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-v. 63, no. 20 (May 18, 1990).
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^Jewish Flaridi7am
Price Five Cent*
As the result of intensive work
By l.l'DWK; LBWISOHN by Rabin David I. Rosenbloom of
This column is copyrighted by planning from exile the assassina- Beth Jacob Synagogue. Miami
the Seven Arts Feature Syndi- tion of the Georgian dictator. Zin- i,.rh n_viH whl* i ,..* k; ,. t
rate ll..,-..a,..I, : l. i *.,,., "'ain. Iawd \\ hitman, lessee of his series of amazing revt
rate. Reproduction in whole or ovieff and Kamenev also are neith- the k,hr -.. i L ..
infringement will be prosecuted, circumstances it is not difficult u>
ave.. Miami Beach, signed the fol-
In this, the second article of I civilization the Jews must be de-
flations feated in every country. Here In
this office we are in communica-
tion with those enlightened Gen-
tiles in all countries who have had
in America, Dr. Birkhead gives
imagine from what bureaucratic |winK ecnfetalon, admitting that a The majority of American news, corruption, from what hidden tur- he had heen se|ljnK ,ewiiJ| cus,o.
papers, uncritically pro-capitalist, T'' f *?"'* T'' T "V* Imm "-"-kosher meats, represent-
are undoubtedlv taking their news a,lvantaKe- f,onl whal onacknowl- ing it t(, be kosher.
of the Spanish civil war partly at *** *"*". f th<> act"a' ,ron dic"
least from Fascist sources. Thus tatol"sh', th,s rencwal of -ccutt"
when headline, announce that the ^n\ PP*tton a cw
Madrid government has summarily ^""^^ __**!!* In "ther
executed 783 persons or that mem-
bers of the religious orders have
been treated with frightful and
uiidiscriminating severity, numer-
ous grains of salt need to be added.
So much is certain. It is equally
certain that the Fascists, all and
everywhere, are the enemies of
civilization and humanity. Nev-
ertheless the tragic fact remains
words, this new Russia is the scene
of all the old vices and weaknesses
and cruelties of man under other
names and in other forms but un-
changed, unsoftened. unretrained.
Meanwhile a Nazi-trained and
inspired dictator named Metaxas
has assumed power in Greece and
Germany has put on a superb show
for tourists during the Olympic
fho ,. .i j i' games, so that the National-So-
that once again the good ends of ,. ,
cialist regime can now prepare for
war and murder all recusants and
human life, the better ends at least
as represented by the popular front
I. David Whitman, operat-
ing the kosher butcher depart-
ment at Schiffs Kosher Mar-
ket. (>1K Collins ave., Miami
Beach. Florida. voluntarily
make this statement.
Summoned to the home of
Rabbi David I. Rosenbloom
this 12th day of August, 1936,
I was asked by the rabbi if
during the past several months
I had sold non-kosher or trei-
fah meats to my customers,
representing the meats to be
kosher. After a brief discus-
sion 1 admitted to the rabbi
that I had for the past several
months purchased non-kosher
lamb and veal from Swift and
Company, knowing it to be
non-kosher, had paid for it and
ordered it as "cash." That
this morning I had admitted to
Mr. Schiff. from whom I lease
the department, the foregoing
facts. And I further admitted
sation with the assistant of Jul-
ius Streicher, whose propaganda
machine is shown to be vigorous-
ly active in the United States.
The Editor.
the Jews."
"You mean you are actually
writing to Jew-baiters in all
lands?" I asked with added aston-
"We are not only writing to
them," Mr. Wurm declared, "but
carry on its anti-Jewish and pan-
"f the Madrid government, are be- -. .
i__ii, vjcrman campaign throughout the
ing hopelessly and permanently be- ... ,
ll,uv,l j___ l world with greater ease and great-
tiajed and compromised by the ... ...
,., er effectiveness. Worst of all,
most tragic of all, Britain is
Once again a revolutionary and frightenedfrightened for almost
in intention humanitarian move- the filst U|1H. in modern history.
ment i, being undermined by fc- A recruiting campaign all over
rocity and poisoned by blood. We England uses the slogan: "The
all desire the Madrid government ,0Untry is in danger!" It is corn-
to prevail and the Fascist rebel- mon t.l)k in lA)ndn that the 8lt.
lion to be defeated. But let us do u;ltion is infinitely graver than it
80 on general principles and with- was in ,,,,.,_ X(nv it is wej, ,
out any definite hope that any recognize danger and prepare to
benefits hut surely negative ones meet jt But England is, as the
Will result. Let us, in other words, English themselves would phrase
cling to that moral insight which it> |n ., blue funk. Now the ter-
haa been the mark oi our people vjbie nia,.k 0f frightened men is '" b<" "f*''h" l<> my Jewish
from the eighth century before the that they become treacherous and
common era to this day: that in-
sight into the nature of the moral
life which teaches us irrefutably
and recurrently from age to age
by the iron and the thunder of ex-
perience that no true or perma-
nent good can come of the evil, not
life from death, not mercy from
cruelty however apparently justi-
cowardly. And in the whole his-
(Continued on Page 5)
Famous Rabbi
Dies Suddenly
I was informed that I was talk-
ing to Paul Wurm, assistant to we are also trying to teach them
Streicher, and that he would be the German technique of dealing
happy to give me whatever infor-, with the Jewish problem."
mation I desired. After I outlined I protested that I thought that
what I had read in the American Streicher had overemphasized the
press concerning Streicher, Wurm importance of the Jews in Ger-
smiled and began Streicher's de- many and that the "Jew problem"
fense. "Yes," he said, "Mr. Streich. was largely the product of a dis-
er used to carry a whip. He had eased mind. "It seems to me that
to in order to defend himself the Nazis have oversimplified the
against Jews and Communists who complexities of contemporary civ-
frequently assaulted him on the ilization." I told Mr. Wurm. "You
streets. But now," Mr. Wurm in- see. I do not agree with your
formed me, ".Streicher only carries | views," I said. "I think that'you
| a whip which his friends have giv- are dead wrong. It seems to me
en him as a memento of the days that you are not solving your prob-
before Germany was civilized by lems or ours. You are merely
the Nazis. Now Mr. Streicher is making every human problem mov;
; protected by the German govern- difficult."
Well, this acted as a challenge
And as for your question about to Wurm. He said that he was
Mr. Streicher's sex perversion I sure he was right and that Mr.
shall inform you that Mr. Streich- Streicher would some day be rec-
that two pieces of lamb hang- er Is happily married and has two ognized as the "world's savior from
ing in my ice box this morn- rown children," Mr. Wurm de- the Jews." "Moreover," he said
clared with assurance. "Mr. Streich- with feeling, "we are not alone in
er is well-to-do. it is true. But he these views. An increasing num-
has made this money out of his ber of people all over the world
newspapers and his other activities, are coming to share our views and
All of these charges against our are seeking our aid and advice.
customers who had asked for '*der Franconia. you should The fact is that this 'secret office'
kosher" meats, and to whom know- "w Propaganda invented by has been set up for the very pur-
I represented the meats sold ''ws and Communists. But we shall pose of helping the people in other
reply to these attacks on Mr. countries who agree with us and
Streicher with a truth-telling cam- who want to do something about
paign against his enemies who are the Jew problem."
Jews and who are being put where To e8tablil,n ,ho fat.t that
ing were non-kosher. I fur-
ther admitted to the rabbi in
the presence of several that I
had sold meats known to me
them to be kosher when I knew
it was not kosher.
As witness my hand this
twelfth day of August. 1936.
they belong by Mr. Streicher and
Streicher really had a world clear-
bis associates."
ing house for Jew-baiters, Wurm
When I asked Mr. Wurm about pulled back the curtains which
the part that he was playing in covered his files and proceeded to
Belmar, N. J. (WNS)Rabbi
fied by conflict and passion, not Morris S. Margolies, dean of the
justice from the violent liquida- Orthodox rabbinate of New York Mr. Jacob Schiff, owner of the helping the governor of Franconir. prove to me that he was in com-
tion even of the unjust. City, and spiritual leader of Con- market, aided the rabbi and helped in his "important work." he replied munication with every known ac-
Confirmation of these moral gregation Kehilath Jeshurun there, discover the deception of Whit- with the disclosure of Streicher's tive anti-Semite on this globe,
facts conies in authentic news from is dead here at the age of 85. He man. After a hearing, with a rep- world plans and purposes which He displayed papers and pam-
Russia. The Trotzkyists, Zino- bad been spending his summer v.i- resentative of the Jewish Floridian na*ed me and which I have since phlets in any language for which
vieff and Kamenev, though they cation here. present. Whitman told the story to discovered Streicher is carrying I asked. Yes, he was in touch
recanted their heresies some year- Born in Lithuania. Rabbi Mar- the rabbi in detail and told of how out fanatically. with all of the South American
ago precisely like men accused by golies came to America in 188'.'. he had purchased the meats under "l ou see," Mr. Wurm said, "wc countries -countries to which Jew.
the Inquisition, are to be dragged spending the next seventeen year: the name of "David" from local have here an office through which are trying to escape from Ger-
from their exile and to be retried in Boston. In 1906 he came to the packers. An interesting phase was we contact those who are inter- many, Wurm said. He produced
on capital charges. Once they pulpit Of Congregation Kehilath the fact that part of the lamb and ested in our work all over the anti-Semitic papers printed in
were Held to be only remotely re- Jeshurun, New York, where he re- veal purchased by Whitman was world." "What," I asked in as- Spanish to prove his point. Ho
-; < hie for ,!;.ir heresy issuing mained until the time of his death, delivered by him to Merlin's Ko- tonishnient, "do you mean to tell followed with information about
in action. Now they are accused Active in rabbinical and communal sher Market. me that Mr. Streicher hopes to the Orient. Didn't I know that
of more di.-ec! instigation of po- affairs, he was the organizer of Immediately after the confession carry his anti-Semitic program into j there were Jews in the Orient'.' as. a station and the BBC- the Central Relief Committee, the was signed by Whitman. Mr. Schiff every part of the globe?" And that since the Jew was es-
ro.-ancl name of Stalin is men- founder and honorary president of cancelled the lease of Whitman. "Oh, yes.'" Mr. Wurm said in a sentially an Oriental he might
ticned and Trotzky is accused of the Union of Orthodox Rabbis of After a series of hearings complet- matter-of-course manner. "You, Seek to escape to his normal en-
ultimate complicity and the Pravda America and Canada, and chairman ed last Wednesday. Mr. Schiff was see. we feel that we are getting I vironment in large numbers and
demands summary executions. Now of the board of education of the permitted to let Whitman work as along perfectly with our fight on ; thus embarrass and compete with
:t isn't necessary to have any in- Rabbi Isaac F.lchanan Theological a butcher under the supervision of the Jews here in Germany. But Germany's now powerful ally. Ja-
tellectUiri sympathy with Marxism Seminary, lie was also active .n a mashgiach until the arrival of we have discovered that the con- pan. "Yes. we even have anti-Se-
(I am sufficiently known to have the support of yeshivas and other another butcher from New York, spiracy of world Jewry is not mere- j mitic representatives in Russia,
none) to realize that Leon Trotzky religious organizations in Europe Rabbi Rosenbloom declared he ly against Germany, but again i which is now completely domiuat-
is a very high type of Jewish ul- and Palestine, and was the chair- would not permit Whitman to con- every other country as well. And. ed by Jews," Wurm replied in an-
tra-intellectual who is incapable of man of the United Charities of Je- linue as a kosher butcher in Miami therefore, to defeat the world con. BWer to my question about the So-
il thing so stupid and futile as rusalem. | in the future. spiracy of the Jews against Aryan (Continued on Page S)

Page Two
Friday, August 28, 1986
One of the most prominent rab-
| among the younger orthodox
rabbinate of America has been ex-
tended a call by the board of di-
rectors of the Miami Jewish Or-
thodox Congregation and will ar-
rive here early next week. Prep-
arations for the High Holy Days
loyalist government troops in
Spain. A considerable sum has
been raised and forwarded by the
organisation, which is supporting
the workers' government as against
the Fascist movement in Spain.
Jacob Congregation, Miami Beach,
An important and well attended
.........--SKS S?r.srarS3EiS3; Sggs ^ smsj:
(d by Mr. H M. Drench JjJJj'J^* ,, Herman and IMainfie.d, N. J., where she plan to trt r ^ ^ ^ ^ Ta,mui, Torah
embers of the chapter i,y the lodge towards a statewide
Mr. Wechsler attendee! the wedding ixica Tannen. Bennett fund for the purpose of helping
of their son, Dr. Jacob Wechsler, include Harold
. T___.n A mi ii U 11111
? of their son, Dr. Jacob Wechsler, include ""^^ ,,.;,, Al, organ,M the Students' Union at
Friday evening serv- to Miss Monya on June w ^^ Drei8en. Robert the University of Florida in
held at Temple Israel : 28th in New York City. ^^ Rufe|n uis Snet. Gainesville. Activities similar to
htwith Rabbi Dr. Ja- ..... '....., ,..,, ,,jsn,.,, Lester Rose, that of the HUM Foundation will
11*111 BCI11WW"' "-* iubvimv. -- ,
details will be announced next enbloom will officiate and preach fr.
week. Reservations for seats are the sermons.
being taken, beginning next Sun-
day morning, and those desiring The usual
...'...lain the same seals they used ices will be held a. .-.,--
catewitnMr.i ^ Camp Uohei0 August .1 is at i. Mgeg throughout the state are co-
' ,, n Via Seaboard Airline and Rieh.ud Lear
The Ladies' Auxiliary of the Mr. Wolf Steinberg, Prominent J^"^ Mianii on Tuslh,y.
Miami Jewish Orthodox Congrega-jresident and Jewish "nmu"1 September 1st, at 5:50. Miss Julis Tht, iinilUal southeastern district
tion will hold a special meeting worker of Savannah, Ua., me ^ chaperoll f of the Workmen's Circle
Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock at ^e-Tuesday a er a sho, 1 n sx P ^ ^ ^ ^ ^^ .,,..
UreedTXd. A" "C OS', wafa^iv" rf Russia aX home in Mi.....i this winter. Bertha ^ ....., Day, Septem-
lodges throughout the state are co-
operating. Plans were also mad
for the welcoming of the Hon. Al-
fred M. Cohen, international pres-
ident of B'nai B'rlth, and other in-
ternational officers who are ex-
f Russia and a home in Miami this winter, wm beginning on Labor Day, aepiem rf ^ ^.^ ]u^ gome ^ |n
re8,dent "f S'Udn: M tor. is happy to announce that her u.n Klkilli pl,,m,nen
US. Hi was an _______ tamiu, ha. been well ., ,.......u f the Worl *
Rabbi and Mrs. Max Shapiro of ^an forty-three years. He was an ~, j. ^ ^ ^ we
Both David Congregation are now am assistant "**"< I ^ aml has nKlll(. progress
'-ted at their new home, 051* worker of to B ^iEl I. many outdo,,,- activities. S e, is
K- W" TWrd f The funeral services were held expecting to return to Miami
Mr. and Mrs. Julius Spector an- Wednesday and interment was m t e s 00 ^ ; < ^ ^ ^..... ^
nounce the birth of a baby daugh- the cemetery of the BBJac ^ ^^ ^ w.. rf ^ (.(,m|ll|tt(. ln Mlam,
ter, Joyce Ellen, at the Jackson Synagogue >*" *'*' J^ ss ,as( M(ula, Blfh, at a sur- ,,,, f the Workmen s Circle
Memorial Hospital. August 7th. his wW0W,Ida. foUM>., Max celebrating the nine- rai8ing funds for the support of
Mother and daughter are resting Ml BjJ* HTy of Mian... P^ rf Mi8g Muriel Pal.
nicely Bnd wi be pleased to greet Sam of Savannah andI Sol* New ^ ^ ^ ^
\ork, and two daugnters, mrs. a large number of friends ; / *^
"'" M- A Ki,"hi,n- UtV^ -t S B,rk..wit. I........ I i^fM^Z/^^
. enjoy games and dancing until ajj ^gt^r#*^eyf^-e>^.-*
-.heir friends at their home. 1886
S. w. Sixteenth ter. Mr. and Mrs.
Samuel J. Spector. prominent com-
munal workers, are the proud
Mr. and
Mrs. Louis 0. Hloom-
both of Savannah.
Miss Adele Segall was appoint-
ed chairman of the formal open-
ing of the Miami ""t^'J"
fteW ,,,,,.,, t0 the city after an Hadassah at a meeting held Mon-
,,,. geVeral nl,,ths travel- day night The opening W.11 be
inK in the Sorth. While .., Dover, the seen,! week in October. Misi
V H Mrs. Bloomfield attended Segall will he assisted by a com-
:,,;. funeral of her father, Abraham mittee including Miss Pauline Las-
Melnick, retired merchant and ky, Miss V.vienne Jacobs. Miss
in ihe local branch of the Worl
' men's Circle, will Bgain represei t
ii as the delegate from Miami.
Mrs. M. 11- Kisler of Tampa ,s
a guest at the Anglers Hotel,
Miami Peach, and will remain here
until next week. She was accom-
panied here by Mrs. B. Finman and
son of Tampa.
prominent communal
that city.
worker ol
Sylvia Gutel, Miss Adeline Soko-
loff, Miss Charlotte Kohn, Miss
Sylvia Roston, Miss Belle Tanner.
Miss Ethel Wax and Miss Kayvis.
Miss .Iambs is in charge of the
next meeting on September 7th,
which will be the second in a series
th; ,y afL an absence of sev- of summer dmiu. meetings Junio,
eral weeks on a combined business I
and pleasure trip in the North.
Charles Adelman left for a two
weeks" trip to llendei sonville, N. C.
'' >'
Mr. Philip Berkowitz returned to
Mr. and Mrs. Morton Pagan and
daughter, Sunshine, returned to the
city after an absence of several
ths, during which time
| relative.- and friends in the
Mrs. Morris Pepper is a patient
at the Victoria Hospital, whe
went an operation last week.
High H,
Miss Anne Feldman entertained
following the business session with
a group of songs.
Beth David
late hour. Delicious refreshments
wen served during the evening.
Miss Ballot was the recipient if
many beautiful gifts.
The Tri Beta Sorority held a
scavenger hunt last Thursday ve-
iling, after which all gathered t
the home of Mi- Millicent Roth.
Prizes were awarded for the m03!
original items brought in. During
the evening refreshments were
served to the guests and dancing
followed. Among those present
were Evelyn Kane. Betty Barnett.
Shirley Siegel, Lillian Rellman,
Shirley Barnett. Anna Leah Rubin,
Peretz Scheinberg, Julius Erstling,
I Billy Lomar, Irving Laibson, Al
Cohen, Bennett Applebaum and
Jack Somber;!.
Robert homorc at thi
I., ill n.ii.o > ",n"s".......... ,...,., i \,
e8 the late Friday night serv. Georgia School of Technology
ices will be resumed after the holi- lanta, is visiting his parents Mi.
days with Rabbi Max Shapiro offi- and Mrs. Isaac Levm and will re-
lating and a trained mixed choir. until th.
lrce-ht*s and
Properly English cut
under the direction of Cantor Louis
Hayman, assist ing.
Sun.-Mon.. \ugust :!"-:!!
Robert Montgomerj
Myrna Loy

17 Hi N. W. 36th St.
Closed Rat rda; Ph. 2-2131
the university in Sept, mber. Mrs.
Levin has just returne
visit to Columbus, Ga., Baltimore
:,! | Rocky Mount. -V C.
Dr. and Mrs. A. G. Lc in
X. E. Thirty-third st. left M
for Lake Minnetonkn. Wl
:!. Levin will att,
uate conferen, e.-, a
Roclu i

Delta chapter of P Deli
V at the
I'niversity of Florida, i
Sun.-Mon., August iii-:ll
Franchot Tone
Madge Kvans
White Oak Leather
LADIES' HEELS ......15c
HALF SOLES ............50c
210 N. K. First Avenue
Opp. Cortez Hotel
Is Now at the
The Finest (if Kosher Meats and Poultry at Most
Reasonable Prices
With wider waist-
hand, higher rise
and an adjustable
'.el- at t h '
'. which elimi-
nates the nee,! for
t. 24 to 34.
Hal 3.98
Ties 1.00
Shirts 1.98
slums SHOP.
i leremonial
for home
bj nagogue

Friday, August 28, [986
Page Threw
itUemsti IFaondlSam
by the
., P. O. Ilox 2973
News Tower Bid*. Miami, Fla.
HI 8. W. IStli Avenue
I'hone 2-6804
I'h. ne 2-11*3
FRED K. SHOCHET. ClrcuUUo Miinaec.-r
Field Representative
Entered u Moond elan matter July I, 1989, at the I'.wt Office at Miumi, I'loii.h.
under the A.-t .if Murch 3. 1879.
"Put the Jews
In Their Place"
From the Series:
Fascism ai Our Gates
11 Continued from Page 11
six Months ................................................................................................................................... Il.oo
One Year ............ ................................................ ts.00
Vol. 9No. 35
Brazen Effrontery
When one does something that is wrong and offends
every rule of decency and honest dealing, and in addition to
this, when caught red-handed, tries to defend his actions by
saying "I did the same thing that others are doing," then
that is real "brazen effrontery." Not only has the act of
wrong been committed, but the added injury of trying to
excuse it greatly aggravates the original wrong doing.
We in Greater Miami must take steps to prevent such
actions. When an operator of a supposedly kosher meat
department in a store, caught continually buying non-Kosher
meats, and selling it to an unsuspecting public for kosher,
tries to get out of it by merely pleading that others are do-
ing the same thing, it is high lime thai a long suffering
public step in to put an end to these practices.
It is no longer a matter of rabbis for. after all is.
said and done, the rabbi alone can do but little. He can merely
advise. We suggest, once and for all, the formation of a
vigilance committee representing the kosher meat buying
public as well as the butchers, whose duty it will be to take
legal action designed to punish offenders, and to be ever on
guard to prevent duplicity, dishonesty and wrongdoing.
A definite rult that those apprehended in the sale of
non-kosher meats as "kosher" should be forever barred from
engaging in the kosher meat business should be voluntarily
adopted. Those refusing to adhere to such a policy should
be blacklisted and every self-respecting .lew cease to patron-
ize any establishment in which such a butcher would be lo-
cated. In that way. the economic pressure exerted would be
sufficient to deter those inclined to do the wrong thing.
The wholesale meat packing establishments should be
made to realize that their selling "treifah" meats to kosher!
butchers will be penalized by public opinion The rabbis, it is
suggested, should publicly ban the purchase of meats from
any wholesale establishment continuing these practices.
Concerted action on the part of the public, aided by the
rabbis, will produce the wanted results.
What promises to be a banner
year will be inaugurated with our
presentation of a gala all-day pre-
I.abor Day picnic
and outing, to be
held at Hardie's
Casino on Miami
I! o a c h Sunday,
September 'i. The
entire organiza-
tion of the "Y" is
sponsoring this
Jewish festival to assure the public
of its ultimate success. Among
the many activities that will hold
your interest will be Bwimming
races, dancing contests, running
rare-, novelty games and, last but
not least, a royal battle diamond-
ball game between the men and
the women, to be played under
Robert's Rules of Order. I could
go on indefinitely telling you what
a grand time is in store for each
of you, but space allotted does not
allow me to do so. We Urge each
of you, especially the members, to
attend this "Y" celebration for a
full day of real enjoyment. The
"Y" girls have even gone so far
as to lay aside their powder puffs
and lipstick to show you how in-
tent they art' on beating the men.
Such organizations as the B'nai
B'rith, Junior and Senior lladas-
sah and the Junior Council can
show their real co-operation by at-
tending this pre-Labor Day outing.
Hows about it?
Zionist General Council Meets in
Extraordinary Session
Zurich (WNS-Palcor Agency)
The general council of the World
Zionist Organization, summoned in
extraordinary session to consider
the present political situation in
Palestine, opened here with 100
members and deputy member-;
present. The atmosphere of the
opening session took on a somber
note as Menahem M. Ussishkin,
chairman of the general council,
or actions committee, devoted his
opening remarks to a tribute in
memory of the 71! Jews who have
been killed by Arabs in Palestine
since April l!)th. Mr. Ussishkin
also paid honor to the Zionist lead-
ers who had died since the last
meeting, paying special tribute to
the late Nahum Sokolow, form 'r
World Zionist president.
Other speakers at the opening
session were Dr. Chaim Weizmann,
president of the Jewish Agency
for Palestine and of the World
Zionist Organization, who reviewed
the political situation in which
lews find themselves today in their
efforts to re-establish the Jewish
National Home, and David ben Gu-
rion, chairman of the executive of
the World Zionist Organization,
who described political discussions
that he had had with British offi-
cials in London and Jerusalem dur-
ing the past few months.
Most of the Palestinian members
of the actions committee Were ab-
sent owing to the situation in Pal-
estine. All members of the World
Zionist Executive were present,
however, with the exception of
Moshe Shertok, head of the polit-
ical department of the Jewish
Agency, who remained at his post
in Jerusalem to supervise pending
negotiations. This meeting of the
actions committee marks the first
gathering of international Zionist
leaders since the last bienni il
Zionist Congress, which was held
in Lucerne In September, 1985.
A shipwreck dance that almost
wrecked the "Y" clubrooms was
held last Sunday before a packed
house under the sponsorship of th---
Junior division. The affair proved
a huge social as well as financial
success, to the complete satisfac-
tion of its chairman, Miss Rutl
(let the habit and attend the
weekly meetings of the Juniors,
held each and every Monday, start-
ing at '.I i). m.
An unusually large crowd at-
tended the Y. W. II. A. last Tues-
day. A most novel idea was por-
trayed in the form of a trip around
the United States, with each girl
telling where she came from and
why. Believe it or not, 44 of the
4H states were present, with Mrs.
Sam Shindel. presiding officer,
hailing from Connecticut. An ope i
Court session was held for the sole
purpose of reprimanding the mem-
bership chairman and her assist-
ants for their negligence in bring-
ing in new members. Sitting in
as judge was Miss Ida Engler,
Bailiff Mrs. S. Shindel, Prosecut-
ing Attorney Miss Anne Cross and
Defending Attorney Sylvia Gutel.
Another interesting program has
been arranged for this Tuesday.
The public- is cordially invited.
Viet land. "Russia, you sec', will
be the head and front of the at-
tempt of world Jewry to subdue
the Gentile world, lew Commu-
nists with the help of international
Jewish bankers are working night
and day to overthrow the Gentile
governments and set up a super-
world Jewish controlled power."
The southeastern European coun-
tries like Austria, Hungary, Rou-
mania. Czechoslovakia and Jugo-
slavia are very important fields for
Streicher'a world Jew-baiting pro-
gram, Wurm said. To illustrate
what was bring done in those coun-
tries he produced some postcards
printer! mi the form of the typical
"de Stuermer" caricatures of the
Jew--. The postcards amused Wurm.
lie pointed out to me that their in
s.-riptlops were printed in three
languages, Roumanian, Bulgarian
and Bohemian.
"We have many followers of our
movement in Southeastern Europe
who will help us to put the Jews
in their place," Wurm assured me.
I can believe now that Streicher'a
world Jew-baiting Office in Nu-
remberg has done its work very
well in such countries as Roumania
and Austria in view of the assaults
on .lews in those lands. For ex-
ample, 1 have just now lead in the
dispatches from Europe that anti-
Semitic daily newspapers with a
swastika on the title page are
springing up in every town in Rou.
The anti-Semites in France, of
which there are many, are also co-
operating with Streicher, Wurm
said. He said that "der Stuermer"
was being sold in the principal
population centers in France-. 1
was informed that Fiance is now
under the thumb of the Jews and
was therefore a constant menace
to Germany.
''In Palestine, yes, we are there,"
Wurm declared with the smile of
a Badist. And his face lit up with .
sadistic delight when he said "Ah,
there we shall have some fun with
the Jews. There we have Arab
friends who have caught the true
spirit of our movement You shall
see the trouble that the Jews will
have- in Palestine"
And the papers report that the
Nazis had to spend only 325,000 to
Create to the delight of sadistic-
Nazis, the present Arab riots
against the Jews Mark my word,
when the truth is disclosed about
the present trouble in Palestine it
will be found that this "secret of-
fice" of Julius Stretcher played a
After listening to the impres-
sive speech made by Rabbi J. Mar.
shall Taxay I became enthused to
the extent of becoming a member
of the B'nai B'rith.
Every Thursday night, starting
a! 8:30, the "Y" will present their
much talked about open house
dances, Admission to these dances
is 2o cents to the men. with the
ladies admitted free. Piling your
friends along for an enjoyable eve-
No games were lost by the Y.
M. H. A. diamondball team the past
week, being that they were unable
play, due to an invasion of girls'
teams from throughout the state,
who were fighting for state cham-
pionship honors.
Society News: Mozel Tov Abe
Weiner's dog had six pups; mother
and children doing fine, thank you.
Arrangements are presently un-
der way for a benefit diamondball
game, to be played against one of
the outstanding teams of the city.
Watch foi- the date of game and
After receiving a fine assem-
blage at their last general social
meeting, the Y. M. H. A. will hold a
general business meeting Wednes-
day, September 2nd.
leading role in the drama
"You Americans are asleep on
this Jewish question," .Mr Wurm
said "You do not seem to realize
that your country is run by the
Jews You do not believe me. Well,
I can show you from documents
produced in your own country that
this is true."
Mr. Wurm then proceeded to give
me a course in American anti-Sem-
itism. He proved beyond doubl
that his office had more numerous
connections with American Jew-
baiters than any American office
"Here., for example, is a pam-
phlet prepared by one- of your lead-
ing economists, which proves thai
your country is now dominated by
the Jews," Wurm declared as he
produced Robert Edward F.dmon.l-
Bon's chart of the "U. S. Invisible
Government." "This pamphlet has
just arrived from your country and
it proves that a Jewish radical mi
nority controls President Roosevelt
and your country," Wurm assured
The main point to keep in mind
is that this Streicher world clear-
ing bouse has connections with the
leading anti-Semites in America.
Not only is Edmondson well repre-
sented here, but also the Rev. Ger-
ald Winrod, editor of the Defender
and the Revealer, of Wichita, Kas,
"Here is a place in Chicago, near
your home in Kansas City, is it
not ? At this place you can gel
copies oi that very important doc-
ument, the "Protocols of the Meet-
ings of the Learned Elders in
Zion," said Mr. Wurm. "The name
is Patriotic Publishing Company.
Don't you want to write down tin
address V "
And on through the whole list of
professional American Jew-baiters.
So far as I am able to learn, Mr.
Wurm and Mr. Streicher had not
overlooked a single one.
While this interview was in prog-
ress a man who was introduced to
me as a representative of the Brit
ish Imperial Fascist League came
in. He assisted Paul Wurm in ex-
plaining to me the plans and pur-
poses of the world clearing house
for anti-Semites. This English-
man was on the most intimate
terms with Wurm. It was not Mr.
Wurm and Mr. Fox to them, bul
Paul and John. Moreover, Mr. Fox
knew exactly what Mr. Streicher
and Mr. Wurm were trying to do.
lie approved of it ami seemed to
he happy to be in on the Nazi cam-
paign to "put the Jews in their
placev" There was an ample sup-
ply of British Imperial Fascist
League publications in the fofice.
All of them were shown to me and
samples were given to me with the
suggestion that I might become a
distributor of the pamphlets on
my return to America.
It developed during my conver-
sation with Mi. Fox and Mr. Wurm
that the relationship between the
Streicher office and the British Im-
perial Fascist League was more
than that of mere friendship. There
appeared to Ih' some sort of a busi-
ness agreement. Since my return
to America I have learned that the
major connection that Streicher
has with American anti-Semitic
groups is through the British lin-
perial Fascist League. Please
keep iii mind that this organiza-
tion, as its literature puts it, "han
no connection with Sir Oswald
Moseley's pro-Jewish organiza
Literature of the British Impe-
rial Fascist Iveague has been sent
to me from numerous American
anti-Semitic- groups and recently
when I have interviewed the lead-
ers of these- societies I have ob-
served the English publications for
distribution. How do 1 know?
Well. 1 have been offered samples-,
(Continued on Page 4)

Page Four
Friday, August 28, 1936
Jacksonville News
Rabbi Israel I.. Kaplan of the
Jewish Temple returned from his
summer vacation. Together with
his family he visited the Pacific
coast and toured tin- entire state
ut' California, including the his- \
toric missions at Santa Barbara \ ^_
and Capistrano. His daughter, ">^-~-
St. Petersburg
Louise, matriculated as a fresh-
man in the University of Califor-
nia at Los Angeles.
Rabbi Kaplan will resume hi*
duties by conducting religious ---------
services at the Temple Friday eve. Ely Katz, son of Mr. and Mrs.
ning. Morris Katz. has been highly com-
plimented by Dr. John Tigert, pies.
Nat Kaminski has returned from idem of the University of Florida,
for completing a five-year course
in four years with a high average.
Katz was graduated August 7th
from the university with an Id.. !!.
degree with honors. He received
a straight A average during the
last semester.
Katz is a graduate of the local
Orlando Notes
Mrs. M. J, Safer and son are
visiting Mrs. Safer's mother, Mrs.
Friedman, at St. Augustine,
New York, where he visited his
parents. Mr. Kaminski is asso-
ciated With William P. Cook and
The many friends of Mrs. Isa-
bella Rosenbaum are happy to
learn of her improvement after her
recent illness and wish her a god-
.p,.,.,i recovery.
Daytona Beach
Mr. and Mrs. Milton W. Pepper,
Tallahassee, announce the birth of
twin girls Saturday evening. Mr.
and Mrs. Harry Pepper, Daytona
Beach, are the proud grandpa--
Mr. and Mrs. Edel Hammerman
announce the engagement of their
daughter, Esther, to M. Victor
Blate of Winter Haven. The wed- high school. He is an accomplished
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Hillman,
(laughter, Mildred, and son, Arthur,
have returned to Orlando after an
extended motor tour.
ding will
an event of October.
Mr. and Mrs. K. Bonime have re-
turned to Orlando after an enjoy-
able visit in New York.
" 'Green Pastures' and Our Con-
ception of Heaven" is the topic of
Rabbi Alexander S. Kleinfeld's ser-
mon for Friday night at Temple
Israel services, which begin at 7:80,
he announced.
Rabbi Kleinfeld conducts Hebrew
classes daily from 10 a. m. to 12
m. He asks for volunteers for a
Mrs. A. J. Haimovitz and daugh-
ters, Misses Gertrude and Pearl,
have returned to Orlando after va-
cationing at Daytona Beach,
Katz is a member of the Phi
An important meeting of the Beta Delta social fraternity, Blue
Rothschild Young Judean club was Key honorary fraternity, qualified
held last week in the Jacksonville I"! Phi Kappa Phi. national hon- Tne lminv frfondg 0f j|rB, Sam
Jewish Center, with Julius Sloat orary scholastic fraternity, Order12Sg0rjan ,uv V(,]v g0 Ui |aapn
presiding. of Palms, honorary cultural frater- |u,,. m.t.nt mneBi aml wish lu.,.
A permanent meeting place for nit, and John Marshall Law so- ., S|,,.,|y recovery,
the club was decided upon in the ciety.
center. Arrangements of the meet- Katz served as honor court dele-
illg room were discussed and mem- irate from the law college for tWO
bcrs are asked to bring donations terms; served as secretary and
to the next meeting. Isadore Set- treasurer of the student body dur-
zer was appointed to have the con- ing the summer this year, was
stitution printed and hung in the vice-president of the freshman law
meeting room. class for two terms and conceit
Eunice Davis, Miss Sylvia Hai- master of the university symphony
mowitz, Elmer Setzer and Eugene orchestra for four years,
HaimowitZ were appointed the li- He was president and director of
brary committee by the president, the University of Florida Clubmen,
The casting of roles in the plays one of the nation'.- finest college
to be presented in October was orchestras, for two years, resign- "e" !""| *Iea*ur tr}V to New guest of her children, Mr. and Mrs.
spend a Max Davis.
Five Tau Epsilon Phi members
from Florida cities are expected
here Labor Day for a stopover on
a lushing expedition. They are
motoring in Sidney Mendelson's
(Tallahassee) ear.
Mrs. Jacob Ginsberg, who recent-
ly suffered an arm injury when she
and Mrs. M. Kngcl and son Petersburg are residing in
of Jacksonville! are making Or- lando.
lando their future home.
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Arstein have
Mr. and Mrs. 15. Ginsburg of St. returned from a trip to New York.
discussed and the following cast ing ti finish his law course, and
was chosen: Miss Matilda Shane, was staff violinist of radio station
Yilrk, where
they will
Julius Sloat and Isadore Setzer.
VYRUF in Gainesville.
The Daughters of Israel held
their midsummer dance Wednes-
day night on the Jacksonville
Beach pier. .Mrs. Ben Chcpnick and
Rabbi M. Baumel of Carbondale,
Pa., is to take over the pulpit of
the Congregation B'nai Israel.
Mr. A. Sierkese and his daugh-
ter, Jennie, left for New York on
a business and pleasure trip.
Mrs. N. Weinstein is back from
her vacation in the North.
Mr. and Mrs. Stein left for
racn p,er Mrs. Ben and Rabbi Baumel was the .piritual Miami, whepe th wi|| lion.
, commit oc were charge ,eader Ozone Park, New York, ,,, va(,lU() ^ ^
The regular pier orchestra fur- for ten years. He has attained a .
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Goldberg and
family came home from their vaca-
liished the music and novel nun-- ,1,.,.,, knowledge in Talmud, Mi-
be rs that proved entertaining. droshim and Poskim, in Yeshivas
Sandwiches and drinks were sold
by members of the committee, In
in Europe, and received two de-
Mr. Leon I.. Haliczer's family
and friends gave him a birthday
party and dinner at Pass-ag-greil
Mr. Yanovitz returned from a
uying trip in New York.
(frees at New York University. He Beach
charge of the refreshments were .,,,.jvcd with llis family vesterdav
Miss Ethel Joel, Mrs. O. Magezis
and Mrs. M. Wexler. : "l""'K : satumi,-v turned from a pleasure trip o Chi-
On the general commute,, with al ;,. He will conduct a ,.., wher_ v ,".,',
Mrs. Chepnick were Mrs. Sam forum f,. ai|lllts in Vill,lish l the> *ited '"lat'^ -Mr. and Mrs. S. Schwartb and
and will hold services in English
tonight at S o'clock and Saturday
morning at 9. He will conduct a
forum for adults in Yiddish on and friends
Gamce, co-chairman; Mrs. J. Wein- -pjrkay Avos" and a leture in Eng-
stein. Mrs. lly Selber, Mrs. A. Sel- ;;,,, Sunday evening on Maimonides
ber. Mrs, Sam Witten. Mrs. I. Wit- ,,is Prjncjplea f Faith.
ten, Mr.-. I. Gartner, Mrs. Isadore ______
Moscovitz, Miss Ethel Joel. Mrs. Mr and Mrg SaJn Fyvolen, and
Oscar Magezis and Mrs. M. Wexler. fam|ly ,,,,., ,.. a combined busi-
I he proceeds of the event will
be used for the benefit of the Jew- appropriate shade.-.
Mr. Max Argintar and sons, Ar-
nold and Sam, of Tampa were the
vi, -v, r~o-, gUeStS for a (lay of Mr- ">d M's.
and Mrs. A. Silverman re- Davis at Pass-ag-Greell Beach.
was thrown from her bicycle by a
car, and has been in Halifax hos-
pital, is at home recuperating.
Mrs. Peggy Cohen planned to
leave this week for Chicago to at-
tend her brother's wedding Sunday.
She will return soon.
Mr. and Mrs. I.ollis E. Goldman
and children are expected to re-
turn in a few days from Chicago.
where they spent the summer, 01 -
cording to word received here.
Harry Saffer of I'ensacola vis-
ited his mother and sisters, Mrs.
Morris Peters and Misses Ksta,
Clara and Eva Saffer, last week.
Mendell Lazarus of Lake City
was a visitor here Sunday.
Al Sontag of Miami was here
this week.
Maurice Fleischer and Miss Sa-
die lie Bartolomeis of South Jack-
sonville, who have been visiting
Miss Marian Levey for several
weeks, returned home Sunday.
Mrs. J. Bronstein returned home
after visiting a week with Mra.
Dave W'inerkoff in Miami.
Dr. and Mrs. Irving Levey spent
Sunday in Jacksonville. They ex-
pect to visit in Gainesville this
Put the Jews
In Their Place
(Continued from Page 3)
Stretcher by way of the British
Imperial Fascist League, subsi-
dizes, directly or indirectly, nearly
all of America's anti-Semitic or-
Here, then, in these Nazi so-
cieties is to be found the poison-
ous source of American anti-Sem-
itism and Naziism. It is not dif-
ficult to trace this poison to its
source. We have exacted of Rus-
sia in our treaty of recognition that
there shall be no propaganda in
America, either directly or indi-
rectly, by the Russian government
in behalf of Communism. When
shall we have the good sense to
deal with Fascist countries in a
similar manner?
Mr. and Mrs. Ben U'olfson and
daughter were the guests of their
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Schwartz.
their daughter, Mrs. Miller, re-
turned from their vacation.
Mr. and Mrs. Aron Silverman re-
turned from a trip to Milwaukee
\[, A HU. f t after sIH'ndinK BOme time with
Mis. a Heeht ot Tampa is the their parents.
outstanding scenes in the state of scenes of the beach at Daytona
Florida, placed on the walls, are Beach; Foil Marion, St. Augus-
ilone in soft colors and the rest of tine; Silver Springs, Ocala; Yeno-
the room decorated in blending and tian Casino, Coral Gables; Over-
ties of Florida.
The lobby has been redecorated
announcement made by Charles B.
Griner, manager.
Before coming to Jacksonville
m a similar manner, with Indian Mr. Am)l,ws JSSl J
scenes used in connection with the j ternity. renoent of
Spoil Shorts
with the Brooklyn Dodgers ment. Postal tripped over Yaroffs
Governor Lehman is a real track Pole and twisted his ankle He's
and field enthusiast He sat on now hobbling around on crutches.
the grass at the World Labor Ath- ---------
letic Carnival and registered sharp About People
disappointment when George Yar-
off failed by a whisker to break
ference of Clergymen and Laymen,
will have something very interest-
ing to say about this conclave of
so-called religious leaders In-
cidentally, we found out that Ralph
Nollner of Houston, Texas, who
T I V ." i "^ h0nr' The ,ateSt is hi" ",a>,'l '-'""> Pan at th.
Denials to the contrary notwith- his own worlds record in the pole election to the American Writers Asheville POW-WOW wasV
standing, it was pure anti-Semit- vault The governor also start- Union "Hall of Shame" The natorv to the original call fV t
ism that kept Sam Stoller and Mar. ed two of the events at the carni- '," is not a typographical error confer- *..u ,"" f' th*
typographical error
ty Glickman from competing in the va' Our managing editor, Ber- pate was kind to Erich Beck-
Berlin Olympics The authority nard Postal, was the sole casualty er, .'(2-year-old anti-Nazi, who
for this statement is Judge Jere- of the carnival While escort- laced deportation to Hitler Ger-
miah T. Mahoney Governor ing Varoff to the judges' stand foi many He died of sunstroke at
Dave Sholtz of Florida, who is a the presentation of the Senator Anna, 111. Rabbi Abraham
l ongregational Jew," if you get Benjamin F. Herman trophy for I'einlieig of New York, who at
What we mean, once had a tryout the outstanding individal achieve- tended the Asheville National Con-
conference along with James True,
Robert Edward Edmondson, Col.'
Sanctuary and others of America's
Jew-baiters M. Maldwin Pertig
is resting up at Lake Como, Switz-
erland, trying to forget all about
resolutions and orations on the
(Editor's Note: Miamians will
remember that several years ago
Winrod was run out of Miami be-
cause of his actions, and that about
a half year ago W'inrod's use of
the school buildings was denied
after a protest by the local B'nai
(Copyright, l'J3C, by Seven Arts
Feature Syndicate)
Chattanooga, Tenn., where he had
lived for a number of years. He
is a graduate of the University of
Alabama, class of 11I24, and has
enjoyed experience as a salesman
and executive, and was also con-
nected with the Hotel Patten in
Chattanooga. He was a member
of the Chattanooga Rotary Club
and Fairyland Club, and is a mem-
ber of the Phi Kappa Sigma fra-
Jewish issue Lazar Lipsky, the
lawyer son of Louis, is taking a
very active part in New York state
Democratic party activities .
Which reminds us that the 17-
year-old son of Clarence Low,
treasurer of the New York state
Democratic committee, is one of
the most promising amateur tennis
players ... In case you don't re-
member, Robert A. Low won the
national boys' singles title a few
years ago.
(Copyright, 1986, by Seven Arts
Feature Syndicate)

Friday, August 28, 1980

A new and potent starring team
heads the cast of the sprightly
Comedy, "Petticoat Fever,"' com-
ing Sunday to the Tivoli Theatre.
The team is Robert Montgom-
ery and Myrna Loy.
It is a story of a wireless oper-
ator in a remote Labrador station.
When an airplane runs out of gas-
Jewish News
Around the
Ami-Communist Conference Was
Asked to Fight Bigotry
World Congress Against Anti-Sem-
itism Set for Vienna
Page Five
oline and lands near his lonely
tower he sees a white woman for
the first time in a year, and a
'cautiful woman for the first timo
since he left England, two years
Reginald Owen, ranking charac-
ter actor, plays the English baro-
net engaged to Myrna Loy. others
in the supporting east are William
.Stack, Otto Vaniaoka, Iris Yama-
oka and Ho Chine..
Romantic and exciting at the
tame time is the picture, "Exclu-
sive Story," starting Sunday at the
Seventh Avenue Theatre, with
Franehot Tone and Madge Evans
o-featured in the leading roles.
Based on Martin Mooney'g dis-
New York (X. C. J. C.)Rabbi
Abraham I.. Feinberg of Mt. Neboh
Temple. Xew York City, today
made public the address he deliv-
ered l>efore the National Confer-
ence of Clergymen and Laymen,
which met at Asheville, X. C, last
week, to fight atheism and 'com-
In his address the Xew York
rabbi called upon Protestant, Cath-
olic and Jewish clergymen to "for-
get their theological differences"
and unite in the face of the "chal-
lenge thundered by poverty, injus-
tice, tyranny and social chaos."
He said the time has come for
the ministry to "re-educate our
people in the true meaning of
Americanism, to reintegrate our
emotions about its fundamental
tenets, ami to reaffirm them in
unmistakable terms against the en-
emies of freedom who are girding
for its destruction throughout the
lie also urged clergymen to "up-
rool the prejudices that divide us,"
asserting that "our present crisis
does not need the medicament of
clergymen who stir up racial prej-
udices, class hatreds and sectionai
"Our task, as guardians of God's
teaching," Rabbi Feinberg said, "i-
to further the love of man for hi-
fellows, to bring opposing forces
into closer understanding and,
above all, to condemn ruthlessly
those who promote hatred and Ull-
charitableness for any motivo
whatever, be it economic, theolog-
ical or political."
Vienna (WNS)An internation-
al congress against anti-Semitism j
will be held in Vienna before the !
end of this year, it was announced '
here by Mine. Irene Harand, emi-!
nent foe of racial and religious big-
otry, who is taking the lead in or-
ganising the meeting. Mme. Har-
and, who is a Christian, said thou-
sands of delegates from all parts
of the world and representatives of
all races and creeds are expected
to attend the congress, which is ex-1
pected to be the greatest manifes-1
tation against anti-Semitism evel
Englishmen whose political con-
science has not lost its sensitive-
ness during the horror and the
shame of this day in British history
of which once againas recurrent-
ly through the agesan injustice
to the Jewish people is the sign
and symbol for now and for the
years to come.
The World's
(Continued from Page 1)
tory of Britain there is nothing
equal in treachery and cowardice
to the sending of a commission of J
investigation to Palestine, the'
threat of a suspension of Jewish '
immigration or the unspeakable
picture of Sir Arthur Wauchope
grieving over the radio at the sue- '
cessivc outrages and not suppress.
ing actively and firmly those bands
of terrorists who are no longer
particularly discriminating among
the English, the Jews or those
Arabs who hesitate to join them.
It is not difficult to imagine the
state of mind of those very manv
It is possible to dismiss all no-
tions of special mission or even
function for the Jewish people an I
yet recognize the indisputable his-
| torical fact of our being and hav-
ing been in every crisis of human
history the measure or touchstone
"f the moral and civilitatory qual-
ity of that crisis. If, in the fine
homely old phrase, something was
good for .lews, it always proved to
be good for mankind. If it wad
evil for Jews it never failed to be
in the long run evil for all men.
And this iron fact may have some-
thing to do with that moral in-
sight into the exact qualities and
consequences of human action
which we have not lost since at
the very latest the .lavs of Amos
of Tekoa.
Such recognitions which cannot
but come to every Jew who is daily
mindful of Jewish historyand
that should be every Jewcannot
fail and suffering and contumely
and disappointment to give us
strength and sober hope and the
power to withstand and to wring
some victories, moral and material,
from under the very ribs of the
world's sins and miseries. This as-
surance, this knowledge of how
things have been and are, should
be an instrument of the most prac-
tical kind. I was heartened by
Jacob Fishman's account in the
Morgen Journal of the certainty of
the representatives of our Yishuv
in Geneva that the upper hand, the
moral upper hand, was still ours
in spite of terrorism and treachery.
But 1 was not surprised. The re-
settlement of Palestine is good for
Jews. Therefore it is good for all
men. The thing has never failed.
It will not now.
(Copyright, 1986, by Seven Arts
Feature Syndicate)
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i 'Aeries in exposing the nol
".':umbers racket" in Xew York, it
is a swift moving tale of the cru-
sade and capture of the n
day public enemies by a
torney, with the help of
a beautiful girl, herself the daugh-
ti r of a racket victim.
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The Message of
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I'ajre Six
Friday, August 28, 1930
Jewish News
Around the
report covering their observations
on the growth of the Holy Land
and the conditions which were re-
sponsible for the present disorder?
in the country.
American Senators on Palestine
Mission for Hearst Newspapers
Palestine Jews Aroused by Impo-
sition of Collective Fine
We Hear
William Dudley Pelley. Ameri-
ca's would-be Hitler, has written
his autobiography Only 50
Jerusalem (WN'S-Palcor Agency)
The delegation consisting of Unit-
ed States Senators Royal S. Cope-
land of New York, Warren Austen
of Vermont and Daniel Hastings
of Delaware has come to Palestine
Id make a survey of the country at
the request of William Randolph
Hearst. American newspaper pub-
lisher, it was revealed in a state-
ment issued to the press by the
distinguished American visitors.
The statement emphasized, how-
ever, that the senators were also
"mindful of the fact that thu
American government is most in-
terested in this country's prob-
lems," though the hastened to add
that their visit to Palestine was
in a purely unofficial capacity.
The senators said in their press
statement: "We have come to Pal-
estine not as officials, but ad
American citizens. We are not
committing the American govern-
ment to anything we do or say.
We undertook this visit in order
tn secure accurate information on
the Palestine situation for William
Randolph Hearst, the newspaper
publisher. But we are also mind-
ful of the fact that that the Amer-
ican government is most interest-
ed in this country's problems and
the information we will gather will
be of value to us as senators. We
are free from bias and prejudice
and give assurance that our survey
will be impartial. We invite the
co-operation of all who can help.
All Americans are genuinely inter-
ested in Palestine's peace and pros-
perity. In the midst of a world-
wide depression, from which Amer-
ica also suffered, we have watched
Palestine's great prosperity with
admiration. Americans have con-
tributed greatly to the reconstruc
tion of Palestine for the benefit o
all elements of the population. We
are confident that an early return
of peace will insure the continua-
tion of American economic aid."
It is understood that upon their
return to the United States, the
senators will make available their
findings in the form of a lengthy
Jerusalem (WNS-Palcor Agency)
The imposition by the northern
district commissioner of a collec-
tive punishment fine of $1,250 on
the Jewish settlement of Achuza
Sir Herbert Samuel, on the ground
that the quarter was allegedly con-
nected with the murder of an Arab
woman, has aroused the Jews of
Palestine to widespread condemna-
tion of the government for its as-
serted discriminatory attitude to-
ward Jews defending themselves
against Arab attacks. The Hebrew
press united in demanding that the
fine, the first levied upon a Jew-
ish settlement since the disturb-
ances began on April 19th, be an-
Davar, organ of the Palestine
Jewish Federation of Labor, denies
that any member of the Jewish
quarter was linked with the slay-
ng on Mt. Carmel last week of an
Arab woman, and points out that
the imposition of this fine identi-
ties the entire group of Jews with
the killing when no proofs have
been brought forward by the po-
lice to warrant any such conclu-
sion. Davar emphasizes that never
since its founding has this Jewish
settlement on Mt Carmel displayed
any hostility toward Arabs, either
by word or deed, but has always
been on cordial terms with the sur-
rounding Arab villages. For the
past four months, however, it as-
serts, these Arabs have been mak-
! way to slur the Jewish community,
the Davar asks editorially whether
the government imposed a collec-
tive fine on the Arab town of Jaffa
when the attacks on Jews started
in that city on April 19th, or when
two Jewish nurses were brutally
slain on the grounds of the Jaffa
-eminent hospital,
rello H. I.a Guardia and Borough
President Raymond V. Ingersoll of
Brooklyn in addresses U> the an-
nual convention of the Improved
Benevolent and Protective Order
of F.Iks of the World, negro. As-
serting that it is the duty of all
fraternal groups to seek to break
(town racial and religious barriers.
Governor Lehman said "it is the
practicing, not the preaching, of
the brotherhood of man that is
needed. We are doing everything
| we possibly can in this state to
eliminate these prejudices."
i copies of it have been printed, in
a volume six inches thick It's
entirely mimeographed Add
' to your list of undercover anti-Se-
mitic groups the A. B. C.'s, a little
known ally of the Silver Shirts
. "The Truth Is on the March"
is the title of a story telling about
Emile Zola's fight to vindicate Al-
fred Dreyfus, which is being made
into a picture at Hollywood .
There's talk of a mass Palestine
tour in 1937 under the auspices of
Hadassah The new headquar-
ters of the Zionist Organization of
America will be a stone's throw
from the New York public library
. Siegfried Schopflocher, a non-
Aryan, is the chief financial back-
er of the Bahai movement in Can-
You to the
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Lehman and I.a Guardia Pledge
War on Race Bigotry in New York
New York (WNS)State, city
and borough aid -n rooting out ra-
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York were pledged by Governor
Herbert H. Lehman, Mayor Pio-
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household la>k-.
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cookery, water healing and ili-li
washing. Soon you'll rnjo\ the
cotuplele miracle .. Ihe magic
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^Jewish Flaridi 7a m MIAMI, FLORIDA. FRIDAY. AUGUST 28. 1986 Price Five Cent* THE WORLD'S WINDOW IN TDK NEWS Rabbi Exposes (ANTI-SEMITES BOAST OF Kosher Violator WORLD-WIDE PROPAGANDA As the result of intensive work By l.l'DWK; LBWISOHN by Rabin David I. Rosenbloom of This column is copyrighted by planning from exile the assassinaBeth Jacob Synagogue. Miami the Seven Arts Feature Syndition of the Georgian dictator. Zini,„. rh n viH whl*— i ,.„.* k;„ „,.• t rate ll..„,-. .A, ..I, : L. i • *.,,., "' ain Iawd \\ hitman, lessee of his series of amazing revt rate. Reproduction in whole or ovieff and Kamenev also are neiththe k h „ r -.„„.„. i„ L .. infringement will be prosecuted, circumstances it is not difficult u> ave.. Miami Beach, signed the folBy REV. DR. I.. M. BIRKHEAD In this, the second article of I civilization the Jews must be deflations feated in every country. Here In this office we are in communication with those enlightened Gentiles in all countries who have had advance in America, Dr. Birkhead gives imagine from what bureaucratic |„ winK ecnfetalon, admitting that a