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Library Faculty Assembly Home Archives Documents Officers Assembly Committees Career Development Libraries Budget Nominating Strategic Planning Special & Joint Committees Faculty Committees Faculty Senators Sabbatical SPEP Tenure & Promotion Other Governance Committees UF Faculty Senate University Libraries Committee Future of the Libraries Committee myUFL login required Library Catalog Databases Site Map SearchFaculty Governance at the University of Florida LibrariesMinutes March 16, 2009: 3:00pmLibrary West Room 1A The University of Florida Libraries Faculty Assembly met Monday, March 16, 2009 in the Library West Room 1A. Vernon Kisling called the meeting to order at 3:09 PM.Approval of AgendaDavid Hickey moved that the agenda for the Assembly be approved as distributed. Peter Bushnell seconded the motion and the motion carried.Approval of Minutes of Previous MeetingsAnne Lindell moved that the minutes of the February 16, 2009 LFA Meeting be approved. The motion seconded by Jimmy Lundgren and the minutes were approved.Members CommentsThere were no member comments.Chair's ReportVernon Kisling reported on the shared governance survey and LFA planning for 2009-2010.. Shared governance survey The survey which is being conducted by the Faculty Senate was addressed to LFA officers and faculty senators, rather than members at large. The 7 question survey focuses most on what representatives think that there faculty feel about issues. Budget transparency and processes are two of the concerns. Naomi Young asked if LFA will be compiling the responses from the Library representatives or if the responses will be sent in directly. Vernon stated that the responses would not be compiled before being sent in. LFA planning for next year The planning meeting will be held in July. Vernon has been making a list of concerns that should be addressed during the next year. If members have suggestions that need to be added to that list please contact him.Administration UpdatesLawThere was no report.HealthThere was no report.Smathers


Dean Russell reported on the meeting that she and Wallace McLendon had with Provost Glover. They have synthesized items from the Integration taskforce reports between Health and Smathers and received affirmation that they are on the right track. The cost of integration has been identified as $ 250,000 dollars most of it is market equity for staff. Glover may not be able to provide the funds at one time and asked for the requests to be prioritized. There is a need for renovation of the HSC Library. They are looking at phased renovation over several years. There is a need for stable library funding as the RCM budgeting process is implemented. July 1 is the deadline for implementation of the integration. The librarys budget blog is up and Dean Russell expressed appreciation for peoples contributions. There will be another Town Hall meeting on Budget next week; Leadership is still gathering data to make projections. The Library budget is to be presented to Glover on April 1. The presidents budget will be discussed at the April Senate meeting. Please ask questions, write on the Budget blog or speak with the one of the library Directors if you have concerns.Senate / Senate-UF Committees UpdateCathy Martyniak reported on the activities of the Constitution committee. There will be a new Bylaw 22 Article 6 which will address when there are changes in Colleges, Departments and Programs She directed LFA membership to look at the Constitution committees information on the Faculty Senate web page to see the proposed change. Patrick Reakes commended the membership to review Frank Bovas slides from the February Faculty Senate meeting which are on the Senate website.Committee Reports from Assembly Standing CommitteesCareer Development Handbook Committee/ T&P Committee / Discussion and vote on letters of recommendationRich Bennett reported that the T and P procedures have been updated in the Career Development Handbook (CDH). The Search and Selections guidelines are in the library procedures. Links to the recruitment guidelines have been placed in the CDH. The document on promotion of non-tenure track positions re criteria and process have not been included as yet. The committee is working on this. Jan Swanbeck has sent in a document re: mentoring which the committee will discuss in April. The CDH committee will also review the T&P Committees recommendations. There was discussion on the internal letters of recommendation. These are in addition to the 5 letters from outside that are in section 31. Internal letters will be placed in section 33. While there is an emphasis on outside letters, many library faculty are responsible to internal customers and internal letters would be useful in recognizing their contributions. The T&P Committee would like a decision about internal letters in place before the next round of tenure packets are put together. Rich also recommended that a review of activity be held at the end of each T and P cycle. Suggestions and recommendations for refinement be made and considered by LFA. When adopted, the changes should be included in the CDH and publicized to library faculty. While there were no objections to including internal letters discussion continued and brought forth concerns that 1) the library is a service organization and several librarians provide service to internal customers not only in the tenure home but also service to users. Jimmie Lundgren asked about letters required from inside and outside the librarians department. Jan asked if rank would be an issue with the letters. Joe Aufmuth asked if the university has adjusted their requirements for ranks of letters and is it reflected in the Universitys Annual Guidelines for T and P. The CDH committee will continue and make recommendations to LFA. Bonnie announced upcoming training for preparing tenure packets.


Nominating CommitteeJoe Aufmuth reported for the Nominations Committee: Matt Loving, Jason Fleming, Rae Jesano, and Elizabeth Outler. The committee recommends that all elections be to the spring and that they be conducted electronically. In order to do this the LFA Bylaws need to be adjusted. Joe Aufmuth moved that the 2009 voting be conducted in the Spring during April and use the electronic methods with the announcement of new officers made at the April meeting. Betsy Simpson seconded the motion. Suzanne Brown asked how that will change from our current methods and Denise Bennett asked what elections would be effected. The senate election needs to be complete by April 15. The fall elections for the Sabbatical committee and the July election of the T and P committee would be moved up to the Spring. After discussion the motion to move the elections to the spring and to be done electronically with the results announced at the April business meeting carried. Library integration of Smathers and Health has brought up some concerns about committee membership and representation particularly for the Sustained Performance Committee and the Sabbatical Committee. Joe Aufmuth moved that the LFA expand membership on these two committees to include Health and Legal information Center representatives. Patrick Reakes seconded the motion. Naomi Young expressed concern about staff ability to fill seats. Vernon stated that most of the committees do have Health and Law representation. Judith Russell suggested that this be discussed at the July planning meeting to formalize a structure that will work for all. The motion to expand committee membership was carried. Joe Aufmuth expressed appreciation to Naomi Young for her service as a Faculty senator representing the library Nominations for the following positions are needed: Faculty Senate One seat which will be an open seat and 3-year term Sabbatical Committee/ FEO One seat for Smathers Technical Services and One seat for Health Sustained Performance Two seats for Smathers branches and One for Smathers Technical Services. FCLA representation may be needed. Tenure and Promotion Committee has 9 members. There are three seats available. Two will be appointed by the Dean and One elected. Representation should included Smathers branches, Smathers Technical Services and the Legal Information Center. Nominating Committee Three positions need to be filled. Two representatives are needed from Smathers Branches. One needs to be elected. LFA Officers Need to elect a Chair-elect and a Secretary. Elections will be done electronically, can include Bylaws changes and do meet security requirements.Special/Joint CommitteesJoint Committee on Market Equity AnalysisThe LFA Joint Committee on Market Equity Analysis led a discussion of its preliminary findings regarding a market equity salary design for Smathers faculty on Monday, March 16, 2:00-3:00pm, Smathers 1A. A copy of their draft report can be found at Their final report is to be delivered to Dean Russell by March 31, 2009. Comments should be sent to the committee by March 20.


LFA Officer ReportsChair-Elect There was no report. Past Chair-There was no report. Secretary There was no report There was no Old Business. There was no New Business. Adjournment The meeting was adjourned at 4:10 PM. Next UFLFA meeting The next meeting of the Assembly will be at 10:00 AM on Monday, April 20, 2009 in the Health Science Center Library in room C2-33.Staff Web | Staff Directory | Library Hours | RSS | About the Staff Site | Privacy Policy Send suggestions and comments to Amy Buhler 2004 2009 University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries. All rights reserved. Terms of Use for Electronic Resources and Copyright Information Last updated April 20, 2009 ab