Hurston, Z.N. signed typewritten letter to Jean Waterbury Belle Glade, Fla. Stuart Rose editing her remarks; Ann Watkins...


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Hurston, Z.N. signed typewritten letter to Jean Waterbury Belle Glade, Fla. Stuart Rose editing her remarks; Ann Watkins; pennile (enclosed TNS to Ann Watkins).
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Hurston, Zora Neale

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Belle Glade, Fl~a, '
June 4, 1951. /

Dea~r,dear Jeant
You are a salesman from way back! ';hat I mean! I am so
very happy that I am about to bust my britches. It is not the money,
though you know,and I knnow and God knows I need it badly. It is the
prestige of the thing that I admire so much
About the changes now. I would be the biggest chump on
earth~not to be glad to have Stuart Rose edit my few scattering
remarks What he did for THE1 CONSCIENCE OF THE COURT made it $he
successful story that it was. I even wish, should the novel be
accepted, that he could work on that too .I know that such a thing
is impossible, but I can wish all I please, can't I? So for mry sake,
treat Stuart Rose like a blue-b~ird that flew in the window. Pat him
on the shoulder, kiss him good and then hug him around the neck. I
am so grateful to him for everything,
I am writing ANN WATKCINS,INO. by this same mail to have
things out in the open and on the up-and-up, I enclose the carbon
of my letter to bar.
You know, I did not start out to be enth~usia tic about
Senator Taft, but the more research I did on the man, the better I
liked his. I: admire Senators Russel of Georgia and Byrd of Vir-
ginia in the same fashion, These men seem to see the United States
as a whole and fight for what is good for the nation .Sta~tesmen,
in this poor day and age.

I felt real sorry to read about Fihat happened to your old
grove and everything. Three years before another crop of ~ouds pro-
duce. It would be seven years if you fooled around with seedlings,
though, We all get our lumps, but the talent and energy that got
you there in the first place will take you back there again. In
no time, your old bank roll will be putting on weight around the
briskets. Hope that my work can contribute towards it. Mte, I am
penniless at the moment, but this time, no debts to speak of,thank
God. I can save something this time. I am going to move up to
Eau Gallie where I can pay $5.0 per week house rent -- and be on the
coast where it is cooler and certainly cleaner than here. (10 is
the cheapest I can pay here for a passably clean house, and then
with garbage strowed around everywhere in the yards,

See you later and tell you straighter, Blope the novel
do es not disappoint,

Most sincere y,


Belle Glade, Pla.
June 4, 1951.

IDear Ann Watkins:

In this mornings mail I got the informattion that -Jean
Par~tker Waterbury has a new business address, and while my relations
with ANN WATKINS,INC. have been very pleasant to me, somehow I find
that that the firm has comae to connote Jean Parker Vaterbury to me,
so I want to go along with my state-iknate. So please consider that
as of June 1, I look to Mrs. Jean Parker Waterbury as my litcerary
r epr e s ent at ive,

Vith all good wishes, with deep gratitude and warm feelingsl,

Sin cer ely .your s,

Zpra Neale Hur ston

I am

-tlL~ct4Ve~L Qr~-P
~rw zstcle QHRg-- g36~Uz C~r;3P~tu rJC, ra?
c3t ~Q
\rvc) ct`Q._ ~ALce~o (

~P~s. ~~c aw~p,
~~a o~u-c~a~p~


V"I~ O~------

\ Waa ~VI
'e~M~cL ~S~t ~s ~e-euo~L

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