Hurston, Zora Neale. typewritten letter to Dr. Carita Corse, Maitland, Fla. Returned from book fair in Boston; depressed...
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Title: Hurston, Zora Neale. typewritten letter to Dr. Carita Corse, Maitland, Fla. Returned from book fair in Boston; depressed. Acquired from Stetson Kennedy, 1979.
Series Title: Correspondence
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Language: English
Publication Date: 1938, Dec. 3
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Box: 2
Folder: 56a
Subjects / Keywords: Hurston, Zora Neale
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,53E~: Mui~tland, Florida
December 3, 1938

Lear. Dr., Corsel

I have j-ust retutrneil fr'ln the Book Faiir

in Boston and had to stop in INew~ York,too.

I am sitting down. this time to write you
a m~uch-felt letter,Boss. I a~m risking it because you are
an author yourself and*I feel that you can understand my~ f'orm of
insanity perhaps. Dr., every now and then I get a sort of'
phobia for -#p~er and all` its work~s. I cannot bring myself to
touch it. I co-.nnot Ema~t~ write,read or do any'th-ing at2 all for
a period. I acc-umulaite.&etters unrzad,evsn.I have just
been through one of those periods tha~t laSsted~ about nin- days.
It is str~nger than~ I am,: boas. Bu-t w;hen I. do come-out ofT it
I sa~i as if I had just been born again. So at last I d:n b .ck:
at work. bhat I had to do w~hen I bogged.down was so little
that I might have finished it in,.48 hours with ease, but ; just
couldn't. ..ydumb~ and silent period had ime. .Inen I ans aj
child I used to go hide under the house awaiy from thie rest
of the family and mollod away. The only thing that could drir~ve me
bact to humen associaition was darkness. I was anid still ;,n;
afra~id of the dark. So nowt you know. You have been too deient
for me to lie -to you and pretend that I wuas ill or soimething.
Just sca~ithing ,rc;bs holdh of me-end holds mze mnute, :11ser,.ble
and helpless until it le~t~sme go.0 I feel as if I have bee-n
mar-ooined on a planett by : :.Eelf. But I fi~nd that it is the
prelude to creative,effort.

It, would have been lovely if you had been. in
i ~Boston with me. Lv e r:th ing v~as so restrained and polished
thal~t you would have been righlt in your element~jonrehow; they
(the tow;n) showed Exa a great enthusiasm for Ime, which I cannot
make out. Back Bay and Beacon Street turned out for me. You
mliight have been a little proud of your pet darkey. kes, I know
that beliong to you and that Sterling ibrm..nl belongs to A11sberg.
I laugh~k at the little ph:enagling he does to give sterling the
edg~e over mre. BUIT, he cannot make hi~a no new head with ind~ide
trimingsii E and that's ',.here~he falls downi,You ought to see Sterling
e:-.hib~iting hisjealousy as I top him time after time.

I. shall positively be in your office no later
than Tuesday morning, with the book ready for the typist.Mj~y
broadcast was set back: Lt my1 request until Dec. 9. I l~ope
that it can be postponed un~tlil spring. Gee ~I hte thet cold

Io zt sin~cerely,,


LCr:- Ieale liuLrston