Hurston, Z.N. signed typewritten letter to Jean Waterbury Eau Gallie. (1p. 8 1/2 x 11). World events.


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Hurston, Z.N. signed typewritten letter to Jean Waterbury Eau Gallie. (1p. 8 1/2 x 11). World events.
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Hurston, Zora Neale

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Eau Glallie, sla. 9 '52 / ~
May 6, 1952.

Dear Jeannie of the hair I wish I hadi

I might as well admit to-you that I azrr licked. I am licked
on all the oceans of the universal w~orld. I know what I know and
the Orientals know that I know it,and I am sure and certain bfiy
now that my name has been mentioned in many capitols of Asia.
It appears that I have spilled the be~ans. The article would make
america ware of the real situation in a way, and before the Orien-
tal Dowere that be are williner for us to know it. So I g~et no
permission to namne names.

But I want you to know that we have set off a violent chain
reaction. Couriers are hastening from one Asian capitol to the
other like mad. Thingsj are beinpp eveeded up so that they will be
in an advantageous position if and when our government does catch
on and heg~in to meet things realistically, I suppose you saw that
Madan Pandit, Nehru'sa sister ha~s hurried of-" to Pieping and is now
head-to-head with Chou En-Lei. A PanuAsiatie Union is the object,
so you can look for statements soon where one nation purports to
speak for all. I said in the article. Asia. Africa and South
America, and I mean just that, and our aovernment might as well
get ready to look facts in the face. Signs and symbols appear in
our daily press confirming~ what I sa~id, hut thoey seem to make no
impression a~t all, Note from an enclosed clip ing what the Chilean
Ambarscador -har to say~. I hope you noted that Brazil has just
decoratedl Eva Peron, when once Brazil stuck with us against the
ArgZentine. Things down there are jlelling to put '' the baig bully
ofthe North" in our place.

You will note through~ Drew Pearson'sa disclosures that my
presentation of Chiang~ Kai-Shek was also correct. He never was
with us at heart. And from all sides comes confirmation that it
is NP;OT communism which has turned Asia against us, but the blacking
up of the colonial powers in Asia and Africa.

Well, they will not hear me. But willful blindnese will in
no .way change what is going on on three continents, In my deep
love of country, I yearn for it to get into a safe position,"eut
it seems that they don't want me to say it. So if you fe 1 that
it is useless, withdraw the article at your discretion,

With faithful feelings,

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