Hurston, Z.N. signed typewritten letter to Jean Waterbury ?. (2pp. 8 1/2 x 11). Working on SPOT; her garden; nice neighbors.


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Hurston, Z.N. signed typewritten letter to Jean Waterbury ?. (2pp. 8 1/2 x 11). Working on SPOT; her garden; nice neighbors.
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Hurston, Zora Neale

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ear Jeanaie~my Jeans

I haven't been out of my yard for five days, hard down

at the machine, cooling and re-polishing SPOT. I do hope that it

meeets youp-,and some editor's approval, Personally, I ~think that it
is a much better story than the first draft. Now, I turn back for
another writing of SPOOK( BIILL,
Don't think that I do not appreciate all that you say to

me by way of a~dvice. I have nothing against Burroug~hs M~itchell
at a~ll I like him fine and dandy. In fact, I tried to find a nice
crate of Hayden Mangoes to send him the very day that I wrote you,
but found none in the area. I would need to go down to Fort 3Pierce-
for that, and I-hadn't the leisure, What with my pioneering on this

place and writing, I never get a moment of leisure these days But
I love it.
You remember that kind of decorative cane that grows- down

here? Well, there was a huge patch. of it on this place, and I have
ha~d the devil' s own time getting someone to grub it up for me. I can't

put in m~y papaya crop until it is removed. At long last, I got a men
a~nd he has done the job for me, so now I buy mjy plants. Th~at is what
I saved the $75.00 for, I was afraid that it would slip throughlay
hands and I find myself without-the money for my plants. It is a
safe and sure money crop, and not manty are being; produced in this

i ~area, so they bring high prices. Police Chief Sapp ( and it fits-
/ him fine) was telling me Saturday what a~bright idea it waslThe fruit
"never falls below 10 cents a pound by reason of sOarPity, I hope
i to be marketing them by Christmas. It takes ten months from the seed,
Sbut I as burying plants knee high.1

i Well, here hoping, heres, love, heres luck$ Do, please

mail the check right away so that I can pay the nursery manl as soon

as he sets the last plant. He starts to setting them out on Wednesday

morning, He will be through by 'Eriday at the latest';

Do you and your husband eat mangoes? I will send both you and
Burroughs a box early next week.

With faithful feelings,

P.S. Mly neighbors are be giQ very nice to me. I think that everything

is going to be all right about buying this place. One by one they

drop by now and compliment me on the improvements in the place. It

is beginning to have a park-like sweep to it, and as the flowers and

grass that I have planted grow, I think it is going to look very fine,

They bring me plants eand make suggestions. T~he City sent two men on
it' s truck to help me last Saturday and haul off more of the junk.It,

has been Quite a task, and expensive for me though. not too much

for a person who really had money,