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Library Faculty Assembly Home Archives Documents Officers Assembly Committees Career Development Libraries Budget Nominating Strategic Planning Special & Joint Committees Faculty Committees Faculty Senators Sabbatical SPEP Tenure & Promotion Other Governance Committees UF Faculty Senate University Libraries Committee Future of the Libraries Committee myUFL login required Library Catalog Databases Site Map SearchFaculty Governance at the University of Florida LibrariesMinutes April 17, 2006: 1:00pmThe meeting was called to order at 1:04 Agenda approved without amendment Minutes of previous meeting approved without amendmentChair's Report: Carol Kem The Chair recognized and congratulated Carl Van Ness for his recent appointment as University Historian. This honor is well deserved and everyone joined in a round of applause. Several librarians attended the University's open meeting on shared faculty governance. Several librarians are on the slate for elected University committees. The slate will be voted on at the next Faculty Senate meeting (Thursday, April 20th). Several librarians are also on the lists for appointment to UF President appointed committees There is still time to self nominate for service on University Committees. Let Carol Kem know as soon as possible if there is one you are interested in.Administrations Report: ?Nothing was reportedSenate Update: Part 1Faculty Senate-Presidential Task Force on the Implementation of Shared Governance StructureNaomi Young and Cathy Martyniak attended the special senate meeting on shared Governance Structure on April 6. They presented their summary (link). The expressed goal of the task force was for all units (at the college level) would have one year from the point of adoption to develop specific policies and procedures for implementing shared governance. By virtue of having established the Faculty Assembly, the libraries are ahead of the curve for this plan. There will be workshops in the fall to assist units with this process. The senators emphasized that this model of shared governance operates on a system of the two groups (Faculty/Administration) working out the areas where each group Determines policy, Recommends policy, or Consults on policy (see Figure 1).Committee Report:By-laws committee: Vernon KislingVernon first iterated the point from his recent email that by creating and adopting by-laws the Libraries Faculty Assembly is instituting a de facto constitution. We do not have to create a second document. He then pointed out that the current draft of the by-laws exhibits mostly small language changes, the most prominent being the removal of FCLA from the document at their request. However, the section on committees once again generated a great deal of discussion.Nominating committee:It was suggested that it read "shall consist of a minimum of three members..." thus allowing the exact number to be set or changed in the standing rules depending on the requirements of various nominations. It was pointed out that the nominated committee must be set up in the by-laws because it is needed to put forward a ballot of permanent officers for the LFA. Whether the nominating committee will later be used for other functions (faculty senators, T&P committee, Sabbatical committee, etc) can be decided later.Tenure and Promotion Policy committee:The by-laws committee proposed taking out the word policy from the title, making this the


actual T&P committee for the libraries. This seemed a little abrupt to many people, so it was suggested that the standing rules specify that the Tenure and Promotion Committee would be a transitional committee that would most likely turn into the T&P committee in 2007. The final details will be spelled out in the standing rules. The T&P committee will also have a minimum of 4 members rather than an absolute number of 4. It was suggested that the T&P committee include both T&P duties and the policy duties. It was pointed out that that model is already being experimented with this year. So, this year's policy committee will be next years T&P committee. It was brought up that appointments are also handled largely by faculty in other departments-that is the initial hiring-so that faculty was at least informed why the candidate they voted on and put forward was not selected. Feelings were very strong on this topic and it was referred to the by-laws committee to explore some language on this subject.Compensation Committee:There have been some concerns expressed that the compensation committee may end up clashing with, or duplicating the efforts of, the Faculty Union. However, it was decided that as long as the standing rules are clear that the compensation committee is largely concerned with merit pay, then there should not be any real problems in this are. Some discussion occurred about whether to leave the compensation committee out of the bylaws for now, but a straw poll went in favor of keeping it in 12-4. The by-laws committee will be working on additional language regarding the ideas of strategic planning, mediation, and evaluation of shared governance in their next meetings. The dates of their meetings will be published as soon as they are available.Senate Reports, part 2:Report on March Meeting: Joe AufmuthJoe reported on the March meeting of the Faculty Senate. The minutes are available on the website at In the future Senators will try to always send out a message with URLs to archives of streaming video with pointers to the exact minute where Library specifics are mentioned.April Meeting: Michele TennentMichele reported on the agenda for the upcoming Faculty Senate meeting (Thursday, April 20th). It is available on the Senate website. Of particular note is the vote for Senate Chair Elect. If you have any views on the candidates (available on the Senate website) please express them to one or all of the library faculty senators by Thursday before 3:00pm.Old Business: University Work Plan-Libraries' response: Joe AufmuthJoe reported on the libraries' response to the draft work plan put out by Dr. Machen's office. Both the draft with proposed changes (Word document), which the Senators and Faculty worked together with Library administration to create and the letter were sent to Kim Tanzer who thanked the library for its response. At least two librarians have volunteered for the Senate's task force to work on the work plan, but a meeting date has not been set. It has been forwarded to the Academic Policy Council. The next LFA meeting will take place on May 15, possibly from 2-4 with the place to be announced. The meeting was adjourned at 2:47pmStaff Web | Staff Directory | Library Hours | RSS | About the Staff Site | Privacy Policy Send suggestions and comments to Carrie Newsom 2004 2006 University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries. All rights reserved. Acceptable Use, Copyright, and Disclaimer Statement Last updated November 21, 2006 cn