Library Faculty Assembly meeting minutes

Library Faculty Assembly meeting minutes


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Library Faculty Assembly meeting minutes
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Library Faculty Assembly
George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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Library Faculty Assembly Minutes Sept. 16, 2013 ( Approved October 21, 2013 ) Attendance : Smathers – 29 HSCL – 4 Law – 0 Borland – 2 Call to Order: 10:04 AM Agenda approved Minutes from 8/19/13 – Approved with no corrections Assembly Chair Report (Ben Walker) Voting this week on new UFF contract; there will be a table in the Library West colonnade Wednesday Friday (Sept. 18 – 20) Faculty Senate Report (Val Minson) 5 existing programs approved to be offered online through new online e campus. Additional programs will be added. New core curriculum deans proposed 2 new courses this summer Open Access discussed Top 10 Preeminence and strategic hiring Lib Admin Update(Diane Bruxvoort) Smathers move: Cataloging settling into new space; working on plans for 3rd floor; LAC may be moving over Spring Break; work going on in 208 to remove asbestos; next step to take down bridge Budget don't know anything yet, waiting for meeting with Provost Question about call for courses on Coursera unlikely that one from the library would be accepted, Diane will run this by Judy Presentations Campaign for Charities tabled because Judy not here Government Docs/MSL Move (Diane) suggestion from the Provost that President would like to give money for development of more student space/small group meeting in the libraries. President has asked for a proposal this proposal involves clearing out the basement of Marston. Moving all the science journals out (this project was already in process). Move of government documents out of Marston. Gov docs staff is making decisions about what needs to stay on campus and what can go to storage. Making plans on moving collection to ALF and ILF. Gov docs is going to be split up.


Move maps to SASC (physically and administratively). Jan Swanbeck will stay on campus as gov docs librarian. Office in Marston or Library West. Chelsea Dinsmore and Joe Aufmuth TBD about their job descriptions in the future. No layoffs of staff with this move. This is not a cost savings proposal. Gov docs as a tenure home will remain as such so long as those persons desire it to remain it as such. L107 will remain as a conference room/classroom. Staff lounge will also remain on 1st level but it may not be as spacious. Restrooms will be expanded. Interior designer and architect are working on designing what space would like like. Goal is to add 300 seats. All theoretical at this point need to get proposal to provost/president and get their final approval. Shelving is part of the cost estimates shelving to be added to ILF in order to move collection Online T&P System (Bonnie) today was deadline for packets submission OPT online promotion and tenure; 12 candidates from Libraries this year; Email will be sent out notifying when packet is available for review online; Contents haven't changed but process has changed. Two parts: three criteria items in one part, the other part has the letters, etc. HR is responsible for putting together the second part. Shift in involvement of HR in the process with new system. Will midcareer be going online? Not sure when if ever still a lot of facets of system that need to be worked out. Need to see how this process goes first. Advise all planning on going up for tenure and promotion in the future to look at packet online now look at the pre populated items such as education, etc and make any corrections. It is in MYUFL. There are great toolkits to assist with the process. The toolkits explain how to pull up packet in MYUFL. Chairs are getting coaching and support on their role in this new system. Also getting information on tenure home review and vote Old Business Four Tier Evaluation Vote tabled until after October meeting. Shared governance item on agenda better to wait for contract ratification and also trying to arrange for guest speaker on shared governance Announcements Reading of the Constitution Sept. 17 at noon on the Plaza Please send agenda items to Ben if any items wish to be discussed Adjournment 10:28 AM Next Meeting – October 21, 2013, 10:00 AM, Library East 1A