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Library Faculty Assembly Home Archives Documents Officers Assembly Committees Career Development Libraries Budget Nominating Strategic Planning Special & Joint Committees Faculty Committees Faculty Senators Sabbatical SPEP Tenure & Promotion Other Governance Committees UF Faculty Senate University Libraries Committee Future of the Libraries Committee myUFL login required Library Catalog Databases Site Map SearchFaculty Governance at the University of Florida LibrariesMinutes September 17, 2007: 3:00pmMarston Science Library, L107 The UFLFA was called to order by Joe Aufmuth at 3:00 PM. The agenda was approved. Minutes of previous meeting, August 20, 2007, were approved with corrections. The report of LFA officers' meeting with Beth Layton, Interim HSC Library Director on August 6, 2007 was accepted. The LFA officers' reports, the LFA meeting agendas and the meeting minutes are posted on the Faculty Governance website at There were no member comments.Chair's ReportJoe Aufmuth reported that he had received the Faculty Senate Survey of Budget Processes and Resource Allocation Review Activities. There are 2 questions. He has prepared a draft response which he shared with the Dean and the library directors of Health and Law Libraries. He presented the draft statement about the role of faculty in budget and solicited comments which included: Positive comments on the OPS budget that Jack Waters had prepared and shared. Faculty are frequently NOT involved in the prioritization of funding for computers and other equipment or filling staff lines. For example, the MSL Building Program Committee report outlined recommendations for equipment and furnishings if some funding is available in advance of a significant renovation, but apparently other spending decisions for MSL are being made without faculty consultation. Faculty need to involved in the priority setting for budgets Concern that communication of information regarding budget issues particularly is more slowly disseminated in the Libraries than it is in the Colleges. The example given was the availability of OPS dollars. Concern about communication lag time and follow up. The example given was Smathers' travel budget notification for this academic year. John Ingram reminded the assembly that there is no budget which is usually in place by August 1. Concern that when there end of year money has been available and some equipment is purchased, it is not the equipment on the original list of priorities. There were questions about how purchasing decisions are made when situations change. Appreciation was expressed that Joe Aufmuth had drafted a response that library faculty could comment on. The survey response is due at the end of September. Joe will send the draft to faculty via email for additional comments. Joe provided links to several university websites concerning the university budget process. Budget Council Faculty Senate Budget Resolution On the Provost pages regarding the University budget, there are narratives and requests from units that report to the Provost among them is the Smathers Program Narrative and Budget Request for 2007-2008. Joe Aufmuth raised concern about individualized Faculty Assemblies for Smathers, Health, and Law and how they cooperate and work separately. Health does have faculty Assembly. Is there a need for separate groups? Do there need to be changes to the UFLA bylaws or separate procedures for each system? The number of library faculty by unit is Smathers 78, Health 20 and Law 9. Policies concerning employment for "trailing" spouses, Dual-Career-Protocol is on the web at It was suggested that the brochure be made available to all search candidates. Debra Walker King's office does have some money available for assisting colleges.


Joe reminded Assembly members of the University Awards call for nominations and encouraged consideration. The deadline is October 1.Library Administration UpdatesSmathersJohn Ingram reported that there is no budget yet, hiring freeze is in effect, the Provost's approval is need for hiring. Dr Sam Huang is interviewing today for the Senior Development Officer position.. The money for that position is available from the University libraries and University Foundation. Assembly officers and Faculty Senators are involved in the interview. The position is Smatherscentric because Health and Law are funded separately. Neither the Health Science nor the Law Library has a development officer. John gave a history of funding for development officers. The UF Foundation will pay .5 of the senior officer's salary and some of the expenses. Smathers libraries will pay for the other position.LawThe LFA officers are seeking a meeting with Kathy Price, Director of the Law Library. There was no additional report.HealthBeth Layton reported that she had met with the Deans of the six Health Science colleges and asked for comments about the library. Two long time paraprofessionals have left the library's employment and the HSCL is looking to hire one position. Michele Tennant reported that the HSCL Director Search has six applicants and is moving forward.Senate UpdatePatrick Reakes provided a review of the August Senate meeting. President Machen gave his State of the University address which included information on Capital Campaign, budget issues and faculty raises, faulty needs and responses to the 3rd Faculty Survey. Dr. Yost presented a state of the Faculty Senate address in which he announced the priorities for this year's Senate will be to continue to implement shared governance at college and department levels, assure faculty participation in budget planning and review, adopt procedures for review and revisions to the Strategic Work Plan, connect Academic Program Reviews and LBRs to the Strategic Work Plan, Examine and revise honorary degree procedures, examine and revise policies on faculty-authored course materials, renewed focus on undergraduate education, evaluate and revise the University Curriculum Committee, evaluate and revise the General Education Committee, evaluate and revise the UF Honors program, reprise the Student/Faculty Academic Summit, work to improve child care facilities on campus and analyze and respond to faculty surveys on climate and on T&P. Three new Senior Administrators have joined UF: Judith Russell, Dean of Libraries; Hank Frierson, Dean of the Graduate School & Vice Provost for Graduate Education; and Daniel Wubah, Associate Provost, Undergraduate Affairs. A full report is in the Faculty Senate minutes at Naomi Young reminded the Assembly that the Course pack issues may affect Access Services. Carol Kem is advocating library representation on the subcommittee that will look at course pack issues. Michele Tenant provided an overview of the upcoming September 20 Faculty Senate meeting. President Machen will give his report and the Budget report. The September 1214 Board of Trustees meeting will be reported. Several graduate degree programs will be voted on. The full agenda is at ReportsNominating CommitteeCarol Kem announced the members of the Sustained Performance Evaluation Process Committee: Alena Aissing, Suzanne Brown, and Erich Kesse. The Tenure and Promotion Committee has to fill a one-year term. There has been one nominee Pam Cenzer. With no nominations from the floor, the nominations were closed. The nomination Committee's report was accepted. Pam Cenzer was declared the Tenure and Promotion Committee member beginning October 1. 2007. Carol reported that a call for nominations for the Spring elections will occur later in the Fall semester.Appointment, Promotion and Tenure CommitteeThere was no report.


Strategic Planning CommitteeThe committee has done some procedural reorganization to stagger the terms of members. They expect to work with the Libraries' strategic planning taskforces. The charge for the committee will be posted on the web.Ombudsman CommitteeThe committee is still seeking a third member from the Smathers libraries. There are representative from Health and Law libraries.LFA Officer ReportsThere were no reports from Chair Elect Vernon Kisling or Secretary Linda Butson. Past Chair Carol Kem reminded the Assembly of the UFF Dinner scheduled for Thursday September 27. She also announced that ALA midwinter and annual registrations can be bundled in online registration. The deadline is October 1.Old BusinessFaculty Senate Governance Reports Joe Aufmuth reported that UF Senate Office is working on an executive summary and will distributing comments from the Faculty Senate Chairs to individual units. There was no New Business. The next meeting of the Library Faculty Assembly will be Monday, October 15 in the College Of Law, Holland Center Room 283 from 3:00 PM 4:00 PM. The Faculty Assembly adjourned at 3:58 PM.Staff Web | Staff Directory | Library Hours | RSS | About the Staff Site | Privacy Policy Send suggestions and comments to Carrie Newsom 2004 2006 University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries. All rights reserved. Terms of Use for Electronic Resources and Copyright Information Last updated March 19, 2007 cn