Hill, T.L. signed typewritten letter to Zora Neale Hurston, Newberry, S.C. (1p. 8 1/2 x 11). Re her article on the segre...


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Hill, T.L. signed typewritten letter to Zora Neale Hurston, Newberry, S.C. (1p. 8 1/2 x 11). Re her article on the segregation issue.
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Hurston, Zora Neale

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Newberry, 8. C.,
August 29th, 1955.

Miss Zora Neale Huraton,
Orlanda, Florida.
D~ear M~adam:
I have IsaPd your lucid and penetrating composition about
the segregation issue. It certainly strikes at the heart of the situation
with a truth like simplicity that rips the knotted fabric curtains of
hypocritical idealismt and leaves the actual purposes exposed with all
the dire implications. Your words on this issue make you a credit to
our modern civilization.
The human races are different in-temperamental qualities
even as the many chemical combinations. For instance, H2@ is pure water
while HZ804 is sulphuric acid. To mix the two, would adulterate the
nature of the other. Hence as you say, the races should separately
manitain their racial natures and seek to improve their qualities of
culture within the sphere of their respective talents and capacities.
In the upward spiral of mental, moral and spiritual growth, both and
all races have faults and weaknesses. Human customs and prejudioles
can neither be eliminated by unjust laws nor changes by court edicts.
Education in the precepts of the highest cultural .attainments, is the
only practical method that will create an atmosphere of easement in the
prevailing emotions and permit the continuance of mutual respect for the.
Shis is not only true as to the diterent races but also as
between beings of the Rame race. Your race needs physical facilities
to make these cultural improvements possible. However, modern facilities
alone will not accomplish the transformation. Knowledge and the know-
how of cultural education are mastered, not by association alone, but
only by assiduous application by the individual through long hours and
years. This does not necessitate idealistic surroundings because
merit and worthiness can find good opportunities amid poverty and sordid
surroundings. There is no substitute for hard work and long hours in the
field of educational attainments. Self-improvement must come from within
the person through his own zeal. No ordered association by court edict
can remake the nature of a human. A seed that has not the essence of
germination within itself, cannot be made fruitful, regardless of
potential environments. A flower does not blossom overnight. Its virtues
come to life gradually and finds expresadion only to the extent that its
potentialities have been cultivated in harmony with the latent nature
of its species. A florist does not try to cultivate the African violet
in the same mound of soil as the violet of the wood lands.
Hence, enforced adsociation of the races under prevailing
circumstances as exist in the South would not only tend to retard the
cultural growth of both but would also create an atmosphere of social
discount fentment, conducive to radical changes in public educational
methods and give cause for new ideas of economic customs. This could
bring about a condition wherein Freedom as we enjoy today, might take
flight and government by court edict would prevail-- a dream of the
communists and a true purpose of this segregation agitation.

I rejoice that you have spokeanyour convictions and your race *
would do well to follow four advice. You are a true prophet, not a fake.
I~oat respectfully,T.L. Hill

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