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November 21, 1930
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-v. 63, no. 20 (May 18, 1990).
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Description based on: Vol. 5, no. 47 (Nov. 25, 1932).

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lo. XLVII. Miami Pit

Zionists Hold
Protest Meeting
I Ihl E;eth David Talmud Torah
hall was the scene of a splen-
did turnout of Miami Jews
BY ERNEST CAM JQ to protest against the issu-
ance of the so-called "White
New York-Elections are haz- Paper" by the British Gov-
ardous events in this amazing er
town. During the balloting here ernment recently. Mr. John
on November 4, four policemen Wolfe, vice president of the
were taken off their regular local Zionist District presid-
"beat" near a certain department ed. Rabbi Grinein of the Or-
store and assigned to duty at a thodox Con regation who
nearby voting booth. th
Hardly had the balloting got un- was the fit speaker of the
der way when in rushed a young evening, briefly explained the
woman, greatly excited and sum- conditions in Palestine today
moned two of the police to the and emphatically condemned
store. A couple of burglars had the action of the resent Brit-
looted the place. the acton of the present Bt-
ish Government. He urged
A unique method was devised the continued interest and
for flashing to New Yorkers the support of Miami Jewry in
returns on election night. The the furtherance of the work
public was told to watch the huge of establishing a Jewish home-
searchlight atop the 88-story Em- Pl fo
pire State building, tallest in the land in Palestine. He was fol-
world. lowed by Rabbi S. M. Mach-
When the great white beam tei of Beth David who made
moved back and forth from a ver- a number of Biblical allusions
tical to a northerly direction, to the present situation and
Roosevelt was leading for Gover- condemned the action of the
nor. When it oscillated from ver-
tical to southerly, Tuttle was run- British Government.
ning ahead. When the beam final- Rabbi Jacob H. Kaplan of
ly ceased moving, it would point Temple Israel spoke and urg-
steadily north or south, indicating ed that the Jews by concerted
who had won. action and work would over-
The funniest story going the come the obstacles being
rounds concerns a wild party giv- placed in their path. Dr. A. D.
en down in Greenwich Village. It Halpern one of the outstand-
was a costume affair, and among ing figures in local Zionism
the guests was a man named Cae- spoke in Yiddish and compar-
sar, who came attired in the flow- ing the course of history gen-
ing toga of a Roman senator.the course of history gen-
After an evening of revelry, the rally showed that any for-
story goes, Caesar awoke in the ward movement such as Zion-
misty hours of Sunday morning ism was, would never be stop-
and sleepily looked about him. To ped by any temporary hind-
his vast alarm he found that he or Pa
was lying flat on his back with a races such as the Lord Pass-
wooden surface above him. field declaration was. He
It was very evidently a coffin- urged upon his hearers that
until he kicked out wildly and dis- only y united action in giv-
covered that he had been left -n of fund forts, and po-
alone, lying under a table. Still ing of funds, efforts, and pro-
alone, lying under a table. Still nd w Palestine be
atremble with fight, he rushed to poganda would Palestine be
a window, leaped out, and lit a upbuilt. The meeting was
streak for home. closed by a plea from Baron
D~ Hirsch Meyer for a
At this point his flight was ar- strengthening of the local
rested by a policeman who, passing ionist District and the adop-
by, grew suspicious at the sight of ion s t resolutheionsp
one fleeing through a window at tion of a set of resolution
such an hour of morning, condemning the action of
His costume in comic disarray, Great Britian
the captive hiccuped his story to -
the cop's doubting ears. Finally,
however, the latter decided to be-Orthodox Con-
lieve the yarn and let him go. egati T
"Run along," the copper said, grega2 on I
turning to walk away. Then, on an
afterthought, he called to the re- Meet Sunday
treating figure, "Say, you didn't Meet
tell me your name." -
"Caesar" came the prompt reply A general meeting of th
from the one in flowig robes. It membership of the Mi-
was too much. Without other entire membership of the Mi-
word the copper collared him and ami Jewish Orthodox Con-
hustled him off to the station gregation has been called for
house. Sunday evening, November
\\hat's in a name? 23rd, at the Synagogue for
8 m o'clock Reports of the
Dominick Pacelli was "taken for p. o'clock. Reports of the
a ride." He managed to escape various activities of the Con-
with his life-but also three bullet gregation will be made and
wounds in his head. He went to a plans for the future will be t
Newark hospital, was treated, and discussed. A constitution and
told he could go home. But this he ws for organization
refused to do, insisting that he t h by-la L ze approv b
assigned to a room. He lay there that has been approve ] by e
all day Monday. lay the board of directors will be |
Shortly after dark, two men submitted for ratification to f
drove up in an automobile. They th entire membership. s
parked the cat in front of the hos- -th e m
pital and walked in at the main of New York's most peaceful-look- 1
entrance. They walked down the ing suburbs.
main corridor and up the stairs to "Yes, we're going rural, we ex-
the second floor. plained to everybody, with visions
Two shots rag out. Nurses of pigs and chickens and green t
screamed. Pat/lt grew hyteri- fields and cows grazing out in the

cal. Twoo m ~M a smok- great open spaces.
ing pistol h rowdy But we found that the "country"
and escred t~ t. And, near New York sizzles even hotter
in the r g ad floor, than Manhattan after dusk. In the fe
Pacelli partIt vll investigated, f
Tho- I of. 1t.. ulnt provincMial pas- L
thus. itit f of going out. in-the
Finad t ing a party and shoot-
:ttW the gtmt light..
d FoUt you think? ?

, r ay, November 21, 1930


1545 S. W. 3rd Street
The early Friday evening
services will begin at 5:3(
with the late Friday night
services at 8:00 o'clock which
will be conducted by. Rabb
Samuel Grinstein assisted by
Cantor Nathan Wroobel. The
subject of the Rabbi's sermon
is "Conflicting Emotions."
The Congregational singing
which was enjoyed so much
by the worshipper last Friday
evening, will again be con
ducted by Cantor Nathan
Wroobel. A social hour at
which the Ladies Auxiliary
will be the hosts will follow
in the vestry rooms of the
congregation. All are invited
to attend.
Special Thanksgiving ser-
vices will be conducted at the
Synagogue next Thursday at
11 a. m., when Rabbi Grin-
stein will preach on "Why
Give Thanks?"
137 N. E. 19th Street
Friday night services at
Temple Israel will begin at
8:15 p. m. The subject of Dr.
Kaplan's sermon will be
"Comments on Einstein's Re-
ligion and Science." The pub-
lic is most cordially invited
to attend. Temple Israel wel-
comes all those who are inter-
ested in spending an hour in
quiet contemplation in the
higher realms of religious
A special Thanksgiving
service will be held Thanks-
giving morning, in Temple Is-
rael at 11 a. m. The public
is invited.
139 N. W. 3rd Avenue
At the late Friday night
services Rabbi S. M. Machtei
will speak upon "The Jewish
Mother" and will discuss the
qualifications of a Jewish
mother as exemplified by the
Matriarchs. He will be assist.
ed by Louis Hayman, who
will act as Cantor.
Saturday morning the Rab-
bi will, preach on the weekly
portion. Sunday morning the
Bar Mitzva Club will be the
guests of the Sisterhood and
Mr. Louis Weinkle at break-
'ast immediately after the
services which begin at 8 a.
n. Sunday school from 10 to
12 will follow.


Minor injuries were suf-
ered by two persons in traf-
ic accidents yesterday. Mrs.
jouis Harris, 184 S. W. 1th
street, ^was t
~n arut.U1#~gi
~VenUe ai *54

Iid iiin

Price 5 Cents

donnce there in 81 Hi. Mi- ,the 1H problem. 9.Nb
of tmff Zieb in 49we
wn ith :V~~~Qfm

Vol. III.-N

~~i~aara~hr~ dll~ll~B~R~;"~n


Hebrew Friendly
Inn Is Organized

A well attended meeting at
Congregation Beth Abraham
was the response to the call
of its President, Mr. Abra-
ham Liebowitz, last Tuesday
evening, for the formation of
'a Hachnosas Orchim (Hebrew
t Friendly Inn). Mr. M. Schein-
Sbaum, well-known in con-
i munal circles in Atlanta, Ga., NOISE
and a winter visitor to Miami Hiram P. Maxim, son of one
presided. Several addresses great inventor and nephew of
e were made and a committee another, and himself the inventor
to formulate plans was ap- of the gunman's pet, the Maxim
to formulate plans was ap- silencer for firearms, has found a
Pointed. Messrs Hodes and way, he tells the world, to keep
SLiebowitz were appointed to noise out of the house even wit
confer with officials of the the windows open.
Jewish Welfare Bureau and The principal use of such an in-
vention will be, of course, in the
1 to cooperate with the Wel- large cities, where noise interferes
t fare Bureau inadopting means not only with sleep but with the
to take care of worthy transi- health of those who get no respite
ents who are temporarily from it through the twenty-four
strand Miamihours. But everywhere there will
stranded in Miami. be a demand for a silencer of this
S The following temporary sort, for hospitals and rooms from
officers were chosen. Mr. M. which all external sounds must be
Scheinbaum, president; Mr, excluded, as well as for places
Schinaum, r ent Mr. near railroads and other sources
SAbraham Liebowitz, treasur- of noise.
er and Mr. Morris Hodes, sec- TELEVISION
retary. The next meeting of Ten years ago the election of
the organization will be held President Harding was one of the
at the Synagogue of Beth Ab- first attempts at radio broadcast-
raham, 535 N. W. 5th ave., ing. Nobody could buy a radio re-
next Wednesday evening, No- ceiving set in 1920, because there
next Wednesday evening, No- were none on the market. Only
member 26th, at 8 p. m. All amateur electrians who made
interested are urged to attend. their own sets could get anything
"on the air."
Yiddih D Television is in the same stage
YIddish DramatiC today as broadcasting was in 1920.
Club Tod The Chicago Daily News broad-
Club To_ Be Formed cast pictures of election charts on
the night of November 4. Only
-those could pick them out of the
A committee consisting of air who had built television receiv-
Messrs H. Rose and Apte ing apparatus. There are no tele-
have issued a call for the or- vision receivers for sale. But there
n are thousands of eager amateurs
ganization of a Yiddish dra- experimenting in television in 1930,
matic club. The meeting is to just as there were thousands ex-
be held at the home of Hy- perimenting in ordinary radio re-
man Apte, 724 N. W. 19th st., ception in 1920. And in another ten
next Tuesday evening at 8 p years everybody may be able to
next Tuesday evening at p. tay at home and see pictures of
m., and all those who can events as they happen, by means
speak Yiddish and are inter- of some sort of receiving device
ested in the formation of aI not yet invented.
Yiddish Dramatic Club are WORK
urged to attend. Mr. Apte A charitably-inclined association
who is the uncle of Day J. of apple growers sent several car-
Apte, president of Temple Is- loads of apples to New York City,
rael and of the Jewish Wel- to be given to the unemployed.
rael and of the Jewish Wel- Some 1,500 men began peddling
fare Bureau, is a well known apples at a nickle apiece, and in
produce merchant of this city the first week took in about $12,-
who has established a splen- 000, or about $8 each. This did not
did reputation as an actor of 1 do them any good nor relieve the
re on as an actorounemployment situation. It was
note on the Yiddish stage charity and beggary, only slightly
some twenty years ago, hav- disguised.
ing played with Boris Thom- On the other hand, the agree-
ashefky and other noted Yid- ment by a group of citizens to fi-
dish stars. nance a general cleaning-up of
Sparks, vacant lots and unsightly
rubbish-heaps, actually provided
l 1 S work for some thousands of un-
C cary ~Seeks employed. Any relief recipient to
E i onI a* .... work for what he gets is foolishly
Election as MVayor sentimental and dangerous. Once
the average person finds he can get
something for nothing, ne loses his
Val C. Cleary, justice of taste for giving the equivalent in
peace, who was defeated for work for every dollar he receives.
mayor of Miami Beach by PROHIBITION
four votes in 1928, announced The election on November 4 was
his candidacy for that office decidedly a "wet" victory in many
in the December election. parts of the United States, in-
He will run against A. eluding the principal cities.
Frank Katzentine, former There is no question that mil-
Frank Katzente, former lions of people who have hereto-
judge of the Miami Beach fore always voted "dry" and who
Municipal court, and Col. H. are in favor of prohibition in prn-
M. Bankhead, Miami Beach ciple, have become disgusted with
conila, the prohibition law and its en-
councilman, forcement as it stands, and want
Judge Cleary has been a a change.
property owner in Miami I personally know many ladies
each since 191$, two years who have been ardent' "dry" w'oi-.,
eh since 1913, two years era who voted or "wet" canda4
before the -city was incoror or-e Conress on no oth"r bcaia.*
ated. He established his resi. I have no solution t, os'



Friday, November 21, 1930

TO THE MEMBERS OF 3-Y 3n the passing show. ut an

CONGREGATION: 'athenic message rowed i
Dur-ng the "ii of the sum- the eternal teachins of SinaL
m=er weeks, wei rw? of S Ye: as a pUnp:' teacher of
have been scared far from Judaism how few of you can
one another. frm our homes I reach! And is it psse
and our Synagoguce. I hare through the r lpr to advise
f- ad myself day by day a message urcifrml new. e-
turning back to you in lighting and helpful. when
th<.'-i Pondering. I have individual cogregants vary
asked what is this bond be- so widely n their interests.
tween us, what are te tasks their knowledge and their~
whh you put upon your -piriual needs Mas: not the i
Rabbi. what are the services romd table always uppe-
which I crave to render you maent the pulpitT i
with an the strength that This obvious handicap of
God may give me. We readily the pulpit makes it all the a
arp -end the funtion and more imperative tha: the o
work of the physician, the Rabbi-teacher be ruae to his-
pulisher. the watchmaker. obligation of unintermitent c
the archi r:t and a thouand study of the Torah. Ese must S
others who find their profes- his message and teaching ra- I
skcs falling within definite pidly become narrowly limit- r
mits of service. But where is ed. tritely repetito out- C
he -tbi '<,. comprehensive worn and eventually untrue. J
form.&a to define the rea- But weve in a huge metro- o
xt5ks of Rabbi and Congre- poitana c>mmoruy. distracted ii
gazrT In ou-r days. the Bab- by innumerable and endless r
bi' fcto: is undergoing meetings, and by never ceas- c
fu d,-a,-eal changes. which ing calls of countless orani- I
are sl farther variegated in nations and a myriad of dis- g
the wase of individual Rabbis connected indiv dA aLs. Too of- tj
an.d parca'ar Congregation. ten am I diverted from the o
What do yoi expect of me. primary traditional duty of t
and what can I validly offer the abbi-to learn so as to J
you :. f my ConMregatio be able to teach. Yet I try to y
Exac'y twenty-five years deve daily into the Torah. so
ag:. i es.-:aK-sed my first that in so far as ou ask of a
coz:a- with you. I was not me a knowledge of Judaism on
ye: your Rabbto but a my and of the spiritual sources h
s ;al and mental energy of our being. I can through B
was dirte dij twwa* iepa- our religxas schooL classes- t
rt- for tha office. I was forums and gathering. the d
gr- i. myse f o labors which printed word in articles and is
I fyAiy brreved would corn- taook. the spoken word over
pere m2y training for your the radio. and Jewish word to si
servp~ie. rtyz Syriac. Ar- you beyond the ranae of the ti
abic. Assyrian and ocher Ori- Synagogue's pulpit Would is
en:a tongues an their ex- that your demands and these n
tI Ct I realize now opprt-uites were maluiSied ti
with fina carit that this a hundred fold. and that my I
iearni was no: what you or words coi be a thousand- C
1. f wouid ask for me. I wa' fold richer: T
a-so raaking an iteai Hweer,. my functions d
sr.ay of BbliC.a, Rabbinicai
and mowerm Jewish law, his-
tofry p s a. y rr -.ri
poe y and whatever eoWd be
sub--= ed under the phrase -
Je- -I wa .X = TO PLI
teainmg ministry. and that
you woud be a Congregatio
arcd :or Jewish kwledge. O1
B c eiy a rare few of you -
take advanItage of our courses S
clires^. Sabint af-ermoon
r>zad ,tae groups and other
c::*niuuties of broadening
;=+-+ + + "~ 13 11 1
yo.. Jewish mtersts in- 1
cretsig your store of Jew-
AS knowledge and building -
- a factual and eoohs nal E
riie and phy -f New Mathtre
yo.-ir Judaism Th large ma- S--
e rty of yo oar Cke few er
gafew din a I havXe toin Me -
ras I qmlifed myself to o ,sew-

than as teacher of J ism.
bracd m he z ithei ka Jrw- rf

I have ot tried, for I have
mother the powem r m notl r L
be a ex-athedar arbiter o
the manfa hapeiu g ..
totrs. plays and prbIems of I= x- I

current life. But with al the
sincerity of my ben, I
a.erfub try to give those
ao yto who wW or who cma
-beam __ ___

wwl not. be a vicarious re2-
ikist. praying and keeping
he Sabbath and other Jewish
bservances for anyone other
han myself. I want to live
udaism wlth you. no: for
Besides these primary syn-
gogal functions. many an-
other cherished aigatio
as emertedi m my life as
abbi. which perhaps a quar-
er of a century ago I did no:
eardy foresee- A character-
tic devebopentn of Ameri-
am Jewish life bring so ial
rice promizeidy within
he Rabls scope- Your _Mir-
ter must partiipte in i-
umerable philanthropic ac-
ities. This obligation. too.
rejoie tos Aholder with my
ongregants. not for Them.
he social mitzvod of tse-
aa (charity) and gemiluth

We Have EatahfMeed


est Flagler

es Box Springs
s Tapestries and


a.: 475 S. W. Eig"h Str
Pmr: Evugrmna I473

Page 2




have proved to be iturical
as well as rabbincal Leading
the services within :the Syna-
goue is a joyo task1 It is
a solf privilege to lad a
ncogregation thrxug prayer
ino the presence of the Cre-
en Bi rerat zs t h-ou L
Nri-ee be.- at imes a '-
ing brierr.g o revra:n ri ses
T-hi' me whe I ,z-nsce"
bow the greater number of
YU. throigtf willing or -
w ling failre to stayed -he
regular se-ices of the SyrS-
gogue. are in2- effftn ik2&:r
O:f e not yicur neadrr. t
rour sufst~~e t i te s rev-

gatin m usI conduct t're serv-
ices of prayer A a: is
Jewish within me cries ont
agaist the tacit accep-zance
if an a ti'nxe wh-ih segre-
ates the Rabbi in a hierar-
hic caste to carry out rei-
ncs functions for a laity.
n the obligations of a Jewish
elgious life. Rabbi. Chazan
.ccregant are all alike. No
ew can delegate the offices
f Judaism to a soter. or vest
o an ofcial represrtire
esporsibh iry for his Jewish
eremonal life. I can not. and


*-,., :'..



chasadim (works of human
kindness) are incumbent on
every Jew. and can no more
be devolved on an official of
the Synagogue than can the
ceremonial mitzvoth. This is
eoualy true of all Jewish
c- u.a work. and of labor
fo- :he Land of Israel, now
:te urgent task of a united
world Jewry. I can not as-
sume for any member of my
-: ock his personal obligation
of active interest and service
in the problems and hopes of
:.e Jew. But it is my privi-
ege ::t labor with you in com-:
mural and Palestinian work,
and :o act. if you will, as your
Jewish almoner. and to coun-:
sel you as to wise provisions
for living and testamentary
Jewish benevolence. In this I
offer you. individually and
c:'%ctively. my constant co-
cperation. Use it unstintedly
for your and my happiness
and Jewish fulfilment, for tne
good name of your Congrega-
tion and for the blessing ofi
all Israel.
Cooperation between Con-i
gregant and Rabbi brings
unity and direction into the
rest of the vortical medley of'
what otherwise appear to be
d.screpant duties for a Rabbi,
from originatmg and organiz-
ing congregational and Syna-
gogue Center activities of
every kind to the inevitable
fund raising for cause within
and without the Congregation
and intercreedal relationships.
But my tasks and our rela-
tions do not end with this.
For among the most beauti-
Pal of my duties are the op-
porunities of rendering pas-
toral service. These are dis-
tressingly impeded in our day
by the dispersion of the Con-
gregation and the colossal
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--ae- fX. r the Home in Food"
Pb.. 2-9133




Street I

- Draperies
General i



_ _I

1201 South Olive Ave.
Phone 5272
West Palm Beach, Fla.

A completely finish-
ed service at rea-
sonable rates.
phone 3-2661


Col. H. M.




Colonel Bankhead is quali-
fied by virtue of is back-
ground, training and exper.
ience to minister the affairs
of a city as cosmopolitan as
Miami Beach.
Colonel Bankhead is not
bound by the barriers of
A vote for Bankead is a
vote for ability and exper-
He is familiar with city
affairs and has always sided
with progress and liberalism.
Henry M. Bankead is the
logical man for the office.
His record of service to his
nation is brilliant with
achievement. Compare his
record with those of other
candidates and you will
readily understand why he
is the logical candidate.

... FOR...

Col. H. M.


(PAIo omurtn AS)


oiRMEEIMNOE W A W f pf 20m -m -

Friday, November 21, 1930


A Weeily Newspaper
by the


P. 0. Box 2973
Miami, Florida Phone 2-1183
414 Eighth Street
Mnr. M. Shrebrniek, Repreentative
Entered as second class matter,
July 4th, 1930, at the Post Office
at Miami, Florida, under the act
of March 3, 1879.
Six Months ...................... 1.00
One Year .................... $2.00


The mistaken idea, says
the ApopRa Chief, with some
people is that the newspaper
is an individual proposition. If
they don't like the editor, they
feel they must knock the pa-
per and stand in the way of
its success whenever possible.
They do not realize that the
local paper is just as much a
part of the community as the
schools or churches. The
newspaper is different from
any other business, it is a
community affair. It is for
service to the people and not
for any individual.
You may not like the editor
and the editor may not love
you any too well but the
paper he is responsible for
does just as much for you as
the service rendered others.
There is nothing personal
with it, it is nere for a pur-
pose and that purpose is to

Wise Birds
'Taint fur me ter be denyin'
dat de Owl de wises bird,
Messin' up mah onderstandin'
'mongst de stuff what
folks is heahd.
But sance you all done ax me,
ahm quite willing' fur yoh
ter know,
I'se shuh boun' ter do mah
votin' fur de Jay Bird er
de Crow.
Cose de Owl done hab de em-
mernence an' repertation.
Fur bein' mosly wiser dan
all kin' ob birds what's
Still, an' all ahm guinter tell
yoh setting' dem birds in
a row
He done lac de keen like
sharpness ob de Jay Bird
er de Crow.

.-. L.- a m I Ia EAM
A friend of mine who is still under thirty-five has made
a fortune, and I asked him how he did it.
"I've been to your office several times," I said, "but you
seem seldom to be there."
"No, I don't go to the office every day," he answered.
"A good deal of the time I just sit and look out the window
and think.
"When I make a decision I go out and put it into effect,
and a little more than half the time I have had the good luck
to be right. When I find I have made a mistake, I sit down
and say: 'Now what did I do wrong? Were my facts inac-
curate, or did I draw bad conclusions? How am I going to
avoid that same mistake again ?"
I knew another man who owned a small but profitable
business. He was methodical in his habits. On a certain day
of each month he stayed away from the office, and every-
body in his employ knew that the old man was "thinking".
From breakfast time until sun-down on such a day he would
sit before anopen fire or on an open porch, without pen or
pencil or paper, or records or reports, and quietly think.
He attributed his modest success to this unvarying
Henry Ford remarked to me once that "thinking is the
h drI + ti n b1- h )vn l A 3 2 .ia 1" -1 .^ -

do what good it can in every Hit no call fur maryilin' doerus" b Ju"u nomcL is, iau auueu inam ne couia ge plenty 01
The sense of justice inhe smartnes but not no our own limited experience thathinkers.
way it can and the greater smartness, anyhow I so doers but not enough thinkers.
ent in man's conscience will thesupport of those it under- surmise, Most of us know from our own limited experience that
tend to create a lack of confi- takes to serve the better ser- When a bird done spen' de thinking is hard, andwe have insulated ourselxhs against it
dence in the British Govern- vice it can render. It takes day time des a goglin' by a restless and noisy environment.
ment on the part of all the the people to 'make a good he eyes. We are afraid to be found in a small audience, terribly
constituent members of the newspaper and without help Er a rousin' all de darkness afraid to be alone. Our unwillingness to take trips, or to
British Empire as a result of of the people no one can run Jes a hootin' mo' en mo', retire, s not dictated so much by loyalty to the job as it is
its violation of the agreement a successful paper. It requires En sturbin' birds what needs by the haunting fear that, removed from the protecting'
with the Jews of the World money to operate any kind of dey res' like de Jay Bird clatter of daily activity, we shall have too much time to
made through the instrumen- business-even the churches er de Crow. think."Emerson tells the story of "a man who on his death-bed
tality of the Balfour Declara- and the papers are no excep-Emrotelthsoyof"manwh hisdah
tion and the acceptance of the tions, and for this reason they He don hab no sociations datcalled tohim his profligate son and left him large posses-
Mandate over Palestine from must have the financial sup- upliftin' to he life, sions, only exacting of him the promise to spend an hour
the League of Nations. Op- port of the business interests Spendm' all he days des every day alone. The son kept his word and became a wise
portunism has not been the as well as the good will. sleeping' an' he nights in d good man." sage Emerson remarks that "the gods
characteristic of the English Few newspaper publishers raisin' strife. In and the wild beassage bothEmerson remarks that he gods
people. Their stability .has make more than a comfort- Ax dem youther birds what and the wild beasts are both fond of solitude; thought makes
been due largely to their con- able living and scarcely one know 'im if deh rate 'im the difference between the solitude of the god and that of
servative outlook on life with is reported wealthy from high erlow, Slitude and thought are responsible for the considera-
a high regard for English tra- money made in the newspap- An' mos special ax yoh ques- ble fortue of the young friend whom I quoted at the be-
diion. Thatishothca-mn maeiten fortune of the young friend whom I quoted at the' be-
dition. That is how the char- er business. They deserve to don ay er ginning. I pass on his recipe free to all. I have not been able
acteristic of fairness became be trusted ana to be under- e row to apply it myself.
so notably attached to the stood by the people-it is the -having been toobusy.
British name. editor and not the plant that "Where does Frances get -having bsy
If England, abandoning its makes a newspaper useful in her good looks ?" / S FAMI
former attitude of strength a community, though a liberal "From her father."
and fixed policy, now under a patronage is necessary if the "He must be a handsome 1 I m L
tempo rary .administration paper is to be a credit to the man then."
which fears the possibility of town. "No. You see, he's a
trouble with the Moslem ele- chemst."
ments in the Empire-be that A Song of Courage *1 *5 ri (AI ICk
element however numerous- It doesn't matter what hap- Rip Van Winkle, wrinkled A
becomes opportunistic, the pens to me, and gray *from his 20 years
very foundations of the Bri- If I go cheerily, absence, stood before his wife. ASTHMA
tish Empire are shaken. Gaily and merrily, "Where have you been, you The picture of a suffering asthmatic is most striking.
It therefore behooves the Facing Fate bravely whatever scalawag?" she demanded. The patient cannot lie down; he stsi up, leaning slightly
English people at its earliest it be. "I was up at the Veterans forward, breathes laboriously, sweats cold. clammy drops,
opportunity to replace the pre- Bureau waiting in line for my can talk with great difficulty. The attack may simulate
sent administration by one in It doesn't matter if I go alone, compensation," replied Rip. death, though not as a rule dangerous at the time. The fam-
keeping with the traditional If I leave snappily, "Well, that's different," ily physician will be able to tell whether it is labored breath-
English policy of fairness and Singing and happily conceded the Mrs. "How'd you ing or heart disease, or whether the patient has serious
adherence to agreement in Holding my head up and mak- get back so quick ?" kidney disorder. True asthma is of bronchial origin, and at-
this case, the agreement be- ing no moan. tacks when the patient is run down from worry, or from
tween the English people and Lougumai-Some burglars some hidden diseased process. Changes of season may in-
the Jewish. It doesn't matter if things got into my house last night, duce asthmatic attacks.
We consider that the hands break my heart, bound me to a chair and gag- I was called "on the run" to see my first asthmatic
of the present English ad- So that in time of stress ged me. whom his companions thought was dying sure enough-a
ministration are red with the I can relieve distress, Pudinga Then what did fat old German who himself was frightened within an inch
blood of the Jewish martyrs And make life better before you do? of his life; I gave him three or four deep whiffs of chloro-
in last year's August riots in I depart. Lougumia-Why, I sat up form, which stopped the attack almost instantly-and it
Palestine, because of its op- all night and chewed the rag. made for me a reputation as if I had performed a miracle!
portunistic policy. The Man- Many a woman isn't as ti- I This attack was due to spasmodic contraction of the
date directs cooperation with tianed as she is hennaed. Xydas-I woke up in the lesser bronchial passages, on a damp, chilly evening; the
the Jewish people not the night and found my wife go- chloroform at once stopped the spasm, and breathing re-
Arabs having a Jewisn Beauty may be only skin ing through my pockets. turned to normal.
Homeland as the objective, deep, but it is difficult to con- Yazge-What did you do? A point that determines the true asthmatic state is, the
not a binational state or vince a pretty girl that such Xydas-I turned over in patient inhales quickly and easily, but he cannot exhale; the
something worse. Neither the is the case. bed and laughed. air gets out of the lung with great difficulty and slowly;
Balfour Declaration nor the the sufferer feels that his lungs will burst from air in them
Mandate speaks of political not only the Jewish people but which cannot get out!
rights for the non-Jewish the English as well. The only Some people are as care- Of course, a physician should be called for the asthma
communities n palestine: logical step, therefore, for the free in signing a note as a pe- sufferer; there is no valuable "family remedy," though cer-
thy peak of only civic and British people is repudiation tition. tain leaves, burned in a metal plate, give off a smoke which
reley spea y peak, of these mean acts of the is often effectual in quieting the spasm and drying up the
however f a national home M ac Donald administration. ome people stir their cof- load of mucous exudate which lines the tubes. Such curee'
for the Jewish people," and Consenting to them is bring- fee as though they were mix-do not remove the cause, of course-that is left for the
"the Jewi national home," ing about a Frankenstein ing a cake. doctor to combat.
ep In playi into creation which, in the long A hypo of morphine and atropine usually dismisses
of e ra th Eng run,will spell the doom of the The duller the visitor the attack but is a habit former. The asthmatic should
a A betray British Empire. longer he stays. tablets of "Luminal" and use as the physician directs,


,W- !..


-" 6LOOb



Friday, November 21, 1930
-- -



* *

are widely known in Miami,
. *

spending the summer in Phil-
adelphia and Atlantic City.

For the first time since its
organization, the Jewish Wel-
fare bureau is giving an en-
tertainment at this time of
year, to raise money to carry
on its work. Due to depressed
business conditions, and the .......

fact that the quota of the
Community chest is not forth-
coming, members are forced
to raise their own money to
relieve conditions. The Ladies
auxiliary of the welfare bu-
reau is giving a benefit bridge
party at 8 p. m., Tuesday,
Dec. 2nd, at the Alcazar hotel.
Mrs. Louis Dobrin, executive
secretary of the welfare bu-
reau, is chairman of this
party. Assisting her as chair-,
man are Mrs. William Fried-
man, Mrs. M. Schwartz, Mrs. Miss Fanny Goldst6in of Louis-
P. Scheinberg, Mrs. S. Men- ville, Ky., whose egagement to Leo
delson, Mrs. M. Bronner and C. Steinberg of this City was an-
Mrs. Ben Watts. nounced last week. The marriage
,e will be an event of early January.

Mrs. H. R. Kline, who re-
cently arrived from Cleveland
Ohio, to reopen her winter
home in N. E. Twenty-sev-
enth street, entertained a
group of members of the Tem-
ple Israel Sisterhood Monday
with bridge. Coral vine and
lighted tapers made festive
the rooms for the occasion.
Guests were Mrs. D. J.
Apte, Mrs. E. E. Blumenthal,
Mrs. Mitchell Wolfson, Mrs.
Samuel C. Levenson, Mrs. I.
L. Rosendolf, Mrs. Alfred
Goldsmith and Miss Lucille
Goldsmith of New York, Mrs.
H. B. Metzger, Mrs. Louis
Wolfson, Mrs. Jacob H. Kap-
lan, Mrs. Adolph Cohen, Mrs.
Isaac Levin, Mrs. M. C. Kup-
ferberg, Mrs. Gordon Davis,
Mrs. Ci Mendelson and Mrs.
Louis Zeientz.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Buxbaum
of Richmond Hill, N. Y., are
spending the winter at the St..
David Court apartments.
Mr. and Mrs. S. Edelman
of Richmond Hill, N. Y., ar-
rived here several days ago
to spend the winter at St.
David Court apartments.
Mr. and Mts. P. G. Blanck
are announcing the approach-
ing marriage of their daugh-
ter, Miss Minnie Blanck to
Samuel Goldenblank. The
wedding will take place at 5
o'clock, Nov. 23, at the home
of the bride's parents. Only
the immediate families will
witness the ceremony. The
bride will be unattended.
Mrs. George Wolpert will
open her home in Shadowlawn
to members of the Ruth
Bryan Owen Oratorical club
at 2:30 p. m. today, when
Mrs. Henry D. Williamson will
give a review of the "Life of
Schopenhauer." In addition a
discussion of current events
will take place.
Mrs. Sydney L. Weintraub,
president, has appointed the

following chairmen for the
year; Music, Mrs. Gerald
Lewis; publicity, Mrs. Jules
Pearlman;' social, Mrs. Wol-
pert. Officers include: Secre-
tary and librarian, Mrs. I. M.
Weinstein; treasurer, Mrs.
Henry Williams. Plans for the
year will include four open
meetings. Two new members,
Mrs. Simonhoff and Mrs. Be-
skind, have been voted into
the club. Mrs. Moe Rippa and
Miss Helen Farkas have been
announced as associate mema
bers. *
Sisterhood of Temple Israel
will hold a food and bake sale
Tuesday, November 25, at
138 E. Flagler street, from 9
a. m. until 5:30 p. m. Mrs.
Mendel Cromer is chairman,
assisted by Mrs. S. Mendel-
son, Mrs. H. Wolkowsky, Mrs.
M. Cowan, Mrs. I. L. Selig-
man, Mrs. S. Katz, Mrs. M.
Nankin, Mrs. P. Scheinberg,
Mrs. J. A. Richter, Mrs. A.
Wertheimer, Mrs. A. Zucker
and Mrs. H. I. Homa. Proceeds
from this sale will be used
for the organ fund.
B'Nai Brith will give a din-
ner early in December, with
W. L. Williams and Ellard G.
Kohn in charge, it was an-
nounced at a meeting held
Monday night. Business was
discussed at the meeting and
a number of winter plans
made. A group of the A. Z. A.
boys was at the meeting.
Mrs. R. Vince Rose, Sorolla
ave., Coral Gables, entertain-
ed at her home for her broth-
er, Joseph Vince of Chicago,
and for Judge and Mrs. Isa-
dore Bookstein of Albany, N.
Y., who spent a brief vaca-
tion at the hotel Pancoast,
Miami Beach. Prize for high
score at bridge was won by
Joseph S. Fields. Others pres-
ent were: Mrs. William Rubin
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Goldstein,
Mrs. Theodore Klein, Mr. and

Mrs. Harry Weinberg, Mrs. During the early part of the
Rose Levin, Mrs. Joseph S. evening, cakes, candies and
Fields and Mrs. Adele Vince punch was served. At a late
Rose. hour a salad course, sand-
Rose. wiches and coffee was served.

Herbert E. Scher is spend-
ing some time in New York
city and is registered at the
Hotel Governor Clinton.
Miss Dot Roth was the re-
cipient of a surprise party
given by her mother, Mrs.
Lee Roth at their home, 1770
S. W. 24th Terrace last Fri-
day afternoon. Bridge was
played. High score prize was
won by Miss Harriet L. Kan-
tor and consolation prize by
Miss Charlotte Rappaport.
Refreshments consisting of an
ice course was served. Pres-
ent were: Misses Harriet
Kahn, Rose Cromer, Rose
Farkas, Anita Bernsteon,
Jeanette Seligman, Esther
Cromer, Bernice Watts, Edna
Schoenfeld, Ida Safer and
Claire Hodes.

A well attended meeting of
the Emunah Chapter No. 175
0 E. S. was held last Thurs-
day evening, November 13 at
the Scottish Rite Temple.
Mrs. Rose Nelson Worthy
Matron of Coconut Grove
Chapter, and Mr. J. W. Funk
Past Associate Grand Lectur-
er of District No. 38 were in-
troduced and welcomed. In-
teresting addresses were made
by both of the visitors. A
program of entertainment fol-
lowed the business meeting
and was enjoyed by both
members and non-members.
Mis. Ella T. Kaiser was chair-
man. Vocal selections by Miss
Ruth Ball accompanied by
Miss Pearl Holly; Reading by
Miss Rose Schmid; Violin solo
by Miss Miriam Rubinstein
accompanied by Miss Pearl
Holly; humorous readings by
Miss Effie Silverman; Har-
monica solo by Miss Ruth
Ball comprised the evening's
entertainment. Refreshments
were served in the Social hall
following the refreshments.
At a regular meeting of the
Junior Hadassah Mrs. Max
Dobrin former president of
the Miami Senior Chapter of
Hadassah was the guest
speaker of the evening and
her address was enjoyed by
all. Miss Bedie Goldenblank,
played several piano selec-
tions, and Miss Beverly Thal-
er sang a number of songs.
Plans for the formation of a
basket ball team were an-
nounced. Practice will be held
every Wednesday night from
8 to 10 p. m. at Flamingo
Park, Miami Beach. Miss


Mr. and Mrs. Harry Seitlin
of Coconut Grove were the
hosts at a large reception last
Sunday evening at their home
in honor of Rabbi Samuel B.
Grinstein of the Orthodox
Congregation. Many of the
officers and directors of the
newly organized congregation
were present and took part in
the evening's entertainment.
Rev. Samuel Wroobel Cant&r
of the Orthodox Congregation

sang a number of vocal selec-
tions. Humorous recitation by
Mrs. Julius Simpson were a
feature of the evening's pro-
gram. Others sang and played.
Group songs in Russian, He-
brew and Yiddish were par-
iticipated in by all present.

proceeds are used towards de-
fraying the expenses of the
Talmud Torah and Sunday
school supported, by the or-

On Monday evening, Nov- Plans for a Chanuka Con-
ember, 24 at 8 p. m. the Jun- gregation dinner to be held at
ior Hadassah will be host at the vestry rooms of the Or-
a Kiddi's party at Kaplan thodox Congregation have
hall to mark the 10th anni- been announced by Mrs. H.
versary of the organization. Gottesman, Chairman of the
All girls are invited to attend Entertainment Committee for
in Kiddie costumes. A prize Sunday, December, 14. De-
will be awarded to the best tails will be announced in
"baby" present. Miss Mirian these columns shortly.
Carter, national chairman of
the Junior Hadassoh 10th The Ladies Auxiliary of the
anniversary celebration will Orthodox Congregation will
be the guest of the evening, give its first package party
Admission will be only 25c. at the vestry rooms of the
Synagogue on Sunday eve-
The third of the season's ning November 30 at 8 p. m.
card parties of the Ladies Au- Admission will be a package
xiliary of the recently organ- which the guest is to bring
izEd Orthodox Congregation (Continued on Page 5)
will be held in the vestry
rooms or we n "HrnURRYn I B

rooms oI Lte ungreg uic iu
next Tuesday evening, No-
vember 25 at 8 p. m. and Mes-
dames Max Jacobskind, Max
Rappaport and Morris Rap-
paport will be the hostesses
for the evening. Prizes will
be awarded for the highest
scores and refreshments will
be served. Those that have at-
tended the last two card par-
ties of this organization will
be sure to attend to enjoy the
evening's entertainment. The

Corner 1st St.


Fancy Groceries
The Finest in Fresh
Meats Fruits and
We Deliver Phone 2-3544
11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 "" :



Quickly Beco'mes An
Old Friend


152 North East 11th Street
Telephone 2-6428

All Makes. All Sizes, $1.00 Up
Taken in on Trade for the General Tire

(Owned and Operated by Local Fols)
Boulevard Station Between Eihth and NInth S ets
N. W. Station at Third Street and Ninth Ave., N. W.



Page 4

Honest, Courteous Service.
N. W. 7th Ave, at 28th Street

,- -;l.`ls~;-;"~pL~;?~;cc_~.



Il"n~~~" ..__~_;_~__ __;~---n-- __

November 21, 1930


Page 5


(Continued from Page 4) A meeting of Temple Israel
ith him. There will be no Sisterhood will be held on
her charges. Refreshments Monday, December 21st, be-
be served and an evening ginning with a Board meeting
staining many items of real at 12 noon. This will be fol-
itertainment and enjoyment lowed by a covered dish lun-
ll be provided for all attend- cheon at Kaplan Hall, at 1 p.

g. Residents and tourists
Surged to attend. The com-
ittee in charge are Mes-
nes G. Kotkin,. Cecil .Tan-
enbaum, J. Louis Shochet,
The Junior Hadassah's
vaudeville show which will be
Id in February promises to
Sone of the outstanding so-
1 affairs of Miami's winter
ason. The following appoint-
ents have been announced
connection with the event.
ss Lena Weinkle Chairman
entertainment; Miss Belle
esson Chairman of the Sou-
nir Journal; Miss Lee Kas-
off Chairman in charge of
kets, and the Misses Jean-
;e Hoberger and Paula
aler as members of the
neral committee.

At the last meeting of the
iendship Leagueheld at the
congress bldg., last Wednes
y night, the date of the
lnce was changed to Decem
er 9th, when it will be held

New Members elected a
he meeting were the Misses
[ary and Celia Flitman, and
[essrs. Sam Schwartz and
ick Lapin. Miss Celia Flit-
an was elected-correspond-
ig secretary. Bee Silver, Jack
apin and Gilford Ornstein
ere chosen to the board of
overnois. Miss Selma Myer-
n was elected as chairman
.the constitution commit-
e. Dancing followed the
siness meeting. A meeting
the board of governors
II be held November 23rd,
8:30 p. m., at the home of
ss Ruth First, 2342 S. W.
th Tr-race. The next meet-
9 of th3 League will be held
xt Wednesday evening at
e Congress bldg. and danc-
? and entertainment will
lov the business session.

Mrs. E. Russcol and Mrs.
. LUwis, who recently an-
0un.:.d the purchase of the
iscayij Inn, from its for-
ier owners will have their
Daima opening this coming
unl!ay. beginning at noon.
rs. LLwis is a former early
sident of Miami and Mrs.
usscol who has taken an ac-
ve pa:t in the communal
DI k of the city, will be in
iarge of the Biscayne Inn.
dressing the fact that it will
conducted as a strictly
)sher restaurant, great im-
itance -will be attached to
ake the surroundings con-
nial and attractive at all
nes. The large and attrac-
ve (ining room has been re-
corated and every effort is
Ing made to make the Bis-
yne Inn a central meeting
ce fo. Miami Jewry. Ac-
rdn. to the management
e : 2ig room will be
roi-11 open for parties of
io, s Jewish organizations
tm time ,to time without
Lg'2. The food served will
con inually varied so that
tli), most jaded appetite
&-A leased. -

m. to which all members are
invited. Hostesses at this lun-
cheon are Mesdames J. A.
Richter and Morris Rubin. A
P. T. A. meeting will follow at
1:30 and the general meeting
will be held at 2:30. After the
business meeting a program
in charge of Mrs. I. M. Wein-
stein will be presented for the
entertainment of the mem-
bership. The Adult Bible
class for Jewish women will
be held every Wednesday
morning at 10 o'clock except-
ing the last Wednesday of
the month which will be de-
voted to current events.
As a result of the elaborate
program announced for the
dinner dance of the Temple
Israel Sisterhood next Wed-
nesday, November 26th, at
the Alcazar Roof, quite an at-
tendance is expected. The
committee in charge is mak-
ing all efforts to make the
evening worth remembering,
with keen delight by all at-

Next Wednesday; Novem-
ber 26th, the Board of the
Council of Jewish Women will
meet at Kaplan hall, to trans-
act business. It will be follow-

tended meeting elected offi-
cers: Mrs. Barney Weinkle,
president; Mrs. M. D. Kirsch,
1st vice president; Mrs. M. L.
Yunes, 2nd vice president;
Mrs. Sam Blanck, treasurer
and Mrs. J. B. Berner, secre-
tary. Mrs. Ben Fleeman,
chairman of publicity; Mrs.
Jos. Reisman, chairman of
membership and Mrs. H. Al-
bert chairman of entertain-
ment. The first donation to
the Sisterhood was made by
Mrs. David Afremow. They
will meet the first Monday of
every month.
A Chanuka dance for the
benefit of Beth Jacob Talmud
Torah, Miami Beach, will be
held at Carter's Pier, on Dec-
ember 17th, at 9:30 p. m. un-
der the auspices of the Sister-
hood and the men's organiza-
tion. The committee consists
of Messrs B. Fleeman, J. B.
Berner and I L. Mintzer.

At a recent meeting in Beth
Jacob Synagogue, Miami
Beach a new organization to
be known as the Beth Jacob
Talmud Torah was formed to
have charge of the Talmud
Torah and Sunday school.
The officers heading the
organization are B. Fleeman,
president; J. B. Berner, vice
president; I. L. Mintzer,
treasurer, and M B. Herman,
secretary. On the board with
the officers are H. Albert
and L. Abrams.
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Fut-
terfass were hosts last Wed-
nesday night to the officers
and board of directors of the
Orthodox Synagogue after a
business meeting was held.

Seda y a meeting of tne entire
membership at 2:30 p. m. All Mr. and Mrs. Harry Seitlin
members a 2:30 p. m. All were the hosts at a small din-
emes e ge ner party last Sunday, honor-
present. ing Rabbi Samuel B. Grin-
stein of the Orthodox Con-
On Tuesday, December 9th stein of theOrthodox Con-Miami
the Council of Jewish Women gregan o Miami.
will be hosts at a Bridge lun- At the regular card party
cheon at the Henrietta Tow- of Beth David Sisterhood
ers. The admission is $1.00. held in its Auditorium last
Prizes will be awarded for the Tuesday night, Mesdames H.
highest scores. The commit- H. Farr, Lewis Brown, J. Sil-
tee in charge is headed by berstein, and A. Pepper were
Mrs. P. Scheinberg. the hostesses. Twenty-five
t te lt cd p o tables played bridge. Prizes
At the last card party of were won by Harry Pepper
the recently organized Ladies of Daytona Beach, Mrs. B.
Auxiliary of the Orthodox Kandel and Mr. D. H. Hart of
Congregation Mrs, H. Green St Paul, Minn. A beautiful
donated a doll which was raf- ladies ag donated by Mr. and
fled and netted quite a con- Mrs. Harry Isaacs was raf-
siderable sum for the organ- f:ed and won by Mr. H. H.
ization. Farr.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Miller Mr. and Mrs. Harry I. Lip-
celebrated the Bar Mitzva of nitz returned to Miami last
their son, Milton Seymour, tuesday after having spent
last Saturday at the Beth their honeymoon on an auto
J a c o b Synagogue, Miami tour from Chicago to Califor-
Beach. Milton recited thz nia, and back to Miami. They
Haftora and then made a were recently married in Chi-
splendid speech in English i .,,,,,,,,,,
after which Rabbi Saffra of i
the Congregation spoke. If You Place Yor
A "Kiddush" was served to Insurance
the worshippers immediately Through me, you all-ways
On Sunday evening, the feel safe, for you know you
On Sunday evening, the the best.
parents were hosts to a large Y h alv e the best.k
number of friends at a re- YOU also feel free to ask
number of friends at a for information or assistance
ception in their home, 1012 th your policies.
W. 4th street. Milton again i your p
spoke as did Rabbi Saffra. Insurance Investments
Several musical selections The one safe investment.
were played. Refreshments Ask for information.
cotristingj of salad courses, j I
sandwiches and drinkswe W. A. ASHLEY
served. ** 108 So. Oliver Ave.,
I W. Palm Beach, Fla.
The Beth Jacob Sisterhood Z
of Miami Beach effected a re- Representing only the best
organization last Monday at a old line Companies.
mientinr in the vestry rooms _____"_-----.......

of the Synagogue. A well at- ..


cago. Mr. Lipnitz is a well
known attorney and is presi-
dent of the local Zionist Dis-
Interest centered around
the benefit bridge party at
the Everglades hotel last eve-
ning sponsored by the Loy-
alty club of Emunah chapter,
O. E. S., and attended by 150
members and friends.
Mrs. Isador Fine is presi-
dent of the club and received
at the door. Hostesses for the
occasion were Miss Bertha
Mendelson, Mrs. J. W. Wallis,
Mrs. Dora August, Mrs. Wil-
liam Friedman, Mrs. Fanny
Pepper and Mrs. Anna Albert.
Prizes were awarded to
Mrs. S. Meyerson, Mrs. C.
Kirschbaum, J. W. Wallis, J.
Katz, Miss Jennie Relfort,
Mrs. Mattie Kuperberg and
Miss Marie Eskenazi. Re-
freshments were served dur-
ing the evening.
Mrs. Harry Markowitz en-
tertained at a bridge luncheon
Tuesday at her home in Coral
Gables, in honor of Mrs. Isa-
dore Markowitz, Mrs. Ben-
jamin Bell and Mrs. H. H.
Miller of Chicago, Ill.
Rosebuds in delicate pink
shades were used effectively
about the rooms and on the
luncheon tables. Attractive
prizes were given to the
guests of honor, and high
score prizes awarded to Mrs.
Blunker, Mrs. Miller, Miss A.

Saunbrg (Jgrp.
We Deliver
of .
Phone 3-3687
21 North West Ninth Street

Miller, with Mrs. Ben Bell re-
ceiving the consolation prize.
Others present were Mrs.
N. Markowitz, Mrs. S. Res-
nick, Mrs. D. Rosenberg, Mrs.
M. Raff, Mrs. L. Altman of
New York, Mrs. Adelman,
Chicago; Mrs. L. Goldman,
Miss Ann Holzman, Mrs. Bert
Raff, Mrs. Leuschtag, New
York; Mrs. Ben Davis and
Mrs. Kopelowitz.
The Fortnightly Book Re-
view Club met at the home of
Mrs. Alex Goldstein last week
when Mrs. Jos. S. Fields gave
a resume of "Twenty-four
Hours" by Louis Bromfield.
Mrs. Alex Goldstein will re-
view "Mosaic" by G. B. Stern
at the next meeting of the
Club, which will be held at
the home of Mrs. Henry Berg,
1820 S. W. 10th street, on
Monday, Dec. 1st. Among the
members present were Mes-
dames A. E. Rosenthal, Harry
Weinberg, Adele Vince Rose,
Herman Rubin, Sam Wiessel
Rose Levin.
Plans are now being made
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W. H. Combs Co., Estab. 1896
Phone Miami 32101
15U N. L. 2nd Aveaue
Phone M. B. 5-2101
12S Wauhintom Ave.

Undertaking Co.
Phoes 23535-31624

t. *; ..t.......O**SSOS^pSfS*S*S**ss***zpag^

Buyer of All Kinds of Scrap Metal
We Sell Auto Parts
2141 N. W. SECOND AVE.
Phone 20621

435-445 N. W. 8th Street
Phone 4485
Scrap Metal and Machinery
N. W. Cor. 5th Ave. and 14th St.
Phone 22546

Building Materials,
Roofing Paper, Asphalt
423 N. W. N. River Drive
Phone 7251

170 N. W. 5th St.
We Supply Your Every Want

Chas. Tannenbaum,
(reg. pharmacist for 17 years)
Cor 22nd Ave. and 8th St. S. W.
Dr. A. D. Halpern, Ph. G. Ph. i).
Prescriptions Our Specialty
128 N. Miami Ave. Phone 29713


58 N. E. 25th St.
Aat F. E. C. R. R. Phone 21426
Phone 81355
53 North East 25th Street

48 N. W. 7th Street

Telephone 2-4836

Miami, Fla.

vIv%^%r ATMJ

N. W. 17th Ave. at 23rd St.
$29 W. Fagler St. The Largest car wrecker in
Phone st. 62 Florda
I X ."- O ,


.1 ~ ..

irruprrrzzy~ -

- __ ~_







I"' *

Friday, November 21, 1930


Ill I

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for the celebration of the
club's birthday sometime in
December to commemorate
two years of activities.
The Senior Chapter of Ha-
dassah will hold an all day
sewing meet at the home of
Mrs. S. Katz, 1768 S. W. 11th

I v Seeks being sponsored by the Beth
SEl Sisterhood for November
section as Mayor 27th, at the Elks Club for the
benefit of its Talmud Torah.
ontined from Miamians. and residents and
Continued from Page 1) tourists of the Greater Miami
and a lot at 6005 Pine Tree District are invited and will

drive, be given a cordial reception.
He resigned as Miami *
Beach tax assessor in 1926' Rabbi S. Wrubel will preach
after two terms to fill the un- on "Lack of Balance" at the
expired term of the justice of late Friday night services at
Peace of the tenth district. He the Community House to-
was unopposed for re-election night. Sunday school will be-
in 1928. igin at 10 a. m. and will be

fund raising, propaganda,
pastoral, and much besides-
is a bewildering welter which
fills the Rabbi's time day and
night, taps to the utmost his
reserves of physical and ner-
vous energy, and ofttimes
dissipates contemplativeness
and serenity of soul. But
when shared with individuals
or groups within the Congre-
gation, all these activities be-
come personally uplifting, and
stirringly significant for Jew-
ish life.

terrace, next onaay, N ovem- Judge Cleary is one of the followed by a rehearsal o e s Rabbi and
ber2rd service as Rabbi and
ern S2nday. ovemorganizers of the Miami Chanuka Play by the children our function as Congregant
SOn Sunday, November 30, Beach Lions club and is the of the Talmud Torah under achieve value and meaning
at 8 p. m. the Chapter will be achieve value and meaning
te o8ts .the Chater wr be only member to serve two the direction of the Rabbi andn ahey are cooperative
the hosts at a card terms as president, presiding Miss Sarah Bergman. The can notabsolve of your
the Henrietta Towers to from 1925 to 1928. play wi be presented on De- Jewish obligations, but I can
which the public is invited. He is a charter member of cember 21st. help you in them. In that
Mrs. Barney Weinkle is chair- the Miami Beach Chamber of sprit I accept the implica-
man of the committee Commerce, served on its board tions of the title "Jewish
charge and she will be assist- of governors four years, was A Rabbi's iJewish lifthe by which you gen-te i
ed by Mrs. Mendel Sch of ero ur years, w A Ra i Minister," the new term in
berg and Mrs. Morr S vice president two years andJewish life by which you gen-
who will act as the hostesses advertising Unburdening rally designate your Rabbi.
fr thie at e ng obsesses and entertainment committee Its connotation is the giving
or e evening. four years. of Jewish service. For that I
s fr te He was chairman of the de- (Continued from Page 2) am trained, for that my soul
Plans for the New Year's positors' committee of the rhvsical growth of the city earns.
Eve dinner to be given for the former Miami Beach Bank & ih is c esso of time, iANONYMOUS.t
benefit of Hadassah at the Tri Trust Company, which was wth its violations of sempressione i ANONYMOUS.ntm-
nnhb, Wfi N'. F. Ist strptt -n w its violation of serene intim-
Club, 229 N. E. 1st street on responsible for payment re-.acies, and its submerging of i
December 31st, are now being cently to depositors of 50 per ith whilnm personal cntacts
formulated and will be an- cent of their deposits and their o twhiloltmesonhal contact DON'T
nounced shortly by the chair- completion of negotiations fthe old-time home. Yet
man, Mrs. S Atschul and her would that you wre more of- Wednesday, No
man, M .for the purchase of some often to ask of the spiritual
committee. It is planned to the assets of the closed bank leadern ofy ou r Congregation ualy, o
make this evening's affair by the Cit National Bank leader of our Congregation At
one of the outstanding events in iami. that e be wth ou your AN IMPORTA
of the entire season and to af. He was a leader of the oys and sorrows to help you
ford all the opportunity of Communit Chest drive consecrate the great moments ... of t
having a real get to gether 1921 and is a member of the yourlives. No priiege is HW
celebration. Mahi Shrine temple and the dearer to me than this mit-! HEBREW FR]
ce raton Mahi Shrine temple and the zva of personal religious ser- (Hachnosas
Louis Jaffe, editor of the amBenevolent an Proec- vice and fellowship. Call upon ... a
Louis I. .ae, editor of the tire Order of Elks, m w y il a -
N Iorfolk Virginian-Pilot and me when vou will; may I al-
Norfolk Virginian-Pilot and -: ways be able to respond! BETH ABRAHA
winner of the Pulitzer editor- ell do I realize how in- A A
ial prize last year, has arrived WEST PALM BEACH commensurate are my powers 535 N. W. i
in Miami on a vacation trip ACTV IES of worthily fulfilling all the N FUNDS WILL
with Mrs. Jaffe and their son, manifold demands made on a
Christopher, and are guests at 'SC.e.....e... I Rabbi. Yet in this quarter of
the Everglades hotel. Beth El Sisterhood held its a century I have learnt that
During the World war Mr. weekly bridge, last Sunday at nothing less may be my aim, .
Jaffe was in chargmeof the the home of S. Schutzer though officially and iid-
American Red Cross news for the benefit of its Talmud ually many of you may ask of
American Red Cross news, me far less. Some, indeed, ask | -
sTorah fund. Prizes were won me far less. Some, indeed, ask
service in Paris and since the by Mesdames S. Berner, M. virtually nothing more be- V 0TE F R.
war has been connected with Tessler and J. Rosenwald. tween the marriage canopy
the Norfolk newspaper. Mrs. and the funeral bier than tnat
Marjory Stoneman Douglas, Beth El Adult Bible class your Rabbi attend religious
Miami, was a member of his will hold its next meeting at services and in general live a
staff in Paris. the home of Mrs. H. Green- Jewish life. To others I am
Mrs. Jaffe, who writes un- blatt at Upton Road and only your preacher. Such of
der the name of argaretGeorgia avenue. you do not share in the Rab-
der the name of Margaret bi's cylirama of Jewish ser-
Davis, has had short stories A Thanksgiving dance is vice long as the day and end-
published in Harper's Bazaar less as life. This service-
and other magazines. She and Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Wolf of Jewish, synagogal, homiletic,
her son probably will remain Chicago arrived by automo- studious, educational, literary,
here during the winter. bile this week and will spend ritualistic, philanthropic, corn-
*, ,the winter at the Lancaster munal, Palestinian, personal,
apartments, 910 Pennsylvan- organizing, secretarial, inter-
Junior Council of Jewish ia avenue, Miami Beach. Denominational, financial.
. omen met Tuesday night at
Talmud Torah when the ad-
dress was given by Mrs. Ben
Watts of the senior group.
Her topic was "Welfare." She e a n
stressed the importance of S
such work among the coun- 158 N. E. Third Street F
cils. Both groups are co-oper-
ating on arranging baskets UNDER THE NEW MANAGEMENT M A
for distribution at Thanks- ... of...
giving. MRS. E. RUSSCOL 01
Mr. and Mrs.. Charles Co- MRS. A. LEWIS MIAMI
hen of New York have arriv- Extends to all Jewry a Cordial Invitation to
ed to spend their thirteenth Attend Its Formal Opening
winter here. They are stay-
ing at the Welling apart- SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 23rd MY CI
mentsS 655 Euclid avenue, NMMY C
iments, 655 B Euclid avenue, From 12 Noon to 8:00 P. M. I believe in Miami Beach as ar
Miami Beach. division, such as North Beas a
Beach-I recognize as Nothat goodBea
Mr. and Mrs. G. Greenber- A STRICTLY KOSHER DINNER SATISFYING THE ence in Creeds or Nationalitie
er of Norwich. Conn. G Have MOST EXACTING DEMANDS-- as a harmonious whole, wor
ger of Norwich, Conn., Have HOME SURROUNDINGS SPLENDID SERVICE t a uni An i a
arrived to spend the winterCity as a unit. And if I am
at the Mare Vista apartments PRICE $1 uppermost in my n at l
202 Ocean drive, Miami (Paid Po
Beach. -

Angus Those neigh4
of, yours must be getti
some station with their rad
that I can't get. I never hej
a program in which the peo0
quarreled so realistically
Sandy That can't a ra
program. It's the neighb
themselves. They're all ju
come home from their vac
Tardy Recognition of g
work is sometimes worse th
none at all.

We Worth
Corer of
5th St. & 2nd Ave. N. W.

By The Most Modern
Method. Makes It Well.
Worth Your Coming.


ember 26th, 1930
SP. M.
the .
s Orchim)
t .

5th Avenue




Sentity-I know no sectional
oh, South Beach or Middle
citizenship knows no differ-
es. I visualize Miami Beach
king together in a common
nent and beautifleeaon of the
elected, this thought will be
litical Adv.) ,




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