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Article of Agreement Congregation B'nai Israel and Rev. B. Safer
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Employment contract beginning on Nov. 1, 1923 for an annual $500 salary.

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:.- -Artl; les of

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Articles of Agreement, made this / day of -

A.D. 1923 by and between Congregation B'nai Israel, a corporation

of the first part, designated hereinafter as the employer, and

Rev. B. Safer, of the second part, designated hereinafter as the

. employee, ,itnesseth:

Said first party hereby employees said secoridT urty

as Cantor and Rteverend of the said Congregation for a period of

one year beginning IJovember 1, A.D. 1923 at a yearly salary of

five hundred dollars, payable at the end of every three months,

said first quarterly payment to be made three months after the

first of NTovemnber, A.D. 1923.

And in consideration therefir it shall be the duty

of said second party and he hereby agrees to act and serve in

the capacity of Cantomand Reverend for said Congregation for

Sthe period of time above specified and for the salary above

mentioned, acting and performing the usual and customary duties

and services of a Cantor and'Reverend.

Said second party further agrees that :he will official

at the congregation aforesaid on each and every Saturday and jew

ish holiday during the above specified period, and on all week

days when the scrow is read.

Said second party further agrees that on all jewish

holidays when the Schofar should be blown, that he will act as

SBwall Tokea for said congregation, and blow the schofar.

Said second party further agrees that he will officiate

Sat all eddine- end fu;neralz during said period when required -

by the president of the congregation, or other officer in charge

1 "

III ___________ __________

It is imutu7lly un~r1.eOrstod n',i acr e-d th-.:-t s. : seco.-

n .rt" sh al for th-e ur'.oe of a creernnt be under? the

direct ion and supervision of the President of the Congregation,

or in the absence of said president acting in such capacity ,

Stein the off icier designated by said congregation, on notice

beitr-c first .zivcn to ssi'1 se-cond party.

In addition to salary above mentioned, first

narty agrees to pay to said second party ten per cent (10-.)) of

the amount of all dues collected by said part-r as and for dues

from members of said congregation during the period of said con-

tract, and. Siso the, sum of fifteen per cent (15.)j of all dues

collected from members by said second partyT fromemrbers iho at

t.he time of collect.inr said. blues are note members of said con-

gregation, the purpose of t' provision, being and. the intent

is to pay? to said. second party fifteen per cent (15 ) from new

members made such by said. second party, and ten pelr cent from

old or present members. It is further agreed that said percent-

a.e = rynments are to be deducted and by s aid first part;: to

said second part-- at the time of payment of said dues to said

congregation by said see ond party.

It is mutually Fgreed that aD .1 moneys collecTed by

said second part shall be turned in to said congr.-: nation by

himnzsai at th; first. re.ulrir meetingg of siid conrreeat ion next

succedinc the collection of said dues, that is to say, said

second party is to report. at each regular meeting on all moneys

collected by him for said congregation.

Tt r."-. '-,i.--- t lr o.-r4 th t :.i 1 f !rs pqirtr

sf.l hsve the, ri-ht sn,-1 sid, first. pr t' '-ierebv exprTessl re-

serves the ri-,-ht to nr fP-r the pulpit of said concgrr-,gation to

any other c-4.ntor or rabbi l during the period of this agreement

whenever said f first party so desires, upon first notifying and.

advising said. second party of the action of sid first party.


In the event that the said congregation pursuant to the

next above paragraph engages a special cantor for any of the

holidays occurring during the period of this agreement, said second(

party agrees to permit-the said special cantor to perform the

Musafh and Nilah, said second party refraining from same, but the

said second part:,r is to attend to and perform the Schachris and

other services incident to and enumerated and specified in this


Said second party further agrees that he will at no time

during the period of this agreement leave the City of JacksonvillE

unless he first obtain the consent of the President of said Con-

gregation, or unless said leave be at a time when his services

to said congregation be not required.

Signed and executed the day and year first above writer

at Jacksonville, Florida.

Signed, sealed. endd delivered
in the presence of us:

' GONG. B"
I/ 40 0,

" -, ---C.*.*,r -

J;4X C~ z

Congregation B'nai Israel (Seal)

S. Its aec retaViy. /

3oard of Directo-s.

-. ,. N-"- (Sea:


V*t 0


) =.

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