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Library Faculty Assembly Home Archives Documents Officers Assembly Committees Career Development Libraries Budget Nominating Strategic Planning Special & Joint Committees Faculty Committees Faculty Senators Sabbatical SPEP Tenure & Promotion Other Governance Committees UF Faculty Senate University Libraries Committee Future of the Libraries Committee myUFL login required Library Catalog Databases Site Map SearchFaculty Governance at the University of Florida LibrariesMinutes April 21, 2008: 3:00pmMarston Science Library, Room L107 Vernon Kisling called the meeting to order at 3:05 PM. The condensed agenda was approved as distributed. The minutes from March 17 meeting and the April 7 Special meeting on Smathers Faculty Recruitment Policy were both approved.Member CommentsJoe Aufmuth thanked Vernon Kisling for taking the leadership of this meeting and for his support over the last two weeks with Assembly business while Joe was out of town. Carol Kem reminded the Assembly that the ALA elections close at the end of the week and that the UF Faculty Senate elections are ongoing electronically with several library representatives up for election.Combined LFA Officers, Senator and Committee ReportsNaomi Young reported that the Library reorganization plan was presented at the April 17 Faculty Senate meeting as an information item. Tenure home changes were not part of the presentation. As these are considered and proposed they will come go before the Senate in the future. There was a discussion of faculty course materials and disclosing of conflict of interest. Naomi suggested library faculty may want to review the Faculty Senate video. Naomi also announced that a lawsuit is occurring between Georgia State University and several publishers providing course reading material in a digital format without seeking permission or paying licensing fees.LFA Officers, Senators and Committee Members ElectionsCarol Kem presented the process by which nominations were solicited and obtained for the elections following the existing Bylaws. In the process changes that are needed to the Bylaws were identified and will be considered later in this meeting. The state of nominees for UFLFA Officers was presented: Chair-elect: Christopher Vallandingham (LIC) Three year term Secretary: Linda Butson (HSC) One year term Nominating committee: Three year terms Public Services: Marilyn Ochoa Technical Services: Hakura Nakano (Members Matt Loving, Collections; Elizabeth Outler, LIC; Rae Jesano, HSC have continuing terms ) From the floor Tara Cataldo nominated Rich Bennett for Chair-elect. Rich agreed to run. The nominations were closed.


Paper ballots will be distributed on Wednesday April 23rd by member of the Nominating Committee. Ballots are due back by May 1. The ballots will be counted at the Legal Information Center conference room on May 5. Elizabeth Outler will coordinate the counting.By-Laws RevisionsVernon Kisling presented the proposed Bylaws and Standing Rules changes. 1.Article II. Purpose and Activities [RE: Recognition of SubAssemblies by the UF LFAssembly] This revision on SubAssemblies formation has been WITHDRAWN. Discussions will be taking place between Dean Russell, Director McLendon and Director Price on the matter of Smathers, Health and Law sub-Assemblies, as well as the differences among faculty that make it difficult for the Assembly to act as an umbrella organization. No action will be taken, or wording incorporated into the By-Laws, until these discussions are concluded. 2.Article VI. Committees Proposed Bylaws and Standing Rules changes to form Libraries Budget Committee as a new Standing Committee. There was discussion regarding how this relates to the SubAssembly issues, the impact of participation when the libraries are short staffed and the budget processes are different. There was support for the oversight and communication functions to assure budget transparency, but not the detailed working relationship aspect. Suzanne Brown moved that the vote on this proposed Bylaws and Standing Rules change be tabled and new wording for the committee charge be written, Betsy Simpson seconded. The motion carried and the Bylaws and Standing Rules changes were tabled. Vernon Kisling will send a rewritten draft for consideration at the May meeting. 3.Article V. Nominations and Elections Section 1. Nominations. The Nominating Committee shall present a slate of proposed officers and committee members to the membership at the March meeting. Additional nominations shall be taken from the floor at the March meeting at which the nominations will be closed. Nominations for Senators shall follow Faculty Senate rules. Section 2. Elections. Elections for officers and committee members will be held by secret paper ballot after the March meeting and the results shall be announced at the April business meeting. Elections for Senators shall follow Faculty Senate rules. Section 3. Terms of Office. Term of office for officers will be for one academic year and officers shall be installed at the first meeting of the academic year. Term of office for committee members will be for time periods specified in the Standing Rules and shall be installed at the first meeting of the academic year. Term of office for committee members will be for time periods specified in the Standing Rules and shall be installed at the first meeting of the academic year (usually held in August). Term of office for Senators will follow Faculty Senate rules. Carol Kem moved that the proposed Bylaws be adopted with a slight editorial change to clarify that the nominations would be closed at (not after) the March meeting. Ed Hart seconded and the Bylaws were adopted.Standing Rules RevisionsVernon Kisling presented the proposed Standing Rules changes.


1. REGULAR MEETINGS AGENDA The agenda for regular meetings of UFLFA shall be set as follows. The agenda can be changed at any meeting by the motion of a member and by a vote of the majority present. Call to Order Approval of Agenda Approval of Minutes of Previous Meeting Member Comments Chair's Report Smathers, Health, Law Administration Updates Senate Update Committee Reports Assembly Officers Reports Old Business New Business Announcement Peter Bushnell moved that the Standing Rule change be accepted as proposed. The motion was seconded and the motion carried. 3. SPECIAL COMMITTEES Establishing Committees: The Chair has authority to establish committees but should obtain approval from the Assembly at the next regularly scheduled meeting, or if the Chair deems it necessary, at an emergency meeting called by the Chair. The Assembly shall confirm that the committee is necessary to conduct business and this shall be done by a simple majority vote of those present at the meeting. Appointment: Members shall be appointed by the UFLFA Chair in consultation with the other officers while respecting the diverse membership of UFLFA in relation to the committee's charge. Committee Chair: The Chair will be elected by the committee during the committee's first meeting. Responsibilities: Are established by the charge given the committee by the UFLFA Chair. Meetings: Committee shall meet and report as laid out in the charge and/or as necessary to complete the charge. Term: Committee members will serve as long as necessary to complete the charge, but no special committee's appointment shall continue beyond one year from its establishment. Peter Bushnell moved that the Standing Rule on the procedures for establishing special committees be adopted as presented. The motion was seconded and the motion carried. ELECTIONS A. Nominations for UFLFA officers, committee members and Senators shall be conducted as stated in the By-Laws (Article V. Section 1). B. Elections for UFLFA officers, committee members and Senators shall be conducted as stated in the By-Laws (Article V. Section 2) and according to the following procedures. Once the slate of candidates is finalized at the March meeting, voting will be conducted by paper ballot distributed to qualified voters by the UFLFA Nominating Committee Chair on or about April 1. Each election shall be a secret ballot votewith the ballots returned in sealed envelopes to the UFLFA Nominating Committee Chair on or about April 15. A group of three vote counters shall be appointed by the UFLFA Chair. At least two vote counters shall count and verify the votes for each office/position. The UFLFA Secretary


shall record the votes and announce the results to the membership and the candidates at the April business meeting. The ballots shall be maintained as part of the UFLFA document archive for a one year period. If the Faculty Senate requires paper ballots, these will be sent to the Faculty Senate Office. C. Candidates with the most votes shall be the winner (simple majority vote of those who voted). D. Tie votes will require another paper ballot conducted in the manner described above in part B. E. Any person nominated for an office/position unopposed shall be elected automatically without a vote after nominations are closed at the March meeting, except for the election of Senators which the Faculty Senate Bylaws require "twice as many nominees as there are seats to be filled" (UFFS Bylaw 4 E 2 a). F. Of the four persons nominated and elected as Library Senators for the UF Faculty Senate, two shall be from the Smathers Libraries, one shall be from either the Health Science Center Libraries or the Lawton Chiles Legal Information Center, and one shall be at large. Beth Layton moved that the Standing Rule on the procedures for elections be adopted as presented. Betsy Simpson seconded the motion and the motion carried. 2. STANDING COMMITTEES 2.1 NOMINATING COMMITTEE Appointment / Same Chair: The Chair of this committee shall be the Past Chair of the UF Libraries Faculty Assembly. Responsibilities / Same Meetings / Same Term / Same Quorum / Same Carol Kem moved that the standing rule be adopted as presented. The motion was seconded and the motion carried.T&P / AP&T Proposal Discussion and VoteVernon Kisling presented the proposal for transferring the T and P Committee to the Faculty Assembly and include appointment activities. Beth Layton raised questions about the existing Faculty Recruitment Committee which only had representation from Smathers and whose recommendations are Smathers centric. Denise Bennett pointed out that appointment procedures are different in all 3 libraries and the recommendation of the Faculty Recruitment Committee will need to be reviews for adoption in each library. There was a great deal of discussion about the appointment process as well as the effect of the soon to occur UF Faculty votes. It was recommended that appointment be removed form the proposal. Joe Aufmuth moved that the last three bullets of the proposal be removed and that the proposal as amended be approved and sent forward to the Directors and Dean. Carol Kem seconded the motion and the proposal was approved. The approved proposal is: PROPOSAL to Dean Russell, along with Directors Kathleen Price and Wallace McLendon, to transfer the Tenure and Promotion (T&P) Committee from the Libraries to


the Libraries Faculty Assembly as the Appointment, Promotion and Tenure (AP&T) Committee. This will be a recommendation from the Libraries Faculty Assembly. A unanimous vote of Librarians at a Tenure Issues meeting of 29 February 2008 was made to prepare the proposal, it was discussed at the 17 March 2008 Assembly meeting, and a vote of the faculty will taken at the 21 April 2008 Assembly meeting to approve this proposal provided it is acceptable to the Assembly. [NOTE: If tabled, it will be revised and brought back to the May meeting with the recommended changes. If not approved, the AP&T Committee will be removed from the By-Laws and Standing Rules.] The expansion of the committee to include appointment responsibilities is needed to address the entire career path of faculty members as one continuous process. Both the appointment of new colleagues, as well as recommendations on who should advance through promotion and tenure, are important decisions of the faculty about themselves as a professional group of peers. The Faculty Senate report on shared governance presents a suggested model that clearly recommends this: faculty should determine the criteria, evaluation and development of their peers with regard to appointment, promotion and tenure (Shared GovernanceImplementation Task Force Report, Appendix D / page 30). Should this proposal be accepted by the Dean and Directors, the following actions would take place: The T&P Committee (of the Libraries) would become the AP&T Committee (of the Assembly). Members of the T&P Committee would remain on the AP&T Committee. The method of selecting members for this committee will remain the same. University and Library requirements for promotion and tenure committees will be followed. The charge of the committee will remain the same. (The three bullets that were removed from the proposal were: Recommendations of the Faculty Recruitment Committee will be considered for adoption by the committee as a beginning of its responsibility for the appointment process. The committee's concerns with the appointment process would be phased in as the committee is able to do so and the committee will recommend any actions needed to accomplish this. The committee will determine what appointment, promotion and tenure issues need to be addressed and how to address these issues, as well as the most appropriate structure for the committee if changes are needed. Recommendations on these issues and changes will be made in consultation with tenured faculty, the Assembly, Library Dean and Directors, and the Human Resources Office as appropriate.) At 4:10 PM Joe Aufmuth moved that the meeting be extended. Beth Layton seconded and the motion carried.Faculty Recruitment Committee Report Discussion and VoteDenise Bennett, Chair of the (Smathers) Faculty Recruitment Policy & Practices Committee reported on the final draft of the policy. The committee's website is Supplementary aspects to the policy documents include: 1 Library appendices (not those pointing to UF documents) may be updated at any time, and search committees are especially encouraged to submit additions to the


LHRO. 2 The policy itself will be updated through formal channels; the LFA may wish to recommend a reviewing schedule and responsibility. 3 Topics beyond the scope of the committee charge include administrative hires, interim appointments, and "tenure upon appointment." The Committee recommends the LFA consider a process for discussing and drafting policy related to these topics, to be included in the next version of the full policy document. 4 The newly-released MOA of Tentative Agreements of UFF-UF includes a section on "Appointment." Items mentioned in the MOA that are not covered in the current or draft policies or the UF Faculty Recruitment Toolkit include "No less than threefourths of the [search] committee's members shall be faculty members in the department" and "After the screening...the faculty members of the department shall vote by secret ballot to register their recommendations regarding the possible appointment of the candidates." Should the MOA be ratified, these additional provisions would need to be incorporated into the recruitment policy. A small working group should be adequate to complete the tasks of verifying terminology such as "department" and "department chair," and incorporating changes. Joe Aufmuth thanked the committee for its work and moved that the report be endorsed by the Assembly. Betsy Simpson seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous. The Committee's report and policy documents, including the vote of confidence by the LFA, will be submitted to the Dean by the April 30 deadline.New BusinessBetsy Simpson reported that Dean Russell recommended that the Smathers Employee Recognition Committee investigate the creation of a Librarian Teacher of the Year Award as part of the University's Faculty Achievement Recognition Program The Employee Recognition Committee contacted the Library Instruction Committee, which has representation from Smathers, Health, and Law, for its input. Because this would be a faculty award, the Employee Recognition Committee decided to inform UFLFA. A proposal for such an award would need to go to Debra Walker King before being enacted. Dr. King will be going on sabbatical in August 2008. Betsy will keep UFLFA up-to-date on the discussions, and if there is interest in pursuing the award, draft criteria will be shared with UFLFA as soon as possible. Naomi Young reported that the Council report studying sabbaticals was approved April 17. Colleges will be charged with showing that they comply. Colleges and the libraries will have a 6 months window to report.AdjournmentThe meeting was adjourned at 4:45 pm. Next meeting is Monday May 12 Marston Science Library room L107, 3:00 PM 4:00 PMStaff Web | Staff Directory | Library Hours | RSS | About the Staff Site | Privacy Policy Send suggestions and comments to Carrie Newsom 2004 2006 University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries. All rights reserved. Terms of Use for Electronic Resources and Copyright Information Last updated December 20, 2007 cn