams w be feted with a s through withbaseball a 2-D D T A. Men 118 10-Montlellto V. Ordofiez 120 installatWons, Canal Zone and 2-3 innings; Lemon 1 In 3 1-3; a g t
luncheon at the Diablo Heights tpr 16 years." Robb said at his 4-Miss Cristina J. Phillips 112 -- lat.lor towns for the blue-rib- Lopat 7 in 5: Rogue 3 in 3: Ku- Merritt .. s .. i. 9 B
Clubhouse. Cedar Grove N. J., home "But 5-Mosqueton C. Ruiz 112 10th Race "1-2" Imported-7 Fgs. ban event. zava 2 in 1-3; Ostrowski 2 in 2-3. Herling .. .... 1
the phone started ringing. By 11 6-Porters Star V. Ordofnez 112 Purse: $375.00-Pool Closes: 5:40 R. and ER --Feller 4-2. Lemon Hefner .. .... 1
o'clock this morning I had talk- 7-Piragua B. Pulldo 120 I-Beach Sun E. Julian 115 One of fbe main features of 1-1. Lopat 6-6, Hogue 0-0. Ku- Agee .... .. .. .. 0
Jun Fr1anl TFI ed to Mr Harridge, and we came 8-Alto Alegre L. Bravo 113 2-Hanna E Alfaro 112x the tbinmty.Day meet will be a:zava 4-3, Ostrowski 2-0. HRP Hetzler .. ..,.. 0
Joan ranCO ips to terms. --Levadura R. Vasquez 109 3-Mete Bulla C Ruiz 115 150-m.ete Panama Tribune Lemon iNore). Winner Feller Bokinksi .. .. 1 1
__ **I choked uo to think that the 10-S. Domino B. Aguirre 120 4-Espartano V Ordofnez 115 clasaulq lo which handsome tro-! 13-1. Loser Lopat (1-2'. U Thomas .. .. 1 0
league wanted me." 5-Bartolo C Iglesias 115 phis Nave been donated. Honochlik,- Napp, Rommel and
By CLOCKER 6-Bendiro B Auirre 115 LkAt year lanky Leonardo Berry. T 2:55. A 12,821. 26 8
1-Cafiaverai Brochacito Robb was fined bv National 9th Race "G" Imported---'t. Fgs. 7-Laconico P. Ordofiez 115 Patk4lir 'V e the event with ridi- -
2-Redondita Golden Babe League President Warren Giles Purse: $450.00-Pool Closes: 5:15 8--Callmedear L. Bravo 115 colou ease-ever Henrv Cruz and AAA BN., ATLANTIC SECTI
3-Calongo Filon to wee:s ago for pushing Car- One-Two -- JuanPhlItps.Eistimewas4:42.2, FISH HOOKS MAN B FPT
4.--Batan Riomar,dinal Nanacer Eddie Stanky 1-Phlox J. Bravo 112 11th Race I-I' Imported 614 Fgs. Gonzalez ...... 7 10
5--Pamnhlet Golden Mine during a game argument at Cin- 2-Mon Etoile P. Ordofie 117 Purse: SS75.00-Pool Closes: xx Tblh year Parker will have' HONG KONG, -TP).-A "man Marin ... .. ..3 10
6-B4atting Cloud Dohn Eleldaicinnati. O Giles also gave Robb 3-Fair Chanoe A. Mena 1-7 I-Incomparable V. Castillo 120 plenty of competition from Bob bites dog" story would not inter-Prieto .. .. .. .. 0 1
7-G. Triumph (E, Mariscalito public dressing down, saying 4-Vamplresa B. Pultdo 112 2-Bree7e Bornd B. Moreno 113 Ranson, the Balboa schoolboy ,-- Au Yang-yir He has been Woods .. .. .. 2 1
3--Cipyo Miss Cristina he would have been suspended 5-Pla E. Silver 10 3-Hechizo V. Ordofiez 109 ace, 1Ed Shva of Albrook Field, hooked by a fish. Au, a fish- Tischuk .. .. 0.. 2
-Pb.loI Fair Chance 'wre he a player. 6 .-Riding East 0. Prescott 114 4-The Dauber V. Ortega 120 Deos iM filee. and Bolivarian monger's helper, was eating fish Balzac ,. .. .. 6 1
16-iCallmedear Espartanol Robb .eethed lor several days, 7-Alabarda J. Rodriguez 120 5-Soberana II A. Vasquez 117x 5,00-metr champ, Fanstino Lo-,baris when he bit down on a -
11--Rree7e Round Hechizothen audit. 5-Honey Moon B. Agrre11 6--Alejandro B. Puildo 115 peI Oetf 'fP ma City. hook. : 18 15

1 n-
1s :-





"D" Importeds

Purse: $600.00

1 Mile '

Pool Closes: 2:55 p.m.

8th Race
Purse: $400.00

"H" Importeds

6 Fgs.

Pool (loses: 4:40 p.m.

9th Race
Pwee: $450

"G" Importeds 6 Fgs.
).00 Pool Goms: 5:15 p.m.

1. PAMPHLET ............ J. Bravo

2. NEWMINSTER ......... '. Ortega

S. (GOLDEN MINE ......... B. Pulido

4. (SUPEWSTICIOSA .......... 4. Mena

&. ROCKY ........ ......... C. .Lino

(1) 117

(2) 116

(3) 114

(6) 106

(4) 106

, PRINCE EAMLET ....... E. Dario (5) S15

1. CIPAYO .................. K. Ftores 110
2. D. D. T............ .......,. A. Meno 118
3. F ENTRE A TERRFE ......... :. ferte 110
4. MISS CRISTINA ......... ,..PkM4ps 112
I tMOSQUETON ................ C. ai 112
6. PORTERS STAR ........... eF. O'dem 112
7. PIRAGUA/. ................... PAN&. 120-
I ALTO ALEGRE .........1....L.Brm* 113
9. LE R VADURA ............... 4 29t4
& SILVrER DOMINO ......., .

1. PHLOX .................... J. Bmwo
20.. M.rN STOEL ............. P. OrnliMa
* 3. FAIR IdtlCE .............. Mena.
S4. .rmwEsA M ,...........S.a 3.. PrN
5. i ..4 .i....... ....*.*. tl: i.4i
6. tlf MNG MST a. .. ; ,
7. A.LAARDA ... .'...-. -.
_ & -WOfS MOON ...t......., .. Aferue
9. F Ia v a a0........ .a.. : '.
4I v- --O ..-4 ,s. '.+

I ~ -. d ~-, !

* V. .,r~
* '-:q-~%.7.

a graceful tU-"ep, the
a free-for-all in Mexico

1st, 2nd 6th. 7th RACES

3rd and 9th RACES

For the convenience of
our patrons we are nfn
ope I rating both at the

5th Race





,:, .,-

' =-++. J:7. / ;'. .; "7

. I. -r .. ,- ..r.; L,.. ,

S" r..


* Fl
* :1 t -

-, .*" -*"" } .'"**" i
:-^./ ;- ':. '; f sJ4E lr.- ."i '7 7

? '* .-* ',..--' -. n"

k .f "- "'%" .-
,:e .f tl~ .

..... L. -, .. .-- ... .
... a ., ,. ,- ,._ '
..c .--- L 'S^ HL. ..,,,=- .. ,-, ,, i m T '

^ T f A t A a

bu. -


1 "IIM6y


40ZtAt 7 ,,,!.;

.11,~ ..^i^laii

Jt Miwr>Ate bl
.1 *Jt asw sS

0. l. Hsd-I

Dance-Buffet Set
For Brazos Brook
Club Sunday Night
..jA..ffr:*L'a .ffi

Ifead' s atte ry ..
SBattery .. ..
to hhvs Uimnt. UnilI


Lt "e a


,,.. :
"'.'" 1 .*


I. ~~~S-5 *%. t44t~..*.M --


- .-a



fi %P2 As -:.t 'W t' t
.' a, *- .- .
Wise yomir vouifr JMIl he. amid,1 &


mcfa u..O s.As T ybe
m iO d-swo for T .r

cf..'so ot ... y.. ,.,h. J,|

T.ote4- 5a -
bore by lntp: -
W: : tifA 1



Samuel Smug?
Semat b e m l 'tO"NWl
Im mas -- be,*W O b- as l
as setu sM eumaseO
*to0m u

IN -

I--- ie SHl


liU I Jl efiltt TiMutw
to wo TNWW



W an LARGn


'-. .- ,
... .. *-..
'. .^ ^ -" .' '\ ".. -

"'*' A L :; *

ar* ed i
lboaw 0

o ra


. i.

i ath.


rf S


t.' "b

.Aid ...-


F T ,-


A l ,. u r." "','' .'
t1 ^:- ^,.-- *'l'.A,-* ..,

..._ c.

": .

S. ".".,*'"





Klansmen Go On

Flogging Trial

In N. Carolina

(UP)-The victim of a Ku Klux
Klan flogging identified a for-
mer Klan official and two ex-
police chiefs from the witness
stand today as men who seized
him at his home under a threat
of death the night he was
brutally beaten.
Auto mechanic Woodrow
Johnson, 40, accused four of 13
defendants in the first of several
scheduled trials for Klan ter-
-rorism in North Carolina as his
I.. abductors.
He said he was unable to
identify others because he was
blindfolder after being seized.
S f convicted on kidnapping,
conspiracy and assault
charges, all of the defendants
, face possible life sentences.
Before a crowded and hushed
Columbus County Superior
courtroom, Johnson named Ear-
ty L. Brooks. Exalted Cyclops of
the now disbanded Fair Bluff,
N. C., Klavern and Harvey Bar-
field, a former Fair Bluff police
chief, as the men who asked him
to come Out to their car, parked
in front of his house here the
night of Dec. 8.
He named Ray Kelly, another
mechanic, as the man who call-
ed to him from the front porch,
rousing him from a sleep and
telling him someone wanted to
see him.
The other man, Johnson said,
was Fran Lewis, another former
Fair Bluff police chief, who he
said was waiting in the car.
.He testified that Barfield
grabbed him around the neck
and said "Woodrow, if you
holler I'll kill you."
SHe said he was blindfolded
With a Turkish towel and shov-
ed into the car.
"I hadn't thought about the
Ku KluX," he said. "I didn't
know what was happening."

After the ear traveled a-
bet three miles, he said be
Was pushed eat and two men
beat him ever a fender while
het was whipped with a thick
". strap.
/ Ie said the first few of more
;han a dozen "full force"
blows shocked him almost soean-
After the flogging he said
Barfield Jerked off the blind-
1fqd With the warning "if you
Idbk back I'll kill you."
He said the only indication
h&e was given as to why he was
Sed wag when one man ask-
ed hin "Woodrow, don't you
dt"nk i lot?"
SOn cross-examination, dp-
S tense attorney James R. Nance
brought out that Johnson had
t been fJailed three times for pub-
Sdrunkenness and once for a
SNance asked Johnson if he
Sdomn't "drink justabout all the
tame?" Johnson said he drinks
At one point, Johnson said
abot two months before the
flrging 'he had an argument
lith his stepfather-in-law,
BMuary Otto Edwards, one of
the defendant Klansmen. He
the argument concerned
"meney matters."
Brooks a 44-year-old short.
stocky former Georgian who
sells lightning rods and a for-
mer town constable, changed
his plea from not guilty to nolo
S entendere today.


-'P it "N ". ....


"Let the people know he truth man. the cerny .fIf. A! u Liaeoln.


'i WinedA


, ANAMA, R. P., FRIDAY, ]Mi~ t M

NEW YORK. May 9 (UP -, motion for leniency if he testified
Convicted bookie Harry Gross at the department trial.
said today he wined, dined and Although he operated more
bribed former mayor William 0'- than a score of horse rooms each
Dwyer's chief police inspector doing $1.500 to $2,000 a day bust-
and top detective in order to run ness and perhaps $4,000 on Sat-
a $20,000,000-a-year gambling urdays, he was never raided, he
business for 10 years without a said.
single raid. I "We got good protection for
The swarthy former bookmak- that money," he said.
ing czar ran to almost 200 the,
names of police on his bribery
"payroll," which he said yester-
day even included former police
commissioner William O'Brien
and other intimates of O'Dwyer
The former mayor resigned in
his second term to become am-
bassador to Mexico.
Gross has testified that he
grudgingly contributed $20,000 to
O'Dwyer's two successful mayor-
alty campaigns
Today. Gross, who decided to
testify in hope of winning a re-
duction in his 12-year jail term I
for bookmaking. added the
names of former second and
third ranking police officers
with scores of lesser ones as reel
plants of $1,000,000 a year pro-
tection money.
Gross said former detective
chief William T. Whalen was "on
the payroll at $250 a month"
from the day he .was promoted .
to police InF.pector in 1948 or 1947
until he retired in September.
Whalen retired a few weeks
after Gross first began to tell his
shocking story of graft and cor-
ruption to distract attorney Miles
F. McDonald of Brooklyn. ,

He teStil d that high rA monthly "pay" of $200 and more
police inpet removed re and in exchange tipped him off
of his g bbf epetations f when investigators "put a tap"
investitaU suEf They T = bn Hlis phones.
Him of to cetransfers he A plainclothesman furnished
said, so he bt be p 'b hfm license numbers of all cars
protection tw;tce ed by the district attorney's in-
They accepted his hospi ,tr vestlgators, he said.
he said. and led 2is two chM He even had a contact in the
accounts at ct g torts, too telephone company, he testified.
"* ""I ran my business when the
average feller was ordered cloa-
ed," Gross declared.
He described retired inspector
SO :ohn E. Flynn as one of his best
When John Murtagh, O'Dwy-
Or's investigations commissioner
now chief magistrate. created a
card file system to show book-
making operations, Flynn remov-
ed and destroyed all evidence
inting to operations, by Gros,
he bookmaker said,
PFlynn also removed from po.
lice files all fingerprint records
of Gross' employes, so that none
of them ever faced arrest as a
second offender, he said.
F'lynn headed the chief inspec-
tor's confidential squad when he
retired the day Thomas F. Mur-
phy, now a Federal judge, was
sworn in to clean up the scandal-
ridden department.
Murphy succeeded O'Brien,
whom Gros named yesterday.

am a -

The 34-year-old bookie said he .
also "staked" former chief in-
spector August Flath to "a cou-
ple of hundred dollars" and din-
ners while Flath was rising to
the high police office. But he
denied paying Flath any bribes
during his term as chief Irispec-
S"From 1940 to 1950, I never op-
erated without police protection,"
Gross said at the police depart-l CURS SE l le-An atma Koreba e p-
ment trial of five plainclothes- cvides road"de svi, ll l~No
hegnd Ju the Marines dedeks t I W Ir ja pk *V tion
men charged with taking bribes. CJMarlem ie, Under wq"
Legal authorities said Gross ndr

ble near him as he said: a 'Le a
barredro msndedhe ng or a tal i, Ganid Lf ##dav r I Friend.
"I testified truthfully before
the grand jury .and I testified to e ps

"How much can a man stand?" H eondalps theiarreie R*d uritltdly wounded a Wor-i
the truth here."

HeGross askede the sobbitatement after t two cnte er during

with a little persuasion from the Providence R Ibb an stll faced whetono
lawyke and the wife, told he nBOSTON, Mayl of 11 (p -he ragned tomorrow In connect
asked to describe his treatmenauburn-haired girl wtried o wit, .the $1,100 ch andt jewel
after his arrest last year. gang leader Harvey (WMPM holdip of a Westport, Mass.,
He said he had beeput In olay was reported. owner which he allegedly
confinement, deniedoprtvilkege be aiding police In. the bigflht has confewsed.
barred from seeing oppose a Mrs. Maxd ine Tayr ,000 baona oral
anybody and prohibited from England history.. He also has been identid
writing or receiving letters. The crackdown, whIh- bet one of the gunmen who ahol
"How much can a man stand?" Monday with the arrn -- 97iie oad criticily wounded a War-
Gross asked, sobbing. "And so taly atnd two, con '- andT. stiMf cer duresing
with a little persuasion from the Providence, R. I,, a "s-'ll c
lawyer and the wife, I told the netted a total of =. su I0 T s eire ath ure
story.." least live more stillAwer, t d t
authorities would not oppose a Mrs. Ma ine Taylor, .2q'ar ae $i6,000 boellan a miorals
"ddu AVUIL 1Jfl51 WkeWoi*. 6o-hwiTralie~ tiswt




o d divorce ro m g '
Me., was said to be *suM
authorities w it h lPoirdentt
they hope ld wou help.
a string bf bank robbrW VWnd
other hol4ups in the
Meanwhile, Bistany tun-
ed over to Mase chufott *n-
thoritles at Providence ,. 0
pleaded no defense a g a
grand Jury action it-
Cirt .o- a gun carry
Judge John E. Mml
timued that case for sent!e
indefinitely. .
stany. oe-eyera x
jS Wofwllfe 4The
wa" eueted s


affJ 0

.L URIIMN Antiseptic kills millions c
Srms on thr doat surfaces...keep thdu
fm twsning serious trouble. RemeUm
Sbr' e, at the sgn of cold, g
LISTERINE Antiseptic, full stuangd ofAen!

'HDW"' "" "PW CO "

-POt* Indicated they *oped
tb lightening-like series of ar-
ets 'would solve Mve bMitk
rtbe6tUM, and possibly theMl,-
000 Dinvers armored oarV theft
mtU the $100,006 payroll teddup
u.timQuonset, R. I.. Naval air

l0 a ".pine Smet
'iceand gt= w

'NbW for suspects arrested
& omundup was booted to
pBOday with the arttgn-
tf wo other alleged bak
1u OA Banid the wife of a ta d
wVoW still Is l at in .
SJiRfit Smlt, 4.- at4 MKMM-
"arderd rFU ta W
Q M tothat a N MO

at the

* -"0 ~'5'~t~Z*

Fart. Potmers .

In Mexico Giv

COurt Protection


.mou. I

they etaimed eret pl ik
platedt "teaurder" them.
Police had said moe t1n 0I
witnesses has aiecusef tbe.lbht
artists of "direct rlespsiblibyi
for Inciting the 0bO.nrmflist con-.
tingent to attack marchers In tht
May bay parade.'
The two artists, both militant
Communists, told FeMetal Jud.
Clotarlo aralli they vure t,-
tain that "the p9liee plalt our
assassination" in reprisal foi tFth
They said: "The da4fttW"
natwe.of these (ep
o Well known. They inte
jat us, then kill a. on meo

Matalli issued a court order
proscribin the police from "seis-
and depriving" Rivera and
Alfaro 81queiros and four other
Communists leaders of their life.
The group paai a $18 bond each
to be placed under court protew-
tion and guaranteed their ap-
pearance before authorities in-
vestgtating the riot.
Police said the 12 Communists
awaiting trial attempted to con-
fiscate political placards carried
by- a rival party
The Communipts, for their
part, blamed the "Gold Shirts,"
who allegedly tore up Commun-
ist literature which was being
distributed during the May Day

Li rPNl Sil


IMe- W "MaNtt wuwld not LONDON, May 9 (UP). th t
fo PWol, i1 the Soviet Union Labr Party continued its strong
I would choose tob ac showing in the British munleipal
S kh Army w*hilr s elections early today by captur-
organling for several years ng 20 borough councils, six of
B oviet zone of Germany them in the hard-hit Midland
UThi 1e was expressed today textile belt.
by ate Depaftinmet preso of- Most of the councils retained
flr IeOt1t I eOMnentIng their Conservative or anti-Social-
Ot. re ts from Germany ift majorities, in nearly all cases
tIefamur nt ledWers had in- whittled down by Labor succes-
f&l 1t di theler Intentlon to form rolling everywhere was reported
an 4ft low, 3X3 contested seats In
M~tiem t noted that an- 372 borough, labor gained 656
SS2 oplans for" a and lost 14. The Conservatives
aWtmy b plans for a Ger- t 47, to a gain of only 52 in
a =i of the ?"viet Union "h at was esiered the most
IS many. He sald that tprta contest of the week-
bregebit from Communist Ger- long el Manchester thes.
i' stade that the Com- InManchester the
ausunet conformedConservtp_4lY@palority dropped to
SB .tsS statements byt two soats, lkbor won the in-
WIs WT t-Geerman Com-idustrial pet of "r6t1 and re-
5.William Peck duced the OXSSrv*R e majority
-a tetVg IW Otto Orotewohl. in A tit 2ru 1to .
.* CMdripmxst leaders, in
-te-e omme Dts, threaened
an a.ktmy under the Corn-
lmIirfa a- the people of t i .
a piIlc of Germany
wen S rwAV with plans for
so^tSkn as European de-

7hi& lh Spen
Xl Arkl.
ll^p y S"wI BI"1

'Twec sMI S (UP). -
Bbnt ta Laac 2.13'. Strydom,
naftll AltU AfiaNtionalist,
would even-

o( T -1 t d debate when
!i .. th* tatument.
Mt~tntg the min-
Vat advocate
n5 U~ tbut believed
.10 the UU-
=zd Atri-
a mm amuwis-

I A,



f/. tt


%ti h

amL m
a Who


OWN.a t$im Nllws by a adl
bV, W mm* An -Mm.iolbmt
IWal Th U %Alm am" "t for

. "-

at; .ow
S. .' .. ". .., .

aMdgS ow l,$3 1Aia A s '. m..t
lbaintio u ofout H,;: 4^:*

C- Bma Ma ,.--,t.p : '-. +:'- '-.- ...

... .1
...:.. :-:.I

* '':5 "". .' S M

A -

~~,~1~~~*~ C.

a- .


..-* -.
*i .. ,- <, .' .'; *





.;-, .,--, ;. -.
l -: .--:

I Aoda"4
Tm :L "'.!
i .

*,; ..., -:. .., ,-S,_


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