Hurston, Z.N. signed typewritten letter to Jean Waterbury Eau Gallie, Fla. (1 3/4 pp. 8 1/2 x 11). Has no winter coat, t...


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Hurston, Z.N. signed typewritten letter to Jean Waterbury Eau Gallie, Fla. (1 3/4 pp. 8 1/2 x 11). Has no winter coat, tropical virus, Asian antagonism to U.S.; her folk concerts.
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Hurston, Zora Neale

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Eazu Gallie, Fla.
March 6, 1952

Dear Jea~nt

I want to do the thing very, very rmuch and I thank you
deeply for arranging it for mae. I can tell you just my difficulty
in the matter. I have no winter coat. You know that I do not need
one down here. Even w~hen the mercury dips down in the thirties,by
noon it is in the fifties atnd by three oclock very comfortable. I
have two sweaters and a chort jacket and that is all I need here,
but Easton is something different again. I have hung up heavy coats
that I brought from the north to haver themj eaten up by~ moths and
roaches in a very short while, so I have not invested in one this

For some time I have been the victim nf som~e kind of tropical
virus that the doctors do not quite understand, Something they
believe that runs a cycle. -They think th t this last attack might
be the end and I will have no more trouble. It leaves me so weak3
that I can hardly lift my hand, pains in the head aind swellings in
my groins and under my arms. Some kind of a fluke that they think
I picked up from impure water in Central America. I am feeling better
today than I have in many weeks. I have been having something like
this ever rince I came b ask from Honduras, but this last siege was
really some hing, and that is why they th~nk it is the end of the
cycle for the organism,

IJ have some good mat;.rial fromae the Sextorn Ranch at Vere
BeaLch. He is byreeding Ginny cows, a very small cow that finds her
own keep, makes anall cuts of meat, and that he Believes has a
great future in Florida beef cattle. I have: pictures in color and
ae great marss of ma~teriazl on his experiments. I have sold the POST
once on the cattle business in Florida Pnd so I wonder if they will
consider otherr on tha+ line even though from a Ciifferent ang~le,
I wondered about TRUE,.

Information Services, Government of India has written and
offered me any kind of material that they have. I have conceived
of a piece thetat body of which is a statement from the head ofi
every government in Asia, and that takes in the! Near East, giving in.
brief the reason for the current antagonism~ to the U.S. We can
no longer dodge it. The antpgonisrm is there and it is not all due
to Russia and communism~, Russia is merely taking advantage of the
known anti-Anglo-Sjaxon feeling in Asia and the Near East. I thought
th eat short statement from each government with an introduction by
meenda sumation, ih etm own country to win away the
masss ofA '81 from Russia I havTe already written Mr. Mo0ni Moulik,
3 ee~a 4th Street, Government of India In formation Services, to
see 1can get help from his off ice in such contacts. Do you

approve of the idea? I know that it will provoke controversy, but;
that I do not mind if only my country can get the inside track with-
the asiatics and stop this senseless slaughter over there. You and
I know that "race" is the a~ll-impo~lttant question, and now that they
have learned thne use of modern armrs,just setting out to beat them
down as in the Boxer Rebellion is no longer feasible, as Korea has
demonstrated, Colonialism nd race is at the bottom of the whole
thing. So long as we support Fr~ance a~nd England in their colonial
policies in Asia, so long shall our young men die over there. Asia
no longer intends to submit, and since we ourselves have no coloni-es
there! is no sense in trying to maintain it for others. E peciallyt-
when we find England and Fra~nce doing business with the very people
who furnish the arms to kill our own boys. I have been mullingE it
over ror several months, and here this week I see signs that others
see !he same thing that I do, Only,beca~use of my race, I am in a
favored position to get frank statements from the aisiatice.

Finally, I do want to go to ~Boston, and I am willing to go
at any time that you can arrange it. mow that you have settled the
financial end of it, I shall drop Mr. Lewin a line and say that I
am happy to come. Not touching on financial angles at all.

I have done a series of five folk concerts here in the last
six weeks and picked Ip a little money that way. I could do more
but it takes from my writing time. I~ had no intention of doing any,
but people here discovering my reputation in .that respect begged me
to do it. Pour concerts ~tor white audiences and one for colored,and
now I am being asked all over to k~eep it up. Too much work for too
little money. I already have a national reputation that way, so I
do not need to. work for one and ignore money.

It does not matter wr~ho my opponent might be in the debate,so
long as. he or she is of sufficient importance to be worth it, I
hope that I shall not be confined to my own race entirely, for this
its a matter of national, nut just racial import~ance. I feel ready
to hold mqy own against all and sundry ona Tlaft vs. Eisenhower.,

Mo st lovingly yours,

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