Hurston, Z.N. signed typewritten letter to Jean Waterbury Eau Gallie. (2pp. 8 1/2 x 11). Short Stories.

Hurston, Z.N. signed typewritten letter to Jean Waterbury Eau Gallie. (2pp. 8 1/2 x 11). Short Stories.


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Hurston, Z.N. signed typewritten letter to Jean Waterbury Eau Gallie. (2pp. 8 1/2 x 11). Short Stories.
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Hurston, Zora Neale

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Ea$U Gallie, 6la.
August 19, 1951.

Dear J.P,.Yt

I know that you have decided that I have abused even mly an-
cedstral rights and privileges of being tradkly, All I can say is that
new and then I an attacked bya spell of withdrawal. Something keeps
me from communicating with the outside world. Perhaps I have told you
that it used to come over me even as a child, and I would hide under
the house all day at times, sneak into the garden and eat raw potatoes
rather than go inside and eat warm neals.. I wrote you everyday, andb
a~t length,f in y mind, but could not bring myself to go to the machine
and put words dowjn I have decided that it a sort of creative
pregnancy period that makes me like that
1.Shall I begin a re-write of BPOTP
2. feel to do three _short; starrtesa.out of dramatic stories
~41r''in the Bible. A. What happened between Abrahan, Sardb
u championship of the will of the Hebrew people and his
\ ~frustration by th~e Temprle crowd, Not at preacknent,but
oQ"B~c~let the story speak for itself, C. HE LAUG~EKD TOO
MUtt, the- story of the expulsion of Ham by his father,
Ne als D. I had a well-dreamed out story of David,
Absalem and Bathsheba, but I see a seriel has just beena
made on David and Thathsheba, so that's out, I suppose.
Submit thean to you *.fu2lt~yly writen

3. I ana half through with-a tongue-in-echeelk exhortation to
career women to return to the home4 lest we lose our as-
cendancy over m~en. F~RIENJD DEVIL, NOW. 22f God is
impatwltial, but Old Devil now, he always had his petas.-
His special pet being female woman, and he looks out iFor
our interests. We have his expert guidance in handling
men, if only we will stick to it,
4. Article:~ DO REGRGES LIKPE NEGROES? Behind the curtain
of the lack of -concerted action by the 15,000,~000 of us
in the U.S. The explosion from the centetr,driving us
outward from each other. The will to destroy each`
other, a, In Africa, b. History here. c. Examp~les to
"";~ prove the continuation and seeming inherent quality of'
the beha~vier, No moralizing,but presentation of picture.
The eternael pacing of an invisible cage.

TChe "farm" is coming salng splendidly, but I had some news
Saturday that upsets me some, It seerms that this place is estate
property and until the estate of the late George Gleason can be
peacefully settled, there can be no sale, Not that I have the money
to pay for it at prudent anyway. It sees that his nephew and namea-
sake has put in a claim against W. Leasling Gleasonj, the son, a~nd my
la n on dIs ma take years to settle. However, I can live on here

Then too, I have practically written through a short piece
It is in the form of an advertisenent for jobs for my two dogs.
Since only the best chairs, beds,and the like will do thasn to r-eslt
on, and since they turn up their noses at prepared dog foods and de-
mand only yhe~~best steaks, we argued it over, and I have told thema
that what they need ist a job apiece and do their own shopping. I
can't support than in the style that they demand,
BRIAG: the fema-le puppy would make ean excellent maid and chiild-
nur se. Vacuum cleaner tongue that would keep all dust under the
carpet, and wash the baby ten times a day.r Allow no weeds in yard
nor garden, in fact, allow nothing whatever to grow. Great digger,
and could be very serviceable to construction company as a bull-
deszer or tract2or. Ete.
SPOT: Make an excellent straw-boss or foreman. Takes no orders
from anyone, but prepared to give out plenty, General Motors, Ford,
and Standard Oil take notice, etc. :Mind already made up oni every
subject in the world, Orders all ready to give out, Even orders
guests to go home when she gets tired, and enforces bher orders by
going around and nipping each one on the heel, New hostess approach
to guest-disposal, Prepared to teach it at a reasonable rate,
( vith snap-sihote)

Hope that you and hubby are making a killing and feat re-
cove~ry from what the unsPeemly winter did to you.,

With faithful feelings,

~ '6"-


P-, ~r-ti"

~c~ "a r



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