Hurston, Z.N. signed typewritten letter to Connie Sheen New York. (2pp. 8 x 10 (photostat)). Wants her friendship.


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Hurston, Z.N. signed typewritten letter to Connie Sheen New York. (2pp. 8 x 10 (photostat)). Wants her friendship.
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Hurston, Zora Neale

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Feb~ruary 2,1926.

M~y dear Connie,

I wonder if I have hurt you by sending you those

little taingal I hope not,for nothing was further from my thoughts.

You see,I like to have tnose little intimates of tae people well
known,and knowing that you are a Hurst fan,I thought you would

feel the same way. Your letter seemed a little ,-well,as if I had

done something not quite pretty.

I wont try to pretend that I am not thrillea at the

chance to see and do what I am. I love it! I just wish that you

could be here,Connie. To actually talk and eat with some of the big
names that y u have admired at a distance,if no more than to see

what sort of a person they are. I wish that I could say to you

'juimp on the next train'. We would dive into all those places on
the East Side etc. You know how interested in the theatre,and I

am just running wild in every direction,trying to see everything at
once. But you must try to come. I dont say I would make you happy,

but I certainly would see that you got excitement.

And lastly, Connie,please dont taink me braggish.If I

seem that way,its because new experiences have me flustered.Frankly

I cant appear blase' when I am pleased .I know it wont last always,
so I am playing with my toy while I may. Besides,there are drawbacks

and I am not happy at all often. I am just an ordinary person who

is lucky sometimes. A kind letter from you gives me just as muchoefs

pleasure as one from any celebrity. They aire OFTEN insincere.Their
show of friendship mere patronage.
Perhaps I should have written long ago,but you see,I
has no way of knowing that I had a friend in Chicago who was t iink-
inrr of me.I wish that I had.There have been times in tepsya

when it would have helped a lot. I hope that you will believe me

when I say I really wanted your friendship, Connie,for tix it is

true. I have remembered often with a twisted smile how you used to

go to the library witaput saying a word and get the books I showed

'interest in. You impressed me as having something very, very warm~

and stuanch about you that you kept under cover. Yes,I wanted you to

keep on liking me. I still do..The fact that you have been strong

enough to write me after so long a lapse puts you infinitely above

my little frienidsaip that fearea to en~ow itself.

I hope that you find it possible to snatch another
minute or two from your 'business and write me another letter.Tell

Prudence she is A.W.O.L on my mail.

You rs ,y our sry ours8,

Be~rnard College
116th St. and Broadway.
New York City.

I shall ask Miiss Eurst,in some moment of relaxation,to write you

herself and send you her autograph.She is working on a new novel

now,and is consequently digging ih quite furiously. But she will

write you,watch and see.

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