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Panama Canal Society of Florida
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Left to right:
Vice-President-Macon A. Turner--Florida
President-Troy Hayes-Florida
Ex. Rep. J. Hardin Peterson-Florida.
Mr. Ralph Cutler-New York.
Photo-Courtesy of the St. Petersburg Times.

MARCH 1957


Mr. and Mrs. Leo Clements Lutz, Fla.
Mrs. Buford Cooper and son Lutz, Fla.
Dr. and Mrs. John Odom Dothan, Ala.
Mrs. Elta Cooper Lutz, Fla.

Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Hoffman
Rochester, N.Y.

Mrs. Elizabeth Tabor
Mr. Charles B. Bordt
Tampa, Fla.

Mr. and Mrs. Al Meigs
Tampa, Florida



Mr. and Mrs. Earl A. Kent
Pinecastle, Fla.

Mr. Robert R. Ross
Lowville. N.Y.

The Panama Canal Society of Florida
To preserve American Ideals and Canal Zone Friendships
Troy Hayes J. F. Warner
President Founder
Macon A. Turner F. A. Anderson
Vice-President TOE J. F. Bashner
Mrs. Lucille S. Judd W. H. Butler
Secretary-Treas. H. H. Hudson
SHarry J. Lewis
Mrs. Burt W. Hall Dan E. Wright
Recording Sec'y. o Counselors
E. M. Kieswetter James Bradley
News Editor Sergeant-at-Arms
Lee Burns
January 16, 1957
WHEREAS, the Panama Canal situation has been dangerously sim-
mering for over ten years without constructive results; and
WHEREAS, the inadequacy of the Panama Canal to meet increasing
traffic requirements has become more and more acute and the absolute
need for a speedy determination of the overall subject is of the most
vital importance; and
WHEREAS, there is developing a determined movement to force the
Congress into authorizing a sea-level canal and to which radical change
practically all engineers familiar with local Canal Zone conditions are
unalterably opposed as a dangerous and costly experiment not warranted
or supported by experience gained over forty-two years of Panama Canal
operation and maintenance: therefore
BE IT RESOLVED by the Panama Canal Society of Florida at its
Annual Reunion at St. Petersburg, January 15- 16, 1957, as follows:
1. That the Society respectfully and most earnestly urges the Con-
gress of the United States to enact, without further delay, legislation
providing for the creation of an independent Interoceanic Canals Com-
mission to study and review all the problems involved in the matter of
increased capacity for the Canal, with recommendations in the premises.
2. That copies of this resolution be furnished the press and the
members of Congress.
3. That copies of this resolution also be furnished each of the
twenty-four hundred former members of the original canal construction
force now comprising the membership of the Panama Canal Societies
located throughout the United States, with the request that these mem-
bers utilize every opportunity to support in the public press and through
their congressional representatives the action recommended in this reso-
lution. TROY HAYES, President


The 85th Congress, with its many new members elected last November,
convened January 3, 1957.
You will recall that the last Congress enacted some legislation to im-
prove the economic status of those Civil Service employees who would
retire after the enactment of that new legislation. Now established as
Public Law 854, which became effective, with new formulas for comput-
ing more liberal retirement annuities, after October 1, 1956. This enact-
ment provided that those retired prior to this date and their survivors
"shall continue in the same manner and to the same extent as if this
(law) had not been enacted".
There are indications that many members of the new 85th Congress are
now concerned with the deteriorated economic situation confronting those
Civil Service Annuitants and their survivors who retired before October
1, 1956 and who were not benefited by the above legislation.
H.R. 4, a bill introduced by Hon. James H. Morrison (La.), a member
of the House Committee on Post Office and Civil Service, proposes to
improve the economic status of those Civil Servants who retired prior to,
and who were already on the retirement rolls as of October 1, 1956.
A companion bill, S. 72 has been introduced in the Senate by Hon.
Frank Carlson (Kan.) who is a member of the Senate Committee on
P.O. & CS. Hon. William C. Cramer (Fla.) has also introduced a com-
panion bill H.R. 2421.
These bills are also supported by a long list of similar bills introduced
by many other members of The Congress. These bills propose to increase
the annuity benefits of those who were already on the retirement and
survivor rolls on a sliding schedule as follows:
For those who retired during the 12 month period ending October 1,
1956 the amount of annuity increase is to be 25 per cent of the first
$1500 of the present annuity plus 10 per cent of that amount of the
present annuity above $1500.
In applying the sliding schedule the percentage applicable to the first
$1500 of the present annuity increases one percentage point for each
full year of longer period the annuitant has been on the retirement rolls.
This figure reaches 29 per cent for those retiring during the 12 month
period ending October 1, 1952, and 30 per cent for all those retiring prior
to October 1, 1951. In all cases the 10 per cent applicable to the amount
of the present annuity in excess of $1500 remains at 10 per cent.
The above is also to be applicable to widows who are already on the

survivor retirement rolls. There will also be some increased benefit for
surviving children.
The.ceiling proposed for those benefits is that the amount of increase
shall not exceed $750.00 a year. The monthly installment of the resultant
total annuity is to be fixed at the nearest dollar.
These bills propose to eliminate that $4104 ceiling previously estab-
lished for increases in retirement annuities.
Widows of deceased employees or retirees with-20 years or more of
eligible service and who were married for at least 10 years prior to the
death of the employee or retiree, and who has not remarried, are to be
granted an annuity equal to one-half the amount of annuity the individual
was receiving or was entitled to receive, but not to exceed $750.00 a year.
The survivor's annuity to commence the first of the month following the
month in which application therefore is filed with the Civil Service Com-
mission, after the enactment of this proposed legislation.
Under the requirements of these bills the proposed increases in retire-
ment annuities are to be paid from the Retirement and Disability Fund
until July 1, 1960 and then discontinued unless The Congress makes suit-
able appropriation of funds for this specific purpose each following fiscal
S. 21, a bill introduced by Hon. Olin D. Johnston (S.C.), Chairman
of the Senate Committee on Post Office and Civil Service, also proposes
to increase the annuities of those civil servants who had retired prior to
October 1, 1956. A companion bill H.R. 607 has been introduced in the
House by Hon. James C. Davis (Ga.), who is a member of the House
Committee P.O. & C.S. Hon. A. S. Herlong, Jr. (Fla.) has also intro-
duced a companion bill, H.R. 218.
These bills are supported by a long list of similar bills sponsored by
many other members of The Congress. These bills propose to increase
the annuity benefits of those who retired and were on the Civil Service
retirement rolls prior to October 1, 1956.
The amount of the proposed annuity increase for those eligible is to
be computed as $200 plus $20 for each full two month period elapsing
from the date of retirement up to the time of enactment of this proposed
legislation. The ceiling for the amount of increase is $800 a year or 40
per cent of the individual's present annuity.
These bills also propose that the survivor of an employee who died
prior to October 1, 1956 who is on the annuity rolls at the time of enact-
ment of this legislation is to receive an increase of $200. Children cor-
respondingly entitled to a survivor's annuity will have their annuity

increased by $100 a year.
The widow of a retired employee who died prior to February 28, 1948
and who has not remarried is to be entitled to an annuity equal to half
the annuity of such deceased retiree but not to exceed $800 a year. This
proposed survivors benefit is to commence on the first of the month fol-
lowing the month in which an application therefore is filed with the Civil
Service Commission, following the enactment of this proposed legislation.
These bills require that the proposed increased retirement and survivor
benefits shall be payable only after The Congress has made suitable
appropriation of funds for this specific purpose.
All the above mentioned bills are supported by a large count of com-
panion bills as well as many others treating of closely associated matters.
We have lost the exact count but up to the time of this writing there were
close to 200 bills associated with various civil service subjects. This total
being divided about half and half for active and retired employees
To have this indication of concern and sponsorship in the early days
of a new Congress is rather encouraging. This, however, should not be
construed as any guarantee of final enactment. The situation is simply the
preparation of the stage setting for later consideration, and what final
results are attained depends to a great extent on how retirees express their
concern and interest to justify committee hearings, then favorable com-
mittee reports and final enactment on the floor of both houses. This is
the opportunity knocking at the door of all retirees to get busy and help
themselves by expressing their interest, concern and economic plight to
the Committeemen, to their Senators, and to their representatives.
The condensed data below will serve to list some bills in which Canalers
and Retirees will be interested but which are based entirely on titles and
indexing only as we have not had time to secure copies of the bills before
the printers deadline.
H. R. 536, John F. Baldwin, Jr., Calif., proposes to provide benefits
applicable to Canal Zone and other employees prior to April 1, 1948 to
Com. on P.O. & C. S.
H.R. 3500, Philip J. Philbin, Mass., proposes to amend Pan. Canal
Construction Service Act of May 29, 1944, by extending the class to whom
benefits may be paid. M. M. and F. Comm.
H.R. 3089, John F. Shelley, Calif., proposes retirement for Pan Canal
Pilots after 20 years of service. P.O. & C. S. Committee
S. 821, Hugh Scott, Pa., proposes to amend C.S. Ret. Act concerning
annuities for Pan Canal pilots P.O. & C.S. Committee.

H.R. 201, Usher L. Burdick, N. Dak., proposes to exempt C.S. Ret. an-
nuities from the income tax. Com. on Ways and Means.
Ways and Means Committee has pending several bills; H.R. 328, H.R.
515, H.R. 2382 and others proposing to increase the personal exemption
for income tax purposes from the present $600 up to $700, to $800 or
to $1000.
Post Office and Civil Service Committees have pending several bills;
S. 383; H.R. 401; H.R. 2376; H.R. 2406; H.R. 2832; H,R,3229; H,R,
3267 and others proposing civil service retirement after 30 years of


The House Committee on Post Office and Civil Service has pending
for its careful consideration a bill, H.R. 134, introduced by Hon. Thomas
B. Curtis (Mo.) which proposes to amend the Civil Service Retirement
Act to secure that benefit ($3 a month for each full year of service)
which was previously authorized in other acts for construction period
service in Panama and in Alaska for those eligible in point of service,
but who have been denied this benefit because they had transferred to and
finally retired from some other branch of the Federal service, but which
branch had no authority to include such construction service benefit when
computing retirement annuities. This is the subject in which H. A. Haag,
7369 Northmoor Drive, St. Louis 5, Mo., has been supporting and urging
in the last Congress.
Considering the very few who would benefit by the enactment of this
legislation, it seems unthinkable that the Committeemen or The Congress
could hold out the small amount of benefit from those who braved the
tropical and arctic conditions and hardships of those early construction
If these few Old Timers had just a little more service to make three
full years they would qualify under Public Law 319 for at least 40 per
cent of their construction period pay, as a continuing life time pension.
It seems so unreasonable to deny these few hardy Old Timers the addition
of three, possibly six dollars a month, not more, to their present retire-
ment annuities simply because they did not retire from the Panama or
Alaska service, but transferred to some other branch of the Federal ser-
vice to prolong their career in serving their country.

All Canalers are sentimentally interested in the future of their Canal,
which to many represents a life time career of association and effort,
some memorable hardships and health hazards, but all compensated for
by a great satisfaction of successful accomplishment.
The great project has been in successful operation now some 40 years.
The time has come, many think over-due, when careful consideration needs
to be given to some operational and traffic limitations which modern
maritime developments and advancement are bringing about.
More than a decade ago a start was made toward some improvement,
particularly involving the construction of additional larger locks to
accommodate larger vessels.
The advent of World War II interfered with continuing this third
locks project to its ultimate completion. This is no longer a good reason
for delay. Should this project be resumed of should some better plan
be developed and undertaken.
The problems involve many phases of engineering, construction, oper-
ational, national policy both domestic and international, governmental,
construction costs, tolls, diplomacy and practical business, all to be care-
fully and thoughtfully considered from a long-range view-point to meet
the future needs of modern maritime commerce and national defense.
In order to develop a proper solution to this many sided Canal prob-
lem will require the coordinated efforts of a group of open-minded un-
biased men representing the best of American talent in their respective
Since Hon. W. W. Bradley (Calif.) introduced H. R. 4833 in 1948,
many previous attempts, toward legislative enactment to investigate these
problems by The Congress have died a pigeon-hole death in committee.
These efforts are again being renewed in the new 85th Congress now in
its first session.
A bill, S. 611, introduced by Hon. Thomas E. Martin (Iowa) has been
introduced for the consideration of the Senate Committee on Interstate
and Foreign Commerce. A companion bill, H.R. 3258, has been intro-
duced by Hon. Clark W. Thompson (Texas) for the consideration of
the House Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries. A similar bill,
H.R. 4774 has been introduced by Hon. Daniel J. Flood (Pa.).
These bills propose to create an Interoceanic Canals Commission for
the purpose of conducting a comprehensive investigation and study of all
the problems involved or arising in connection with plans or proposals
for the future of the Panama Canal.

. Old Time Canalers have become disturbed and concerned with the
failure or delay to investigate and develop some reasonable and adequate
solution to the pending situation. With these circumstances in mind this
society, at.its 25th Anniversary Reunion in S. Petersburg, January 15-16,
1957, adopted the resolutions which are reproduced elsewhere in this
issue of our Canal Record.
In further reference to this Panama Canal situation there is an excel-
lent article in the Congressional Record, No. 9, for January 17, 1956,
Page 704 which discusses the principal phases of the subject of improv-
ing the limitations of the present Panama Canal.
The authors of this timely and interesting article are four Old Time
Canal Engineers of ability and distinction. Included are Edward C.
Sherman, designer of Gatun Spillway; E. Sydney Randolph, designing
and construction engineer, Division Engineer, Madden Dam Project, later
principal engineer; William R. McCann and William G. B. Thompson,
consulting engineers, both with outstanding records of ability and achieve-
ment in engineering and industry.
This masterful article in the Congressional Record is classed as MUST
READING not only for Old Time and Younger Canalers, but for all
American Taxpayers as well. You will find the Congressional Record at
your nearest Public Library.


The annual report of the Board of Directors of The Panama Canal
Company to the Secretary of the Army, who is the sole stockholder in
this corporation, suggests that the Gaillard (Culebra) Cut through the
continental divide be widened from its 300 foot present bottom width to
a proposed width of 500 feet.
This narrow channel with some rather sharp bends and the irregular
rocky shore line and rocky bottom now restricts ship movements and
makes navigation hazardous for large unwieldy ships. Particularly does
this apply to the modern super oil-tankers and large ore-carriers now
in use.
To minimize navigation hazards in handling these larger vessels they are
not permitted to meet or to pass oncoming vessels in Gaillard Cut. They
are handled in local canal parlance as "clear-cut" transits.
In effect this necessitates stopping the movement of vessels traveling
in the opposite direction, and holding them for the time period required
to clear the cut of all oncoming vessels, and that time required for the

"clear-cut" vessel to pass through the cut. This delays the normal ship
traffic on the average 2 to 3 hours, sometimes longer.
With the increasing modern trend toward larger vessels the need for
"clear-cut" operations has increased, and with the total traffic through
the canal on the increase, this "clear-cut" annoyance has developed to
have a real bearing on the ultimate ship carrying capacity of the Panama
Canal. Incidently, the month of December 1956 produced an all time high
record, when 761 sea-going vessels were passed through the Canal, ten
of which were Government vessels.
The need for "clear-cut" operation has increased from an average of
15 a month in 1946 to an average of 75 a month in fiscal 1956, that is
about five times as many in the ten year period. Some times averages are
very deceiving. During the month of May 1956, there were as many as
eight "clear-cut" transits in one day, while there were 103 such transits
for the month. During this month of May this situation resulted in 27
vessels that arrived for transit within the regular dispatching hours were
delayed overnight at anchorage.


National Civil Service Week, sponsored by the American Federation
of Government Employees has been observed January 13 through 19.
This observance each year serves to remind and to acquaint the Amer-
ican people of our Civil Service System and to familiarize all with the
competitive manner by which employees are selected for service with
their Government.
The Civil Service System has now been a reality for 74 years. It is
the MERIT system through which the Nation's two million active em-
ployees are hired and hold their jobs, strictly on a basis of ability. The
American taxpayer should keep informed on the application of this system
and promote and encourage its general application on a widening scale
in Governmental activities.
There have been many types of programs, for emphasizing this Civil
Service Week purpose. Mayors of many cities throughout the nation have
issued suitable proclamations. Senators and Representatives have extolled
the MERITS of the system in The Congress. Officials of the Civil Service
Commission as well as other Government officials have been featured
speakers or have otherwise cooperated in these annual anniversary pro-
The A.F.G.E. organizations throughout the country have held special

meetings, banquets, dinner-dances or other programs in many localities.
Throughout the land, newspaper articles, editorials, pictures, radio and
television and speaker's bureaus have served to bring this 74th anniver-
sary of the MERIT system to the attention of the busy citizen, all with
excellent results.
To name the many officials and others who were part of, and who
deserve mention in this grand effort is of course beyond the scope of this
Canal Record. However, we do fitting to mention that Harry Kranz
who in 1934 originated the idea of Civil Service Week, now retired Re-
gional Director of the system, was the principal speaker at a well attended
banquet at Oakland, California.

Senate Committee Finance

Harry Flood Byrd, Va., Chairman. Robert S. Kerr, Okla.; J. Allen
Frear, Jr., Del.; Russell B. Long, La.; George A. Smathers, Fla.; Clinton
P. Anderson, N. Mex.; Paul H. Douglas, Ill.; Albert Gore, Tenn.; Edward
Martin, Pa.; John J. Williams, Del.; Ralph E. Flanders, Vt.; George W.
Malone, Nev.; Frank Carlson, Kans.; Wallace F. Bennett, Utah; William
E. Jenner, Ind.

SENATE COMMITTEE Interstate and Foreign Commerce

Warren G. Magnuson, Wash., Chairman. John O. Pastore, R. I.; A. S.
Mike Monroney, Okla.; George A. Smathers, Fla.; Alan Bible, Nev.;
Strom Thurmond, S. C.; Frank J. Lausche, Ohio; William A. Blakely,
Texas; John W. Bricker, Ohio; Andrew F. Schoeppel, Kans.; John Mar-
shall Butler, Md.; Charles E. Potter, Mich.; William A. Purtell, Conn.;
Frederick G. Payne, Maine; Norris Cotton, N. H.

SENATE COMMITTEE Post Office and Civil Service

Olin D. Johnston, S. C., Chairman. A. S. Mike Monroney, Okla.;
Thomas C. Hennings, Jr., Mo.; W. Kerr Scott, N. C.; Richard L. Neu-
berger, Oreg.; Frank Church, Idaho; Joseph S. Clark, Jr., Pa.; Frank
Carlson, Kan.; William E. Jenner, Ind.; William Langer, N. Dak.;
Thomas E. Martin, Iowa.; Clifford P. Case, N. J.; Thurston B. Morton,

HOUSE COMMITTEE Merchant Marine & Fisheries

Herbert C. Bonner, N. C., Chairman. Frank W. Boykin, Ala.; Edward
A. Garmatz, Md.; Edward J. Robeson, Jr., Va.; Mrs. Leonore K. Sullivan,
Mo.; T. A. Thompson, La.; George P. Miller, Calif.; John C. Kluczynski,
Ill.; Herbert Zelenko, N. Y.; Frank M. Clark, Pa.; Thomas L. Ashley,
Ohio; John D. Dingell, Mich.; L. Mendel Rivers, S. C.; Torbert H.
MacDonald, Mass.; Alton Lennon, N. C.; Alfred E. Santangelo, N. Y.;
John Young, Texas; Thor C. Tollefson, Wash.; John J. Allen, Jr., Calif.;
Timothy P. Sheehan, Ill.; William K. Van Pelt, Wis.; John H. Ray, N. Y.;
William S. Mailliard, Calif.; Francis E. Dorn, N. Y.; Thomas M. Pelly,
Wash.; Elford A, Cederberg, Mich.; A. D. Baumhart, Jr., Ohio; H. R.
Gross, Iowa; Vincent J. Dellay, N. J.; William S. Curtin, Pa.; Robert
J. McIntosh, Mich.

HOUSE COMMITTEE Post Office and Civil Service

Tom Murray, Tenn., Chairman. James H. Morrison, La.; James C.
Davis, Ga.; John Lesinski, Jr., Mich.; Edward J. Robeson, Jr., Va.; Mrs.
Gracie Pfost, Idaho; Chet Holifield, Calif.; Mrs. Kathryn E. Granahan,
Pa.; Lindley G. Bechworth, Texas; Charles O. Porter, Ore.; Alfred E.
Santangelo, N. Y.; John Young, Texas; Robert W. Hemphill, S. C.; Ralph
J. Scott, N. C.; Edward H. Rees, Kan; Robert J. Corbett, Pa.; H. R.
Gross, Iowa; Mrs. Cecil M. Harden, Ind.; Albert W. Cretella, Conn.;
Joel T. Broyhill, Va.; Elford A. Cederberg, Mich.; August E. Johansen,
Mich.; Stuyvesant Wainwright, N. Y.; Glenn Cunningham, Neb.; David
S. Dennison, Jr., Ohio.


Jere Cooper, Tenn., Chairman. Wilber D. Mills, Ark.; Noble J. Gregory,
Ky.; Aime J. Forand, R. I.; Herman P. Ebergater, Pa.; Cecil R. King,
Calif.; Thomas J. O'Brien, Ill.; Hale Boggs, La.; Eugene J. Keogh, N. Y.;
Burr P. Harrison, Va.; Frank M. Karsten, Mo.; A. S. Herlong, Fla.;
Eugene J. McCarthy, Minn.; Frank Ikard, Tex; Thaddeus M. Machrowicz,
Mich.; Daniel A. Reed, N. Y.; Thomas A. Jenkins, Ohio; Richard M.
Simpson, Pa.; Robert W. Kean, N. J.; Noah M. Mason, Ill.; Hal Holmes,
Wash.; John W. Byrnes, Wis.; Antoni N. Sadlak, Conn.; Howard H.
Baker, Tenn.; Thomas B. Curtis, Mo.


The Hon. George A. Smathers The Hon. William C. Cramer
Senate Office Building House Office Building
Washington, D. C. Washington, D. C.
My Dear Senator Smathers: My Dear Mr. Cramer:


Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Dube of Ancon have announced the marriage of
their daughter, Marie Agnes to James Patrick Quinn, at the Sacred Heart
Chapel in Ancon, at a Nuptial Mass at nine o'clock on November 10.
The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Dube of Ancon,
CZ; her husband is the son of Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Quinn of Elizabeth,
New Jersey. In the absence of the groom's parents, Captain and Mrs.
David B. Hayes acted in their behalf.
The bride is a graduate of Balboa High School, class of '56 and the
groom attended the Thomas Jefferson High School, Elizabeth, New Jersey
prior to entering the Marine Corps.
The young couple left for a honeymoon trip to Santa Clara. They will
be leaving the Isthmus the middle of December to make their new home
in Quantico, Virginia where the groom will be stationed.

Mr. and Mrs. Llewellyn Zent announce the marriage of their daughter
Margaret to Howard R. Garner on November 10, in the Curundu Protes-
tant Chapel.

Mr. and Mrs. Pinckney H. Hogan who lived in the Zone until their re-
tirement from the Panama Canal Co. two years ago, announce the engage-
ment of their daughter Gay to Mr. Joe E. Barton of Dallas, Texas.
The Hogans now make their home in Sarasota, Florida.
Gay went through most of her schooldays in the Zone. She graduated
from Balboa High School, and later attended Texas State College for
Women and Auburn. She graduated from the latter.
Mr. Barton is a graduate of the U. S. Naval Academy.

A lovely candlelight ceremony was held at the First Baptist Church in
Balboa Heights at 6 p.m. Friday, December 21, for the wedding of Miss
Carrie May Shapersteen to Ronald Henderson Little. Pastor William H.
Beeby officiated during the double ring ceremony.
The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eulie Marion Bennett of

Los Rios, and the groom's parents are Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bruce Little
of Lyons, Georgia.
Carrie May Sharpensteen Little was born in the Canal Zone, graduated
from Balboa High School, and attended Canal Zone Junior College. Her
husband, R6nald Little, was stationed at Quarry Heights until his dis-
charge. He is at present in his senior year at Valdosta State College in
Georgia, where he is majoring in History and Business Administration.
The couple will be at home in Valdosta, Georgia, after New Year's.

Miss Rachel Ann Strickland, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Strickland
of Balboa, became the bride of James Edward Mobley of Quarry Heights
at an afternoon ceremony at Balboa Church of Christ, December 30.
The bride graduated from Balboa High School in '56.
The bridegroom graduated from Hinds Junior College, Raymond, Miss.
in 1953.
The couple spent their honeymoon at Santa Clara.

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Dillon of Gamboa wish to announce the engage-
ment of their daughter Mary Agnes, to Mr. John James Connard, son of
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Connard of Diablo Heights.
Miss Dillon recently graduated from Roosevelt Hospital School of
Nursing in New York City. She is a graduate of Balboa High School
Class of 1953.
Mr. Connard is a graduate of the University of the State of New York,
New York State Maritime College, Class of 1955, and also a graduate
of Balboa High School, Class of 1950. At the present time he is employed
by Grace Line Shipping Company.
No date has been set for the wedding.

Miss Eileen Bleakley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Bleakley of
Gamboa, was married Nov. 3 to Jack Randall Swisher, at the home of his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Swisher, of South Charleston, West Virginia,
the Rev. W. W. Thite officiated.
Young Mrs. Swisher is a graduate of Balboa High School,class of '53
and Charleston General Hospital School of Nursing, class of '56. Her
husband is a graduate of South Charleston High School, had two years
duty with the navy seabees, and is now a senior in the School of Civil
Engineering of Purdue University.
The young couple left afterward for a wedding trip to Indiana, where
they will reside at 508 South Twenty-first Street, Lafayette, Indiana.

Mr. and Mrs. N. Z. Stephens, of Falls Church, Virginia, former resi-

dents of Curundu Heights, Canal Zone, announce the engagement of their
daughter, Jennye Alyce to Mr. John Gibson Johnson, Jr., son of Mr. and
Mrs. John G. Johnson of Panama City.
Miss Stephens attended the University of Oklahoma for three years
where she was a member of the Kappa Alpha Theta social sorority. She
will graduate from the George Washington University in Washington,
D. C. with a B.A. Degree in business administration.
Mr. Johnson is attending the University of Maryland and is a member
of Sigma Alpha Epsilon social fraternity. He is majoring in economics
and air management in the school of business administration.
A June wedding is planned.

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Kariger of Los Rios, C. Z. announce the engagement
of their daughter Nancy Lee to Mr. Bremer Jorstad of Margarita, C. Z.,
son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jorstad of McIntosh, Minnesota.
Miss Kariger, a graduate of the Cristobal High School is a senior at
North West Missouri State College at Marysville, Missouri, where she is
majoring in both Business and Physical Education. She is a member of
Alpha Sigma Alpha, National Sorority for Women.
Mr. Jorstad is presently employed as Planner Estimator for the Indus-
trial Manager, 15th Naval District.
An August wedding in the Canal Zone is planned.

Capt. and Mrs. Ralph Curies of Balboa wish to announce the engage-
ment of their daughter Margaret to Mr. Billy Hayes Taylor, son of Mrs.
lone Hayes Taylor of Chocowinity, N. C., and the late Mr. J. A. Taylor.
Both Miss Curies and her fiance visited her parents for the Christ-
mas holidays.
Miss Curies attended Chowan College, Murfreesboro, N. C., where she
was a member of the Phi Lambda Pi Sorority. She is a former graduate
of Balboa High School. At present she is employed by the Daily News
at Jacksonville, N. C.
Mr. Taylor is a graduate of Chowan College, class of '56, and a former
graduate of Chocowinity High School. At present he is employed by the
Sun Journal at New Bern, N. C.

The engagement of Miss Mary Elizabeth Lewis, a graduate of Balboa
High School with the class of 1953, has been announced by her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Lewis, now of Pittsburgh, Penn.
The prospective bridegroom is George W. Kidder II, son of Dr. and
Mrs. George W. Kidder, of Amherst, Mass.

Miss Lewis is a Senior at Swathmore College. Mr. Kidder was gradu-
ated from Amherst College, where he was a member of Theta Xi Fra-
ternity. He is now doing graduate work in Biology at the University of
The wedding will take place in June.

Mrs. Gladys Gorriz of Panama and Mr. Glendall R. Lee of Curundu,
announce the engagement of their daughter Glenda to SP3 Harold H.
Migliozzi, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Migliozzi of Hamden, Connecticut.
Miss Lee graduated in 1955 from Balboa High School, Canal Zone.
She is presently employed at Headquarters Carribbean Air Command,
SP3 Migliozzi graduated in 1953 from Hamden High School, Con-
necticut. He is stationed with the 534th Military Police Company at Fort

Mr. and Mrs. Herman H. Keepers of Gatun, Canal Zone, announce the
betrothal of their daughter Shirley Anne to Dale Walter Taylor of Rod-
man, Canal Zone. Mr. Taylor is the son of Mr. and Mrs. John A. Taylor
of Gatun.
Miss Keepers was born and reared on the Canal Zone and was gradu-
ated from Cristobal High School in June 1956. She is enrolled as a
freshman in the Canal Zone Junior College in Balboa. Miss Keepers is
Worthy Advisor of Cristobal Assembly No. 2, order of the Rainbow for
Girls at Cristobal.
Mr. Taylor was born in Portland, Oregon and came to the Isthmus
when he was 8 years old. He attended Cristobal High School. At the
present time he is a member of the United States Navy and is assigned
to the S.S. Paiute, ATF 159. No date has been set for the wedding.

Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Jennison of Balboa announced the engagement of
their daughter Jane to Mr. George E. Abernathy, son of Mr. and Mrs.
M. G. Abernathy of San Diego, Calif.
Miss Jennison comes from the University of California at Berkley, where
she is in her sophomore year.
Mr. Abernathy is finishing his course at Harvard Graduate School of
Business Administration at Boston.
A June wedding is planned.

Miss Ana Berta Franceschi, daughter of Mr. and Mrs Cristobal Fran-
ceschi of El Cangrejo became the bride of Mr. James Pescod. Mr. Pescod

is the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Harry Pescod, Mr. Harry Pescod was
a former manager of All-American Cables in Cristobal.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. O. Fischer of Diablo Heights announced the
engagement of their daughter Miss Jo Ann Adella Fischer to Mr. John
Randolph Boling, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Halbert Boling of Nash-
ville, Tennessee.

Mr. and Mrs. George G. Phelps, former residents of Gamboa, Canal
Zone, announce the marriage, Dec. 8, of their daughter, Judith, to Mr.
Robert Brown, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Brown of Pride, Louisiana.
The young newlyweds are now residing in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Robert Jones of Birmingham, Alabama announce
the engagement of Mrs. Jones sister, Miss Erin Maragem Branham of
Balboa to Mr. Paul Moser of Margarita.
Miss Branham is the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. James M. Bran-
ham of Anniston, Alabama.
Mr. Moser is the son of Mrs. William M. Moser of Pottsville, Penn.
and the late Mr. William M. Moser.
Both Miss Branham and Mr. Moser are employed by the Canal Zone
School's Division.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Cross of Gamboa announce the engagement
of their daughter, Katherine Jean, to Dr. William James Carson, Jr., son
of Mr. and Mrs. William J. Carson of Balboa.
Miss Cross is a graduate of Balboa High School and is now a senior
at the University of Maryland where she is a member of Kappa Kappa
Gamma Sorority.
Dr. Carson, also a graduate of Balboa High School, received his Doc-
tor of Veterinary Medicine degree at Oklahoma A&M College. While
there he was associated with Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, Alpha Psi Vet-
erinary Fraternity, American Veterinary Medical Association, Blue Key
Fraternity and Alpha Pi Mu Fraternity. He is presently a first lieutenant
in the Air Force and is stationed at Laughlin Air Force Base, Texas.
No date has been set for the wedding.

The First Baptist Church in Balboa Heights was the scene of a lovely
candlelight ceremony when Miss Mary Alice Hicks, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Robert H. Hicks of Balboa, became the bride of Mr. Kenneth Duane
Kelly of Coleman, Texas. Reverend William H. Beeby, Pastor, officiated
at the double ring ceremony.
Mrs. Kelly, who was born in the Canal Zone, graduated from Balboa

High School with the Class of 1953 and from West Suburban Hospital
School of Nursing, Oak Park, Illinois, in 1956, where she has been em-
ployed as a nurse for the past two months. Mr. Kelly is the son of Mr.
and Mrs. E. L. Kelly of Coleman, Texas. He was stationed in the Canal
Zone with the Armed Forces in 1954 and 1955 and is presently in his
senior year at Oklahoma Baptist University, Shawnee, Oklahoma.

Mr. and Mrs. Carter C. Curtis of Coco Solo, announce the marriage of
their daughter, Miss Joan Marie Curtis, to Lt. C. B. Caldwell. The wed-
ding took place in St. James Episcopal Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hammond of Miami announce the marriage of
their daughter, Miss Barbara Ann Hammond to Mr. John Anthony Sera-
fini. Mrs. Serafini is the granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Seeley
of Gamboa.

Miss Jacqueline Marie McCoy became the bride of Mr. Fred Arthur
Cotton at a double-ring candlelit ceremony at Curundu Protestant Church.
The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert McCoy of Curundu
The bridegroom, who is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Cotton of Bal-
boa, is a graduate of Balboa High School. He is in his senior year at
the University of Colorado.
The bride is in her senior year of training as a student nurse at Cali-
fornia Hospital in Los Angeles. She graduated from Balboa High School
in 1953.
The couple will make their home in Boulder, Colorado.

In a beautiful twilight ceremony at Ft. Amador Chapel, Miss Joan Van
Vliet became the bride of John B. Corliss, Jr.
The bride is the daughter of Mrs. Ruth Van Vliet of Diablo Heights
and the late Walter Van Vliet. Her husband is the son of Mr. and Mrs.
John B. Corliss, Sr., of Maitland, Florida, and formerly of the Canal Zone.
Following the ceremony, a reception was held at the Elks Club in Bal-
boa. The young couple then left for a honeymoon trip to Santa Clara,
planning to return about November 12.
The groom will return to duty at Norfolk, Virginia, and Mrs. Corliss
will follow in the near future.
The bride is a graduate of Balboa High School, class of '51, and she
has been employed as Accounting Clerk, Payroll branch, Ancon. Mr.
Corliss attended Balboa High, and graduated from the Gulf Coast Mili-
tary Academy, Gulfport, Mississippi. He is also a graduate of the C. Z.

Junior College. He is presently stationed aboard the U.S.S. Henley.
At St. Vincents Cocoli Church on January 15th, Father William Bald-
win united in marriage Miss Virginia Cunningham and Mr. William
Ellis Larson. Mrs. Larson is the daughter of Mrs. Virginia Cunningham
of Balboa and the late William F. Cunningham.


Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jordan are receiving congratulations on the
birth of their first child at the Coco Solo Hospital. The baby girl will
be named Kim Denise.
Maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Herbert K. Peterson of New
Cristobal and paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Thomas T. Jordan,
former Canal Zone residents now living in Mobile, Alabama.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Edward Ress of Lacona announce the birth of a
baby daughter at Gorgas Hospital. The baby has been named Laurene
Mrs. Ress is the former Miss Helen Hasemann of Balboa.
Maternal grandparents of the new girl are Mr. and Mrs. Louis Hase-
mann of Balboa. Paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ress of
Central City, Colorado.

News has just been received that a baby daughter was born at Gonzales
Clinic in David, to Dr. and Mrs. Carlos Pedreschi of Boquete. The baby
who will be named Laura, is the paternal granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Carlos Pedreschi, Sr., of Panama City. Her maternal grandparents are
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Axel Janson and her mother will be remembered by
her many friends as Brittmarie Janson.
Mr. & Mrs. Crede Calhoun of Panama City are the great grandparents.

Mr. and Mrs. George H. Weber of Eureka, California announce the
birth of their first child, a son, Dedrick Scott, on October 23rd. Mrs.
Weber is the former Connie Barnhard, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul
Barnhard of Pedro Miguel.

Mr. and Mrs. John Morton Thomson, Jr., announce the arrival of their
fourth child, Elaine Miriam, on September 9th at Gorgas Hospital. Mrs.
Thomson is the former Macel Goulet.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert DuVal announce the birth of their third child,
a baby girl, named Teresa Ann, born October 17th at Gorgas Hospital.

Mrs. DuVal is the daughter of the W. H. Calloways of St. Petersburg.
Mr. DuVal is the son of the Joe DuVals of Gorgona Beach. The DuVals
other children are Bobbie and Joey.

A son, Christopher John, was born in Camden, N. J. to Mr. and Mrs.
William Ross Newland. Christopher John is their second child and sec-
ond son.
Both Mr. and Mrs. Newland are well-known in the Canal Zone. Both
were born there and grew up on the Isthmus. Mrs. Newland is the former
Elaine Lombard, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Lombard, now of Toms
River, N. J. Mr. Newland is the son of Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Newland of

Lt. and Mrs. D. L. Aycock announce the birth of their third child, first
son, Brian David, born December 9. Mrs. Aycock is the former Miss
Barbara Curies of Balboa. The Aycocks are presently assigned to Connolly
Air Force Base, Waco, Texas.

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Davis of Detroit, Michigan, announce the birth
of their second child, James Willoughby Davis, Dec. 23. Mrs. Davis is
the former Ardis Willoughby of Gatun, Canal Zone.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Lester of Balboa became the proud parents
of a baby boy, Richard Edward, on New Year's Eve at 11:44 p. m. Young
Richard weighed in at Gorgas Hospital at seven pounds, nine ounces.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Ridge of Balboa announce the birth of twins,
a boy and a girl, at Gorgas Hospital. The Ridges have three other
The maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Wm. J. Redding of Wash-
ington, D. C. Paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. John E. Ridge of
Trenton, New Jersey.

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Strawbridge announce the arrival of a daugh-
ter, Leslie Margaret Strawbridge, on July 23, 1956. Mrs. Strawbridge is
the former Phyllis Birmbaumer.

Mr. and Mrs. George F. Nadeau of Balboa announce the birth of a son
at Gorgas Hospital.
The baby is their third child and first son. He weighed 8 and one-half

Mr. and Mrs. Milo Alexander announced the arrival of their third child,
a son, John Gibson Alexander, born Dec. 14 at San Fernando Clinic.

Maternal grandparents Mr. and Mrs. John G. Johnson of Panama; pater-
nal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Alexander, formerly of the
Canal Zone, now of Jacksonville, Florida.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Parker of Tallahassee, Florida, announce the
birth of their second child, a daughter, named Susan Elaine, on January
17, 1957. The maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Barton C. Wood-
ruff of Pinellas Park, Florida and the paternal grandparents are Mr. and
Mrs. William Brady of Melbourne, Florida.

Mr. and Mrs. Le Roy Leach of San Jose, California, announce the
arrival of their second child, a girl, Ann Marie, on November 27, 1956.
The Maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Kaufer of Margarita,
C. Z. and the paternal grandparents are Mrs. Julia Leach of Swamp-
scott, Mass. and the late R. W. Leach, former Canal Zone residents.
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Poznick, Jr. of Wenonah, N. J. announce the
birth of a son, John Gregory, on December 13, 1956. Mrs. Poznick is
the former Mary Ann McCoy, daughter of Almena and John McCoy of
Orlando, Florida.

Mr. and Mrs. William F. McIlhenny of Lake Jackson, Texas, announce
the arrival of a son, Timothy John. Maternal grandparents are Mr. and
Mrs. G. G. Alexander of Independence, Mo. Paternal grandparents are
Mr. and Mrs. I. F. McIlhenny of Diablo, Canal Zone.


Philip Arrieta, Division of Storehouses-14 yrs. 4 months, 25 days.
Edward Barlow, Locks Division--40 yrs., 9 months, 8 days.
Jerome Barras, Housing & Ground Division-31 years, 1 month, 17 days.
Daniel J. Considine, Gatun Locks Division, 26 yrs., 11 months.
Jerome F. Evans, Commissary Division-30 years, 1 month, 8 days.
John P. Fahnestock,Dredging Division--16 yrs., 7 months, 22 days.
Antonio Fernandez, Pacific Locks-21 yrs., 10 months, 27 days.
Gilbert H. Furey, Printing Plant-30 yrs., 4 months, 19 days.
Clifford M. Glenn, Maintenance Division-17 yrs., 10 days.
James E. Heady, Office of Comptroller-30 yrs., 5 months.
Capt. Walter H. Kuhrt, Navigation Division-29 yrs., 1 month, 24 days.
Capt. Lucien A. Skeels, Navigation Division-29 yrs., 10 months, 27 days.

Cleveland A. Schecker, Personnel Bureau-33 yrs., 2 months, 9 days.
Warren G. Schultz, Marine Bureau-29 yrs., 9 months, 20 days.
George W. Smith, Locks Division-14 yrs., 2 months, 3 days.
Marie Van Clief, Office of Comptroller-19 yrs., 8 months, 12 days.
Capt. Alan S. Wallace, Navigation Division- 32 yrs., 11 months, 15 days.
George D. Cockle, Commissary Supply Officer-32 yrs., 9 months, 14 days.
John J. Crawford, Maintenance Division-21 yrs., 5 months, 29 days.
Clarence D. Foiles, Division of Storehouses-21 yrs., 1 month, 27 days.
Dr. Ezra Hurwitz, Palo Seco Leprosarium-29 yrs., 1 month, 17 days.
Capt. Henry P. Kilcorse, Ferry Service-18 yrs., 5 months, 29 days.
Robert L. Miller, Locks Division-32 yrs., 6 months, 4 days.
Capt. Howarth V. Rowe, Navigation Division-29 yrs., 1 month, 27 days.
Raymond A. Taylor, Diablo Post Office-5 yrs., 8 months, 25 days.
Mrs. Anna D. Thomas, Communication Bureau-17 yrs. 6 months, 6 days.
Paul W. Colby, Engineering Division-12 yrs., 9 months, 29 days.
Vendrize E. Foster, Marine Bureau-22 yrs., 8 months, 26 days.
Gregory Gramlich, Dredging Division--44 years, 11 months, 15 days.
Mrs. Frances Horter, Accounting Division-15 yrs., 1 month, 18 days.
Arthur E. Jamison, Maintenance Division-30 yrs., 11 months, 25 days.
Mrs. Sallie F. McKeown, Marine Bureau-32 yrs., 8 months, 28 days.
Miss Ella L. Pease, Civil Affairs Bureau-27 years, 5 days.
Ralph F. Schnell, Executive Planning Staff-33 yrs., 3 months, 11 days.
Matthew Shannon, Maintenance Division-17 yrs., 7 months, 12 days.
Harry A. Stone, Civil Affairs Bureau-15 yrs., 9 months, 18 days.


Mary Goolsby Shivers of San Diego, Calif., writes that she has been
troubled with a stomach ulcer and recently suffered a cerebral hemor-
rhage. Her mother, Mrs. Lucy Goolsby has also been in poor health for
some time.

Mrs. A. L. Prather of Washington, D. C. has been recuperating from a
serious illness and regrets being unable to attend this year's reunion.

Mrs. Daniel B. Fitchett of Baltimore, Md. fell and broke her ankle in

two places. Her ankle will be in a cast for some time.
Rev. Raymond R. Gregory writes that Mrs. Gregory underwent two
operations in the hope of defeating Parkinson's disease. The operation
is a new one whereby alcohol is injected directly into the brain. It is
hoped that these operations will be of great benefit to her.
Mrs. Ramon Otto reports that Ramon has returned home from the hos-
pital and has regained some of his strength.
Mrs. Tom Jordan of Portland, Maine is gradually improving from a
serious operation. Tom writes she has a long hard road to go before
complete recovery.
Mr. Alfred Grubbs of Zyphyrhills, Florida has been ill in Tampa
Municipal Hospital.

W. N. Tomey of Sebring, Florida has not been well following a stroke
in 1950, and since then a heart attack.

Mrs. Ruth Nielsen, daughter of Mrs. Agnes Stewart of Tampa, Fla.,
was in Tampa General Hospital with a broken ankle in November.

Mrs. A. E. Meigs of Tampa, Florida was in St. Joseph's Hospital in
Tampa for surgery. Last report has it, she is doing nicely.

Mr. Alma White of Fort Walton Beach, Fla., old time Panama Railroad
conductor, has been ill for several months at his home.

Mr. Charles A. Brady of Hollywood, Calif. has returned to his home
following heart surgery. He has a long recuperative period ahead of him,
but expects that eventually he will be able to work again.

Mr. W. H. Butler of St. Petersburg, Florida underwent surgery at St.
Anthony's Hospital on January 12.

Miss Jeanette Christison of So. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, writes she
is having considerable trouble with her eyes and had to give up plans to
go south and escape the winter.

Harry E. Bissel, formerly with the Maintenance Division, Panama
Canal, has been discharged from St. Vincents Hospital in Los Angeles,
but is scheduled to re-enter in February for major surgery.

Mr. J. F. Bashner of St. Petersburg, Florida, was a patient in St. An-
thony's Hospital in January. He is reported as doing nicely.

Mrs. Charles Calvit of St. Petersburg is at hme after a short stay in
the hospital following a heart attack.

Capt. William Will of St. Petersburg and Great Meadows, New York,
is confined to crutches and a wheel chair. Capt. Will has a bad case of

Mrs. Burkhart, mother of Mrs. Elizabeth Hunt, of St. Petersburg, is
very ill following a stroke. Mrs. Burkhart is 89 years old.

Mrs. Margaret Peterson of Cristobal, C. Z. has been confined to crutches
and a wheel chair due to three broken bones in her left ankle.

The day after the reunion, John D. Wilson of Tampa, Florida, entered
the Tampa Hospital for surgery.


Cards of thanks and appreciation have been received from the

Mrs. Harriet B. Larson
Mrs. Adair L. Pease
Mrs. Archie Scott
Mrs. Burt Hall
Mrs. Myrtle Frey
Mrs. Fran Bradley
Mrs. E. I. Palmer and family
Mrs. Warren Love
Mrs. J. H. Schneider
Mrs. Kate M. Coffin
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Hummer

Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Jackson
Mrs. Irene Calvit
Mr. J. F. Bashner
Mrs. Agnes O'Donnell
Mrs. Thomas G. Shirley
Mrs. Alfred H. Mohr
Mr. W. A. Grubbs
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jordan.
Mrs. Alma A. Eppley
Mrs. Lena Long
Mrs. Marie M. Wulff


Mr. Alfred H. Mohr, 72, 4 Broadway Ct., died January 1, 1957 in a
local hospital following a short illness.
Born in Indianapolis, Ind., he went to Panama Canal Zone in 1909 as
an auditor for Panama Railroad Co. From 1920 until his retirement in
December, 1947, he served as collector of the Panama Canal.
Mr. Mohr served as an auditor with the War Dept. in France during
World War I.

He had lived in Orlando since 1947.
He was a member of Center Lodge in Indianapolis. In Panama he
was a member of York rite bodies, Abou Saad Shrine Temple, Royal
Order of Jesters and the Cross of Constantina. He was also member of
the Orlando Executives Club.
Surviving are his wife, Viola Christena Mohr; two daughters, Mrs.
Andrew M. MacDonald, Puerto Rico, and Miss Mary Mohr, Orlando; two
sisters, Mrs. Dan Howes, Jacksonville, and Mrs. Elsie Skillman, Panama;
and a brother, Millard Mohr, Indianapolis.

Word has been received of the death of Mrs. Charles J. Winquist, at
Los Angeles, Cal., Sunday, December 23.
Mrs. Winquist, age 85, was one of the old timers in the Canal Zone
having resided there from' 1909 until 1932 when her husband retired.
She is survived by three children, George W. Winquist, an employee
of Campania Panamena de Fuerza y Luz residing in Panama, Mrs. Mar-
tin A. Seiler and Karl E. Winquist, both residents of Los Angeles.

Capt. Wallace L. Headley, 66, husband of Ethel Booth Headley, died
November 2, 1956 in the Graybeal Nursing Home, Calvert, Maryland.
In addition to his wife, he is survived by three sisters, Mrs. William
Devine, Mrs. George Earl and Mrs. Earl Hackman, all of Philadelphia.
Before his retirement, Captain Headley worked for the Panama Rail-
road Steamship Company. During World War II, he served in the Army
Transportation Corps. Since retirement, he lived in Cherry Hill, Pa.

Clayton W. Diebold, formerly of "El Volcan" in Chiriqui Province,
Panama, passed away in the Sarasota (Fla.) Memorial Hospital Novem-
ber 1, following a lengthy illness.
Mr. Diebold, who was at one time manager of the Bocas division of
the United Fruit Company at Almirante, retired in 1952 and lived in the
Chiriqui Province until four years ago when he came to Florida.
A native of Marion, Ohio, Mr. Diebold is survived by his widow, Mrs.
Elizabeth Diebold of 1905 Siesta Drive, Sarasota; a step-son, Edgar A.
Decard, Marysville, Pa.; and one sister, Mrs. Minnie L. Metzler, Miami,

Joseph W. Coffin, former well known Atlantic side resident and em-
ployee of the Marine Bureau, died in York, Pennsylvania, following a
long illness. He was 76 years old.
A native of Providence, Rhode Island, Mr. Coffin came to the Isthmus
in 1910 and was employed as a clerk with the Panama Railroad Company.

In 1914 he was transferred to the Panama Canal, as a clerk with the Com-
misssry Division. From 1918 up to the time of his retirement, he worked
as a dispatcher and later as chief clerk with the Marine Division in
In addition to his wife, he is survived by two sons, Joseph W. Coffin,
Jr., a member of the Cristobal Fire Division, and James, who resides in

News of the death of Mrs. William E. R. Covell, wife of a former Assist-
ant Engineer of Maintenance for the Panama Canal, has been received.
According to a clipping from a California newspaper, Mrs. Covel died
in Peralta Hospital in Oakland. She was 60 years old. Funeral services
were held in Oakland.
Mrs. Covell and her husband, now a retired Major General of the U. S.
Army Corps of Engineers, lived in the Canal Zone from 1933 through
1936 during the period he was assigned to duty there as Assistant Engin-
eer of Maintenance.
Mrs. Covell is survived by her husband, a son, Major Gilbert Geitner,
her parents, and two sisters, all living in the United States.

Word has been received by friends of the death of Charles Clark on
October 17th in the Veterans' Hospital in Long Beach, California.
Mr. Clark, who is survived by his wife, was a member of the Canal Zone
Police Force for 23 years prior to his retirement a few years ago. All but
a couple of years' service was on the Atlantic side.
Several retired Canal pilots and former employees of the Mechanical
Division attended the funeral on October 20th. Internment took place
in Long Beach.

Mrs. John H. Smith, whose late husband was Chief Clerk for the Pan-
ama Canal for many years, died in Washington, D. C. after a long illness.
She was 69 years old.
Mrs. Smith came to the Canal Zone during the construction period and
was a resident of Culebra, before the Canal was finished, and of Balboa
in later years. She had made her home in Washington since 1938, three
years after her husband's death.
She is survived by a daughter, Mrs. John Paul Keenan, of Washington,
and by two sons, John Robert Smith, Supervisor of Generation and Trans-
mission for the Electrical Division's Power Branch and Ralph E. Smith,
of Silver Springs, Maryland.

Mrs. Rosita Wallace, wife of John C. Wallace of Margarita, died in

Coco Solo Hospital following a long illness. She was 46 years old.
Born in San Jose, Costa Rica, Mrs, Wallace has been on the Isthmus
since she was married in 1939. For the past four years she has been living
on the Atlantic Side where her husband was employed as Manager of the
Camp Bierd Commissary.
In addition to her husband, she is survived by two young sons, John,
14, Robert, 10, and another son, Wilfred Acosta of Houston, Texas.

John T. O'Donnell, former employee in the Maintenance Division, died
in Philadelphia, Pa., according to news received. He was 65 years old.
Mr. O'Donnell retired from Canal service in 1953 after 26 years of
service. Since his retirement he has been making his home in Philadelphia.
In addition to his wife, he is survived by six sons and one daughter.
They are Paul, policeman with the Balboa district; James, an employee in
the Electrical Division; John, an employee in the Industrial Division;
Thomas, of Philadelphia; Robert, a resident of California; Daniel, who
is living in Ohio; and Mrs. Maria Crothier, of Philadelphia.

Col. John F. Aubrey, M.D., who was a Sanitary Inspector on the Isthmus
from 1907 to 1915 during the construction of the Panama Canal, died on
October 4, 1956, in the Veterans' Administration Hospital, 2650 Wiscon-
sin Ave., N. W., Washington 7, D. C. where he had been a patient from
July 26, 1956.
Dr. Aubrey, a native of San Antonio, Texas, was a medical student
there before interrupting his studies to accept appointment as a Sanitary
Inspector on the Isthmus. Shortly afer he returned to the United States
he completed his medical course at the University of Maryland in Balti-
more, Md., where he received his medical degree, following which he
practiced in Baltimore for many years, including service as surgeon for
the Maryland State Penitentiary. Col. Aubrey served in the U.S.A. Med-
ical Corps in both World Wars and was for a time before resuming pri-
vate practice, Asst. Chief Medical Officer of the Baltimore, Md. Regional
Office of the Veterans Administration. He is survived by his wife.

William Hall, 78, who worked on the construction of the Panama Canal,
died December 27th. Hall, who lived at 15235 N.E. 2nd Ave., Miami,
Fla., came here 20 years ago from Teaneck, N. J.
A retired factory oiler, he was a veteran of the Spanish-American War
and a member of the John J. Pershing Camp.
He leaves his wife, Addie Mae, Miami; a daughter, Mrs. Florence
Worescheck, Riverdale, N. J.; two sons, William E. Prospect, Bergfield,
N. Y. and Frank P., Riveredge, N. Y.; four grandchildren and one great


Catherine L Murphy, age 92, widow of Thomas C. Murphy, passed
away in a local hospital Tuesday, November 20. She resided at 245 26th
Avenue North, St. Petersburg, Fla., coming here ten years ago from Chi-
cago, Ill., Mrs. Murphy is survived by two sisters, Mrs. P. F. Maher of
Grand Rapids, Mich., and Mrs. C. D. Hummer of St. Petersburg, Fla.

George F. Wright, retired employee of the Mechanical Division, died in
Gorgas Hospital where he had been a patient since January 4. He was
91 years old.
Born in England, Mr. Wright was a naturalized United States citizen.
He was employed with the Isthmian Canal Commission in 1908 as a black-
smith and was transferred to the Canal Mechanical Division in 1914. All
of his service up to the time he retired in 1931 was with the same unit.
He was the oldest member, in point of years, of the Mutual Benefit
Association which he joined when it was organized in 1931.
Surviving him is his daughter, Mrs. Herbert E. Rothwell, of Los Rios,
with whom he made his home; another daughter, Mrs. Ezra Halderman
of Houston, Texas; one son, Lee, of Houston; several grandchildren and
great grandchildren.

W. L. Daniels, retired Army employee who was brought from his Santa
Clara home with a bullet wound in the head on Dec. 28, died in Gorgas
Hospital. He was 74 years old.
He came to the Canal Zone in 1907 to work as a timekeeper with the
Isthmian Canal Comission. In 1914 he was transferred to the Building
Division as a clerk and in 1921 was transferred again, this time to the
Marine Division.
He left the Panama Canal organization in 1926 to work for the Army.
Since his retirement in 1946 he has been living at Santa Clara.
Mr. Daniels is survived by a son, George V. Daniels, of Ancon, and a
daughter Mrs. Robert C. Asmussen, of Michigan, and by three grand-
children, living in the United States.

Edward A. Keeling, 205 Forney Ave., Hanover, Pa., died December
6, 1956 at his home. Mr. Keeling was employed on the Zone from 1905
to 1918. He was paymaster at the Cristobal office. He is survived by his
wife and a son.

News has been received of the death of John J. Hardigan, 70, on Octo-
ber 14, 1956. Mr. Hardigan was an employee on the Zone from 1914 to
1948. He is survived by his wife and two daughters, Doris and Inez


Mrs. Minnie Piper, wife of Lon W. Piper died October 28, 1956. Mr.
Piper was a locomotive engineer and they resided in Pedro Miguel and
Balboa, C. Z. Mrs. Piper died at Los Angeles, California. Mr. Piper
is the only survivor.

Mrs. Lilie Neely Davis, member of a well-known Canal Zone family
and widow of Herbert C. Davis, retired employee of the former Receiving
and Fordwarding Agency, died suddenly in Memphis, Tennessee. She
was 53 years old.
Mrs. Davis came to the Canal Zone in 1917, attended the Canal Zone
schools and married here. She left the Isthmus in 1942 when her husband
was retired.
She is survived by a son, Robert Mitchell Davis, of Memphis; and by
two daughters, Janet, of Memphis, and Mrs. Frank Bowman, Houston, Tex.
Members of her family still living in the Canal Zone are her mother,
Mrs. R. J. Neely, of Margarita, and three sisters: Mrs. Michael Greene, of
Margarita; Mrs. John Robert Smith, of Balboa, and Miss Mildred Neely
of Curundu.

Jefferson R. Robinette, Canal Zone customs inspector employed in Cris-
tobal, died suddenly at his home in New Cristobal. He was 51 years old.
A native of Coldwater, La., Mr. Robinette came to the Isthmus in 1935
as an employee of the Standard Fruit and Steamship Co. in Cristobal.
He joined the Canal organization in 1942 as a customs guard and was
made a customs inspector in 1944.
He is survived by his wife, Florence, who is an employee of the Com-
missary Division and a son, Allen, who is attending school in Louisiana.

Word of the death of Herman E. Wulff, retired employee of the Mech-
anical Division, has been received. Death occurred at his home in Zephyr-
hills, Fla. Mr. Wulff was 69 years old.
A native of Danzig, Germany, he was a naturalized American citizen.
He came to the Canal Zone in July, 1929, as a coppersmith with the
Mechanical Division. Except for two brief periods when he was transfer-
red to the Constructing Quartermaster for special work, all of his employ-
ment was with the Mechanical Division. At the time of his retirement in
July, 1949 he was a leading man sheetmetal worker.
He is survived by his wife, one brother, and a nephew and niece in

Mrs. Lucy De Vore, one of the oldest residents of the Canal Zone, died

at Gorgas Hospital. She was 91 years old.
Mrs. De Vore came to the Canal Zone in 1947 after the death of her
husband in the United States and has made her home in Balboa with a
son, Jack B. De Vore, Sr.
She is also survived by another son, L. H. DeVore, of Gamboa and by
five grandchildren: W. H. De Vore of Los Rios, Sherman De Vore of
Alabama, Joseph Schmitt, of Central, Calif and Sharon and Jack De Vore,
Jr., of Balboa; and by three great-grandchildren.

News of the death of Frank Turman, formerly a plumbing inspector
of the Panama Canal Co., in Lorain, Ohio, has been received. He was
61 years old.
Mr. Turman, a native of Bridgeport, Conn., was first employed by the
Canal as a plumber in August 1940. He was promoted to plumbing in-
spector in 1947 and was employed in that capacity until his retirement
from service at the end of June 1953.
A son, Frank Jr., of Los Rios, is an employee in the Packing and Crating
Unit of the Maintenance Division. He left for the States to attend the
funeral services after receiving news of his father's death.
In addition to his son on the Isthmus, Mr. Turman is survived by his
wife, another son, and one daughter.

Luther L. Long, former marine dispatcher in Cristobal, died Dec. 6 in
Orlando, Fla. He was 63 years old.
Mr. Long suffered a heart attack several months ago and had been ill
for some time. His death occurred in an Orlando Hospital.
A well-known resident of the Atlantic side, Mr. Long was active in
many civic affairs and was a member of the Brazos Brook Golf Club.
He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Lena Long; a son Donald, of Orlando;
and a brother, Frank, who also was formerly employed by the Canal or-
ganization, and who now lives in Arizona.

News of the death of Harry Gannon, a veteran engineer of the Panama
Railroad who retired ten years ago, has been received. He was 71 years old.
Mr. Gannon's death occurred in Castile, N.Y., where he has made his
home for the past few years.
When he retired from service on the Isthmus in February 1945, he was
the oldest Panama Railroad engineer then in service and one of the old-
est employes in point of service in the Canal organization.
A native of Dillon, Mont., Mr. Gannon came to the Isthmus in May
1905, just one year after the United States began construction of the
Canal. He had continuous service from then until his retirement.

He is survived by two sons, Sinclair and Frank, both of whom reside
in the United States.

George C. Boynton, retired Panama Railroad conductor and well known
resident of the Canal Zone for many years, died December 13, 1956, in
Morgan Hill, Cal., where he and his family have been making their home.
He was 66 years old.
He is survived by his wife, Maria; four daughters, Niza, Rena, Myrna,
and Edna; and two sons, George, Jr., a senior student at San Jose College,
and Rudi, all of whom now live in the United States. In addition to
Darden, he also has another nephew, in the Canal Zone, Curtis B. Darden,
who is employed in the Customs Division.

Francis J. Moumblow, who retired from Canal service last August, died
in Mountclear, New Jersey, where he had gone to make his home. He was
57 years old.
At the time of retirement, Mr. Moumblow was Control House Super-
visor at Gatun Locks where he had been employed for over 25 years. A
native of South Peabody, Massachusetts, he came to the Isthmus in 1927
when he was employed as wireman in the Electrical Division.
During his residence in the Canal Zone, he and his wife, who died
about two years ago, took an active part in community activities on the
Atlantic side.
The Veterans of Foreign Wars Post at Gatun is named in honor of his
son, Lt. Garvyn M. Moumblow who was killed while serving in the U.S.
Air Force.
Mr. Moumblow is survived by one son, Keith, a senior student at Okla-
homa A. & M. University.

Mrs. Rosalie A. Mathews, wife of George F. Mathews, Supt. of Post
Office "A" in St. Petersburg, died Nov. 27, 1956, after a brief illness.
Mrs. Mathews was well known in the St. Petersburg area for her activities
in local church work. Besides her husband she is survived by her mother,
Mrs. Anna Cherbonneauz, five daughters, a son, and a sister.

Thomas J. Doran, 84, died recently at his home in New York. Mr.
Doran worked with the Canal organization from 1910 until his retire-
ment in 1934. During the Spanish-American War, he served aboard ves-
sels which carried troops to the Phillippines, and during World War II,
despite his age, he was a commander in the U. S. Navy, serving in three
invasions. He is survived by his wife, three sons, James of Diablo Heights,
C.Z., Thomas E. of California and Rev. Joseph of Alabama. Also three

daughters, Margaret and Mary of Long Island, New York, and Irene, now
living in Japan.

Ben B. Dumville, a former P.C. Locks employee died recently in Penn-
sylvania. He was on the Zone from 1909 to 1916. He is survived by his
widow; two sons, one daughter and five grandchildren.

Roy Wilson Eppley, 73, of S. Main St, Marysville, Pennsylvania, died
in a local hospital.
A retired car inspector for the Panama Railroad in Panama, he was a
member of the Chagres Lodge F&AM of Ancon, Canal Zone, and the
Modern Woodmen of America of Marysville.
He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Alma A. Eppley; a sister, Mrs. Annabel
Schrauder of Marysville; a brother, C. Max of Marysville, and several
nieces and nephews.

Miss Ella Pease, for many years a librarian on the staff of the Canal
Zone Library, died in Gorgas Hospital after a long illness. She was 56
years old.
A native of Linn Grove, Iowa, Miss Pease has been a resident of the
Canal Zone since 1929 when she was employed as a Library Assistant
at Balboa Heights. In addition to duty at the main library in Balboa,
she has worked in the various library branches in the Cnal Zone. For
several years she was in charge of the children's book section. She was
retired from active service at the end of November.
Surviving her are two sisters, Mrs. William E. Parks, of Grand Junc-
tion, Colorado, who was with her at the time of her death; and Miss
Thelma Pease, of Washington, Illinois.

Mrs. Fern Junia Cadegan died suddenly at the home of a friend in
Balboa. She was 65 years old.
Mrs. Cadegan was a civilian employee of the U. S. Navy at Rodman and
resided at Cocoli with her husband, William Cadegan. She has been a
resident of the Isthmus since 1941.

Word was received of the death of Henry S. Blair, former manager of
the United Fruit Co. in Bocas del Toro and the Chiriqui Land Company
in Puerto Armuelles.
For a time he was also UFCO. agent-representative in Panama City.

Charles L. Persons, well-known former resident of Panama who pio-
neered the travel agency business in the Republic, died suddenly in a
Miami, Fla., hotel as he was preparing to take a plane to Panama. His

wife was with him at the time of his death.
Mr. Persons, whose Persons Travel Bureau has been operating on the
Isthmus since 1920, was sitting in a chair in his hotel room when he was
stricken by a heart attack. He had suffered an attack two years ago, but
appeared to have recovered fully.
A one-time Panama Canal employee, Mr. Persons worked with the Isth-
mian Canal Commission as a clerk from 1906 until 1914 when he was
transferred to the Canal organization as a clerk in the Supply Bureau.
He resigned his position in 1920 and set up the Persons Travel Bureau
in Panama City. During the war years, when there was no tourist travel,
he worked with the U.S. Air Force at Rio Hato. He retired in 1944 and
with the resumption of tourist business, the Persons Bureau was taken
over by his son-in-law and daughter.
Since retiring, Mr. and Mrs. Persons have been making their home in
California and St. Petersburg, Florida.
They came to Panama in December of 1955 to celebrate their 50th
wedding anniversary.
He is survived by his wife Mildred; one daughter, Mrs. Shirley P.
Smith of Panama; and two grandchildren.

Chester C. Turck, former employee of the Pacific Locks, died in River-
side, California, after a long illness. He was 60 years old.
A native of Coudersport, Pennsylvania, he came to the Isthmus in 1923
and was employed for several months as a towing locomotive operator.
He returned to the Canal service in 1936 with the Locks Division and was
a tunnel operator a tthe time he left the service in August, 1951.
He was an active member of the Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks.
In addition to his wife, he is survived by three daughters; Mrs. Maurice
Kelleher, of Diablo Heights; Mrs. Hugh H. White and Mrs. McDuffie
Spivey, of Riverside; and one son, Chester C. Turck, Jr., also of Riverside.

Manuel Peter Arruda, 63-year-old American resident of Gamboa, died
suddenly at his home. He suffered a heart attack.
Mr. Arrunda retired as a machinist with the Mechanical Division in
1944. He had been in ill health for some time.
Surviving him are his wife, Mrs. Adela Arruda, and two daughters
who reside at Los Rios, Mrs. Emma Reynolds and Mrs. Elsie Blystone.

Mrs. Oscar R. Swanson of Fairhope, Ala., reports the death of her father
on December 2, 1956. He made his home with Mr. and Mrs. Swanson.

News has been received of the death of Mr. John Atkins, who made

his home in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Word has been received of the death, following a stroke, of Mr. Bert
R. Betz of Topeka, Kansas. He is survived by his wife and two sons,
Duane, a medical student, and Bert, Jr.

Mr. C. T. Jackson died recently at Gorgas Hospital. Mr. Jackson, an
old timer, retired in 1941. He is survived by his wife, one son of Balboa,
two daughters, Mrs. Aida Azcarraga, of North Carolina, and Mrs. Mary
Idedio of New Jersey.

News has been received from Mrs. W. W. Leighton of Sarasota, Florida
of the death of Mr. Leighton on January 12, 1957.

Mrs. Hazel B. Ames of Long Beach, California, died Saturday, January
5, 1957. She is survived by her son, A. H. Kingsbury, a daughter Mrs.
Dorothy Plummer, and a sister, Mrs. Mary Howe.

Word has been received of the death of W. Y., Howe in a Long Beach
Hospital. Mr. Howe, a former inspector on the Canal Lock gates, had
been ill for a long time.

Former U. S. Ambassador to Panama, Avra Melvin Warren, died sud-
denly January 23 in Dallas, Texas. Mr. Warren was in Panama for six
months, beginning March 21, 1944,

"They are out of the Chaos of the living,
The wreck and the debris of the years;
They have passed from the struggle and striving,
They have finished their goblet of tears;
They have ceased, one by one, from their labors,
So we clothed them in garments of rest-
And they entered the chamber of silence,
God do for them now what is best."


The Tivoli Guest House, now the oldest public building in use on the
Canal Zone, observed its fiftieth birthday in a grand manner, with a sal-
ute and a toast from its friends, old and new. The evenings program was
held Nov. 15, with hundreds of Zonians joining in the festivities. Many
officials from both sides of Fourth of July Avenue were present. Among

them, the President of Panama, Ernesto de la Guardia, Jr. and Senora
Mercedes Galindo de la Guardia. The principal guest of the evening was
the Hon. Maurice H. Thatcher and Mrs. Thatcher of the old Isthmian
Canal Commission. For Mr. Thatcher's account of his visit, see letter

Mrs. Lucille S. Judd December 5, 1956
3535 19th St., North,
St. Petersburg, Florida
My Dear Mrs. Judd:
Referring to recent visit of Mrs. Thatcher and myself to the Isthmus of
Panama, I may say that we returned to New York on the 23rd ult. on the
Panama liner, "Cristobal". We made the trip both ways on this ship and
found it very delightful, indeed. We were accorded every possible court-
esy by the Master, Capt. Charles L. Foly (a fellow Kentuckian), and
his efficient crew.
Gov. William E. Potter had invited us to come as guests of the Canal
Zone Government, and with myself as guest of honor and principal
speaker at the formal celebration on the evening of the 15th ult., for the
50th anniversary of the opening of the Tivoli Hotel for public use. On
the Isthmus, also, every possible courtesy was accorded us. On arrival at
Cristobal on the 14th ult. we found awaiting us Lt. Gov. Schull and Maj.
Smith, military aide to the Governor, together with automobile and chauf-
feur. Accompanied by Maj Smith, we drove over the Boyd-Roosevelt
Highway via Madden Dam and thence to Panama City and Ancon. Dur-
ing our Isthmian stay we were assigned to the Presidential Suite in the
Tivoli Hotel the suite which was occupied by President Teddy Roose-
velt in November, 1906.
On the evening of the 14th of November we were guests of the Isthmian
Historical Society-organized at my suggestion in the spring of 1954,
when Mrs. Thatcher and I were in attendance-also as guests-at the
dedication of the Goethals Memorial. I spoke to the Society at the in-
dicated meeting.
On the evening of November 16 we were guests of honor at a very in-
teresting and largely attended reception and buffet dinner in our honor,
given in the Fern Room of the Tivoli Hotel. It was attended by Zonians,
Panamanians, and military and naval personnel.
During the visit, Mrs. Thatcher and I also visited the Gorgas Memorial
Laboratory, and I was brought up to date on its activities. As you will
recall, I was the author in Congress of the legislation creating this insti-
tution and since I left Congress I have been vice president and general

counsel of the Gorgas Memorial Institute of Tropical and Preventive
Medicine, which supervises the work of the Laboratory.
Also, Mrs. Thatcher and I visited Arraijan, located at the end of the
Thatcher Highway, leading from the Thatcher Ferry at Balboa. We met
with the Alcade (Mayor), City Council, and school authorities of Arrai-
jan, and worked out an arrangement whereby the lot given me years ago
by the town of Arraijan as a token of gratitude for my work in bringing
about the enactment of legislation in Congress for the establishment of
the Ferry and building of the Highway could be utilized for playground
purposes for the children of the Arraijan section. As a result, a substan-
tial area has been dedicated in perpetuity for such playground purposes,
to bear the name of "Maurice H. Thatcher Children's Park." For years
I have wished to deed the lot back to the town for playground purposes,
but not until now has action been taken by the Arraijan authorities con-
summating the playground idea. The town now has about 2500 people
and since the establishment of the Thatcher Ferry and Highway many
nice homes have been built in the Arraijan section and the population has
greatly increased there.
Mrs. Thatcher and I also had a very pleasant visit of some length with
the new President of Panama, Hon. Ernesto de la Guardia, and his charm-
ing wife: this at the Presidencia, at Panama City, overlooking the sea.
The President and his wife had attended the celebration ceremonies of the
Anniversary occasion at the Tivoli on the evening of the 15th of Novem-
ber, along with the Governor of the Canal Zone and other officials of
the Zone Government and United States military and naval establishments.
After luncheon at the Tivoli on the 17th of November, we were driven
from Ancon over the Boyd-Roosevelt Highway, being accompanied by
Maj. Smith. We sailed on the "Cristobal" between 3:00 and 4:00 P. M.
that afternoon. Mrs. Thatcher was the recipient of orchids and lovely
flowers during our stay on the Isthmus-bringing some of the orchids
back with her to Washington, and through the benefit of ship refrigera-
tion was able to wear the orchids at dinner each evening on the return trip.
We stopped a few hours in Haiti on going and returning, and on reach-
ing Port au Prince on the return voyage we were met at the dock by the
car of the United States Ambassador, Roy T. Davis (onetime Minister to
Panama), and taken to the U. S. Embassy on the Heights, overlooking
Port au Prince; and there we spent a pleasant hour with Mr. and Mrs.
Davis, whom we have long known; and then accompanied by Mrs. Davis
we drove through the town, doing a little shopping and returning to the
I made some interesting movies in the course of the trip, including some

shots of San Salvador (or Watling) Island, which no doubt you and the
Captain have often seen-known as the first land discovered by Columbus
in 1492.

The extension of Panama City into suburban areas, as well as the lovely
residences, constitutes one of the most visible and pleasant changes I have
encountered on the Isthmus since my official tenure there years ago. Mrs.
Thatcher stood the voyage all right and also the time spent on the Isthmus.
We had a very busy schedule, which included our appearance on T. V.
at Ft. Clayton in the Canal Zone for a 15 minute period. To sum up the
matter of our visit, Mrs. Thatcher and I felt that we were, indeed, "king
and queen for a day." We shall be ever grateful to all those whose con-
sideration and courtesy made this possible.
I found among certain retired employees of the Canal and the Canal
Zone Government, both U. S. citizens and non-citizens now living in Pan-
ama, the feeling of grave disappointment and unrest because under new
agreements between the United States and Panama these retirees, after
the 1st of January 1957, will cease to have the benefit of the Canal Zone
commissary privileges. A number of these retirees spoke to me in this
connection, telling me that the loss of these privileges will mean a sub-
stantial increase in their living costs, and urged me to do what I could
to help them in the premises. I, indeed, sympathize with them and assured
them that if there was anything I could appropriately do I would be
glad to do it.

I enclose a copy of the printed program of the Tivoli celebration; and
in a few days I expect to have some photographs from the Isthmus, in-
cluding Canal Zone officials, Mrs. Thatcher and myself, and others. If
these photographs are not too long delayed in transmission, I will send
you one or two of them for possible use in the Canal Record, if the
Editor so desires. If any story of our trip is to be used in the Recordo the
information contained herein can furnish the facts from which the story
can be written.
Mrs. Thatcher joins me in cordial regards for yourself, Capt. Judd,
the officers and members of the Florida Society, including "The Editor
of the Canal Record." We also express the hope that all of you may
have a very pleasant Holiday season.

Sincerely yours,
Maurice H. Thatcher


More ocean going commercial vessels transited the Panama Canal in
December than in any other month in the Canal's history. The score of
751 was 24 more than the, previous high of 727 set in July 1955.

Following the closing of the Abattoir at Mt. Hope, all future purchases
of beef will be made at the abattoir in Panama. The loss of some 10,000
customers by the commissary the first of the year, made the Mt. Hope
abattoir operation impractical.

Former Canal Zone Labor leader William Hushing was a recent visitor
on the Zone. During his service on the Canal, Hushing often represented
the local C.L.U. and M.T.C. in legislative matters. Since he moved to
Washington where he has been in legislative work for the A.F.L.-C.I.O.,
he has continued to aid the employees of the canal when ever his help
has been requested.

The Panama Line Ship Cristobal and a Venezuelan vessel, collided
off Ambrose lightship in outer N.Y. harbor. The collision was not too
serious and there were no injuries. The Cristobal was enroute to N. Y.
with 145 passengers aboard.

The Panama Liner Panama will carry a new house flag soon, if the
American President Lines' offer of $5,704,000 is approved by the board
of the Panama Canal Co. The American President Line plans to use the
Panama in its trans Pacific service.

Lewis W. Wood, son of Mrs. Lillian W. Wood, has been nominated by
Gov. W. E. Potter, as principal candidate from the Canal Zone to the
U. S. Military Academy at West Point. Robert B. Hamilton, James L.
Doran, and Gerald A. Durgee were named as first, second and third alter-
nates respectively. All are Balboa High Seniors.

Dr. Ezra Hurwitz, for the past 28 years, Supt. of the Palo Seco Lepro-
sarium, retired recently and was reemployed under special authority and
will remain in his post as Superintendent. His work at the Leprosarium,
was officially recognized five years ago, by the Panama Government, when
he was awarded the Order of Vasco Nunez de Balboa in the grade of
Comendador. The following petition to the Governor of the Canal Zone
was signed by the patients at Palo Seco asking the reemployment of Dr.
Hurtwitz as Superintendent after his retirement:
"Those of us who live and suffer here are of many nationalities, but

the same fate has brought us together, the same sorrow, that of being far
from our loved ones whom we may see only on certain occasions, but we
may not enjoy the warmth of their permanent company, nor the joys of
a home.
"We are a great family, nevertheless, united by the same bonds of
sorrow, and among many, with their trust in the merciful Lord.
"In the absence of our loved ones parents, brothers, wives God's
infinite goodness has given us two human beings who are all these things
to us. They are angels on earth who console us while at the same time
they do what is possible to cure us. But, if they cannot cure us physi-
cally because science has yet to invent a cure, we can say that their
treatment of us with their words of kindness day and night make our
existence more bearable.
"We refer to Dr. Ezra Hurwitz and his wife, Aida de Castro Hurwitz.
They dedicated themselves to us while still very young. Instead of leav-
ing for other more pleasant places as they had a right to do, they chose
to stay in this 'Town of Pain' in order to live among us and assuage our
sorrows, dry our tears, and place a song of faith and hope in our des-
pondent hearts."

The sale of supplies to ships by the Commissary Division has been
terminated. The sale of supplies to ships in Canal waters, other than
U. S. Government vessels was suspended December 31 under the terms
of the 1955 treaty.
About 200 civilian employees of the Navy will lose their jobs at
Coco Solo Naval station as a result of a reduction in status. The
station is now on a partial maintenance basis.

Harry C. Egolf, Supervisory Housing Manager has been appointed by
Governor W. E. Potter, as the Canal Representative for the management
intern program in Washington, D. C. Selected as alternate candidate is
Elmer J. Nordstrom, Rates Analyst in the office of the Comptroller.

R. M. Lovelady has been selected President of Lodge 14, American
Federation of Government employees. H. C. Egolf, H. Gandy and C. F.
Genis were named as vice-presidents.

Fifteen Russian ships were to transit the canal in January. Four were
expected to arrive from the Pacific and eleven others were expected at
Cristobal enroute to the Pacific.

Employees of U. S. Govt. agencies who have retired and are living
in the Rep. of Panama have lost their commissary privileges. This means

that some 4000 or more Panamanians, U. S. citizens and nationals of
other countries will be affected.

The Ancon Post Office and Ancon Commissary, the Tivoli Commissary
and the Pacific Service Center are to be closed. The Ancon Post Office
and Commissary will continue in use and be reassigned to other Canal

The House Merchant Marine Committee has recommended the con-
tinued operation of the Paname Railroad, and suggested a number of
changes in operation, designed to eliminate its annual deficit. This
deficit was blamed on poor management. Gov. W. E. Potter said "So far
as I am concerned, those are my orders." Potter also said the Canal Co.
intends to develop business to make the railroad pay for itself. The House
Committees report contained several recommendations for eliminating the
railroad's deficit.

The freighter Edward Luckenbach was locked through the canal, Dec.
12, 1956 with the Canal's first billionth ton of cargo. Capt. R. A.
Curhart, master of the Luckenbach freighter received a framed scroll
from Gov. W. E. Potter. Dow Walker who was at the controls of the
first mule back in 1914, when the old S. S. Ancon made her first canal
transit, was again on the first mule as the guest of John Gallagher,
as the freighter moved into the locks with the canal's billionth ton of

It is reported that the zone malaria rate is the lowest in the history
of the Panama Canal. Only 9 employees contracted malaria during the
past year. The last death from malaria in the Canal Zone was a ten
months old child at Fort Gulick in July 1949.

All fisherman will be interested to read of a possible Worlds
Record Amberjack, a record number of Marlin caught in Panama Bay, a
four Marlin catch by a woman and the first known double marlin
strike to be. boated. Mrs. Jean Spencer caught four Marlin, the largest
of which weighed 553 lbs., on a ten day fishing trip aboard her husband's
boat "Ton Goose". Another member of the crew, Ben Harlorn, a visitor
from Miami, Fla., caught a 70 lb. Amberjack on a three thread line
(10 lb. test). The Seri owned by George B. Nickel came into port with
eleven Marlin flags flying for a ten day trip. Frank Violette and Sam
Moody boated a double Marlin strike. When two Marlin try to get the
bait at the same time it is known as a double strike. Old time Panama
fisherman do not know of any other occasion on which both fish have been

Violette's Marlin weighed 316 lbs. and Moody's, 223.

Canal dredges have started work in Cristobal harbor to deepen
five anchorages and create a turning and maneuvering area. Improvement
of the harbor is a four year project estimated to cost $2,475,000.

A top flight team of labor executives visited the Isthmus recently
headed by George Meany, A.F.L. C.I.O. president and David Dubinsky
of the garment worker's union. One idea topped all others brought out
by this team; better wages for workers on the Isthmus as essential for the
growth of healthy democratic countries. They also would like to see
labor unity on the Canal Zone.

An unofficial organization, the National Rivers and Harbors Congress
has recommended to the Congress of the United States that a sea level
canal be built at Panama. The group noted that nine years have passed
since the sea level project was reported to Congress.
Lights swung, walls creaked and pictures swayed as a mild quake
shook the Isthmus Nov. 1. The quake classified as intensity IV shook
the Zone for a period of seven minutes. The epicenter was estimated at
about 75 miles from Balboa.

President Ernesto de la Guardia, Jr., has revealed that the government
price control office is preparing to avert any possible increase in the price
of consumer goods after Jan. 1, 1957. At his first press conference since
taking office in October. President de la Guardia disclosed that the gov-
ernment was studying an offer by Nelson A. Rockefeller to invest $1,000,-
000 in a supermarket staffed by those Panamanian employees who lost
their jobs with the curtailment of the Zone commissary sales.

The administration of President de la Guardia has made is clear that
it had no interest in delaying the trial of the alleged assasins of the late
President Jose Antonio Remon. A communique issued to the press said
the administration has not and will not intervene in the trial and urged
the courts to do everything possible to hasten the date of the trial.

In a Christmas message to the people, President de la Guardia painted
a glowing picture for 1957. He said that next year the Panama Govern-
ment would provide work not only for those who lost their jobs as a
result of the new budget, but also for those who were out of work before
his administration started. The chief executive gave a breakdown of 6,000
jobs which will be available as a result of the Government's public works

project for 1957.
After an hour long meeting with acting Secretary of State Herbert
Hoover, Panama's Foreign Minister, Aguilina E. Boyd said he was assured
that the United States will press for Congressional approval of wage pro-
visions for C. Z. employees. The provisions for a single wage scale and
equal employment opportunity for Panamanian and United States work-
ers ars contained in the memorandum of understanding signed between
the two countries in 1955.
Antonio Manuel Arias, son of Dr. Harmodio Arias, was killed in a
plane crash in Nicaragua. The crash killed all 25 persons aboard includ-
ing another Panamanian, Rogelio Alvarez and his bride, daughter of the
Salvadorean Ambassador to Panama.

A monument honoring the memory of President Jose A. Remon, was
dedicated on the second anniversary of his assassination. The monument
is a 60 foot, three sided tower, surrounded by a Y shaped pool. On one
side of the tower is a bronze medallion of the slain President. The pool
is illuminated by underwater lights. A large throng turned out for the
dedication which was attended by President Ernesto de la Guardia.
President Eisenhower welcomed Ricardo Manuel Arias Espinosa, new
Ambassador from Panama and promised his full support for legislation
to implement the U.S.-Panama treaty and memorandum of understanding.

Covering the period from November 2, 1956 to February 1, 1957

Happy New Year to you all. The Reunion was grand-many visited
who had not seen each other for years, and you should have been there
to add your voice to the 500 that were chatting, laughing and listening.
Each year it is said that the Reunion is the best yet, and it must be so.
There were 233 for the luncheon and all expressed their opinion that it
was the best luncheon yet. So it must be true-233 just couldn't be wrong.
The Mayor, a good friend to us all, welcomed the group in his genial
way, and was accompanied by Mrs. Johnson who is always so sweet and
friendly. Ex-Representative J. Hardin Peterson gave a nice talk as did
Mr. Ralph Cutler who was accompanied by Mrs. Cutler. The Cutler's are
remaining here in St. Petersburg for some time and we do hope that the
sunshine will bring back the roses in their cheeks.
Many States were represented and to give you an idea as to how many
from different places were present-here we go-Canal Zone 7, Costa

Mr. Paul Curtis Arlington, Va.
Mrs. John H. Weller Clearwater, Fla.
Mr. and Mrs. G.C. McCullough,
Birmingham, Ala.

Mr. and Mrs. Crawley Walston St. Pete, Fla.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Russon --Cleveland, Ohio

Mrs. M.R. Alexander Jacksonville, Fla.
Mr. and Mrs. Roland Murwin Jacksonville, Fla.

c. 0

Mr. and Mrs. Milton fTeadwell Orlando, Fla.
Miss Alice Candee -- Bradenton, Fla.

Mrs. Bee Minnix -St. Petersburg, Fla.
Dr. Georgia Reynolds Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Dr. and Mrs. Sam Irwin Hendersonville, N.C.
Mr. and Mrs. F.M. Sawyer -- Hendersonville, N.C.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Behlen Ashville, N.C.
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Hollowell -- Hendersonville, N.C.

Dr. and Mrs. Jesse Lee Byrd, Sr.
Decatur, Georgia.

Mr. and Mrs. P.C. Hulsebasch
New Jersey and Florida.

Rioa 1, Alabama 4, Arkansas 4, California 1, Colorado 2, Delaware 1,
District of Columbia 2, Florida 301, Georgia 7, Illinois 3, Kentucky 2,
Maryland 5, Michigan 2, North Carolina 11, New Jersey 2, New York 9,
Oregon 2, Ohio 4, Pennsylvania 1, Rhode Island 2, South Carolina 2,
Tennessee 4, Texas 1, Vermont 1, and Virginia 3. I know that there were
others present who failed to register, but they were probably just visiting
and forgot.
We were sorry however that there were not more with us to celebrate
our 25th Anniversary. The Hotel baked us a beautiful birthday cake,
and it was delicious. Each was served a generous piece and I didn't see
any going back on the plates.
It was like old times to hear Cecil Banan sing the good old songs, and
Vivian Stutzman accompanied him in her usual gracious manner. Thanks
so very much to you both, and we will hope that you will be back again
next year to make us all happy.
I think we had better get down to business so--checks are again coming
in without the additional 10 cents for exchange (bank charge), Please
make your checks and money orders payable to THE PANAMA CANAL
SOCIETY OF FLORIDA-and for $3.10. CANAL ZONE members: If
you feel that you must send in a check-please make it for $3.45, to
cover the bank charge-or better still, send a money order-some are
sending $3.00 in bills and I haven't missed getting one so far.
Your letters are just wonderful and believe me we do appreciate them
so very much-if I have not written you long answers it is because I
have been swamped with mail and I didn't want to let anyone down.
May I also thank the many members for their cards of sympathy. I am
so very grateful to you all.
So far 930 have paid their 1957 dues-thank you so much-this kind
of cooperation helps a great deal. 19 have paid their 1958 dues and 3
have paid dues for 1959 and 1 for 1960. Cards are WHITE THIS YEAR
Your Secretary wishes to thank the membership for their gift from the
Society which was given at the Reunion business meeting.

Minutes of Regular Meeting Novemberl2, 1956
Tourist Center, St. Petersburg

About 100 members were present for the Society's regular meeting at
the Tourist Center, St. Petersburg.
Meeting was called to order at 2:00 P. M. by President Harry J. Lewis,
who requested all to rise and sing one verse of "America". Mrs. Stutzman
accompanied on the piano.

Invocation was offered by Chaplain Lee Burns.
The following officers were present:
President --__ -- Mr. Harry J. Lewis
Vice-President -----__. __ _Mr. Troy Hayes
Secretary-Treasurer ------.. Mrs. Lucille S. Judd
Recording Secretary ---.---- Mrs. Burt W. Hall
Mrs. Etta Conkerton acted as Receptionist, and introduced out-of-town
members, new members and visitors, who responded to the welcome;
among them:
Mr. Joseph Beaumont, of the New York Society
Mr. James Whitsett, returned from the North
Mr. Al. Pate, of the Canal Zone
Mr. Raymond Minnix, of LaPaz, Bolivia.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Neumann and grandson
Hannah Tappan, of New Jersey
Recording Secretary read minutes of regular picnic meeting, held
October 8th, at Lake Maggiore Park. President Lewis, hearing no correc-
tions or omissions, declared them approved.
President Lewis announced that the next regular meeting, and Christ-
mas Party, during which donations will be collected for the American
Legion Crippled Childrens' Home, will be held December 10th, at the
Tourist Center; time 2:00 P. M.
Special Interest: Secretary-Treasurer, Mrs. Judd, read many letters
received, made several announcements of interest to the membership.
On the Sick List:
Mrs. Frank H. Wolf, underwent surgery at Gorgas Hospital
Mrs. Charles G. Calvit suffered a heart attack
Mr. Herman E. Wulff, of Zephyrhills, Fla.
Mrs. Anna Miller, of Sioux Falls, S. D.
Mr. Warren Love, a patient in St .Anthony's Hospital
Mr. Charles A. Brady
Mrs. Ruth Neilson
Mrs. A. E. Meigs
Miss Jeanette D. Christison, of Alberta, Canada
Mr. Ramon Otto
Mr. Harry S. Hart
Mr. Matt Shannon
Mr. Alma White
The demise of the following was noted:
Mr. Burt W. Hall, of St. Petersburg, Florida

Col. Leander Larsen. of Lakeland, Florida
Mr. Frank Molther
Mrs. Morton
Mrs. Gertrude E. Henry
Committee Reports: Mr. J. F. Everett, Chairman of the Nominating
Committee, read his report; officers nominated for the year 1957, follow:
President ------- __--_ Mr. Troy Hayes
Vice President __ --- Capt. Macon A. Turner
Secretary-Treasurer ---- Mrs. Lucille S. Judd
Recording Secretary --- ---Mrs. Burt W. Hall
President Lewis said that election will be taken up at the regular busi-
ness meeting in January, 1957.
Mrs. Anna Bartlett, Chairman of the Christmas party, stated that she
had all arrangements made for baking of the cookies.
Legislation: Mr. W. L. Hersh spoke at length of the various bills to
be presented to the 85th Congress which will convene on January 3, 1957.
Mr. W. J. Bartlett told the meeting that the bill to be presented by the
National Association of Retired Civil Employees is included in "Retire-
ment Life" publication; also, that he had 6 extra copies of the bill, should
anyone present wish to see same.
Unfinished Business: None.
New Business: None.
There being no further business before the meeting, President Lewis
asked for a motion to adjourn: motion made, seconded and carried, and
meeting adjourned at 3:30 P. M.
Agnes V. Hall (Mrs. Burt W.)
Recording Secretary

Minutes of Regular Meeting December 10, 1956
Tourist Center St. Petersburg

About 110 members were present for the Society's regular meeting, and
Christmas party, at the Tourist Center, St. Petersburg.
Meeting was called to order at 2:30 P. M., by President Harry J. Lewis,
who requested all to rise and sing one verse of "America". Mrs. Stutzman
accompanied on the piano.
Invocation was offered by Chaplain Lee Burns.
The following officers were present:
President ----....---....... ----- ..... Mr. Harry J. Lewis

Vice-President ----- ----- ---Mr. Troy Hayes
Secretary-Treasurer .---------_- Mrs. Lucille S. Judd
Recording Secretary ---- Mrs. Burt W. Hall
Mrs. Etta Conkerton acted as Receptionist, and introduced out-of-town
members, new members and visitors, who responded to the welcome, a-
mong them:
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Evans, of the Canal Zone
Col. and Mrs. Dan Wright
Mr. Harry Groschup
Mrs. Henry Falk, of Diablo Heights, C. Z.
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Pender
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Hogle
Col. Robert Walker and wife
Mr. L. Klein
Mrs. Flora P. Staples (Ruth Page's sister-in-law)
Mr. Harry Nichols, of Panama City, R. P.
Mr. Otis Fuller
Capt. H. P. Forrest and wife
Sgt. Geo. and Sgt. E. J. Pierson, of Ft. Bragg, N. C., and Nancy
Jane Koch, of Barcelona, Spain, visiting their mother, Mrs.
Reva Starke
Recording Secretary read minutes of regular meeting held November
12th, at the Tourist Center, St. Petersburg. President Lewis, hearing no
corrections or omissions, declared them approved.
President Lewis announced that the next regular meeting would be held
at the Hotel Soreno on January 15th, 1957, and the following day the
Anniversary luncheon will take place at 1:30 P. M.
Special Interest: Mrs. Lucille Judd, our Secretary-Treasurer, read
many letters received, of interest to the membership, and made several
announcements. She mentioned several of our membership, who will spend
the Christmas holidays on the Canal Zone, among them, President Harry
J. Lewis.
On the sick list:
Mr. J. F. Bashner
Mrs. Henry H. Hudson
Mrs. Burkhardt (mother of Mrs. Bessie Hunt)
Mr. Charles A. Brady, home from the hospital
Mrs. Charles Calvit, home from the hospital, and doing nicely
Mrs. Al. Meigs, home from the hospital
Mrs. E. Jackson

Mr. Matt Shannon
Mr. Robert Erickson, brother of Ida Erickson
The demise of the following was noted:
Mr. Jos. W. Coffin
Mr. Warren Love
Mrs. Lily Neely Davis
Mr. Herman E. Wulff
Mr. E. I. Palmer
Mrs. Catherine Murphy
Mr. Luther Long
Mr. John J. Hardigan
Mrs. Minnie Piper
Col. Jonh F. Aubrey, M. D.
Mr. Thomas J. Doran
Mrs. John H. Smith
Mr. John T. O'Donnell
Mr. Clarence Ackerly
Committee Reports: Mrs. Anna Bartlett, Chairman of the Christmas
party thanked the ladies who furnished the home baked cookies, and that
Mr. Hersh, as usual, supplied the ice cream.
$165.25 was collected from the membership for the American Legion
Crippled Chidrens' Home, and a check for this amount was given to Mr.
Hersh for delivery to the home.
Mrs. Judd read three menus, supplied by the Soreno Hotel, for our An-
neversary Reunion, two of them cold and one a hot luncheon. Mrs Judd
read the menus twice, and asked for the choice of the members present.
Hand raising indicated the majority in favor of luncheon No. 3, a cold
luncheon, as follows:
Cream of Pea soup
Cold delicatessen plate
Chicken Salad
Baked Ham
Roast Turkey
Hard Boiled Egg
All nicely garnished with celefy, olives, pickles, tomato and crispy
potato chips, plus Soreno coffee and apple strudel pie.
Unfinished Business: None.
New Business: None.
There being no further business before the meeting, President Lewis

asked for a motion to adjourn; motion made by Mrs. Calloway, seconded
by Mr. H. V. Howard, and carried, and meeting adjourned at 3:45 P. M.
Agnes V. Hall (Mrs. Burt W.), Recording Sec'y.
After the meeting, the membership enjoyed delicious home baked cook-
ies and ice cream.

Minutes of the Annual Anniversary Reunion Business Meeting
of the Panama Canal Society of Florida, Held at the Soreno
Hotel, St. Petersburg, Fla., January 15, 1957

There were some 500 members gathered in the morning, renewing old
friendships and talking of old times on the Panama Canal.
Meeting was called to order at 2:20 P. M. by Vice President Troy
Hayes, President Harry J. Lewis being on a visit to the Canal Zone.
Vice President Hayes requested all to rise and sing one verse of
"America". Mrs. Stutzman accompanied on the piano.
Invocation was offered by Chaplain Lee Burns, who asked for one
minute of silent prayer in memory of departed members.
The following officers were present:
Vice-President -_..---- -....-. -...--..--- Mr. Troy Hayes
Secretary-Treasurer ...-......- Mrs. Lucille S. Judd
Recording Secretary --------_--._.. Mrs. Burt W. Hall
Acting President Troy Hayes extended a hearty welcome to all those
present, many of whom had come a considerable distance to attend this
Anniversary Reunion.
Recording Secretary read minutes of meeting and Christmas party held
December 10, 1956, at the Tourist Center. Acting President Hayes, hear-
ing no omissions or corrections, declared them approved.
Secretary-Treasurer, Mrs. Judd, read many letters received of interest
to the membership. She further stated that Christmas cards had been
mailed to all the sick and the aged, and several cards were received in
On the Sick List:
Mr. Ramon Otto, home from the hospital
Mrs. Fitchett met with an accident, injuring ankle
Rev. Gregory reports Mrs. Gregory in poor health
Mr. W. H. Butler, a Past President, has been operated on
Mrs. Laura Jordan has been very ill
Mr. Fred Lyons showing good progress
Mr. and Mrs. J. George Knecht were involved in an automobile
accident which prevented their attendance at this Reunion.

Mrs. Schloming Sr., attained her 100th birthday on November 22,
1956, and is making her home with her son in New Mexico.
The demise of the following was noted:
Miss Ella Pease Mr. F. J. Moumblow
Mr. John Atkins Mr. Harry Gannon
Mr. Alfred H. Mohr Mr. Frank Turman
Mrs. W. D. Rogers Mr. William Hall
Mr. Charles Persons Mr. Roy W. Eppley
Mr. Benj. C. Dumbrille Mr. Geo. F. Wright
Mr. Bert R. Betz, Sr. Mr. W. L. Daniels
Mrs. C. J. Winquist
Committee Reports: Report of the Nominating Committee, as pre-
sented at the November, 1956 meeting, was read again-Mr. J. F. Everett,
Chairman of the Committee; for
President _..- ----Mr. Troy Hayes
Vice President -- --- Capt. Macon A. Turner
Secretary-Treasurer ...--------.- Mrs. Lucille S. Judd
Recording Secretary -- Mrs. Burt W. Hall
News Editor ..... ------------- Mr. E. M. Kieswetter
There being no further nominations, motion was made by Mr. Fred
Sprecken, seconded by Mr. Frederick Swanson, that the Secretary-Treas-
urer cast one vote for the slate, and the election of officers for the year
1957 was carried unanimously.
At this point a rising vote of thanks was extended to both Mr. and Mrs.
Kieswetter, as it is well known that Mrs. Kieswetter aids her husband con-
siderably in the compilation of our very popular "Canal Record".
President Hayes said that past President Harry J. Lewis gave glowing
reports upon the efficiency of the various committees, and it was his wish
to appoint the same committees for the year 1957, with one exception, as
follows: Mrs. James Bradley and Mr. Frank Hayes have done very fine
work on the Distress Committee for several years, and wished to be re-
lieved; hence, Mr. and Mrs. Francis W. Feeney have agreed to act in
their stead.
President Hayes requested Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Cutler to rise, and
receive an ovation from the meeting.
Legislation: Mr. L. W. Hersh said that NARCE has been very active
in their endeavor to get action through this 85th Congress, for the benefit
of retired Civil Employees. So far, some 80 bills have been dropped in
the hopper, but the two most important ones are S-21, introduced by Hon.
Olin Johnston, Chairman of the Senate Post-Office and Civil Service Com-
mittee, and Bill HR-4, introduced by Hon. James Morrison, a member of

the House Post-Office and Civil Service Committee.
Mr. J. F. Everett took the floor and again stressed the need to write
your Congressmen, advocating passage of these bills.
Mr. W. J. Bartlett made a motion, seconded by Mr. Hohmann that this
Society, in Convention assembled, send a resolution to Hon. Olin Johnston
and Hon. James Morrison, for their effort on behalf of Bills S-21 and
HR-4. Motion carried.
Mr. Hersh said that while on his recent visit to the Canal, many people
sent their best regards to the Society membership, but two cases he par-
ticularly wanted to mention to the meeting that of Claude A. Ott and
John F. "Iron Legs" Stahl.
Col. Dan Wright introduced Col. Ralph H. Sartor, of the New York
Society. Col. Sartor read a resolution re creation of an independent
commission to study problems involved in increasing the capacity of the
Panama Canal. Remarks on this subject were made by Mr. W. L. Hersh,
Mr. Frederick Swanson and Mr. Al Geddes, who have had much exper-
ience on the Panama Canal. The meeting voted in favor of this Resolution.
President Hayes requested Mr. F. S. Wichman, President of the Pan-
ama Canal Society of Chicago, to rise and receive a big hand from the
President Hayes announced that the group picture would be taken to-
morrow, January 16th, at 12:30 P. M., followed by Reunion luncheon
at 1:30 P. M. Also, that the next regular business meeting would be held
at the Tourist Center, St. Petersburg, on February 11th, 1957, at 2 P. M.
There being no further business before the meeting, motion was made
by Mr. Garlow, seconded by Mr. Sprecken, and carried, and meeting ad-
journed at 4:45 P. M.
Agnes V. Hall (Mrs. Burt W.)
Recording Secretary

Report of Second Day of 25th Anniversary Reunion
January 16, 1957 Hotel Soreno, St. Petersburg, Fla.

Members began to gather around 10 o'clock in the morning, and at
12:30 P. M. a large group assembled on the lawn of the Hotel for the
annual photograph.
Shortly after 1:30 P. M. about 230 were seated for luncheon, and Chap-
lain Lee Burns delivered the invocation.
We had as honored guests Mayor Samuel B. Johnson, and Mrs. Johnson.
After extending warm greetings to the officers and members of the Society,
Mayor Johnson entertained with a few humorous remarks.

President Troy Hayes called upon Mr. Ralph Cutler, who made a few
brief remarks, and then called upon U. S. Rep. J. Hardin Peterson for a
talk., Rep. Peterson is credited with steering the first pension bill for
Canal employees through the House of Representatives.
Mr. F. S. Wichman, President of the Panama Canal Society of Chicago,
said he would welcome members of the Florida Society at the Chicago
Mr. Frederick Swanson entertained with a humorous story.
Mr. Cecil Banan, accompanied by Mrs. Stutzman, rendered several
songs, which were much appreciated.
Mr. W. L. Hersh spoke at length on the many changes that have taken
place on the Panama Canal.
President Hayes expressed thanks to the management and staff of the
Hotel Soreno for their efforts towards making this Reunion such a success.
At 3:15, in the afternoon, President Hayes brought to a successful close
the 25th Annual Anniversary Reunion of the Panama Canal Society of
Agnes V. Hall (Mrs. Burt W.)
Recording Secretary


Capt. and Mrs. George Taws, who commute between Ft. Lauderdale,
Fla. and Santa Monica, Calif., are spending the winter in Santa Monica.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Clisbee have moved into their new home at 1021
Wellesley Ave. West, Los Angeles, next door to their daughter Dozia.
They would be glad to see any of their friends who are out this way.
Captain and Mrs. Rathbone have changed their address to 7215 176th
Street, S. W., Edmonds, Washington.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Taylor Bryan have a son born January 12th, 1957
This is their first child named Dean Taylor Bryan.
Have heard that the Lu Koperskies visited friends in California on
their return from Alaska.
The Frank Gershaws circled the United States and visited friends in
California during the trip.
In August, George and Esther Cassell visited the Haws in Seattle.
On November 11, the Panama Canal Society of Los Angeles held its
regular Fall dinner at the Rosslyn Hotel in Los Angeles. There were about

forty members present. A delicious turkey dinner was served, after which
a business meeting was held.
The passing of the following members was reported: Mrs. Marie
Eckert, a long time resident of the Canal Zone. She was the wife of Joseph
Eckert who was Chief Engineer on one of the Dredging Division floating
cranes; Mr. Charles Clark who was on the Cristobal Police Force; Mr.
Harry Frey who was Post Master at Cristobal; Mr. Jonas White; Mrs.
Edna Hallin, wife of Frank Hallin died September 11, 1956. She suffered
a stroke.
Mrs. Emelia Winquist passed away on December 23, 1956. Mrs. Win-
quist was the mother of Mrs. Martin Seiler of Los Angeles and two sons,
George, of Panama and Carl, of Los Angeles.
Old Timers in California were sorry to learn of the passing of Al Mohr,
former Collector of the Panama Canal.
The members stood in silence in reverence to these grand people who
had left many friends and loved them.
Very respectfully,
Estelle McLain,
Secretary of Panama Canal Society


News seems mighty scarce around these parts during the winter months.
Here's what we have been able to scratch up for you.
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Adler of Panama City flew to Miami last fall,
hired a car and made the trip to California and back, visiting friends and
relatives en route. While in North Carolina they saw the J. F. Davidsons
of Hickory and the P. R. Kigers of Asheville.
Inez and Jerry Evans visited the S. R. Hiters of Hendersonville in No-
vember. Jerry recently retired from the Panama Canal as genial manager
of Balboa Commissary and they were on their way to visit son Bill and
his family in Georgia. Bill is in the Air Force and daughter Peggy and
family are now living in Germany where her husband is in the Service.
Inez had with her a wonderful collection of color slides of the Canal Zone,
as it is now and as it used to be, and she put on a show for a large
gathering of ex C.Z.'ers, among them the Wen Greenes, Tommy Sawyers,
Ralph Wanlasses, Doc. Irvins, Captain Reppas and the Duke Lewises.
After viewing the new scenery, such as rebuilt Ridge Road, Empire Street,
etc., we all agreed we liked it better the old way. The Evans have not yet

decided where they will settle down but rather think it will be somewhere
out west.

Bee Tyrrell of Tryon recently returned from a long trek through the
west with Dr. and Mrs. Aycock of the Zone as her traveling companions.
They visited folks in Texas, including the Aycock's son and his family.
In California, Bee spent a week with Evelyn and Ernie Payne and saw
many old friends who live thereabouts, including the Sam Hedges, Dr.
and Mrs. Tuttle, the Chester Lingrens and the Charlie Harrisons.

Ross and Margaret Hallowell of Hendersonville had their children and
grandchildren-all of them-for Christmas this year. After the holidays
they all piled into cars and drove to Miami where daughter Lois and fam-
ily boarded a plane for Panama. Then they headed for New York where
son Freeland and wife Mary set sail on the SS "CRISTABAL" for home.
After spending a day at home to catch their breath, Ross and Margaret
drove to St. Pete to attend the 1957 Reunion.
Others from WNC attending the Reunion were Bena and Tommy Sawyer
and Bessie and Sam Irvin of Hendersonville and the Sharkey Behlens of
Mr. E. T. Howard of Asheville has returned to his home from the hos-
pital and is recovering quite nicely from the fall he had last October.
Mrs. Margaret Willingham of Weaverville, after a second stay in the
hospital, is recuperating at her home.
Mrs. L C. Trickey of Asheville continues to make an excellent come-
back from her illness.
Captain and Emma Reppa of Hendersonville spent Christmas with their
son Bob and family in Washington, D. C. Bob has recently been quite
ill but is now back on his job at the Pentagon.
Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Hiter spent New Years with their brother, S. R.
Hiter, and family of Hendersonville. Rudolph was formerly with the
Dredging Division at Gamboa. He is now with the Orinoco Mining Co.
in Venezuela. After leaving Hendersonville they visited in Texas, Mexico
City, Costa Rica and Panama before returning to their home in Cuidad
Bolivar, Venezuela.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Jude have returned from a visit with Dr. and Mrs.
Stevenson in Augusta, Ga. Mrs. Stevenson is a daughter of the Judes and
Dr. Stevenson was for several years on the staff of Gorgas Hospital. He
is now with the VA Hospital at Augusta.

Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Adams have returned from Florida where they
sold their cottage on North Miami Beach and are now at their home in

The C. L. Johnstons of Hendersonville drove to Pennsylvania in Dec-
ember to visit "Johnny's" Mother. Later they drove to Boston where he
attended the meeting of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts. They returned
home in time for a big Christmas celebration on Christmas Eve. Son Bob
came from Anderson, Indiana, son Albert from Spartanburg, S. C., with
his wife Ann and daughter Debbie, and son Lester of Hendersonville with
his wife Dottie and their two children. Also with them were Mr. and Mrs.
Fred O'Rourke of Hendersonville and their daughter Geneva of Provi-
dence, R. I., who was home for the holidays.. Mrs. Johnston and Mrs.
O'Rourke are sisters. On Christmas Day the whole family celebrated at
the O'Rourke home.

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Glenn who retired from the Maintenance Divi-
sion of the Panama Canal in October, passed through Hendersonville in
December and called upon old friends there, among them the Johnstons
and Wanlasses. They were enroute to Texas.
Mrs. Anna Lee Styles has returned to Asheville after an extended visit
with her aunt, Mrs. Lucy Goolsby, and Mrs. Mary Shivers in San Diego,
Calif. Mrs. Goolsby and Mrs. Shivers were formerly of Balboa, C. Z.

Dr. and Mrs. Sam Irvin of Hendersonville spent several weeks, include
ing the Christmas holidays, with their relatives in the Canal Zone where
they were the guests of honor at many parties. They visited their daugh-
ter, Mrs. Elizabeth Brown of Balboa and her three girls, Carol Jean, Bethy
and Barbara. Among those giving parties for them were Mrs. Nita Hart-
man, Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Bevington and Mr. and Mrs. Charles (Jiggs)
Cross. Mrs. Hartman, Mrs. Bevington, Mrs. Cross and Mrs. Irvin are sisters.
Upon returning to the U. S. the Irvins attended the Florida Reunion and
later visited Sue and Doc Odom at their home in Dothan, Alabama, before
driving home to Hendersonville
The engagement of Miss Pat Kelley was recently announced. We quote
from the Times-News of Hendersonville on January 12, as follows, "The
engagement of Miss Patricia Elizabeth Kelley to David S. Kappe, son
of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley E. Kappe of Washington, D. C., has been an-
nounced by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Kelley of Henderson-
ville. Miss Kelley is a graduate of Cristobal High School in the Canal
Zone and is now a sophomore at the University of Maryland where she is
a member of Delta Delta Delta Sorority. Mr. Kappe, a graduate of Beth-

esda Chevy Chase High School in Maryland, is now a senior at the Uni-
versity of Maryland and a member of Delta Tau Delta fraternity. A
September wedding is planned.
Tom, son of Mr. and Mrs. Kelley is now in the service and at present
taking training at Camp Jackson, S. C. Pat and Tom are the grandchild-
ren of Mrs. John Lucky and the late Mr. Lucky, for many years residents
of the Canal Zone. Mrs. Lucky is now living in Hendersonville.
The Ernest Cottons who have been residing in Rock Stream, N. Y. since
retirement, gave up their home there in December and are at present living
in Dallas, Texas, with Mrs. Anthony Fernandez, a sister of Mrs. Cotton
and a former resident of the Canal Zone. Enroute to Dallas, May and
Ernest stopped in Hendersonville to look up old friends and were the
overnight guests of the C. L. Johnstons.
In November Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Brievogel, Jr., with their two children
visited Mr. and Mrs. Austin Brooks of Skyland.
Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Patterson of Hendersonville were called to New
York in January by the death of Mr. Patterson's brother. They were away
for several weeks.
The Chris Garlingtons and their daughter Octavia of Newberry, S. C.
spent several days with the Wen Greenes of Hendersonville in January.
Ray and Nell Mitchell of Hendersonville took a trip to Pennsylvania
in January, stopping in Philadelphia and in Bradford, Nell's former home.
Bena and Tom Sawyer of Hendersonville attended the Reunion at
St. Pete in January. Later they drove to New Orleans, stopping on the
way to see Sue and Doc Odom. Before returning home they also visited
in Jackson, Mississippi.
Mrs. Kathryn Simons of Asheville has been seriously ill but is now
much improved. Mrs. Simons operates a tourist home at 36 Merrimon
Avenue in Asheville.
A luncheon and meeting of the Society was held on Nov. 14, 1956 at
the S & W Restaurant in Asheville. There were 32 members and guests
present. Among the guests was the son of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Davidson
of Hickory, Joe Davidson. Joe was recently discharged from the Air Force
and is at present with General Electric at Hickory.
A luncheon and meeting was also held on January 18, 1957 at Tingles
Restaurant in Asheville. There were 33 attending. The following officers
were elected for 1957; George B. Ward, President-Capt. Frank J. Reppa,
Vice President- Marion R. Lewis, Secretary and F. M. Sawyer, Treasurer.
Marion R. Lewis, Secretary


Mrs. Dorothy Hamlin of Balboa, Canal Zone, was a house guest of Mr.
and Mrs. Lee Wright enroute from California to Panama. She had visited
her daughter, Jane Leffingwell, Pasadena.
Mary Orr is visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Orr of South
The Ross Finchers had a sad Christmas, because of the death of Ross's
grandfather and Jr., being in the hospital with pneumonia.
Mrs. Dan Pratt and small son are visiting parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mc-
Ilvaine in Panama.

The old chickenpox flew into the home of Mr. and Mrs. William P.
McDougall at 4606 Ledo Lane and really spread the chickenpox around.
They are back to normal again and are happy that's over. Mrs. Louis
Souder, mother of Mrs. McDougall, says they really had it.

Peggy Ellis returned home December 30 after two weeks vacation on
the Isthmus. She was the house guest of the Robert H. Hicks family. The
beautiful Church Wedding of the daughter Mary Alice to Mr. Kenneth
Kelly of Texas occupied all their attention the first week she was there.
She says-the way Christmas was celebrated in the Canal Zone this year
was second only to Hollywood. The beautiful quarters and luxurious
evergreen setting were a wonderland of beauty and delight. Curundu
Heights surpassed all other areas. She then tells about a day spent in
the Interior of Santa Clar and Coronada beaches, which was relaxing and
exciting. The installation of new officers in the various O.E.S. Chapters
and Masonic Lodges gave a good opportunity to meet many former friends
and neighbors. Peggy maintains that the nicest way to spend Christmas
is to spend it on the Isthmus.
About 35 attended the party at Peggy Ellis' November 23rd. Several
new visitors were also at the party-Jimmie Roe, Carol and Bob Wilford,
Mamie Willison, Mrs. Todd Robinson, John and Joan Townsend, Mrs.
James W. Knott, Jr. (Virginia) daughter of Mrs. Sue Nobles. We made
pictures and played Bingo Games and enjoyed a delightful meal of
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Turner were called to Hattiesburg, Miss., because
of the death of Mrs. Turners' sister, Mrs. N. P. Taylor of that city. Mrs.
Taylor slipped away after a very serious operation, November 27th.

Mr. and Mrs. Victor May and little daughter Sandra Jean, drove to

Dallas, Texas January 25 to see their niece Alice Chambers receive her
nurses cap. She is a student at Texas State Women's College. Her par-
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Chambers, are in the Canal Zone and could
not attend, so they went to represent them. It was a very lovely and en-
joyable affair. Mrs. May says while they were in Dallas, they spent some
time with the former Margaret Rathgeber and her husband, Jack Ruoff.
They have two darling little girls named Regina and Cheryl. Regina is
two years old and Mr. and Mrs. May arrived in time to help Cheryl cel-
ebrate her first birthday on the 26th of January. They also tell about
the wonderful time they had talking over old times and being with mem-
bers of their family who they had not seen for quite awhile. Mrs. May
is looking forward to the intended visits of her two sisters and their hus-
bands coming this summer. Her sister Vanna and husband Bud Holdquist
and daughter, Nancy, also her sister Elizabeth and husband Jim Morris
and three sons, Jimmie, Kennie and John. Little Sandra Jean May cele-
brated her first birthday January 21st with all the trimmings.

Walter Clements, Mechanical Division in Gorgona and Balboa from
1.907 to 1918, and baseball player with both Gorgona and Balboa during
that time, and his wife, Fay, reside in the Houston suburban community
of Spring Branch. Walter would like to hear from any old timers.
Bertha Turner

We have been enjoying visits from some of our friends from Canal
Zone. Mary Orr has been a guest of her parents, Joe and Ninetta Orr since
November. This was Mary's first Christmas ever in the United States and
what a great time she had. Was like a small child when she saw the gor-
geous decorations, lighting and stores arrayed with their assortment of
gifts. I have thoroughly enjoyed the shopping expeditions with Mary
and will miss her when she returns to Balboa the first week in February.
The Joe Orrs at this time are looking fine and enjoying excellent health.
Dorothy Hamlin spent two days with us in January. Had spent the Christ-
mas holidays with her daughter, Jane, in Pasadena, California. Jane has:
two adorable sons. Dorothy will retire from U. S. Government service
on Canal Zone in May, 1958. Mrs. Walter Brown from Fayetteville,
Arkansas spent Christmas in Houston with her sister-in-law, Mrs. Minnie
Danielsen. Alice Ray Ward Wier paid a visit to her father, Ray Ward
and wife recently, in Houston. Her husband is a Colonel in the Army
Medical Corps, stationed at Fitzsimmons General Hospital in Denver,
Colo. Alice Chambers, the niece of Victor and June May was "capped"
on January 24th at the Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Texas. In November,

Mrs. Joseph Potochny (mother of Mildred and Gordon Frick of Balboa)
became a citizen of the United States. Lee and I were sponsors. The Ezra
Haldemans and Joe Orrs, as well as the Lee Wrights witnessed this most
impressive ceremony. Mary Ruth Bowman, with her husband and ador-
able son, returned to live in Houston after being in West Texas for more
than a year. Frank Bowman is with Standard Oil and Mary Ruth is the
granddaughter of Mrs. Tillie Neely. Pat Coakley Jr. spent the Christmas
holidays with his parents in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is a student
at University of Houston. His Brother, Lt. James H. Coakley, wife and
young son are now stationed in the Azores. We will have the Pat Coakley
Srs. with us during Easter;also, Sara and Joyce Collinge who are students
at the University of Colorado and will come to visit their grandparents,
the Ezra Haldemans. Lee and Irene will have Carolyn Pollak, who is
working on her Master's degrees in Medical Art at Southwestern Medical
School in Dallas, for Easter. She will also be with us during the Houston
Fat Stock Show which will be held the end of February with Roy Rogers
as the star.
Irene Wright


Miss Carolyn Pollak, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Pollak, has
returned to South Western Medical School, Dallas, Texas, after spend-
ing the holidays here. During her vacation she visited friends at Stetson
University where she attended last year.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Stilson are home from several months vacation in
Europe where they visited eleven different countries. Welcome back.
Received a Christmas card from Jim Holcomb (the barber) and am
glad to report that he is much better and operating his own shop in War-
rensburg, Ill. His address is Box V. G., Warrensburg, Ill.
Mr .nd Mrs. AnthonyTezanous sent Hazel and I a card from Santander,
Spain, where they plan to remain for two years. Glad to hear from you
Anthony and hope you enjoy your long vacation.
Mrs. Delmore Whitver is visiting her neice, Mrs. Gene Kleasner in
Canal Zone and will her guest for the Winter.
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Stephens accompanied by John McCoy called
on the Wilhites during their short visit here. They have a lovely home in
Tallahassee, Florida. They both looked swell and glad to see them. Steve
has recently been ill but seems to be O.K. now.

Herbert Paddock from C.Z. was a recent visitor to Florida and dropped
by the house to say hello, but I was out. Sorry Herb.
Mrs. Gene Brady, of Brooklyn, N. Y. who has recently completed a
world cruise is spending several weeks with her sister, Mrs. Rae R. Ritchie,
222 So. Glenwood, Orlando.

We regret the passing of Luther L. Long December 7, 1956 and extend
our sympathy to his wife Lena and son.

Our community was saddened Tuesday, Jan. 1st, 1957 when we learned
of the death of our good friend Alfred H. Mohr. We wish to express
our sympathy to his wife Viola, two daughters, Mrs. Andrew M. Mac-
Donald, Puerto Rico and Miss Mary Mohr, Orlando, also his two sisters
and one brother; Mrs. Dan Howes, Jacksonville, and Mrs. Elsie Skillman,
Panama, and Millard Mohr, Indianapolis.

Word has been received telling of the death of Miss Louise Hanna,
January 22nd at the home of her sister in Ripley, Tenn.
We drove down to St. Pete to the convention and reunion and was very
happy to see so many of our friends looking well and having a good
time. Mrs. Georgia Blessing accompanied us. She is coming along nicely
after her eye operation.

We flew from Seattle to Anchorage, had a nice visit with Elmer and
Edna Haw, waiting for our plane. The Haw's both look wonderful, that
cool Seattle climate sure agrees with them.
We arrived in Anchorage the first of May, and expected to find snow
and slush, but it was a beautiful summer day. All the Taylor's were at
the plane to meet us, in their summer clothes.
It's a six hour flight from Seattle to Anchorage.
The weather was lovely the three months we were there, some cool
rainy days and one day it was up to 80, they were all complaining of
the heat, it stays around 70 most of the summer.
You can buy anything in Anchorage, that you can buy in the States,
except at higher prices, all the stores are quite modern. Alaska is a young
mans' country, hunting and fishing, but to get to the hunting and fishing,
you have to take a plane, as there is only one road out of Anchorage,
which connects with the Alcan Highway.
We took a motor trip to Fairbanks, about 500 miles, we stayed all night
on the way at a motel and were surprised at the wonderful accommoda-
tions, right in the wilderness. Was a beautiful trip to Fairbanks, seeing

the glaciers and snow on the mountains. There is always snow in the
mountains all year round.
All the houses of the Service Personnel are steam heated, and in Fair-
banks, they have heated tunnels running to the school, P.X., movies and
offices, they do not have to get out in the weather at all, if they do not
want to.
Had several visits with Mrs. Enright from Pedro Miguel, who is making
her home with her daughter, and likes Alaska very much.
Visited lots of Canal Zone friends along the way, and want to thank
them for their hospitality, always wonderful seeing old friends.
Rose Koperski


We have changed our name from the Panama Canal Ditch Diggers to
the Panama Canal Society of Southeast Florida.
Our Mr. C. P. Fair reports the death of M. D. Kelvie, age 68, residing
at 850 E. 17th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. sometime during last December. Mr.
Kelvie had been employed in the Electrical Division, Pedro Miguel Locks,
and he had put in close to 25 years service when he retired.
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Bowen and myself attended the 1957 Reunion of
the Panama Canal Society of Florida, held in St. Petersburg, and we im-
mensely enjoyed ourselves.
Our picnics, 4 in number, will all be held at Matheson Hammock, on
the following Sundays:
April 14th August 18th
June 16th October 20th
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Cutler will shortly make their home in Dade
County. Very welcome.
Yours truly,
A. G. DUNHAM, Secretary
Panama Canal Soicety of Southeast Florida


Within a few moments of the hanging of the traditional holiday wreath
on the kitchen door, we joyfully welcomed Lt. Col. Edwin and Susan

Ewing Bishop, their two handsome children and the Col.'s mother, Mrs.
B .M. Bishop of Lowell, Arkansas. What an interesting visit as Susan
told some of the highlights of their tour of duty in Japan and the visit
of her mother, Mrs. Eula Jo Ewing. After a family reunion in the old
homestead, the Col. and his family were assigned to Norton Air Force
Base in Norton, Calif. Our traveling Mrs. Nannie Brown flew to Houston,
Texas for the Holiday season to be with the late Walter Brown's sister,
Mrs. Minnie Danielson. Nannie reports happy hours with the Haldeman
family and Irene and Lee Wright. The Jimmie Comans of Bentonville
journeyed down to Biloxi, Miss. for a Holiday visit with their son, his
wife and four grandchildren.

The magic Circle of the Ozarks has enjoyed a mild winter-still no
snow at Tranquil Acres-with just enough gently falling rain to bring
joy to the farmers. Husband Newell says that televisionally "we are on
the fringe of the fringe area"-well, we seem to be in the same position
meteorogically, for as we watch and listen to the weather reports we are
amazed at the way the cold fronts pass to the North and East of us, the
devastating rains from the Gulf do not quite reach us, even the Tornados
favor a more Southerly path. For those who enjoy a Four Season Cli-
mate this is truly a Magic Circle.
Our President, Edwin W. Booth returned from a seven months trip to
the Southern States and the Canal Zone. He is now driving a super-duper
Big "M" car in colors that immediately elicites a loud "WOW" from
the beholder-Flamingo Red, Black and Ivory, to say nothing of the
"Rock-n'-Roll" shirt he is bragging about. His second great-grancdhild,
daughter of Edwin and Eileen Rabiteau Wilson arrived after he left the
Zone. Ed reports a happy time at the Reunion and regrets he did not have
time for those heart-to-heart talks he so enjoys with old friends. Other
members of our group attending the Reunion were the Grover Bohans of

Enjoyed a day of News-gathering yesterday. A tip to reporters, choose
a day that makes you want to stay home and enjoy a good book or a
pleasant hobby-you will find your constituents home and eager to talk.
We stopped in Springdale just long enough to notify the Bill Mathues of
the return of our President, but nary a word about the dashing car. On to
Bentonville to see Haleen and Earnest Williams where we were impressed
with the lovliness of a recent re-decorating and re-furnishing project. As
we visited in their magazine beautiful home, we learned that Haleen's
sister, Mrs. Mildred Veach is now working for the Government in Ft.
Meade, Md. Around a couple of corners and we were greeting Lula Mae

and Jimmie Coman. We are happy to report that Lula Mae is on the mend
in every way. They told of a trip to Shreveport, La., with the George
Engelkes to meet Mary and Leonard Long of Cristobal at the home of
Ulna and Frank Phillips. The Longs were enroute to a vacation in Bee-
ville, Texas. Jimmie's sister Alice and husband Harry Armitage have
sold their 175 year old Cape Cod Cottage in Norton, Mass. and moved
to Los Angeles to be with an older sister, Mrs. Mabel Telling.
Across the street to see Edith and George Engelke. They report many
visitors, Alma and Henry Starrett, Inez and Jerry Evans, their son Bill,
his wife and son. Bill Evans is a jet flier in Marietta, Ga. After an over-
night stop with the Phillips in Shreveport, the Engelkes went to New
Iberia, La. and spent a happy week with Rev. and Mrs. Robert Jackson
where he is Rector of the Epiphany Church. Their son is married, teach-
ing and studying for his Masters Degree in Education. I'm sure the many
friends of Mother Mary Engelke will rejoice to learn that she was success-
fully operated on for the removal of cataracts, and can see again.
Our next stop was at the home of Bill and Alice Keller in Rogers where
we came in touch with Life's Joy and Sorrow. Alice's brother, Dr. J. A.
Rivoire passed away suddenly of heart attack, January 1st at the age of
44. He was a prfoessor in the Univrsity of Panama from 1945 to 1947.
At the time of his death he was Professor of French at the Bucknell Univ.,
Lewisburg, Pa. He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Helena Rivoire, one
time employee of the Navy in the Canal Zone, and two young children.
They were happy to announce that Alice, a most genteel and charming
native of Canada of French ancestry, is now a citizen of the United States.
Wish I could write you the story as told to me by one of the two witnesses
required by law for such events. The witnesses were Bill Mathues and
Lynn Cook-what a pair to choose. About another mile and we were
with the Lynn Cooks. As we listened to their many activities we were
reminded that in my last report I told in detail how our men folk keep
busy. Well, as usual, their wives keep busier, for in addition to planning
and preparing two or three meals a day with the attendant dish washing,
they perform those chores that in our "younger days" were done by the
maids known as Sohila, Gwenn, Evelyn, Rosa, Carmencita, Imogene, to
say nothing of Pleasingly Plump Sarah of Red Tank-what pearls of
great price they would be to us now-they also belong to Study Groups,
Clubs of Church, Civic and Social activities, attend concerts at the Uni-
versity, act as Chairman for the forth coming World Day of Prayer, and
take part in N.A.R.C.E. Chapters. For three years Maude Cook has served
on the Board of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Rogers Memorial Hospital,
a local welfare group and is now renewing her interest in music and art.

In a super class by herself is Theo Hallin who is again teaching 6th
graders, attending P.T.A. meetings and all that goes with being a home-
maker and loyal friend.

We welcome to the Ozarks, Eva Jones, formerly of the Accounting
Dept., Balboa Heights, now residing in Pittsburg, Kansas, also the Foiles
of Balboa, soon to retire to Booneville, Arkansas.
Our President extends a cordial invitation toy'all to be present at our
Annual Picnic to be held in Springdale, Tuesday, 11 June 1957.
Blanche E. Shaw, Secretary


Dear Mr. Kieswetter:
R. W. Hebard, President of the New York Society was named Presiden-
tial Elector for Westchester County, New York. He, together with the
other Electors from New York State, met at Albany, New York and cast
their ballot for President Dwight D. Eisenhower.
Edward A. Keeling, former President of the New York Society, and
retired Vice-President of the Art Metal Construction Company of James-
town, New York, died suddenly in Washington, D .C. on December
6th, 1956.
John J. Fitzpatrick Secrteary-Treas.

At the Annual Dinner of the American Institute of Consulting Engin-
eers held at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York on November 27th,
Mr. Ralph Budd was presented with the Institute's Award for Outsanding
Engineering Achievement. Ex-President Herbert Hoover was the receip-
ient of the 1954 Award. Many of our older readers will remember Ralph
Budd as Chief Engineer of the Panama Railroad Company, 1905-1908,
during which period the railroad was virtually rebuilt. He was later, at
forty years of age, President of the Great Northern Railway and served
for twenty years as President of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Rail-
The Dinner was attended by over four hundred guests, including ten
railway Presidents; also by Mr. Alfred Sloane, Honorary Chairman of
General Motors Corporation, Mr. Harlow Curtice, President of General
Motors, and Mr. Alfred Pearlman, President of the New York Central -
all of whom paid high tribute to the guest of honor.
Mr. Budd's two sons were present at the Dinner; John, President of the

Great Northern Railway, and Robert, President of the Greyhound Bus
In his brief address, Mr. Budd referred to the presence of his three
oldest friends-General R. E. Wood, Chairman of the Board of Sears,
Roebuck & Co., George M. Wells and R. W. Hebard who, he said, con-
stituted his Half-Century Club.


Mrs. Edith Wirks of Polk, Pa. and a former Pedro Miguel neighbor of
Mrs. Franies S. Dor,n was a vsitor of hers for several days in Hot Springs,
Ark. From there, she went to visit the Claude Campbells in Manchester,
The L. A. Maurers (Louis and Jessica), the Reinigs (Jack and Ann),
Mr. William Burns, Mrs. Edith Wicks, and Mrs. Frances Dorn enjoyed a
get-together October dinner at the Mt. Pine Hotel near Hot Springs. All
report a most enjoyable time and an excellent dinner.
Mr. and Mrs. William Mathues (Bill and Carrie) came over from Fay-
etteville to spend several October days with Mrs. Tom Shirley in Hot
The Fred Atkinsons (Fred and Aggie) are now home enjoying the beau-
tiful Arkansas autumn and gorgeous fall colorings. They spent a part of
the summer in and about New York City and met their daughters and
grandchildren there who came up from the Canal Zone and Panama.
The Messrs. Henry Pilot and James J. Walker are seen occasionally,
in and about Hot Springs and greeting their Canal Zone friends with cheer.
Bill Burns and sister, Mrs. Freeland, have moved lately and now are
located in a nice, pleasant, home in a central location where many friends
drop in.
Recent Ex-Zone visitors here in Hot Springs were: Mr. Jack Shope of
Peru, Indiana; Mr. M. D. Farr of Spokane, La.; Mr. and Mrs. Earl Kent
-from California to New England; Mr. and Mrs. Giovelli of Canal Zone
and Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Pender of St. Petersburg, by trailer.
Jack and Florence Lamb are still busy decorating and landscaping their
new home They sold Lamb's Lake Rest several years ago and it is still
going strong under the same name. Their pleasant summer visitor was
Mrs. Gretchen Sabotta, now of West Palm Springs, Fla. but formerly a

Mrs. Frances Dorn reports a pleasant summer in Albuquerque, Los
Angeles and environs, and San Francisco. She met and visited many for-
mer Zonians who are happily enjoying their new homes and retired life.

Mrs. Essie Shirley spent several weeks, lately, as a house guest of the
Bill Mathues in Fayetteville.

Mrs. Lillian Ross of Woburn, Mass. writes that she is quite well again,
after a spell of what seemed to be an attack of arthritis. She is contem-
plating attending the reunion in St. Pete in January.

The Tom Benders are well and happy in their lovely home in Rochester,
Minn. and report a pleasant recent visit visiting their daughter Natalia
and husband, (Mr. and Mrs. Alan Broderick), and two children in Ish-
peming, Michigan.

Mrs. Eula Jo Ewing has written friends from Japan, where she has been
visiting daughter Susan and husband and family (Col. and Mrs. Ed
Bishop), that she and the rest of the family hope to be back in the United
States to spend Christmas.
News sent in by Mrs. Frances S. Dorn


Many of our members would like to find china to replace incomplete
sets or broken sets. Some have more than they want and need, and others
would be glad to get them. The patterns wanted are Leeds Spray and
Royal Dalton, in Hunting and Coaching. If those who need and those
who wish to get rid of them would contact Mrs. Judd, she will get the
interested parties to-gether.


Every year a collection is taken up at the Society's Christmas party for
the Crippled Children in the American Legion Hospital in St. Petersburg.
The sum of $176.25 was collected and turned over to the hospital for the
children's Christmas. We have received a letter of thanks from E. A.
Roberts, Administrator of the hospital thanking us for our donation and
thoughtfulness at this time of year when Santa is on his way.


Mae Lewis of Cerro Punta, El Volcan, reports that all the ex-Zonites
in that area are well. Mae reports that Matt Shnnnon was seriously in-
jured in a crash of his plane. He had a dozen breaks in his legs, his
hands were crushed, several ribs broken and his throat was cut requiring
sixteen stitches. He waited several hours for help to reach the Volcan
from the Zone, but never once did he complain, moan, groan or blow his
top. No one thought he would make the grade, but that tough Irishman
fooled them all. Matt is slowly recovering after much surgery but pos-
sibly faces more medical care for another year before the medics are
through with him. The miracle is that he still lives.

Florence and LeRoy Smith of Los Angeles, Calif., report their family
all well. Mrs. Smith had not been up to par, but was hoping to be on
top soon. David, their son, is in New York.

Mrs. Myrtle Frey of Indian Rocks, Florida, has been spending several
months with her family in Arcadia, California.
Helen R. Hobbs of Balboa, C. Z. has been visiting her daughter Chickie, *
who is married and makes her home in Denver, Colorado. They have a
son, born December 30, 1955.
Mary Davies of Santa Clara writes that the new set up on the Zone
whereby all ex-employees living in Panama lose all their Zone privileges,
including post offices boxes, will make it difficult for them. It's a 70
mile drive to the Zone and then they must all shop in Panama.
Thelma Reppe reports that Long Beach, Calif. is sinking into the ocean,
but she has bought an apartment in a 12 unit building near her work,
and sink or swim, she will stay with it. She enjoyed a visit from the
Wells Wrights and son Dick. Also a visit from the Charles McGinns
(Jean White) and their baby.

The Warren Schulz have purchased a home in Tampa, Florida, follow-
ing their retirement last October.
Ronald A. Johanson, Stephen A. Herring, Reginald M. Hayden, Jr.,
John Patrick Dougan and Charles C Fears, all of the Canal Zone have
been officially appointed Cadet Midshipmen in the Fall class at the United
States Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point, New York.

Mrs. Blanche Sims and son Warren recently visited Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Lyons of Clearwater, Fla. She also visited the Arthur Griers and Harry
Lewises in St. Petersburg.

Iretta Austin of 60 North Summitt St., Fairhope, Ala., is selling real
estate along Mobile Bay. Anyone interested in Alabama waterfront see

Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Fox of Oak Park, Michigan enjoyed a trip a-
cross the Atlantic for a vacation in Britain in September.

Believing that American youth needs to study the U. S. and State con-
stitutions, "the tap root of democracy", F. G. Swanson of Tyler, Texas
has invested more than $1600 in a youth project for better understanding
of American government. In an effort to stimulate Tyler Jr. College
students to study their politics, Mr. Swanson sent a recent check to H. E.
Jenkins, President of the college.

Mrs. Doris Schloming, former Balboa resident, and mother of former
canal pilot Capt. Hans M. Schloming of Balboa, recently celebrated her
100th birthday, according to an account in an Albuquerque, New Mexico
newspaper. Mrs. Schloming marked the passing of the 'century with her
daily walk and a family party.
Lt. Edward Browder, U.S.N., spent the holidays at Christmas with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Browder, Jr., of Diablo Heights. Lt.
Browder's new assignment is in Honolulu.
Arthur N. Asad, recently retired from the Zone, is located with Sauers
Car Wash, 1400 5th Avenue No. Does lubrication and repair work.
Special attention and price for C. Z. people. Drop by and see him.
Nelson Etchberger of Norge, Va., sends best wishes to all their friends.
They now have three grandchildren, two boys and a girl. Billy and Doris
have two children and Neilson on the Zone, has a boy, T. N. the 3rd.

Nina Robinson spent Christmas in California with her daughter-in-law
and three grandchildren. Her son, Dr. Earl B. Robinson, formerly a
dentist in Panama City, is now a commander in the U. S. Navy, stationed
at present in Japan.

Mary E. Nagle of Newark, N. J. reports that despite some discomfort
from arthritis, she is not too bad off and manages to keep going. She
recently visited Isobe Odonovon Rossa and found her well and so is Ann

Anita Way and sister of West Chester, Pa. are selling out, lock, stock,
and barrel, and moving into the Friends Boarding Home, Kenneth Square,
Pa. They will furnish their own rooms, but plan to take it easier from
now on.

The George F. Millers of Charleston, Ill. have returned from California
where they visited their daughter, her husband, Dr. Carl Y. Ahlteen, and
their three fine children, in San Pedro, California. On their way east,
they visited Terrill and Nellie Mae Toone in Kerrville, Texas where they
also saw Marion Lucas of Balboa and Mrs. Etta Attaway of Kerrville.

Capt. and Mrs. Walter H. Kuhrt are now getting settled in their home
in Dorset, Vt. Their daughter Betty lives in Lake Mohegan, N. Y., an easy
drive from Dorset. Son Walter, who was married in the Zone in Septem-
ber is a junior engineer with the city of Durham, N. C.

Ann Jackson of Caroga Park, California is anxiously waiting for her
household effects from the Zone. She has a nice little home very near
Mary and Will Harrison and Gertrude.

Dr. and Mrs. S. S. Irwin made a trip to the Zone for a visit with their
daughter, Mrs. Betty Brown and her three girls. Mrs. Irwin also has three
sisters there; Nita Hartman, Mrs. May Cross and Mrs. Joyce Bevington.
Eleanor Becker and her mother, Mrs. Kathleen Latermann have returned
to the Zone after a vacation with John C. Latermann and his wife Kay
in Bayonne, N. J. Since their return to the Zone, Mrs. Latermann has
been ill.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Coleman of Hendersonville, N. C. are spending
a couple of months on the Zone with their two daughters and families.
Eula J. Ewing writes she has spent a wonderful year in Japan and will
be returning soon to the U. S.
Ann (Newhard) Franklin and her husband have been visiting her par-
ents in Gatun. He had just returned from Japan and the Phillipines, where
he was on duty as a Navy flier.
W. D. Williams of 46 Woodland Road, Bloomfield, N. J. would like
to know the whereabouts of Percy Thwaites Sealey of Breathit County,
Ky., and Cincinnatti, Ohio. Mr. Sealey was a former C. Z. electrician.
Miss Jessie Murdock of Toronto, Canada writes that the picture of the
Ridge Road Cemetery recalled the 1st Memorial Day during the canal
construction. Miss Murdoch and Eleanor Smith, later Mrs. Albin, decor-
ated the graves on that first Memorial Day. Both young women arrived
on the Zone in 1904.
Mr. W. C. Rogers, who has been traveling about Florida in the interests
of the United Spanish War Veterans, expected to attend the Reunion. How

ever, his duties were no doubt in conflict with the date of the reunion. We
regret he was unable to make it.

Verne Mitchell of Oakland, Calif., writes that at a meeting in January
it is hoped a Panama Canal Society of Northern California can be organ-
ized. We hope to hear they were successful.

As usual, we received the following telegram from Mr. and Mrs. Roger
S. Erdman of Washington, D. C. "Happy Reunion Old Timers and friends
and best wishes for the New Year.

Mrs. Mae Gowan Ridge of New Orleans writes that one of her daughters
has been very ill since last September. Her daughter has been in critical
condition several times, but now seems to be improving slowly.

Earl and Harriet Trout of DeLand, Florida, have had as guests, Mrs.
Trout's brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. White from Balboa.
Also their daughter, Mrs. C. Paulson and daughter Janey of Gatun. They
also enjoyed a short visit from the Jerry Evans.

Elizabeth Ragsdale writes that they will miss the reunion as they are
off to Hawaii.
Mrs. Marjorie LeBrun of Granadee Hills, Calif. is visiting her son, W.
E. LeBrun of Balboa for a few months. Mrs. LeBrun makes her home
with her daughter and son-in-law, the W. E. Townsends and their three
children. Charles LeBrun lives in Burbank, Calif. and has two children.
Alberta and Jim Quinn are living in San Jose, California.

Evelyn (Demmy) Manghan writes that her husband is the Veterans
Service Officer and she is the office help at the Carthage, Texas Court
House. They help bedeviled veterans with their many problems.
Mrs. Nellie Hussey of Tampa, has returned home after three months
spent in Pennsylvania, Washington, D. C. and Portsmouth, Va.
Mrs. Irl R. Sanders of Louisville, Ky. spent the holidays in Livingston,
Tenn. with Mrs. Sanders mother and sisters. In September enjoyed a
visit from Mr. and Mrs. L .A. Maurer and in October, Mr. and Mrs.
Skinner were visitors.
Mrs. Max Englander writes that Mr. and Mrs. Favian Englander are the
proud parents of a son, Alan, born four months ago. They have a daugh-
ter, Maxene, 5 years old.

Mrs. Amy Daley of Folsom, La. has returned home after a long trip

through several states, and finally to California where Elmer is stationed
at Coronado. Carl is in New Orleans. Mrs. Dailey reports that Mrs. Ben-
oit, who formerly lived in Balboa, died suddenly early in January at
her home in Algiers, La.

Mr. John S. Seebt of New Orleans reports he had four bad months in
the hospital but is much improved now. Mrs. Seebt is also some better
than she has been. They wish to be remembered to all old friends.

Mr. James G. Denson writes that he has been in the hospital for a hernia
operation but is now out and back at work. Mrs. Denson, a registered
nurse, is on the staff at Grant Hospital in Columbus, Ohio where they live.

Min and Bill Markham enjoy their farm home in Sayre, Pa. They love
the four seasons and the grand fall fishing. Bill says he runs the farm
from the front porch.
Mrs. Guy Allen of New Orleans writes that Mrs. Stephen Witt, formerly
of Gatun, is in New Orleans visiting her daughter, Dr. Dorothea Witt,
who is an obstetrician on the staff of three hospitals. Mother Witt is 92
and very alert and keen in mind, but her hearing is not so good.
Mrs. Anna Ahlfont writes that Mr. had a cataract operation in October.
Their daughter Vera and her husband, Rear Admiral W. R. Loud, are in
Japan. Thelma and her husband, Commander G. R. Palus are in Hono-
lulu. They have five children, from 4 to 14 years. Hagar and her hus-
band, Capt. H. B. Dodge, are stationed at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.
Lydia D. Whitaker of Baltimore writes that her son John and his wife,
have returned from Japan and have a five months old daughter. While in
Japan as a Lt. Col., he was awarded the bronze star for outstanding work
in dentistry.
Angela (Klemmer) Kaylor of San Bruno, Calif. writes that her hus-
band, Col. Kaylor, has retired from the Army, and is now obtaining
teaching credentials in Math and Science at San Francisco State College
on a Ford Foundation Fellowship. Mrs. Kaylor reports that her mother
is in excellent health except for her vision.

Ethel and Floyd McDermitt of Gatun are very proud of their son Floyd,
who has joined the Navy. He came out of boot camp with a citation for
his company. A superior rating that has occurred only 28 times in the
history of the school. Then he went to Great Lakes Naval Training Center
for classes and graduated third from the top. This past summer Mrs.
McDermitt's father passed on at the age of 95.

Oscar H. Lindstrom of Bismark, N. D. wont make it to Florida this year
as he has just returned home from a trip to the west coast where he saw
many ex-Zonites in Washington and California.

Verna and Bob Fletcher find farm life in Dawson, Ga. busy, busy, busy,
but .admit it agrees with them. Verna says "We remember Mr. Warner's
first news letters and the growth of the Record is a fitting memorial to
his efforts."

George T. Tarflinger, presently in Balboa, writes that there are so many
old timers visiting on the Zone, it seems like St. Pete down there.

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Cain of Gamboa, C. Z. were recent visitors in
Florida. They visited around the state and enjoyed seeing old friends again.
Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Smith of Buffalo, N. Y. spent several weeks in
Florida and attended the reunion. Their many friends in St. Pete are
always happy to see Janet and M. A. visit here.
Mr. George Knecht of Catonsville, Md., writes that they were in an
automobile accident in October. Mr. Knecht suffered a fractured knee
cap and she had a fractured wrist.
SFC and Mrs. Edward J. Mann and their two children, Sheryl and
Raymond, of Topeka, Kansas, visited Mrs. Mann's parents, the Kies-
wetters, during December and January. SFC Mann attended school in
Fort Holabird, Md. during the month of January, returning to Gulfport
after school to return to Topeka with his family.

Ray Pruner writes that he keeps busy as a member of the Sioux Fal'-
Municipal Band, and secretary and treasurer of same, Band Manager of
the El Read Shrine Band, as well as business manager of the musician's
union. Also is a caretaker of his apartment. Mrs. Pruner keeps on the
go, with her clubs and what have you.

Grace Brown has been enjoying a trip to California and seeing old
friends like the Keith Tracys, Fred Dears, George Taws and Howard
Smithies. S he reports her son-in-law, Lt. Fred Whipple, is now at Little
America, where there is no mail service in or out.
Mrs. Fred M. Briggs of Redwood City, California, writes that Mrs. J.
W. Mann has been visiting her daughter Alma, former swimming and div-
ing star, who lives in Santa Clara. While with her daughter, Mrs. Mann
called on the Briggs, a visit they enjoyed very much.
Mrs. Elene Coyle of Amer, Iowa spent Christmas in Indiana with

Edward, at his wife's home in Chesterton. They have a daughter, Valerie,
just 13 months old. Edward is returning to Panama. Francis is leaving
Sioux to be with a construction Company in St. Paul, Minn.
Gladys Detamore of Staunton, Va. is busy plugging for exams on psy-
chiatric nursing. She wants to go to the C. Z. to see Jerry and his family.
They are expecting their third child in June. Mrs. Detamore would love
to hear from some of her old C. Z. friends. Address: 29 Coalter Street,
Staunton, Virginia.
Margaret Enright reports all is well in Anchorage, Alaska. Saw Lee
and Rose Koperski when they were there last summer visiting their daugh-
ter Jan and her family. Mary is quite busy with her scout troop leader-
ship, as Patty is old enough to enjoy scouting. Margaret has the police
job of looking after the coats, books and boots of 16 scouts when they
meet in the basement of her home.
Luella and Denny Mullane of Pasadena, California, spent New Years
at Boulder City, Nevada with Fred nd Elizabeth Hall. They report the
Halls as being fine and Fred no longer needs a cane.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Maiers of Orland, Pa. spent Christmas with Kenneth
in Silver Spring, Md. Gerald and family are still in Cuba, but expect to
be back in the States in March.
Capt. Henri M. "Bill" Herff was all set to attend the reunion when he
received the news that he had been elected to the 33rd degree in the
Scottish Rite, causing him to revise his plans. .Congratulations, Bill.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Calvit of St. Petersburg were blessed at Christ-
mas time by having their oldest and youngest granddaughters with them.
The oldest, Linda Pearl, is the daughter of the Harry Pearls; and Helen
Irene, 9 months, is the daughter of the Robert C. Calvits, both of the
Canal Zone.
Louise Franklet and son George are nicely located in their new home.
Box 325, Rt. 1, Yucaipa, Calif. George is attending Junior College in
San Bernadino.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Morgan of Menlo Park, California, spent the holi-
days on the Zone visiting their daughter and son-in-law (the Balbirnes)
and two grandchildren, Gordon Jr. and Mary Edith.

Mrs. Stella Price of Silver Spring, Md. writes that she has returned to
her home after spending the summer in Michigan. Her son Bill was trans-
ferred to Battle Creek, where he is with the Federal Civil Defense Agency.

Stella says she has not been well herself for the past year and a half.

Mrs. John Hearn of Meridian, Miss. writes that though they are now in
their seventies, both she and John are well. She does all her own work
and John has a garden. They have a large family and the children bright-
en their life at Hearn Acres by coming home frequently for vacations.

Ann and Bill Bartholomew plan to retire this year but no plans yet
as to where they will settle. They will hate to leave Buck and Barbara
Krueger and the two grandchildren down there but look forward to see-
ing Bill Jr. and his family in Milwaukee. Allen, their youngest son is in
Milwaukee, also.

Capt. and Mrs. K. M. Wikinstad spent Christmas in Fort Benning, Ga.,
with their daughter and son-in-law, Capt. K. M. Etheridge and grand-
children, William and Cheryl Ann. Ruth and family came down from
Maryville, Tenn. between Christmas and New Years. Mr. and Mrs. Lakey
have two children, Kristine and Tommy.
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse H. Stevenson of Palo Alto, California, have spent
a busy and satisfying year according to a fine Christmas news letter
mailed to many friends. The Stevensons flew from California to N. Y. for
the wedding of their grandson. Then traveled from Maine to Georgia, to
New Orleans for reunions with family and visits with friends. They are
justly proud of their daughter, Hope, who is a stylist with one of the
largest producers of printed cotton textiles. Their son, Robert, has resided
in Mexico for several years, where he and associates organized a com-
pany, built a plant, and trained local people to do precision work, clerical
and accounting duties, as reliable and efficient employees. Robert is gen-
eral Manager of the plant and the output of the plant finds a ready market
in Mexico. Their daugther Hope was married early in October to Mr.
Peter Hayward who holds distinctive recognition in art circles for his
sculpture and landscape painting.

Mr. Harry Nicholls, former Panama auto dealer, has been spending a
few months in St. Petersburg, Florida, with Mrs. Nicholls. He is return-
ing to Central America late in January.
Miss Gladys Herschell, of the Methodist Mission in Panama, is going
to Bolivia, S. A. She goes to Cochobamba for five years.
Paul Allen, who was formerly in charge of the Balboa Orchid Garden,
has a new book recently published, "Rain Forest of Gulfo Dulfo."
Mrs. Eleanor McQueary of Brooklyn, N. Y. spent Christmas on the

Isthmus with her niece, Jean Magnuson. She was joined by her daughter,
Frances Farrell, who came on from Ecuador where she is teaching.

Mrs. Rollin McConnell of Red Hook, N. Y. writes that Rollin has been
in the Veterans Hospital since last May. She reports his condition as
good but he has to stay there for speech therapy. Their two girls are
teaching, Shirley in Red Hook and Margie in Clarence, a suburb of

Edward and Ida Barlow recently moved from New York to 406 Armis-
tice Boulevard in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

Maurice W. Fox and Mrs. Fox have returned to their home in Oak
Park, Michigan, after a trip abroad. Their three children and five grand-
sons live nearby in the Detroit area.
Mrs. Henry Martin of Bridgeport, Conn. writes that she has not been
well. Has a heart condition and other complications. With proper care
and medication she hopes to keep going for a long time.
Capt. and Mrs. M. F. Dunn of Margarita, spent Thanksgiving and
Christmas in the vicinity of New York. Among friends they visited were
Mr. and Mrs. James Brown and Mrs. John Tobin and son, Thomas, of
Providence, R. I. Also Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hostettler of Springfield, Penn.
and the B. G. Tydemans of Allentown, Penn. Capt. Dunn's mother, Mrs.
Mary Dunn, also accompanied them on their trip.

Ethel and Gilbert Owen sold their motel "The Big Oak" and now are
enjoying retired life at their new home, 5417 Keystone Drive South,
Jacksonville, Florida.
Marion L. Mack writes that they are back from Guam and located on
the shore of the Great Salt Lake in Utah where Fred has taken a position
with Morrison Knudsen as Assistant Marine Superintendent.
Mr. and Mrs. I. W. Metzger of Miami, Florida, spent the Christmas
holidays on the Isthmus as the guest of their daughter and son-in-law,
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred T. Marsh. Mr. Metzger was Superintendent of the
Electrical Division on the Atlantic side prior to his retirement.
Miss Lona Stone, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Stone of Cristobal, has
been nominated to Who's Who for 1956-1957, which is comprised of stu-
dents chosen from 675 Colleges and Universities. The selection is made
on the basis of scholarship, citizenship and promise of future usefulness.

Our Past President, Harry J. Lewis and Mrs. Lewis, spent the holidays

and the month of January on the Canal Zone. They returned to St. Peters-
burg in February.

Mr. L. W. Foster, of St. Petersburg, suffered a severe stroke while visit-
ing his daughter on the Zone. Mr. Foster was in a coma for quite some
time but our last report had him slightly better. Mrs. Foster flew to the
Zone to be with him.

Mr. John M. Paterson of Gulfport, Fla., has gone to the Zone to visit
his son Oliver and to meet his new daughter-in-law, Mrs. Oliver Paterson.

Tommy Hughes returned to Houston, Texas, from his home on the Zone.
He was immediately signed up by the Houston Buffs. Tommy won 18 and
lost 6 for the Dixie Champions in 1956. He was third in the league in
strike outs, with 178, and had a fine earned run average of 270.

An unclaimed car on Gus Putcheks lawn is getting to be a landmark in
Harrisburg, Texas. The car landed in the middle of thelawn last February
after pushing through a wire mesh fence. Gus would like to have the
owner remove the car and repair his fence. Gus retired from the Canal
in 1940.

Young Bill Frizzell, grandson of Mrs. Ethel Hodnett, of Augusta, Geor-
gia, is an ardent hobbyist in the field of electronics. He has constructed
his own television set and radio and is also an enthusiastic radio "Ham".
His call letters are K4GCQ. Bill plans to enter Georgia Teck where he
will take electrical engineering.

The Ben Kullers of Portland, Oregon, count two newcomers to the
family, a baby boy to the their daughter, Pat Gill of Reseda, California,
and another son to Norma Jean in Portland, Oregon. That makes ten
grandchildren for the Kullers. The Kullers like the Northwest but say
they do not see many Ex-Canal folks.

Paul and Gladys Barnard are traveling about the country. They have
been visiting in California and Texas and are planning a trip into Old

W. T. Coffey, Canal Zone Painter and Contractor, signed a $98,480
contract for the painting of the exterior of buildings in Curundu, C. Z.
Mr. Coffey grew up on the Zone and formerly worked in the Commissary
Division and the Comptroller's Office. He is the son of Mrs. Marie Coffey
of St. Petersburg, Florida.

Frederick E. Wiliams, former Director of Admeasurement for the
Panama Canal, died on Sunday, February 3 in Hollywood, Florida. He
was 68 years old. Born in Belleville, N. Y., Mr. Williams went to the
Isthmus in 1911. He is survived by his wife, Mazelia, of Hollywood and
by a brother, Roger Williams of Adams, N. Y.
Word has been received of the death of John C. DeLa Vergne of Rich-
mond Hill, New York, on February 4, 1957. No further details were
Herbert F. Ashton, former Canal employee, died February 6 at his home
in Hopewell, Virginia. He was 62 years old. At the time of his retirement
in January 1949. Mr. Ashton was a steam engineer. He is survived by
his wife and a daughter, Gladys, of Hopewell; two sons, Tommy of Tar-
entum, Pa. and Richard, who is attending college in Virginia; two sisters,
Mrs. K. M. Edwards of Balboa, C. Z. and Mrs. Gladys Sullivan of Cocoli,
C. Z. There are five brothers and another sister residing in the United
Mrs. Mary E. McDade, a well known resident of the Canal Zone, died
after a long illness. She was 79 years old.
Mrs. McDade resided with her daughter Annie, who is an employee of
the Executive Planning Staff. She was the wife of George F. McDade, a
retired Canal old-timer.
Claude A. Ott, retired Canal employee and long time resident of the
Canal Zone, died at Gorgas Hospital after a long illness. He was 70
years old.
Mr. Ott was born in Huntertown, Ind., and came to the Canal Zone in
1903 to work as a timekeeper with the Panama Railroad. Later he became
a motorman for the Railroad and held this job until he resigned in 1926.
He returned to the Canal Service in 1928 as a special chauffeur in the
Transportation Division. At the time of his retirement in 1945, he was a
chauffeur in the Motor Transportation Division.
Mr. Ott is survived by his wife, two daughters, Mrs. Charles W. Harri-
son of Balboa, and Mrs. Betty Oldham, of Miami; and by six grand-
children and two great-grandchildren.
News of the death of Miss Louise Hanna, for many years a Physical
Education Teacher in the Canal Zone, has been received by friends. She
was 68 years old.
Her death occurred January 25 in Ripley, Tennessee, after a long ill-
ness. She had been making her home in Ripley with a brother.
Miss Hanna was born in Shelbyville, Kentucky, and was first em-

played in the Canal Zone in 1919 as a Playground Directress. She left
the service a lear later but was reemployed in 1924 in the same position.
She was continuously employed in physical education work until her
retirement from the service in June 1949. During her long residence here,
Miss Hanna took a prominent part in the civic and social life of the
Canal Zone.
Chester Brownell Johnson, 70, retired chief examiner for the Panama
Canal, died at his home, 4832 16th Street North, St. Petersburg, Fla.
He was born in Elmira, N. Y., coming here in 1946 from Balboa, C. Z.
Mr. Johnson was a veteran of World War I; a member of the American
Legion Post No. 14, here, and Panama Canal Society of Florida.
Surviving is his wife, Marie-Louise.

Announcement of the death of Mrs. Janice F. McKenzie, mother of
Colonel Benjamin McKenzie, formerly of Quarry Heights, was received
here with sorrow by the many who knew and loved the popular and tal-
ented writer who contributed much to Panama lore in her poems to local
publications. She was a member of the Inter-American Women's Club.
Mrs. McKenzie died suddenly in Montezuma, Ga., at the age of 84.
George R. Dunham, retired employee of the Sanitation Division and
longtime resident of the Canal Zone, died suddenly at the home of his
brother in Tucson, Arizona. He was 71 years old.
Mr. Dunham was born in Richmond, Virginia, and went to the Canal
Zone in 1912.
His first position was as a clerk with the Sanitation Division. With the
exception of a brief period in 1914-15 when he was transferred to the
Counting Department, all of his service was with 'Sanitation.
Mr. Dunham is survived by a daughter, Marie Dunham McElroy, who
lives with her husband, Lt. Gerald E. McElroy, at Fort Davis, and by his
brother, Vernon, of Tucson, with whom he made his home.
Word has been received of the death of Fred P. Hall in Boulder City,
Nevada on Friday, February 22. Mr. Hall was a long time resident of the
Canal Zone and is survived by his wife and daughter, Jean, of Boulder
City. No further details are available.

Edwin Y. Willey, 88, passed away on February 24th in Gulfport, Flor-
ida, following a long illness. Mr. Willey spent several years on the
Isthmus where he made his home with his daughter and son-in-law, Mr.
and Mrs. Ernest M. Kieswetter. He is survived by another daughter, Mrs.
Lee Lennerton of Waltham, Mass.; also by three grandchildren and
three great-grandchildren.


Your Editor wishes to thank each and everyone who has sent in clip-
pings and items of interest for the Canal Record. We are glad to have any
items of interest of present and past Canal employees and members of
their families. Anything for inclusion in the Record must be in the
Editor's hands no later than the first of the month proceeding the month
of isue. The deadline for the next issue will be May 1, 1957.

Mrs. Judd and I would like to thank the hundreds of friends who sent
Christmas and New Years greetings. Space would not permit listing them

To insure getting your Canal Record, be sure your dues are paid.
Do it now! Thank you.

Once again we want to thank all the good people who have written in
complimenting us on the quality and contents of the Canal Record. Mrs.
Kieswetter works with me until we put the Record to bed each time, and
while we are not always satisfied with the finished work, your kind com-
ments make us feel greatly rewarded for our efforts.

I thank the members of the Society for the gift they voted to give me
at the reunion meeting. It is most deeply appreciated.

For your information, the Secretary, the Recording Secretary and the
Editor have new phone numbers, as follows:
Mrs Lucille Judd HE. 6-4050,
Mrs. Burt Hall 56-0094,
Mr. E. M. Kieswetter DI. 4-4795.


The largest of peace time Federal budgets amounting to $72 billion
as now pending in The Congress offers little or no prospect of any tax
reduction in the near future.
The second Hoover Commission made certain recommendations which
when adopted would reduce the tax payer's burden some $7.5 billion a
year. A $4 billion part of this burden could have been lifted, but the
needed legislation was not suitably enacted in the last Congress.
To renew this effort of lifting $4 billion of taxpayer's burden, a num-
ber of Senators have come to the rescue. Senators Kennedy (Mass.),
Payne (Maine), and Byrd, (Va.) have introduced a Bill (S. 434) pro-
posing to improve and to tighten government budgeting and accounting
procedures as related to congressional appropriation of funds. As pro-
posed this legislation is so arranged as would accomplish the purpose of
the Hoover Commission and thus ease the taxpayer's burden. This Bill
(S. 434) has been sponsored by 45 other Senators and thus seems assured
of favorable consideration and enactment in the Senate.
The situation in the House is not so favorable. It was here that the
proposed Hoover recommendations were not accepted in the last Congress.
However, Hon. Glenard P. Lipscomb (Calif.) has introduced a compan-
ion House Bill H. R. 758 and has requested prompt hearings before the
House Committee on Government Operations.
While the enactment of these improved methods would be only the first
step toward avoiding the needless waste, it would become the basis of
some reasonable tax reduction. Incidently you individual taxpayers are
now burdened with 80 per cent of the current Federal budget. This means
that $37 billion of taxes from all those who must file returns and another
$21 billion from all those who have some savings invested.
When you get that annual headache making out your tax return you
may want to register some protest as to just why The Congress has not
enacted legislation which would avoid the needless waste and thus ease
your heavy tax burden.
To do your taxpayer's part and to register your ideas as well as to
help the tax situation for yourself, friends and neighbors, you should write
without delay to Hon. William L. Dawson, Chairman, and to Hon. Clare
E. Hoffman, Senior Minority Member of the House Committee on Govern-
ment Operations. Also to Hon. Clarence Cannon, Chairman, and to Hon.
John Tabor, Senior Minority member of the House Committee on Ap-
Tell them in your own words of your annual headache with tax returns,

that you are opposed to all needless waste in government fiscal affairs,
and that accordingly you urge their good efforts toward the successful
enactment of H.R. 758 which provides "that all requests for Congressional
appropriations shall be stated in the Budget on an accrued expenditure
basis", which you understand is consistent with the Hoover Commission
recommendations and will result in the saving of billions of taxpayer's
hard earned money. Thank them for their valued time, for their thought-
ful consideration and help.
A good immediate program for each taxpayer would be to write first
to the above Committeemen in order to have the legislation reported favor-
ably out of committee and then immediately follow up by also writing
the Congressman from their respective districts urging final enactment.
In numbers there is strength, the more letters the more strength. The
writer was recently impressed with a very appropriate maxim by Senator
Norris Cotton of New Hampshire, to wit; "Remember, no king ever
wielded a scepter more powerful than a 5-cent pencil in the hands of an
American citizen when he sits down to write his Congressman or Senator".


The following have been added or addresses changed since the Year Book
went to press. (*) denotes change of address or correction.

*Wallace, Capt. and Mrs Alan S.-c/o American Embassy-------San Jose
*Reilly, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E.-Ajijic------------------ -------- Jalisco
*Brewerton, Mrs. Mary R.-c/o Lt. Col. Henry R. Brewerton
2167 Cacique Street, Santa Teresita-Santurce
Smatlwood, Mr. W. P., Sr.-Box 5076---------------------- Puerta de Tierra
*Seiler, Mr. and Mrs. Martin A.-U.S.O.M. Italy Field Office
Box 6 -------------------- __ Modadiscio
Benny, Mr. and Mrs. Walter E.-P. 0. Box 1723------------------Balboa
Bleakley, Mr. and Mrs. Edmund T.-P. O. Box 55 .----------- Gamboa
Brenneman, Miss Margaret-P. O. Box 0----------.-----.---- Ancon**
*Briscoe, Mr. and Mrs. Philip E.-P. O. Box 316------------ Diablo Heights
*Burkett, Mr. David J.-P. O. Box 228-----------------------------Balboa
Calvit, Mr. and Mrs. R. C.-P. O. Box 3667------------__------- Balboa
Chan, Mr. Harry Y., Sr.-c/o Balboa Y. M. C. A. USO--------- ..Balboa
*Cheeseman, Mrs. Lola-El Panama Hotel-------------------Panama R. P.
Corliss, Mr. and Mrs. J.- -P. O. Box 988 _-- ------------------Balboa
Daggett, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar F.-P. O. Box 1554------------------Balboa
*Douglas, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon C.-P. O. Box 867--------------- Balboa
Dunn, Capt. and Mrs. F.-P. O. Box 1561-------------------- Cristobal
DuVall Mr. and Mrs. J. W.-P. O. Box 415----------------Diablo Heights
*Farr, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A.-P. O. Box 313------------ Diablo Heights
*Fisk, Mr. William H.-P. O. Box 503 ---------------.------ Diablo Heights

Garriel, Mr. and Mrs. Sam J.-P. O. Box 907---------..----Balboa Heights
Hearon, Capt. and Mrs. William C.-P. O. Box 746----------------- Balboa
Hills, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond W.-P. O. Box 1449-------- ----- Balboa
*Holmberg, Mr. and Mrs. F. W.-P. O. Box 9---------------Diablo Heights
Hughes, Mr. and Mrs. P. K.-P. O. Box 549----------------------- Balboa
*Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. C. T., Sr.-P. 0. Box 765---------------------Balboa
*Johannes, Miss Jennie G.-P. O. Box 947----------------- Balboa Heights
Kelly, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas V.-P. O. Box 473-------.--------- Margarita
Krause, Mr. and Mrs. Francis J.-P. O. Box 721__ .....-----------Balboa
Light, Mr F. N.-P. O Box 1611 ---------__----------.-----. Cristobal
*Lindsay, Mr. and Mrs. Walter R.-P. O. Box 27----.---------- Balboa Heights
McIlvaine, Mr. and Mrs. Lew-P. O. Box 271 ----------...-------Margarita
McKeown, Mr. and Mrs. Sandy-P. O. Box 1397 ------------------- Balboa
*McMillan, Mrs. Nena B.-P. O. Box 53-------------------Balboa Heights
Maynard, Mr. and Mrs. B. D.-P. O. Box 195---------------- Margarita
*Mead, Mr. and Mrs. Burton H.-P. O. Box 187------------- Balboa Heights
*Mills, Mrs. Evelyn-P. O. Box 785-----------------------------Balboa
Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. C. P.-P. O. Box 366----------- ---Ancon**
Newhard, Mr. and Mrs. Fred A.-P. O. Box 242 ----.------------.. Gatun
*Smith, Miss Gertrude A.-P, O. Box 503-------------- Balboa Heights
Standish, Mrs. Roy-P. O. Box 1763---------------------------- Balboa
*Thompson, Mr. Frank-P. O. Box 111----- ----------------Gamboa
*Wickens, Mr. George J.-P. O. Box 461 -------------------- Balboa
Wikinstad, Mr. and Mrs. R. N.-P. O. Box 1447------------- Cristobal
Wrenn, Mr. and Mrs. Earl W.-P. O. Box 394 ------------ Margarita
*Zierten, Mr. and Mrs. Harold J.-P. O. Box 72----------- Diablo Heights
** All Ancon post office boxes have been changed to other post offices. Please
notify the Secretary-Treasurer at your earliest convenience.
Forsman, Mr. Oscar-555 Stanton Street-----------------------Mobile
*Swanson, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar R.-655 Fairhope Avenue.---------. Fairhope
*White, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ryan-Route 1----------------- Summerdale
*Ashbrok, Mrs. Nellie J.--California Hotel------ ----- -----_- Fullerton
Bishop, Lt. Col. and Mrs. Edwin, Jr.-1302 Clark Avenue---------- Redlands
*Booz, Mrs. Thomas S.-610 East California Street, Apt. 4---------Pasadena
*Clisbess, Mr. and Mrs. Frank A.-1021 Wellesley Avenue-----Los Angeles, 49
Drew, Mrs. B. L.-1016 North Edgemont Street --.---------- Hollywood 29
*Evans, Mr. and Mrs. Jerome F.-1200 Yocum Street (temp.) .---Pasadena 3
*Franklet, Mrs. George-Route 1, Box 325-----------------------Yucaipa
*Grier, Miss Margaret C.-320 Newell Place---------------------. Fullerton
*Landers, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard E.-3460 Edison Street--.--- _--- San Mateo
*Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Charles William-Box 835----------.------ Yucaipa
McGinnis, Mr. Hugh-4951 Leed Street---------------------Santa Susana
*Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lew-Route 1, Box 195M------- ----Ramona
*Newbold, Mr. Albert G.-240% Berkley Avenue------------ San Bernardino
Perkins, Mr. and Mrs. James L.-6002 Haynes Avenue--------Los Angeles 42
*Ruggles, Mrs. Lillian B.-207 West Berdugo Avenue---------------Burbank
Wimmer, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C.-614 North Lamer Street-------- Burbank
*White, Mr. and Mrs. D. P.-8385 Broadway---------- --------- La Mesa
*Wright, Mr. A. L.-625 Bash Street, Apt. 518--------------San Francisco
Foster, Mr. and Mrs. Russell L.-806 Grand Boulevard- ..-Colorado Springs
*Graham, Miss Clementine-447 Hamilton Ave., c/o W. Bode.---....Norwich
Townshend, Mr. Alan H.-1234 34th Street, N. W.----------- Washington 7
Asad, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur-6145- 55th Avenue North----- St. Petersburg 4
Benning, Mr. John A.-144 South Noble Street------------Daytona Beach
*Bodden, Capt. John V.-3304 Highland Avenue--------------------Tampa 3

*Breheney, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas-1100 N. E. 17th Court-- .--Ft. Lauderdale
Cady, Mr. and Mrs. Leo M.-P. O. Box 1582 __------------ Clearwater
Denney, Dr. and Mrs. E. W.-3000 Central Avenue--------.. St. Petersburg 3
Dodson, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Conrad-52 Palm Drive--------Ormond Beach
*Ewing, Mrs. Eula J.-William and Mary Nursing Home
811 Jackson Street North----------- St. Petersburg 2
*Frey, Mrs. Harry F.-6674 5th Avenue North ------------St. Petersburg 2
*Fuller, Mr. and Mrs. Otis C.-310% 16th Avenue N. E._.. St. Petersburg 2
*Gaudette, Mr. and Mrs. William-1110 36th Ave. No. (temp)._St. Petersburg 4
*Geddes, Mr. Albert H.-Pheil Hotel ------------------ St. Petersburg 1
*Halverson, Mr. and Mrs. H. D.-Box 4242 -----------------South Daytona
*Harris, Mrs. Alberta Powers-1636%1 18th Ave. No., Apt. 4-C-.St. Petersburg 2
Hogle, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer P.-Res. 17715 Gulf Boulevard
Mail: Box 146-------------St. Petersburg 8
*Kent, Mr. and Mrs. E. A.-P. O. Box 1006, Pine Castle Branch -..-_ Orlando
*Long, Mrs. Lena A.-1322- 35th Street----------------- ----Orlando
McGinnis, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin M.-115 18th Ave. N. E...._St. Petersburg 2
McIntyre, Mrs. B. W.-1171 Highland Court No.----..----. St. Petersburg 2
*Maessen, Mrs. Oscar-310% 16th Avenue N. E. -------- St. Petersburg 2
*Maurer, Mr. and Mrs. L. A.-518 26th Street West--------------Bradenton
*Miller, Mr. Bradford-Route3, Box 493 ---------------- Dade City
Nobles, Mr. and Mrs. F. I.-3540 Prescott Street North --- St. Petersburg 4
Nygard, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur V.-Route 3, Box 602 ----------Tampa 5
*Owen, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert B.-5417 Keystone Drive So.----Jacksonville 7
*Parrish, Mr. and Mrs. John W.-2306 Fig Street----------------- Tampa 9
Paterson, Mr. John M.-2620 57th Street South ...--..---------- Gulfport
*Reynolds, Dr. Georgia-6220 Banyan Terrace ------------- Fort Lauderdale
*Rysan, Mrs. Charles-2828 13th Avenue North------------ St. Petersburg 2
Schnell, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph-1201 8th Street Court South-__St. Petersburg 5
After April 1st 1909 Beach Drive, S. E.------------ St. Petersburg 5
*Schultz, Mr. and Mrs. Waren G.-3309 Corona Street---------.----Tampa 9
*Sprat, Miss Ethel 0.-126 4th Avenue N. E.-------------- St- Petersburg 2
True, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence H.-3091 Lime Court ---------------- Miami 33
*Weisiger, Mrs. J. H.-Route 3, Box 524------------- -------------- Dade City
Wright, Mr.and Mrs. John A.-1612 N. W. 11th Avenue-----Fort Lauderdale
Dixon, Mrs. Leonard A.-Route 3---------------------------Toomsboro
*Stevenson, Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert M.-c/o V. A. Hospital------------ Augusta
*Dugan, Mrs. Lea K.-2608 South Glenwood---------------- -- Springfield
Ewing, Mr. and Mrs. L. W., Jr.-716 North Ridge Ave...---Arlington Heights
Miller, Mr. and Mrs. George F.-1004 Division Street-------------Charleston
Alexander, Miss Alice-241 West 44th------------------- Indianapolis 8
*Coyle, Mrs. Frank B., Sr.-11 Cranford Apartments, 2408 Lincoln Way-_Ames
Chelf, Mr. Asher M.-925 Park Street ---------------- Bowling Green
*Gilder, Dr. and Mrs. Wayne-5923 Freref Street------------ New Orleans 15
*McGimsey Mr. J. V.-Box 1604-. --------------------New Orleans
*Wertz, Mrs. Ella E.-1926 Annunciation Street----------.. New Orleans 13
Colston, Mr. and Mrs. R. Dean-Bldg. 2, Apartment E
Long Meadow Apartments, Inc,
Northern Avenue -----------Hagerstown
*Herman, Mr. and Mrs. George-9209 W. Parkhill Drive-------. Bethesda 14
*George, Mr. and Mrs. James S.-37 Salem Street----------------Wakefield

*Russell, Miss Marianne 0.-5025 Yvonne Terrace--------------Minneapolis 24
Dougherty, Mr. and Mrs. Walter-4220 McPherson St., Apt. 106 ---St. Louis 8
*Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Fred P.-1269 Wyoming Street--------------Boulder City
Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Robert 0.-43 Ronald Court -----------Ramsey
*Bain, Mr. and Mrs. William J.-38 Horner Lane -------------------Princeton
*Guenther, Mr. and Mrs. Harold L.-P. O. Box 29--------------Wanaque
*McKeown, Mr. and Mrs. Albert-c/o Clinton Blass (temp.)
18 Roosevelt Avenue ------------ Dumont
Milligan, Mr. and Mrs. W. L.-73 Warington Place --------East Orange
*Shedlock, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. -R. D. No. 1 ---- --------------Yardville
*Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C.-605 8th Avenue -------------------Belmar
Symonds, Mr. and Mrs. Orlando T.-319 Dolores Drive, N. W...-Albuquerque
*Henry, Mr. Patrick J.-654 East 38th Street------------------ Brooklyn 3
*Holtzclaw, Lt. and Mrs. W. J.-49 Hartford Road -----------------Buffalo 26
*Kilcorse, Mrs. Maude A.-Delevan Hotel ---- ----------------- Sayville
McDaid, Capt. and Mrs. John A.-c/o Seaman's Church Institute
25 South Street -------New York 4
*Miller, Mrs. Florence N.-1005 West Street, Apartment 9 .-------------Utica
*Murphy, Mr. and Mrs. A. H.-56 Harding Road ---------------Buffalo 20
*Roberts, Capt. Simeon M.-35 Masten Avenue------------------------Cohoes
Smallwood, Mrs. Emma M.-23 Palmer Avenue -----------------Mt. Vernon
Van Siclen, Mr. Fred-935 Lee Road -- Uniondale -------------Long Island
*Burgess, Mr. and Mrs. L. 0.-215'1 North Ohio Avenue------------.Wellston
Farrington, Mrs. L.-206 5th Street --------------------------- Newport
*Garlow, Mr.a nd Mrs. Wm. A.-Franklin Hotel, 57 So. Laurel Street--Hazelton
*Haggerty, Mr. John B.-216 North Elmer Avenue ------.------------Sayre 3
*Veenschoten, Mr. and Mrs. V. V.-218 Connecticut Drive--------------Erie
*Way, Miss Anita-Friend's Boarding Home ------------Kennett Square
*Wicks, Mrs. Edith K.-Box 289 -------------------------- Polk
*Miller, Mrs. Anna M.-415 East 19th----------------------- Sioux Falls
Lakey, Mr. and Mrs. L. G.-107 Everett High Road -- ---------Maryville
Bornefeld, Mr. and Mrs. J. H.--2116 Branard Street------------Houston 6
Brown, Mr. and Mrs. A. S.-4505 Holly Street----------------------Bellaire
Clements, Mr. and Mrs. Walter T.-10318 Mayfield------------- Houston 24
*Cotton, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest C.-4135 Grassmere Lane--------------Dallas 5
*Farr, Mrs. Lillian F.-415-B Stasney Street---------------- College Station
*Hesner, Col. and Mrs. George S.-451 Cloverleaf Ave., Apt. 3 --San Antonio 9
*McBride, Mr. and Mrs. George R.-Route No. 3--.-----------------Hamilton
*Townshend, Mr. and Mrs. John H.-Bayou Lake Drive, Apt. 45 --- Pasadena
*Mack, Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. --------------- --- Little Valley via Ogden
*Detamore, Mrs. Gladys E.-29 South Coalter Street----------------Staunton
Sherwood, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence E.-Box 331 (Willow Harbor)---. Exmore
*Neumann, Mr. and Mrs. Charles-3817 22nd Avenue .------------Kenosha


Dear Ex-Canal Friends:
You are cordially invited to join the Panama Canal Society of
Florida if you are not already a member. The Canal Record, our news
booklet, is issued quarterly, and a Year Book is mailed to members in
December of each year.
Dues are $3.00 annually, and payable in January. Members com-
ing in after July 1st will pay $1.50 for balance of the year.
Please add 10c to checks to cover banking charge.
Our membership is now more than 1400.
Please fill in the application below and send your dues to the
P. O. Box 249, STATION "A"


Name --- -

Wife's Name ----- --- --

Address --------

City ._-..... ----- ------------_ State__

Number of Years on Canal. --------------------

What Division ..----------

Amount Enclosed


Capt and Mrs. K.M. Wikingstad St. Pete. Fla.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Stewart Patrick Air Base, Fla.

Mrs. Alberta Mead Schwochow and son
Robert Smith, Jr. Mt. Clemens, Mich.
Mr. Archie Burn Ocean Gate, N.J.

P. 0. Box 249 STA. A

U. S. Postege
St. Petersburg, Fla.
Permit No. 603

Private -




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