Hurston, Z.N. signed typewritten letter to Jean Waterbury Eau Gallie, Fla. (2pp. 8 1/2 x 11). Thanks for money; her gard...


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Hurston, Z.N. signed typewritten letter to Jean Waterbury Eau Gallie, Fla. (2pp. 8 1/2 x 11). Thanks for money; her garden; her house; her script; Herod the Great.
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Hurston, Zora Neale

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Eu ueGaal e, Pa, \ a.g
July 9, 1951.

Lear Jean:

Thanks for the money. I am fixing up my new home here. It,
is a one-room house, but a large room, and set in two blocks of
Grounds with a~n artesian well. I have to do some pioneering, but
I find that I like it. I am the happiest I have been in the last
ten year s, irregardles of whether Scribnmers likes the novel or

I am up e~very- morning at five oclock chopping down weeds anld
planting flowers and things. That is why I have been so long get-
ting to my machine to write letters I g~ot to bed happily tired and
swear that I will write you a letter first thing in the m~orning.Buxt
the birds, wh~ich I feed and who have begun to collect here already
in large numbers, wake me up clamoring for their breakfast, and I
dash, out and place stale bread,etc. and watch the many colors and
many behaviors of my feathered friends. Less than an hour ago, a
male cardinal lit on the porch no more than five feet from me and
Complained that there .was no more food outside, so I hurried to put
some out. Then just as I opened up the machine, a great conclave
of birds, led by two crows, scrercmed to me that some enem was raiding
a mocking-bird nest in a big oak tree, and I rushed over to find a
lean an2d desperate cat climbing the tree, and chunked him clear off
the Flace. Spot, and her daughter, Shag, love it here. They show it
in many ways. They go hunting, and so far, have scared up a cat,
two rabbits and an armadilla It seems that t ey are plentiful around
here, ~rom all that hoeing and what not, I am losing weight, God be

This day, I take out my notes anydi go back to work with ne~w
vigor a~nd a clean-swept mind. Two short pieces and back to the
attempt at drama, I belid~ve that I can do it, and I'm giving it a
very serious try this time. You will have assorted scripts in your
hand very shortly.,

Now, you p rlzaps qucsti n wrhy I am putting so much into this
place where I now live. I have a chance to buy it. In this little
house I wrote NOLE AND TjEN. Since that time,it has come to be in
a White residential neighborhood. Eau Ga~llie has grown with the Jet
Base, and not far away, near Cocoa, the Guided Missile Base, and many
people stationed here are buying and building, Mvr. W. Lansing
Gleason, my landlord, is the mayo~r. He must go slow about selling it
to me,waiting on public. reaction It is beginning to be favorable
to me. Several of my neighbors have stopped in the last week and
remarked on the improvements I have made. It looked like a jungle
three weeks ago, and it took a strong heart and an eye on the future
for me to move in when I arrived. The place ha~d run down so badly.
In what was meant to be a compliment, I have been told twice," You
don't live like the majority of your people. You like things clean
and orderly around you." The manager of the local dairy, seeing me
setting out flowers as I cleared, surprised me with a load of com-
post as a present Saturday. The grounds have great possibilities,
and I really would love to own it. I still must r mi R~otoone f
junk, old tin cans and botiles from the premises. w, t as


one spot on earith feels like home to me. I have always intended to
come back here. That is why I amn doing so much to make a go of it.
No house in a block of me four ways. No loud radios and record-plaly-
ing to irritate me, and great oaks and palms around the place.

I do hope that other person that Eurroughs Mitchell had reading
my script was not Roy Ottley. You can see wjhy I woulii not waint a
Negro writer to be handling it. Since none of the others have thought
to do anything with the hair- traigfhtening business, it might prove
a temptation to play my work: down to Eu~rroughs, then do something on
it himself. Please check on that for me.

The Saturday Evening Post photographer has been here and took
a lot of pictures. He caught me in my dungarees working outdoors,
and naturally insisted on photogiraphing me like that. He told me that
B3en Hibbs likes the article very much and it will be in an early issue.
I gather from reading the magazine that the EEP favors Taft, and so
it, probably falls right in with the plan, They never se m to miss
a chance recently to mention him favorably.

As soon as I can get some things in your hands to sell,- I
shall try to raise the cash for my newspaper devoted to those in do-
meetic service. I really believe that the idea is sound and can mnakke

Have you an "in"' with Cecil B. DeMille? GI know that I sound
ambitious, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. I plan to try the
LIFE OF HEROD THE G;REAT,as a, drama, and it needs Hollywood, It is
a great story,really, and needs to be done. The man had everything
good, bad and indifferent, Kandsome, dashing, a great soldier, a
great E-tatesman, a great lover. He dared everything, and usually won.
He has both Henry VIII and Napoleon tied to a post. With a drama
of an extra ganrg (r ilroad) nd the two short pieces in your hand,
I'm tackling Herod before I --tart on the newspaper just as sure as
you snore. Jack Khfoed,columnist in THE MIAN HERALD, mentioned
Orson Wells the other day, as moving from hotel to hotel, nearly all
of his money gone, and doing nothing. I wished a great wish, that he
could be induced to collaborate on Herod, but knowing him personally
and his huge egoI have been wondering whether to write him, a letter..
Yes, I'm ambitious, but don't count me out too soon. I might ma~k it.
I remember so well Mike WAatkins telling me that I could not write an

I paid up my sick: and accident insurance for a year, $lf67.70,
and spent so much getting ihe house wired and made more livable in
other,, ays around the place, that I am almost broke already again.
Bought an ice-box, and furniture too,so now ,as badly as I hate to
draw it, I need some cash to live on., ForP groceries and gas. And
a pair of black blacks so that I can go downtown without mesaijgg up
another was dress which takes up my~ time to la~under.

My best to you atnd yours, and pray that we make a lot of
money this year~,so that when/if I am told that I can buy this place,
I can do it and build a comfortable little new house on it.

Love and faithful feelingsj,

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