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Library Faculty Assembly Home Archives Documents Officers Assembly Committees Career Development Libraries Budget Nominating Strategic Planning Special & Joint Committees Faculty Committees Faculty Senators Sabbatical SPEP Tenure & Promotion Other Governance Committees UF Faculty Senate University Libraries Committee Future of the Libraries Committee myUFL login required Library Catalog Databases Site Map SearchFaculty Governance at the University of Florida LibrariesMinutes September 15, 2008: 3:00pmLibrary East, Room 1A Vernon Kisling called the Library Faculty Assembly meeting to order at 3:05 PM. Betsy Simpson moved and David Hickey seconded the approval of the agenda as distributed. The motion carried. The minutes of the Assembly's meetings for August 18, 2008 were approved as posted on the Library Governance webpage.Member comments:Joe Aufmuth announced that the mini-grant committee had met earlier in the day and requested that librarians consider applying for the $5,000 grant. The committee will especially be looking at first time applications and suggested that there might be a second funding cycle in the Spring.Chair's Report:Vernon Kisling included the following in his remarks.Committee structure/review:The charge for the APT Committee had been distributed with the agenda. It does not mandate membership from Health and Law. They are not being excluded, just not required in the membership. This has been a concern in getting participation and representation since there are fewer librarians available to serve in those units. There are only 4 committees of the Assembly. Vernon believes that the Assembly should look more at the use of ad hoc committees. He cited last year's activities of the Strategic Planning committee as an example of a committee that has not been fully used. Appointment, Promotion and Tenure Committee charge includes ombudsman, tenure support and mentoring functions. He recommended that the Ombudsman committee be eliminated as a separate committee. Stephanie Haas asked about what she had thought was the original plan to have the APT and the T&P committee become one and the same. Vernon sees the APT Committee as a supplement/ complement to the Tenure and Promotion Committee. The T&P Committee would review the packets while the APT committee would look at policy and procedure. Brian Keith suggested that the APT Committee would be policy generating and would assure that the Libraries are meeting the University guidelines and policies for tenure Jimmie Lundgren had thought that the APT committee would work on the Career Development Handbook. The title of the APT Committee was considered confusing. Other titles were suggested: Career Development Committee, Faculty Development Committee, and Appointment, Promotion and Tenure Support Committee. Brian Keith asked about the role of the committee in mentoring. He suggested some ways that the committee and the HR department and the Library Department could work together. He suggested that the wording in the Career Development Handbook be consulted as these roles are decided. It was suggested that there are two types of mentoring 1) group mentoring which would fit under the APT Committee of the LFA and included T&P workshops and tenure support. 2) individual mentoring which would be handled by HR.. HR would also handle the administrative function, while the Assembly would support mentors and mentees. Rich Bennett suggested the committee title "Appointment, Promotion and Tenure Support Committee" and stated that a delineation of responsibilities is needed. The APT Committee and its role and functions will be discussed at future meetings. Jimmie Lundgren endorsed the inclusion of the word "Support" in the committee's title. Stephanie Haas asked about the number of members who would serve on the committee. The number has not been determined and there was no further discussion. There was no objection to eliminating the Ombudsman Committee.Libraries constitution/by-laws


Some colleges have constitutions while others have bylaws. Judy Russell reported that the Union agreement refers to bylaws in relation to colleges. There is a question does Smathers Libraries need a constitution? She believes that the Libraries need to go through the discussion about tenure homes before we address the need for bylaws or constitution. Judy stated that it seems that what the Union wants as far as bylaws are in the Libraries Career Development Handbook. Brian Keith reiterated that the CB agreement uses the term "chairs" and this will need to be discussed for the purpose of bylaws and to bring clarity to the department al model. Judy restated that the clarification of nomenclature "department and chair" may come out of the tenure home discussions and bylaws should be considered in the future. Everyone agreed that the tenure home discussion needs to occur.HSCL meeting datesThe HSC Library has invited the LFA to meet at the HSCL for the October 20, 2008 / 10:00-11:30 AM January 19, 2009 / 3:00-4:30 PM and April 20, 2009 / 10:00-11:30 PM meetings. The invitation was accepted and the meetings will be scheduled. Law will identify the dates they would like to host.Administration UpdatesLawChristopher Vallandingham reported that three candidates will be interviewing for the Electronic Services/ Webmaster position this week and next. Elizabeth Outler has invited all UF librarians to attend the presentations, the first of which will be Thursday at 11:30. The position is available immediately; however the anticipated start date will is January 2009.HealthWallace McLendon reported that the HSCL has been written into the UF's Clinical and Translational Science Award application to NIH.; is working with the Emerging Pathogens Institutes to develop video conference and collaboration capabilities; is receiving rave reviews and high use of the Collaborations Commons and Visible Human program (otherwise know as Naked Dead Guy); has completed the furnishing of the Collaborations Center; is continuing to work on its renovation plan; is exploring the development of a Center for Faculty Excellence with the HSC; has offered the Bioinformatics (academic) Department space in the renovated library; and is forming a Library Advisory CommitteeSmathersJudy Russell reported that the merit increases and the cost of living adjustment will go into Peoplesoft shortly for staff and out of unit faculty. In-unit adjustments are still in negotiation. Bernie Machen has been looking at Faculty Development and sabbaticals. The Faculty Enhancement opportunities are being fast-tracked and were discussed at last week's Dean's meeting as ways to enhance faculty development, not eliminate sabbaticals. There will be 4 opportunities/ slots to be shared among HSCL, Smathers and the Legal Information Center. This also raises concerns about how to involve FCLA. Regarding the budget the University has been absorbing the 4% reduction from the state incurred with the 24% release of funds each quarter. The governor has released some rainy day fund. It appears this 4% reduction will become permanent and it is not sure if this can be absorbed with University dollars. Machen is hoping for no further reductions. The CSUL meeting occurred in early September. There will be a planning meeting in Gainesville in November for the directors and the committee chairs to look at priorities and the relations of CSUL and the committees. The directors have asked FCLA for information regarding proposed work, priorities, calendar and costs.Senate / Senate-UF Committees UpdatePatrick Reakes provided an overview of the past Faculty Senate meeting. Machen had presented a state of the university address. There were some sun-setting of degrees and a reorganization of programs in Jacksonville.Committee ReportsAssembly CommitteesJoe Aufmuth reported results of the recent T&P and Sabbatical Committee elections for the Nominations Committee On behalf of the Nominating Committee, Joe thanked all of those who expressed a willingness to serve and who were nominated during the process.


Colleen Seale, Denise Bennett, and Tom Caswell were elected to the T&P Committee. Colleen Seale and Patrick Reakes were elected to the Sabbatical Committee. Congratulations!The NEW Special / Joint CommitteesVernon has received a number of volunteers for the committees. All who have been approached have agreed to serve. This week committee members will be notified. All three committees are Smathers-centric and will be short term.. Joint Committee on Tenure Homes Joint Committee on Market Equity Analysis Non-Tenure Faculty Promotion Criteria LFA Special Committee There were no LFA officer reports. There was no old business. There was no new business. The meeting adjourned at 4:05 PM. The next meeting of the Assembly will be held in the HSC Library on October 20, 2008 from 10:00-11:30 AMStaff Web | Staff Directory | Library Hours | RSS | About the Staff Site | Privacy Policy Send suggestions and comments to Carrie Newsom 2004 2006 University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries. All rights reserved. Terms of Use for Electronic Resources and Copyright Information Last updated December 20, 2007 cn