Huie, William. signed typewritten letter to Zora Neale Hurston, Bethesda. (2pp. [burned frag.] 7 x 10). Ruby and trial; ...


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Huie, William. signed typewritten letter to Zora Neale Hurston, Bethesda. (2pp. burned frag. 7 x 10). Ruby and trial; enclosure: The Woman in the Suwannee Jail.
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Hurston, Zora Neale

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5807 Wilmett Road,
Bethesda, Maryland.
SZora Neale....

assume you received my wire and letter from
11e,...and once again let me Eya orpu~lo
,the anxious seat,?
with myv bei


Sis what is in prospect:

..We put old Judge Adams on the hook with that
tionl for. a Writ of Mandamus -- in effect, asking
tq compel the sheriff to quit obeying Adamns's
;ere. The judge msut either grant or deny this
rit, and I don't see how he can do either. So we
Share waiting on this -- and try tobring all the
pressure we can for quick action

2. Cannon felt that we must fight the insanity
battle, because a) he sincerely believes that Ruby
is insane, and b) he thinks this is the only real
chance to save her life. T~he Court has appointed
two~psychiatrists, and we are trying to get three
more. With us it is a matter of money -- and then
Judge Adams has restricted us to "Florida doctors."
Wqid like the ablest man we can get from Jax, ~Tamrpa,
and Miami -- and we have decided to make one of our
three doctors a Negro.

We have only until September 24th ---.and Cannon
and I -are having to pay, or promise to pay, these
doc tors.

So on September 24th -- unless there is a further
postponement -- there will be the medical testimony;
~and there is some chance that everything will end
ht there -- Wit~h Adams declaring her insane, and
eying her to Chattehoochee. You can see the ad-
ees for them in such a course.

,,However,- the odds are on her being pronounced
a e by Judge Adams, whatever the doctors say; and,
o,,we will then argue about change of venue --
ably lose.

iyou have heard these arguments before, I
.that you would want to come to Live Oak
"real trial." This can't begin, as
bout the middle of Octo
-a chance tha.

**o beide sired in
sthe'se.boys still insib;t -
was a fermme fatale when't~he doctd~
nd they repeat all that nonsense -from hefj7i; pteal'.
bout a struggle over a pistol and an effort
ake her climb up on something for some purpose.

All of this, Zora, is damn nonsense: it was born
in the alcholized brain pf Pig Eye Crews, in an effort
to escape "pre-meditation." This story cries for
simple truth: the murder was a result of a long
business and sexual relationship between the doctor
and the McCollums. The doctor had hopped in bed with
Ruby, not because she was a femme fatale but because she
had greenbacks; she had welcomed him because her own
husband was chasing chippies, and Adamsis attentions
fed.her ego; then, after she had fouled her home and
began to understand that Adams scorned her, she
decided to kill him. She went to the office for the
deliberate and sole purpose of killing him -- she
even demanded the receipt as a ruse to make him turn
his back to her -- and she killed him.

Youill be interested to know that we now have a
witness -- a white man who came forward voluntarily --
to testify that the doctor told him ten days before
r the killed that he "had.Ruby IMcCollum pregnant."

The even more interesting portion of the story
is the ucommunity'a" slavish effort to suppress the
th in order to keep itself from being "embarrassed."

rm sure you understand all this -- and I hope
ind you a newspaper to write it for, since I
f my neck in trying to finish .te in
aid the dfense. You c
.vre:k...and I'll

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