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Library Faculty Assembly Home Archives Documents Officers Assembly Committees Career Development Libraries Budget Nominating Strategic Planning Special & Joint Committees Faculty Committees Faculty Senators Sabbatical SPEP Tenure & Promotion Other Governance Committees UF Faculty Senate University Libraries Committee Future of the Libraries Committee myUFL login required Library Catalog Databases Site Map SearchFaculty Governance at the University of Florida LibrariesMinutes November 17, 2008: 3:00pmLibrary East, Room 1A The University of Florida Libraries Faculty Assembly met November 17, 2008. Vernon Kisling called the meeting to order at 3:08 pm.Approval of AgendaJimmie Lundgren moved that the agenda be approved as distributed. Peter Bushnell seconded the motion and the motion carried.Approval of Minutes of Previous MeetingsJoe Aufmuth moved that the minutes of the October 20, 2008 LFA Meeting be approved with the following corrections: 1) the place of the meeting on the web version and 2) a change in the charge to the Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure Committee to reflect that the number of ex-officio members should be 2. Ann Lindell seconded and the motion carried. There were no Member's Comments.Chair's ReportSmathers Recruitment Policy RevisionsBrian Keith presented the revisions. These changes have been made to the document that was presented and accepted by the committee which Denise Bennett chaired. The changes were made to bring the Libraries into compliance with the Faculty Union Memorandum of Understanding. It is a Smathers-centric policy. These are intended as guidelines. There may need to be additional discussion and elaboration on departmental voting when out-of-unit positions are recruited. Vernon Kisling clarified that when changes to documents and procedures are needed to bring the University Libraries into compliance with the Union or University rules. Those changes will be presented to the Assembly for information, but not for votes. Rich Bennett asked if the Policy and revisions will be included in the Careen Development Handbook. Brian indicated yes they would be included. The Libraries HR department will look for where the Libraries are not in compliance with the Union or university guidelines and will work with the Career Development committee and bring changes and concerns to the Faculty Assembly.Faculty Evaluation and Career Review Timeline/Procedure RevisionsBrian Keith reported that most of the changes are procedural and related to timelines for evaluations as a result of Article 18. March 15 is the date when evaluation information is due to supervisors, April 15 is the date when an additional documentation should be turned in. The evaluations should be written by May 1. The evaluation time line will be short this year to bring the Libraries into compliance. It is the intention of HR to do a series of training on the evaluation process. The evaluation year will cover March 1 of year 1 through February 28 of year 2. This is a Smathers policy. Health and Law have had their own timelines. There needs to be discussion as whether they would change their time frames. Brian does not see the University auditing the timetable. HR will talk to the Provost?s office regarding interpretations of the policy. Judy Russell asked the library senators to raise the question about different calendars being used throughout the libraries. It was noted that this evaluation schedule works well for 9 month employees of the University, but may fit as well for 12 month employees. David Hickey was asked to consult with the Union whether the evaluation schedule and if it could be modified for 12 month employees.Non-Tenure Faculty Promotion Criteria ReportThe report was presented at the October meeting. There have been no comments received. There has been a clarification of the procedures and a change in the introduction to the document.


Rich Bennett expressed concern that, the wording in the criteria is very different from the Tenure criteria. Brian Keith reported that the criteria for evaluation are created by the Libraries and do not have to be the same as tenure criteria. The Academic Review Board will honor the criteria established by the unit. It was verified that while criterion 1 are very different for nontenure track positions, no change is being made to the criteria for tenure track positions. Vernon called for a motion to approve the report realizing that there are 2 sections? 1) Procedural changes will be reviewed by HR and the Career Development Committee and any changes which occur will be brought to the Assemble for information and 2) Criteria changes will be brought to the Assembly for votes. Patrick Reakes moved that the report be approved as presented. Joe Aufmuth seconded the motion and the motion carried. A question concerning peer review was raised since there are no individuals in nontenure track positions on the T&P committee. Tom Minton asked if there was a rule that prevents non-tenure track persons serving on the T&P Committee. Brian Keith was not certain about the CBU or University regulations. The Career Development Handbook specifies the membership of the T&P Committee can only be tenured librarians. Judy Russell reported that since the Faculty Enhancement Opportunities have to go through the Smathers Sabbatical Committee, temporary appointment of librarians from Health Science Center Library, the Legal Information Center and FCLA has been arranged for the review of these applications. She suggested that the Libraries could look at that as a model for the T&P committee for the review of non-tenure track positions. Brian Keith reiterated that Non-Tenure Faculty Promotion Criteria Report was designed to provide guidance to the T&P when non-tenure track reviews occur. David Hickey and Patrick Reakes were asked to bring this concern to the Union and the Senate and seek advice. Rich Bennett expressed concern that the wording of criterion 1 for non-tenure trace positions does not include working relationships as is included in the tenure-track criterion. Non tenure track positions have always had job performance as their first criteria. Brian Keith reported that the new criteria will take effect 1 year from today, (the date that we voted to accept the report). People will have 3 years from today to go up for promotion under the old criteria. The new procedures must be used. It will be up to the individual to specify which criteria (old or new) they will want to be used. Departmental assessments will be based on the criteria that are chosen.Administration UpdatesLawChristopher Vallandingham introduced Patti Morgan, the new web services librarian for the Legal Information Center.HealthThere was no report from the Health Science Center Library.SmathersJudith Russell reported that the FEO applications here due today (November 17). This time the only people eligible were out-of-unit, chairs and above. There have been no applications received. The next opportunity to apply will be Spring 2009. By then people will be able to see what kinds of activities are funded. University Libraries can forward up to 4 applications for consideration. Judith Russell has received and accepted the report of the Joint Committee on Tenure Homes. There will be six tenure homes in Smathers: 1) Technology and Support Services, 2) Humanities and Social Sciences combines current tenure and promotion units of Collection Management and Humanities and Social Sciences Services. 3) Departmental Libraries. 4) Library West 5) Marston Science Library and 6) Special Collections. Law and Health will remain as is. The report was presented to the University Library Committee and will be brought to the Academic Policy Council on Wednesday. From there, it will go to Senate Steering Committee and possibly on to the Faculty Senate. It is expected to be implemented after the first of the year. There has been a mandate to have the Health Science Center Library merge into Smathers Libraries. It is not clear what the merger will look like. There will be a lot of discussion and planning to prepare. Areas that will be included are personnel, finance, autonomy of service and pay equity. A plan is to be written and presented to Vice President of Health Affairs Barrett and Provost Glover. Judith believes this is an opportunity to leverage the libraries? funding issues. Judith has alerted the Provost that


they will be asking for salary as well as additional library dollars. The target date for the merger is July1, 2009. Joe Aufmuth asked about library finances. Judith suggested that they will keep separate accounts for Health and Law. How it will play out for autonomy of service has not been determined. There is no value in merging budgets at this time. Nita Ferree asked about librarian positions for the HSCL. Judith stated that a discussion concerning improving the recurring funding for all libraries will occur. Officially Judith is the hiring authority. Nita was particularly concerned about lost/ unfilled positions in the HSCL. Judith has understood that the HSCL chose to move salary dollars to collections. Smathers has not been able to do that. She reiterated that there will be lots of discussions and is looking for an arrangement that is win-win. She asked if the Assembly members were aware that five of the six Health Science Center deans will report to the Provost. The Dean of the College of Medicine and the head of the university hospital and clinical enterprises will report to the Vice President of Health Affairs. Wallace will meet regularly with the Deans of the HSC. Joe Aufmuth asked how Brian Keith's HR responsibility will change. Judith stated that this will also be discussed. They just got the word that the merger will happen last week. Library Development and collaboration with Sam Huang will also be discussed. Judith stated that Wallace McLendon, Director of the Health Science Center Library had met with his library staff to report on the merger. HSC librarians in attendance confirmed that he had.Senate / Senate-UF Committees UpdatePatrick Reakes gave an overview of the upcoming Faculty Senate meeting. There will be 2 information items. 1) Report on Information Technology Initiatives by Chuck Frazier and 2) Guiding Principles for Future Budget Cuts: 3) Board of Trustees report by Dianna Morgan, the BOT Chair. Patrick recommended that librarians review the information. The action items will include votes on the Department of Dermatology and proposed Constitution changes.Committee Reports from Assembly Standing CommitteesCareer Development Committee (New / Members appointed)Members of the committee will be Rich Bennett, Jimmie Lundgren, Cecilia Botero, Jan Swanbeck and Michelle Foss. There first meeting is scheduled for November 25. Brian Keith and Bonnie Smith will be ex-officio members.Special/Joint CommitteesJoint Committee on Tenure Homes' report has been made. It will be placed on the LFA website. Joe Aufmuth thanked the Committee members for their work and Vernon Kisling concurred. The Committee will be discharged. Joint Committee on Market Equity Analysis has had one meeting and a second meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November 17. Non-Tenure Faculty Promotion Criteria Special Committee has completed its report. The Committee members were thanked for their work and the Committee will be discharged.LFA Officer ReportsChair-ElectThere was no report.Past ChairThe process for electronic election for Faculty Senate will be turned over to the Colleges. Joe Aufmuth and Vernon Kisling will attend a seminar to learn about the procedures. As Chair of the Nominating Committee, Joe Aufmuth reminded the Assembly of upcoming elections next semester for Faculty Senators and UF Library Faculty Assembly officers. Please consider nominating someone or being nominated. There were questions about including FCLA positions in the numbers of librarians used to determine the number of faculty senators allocated to represent University Libraries. The Libraries may need to seek clarification regarding apportionment / calculation of representation.Secretary


There was no report. There was no Old Business. There was no New Business. Vernon Kisling adjourned the meeting at 4:18 PM. The next meeting of the Library Faculty Assembly will be Monday, December 15, 2008 at 10:00 AM in Library East. The January meeting will be held on January 12. The location will be announced.Staff Web | Staff Directory | Library Hours | RSS | About the Staff Site | Privacy Policy Send suggestions and comments to Carrie Newsom 2004 2006 University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries. All rights reserved. Terms of Use for Electronic Resources and Copyright Information Last updated December 20, 2007 cn