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The Jewish Floridian
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63 v. : ;
Jewish Floridian Pub. Co.
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Miami, Fla
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August 19, 1932
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Jewish newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Miami (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Miami-Dade County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Dade -- Miami


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began in 1927?
Dates or Sequential Designation:
-v. 63, no. 20 (May 18, 1990).
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Editor: Fred K. Shochet, <1959>.
General Note:
Description based on: Vol. 5, no. 47 (Nov. 25, 1932).

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University of Florida
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oclc - 35317254
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,I ,

' --^---i~PI- ~aCGC**~i~l~

o. V. No. XXLXIV

Jay anti Tomorrow

rakParker Stockbridge

PSE. .long one due
Next total eclipse of the
pilbe visible in most parts
few England on August 31
er. The moon's shadow
pasacross the face of the
inthe afternoon, about 3:28
standard time, and the
eclipse will last for almost
minutes. Most total eclit-
st only a few seconds, so
homers are looking forward
isone and hoping for clear
er, in the expectation that
photographic instruments
reveal elements which exist
tide of the black disk of the
t's shadow which obscures the
face in a total eclipse, huge
asshoot out, sometimes as
;as 100,000 miles, from the
Sof the sun. There are burn-
ghsres, thetheolorsetoro t"ch a
t they are composed of. It
enown that a large part of this
ring mass which we call the
is iron, heated to a point
re it vaporizes. Almost every
Ir mineral found on earth has
been detected in these sun
is, but science is still trying
whetherr the sun is getting hot.
or cooler is a matter of great
prtance to all mankind. A
) of a few degrees in the aver-
heat received by the earth
D thP sun would mean a re-
I of the Ice Age, when glaciers
tile thick formed as far south
lentucky; an increase of a de-
Sor so in sun heat would start
StrLe rn orsugar cane grow-

Price: F'ive Cents

Miami Florida Friday 2



At ths tim the ews Flmocrldanis h oapnl publiatincrygJeshew
of thi distrct an Flria enrl.Fo t hm ie pstm several yer t a ppe
pidly~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ inteps ekfrD.
r.Roegularly p ieach aendio ever Frida oy caring new aditems ofe Iinti erst to thedo Jewish a

In caryin outour oli tcy ofweky apuliatio w hamaveahre oth rncp
*om acthaedta wheel suche afs The ewsh Flriia oesaut t the p aublc teo lrge.* a
evnsWhhether buiess ben good ore bad, itms, as a rmoiel nesape~rsS carry no regardess. C
LatSimpldy to bcarry onhen busrinessh pis ood and to ese pulication whe Dait isn'tg, is r
notu f thrue bb by nespprig randition. z wt h en blld vnig pemr s

ing o hi tFor thiat raon we appa tfor thew fair" minednessrnla m of th eis epe iand that po
ofs ourt nehs aon-Jhewishts ries oa consdr these factsa whien reaingn thebir greetngsn awl o
adver tier.Ofcusemet for Rosh~ Hashouno. Acaigi h eeois

By Paroizn Thei Jeis Floridia youk inue oniuduinrutd
service, fairial ande impartialas ata all times calo h

Democrats who stwish toasist inuIews OrhdxCnrgt
gol---- thhasalste amr egsed Democratic campaignlshe and atial repuati
sThingso have been moin so vra th aetm iesoehl oRbiJna .Cpa fte
tidly in thed f pastetre week foD.A.te un o mployedwl b ient wfone Mam Jucewishu Othomdo Conrea- a
E. Rosenthal, prominent dentist of o rtunity tomorrow when the v
~~~~~~~~~nthis citta ehsn e e M oratic buy-a-patec camp ~aig tionth ilbemririe to Miss Leavna
clod me cumed atol tuhed series ofg ofci start Hnon ed.frmhsan, the duher ofRgiev. cand
events whicht thae bealleon him. Tahe pilaeis an auttomoile tag Mrs. SHemn ofli Moakntreal, Cn. Yd
Lra Hspit atuda her becametebrn h pictures of Roosevelton ats Bethin Davd Sytnagogue Thus-a
drscoud fdathe ofe ate bab borng and Sot ihtelgn eo a vnnpebr1t ih
wis tht h ha hd fr te pst s ead uandbler upon h cma witemnlrdaen Rabi athending and of-
severedal y ers Ofco ure hel cmele- background.tbihd t89Bs-~ w Yr flit ng in the remonies. c
to i the offic to resue wrkaftei, saeancotyDmcai bbCpancmtoim
hisfistbustofenhuiam adcampine offiial haeaoedlcasyar atthe lgcall ofteMinami a
bneegn sen and whle swelreoedin theer lat ler andstteiden disrib- J~ewis YOr Cthoo Cnrgin
golds nwith asmal stepel hamer atiorne wi be obtined ths and since hs aerrial her has es-
ruck ~~fo sohrdt asvr h e Cont o.e en ot a tea snul dson of he d s
left TRTN ar si htfoMmapistol h ol nsseln h agsthver communl work here.un ISev-

disloed at hestel lierhad Hedq arers fo theN ca pa gn grauae, of the City on Colleg f
Rente are and l ec me depyi mbed hav benetbihed ate 80 is ewYork ad is eof the R abbi saac
deed nl e cth e am Admn oper at io was layne o h adt bld E lcha nan Thde olS ogcal Seinar at n
undergone anrmd the steel remo ed HerbetSplr mine teR doC ntes Jew- Ne Yok C
o He series no i fiet shape.Sn is atoneys inacost hndlng these tag -
eac wekforth prpoe f for Dde County Mis Lenae Hermans is naive
fetfl of Montrealn o andcnes~lt is onere of theh mos NP HSIA
ADMINeSTRTV COMITE activeu workers of these Youn Isreal jde nl

th---- HELDSOO aggue, whgM.Rbr arcid edo rere thet crmonyu wuill
recrdntl ected Adi trtvlans forte a the Aeia raudiction to dee andoldest SynMs agoges ine Mon-
commteetn form ed totake cihargeU termine the RawdoCnest win otral. a emtt rc 1
ofthe usafairs Hof eh aidSyna nev ers in0 aopa cones sonsored by. the
gogu e hvebend theld remigurl JeihFoida, eanon IYSTR FGT
eachon wek o the purpElose. oflJ ef edsortly i Ththe choulums Eight 'v a sol dmi
fecting ail reoraniztoune of the contestant are ntered in both ONe rcNEWy HOPIA J..W
business ~~~ ~ ~ on and, spirtua affairs of clsss n tre jdesinlu
te Synagogue ingn Mr. obr arhl, edof h arges th t a mand mus suit
According~ topasaote tteA eican Broadcast ing ollpegebogtb r.CteieHny

weeks we have been in receipt Judge Paul Barns.
Instantaneous freezing ike this of a number of letters fromt The suit, prepared by Bart A.
does not ~cause ice crystals to Jewish girls in the Greater MI- :Riley, Watson declared, in motions
break the cells of meat. vegeta- ami section regarding a probr !to quash and to strike out portions



three-man board of arbitration
was appointed recently to decide
whether Mrs. Esther Penanjian
should be given Christian or Jew-
ish burial.
Mrs. Penanjian, born in Poland
of Jewish parents, was burned to
death in her home.
Mrs. Paul W. Slosar, claiming
to be her godmother, says the
victim renounced her faith when
she married John Penanjian, an
Armenian, in Center Congrega-
tional Church, and therefore she
should be buried in Protestant
Highland cemetery.
But Max Traster, close friend of
Mrs. Penatnjian, insists she re-
tained her Jewish beliefs and
should be buried in the Jewish
cemetery in Salisbury.
Public Administrator John W.
Ryan was appealed to, but re-
mained neutral. So Undertaker
Roblerto M Ilnne oasked ane
erson of Amesbury and William
E. Chase of Oldtown to decide the
case on its merits, and the con-
testants agreed to abide by their
It apparently didn't occur to
anyone to consult Mrs. Penanjian's
divorced husband, who is in jail.


Plans for an educational cam-
paign to impress Micamians with
the need for an advertising ai-
paign in the North, were outlined
recently at a meeting of the pub-
licity committee of the Miami

Cdvemt sng in the SvnbSea u

uAs resuto o p rt n pe g d

billboards, street car and bus signs
and theaters, without any cost, as
all funds raised in the drive are
to be used specifically for North-
ern advertising and there is no
appropriation for promotions@
In addition to printed educa-
tional publicity, the plan outlined
includes a speakers' committee to
be headed by Harrison McCready
of the Junior Chamber of Com-
merce. E. B. Elliott and Robert
Fennell agreed to supply 30 bill-
boards in the greater Miami area
for ild'e;i~ii:Tiitional messages with the
copy to be prepared by the pub-
licity committee. Mr. Elliott also
offered the services of a staff ar-
tist for art work in connection
with a series of advertisements do-
nated by George Baker. A. L. Rey-
nolds wasa p a adv in cag. of


A plah tb eliminate the profes-
stonal rent dodger was presented
to the G~reatter Miami Apartment
House Association by Col. James
A. G~allogly, investment counselor,
in the courthouse Tuesday nisht.
Colonel G~allogly suggested that
apartment house owners advertise
"dead" accounts for sale, thus

making it practically impossible
for rent dodgers to prey on other
owners. The members discussed
the plan, but decided to determine
its legality before adopting it.

Sof the allegaitons, fails to name
N. P. Lowrey, city building inspec-
Stor, as at public official, but sues
him personally. It also joins the
City~~pf Miami illegally by failing
to show TLowrey's official office.
Piling of the technical pleadings
will give the city an advantage
of an opening and a closing ar-
gument whenever the case is

bls, or fruit, and so there is no
change whatever in the flavor,
and they can be kept perfectly
fresh for years, as long as they are
protected by dry ice. I
A big corporation is spending
millions to establish these ''fros-
ted foods" as a new industry. 'It
is quicker and cheaper than can-
ning, and ought to be of benefit
to farmers and fishermen.

Je beu iul ol e ofTo
by the third President him.
isone of the historic buildings
erica, thatought to be kept
national shrine. The Thomas
rsnMemorial Association,
purchased the property sev-

) it ao ,v sts tose and
ehas been hit by the de-
dolike everybody else. There
neunless something more
a hundred thousand dollars
beraised quickly, that the
remaining mortgage on the
will be foreclosed and it
into private hands.
)lve a peculiar interest in
so.I think his ideals and
iples ought to be kept alive
do not know that can b
better than to keep Monti-
as a monument to him and
M ens tathe Thomas Jeffer-
,a dollar toward the mort-
.If everyone else who feels
ido about Jefferson will do the
t, there will be no foreclosure.

)T 11e789864
et to a luncheon in New
the other day at which ev-
ag that was served, except
elery and the coffee, had been
while fresh by the new dry
process Fish, steak, strawber-
everything else on the table,
been subjected to a temper-
e of fifty or more degrees be-
zero and thawed out only just
me meal was being prepared.

lem, which unfortunately is not
of this section alone. It is the
ever reculrring question of "Why
Do Jewishe Boys Bring Non-Jet-
ish Girls to Ject~sh Dances to
the ExEclusion and Utter Disre.
gard of Their Own Sisters?"
Wie are now, preparing a sym-
posfum on this astbfect and this
wifll appear very shortly in these



y~ r~u

at ,

BE M~~ oid f Mritms
At Reasonabl Prices
Phone 2-32SI 197 S. Miami Are



N. F. 7th Ave, at 38th Street

su~ aco~

And Tf~ryin To Mintiai A Livil

LU)IS J. NETT. Stcrtary
Phone 2-912


C~sUialPrait _5 H a.

~kol~~ C~t eely I
3 b sothe r& *r

Offam Ag Agagg

sh anles


Meet inessural amen eminee we~ an She, eraggiar y a Aw ngs gg
siaterr sad on swe wi orid winesset I~


O = ********************************"'" ]Th rei S ngo crd htwetyodd appicants twr TIts Irdum Analaryk a t 4

o o~ open to every mae, inchubns no- Mton wlHl ludd a specal meaua
Ra .M Mahi toun er ies and p~laers of experience. dics potnage
o anddincur t Um M Synagag.m In the BuinerssMen's VollertmB welfre ol 'b nrsou
a wil praha 0a.m ud league. the H. A. C. still holds
a g over wroo5 an "oentnes outr".b down second place. by virtue oftni~t .'be Augn 4
cocococEncof ococooet3s~~~~~~Oos************< ;In addition to the sramo there awnadls atwk ntmrgniga 'lc.A
At a recent meeting of the J. G. rnuarl mark o tim cmngs~tamrnd hrs match the Racsr won131 are ntared to atted a esr Di
C. Club the fo'dowmg committees R~e~gur Priday night services will~mo atosmm mps 15-71; 15-8. In their second mate. ch~~o f lbi Ja
wer nmed : Pees committee be directed by him. Chai prac- Lcru ~ni h em lther last 15:11; 15-12. Prrom the ah n i dt o
ETbel Mintern. Rosalyn Kleia n-CI mc uder the diaICtjOan at Rbie abb scares.2 a YFi nht01C one ~ cn eail see that a~llImphuitb~th r ~p f
Chad~lone D~av;S. RoIS Lev-in and Klemtfei was begun last Wednes. in the Bii Inssm m "Em's tegmsaecoeada e mt.Aseilgea
Shey ~Enm. Membership am- dn ay kS and th whiB ulsadgrij~ ,.sun. One leaue is alwys an edge eg
= reet. Be~tty lask. Bessie Iirt t meet ear Wednesda evening at writh the mandating apt to change
and P~ase Durbier. Ecurin cam- Kaplan Hall for rebearsui in pre- Mr. and Mrs. Michael Arnold afe n gm.Is Wdaa
ruI:ee. the f~our oft-eers and Flo- pe'anot for ther High Holida netie ube ffinsngtthmw ayfins
-ae e:-nn. Eam Geenwld- cards larst unday evening at Ar club mtembers playing the
Gladys Abenam Jo spear their1 Caral es home. Among mathe in the intro club meet.
anid Bessue Lant:. Hiss Berry Raux rlazam Azeired of Beth those anteding were R~bbi A. S. Sunday afternoon, the Dents. r. Sheldo Dubler and mob
tias.y Pas named-~r~e pub lll city chair- Jobe i Cnregat n ho bIs ;Fin Eetfei. Mr. and Mrs. Isidor led byI Hirsch rn rough shod over lft Thursdayr moralR for sl
-an Rer eecig. ugut 2th anaa 6 hi vaano wih Ms.Cohen. Mir. and rs. A. Pepper. Schemer's Bumps. A. Grossman cadton of se~veIral ees in Ad5
Jeclub cw:1 m~eet at *he home of ,Azelrrod w:1 retun~ to the ciy on Mr. and IM rs.Iais Brown and (for the D~ent~s pitched easy ball vill. N. C.
M II Be:y Iask 1268 S. Wt. Sth Septebe' 1st. according to a noteohr.Pasweeaaddfran a ee nan agro .

.. -gh no*Fs and a delicious mid- having toM Terbr
Msc. MayaT:k Se'-ra ad M and M's.h Daump entm se I we an th e Bunsa Ias t sam ofhat FEDERATION
rsurez M- cJ- Schwa-"z a soD a Iuber of inend of their dau;-;
AT= rh nte Iersister. Lthe Rosa&=Z~ 1 clbratj~Ion of T~he Bris Milah of the son of cing Th dis~ Suda t no tbeamo ORCHIETRAS
Ms L W~h ter~ar of A'Jr~~ Ga her saec2Lf b~fiday anniver- Dr. and Mm A. K Raembal th lb i ee nante
ame now at rbe;- borne agar sarl Games wree pinvd and be held at the Victria Hospital- game. the Manng led byK W

HarC~ k- PetLS- al:~-- rs of theY- ~ a ato ed unte: a ate Rabb Sm t Urtlo O-ctinjSheIfl l.At the latgamoe 3 Relishle Dependable
Ex- stSchol 5 send{ s edAmog :osep'eentwer ere present to play hai an a Experienced Orgraize
s-?o- eL~ *.2 hi preC'u her L BE* rliT Mrfa~m Greenw~ald T he pidror: haben of the son of mn r xetdti ek
arZ *P ,E-amI abjC*Z abouti fouir L -~:i E sur B. Homa. A Kahn Mdr. and Mr. Aaron Kanner wl~lf 1 ah~earg(

TEbi~ He a- 3Cow MCoplein is B- Stra--z~Y B Insky. Rose9 Dub- be hel at their home next Sun- -
sad-es ~ ~ ~ a v eree-g Esrrnan. -.L Kata. M Wro- fdar mporing August 21st. at 10:45/~
De; B. Solen L Spetor. J. Pfe-lds ith Rabbi S. M. Machtei conduc-
Ms-~ Mar Ja~~~Z obstad wh as M Rbain and J. Klein. ting the ceremonies.
ai patL: Zf ie VicDo a ospra' L *
s nw erle- ga:he hme Dr. and M-s A E Rosec'bal The Hebrew Athletic Cl1ub held 1
enou ce Se n of a baby sonl ings las: Mondtay at Temnple Israel. (
MsI Dreg~~ K=' d d so~t 5- a.T at' he :o**a Bospital last Sat- The guest speaker of the ev-ening j
So husegueu ofherare-in-eda Mcer aInd babr are -et- one of its most enthus~iastic meet-
av e orher r ad Mr in niclY as Mdr. S. L Weintraub. aho en-
1.o Rohe*andWT emsn "" "couJraged the club to keep setting
here or seers wek Rcet: a-- ral at the Hotel Ed- the pace it has established saying
-, SEFT Neork CI ty incude Mr. 1 "that every~ one in the city is well
Eners..' g hnr of' M-s anld rs. K Turtledoue and Mrs.awcare of the fine wFork the Hebrews a
Dir-e Kitc ojf E zabet. N. J~ aH E K e-rr z a~ alof thisC citY~ Athletic Club is doing." There ~Z
cou of f-en-ds aerp a-, lui~ebeent 'we about fifty members presnt )
W~ednesda r't Z'loo a: :bje Pa;- Th third and last of a series and a unanimous v~ote of thanksj
g:Kchetr P~est~au a:. A beau.t o' summr dances sponsord bQ Wa given him. t
.2-: g"I was P-es~ente ber by the Jumor Counc-il of Jewish Wo- At the nextr meeting at the Tem-
thos prese-: amone whom; were '"e-, wal be held at the Coral Ga- ple. the Jewish Dramatic League
MsL~ Max EC~Kapprstem Mrz. Chas. Y`es~ Gol and Countrrl Club on will offer their play- for the H. A.
T"a--ebaumrr Ms~I Samr Tannlen- next Sundiay evening. August 21st C.'s approval.
ja-izz. MSL- N Adelman. Mrs. Ida wher a ve'. e abrate program Intense interest has been
Buckle' Ms ~-~ .L Darum and Mrs. of ente tamment will be presen- arue for th pni tns
AI MridandWILMeclowtz.ted.Bily Blle an seera oftournrament that the club is spon- i
*his pupi's will be seen in a novelty s~oring. A4 vote of thalnks waS given
Jacor EadaJSst is sponsoring dan-ce asI par; of the prog am. jto the Mbiami Beach Recreationi
3 Girl 5 Ge: Together Bridge at departmentst for the use of fourl
:te Co~licbuss Boxel. Monday eve. Jl;n.or Hadasat? is p epariw tennis colurs on wFhich the tour-
-4. Augue 22nd. beginning at elaborate plans for a dance to be nament ~ill be held. Mr. A. Y.
8 9 clck.. Pnzes wil be awarded given on; Labor D~ar. September Resman has charge of ttus touLr-
:rJ -boe re~ct-.- high scores and 5th. at the Coral Gables Count" namnent and be has already on
-ef-eshmnents WC~ be served. In C~ub. Enltertainment and, n1ovelties
:ha-re of a-rangeme~ts for the T'l be presented during the ev-e-!
Eveemsg are Miss Dorothy Roth. ring as part of the program of
chlran rma. ose Cromer and Jen. ectertainment to be provided for
re Rotfort. This is the first of 'h~e Tuests artendin. In charge H T L L
n siene of socla has.=, p'9nne of a-r sementz are Sass B. H0TEL
pnor to the formal opening of Soler. chairman. M~iss Han na)
he~ Hadassah season in Septem- Mack. Miss Esther Hy~man and BROADWFAY an LINCOLN BOt'gLEV
Der of this year. Mrs~. Je~nne Rotfort.
.* ,A besotiful ~r, laze-o a htcL Zcted


M'. and Mr. Ted Gulks left An important meeting of the
last wleek for a summer v-acation Junior. Council of Jewish Women
of about a month. during which wcas held last Tu~esda night at
time they will visit friends and the home of Miss Irene Farr when
relatives in Nrew York. Baltimore plans for several social affairs for
and other points North, the coming months were discussed.
j~~~~~~~~~ P dti ri b norc i
Mrs. Ella T. Kaiser. past matron these colulmns ~shortly.
of Emunah Chapter O. E. S. isl
sponsoring an all day boat ride Miss Helen Hlirsh. wFho is re-
for the baeneit of larltyLLLLL~~~~~~~LLLLLL Club an curperting from her recnt operra-
Sunda. August 28th when fishing tion. left mea~ntly for New Jersey
and games will be provided for to visit her moduer and a-iB visit
the enloyment of the guests. 'He. in Chicago before returning to
bet su rrl .ur ..v entP-daw nsame.



raO setono Loat
Bach, facint the oman. Latest mrer iqiprenti. Large airy roon
dni oa anFre; -I ast werimei Inths


n i the exclaci

TeL.r Bases ases..24.

I. EgSEL. Manageomet


nknr a~d fiadexs

d Mr~s. Jaco~b H-
ie lael Icf laM
a meth's vaca-
nville N. C.


censk sM atl me

Rabbi D~r. an~
r Kr i of TB1P
werek: to supend
tim at Banders

Relatli A~ 8 lr
:I~Ra Elbb Te'mple
charg and WIn a

RaWhh B. D. amI~ bel le last

Key West. Pla he wiB rturn to
the cits the early part d Septem.

einfekl assisarnt spendinge seral a~by i
Israel ZIll to IB Yor Ctb vitalDE Islatives cand
rttend o aB spi- ~idends there


Fridau. 1Qnn~st r~k






'LOUIS 8 OCHET, Editor
ri, Florida Phone 2-188
,red as second-elass matter July 4.
ct the Post Office at Miams, Fla..
the act d ofarch 8, 18u.
414 ELsh Sltret
,. Ml. Behrebaile, Reprosentative

Volume 5.--Number 34
WiaAugust 19th, 1932



Mr. and M21rs. ~eon Gruner, and

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Greenberg
(nee Mdargolis) returned from
their honeymoon at Havana re-
cently and are now making their
home in Orlando.

11.................. ,....................................................

Stamp collectors have got toge-
ther to boost the candidacy of
Frankrlin D. Roosevelt on the
ground that he, too, is a collector
of stamps. It's an insidious cam.
paign and calculated to strike Mr.
Hoover at his most vulnerable
point. He doesn't collect stamps,
nor does he even use stamps. No
patriotic stamp collector should
think of supporting a man who
franks his envelopes.

1. A secret order. (Ma~son.)
2. A dessert. (Cobbler.)
3& Oe whe uses the solde
4. Two much used proper
:names. Black-Smith.)
t). The alrst occupartion. (Gar-

urs. o. P. Gruner, and chrildren,
a~tanleFr and Roslyn, reharned tt'Can
New Yorkr, and sltopplag at Roa~h-
ester upon returning home.

I_ _I __I Ii_

,August 19th, 1932

Page Three


With the return of Rabbi L. 0~9~9~9
Lehrer to the City after an ab- Regular Priday night services
89HCO Of Blore than a month, com- jof the Beth Israel Temple are
munal actiVities here have again held every Priday night at the
begun. During his stay in the Temple on Broward Avenue, with
North he visited New York City various members of the Congre-
and other centers of Jewish Lern~ Igation .conducting in the absence
ing and investigated present day of their Rabbi, Dr. Carl N. Her-
pedagogic methods with the view man.
of introducing them in the Tal- The regular weekly meeting of
mud Torah of his congregation in the Palm Beach Hebrew Assn*
the coming season. was held .Wednesdayr night, Au-
gust 10, at the home of Miss Selma
At the services last Priday night Karfunkle, Jessamine Street. The
Rabbi Lehrer presented little Bat- 1constitution was read and accep-
er Torahs to the members o f he ted and the following offticers were
Hebrew School, as well as pins elected for the ensuing six months;
bearing the Ten Commandments Jerryr Alexander, President, Sam
as8 prices for attendance during G~reen, Vice-President, S~elma
the past season. Kgarfunkle, Secretary, Ann Dunn*
Treasurer, Sylvia Peiga, Publicity
LastSunay igh Mr an Mr Chairman, and S5imon Schapler*
H. aost enteray ined at an part Sergeant of Arms. Following the
whi chb more thane fo prty me n meeting refreshments were served
whic moe thn irty en nd:by the hostess and dancing was
woe ithem dioe Auiioryn dand then enjoyed. Announcement was
Games were enjoyed and delicious* Ina he a the nomnt gHoo e
refreshments were served. at 418 Sventh Street. Those at-
Tending the meeting besides the
Mr. and Mrs. A. Gelman enter- hostess and the newly elected of-
tained recently in honor of the fleers were: Sylvia Dunn, Sylvia
marriage of their daughter Doris Rosnberg, Harry Goodmark, Geo-
to Mr. Frank Sherman. They re- rge Greenberg, Rosalie Rosenberg,
turned to the city after the wed. Fannie S5chrebnick, Adeline Gold-
ding ceremony which took place stein, Sally Weiner, Harry Bere-
at Philadelphia. ,man, Sam L~ewinson, Bella Gold-
~berg and Alex Goldberg.
Mr. Lois Cohen, president of the '
Congregation, will shortly an-- Motoring to Miami Sunday to
nounce the date for a large mass spend the day were Mr. and Mrs.
meeting at which time active work ~M. Meltz, and children, Sam Lew-
for the construction of a commun- inson, and Mr. Meltz' sister, Mrs*
ity centre will be begun. Breen of Atlanta, Georgia, who' is
visiting Mr. and Mrs. Melts for
Word has just been received a few weeks; Mrs. Breen's daugh-
from Mrs. L. Lehrer, wife of the ter, Beverly, also accompanied her
R~abbi that she has been visiting on the trip*

1. What miss sometimes causes
amusement and dometimes tnro-
ble? (Mischief.)
2. What miss is distrustful of
human nature? (Misanthrope.)
3. What miss is not honest?
4. What miss is a blunderer?
5. What miss proves an uncer-
tain correspondent? (Miadirect.)
6. What miss must a traveler
shun? (Miagnide.) '
7. What miss gets into court
often? (Misdemeanor.)
8. What mlas brings trouble
and sorrow? (Misfortune.)
9. What miss shows signs of
being illbred? (Misbehave.)
10. What miss twists the
meanings of statements? (Mis-
co. tmat miss is untruthful?
12. What miss makes the world
better ? (Missionary.)
13. What miss is not a, miss?
14. What miss comes in handy
at Christmas time? (Mistletoe.)
15. What miss ruins business?
16. What miss is in the wrong
place? (Misfit.)
17. What miss loses many
things? (Misplace.)
18. What miss is an object of
pity? (Miserable.)

1. An emblem of victory. (La~u-
2. An emblem of royalty.

3. A south American fruit.
4. A spring flower. (Tulip.)
5. A portion of a hill. (Brow.)
6. A portion of a river,
7. A messenger. (One-cent.)
8. A piece of armor. (Shield.)
9. Mode of ancient punish-
ment. (Stripes.)

dener. )
6. Always on a strike.
writer. )
7. One who makes pie.



ter. )
8. To be used with electricity.
(Conductor. )
9. To join pieces of cloth and
to strain. (Seamatress.)

There should be, somewhere, a
statute providing condign punish-
ment for the pest who inserts
advertising tracts under eath
windshield wipers.
It wastes paper and inkt, because
no sane person ever reads such
literature. It increases blood pres-
sure, especially on a hot day, when
the motorist is obliged to stop his
car three blocks from the parking
lot, get out, and remove the tract
o h here 1 n't law provn ga
minimum penalty of 10 days in
the electric chair for such offten-
Iders, there's one more thing this
country needs.

Much bright hope is exchanged
for gloomy experience.

The turtle may be slow, but he
gets there in time for the soup.

Life may be one grand, sweet
song but the majority of us can't

It is a man's longing for better
things that gives birth to his love
for woman.

A man's success often depends
on his ability to prevent others
from preventing it.

The value of a golden oppor-
tunity depends upon the amount
of gold there is in it.

After a man has expressed his
opinion he often wishes he had
patronized a slow freight.


ils becoming more and more
nt each day that all phases
wshreligious thought, Or-
xReform or Conservative,
dealing that without educa-
four youth, even our adults,
tesand things Jewish, we
Sget along. So that when
fMiami's synagogues are
tto begin their activities and
i are being laid for the es-
shment of Talmud Torahs in
of them, a word is apropos.
Rrish education without rei-
is estranging Jews from
lasm. There seems to be Ipre-
it a form of Jewish education
trnphsasiees culture. That-is
but it is not Jewish religion
oethan a, course in liter-
or a classical course in the
riyis religion.
osnot make Jews. It makes
eswho add their bit of
culture to their smattering
ncItalian and the classics.
hathe mind only, increaa-
eaccumulation of its know-
it does not cultivate spir"
tullife is of religion. It
rsthose graces of the char-
those ethical ideas, that
outlook, that sense of kin-
f igous pophet d rea-

fundamental of the Jewish
which is called Jewish or
cultures that are called
."Jewish Art" will not pre-
intermarriage, but Jewish
is the anchor that has
Jew fast to his people in
e.Religion has been the
tonof Jewish life.
us have Jewish education
means. L;et us have Jewish
as well. But, far more let
phasis be placed on JEW-
GON. Let us have tea-
of Jewish culture, but even
Slet us have also as teacher
aedmen and women, spi"

the Jeih h an ard l

e-hwcan we see the light
Radiates beyond our ken,
lvis nin is lmi men
limitation testifies
magnitude not now involved,
neity nor heart has ft,
rr In lasever a led
oen a young: man proposes
he4 girl tells him that he may
he may as well begin say-
or the furniture.

ICarlsbad, Mbarinbad, and on her j A ek m ti o h 's
return tr~ipwllvstVenPrs AtaeelmetnofheBa
LI~ondon and other cities of the Brith Palm Beach L~odge l1146, at
;continent. their hall, 434 Clematfis Street, the
rrriA~ f J~ ~K~ h nd

of rmarrrlnatono e an
8S. Rubin, newly accepted catndi-
dates for membership, was the
:main feature of the evening. Pol-
Ilowing the iniation they were ta-
ken in as new members of the

Miss Naomi Becker of the Jew-
ish Community Centre of Jackrson-
ville is visiting her sister and bro-
ther-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Robins
of this city. They recently lost
their mother, who died in Balti-
more and was interred in Jack-
sonville, Fla.

Mr. and Mrs. Davis and daugh-
ter Marie returned from a short
vacation at Key West where they
were the guests of Mrs. F. Gross-
man, Mr. and Mrs. D. Aronovits
and Mr. Jake Aronowitz.

A base ball crank would be
a raving lunatic if his enthusiasm
ran as strong in any other chatn-

,und in

10. Means inflicting of.
11. Something to be fo
school. (Pupil.)
12. Three weapons. (Sp
13. An animal. (Hare.)
14. Part of a stove. (L
(1h. ePlenty of assurance~
16. The first American
17. Part of a, duck.
18. A place of worship.

~ar.) teacher: When I: was your age

id.) col Mheme all the presidents

.Tommy: "Yeah, but there was
settler. only about ten to remember then."

(Head-l Albie Booth, Yale foot ball star,
has entered the movies. While
(Tem- there, will he kindly make a search
for Red Grange, Illinois foot ball
star, who once entered the mov-

ies ?

Sandy is reported to have left a
tip under his plate yesterday; he,
had to--the manager saw him just
as he was picking it ap.
i! I
Cora is so dumb she thinks
elocution is what they do to con-
demned men in prison.
Then there's the reckless motor-
ist who gotthe ciyhall an aske
for a season pass.

Fainous Lettr Endings: Yours
till they roll up the rugs for the

sei u~tds srh lon is hd
Much of the current counaterfeit
money, says a New York Federal
agent, la the crudest he hra ever
seen. The boys aren't even cut-
tingr up a good grade of wall-pa-

Get yourself a set of photo print playing cards. Ever?
one of the set of 52 cards will have your picture, or that of

any of your friends. Use then for bridge, club parties, social
affairs. Splendid for gifts on any occasion


not smaller than 1-inch by 2-inches and not larger than 8-
inches by 5-inches, together with a year's subscription of $2.
to The Jewish Floridian, and we will forward you the complete
deck of eards within ten days. Or send $1.00 for set of cards
without subscription.

P. O. BOX 2878




f;~ ATLANTIC CITY, N. J. $35.00 Weekly for
The Kosher Hotel of Atlantic City l
Up todt rooms, Hot fnd Cold Sea Water in all Endorsed by Rabbi Leventhal, Philadelphia, Rabbi A~i
Otics ElecEtric Elevator to Street Level. 8 ,eten, New Yorkltan tbb ebet8
En me nDiniadbb 8om rkaa and Sittine Room. Tn asurssed Iaifne a Ot and Cokd

"Under the sapervision of The 1abnia 1 CH~e of The Union of Jewris Orthodox II Complel

Page Four '~i~ Jr;W~n r~vrr I uu


cS~~ &b &b cb rt &t cb cf & cbc b~cCLUB TOURNAMENT

cS cb Q cb cb & cb d3 & & &t & &b c This SundaY at the Washington
Avenue Courts, the finals of the
The Hebrew Athletic Club will Hebrew Athletic Club Handball
holdl its first annual smoker on Tournament will be played. There

Troubles Cured by Electric
No pay if not relieved
For Particulars, Address
P. O. Box 197, Miami Beach


services. He will remain here for Woman (Impatiently) 'What's
shon rt Miton aWehuestoi this th hnnie (Louder) "D'ye wants
tute li'1 titten? ?
City.Woman--(Irritably), "What ?" "

Wednesday, August 24th at Tem-
ple Israel. All plans have been
completed for this event and a
large attendance of Miami Jewish
sport-inclined Public will be pre-
Prominent speakers both of the
sport and business world have
been invited to speak and this
list includes Ernie Seiler, E. M.
Goldstein, Stanley C. Myers, Max
Orovitz, Dan Cromer, Dr. Klein-
feld, Austin Younts, J. B. LeRmon,
Hf. Wheeler and Mr. Jerry Wein-
berg, who will act as master of
The entertainment committee
comprising Mr. R. Schweitzer and
M. Schemer have arranged for a

are eight games scheduled and a Geneva-A world Jewish con-
fair crowd promises to be present gress, to be convokted in the sum-
to watch the city's best plaYers of mer of 1934 for the purpose of de-
Itheir respective class in action. vising means of combating the ris-
The schedule: 11:00 a. m.--On ing tide of anti-Semitism, was de-
Icourt No. 1, Goldstein-Hirsch vs. cided upon today at private dis-
Blank-Miller. Court no. 2, Berko- cussions by leaders of the Jewish
witz-Lopez vs. Koran-Berstein. world conference in session here.
j11:30 a. m.--Court no. 1, Rocse- Conditions were described as most
Goldsmith vs. Wemnkle-Wolpert. utinGrayutader-
Cour no.2, eismn-Crtwrghtwhere, including the United States,
vs.Kamns-illan.1:0 p.m.-where the exclusion of Jews from
Court no. 1, Priedman-Tannen- ]certain colleges and universities
!baum vs. Katz-Shandloff. Courtwssecllrsned
no. 2, Winner of match No. 1 vs.
Winner of match No. 2. 1:30 p. LiteJhne atdto iv
m.-Wnnerof mtch o. 3vs.his kittens away before his Dad
Hirsch-Silverman. Finals, S~ymandrwethmllSoetdld
R. Grossman vs. Winner of 1:30 drwe hmal oh ode
ovevr and knocked on the door of

a busy neighbor woman.
Johnnie--"Dood Mornin', Ma'am.
D' e wanta tute li'1 titten? "

good card of bouts that will in- game.
clude some of Miami's best boxers
and wrestlers who will display PE~rTITON NAMES
their wares to those present. In PROMINENT MERCHANT
conjunction with this, they have --
arranged for Mr. A. Berkowitz to Henry Berg, operator of a cloth-
put on one of his famous strong ing establishment at 101 N. E.
arm exhibitions. Billy Buller's First Avenue, was named in an,
studio will place several star num- involuntarybaruty eiio
bers on the program. filed in the United States District
Sandwiches, cigars, cigarettes and court by creditors Wednesday.
soft drinks will be served through Petitioners are Charles Merton
out the evening. jCompany, claiming $400 on ac-
As a finale ,the winners of the count for merchandise; Vander-
H. A. C. Handball Doubles Tour- pool & Company, claiming $111.29
nament will be awarded their insurance premiums; and T. Gul-
prizes for their garnering of the kis, trading as Miami Mercantile
coveted championships. Company, claiming $25 on account
for merchandise. The suit was
A well attended meeting of filed through N. N. Blakley, at-
Beth David Sisterhood was held torney.
last Wednesday at its Talmud To-
rah Hall with Mrs. Isidor Cohen, ISYNAGOGUE HEARB
the president, presiding. Reports PROMINENT CANTOR
of various committees were heard
and acted on. The feature of the Cantor "Hirshele" Weiner of the
afternoon was an address by Mr. Garden St. Synagogue of Hartford,
Sydney L. Weintraub, a member; Conn.. conducted and chanted the
o fthe new administrative com- Friday evening and Satur da y
mittee of the Synagogue in which morning services at the Miami
he outlined the plans of the com- Jewish Orthodox Congregation
mittee for the High Holidays and last week. The cantor who has
the welfare of the organization. achieved a reputation in the North
When he concluded he was given for his ability to chant traditional
a v'ery enthusiastic ovation. A so- Iliturgical music was congratulated
cial hour followed. upon his splendid rendition of the

Beth David afisterhood enter-
tained at a splendid card party
last Tuesday night at its Talmud ENO AN LLDYTI
Torah Hall when Mrs. Lewis On The Cruiser
Brown and Mrs. H. H. Farr, as-
sisted by members of the Admin- D 0R 0TH Y
istrative Committee of the Syna-l
gogue were the hosts. Prizes for, Down Biscayne Bay
high scores were won by Missl A day of sport, bank and chan-
Dulce Bandel, Mrs L~ouis Wreinkle nel fishing.
and Mrs. J. Caplan. Home made
cake, and punch was served dur- ALL INLAND WATER
ing the evening. This is the first NO SEASICKNESS
of a series of good will parties Bait & Tackle Furnished Free
that will be given in the interests LevsCt actBsnPe
of the congregation. .0, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
*h *hng *htmk aNm and Sunday at 9:30 a. m.
The hing tha mak a wman Returning 5:30 p. m.
happy often look foolish to a man. HeCtro pcaChtr

Master Owner
Res. Manager
Fare Only $2.00

128 S. Connecticut Ave.,

Grund werg's