Hurston, Z.N. signed typewritten letter to Jean Waterbury Eau Gallie. (2pp. 8 1/2 x 11). Her stories; money problems.


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Hurston, Z.N. signed typewritten letter to Jean Waterbury Eau Gallie. (2pp. 8 1/2 x 11). Her stories; money problems.
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Hurston, Zora Neale

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Eau Gallie, Bla.
June 15, 1952~

Dear JP.Ist

Oh, I am so d~elirhted over the r!ward'. You look so ver
dignified in the picture receivinrr it for me, Tnh'.-, bless my soul
I could not have looked any prettier myi ownself.

I amn morb~id richlt, now because I have a bid to come to Ne~w
York rnd work in the C'ITIZENS 701R TALfT COHNIITTE~ of:Fice, and
I havre no money to get there with. The Committee is headed b3y
Archibald E. Roosevelt, EarclayV Hotel,and this is the second letter
I hav~e ha~d to come on. It would be indelicate for me to rk: him
for advanced emroneyr, you know how noolities is, andl so I sit here?
a~nd fret ,7nd stcew, Ob~, I do so wiish that UT.S.A4. would take that
article and untie my wings.

Here is an idlea 7whEich I cannot use 2Tpself, but I think
that, St~uart Rose mziat like it. Somebkody- ought to find~ ex-k:inre
i.cjeel of Roumania and interview !'inT now. You have no doubt read
tha2t Anas Prauker has recently Fcotten in badl withL Stalinr anYd! been
demoted. The news accounts` say Fhe is stricken at her fall, Now,
here: is the drama of the thing, Durinre thre war when Wild Bill
Donovan was aressauring the young tina to throw in with the Soviets,
he did not like the idea. Fu~irthermore Antoneseu, ( or whatever his
Prime Miinister was named) madr~e a vrery msovin=T speech warning and'
bese ching the King not to throw.L in with Russia. Finallyr Donov~an
won :nd the Prime Minister was driven out of Rouman~ia,I believe,in
utter disgrace. You know.what followed. No sooner wats the war
won than Mtichiael was himself driven out, and Ana Pa~ulker becam~Ee
the bir s~hot., A blow-by-blow account of Whazt wsa said, and the
ex-kinne's reactions when he was told that he wasa througEh, sad the
behavior of the P ulker at the mome nt ourrt, to make dramatic read-
ing right in now. And a~fter her triumph of trickery over Michael,
it would Be interesting to imagine her feelings now. It is her
turn to) be tricked and betrayed,

I try to get down to work but it is hard now when I worry
about money. I think tht at last I h ve arrived a~t a g~ood pieceb
on SP'OT. You have no idea how much animal psychology I have
acquired in wa~china S:POT, her daughter, and the cat who ;adopt'ed
me. I had no idea cats had so much intelligence. I ha~ive planned
the piece out in $ jointed way, Eachn joint deals with -somne phase
of rmy observation. F~or exuamrple: 1. THE FELINE S NEE OF KERUO:R,
Yes, I find that eats do havre it. The entertainment abg~le is much
more important to my eat than food. Incidents to illustrate the
point. 2, THE TfHROWIBACK. Spot's daughter rnd her reversion to
the wolf. 3. THE VANIISKE PUPPY, Shar=, Spot's dauhter gazve
bir~th to sevenTetpupr~ies. Two days later there were! only tsix.The
mystery of the vanished puppy, Was Shas recousing Spot? The tense
drmam in thle house between the two dogs for nearly two weeks.a
.( I think Shog herself did avav7 with the PU~PPY. Spot sensed that
she was being accused, a~nd feared a murderous attack from her much
1Er~qer ;nd ferocious daughter, The scene when Spot, on the foot of
the bed looked down into thre slant, killer eyes of her drughtesr

and tremls~ed for her life in .ver`y fiber of her body., He to the
rescue. Nye~t ry never solved. ) Sha,7g the Wild but :-ffectionate
bitch, Scolded, she goes off, kills two chickens of a neig-hbor
and-birings them to mie. 3. SPOT, THE~ MIDWIFEI~ 4. AMOT.OUS
IliCIDENTrS. Observ tions on dog romance, I have proof that it can
go further than the mating period. Spot is in love with a male
dog, ( owned by a city councilman) who has b~een castrated. S-pot
cannot understand his dilf ieulty, b~ut her loyalty to him is un-
aba~ted. She will have no other. He livers a block up the street from
us, ;-nd her tension, when she expects to see him, is tremendous.
When he barks, day or nicr:t, she will run up there. She s~its for
hours in the drive looking that way, She has not been in heat for
nine months. Sort of taken the veil in feiithfulness to her e~unuch,
She will fight Shas or any other femsal dog: who barks when her love
bars.ds That is something that she alone m1urt do with hirm. ( HTobody
can understand her behavior. It can only be explained under a
romrence sulch as humans feel.) 5., THE HOW~LI;G KITTENS. A kcitt~en,
less than three months old comes howling strangely out of the
dawn to the door. Both dogs and my own grown cat, name of Jean~
M'esArthur Kurrston, she is so beaiutiful and seductive, draw bisck
from the howling kitten in some str-nge fear. All nenrl a~t it,
but none will get close enough to fight it, 6., THE nIMITATIVE
INETIIUCT, Animal psfychologists have stressed the fact the domestic
animals do not imitate humarns, but this is not true., Shag~ has
tried to help me pick peas, tearing them off with3 her mouth. She
imzit-tes a humann smile perfectly. A doctor tudied her and said
thst it was not possible because dogs did not have the muscles at
the mouth for it, but there it was, Both dogs an~d the cat helph
mze to catch a~nd kill moilths and roaches that get into the house.
Shas likes to lie on the wind~ow-sill. Seeing me run up the shide ,
she c ught the edge of it with her to th and tried it taoo Spot
tries to help me clean u~p by moving objects as she7 s~ee mle do.Of
course, she its likely to take one shoe to' where it blelongs,but
jump upon the becr with the other one, or take it outdoors,
7. Puppy-Sitting. Ecth dogs leave me in charge of puppies, end
refusing to go- out for a stroll unless I am~ there with the pup-
pies. Evidences of Ferfect con idence which they do not place
in each other, of me left with their pugpies. Indication of
rcr~ort and understaLnding, Jean H~cArthaur the same way. Has one
kitten to which she is much devoted, but will leave it with mea
anytime. Allows me even to wash it. The humnorous picture of the
monnth-old kitten retu!rning the favor, a~nd attemptingg: to give mse as
com lete washzinLg over -with r tiny tongue.
I pian to do this Diece in about 4,000 words, divided as I
have indicated, under topical headlines.

Cow material still interests me if I can only stop worrying
:bout morney nd get-fack to work.

Is'it hot here The fish are going up and down the Indian
river washed down in swea~t.

All my love,

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