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Library Faculty Assembly Home Archives Documents Officers Assembly Committees Career Development Libraries Budget Nominating Strategic Planning Special & Joint Committees Faculty Committees Faculty Senators Sabbatical SPEP Tenure & Promotion Other Governance Committees UF Faculty Senate University Libraries Committee Future of the Libraries Committee myUFL login required Library Catalog Databases Site Map SearchFaculty Governance at the University of Florida LibrariesDraft Minutes April 20, 2009: 10:00amHealth Science Center Library Room C2-33 The University of Florida Libraries Faculty Assembly met Monday, April 20, 2009 at 10:00 AM in the Health Science Center Library Room C2-33. Vernon Kisling called the meeting to order at 10:09 AM.Approval of AgendaNaomi Young moved that the agenda for the Assembly be approved as distributed. Patrick Reakes seconded and the motion carried.Approval of Minutes of Previous MeetingsPatrick Reakes moved that the minutes of the March 16, 2009 LFA meeting be approved. The motion was seconded by Peter Bushnell and the minutes were approved.Members CommentsStephanie Haas addressed the Assembly concerning Open Access. Tom Walker, emeritus professor in the Department of Entomology, is spearheading an effort to mandate open access on campus. She noted that several universities have mandated open access, e.g. Harvard, Cal Tech and universities in Europe and Australia. She suggested that the Assembly formally address this topic. She further suggested that the libraries consider mandating open access for our own publications submissions and said we have an institutional repository, although it is not yet ready to handle self-submittal of digital documents by faculty. Rae Jesano reported that this topic had been discussed at last weeks meeting of the University Library Committee and that they recommended that a mandate for Open Access be investigated. Vernon Kisling reported that the Infrastructure Council had also been considering this and wants to bring it forward. John Ingram is creating an Open Access Taskforce and website for the topic. Tom Walker has offered his own Department of Entomology as a test unit, as they were involved in a similar pilot using EPrints software. With so many efforts converging, it was agreed that the Assembly needs to discuss the issue and that the Libraries need to be centrally involved in the discussion and education of faculty campus-wide. Vernon Kisling agreed that this topic will be addressed in future meetings.Chair's ReportVernon Kisling reported that the May meeting has been scheduled on the Memorial Day holiday. The business of the Assembly will be evaluated and the meeting may be rescheduled of cancelled. The Assembly will be notified by email and an announcement on the governance Website. Vernon is creating the agenda for the July Planning meeting of Assembly officers, Library Faculty Senators and Library Administrators. Changes to the UF LFA bylaws are on the agenda. Members comments on agenda items to be considered are welcome.


Administration UpdatesLawChristopher Vallandingham reported that the LIC will have a librarywide retreat in August where they will work on strategic planning, planning for LIC staffing as two librarians (a reference librarian and the Associate Director) retire and how to deliver reference assistance now that the LIC has been reconfigured as the reference librarians offices are visible from the library.HealthWallace McLendon welcomed the Assembly to the Health Science Center Library. He expressed appreciation for Dean Russells work with University Administration on the Libraries budget and her efforts to have the Libraries held harmless as is being done at USF sand FSU. He reported: the walk-through to discuss renovation of the HSC Library, the Collaborations Commons has resulted in a 32% increase in gate count 20082009 over 2007-2008, HSCL intends to develop a Research Commons similar to Washington Universitys, HSC Library is hosting the Annual meeting of the Florida Health Science Library Association this week Wednesday to Friday April 22-24, the HSC Library Advisory Committee will have its first meeting April 30, and Library integration efforts are focusing on fiscal and HR services. Two HSCL fiscal staff will move to Smathers Libraries.SmathersRachel Schipper, new Associate Dean for Technology and Support Services was introduced by Vernon Kisling. Rachel announced that Thursday several people from the University Libraries, including Sam Huang, will be traveling to Borland and attending a kick off fundraising event. Senate / Senate-UF Committees UpdateNaomi Young reported on last weeks Faculty Senate meeting where the Presidents memo on budget was the primary focus. As an aside, Naomi pointed out to the Assembly the difference in budget cuts at UF, which are vertical, and FSU which are being applied across the board. Results of the Shared Governance Survey indicate that units with close link between faculty senators and Assemblies seem to be functioning better that those where there is not a close link. Mary Ann Ferguson is the Faculty Senate Chairelect for 2010-2011. The University will be moving Spring Break one week earlier to the center of the semester in 2010. There is discussion regarding consolidating the holidays in the Fall semester. Patrick Reakes directed Assembly members to go to the Faculty Senate home page to review Frank Bovas PowerPoint, see the streaming senate meeting and read the reports that were submitted and voted on.Committee Reports from Assembly Standing CommitteesNominating CommitteeJoe Aufmuth, Chair of the Nominating Committee, presented the final election results and thanked all the persons who had agreed to be nominated. Of 104 possible voters. 42 persons voted, a 40% return rate. Election results :


Nominating Committee Smathers Branches and Collections seat Chelsea Dinsmore Faculty Senate 1 Senator Amy Buhler Sustained Performance Evaluation Process Committee -Smathers Branches and Collections seats Peter Malanchuk and Jan Swanbeck Assembly Officers 2009-2010: LFA ChairElect Dan Reboussin Smathers/Branches and Collections LFA Secretary Naomi Young Smathers/Technical Services New Committees Members: Nomination Committee: Ellie Bushhousen Health Science Center Library Jessica de Perio Wittman Legal Information Center Chelsea Dinsmore Smathers/Branches and Collections Sabbatical/FEO: Cecilia Botero Health Science Center Library Naomi Young Smathers/Technical Services Faculty Senate: Amy Buhler Smathers/Branches and Collections SPEP: Michele Tennant Health Science Center Library Jan Swanbeck Smathers/Branches and Collections Peter Malanchuk Smathers/Branches and Collections Priscilla Williams Smathers/Technical Services Tenure and Promotion (T&P): Betsy Simpson Smathers/Technical Services Dean Russell will announce her appointments to the T&P Committee in the near future. Patrick Reakes inquired about FCLAs participation in FEO committee. Joe Aufmuth reported that FCLA did not participate in the Libraries FEO committee since their funding is not through the library. By Laws changes will be proposed and need to be made to reflect the new voting method and new start dates of committee membership.Career Development CommitteeJimmie Lundgen reported for Rich Bennett that the CD Committee had met last week. Proposed changes to the mentoring program will be coming. The vote on internal letters is needed so that this change can be in the CD handbook for the fall tenure pack


construction. Jimmie Lundgen moved that In addition to the required external letters of evaluation, at least 3 but nor more than 5 internal letters should be included in the formal T&P packet. Under the current guidelines, these letters will be placed in the Further Information Section. Stephanie Haas seconded the motion. Betsy Simpson asked if the level of the letters was specified or needed to be specified. She suggested an elaboration would be useful. Betsy was asked to submit a suggestion of wording to the CD Committee. The University has changed its focus to external letters. The libraries want to clarify their expectation and have that available for the Academic Personnel Board when tenure packets are reviewed. Rachel suggested that wording for tenure-onhire cases also be considered. Jimmie Lundgren stated that the tenure-on-hire packets do not have to meet the same criteria. The question was called and the motion carried. There were no reports from the Budget Committee or the Strategic Planning Committee.Special/Joint CommitteesJoint Committee on Market Equity AnalysisWhile the Joint Committee has been discharged, there will be a meeting of the committee with Dean Russell, the Library Directors and LFA officers on May 13 to debrief. The committees final report is on the committees website. There are a very few changes in the final report from the draft that was discussed in April. At the end of the report the committee identifies next steps to move forward.LFA Officer ReportsChair-Elect There was no report. Past Chair-There was no report. Secretary There was no report There was no Old Business. Under New Business, Linda Butson inquired about the Assembly members opinions about scheduling of LFA meetings. For 2008-2009, meetings have alternated from morning and afternoon. Attendance has been better at the morning meetings. Also there have been more meetings held in the Health Center and the Law school than there were in prior years. Naomi Young asked about the ability to include Borland Librarians who are members of the LFA in meetings when they are not held at the Health Center. Vernon explained some of the obstacles he had encountered in scheduling including the need for advances registering of the meeting with University IT and the IT equipment not being available in Room 1A. Linda Butson volunteered to work with the Academic Technology on campus, the HSC Library IT group and Smathers IT department on a potential solution. Margeaux Johnson noted that one of Library Wests study rooms has teleconferencing capability. She suggested it might be scheduled for UFLFA meetings. Vernon Kisling will look into that possibility. There was no New Business. Adjournment


The UFLFA meeting was adjourned at 11:12 AM. Next UFLFA meeting The location and time of next meeting of the Assembly will be announced via email since it had inadvertently been scheduled on the Memorial Day holiday May 25, 2009. There will be no meeting on May 25.Staff Web | Staff Directory | Library Hours | RSS | About the Staff Site | Privacy Policy Send suggestions and comments to Amy Buhler 2004 2009 University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries. All rights reserved. Terms of Use for Electronic Resources and Copyright Information Last updated May 11, 2009 ab