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Library Faculty Assembly Home Archives Documents Officers Assembly Committees Career Development Libraries Budget Nominating Strategic Planning Special & Joint Committees Faculty Committees Faculty Senators Sabbatical SPEP Tenure & Promotion Other Governance Committees UF Faculty Senate University Libraries Committee Future of the Libraries Committee myUFL login required Library Catalog Databases Site Map SearchFaculty Governance at the University of Florida LibrariesMinutes Febrary 19, 2007: 3:00pmRoom 100, Smathers Library Call to order: 3:02 PM, 22 attending. The agenda was amended to add a report under Senate Update for the Jan. meeting of the Senate. The agenda and the Minutes of Jan. 8 were then approved.Chair's ReportChair Carol Kem tabled discussion on the second Associate Provost "Conversation" on shared governance until the March meeting, so that Joe Aufmuth and Nancy Schaefer can help give more in-depth information. She reminded those present to consider self-nominations or nominating someone else for various Senate and joint Committees. If interested, go to the Senate portion of the administrative website for further information.Administration ReportJohn Ingram reported that two Dean of Libraries candidates, Steven Smith and Judith Russell, will return to campus for second interviews. Dr. Smith is slated for Feb. 26 ? 28, and Ms. Russell for March 1 ? 2. LFA officers and a select Assembly representative will meet with each candidate. Beth Layton, newly appointed Interim HSCL Director, reported that details on retirement party plans to honor Faith Meekin are forthcoming, with March 8 targeted for something in the Health Science Center Library proper.Senate Update:Cathy Martyniak reported that in the Jan. Senate meeting a new Chair, Rick Yost, will replace Danaya Wright next year, and besides the widely reported changes such as a smoking ban within 50 feet of campus buildings, a new Ph.D. in nutrition sciences degree proposal had issued a report on the impact from this new program. The report had no facts from the library included. John Ingram remarked that it would be extremely helpful if a Department expanding its academic programs also would let the libraries know about this expansion, and request the appropriate library support. A discussion ensued about the possible confusion Provost?s Office, colleges, departments and campus committees such as Graduate Council and Curriculum have in communicating this information in order to alert the libraries in a timely fashion. One problem is that new degree program proposals sometimes, in the initial stages, downplay costly additional resources for fear of rejection; the library is thus not included due to this perception. Naomi Young reported that in the Feb. Senate meeting, in addition to the news about the governor not favoring the UF-requested $1/credit-hour ?technology fee? nor the academic enhancement $500/semester tuition add-ons, an announcement was made that county extension agents would be granted faculty status for a three-year period. Their tenure/promotion packages will be handled internally, not through the Academic Personnel Board. The justification had to do with the fear of overwhelming the workload of the Academic Personnel Board, which consists of only six senior faculty. This may have an eventual impact on the way librarians are handled for T&P. Further Feb. Senate discussion centered on the University now arguing that the managerial status of the Chair and senators in general preclude them from being considered part of the Collective Bargaining Unit. Denial of unit status for faculty at P. K. Yonge and Student Health Center is also now part of the case before the state PERC Board. A decision is still pending. Cathy Martyniak previewed the issues before the Senate likely to arise in the March 22 meeting. Among these are the Pappas Report, an outside agency?s analysis of the University available on the Senate website, a faculty "climate" survey ("how is it to work at UF?"), and the minus grade proposal, which was voted in by the Senate but is now sitting on the president?s desk.Committee Reports:Nominating Committee


The Nominating Committee outlined the process they reached to arrive at five Senator nominees for the two 2007 openings. These tentative nominations were sent to John Ingram by Feb. 15 to comply with Dale Canelas? Jan. 6 e-mail instructions; the Committee will announce these volunteer nominees, then ask for further nominations from the floor at the next LFA meeting on March 19. By April 16 the Nominating Committee will have nominations for a UFLFA Chair-elect and Secretary, as well as for a regularized Nominating Committee membership [a call went out for the first two officer slots via e-mail Feb. 16].Old Business:Appointees to the Special Committee for Shared Governance Report are Beth Layton and Cecilia Botero from HSCL, Rick Donnelly and Ed Hart from LIC, and Michele Crump, Carl Van Ness, Naomi Young and Cathy Martyniak. Appointees to the Strategic Planning Standing Committee are Elizabeth Outler (LIC), Nita Ferree (HSCL), Peter Bushnell, James Cusick and Vernon Kisling. No one has yet sent nominations, self or otherwise, for the Ombudsman Standing Committee, which has slots for a minimum of three people. This is a good committee for people who are tenured, but not necessarily in management roles. Beth Layton raised the issue of not enough tenured and tenure-track people in Health and Law to make good pools for such committees. Broadening the criteria to include all currently eligible for Assembly membership was proposed. No further discussion ensued at this juncture.New Business:Chair Carol Kem suggested the Ombudsman Committee, once people volunteer for service in this group, be the procedural entity to set up and evaluate the Market Equity (ME) process. In the meantime she charged the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) to start looking at organizing this complex new procedure. The LFA Officers are aware of only CLAS providing a model for a standing group to investigate and implement ME. While SPC is tasked to begin the process, a special ad hoc committee may be needed for matrix-building and subsequent salary adjustment evaluations. Beth Layton questioned the reasoning that only the Smathers component of either the SPC or Ombudsman Committee be the deliberators of an ME process: the response was that Smathers librarians are the only library faculty currently covered by the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Moreover, per the Provost?s ME memo, college or department level funds, not university, would support those who are eligible for ME adjustments; for this budget reason Health and Law cannot be part of the current ME process. Confidential material will be used in the actual evaluation process, so senior level reviewers may have to be called upon to perform these ME evaluations. UFF has alerted all Unit members to the agreed general expectations involved in the ME process.Announcements:Transportation can be arranged for Smathers Libraries attendees to travel to and from the April 16 LFA meeting at Health Science Center Library. There will be refreshments at this important Annual Business Meeting. The next meeting will be held March 19 at ML107 Marston Science Library. Two groups, the Special Committee for Shared Governance Report and the SPC, met briefly after the LFA adjourned at 4:07.Staff Web | Staff Directory | Library Hours | RSS | About the Staff Site | Privacy Policy Send suggestions and comments to Carrie Newsom 2004 2006 University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries. All rights reserved. Acceptable Use, Copyright, and Disclaimer Statement Last updated March 19, 2007 cn