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The Jewish Floridian


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The Jewish Floridian
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63 v. : ;
Jewish Floridian Pub. Co.
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Miami, Fla
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March 13, 1931
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Jewish newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Miami (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Miami-Dade County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
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United States -- Florida -- Dade -- Miami


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Began in 1927?
Dates or Sequential Designation:
-v. 63, no. 20 (May 18, 1990).
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Editor: Fred K. Shochet, <1959>.
General Note:
Description based on: Vol. 5, no. 47 (Nov. 25, 1932).

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University of Florida
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*t4;.2>*# ; V4 ;t;Q t : *,*
-. ~ ... ;-..r ~ ,... -.


qdM qW //

IV.--No. XI. Miami, Florida, Friday, March 13, 1931 Price 5 Cents


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*'111111111111111111111111!11111111111111111111111l lOmi lilillllJillllllilllllllIIIIIIIII1

MemorilR Mppfileg ZIORISf Mpftting

LISM w 7. ....... |
rous critics of social prog Is Well Attended Is Large Success
ew every extension of gov-
ital authority over proper-
thts and privileges as a step With the Synagogue of the The first Zionist massmeet-
Socialism. In a sense they
tht. Of the three or Miami Jewish Orthodox Con- ing of the season was held
ment, first defined by Ari: gregation filled, relatives and last Sunday night at Beth
the ancient Greek philoso-
he first, monarchy, or gov- friends of the late P. M. Ros- Jacob Congregation, Miami
it by one man, exists today engarten, well known com- Beach, when quite a large au-
the larger nations. Ari- munal worker of Miami, gath- dience was in attendance. Mr.
second form, aristocracy, or ered with a large number of Harry I. Lipton, president of
Xent by a selected few, is
effect, the government of residents and tourists of the the Synagogue presented Mr.
theoretically in a few coun- Greater Miami district to lis- Harry Simonhoff president of
in practice only in Italy ten to a number of addresses the local Zioist district who
f the world's peoples, about his work and efforts. presided. The chief speaker
cry part of the world, how-
.he movement toward Ari- The services were opened of the evening was the well
ideal third form, the Con- with the recitation of a poem known Yiddish orator Rev.
alth of wh;ch he regarded in English called, "Deaht," by Zvi Hirsch Masliansky, who
racy as a degraded form is Charles Adelman, a pupil of made one of his inspired ad-
Dn wBth more or less rapid- the Talmud Torah. He was dresses full of humor and
'he British government to- : .
frankly Socialistic: so is followed by a very able ad- pathos.
SGermany. In America we dress by the president of the Rabbi Isaac M. Wapner, of
;he name but accept the sub- congregation, Mr. Nathan the Miami Jewish Orthodox
more and more liberally Adelman who spoke of the Congregation, Rabbi S. M.
latest danger in Socialism work of Mr. Rosengarten Machtei of Beth David, and
having it imposed upon or and of his association with, Rabbi Axelroad of the Beth
Id by a people before they him. Mr. Max Kupferstein Jacob Congregation also

My for it. Its successful op-
Spresupposes qualities in
nature which the great ma-
|ill do not possess. If ev:
En." "" l

nd inherently just in all
tions with others, no gov-
|t at all would be needed.
are constituted, we seem to
king out an aristo-democra-
kmerica which comes closer
-national concepts and needs
ey form of government as
yised anywhere else.
ci driver, arrested and hailed
iurt, was asked why he had
lately wrecked a man's box
les by running his cab into
B cabman declared that the
supposedly unemployed, was
ndiord, and that he was
to pay him $75 a month for
don'tt like it, he said, so he
t he'd even things up by
ng him as a fake.
court, investigating, found
human's story true. Case d!s-
Now there's one less apple
on the sidewalks of New
all Street financier who con-
d $50,000 to establish a food
for the unemployed wanted
how it was functioning.
eft his limousine at home
ade the trip in a taxi. He
ei driver stop across the
got out, walked over and
I the old church in which
pot was located. The cab-
tched him in astonishment,
rmped from his cab anil fol-
im throutih etle door.
" 'Don't give this gay any-
to eat" he shouted to at-
ts inide "He gt money.
a cab, down here.h
eaded in a .it of one of

who was scheduled to speak, spoke. The well known phil-i
could not because of his ill anthropist and communal
health. Mrs. Ida Buckstein, worker Mr. D. Simons of
u'ident* O-the L.a a n etrao told of his-experi
iliary then paid a tribute on ences in Palestine. Cantor
behalf' of the organization Boris Schlachman sang sev-
she represented. She was fol- eral selections, as did the
lowed by a very eloquent ad- Scandinanvian Jewish artist,
dress in Yiddish by Rabbi Mr. Martin Chochem. Adele
Isaac M. Wapner, Rabbi of Segal gave a splendid decla-
the congregation, who spoke mation of "Easter". A collec-
of the evident love and re- tion for the Jewish National
spect that was shown the Fund resulted in quite a tidy
memory 9f the late Mr. Ros- sum being realized.
engarteni by the presence of This is the first of a series
so many friends. of Educational massmeetings
Herbert E. Scher, a cldse which will be held at least
friend of the Rosengarten once a month through out the
family then spoke and told year to keep alive Jewish in-
of the generosity and accom- terest in Palestine and Zion-
plishments of the deceased. A ism.
message from Rabbi Israel H.
Weisfeld, formerly of Miami, W O
and now of Brooklyn, N. Y.,. airyW UOp
was then read. The "Haskoro" For Passover
was chanted by Cantor Na-
than Wroobel of the Congre-.
gation. Fred K. Shochet, a Miami, not to be outdone
pupil of the Talmud Torah by other large cities will this
then recited a psalm in the year be able to supply Jewish
Hebrew and then Kaddish residents of the district with
was recited by the two sons dairy products kosher for
of the deceased. The conclud- Passover. Mr. Louis Jacobs-
ing remarks were then made kind, well known as the "Jew
by J. Louis Shochet who prie- ish farmer" will inaugurate
sided during the services his newly erected dairy plant
The entire audience were in at Hialeah in time to give the
tears during most of the eve- Jewish people the finest
ning's exercises which were dairy product, under the
marked by great solemity. strictest supervision as to
a Kahrus for Passover. Though
Stknown as a "Shomer Shab-
Rabbi in Electd and strictly .observant
Offi er r JaCObknd Of pla
0ing the da udd the sup
-- .ervision of Miami's Rabb

Rabbi Dr. 3Jacb IL Kaplan
Of Temple -aied was install'
ed as thV Ve fPreident of


and invites all tO nsemct we



UIUIIIIIIImlIIIm. ,,,,,,,,,,iiinIII,,,,,,,,,,,II,,,,II ,,,,,II ,,,, Fair and Warmer
iiqm111111111 11111111111111v111111111' Various reasons have been given
Illlll~lltllllllllllllllllllllllillI' as to why New York no longer has
... its good, healthy snowstorms. One
Sh 1 E s author, in a book about the city,
Chesed Shel Eme caims that its many skyscrapers
and feverish magistrates give off
Su mit Peace Plan so much heat that a decent snow-
URiS 1 storm, descending w:th the bast of
intentions, is melted as soon as it
A very important meeting gets above the city, and arrives as
of the Executive Board of the rain.
Sweet Sixteen
Chesed Shel Emes (Free Bur- The most popular time for run-
ial Society) was held last ning away from home is Mar'h,
with its promise of warmer weath-
Monday night at the home of er and chances to hitch-hike. The
Mr. A. Dock. At this meet- second most popular month is
September, before the opening of
ing the resignation of Mr. school. Sixteen is the average age.
Manuel Rippa the founder Next to New York City itself,
and president of the organi- most girls come from Pennsyl-
and president othe anivania. One girl has run away
nation since its establishment from a small mill town there
was refused. The resignation three times.
of Mr. Max Kupferstein fi- Few runaways tell the truth
nancial secretary was also u- about themselves, investigat-rs
nancial secretary was also un- say. They usually spin fantastic
animously declined, stories about the brutality of their
As a result of several parents, some claiming that the'r
hours deliberation, a commit- mothers are dead and that the'r
tee was appointed to adjust fathers are either dead, drunken
tee was appointed r abusive. Not many come to the
the differences existing be- league directly. It is when they
tween the various Synagogues find out for themselves that New
of the City and the ChesedI York's streets are not paved with
Shel Emes. This committee is gold that they ask where to go
Shel Emes. This committee is o hep A r i m
composed of Messrs. A. Dock, for help. A surprising number
composed of Messrs. A. Dock, sk taxi drivers for advice.
H. M. Drewitch, Sol. Sch- My Word
wartz, S. Abenson and M. H. Those dulcet-voiced .radio an.
Nissenbaum. nouncers who speak to you nightly
.-' A -ommitte meeting wat on e .of the networks will l1ne
held Wednesday night and up twice a month to receive in,
struction In pronunciation and
written recommendations will grammar, we hear.
be submitted to each Syna- The'r teacher will be Dr. Frank
gogue, according to informa- Vizetelly, the man who edits dic-
tion gathered from reliable tionaries and is said to know more
sources, as follows: Each about words than anyone living.
sources as follows ac He lkes words and dislikes to see
Synagogue, such as Beth them abused. He's going to try
David, Miami Jewish Ortho- to teach the announcers to speak
dox Congregation, and Beth English as it is spoken by the die-
Jacob Congregation of Miami tionary makers.
Jacob Congregation of MOne of his first lessons is that
Beach will each be allotted it be pronounced "Nieu York,"
fifty burial lots to be paid not "Noo York.'! A cat, he says,
for as used, and to be limited mews. So why should radio an-
to members of each Syna- nouncers be allowed to 'noo" into
to members other microphone when the word is
gogue. Non-members shall be "nieu". He also says that Iowa
interred in the remainder of should be pronounced "loway."
the burial plots belonging to Being a native son of that state,
the Chesed Shel Emes. In the I am going on record wth a pro-
case of death of non-mmber test that it sounds better 'lowah."
case of death of non-members Or don't you care."
all the revune derived shall Pleasure Palace
belong to the Chesed Shel s. L. Rothafel, "Roxy," who
Emes exclusively. In the planned and built the Roxy Thea-
event of death of members of ter, described as the largest thea-
any Synagogue, then the bur tr since Rome fell, s retiring
take charge of a great mnunmmat
ial shrouds, etc., shall bee known as Rockdaet
purchased from the Chesed ler City." The millions of t
Shel Emes. family will play an important art
Several other recommenda- in the financing of thero w t ~
The amusement center w iA-R 6.
tions were adopted and will be clude the broadcasting attain at
submitted to the various r- a large radio concern with O~e
ganizations. in a 0W-story skyscraper which *11
A meeting of the Board of daomiate the Wholo deloputs".
Directors of the Chesed Shel Letboator be oas f the IC
ats .will e ilt.wth the Id.
Emes, and the officers o f enArimeati na te alsion.
each Synagogue has been Although i*ij'uMlelted,
called for next Sunday mort- msake the ea
ing, at Beth David, t-conid- b' ahr Clt." -
er these nommesndatlani. *"i uti

ZIONIS? T Mi BALb% t tw V

E B ea r l ...atll n of ..
aL ^1Imow

.. ,' ,






Page 2 THE JEWISH FLORIDIAN Friday, ari i

Ships two children and then- weep over the death of a per- is two fold. Firs,
(Message Read at the Memorial like a terrible nightmare, it son-who has safely reached splendid a man did
MIAMI Servies Read for P. M. Rosengarten seems so blurred and cruelly his destination ?" to be 120. Think of ftil
JEWISH ORTHODOX Ls fo S Pda NMh from Rabbi unreal-the whole town has And a great philosopher velous deeds he might
CONGREGATION Isael H. Weisfeld) turned out to pay its respects said "Surely that which is so accomplished had he
(Orthodox) Iraeto the suddenly deceased Mr. universal as Death must be a spared to us for a longer
(O5 S. W. 3rd street A we are gathodoxered here Rosengarten blessing to mankind." And our second regret i
S. W. 3rd street As we are gathered here The auditorium was packed And yet from a distance of so few of us emulate h
ISAAC M. WAPNER tonight, heads bowed in sor- tear-stained faces were every- 1500 miles I cannot help but I itable deeds, his general
Su Rabbi row and hearts full of grief, where, the half-crazed rela- mourn the passing of that ture, all his lovable qua
The usual early Friday eve- to pay last tribute to the tives in a constant swoon, kindly soul. That truly Jew- "Chaval al d'avdin v'l
ning services will begin at' sainted memory of one so how I broke down over the ish face that was his radiat- takchin," "Alas, for
5:30 p. m. with the late ser-1 dear to us-memories come departure of one who had ing love, kindness, goodness who pass away and are
vices following at 8:15 p m. surging to my mind. Mem- been such a loyal, true friend of soul-often appears before replaced." May Heaven
when Rabbi Isaac M. Wapnerries so poignant, so heart- to me. my eyes. What a generous, that the blessed memo
will reach on "Slavery- rendin Memories of a d- My friends, what can be helping hand was his! Was his noble personality
Hope-Freedom". This will voted loving father, his face said at a memorial meeting there ever a charitable, an inspiration and guide
S be the first of a series of beaming with that genial such as that of tonight? Why worthy cause, that failed to who w e privilege to
three addresses leading up to smile so familiar to all, eager- irritate old wounds? The find a ready, eager backer in serve him and his bea
SPassover and its significance. Mdrash tells us: "How re- him? Never! 0, the number deeds in this life-May
In his Yiddish sermon he will congregational singing will be markable is the nature of ous instances, I knew of as memory be blessed and
stress "Soshim Kod led by Cantor Boris Schlach- men! Do they not weep when IRabbi and friend, when he ered.
SL'Pesach." man. the one dearest to them sets rendered unstintingly finan-
Saturday morning services Saturday morning services out on an uncertain and per- cial aid and moral friendly Some girls will pro
Begin at 8:30 a. m. with the begin promptly at 8:30 a. m. ilous journey; and do they encouragement to his fellow- marry a man and some
afternoon services at 5:30, and at 10 a. m. the Rabbi will not rejoice at the tidings of Jews, and rendered it in his threaten.
with the Shalosh Saudah fol- preach on the portion of the his safe and happy arrival at characteristically modest I
lowing. week. his destination? Then, where- fashion! Learning does not
S. Sunday school under the All visitors and residents fore do they reverse the or- Yes, with you I mourn the sarily imply wisdom.
leadership of the Rabbi and are urged to attend these ser- der-rejoicing at the birth of passing of a beloved friend I I
Mr. Louis Heiman begins at vices to which they will be a child, which is only at the of whom it may truthfully be Some people are always
10 a. m. every Sunday and is made welcome. beginning of the danger-lad- said, "to know him was to and doing-other people
followed by assembly at c ootoPoQoooor~ooo~ooo o ooooooooooooooo~~ 000o00o00o00 00000 0 00ooo
11:30. 0.-

j 139 N. W. Third Aven:wi O A HU
SRabbi w s EVERY SUNDAY 5 TO 6 P. M.
Rabbi Machtei will speak Il
j tonight at the 8 o'clock serv- SPONSORED AND SUPPORTED
Sices on "No Charity." The 0'* by
SJewish "Tzedokoh" will be
compared with the generally THn
"Charity" and the methods o >ooooooooo ooooo o+oooooooooooooooooo+ o oooooo+:+ ++ +++ oooooooooooecos
of raising funds and their dis-, ~O
tribution will be compared <
with the Jewish laws on the I Wess Paint Store FAGAN'S
' subject. Mr. Louis Hayman
will chant the ritual and will M. WESSON Prop. PalatialKosher
lead the congregation in sing- Retaurant
ing the hymns. The public is' Paint -- Jbbers
Invited to the services and to gI 265 N. E. Second Stree
the social hour that will fol- AM
low. 137 W. Flagler St. PR GRAM TE HE OF AL
Tomorrow morning the ser- Phone 2-0584 Where Quali id Kam H
vices will begin at 8:30 p. m. o Hand In Hand
I and the Yiddish sermon will We 0 -
be preached at 10 a. m. Sun- Ooflac0 s00c0oo *
day school classes are held, 1++*++*++*******
| from 10 to 12 on Sunday ,4 Piano, Volin and Saxophone Selections: o
from 10 to 12 on Sund Phone 2-3324 C "ETTA"
morning, and daily classes be-1 Am n "ETTA
gin at 3:30 p. m. at the Tal- | Ambulance Service g Miss Frances Kane .................... Piano Q B uty Shonnn
mud Torah. Daily services are AHERN Miss Miriam Rubinstein ....... ................. Violin 207 N. Second Ae
|down. FUNERAL HOME j Myron Zeientz ........................................ Saxophone Phs 2 42 *
TEMPLE ISRAEL of MIAMI 122 S. W. First Street Specializing in Eugene 1U
(Reform) o A Miami, Florida g manent Waving, Hebee
137 N. E. 19th Street g FRANCIS AHERN, Pres. ocal electons ......... Mrs. Evelyn Raff Rbreatments al
DR. JACOB H. KAPLAN Vocal Selections ................ Cantor Louis Hayman : i,, I
Rabbi 0 | Accompanied by Piano and Violin b. fa .n _t a
The usual Fr-iday evening C Vocal Selections............... Martin Chochem +************ +******
services begin at 8:15 p. m. *Accompanied by Evelyn Raf0
Dr. Jacob H. Kaplan's subject g Joe Reisman'sompa by Evelyn Raff
will be "Religiously Color Joseph Covelman'0
Blind." Jewish news and social program for the week Joep vean
Sunday morning services Fresh Kosher Other Interesting numbers Star Kosher
at 11 a. m. Dr. Kaplan will, F o a

Speak on the "Psychology of Meats and Poultry Meat M e
the Sabbath." M a _
The work of class 10 of the a
, Religious School will be re- 166 N. W. Fifth St. FRESH MEATS
sumed on Sunday morning Phone 3-2270 9 AND POULTRY
under the direction of Mrs. A R
Marvin Bronner. 7 3 w. llasi t Plu
CONG. BETH JACOB coo ******* *
S(Orthodox) New York Title and C AUGUST BRS g
1 Aig OAD lMortgage Company i M ,, Max's
S.ABBI -- Magic Bakery
11 Washington Avenue larantb empm fuss Warm D
Miami .pit .. o 361 8. W. Eighth St. eo Fuean
ami Bach Capital Pds over o o W16 W.Fla rs
The usual early Friday eve- Sixty-four Million Dollars Phba m "s e treet I
ning services begin at 5:80 0 u-- oMn.i Iin THE FINEST wI O x
a. m. with the late services O HUNmooN BUIiNNG Pl DELICATsBBES N o-.*
at 8:80 when Rabbi Lazarus S UU T. van N, V ----h A= W, N.
at WHOLU WHET. PUMp. o Cheese, Meats, Herrn,
Aelroad will preach the ser- 'h mcn oa *n, Domestic a 01
mo oon "The Reality of the N m.CKE a. BOLS IDomes c and ,
Sabbath The chm anti and t Oo****Im**r****** -. -- 4

P~lrUnk. l

D.. -p- M
- -.- -.. ... .. .- .
.^ 3^ ^ -% ^ -^-^--*-'"'-^ ^3eS

S ."-: .- "...
- -. .* : ..-.. .. *'- *'*.-.?* ,. jt-1 i f-j,.. '..tS.2..

.. ... _. .... I,..
.- .:. .i. .t. ..;i-
-- -- ,.., .- .

+"-P' ," r -: 'J; :-, ..". ,". ,-
.. ."" :.. .... .. ."'-' : ," .:T-, ..._:~~E :-~... i ,! ..
,:. "' .- .- .. __ ". ,- ..._. ..


A wowar mlme ss
tr use

P. 0. BM Tu
lorida Phone 2-1183
41 NlL It *1
k. a. Sckne.wm k, Irpm.tve
-ie'd as second clasb matter,
4th, 1930, at the Post Office
ami, Plorda, under the act
ircR 8, me9

...................... $1.*
r .......... .............
VOL. rV.--NO. XI.
FRIDAY, MARCH 13, 1931
hen a man's car refuses
in smoothly, he oils it and
ars with it and gains re-
l. It rolls off steadily and
y without creak or re-
te home woman does the
6 with her stiffened sew-
machine the business
an, with her typewriter.
one delays when the
inery of ire and steel
brass is in need if assist-
for smooth rnnitng-or-
The cooling soothing oil
plied at once
ke wheel of demeotie m
ery are not always
red with uch mardy Con-

y ay crak and grun-
run snay aul bashb*-
theieft abit-of the
ge ntineme and ki~ d
and their appeal be un
tin they ae run-
altogether and become a
of marred and tanued
inery, useem for the
t purpose fr which it
thoughtful mind won-
thatma and woman cam
o eaefa of their auto-
dles antm bahol imple-
ts and careless a5 the
Ihinery of their happiness.
endernesseand gentleness
I soft answers are even
i pensive than the ma-
idtl sad pemerve some-
. of ftr greater value
a ear sad sewing ma-
mat a tie of this oil of
henasse, es fully inserted
the cieakr joints of a
shr of miami's Jewish
me.auhS lay somae of its
eane wuIE ti at be-
ai AnMNe t IV W.d

a ab-tAs the a

as. -
Ig.-e. esr. '
-^ '^^V ^^P^E 14v^^^^^^^
Kte- *k--fl^^~fi--1 "tf'-'ti



6t t! a

"Who was the most capable Yerxa Zeeer claims be
man in history asked the cured his cold in 24 hours by SCRUBWOMEN
teacher of a bright young lad. some secret scheme of his W
"Well, said the boy, own. How do you imagine he i One hot day, when the business deprmeea wM w4i
"judging from political talks did it? I visited two of the largest corporations in the world.
over the radio, it must have Fisheye-I know his secret, I talked with the treasurer of one and with the hair
been one of the last crop of He got everybody to tell him man of the finance committee of the other-and these ait
candidates." how to cure it-and then he men, I may tell you, in whose make-up sentimentality pWP
i i I did. just the opposite, very little part.
Mistress: 'Tm sorry you I I I They had been looking at red figures until their e s
are leaving us, Anna. But, of "When skirts grow long- balls burned. They were entirely unwilling to predict win
course, if you are going to er," says a Northwestern pro- their industries would improve.
better yourself--" fessor, "an economic depres- But each of them uttered the same fervent clamatke:
Maid: "Oh, no, madam, I sion is approaching." No. one f only we can pull through without having to cet wag~ e
am going to be married.-" need be uninformed now. When you stop to think about that is an
Fis (il g Skirts are a lot easier to When youstoptothink aboutit,that isa. uesto~
rt Farmer I(il watch than a falling stock phenomenon. Twenty-five years ago mn in shimift
cow by lantern ( light): Wng market tons would have said immediately: "BDriess is a f tt pea
was that just went by sWo ear- N cent; slash wages twenty per cent."
lyin the morning" Nowthen Onetrack never The same sort of executives who used to assume tot
Second Ditto: "Oh, that's gives up. He spent ten years the way to cure depression was by cutting wage, ae now
the town commuter on a looking for a needle in a hay convinced that the way to cure it is not to cut.
dawn-to-desk flight." stack, but he finally found it. That is one principal fact which makes the ca rent de-
1 Afterall-Yeah, and now he presson different from its predecessors. That is prog ft
Mites hope you're can't thread it! History has a curious way of upsetting contempoary
hMis truess- hope you are Judgments. Many of the events which seem important to
New Girl-t I am on u own Treat a dog kindly and he men and women while they are ving, prove is ficant
a e GirlI am onmy ol will not desert you when your in the eyes of the ages. And some very tt things kter
account, ma'am. I only tell w esmoney goneu wen y loom large.
lies to callers for the family. money s gone Who was king of Spain in I d not remembim
J I There is a yellow streak in But I do recall that in 1666a an apple fell and it aac Nw-
The Bachelor (in art mu- himaniv that maira ,;+ want to.
y antvthat makes it mint ion

seum)-wonder why Victory
is represented as a female?
Much Married Friend-It's
easy to see you're not a mar-
ried man.

A dispatch from Washing-
ton says Senator Heflin, of
Alabama, is confined to his
bed with a badly strained set
of vocal erds. We understand
that Senators who heard his
two-hour final speech, and
who are sufferig with ear-
ache, hope it is nothing tri-
A chewing tobacco firm
has surmounted the problem
of getting the feminine touch
in its poster by introducing
a nurse. The next step is a
slogan, "Fresh daily from our

A shooboy, 8 years old,
was giving his aunt a Bible
as a birthday present. Not
knowing just what to write in
it as an inscription, he went
to his father's bookshelves,
and examined the fly-leaves
of a number of the volumes
arranged thereon. After a
rather protracted inspection
and comparison of the var-
ious dedications he finally de-
cided upon the following as
the most suitable and wrote
on the lea, in his best hand:
"With the author's compv
You wrote them in a letter,
Reckless words of love
Wired me flowers, seat me
Said I was your heart's

Still I act. tte cod and
haugh ,
And yeou %Ner gp es, ,I
Sbet, .
'That its ju a game fm
For yt want what's hard
to get
"You are o h of..
n; 't I 4* n
a hiis th at-" .'' -:'"? -:.--' "

to blame all its troubles on
A man understands women
when he understands that he
doesn't understand them.
t I

It's sometimes difficult toe

get even with
trusts you.

a man who

!I I
The doorbell never asks
questions, but it requires
many answers.
Yes, Cordelia, keeping up
appearances often means a
frugal diet in order to give an
occasional dinner.

time of
of body

ice of mind is un-
y a good thing in
danger, but absence
is a great deal better.

Many good looking people
are not as good as they look.
T I l1

Most men i
to admit the
by women's

lay on.


Big Boy -
crying about?
Little -I
for some pean
Big Boy-C
Little-I- at
If the s'
streets wout
ways all woak
The ignera
girl is blia- t
who is teach
an auto.
From the I
one bush is xa
en hands.. -

*.*^'Bin'-.w~w TP

What was Warren Harding? Who werE Calvin CooBdNs
and Herbert Hoover? Some future school-boy wma b
puzzled by those inquiries.
But unless I am very much mistaken every future his-
tory book will lay emphasis on two developments wkMhichav
taken place under our very eyes.
They will tell that a boy named Lindbergh flew aerme
the Atlantic Ocean.
And that a man named Ford announced that he wou
pay all workers, even scrubwomen, a minimum of five d-

lars a day.
The idea that high wages makes prosperity, that the
key to good business lies not in the safe deposit boxes of
millionaires, but is carried in the pocket of every wrker-
this is something entirely new.
It holds the hope of the future. Whatever eke ma
have to be discarded, American business must not sn~ EWarSdt
that American ideal

TII[.[AMID.- .



are too modest VV. :
size of their The fellow that takes a gun and goes out among
people to collect a living by that means is a criminal, ktM:'
accredited as such, with many tomes of expensive, stat
is often caused laws, built for his especial treatment. Multiledl i ..-.
inhumanity o are expended each year for.his "care," all paf brdeti:
harassed, struggling mass of unrequit peope wh e.. .-
I still Amerians.
as probably a Sometimes I think-and that's the substance ef tli
he was told to letter-that, the most FOOLISH violator of ifata bl l
the man or woman who goes out and commits crime ar f
I SELF. So many thousands, regardless of their
What are you church or state, rush pell-mell into crime against brdiu to:
reap penalties more certain than any hummar court eat,
traded my dog assess I And the doctor is called in. to help smooth mt
uts. over for the "villain." Which would appeal humeianwsi
Aan't you trade it not such a serious.matter. --1
They go about the business, armed with
e the peanuts. from corn whisky to ince pi to commit crime tnat
erintendent of draw a verdict of guilty withparin flewtn
only mend his ately. In aight-visits about town, Z e t
1 be forgiven, even girls-ined up at "hot-d" ounters, i
iI salve at C hours with combinations that u
me of a pretty rnukl an's "ima r" to ,hame-yet Hti
o a young man w t prevent the younfste rfr
mg her to drive the are not too hilarious
ttheir wonder-you lb es tthat
I t-r- Ai~4d sexwalcrWmes-haft I OW fte nat thar
ifh viewpoint .u What a race we t
iterUthan a di a w would wbew

-&h "Q 'ODCiTA:.
i 11,1Y


I '"'
i. :

: 1






- -- --- --- ---- -- --, .1

O~ o

,a-- vTv -w- 1 1 g .L16

___4.L Lk.. L .:h

ing the evening refreshments
were served.

Mrs. Ben Watts and daugh-
ter Bernice have just return-
ed to the city after several
weeks spent in the North
traveling through Kentucky
and Ohio where they visited

Mrs. L. J. Hartz and mrs. win a wrist watcu uy su ---
Sol Rotfort entertained last parents during the course of Temple Israel Sisterhood
Saturday afternoon at their the evening, and a large will be hosts at a card party
home in honor of their grand- birthday cake was enjoyed by at Kaplan hall on March 29th.
child and niece, respectively, the guests present. Those following a program com-
Miss Shirley Brandt of Wood- taking part in the program the late Rabbi Isaac M. Wise,
mere,L. I., who has been of entertainment were Mr. the founder of American
spending the winter season Max Schier, Miss Miriam Ru-Jewish Reform movement.
ere. Games were played and binstein and Miss Frances All visiting sisters and
Pepper, Richard Walkin, Kane. Several dancing num- friends are cordially invited
Mary Jane Wlkin, Dorothy bers were presented through to attend.
McGurity, Clyde Willard and the courtesy of a local studio. *
Benny Willard. Each of the Dancing was enjoyed after Last Sunday afternoon the
juvenile guests present re the banquet which was great- tombstone over the grave of
ceived novelty favors. The ly enjoyed by the several the late P. M. Rosengarten,
home was decorated to repre- hundred guests present. was unveiled ip the presence
Sw 1of the members of the family
sent a children's playground, of the member of friends.
and during the afternoon re- Mr. and Mrs. T. Cohen of and a number of friends.
freshments consisting of Indianapolis, Ind., are visit- Services were conducted by
cakes, candies, punch and ice ing their daughter and son in Rabbi S. M. Machtei of Beth
cream was served. Among law, Mr. and Mrs. Harry David, and brief tribute was
the guests present were: Markowitz at their home in said by Mr. John Wolf, first
Shirley Pepper, Dorothy Pep- Coral Gables and will remain vice president of Beth David,
per, Elaine Rubinstein, Leroy hee for the balance of the win- who was a very close friend
Rubinstein, Richard Walkin, ter season. of the deceased. At 6 p. m.
ary Jane Wain, iren brief memorial services were
Mary Jane Walkin, Mildren
Schultz, Margaret Groves Miss Sara Rosenthal of In- held in Beth David Synago-
Howard Ginsberg, Dorothy dianapolis, Ind., a close friend gue at which only Rabbi S.
McGurity, Eugene McGurity, of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mark- M. Machtei spoke.
Isabelle Flitt, Clyde Willard, owitz is visiting them for a *
Benny Willard, Jennie Will- short period and will then re- Miss Betty Ann Kirschen-
ard and Angle Willard. As- turn to her home. baum daughter of Mr. and
ting the hostesses in enter Mrs. A. Kirschenbaum enter-
sisting the hostesses in enter-
taining the children were Mrs. Sadye G. Rose promi- tainted a number of her juve-
Mrs. I. Ginsberg, Miss Sadye nent Eastern Star worker and nile friends in honor of her
Silberstein and Miss Ann secretary of the Ladies Auxi- seventh birthday. A number
Weisman. Among the adult liary of the Miami Jewish Or- of games were played and
guests present were Mr. and thodox Congregation enter- 5 a
Mrs. M. Pepper, and L. J. tamed a number of friends at 6
Hartz. dinner at her home last Fri- Philbrck I

The banquet of the A. Z. A.
Junior Bnai Brith organiza-
tion of Miami, at which the
organization was presented
with its charter, was held at
Kaplan hall last Sunday night
with Harold Tannenbaum as
the toastmaster. Mr. Adolph
Freund oldest living member
of the Bnai Brith was the of-
ficial installing representa-
tive of the national organiza-
tion, and together with Mr.
Isaac Levin honorary member
of the A. Z. A. and a past
president of the Bnai Brith
odge, and Mr. Stanley C.
Myers conducted the cere-
monial of installation.
Speeches were made by
these three, and by Sam Sil-
ver the president of the local
A. Z. A. organization after
very splendid introductions
by the toastmaster. Because
of the toastmaster's sixteenth
birthday he was presented

Pm 23535-31634

day night. Among the guests
present were, Mr. Geoffrey
Manne of New Orleans, Mr.
and Mrs. Al Tener of New
York city, Mr. and Mrs. L.
H. Frankenstein of New York
Mr. Louis Golde, Mr. David
Golde, Mrs. Rose Fabelman of
Cincinnati, Ohio, and Mr. and
Mrs. Milton Lieberman of
Chicago, Ill.

The regular bi-weekly card
party of the Ladies Auxiliary
of the Miami Jewish Ortho-
dox Congregation was held at
the vestry rooms of the Syn-
agogue last Tuesday evening
and was attended by quite a
large number of visitors and
guests. Acting as the hostes-
ses for the evening were Mes-
dames Sadye G. Rose and Es-
telle Steinberg. Prizes were
awarded for high score at
each individual table and dur-

City Wood Yard, Inc.
Fireplace Stove and
Kigamin Wood
V.. r 2Us

Fresh Fish Dai,
at prices that can't be beat



Capt. Tom's

Fish Mart
W N. W. North River Drive


Mrs. Ray Somberg, chair-
man of the Infant's Welfare
committee of the Miami Sen-
ior Hadassah announces that

Honest, Courteous Service.
N. W. 7th Ave, at 28th Street

SDirector of Funerals
Serving Greater Miami

t t rug y Qlrp.
We Deliver
S. of .
Phone 3-3687 '
21 North West Ninth Street


On Miamr. Mala Thsmsmam

FORD New Austin
SEDAN Give Awa
Night .FE


0 V


*I ,


sRwdrifS-i -m

F *' 1



prizes were won by Ethel
Pond and Marcia KohL
Mrs. Kirschenbaum was as-
sisted in entertaining the
guests by Mrs. I. Fine Mrs.
Paul Silverman, Mrs. 6. Ar-
gintar and Miss Adele Segal.
After the games refreshments
consisting of ice cream, can-
dies and cakes were served to
the little guests. Among those
present were Rose Ann and
Sarah Louise Raymond, Lois
Carr, Marcia and Daniel Kohl,
Louis Fine, Alvin Schwartz,
Shirley Haines, Dora Gatanis,
Ethel Pond, David Seitlin,
Gloria Schneidman, Margie
Friedman, Esther and Eli
Argintar, Esther Lee Silver-
man and Helen, Albert and
Louis Aronowitz.
The Miami Senior Chapter
of Hadassah will hold a meet-
ing of its Executive Board
next Monday, March 16, at
the home of its president,
Mrs. Isidor Cohen, 1876 S. W.
Tenth street, at 10 a. m. and
all members of the board are
urged to be on hand promptly
because of the important mat-
ters that will be presented
for action.

I konlowww"okow -






one hundred and t
ments were complete?
bride held at Burdi1
last Monday afterno
that the clothes and th
of one hundred and
lars realized at the brdg
cently held at the ho
Mrs. lM D. Kirsch hai
abled the local chapter toi
in a very material way.
The Senior Council of 1J
ish Women is sponsors
card party for next We.
day evening, March i
Kaplan hall when Mre.a
Oliphant and Mrs. io
Dubler will be the hostem
Prizes will be awarded t
high scores and refreshm4
will be served. The next mu
ing of the organization
be held on Wednesday, Mm
25, at 2:15 p. m. at Kapl
Mr. Larry Fay of Faymn
Fay's is on a combined be
iness and pleasure tripI
New York and other poinl
North. He is expected to l
turn in about ten days.

W. H. Combs Co., Estab. 1M
Phone Miami 32101
1UD N. 2nd Avean
Phone M. B. 5-2101
1Z86 WM.lton Av.

Page .4

I IITkl lf

M 1E; F D Page 5

C ent were: Mr. and Mrs. Max
SfSOC ETY fT Kupferstein, Mr. and Mrs.
S 1 *Nathan Adelman, Mr. and
S J. L. Shochet, Mr. and Mrs.
SLouis Vangilder, Mr. and
Mrs. Frankenstein of New
Rd Mrs. Walter Falk- with Irene at the piano which York, Mr. and Mrs. Ella T
are receiving congra- received an enthusiastic re- Kaiser, Mr. and Mrs. Al. Ten-
) on the birth of a sponse as shown by the let- er of New York, Mr. and Mrs.
boy last Thursday ters received. Cantor Joseph S. Haas, Mrs. I. Buckstein,
' at the Victoria Hos- Bergman of San Francisco Mrs. Tener of New York, Mrs.
(other and baby are sang several synagogal num- Sam Tannenbaum and Mrs.
nicely. The Bris will bers and a very excellent Charles Tannenbaum.
ient of next Thursday. speech on Zionism giving a B oo
'andparents, Mr. and resume of present conditions The Ball pon d by the
lax Kupfersetin are and accomplishments was Beth David Sisterhood at the
ipients of many con- presented by Harry Simon- Fleetwood Hotel last Monda
ory messages. hoff the president of the local night attracted about one
or m sa Zionist district. The remain- hundred and fifty couples, in-
nportant meeting of der of the program which in- cluding a large number of
ivid Congregation has cluded Bobby Brollier, Dora Miami's Jewish younger set.
led for next Sunday Hilton Miller, Ross Lewis and Mr. Jaffe of the University of
Sthe Beth David Au- the Grimes sisters in a mu- Miami did a specialty dance;
l at which the new sical melange was presented the Farr sisters sang a num-
of the congregation by the officials of the Dade ber of their popular songs
discussed. The meet- County Fair Association to ad were given a splendid
Begin promptly at which part of the hour had ovation; and other entertain-
been allotted. Next Sunday's ment was provided by the Al-
program will contain several cazar Roof. Quite a tidy sum
lance and entertain- musical selections featuring was realized as the result of
heduled for Sunday Miss Frances Kane at the pi- this affair.,
Iarch 15, at the Al- ano, Miss Miriam Rubinstein
under the auspices of at the violin, and Myron Mrs. Sam Tannenbaum is
mi Zionist District Zientz saxophonist. They will now recovering from a minor
en postponed on ac- also accompany Mr. Louis operation she underwent last
f the illness of A. H Hayman, cantor of Beth Tuesday afternoon, and is ex-
airman of the enter- David Congregation in several pected to be .out and about by
t committee selections. Mr. Martin Choc- the end of the week.
t co t. hem well known Scandinavian
Ladies Auxiliary of Jewish artist will sing and he Mr. Nathan Adelman presi-
mi Jewish Orthodox will be accompanied by Mrs. dent of the Miami Jewish Or-
ation will sponsor a Evelyn Raff. Mrs. Raff will thodox Congregation is away
upper and bridsponsor a also be heard in a number of on a business trip through
upper and bridgeoo o cal selections. Florida state and will return
Sthe vestry rooms of the end of the week.
lagogue next Sunday *
March 15. Supper The Friendship League At the meeting of the Ex-
Mserved beginning held its regular business At the meeting of the Ex-
at 6 p. m. and meeting Wednesday night at ecutive Board of the Beth
nut the entire even- which one of the founders David Sisterhood held Thurs-
ge will be played fol- and charter members of the day in the form of a luncheon
The charge for League, Mr. Murray Gross- important matters were dis-
er and bridge is only man spoke on the activities
ts. In charge of the of the club, both past and
ommittee heoadf represent. An April Fool dance The Finest of
iax Kupferstein an wi ei anteCAROONS, SPONGE
iuis Vangilder who; be decided at the next meet- MACAROONS, SPONGE
d by several ladies ing of the club which will be CAKE, NUT CAKE
organization. Residents held next Wednesday night at AND PASTRIES
tors are urged to at- the club rooms. Dancing fol- AND PA
lowed the business meeting For
S. as usual. For Easter
ladies Auxiliary of the Mr. and Mrs. Harry Seitlin
rewish Orthodox Con- entertained a number of
in will hold a regular friends at their Coconut
of its members next Grove home last Sunday NEW YORK
Evening, March 17, night. Bridge was played and
n. in thevestry rooms first prize was won by Mrs.
synagogue, at 1546 S. J. L. Shochet, second prize by
d street. Mrs. Ella T. Kaiser, and con- 471 S. W. Eighth St.
S. solution prize by Mrs. Ida Phone 2-1773
Fulius Simpson is con- Buckstein
g after an illness of During the evening a-A
i r., which time lightful salad course Mm. i....4

Ia gUnined toL herhome.
confined to her home.
** *

ate arrangements
Sr ade for the "Chil-
eder" at which the
E the Miami Jewish
; Talmud Torah and
school will be the
f the Ladies Auxili-
ie Congregation. The
e of arrangements
of Mesdames Max
ein, Charles Tannen-
an Tannenbaum, Na-
Hlman, Ida Buitstein,
s Shochet, Nathans
m, Louis Vangilder
r members. Invita-
ve been extended to
ren of the West Palm
unday school to be
its of the local chil-

sxth radio program
twish -oaM prte 8t.
01on WQAM last Sun-

ved. Among the guestsrgi

, A completely finish-.
od service at ree-
sonable rates.
phone 3-2661


.,:.. ; ., -
;?. -, ...


First Race At 8:15
Last Race At 10:50

cussed and a nominating com-
mittee to recommend officers
for the sisterhood for the
coming term was appointed.
A regular meeting of the Sis-
terhood followed at 2:30, Aft-
er the meeting a social hour
was enjoyed by those present.
Miss Molly Rosen of New
York city who has been spend-
ing several weeks at Miami
Beach, has just returned
from Havana. Upon her re-
turn she was the guest of
honor at a dinner party giv-
en by Miss Cynthia J. Chuck-
row at the Floridian Hotel.
Dr. J. Abrams of New York
city is the guest of Rabbi
Isaac M. Wapner; of the Mi-
ami Jewish Orthodox Congre-
gation at his home, 1860 S.
W. Fourth street and will re-
main here for a short time.

The Loyalty Club commit-
tee in charge of arrangements
for its dance at the City club,
Sunday night, March 22, is
bending every effort to make
this affair one of the finest
held in the Greater Miami
District this season. The af-
fair will begin at 9 a. m. and

Buyer of All Kinds of Scrap Metal
We Sell Auto Parts
2141 N. W. SECOND AVE.
Phone 20621
435445 N5 W,.Sth Street-.
Phone 4485
Scrap Metal and Machinery
N. W. Cor. 5th Ave. and 14th St.
Phone 22546
Building Materials,
Roofing Paper, Asphalt
423 N. W. N. River Drive
Phone 7251

170 N. W. 5th St.
We Supply Your Every Want



is in charge of Bob Wallis as
chairman, Ed Wolf, Mrs.
Lena Simon, and Mrs. Sadye
G. Rose. Varied entertain-
ment wfl be presented in ad-
dition to the dancing


Biscayne Fronton
The World's Fastt Sport

Exept Sunday

Every Jewish Home
Should Have the

History of the
In America
Now to be obtained at
1474 S. W. First Street

629 W. Flagler 8t.
Phone 2-8362

Chas. Tannenbaam,
(reg. pharmacist for 17 years)
Cor 22nd Ave. and 8th St. 8. W.
Dr. A. D. Halpern. Ph. G. Ph. D.
Prescriptions Our Specialty
128 N. Miami Ave. Phone 29718
53 North East 25th Street
Phone 81355
58 N. E. 25th St.
Aat F. E. C. R. R. Phone 21426
48 N. W. 7th Street
Telephone 2-4886 Miami, Fla.

Ten Races Nightly
-Except Sunday


Well- Worth
Corner of
5th St. & 2nd Ave. N. W.

By The Most Modern
Method. Makes It Well-
Worth Your Coming.
Cut Price--Work Gu.ranted.


Racing Greyhounds

Are Entertaining Miami Residents and Visitors Every Night
Playing To Capacity Houses.

At The

Biscayne Kennel Clob

From Dowamtwr-4o North a N. & LsMud Avw*. or N. W. Beventh Avm tr Ut46fc Wt.
Pre Miami iDeas... Cros th stre-t CuMwany ad Ter North on N. I siMedJ Ave-t, .s U4thctS.
Prn Wst Pale Bash. L ak Wrth, tPer LaddAlS ,.ellwed-Drive e DI aMWIM U4."h i
Milami Transit Co. Busses Leave .South Entrance of V4e6tian Ar ma Track
Every 10 Minates, Starftu at 7 .qock *
~' ', ,;' ? if ir ii^ *


. T .:


March 18, 1981


rFeadyler- Trak redycost blood-shed. and tion endured by the Jews tativ Of 57
Fla er Track much sacrifice. During the throughout the centuries has bled at Geny:
Attracts Notables ISRAEL'S NEED past ten years, a hundred sharpened his sympathy for s a ove
(By Harry Simonhoff) thousand Jews were brought suffering and oppression, and Pa4ltine a HIomwehl
Last night was golfers' Simonhoff) into Palestine; roads were has developed in him a pas- Jewih people, and4
night at nthe W t Flagler ito Palestine ros ases and sion for social justice, hard- Grat Britain thg.
night at the West Flagler .- built; poisonous marshesan l felt b any other people. B t th a
Kennel club. All the leading The most vital thing in swamps were drained; a cob l felt by any other peop Leag. u outf Natih
golf players in the country Jewish life today is the up- plete school system establish- anienti lan, msane darhred i "5Li
now in Miami were present building of Palestine as the ed; industry and manufa- ancient land, made barren b eg o t he ionsh
fI Each race was a handicap Jewish homeland. On this ture begun, books collected the ruthless hands of half right of the Jewish y
eventnamed afterone of the p eon into libraries; the electrifica- savage people. Nochicanert
Bme n handiap; J sh opion ever repre th h nnthe Palestineoint, there is no longer any s n ded n that book el
golf players, with the feature difference of opinion among io fthe ntir l b hi n pitcan i ded in that book of bo
i10th, known as the Gene Sat- Jews the world over. All dis- tarted; and as a crowning cheat him of his sacred heri- Holy Bible. Let t
azen-Johnny Farrell handi- putes have been settled, all act, th Universit tage; no violence se by blind guided Arab usei
cap.aOthers were: First race, controversies ended. Every founded on Mt. Scopus, over- fanatical followers of crafty oo e, let th
Walter Kinder handicap; sec- important Jewish institution looking the City of Jerusalem. I exploiters willfrightenhimmite nde
enratnwhin itii..fcZ olrncefrom his dedicated t .ask. p p ad by hattnb
nd, Harry Cooper handicap; every responsible source of he songs of Zion are once of hi iatJewsh Ortws odo Col gre4t
m ore heard in the original The n, u t t

thirJane, the big Mehorn handicap;. Jewish opinion, harmony e anr- Trehe coming of the Jew into 1545 S. W. Third Stree hat
longing to Jim Freder ic, i in io, ever Hebe on thee hills r nd in the Palestine rests on the best Union of Israel, Th

race, whipping Cashoo, the tion of the Jewish Agency aac o e i a l ne SACRAM ENTAL WINE
Whiffy Cox; sixBthe s- has ared the J Aenevalles of Judea. A chain f e tte L
G foxden; seventh. Horton for the purpose of building hospitals throughout the In 1922 the chosen represen- one, indivisible.
Smith; eighth, Walter Hag- Eretz Yesrael into a home- land have been established by
en; ninth, Willie Macfarlan, land for the Jewish peop. They sw h women to give omedi- E a
moand th, C e-aig Wood. In fact, for the first time in 'u a nid toJew noe" int aim b

ind that brought out alt coming a Jewish land; that Cdsp ce ,oe Ham s I A eWi th todo R
SWednesday night Rusty many centuries,te Palestinehas uhe Christia eb M i J h Or oox Cogre
Jane, the big red i acer be- brought peace, harmony and medan.e
longing to imrmy Fnig, a nity in Irael. The coming of the Jew into 1545 S. W. Third Street
turned i a in oin the feature The formation and comple- be Will Provide Its Mmbers and Wo hiper A With
race, whipping Cashoo, the tion of the Jewish Agency ing to all people, regardless rd f and Wr'hip Wi

too well in a task that seemed
favorite,Blue Lark, the see- has alarmed the enemies of- ceed inAt REDUCED PRICES to meet en c cnd
elected foir centuries by then$ (Eneim and Kudw)
ond choice, Clo and a few the Jewish people. They saw har g miule of te and
more in a five-sixteentb., that Palestine was rapidly be- Tuorks. The Jew does not aim

SNew Jewish Martyrs were ad- GIVE THE WIFE A TR AT
grind that brought out a lot coming a Jewish land that n Accordance With the Federal Regulat
of dog courage the ancient Holy Land was t displace anyone. He is nce aetiig ad delu
The track will present an being rebuilt and restoring acetate TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS
Austin Sedan to the lucky the brain and sweat of Jewish the purest motives. He d- ,' From 7:80 to 9:0 P. M.
winner Saturday night, and a men and women; that our sires to bring peace an. SUND
Ford Sedan Monday night. people were succeeding only friensh te all pee livin From 9 to 12 A. M.
ies, countless fatoo well in a task that seemed t Te t le p 4 N E. 2 AE
Beach Kennel Club impossible for the many diffi- At REDUCED PRICES to meet economic conditi
culties to overcome. rh eyT sd
planned in secret, and struck I.
Has iClose ae ne at t cruel, tretac heroes blow SPECIAL G
Beach oval this season. I New Jewish Martyrs were ad-by GIVE THE WIFE A TREAT!
Playgoer II, the best grey-ided to the long, long list..
hound now racing at the Israel staggered under the Let her njy the unexcelled, appetizing and delidol
S e se sa d reeking of the well-known Mrs. Godstein
Beach, was entered in a four- blow, but did not fall. Our Cin ofhe well n M. G e
dog match race at the Miami work goes on in Palestine asoA AT THE
Beach Kennel club last night before. The Jewish people are G & R.
This sensation has won derb-imore determined than ever to
ies, counties feature races, complete the ask that has everyt3 N. E. 2D
set track records. This wasEv a J e Jh e.

//'- .*fB^, Hatfreld 0th e t thpMiv J rcdhuodeo the AL GABLE 8 COLI8 E 2II
his initial appearance at the lowered the track record for SPECIALIZING IN
Beach oval this season. In his the 362-yard Beach course by 50c and 75e LUNCHES
schooling trials recently he a fifth of a second. and a Regutare L-ourse Dinner for $1.0-Siervee to a P M.a-OPeN TO
Another feature of the races, a
"O Flagler-Of Pr was the fact that all entries
were sired by the same dog,h

ThapfpeninsaWommenSando-p a JACKtROSS- v.- BOBBY
Thrfty I Women shop at the famous Playgoer. Morga n
Blake and Royal Palm are IT
from the same dam, Palm a.
Olive, and Playgoer II and DM_
Blue Sky are from Backlash. .-Gin e _4e
On his schooling record, Play-
2 goer II should win with Royal IN HONOR of /
24 26 Palm and Blue Sky next, but
Swcuith doing the cwealiber of these P PASSOVER -
Mi IIami Mi mi "iiNI'entries the winner was in: On PasIover Ihe choiesI I I of
An. doubt all around the track. everything distinguishes the Ur T
Victorious Event, a Judge/ Jewish Home. Monischew'itz II
Hatfield entry, won the fe- Matzo and Maoite products CORAL GABLES COLISEU
turned 10th race at the Miami | kind--produced in the largg U
This track is drawing large the world. In demand i
crowds nightly because of the everywhere. YOUNG STRIBLING will referee the ,mai
excellence of the races,:nd MANiiui w ilili
the keen competition that is Capt. Newberry Charles

men famous throughout the
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