Kahn, E. Jr. signed typewritten letter to Zora Neale Hurston, n.p. (2 1(2pp. (burned fragments of) 11 x 4 1/2). McCarthy...


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Kahn, E. Jr. signed typewritten letter to Zora Neale Hurston, n.p. (2 1(2pp. (burned fragments of) 11 x 4 1/2). McCarthy-Army me; Herod the Great; color of skin.
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Hurston, Zora Neale

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1Uissr Zora Neale Euraton
Eau Gallie, Fla.

Dear Miss Euraton;

Just got back from Cinoinnati last night'
letter waiting for me. I went out thismo
paper, since the firm stationery is tooa
here we go again.

The book hasn't reached me as yet, however
thank you so anoh for your trouble in sen
on the afternoon delivery. If it does, I?
until it has been read.

Also am having a New York Times, Sn
and will send off to same of. those at
them for my library..I'm surprised
The insufficient research de~finate
flows free and easy. Once a long
bible from Ezodus through to Jo
the Word, and I was am~aed at
original. It may be that thee
time was so "dlep 'and 4ult;
of everything that happen
and if ygou don't believe it.-

About the McCarthy-Army meas. Y~
The great high and mighty noble w
low down dirty jew is going to talk
The country, morals, principles, ethi
go straight to hell rather than that
their feeling of superiority. And as 1
anperior, they'll use an are and call
their ends. You're dead certain RONG t6
Watch what I tell you.......it's going
They'll oover up, and hedge, and byplay ti
have saomthing big made out of persecution
Emile Sola........and we haven't got even a
deconoy are empty words to these people,
of their own class. And in no case do they
incumbent upon them to waste deconor or he
After all.....everybody knows that jews ar
means they have all the money in the world,
decent treatment. And then too.....negroes as
they all go shuffling and Unole Tom'n dow
their hearts, NEVER UNBAPPY, so why waste htr
philosophy is blandly put forth with a st
be furious if you intimated that they
,Chriatthna. It's a wonder to me some


I.don't like all people. It would el
like all people regardless of the o
especially do not like people who are
or cowardly, or mean, or avaricious. And I
be offended by a person so dirty in his hab
odor. Now it stands to simple sense that a ni
be more aooeptable to my nose if my eyes saw
Than another. Or that his eyes had a differsl
first place all people are colored....,80ME,
peoples an earth are white. The paper I'm
defy anyone to prottee a human being this
multitudinous shades ranging from pink to I
nany shades of brown to count. If a pink
less preferable to no than a dark brown man
:yellow man is a liar I would anch rather d
tells the truth. Nobility isn't confine
worth be, reckoned by pime9nt. Religion,
peoples unter the common Tabiherhoot of
of man. Yet these great~whitie Nordio
churches on Sunda~y morning with the e
damn and ourse 'with equal fervor and,
eto eto,.........;... I've heardit
oadng.........wella...l I can
over tee.

About ]Kerod. The subject mat
.of it- should be wonderful
for you exe.O~ ptlcrbayLy
He wrote a tremendous ,
times, and while memory as
History has been taken as a:
and I know it will give yes a
.take your letter with as the next
coall on Dr. IOkoe the Hebre Univer

Talking about writing a book. Isre had
around in my mintd for years, and for
where the idea came from or started.
to this one,

think the greatest martyr wAho ever live
think that history hras dealt more harshly
man who ever lived. Here's wrhy.

;P arda was a prett-y well bafroght up on
dll3 financed for his times, and no 01
D:Me thing ansi't be a~mitted. HE LOYBD
Judas was willing to leave everything, and r
Jesus, in a time when following Jesus wasn
take the Bible at face, we knorw that Jesus
Father had in mind, ~snor. the whole plan,~
So in order to make this plan work, Je
miracle......he puts Judasr in Isome
out and betrays a man he loves, to
he is out of sympathyg with. Then
of Jesus are served, Jesus rmv
himself again, looki,at what he

Thlie firs~'t hing Judas does is fling the 9
realizing the enormity of his deed, cannot
consciehoe, so he goes out and ends his li
scapegoat for a religion. What a poor phmlog
to prove a saaint. I aboutly maintain.that Ju
town the corridors of time as the greatest.d
a monument to his nobility should be eres
land. He surely suffered most for Christ

Why the story sticks with me I'll never k
do anything with it, you may use it or h
I mest lose now, and get back to business
again and I hope we may find a common
friendship. If in the course of your t
of the country, my wrife and I would be;
house guest for as long a time as you/
having an opportunity of getting

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