Hurston, Z.N. Tlx to Saturday Evening Post Eau Gallie, Fla. (1p. (burned fragment) 8 1/2 x 11). Crank letter she received.


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Hurston, Z.N. Tlx to Saturday Evening Post Eau Gallie, Fla. (1p. (burned fragment) 8 1/2 x 11). Crank letter she received.
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Hurston, Zora Neale

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University of Florida
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Z~u GealFJe Florida
Septche 2--!~, r10 4

THE .730

,s UntKf '.- ? 3 13 0 PC ST
Incer eTq~'en~ce F Suar~e
FbiLEng-chir, FP,

'elieve me, it is -it~h thie utmost reluctance that-" I call
-.our Ri~:fntic~n to the enclosed Irt+e~r. I do so; only because it
cme t~o rne gy ..#ij f+ ai.? ith r reipropp( Editri-1-ri.' +-ns, ;-f the

It I-.-!-es nosense- in! ".., -nd rin-Ce ritrs n.: IfthEr"
rau lic chors cte~rs rter ;ive so) ?-n rcra~nk int---r ., I2~ on1co=inrl
t,~-- t' -rc-: Bm, and r et~t: -it 3t since jit =:,-0h-ab:n? t
Jonl-nthe -E enc' tyeFlf I feel thll-i I -ue~~t c,'-" En Paccoulnt

no rn- in-1r- tions 'rre-- -~r!-nc, -,Pre- d Er e '"ric SF'l.l'nas Of
':i nelrnd. rt 'cy" ti.' e,- +"- I ,regal ei tr el f 1
ine~, let Plan~e fi.1rneL-- 0 rla~l.-lserption Tli hi.m, ITerer
-ny condrupliietidn ith? teF T 11 Publi ~him-; C'nirporat
It s f--cP er plirt ~nt -ithr wh4i cn 'its
to Fn~Ghe'r -Inthor i:n ?l~~, 3 n lrne who !-i-.- neFve
1- ttecr 1 ith him, -i tF! rn : it e~leve-n yea~rs to a
Iit. .~his nrne un5n+: -rnl could"

-, g nt2P~ uli sheda until lan5r, Pven yef C rff -Ftr
PEnt :0 hS.R crirt: i. -- iefl ul~
,Ju? Writs coulr Tre'rS later fd' write me. er~yr, ver
sh -oulId u~ e-nly hFco-me so concern~er ~t -201 t
mice. It erreersT sinister, omehrow.,

Asp I geif, I w"OulldSh to as t in the tr sh-z
but :'nr-~..1~. I 1movl, --if Ilric SBamuels ectu-11.yr e:-is
l;yi~ng t;ktirs might bne b~ecruve he is a ''on unist'is
nr, e-: '" rind 40 often thbece dnes, both, n!7 neithi
chgunrY e.niy li'-inf Fnr me. In fact, alil thze unhe~r -ine
Ilte reme 'rnm those crurrters,

.I mnt r.irst in~trodu.~ctinn "o col-r-iunistth"3%j
F r~-en r~ir?. I had. herd of enn*"ghim,~~r? but it So~?~ edsme
77.49 onl r "i te-nt o'fmer~ I met it- rerson-11. through. Lrngston '
~Thi-hes. I hse Ili'OTwn liim -;~inc I crle -to ?,7, ,>rrk in 10' rr5 Fn% ne
Fcnrifer C rolle e. I nthougit him very in ~neecnt-S-il-e -n?r -011l of' Rim-
ylicityr Fnii vivtueE' E.,,3 +0n 7i -co-er let--r that~ hig~ clh-1T. '-:ing~
ein oveed sl .-ri*tno + twea rl r 1ing. .I ;o~nd.
ut1 F~hniot. Creanist,? ls 'rn.. lim.

5~~~~. ., n19ng9, r;..r d n -: F 10hi
- 7 rnn ".w'- Iine t inoqJn..;.;~ !O' -rln tl _;-y lore. I ".. Tid P
r- tFs 0-1 l..1 the C3'retFml' a1T of thef .-- i.-,- the~ :..stirrtn
.eir~le v~icer a7C work' n\i the ne+i_'n. ;Tust b~efnre I retulrned t .el
Y:7rt;, T~9 r ~py ~b."qho.'ilr h@ F ne +0.. C l br Go~~ Irther, wrote :1e

N-d d~-

Bow is the ~time C'or all ,good inen to come

to the aid o-Pthe 'padly,

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