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Library Faculty Assembly Home Archives Documents Officers Assembly Committees Career Development Libraries Budget Nominating Strategic Planning Special & Joint Committees Faculty Committees Faculty Senators Sabbatical SPEP Tenure & Promotion Other Governance Committees UF Faculty Senate University Libraries Committee Future of the Libraries Committee myUFL login required Library Catalog Databases Site Map SearchFaculty Governance at the University of Florida LibrariesMinutes December 15, 2008: 10:00amLibrary East, Room 1A The University of Florida Libraries Faculty Assembly met December 15, 2008. Vernon Kisling called the meeting to order at 10:04 a.m.Approval of AgendaBetsy Simpson moved that the agenda be approved as distributed. Peter Bushnell seconded the motion and the motion carried.Approval of Minutes of Previous MeetingsJoe Aufmuth moved that the minutes of the November 17, 2008 LFA Meeting be approved with the following correction: The word not was inserted in the following sentence It was noted that this evaluation schedule works well for 9 month employees of the University, but may not fit as well for 12 month employees. Beth Layton seconded and the motion carried. There were no Members Comments .Chair's ReportVernon Kisling reported that three UFLFA committees have been discharged: the Ombudsman Committee, Joint Committee on Tenure Homes and the Non-Tenure Faculty Promotion Criteria Special Committee. The report of the Joint Committee on Tenure Homes has cleared all the hurdles and will be reported at Thursdays Faculty Senate Meeting as an information item. The report of the Non-Tenure Faculty Promotion Criteria Special Committee will be incorporated in revisions to the Career Development Handbook. The January UFLFA meeting will be held on January 12 at 3:00 PM. The location will be the Faculty Dining Room of the Law School. From the November meeting there had been discussion concerning Non-Tenure Faculty Review by the T&P Committee and can Nontenure track persons be on the T&P Committee for those reviews. Patrick Reakes reported on the follow up discussions between he and Cathy Martyniak and Barbara Wingo and Angel Kwollek-Folland. Angel indicated that individual colleges have substantial flexibility in establishing procedures regarding the review of non-tenure track faculty. It is up to the College to decide who will be on the T/P committee for review of non tenure track promotions. Brian Keith has read the Union contract which states that College T&P committee will be comprised of tenured faculty. The Non-Tenure Faculty Criteria report provides guidelines to be used by the T&P Committee. From the November meeting there had been discussion concerning the modified timelines for annual activity reports and evaluations in the new Faculty MOA. David Hickey had been asked to consult Union representatives whether the evaluation schedule could be modified for 12 month employees. David Hickey reported that Chris Snodgrass of UFF recommended that the Libraries try to integrate timelines. Otherwise, the Libraries would need to start to establish guidelines for the Libraries that would be different from other faculty. This would mean gathering information and submitting reports and requests for a change. It was recognized that being different from other faculty on campus might not be good for the Libraries. [From the November minutes: timelines for evaluations as a result of Article 18. March 15 is the date when evaluation information is due to supervisors, April 15 is the date when an additional documentation should be turned in. The evaluations should be written by May 1. The evaluation year will cover March 1 of year 1 through February 28 of year 2. The evaluation time line will be short this year to bring the Libraries into compliance. ]Administration UpdatesLaw


There was no report for the Legal Information Center.HealthWallace McLendon reported on the Health Science Center Library integration with Smathers Libraries. There have been several full staff meetings at the HSCL. Wallace and Judith Russell are working to establish internal working groups to explore shared service areas. Five of six HSC Deans now report to the Provost. The director of the HSCL will report to the Dean of Libraries. The HSCL will retain its focus to serve the unique needs of the HSC clientele and growing constituencies. Pam Sherwill is leaving the HSCL after 7 years with the University of Florida as Liaison Librarian to the College of Nursing. Borland library in Jacksonville has a librarian vacancy for which over 60 applications have been received. Verne Burch, the HSCLs Administrative Assistant has been recognized for 35 years of service. There will be additional celebrations to come. The dedication of the HSCLs Collaboration Center is being planned. Renovations to the HSC Librarys first floor are not going forward. There was no money for the library to renovate the space to which they would have to move when Starbucks and the bookstore were added. Now there is discussion to add the Starbucks and bookstore to the Sun Terrace and create a new entrance to the HSC Library.SmathersJudith Russell reported that laying carpet in Marston Science Library and the Map room will occur during intersession. There is a list of other renovations including the redesign of MSLs second floor. Monies need to be obligated by the end of January for the second floor renovations. They are using monies remaining from the Library West renovation project. The report of the Joint Committee on Tenure Homes was presented to the University Library Committee, the Academic Policy Council, the Academic Infrastructure Council and Faculty Senate Steering Committee. It will go to the Faculty Senate on Thursday an information meeting. Judith Russell does not know about budget timelines or its format as yet. With the integration of the HSCL and Smathers, Provost Glover is expecting a request for what the libraries will need. A report of the integration will be presented to Provost Glover and Vice President of Health Affairs Barrett. The Florida Legislature is being called into session in January to confirm the 4% rescission and may enact another 4-6% this fiscal year. The Libraries may not be protected if this occurs although Machen thinks that he will not need to come back to the colleges for additional cuts. The libraries will be 8-10% below the starting point of the budget from last year. LFA will be involved in discussions regarding the budget and integration. The Academic Infrastructure Council would like to review the Libraries budget proposal. Betsy Simpson asked about the internal working groups being established. Working groups are expected to be established in the following areas of cooperation: Facilities, Technical Services Administrative Services/ HR and Finance Systems Public Services/Collections Management Access Support ( ILL, Circ, Library-wide Policies) Development (Grants, PR) Budget Digital libraries The groups will look at how things are done, efficiencies, issues to be address and policies. Reports will be submitted by the end of February, before the budget allocations are due. Market equity of staff and faculty will be reviewed. This morning Sam Huang met with the Development officers from the Colleges at UF. He made a presentation about the University Libraries Development programs and needs and how the Libraries support all the Colleges. The presentation was well received and may open opportunities to work cooperatively the other Development offices across Campus.Senate / Senate-UF Committees UpdatePatrick Reakes gave an overview of the upcoming Faculty Senate meeting. The Libraries report on Tenure homes will be presented as an information item. He reminded faulty to look at Chuck Frazier's IT Action Plan and make comments as well as to look at the Guiding Principles for Future Budget Cuts:


Committee Reports from Assembly Standing Committees Career Development Committee (New / Members appointed)This committee has gotten started. They are updating the Career Development Handbook and will be addressing training and mentoring.Budget CommitteeThe committee has not started and will need a representative from the HSCL.Nominating CommitteeJoe Aufmuth has not heard any more regarding the process for electronic election for Faculty Senate. As Chair of the Nominating Committee, Joe Aufmuth reminded the Assembly of upcoming elections next semester for 1 Faculty Senator and UF Library Faculty Assembly officers. Please consider nominating someone or being nominated. Jimmie Lundgren stated that the T&P committee elections should be moved to the Spring so new members could start at the beginning of the academic year. Members of Smathers Travel Committee are also needed.Strategic Planning CommitteeJim Cusick is the current chair. The Faculty Senate has drafted a Shared Governance Survey which the SP committee may be involved in distribution and compilation for the Libraries, The committee has lost members and needs additional members.Special/Joint CommitteesJoint Committee on Market Equity Analysis is scheduled to meet next on Thursday December 17. The committee is in the process of reviewing lists of peer institutions and mapping faculty lines to the position titles included in ARLs Salary Survey. With plans underway to integrate the HSCL into Smathers Libraries, Judy and Wallace indicated that the committees charge should be expanded to include the HSCL faculty. Wallace will appoint an HSCL faculty member to serve on the committee.LFA Officer ReportsThere were no reports from the LFA officers: Chair-Elect and Secretary or Past Chair. There was no Old Business. There was no New Business. Vernon Kisling adjourned the meeting at 10:40 AM. The next meeting of the Library Faculty Assembly will be Monday, January 12, at 3:00 PM in the Faculty Dining Room of the Law School.Staff Web | Staff Directory | Library Hours | RSS | About the Staff Site | Privacy Policy Send suggestions and comments to Amy Buhler 2004 2009 University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries. All rights reserved. Terms of Use for Electronic Resources and Copyright Information Last updated January 22, 2009 ab