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Canal record
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Panama Canal Society of Florida
Panama Canal Society of Florida, Inc.
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Vol. 8 June, 1974

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Photo Courtesy of the Panama Canal Company

The Goethal's Memorial and the Administration Building

June, 1974

Vol. 8

William F. Grady, Lakeland, Florida-Lawn
Bowler and OUTSTANDING Legislative
Representative for the Panama Canal
Society of Florida, Inc.

Seated: Mrs. Lydia Shannon, St. Petersburg, Florida; Mr. Connie
Chase, Seminole, Florida
Standing: Mr. Matt Shannon and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Dailey, St.
Petersburg, Florida

Mrs. Matilda Van Siclen Bogle, and Mrs.
Petersburg, Florida

Mary Van Siclen, St.

Seated: Mrs. Doris Murray White and Mrs. Janet Cunningham,
St. Petersburg, Florida
Standing: Mrs. Ceri Fritz, Fairfax, Virginia; Mr. Frank Key,
Dumont, New Jersey

Mrs. Donald D. Forsten and
Mrs. June (Barlow) Riesz-
Reunion in Liberia, West

Timothy Quinn, son of Mrs.
Marie (Dube) Burns-Recipi-
ent of the Eagle Scout Award

Mr. and Mrs. John Disharoon, Pinellas Park, Florida

The Panama Canal Society of Florida, Inc.
(A Non-Profit Organization)

To preserve American Ideals and Canal Zone Friendships

P. O. Box 11566 ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA 33733

Eugene I. Askew
Gaddis Wall
Mrs. Jean B. Mann
Mrs. Margaret M. Ward
Record Editor
Mrs. Mary Belle Hicks
Wm. F. Grady
Legislative Representative
Charles Holmelin
Sergeant-at-Arms, pro tern

J. F. Warner
Eugene I. Askew
Gaddis Wall
Ross H. Hollowell
Mrs. Jean B. Mann
G. C. Lockridge
Troy Hayes
Mrs. Mary Belle Hicks
Mrs. Margaret M. Ward
Secretary to Committee

The CANAL RECORD is published by the Panama Canal Society of Florida, Inc., for
the good and welfare of its members.

The CANAL RECORD is published five times each year, once in March, June and
September, November and December.

persons MUST BE MEMBERS and pay ANNUAL DUES of $5.00. Entered as 2nd Class
matter at the POST OFFICE at Saint Petersburg, Florida Second Class Postage paid at
Saint Petersburg, Florida, Post Office.

PRINTED BY DIXIE PRESS, 634 2nd Avenue South, St. Petersburg, Florida 33701

HEADQUARTERS of the Panama Canal Society of Florida, Inc.
5094 40th St. South
St. Petersburg, Florida 33711

POSTMASTER: Change of address should be sent on FORM 3579 to Box 11566, St. Petersburg.
Florida 33733.

June, 1974

No. 2

Vol. 8-

slributed by L.A. Time Syndicate

"Editorial cartoon by Don Hesse. Copyright, St. Louis Glove
Democrat. Reprinted with permission of Los Angeles Times

Aex Mx As: ^3; w

The mountains moved, and the waters rose;
And Faith, at last, fulfilled her lream;
Lake, Lock, and Channel-tlhe whole World knows-
Attest the worth of a Hope Supreme!
The ships now shuttle from Shore to Shore;
Up, up, and up, and thence straight on;
Then three limes downward-and on, o nce more,-
Into the Sunset or the Dawn!
Maurice Thatcher

Lead roles in the drama of that dream of uniting the
two oceans originally were not the United States and Panama.
But when Colombia failed to ratify the Hay-Herran Treaty,
Panama, EAGER for the canal to be built in her country, success
fully obtained her long-wanted freedom from Colombia. November
3, 1903, sometimes referred to as Panama's DAY OF DESTINY and
the subsequent signing of a treaty with the United States legally
bound the destiny of Panama and the United States to abide by
terms of the agreements which Panama, at the time, so
EAGERLY wanted. Since 1903, many concessions have been
made by the United States to Panama. Important, too is not
what Panama has done for the Canal. but what the Canal HAS
DONE for Panama and the world.
Since the March issue of the RECORD which quoted the
Joint Statement by Henry A. Kissinger, Secretary of State of the
United States of America, and Juan Antonio Tact, Minister of
Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Panama, many letters have
been sent to the Society pertaining to this controversial
agreement. In summary all feel strongly that Panama's demands
cannot be justified in terms of international law and the binding
obligations of treaties.
The March 19, 1974, issue of the CONGRESSIONAL
RECORD presents Congressman Flood's interpretation of the
points agreed upon, stating that the signing of the Kissinger-Tact
joint statement at Panama disregarded historical facts as little
importance, and that the signing of such an agreement by Mr.
Kissinger created a situation which would be embarrassing to the
United States unless complied with. Quoting Edward Hunter,
editor of TACTICS, he stated "that such procedure is diplomatic
trickery in the highest degree for it makes the sovereign people
of the United States and their Congress the 'enemy' against
which elements in the executive branch of our Government and
the pro-Red revolutionary dictatorship of Panama are allied in a
power struggle against the people and the Congress over control
of one of the world's most strategic waterways."
Dr. Robert Morris, former Counsel of the U.S. Senate

Subcommittee on Internal Security and now president of the
University of Piano of Texas, charges that Secretary Kissinger
and Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker are acting as if they and not
the Congress have the authority to take the step that was taken
on February 7...Mr. Morris also states that the Treaty of 1903
under our Constitution becomes the law of the land, equal to the
Constitution. "We sent troops into Vietnam to stem the
Communist, but we could not indoctrinate them that Communism
was an evil force of aggression. When soldiers know not for what
they fight, they lose their morale. And when parents know not
for what their sons fight and die, they do more than lose morale.
How can we possibly survive in a world with aggressive Soviet
power when all our agencies of government are precluded, by
authority on high, to educate our people on the true nature of
The Alexandria, Virginia Gazette, March 21, 1974, "The first
and only time I've seen the famous Indian rope trick performed
is by a non-Hindu, Dr. Henry Kissinger. Our talented Secretary
of State tosses a limp rope into the air and then shinnies to the
top. How he'll ever get down except by a loss of dignity pratfall,
nobody seems to know." After referring to sacrificing Israel for
the Arab States, the paper states, "He also climbed the limp rope
and appears to be in a precarious, even unsupportable position
regarding Panama."
Many other newspaper reports condemning Mr. Kissinger's
position have been sent in. The Fort Lauderdale News, February
18, 1974, condemned the Kissinger-Tact agreement, Dr. I. J.
Strumpf sent 50 copies of an article on the Panama Canal to each
senator to prepare for the time when the so-called treaty arrives
in the Senate for consideration. Dr. Strumpf wrote, "I feel that I
have the right to protest these secret negotiations with an
openly Communist state whose dictator has already amassed a
fortune estimated at over $50 million and a huge cattle ranch in
Spain. I was decorated with the highest award of the Republic of
Panama -- the Vaso Nunez de Balboa when it was still a
republic, awarded for the work I did in training their surgeons
during the '50's and the '60's." He further states that an
American doctor in the Army Medical Corps found a treatment
for yellow fever without which completion of the canal would
have been impossible "But, as usual, this American accomplish-
ment for mankind is conveniently forgotten by Panamanians --
and others."
Other comments: Smiley A. Graham, Elberta, Alabama -
"By the way, what is the Society doing about the Give-Away of
our Canal? Surely, we aren't going to stand idly by and see the

federal government turn over our Canal to those Panamanians
lock, stock and barrel. There are enough in the Society from
every state that a letter to his Congressman might stop this
proposed give away. Just as sure as we give the Panamanians
the Canal, the Cubans will run us out of Cuba, the Mexicans will
want Texas and the West, the French, Louisiana, Spain will want
Florida, the Russians, Alaska, Great Britain the rest of the
country, and we will not have a country. I have written our
Alabama Congressman about this, and they have spoken against
it. Let's raise a hue and cry against it like as has never been
seen before...."
Huey G. Huhn, Rogers, Arkansas -- "I have just written one
of our Arkansas Senators and four others asking to be told of
their position on the Panama Canal and the Zone. We have done
more than was agreed to when "in perpetuity" was written into
the Treaty and we ought to tell Panama that there is nothing
more to negotiate over. I ask if we would re-negotiate with
Russia at some future time after we build the Alaska pipe line
and if we would re-negotiate the Virgin Islands with Denmark,
Louisiana with France or the Gadsden strip with Mexico...For
what we have done, Panama is now a prosperous nation and not
a malaria infested jungle. I ask you if you would be willing to ask
your members to also write four or five or even one Senator
asking his position."
November 3, 1903-Panama's "Day of Destiny"
February 7, 1974-Panama's DESTINY?????? After 70 years of
unprecedented growth and prosperity, does Panama's "Destiny"
lie with the U.S.S.R. or with the United States, a friend who has
exemplified concern for Panama's welfare since her successful
revolt from Colombia? Panama would do well to cogitate on the
"Destiny" of many Satellite nations.

ABOUT THE COVER On April 1, 1954, The Goethal's
Monument was dedicated, commemorating the great work of
General George W. Goethals in the building of the Panama Canal.
Senator Wiley who delivered the principal address at the
ceremonies said, "This monument which we dedicate today to
General Goethals is a splendid thing, but actually Goethals'
greatest momument is the one he built himself, THE PANAMA
CANAL. I don't think I shall ever cease to be struck with wonder
whenever I see its locks and cuts, and I still remember with a tingle
of excitement how, when I was a young man, my imagination was
fired by the birth of the Republic of Panama and the feats of the
Canal Builders."

May 1, 1974

Senate Bill (S-1866) has been signed by the President. This
bill is for all those who retired before October 20, 1969 and their
survivors. It provides for an increase of $20.00 per month for
retirees; $11.00 per month for survivors. In no case will anyone
receive less than the minimum Social Security. It will be in our
checks on September 1st.
Senate Bill (S-2174) has been signed by the President. This bill
reduces from two years to one year the required time for a second
marriage before the retiree can list his or her spouse as a survivor.
Senate Bill (S-628) has passed the house by a vote of 296 to 102.
The bill now goes to house-senate conference. The senate bill will
restore full annuity to retirees whose spouse predeceases them.

William F. Grady
Legislative Rep.




Capt. Martin Annen
Mrs. Joanne H. Chamberlain
Mr. Richard I. Chevalier
Mr. George W. Coleman
Mr. Millard M. Coleman
Mrs. Evelyn L. Farbman

Mrs. Rita M. Hoyle
Mrs. Henry S. Makibbin, Jr.

Mr. Leonard L. Miesse
Mr. Rufus C. O'Neal
Mr. Daniel. J. Reehlmann
Capt. Walter A. Reinheimer
Mrs. Martha E. Richard

Mrs. Ana C. Stearns
Mrs. Laura M. Stoakley
Mr. Marcos E. Zapata

3/2 Transit Operations
1/24 Schools
3/16 Locks
1/23 Fire
3/7 Dredging
1/24 Central Employment
1/6 Engineering
2/23 Administrative
1/25 Locks
3/30 Transit Operations
1/21 Transit Operations
3/16 Transit Operations
3/30 Canal Information
1/25 Schools
3/2 Postal
1/24 Terminals

Don Hesse of the St. Louis Globe Democrat is America's
leading conservative editorial cartoonist. His forceful, on the
mark message hits home every day in more than 100 newspapers.
Mr. Hesse has won many journalism prize awards. Prince
Bernhard of the Netherlands honored him for his depiction of the
plight of Dutch flood victims....


Miss Bonnie Cynthia Bell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carlton
Bell, of St. Petersburg, Florida, and Charles Lemuel Howle, son of
Mrs. Paul C. Howle and the late Rev. Howle, of Montgomery,
Alabama, on March 30, 1974, in Montgomery. The couple reside
at 1200 Winrock Boulevard, Apartment 707, in Houston, Texas,
Miss Kathleen Mary Cochrane, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
James Cochrane (Jane Kaufer), of Sunnyvale, California, and Mr.
Robert Kelly Sonntag, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sonntag
(Executive Producer at Warner Brothers T.V. Production) on
April 21, 1974, at Hidden Villa Ranch, Los Altos Hills, California.
Kathleen, who is a third generation Zonian, is the granddaughter
of Mrs. Norine H. Kaufer and the late Mr. Louis A. Kaufer, of
San Jose, California. Mrs. Sonntag graduated from the
University of Santa Clara, California.
Miss Nancy Parks Ebel, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William
Ebel, of Macedonia, Ohio, and Nicholas A. Klasovsky, son of Mr.
and Mrs. John M. Klasovsky, of Ocala, Florida, on December 29,
1973, at Our Lady of Guadeloupe Church in Macedonia. Nancy is
a junior at Kent State University, majoring in education, and
Nicholas is employed in Kent.
Miss Nancy Winslow Headley, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Jack W. R. Headley, of Kansas City, Missouri, and Harry Eugene
Jones, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alton E. Jones, of Largo, Florida, on
March 23, 1974, at St. Johns United Methodist Church in Kansts
City, Missouri. Both the bride and bridegroom are graduates of
Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. After a wedding
trip to Europe, Mr. and Mrs. Jones will reside in Dallas. Former
Zonians who attended the wedding ceremonies were the groom's
parents, of Largo, Florida, Mrs. Georgia Gwinn, of Springfield,
Missouri, and Robert and Bobbie Maynard, of Fort Myers,
Miss Deborah Ann Hele, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert M.
Hele, of Lake Worth, Florida, and Michael A. Dolan, son of Mr.
and Mrs. Joseph F. Dolan, of Balboa, Canal Zone, on February 2,

1974, at Ancon Sacred Heart Chapel. The bride is a graduate of
Balboa High School and of Marymount College, Boca Raton,
Florida. The bridegroom is a graduate of Balboa High School and
is presently serving in the Air Force. The young couple make
their home at Elgin Air Force Base, Florida.
Miss Susan McDonald, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert V.
McDonald, and Mr. Randall C. Smith, eldest twin son of Mr. and
Mrs. William C. Smith, of Chesterton, Indiana, at St. Patrick's
Church in Chesterton on April 20, 1974. After a wedding trip to
Ocho Rios, Jamaica, the young couple will reside in their new
home at 425 S. 16th Street in Chesterton. Out-of-town guests
included the maternal grandparents of the groom, Clyde and
Minalee Towery, of Joplin, Missouri, formerly of Cocoli, Canal
Miss Gwyneth Olive Richard, daughter of Mrs. Owen L.
Richard, of Balboa, Canal Zone, and the late Mr. Richard, and
Stephen R. Helgeson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Helgeson, of
Riverside, California, on January 26, 1974, in Riverside. The bride,
who was born on the Isthmus, is a graduate of Balboa High
School and attended the Canal Zone College and Barry College in
Miami. She is the granddaughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. C. O.
Olive who went to the Isthmus in 1926. The groom is employed
as Assistant Sales Manager of Helgeson Buick Inc. in Riverside
where the newlyweds are making their home.
Mrs. Blanche Todd, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence
Adler, of Panama City, Panama, and Mr. Carl J. Browne, of
Diablo Heights, Canal Zone, were married on April 23, 1974, at
the San Marcos Episcopal Church in Panama City.

Mrs. Roger C. Rowe, Wolcott, New York-"On April 27th
our daughter Virginia Leigh Rowe was married to John V.
Fowler of Huron (the townsite in which we, too, live although our
post office is in Wolcott Lil and Jack Warford drove up
from Florida to be with us; also our son, Dr. Roger G. Rowe, Jr.,
drove from Canada and spent four days with us and of course we
all attended the wedding. Roger is now an Associate professor at
the University of Guelph. We have space to put our friends up
and would love to have anyone come up and spend some time
with us."

Miss Elyse Feltenstein, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward
Feltenstein, of St. Joseph, Missouri, and Ewald Andrew Wiberg,
III, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ewald Andrew Wiberg, Jr., of Margate,
Florida, on December 28, 1973, in Palm Beach, Florida. Mrs.
Wiberg is a graduate of Rollins' College and is studying for her
Masters' Degree at Florida Atlantic University. The groom is a
graduate of Balboa High School, Class of 1964, the University of
Miami and Florida Atlantic Univeristy. He is a guidance
counselor at New River Middle School in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.
Janet Meserole, daughter of Captain and Mrs. William T.
Clute, of Calistoga, California, and Mr. Peter Riggs, son of Mr.
and Mrs. Lawrason Riggs III, of Wilton, Connecticut, on April 26,
1974, in San Francisco, California.
Rose Margaret Russell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. C.
Stroop, Sr., of Sarasota, Florida, to Robert M. Holroyd, son of
Mrs. Dorothy Hostetler, of Sarasota, Florida, on March 23, 1974,
in Sarasota. The couple will make their home in Moline, Illinois.

DEADLINE FOR SEPTEMBER ISSUE is August 1, 1974. That is
the date when material should be given to the printer. Please
cooperate by getting material to the Editor at least ten days before
that date.


Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Perkins, of Pensacola, Florida, announce
the birth of their first child, a daughter, Noele Kathryn, on
March 31, 1974, at Pensacola Naval Hospital. Mrs. Perkins is the
daughter of Col. Merle Hite, USA retired, and Mrs. Hite of
Washington, D. C. The Paternal grandmother is Mrs. Roy W.
Perkins (Ruth Pickett), of Pensacola. The family resides at Rt. 1,
5545 Grande Lagoon Boulevard, Pensacola 32507.

Mr. and Mrs. Clark C. Bristol (Georgine Paige) announce
the birth of a son, Carl Bryan, on April 24, 1974, at Gorgas
Hospital. the maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. John C.
Paige and the paternal grandpatents are Mr. and Mrs. Tex
Bristol, Canal Zone.

A son, Ryan Thomas Hunter, was born to Sgt. and Mrs.
William E. Hunter (Susan Alves) on March 25, 1974. Maternal
grandparent, Walter H. Alves, of Henderson, Kentucky, was
visiting the family at Albrook A.F.B. for the birth of his
grandson. Ryan is a third generation Zonian. The paternal
grandmother is Mrs. Virginia Hunter (Pat Ryan), of Junction
City, Kansas.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Holihan (Connie Marczak) announce
the birth of a son, Christian Matthew, on March 13, 1974, in
Marietta, Georgia. Christian Matthew is the first grandchild of
Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Marczak, of Miami, Florida.
Mr. and Mrs. James Mroch (Nancy Grimes) announce the
birth of their second son, James Paul, on April 5, 1974, in
Bloomington, Indiana. Maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs.
William C. Grimes, of Pensacola, Florida. The Reverend and Mrs.
Paul Mroch, of Evansville, Indiana, are the paternal grandpar-

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Eid (Sherry Acker) announce the birth
of their first child, a son, Eric Jerome, on January 25, 1974, in
Pensacola, Florida. Maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs.
Charles W. Hammond, of Laguna Hills, California. The Paternal
grandparent is Mrs. Mildred Eid, of Hyde Park, New York.
Sherry's sister, Margaret Acker, teaches school in Curundu,
Canal Zone.

This notice sent in by her grandmother, Mary Hammond of
Laguna Hills, California, May 1, 1974.

Mrs. Gladys Detamore, Staunton, Virginia, April 21, 1974 -
"I have a beautiful great-granddaughter born in Israel. I visited
her last December. Israel is the most beautiful country in the
world. On April 20, my daughter, Peggy Lee Ramsey was
married to Eugene Marint in Staunton, Virginia."



Mrs. Erma Forbes, St. Petersburg, Florida Excerpts from
my Central and South American trip. "I had a great time every
place I went. Visited the Howard Ericksons in Tegucigalpa,
Honduras. Saw the work at H R V C mission station there and
rode out to see the countryside. Was met at Tocumen Airport by
my niece and family, Jeanne and Ken Atkinson, of Los Rios, Canal
Zone, with whom I stayed-also by my former maid's daughter and
family. The two boys, now grown and graduates of the University
of Panama, whisked me through customs and immigration, and all
of us went to their house in Panama before going on to the Atkin-
sons. Jeanne and I went to the Union Church Circle meeting as
guests of Helen Adler and saw several long-time friends there.
Helen Adler had a coffee for me, and from then on it was a merry-
go-round of functions given by Marita Canovaggio at Quarry Heights
Officers' Club, luncheon at the Fort Amador Officers' Club by
Bea Rhyne, and Henri Skiei ate with us. We also had dinner
there one night as guests of Ken and Dottie Manthorne with the
Atkinsons attending also and at the Yacht Club with Wren and
Scotty Stark from Rodman. Later, we celebrated Ken Atkinson's
birthday there with the family. On to Gamboa Golf Club where
we were guests of Mildred True Hearne along with Imo
Hampton. There I thought of all of you as I ate delicious corbina.
What a pretty sight to look out over the Chagres River. Jeanne
entertained the Ericksons who had come to Panama on business
and Sara Watkins, and Edel Rasmussen, missionaries in Panama,
and Edel's mother visiting from Denmark. Was entertained at
Pastor Beeby's home one evening along with the Ericksons. Such
delicious food! Had a Chinese dinner with Doris (Chan)
Etchberger and family. Jeanne and Ken took me out to their
Island one Saturday how peaceful it was with the lake on one
side and the Canal on the other. Could see the ships going
through the Canal and at the same time the Panama Railroad
trains passing. Also had dinner out at the Amador Officers' Club
as guests of the Adlers and their families. It is now glassed in
and air conditioned.
"I split my Sundays between Balboa Heights Baptist Church
and the Crossroads Church out in Corozal. Had a nice visit with
Dick Stoudner and Glen Rhyne, Jr.
"The one thing that marred my stay in the Canal Zone was
the murder of Gilbert Reimer, a Canadian missionary whose body
was found out near Far Fan with eleven stab wounds in his back.

I hope the murderer will finally be punished, but so far no one
has been charged with the crime.
"I had a great time in Quito, Ecuador, with the Joe
Christophers. Had seen their daughter, Melo Van Hoose in the
Canal Zone; she helped me out with my luggage. I had no
altitude discomfort in Quito (9500 feet). We went to Otavalo on
market day. The Indians weave such pretty things and sell them
reasonably. Went to Ambato also on their Fair Day. The
Christophers with the Vander Puys had a coffee for us. Huge
platters of fresh fruit, thinly sliced ham, scrambled eggs,
pancakes and delicious coffee. The Christophers are the busiest
people I have ever met. They meet most of the incoming and
outgoing plane passengers and help them with all of their
luggage. HCJB, the mission there, is such a help to much of
Ecuador because the messages are transmitted to many countries
in their various languages.
"I hope I haven't left out anyone who showed me such
kindnesses all along the way. Those five weeks went faster than
any I have ever spent. The folks in the Canal Zone and other
places asked me to extend their greetings to you.
"I'm back home and almost ready to take off for
Albuquerque, New Mexico, and then back to Bradford, Pennsylvan-
ia, for the summer. Adios and God bless you all."

Mrs. George H. Egger, Jr. and three daughters, who have
been residing in St. Petersburg, and Mr. Egger, a Project
Manager in charge of installing electric plants, who has been in
Venezuela, leave on May 11, 1974, for five years in Puerto Rico.
We have enjoyed seeing Mrs. Egger at the monthly meetings.
Their address is: Calle 3 #443, La Rambla, Ponce, Puerto Rico,
00731. Their son, Eddie, originally assigned for duty in Germany
has been assigned to Italy and leaves soon with his wife Jamie.
Their address is: G.E. Egger, Second Lieutenant 266-17-1900
4-31st APO USAAD, New York, New York 09221
Mrs. Lea K. Dugan, formerly of Springfield, Illinois, is now
residing in St. Petersburg 441 33rd Street North, Apartment
610, Zip 33713.
Sgt. Winchell Pennock was home on a 30-day leave visiting
his mother, Mrs. Winchell T. Pennock and sister, Mary Ann Pic,
in St. Petersburg.
Mrs. John Pettingill (Evelyn), Fort Lauderdale, Florida, was
the guest of Miss Marie Weir in early May. She saw many
former friends of Zone days.

Mrs. Thelma Reppe, of Long Beach, California, visited the
Wells Wrights in late April.
Miss Margaret Whitman visited her brother and her
sister-in-law in Sun City, California (their new retirement home)
for six weeks in March and April.
Late April spelled out a wonderful family reunion for the
Allen B. Wards as both children, Marilyn Ward Stackman and
James A. Ward, were home the first family get-together since
1969 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Mrs. James Reece (Janet Stockham) and children, of
Charlotte, North Carolina, were guests of Janet's mother, Mrs.
Roy Stockham, in April and also visited Jim's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Roy Reece.
The bright lights of Las Vegas beckoned the Zip Ziertens and
Roy Reeces to that famed city for a try at their luck and other
fun in early April.
It's back to "North Latitude nearly nine" for Samuel H.
Rowley, Jr. (Skip). After leaving Puerto Rico, the young Rowleys
have been in Clearwater with Capt. and Mrs. Samuel H. Rowley.
Skip's new address is Box 176, Gatun, Canal Zone. What fun to
show his wife and children the scenes of his boyhood!
Eugene I. Askew, President of the Panama Canal Society of
Florida, Inc. likes traveling almost as well as golf. The Askews
(Gene and Ethel) drove to Texas in March to see his brother and
went to San Antonio to visit other friends. While so close, they
decided to take a short trip to Mexico. After returning home,
they hardly had time to unpack before they left for Chicago.
Our former President and Mrs. Hollowell went to the Canal
Zone in late January. The Editor had hoped for a write-up on
their trip, but they have been busy moving into a larger
apartment. The only change in their address is the number -
1510 Mission Hills Boulevard, Clearwater, Florida, 33519. They
did enjoy the 12-Family apartment now rented to returning
Zonians but gave this advice, "Take along a can of spray for the
bathroom cucarachas still also love the Canal Zone!!!"
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Wood were also visitors to the Zone
and were guests of Dr. and Mrs. Antonio Suescum and three
children in Ancon.
Mr. Malcolm Gatheral, former Chief Engineer on the S.S.
ANCON, of Murray Hill, New Jersey, was a March visitor in St.
Petersburg. He was welcomed by many at the March meeting in
In March, Marion (Mrs. Joe) Kneeshaw, of Del Mar,
California, visited her sister and brother-in-law, Jessie and Al
Veit, in St. Petersburg. They all had a busy and happy time

during her stay, and she saw several long-time Canal Zone
friends. Marion still operates the Village Knit Shop in La Jolla,
Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Light, Cincinnati, Ohio, a niece and
nephew of Mr. Edwin P. Light, of St. Petersburg were in St.
Petersburg to help celebrate the 85th birthday of Edwin Light on
March 4, 1974. Our congratulations to Mr. Light!!!
Mr. Harry A. Dunn and his sister, Mrs. Helen Wilkin, of
Rochester, New York, enjoyed a trip to Mexico in late March.
Helen planned on returning to her home in early May but will
be back after the hot summer months for extended visits with
her brother.
Perhaps Elmer Orr carries one of Mr. Daniel's Four Leaf
Clovers when on the golf course! He writes, "On March 7, 1974,
playing golf with W.H. Esslinger, Ross Cunningham and Matt
Shannon at the Palmetto Pines Club, Elmer Orr scored his
FOURTH hole-in-one on the 16th hole. On October 17, 1973, he
had a hole-in-one at the Mainlands' Golf Club in St. Petersburg.
Prior to coming to the United States to live, Elmer scored one in
1947 at the Emerald Hills Course in San Diego, California, and in
1952, one at Fort Amador, Canal Zone."

A reunion of two Canal Zoners in Monrovia, Liberia, West
Africa June Barlow Riesz and Jean Anderson Forster. June is
the wife of John E. Riesz, currently assigned as the Agricultural
Attache at the Embassy. Prior to this assignment, they were in
the Netherlands and Iran. The Rieszes have two children, Mark
Daniel, age 10 and Elizabeth Anne, age 4. June Riesz is the
daughter of Mrs. Emma M. Barlow, of St. Petersburg, Florida.
Jean Anderson Forster is the wife of Donald E. Forster,
currently assigned as the Telecommunications Officer at the
Embassy. Jean's daughter, Garnet, is married and has a
two-year-old boy. The family resides in Maryland. Mrs. Forster is
the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Howard G. Anderson, of Ocala,

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Patchin (Ruth Banton), of Mentor, Ohio,
enjoyed a fourteen-day cruise in early February on the
ANGELINO LAURO. One of their ports-of-call was Panama
where they spent an interesting day visiting with a few of their
remaining friends on the Zone. Conditions there are becoming
worse and worse. Upon their return to Fort Lauderdale, they

spent ten days seeing former Zonians in the area. "It was a bit
on the cool side so missed the proverbial Florida sunshine!"

Mrs. Grace Schack Wilson, of Miami, Florida, reports that
her mother, Mrs. Grace S. Schack, also of Miami, is in good
health and very active. She does volunteer work in Mercy
Hospital, work that she has done for 20 years; she has
volunteered more hours than anyone else in the gift shop a
great record.
Gertrude McConaghey Roberts was a guest of Mrs. Wilson
in January. "It was great to see her."

It is a JOY to know and get news from that peppy group of
former Zonians who have retired to Sarasota, Florida. From the
SARASOTA JOURNAL, February 22, 1974 Bits of history, a
fashion show of literally "priceless" gowns, display of unusual
jewelry, artifacts and musical instruments, foreign language
lessons-all these were combined in a fascinating program at a
New Sarasotans luncheon meeting of February 20th. Club
president, Mrs. George Roth, arranged the program by New
Sarasotans who moved here after spending years in the Panama
Canal Zone.
Ninety-year-old Mrs. Edith Eppley landed in Cristobal on
April 25, 1910, when the boat pulled up to a wooden dock.
Passengers then had a rocky trip to reach their destination
aboard a train whose tracks were laid on pontoons!
"It was a rugged life, but a happy one with close friendships
formed through sharing the same hardships," Mrs. Eppley said.
"There was no refrigeration. Rooms were lit by a single bulb,
dangling by wire from the ceiling. Transportation was almost
nonexistent except by free labor trains box cars with wooden
Della (Mrs. Joseph) Noonan, who was born in the Canal Zone
in 1912, recalled the family's only fresh vegetables were
delivered by ships which landed every 12 days.
Mrs. Fred Schwartz went to the Zone in 1943 when work
was being done on the Third set of locks. Housing was provided
in 12-family, crudely built apartments.
Mrs. Harry Cain spoke briefly about churches in the Zone
during the early days. Mrs. John Smith talked of Women's Club
work, directed toward helping canal workers' families.
Mrs. Michael Greene and Mrs. Robert Hammetter modeled
"chaquira" beaded necklaces in geometric design, worn by

Guaymi Indian men and "Molas" worn by the Kuna Indian
women of northeastern Panama.
Mrs. Roger Orvis closed the program with a poem from
PANAMA PATCHWORK by James Stanley Gilbert, extolling
the virtues of the strip of land 50 miles long and ten miles wide
where there are golden frogs, square trees, and ships of all
nations span the oceans at the "Crossroads of the World."
Polleras, with the elaborate beaded "tembleques" and
montunos were worn by many. Table decorations were replicas
of thatched Indian huts, "thief" bags of fine hemp, maracas and
the more traditional arrangements of bougainvillea from Mike
Greene's garden.

"Cooking never has been a chore for me," Neta Murwin said.
And for more than 50 years this inventive cook has put her
culinary talents to work for the benefit of others as well as her
family. She was in the catering business in Panama and ran a
successful seafood restaurant here with one of her brothers... On
Easter morning, just as she's done for years, she will fix
breakfast for the choir at St. Luke's Episcopal Church. The
eldest of six children, Mrs. Murwin said her husband never had
to eat "bride's biscuits." Mrs. Murwin and her late husband lived
in the Canal Zone from 1927 to 1944. She recalled how she had to
change her whole style of cooking when she went to the Zone.
She now lives in a mobile home in Jacksonville which she calls
"relative hill" because her son, daughter, two brothers and
mother all live near her. With the energy crisis, Mrs. Murwin
again has changed her way of cooking and gave several of her
economical and popular dishes. After 50 years of cooking
experience, Mrs. Murwin has some tips for homemakers never
grocery shop when hungry, try new recipes, learn to add your
own touches to convenience foods for example, thinly sliced
lemons can do wonders for bottled barbecue sauce; if you've been
lallygaggingg" around all day and haven't started supper, put on
the whistling tea kettle. Your husband will hear the whistling
and think the meal is almost ready.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Stabler, of Bryan, Texas, motored to
California and visited their two sons in the spring. Nine days

after they returned home, they left for the Canal Zone to visit
their daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Meyer and
two grandchildren in Balboa. While there, they had a nice chat
with the Dalyes, Lowes and Bryants and many more of their
friends. "All in all, it was nice, but it sure feels good to be back
Melton and Anna Mae Smith, Glen Burnie, Maryland "We
were in Florida in January, February and part of March visiting
our oldest son, Bruce, who lives at Satellite Beach. He is in the
Air Force stationed at Patrick A.F.B. but will be leaving for a
one-year tour in August at a base in Taiwan. His family will be
staying in Maryland while he is gone. We didn't get to the West
Coast or around St. Pete with the gasoline shortage. The rest of
our family are all married Cindy, Phyllis and Christy. They all
live within twenty miles of us. The four children have presented
us wilh eight grandchildren six boys and two girls.
"My mother, Rose Sampsell, is in a nursing home and has
been for more than six years. She doesn't remember anyone now."
"Melton retired in 1972. We keep busy and on the go; we are
really enjoying retirement."

The Central East Coast of Florida Canal Zone Brats will
have their Sixth Annual Reunion on the 6th and 7th of July on
Merritt Island. We will have a cocktail party at the home of Bruce
and Sandra (Hughes) Claflin on July 6, 1974 at 8:30 p.m. This will
be B.Y.O.B., and we would appreciate a $1 donation toward
setups. On Sunday, July 7, there will be a family picnic at KARS
Park which is located north of S.R. 520, approximately six miles
on S.R. 3 (Courtenay Parkway). There is a sign indicating the
road to turn into. Bring a picnic lunch and have a good time. I
hope many of you can attend our reunion this year. Please drop
me a line letting me know if you plan to be here, and if you need
more information, please include a self-addressed stamped
envelope. For anyone coming a long distance, we suggest the
new Holiday Inn of Merritt Island, S.R. 520. Sandra Hughes
Claflin, 285 Antigua Drive, Bel Aire Subdivision, Merritt Island,
Florida 32952. Telephone: (305) 632-1969.

March 18 A Canal Zone Reunion was held in Vancouver,
Washington, at the home of Jim and Mopsy Woods in honor of

Leonard and Evelyn Miesse who retired in January and have
come to live in Vancouver. The hostess served turkey and
dressing and fixings, and the guests brought salad, vegetables
and dessert. Also attending the gathering were Margaret and
Grady Hardison from McMinnville; Annie Laurie and J.P.
Johnson from Vancouver; Marilyn and Tom March from Oregon
City, and Mrs. Mary Stevenson from Portland.

Letters from Captain Carl P. Wanke, of Whittier, California,
with family news have appeared from time to time in the
RECORD. Captain Wanke often expressed his pleasure in the
work done by the Panama Canal Society of Florida in keeping in
touch with friends of Zone days. His last letter, dated March 25,
1974, reported a happy occasion, the 56th Anniversary of Carl
and Ethel Wanke. The Wankes were married in 1918 in Panama
and have lived in Whittier, California, for the last 24 years. The
Whittier home of Mr. and Mrs. George Wanke provided the
setting for the party, which also marked Ethel's birthday and the
wedding anniversary of another son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and
Mrs. Ronald Wanke of Whittier. A third son and daughter-in-law,
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Wanke of San Jose were unable to attend the
festivities. The Editor will miss hearing from Captain Wanke -
see deaths.

T. Dwight Ladd reporting from Chardon, Ohio "Our biggest
thrill in 1973 was the arrival of our second grandchild (and first
grandson) on June 18th. We flew to Vancouver, British Columbia,
to welcome young Daren Newell and to babysit with big sister,
Diane, now almost three. Felicia and Dave moved to Lincoln,
Nebraska, in August. Dave (Mr. David Dixon) is a counseling
psychologist on the faculty of the University of Nebraska.
"Our older daughter, Carane, is still teaching junior high
school English. She has an apartment about five miles from here
and comes to see us quite often.
"After we returned from Vancouver, Elizabeth had a bad
session with a hiatal hernia, but she is in fairly good shape now.
At present, she plans to retire from teaching at the end of this
school year, so maybe we can get down to the next reunion.
Although we are by no means oldtimers (we were on the Isthmus
from 1941 to 1953), we made a good many friends there and
would very much like to see them again....
"I am in charge of volunteer work for our county's museum
and Century Village and also fill in as a school tour guide now

and then no money, but it keeps me busy.
"Best wishes for a good 1974, and we'll hope to see some of
you in 1975."

News from Mrs. Kathryne S. Brown (Kay), Durham, North
Carolina "Some of the younger readers of the RECORD may
be interested in knowing that my son, Stewart, is being married
on May 18 to Miss Linda Stevenson, of Farmington, Michigan.
The wedding will take place in the chapel of the old castle in
Heidelberg, Germany, and you may be sure Mom will be on hand
for that big occasion. I am delighted that my sister will be going
with me, and that our trip will include stops in Denmark,
Holland, and England. Hope to see Lucy and Osmond Kelly in
"Linda has completed her Masters Degree in Psychiatric
Social Work at the University of Michigan, and Stewart in
Guidance and Counseling at Boston University. They are both on
the staff of the Youth Health Center in Frankfurt, Germany."

News from Moises De La Pena, San Diego, California "It
was nice seeing the Harry Pearls, of Ocala, Florida, in California
during the holidays. In order that they could see as many
ex-Zonians as possible, we gathered for a potluck dinner at our
house. Mildred and Clem Genis were unable to attend because of
illness as was Iris Days who was battling the flu. Ann and Al
Houston were out of town and Vern and Catsy (Taylor) Schafer
were en route to Africa so we couldn't muster the whole crowd.
We did manage to visit with the Arthur Cottons, Harry
Townsends, Al Days, and Tony Maggioris, Arthur O'Learys,
Malcolm Wheelers, Joe Corrignas, and our son Jim as well as
the Pearls.
"All is well with us, and we are fortunate to have all our
family in the vicinity of southern California. May's sisters, Sara
and Estrella, and Juanita Magruder, as well as his brother Dave
live in Los Angeles so we are able to contact them often. We
were among the fortunate ones whose offspring survived a tour
of duty in Vietnam with no physical, mental, or emotional hang
ups. Jim returned to live in our area. He's using the GI Bill and
working sports' events (even the Padres for another year!) Jean
graduated last June from Northern Arizona University and is

teaching the Sixth Grade in Long Beach most convenient as it
is between here and Los Angeles so we can see her when we are
en route to L.A. She really enjoys teaching. Richard is a senior
at Northern Arizona University and will be doing his student
teaching next semester. He and his wife Carmen have a cute
red-headed, blue-eyed daughter so of course we enjoy our
first grandchild when they manage to get home "

ST. PETERSBURG TIMES, April 17, 1974 After years of
hard work, dedication and desire, Richard Walter Beall, Jr. was
awarded the Eagle Scout Award on April 14, 1974, in Tampa,
Florida. Less than one per cent of the Boy Scouts achieve the
Eagle rank, but for Richard it was a feat against far greater
odds. He not only had to complete all the requirements but had
to overcome a disability and have some red tape snipped.
Richard suffered brain damage at birth and has practically no
vision in his right eye. Although "educationally retarded",
through his work at the MacDonald Training Center he
completed the chore of earning 21 Scout merit badges and
carrying out a special service project to qualify for the Eagle
rank. The red tape cutting came as a result of his age. Scouts
now must attain the rank before their 18th birthday, but Richard
is 23. Through efforts of his scoutmaster, he was told that if he
could fulfill the requirements by last December 31 he would
receive the rank "It was frustrating sometimes, but I had a
sense of accomplishment when I finally did it," Richard said. On
April 16th, United States Senator Lawton Chiles (D. Florida)
presented him the Eagle ribbon at a court of honor of Troop 233,
making Richard the first mentally retarded Floridian to reach the
Richard got his start in scouting in 1959 when he joined Cub
Scouts in the Panama Canal Zone where his father is a civilian
employee of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineering. His mother,
Mrs. Elizabeth Beall flew from the Canal Zone and his sister,
Mrs. Carol Bell attended the award program.

Mrs. Blodwen Turbyfill enjoyed a cruise to Nassau, San Juan
and St. Thomas in late April. "It was just great! The flowers and
trees in those places look so much like 'home'."

The Realization of a Dream A memorial to Mrs. Mae
Lewis Through the courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Maynard
of Fort Myers, Florida, we received the following information in
a letter to the Maynards from Dr. Julio Contreras, of David,
Republic of Panama. Before his untimely death, Mr. R. Glenn
Lewis, Cerro Punta, Chiriqui, Republic of Panama, had hoped to
have a part in the building of a hospital-clinic in David that
would carry the name of Mae Lewis as a memorial to his wife.
After Mr. Lewis's second marriage (Virginia), most of his
property was to go to his second wife, Virginia. After the
disastrous dry-season floods which struck on April 8, 1970, and
the deaths of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis, a will signed by both Mr.
Lewis and Virginia Lewis stated that if they should die in a
common catastrophe (as it did happen) their money and property
would go to Virginia's son, Lynn, except some bonds that were
for the Salvation Army and some Orphans' School in Panama and
four acres which was left to Dr. Contreras who felt that Mr.
Lewis meant that this land should be used for the building of a
clinic. Recently, when a group of doctors in David were planning
to build a hospital-clinic, Dr. Contreras "thought this could be a
good opportunity to carry on to the end the dream that we once
contemplated but that never was accomplished." He offered the
land to the doctors as a gift on the condition that the clinic would
carry the name of Mae Lewis. This was accepted and a contract
signed under a public notary.
Dr. Contreras hoped that Mr. and Mrs. Maynard would be
able to contact friends of Mae and Glenn Lewis, stating that they
were better qualified to do that than he was although, if he
knew the names, he would be glad to write their friends. Dr.
Contreras wrote, "I sure would like to invite them to come over
for the placing of the first corner stone of the building which
would be in the near future. We have already invited Mrs. Lloyd
Everson, who I understand is a sister of Mrs. Lewis, to be here
and the one that places the first cornerstone."

Mrs. Robert Maynard included in the above news a brief
note stating that Bob is still working as a County Building
Inspector. Their son, Robby, is serving an apprenticeship to
become a plumber, and she is still working in Real Estate. "Some
day Bob and I will retire, but right now we enjoy working."

News from Edmund R. Mac Vittie, Sun City, Arizona "We
had a wonderful talk with Ed Spearman, former Building
Division Chief, at his nursing home in Tucson. He is 88 now and
still going strong. He had a physical the previous week, and the
only thing found that was a bit of difficulty was a pain in the
neck. The doctors said he should see the year 2,000 in if he
wanted to. He would like to make one more trip to Orlando and
see the ol' gang before too long. Ted Engelbright is also in
Tucson, and he drops by to talk with Ed.
"Saw many friends in Tucson and Green Valley the
Relihans, Thorntons, Lerchens, Gillicks, and Fullers. The
Browders were a bit under the weather so did not get to see
"Had a wonderful trip with Gerry Doyle, Chief Architect. He
is doing very well here in Phoenix in the architectural business.
Visited with Eunice Richards and attended her daughter's
(Winkie) wedding in Riverside. Saw Kay Kirk (Watson) and her
husband. They also stopped by here in Sun City to say hello. The
James Hoytes, of San Francisco, were also at the wedding. Next
month we are going to San Diego to attend the wedding of Mary
Gussick, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Robert Gussick. Rev. Gussick
was pastor at the Lutheran Church in Balboa for a few years.
"We will soon be returning to Williamsville for the summer
and would enjoy seeing some of the ol' gang as they pass
through. Yes, we are in the Buffalo telephone book!"

Mrs. William Grimes (Mary Ethlyn), of Pensacola, Florida,
reports that their daughter Mary Ann and son-in-law are back in
Pensacola, Florida. Mike graduated in March from the
University of Florida. Mary Ann is a senior at the University of
West Florida.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Harrison, of Bradenton, Florida,
visited May and Will Harrison in the spring and also had a short
visit with Doris and Bob Hanson.

Katherine A. Braun, daughter of Col. and Mrs. Gustav J.
Braun, Jr., of Alexandria, Virginia was awarded the D.A.R.
"Good Citizen Award" for 1974 at Mt. Vernon High School at
ceremonies on February 28th. Katherine is a senior.

Mrs. W. N. Pence. (Vada), of Charlotte, North Carolina,
reports that she is now working part time. She hopes to attend
one of the Canal Zone Reunions in St. Petersburg sometime. A
pleasant surprise was a recent telephone call from Helen Quinlan,
of Kansas City, Missouri.

Miss "B" Sturtevant Gardner, who in past years has spent
the winter months in Florida, planned to return to her home in
Woodstock, New York, on April 30th. At that time, she hopes to
sell her home in Woodstock and live in Florida permanently. "B"
continues to win honors for her skills in art. At the annual
members' exhibit at the Art League of Daytona Beach in the
spring, she was first in the abstract and nonobjective class. Our
congratulations, and welcome to Florida as a bona fide Floridian.

Mrs. Cornelia Parrill, of Edwardsville, Illinois, reports that
they plan to visit their daughter, Rosa Lee in Maine in
September. Her husband, Eugene Hilinski, is director of the
Samson Recreation Center in Skowhegan, Maine. They have one
child. Irlene (Byron Fortney, who lives near Centralia, Illinois)
has three children. The Fortney's son, Walter, who lives 14
miles from the Parrills have a four-month-old son. Mr. Parrill will
retire from teaching September 1, 1974, and can hardly wait.
"We had a new shed built last month (45' x 63'). We call it his
"retirement playhouse".

Change of plans-Mrs. Leonard D. Jackson (Elsie F.) earlier
had written that she planned a trip to Australia via air but
changed her mind and sailed on the MS GRIPSHOLM which took
her through the Canal and gave her the opportunity to see some
of her friends in Panama City. "I was disappointed to see the Colon
Hospital and our Nurses' Home had been torn down. Sorry I didn't
make the Reunion as I wanted to see my friends, the Springalls,
who made it."

New Wage Law Skyrockets Pay of Canal Zone Maids The
MIAMI HERALD, April 10, 1974. The new U.S. minimum wage
law, which now includes domestic workers, could have a dramatic

impact on the employment of Panamanian maids in the Canal
Zone. Their employers who up until now have been paying by
Panama standards, a reasonable wage of between $58 and $100 a
month for a fulltime maid.
In Panama, the minimum wage is 60 cents an hour and only
recently did the government decree that the minimum wage for
maids should be raised from $35 to $45 a month.
As a result a number of maids in the Canal Zone have been
given notice, even though the minimum wage law will not
become effective until 60 days after President Nixon signs it.
The Cristobal Yacht Club has fired 30 waitresses, kitchen
workers and a secretary, but have retained 12 workers for the
bar and other work. About half of the estimated 6,000 to 8,000
maids and gardeners employed by Canal Zone residents are
expected to suffer similar fates. The Zone furor arose because,
under the minimum wage law, a Zone resident with a maid
working 40 hours a week will be required to pay her $400 a
An estimated 2,500 Canal Zone residents from both sides of
the Isthmus filled the Balboa Stadium for a meeting to discuss
the situation. At the meeting $1,300 was raised that will be used
to send two persons to Washington. However, any change in the
law which will take at least a year and possibly two to enact, will
be too late for most people.
Those with live-in maids plan to charge "reasonable" room
and board. Other proposals have included adopting the maid or,
for bachelors and widowers, making her a common-law wife .

Mrs. Joseph T. Cope, of Raleigh, North Carolina, reports
that in the spring she and Miss Becky Clayton, teacher in the
Special Education School in Diablo, gave a tea for women who
had lived in the Canal Zone in the early days. It was a nostalgic
affair which included three ladies who had arrived in the Canal
Zone as brides around 1910-Mrs. Clark, who with her husband
are caretakers for the AAA quarters in Corozal; Mrs. Ewing,
known to the younger generation as retired housemother at the
Canal Zone Junior College, and to the oldest generation as one of
the first American teachers in the Canal Zone during the
construction days; Mrs. Lula Logan who lives with her daughter
in Balboa and was a member of the Eastern Star for fifty years-
now a life member. Also attending were Mrs. Mary Belle
Westman, who lives with her husband in Panama City and is

much beloved by friends in the Balboa Union Church; Mrs.
Denton, mother of Mr. Fred Denton, and so charming that one is
completely unconscious that she is blind; Mrs. Sealy, who lives in
Gamboa and has a large family of married daughters all living in
the Zone; and Mrs. Helen Adler who is very active in the Balboa
Union Church.

Mrs. Rosemary M. Gilead transferred from the Pentagon to
the USARSO Comptrollers' Office at Fort Amador, Canal Zone,
in October. Her mother, Mrs. Rosetta G. Millett, joined her in
November; she had not been on the Zone since 1951. Mrs.
Gilead's address for the next two years in P. O. Box 3, Balboa,
Canal Zone.

Major Daniel M. Eggleston, Jr. and family, of Chevy Chase,
Maryland, spent the Easter vacation with his parents in St.
Petersburg. Congratulations to Carmencita Eggleston who has
received a scholarship to Rochester University, Rochester, New
York. She was also the recipient of an outstanding student award
given by the Rotary Club of West St. Petersburg. She is a
graduate of Boca Ciega High School in St. Petersburg.

Gretchen Staples Kroll reports a change of address: "We
have just been direct-transferred from Brussels, Belgium to The
Hague, The Netherlands There is so much to see and do in
Holland, and I am sure we will be kept quite busy for the next
two or three years. If any Zonians come this way, we would be
delighted to see them. We can be reached through my husband's
office at the Embassy. Address is: American Embassy, APO New
York, New York 09159.

Gulfport Community Center Auditorium, Gulfport, Florida
February 1, 1974

The regularly scheduled meeting of the Panama Canal
Society of Florida Inc. was called to order at 1:30 p.m. The
President led the assembled group in the Pledge of Allegiance to
the Flag. The Chaplain, Mrs. Mary Belle Hicks, gave the
Invocation which was followed by thirty seconds of silent prayer
in memory of those who had passed away since the January
The President welcomed the 97 members and guests who
were present.
The following members and visitors stood for special
recognition as their names were called by the Record Editor,
Mrs. Margaret Ward.
Mrs. Grace Jones Carey Ann Arbor, Michigan
Mrs. Ruth Bain St. Petersburg
Mrs. Alberta Harris Oakley, California
Mr. and Mrs. George Poole Schenectady, New York
The Secretary/Treasurer read the Minutes of the January
Reunion meeting. As there were no additions, corrections or
omissions, the Minutes were approved as read.
The financial report of the Society and the Blood Bank for
January was read. As there were no questions, the report will
stand for audit.
Current news of members and friends was given by the
Record Editor, Mrs. Margaret Ward.
Mr. Grady, Legislative Representative, reported that the
Cost of Living was up 1.3% as of December 31, 1973. He also
reported that HR 9107, an across the board increase for older
retirees, had passed the House of Representatives and the
Senate, but at the time had not been sent to the President.
Best Wishes were extended by the President to two
members celebrating their birthdays in February, and congratu-
lations went out to Mr. and Mrs. Abe Howard on their 52nd
wedding anniversary.
Mr. Askew made several announcements. He reminded folks
that to visit the Canal Zone it was necessary to have a sponsor.
As there was no further business, the meeting adjourned at
Coffee, donuts, and a brief social period were enjoyed by the
members following the business meeting.

March 1, 1974

The regularly scheduled meeting of the Panama Canal
Society of Florida, Inc. was called to order by the Vice President,
Mr. Gaddis Wall, in the absence of President Askew. Mr. Wall
led the assembled group in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.
In the absence of the Chaplain, Mr. Dewey Goodwin gave the
Invocation which was followed by thirty seconds of silent prayer
in memory of those who had passed away since the February
The Vice-President welcomed the ninety members and
guests who were present.
The following members and visitors stood for special
recognition as their names were called by the Record Editor,
Mrs. Margaret Ward.
Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Nagy Land O'Lakes, Florida
Miss Eller Jane Holcomb St. Petersburg, Florida
Skip Rowley en route to the Canal Zone
The Secretary-Treasurer read the Minutes of the February
meeting. As there were no additions, corrections or omissions,
the Minutes were approved as read.
The financial report of the Society and the Blood Bank for
February was read. As there were no questions, the report will
stand for audit.
Current news of members and friends was given by the
In the absence of Mr. Grady, the Legislative Representative,
Mr. Wall announced that the Cost of Living was up to 3.22 as of
January 31, 1974.
Four members would celebrate their birthdays during March.
They were extended Best Wishes from the Society.
Mr. Wall urged all the members to write to their
Congressmen and Senators expressing their views on the
proposed Panama Canal Treaty.
A question was raised as to payment of the cocktail party
at the recent reunion. There was discussion by the members. The
Secretary-Treasurer explained exactly what was paid, as
authorized by the Executive Board.
As there was no further business, the meeting adjourned at
Coffee, donuts and a brief social period were enjoyed following
the business meeting.

April 5, 1974

The regularly scheduled meeting of the Panama Canal
Society of Florida, Inc. was called to order by the President, Mr.
Eugene Askew, at 1:30 p.m. Mr. Askew led the assembled group
in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. The Chaplain, Mrs. Mary
Belle Hicks, gave the Invocation which was followed by thirty
seconds of silent prayer in memory of those who had passed
away since the March meeting.
The President welcomed the 95 members and guests who
were present.
Mr. Askew thanked the Vice-President, Mr. Gaddis Wall for
conducting the meeting during his absence in March.
The following members and visitors stood for special
recognition as their names were called by the Record Editor,
Mrs. Margaret Ward.
Mr. Jim Wood St. Petersburg, Florida
Mr. Michael Murray Charleston, West Virginia
Mrs. Jessica Maurer Riverview, Florida
Mrs. Wilma Wells Lewes, Delaware
Mr. Charles DeTore Coco Solo, Canal Zone
Mr. and Mrs. Warren McNamee Davie, Florida
The Secretary-Treasurer read the Minutes of the March
meeting. As there were no additions, corrections or omissions,
the Minutes were approved as read.
The financial report of the Society and the Blood Bank for
March was read. As there were no questions, the report will
stand for audit.
News of members and friends was given by the Record
Editor, Mrs. Margaret Ward. Mrs. Ward also read excerpts
from protest letters we have received concerning the Canal give
away. Mr. Askew announced that the Executive Board will
decide if the Society should take a stand on the issue.
Mr. Grady, Legislative Representative, announced that the
Cost of Living was up 3.62 as of the end of February. The House
sponsored bill providing for the government to pay 50 percent of
the medical insurance was passed. Health insurance premiums
will go up from 7.4 percent to 11 percent if the government
doesn't come up with supplemental benefits for retirees covered
by Medicare. Senate Bill 2174 which would reduce from two
years to one year the effective date for re-marriage of an
annuitant has been passed by. the House and sent to the
President. A new group, the Federal Employees Association, has
been formed to give discounts for federal and postal employees
- retired employees, also. The membership fee is $10 per family

per year and gives discounts on motel and hotel bills, insurance
of all types and goods and services.
Mr. Askew announced that the annual audit of the Society
books had been completed and would be presented to the
Executive Board at their up-coming meeting. He thanked Mr.
Daile Keigley, Chairman, for doing a fine job on the audit.
Only one member would celebrate a birthday during April,
but two couples, Mr. and Mrs. Gaddis Wall and Mr. and Mrs.
Daile Keigley would celebrate anniversaries. Best wishes from
the Society was extended to all.
News of the Spring Meeting of the Fort Lauderdale group
was given. Anyone interested in attending the meeting should
see the Secretary.
Mrs. Erma Forbes told the members of her recent trip
through Central America, South America and Panama. She had a
wonderful time and recommended such a trip to all the members.
Mr. Charles DeTore gave news of people on the Zone. He
was asked to furnish news in the future for publication in the
Canal Record.
As there was no further business, the meeting adjourned at
Coffee, donuts and a social period followed the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Jean Mann, Secretary-Treasurer

WILL Rogers
"There's one thing no nation can ever accuse us of and that's
Secret diplomacy. Our foreign dealings are an open book -
generally, a check book."

"I don't think people have realized yet the most important
things these ocean flights have brought out, and that is the
quicker transporting of our marines to other people's wars...Our
slogan will be now, Have your civil wars wherever and as far
away as you want, but on the opening day we will be there."

"We are great talkers, but we are mighty poor conferers.
We have a unique record we never lost a war and we never
won a conference in our lives. Without any degree of egotism we
can say, with our tremendous resources, we can lick any nation
in the world single-handed, yet we can't confer with Costa Rica
and come home with our shirts on."


Mrs. Margerie H. Balfour, formerly of Cocoli, Canal Zone, and
an employee of the Naval Station, Rodman, Canal Zone, from
1946 to 1966, passed away on February 13, 1974, at Daytona
Beach, Florida-Information from Mrs. Jean Barker, Indianapolis,
Mrs. Rosemary Ballou, budget analyst in the purchasing and
contracting office in the U. S. Army School of the Americas, died in
April, in Margarita, Canal Zone. She is survived by her husband,
Carlos, and daughter, Renee, of North Carolina, her mother and
12 brothers and sisters.
Mr. Charles P. Barton, 69, died March 20, 1974, in Newport,
Pennsylvania. Mr. Barton was a Professional Engineer with
the Engineering and Construction Division and spent a good many
years on the cut-widening project. He retired February 28, 1967.
He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Dorothy Barton.
Mrs. Catherine Blomquist, 78, passed away in St. Petersburg,
Florida on April 2, 1974.
Mrs. Frances R. Brassel, 70, of Port Charlotte, Florida, died on
February 27, 1974. She is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Maryann
Scott, of Margarita, Canal Zone, a sister, and three grandchildren.
Mr. Sylvestre B. Bubb, 77, who retired from the Canal
organization in 1953, died recently in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.
Mr. Bubb is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Melvin V. Smith, of Los
Rios, Canal Zone, and two grandsons, William, with the U. S. Air
Force in Okinawa, and Russel, of Williamsport.
Mrs. Clelia Crespi Calhoun, wife of Crede Calhoun, died at
Gorgas Hospital on April 25, 1974. She went to the Canal Zone as a
school teacher and was married to Mr. Calhoun on July 1, 1913, in
Cristobal, at the home of Mrs. Julie Frost. She is survived by her
husband, Crede, two sons and three daughters: John C., a civil
employee of the 15th Naval District; a younger son, Crede C., a
lawyer in Cleveland, Ohio; Margaret (Peggy) Janson, the widow of
Carl Axel Janson; Clelia (Cana) Merchant, wife of Col. (Ret.) M. H.
Merchant, of Scottsville, Virginia, and Sheila. She is also survived
by 18 grandchildren and numerous great-grandchildren.
Mrs. Joanne Chamberlain, of Gatun, Canal Zone, died in the
spring. She is survived by her husband, Captain Joseph W.
Chamberlain. Other details are not known.

Captain Harry Clayton, a retired pilot from the Atlantic Side,
passed away in the spring in Rogers, Arkansas. Details are not,
Mrs. Marie V. Connor, 69, of Clearwater, Florida, died on
March 12, 1974. Mrs. Connor was a retired playground supervisor
with the Division of Schools. Survivors include her husband,
Charles, Clearwater; two sons, Donald, Balboa, Canal Zone, Robert,
Norman, Oklahoma; one brother and two sisters.
Mr. Joseph L. H. Demers, of Berlin, New Hampshire, passed
away on May 6, 1974, of a heart attack in Hanover, New
Hampshire. Mr. Demers retired in December, 1967, after more
than 35 years of U. S. Government service. Besides his widow,
Mrs. Florence Demers, he is survived by two brothers and three
sisters. One of his brothers, Norman E. Demers, recently retired
from the Panama Canal Company as Deputy Transportation and
Terminals Director and now makes his home in Largo, Florida.
Mrs. Joyce Ebdon, formerly of Gatun, Canal Zone, passed
away in San Antonio, Texas, on April 14, 1974. She is survived by
her husband, Mr. T. J. Ebdon, of San Antonio, Texas; three sons,
Billy, of Houston, Texas, Thomas J. Ebdon and Fred Ebdon, both of
Sarasota, Florida, and several grandchildren, including Bruce
who was raised by the Ebdons.
The March RECORD to Mrs. David T. Edwards, of Balboa,
Canal Zone, was returned, marked "deceased."
Mr. Kenneth M. Edwards, 73, a retired Panama Canal
employee, died February 9, 1974, in San Fernando Clinic in Panama
while on the Isthmus from his home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He
is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Ann Hale, of Diablo, Canal
Zone, and Mrs. Helen Magan, of Pueblo, Colorado; three
grandchildren and one great-grandchild. His wife, Ellen, died in
Mrs. Mary H. Fitzpatrick, of Los Angeles, California, died on
December 4, 1973, at St. John's Hospital in Santa Monica. Mrs.
Fitzpatrick lived on the Zone from 1915 to 1945. She is survived by
two sons, Francis E., of Granada Hills, California, and Martin J., of
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and two daughters, Mrs. Eileen Lebow,
of Silver Spring, Maryland, and Mrs. Mary Taylor, of Woodland
Hills, California.
Mr. Henry P. Fransen passed away March 6, 1974, in Tampa,
Florida. Mr. Fransen was born in Ancon, Panama Canal Zone, the
son of the late Capt. and Mrs. Fransen, who lived in Pedro Miguel
for many years. Mr. Fransen left the Zone in 1932. He is survived

by his wife, Mrs. Alice H. Fransen of Tampa and a sister, Mrs.
Wilhelmina E. Bohan, Blytheville, Arkansas.
Mrs. Mary V. Gramlich, 78, passed away on March 19, 1974, in
St. Petersburg, Florida. She moved to St. Petersburg seventeen
years ago from the Canal Zone. She is survived by her husband,
Mr. Gregor Gramlich; three sons, Gregory, Panama Canal; Mark,
San Diego, California; and Richard, of Seminole, Florida; three
grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.
Mr. John F. Greening, of Santa Barbara, California, died on
January 1, 1974, of a heart attack after a lengthy illness. He retired
from the Locks Division at Gatun in 1964. Upon retirement he held
the position of Senior Lockmaster. His wife, Mrs. Frances Greening
survives him.
The Society was informed that Mr. R. C. Haines, of Balboa,
Canal Zone, died in March. Other details are not known.
Mr. Frederick H. Holzaphel, 67, of Portland, Oregon, passed
away on March 3, 1974, of a heart attack. Mr. Holzaphal went to
the Canal Zone in 1907 when his father was employed by the
Dredging Division. He returned to the States when he was 18 but
moved back to the Zone in 1935 where he lived until 1944. He is
survived by his widow, Mrs. Mary Anna Holzaphel and two sisters.
Mr. Clarence Lester Johnston died February 15, 1974, in
Hendersonville, North Carolina. Mr. Johnston was employed as
office manager of Standard Oil Co. in the Republic of Panama and
the Canal Zone for 32 years, retiring in 1955. Surviving are the
widow, Mrs. Rose Stoffell Johnston; three sons, Lester P., of
Tigard, Oregon; Robert E., of Anderson, Indiana, and Albert S., of
Spartanburg, South Carolina; two sisters and nine grandchildren.
Mrs. Amy M. Loring, 90, of Yarmouth, Maine, passed away on
February 24, 1974. Mrs. Loring moved to the Panama Canal Zone
with her husband who was in government service in 1915. She was
employed at the Army Post Office during World War II. Besides
her husband, Lothrop H. Loring, she is survived by several nieces
and nephews.
Mrs. Alice Kathryn McCoy, of Los Rios, Canal Zone, died
January 28, 1974, at Gorgas Hospital. Mrs. McCoy is survived by
her widower, John Maxwell McCoy, an employee of the Railroad
Division, a daughter, Tammie, who is a student at the Curundu
Junior High School, her mother,Mrs. Gertrude McElhinney, of
Altoona, Pennsylvania, and a sister.

Mr. Donald R. MacIntyre passed away on April 24, 1974, at
Madeira Beach, Florida, after a two months' illness. He is

survived by his wife, Mrs. Donald R. MacIntyre (Florence Mae),
a son, David H., who lives in Virginia, and three daughters, Mrs.
Bertie T. Waters, Mrs. Myrtle Schmelz, and Mrs. Dorothy
Gifford, all of California.
Mrs. Carrie (William) Mathues died in Arkansas. Additional
details are not known.
Word was received of the death of Norman H. Markland in Los
Angeles, California, of an apparent heart attack. Details are not
Robert E. Medinger, 47, Chief Admeasurer in the Panama
Canal Navigation Division and a member of a well-known Canal
Zone family died of an apparent heart attack on March 28. 1974,
while he was playing softball in Balboa. A third generation Panama
Canal employee, it was once said that Bob Medinger was born with
the Canal in his bones. His grandfather went to the Canal Zone as a
locomotive engineer with the Isthmian Canal Commission. His
father was the late Gus Medinger, a well-known Isthmian who
retired as Superintendent of the Dredging Division and had also
been Deputy Marine Director and Director of Terminals. Mr.
Medinger is survived by his widow, Frances, and a son, Robert Jr.,
and two daughters, Ann, who is in college in the United States, and
Mrs. Geraldine Davy Meeker, 48, passed away suddenly in
Coco Solo Hospital on April 13, 1974. Formerly a professional
singer, she gave of her talent as soloist and member of the choir of
the Margarita Union Church and was a soloist for many civic and
private functions in the community. Surviving her are her husband,
Captain John W. Meeker, Jr., Assistant Port Captain in Cristobal;
two daughters, Deborah Barcomb, of Fairport, New York, and
Patricia Ann Meeker, of Atlanta, Georgia; a son, John W. Meeker
III, United States Air Force; a sister and a brother.
Mrs. Dorothy Axtmann Moehrke died March 15, 1974, in New
Hanover Memorial Hospital in Wilmington, North Carolina,
following a lengthy illness. Surviving are her husband, Chief Henri
E. Moehrke, of Wilmington; one son, David Axtmann Moehrke of
the U. S. Navy stationed in Taipei, Taiwan; and a daughter-in-law,
Mrs. Helen A. Moehrke, of Taipei, Taiwan.
Mr. Willis N. Pence passed away on Thanksgiving Day,
November 22, 1973, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Mr. Pence retired
from the Electrical Division in Balboa, Canal Zone, in September,
1961. He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Vada Pence, of Charlotte.
Mr. Robert Peterson died April 3, 1974, in Pembroke Pines,
Florida. He is survived by his wife, Betty, a former nurse.

Mrs. Louise Reynolds, 66, widow of Gilbert Reynolds, died
December 11, 1973, in Fort Pierce, Florida. She was buried in
Greenville, Kentucky. Mrs. Reynolds is survived by a step-
daughter, Mrs. J. E. Morgan, of Port St. Lucie, Florida, and two
grandchildren. She will be best remembered as one of the top
golfers on the Isthmus and a charter member of the P. G. A.
Mrs. Florence T. Ruggles, 96, died in St. Petersburg, Florida,
on April 22, 1974.
The Panama Canal Society of Florida, Inc. was recently
informed of the death of Mr. Pat Ryan in Englewood, Florida in
1973 by his widow, Mrs. Patsy Ryan.
The death of Mr. Wallace F. Russon in Greensboro, North
Carolina, of a heart attack has been reported. He is survived by his
wife. Other details are not known.
Mrs. Vernon E. Sauvan passed away in Portsmouth, Virginia,
on April 2, 1974, after a long illness. Information from Mrs. Mary B.
Sauvan did not list survivors but our records indicate she is also
survived by her husband, Vernon E. Sauvan.
Mr. David LeRoy Smith, of Los Angeles, California, reported
the death of Mrs. Walter (Cordelia) Knott, an honorary member
of the Panama Canal Society of Southern California.
Mrs. Blanche Schilling died in a nursing home in De Land,
Florida, in early April, 1974. She is survived by a son, Carl Posey,
Natalie Gatewood Sinclair passed away on January 29, 1974, in
El Cajon, California. A former registered nurse, she worked is
Ancon Hospital during the Twenties and later in Peru.
The death of Mrs. Glena Smith in the Canal Zone was reported
at the April meeting of the Panama Canal Society, Inc. She in
survived by her husband, Ray Smith.
Mr. William W. (Tex) Stiles, former cartographer with the
Defense Mapping Agency Inter American Geodetic Survey
(IMA IAGS) died at Gorgas Hospital early in 1974. Mr. Stiles
retired in 1972 after 32 years of Federal Government service. He is
survived by his wife Antonia who resides in Panama City, Panama,
and a son, Walter, who is in graduate school in Louisiana.
Mr. Norman A. Terry, 78, retired captain, Panama Canal Zone,
died February 15, 1974, in St. Petersburg, Florida. He is survived
by a daughter, Loraine of South Florida.
Mr. Frederick R. Trout, 56, of Grassy Sound, New Jersey,
formerly of the Canal Zone passed away on April 9, 1974. He is
survived by his wife, Mrs. Sophie M. (nee Kunkel).

A reminder card that dues for 1974 are due addressed to Mr.
Livingston Vann, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, was returned
marked, "Deceased 7/2/73." Mr. Vann was employed on the Zone
as Deputy Collector in September, 1913, and served on the Zone
until 1918 when he enlisted in the U. S. Army.
Mr. Charles F. Wahl, 83, passed away in Washington, D. C.
(Georgetown) on May 7, 1974. Mr. Wahl, a Labor Representative
on the Canal Zone for many years resigned from the Control
House, Pacific Locks in 1951 and became a national mediator
with the National Mediation Board in Washington, D. C. He
retired when he was seventy years old from government service.
He is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Charlotte W. Dailey, of St.
Petersburg, Florida; a son, Mr. William M. Wahl (Bud), of
Balboa, Canal Zone; four grandchildren and eleven great-grand-
The following was submitted by Mr. Chris Simonsen: "Captain
Carl Wanke passed away suddenly in the morning on April 8, 1974.
It was a shock to us all here as he had delivered such a stirring
invocation at our get-together at the Knotts Berry Farm just about
a week before. Captain Wanke served with the Canal Zone Police
Department from 1913 to 1950 when he retired. He is survived by
his wife Ethel and three sons."
Mr. Walter C. Watts, 71, died on March 18, 1974, in
Tallahassee, Florida, following a lengthy illness. He retired from
the Locks Division at Gatun in 1964. He held the position of
Mechanical Supervisor at the time of his retirement. He is survived
by his wife, Mabel, of Tallahassee, his daughter, Betty Kelleher,
and six grandchildren of Balboa, Canal Zone.
Miss Irene Wood died March 12, 1974, in San Pablo, California.
There are no survivors. Her father was a conductor on the Railroad
and was known as Daddy Woods. She formerly lived in Empire,
Ancon, Balboa and Cristobal in the Canal Zone.

The Editor is sometimes guilty-are you? A letter to Ann
Landers, somewhat bitter, questioned friends who made one or two
calls on the ill and then the calls stopped. "Why did they come once
or twice in emergency illness and then apparently seem to forget?
Where was everybody when, during those last months he
desperately needed to see people? If I sound bitter, Ann, it's
because I am. Please run my letter for those who know someone
who is ill. Maybe it will help them-before it is too late!"


Saludos, Amigos! Como Estas? And with other Spanish
phrases, fluently spilling off our lips (!!?), you can readily
understand where we've been! Esther, Harry and Lee Butz spent
two delightful months in the highlands of Chiriqui, Panama,
visiting Harry's parents, Bruna and Leonard Butz. The
invigorating climate, exotic food, including those luscious
avocados, Bouquete navel oranges, plantain, yucca, yam, etc.,
were thoroughly enjoyed! They found Bruna as spry as ever, at
83, and Leonard still bubbling over with accounts of his
fascinating adventurous life in Panama and the Canal Zone in the
early days. A Roosevelt Medal holder, accounting for work during
the entire construction of the Panama Canal, Leonard is a
walking history book of that era and ONLY 89!
Esther left the mountains a week earlier than her parents,
visiting Marsha and Jim Slover in Diablo, zipping h( re and there,
seeing old friends and amazed at the tremendous growth of
Panama City. She then joined Harry and Lee at Ancon railroad
station and rode across the Isthmus in the AIR CONDITIONED
CAR!! We agreed that the balmy breezes of the Trade Winds were
far cooler than the car, though perhaps (?) a mite dustier!!
They all spent a happy, hilarious, breath-taking week as guests
of Barbara Clark, who looks younger than ever and still goes a
mile-a-minute! There were many reunions with old friends,
bridge parties, tours, shopping sprees and even time for a sail!
They were dined and feted, including a trip to see the beautiful
Washington Hotel. What a marvelous change has been wrought
there! Its complete renovation, inside and out, has produced once
again the glittering crystal chandeliers, gleaming brass stair
railing and intricately painted beams to perfection. Just for fun,
they tried the one-armed bandits in the new CasinO and got
Home once more and back in harness again, the Butzes are
still very content with Springdale but very happy to have had
such a wonderful vacation.
What with the energy crisis this winter, everyone has
stayed quite close to home, but with the hope of the gas situation
somewhat eased, there will be more activity to report in the next
issue. Almost everyone has been busy at home. The Carl Maedls
have become involved in the Food Service Program of the RSVP.
This program in Springdale provides meals for 70 needy people
over 60 years of age for 5 days a week. They are also helping out
with the Springdale Hospital Auxiliary in the Thrift Shop, as
well as attending various local community meetings. The Maedls
are looking forward to a 21-day trip to Europe, encompassing the
Alpine area, Northern Italy and Austria.
The Malsburys are sorry to announce the death of their
faithful dog, Homer. They, too, are working in their vegetable

and flower gardens, hoping that the weather will remain stable
enough for things to grow. Our spring has been a hazardous one
with sudden drops in temperature which have wreaked havoc on
the fruit trees in this area. We did have a brief period in which
to enjoy the daffodils, forsythia and red bud, but many of the
azaleas and lilacs were caught. We were not alone in this
problem, for many other states were affected, too.
Grapevine has it that Charles and Margaret Stanley spent a
week in Rogers, Arkansas, looking around for a homesite and are
now investigating the Mountain Home section in eastern
Arkansas. Heard also that Kay and Dick Potter, of Horseshoe
Bend, Arkansas, drove to Louisville, Kentucky to see their son
and will then go to Florida to visit Dick's parents, the R. B.
At the "Sip and Sew Club", Evelyn Engelke said that she
and Howard had been to Spring Valley for an Easter visit with
her sister, Frances Dwyer (Mrs. Bill Elmendorf). She said that
they had enjoyed a visit from Lil and Bob Sieler, formerly of
Seaside, California. The Sielers are on an extensive tour of the
U. S., stopping by to see friends in the area en route to Florida.
Edie and George Engelke were happy to have Max and Dick
Reinhold, son, Mel, and his friend of White Bear Lake,
Minnesota, as houseguests over the Easter holidays.
As we sewed, embroidered, and crocheted, various bits of
conversation filtered through and we learned that young Herb
Engelke is Vice-President of the Bentonville High School Future
Business Leaders of America Club and attended the State
Convention in March at Little Rock, Arkansas. He graduates
from high school in May and plans to attend the National
Convention in San Franciso in June.
Andrew and Frances Whitlock moved on December 22nd to
a two bedroom house new address is 706 Anna Place and
have been busy getting settled. Fran spoke enthusiastically of
having bought the object of a long-desired dream an organ! So,
come on folks, and let's have a concert!!
Dorothy and Bruce Sanders have driven to California to visit
their son, Jack and family, but will be back for our Annual
DON'T FORGET!! Our Annual Blanche Shaw Picnic will be
held on Father's Day, June 16, at Agri Park, in Fayetteville,
Arkansas. Come any time after 10 a.m., with your covered dish
Special, cutlery and anticipation of having a good time. Any
member of the Armed Forces who served in the Canal Zone is
welcome, as are those civilians who worked there. Also PLEASE
bring your news to share with your reporter and the RECORD.
Adios! Vaya con Dios! y-Hasta Luego! Lenor Butz,


"After an absence of about two months, Mrs. Simonsen and I
have finally returned to sunny California. What started out as a
trip to the Florida Reunion ended with a trip to the Canal Zone,
with an auto tour to the interior of Panama David, Puerto
Armuelles, Conception, the Volcan, Cerro Punta and all stops
between these areas and the Canal Zone. We were amazed at the
building that had taken place at most of the towns on the way
up. We were on the Zone for eight weeks and spent most of our
time with Ruth's brother and sister-in-law, the Glenn A. Lashers,
of Gatun. I also got my share of fishing down stream in the
Chagres River and also in Gatun Lake; I must say they sure bite
"Our return trip was made on the old CRISTOBAL to New
Orleans. The voyage was a smooth as a mill pond; the food was
good, and, of course, the accommodations, the best. There was
one sad incident on the return trip. When we docked in New
Orleans, George Tarflinger, who had just retired, was rushed to
the hospital. I was unable to find out just what was the matter.
"Have received news again that Bill Bierwagen in Hemet is
doing quite well for himself when it comes to Gem Show Exhibits.
At the last Gem Show held in Indio, California, Bill managed to
walk off with one First Place, one Second Place, two Third Place
Awards and also one Special Award.
"Mrs. Hedvig (Sundberg) Seedborg is enjoying her status as
a retiree, having retired on January 31, 1974, after 27 years with
the Teacher's Association of Long Beach. After a number of
short trips about California, she and Mrs. Thelma Reppe plan on
leaving for a visit in St. Petersburg, Florida Hedvig to be with
Janet and Ross Cunningham, and Bill and Myrtle Hughes, and
Thelma to visit with Anna and Wells Wright. Then, they will go
to Philadelphia to visit Chris and Nellie (Bruland) Jansen. After
spending a week or so in New York and a week in Columbus,
Ohio, with Thelma's sister and family, they plan to be back in
California in late May."
At the March 24th meeting of the Panama Canal Society of
Southern California, Captain Carl Wanke gave a wonderful
Invocation. At the meeting Mr. Francis Fitzpatrick reported on
his trip to the Canal Zone in January to attend the reunion of the
Balboa High School Class of 1945.
Officers elected for 1974 are: President, Mr. Francis
Fitzpatrick; Vice President, Mr. Emmet Argo; Vice President,
Mr. William P. Quinn; Secretary-Treasurer, Mrs. Joan de
Highlights on the entertainment program were David Smith
and Roy Ballard, who not only entertained the group with old
songs but gave the ol' Bajan rendition of "Woman Gwina Catch
You" (or "Don't Skylark Wid Me"). Captain Roy Hearn in his

inimitable way recited in Bajan "A Ten Cent Can of Paint" -
purported to be written by Lord Helpus for the the PANAMA
AMERICAN. Estrella de la Pena introduced the four Molino
sisters, who sang several spirited and happy songs, taking us back
to Panama again. Chris Simonsen
Welcome to the new Secretary-Treasurer, Mrs. Joan de
Grummond, and our thanks to Chris Simonsen for his excellent
quarterly reports to the Panama Canal Society of Florida, Inc.,
during 1973.


Mr. Ernest W. Zelnick, who has been Chief of the
Engineering Division of the Panama Canal Company for the past
ten years and an engineer with the Engineering and Construction
Bureau since 1939, retired from service in April. Mr. Zelnich was
active in civic and community affairs during his years of residence
in the Canal Zone. Governor David S. Parker awarded Mr.
Zelnick a Master Key Certificate with the title Engineer Without
Mr. and Mrs. Zelnich (Ruth Wright) will live in Henderson-
ville, North Carolina. Their daughter, Mrs. Carol Richmond, and
sons, John and Paul, live in the United States.

Mr. Robert J. Risberg, who joined the Engineering and
Construction Bureau as a graduate engineering trainee in 1948,
was promoted to the position of Chief of the Bureau's
Engineering Division on April 14, 1974, succeeding Mr. Ernest
Mr. Melvin Bierman, Chief of the Construction Division since
1971, has been named Chief of the Maintenance Division,
succeeding Mr. Robert J. Risberg.
Mr. R. N. Shaw has been named as Chief of the Surveys
Branch. Mr. Shaw was born in Houston, Texas, but went to the
Canal Zone as a child.
Mr. Maurice L. McCullough, who has been Chief of the
Northern District of the Motor Transportation Division since
1950, was named Superintendent, Motor Transportation Division.
He succeeds Mr. Roger W. Adams, who retired last year.

Mr. Rufus C. O'Neal, who has been the Panama Canal's Chief
Marine Traffic Controller since 1965, retired in March after
thirty-one years service. Credit for his leadership and expertise
in the exacting field of moving an increasing number of vessels

through the Canal, was given by Lt. Gov. Charles L. McGinnis,
who presented Mr. O'Neal with the Panama Canal Distinguished
Service Award at a retirement party. In a commendation, Gov.
David S. Parker said Mr. O'Neal had been responsible for the
"motivation, training, dedication, expertise and loyalty of the
small group of men in the Marine Traffic Control Unit and by his
inexhaustible energy and untiring example had been a Rock of
Gibraltar not only in maintaining but enhancing the image of the
Panama Canal Company and the United States Government in
the eyes of international shipping and world commerce."
Mr. and Mrs. O'Neal will make their home in Titusville,

Mr. Luke C. Palumbo, counselor of Cristobal High School
and one of the most popular members of the Atlantic Side
community, was honored at a retirement party held at the Elks
Club at Brazos Heights on May 11. Since he arrived on the
Isthmus more than 30 years ago, Mr. Palumbo has taken an
active interest in Atlantic Side community affairs, particularly
those involving youth. Mr. Palumbo will be remembered as the
founder of the Cristobal High School Jamboree, which has been a
highlight of Atlantic Side events since the first football classic
was played in 1950. .

Mr. Harry S. Makibbin, Jr., ended a 32-year Canal career on
February 23, 1974. Mr. Makibbin is well-known locally as a horse
racing enthusiast. He was born in the Canal Zone and grew up in
Balboa. His father, Henry Sr., was a Panama Canal pilot. After
graduating from Balboa High School in 1937, he went to
Lexington, Kentucky, to learn about horse training, and upon
returning to the Canal Zone in the early Forties, he bought the
first of the many horses he was to own and race. Mr. Makibbin
will live in Florida.

Mr. Frederick Banan, a graduate of Canal Zone College,
Class of 1934, the first class to graduate after the college was
opened in 1933, was a spring visitor to the Canal Zone. He noted
many changes.

Mrs. Jennie G. Johannes, who retired from Panama Canal
Company service with the Health Department at Gorgas
Hospital, was a guest of honor at a dinner party at which Mrs.

Roberto Herrera was hostess at her home in Altos de Betania.
Guest included nurses and nursing assistants, co-workers of Miss
Johannes at Gorgas Hospital. Miss Johannes is making her home
in Santa Fe, New Mexico 412 Alamo Drive, Zip 87501.

Mrs. Eunice Olive Richard, who served the Information Office
as a writer-editorial assistant since 1952 retired in March, after
more than 25 years with the Canal Organization. During her
tenure with the Information Office, Mrs. Richard has chronicled a
broad range of Canal Zone happenings concerning virtually every
phase of the Panama Canal and the people who serve the
waterway. Fellow workers paid tribute to Mrs. Richard during a
retirement party held in the Union Club. Information Officer,
Frank A. Baldwin, thanked her for her many years of excellent
service and presented her with an Outstanding Service Award.
Mrs. Richard will make her retirement home on the Republic of

A Retirement Party was held on April 27, 1974, for Mr. Walter
Mikulich, an instructor of social studies at Balboa High School.
After a light lunch, a Hawaiian luau was served at 5 p.m. with
roasted stuffed pig and a number of Hawaiian dishes.


Mrs. Patt Foster Roberson has conscientiously sent a report
for the RECORD from Louisiana since January, 1967. She has
done more than write up reports mailed to her; she has, at her
own expense and time, notified Canal Zoners in Louisiana of
deadline dates. With only a few cooperating and sending in news,
her work has been, at times, frustrating. Patt, for the time
being, still plans on sending Louisiana News for The RECORD
but moneywise and timewise, she no longer will send reminders on
the deadline date. Canal Zoners in Louisiana send your news to
Patt without that seemingly fruitless reminder. Several have
answered Patt on her decision to discontinue that phase of her
Cecily Knibb Allen "Hurrah for your spunk; you are doing
the right thing and if you'll run for Governor, I'll vote for you.
Since writing, things have been happening to this old sister -
some good, some frightening. Daughter Rachael came from
Calimisa, California, and stayed five weeks; she was here for the
Mardi Gras. Her son, his wife, and their dog came from Enter-
prise, Alabama, for a week. The frightening news was when Mrs.

Allen and her daughter were en route to the supermarket and
two black juveniles grabbed their wallets and ran with them.
Mrs. Allen's resistance only netted her a cuff torn off her
sweater and a bruised arm minus a wallet.
Richard and Via Mae Dinkgreve "Thanks for your
appreciation of what we have been able to contribute to The
RECORD through you. We are sorry that that you are making
the change that you outline but can understand the motive
behind it. We feel the same way about friends and neighbors
of yesteryear who come to New Orleans and will not take time to
pick up the telephone if for no other reason than to say hello
- News is getting scarce, can't seem to have much contact with
people from the Zone since the ship carries only a few
passengers. We received a couple of visits from Curtis and
Alberta George, who, in spite of the gas shortage, made a trip to
Texas in their trailer. They are now in Fairhope, Alabama. We
received a telephone call from Harvie Smith, Inverness, Florida,
in February. He was calling to inquire as to my health. He and
Peggy are doing well and missed my annual visit to them in
January. They were not able to attend the Reunion as Harvie
had a bout with that mighty foe, "Shingles!" He had a tough time
for three or four months but now is much better "
Betty Chan Snow, 502 Dunmoreland Drive, Shreveport,
Louisiana, reports that she and her husband (Dale) moved to
Shreveport, after her husband finished his residency in North
Carolina. Finding office space for Dale's practice in psychiatry
was frustrating, so they decided to buy an office building 929
Olive Street. After an office, the next step was to build up their
practice Betty is also doing psychotherapy. They opened their
office in January, and by March they had a busy schedule.
They bought a new home and moved into it on April 19,
1973. "We are becoming southerners as we are learning to like
greens, black-eyed peas, cornbread, dumplings, crayfish and
Since Mike (Mildred) Largent's retirement from the Pan
Canal in June, 1973, she has driven from her home in Whitney,
Texas, to visit with us three of four times. On one of her visits.
here, she, Fay May and I drove down to Grand Cane, Louisiana,
to visit with Lottie Tinnin. While there, we were also able to
visit with Walt and Fronie Fender, as they were staying with
Lottie. It sure felt good to have a miniature Canal Zone Reunion."
Mrs. Agnes Wayne Gilder "Thank you for your letter.
You have done a great job at reporting. Our news this month is
that we go to our daughter, Nancy, at Holloman Air Force Base
in New Mexico for two weeks the day after Easter and on tp
May's in Belvedere, California for two weeks. We will be home
on May 27th. Shall be there for our 52nd Anniversary always
like to celebrate with some of our four children. Shall miss
your reminders."


Greetings to all the Canal Zone people. Though we are
scattered all over the world, we do get in contact at least once
every three months. How nice to hear about all those poeple we
knew so well, yet who would slip away completely if it were not
for The RECORD.
Robin Wright (daughter of Louise and Bill Wright) who was
married to Lt. Manuel Garcia last fall, was here with her husband
to visit her grandparents, Bruce and Mildred Harrell. They went
to Miami from here to be with his parents for two weeks and
then will fly to Europe for a month. They will visit his sister and
brother-in-law, who are stationed in Germany, and go to several
other places. When they return, they will go to Fort Huachuca,
Arizona, where he has accepted a position as electrical engineer
with the Post there. He finished his tour of duty at Fort
Huachuca just before they came east, but will remain as a
civilian employee.
Dr. Everett Sackett and wife (Martha), who has been
spending a few weeks in Jamaica with friends, returned to the
States a couple of weeks ago. On their way north to their home
in Durham, New Hampshire, they came through the Carolinas.
They stopped in Abbeville, South Carolina, to see George
Wardlaw Deeney and then in H'ville, North Carolina, to see Ruth
Sill. Although their stops were just for a day, they managed to
relive all their stay on the Zone.
Edie Medinger will be coming through here in early June as
Ann (daughter) will be graduating from High Point College. They
will visit with the Greenes and Ruth Sill.
Mrs. C. L. Johnson (Rose) is visiting with her son, Albert,
and wife (Ann Morrel) in Spartanburg for awhile. She has been
with Bob and family, in Indiana, for several weeks.
Grace McCray Rigney has gone into a retirement home in
Minneapolis, Minnesota. Marianna Russell, sister of Stacy, who
was on the Zone many years ago, is also living there. Though
Grace has been in the home just a short time, she writes that it
is a beautiful spot and that the retirement home is lovely.
Gene Clary called and told me that her mother and father,
William L. Russon and Thyrza Sexton, were here visiting. They
have now returned to Florida. Gene's husband, Wilton Clary, has
opened a voice studio here and is also now in Real Estate. The
Clarys had a delightful evening with the George FitzGeralds at
their home at Lake Summit. The FitzGeralds have left here for
some time. He is taking a position as engineer on a Side-paddle.
river boat. They will have an apartment in St. Louis, Missouri,
during the summer and be in New Orleans during the winter -
but, they will be back, we are sure.
Right after all the furor of the holidays was over, Truman
and Betsy Hoenke and Bill and Ruth Tillman took off for the

Zone. The Hoenkes visited Ruth and Ernest Zelnick for three
weeks and had a wonderful time; the Tillmans were at their
home in Gamboa, but stayed just a week. On returning, the
Hoenkes went to Louisville, Kentucky, to visit with their son,
Roger, and wife, Jean. Roger has just been transferred there.
They also saw Richard and K. Potter, who live practically next
door to their son.
Ernest and Ruth Zelnick are now living here. Ruth flew in
last Friday with his mother, Mae Zelnick, and Ernest flew in on
Sunday with son, Paul, from New Orleans. Paul is just
graduating from Tulane Medical College. The Zelnicks have
purchased a home in a lovely new section here their address
is listed with new members.
The Hoenkes will soon be leaving for St. Albans, Vermont,
where they will spend the summer at their summer home. Many
friends see them in Vermont.
The Tillman's son, Lt. William Tillman, has been discharged
from his duties and is now living here. He and his family have
also bought a home in Heatherwood. William is working with his
father, as is the other brother and brother-in-law. They have a
thriving business and are now in the process of enlarging it so
they will have about twice as much space as before.
Barbara Dombrowsky Sanders is here visiting her parents.
She has her two little girls with her, Carol and Jennifer. Jean
Dombrowsky rushed to Florida some time ago as her
daughter-in-law was operated on. Jean took care of the two boys,
Scott and Jason.
Clinton Wanlass is now in Memphis, Tennessee. The family
will join him as soon as they sell their home in Garden City, New
Dan Howe was home for the ten-day spring break and also
for the short Easter vacation.
We had a mild winter, signs of a gorgeous spring, and then
it turned cold and rainy; spring has really not come yet. But we
are thankful because many spots in the Carolinas were hit by
tornadoes, high winds and flooding.
Margaret Wanlass, Secretary
Carmen Howe, President

DEATHS-too late to classify

Mrs. Mae Stokes, of Oakland Park (Fort Lauderdale),
Florida, died on May 26 at home. She is survived by her
husband, Edward N. Stokes, a son, Edward N. (Mickey) Stokes,
Jr. and two grandchildren of Fort Lauderdale.


The first luncheon meeting of the Panama Canal Society of
South Florida with the new President, Bob Johnson, presiding,
will be held on May 5th at the Governor's Club in Fort
Lauderdale. After the meeting all are invited to go to the Studio
Gallery where paintings of the Canal will be shown by their
owner, our well-known "Pete" Johnson. The gallery is operated
by a local Canal Zone gal, Lee Lloyd, the daughter of Betty and
Lonnie Van Siclen.
Elsie and Frank Naughton and Peggy and David Yerkes
were co-hosts at a beautiful party at the Coral Ridge Towers
health spa. Among the Zonites attending were: Dr. and Mrs.
Jack Strumpf, the Leroy Magnusens, the Jimmy Lyons, the Bob
Johnsons. Kay and George Winquist, Ed Jones, Gil and Millie
Rowe, the Jimmy Hunters, the John Pettigills, Agnes Hearon,
the Ed O'Brians, Barbara Hutchings, Lonnie and Betty Van
Siclen, and Mid Dombeck and Gladys Gullick (aunts of Peggy
Yerkes). The buffet was "sumptuous", and, of course, one of the
highlights of the cocktail hour were the empanadas. It was great
seeing David, even in a wheelchair, looking so well and enjoying
The Paul Hertgens were on a month's visit to the Zone and
Panama seeing all their familiar haunts.
The Fred Weades, Freddy, Mary Jane and daughter, Mary,
were in Panama at the Siesta Hotel to attend the 30th
Anniversary High School Class of 1943 Reunion. Mary Jane was
very enthusiastic about the wonderful time they had and meeting
old friends. After the Reunion festivities were over, the Weades
were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Kupfer of Panama City. While
there, they visited many Panama and Zone friends. The Fred
Weades had as their houseguest his mother, Mrs. Lillian Weade
of Virginia. We were sorry to learn that Mrs. Weade became ill
while here and was hospitalized. Other houseguests of the
Weades were Al and Joe Alexander, with their two daughters,
Susie and Kathy, of Washington, D. C. Mr. Alexander will be
remembered as being with the Panama Canal Information Office
in the Zone. He is now connected with the Public Health Service
in Washington, D. C.
Alba D. Hutchings, Jr., after graduating from the
automotive school in Largo, Florida, visited his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Alba D. Hutchings, of Gamboa.
The Gil Rowes entertained with a birthday party for their
old friend, Byrne Hutchings. Guests were the George Winquists,
Armella Hutchings, Agnes Hearon, and Barbara Hutchings. The
Rowes also honored George Winquist on his birthday, with the
Jimmy Hunters, Byrne Hutchings, Agnes Hearon and Barbara
Hutchings as guests.

Archie Byrne was a visitor in Fort Lauderdale at the home
of his father, Mike Byrne, and aunt.
Soon, the Florida folks will be leaving us for their northern
homes. The Hertgens go to Maine, Agnes Hearon and her son,
Chris, are off to visit the Howard L. Wentworths, of Searsport,
Maine, and the Weades start north in July, stopping in Virginia
to visit his mother and also Mary Jane's sister, Ruth and her
family, Captain and Mrs. F. B. Greene, USN. From Virginia, they
will go to Maine to visit the Chet Hills in Castine. They, then,
plan a trip through Canada, stopping on their way home to visit
Mary Jane's brother, the Rev. Charles A. Moya, and his family.
The Coral Ridge Towers' group went on a jaunt to Hialeah
to the race track. As there was room among the some 90 people
going, the Lyons asked the following to join the group the
George Winquists, the Gil Rowes, Agnes Hearon and Barbara
Hutchings. We also enjoyed visiting with old friends, the Leroy
Magnusens. On the return trip, the group attended a dinner at the
Royal Admiral. Helen Lyons' birthday was well toasted with
greetings and song.
At times when writing the news, I feel most guilty. Seems I
write about the same people all the time. I beg and plead for
news from other folks but all seem reluctant to call or write in
news. I'd love to hear from all and any living in this part of the
woods. Barbara Hutchings.


It was a family reunion time for Madge Hall when her
brother, Luis Finlason, and his wife, Ramona, of San Leandro,
California, came to Florida recently. Louis and Ramona spent
their time visiting his brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs.
John W. B. Hall, in Sarasota, and in Tarpon Springs, with his
brother, Frank, and wife, Billie. They arranged their visit to be
in Sarasota when Luis's twin brother, John, and his wife, Shirley,
of Gamboa, flew up for the weekend. After a short visit in
Sarasota, the group drove back to Tarpon Springs, to the Frank
Finlason home. The families came to Florida to see their mother,
Mrs. Jessie Finlason, who is in the Convalescent Home in Tarpon
Springs. She had previously lived in Costa Rica and the Canal
Zone, but for the past several years had made her home with
Frank and Billie. This is the first time the five branches of the
family had all been together since the twins returned from the
service in the 1940's.
When John and Shirley returned to the East Coast, they
were joined by their son and his wife, Frank and Lisa Finlason,
of Lake Worth, Florida, before returning to the Canal Zone.
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Hughes had as their houseguest,
Mrs. Hedvig Seedborg, of Long Beach, California. Hedvig and
Thelma Reppe, also of Long Beach, had been visiting friends in

the St. Petersburg, area, and Hedvig came to Sarasota for a
week. While they were here, Myrtle invited the CZers in the
area for a morning coffee to meet and reminisce with Hedvig.
She was especially surprised to see Edna Mae Million, of
Jacksonville, who came with Rae Ebdon and her mother, Mrs.
Edith Eppley. Hedvig and Edna Mae were classmates at BHS.
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Orvis returned early in May from six
weeks in the Canal Zone, spending several days in the home of
their son and his family, the Robert Orvises, of Diablo Heights.
They later moved into Gladys and Tom Conley's house when they
went on vacation. Returning on the same plane were Blanche and
Walter Hartman, who had been on the Zone for the past six
Mr. and Mrs. Harry V. Cain had as their houseguest his
sister-in-law, Mrs. George L. Cain, of Coral Gables. Nadine, who
is on the nursing staff at the Veterans' Hospital, had two weeks'
vacation. She also visited in Seminole with Miss Irene Ladrack,
recently retired from Gorgas Hospital.
Mr. and Mrs. John W. B. Hall received word that their
grandson, Will, son of John and Anne Hall, of Margarita, Canal
Zone, was tapped and initiated into the Junior National Honor
Society, on April 16th, at Cristobal High School.
New residents in the area are: Mr. and Mrs. J. H.
Clarke, who recently moved into the Kensington Garden
Apartments. Jack Clarke went to the Zone early in April and
accompanied his parents to Sarasota. They remained with Jack
and Joyce until their apartment was ready.
Mrs. Frances Days Jones recently moved into her new
retirement home 3801 Blue Stone Way, Glen Oaks, Sarasota.
Frances retired from the Canal Zone in 1972, and has been
traveling, including a trip to Europe with her brother and sister,
Al and Iris Days, of San Diego. For the past six months, she has
been visiting in Diablo Heights with her son-in-law, Captain John
Brophy, her daughter, Donna, and young granddaughter. Frances
was a guest in the home of Joe and Della Noonan for two weeks
until her villa was completed.
Other guests in the Noonan home were Joe's sister, Mrs.
Kathryn Ruckles and Miss Betsy Noonan, of Baltimore,
Maryland, who came for the Easter holidays and to visit their
brother, a patient in Sarasota Memorial Hospital.
Mrs. Elva Keenan returned to her home in Washington, D. C.
in April following a visit with her brother and sister-in-law,
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Smith. Her late husband, John Paul
Keenan, served as an advisor with the U. S. Department of
Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Million, of Jacksonville, Florida,
were April visitors at the home of Rae and Joe Ebdon.
Recent visitors at the home of Captain and Mrs. Kenneth
Roscoe were their son-in-law and daughter, Jack and Sue Lubera,
of Miami.

Jimmy Campbell, of Coco Solo, Canal Zone, arrived late in
April for a month's stay in his home on Tee Road.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry V. Cain were guests of Johnny and
Dotty Kozar in North Port Charlotte, Florida, and while there
the two couples drove to Port Charlotte for an afternoon's visit
with Evelyn and Owen Corrigan. Gladys B. Humphrey


Many, many thanks for the prompt payment of 1974 dues.
The response from members has been excellent. New members
after July 1, 1974, may pay only $2.50 for the balance of 1974 but
MUST at the same time pay 1975 dues a total of $7.50. We do
not accept memberships for a six-month period.
We do not have as many pictures from the Annual Reunion
as we usually do and would appreciate pictures of you and your
family. Black and white normally reproduce better than color;
however, it depends on the color as some do reproduce
With the increased cost of printing and mailing, it is
mandatory that we cut many long articles received for printing.
In sending in news, avoid long descriptions and condense your
news to the essentials.
Summertime is a recreational time for school children.
Consequently, we may NOT meet at the Gulfport Community in
July and August. These two meetings will be held at the
Princess Martha Hotel. Make your plans to attend these
meetings and save your gasoline by shopping in the downtown
area after the meeting. Many of the stores are open on Friday
evenings! Our September meeting will be held in the usual place,
the Gulfport Community Center.
The deadline for the September issue to the printer is
August 1. PLEASE get your copy to the Editor AT LEAST ten
days before that deadline date.

NEWS-too late to classify

Julius B. Grigore, Jr., Captain, USNR, has completed his book,
pages long and has over 200 photographs of coins and Isthmian
scenes and people and events. Two interesting appendices are
included which will fascinate all Zonians. They are MEDALS

NUMISMATICS. The coin book is interesting reading historically
and an adventure photographically.
Many excellent reviews on COINS AND CURRENCY OF
PANAMA were quoted. One example: "one has the feeling that he
knows whereof he writes. He had refrained, wisely, I believe, from
publishing a price catalog of the subject material, although he does
give some general information on rarity and prices of a relatively
few of the scarcest coins. A captivating aspect of the book is its
many illustrations relative to Panama, its history, the Canal and
numismatic terms .
COINS AND CURRENCY OF PANAMA is available through
Krause Publications, Iola, Wisconsin at $6.50.
Captain Grigore is currently working on a new book, THE
PANAMA CANAL, 1847-1914. Any relative comments by readers
of the RECORD would be appreciated for inclusion in the book. -
Julius Grigore, Jr., Captain, USNR, 220 Avenue des Parque, North,
Venice, Florida 33595.

Eugene E. Hamlin, Jr., Chief of Admeasurement, retires
after 34 years of service. Measurement, tolls, ballast, cargo,
transits were a part of the ship talk vocabulary that Eugene
E. Hamlin, Jr., learned as a very young child when his father
was Admeasurer at Balboa. They later became the essence of his
Canal Career. Mr. Hamlin, who has been Director of
Admeasurements since 1962, is a member of a well-known Canal
Zone family. His grandfather was a construction-day worker and
later his father and his mother were Canal Employees. There has
been a member of his father's or his mother's family working for
the Canal organization for the past 70 years. He is the last to go.
Mr. Hamlin has been on the board of management of the
Cristobal YMCA and served for many years on the Selective
Service Board and was chairman of Local Board No. 2. He has
been an active member of the Gold Coast Orchid Society, the
Abou Saad Shrine and other Masonic Orders An avid
collector of coins and stamps, Mr. Hamlin helped to reorganize
the Cristobal Coin Club in 1962.
His wife, Kathryne Hamlin, teaches first grade at Fort
Gulick Elememtary School. The Hamlins plan to make their
retirement home in Carthage, North Carolina Box 577, Zip
28237. Condensed from THE PANAMA CANAL SPILLWAY.


A number of interesting, satisfying jobs are being offered to
retired Civil Service employes, especially those with experience
in industrial activities.
All the jobs involve temporary duty (TAD) in the Western
Pacific Area, including Vietnam, from six months to a year,
according to Philip T. S. Ho, Director of the Naval Ships Systems
Command Management Office, Western Pacific Area.
Salary would be based on current scale for the grade/step
that the employee retired at and would include 25% differential,
plus $22 per day per diem minus his current annuity. Terms of
service would be for at least six months.
Retired Panama Canal Employees with the following, or
similar experience will be considered for current vacancies:
Facilities Engineer, Electrical Engineer (Shore Power Plants &
Distribution Systems), Management Analysis, Naval Architects,
General Engineer, Production or Industrial Specialists (Piping,
Machinery, Hull and Electrical), Electrical Engineer (Shipboard),
Electronics Engineer (Shipboard), Maintenance Specialist (Public
Works type), accounting or Fiscal Specialist.
Acceptance would result in noteworthy contribution in
assisting the various Southeast Asian navies to attain logistic
support capability. If interested, airmail a current Personnel
Qualifications Statement (SF-171) to: Mr. Philip T. S. Ho (Code
2141), Director, Naval Ship Systems Command, Management
Office, Western Pacific Area, Box 400, FPO San Francisco, 96610,
Office Telephone number: 474-4179/474-6191.

Edward W. Scott, Jr., a former employee of the Panama
Canal organization, has received the 1974 William A. Jump
Award, one of the highest honors that can be bestowed upon an
employee of the Federal Government.
Born in Panama City in May, 1938, Mr. Scott was employed
in the Personnel Bureau in 1962 and was Staff Assistant to the
Personnel Director in 1966 when he transferred to the Center for
the Internal Revenue Service, Detroit. He is presently the
Associate Deputy Commissioner for Planning and Evaluation,
U. S. Immigration and Naturalization, Washington, D. C.
The William A. Jump Award is presented annually in
recognition of outstanding service in the field of public
administration, and for notable contributions in this field to the
efficiency and quality of the public service .
The Panama Canal Spillway, May, 1974

St. Petersburg, Florida
March 19, 1974

Mr. Eugene I. Askew
Chairman, Executive Committee
The Panama Canal Society of Florida, Inc.
St. Petersburg, Florida

Dear Mr. Askew:

Your appointed audit committee has completed its examination of the books
and accounts of the Panama Canal Society for the period January 1 through Dec-
ember 31, 1973. The results of that audit is presented herewith in the form
of a single combined statement showing beginning fund balances, receipts and
expenditures during the year and fund balances as of December 31, 1973 for both
the regular operations of the Society and the Blood Bank.

Your committee would like to call your attention to what appears to be an
unusual excess of receipts over costs of the annual reunion. In previous
years the December issue of the Canal Record contained application forms for
advance reservations for the annual reunion luncheon. This resulted in but
minimal receipts during December but in 1973 the September issue of the Canal
Record contained application forms for advance reservations with the results
that by December 31, the end of the accounting year, most of the receipts for
the January 1974 annual reunion were already received. Hereafter, if the same
procedure is followed, receipts and expenditures should level out so that there
will be no great ex,.ess of receipts over costs, and hopefully, no excess costs
over receipts. This means, of course, that receipts will be realized in one
year (as has been the case in the past but to a lesser degree) and luncheon
costs will be paid in the following year but it should more or less equalize
in the long run.

All receipts for the year were deposited in either the Union Trust National
or Barnett banks and all disbursements were made therefrom by check, either
directly or by replenishment of petty cash funds maintained by the Secretary-
Treasurer and Recording Secretary. All fund balances were verified. Spot
checks as considered necessary under the circumstances were made from the Cash
Receipts Register to individual Society membership Record Cards and all were
found to be in agreement. Similar spot checks were made from the Disbursement
Register to supplier's invoices and other debt advices and they were also found
to be in agreement.

The audit committee would like to take this opportunity to express its
appreciation to Mrs. Jean Mann, Secretary-Treasurer, for her cooperation during
the course of our audit and to commend her for maintaining an exceptionally
neat and accurate set of records and accounts.

Resp fully submitted,

th skew

Ralph ^. Frangioni

Daile D. Keigley
Chairman )

Statement of receipts, expenditures and fund balances for the period
January 1 through December 31, 1973

Fund balanes at January 1, 1973:
Regular operations-
Union Trust National Bank:
Checking account.................. ...................... 4,259.12
Certificate of Deposit No. 10,954.................... 3,000.00
Savings account ...................................... 500.21
Petty cash...................... ............. ......... 137.27 $ 7,896.60
Blood bank-
Barnett Bhnk:
Checking account....................... ... ....... .. 2,904.44
Certificate of Deposit No. 6,146................... 3,000.00 5,904.44

Total fund balances at January 1, 1973..................... 13,801.04

Dues ........................ ... ...... ... ............................ 12,060.50
Annual reunion (luncheon and reception tickets)..................... 2,609.50
Blood bank........... ............................................. 1,517.00
frterest on savings, regular operations............................ 185.51
Miscellaneous....... .................. ........................... 64.80

Total receipts............... ........................ ...... 16,437.31

Total available............................... ....................... 30,238.35

Salaries............................................................ 6,05C.00
Canal Record.......................................... ... .......... 5,449.60
Annual reunion (cost of meals, printing of luncheon tickets, etc.). 1,599.12
Taxes (Social Security and Unemployment Compensation)............... 714.80
Maintenance of blood bank.......................................... 720.00
Monthly meetings (hall rental, hospitality, etc.).................. 361.29
Postage............................................................. 357.86
Office (telephone, supplies, etc.).................................. 34 .25
Insurance, Injary Compensation..... ............ .................. 64.00
Miscella- eous ........................................................ 6 .73

Total expenditures............................... .............. 15,723.65

Fund balances at December 31, 1973:
Regular operatio.s-
Union Trust National Bank:
Checking account.................................... 4,938.79
Certificate of Deposit No. 10,954..................... 3,oc0.00
Savings account ....................................... 524.47

Petty cash .................. ......................... 150.00 8,613.26
Blood bank:
Barnett Bank-
Checking account...................... ............. 2,901.44
Certificate of Deposit No. 6,146 ..................... 3,000.00 5,901.44

Total fund balances at December 31, 1973............................. 14,514.70


The list of names and addresses of new members does not include members
who joined the Panama Canal Society of Florida, Inc. after May 1, 1974.
Brennan, Mr. Frank J ............................... Box 2676, Balboa
Brixon, Captain, and Mrs. Robin L. ................... ..... Box 78, Balboa
Burbine, Mr. and Thomas J. ........................... Box 1265, Cristobal
Cole, Mary Jane ................. ................. Box 155, Coco Solo
Doyle, Mr. James N .................... ............ Box 2269, Balboa
Erhart, Mr. and Mrs. Herman A. ............... ....... Box 3656, Balboa
Frank, Mr. and Mrs. Rupert A. ................. ........ Box 2523, Balboa
Graham, Dr. Mary V. ................... ......... Box 343, Balboa Heights
Haff, Capt. Daniel M. R. ....... ............ ...... Box 544, Balboa
Halvosa, Mr. and Mrs. William T., Jr ............... c/o Postmaster, Balboa
Office of the Comptroller, Panama Canal Co. Box "M", Balboa Heights
Orr, Mrs. Marguerite M ....... ...................... Box 1062, Balboa
Parker, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph N., Jr. ....................... Box 1852, Balboa
Richard, Martha E. ........................... Box 406, Balboa Heights
Sears, Mr. and Mrs. Earl W. ....... ........ ........ Box 1022, Balboa
Veno, Mrs. Irene L. .................................... Box 2845, Balboa
White, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene ........................ Box 1709, Balboa
McGriff, Mr. and Mrs. Everett C ........... 701 West Selma, Dothan 36301
Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Bennett ......... .311 So. Section St., Fairhope 36532

Glass, Mr. and Mrs. Karl D .................. Box 396, Diamond City 72644
Hallin, Mrs. Henry ........................... Box 342, Fayettesville 72701
Coleman, Mr. George W ................ 6424 W. 89th St. Los Angeles 90045
*Dolim, Lt. Col. and Mrs. Henry .... 9580 La Tijera Blvd., Los Angeles 90045
Hammond, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. .......2313-B Via Puerta, Laguna Hills 92653
Hooper, Mrs. Jackie ................. 12322 Country Lane, Santa Ana 92705
Beall, Mr. Donald H. ................... .. 406 Azeele Street, Tampa 33606
Campbell, Dr. and Mrs. William M. .......... 1470 Ridge Lane Circle South,
Dunedin 33528
Cusick, Mr. and Mrs. John J. 102 N.E. Brooklyn Ave., Port Charlotte 33952
Hayden, Mrs. Elizabeth ..... 7725 N. Kendall Dr., Apt. A-130, Miami 33156
Herman, Mr. and Mrs. Gene (Julie) ....... 1845 South Highland Ave., Bldg. 6,
Apt. 13, Clearwater 33516
Holcomb, Mrs. James J ......... 8360 N. Miami Ave., Apt. 110, Miami 33150
*Huddleston, Mrs. J. E. ................... Route 1, Box 518, Melrose 32666
Fabrega, Mrs. Marie S ............ 1455 Michigan Ave., Miami Beach 33139
Schack, Mrs. Grace S .............. 930 S.W. 2nd Ave., Apt. 4, Miami 33130
Strickland, Mr. and Mrs. William ..... 1307 127th Ave., Apt. T., Tampa 33612
Weigle, Mr. and Mrs. William E. Jr ........1506 Watrous Dr. Titusville 32780
Blaney, Ms. Polly .................. 718 15th Ave. E., Cordele 31015

Brinkley, Mr. Samuel D ..............111 West 157th St. South Holland 60473
Rice, Mr. and Mrs. Jon D. (Brenda Collins) .... 9305 Wenonga, Leawood 66206
Jarrell, Mrs. Emma L. ..... Prompt Succor Nursing Home, Prudhomme Lane,
Opelousas 70570

Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert H. ... 101 Pimlico Dr. Apt 22, Long Beach 39560
Miss Dova D. Antill ................................ Mindenmines 64769
Leonard, Mr. A. V. ........................... P.O. Box 948, McGill 89318
Redmond, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. B. ................... .. Box 182, Fallon 89406
Bradley, Mr. and Mrs. Harry C .........603 North Alameda, Las Cruces 88001
Mr. Isaac B. Williams .................... 436 Classon Ave., Brooklyn 11238
Zelnick, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest W. .. 414 Glenheath Drive, Hendersonville 28739
Morgan, Miss Lois ....................... 3265 Milstead Drive Toledo 43606
Zimmerman, Mr. Ken ....................... Route 1, Box 285, Dallas 97338
Nehring, Capt. and Mrs. William ............ 822 N. James St. Hazleton 18201
Husted, Mrs. Frances .................... 4308 Sentinel Ave., Midland 79701
Michaelis, Mr. and Mrs. John ..........101 Spanish Oak Lane, Kerrville 78028
Young, Mr. and Mrs. Frank ................3110 Wynford Dr., Fairfax 22030
Braun, Col. and Mrs. Gustav J. ..... 3104 Little Creek Lane, Alexandria 22309
Russon, Dr. and Mrs. George A ................. 1512 "J" SE, Auburn 98002
Walker, Mr. and Mrs. J. E ................... 1112 Grant, Bellingham 98225
Mr. Joseph Layne .............c/0 Helen Alleyne, Diamond Valley, St. Philip
Fuller, Mr. and Mrs. James ..........c/o Miss H. Pusey, 56 Paddington Terr.,
*Reinstated Kingston 6

Box 11566, St. Petersburg, Florida 33733

I ............. .. ... .. ....... .......... hereby transmit my ANNUAL
MEMBERSHIP dues of $5.00 in the Panama Canal Society of Florida, Inc. for the year
(Please return this bill with remittance.)
N a m e .. ......................... ..... .. ... ....... .... .... .......... .. ...... ........ .
Street ........... ..................................... ............... B ox..............
City ................................... .......... State....... .... Zip Code............
Dues for ... ...... .;1974 ........... ;1975 ...........;1976 ...........;1977 ...........
Amount Enclosed $ ......................... Check .......... M .O........... Cash ..........

S street ... ......... ............................. ......... B ox ..............
(Ci ,v ................. ..... ...... ............... State............ Zip Code..... .....

Rtecoriled: Date ........................................ Card No...................
DUES $5.00 Per Year Per Family, January 1 to December 31,
Canal Zone send money orders unless check is on a State's bank.
Name should be exactly as you wish it to appear in the ANNUAL ISSUE -
Mr., Mr. and Mrs., Miss or Mrs.

November, and December. The Post Office WILL NOT forward your RECORDS.

Please check the fine print on the Application for Membership Form.Give
your name or names as you wish listed in the ANNUAL ISSUE.

Box 11566, St. Petersburg, Florida 33733

N am; e ........ .. ........ .. ... ..... .. .......... ........ .. .............. .. ........ .

Street ............ ................................ ............. B ox..............

City ....................... ............... State............ Zip Code............

[)ues for ... ......; 1971... ........ ; 1972............ ; 1973............; 1974............

Amount Enclosed $ ......................... Check.......... M.O........... Cash..........

N am e ... .. ........................................ .........
C ity ............................... ....... State. .......... Zip Code............

DUES: Adults $2.00 per year. Children under 18 $1.00 per year.

for Box 11566
Membership St. Petersburg, Florida 33733

I, ..a..................................... hereby apply for membership in the
Panama Canal Society of Florida, Inc., and enclose $5.00 as my ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP
dues for the year ................... $2.50 of this amount is for a Subscription to the CANAL
RECORD for one year.

Street.......................................... ................. Box................

N am e (W ife) ......................................................................

Street.................................. ............................... Box .............

City ............................................... State........ ... Zip Code...........

D division Em played .. ..................................................................

Recom m ended by ...................................................................

Approved by ........................................ ............... Date.............

Amount Enclosed $........................ Check.......... M.O........... Cash..........
Canal Zone send money order unless check is on a State's bank.
On your application give name as you wish it to appear in the ANNUAL ISSUE -
Mr., 'Mr. and Mrs., Miss or Mrs.


Residents of Box 11566, St. Petersburg, Florida 33733
Florida Only

N am e ..... ............................................................................
Address.......................... ........................... Box................
City ................. .............................. State............ Zip Code............
Telephone ...................................................................................
N am e ..... ............................................................................
Address................................... ...... ................ Box ............. B.
City ............................................... State............ Zip Code...........

Amount Enclosed $ .......................... Check ......... M.O........... Cash..........
Avoroved by ................... .............................. Guard date..............
DUES: Adults $2.00 per year. Children under 18 $1.00 per year.

Mr. and Mrs. Randall C. Smith, Chesterton,
Indiana (See Wedding Announcements)


Seated: Mr. John Hall, Mr. Carl Starke
Standing: Mrs. Virginia Starke, Mrs. Madge Hall -
all from Sarasota, Florida


Mr. and Mrs. James C. Cross, Seymour, Indiana

Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Cheeseman,
Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Cheeseman,

Brea, California


Mrs. Olive (Beil) Wigginton, Pinellas Park,
Florida, Mr. William Beil, Pinellas Park, Florida;
Standing: Mrs. Helen Beil, St. Petersburg, Fla.

F t

Party for Gladys Brayton in San Diego,
California, November, 1973.
Standing: Jean De la Pena, Ollie Hearn,
Gene Corrigan, Mildred Genis, Dorothy
Cotton, Catsy Schafer, Sybil Tucker
Seated: Nancy Cotton Horner, Gladys Bray-
ton, Aunt Lulu Lumby, Iris Days and Ann

Representatives from Balboa Police Station: Andy Kapinos,
Aiken, South Carolina; James Catron, Aiken, South Carolina;
Dave Searle, Englewood, Florida; Andy Anderson, St. Peters-
burg, Florida; Norman K. Anderson, Portales, New Mexico

Panama Canal Society of Florida, Inc.
P. O. Box 11566
St. Petesburg, Florida 33733

2nd Class Postage
at St. Petersburg,
Florida Post Office




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