Hurston, Z.N. signed typewritten letter to E.O. Grover Eatonville, Fla. (1 3/4 pp. 10 1/2 x 7). Negro theatre. Gift of F...


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Hurston, Z.N. signed typewritten letter to E.O. Grover Eatonville, Fla. (1 3/4 pp. 10 1/2 x 7). Negro theatre. Gift of Frances Grover.
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Hurston, Zora Neale

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t ~ ~ Eatonville, Fla. ,
June 15, 1982.

Dear Dr. Grover,

I shall be glad to tell you all that I have in mind.

You see, I feel that the real Negro theatre is yet to be born

and I dont see why it should not first see the light of day in

Eatonville, the first colored town in the U.S.A. I have lots

of material prepared to this end and would love to work it out

with the help of some one who knows a lot that I dont know.

My~ plan wa~s not particularly to make money for B~Iun-

gerford not that it is not deserving~, but I think Eatonvi~ll

is in a mteh worse fix. I think that a community sentee and

some outdoor sports would help this, I wont say immoral just

unmoral, town a lot. I would love more than anything else to

build a playhouse for our use here. The whole town is excited

about the project. YTtou know we are a dramatic people. I mean tbk

literally. We dramatize every waking moment of our lives. And

while this town is luke warm to sohools,oivie improvement,eto.

thayzax everybody excZept the preachers are keen to take part ~in
the ononerts and the dramas.

There is not enough room at Hung~erford for a good oon-

eert. You see, the men go thzru all the gestures of the work

songs. They lay the tracks and spike them down. We act out the

3ook, otburch,folk-tales, and make! a setting for the Bahaman
canoes. It would be lovely to have it right here in the Dlegro

setting, but I think Orlando would be the only thing.

I wonder too, if you would consent to read even a part

of the me. of'my book. This is my first for the general public

and I am not at all sure of myself. I know what is true,but

I dont know how much truth the public wants. Of course I am

not interested in Sociology and see no need for a mention of

problems of the kind and I am wondering if the publishers will
think I ought to appear slightly wrought up. I an leaving every-

thing -out but folk-talres and brief accounts of how I collected
them background material but I as wondering; if I am right

sormf far as public and publishers are ooneerned.

I shall be glad to see you either here or 8t your home

in Winter Park. But you m~ust name the time and the place. You

see, I know that you are more bound -than I am for time and I'd
hate to break in upon you and spoil things. But I can meet your
convenience both as to time and place.

Than~kingL you for your kindnessea,I am

P.S. I live with Mrs., LVu lu oseley,aeoond lane to the left

and up the hill as you come into Eatonville. We can hold a

plain singing concert at Hungerford. Capt. Hall is an excell-

ent person and th-e school is cert .inly needed.

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